Inominate: Hey it's pretty common at our apartment for there to be no TP available. I share an apartment with 2 other dudes and we all assume that the other guys will buy the TP and once bought that they will then place it on the dispenser. I'm pretty used to there being no TP by now so I always take some paper towels from the kitchen with me when I take a dump. It gets kind of funny, however, when we have friends over at the apartment. These are usually big boozing sessions and I guess dudes when a bit drunk don't think of checking for asswipe before planting their butts on the toilet seat. At one recent event, we had about 10 guys over to watch a game and I got called three times to aid a dude who'd taken a shit and then not been able to find any TP or even Kleenex in the bathroom. I helped out with some paper towel that I was able to scratch up in the kitchen. That situation is always funny. Dudes sitting on the crapper waiting for help always look vulnerable and! sheepish. In the case of one dude, everyone crowded into the bathroom to make fun of him before I handed over the paper towel, but he took it in good spirit.
Of course, with a bunch of guys that's just a minor problem. It shouldn't be a problem at all with family members like your sons or brother or with your best friend. I don't know why some folks get embarrassed about being seen on the toilet. Unless you've stunk up the bathroom, when you're sitting on the toilet you look just like when you're sitting anywhere else. So go ahead and get help when you need TP. If you're too shy, you'll pay later with an itchy crack and smeared underwear!

To Jan - i saw the matrix reloaded. the cake does NOT make her have to take a shit. Merovingian programs the chocolate cake to set off an orgasm. it goes on the inside her body and pans to between her legs setting of an explosion which is an orgasm. she then excuses herself. sorry to burst it for you, but thats how it is.


That scene in the matrix you're talking about isn't a shitting scene. He "writes a code" into a dessert he has sent to her (he has some sort of powers like that) and she starts getting aroused, then she goes to the bathroom, he follows, and later his wife, after killing one of his best men and helping Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus, confronts him. Obviously he went to the bathroom to get a...ahem, and his wife was none to happy. I think you get the picture.

slim jim junkie
Disgusted Michael: I agree 100% that it is a major pain that women clean the mens room and don't announce they enter. Sometimes they make me get out, and it seems the worse I have to pee the more often it happens. I wouldn't mind so much if I cold pee even when the cleaning lady comes in (some people here may argue with that last statement) but the cleaning lady will not let me in. In Texas Wal-Marts many of these ladies speak no English, only Spanish. Getting the message across "I have to piss like a race horse" is difficult, I guess I could run around and scream while looking extremly uncomfortable, but I don't want to. Usually I wait half an hour until I arrive a Grandma's house to take a leak. what a painful half hour it is! Disgusted Michael you have brought up a point so important, that it is the first time I posted in about 3 months

Dan B
Jan: Your information about The Matrix Reloaded was only half correct. The Merovingian (an annoying French guy) is explaining about how choice is really an illusion and he demonstrates by giving the good looking blonde a slice of cake with a special code in it. Only it doesn't make her need to shit, it makes her extremely horny and, we are led to believe, she gets up from the table to go get off in the ladies' room. It's definitely not about her needing to shit because we see her in "matrix-vision" with all the code lines and it zooms in between her legs (nothing graphic, you just see a sort of bright light with all the green lines around it) and the talk is clearly sexual in nature. We never see her again, although the Merovingian follows and we later learn was doing some naughty things with her. Sorry to burst your bubble. However, there is a brief scene in the men's room, but most of it just dialogue and nothing bathroom-related. Although when they first go in, a ! guy is standing at this urinal that is like a constant vertical cascade of water, that you just pee into and it drains down into a sieve below. He is just zipping up as they enter the men's room.

LL Stool J

For your pooing contest, how about awarding points for each category [longest, thickest, smelliest, etc]. Can't wait for this one.

Here is my Top Ten list of celebs I'd like to see take a shit:

Beyonce Knowles
Leeann Tweeden
Ali Landry
Mariah Carey
Britney Spears
Ashley Judd
Kristen Davis
Tyra Banks
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Maybe I should have made it my top 100?

C Ya,

Middle aged crapper
In response to Punk Rock Girl's questionnaire about gripes regarding public bathrooms, I guess clogged toilets would have to rank as my principal gripe. In colleges and universities where restrooms have lots of toilets to choose from, I nonetheless notice that in the clogged ones I can often find three dumps worth of turds, lots of pee, and used toilet paper. I guess that proves that at least well nigh everybody wipes, but some people actually seem to enjoy dumping on top of other people's dumps--there are several other toilets that work but some students dump on top of other dumps all the same! The stench is horrific in clogged toilets as well.
Responding to Michael M.'s question about whether people have peed in their pants from laughing too hard, I haven't done so but I once cut a loud fart while I was laughing in public. This was back when I was in 6th grade 32 years ago. Virtually all the boys liked farting up a storm right in the middle of class sessions to show off. More prudish back in those days, I vowed I would never fart in class like "those other boys." Unfortunately for me we had a really mirthful teacher. One day when he was telling a really funny story I was laughing so hard that I rose out of my seat and cut loose with a really big fart. I didn't realize I had rectal gas pent up. I knew everybody in class realized it was me; and my "public farting virginity" was lost.
That class didn't have any farting girls, however.

To Karissa: Did that guy know what you were talking about? liked your story too
To Julie: Loved your like to hear the rest of the story and see who wins..good luck on your pooping contest.
To Kayla: Loved your were pretty brave to poop your pants at the mall like that on purpose.
To Poopy doopy: Liked your story about your g/f
To Jan: Sounds like a cool movie
To Melissa: Liked your experience and that was kinda rude what the boy friend said to his g/f
To nicolette: Liked your story
To unnamed poster: about comantary about american pie..ive seen the movie but never heard sounds cool what you heard
To Claudia Canned: Liked your story
To MICHAEL M: Liked your never happened to me..did you ever find out who farted? would like to hear your other story
To Outdoor Jane: Liked your story

To Kate: Liked your story

Hello to all
It's been a while, but I'd thought I'd post and tell a story or two.
To Amanda - I'm sorry to hear of your "date from hell". Just some advice, if you have not already dumped your b/f, dump him!! Any guy out there who ignores a g/f (or any freind) while they are sick does not deserve to have relations with any womwan anywhere anytime!! It's dis-respectful and shows a severe lack of compassion for others!! I'm glad he got a dui, maybe he will learn a lesson and have some respect next time (but somehow I doubt it). Hope youre felling better.

To all - am I the only one who really misses the Beavis and Butthead cartoons from MTV?? They were laugh riots and had plenty of bathroom humor!! What say MTV, time for a new special episode?? Will Cornholio ever need TP for his bunghole again???

My own story to tell happened the week before last. I was never known for my regularity and the week before last was especially bad. Bad eating habitts and strange hours working were taking their toll. I had not gone on the pot for a good 4 days and it was making me misreble.By Friday noon I had still not shit and was starting to feel all loaded up and sluggish. By 3:00 pm I had enough and decided to call it a day and stop by the Pharmacy on the way home. I have done enemas before and they work like a charm, but I was a little too tired to go through all that and decided to try something different that would work fast. I got a package of suppositories and went home. When I got in, I went straight to the bedroom, took off my pants and went into the bathroom. Upon reading the instructions I was ready (and nervous) to get this show on the road, so I greased myself up, took one out of the package, bent over, breathed in and slid the bullet up my butt. It went pretty far u! p there and I thought good, it shoulnd't be long now. After about 45 min. or so, I could feel things start to move so I went and sat on the throne. Two big, hard chunks came out followed by some farting and a few more peices. Not beliveing I was done, I cleaned up, flushed, changed into something more comfortable and stayed close by the bathroom for the upcoming dump. Half an hour later, cramps and pressure building, I sat down and let out much softer turds followed by the smoothest wateryest poop I've passed in a long time! Damn, that felt sooo good coming out!! After cleaning up, I retired to the living room to watch TV and relax. It was great knowing it was Fri. night and no work tomorrow!! After a little while I noticed just how effective those little suppositories are as I had to go again, this time passing diarrhea like poop that was so watery that I hardly felt it come out, just a pressure release and the sound as it hit the toilet water. After a good nights sleep I f! elt like a new man again just in time for the weekend!! Suppositories, another highly recommended cure for constipation. However, not a good idea to rely on any laxatives all the time!! Eating right and getting enough rest has no substitute. Enemas may not be as bad since it is mostly warm water used most of the time, however, regular dumps are best handeled by nature!!

Until next time.........

Jan, the scene in The Matrix Reloaded is with the cake, he doesn't use mind power, he's a programmer of the matrix and the cake is a program he's written for fun... Every time the blonde takes another bite, she becomes sexually aroused and I think she leaves to go have an orgasm.

To Disgusted Michael: 100% agrement....Happened to me several times recently....VERY VERY humiliating !!!! What can be done, from a legal point of view to end this?

Dan B
Jan: Your information about The Matrix Reloaded was only half correct. The Merovingian (an annoying French guy) is explaining about how choice is really an illusion and he demonstrates by giving the good looking blonde a slice of cake with a special code in it. Only it doesn't make her need to shit, it makes her extremely horny and, we are led to believe, she gets up from the table to go get off in the ladies' room. It's definitely not about her needing to shit because we see her in "matrix-vision" with all the code lines and it zooms in between her legs (nothing graphic, you just see a sort of bright light with all the green lines around it) and the talk is clearly sexual in nature. We never see her again, although the Merovingian follows and we later learn was doing some naughty things with her. Sorry to burst your bubble. However, there is a brief scene in the men's room, but most of it just dialogue and nothing bathroom-related. Although when they first go in, a ! guy is standing at this urinal that is like a constant vertical cascade of water, that you just pee into and it drains down into a sieve below. He is just zipping up as they enter the men's room.

To Punk Rock Girl:

Perhaps I've been lucky, but 99.9% of the public toilets I encounter here in Toronto are fine & dandy... But of that remaining 0.1%:

1. Doorless stalls
-Actually, I can't recall the last time I had to use one w/o a door.
However, if there is *absolutely* no hope of using a proper stall later that day (or if the pressure to poop is simply too great), I'll jump in and just try to be as quick as possible.
The long and the short of it - it's my biggest fear but the lowest probability of encountering it.

2. No toilet paper
-I find this one annoying. Still, I realize it's fairly easy to deal with. I usually just flush the toilet, pull up my pants and go to the next stall so I can clean up. Worst case scenario, I simply wait until I get home to clean up and take a minute or two to look at the skid mark in my underware before throwing it into the wash.

3. Low quality TP (thin, scratchy)
-That seems to have improoved in recent years... I don't run into poor quality TP in public restrooms that much any more.
I recall when I was a schoolboy, frequently running to facilities that seemed to use rice paper-like TP along with single-sheet dispensers... Even then it pissed me off having to take at least 10 sheets so I could wipe once!!!

4. No soap
-Of that 0.1%, I probably run into this one the majority of the time.
I just try to use the sink to wash up as best as possible. Not a huge deal.

5. Clogged toilets
-This is another rarity...
I remember a few years back getting off my local bus just to use the restrooms in my local community centre. (Even though my house wasn't 2 minutes down the road, my bowels were screaming that I had to go NOW!!)
I ran downstairs to the facilities and nearly ripped off my pants so I could drop my load as quickly as I damn well could!!
After it all came out, I took a look in the toilet and noticed that it was sitting on a huge wad of TP! Until I spread my legs and looked, I didn't realize that some kids had put a tonne of TP in every toilet (including mine) rendering them useless.
I wiped myself quickly and got up... I didn't want anyone seeing my big dump, so after thinking about it for moment, I took the chance that the blockage wasn't as bad as it seemed.

I was wrong...

The toilet water kept rising... & rising... and in a few seconds it was obvious that it wasn't going to stop! So with haste I got out of there. But being a good person, I made a brief stop at the janitors office to tell the guy that the toilets were overflowing in the Mens (carefully not mentioning that my jobbie was a part of the mess.)
I then dashed out of there as bloody well quickly as I could!!!

6. Bad odor
-If it's simply the result of the guy who used the toilet before me, it isn't a big deal. It only becomes a concern if it reflects a general unsanitary state of the facility.

7. No toilet seat
-No real concern to me...

8. Garbage/water on floor
-This is probably my greatest concern. I'll just turn around and walk back out (or ask to use the Ladies) if it's obviously filthy.

9. Piss/shit/crud on seat
-See my answer for #8.
Piss or shit on a toilet really bugs me... Why someone can't clean up their own mess will always be a mystery to me. (Female colleagues at my office say that it's pretty common to encounter piss & shit all over the seats in women's washrooms. A fact that blew me away the 1st time I heard it. Before that I had always believed women could never make that sort of mess.

I remember coming home from work one day and going into the small (1 person) Mens room at the commuter station I use. The toilet & floors where absolutely plastered with shit!
When I told the ticket attendant at the station, she had a look and got a rather nasty shock when she saw the state of the place.
Needless to say, she locked the Mens until it could be cleaned and had no quibbles with me using the Ladies...

10. Not enough toilets for amount of use
-At the theaters or after a sports event, I know it's just par for the course.
I fully expect it so it doesn't bug me...


Hi all,
Last week at the library I went for a wee as usual. Just as I'd got in the staff unisex I heard someone go in the public unisex so I listened quietly in anticipation. I heard what sounded like a youngish grunt (there was a young woman working there that day). She was breathing heavily and let out a small fart, you could tell she was pushing. I was hoping a poo was iminent but instead she started a fierce sounding wee. It went on for about 15 seconds and she was then out of there quickly, I don't think she even washed her hands. I wondered why she seem in such a hurry, was it because she needed to be somewhere, or perhaps she didn't want to be seen going into the toilet too long.

Later that evening was at a short course that I'm doing at the moment. During a break I was walking back from the toilet (of course) when I saw a girl walking into the womens talking on her mobile phone. I'd like to know what happened then, whether she hung up or just kept talking.

Punk Rock Girl: In answer to your survey, a couple my hates in your list are:
4. No Soap - I really don't like it when the only soap available are those little bars that don't do anything when you use them.

6. Bad Odour - I know we can't help the smells but sometimes when you go into a toilet or, when you are using a stall and someone next to you drops a rotten load, it can be quite bad. I remember once taking a shit a a shopping mall toilet and the bloke next to me produced THE worst smell ever, it was cover your nose or vomit stuff, I just got my arse out of there quick-smart.

South of Indy Dude
Don't have much to say today. I just wanted to reply to one person.

Lets have some details! I'd like to hear some of your stories. And really, our interest can't be that abnormal. Look at all the people here who share our interest! I think that the problem is our interest/fetish is considered extremely taboo. Much like 50-60 years ago, homosexuality was considered the ultimate no no, now tons of people are out of the closet, with many more coming each day. It's kind of a secret desire of mine that someday the scat/watersports fetish will become less taboo, and people will start coming out of the "water closet". I seriously feel that more people have a fetish, or at least an "interest" in scat/watersports/farts, then let on, they just don't say it because it is considered so bad in our society right now...

Karissa. Everyone has their own 'thing' and I don't think what you do is all that way out. It seems pretty harmless to me.

Punk Rock Girl. I think items 2 and 7 on your list- no toilet paper and no seat would peeve me off the most. What's your greatest hate out of the items mentioned?

Disgusted Michael. I agree with you about the employment of women attendants to clean men's loos. In my local market town - as no doubt in many others - there is a tendency for women to be employed to clean the gents loos. You won't be surprised to hear that when they're cleaning the gents, we men aren't allowed to use the facilities. So far I've been lucky in that I've never been desperate to go when a female attendant's been cleaning and I've always managed to hold until she's finished or I've been able to get to another loo. However it's not a satisfactory situation.

Kayla. Interesting mall experience. I expect it's not one you're over keen to repeat though.

Claudia Canned. I liked your account of wetting at that New Year function. It sounds as though you - and the friend you were with - both had to go pretty bad.

Katrina. I remember the original account of you managing to extinguish the camp fire and I was most impressed. Have you had any really spectaculor wees just lately?

Best wishes to all


Hate to burst any bubbles, but I don't think the Matrix scene was poop-related. You know how, when in the first Matrix, when Neo stops the bullets we see how he sees everything in code? When the woman eats the "special" cake, we saw her in code-vision as the camera zoomed in the area between her legs. The cake produced *some* kind of physical reaction, but I don't think it had to do with waste elimination, if you know what I'm saying, nudge nudge wink wink.

And it was the cake, not any kind of mind-power. He was watching her because he knew what would happen. I forgot what the exact line was but he plainly states that he'd arranged for her to get a dessert with, shall we say, special ingredients. The cake's code looked different to Neo, and the guy was one of those rogue programs the Oracle mentioned, so I'd guess he altered the cake at the data level instead of 'physically' putting something in it.

Just to have said something that *is* bathroom-related so as to get this posted, anybody seen the "Where will you be when your diarrhea comes back?" Imodium commercials? They're sort of a ripoff of the "Where will you be when your laxative starts working?" commercials Fleet was doing a while back. The latest one has a a dad waking up to find that his kids have not only buried him in sand but sculpted it into a fish tail design and put cups on his chest to simulate, erm, the female chest structure. The mom, who has the camera, says "Say mermaid!" and takes a picture... and then Dad's face gets this deer-in-the-headlights look and he hops up out of the sand and takes off running. The announcer says "Where will you be when your diarrhea comes back?" The commercial ends with a shot of the kids and Mom looking at the sand where Dad has been. Three guesses as to what they were seeing. ;-)

Hi everyone,

To JULIE: I'd be interested in hearing the results of your pooing contest. It sounds like you two are both packing some big loads of poop for the competition. That kind of contest sounds like a cool idea. I'm sure it'd be really awesome to be a spectator or judge for it. Best of luck to you, and may the best pooper win!

To KAYLA: It's too bad about the pooping at the mall incident. Maybe things will turn out better next time. Nice story though;)

Here's a couple of questions for those girls who wish to respond:

1)What's the longest time period you've gone without taking a dump?

2)About how big is/are the largest poops you've made?

3)What is your favorite type of poop let out? (thick log, creamy soft-serve, foot long snake, etc.) include size if necessary.

Well, until next time.

Yours truly,


Concerned Dad and Me: Your stories brought back memories for me. I was very constipated as a teenager and often went for days without going to the bathroom. Would also spend a lot of time in the bathroom when I finally was able to go. I would steal suppositories from my grandparents bathroom and use them when it got really bad. When I was about 16 I found an old bulb syringe at the back of a lower cupboard in the bathroom. I started using that (only when I was home alone) and then it got a little easier. When I went to college I bought my own suppositories and have used them since. I think it is great that you can be so open with your kids and that they are ok with it. My family never talked about bathroom stuff, never discussed constipation etc. My brother was also constipated alot and when I was about 13 and he 11 we finally confided to each other about how hard it was to go to the bathroom. I told him about suppositories and we would sometimes keep each other compa! ny in the bathroom. Concerned Dad- did you tell your son that you were also constipated? Do you ever use the bathroom in front of your son? Me: does your son tell you when he uses a suppository and do you share the bathroom? This level of communication and openness is so different and so opposite of what I grew up with. Hello to my old friends here: Drew, Carlos, Brent C, Jacob G, Bryian, Daniel (UK),Justin and others. Like the guy stories!

John Q Public
Melissa, that boyfriend had to be a total ass. I can understand that he fealt embarassed, but there was no reason for him drawing everyone's attention to it the way he did.

Besides that, wasn't there a rest room on the bus? Alot of times, toor busses do have toilets, because people are in them, and need a place for nature to take it's course.

Katrina, I remember that story quite well. I even printed out a copy because I wanted my sister and gf to read it. They both can and did the very same thing when we were on a camp out. Next weekend, my gf and I are going on a camp out by ourselvs, and she is going to try it again.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


There's a reason why accidents like that happen to girls. I have dated alot of times, both men and women, and have found that men do tend to be impatiend with us. I have been barked at alot of times by my boy friend because I take too long in the bathroom. My guess that this girl on the bus had a similar problem. Her boyfriend probably went into the bathroom, wipped out his 'thing' and got his business over with, then when she had to use t he bathroom, he was probably "hury up! Hurry up! We're gonna miss the bus." Having no consideration of the fact that she has to remove her panties, sit down, and it is my guess that she has to eliminate more urine to boot, then she has to pull her panties back up and get herself situated. Her boyfriend was probably inpatient with her, so she decided to skip the process until she can find another oportunity. (yet another reason why women have to have stronger and bigger bladders then men) I seriously doubt that the boy friend ! could do a better job of holding.

So my advice to all you men out there, is to be a little patient with us. We have a whole rigum-a-role that we have to go through in order to get situated on the toilet, then we most likely have twice as much urine to get rid of as you do. So please, I know youre in a hurry, I know there are planes, trains, busses, etc to catch, I know the movie starts at a certain time, but when we have to go, we have to go. We can't help the fact that we don't have the convenience of an external pertrusion that we can stick out our flies, and we can't help the fact that we usualy have more piss to deal with.


I've been lurking on this site for like three years now. I've always enjoyed reading about all you guys pooping and peeing, mainly because I enjoy it so much. No one really knows that because my friends are pretty narrow-minded, they would think I was gross. I'm 19, 5'4, brown eyes, brown hair and about 110 pounds. Since I was a young kid, I've had a fascination with diapers and going poopy in your pants. When my parents were gone for the night, I'd usually pull out my stash of Depends diapers and sit around and wait for a big dump to come to me. Then I usually squat on my computer chair while having an "interesting" conversation with a guy that likes what I am doing. It gets pretty messy, pretty stinky and I love every minute. I know this can't be normal... but I can't get enough of it!

Punk Rock Girl
Here's a survey. What's your biggest pet peeve regarding public restrooms? Explain.

1. Doorless stalls
2. No toilet paper
3. Low quality TP (thin, scratchy)
4. No soap
5. Clogged toilets
6. Bad odor
7. No toilet seat
8. Garbage/water on floor
9. Piss/shit/crud on seat
10. Not enough toilets for amount of use



to punk rock girl--dont worry....i'm like you, i kinda like to be watched while i sit on the toilet pooping. it is a bit of a turn-on.

Natalie: Is this cartoon in the newspaper or is it on video or DVD?

Zip: Be careful. The cops might set up that park toilet.

new person
Ok so I've always enjoyed taking a nice soft diahreea crap but havn't been able to in a while anyone wanna tell me how to have diahreea without using a suppository or sticking something up my hole?

Cindy and I are having a pooing competition. We agreed that we would both have to poo on Saturday night between 6 and 7 o'clock. This was on last night (Thursday). We had both just stuffed ourselves with Hamburgers, beans, chips and cokes, and my stomach was bloated and feeling like bursting - I felt like having a huge poo right then, plus the beans & coke had made me pretty gassy. But when she challenged me, how could I refuse? I knew in order to have a chance I would have to delay any thought of relief until the competition. Cindy's always beating me at everything - she's good at swimming, she's a good runner, she also always gets the cutest guys, she's the prettiest girl at school, she can even burp when ever she wants - so I've decided that at pooing I will be the best. We had a long discussion about how we could decide who the winner will be - will it be the biggest, the smelliest, the smoothest, the thickest, the most pieces, the longest piece, the stickiest pile, ! the wettest or the runniest. We decided after lots of chatting / arguing and lots and lots of giggling that we needed someone else to judge each of our poo's. We decided Cindy's brother, who is just two years younger than us will be the best. That's because we have loads of stuff on him, and he wouldn't dare tell anyone about our competition, because the stuff we've got on him would make him sooooooo embarrassed, especially his friends, and a girl who he really likes and is trying to impress.
So we agreed - Cindy told her brother, who pretended to be grossed out, but gave him self away by turning bright red and standing like guys do when they get excited about something. He agreed (if anyone ever thought that a guy would turn down an opportunity like that!)
Well now, my major problem is lasting from Thursday to Saturday, especially with such a full stomach including the dreaded beans!! I would be very interested in some advice to get through, help me keep the poo in, and maybe the gas too - that might sway him in my favour. I would also be interested to know how he should judge it - what he should look for in the winning poo. I will update you when I can - i hope I don't have an 'accident' in the meantime.

Disgusted Michael
Hi, My name is Mike, and I am a 50 y.o. male who has noticed recently (last few years) that companies are usig women to clean restrooms. I am offended when a woman waltzes into the men's restroom unnanounced. Many times guys are in the stalls or at the urinals. Anybody else notice this lately? It's BIG companies,Wal-Mart, Boscov's.. Sears, Target, Kohls...and i'm sure lots others. Anybody else offended?

question for the girls and women ? do all y'all flush after you urinate into the toilet bowl ? why or why not ?

Hi! My friend and I have been reading the old posts for about 10 seconds and we remembered a story about last year in sixth grade.
Ok, so we were all just sitting there, getting bored in math. I remember one persin fell asleep! Anyway, so suddenly excitement arises when this one guy yells out " I'M PEEIN' IN MY PANTS!!" Man, and that was just our first class of the day and the rest of the day all the boys told every teacher about it! And when the teacher looked at him he says "No, I just squirted a little!"
Well, we don't have any other stories yet, but we'll post again, hopefully soon. Hope you enjoyed the story.

Movie Fan
For d dawg: I have seen the movie "Detroit Rock City", and I have to say I'm a little disppopinted in the scene where the cheerleader farts. Why? Because it is such a phony-sounding fart. It's not realistic at all. It sounds like the kind of phony fart sound you might hear on MAD TV or Saturday Night Live. There is a similar and even more explicit scene in "Not Another Teen Movie", where the girl not only farts but apparently shits. This one is also very unrealistic, with obviously fake fart and diarrhea shit sounds. The "Not Another Teen Movie" scene is so unrealistic that when the floor breaks and the toilet and the girl crash into the classroom below, you can see during her fall that the actress playing the part of the girl has her pants pulled all the way up.

I think the most realistic female poop scene I have seen in a long time is in "Tart". In this movie a girl takes a shit in an ice bucket, and if you listen very closely you can hear a subtle but very realistic sound of the poop coming out. There's no fart sound or exaggerated diarrhea sound, like in the "Not another Teen Movie". It's just the sound that real poop makes when it comes out. Another movie with a very realistic poop scene (although it is brief) is in "Caged Heat", where you can briefly see a girl sitting on a toilet in a prison cell, reading a book. Again, you have to listen closely, because there is music playing on the soundtrack, but as the camera shows her there is a very brief and subtle "plop" sound which indicates the poop coming out.

For a good realistic fart scene, check out the scene in Zapped 2 where Heather Thomas is sneaking through her boyfriend's house, trying not to make noise, when she accidentally farts.

Hi again everyone! I finally have the time to write about another interesting pooping experience I have had. It was towards the end of the summer before I started college and I was dying to recreate the first time I had an accident in my pants, (which was the topic of my first post here), where I lost control and pooped myself at the mall. I had purposely pooped myself since then but not in public. Seeing as how I was going away to college in a couple of weeks I decided that I might not have a chance to poop myself where I was going, I didn’t know what to expect. So eventually I decided that crapping my panties in a mall again would be fun so I started to hold my poop so that I could feel desperate and full when I would poop myself. Well, after like, four days I was really full of shit and it was starting to get a little painful. I decided that afternoon that I would drive to a different mall, almost 25 min. from where I lived so that I would be able to poop myself in public! and not have to worry about seeing anyone I knew. My parents were gone for the weekend at our cabin so I would be free to come home and clean up without them knowing it. I was getting really excited as I dressed for the occasion. I wore panties that were tight around the waist but not in the butt, and tight jeans so that my mess would be contained. And since I wanted attention on this day, I put on a tight shirt that fooled no one about the size of my chest. As I drove to the mall I was starting to get really nervous about what I was going to do. I was practically praying that my dump would be solid and easily contained, not explosive and out of control. My farts were smelling pretty bad but I could feel the tip of a thick turd just inside my butt. I hadn’t had anything to drink in hours so that I wouldn’t pee myself too, because messing myself with both #1 and #2 could get a little too messy. I was so excited and nervous when I pulled into the mall parking lot that my hand! s and knees were shaking. I walked to across the lot and I knew that whether my poop was solid or not, I had a lot inside me. This was a Saturday but this mall was still no where near as busy as the other one the first time I had pooped myself (that was the day after Thanksgiving). There were plenty of people around though. As I explored the first floor, I sensed some people were staring at me. Usually this would drive me insane, and it still kind of did, but I just took deep breaths and told myself “This is what you are going for.” And after like 20 min. I didn’t care if they were disgusted by me or attracted to me I was here for a purpose. But then I realized that maybe people weren’t staring at me and it might be all in my head. Suddenly I got like, a “blast” of confidence and I decided that I was going to poop. I started letting go of my poop little be little and before long I was getting really desperate. I had no idea where I was going to go but I had to do it soon. I ! went a down an escalator to the lower lever which was the food court. I was farting pretty consistently by now and I could feel my dump pushing it’s way out. I walked over to some pay phones near other escalators and put on up to my ear like I was talking on it. I relaxed my butt hole and instantly I farted and started pooping. I could feel my face turning red as the turd forced its way out. As kept the phone to my ear as I looked as people passing me and I wondered how long it would be before they knew. But then my questions were answered when the smell hit my nose. I could tell the poop was pretty solid but that didn’t seem to matter because it smelled BAD! My poop was falling out of my really fast and I got nervous. I hung up the phone and went up the escalator. Even though I was unexpectedly embarrassed, my adrenaline was still pumping like crazy. Once I was back on the first floor the first people I passed were a group of guys about my age. I saw them glance at me for a! second but as I passed them they were not turned on. They made it obvious that, as a group, they had all just smelled my poop. They yelled mean things to me as I waked quickly away. As I moved I pooped more and more. My jeans had a bulge and walking was freeing up more space, so my dump was starting to fill my pants underneath, and even in front of me. Fun is fun, but this experience was getting too embarrassing. The smell emitting from my underwear was horrible, and I just wanted to leave. I tried my best to not make eye contact with anyone as I left that mall, so I’ll never know just how much of an “impression” I made that day. When I finally got in my car, my pants were super full and stinky as hell. But when I sat down, the load was really firm. I drove home with my head basically out the window. And when I got home I emptied my panties in the back yard pushed out the rest on the lawn. The second half of my dump was less solid and equally as smelly. Overall, the experie! nce was no where near what I was going for, but it still was an experience.
For a long time after that, and still to this day I am way more careful about when and when I poop myself. But I still like the feeling and still do mess my panties on purpose when I get the urge.
Oh yeah, after that day, it took like a month for the smell to leave my car. I had to tell people that I left my doors unlocked and someone had rubbed poop on my floor mats. Pretty dumb excuse, huh? That’s all for now, bye all.

D dawg
Hey what up all...i just had the most awesome experience ever. There is this girl that is my cousins friend...she is about 5 4, blonde, 110lbs or so. Well anyways...we went to the state fair, and she had alot to drink right. To be specific, a large mountain dew, and 2 large root beers. Well anyway...on our way home, from the fair, my cousin commented on how he had to pee. And she agreed, but she agreed, as it sounded in a desperate tone! I leaned back and said i know how you feel. She was like, i bet 100 dollars that i have to go worse than you do. so i was like, its on (not the 100 dollars, but the peeing contest) we had decided to see who can go for longer. So we get back to the house finally and both rush to the bathroom. I let her go first. We kinda have a thing for eachother, so we both went in the bathroom at the same time. she fumbled with her zipper, and then she slowly pulled down her white laced thong underwear, with a little hip wiggle. She contently ! ploped herself down on the toilet, while i sat guard...stop watch in hand!!! She started, and at about 20 seconds she paused her stream, looked at me and said, "you thought i was done didnt you" and then laughed. "Im only beginning" she said, and let the stream progress. It went on past 1 minute, and i kept on askin, in 10 second intervals "are ya almost done"...and her response was anyways on she went. On past 1 and a half minute, 2 minutes...2 minutes and 23 seconds she stopped and said, ok all done, but then let out a sinister laugh and continued torrentially this time lol...she controlled the flow of the stream, just to mess with my mind... Well after about another minute of mind messing, she finished off with a stop then it came back, and repeated this process 3 more times, only in about 2 second intervals....anyways to say the least...her final time was around 3 and a half was quite an experience...And then i felt ashamed after ! i pulled off a weak 1 minute piss!!! thanx for reading....I want some feedback on this one, it was the best experience i have ever witnessed!
thanx -daniel-

I have a one-question survey that I would really love to get everyone's opinion on. If you could waive a magic wand or something and make it so that you no longer had to pee or poop, would you do it?

I'm not sure what my own answer would be. On one hand, it would be nice to make a long car trip and not have to worry about finding a bathroom, or sit through a long movie and not have to miss part of the film because you had to pee. It would be great to avoid the embarrassing situation when you are at someone else's house for the first time and you have to use the bathroom. It avoids the painfully embarrassing situation many have talked about here where you work at a very small company, and when you use the toilet, everyone knows about it. And does anyone posting here really enjoy it when you get sick and have awful diarrhea? There are so many situations and embarrassments in life that you could avoid if you no longer had to use the bathroom.

But on the other hand, why do a lot of us post here? It's because we LIKE going to the bathroom. It's one of the few things in life where we can can get pleasure from our bodies without having sex. And to be honest, if I had to choose between routine sex or taking a long and satisfying shit, I'm not sure what I would choose. Just today, I got excited because I took a really big shit and the consistency was perfect enough that I didn't have to wipe. So I'm not sure what I would choose. How about everyone else? If you could make it so you no longer needed to pee or poop - would you do it?

Lurker in AL
Hi, I'm a guy. I was wondering if anybody ever poops more on the weekend or a certain day of the week. For me I always poop more on the weekends, particularly on Sundays. There is always more poop and I poop more throughout the day on Sunday. Does anybody else have certain days like this? Thanks!

shilea, would you describe in detail how you wipe after a good poo, how much tissue you use, and what state the tissue is in when your done using it with it?

Concerned Dad: Read my post earlier and give those a try with the tips I said. After using them a couple times or days in a row, they seem to get us back to being regular. Plus, it's nice to be able to eat what you want too sometimes, and jsut use one if that food seems to constipate you. Drop me a line here and let me know if that works using them as I said. Also, the glycerin suppositories are the best I think. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Here is something I've never understood about some people's pooping habits. It seems to me that most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to pooping. Category 1 is the people who tend to go at the same time every day, such as when they get up in the morning, or after dinner or before they go to bed. Category 2 is people like me who basically go when the urge hits. Usually, the urge hits in the morning, but sometimes it will happen later in the day. I will sit for a couple of minutes in the morning and see if any poop is ready to come out, but if it's not ready to come out, I just go on with my life. The thing is that I never have to work very hard to go poop. I wait until the urge hits and then I go. If it's inconvenient to get to a bathroom, I just hold it in until later. If the urge goes away, I wait until it returns (it always comes back). People in the first category seem to think they have to go at the same time every day. If they don't have t! he urge, they will go and sit and read for 15 or 20 or 30 minutes, and they will squeeze and grunt and push to try to get the poo out. Why do they do this? Isn't it easier to just wait until you have the urge, and then you can go and it's nice and easy and it comes right out? Even if the urge comes at a bad time (such as when I am in the car), I just hold it in and the urge always returns eventually. The thing is, you know the poop is eventually going to come out, so why work so hard at getting out? I've never understood why people make themselves work so hard like this. If the urge isn't there, just wait until it is ready to come out easily. Can someone explain to me why people try to go poop when it's not ready to come out?

John B.
To Carmalita. I like your post. I would like to know how you weigh 100 pounds and have such big bowel movements. Do you enjoy your bowel movements? Do you urinate just as a load is about to come out? I would like it if you post everytime you poop and tell how it was.

Poopy doopy
My girl friend and i were going to see a movie when suddenly she said she has to shit so i pull to a rest stop and i let her out.But it was too late the shit right there in the parkinglot thank god nobody saw accept me.So i drove her to my house and she got sleaned up.Then we went to see the movie.

Has anyone seen the new movie "The Matrix reloaded"? I haven't seen it yet, but I heard there was a scene in a restaurant (within the Matrix) where a man sitting at a table sees a cool blonde at another table that he wants to fool around with. So he uses some kind of mind-power on her to make her think she has to take a shit. One moment she is eating, and then all of a sudden she gets this funny look on her face, and she puts down her napkin and quickly leaves for the rest room. Of course, the guy follows her. I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know what happens yet. If anyone has seen the movie, can you give me more details on this scene? Do we actually get to see the girl in the bathroom?

Miss Belinda
Traveling Guy: I don't think that his mother would mind. We are very close and his mother (my sister) has been letting him in with her while she poops. I can tell that he is showing an interest in women's bathroom habits at an early age, I'm not saying that is a bad or a good thing as long as he don't carry it too far but if we weren't close and I didn't feel like he was one of my own I would have never let him in.

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