Hey, I just wanna say that I love all of the mall stories. Whether its about peeing or pooping, I enjoy reading the mall stories!!!!! Jus wanted to say that, keep up the good mall and all of the other stories!!!!!! Luv yaz bye.....

Computer Game Junkie:is it true that the Sims" Vacation expansion pack has montezuma's revenge (ie diarrhea) in it? That would be funny.

Hi I'm new here. I'm a 16 yr old Chinese girl from Vancouver, Canada.

I have always had a sensitive ???? and get the runs a lot. But first off, has anyone seen the Japanese cartoon "Chibi Maruko San"? The main character, a little girl, tends to get "????aches" (an euphemism for diarrhea in Japanese cartoons!) a lot, and in fact there was once an entire episode that dealt with Maruko having bad diarrhea at school and the whole show is about how it came and left and came backwith a vengenance at the worst time. (such as when she started to read something for class when the diarrhea came back) Funny thing is, she didn't want to tell anybody, even the teacher, and her friends commented on her "funny expression" and discussing why she was always bent over and rubbing her ????. Whatever just curious asto who has seen that episode.

I might post more stuff later. Bye for now.

Hey everyone. I haven't posted here in several months so for those of you who don't know me or remember me I'll give a description of myself. I'm 23 years old, a black female, 5'2, and weigh about 104 lbs. Anyway, I had a case of the runs the few days ago. I hardly ever get them and it wasn't fun. My belly was cramping all day and I kept farting, thinking it would relieve the pressure on my stomach. It didn't help any. By the end of the day I knew I'd have to go poop and after eating dinner I went to the bathroom and sat on my toilet. My stomach started to cramp again and I let out some runny shit along with plenty of rank gas. My belly kept hurting so I shit out some more runny was kind of chunky and it didn't really stink. It took me about 15 minutes to finish shitting and I had a messy wipe-about 5 times before I felt clean. When I was finished, I looked into the toilet and I had pretty much colored all of the water with yellowish, chunky, runny crap. I flushed ! it away and no skid marks. I haven't had to shit since but my period is due next week so I'll definitely keep everyone posted. Breanna

Terri L.: How could the school authorities banish that girl to the nurses bathroom? Did the school authorities set up a bathroom sting? If they did, they were probably wrong. She did not commit vandalism. Failing to flush the toilet is not the greatest in good manners, but it is not a crime.

Janine: I've had to in front of other females.

Student: There are women's toilets in public parks with doorless stalls here in NYC. However, simple flat boards with spring hinges are being installed as stall doors.

TML: Some children are murder to toilet train. 20 years ago, my cousin, who is now 23 could take himself to the toilet or he would ask me to go with him. My older cousin's three sons have atrocious toilet habits. They are 16, 4 and 3. When they shit, watch out. The house smells like a cesspool. Plus, they eat a horrible diet, which does not help and they eat like savages, as well.

The other day I was walking around campus and I had to pee. I went into a building (one of the older buildings on campus) I never had had classes in before and found the ladies room. First off the toilets came up to my mid shin, it looked like a grade school bathroom rather than college. I was peeing and noticed that not only was there a toilet paper dispenser, but there was an old dispenser for those rough paper single sheet things that I remembered from my elementary school. I poke around at the old dispenser and sure enough there were those single sheet type paper in it! Why they felt the need to have both i don't know. Just to be remieniscent of my childhood I tried wiping with the rough single sheets. They scraped across my vulva, it was horrible, and they have a very low absorbance power, so I ended up with urine dampened panties once I pulled them up. Does anyone else remember this kind of toilet paper? One would think using them all day long would give one quite the ! sore bum or vaginia. Ok all....have a great week...

I forgot to post this..not last night but the night before i had been online and i had to pee for some time and i went upstairs to get ready for bed and i went in to my bathroom and i decided to pee my pants on pupose. I had a t shirt, and these silky shorts and boxers. I sat over the sink and my boxers held in most of the pee. If i was in public doing that no one would notice. I did that cause it would dry fast. Then i rinsed my wet clothes out and hung them up to dry.

Then last night i was online again...when i started feeling an urge to poop. I had been feeling slight urges to poop for the last 2 days but i held them cause i didn't have time. I knew when the urge hit it was gonna be a big log cause the last time i pooped was tuesday night and last night was Saturday. I got offline, and went upstairs got ready for bed and turned the tv on. I watched the weather report and i was still holding a pretty strong urge. After that went off i went into my bathroom and pulled my shorts all the way down. Instantly a log started coming out of my hole. I had to push a great deal. After the huge log passed i was still feeling like i had another log up there so i was straining to push and i only had a few little softer strands come out. I stood up and i saw i had this big log about 14 inches and another log about 6 inches. The little 6" log was attached but it broke off, if it wouldn't have i would have had a 20 inch log easily. I felt 100 lbs ligh! ter when i came out. I was in the bathroom a good 20 minutes and i wiped alot. I think i was a bit constipated..well i gotta run now bye


That was a great story about the girl in your school leaving the toilet unflushed. I bet after a writing assignment of that magnitude and all that detention, she won't be doing that again anytime soon.

I had to laugh when I read the story because something like that happened to me one time. I was a sophomore in high school at the time and had just taken this massive dump in the school bathroom. I hadn't gone in 3 days and was feeling all bloated and constipation until I layed this huge log and it felt great. Unfortunately, when I went to use the toilet, it wouldn't flush. I don't mean that it got clogged, but when I pulled the handle, nothing would happen. Anyway, there was nothing I could do but leave it there so I just washed up and went back to Study Hall.

Maybe 15 minutes later, I'm sitting in Study Hall working on Geometry when the Vice-Principal walks in with the hall monitor. I later found out that the hall monitor was on her to the girls' room to check it, when she saw me leaving. She, of course, saw the huge load in the bowl and guessed it was me who left it there. At that time, there were lots of complaints from students and parents about the condition of the bathrooms and unflushed toilets was one of the problems.

Sitting there in Study Hall, the Vice-Principal taps me on the shoulder and says, "Follow me, please!" They lead me down the hall to the girls' room and right into the stall where the unflushed load remains in the toilet. The Vice-Principal points into the toilet and asks me, "Is that yours?" Mortally embarrassed already, I admit that its mine and explain that the toilet wouldn't flush. I'm not sure whether or not she believed me at that point, but then she pulled the flush handle herself and the toilet flushed without any problem at all. Naturally, at this point, she did not believe me at all. There was no way to explain why the toilet had flushed perfectly for her but would not flush for me. She was convinced that I had left it unflushed on purpose. She started yelling at me saying it was the students' fault that the bathrooms were in such poor condition and that she was "disappointed in me" that I wasn't "mature enough to use the toilet like an adult." ! Kind of similar to what your principal was saying.

I ended up having to write 500 times, "Flushing the toilet is a necessary part of going to the bathroom." I couldn't believe that she was making me do writing punishment in high school (something that I hadn't heard of since third grade), but she said an immature punishment is more than appropriate for something so immature as leaving the toilet unflushed. It took me 6 1/2 to finish the lines (I had two days to get it done) and it covered the front and back of 20 sheets of paper. Your friend's punishment was a longer sentence and twice as many lines so I can only imagine how long it took her to write it.

I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was a very humiliating expierence and it really made me mad to be getting punished for something that I didn't do.

Morning,fellow poopers-Had a wonderful day yesterday and went out biking early.It was so sunny and nice here in the N.E.Got upu and started biking @ around 8am and I was out biking for about 45 mins and almost out of the blue,i had to unload pretty bad.Usually,i let the urge build up slowly til i gotta go,but this time,it just came on suddenly and i really had to start to look for a spot pretty quick,so i finally found a spot and got undressed and perched on the large branch from a fallen tree.As soon as i was seated,i let out a rope of excrement with no pre-poop gas that seemed to go on and on and man, did it feel great,I love those dumps when you know you are doing a big load and i'm not pushing to let it out as it just comes out on it's own and goes on and on as i think"the best things in life are truelly free!".Then i looked on the ground and saw a big pile of what looked like chocolate moose in sausage form.I really had to go bad!Then i got off the branch and waited for! another urge and after a few mins,i got another cramp and went over to the branch and sat down and let out 2 wet farts and did some more ropes of moose poop over the pile that ended with a long fart and some squgglies as i could feel my anus pushing way out as i let the rest of this stuff out.It was great as i then pissed all over the branch and the pile and had some more fun and got dressed and ended up biking all day cause it was sooo nice!!
TO MICHAELA-I really enjoyed your story about you seeing that biker taking a dump-no it wasn't me,but it does have the same M.O.-i don't have to put my finger in my butt to go-i have No problem pooing.Wish it was me,though! LOL you sound like my kind of lady.Let's hear some of those stories you're talking about!I liked the way you described your butt,too!very nice.I posted the other day,but it didn't make it on so far,but if it did,i had responded to your post and if it does appear,this is all going to be redundant-anyway,I'm really glad you enjoy my stories too.I'd buddy poop with you anytime.Great stuff madam!
great stuff,all-i'm starting to enjoy this forum again thanks to the moderators getting rid of some of the garbage! kudos to all! BYE

In response to the several requests for my minute by minute account
of my recent struggle in the bathroom...
and I don't know it it will get posted but but here it is..

7:13 Take off all my clothes, sit down on the toilet.
I like this toilet, this one fits my slender figure and butt better than the big old smelly one at work!
7:15 feel back there with my bare finger.. butt hole is open again.
This is going to be a struggle.. it feels big and rock hard.
Deep breath and --- push 10 sec -- exhale hard.
Another deep breath --- push hard --- holding it now --- more pressure 12 sec release .
7:17 check with finger --- its up there -- rock hard seems bigger than I thought.
reach for the vasaline - may need it.
7:18 deep breath - leaning forward straining now --- straining sounds -
my butt hole feels bigger --- opening a bit more --
exhale loudly. Finger check -- hole is puffing out,
hard poop still up there not much movement.
7:19.. deep breath -- leaning forward straining, feel more pressure
10 sec - holding - release loudly uhhh.
7:20 wait - relax
7:21 I think my hole it too tight --- may not be able to get it out --
trying to stretch hole wider with my fingers --- one finger from each hand --
lean over --- reach around insert fingers -- slowly pull hole open more -- stretching ---
hurts --- but I got to get it out.
7:22 Pushing again --- push harder I think its moving - stretching -
hurts -- moaning - keep keep pushing
7:23 wait relax --
moved back in -------- nuts
7:24 get the vasaline -- using finger to push vasaline into my hole.
7:26 moving finger around now --- lube feels better ---
7:28 seems I will have to start over -- poop has moved back in
7:29 deep breath and --- push 10 sec - straining sounds - exhale hard - relax
7:30 deeper breath --- and --- push 13 sec -- exhale hard - relax
reach for my mirror -- face is red from straining so hard -
7:31 finger check -- hard and has flat end face -
will be hard to get it past my hole.
-- its moving further down now -
7:32.. deep breath and --- bear down hard - 12 sec -- moaning - moving down
-- hole is stretching more - keep pushing - straining sounds -
7:33 diameter is huge - hurts really bad - ohhh its right at the opening now --
keep pushing - stuck right there -- pushing hard - hurts - push
reaching around to my hole, pulling it apart and pressing in
-- trying to get it to 'pop' out a bit.
7:35 its moving slowly out now - painful - stretching wider -
use mirror to see it coming out - really big - huge -
looks stretched tight
7:36 pushing - straining sounds - continous large diameter stays the same --
7:37 about 3 inches is sticking out now -- painful
feels like the size of a soda can again --
reach for tp -- I use it to help get it out -
I will have to stop typing now - a lot to do to get it out -
7:40 Start typing - fill in details --
-- with tp reached back and grabed the big poop and pulled ---
pushed and pulled -- it moved - still hurt --
finally worked at it and pulled out about 9 inches !!
Finally dropped the big turd in the toilet.
What a terrible time ! I hate it when its this big !!
must have been those hamburgers and cheese sandwiches -
7:41.. It won't go down - must break it up
7:42.. flush.
My butt is real sore now... I'll put some of Liz's cream on it to make it feel better. ... I just looked at it with a mirror... its puffy, big and red. Well.. thats the way it always is after having such hard time.

Question for you all?

Does anyone here have IBS Diarrhea?

Tell us about your experiences with it if you do! Your close calls, accidents, the diarrhea!

I just found an interesting toilet stall set-up yesterday. It is at a city Parks and Rec building. There are 3 urinals and one stall. The stall is weird because the walls are not very deep. There is a door on the stall, but since the walls don't come out from the back wall very far, you are literally sitting with your knees against the door. I walked in and luckily someone was taking a crap at the time. I could see that his knees were right up against the door and his toes were actually extending out past the concrete side walls. He had pulled his shorts and underwear all the way down, so part of his clothes actually was sticking out of the stall as well. I could read the label on his underwear. White Fruit of the Loom briefs, size 30. Looked like he had a tiny pee stain on the front as well. He had finished crapping and started to wipe. After he was done, he actually had to open the door a few inches to pull up his shorts. He came out and I saw he was a short guy, probably ! about 40, looked Asian. He had a tennis racket, so he must have been on one of the nearby courts.

I took a dump after him and found that I had to keep the door open while dropping my pants and pulling them up. Two guys came in while I was dumping, but It was funny to think that they saw my legs and undies poking out from the stall like that. I'll have to check out that bathroom more often.

Sheila, I agree fully with your point 4. It is like that and I have a friend who also thinks so.

Jane (& Gary)
Carmalita! Hola! That was some embarrassing episode in the mall when you accidentally walked in the men's room. And to walk in while some guy was taking a nasty dump that stunk the room. I bet it wasn't as stinky as the dump I took this afternoon that I'll describe later on. The camping trip and outdoors poops were a hoot, too.

Buzzy: That was some outdoors poop you did, too. Seems that you and Carmalita could have done a virtual buddy poop outdoors, though you were thousands of miles apart. I especially liked your description of the poop as moose poop. That's the first time I heard that, and I think that's a great choice of words for the poop I did this afternoon.

I had a huge breakfast with Gary at IHOP in the morning before work, then had a huge Thai takeout lunch with Rachel and Carol, my co-workers. That proved to be a lethal combination. I was going home early, and on the way I developed an upset stomach and and very urgent need to poop. By some coincidence or fate, I was approaching the hotel in which I had taken some nasty dumps before. I stopped at the hotel and headed straight for the ladies room in the lobby.

I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I started to pee furiously, then started to push out a piece of poop that was very thick. At first it came out slowly, then after it was half way out, it slid out a little faster and plopped into the water. I pushed out another thick piece of poop that also came out slowly at first, then it shot out as I felt a strong cramp and quickly pushed out a long rope of soft-serve type poop that took 15 seconds to come out and ended in a loud thud. The poop smell was very strong. I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out another long rope of soft serve poop, and it took 20 seconds to fill the toilet. I flushed it while seated again.

My stomach continued to hurt as I continued to move my bowels. I kept on pushing out a combination of huge globs of poop intermixed with long ropes of soft serve poop. I filled the toilet and flushed while seated twice more before I was finally done. I wiped several times, flushing in the middle of wiping, then flushed a final time and left a very thin skidmark at the bottom of the bowl. But the lingering poop smell was still strong. I felt much better after that.

Quick hellos to Robby & Annie, Rizzo, John, Althea and everyone else.

Tim (and Sarah)
RIZZO: Thank you so much for the warm welcome back! It means so much to me. I certainly would also like the freedom to talk to you about many other topics. I hope, there isn't something particular worrying you at the moment, you were indicating towards. We hope, you and your wife are fine!
Back to the topic then: So you don't like toilets with a poodest? We have got one at home and it's definately more smelly too poo into it. Having a burning flame on, helps to burn the gas, therefore " lighting a candle" is a term Sarah and me sometimes use to indicate that one of us needs a movement. We thought about having the old toilet replaced with a modern one. But the only alternative you get around here, are the ones, where your feces disappear immediately into the drain. This is understandably, what most people want. I do however, for known reasons, like to take a quick checking look at my movement. For this the podest is very practical and this is why we might keep it a bit longer. Besides the whole family is now eating nearly solely vegetarian. I can not remember ever eating so much and feeling really good. As a result we all poo like pro's: Big, healthy piles, that hardly smell at all.- Talking about rusty: LOL, tell me about it! I started running again, think! ing of myself as still fit after all. How wrong I was! Lots of work in front of me, I can tell you. By the way, I can comfortably squat for quite a while, e.g. while dropping a load in the woods with great pleasure. Somehow that little toilet had an akward height, LOL. Peter told me, there is a scene in a movie, where someone has to pee in a similar situation and has to kneel in front of the very low boy"s urinals. Sounds quite funny (and familiar). More later, too much to tell and getting too long again. A very warm, manly hug and lots of love from Sarah and me. P.S.: Sarah asks if your wife ever tried out her present. She is super happy with it, especially when it comes to summer parties and no doubt, very disgusting Port-a-potties...

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi dears! Also many thanks for your hello. Good to see you are doing well! Looking forward to the stories of your trip. Sarah's accident? Which misunderstanding might that be. Luckily my dear Sarah is fine! She says that you were a great inspiration for accepting the job and doing her Phd, Annie! I am working less now and spent more time with the kids. I still don't know how you raised five, Annie! I wondered if you meant the diarrhoea story with the accident. That wasn't Sarah, but a girl I was dating with twenty...Hope Meghan and Sarah are also fine and Meghan's date wasn't too shocked by her performance. Lots of love to all of you!

I awoke yesterday morning at five in the morning with a bad ???? ache. I almost fell out of bed, my eyes barely open, I always find it hard to wake up in the morning, walking like a blind person I fumbled my way to the bathroom and plopped down on the seat. Without any real effort I started to pee with a rush. As I did the door opened and Mike stood in the doorway. Mike the 18 year-old shelf packer at the supermarket where I work, he spied on me on the toilet (see an earlier post). Since Chas. and I had our bust up he moved out, Mike and I have dated each other, I know I'm old enough to be his mother but I don't care. We both like the same things in life, he makes me feel wanted, and young at heart. He moved into my flat about a week ago. I looked at him through my sleep filled eyes and smiled:
"I feel like an old cow peeing like this," I said.
"Well, you're a very lovely old cow," he smiled back at me and came into the bathroom.
I started to poop. My poop was soft and quite loose and slipped out of my bum easily.
"Okay?" Mike had sat on the edge of the bath and, leaning forward, he caressed my ????.
"M'mm," I murmured, placing my hand over his and holding it still on my ????. "How you can say I'm lovely with no make-up, hair awry, having a poop, I'll never know," I said.
In answer he kissed me on the cheek and murmured that he loved me. I hugged his hand to my ???? tighter, thinking how much I loved this ardent young man. I had another three or four bursts of poop, which took about five minutes before I felt empty, all the time Mike sat beside me his hand over my ???? and murmuring how much he loved me, kissing my cheek every now and then. When I reached out to get some paper he stopped me.
"That's my job," he said firmly.
He told me to stand up and turn around, placing my hands on the cistern cover. Then he lifted my shortie nightie and wiped my bum for me. It had been a soft poop as I said and my bum was a bit messy. He wiped me four times before he said I was down at the back, then he wiped me from the front, gently dabbing my vagina lips dry. We had a rest day from work and had planned to go to Bath for a day out, as Mike and I walked arm in arm back to the bedroom kissing each other as we went I can tell you Bath was a million miles from our minds. My (toy) boy and I had much better ways to spend our day.

To Natalie: That sounds like a cool cartoon
To Breanna: Liked your story
To DNA: Enjoyed your story
To Claire: Liked your story..that wasn't right what you had to do
To Buzzy: Loved your outdoor dump
To Evonne: Liked the details of your dump..sounds like you had to go bad
To unnamed poster: I don't have IBS but i knew someone that did at work..In fact he was out so much i think he got fired or quit
To Carmalita: Loved your stories
To Jim: Liked your story about your constipated kids
To Miss Belinda: Loved your story..have you seen your nephew poop before?
To Pat From Las Vegas: That oil sounds cool
To unnamed poster: Liked your story about pooping in the zip lock bag and in the woods
To D dawg: I've seen that movie
To Silke: Liked your story
To Jane (& Gary): liked your story about yout niece
To Claudia Canned: Liked your skid mark stories
To Jonathan: I'd like to hear that story about a girl pooping in front of you
To oldpoop: Liked your story
To Lucki Sportz Fanatic: Loved your got a cool g/f
To wetguy: No i ment if you were pooping and you were pushing it out did you ever squirt pee in the back of your pants?

I am nearing the 1st anniversary of my 1st posting on this site (10 June 2002), issue 917. I wrote then about emancipation from my toilet-shyness, for a few weeks. I have shown my postings to my younger brother and to my best boyhood friend, the two who helped me overcome my shyness, and they have made one or two suggestions for me to write up (nowadays I have more courage than they have, they tell me on these matters!).

Meanwhile, on the most recent post (8 June) one or two things catch my eye:


Some of the items of food I don't know. Actually I don't need that diet. I think the results might give me piles! You remind me of a name for a makeshift toilet, a 'thunderbox'.


On this question of which gender has the weaker bladder, my gut feeling is that men have weaker ones, as a group (though not being a biologist, I have no proof). But it may be to do with sociology. Going back to early childhood, the women members of our family LOVED taking me to the toilet, beyond the age when I should have been attending to matters like this on my own. Is this to do with the sociology of power - where men were in control? Is this a way for women to reduce the power of men? Women enjoyed control over the male part of a man's anatomy which they didn't possess themselves, and tried to keep control over that as long as possible. Also, making, and watching, young boys sitting on the toilet, was perhaps a reminder to women that AT LEAST SOME OF THE TIME, boys have to sit on the seat like women do all of the time. I also HATED being taken into public toilets by women, not only to 'go' with them there, but also to see them using them.

I notice many boys going into public toilets with their mothers, when they could easily go with their fathers and elder brothers, who make their way to the Gents. From a very early age, my younger brother would go in with me if I was there, not with our mother.

To this day, I personally don't want to see women use the toilets. I regard it as a gender-specific activity. Looking after my own daughter, little girls belonging to family and friends sometimes, I have had no option, but while my wife has looked after our daughter's training in this respect, I have supervised our boys, as I did my own younger brother (it got me out of some other household chores!)

But it may also be to do with psychology. Perhaps by being told to relieve yourself at every opportunity (as members of the British royal family are reputatively said to have been taught) you didn't develop the will power to hold it in. I never had a cup of tea or coffee before a 3 hour examination.

I will relate in a future posting, some of my reminiscences of which my friend and my brother have reminded me.

If you wonder what I did immediately after posting this to the moderator .....

When I have submitted this, and turned off my PC, the only appropriate thing to do is to go and sit in another room, with my trousers in a different position from what they are now.

John Q Public

I had accidents like that all the time. In fact, I was so weak that I had to wear diapers, and in many cases still do. I can not, to this very day, not sit through a movie or a long road trip without either a diaper or frequent trips to the bathroom. Then alot of times, I would finish peeing, it would feel like I have to pee realy bad again, that's because of the bladder and sphincter having spazems. That happens to me all tie time, too. The most embarassing moment I had, was a story I posted on an earlier forum, I think it was in the 900s, but anyway it happened when I was at the doctors office. I was just barely into puberty, and I had a crush on this girl who was at the same doctors office on that day in the room across the hall. Curiosity got the best of her, so she peaked into the room where I was in. The nurse was changing my diaper, and while she was changing me, my spastic little bladder gave out and I let out a weak little tinkle. This girl who was peak! ing saw the whole thing, and I heard all about it the next day at school. My sister was just the opposite. Where I had to wear diapers, she was allways getting yelled at for holding for long periods of time, then gushing like a fire hose. She did this because she didn't like public toilet facilities. She is younger then I am by almost 4 years, to boot. I have all kinds of megga stories that I posted about her in various back pages.

Rizzo, I also use to look up those texts, and went surfing all over the internet, and admittedly, I could find no medical data to support the beliefe that women have stronger bladders,or that men have them for that matter. I speak mainly from my own personal experience, using my sister, cousen and gf as examples. As I told raging uraphile and others, my bladder is literaly ready to burst at 250 militers. Anything over 250, and I better be in a diaper, because I will have an accident. I read the same things you did. It seems that most medical texts will state that the human bladder, with no reference to male or female can hold 300 militers to 1500 militers, and in some extreme cases there were a few texts that did say that it could go up to 3 quarts. Based on my personal experience, my sister, ag age 8 was able to hold longer then my older brother who was 16 at the time. When my sister, cousen or gf would let out a gusher that made alot of foam, my little 200 or 25! 0 militer tinkle wouldn't even penetrate their foam. My mom could allways outlast my dad, my gf could allways outlast her brother and father, I even have a 10-year-old niece who can out pee her older siblings. So perhaps its a quirk in my family, but I have to agree with the general contention that women probably do have superior bladder control and capacity.

Hold It man, I think I remember all those movies you mentioned, and I am particularly fond of Xena. I agree with the seargant about the Jody Foster pee scene seemed week, though. If my gf made that scene, they would probably need extra film. <lol> Your police woman story reminds me of our crossing guard when I was a kid. She was in her 30's back then, wrather attractive, but just a little pudgy. On the corner where she was posted, there was a Pizzeria, the best I have ever been in to this very day. I was in there with a few of my buddies when she came bounding in the door. We were the only ones there, and the juke box was not working, so we could hear everything. She quickly strode into the rest room, and after hearing rustling of cloths, the hissing began. It was typical niagra falls, with a few loud farts added. We all pretended not to notice, but when we finished our pizza, we couldn't believe our ears.

Computer Game Guy, I've heard of that game, but have not experienced it personaly. It seems that on tv and in the movies, girls are allways perceived as having weaker bladders then the men to. When ever you hear a little kid whining "I gotta go to the bathroom!" It's allways a girl. It's the same way in alot of the movies I've seen. Then I come home from the movies, and reality sets in when my gf hissout a torrent after I trip over my own two feet running to the bathroom to relieve my desperate little bladder of 250 militers.

I do remember one movie that came out quite a while ago titled "Ghost Ship." This was NOT the recent movie that was out a few weeks ago, but a much older movie where the survivors of a shit wrek are brought aboard an old Nazi death ship. Among the survivors were two children, a boy and a girl. The boy constantly had to relieve his bladder, while the girl never once seemed to have to go. She was the older sibling, so she was allways told to help her little brother with the bathroom. I thought that was a bit more reflective of reality. Or should I say more reflective of my own reality.

I took alot of courses in physiology, and what those texts usualy report are what the average is. According to most medical texts, most people, male of female, feel an urge to go when they have about 8 ounces of urine in their bladder, which comes out to around 300 militers or so. The average bladder will be uncomfortable at a pint, and on the verge of an accident at about 900 to 1000 militers.

Hold It Man:

Police women, like most other women, can not just 'whip it out and let fly.' Like most females, peeing is a bit more complicated, so like most or all other females, they also by their own nature, have to wait longer then their mail counter parts. I remember two cops who were partners. One was a male, and the other a female. It's so funny when they get together, because the male is allways complaining that she allways makes him wait to take a leak, and she allways complains that he should learn what it's like for women in similar situations. Hands down, she can wait longer and out pee her partner any time.

Regarding Jody Foster in "Panic Room." I think in 'real life' Jody must be much better endowed then that weak little tinkle you hear in the movie. I would love to see her in a peeing contest some time if that was possible. I'm bi, and Jody is one of my 'movie crushes.'

Raging Uraphile:

Alot of times I was told to use the bathroom so I won't have an emergency later, but losing control of my bladder was never a problem for me. In fact, my mom use to worry about me not going to the bathroom enough. My parents, brother and most other family members could not believe how long I would go between trips to the bathroom. One of my boyfriends suspected that I wore diapers. When he found out the truth, he couldn't believe his eyes and ears. I was about 13 at the time. I was in the 8th grade and he was a sophmore in hs. He, after working up the courage, asked me if I had a wetting problem, because he noticed that I almost never go to the bathroom, and assumed that diapers were the reason. I told him about my megga bladder and he was skeptcle. I decided to prove it to him. This was not the first time I peed in front of a guy, so I had no problems with it. I told him that I would demonstrate my 'ability' after we finished supper. So I held and held until! it was early evening, then I invited him into the bathroom. I removed my skirt. No sign of any diapers. No pee spots, and no skid marks on my panties. I removed my panties. Nothing underneath except for my bush, ample for an 8th grader. Then I calmly sat on the toilet and started to spew a day's supply of pee as he staired in astonishment like a wide eyed cat. "This is not as good as it gets." I told him. I peed continualy for a minute and a half, and it was a hissy, twisty, strong smelling urine stream. When I was finished with my long stream, I had about 20 seconds of so of short sqhirts. When I stood up, there was a pile of foam with a whole where my torrent tore through it to the water below. The water was a dark amber, and smelled very strong.

Katrina Hi Folks. I have a great story for all of you that happened to me yesterday. I am in the market for another motorcycle. I presently drive a Valkyrie, and I was thinking about getting a 2nd bike just for the hell of owning two of them.

Anyway, I took off after work for the Honda shop where they actualy allow test rides. I test drove two machines. The first one was a typical Harley clone known as the VTX. It would have been more appropriately named the Kidney Buster 1800. It has an 1800cc V Twin engine, well I wont bore you with all the specs, but I will say this. I took it out for about an hour on the open road. That thing vibrated alot more then I was use to. In addition, it was all I could do to stay on the bike as the wind resistance was pushing right against me. By the time I got back to the dealer, my back was killing me, my wrists were killing me, my face was wind burnt, and my bladder fealt as though it were going to burst any minute.

Without a word to the dealer, I handed him the key, and ran to the rest room, so desperately that I tore my under shorts trying to get "situated" properly. The piss shot out of me in the hardest stinging stream that I ever let out in my life. I didn't think to time it, but it had to have been over a minute. The stream was so hard that it actualy stung as it came out. It was the most uncontrolled piss I had ever taken in my adult life. I would give anything to know what the volume was.

At any rate, I test drove an 1800 Gold Wing, and it was much more pleasant, more comfortable and alot better handling. Needless to say, you won't see me on a VTX, but I am waiting to hear about the financing on the Gold Wing.

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