Lucki Sportz Fanatic-Ya The lady really enjoyed me helping her, she was really desperate as i mentioned before... I was happy that she told me to move my hand because it would have been really gross! I don't think i would have been very angry if she wouldn't have warned me because she was so desperate that i would have understood.

I have an other story that happened this weekend! I went on a group tour of this new outdoor museum. You do the tour on a bus. When I got on I sat down next to an empty seat and in front of me was a girl of about 16 with her boyfriend. The tour lasted 3 hours. About 30 min after we had started the ride i saw the girl start to squirm around. I thought it was nothing but 15 minutes later I saw her grab her crotch. Her boyfriend asked if everythig was ok and she nodded. But 20 minlater she started crying and hid her head in her boyfriends shirt. He asked her what was wrong and she said she really had ot pee and she couldn't hold it anymore. What her boyfriend did was really mean! He stood up and said really loud "well don't piss on me" she started peeing on herself making a big puddle and her boyfriend just laughed at her. I got up and went to comfort her because she was crying her lungs out. Well thats all

hi my name iz nicolette. thiz iz a sstory i have to tell u about. ok i was about 12 years old at the time wen i really had to go # 2 and i could not hold it in soo wen we got in school i asked my teacher if i could go and she said no so i had to wait till we got to gym. we went to gym and i asked my gym teacher if i could go and i was wearing thongs so that was bad. and i said i have to go really bad and she said no . so wen we were out side i started to take a shit in my pants and we went back inside and told her i had an accident can i go to the nurse but before i could go it got worse i exploded all over my self. cuz i had not gone 4 about 2 months. so at the same time i was consipated and everything else so we went back to class and i had told my friends alyssa and rebecca that i had an accident can u get my stuff from my locker and stuff like that and wen we switch saty infront of me and inback of me so they did. and at the end of the day the same thing. wen i got home ! my mom was not home so i cleaned my self off but then i realized that i had no more underware to put on so i had to keep the 1nces i had on till my mom did the lundry so i did and then i threw those out and nobody ever new exapt my friends. nicolette

Has anyone ever listened to the commentary on the American Pie DVD? When the bathroom scene with Finch comes up, Jason Biggs comments that it is the longest shit he had ever seen anyone take. Is that guy joking? In my opinion, movies disrespect the potentials of exlax and other stuff. In movies, its run for a toilet, shit for 10 seconds and its over. In real life you could be on a toilet for most of the day.

Would love for other girls to share their stories of having to poo while on a sailboat or other small boat. Also would be interested in stories of guys watching woman poo on a boat

had and interesting poop dream last night. i went out to dinner with three male friends from high school then we were riding in a limo and it had three seats. well my friends were seating in front of me and the one sitting in the middle kept telling the driver hurry up we need to dirty some water, and lay some monster eggs. the other two just laughed at what he was saying and said thats right you tell him marty. we finally got back to the dorm and I went for a pee and there all three were sitting on the pot grunting and groaning saying oh does this feel good. then i woke up.
some good stories lately.
Ron-liked your story, how old are you and how old is your neighbors kid.
con cerned dad keep us updated on your sons poop.
how old our they?
miss hearing from andrew and kendall,billy and kevin you guys still around?
thats all for now happy toileting. would like to hear more from the younger guys. bye for now.

Hey Everyone,

To EVONNE: I liked your minute by minute account of the big poo you had. Nice details.

To CARMALITA: Sounds like you had a nice dump in the woods. I wish i could've been there to see it.

Well, I don't have any new surveys or questions this time around. But I do like the stories and responses that have been posted over the last few weeks since I've started viewing this site. I'm amazed at how much you girls poop and how big your dumps turn out to be. You all have really given me a great insight to your world of pooping. Thanks for all your input and openness.

your truly,


Claudia Canned
In response to Arthur's request for stories from girls having to wait in line for the toilet, I had a really humiliating accident to do with that topic. I was at a New Year's Eve dance at a really swanky hotel several years ago. My date was in a tux and I wore this gauzy black evening dress. It had all the makings of a really elegant night, up until the point I had to use the ladiesroom. We'd gone with another couple and we girl's went together only to be really bummed when we realized the line to use the one and only ladiesroom in the place was already stretching around the corridor. For a while we waited it out but as some point it became obvious that we'd probably both pee our pants before we got anywhere near the stalls. As my dress was already very sheer, and I was wearing the smallist pair of panties beneath, I knew that even the slighest drop of pee would be really noticeable through the fabric. As we became more and more desperate, my friend and I clamped our thighs together, and did that contorted 'have to pee' dance while we felt the initial little droplets spurt out. Other girls in the line were becoming quite inventive, and one girl half squatted over the wine glass she was holding and peed in clear sight of all of us. Naturally, the glass was nowhere big enough to hold all of her pee and most of it splashed over onto the carpet. Other girls were beginning to abandon the line, to go outside or even use the mensroom. I couldn't even move for fear of starting a spurt I couldn't contol. Eventually, I just had to let it go and I felt first my panties fill with my warm pee and then the front of my dress. By now, I gave up trying to hold it and it came out in a big gush, totally soaking my dress, and flowing down my stockings to my shoes. When I looked at my friend, I noticed she had pissed herself too and a large wet patch was growing around the crotch of her pants and down one leg. At that point, there was nothing else to do but go home! and spent the rest of the celebration in warm dry clothes!

AS I have posted here before, I have a question now Im courious about. Has anone here ever peed in their pants from laughing too hard and losing it?

I went thru 12 years of school, basically with the same kids that were there in the first grade class. Oh yes, new ones came and some left but there were the basic home town kids that knew everyone.
Every year though someone had a pee accident in the classroom. Some years there were two or three pee accidents. Most all were because the boy or girl was to shy to ask to go and waited too long and the dam just broke making a puddle on the floor. They usually were sent home, most came back with clean clothes after lunch
if it happened in the morning.

Anyhow, I went thru all those years never really needing to pee till I was in the 11th and 12th grade
One day we had english class after lunch and we had a teacher that we could get sidetracked and she would talk about her vacations and home life, her husband and kids and what not. We could keep her going for the whole class avoiding the lessons. The girls seemed to be more profound at this trick we all enjoyed. It basically was a free for all with questions just to keep her going.
That day we had her going good and she relaized that we did have some lessons for a test and so she stopped the talk and said we had to be quiet and get to work. So everyone was told to settle down and be quiet, please.
The room was dead quiet, as we wanted not to lose the advantage we had with the story telling. A few minutes later one boy got to talking to his neighbour and the teacher did get upset and told him to shut up, that we were to study.
A few seconds later in dead silence, someone ripped a hard fart. (proaboy tried to slip it out, but it didnt)
The teacher looks up and says, "what was that?"
Thats all it took. The whole class bust out laughing so hard, it was a scream, a riot! I was laughing soo hard along with my classmate besides me, I was falling out of my seat, almost on the floor. It was so funny.Suddenly I felt my bladder let lose for a second, like I squirted into my underpants. I felt some pee shoot down my leg.
Whoa, I stopped laughing like NOW! I got sober in a second! I shut off the pee and my face got red. The girl next to me was also out of control,holding herself. She stopped laughing too instantly. I bet the same thing happned to her. Some kids actually did fall onto the floor, it was that funny with the teacher looking all puzzled.
I felt aroune in my pocket and checked for damage, and my shorts had a big wet spot in them and a little stain on my pants around the thigh.
This was the only time I ever lost it and actually wet my pants a little in school. After that, no matter how funny or gross something was and how everyone cracked up I remembered not to go overboard as the next time it might be worse.

So Im courious if any of our peeps out here have had that happen to them and if they would like to write about it
One other time I almost wet my pants in the auditorium during a mandatory movie for the whole school, but I'll save that for another time if anyone wants to know..
Michael MMM

Tim (and Sarah)
TRAVELING GUY: Thanks for your comments on my story. I always enjoy yours as well. My wife told me already where the other toilets in the school were. I simply went into the wrong direction, lol. It was a funny dump though, I have to say. I was quite glad though, I did not put a show on for any accidental by-passer, like you described with the mirror. Now that would have been embarrassing, lol. Once when I was younger I had a very relieving piss and a good fart while using the toilet on a party. I was having a beer in one hand and used the other to aim, drinking and pissing at the same time, feeling just great. Suddenly I heard a voice : "You are a pig!". When I checked behind the shower curtain, there was a couple hidding, feeling disturbed by my noisy Looking forward to more of your stories!
CECILE: Hi, thanks for your hello! I loved your story. I guess you had good fun there. When I was at school, I often hung around with my friends at a nearby, wasted warehouse and had many pees ( and even some poos there). It was also good fun. Yes, the pee in the shower was special. I am looking forward to more of your stories. Take care, Tim
TML: Hi, I enjoyed your stories and had a good laugh about your son’s peeing adventures. I can very much relate to this, as my kids are four and six years old. I have to say though, that regarding toilet training, in contrast to your kids, our daughter was a little more stubborn than our little boy. She was always jealous about being able to pee standing and it took us quite a bit of diplomacy to let her not fell inequal there.\The other day our boy had a bit of an accident: Unfortunately our son suffers from some allergies and hayfever, which gives hime severe sneezing fits sometimes. We went swimming at the lake on a Sunday afternoon, but had to leave after a while, as our little one wouldn’t stop sneezing. On the way to the car our kids had to wee. Our son pulled his pants down by some bushes and started to wee. Suddenly he started sneezing a lot and the wee splashed everywhere, also on his pants and shoes. He looked down on himself and went: "Oh, Shit..." Our daug! hter, who just pulled up her pants, looked at him with sympathy and said very sweet: " No, luckily it’s only weewee..." It was very funny and sweet. Hope to read more of your stories.

Outdoor Jane
Hi tynee. I loved you story. For you and the others who don't know me here. I am outdoor Jane who LOVE to go to the toilet outside. I love to go into the wood, look around to see there is nobody, pull down my pants and thong and squat and look me between my legs when I pee/poo or just sit there, look out in the air and enjoy it coming. And of course, see others girls do the same. I am 17 years old and I use to do it outdoors together with my friend at same age and my sister who is 15. I have write some posts here before and I think my last post is at page 1000. The reason why I am not writing storys any longer is that I don't have any exciting stories to tell. I have told stories from my whole life. There is not so very exciting thing that happends every day. Of course it is exciting to do it outdoors everyday, but that will be borring in length to just tell "Today we pooped in the wood and get finished". If you know what I mean. I hope I soon will get som extra exciting exp! erience to shear with you again, I miss the time I wrote in here almost every day. Hope you can tell any exciting stories from outdoor Tynee and I promise to write someone when I got something with me, my sister and my friend. Do you like to poo outside to or just pee? If you just like to pee thats good, if you like both, thats great. If you don't have tried to poo outside I want you to try it. Of course thats your choice. I don't want to force you to do it, but I recom'mend to try it to see if you find it quite exciting as us. But maybe you have tried it before and not like it. Maybe you do it or maybe you have not yet had oc'casion to trie it. But as I said I won't force you to do anything you do not want. If you just like to pee than write about that and I will enjoy it anyway. Peace and love and enjoy peeing/pooing outside. I will now tell you why I/we love to do it outside:
When me and my friend was kids, around 5-6 years old and was outdoor and have fun and have to do it we don't want to go inside to do it, We just ran to the wood or even other places outside, pulled down our pants and panties and squated down to do it. We loved it. Sometimes we used to see each others and do it after the first one. Other times we do it together beside each others. And sometimes we even squat down in front of each others. We always do it when we was outside. When we got older we find more and more exciting places to do it and got more and more turned on. When we was 15 years old we was outside our house together with my sister. (13 y.o. that time) We felt that we have to both shit and piss. So we go into the wood and told my sister, shut up about what we do. She promised. I don't think she understood whats going on before my friend pulled down her pants and thong and squated down and begann to pee. Cause she had never done that before or even see somebody ! others but herself goes at the toilet and she had also never goes outside. So I guess it was exciting to see me and my friend pee and poo for the first time. She just stood there with open mouth, wide open eyes and stared. My friend sat there and the pee gushed out of her. The she begann to strain, push, grunt and moaning and there out of her it comes a big log, and my sisters eyes and mouth open more wide than I have ever seen here. My friend do some more logs and wiped with leaf. Pulled up her pants and I took here place. And when I began to pee I believed that my sister eyes will jump out of her head and that her mouth will open so that she can't shut it. I pee a real hard stream into the grass and begann to poo. I pushed a little and a firm log started coming out. I pushed out two more logs and when I had wiped my pussy and butt and we should go, suddenly my sister got normal again and said that she have to do it also. We asked what? She answered both. I said that she ha! ve now seen us do it, just do like us. She do it. Pulled down her pants and panties, squatted down and started to pee. When she had peed she pushed ut one very solid and long log. Wiped her privacy and was finished. She told me right after that it was a turn on to see us, but also to do it self. Since that time, we have done it together.
Hope you enjoy it. Lovely greetings Jane

Traveling Guy
Punk Rock Girl - You asked "How comfortable is everyone here (male and female) with using a public restroom with no doors on the stalls, or going to the bathroom in front of people?"

Funny thing, in a doorless situation I'm more comfortable taking a dump if I'm doing it in front of strangers than I would be, say, with my co-workers. Maybe it's because you never have to see those strangers again. But I can take a crap just fine in the company of co-workers if there are doors. As for peeing, well, guys stand next to each other and do that all the time anyway, so no big deal. I wouldn't mind if a woman looked on while I did either, but right now I just don't know of any indoor situations where that would possible, not like the ones you describe at work.

You are one really open lady. It must have to do with your experiences at grammar school. My school johns didn't have doors either, but I think I crapped in that boys' room only once in all the years I spent there, and then only after school, when no other boys were around. I remember going in once to pee and seeing my friend Richie in mid-crap. We talked and it wasn't a biggie for either of us, but it didn't make me less shy about going myself. But now I could do it.

I was in the student union the other day at school and I was on my way to the ladies room. All of a sudden this great fat woman comes running out of a door that is a few feet ahead of me. I see her running down the hall...her huge as was bouncing up and down as she ran. I picked up my pace, knowning she was running for the ladies room. She ran inside, I was a few paces behind her. As I went in she was already in the first stall slamming the door shut. I took a stall one away from hers and went inside. I could hear her frantically pulling down ehr pants and ploping onto the toilet. Her piss rushed out of her in a mad fury, it last aprox. 30 seconds. Then she quickly got up and left without washing her hands.
I also got to see two of my male coworkers pissing outside (although I had seen both of them piss outside before as we are all fairly good friends and hang out often). I watched from behind but I could hear there piss hitting the ground. Ok all....

Hey. I remember clearly the first time I ever took a dump in a stall without a door. From elementary school through high school, the boys rooms NEVER had doors on the stalls. The toilets in the gym locker rooms didn't have stalls at all. Three toilets in a row, just like an army barracks.

So, when I was a kid, eight or nine, I could never work up the nerve to take a shit in one of the boys rooms because of the other guys being able to see me. I'd hold it until I got home. But one day, I was in desperate need to shit, and decided to muster up the courage and take a dump.

So, I got a pass from my teacher and went down the hall to the boys room. Of course, there were a couple of guys in there peeing, but I was determined to prove to myself I could do it. I entered a stall, pulled my pants and underwear down just far enough, and sat on the toilet. It took me a few moments, but I finally relaxed and was able to shit. I remember it being a lot, not diarrhea, just a lot of solid poop. The two guys at the urinals looked at me as they walked by, but didn't say anything.

When I finished pooping, I rolled off some of the ultra thin TP and wiped my butt and flushed the toilet. I headed back to class feeling like I had overcome a big fear. After that, I never had as much trouble pooping at school.

Last night i was online and i was starting to feel this urge to poop. I was talking to this annoying girl she kept getting on my nerves...makes me so glad i don't have a g/f. She wanted me to get on cam and show something private. I showed her my butt and i told her i feel something up there..she had no idea what i was talking about. She has no idea about my intrests. Any way she got all mad and stuff i had to go cause i was ready to go to bed and all and i had to poop. By the time i got offline i really had to poop. it was a good thing i finished up with her cause i wasn't sure how long i could hold. I turned this off and went to poop. I felt my log poking out yet again and i hadn't pooped in 3 days. I sat down and pushed a little and it came right out. I stood up and i saw a big log about 12 inches that looked like a big C but the 1 part was about to break off. I sat back down and pushed out some more chunks and when i stood up to wipe(boy did i wipe alot for not going for! 3'd think there wouldn't be any thing to wipe)the C had broken off. well i gotta run, its 6am on friday in the east...i woke up and i thought i'd check 4 updaates now im going back to bed..bye

To tynee - Loved your story about peeing in the woods. I'm 18/m and I like to piss in the woods whenever possible.

To Amanda - That must have been an awful night, but I liked your story! You did a good job of telling it.

To Jill - That has also interested me. I can't imagine how girls can get out of those dresses to pee or poop. For me, it would have been more a matter of not wanting to crap in public than anything else though.

To Bryian - To finally answer your question, yes, i do sometimes pee when pushing.


Mysterious Man
Hello again my fellows. I'm glad to see many girls liked my survey :) And I hope many others try it out too. I'm hoping to hear some good poop stories soon also :)

To Tynee: That's quite a story. Do you have any nice pooping stories? I'd love to hear them some time if you have any. If you want to, check for my survey and answer some of the questions if you want.

To Amanda: Good to know your doing fine now, also I hope to hear of more pooping stories from you, please post any if you want to.

See you all again sometime! :)

Lucki Sportz Fanatic
Hello, it’s Thursday June 12th, and I just gotta say that the New Jersey Nets played a great game last night against the Spurs. I watched the game, and was surprised to see the Spurs come back. Amy was actually here last night watching the game with me, and this leads me in to a past story from last May.

This past month, Amy had come over to my apartment to watch a Lakers game with me. Before the game, I went out to the liquor store, and brought a six pack. I didn’t think that we would drink all of it, but I also didn’t think that Amy was gonna bring one of her friends with her. Her friends name was Chloey, and they still keep in touch now. Anyway, I ended up drinking two beers, Amy one, and Chloey one and a half. This was right before halftime. During halftime, Amy and Chloey made some nachos, and then we all feasted on them. Well, halfway through the 3rd quarter, Chloey announced to us that she had to pee. I was also getting the urge to pee, and by the look on Amys face, so was she. We waited for a commercial, and then we all followed Chloey into the bathroom. I had a pretty wild idea! Once we were all in the bathroom, I told Chloey not to go just yet, and started explaining myself. “Girls, wanna do something weird?” Amy looked at me, and replied, “Sure.” ! After talking for about 4 minutes, we finally planned to do our thing. Since I had a stopwatch on, I wanted to time each others peeing time. Chloey was the first to go, and as soon as she plopped her petite little ass on the toilet seat, she started peeing rapidly. She peed for well over a minute, and then her light yellow stream started dying down. After it came to a complete stop, my stopwatch read: 1:20:32. Pretty nice time! I was the next to go, and as soon as I whipped my willie out, I started peeing. My stream lasted for 58:03. Not as much as Chloey, but still a decent time. Amy was the last to go, and instead of sitting on the toilet to pee, she kind of hunched over it. When it was all over, her final time was 1:42:08. I know these times exactly, because I wrote them down on paper for the contest. Earlier this morning, I was cleaning up around my computer, and happened to come across the same paper. Well, that’s just about it. Peace.

To Punk Rock Girl: Sounds like a nice dump you had....I think i'd be pretty comfortable to use a stall with no doors and people around. As long as i didn't know them..or else i'd be emabarresed. I used a stall with no doors a few weeks ago for the first time but the bathroom was empty. I'd think i'd be comfortable to let people watch me go to the bathroom too. No i don't think your weird

To unnamed poster: thats cool that your friend pooped and you peed in the sink

To Kristy: Liked your story

To tynee: Loved your story..sounds like a cool experience you had

To Althea: I've never heard of bones getting in the poop...never heard of it tearing the skin down there...thats an intresting thought of someone accidently swallowing bones. Liked your stories too

To Amanda: Loved your story..did you break up w/ your bf? or did your parents ban you from seeing him? that wasn't nice what he did

To Concerned Dad: Liked your story about your son...I was a little constipated last week for some reason..maybe its the weather drying up the turds or something now that its summer.

To Jill: Liked your you never used the bathroom the whole night?

To RyanS: Loved your story...i had some big dumps last week. how big was your dump?

To Trix: Sounds like a nice dump you had

To Francis: Welcome..i liked your story

To Cindy: Liked your story from camp

To Jimmy: Liked your story about that girl farting

To Ron: liked your story about all of you using a doorless stall

To Zip: Thats cool about the bathroom

To Audrey: Loved your story

TO JANE-As usual,i really enjoyed your after lunch & breakfast dump-Boy it would be nice to do a woods poop along with you when we both really gotta go1 I'm sure it would b fun-always enjoy your stories,kiddo!
TO KRISTY-That happened to me a few times at the gym.It's great when you finally get to the stall after running from the shower and let it go.sometimes i hold it in the shower till i really have to go and the go join the other guys in the stalls and have a good dump along with everyone else
had a good dump yesterday morning.Got up @ 7 am and headed out on my bike and by 8am I was deep in the woods and could feel my rectum filling up.I really enjoy that feeling as i'm biking along and I can feel those small cramps amd my bvut starting to feel full.Found a good spot and got undressed and took out my mirror and placed it in a good spot and sat on the big fallen tree branch and looked in the mirror and saw my hairless anus start to dome as i relaxed my sphinchter muscle and let out a long dry fart as i could see my anus doming out and the 1st turd start to come out.It came out slowly as I watched it grow and grow and it got to be about a foot long and very smooth and still coming out my well domed anus.It looked really cool,me sitting on this branch with this brown tail hanging out my butt!I decided to hold it there till I got another cramp and after about 2 mins,i felt a cramp and as I looked in the mirror,as I was getting another cramp,I could see my anus pu sh out and then I let out some hissing gas around the turd hanging out my butt and I wasn't pushing as the turd started to move on it's own and sped up and coiled on the ground as I could see my anus was domed and open as I let out another hissing fart and I saw from inside my anus a wall of excrement headed out and I just let it come and it was a rope of soft stuff that came out pretty fast with a lot of gas along with it and it felt wonderful as i exhaled in relief.Then I looked at my anus and saw it was now closed and I can always tell,by looking at my anus when I'm done cause it was closed tight and not domed or open like it was a few minutes before.So I then took a nice long pee and had some fun and got dressed.It was a beautiful morning.Nice and quiet as I looked at my load and there was a long coiled turd partially covered with the rest of my soft load.It was a nice dump and I wished I could have shared it with a pretty lady as poo-buddy (CARMALITA,JANE,PUNK ROCK GIR L)to name a few!Some good stuff,all.I'm thinking of going into NYC when I have some time to go do a poop @ that washington square park mens' room just to see what it would be like to poo along with the other guys with no partitions(I may chicken out when I get there)Has anyone here been there lately and can fill me in on what's it's all about?I don't want to meet any weirdos there or anything like that.I just want to sit down and do my business with the other guys.I think it may be fun!Any feedback would Be appreciated.Great stories,all! BYE

South of Indy Dude
Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. I'm in the transition between my current job and my new job, and spare time is precious, to say the least.

An update on my girlfriend. She now farts around me comfortably. Though 99.9% of the time, they have no sound. They sure smell though! She almost let me watch her pee, but at the last moment, decided not to. I'm getting there though. Before long, I'll have some wonderful poop stories for your enjoyment.

To the person who asked about scouts and pooping. Well, I never actually went in the latrine with anyone. It was kind of obvious what people were doing. The latrine only covered down to about the shins, then the rest was kind of a mesh wire.. (I'm assuming to keep the odor to minimum, and to keep the latrines cool around noon time.) So, when someone was pooping, it was quite obvious. The thought that turned me on is that the week after the boyscout camp, the same grounds would be used as a girlscout camp. It's kind of fun thinking about a bunch of girls sharing a latrine.

On the subject of scouts though, when my brother was in cub scouts, I would always go to his meetings, which were on different days than mine. I would often hang out in the bathroom of the church where our meetings were held with one of my friends. It was just quieter there. It was great, because we were really open around each other. One of us would have to have a bm, and we wouldn't think anything of it. We'd both walk in the stall and go, talking like it were nothing at all. The only thing covering the stall there was a curtain, but we never used it when we had to go.

One last story, considering that I may not post again for a while. As I may or may not have said in an earlier post, I'm very nervous about going in public restrooms for a bm. I recall about 5 years ago, having a very daring bm. I went to the city park to see if I could catch some of my friends before the homecoming parade. I was quite excited, because it was the first year my parents let me go on my own to the homecoming parade. I got their a bit early, so I wouldn't have to fight crowds, and could catch people as they arrived. This was my saving grace. The city park restrooms are big open rooms with one sink, one urinal, and one big handicap sized toilet. I was just minding my own business when the most horrific cramps started hitting me. I had no choice. If I didn't go then, I wouldn't make it through the parade. So I went into the (less than sanitary, unfortunately) restrroom. There were no doors. No stalls. Nothing. Anyone could have walked in on me a! nd saw me there. I pulled my pants and boxers just barely down my thighs and sat. I had the worst smelling nasty diarreah you could imagine. After about 5 minutes of water and cramps, it was over. Now came the fun part. If you've been in a less than mediocre public restroom, you probably know that the toilet paper is single ply sandpaper. I wiped as best I could in about 10 seconds, flushed and ran out of there. Just as I walked out, several people walked in. I do NOT know what I would have done had someone walked in!

Saturday, June 14, 2003


I love it when a guy or a girl watches in astonishment when I let rip with a pee flood. If I decide to piss in the woods, I don't care who sees me, because alot of people do that. I love the humble looks on the faces of guys who know they could never even come close to what I was spewing from my body.

I even pissed out a guys camp fire while on a colleg field trip. I wrote about that on an earlier page. In short, he made comments about girls always having to go to the bathroom all the time, so I came up to his fire naked. I remained standing, but spread my legs. I was holding and drinking diet soda all day long fo the added volume. When I let rip, the stream was as thick as a rope, and before I was finished, the fire was almost out completely. By the time I was done, there was not even smouldering embers there, just urine soaked char cole and wood.


Hi toileteers!

Poor Amanda, you certainly had an awful evening being compelled to fill your new cute clothes with diarrhea and then having to sit in it all while being frisked by the cops on the way home. I hope that posting here has made you feel better. Please be careful not to yield too much to peer pressure when it comes to alcoholic drinks. And then be careful when you warm up food in the micro wave. Give the dish a good heating, and, important, after the micro wave has switched itself off, wait another couple of minutes for the heat to spread right through the food. That ought to dispatch most of the harmful bacteria. Be especially careful with luke-warm chicken! Danger of salmonella!

Sheila, I am sorry to read that Greg has left you. I hope that you find some solace on the toilet here. Now doesn’t that sound weird? I hope your relation mends. Hugs.

Hi Tim, thank you for your kind post. I hug you back and I include Sarah, too. We are allright, thank you for caring. My wife has tried the device in the shower. She eventually got it right, but not every time and has not yet dared to try it with her clothes on. But she is determined to try again for our next trip.
I went back to the page you mentioned to find your story about how you all came home from a fair and drenched by the rain, and how Sarah had the brilliant idea of pretending the two of you - suffering from an increasing urge to pee - needed an immediate shower as Josie was taking her time to produce her heap. Great story! Somehow I had missed it. Burning candles? Those scented with pine? Makes it smell like a shit in the woods? Or vanilla? Good idea anyway.
But your post brought back to memory the time in my life – a long, long time ago - when I came to the pretty lakeside town, the one mentioned in connection with a plane crash about a year ago. I had made friends there. Especially an artist’s daughter, who tried to explain to me how to use a camera I had at the time. She was a real expert when it came to take photos. I had over-exposed all the pictures. It later turned out that the aperture was jammed in the open position. Talking about apertures - at the moment I am trying hard to keep the aperture in my rear jammed shut.
I’ll have to ask you to excuse me…for a moment…I’ll….bebackinaminute
OK, I’m back, but phew! It must have been the result of having eaten half a papaya laced with fresh lime juice and a sprinkle of chilli powder on top. It was a hot explosion, and when I shifted my weight over to the bidet next to the toilet for a bum-wash, I accidentally ran the water a wee bit too hot. Splashing it against my still sensitized bottom, I suddenly felt a wave of warmth rush up my ????, and with a shudder of pleasure an involuntary internal convulsion made my backside eject an adicional big dollop of very mushy shit right into the hand I was cleaning myself with! This has never happened to me before. The last time I had handled my shit was on purpose when I was about four years old! I still remember the feeling to this day. I imagined it to be good plasticene.
My bum needed a bit of cooling-off after that. Wow, it surely felt strange, almost orgasmic.
Now, where was I? Ah, yes, in the late sixties in a street named after a composer, who, were he alive today, I bet would relish this forum. Well, the toilet arrangements were a little out of ordinary. The bathroom was upstairs. Nothing unusual about that. But because there were numerous offspring, a second toilet had been installed. It was down the stairs from the entrance. By this I mean that it was down in the spacious cellar! And it was not partitioned off in any way. Using it was a bit strange at first. I sat on it surrounded by bicycles, garden furniture and crates of potatoes! Quite a new experience. And the door could be opened by anyone any time from the outside! This induced me to crap quickly.
This is becoming too long, I’ll continue in the next post.
Hellos to Carmalita and Luisa, Jane and Gary, Robby and Annie, Silke, Fat Woman, Punk Rock Girl and many others…Rizzo

Middle Aged Crapper
I discovered your wonderful forum a week ago when I was surfing the Google search engine for any stories or pictures of persons sitting on the toilet. I've been lurking around reading the posts for the past week and it's good to see people free to give full information on their daily dumps under the protection of full anonymity, which is a good thing. I expect all the posters find peeing and pooing simultaneously fascinating and funny. So I'm making my first post just now.
I've noticed during the past week there have been several posts on outdoor dumping and a few pondering why parents don't mind their kids seeing them on the toilet. When I spend extended time outdoors it's usually to go hiking. Here in Southern California we have a lot of lofty mountains, so if one is going to do some serious hiking you don't want to have stomach cramps--that's why I eat and drink little on hikes and especially avoid milk for breakfast the same morning--it leaves a lot of air in the stomach.
Thus I've only peed on hikes twice to date; and these were both pedestrian affairs. The one time I pooed hiking was much more interesting. It was several years ago when I took a two mile hike at the Montana de Oro State Park (a rustic beach park) just south of Morro Bay, California. I had eaten a breakfast which disagreed with me but was nonetheless able to complete the full two mile hike along the ocean bluffs. At the park border fence, I really felt the poo pressure and stomach cramps combined; and I realized I couldn't get back to the trailhead in time (plus there were not even porta-potties in that park anyway). The other hikers were more lazy strollers; and I could see the nearest person was a full mile away.
I went to a patch of weeds and pulled down my pants and underwear to my knees. I also put out my arms to hold myself up as I don't have the best balance. I dumped a single load of mushy poo and I was done. Although my butt didn't feel wet, I had the feeling I might soil my underwear because I had no toilet paper on me. When I drove back to Morro Bay and my underwear crumpled in my A-hole I realized I was soiled. I stopped at a Morro Bay gas station and saw that my undies had lots of poo streaks. I took wet paper towels (wet towels can sometimes get rid of most accidental poo or even blood streaks on clothing) and dabbed my underwear until it was pretty clean. But I had to stay in wet underwear the balance of the day; and unclean underwear causes one-day mini-rashes on my skin. Outdoor pooping is a lot of fun, but I wouldn't recommend it without toilet paper readily available or within a few minutes' reach.
One year later I had occasion to make exactly the same hike. I went the full two miles just to check if my poo pile was still there. I couldn't find it in the weeds, but I stayed one step back to avoid the risk of stepping in it.
In looking at the issue of parents not minding their kids seeing them defecate in the toilet, that may stem from their experience in caring for small children. Some child care texts I've read (although I'm not a parent) state that small kids have to be watched literally all the time, otherwise the silly tykes might stick their fingers in electric wall sockets, electric fans, or other disasters. So far as toilet life is concerned, this means that a parent has to take a child to the toilet everytime he needs to go, pull down his pants and plunk him on the seat. Of course the flip side of this is that your child gets to watch you pull down your pants and plunk yourself on the toilet whenever you need to go. Some child care guides urge parents to take toilet trips together with their kids all the way until they turn age 5.
Thus some parents must get used to it. I knew one late middle aged woman, however, who had just become a grandmother. She took her son to the toilet with her back when he was small, but now she was baby-sitting his infant son in turn. She said it had been 25 years since she had lifted her dress and peed and pooped in the toilet in front of anybody; and she had to get used to it again.
I'll keep looking at the posted stories and maybe at survey questions sent out by various posters as well.

A situation which sometimes arises in life: there is no toilet paper when you need it. You can either wait for someone to bring it you, or get sit down and let them bring it to you and see you on the toilet. And the other way round - if someone is at your house and in that situation, do you take it into them?

My wife and I do not see each other using the toilet, but keep the intimate parts of our body for something special between us.

But there are 4 people would be sitting there when I brought the paper to them, and so would I when they brought it to me:

a) My own 2 young boys
b) My younger brother
c) My best childhood friend

Any comments from anybody?

There was some show on last night...think it was cbs or nbc and they talked about potty was funny

My parents had friends over recently and they brought two younger kids. I didn't know them very well but they were nice people. In the morning, i always have a poop and shower before school. There is often someone in the bathroom with me so I never lock the door. I guess these friends were very open minded too,because they also didn't lock the door. In the morning when I get up, usually there is already someone in the shower, anyway, I got undressed, and checked if the door was unlocked, it was, so i went in. It wasnt my family in the shower, but the lady that was staying with us. I went in and acted normal, I looked at the toilet and saw she had already left something behind. I sat down and had a poop. I combed my hair while I was sitting and soon enough, the lady's daughter came into the bathroom. She said hi, and took of her underwear. She held her vagina like she needed to pee. She opened the door on the shower and went in with her mom. The little girl squatted and peed ! above the drain. Her mom helped her shower and soon they both came out and started to dry themselves. I didn't bother wiping and got up and looked in the toilet. There was now lots of poop in it. I went into the shower and got cleaned up. When they were done drying off I had privacy until I was done, so I flushed the toilet and got dressed for school.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Travelin' Guy! Howzitgoin? Actually, Colin and I HAVE done that a few times. If we find there's a unisex restroom someplace with a toilet and a urinal and we both have to pee, we'll just go in together. Saves time!

We got back from my Aunt's house last night, and I'm at work now drinking some coffee before I really get started. I had a nice, peaceful dump when I got here about an hour ago. The bathroom all to myself, mice, clean crappers. I just sat and let nature take its course, no pushing or forcing necessary. One long load, slipped slowly but easily out and plopped into the water. No farts, no straining. I wiped but didn't really need to.

Well, gotta get started. Hope everyone had a nice weekend, and I'll post again soon. See yaz!



one day my friend was gonna go poopie and i had 2 go pee-pee so i went in the sink!

I enjoyed your recent post when you said you liked to fart and then drop a lump of shit with a good splash !
Could you give full details of some of the shits you have had at work, with farts, grunts and plops, and if anyone was in the toilets having a listen.
Could you also tell about sounds you have heard when someone else is having a shit.
Do you just get a "plop" sound, or does it qualify as a "KERSPLOONK" ?
How many cubicles are there in the ladies at work.

My friend Caroline has just taken a course in reflexology and came round last night to practise on me. It involves massaging and prodding the feet. Each part of the foot apparently corresponds to a part of the body and the technique is supposed to stimulate the body's own regenerative processes. On the acupunture basis. It's quite uncomfortable in places. I was a bit sceptical about it to begin with but it leaves you with a lovely peaceful relaxed feeling. Just after she finished I felt a strong urge to go to the bathroom and got up. "Are you going to do a pooh," she asked. "Well yes," I said a bit dumbstruck as we have never discussed that topic, and I guess a bit hopeful that she might join me! Alas, her interest was purely professional. "Treatment often has that effect," she said. In I went (too wuzzy to leave the door ajar) and had a really great bm. No pressure just four long smooth logs that flowed out. No pee just a wonderful shit. When I came out Caroline ask! ed, "how was it". "Absolutely gorgeous, I said. That was that. I wish I could send for her every time I'm constipated! But perhaps we can build on this beginning.

Love to you all


Twice Shy
Fast and furious

I have heard folks talk about the paradox relating to cutting loose truly prodigious quantities of turd without there being much of a feeling that anything is going on. I notice this sometimes, too, like this morning, when I thought I might have had a log-let or two to let, but what I get instead is this vast and twisted pile of narrow-gauge but fully-formed crap, light in color this time. It just shoots out of there, like a can of "silly string", for those of you old enough to remember the original in 1970. I am also reminded of these films I've seen on TV that they take at factories where extrusion presses are used to make things like cheese curls. I have to wonder if the anal stricture is regulating the final diameter of these rapidly-initiated hunks, as if one's colon were like a cookie dough press or pasta machine (the analogy to food is hard to dispel for some reason). We must have been talking about six to eight feet of rope, if it were all straightened out.

Punk Rock Girl, My God I thought i was the only one out there that got a thrill out of being seen on the toilet. I have known for many years that I was a pooping exhibitionist, I purposly look for toilets with no doors 0n the stalls. I have many stories about pooping in front of both males and females. i even found the courage to bring this up with my wife, she's cool with it. I will relay on or two of my fa vorite episodes in my next post. P.P.

adventures in transgender curiousities, or being a girl for a day [ maybe every guy should do this so that they don't have to "hose" down the seat with their yellow " firewater" .home-- okay I had not urinated in about 4 hours and drank one 20 oz black coffee and just a sip of lemonade diet drink . last bathroom stop was at 10:30 PM and I " tinkled" a golden dark yellow urine into the bowl and made about 3/4 of the bowl water foamy after a good minute long urination. anyway , now 2:30 AM and I went to the bathroom, pulled down my shorts/undies and sat down to urinate. I quickly began to urinate a fast wide stream into the toilet bowl water about 6 inches from the front of the toilet seat straight down as if I was a girl urinating from my vulva ! anyway, I loudly " tinkled" into the bowl for about 38 secs. before tapering off to a slow final tinkle for like 9 more seconds, and I was done. I " wiped" like a girl , then got up and looked and the water was filled with bright ! , deep yellow urine and only about a 3 inch by 5 inch patch of foam near the front-center of the toilet bowl water. then I flushed and watched the yellow urine swirl down .

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