When I go to the gym I work out and then take a shower. I was butt naked in the shower when I felt when I realized I Had to take a huge shit. I thought i would hold it and go poop when I got out , but I really had to go. I didnt thind to put on a towell I ran outside the shower naked and to a stall. There were people around so everyone saw me. As soon as I sit down a huge fart let out and I dropped a huge shit. Chunks of poop where coming out of my ass and I was farting. After I was done pooping I realized there was no TP. The smell was alful and I asked someone to get me a roll. After I wiped my ass I went back to the shower I was so embarresed.

Hey everyone! I'm a new poster to this site. I'm 15 years old. I have brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes. I'm 5'1" and weigh about 100lbs. I'm a 34-24-36(my measurements) and for all those who are interested, I've been told that I was hot and cute by members of both sexes.

Anyways, I enjoy peeing outside, watching others pee outside, and desperation acts which lead to peeing outside.

I'll share a short story with you now about my outdoor adventures which happened to me yesterday.
I was at soccer practice doing some drills when I felt the urge to pee. As we continued the drill, the urge got stonger, and by the time our waterbreak came, I was practically bursting. I hurried over to my coach and she said just to go in the woods as the school was at least a 5 minute walk from the fields and it may be locked. I ran across the track and up a small hill into the woods, practically pulling my pants down on the way in. I looked for a suitable place to piss, and found a nice log where I could put my foot on(I can pee standing up) I pulled my shorts and panties down and spread my legs when I heard some footsteps. I pulled up my shorts quickly incase it was my male coach or a vouyer. It happened to be two guys running, one more of a hobble, due to the fact that it looked like he had to pee worse than I did. I stood behind the tree watching as he whipped out his cock and sprayed the tree with his lovely piss. His friend watched as he sighed in relief, and the! n I saw his friend pee as well on the same tree, with less force. I couldn't take my urges any more and stood behind the tree still with my other leg propped up so I wouldn't wet myself. The two boys were still peeing when I began my leak, but stopped soon after. I think they may have heard my strong stream however, becasue they walked over to where I was and saw me pissing my brains out. I tried to stop, but they told me to continue because they had never seen a female pee, much less standing up. I finished up soon after, and both called after me as I left and said they hoped to see me again on this trail peeing.

That's all I have for today...
please let me know what you think.

Hi everyone, I wrote down Mysterious Man's Survey from a while back and here are my responses:

1.) Could you give a little description of your self? (Height, breast, waist, butt, etc.) :)
5í7Ē and my measurements are like 38G-30-38 I think
2.) What is you age? 10 - 30?
3.) How often do you go?
I usually poop once a day but sometimes I go every other
4.) Do you enjoy pooping? If so, which part of it?
Yes. I love the feeling of the turd moving. And I love the feeling of helplessness I get when I am mid-poop.
5.) Would You, or have you, ever wanted/let someone watch you? How does it make you feel?
I would really love to have someone watch me, but itís easier to say that that to actually do it. Plus Iíve never found anyone outside of this forum that would want to watch me.

6.) Have you ever taken such a big poop it felt like you were giving birth? How were you acting as it came out? Yes, quite often. I usually squeeze a magazine or the toilet seat and grit my teeth.

7.) Do you have to make a lot of grunting, straining, screaming and pushing to get your poop out? Sometime a squeal a little when my poop is big and painful.

8.) How you ever, or have been recently, constipated? If so, how long for?
Not too recently, but I have been. The longest was like 4 days.
9.) Have you ever had an accident in your panties?
Yes, a few times. But only once by accident.
10.) Have you ever wanted to sh*t in your panties, just to see how it feel?
Yeah, thatís how Iíve pooped myself every other time Iíve done it.
11.) What kind(s) of food(s) make you have really big turds, the ones that really hurt?
Iím not exactly sure, but I think that beef gives me big dumps.
12.) If it's okay, could you tell me where you live?
I live in Southern Minnesota
13.) If it doesn't bother you, could you give me a brief story of when you were constipated, having an accident or just taking a really, really big dump? Iíve told a couple of stories on this forum before and I will write another one when I have more time.

That's all I have time for now, but I have another story to post shortly. Bye.

Lucki Sportz Fanatic: This is for Amy. Eat big, shit big. I am the same way when I go to a cookout. See my earlier posts. Meat, chicken, and salads clean me out.

Silke: That was disgraceful of that mother to let her mess on the floor.

oldpoop: Sometimes a fish, meat or poultry bone gets in the stool and sticks out and will cause a tear or fissure.

Jane: When I was 22y/o, my 8 y/o kid cousin had to use the bathroom. I was just finishing taking a routine piss. I was pulling up my navy panties and panty hose and was letting down my white slip and navy skirt. She came in, flushed the bowl after me, let down her trousers and white panties to her thighs and urinated like a firehose. She said that she was holding it for so long until she got to my house. She reached for toilet paper and wiped her vagina from behind.

Inominate: When my cousin came here from Barbados, she called the toilet the throne.

Buzzy: I can tell about those morning bowel movements, that just keep on running with no effort. I used to have them in high school. In third grade elementary school, I would have one before I left the house. I remember them so well. I would wake up, take off my pajamas, pull down my panties and open my legs and let it run out. It would make a crackling noise and I did not have to push. In second grade elementary school, there was an older girl in my class who was shy and never talked. She and I would go to the bathroom with me. I would only urinate. She would take the next stall. I would sit in the next stall and hear her bowels release continuously. She would only ask me to wait until she finshed.

Do any girls here have stories about waiting in long bathroom lines?I don't hear many of those.Please share if you do!

Traveling Guy
Miss Belinda - Does it bother your nephew's parents (i.e., your sister or brother and his or her spouse) that you let him watch you having a BM? There have been several posts here in the past about fond memories due to bonding that took place between aunts and uncles and their nephews or nieces over this. And on the same topic...

Fat Woman - I think this varies a whole lot by family culture. In our home, my wife and always close the door, although both of us have been known to use the toilet when the children were showering, and vice versa, but never is anyone in plain view of someone else who is using the john. But I've heard of amazingly open families in which any family member could be in the bathroom in the presence of a toilet user. My own dad often left the door ajar while having a BM, but I'm from a family of brothers only. I don't think he was inviting viewers; it was just his own habit. My mom was very private and hated it when my dad did that. Anyone else care to chime in?

DNA - You mean those tiny squares of TP, that when you pull one down, the next pops out? Sure, I remember that the paper ranged from hard to "waxed" and was never absorbent. Was that restroom with kids' fixtures once part of the college's practice teaching school or something?

Inominate - "Throne" is also a euphemism for toilet in the US. When our daughters were younger and their visiting friends asked to use "the bathroom," I'd often say, "In our home, you're a queen, and I'll show you to your throne." They always laughed at that. In an episode of the groundbreaking 1970s TV sitcom "All in the Family," a flush is heard from the upstairs bath and star Carroll O'Conner, in the living room, says of his unwelcomed house guest, "Well, King Faruch finally got off the throne!"

'Malita - Do you really expect us all to believe you went into the guys's room by accident? C'mon, hon, we know you too well here. You should have shown those guys how to *really* drop a bomb!

Punk Rock Girl
How comfortable is everyone here (male and female) with using a public restroom with no doors on the stalls, or going to the bathroom in front of people?

I, personally, have never really had a problem with either. I was always brought up to believe that everyone pees, craps and farts the same way, and it's nothing to be self-conscious about. My brother and I had one bathroom to share, and we sat on the toilet in front of one another many a morning. It never bothered me at all if it was him or my Mom or Dad. I prefered to not see them taking a shit, but I didn't care if they saw me.

The grammar school I went to had no doors on the stalls in neither the boys nor girls rooms. A lot of girls were okay with this if they just had to pee, but few of them would crap at school. I didn't give a shit, or should I say I DID give a shit. I crapped in the girls room at school almost everyday. Didn't bother me.

I always had more boy friends than girl friends growing up, and this led to me peeing and taking dumps in front of my male buddies many times. I didn't mindit, and I think they found it fascinating to watch a girl on the crapper, with the sounds of farting and splashing coming from below her bottom. "Girls poop just like boys!" one of them once exclaimed. "How did you think we pooped?" I asked.

I suppose most people would think as I got older and my body developed into something more than a little boy with no penis, I would have grown out of my communal shitting habits. But I siimply never did. On the occasion that it was necessary to take a dump in front of people, including guys, I was prefectly okay. Perhaps I would have preferred some privacy occasionally (like if I was constipated or had diarrhea, and would therefore be making a lot of noise and/or stinking up the bathroom), but it didn't bother me even in those times to bother holding it.

So, now, as I'm pushing 27, I actually enjoy taking dumps in front of my boyfriend, and get a little thrill out of being seen on the pot by strangers, especially men. My non-self-conscious bowel habits have slowly become a mildly exhibitionist fetish of mine.

Is this weird? I doubt anyone would think it's strange that I'm simply not ashamed of my bodily functions or being seen naked, but I'm sure there are people who would think being turned on by it is strange. I'm okay with it, so why should I care what other people might think, right? But, unfortunately, I kind of do. A little bit.

Can anyone else relate to this? Any other exhibitionist poopers our there? (I know you're out there--look at the name of the site!) Interested in hearing your stories as well.



Hey. I'm Amanda, I'm 16, about 5.5, 110 lbs, tan, brown hair. I've been on this site a few times but haven't ever posted before, only cause something never happened to me regarding pooping. Well, now it did. I'd like some feedback too, just to tell me what you thought and how I wrote it and what you think and everything. Anyways, it was Saturday night, and I was going out. My b/f was going to pick me up, but he was broke and we couldn't go out to eat. I didn't care, I just figured I'd eat something at home. So anyways, I microwaved some chicken and ate it. I think that was what did it to me. I just bought a new jean skirt and shirt, I had a shower and put those on(they were real cute!)and I left my house with my b/f. He picked me up around 6. We went to a party you know, we were just hangin around, having a good time. We drank a little, he did a little more than me, I just had enough to get a little buzz goin on. Well anyway, I got a little stomach cramp, but I toughed it ou! t, and it went away. I went about my night. About 30 mins later, it came back, a little stronger. I sat down, concentrated, it went away finally. After awhile, my stomach started to REALLY cramp up. I had to sit, I started to sweat, and I decided to go to the bathroom and shit before we had to go, cause I knew it would be a long way home, about 30 minutes at the most. I pulled my skirt down, my underwear down, and sat on the toilet, relaxing my sphincter. Nothing happened. I squeezed, tried to poop, but nothing happened. My stomach still hurt real bad, but I couldn't poop. I gave up, pulled everything up, and opened the door. Someone who was about ready to puke ran past me and started to puke their guts out in the toilet. I felt sorry for them, but they should've drank less. So anyway, I walked out to my b/f, and went up to him and told him I didn't feel good, hoping he would wanna leave. He just said sit here, so I cuddled with him some. The pain didn't go away, but I got u! sed to it. Finally, I had to fart, and I tried to fart, but I felt a little poop just about to come out, so I didn't allow myself to. I got up, told him I was going to the bathroom, and went. I opened the door, and the girl was laying on all 4s, another girl held her hair, there was puke all over the commode and the floor, and she was hurling her guts out. The girl holding her hair yelled "someone get some help!" I said "I gotta go to the bathroom." she said "well you can wait." By now my stomach was grubbling and chruning, twisting and turning, and I knew I was gonna have a major dump. I said "hurry up and get her outta here." she said "ok, just as soon as she gets done." I left and went back out to my b/f. I told him "I gotta really go to the bathroom." He said "Can't you hold it?" I said "no, I really gotta go." He said "check and see if their done, I wanna stay here awhile." By now my stomach was killed me, and I sat down, hoping to push the poop back up. I knew if I far! ted I'd shit my pants, so I dared not do that. I started sweating. I was in dire need of a toilet. After about 20 mins later, I went back to the bathroom, and the girl was passed out, her face laying in her own puke, and the girl was trying to pull her up. I saw the commode was covered in puke, so I just said f??k it. I went out and told my b/f "we gotta go now." He said "In a little while." I was so mad at him. I said "fine, I'm waiting in the car." He said, "I'll be out soon." So I went out, waited for him, smoked a cigarrete. It only made it worse. My stomach hurt so bad now, and my shit was forcing it's way out. I knew it would only be a matter of time. I called him on his cell. I said "get out here now damnit, I gotta go to the f???ing bathroom." He said "alright, I'll be out." Well five minutes later, he wasn't out. My stomach made one more turn around, and the next thing I knew, my contracted sphincter slowly opened up. I was stunned, paralized. It finally opened, and! I couldn't do anything about it. I was wearing black Tommy Hilfiger underwear, they were like real short tight shorts. It held it poorly. My sphincter, totally opened, allowed a gushing burst of watery, gooey shit into my cute underwear. I felt the hot goo fill them, work its way around my ass, fill the crevice in my cheeks and flow everywhere. There was a soft crackling sound. Omg I was mad and mortified. And disgusted. And still feeling sick as a dog. All I wanted to do was sit on the toilet, shit my brains out and go to bed. But my fu???ng b/f was still inside. I started crying, sitting there in my hot mess that caked my round butt, and I called him. He didn't answer! I sat there in pure pain, knowing I would have to go again for about 10 mins. He finally came out, waved at me, and opened the door. He got in. "Omg, did you shit your pants?" I slapped him. "Yeah I did, if you would've got me outta there when I said, this wouldn't have happened." He patted my leg and appol! ogized, and I sat there, crying in my own hot filth. He started to drive home, and I said I had to crap again. He said "ok, i'll pull over at the next gas station." We were on a busy road, so I couldnt go on the side. Well we didn't come to a gas station for awhile, and I said "omg, I'm gonna do it again if we can't get there soon." Well, he hit a bump and I shit my pants again! This time it was more like the consistancy of real watery chili. I felt it leak through my skirt. I felt it everywhere. I leaked down my theigs on my front and it was just disgusting. It was a hot, disgusting, horrible feeling. I didn't feel any better, I just felt like I had a lot more in me. He gave me an old shirt to sit on, and when I leaned up, some of it rolled down my leg. It was horrible. As if things couldn't get any worse, with me really sick and terrible diarrhea, we got pulled over! Of all things, this was the worst. They made my b/f get out, do some road sobriety tests while I sat in the! re and cried, and he got a breathalizer. He failed. They cuffed him and put him in the car! Then they asked me to get out, and I said "please don't officer, I'm really sick and I had some accidents." They still made me get out, and they made me put my hands against the car. All the liquidy gooey shit in my pants slid down my legs while they frisked me. They said they wouldn't make me do tests, but they gave me a breathalizer, and I failed. I asked them if I could lay down, and they said yeah, so I put a shirt down and layed down in the back of his car, in piss poor condition. I had taken two huge dumps in my pants and had to lay in it! They called my parents and told them to come and get me, and they didn't do anything about me failing the test. They said "well since you're having such a bad night, we'll just forget about it as long as you don't it again." I said ok and thank you. Well my parents came, didn't say anything. No lecture. I had to go again, but I could hold it u! ntil we got to a gas station. I went it, dropped my soaked ruined panties and skirt, and sat on the toilet. My clothes were ruined and my legs were a mess! I sprayed diarrhea all over the bowl. I shit a couple more times, and gained the strength to get up, wipe my legs off and go back home. When I got back home, I tossed the skirt and my underwear in the trash, shit a couple more times, took a bath and went to bed. My b/f got a dui that night, I was grounded for 2 weeks for driving with him, and thats it. The night was horrible. I never had an accident before, and it sucked. Thanks! Please give me some feedback and tell me what you thought. Sincerely, Amanda!

Sexy girl
Jonathan: Puleez give us a full description of what happens when that girl comes over to let you watch her take a shit. That will be a real good story! Go for it, dude! If she doesn't show, I'll always be available. :)

Concerned Dad
I wanna thank everyone that posted advice for me. The situation is a little better. After my first post my son went a few days without dumping. When he finally felt the urge again I went into the bathroom with him to see if he would be able to go. After a minute or so of heavy straining it was clear that we were gonna have to do something. I could see some shit up his hole but it wasn't moving no matter how hard he pushed. I had purchased some suppositories earlier so I went to get those. It was pretty hard getting one in but I finally got one in far enough. We waited a little while until he said that it was time again then we went back in. Fortunately the suppositories seemed to work. He still had to strain a little but at least things were moving. That night I gave him an overnight laxative and the next morning he moved two big but soft turds fairly easily. I'm trying to change some of our eating habits. I've been pretty constipated lately too so I figure that h! as to be at least part of the problem.

A few weeks ago I went to my senior prom. I have a real complaint about prom dresses. How are you supposed to use the restroom when you are wearing one of those impractical dresses? I rented a purple prom dress that stretched from my shoulders to my ankles. I am not used to wearing dresses that bulky and long in length. Well, anyway here is my story.

Getting ready for a prom is hectic. I was getting my hair done at the beauty salon when I had to use the bathroom. The hairdresser had just started styling my hair, and I couldn't just get up and use the restroom. Bye the way I had to go from the back end. I had to go fairly bad but I managed to hold it in until the urge to go went away. I was in such a rush that day. I didn't have to go to the restroom again until after my date had picked me up and we had met a couple of other couples at a fancy restaraunt. I was sitting at our table when the urge to go potty returned to me. I really needed to go but I didn't know what to do with the cumbersome dress I was wearing. So I sat there and held it in. When we went to the prom I still had to go. In fact, the whole evenening I had to go potty. I sat down as much as I could because I could hold it better sitting down.

Finally the evening was over. I had fun but I was glad to be home so I could use the bathroom. I raced to the bathroom and struggled to get out of my prom dress. I had to go desparately bad by now. As I was hanging my dress up I could feel my jobbie coming out. As I stood there in my panties I could feel my jobbie pass the point of no return. The next thing I knew, my panties were stretching out in the back as a giant log filled my panties. I was frustrated that I had made it all that way only to poop in my panties in the bathroom. However, it also felt really good to let that baby out. I cleaned up and took a shower. I also vowed to never again wear a dress that incumbers me from going to the bathroom. I bet I am not the only one this has happened to.

Concerned Dad:
I too have constipation and my 15 year old son does too. The glcyerin suppositories that others have said would be good...they are. Get a jar of them. The store brand of glcycerin suppositories work fine, just make sure you get the adult size. lol Than it's easy. Just insert it. I usually squat to the floor and insert it from the front. The key is to make sure that you insert it as far as you can. If you are dry feeling, put a little lubricant on your hole first, than insert. YOu can wipe the lub. off to wait. You can also put your pants back on and watch tv or whatever while you wait for it to work. They work great, but just try to hold it in as long as possible, don't go at the first urge. I think your son will be happy using them, as he will be able to easily insert them himself, and if you keep them in the med. cabinet, just use one whenever he needs one without being embarrassed. They should help you too! Let me know how you make out. They usually only ta! ke about 15-30 min to work. Talk to you here soon.

Evonne-- Thanks for your detailed description of your struggle on the toilet. I really enjoyed reading all the gory details. I have one question. What, if anything, did your parents do to help you have BM's when you were a child? Did they ever give you an enema?

FW-- I still refuse to call you that. You raised an interesting issue and brought back a memory. My mother not only moved her bowels in front of me but once gave herself an enema and then fought and struggled for fifteen minutes to empty out her VERY stuffed bowels. And yet at the same time she demanded that I give others privacy. She once cought me looking at my Grandmother on the toilet and yelled at me for it. My mother too was often constipated and would struggle and grunt so that it was easy to tell what she was doing.-- JW

Hey everyone. Don't post too often around here but I drop in daily and read posts.

TERRI - Is your school really strict about stuff because I've never heard of anyone getting detention or some kind of punishment for not flushing the toilet. You should see the number of unflushed toilets I see everyday at my school (we're out for the summer now). Mostly peed in toilets but once in a while I'll run into a toilet with a floater in the bowl. I also think that punishment was a little harsh for something as small and not flushing, thats just rediculous.

CLAIRE - Was your school also strict about things because like I said to Terri, thats just rediculous that they should punish you for a little thing like that. And to make things more worse, it wasn't even your fault and you were telling the truth the entire time yet you got punished. Had it been me, I wouldn't have written that 500 sentences I would have continued to claim that the toilet didn't when you tried. Oh well though, lol.

Nothing really going on with me, have had some good daily dumps since I'm alone most of the day and can freely take a dump with the door open. I've been staying at my grandparents house since they have taken a 2 week vacation (got another week). Had a pretty large one today after lunch, it was pretty dry and thick. These toilets clog so easily because the bozo who designed the toilet made the hole a triangular shape, now how stupid is that?!?!? So to prevent it from clogging I had to break the turd off every few centimeters to they would be poop balls and could go thru the hole easily. Took about 5 minutes plus another 5 sitting there thinking I had more because my stomach was turning so I figured another wave would come soon. All I had was a few farts and then was done. I hope once and then flushed pulling up my jeans.

Well thats all for now.

Long time lurker, first time poster!
Wow,this site is! i dunno it really makes everyone equal, the fact that we all take dumps and it's always gross, but it's a part of life, and it can be more of one, and no one should be ashamed of it.
i'm a 17 year old guy, and i find the posts by girls really really interesting, i'd like to be able to share this kind of intimacy with my gf.
anyway, went twice today, once just one long soft log (about 14") and the second time all runny chunks, with lots of gas. Took a lot of paper the second time, and the whole apartment smelled.

Jonathan: I'm real glad that you hooked up with a girl who will allow you to watch her poop. How did you get to meet her and is she an attractive girl? I sure hope you'll keep us all informed about how this works out for you. I know from your old posts that this has been a pretty frustrating experience for you. I guess she may have cancelled last time because she couldn't hold her poop until the scheduled time of your meeting. So be patient, it will happen soon! Hugs, Amy

Hi. New poster here, I think this is a very interesting forum. I'm not too interested in bowel functions, but I'm not grossed out by them either. I never realized there was such an interest! I have a handful of stories to share. I'm in sales, so I do a lot of traveling, and have been in my share of gross and non-private bathrooms. I once had to crap in a latrine, in full view of eight or nine campers who were washing at the sinks or peeing in the trough.

In March, I was on my way from one trade show to another, when I had horrible cramps hit my innards. Something I had eaten was giving me diarrhea, and I knew I'd need to go soon. I kept waiting for a rest stop to pop up in the horizon, but no such luck. Finally, I saw a sign that said "Next Rest Stop 30 Miles". I knew I'd never make it. I pulled over and quickly looked for something to wipe with. Just my luck, nothing, not even used tissues. I couldn't wait any longer, so I dashed to the bushes, yanked my pants and boxers down and squatted and had a bout of diarrhea for a good two or three minutes. It was quite a mess. I wound up driving with a sticky butt for another twenty minutes until I reached the rest stop. I took a pair of clean underwear from my bag, and headed in. My boxers had a nice big stain in the seat. I wiped myself and changed my underwear, and headed back out on the road. Not a nice experience. I'll post more later.

mastah p
Has anyone seen thier boyfriend desperate? If so, I'd like to hear the details!

Evonne - Excellent account of your huge log. I have had to also on occasion grab my poo log to help it out. Once when I had been at camp for a few days, and came home, I had a huge poo. I had not made any all week, and I was getting nervous - sure enough it was huge! I was straining and sweating and cursing myself for not going at camp (they were very dirty toilets). But with some assitance from my hand, I helped it out. I did not see my little butthole afterwards, but it probably looke like yours. What is Liz's cream?

Last night i got home from work, i ate dinner then i got online and around 11:30 an urge to poop was was really strong so i got off here and i kinda decided i wanted to shit my pants. i thought it would be ok that it would be hard. i was wrong it was a bit on the soft side. I pushed the load of shit into my shorts then i pulled them down and saw it was soft and it balled up. I went to the toilet(btw..i was in the bathroom at the time). and i dumped my load in there with out getting any on my shirt or boxers. Then I wiped my self and cleaned out my boxers and hung them to dry. thats it

CARMALITA: I would love to kiss you while it was coming out.

I thought I might tell you short farting story. There this really nerdy girl at my school (I won't name names). She's not attractive at all. But anyway, I was sitting next to her, and then all of a sudden, she ripped a really loud one. She acted like she did'nt do anything. There was another time when she smelled like a poo the entire day. Everyone started calling her "Stinky" for the remainder of the year. Just thought I'd pass that along.

Amber. I too like mall stories.

Pat. That flax oil stuff certainly sounds interesting. I get the distinct impression that it's a very powerful laxative indeed!

Sheila. I'm deeply sorry to hear about your split with Greg and I hope you're soon back together again or both able to find a way of moving forward which is amicable and doesn't involve too much pain. In the meantime I hope you're keeping regular and managing a good poo every day. I invariably find the best time for a major poo is after my main meal (normally tea) and it rarely fails to result in me having a good big motion. Having a good motion, sitting back, relaxing and enjoying it is surely one of life's greatest pleasures.

JB's survey. My choice of celebrity on the loo would undoubtedly be Anne Robinson enjoying a good dump in a broadcasting studios toilet.

Best wishes


I used a doorless toilet stall last weekend, for the first time since high school. My dad, my brother and myself were at the classic car show. We all had to go at the same time, and there were about eight doorless stalls, we managed to get 3 together, and we were doing our business, when our neighbor "Mr. XXXXXX" came in with his son. They tried to make small talk while we were all dumping, but it was sorta weird. We all wiped

To Jen,

I can relate to your small bladder issues and being unable to hold on through class. Your story brought to mind my early undergraduate days in college. Before one of my first exams i had been up late studying and substituted caffeine for sleep, which isn't necessarily healthy behavior but it's how i lived my college life. I've heard that every cup of coffee dehydrates your body two cups of water, and this theory goes a long way to explaining me. This was supposed to be a two hour exam, but sometime into it i was so full that i could no longer concentrate on the test. I had already wet my pad and could feel that i was about to gush any minute, so i had to turn my test in unfinished just so i could make it to the restroom.

From then on i always wore diapers on exam days. I understand some people don't like this idea, but it really helped my concentration and let me finish tests without having to worry about anything. Later i found they were necessary for one class in particular, which was a three-hour class in an auditorium where the (very poorly desinged, i thought) structure of the seats didn't allow you to leave unless you were lucky enough to be at the very end of the aisle. Even so, because of the subject matter (molecular and cell biology) no one wanted to miss part of the lecture and so no one usually left before class was officially over.

To Natalie,
I can't remember any episode of Chibimarukochan that involved diarrhea, but only one where she was visiting a rich friend's house and asked to use the restroom. When the butler escorted her to the toilet, she was put off by the dizzying size of the place and turned to leave, before stopping short and realizing she wasn't going to be able to hold it. She was shown singing to herself while sitting on the toilet, i think.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

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