Hola mis amigos,

My little sister Luisa has gone back home. I'm so sad! Also, I had an embarrassing moment in the mall: I was in a hurry, needed the bathroom, and walked right into the men's room without noticing! There were 2 guys standing at the urinals pissing, and the smell of poo was horrible!! Ay-yay-yay!!! Some guy was doing a rotten shit. I walked in with my head down, brushing off my skirt, which is why I didn't see where I was going. Suddenly, one guy, who was still peeing, said "Are you lost?" All of a sudden I go "SHIT! I'M SORRY!!" then turned and ran out. It was a good thing too, because I didn't want to poop in there with that smell in the air. It was the worst!

JB: Well, I'd be pleased to have you with me while I poo-pooed! I get excited when people are with me because it's so intimate and private. I love having men watch me--especially if they kiss me when it's coming out. That makes me crazy!!!!

MYSTERIOUS MAN: Thanks dude! I had some macaroni and cheese last night as a matter of fact. 2 whole plates full! Nu fixes it when she's in a hurry. She also puts tuna fish and tomatoes in it, and though it was great going in, I knew it was gonna stink coming out! I don't eat burritos very often, but I loooove enchiladas.

We just back from a wonderful camping trip!!! Two days of sun, fun and swimming in the literal baking oven of Central Oregon. There are many campgrounds along the river that are shaded by trees, so Me, Nu, and Dan camped in that area close to some rafting groups. It was sooo hot yesterday and last night, almost 106 degrees! There are porta-potties near the gravel turn-outs, but you'll never catch me using those horrible things. I got to watch Dan take a shit in the bushes. Awesome! I love watching guys when they poop. Guys have those those muscled legs and tight butts and the equipment up front! BUZZY--I'll bet that describes you hon! I'll bet you're a hottie in the woods. I think about you often when you're out riding your bike and detouring off into the woods!
Anyway, it was great seeing Dan take a big one. It was so sexy, because when he lowered his shorts and squatted, his dick hung down between his legs and started swelling up as we watched him LOL! (I'd prefer to be politically correct. I don't what to call guy's penises. Penis seems so technical, and unfriendly. I hate that word.) I'm used to watching the chicas when we do this, so it was bomb to have a guy along. Dan dropped about 8 turds, and made a good, healthy pile of it. I know he was really self-concsious, but when he started shitting, the turds just started squeezin'. Nu was loving it. She was wearing white shorts and a blue bikini top, and when Dan started pooping, that top was getting a workout!
As for Nu, she had the loose bowel thing going again, and squatted next to Dan's smelly pile under the shade of a bunch of trees. Again, while we watched, she squirted out about 4 pounds of soft serve. Her crap kept coming out and coming out. I didn't think she was ever going to quit! Her pile was just huge. Incredible! That little area in the shaded bush, was a regular outhouse, and when you got to within 8 feet of it the smell would hit you like a hammer!

It was around 7:00 at night when it came time for me to poop. Nu was cooking a wonderful dinner of diced sausage, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns on the campstove. As I began my awkward, barefoot crossing of the shallows of the river, looking for a cozy spot on the other side. I must've stepped on every sharp rock in that river! Plus, the river was moving so damn fast it almost knocked me over. Dan was laughing at me, but I only weigh a 100 lbs. for crying out loud! I'm not much against the river's current. Nu said "Where are you going?" "Al otro lado de río," I answered. (to the other side of the river. I'm teaching Nu Spanish). It was a nice little trek through that cold water (which felt great by the way). On the other side, I wandered into a grove of shade trees. A nice breeze was blowing as I ducked behind some boulders. I knew Dan would come looking for me and I could hear him sloshing through the river. (he was wearing shoes, the wuss!) When he finally came upon me! , I slipped my bikini bottoms down and squatted. His eyes glazed over when he saw my pussy and bare ass! As I was squatted I said "I hope you brought some toilet paper up here because I forgot." He said "Oh shit, I didn't even think about it." Oooohhhh wellll....I just shrugged, stared at the dirt and let out a really slow, hissy fart. A few seconds later a turd started inching out. A big, fat sucker that felt gas powered. I looked up into Dan's eyes as the it began crackling and stretching my little butthole. I couldn't believe how thick it was. My ass felt like somebody stuck a baseball bat up in me. I asked Dan, "How big is it?" He looked down and said "Damn Malita, that's about the biggest amount of shit I ever saw from a chick!" I pushed, then pushed some more and the damn thing just stuck out of my butt, rock hard and full of lumps. I felt like an idiot, squatting in the dirt with a giant turd stuck in my ass. Finally, I just grunted like a wrestler, and pushed the mis! erable thing out. It was like a really super long sausage that eventually began breaking off in chunks, leaving a huge, awesome pile. It was very ripe too! After that I stood up and pissed, soaking the sand all around me. Dan had never seen a girl stand up and piss before. I guess I must've launched a stream of about a gallon's worth. The pile of shit I left really blew him away! He said he'd never known a woman to do anything like that. I was so proud! He grabbed some big leaves and picked up a long chunk of my poo to examine it closer. I said "Dan, that is just disgusting, throw it back down!" I also felt gross because I had to wipe my ass with leaves and dried grass, and had strands of dead grass sticking out of my butt crack. I just pulled up my bottoms and decided to use toilet paper when we got back to the tent. Looking at Dan, I told him to go cool off in the river, because he had this incredible bulge that I thought was going to rip his shorts! I mean, that fabric wa! s straining!!

Later, after the sun went down, and it was cooling off nicely, we drank almost two bottles of wine we brought and had cooling in the river. My ass started itching so bad that I couldn't stand it. Nu said it was because I'd wiped with dry grass. She mixed some soapy water into a camp pot, had me bend over and grab my knees, and then pulled my bottoms down and washed my butthole with a soapy rag. It felt soooooooo goood! I farted accidentally, and bubbles from the soap came out. She thought I did it on purpose and smacked my ass hard with her hand. Goofy, huh?

I hope I don't get in trouble saying this, but later that night, inside the tent, it was wonderful with what happened between the three of us! Dan could probably tell his friends about it, and they'd probably say "yeah, dream on," but it's true. I woke this morning with bad gas and crawled out to some bushes to poo. I sat on a rounded boulder, and used it just like a toilet with my ass hanging over the back edge. As I was crapping out turds, I heard footsteps, turned around, and another girl had wandered to the same area. She seemed shocked, but I told her she could stay and TCB. She also refused to use those gross porta-potties. She only squeezed off a couple little pinworm turds. Very disappointing. It was really a fun trip. I missed Tesa. She would have loved it.


Concerned Dad: This is my first time posting. I can really relate to the problem you had with your son. I've got two boys. One is aged 12 and the other 10 years. I discovered not so long ago that they're both really constipated. We have only one bathroom at home and in the mornings I'd have to wait forever to get my time in there. So one morning I just knocked on the door and went in and the older boy was just pushing until he was red in the face. On talking to the boys, it became apparent to me that they were constipated for two main reasons. First, they were usually too busy to take a shit when they needed and would just let the urge pass unheeded. Second, they were eating just fast food with no fiber. So you've gotta get them to change their habits. Now I make sure that each of them takes a dump before I take them to catch the bus to school each day. If necessary, I go into the bathroom to check on them and make them show me their turds. They don't like it, b! ut I've got their welfare at heart. Also, I make sure they get a lot of vegetables with meals although they hate it and I've gotta watch to make sure that they clean their plates. So they've gotta make these lifestyle changes. That's the long-term plan. For an immediate cure, I used fleet enemas. These come in tubes available without prescription and I just squirted the tube contents up their assholes and after about 15 minutes they crapped really well. I did this for 3 days until the other measures took effect. They didn't like any of this but you've gotta be real firm with them. They were both embarrassed by this whole business, but now that they're regular I think they appreciated what I did. Good luck and let us know how it works out with your son!

Miss Belinda.
I had another incident the last Saturday involving my nephew, who likes to peep at me while I'm on the commode. He was back at our house spending the night with my younges daughter. It was After lunch while everyone else besides the two were already gone over to friends houses and gotten ready to do whatever they do on the weekends. I went into the bathroom and setteled in for a nice afternoon rest and poop. As I have said before, I never reveal myself while on the commode so if anyone sees me, they only may see a little bit of my rump. LOL. I was wearing a pair of knit slacks and had them pulled down to where they are just resting on the top of my thighs. We have the old type door knobs with the jeweled knobs and keyhole and no key. I leaned forward to start poo pooing when I heard a rustling outside the door and I knew at that point that I had my ten year old nephew watching me poo poo. I raised up a bit and adjusted myself to make sure that I wasn't showing anything and! decided instead of just getting up I was going to continue what I had started. I could barely see his eye through the keyhole but I pretended he wasn't there until finally I spoke up and said, "You know, You can just come in here if You want to, and then I laughed as he sheepishly opened the door and entered the bathroom, I asked him if there was something he needed and he replied with a "no". My daughter had taken a nap and he was alone and a think he just wanted someone to keep him company. I decided to just let him stay with me while I poopooed. I leaned forward with hands clasped together and since I had company in there with me I put my legs and feet together a little more than I usually do. As I let out my pee I noticed that he had an embarrased look on his face and so I started trying to make him laugh, I told him to listen, and as he did I raised my butt a little and pooted and the sound of the poot over the bowl made us both laugh. As my poo poo started easing and ! crackling it's way out slowly, we were talking about how he was going to like the fourth grade next school term and just general things that kids do over the summer vacation and from time to time my voice was strained from my turd coming out. By this time the room had filled with my poop smell which didn't seem to bother him at all. I dropped my first turd and and every two or three minutes as we talked you would hear a "ploop, Plip, floop" sound because when I poo poo I always let one long one and fill the bottom of the commode up with smaller ones and takes up a lot of time until I feel I'm empty. As I finished up, I made him turn his head while I wiped and pulled my pants up. He announce very quickly that he had to pee and from this I knew he wanted to take a look at my poo, so I told him to go ahead but be sure to flush it when you're done, I was standing in the mirror adjusting my hair as he peed and as he flushed he watched as my big poo swirled around and around the c! ommode leaving light brown skid marks all in the bowl.

Pat From Las Vegas
When I first met my wife, she was working in a health food store and I was turned on to taking Flax Oil pills. For those who don't know what Flax oil does, it keeps your skin from drying out, including dandruff, and also flushes out your digestive system and cleanses you. Well anyway, I didn't believe it, but I heard that by taking flax oil with some fiber, like oatmeal, or something, that it would loosen some crap that stays in your body for months. So I tried it, and let me tell you. I have had bowel movements that were over a foot long before, but only on special occasions like Thankgiving. But after taking Flax oil for like a day or two, I was crapping out some MONSTROUS craps, that were all footlongs... and they slide out with relatively no effort at all. If I had the polaroid... anyway try it people. Flax seed oil. It comes in a pill form.

I've had great success with this recipe. DON'T eat this if you have anywhere to go the next day. I take 1-15oz can of Hormel Chili no beans, 1-15.25oz (drained)can of Del Monte Fiesta Corn, Mix these together and microwave for about 3 minutes. I cut up 3 hot dogs and microwave them. Then I add 1-14.5oz (drained)Diced tomatoes(with green chiles if you're brave) Usually Red Gold Italian style and throw in the hot dogs. Add a couple of tablespoons of yellow mustard. Mix everything up and throw back in microwave for minute or so. Add pepper and eat. I usually drink some type of 100% juice with it. About 18 hours later, I'm clean as a whistle.

I have just taken a dump in a zip-lock bag. I think I will let it sit for a little bite and see what it smelles like.

I have just taken a dump in the woods for the first time.
Does anyone know what happened to emma & broke?

Terri L., cool story... Did u get to say any of the dumps she left? Were they big? Could you give more description? Thanks in advance :-)

D dawg
hey out there for all of you pee scene movie buffs, i gotta good one for you. In detroit rock city, there is a scene where 4 guys sneak into a womans bathroom, and when they are about to leave, a cheerleader comes in. she sits down on the toilet in the stall next to the one that they hide in. she pees for a good 15 seconds and lets out 2 really loud farts lol. then the stall breaks and they are all revealed. Its funny and awesome at the same time...WATCH IT!!!

Hi friends, on wednesday something happened, I thought you are interested in. I was on my way to an early meeting. I had to dump so I stop at an rest-area. There were no bushes or something like that – only three port-a-potties. The left one was filled. So I choose the middle one . As I wanted to pull my pants down, I heard a car stopping. A woman and two girls came into the direction of the port-a-potties (I could see this through the air holes). The older girl (about twelve) said: mom, I take the right one. OK , I go with your sister into the left. I heard the doors slamming. Short afterwards I heard the mother saying: Let mom go first, I can’t wait longer. I heard the zipper going down, and a trouser hitting the ground. Than a hissing sound and a fart and loud plops. Why do you go in the sink? the little girl asked. The mother giggled. That’s not a sink honey. It’s a toilet for boys- and I poop in it , because the normal bowl is full. She moaned and I heard more plops and! a hissing sounds. Mom, I heard from the other side. Could I please poop into the bowl for children, the other one is dirty? Of course honey, but don’t get to much contact with it- it’s normally something where boys pee into, take care. I heard a monster fart seconds later, and some soft poop hitting the urinal.
The little girl stumbled : Mummy please hurry, I can’t wait longer! The mother said: Sorry I haven’t finished yet. You have to squat. Don’t care. Okay the girl said. I heard the sound of pee hitting the floor and a loud plop. 5 minutes later first the left and than the other door slammed, and a car leaves. Now I remarked, that I couldn’t close my door. And so I had to use one of the stinky other ones. I looked first inside the left. On the floor was a real big puddle and a big turd, and in the urinal was a big stinky pile with a mountain of tp. I looked into the right. But the older girl had filled the urinal while peeing on the floor. It was mess everywhere. And so I decided to use the one of mother and daughter. I entered, trying not to step into the girls pile and closed the door. Puuuuh, that stunk like hell. But I now really had to go. I held my trousers on my knees and hovered over the urinal. I pushed out four turds which felt on the mothers tp, except one which h! it the floor. My pee hits the wall and ran down. I was happy as I had finished and could go into fresh air…..

Jane (& Gary)

John (ex-VT): Hi! Long time no see here! Glad you made it back. It was too long since we last heard from you. I hope things are going well for you now. Hope you stick around for good.

A couple of weeks ago Gary and I were on vacation with my older sister Beth and her family, who are awaiting the arrival of their second child in October. One morning I was freshening up in the bathroom and I heard a knock on the front door. I heard Gary open the door and say, "Hey squirt, what's up?" It was little Katie, our niece. She said hi and ran to the bathroom, where she banged on the door and yelled Help! I said for her to come in, and Katie ran straight for the toilet, dropped her shorts and panties and peed furiously. Then she dropped three pieces of poop and farted loudly. We both laughed, and she said oh what a relief. She said she came over because her Mommy was pooping in the toilet. She wiped herself clean and flushed.

Last Friday, on my way home from work I had a sudden urge to poop. I was almost home and was deciding whether to keep going home or to pull off and use a ladies room. I decided to go home. I went into the house and upstairs to use the bathroom in the master bedroom. Gary was in there brushing his teeth. I kissed him and said, you're home early. I took off my skirt, pulled down my white panties and sat in the toilet. I quickly pushed out six large globs of soft poop that plopped loudly into the water. I flushed the toilet while seated. A strong poop smell emerged as I continued to drop globs of soft poop. I said, sorry for the smell dear, as Gary continued to brush his teeth. I flushed the toilet again, then started to wipe myself. I flushed a final time as Gary was finishing up. The poop smell was still strong, so I sprayed air freshener. We went out later that evening.

I forgot to post this..not last night but the night before i had been online and i had to pee for some time and i went upstairs to get ready for bed and i went in to my bathroom and i decided to pee my pants on pupose. I had a t shirt, and these silky shorts and boxers. I sat over the sink and my boxers held in most of the pee. If i was in public doing that no one would notice. I did that cause it would dry fast. Then i rinsed my wet clothes out and hung them up to dry.

Then last night i was online again...when i started feeling an urge to poop. I had been feeling slight urges to poop for the last 2 days but i held them cause i didn't have time. I knew when the urge hit it was gonna be a big log cause the last time i pooped was tuesday night and last night was Saturday. I got offline, and went upstairs got ready for bed and turned the tv on. I watched the weather report and i was still holding a pretty strong urge. After that went off i went into my bathroom and pulled my shorts all the way down. Instantly a log started coming out of my hole. I had to push a great deal. After the huge log passed i was still feeling like i had another log up there so i was straining to push and i only had a few little softer strands come out. I stood up and i saw i had this big log about 14 inches and another log about 6 inches. The little 6" log was attached but it broke off, if it wouldn't have i would have had a 20 inch log easily. I felt 100 lbs ligh! ter when i came out. I was in the bathroom a good 20 minutes and i wiped alot. I think i was a bit constipated..well i gotta run now bye

Claudia Canned
Jenny had a question about skid marks?

I have two stories. The first was when I was a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding. The gowns we had to wear were pretty full and I didnt really want to have to bother with backing into a toilet stall and hiking my skirts up. I didn't count on all the drinking, dancing and a suprisingly full meal, and towards the end of the evening I felt really heavy 'down there'. I was having such a good time that I left things pretty much until the last minute, and I began clenching my butt muscles to avoid an accident. Before I could get to the ladiesroom however there were a lot of guests to talk to and by the time I made the door I thought I could feel the first nubby turd pushing out into my panties. I was paranoid about messing up my gown and all the layers of petticoats beneath, but eventually I got everything out of the way sat on the toilet and immediately began to expell all that pent up mess. While I was on the can, I noticed my panties had a large brown streak in them with a s! mall smear of poop from the crotch up the back of the panties. Although it was wet and mushy, I really didn't want to stand in the ladiesroom trying to clean them, neither did I want to spread the mess to my gown, so when I was done, I just slipped them back on again. The party wound down about an hour or two later, and I didnt notice any odor or anything, and it was kind of naughty knowing I was wearing poopy panties in front of everyone.

Second skid mark story was when I was on a date with a guy. I was wearing skin tight pants and so I wore a really comfy but small thong underneath. We went to dinner and had a great time and after we went to club for drinks and dancing. While I was there I had to use the ladieroom and had a big bowel movement but didnt really think anything about it. When We got back to my place, we went upstairs and fooled around a little. It was only when my panties were off that I realised where they had slid up my ass there was a pretty substantial skid mark stretching all around the thong part. It was dry and only consisted of a large stain with no actual poo on the material. I was so embarrased and tried to kick them under the couch, but my boyfriend saw them and said "eeeeewww gross!" I was so humiliated and pissed with him that I told him to dress and get out. Didnt see him again!

Does anyone think it's kind of odd that parents don't think it matters if children hear/see them on the toilet? Somehow they must think we don't pay attn and have no idea what they are doing! Heads up to parents: We know EXACTLY what you are doing from a very young age, especialy when you make it so obvious. If you leave the door open we peek around the corner. We hear all your intimate private sounds if you are not discreet, every grunt, mutter, and sigh. Ever since I can remember until about the time I was 10, my mother would often have a bowel movement in the bathroom down the hall while I would be in the living room, playing or watching TV on the floor. I could like right down the hallway and see my mother perched on the toilet, huge ass bearing down and fists clenched. I would hear all her grunting and straining. She never once seemed to care that I was observing this, and never even looked up from her exertions.

I sort of put this out of my memory until recently when one of my nieces, Gillian, was over at my house and I told her I would be right back because I needed to go number 2. Gillian, a bright 8 yr old, asked me "Do you go with the door open?"

"Why yes, dear, when I am alone, but since you're here I'll close it."

"Grandma never does. Last week, I was at her house and I saw her go to the bathroom 3 times in one day!"

To my amazement Gillian proceeded to act out what she saw, squatting and perfectly imitating my mother's pained expression and grunts.

I became angry and told her to stop that, she should have more respect fo her grandma. But deep down I was amazed to discover that Mom still didn't seem bothered by kids in the vicinity when she was on the toilet. I went to the bathroom and closed the door firmly, sat on the toilet, and began to grunt immediately as I wanted to finish and get back to my niece. Soon after, I heard her creep up to the door. As she listened to me straining, i thought about one of the times I saw my mother on the toilet at Gillian's age.

I remember the event clearly because there was a particular program I wanted to watch on TV and I had waited months for it. It was after lunch and I was all settled on the floor in front of the TV, ready for it to begin. I think my mother figured I would be distracted with it, so she chose this time to "have her bowel movement" or "relieve her constipation" as she always said. I was vaguely aware of her cleaning up in the backround, panting quite a bit when she had to bend over. My mother was and is a very heavy lady, and any strenuous effort, especially going to the toilet, is hard on her. There was a commercial and I pressed mute. I noticed the kitchen sounds had ceased and turned to see my mother gripping the edge of the counter with her eyes closed.

"Ohhhhh..." she grunted softly, and patted her bottom. She grabbed the newspaper and wordlessly lumbered down the hall, seemingly unaware that I had muted the TV and was watching her. She entered the bathroom, lifted up her dress, and lowered her underwear(big fat lady white cotton)with an effort. Then she sat down heavily "UGH." Her underwear was stretched taut at her ankles, and she spread her legs so far I thought the underwear would snap. To those of you who have not read my previous posts I will describe my mother. Her fat, dumpy legs were spread, her care feet looked swollen from the heels she had been wearing earlier. Her enornous flabby stomach rested on her thiunderthighs and her huge ass bulged all over, completely engulfing the toilet bowl.She was so majestic and monsterously fat at the same time that it was like a giantess sitting on a child's seat. She dropped the paper and decided to get down to business instead. "I am so constipated todayyyyy.....ehhh!" sh! e muttered under her breath, straining. She grunted again. "UGGGHHH!!!! MMMMMMMMM!!! UGGGHHHH!!" Even though she had just begun she was already sweating profusely, her cellulite glistening in her ass and thighs. Never once did she look down the hallway in my direction. She continued, this time with more effort. "OHHHHH....AAAHHHH....UGGHHHHH!!" Her face stared stoically at the mirror, watching her strained expression. Tense minutes passed as she continued to bear down and mutter from time to time. Eventually her face became very red and she closed her eyes. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Something must have come out but I didn't hear it from this distance. She leaned back, her fat belly jiggling as she panted. "Got to lose some weight...(pant pant)...getting harder and harder..." She shifted her ass on the toilet and very soon after renewed her efforts by placing her hands on her ???? knees and grunting
again. "Mmmmph....uugghhh...ugh...ugh...mmmmm..." This less intense grunting went on for several min, I looked at the clock and it was abbout 10 min that she had been straining like this. I almost enjoyed this more. It was interesting to hear and watch her take a deep breath, hold it as she strained her ass, and then let it out in a nice breathy grunt: "Mmmmmm!" At 1 pt, she stood up with a great effort and looked down with distaste, the flushed the toilet and sat down again with a painful grunt. The rest of her session was not as strenuous as the 1st part but she was exhausted all the same and when finally she flushed and came into the living room, one hand holding her ass, she was really worn out. She came over and slowly sat in the couch with a grunt, her doughboy fat sinking into the cushions. A few minutes later she was asleep!

I finished my own bowel movement and flushed. Gillian was right outside the door when I opened it. "Were you listening to me?" Gillian blushed. "You sound like Grandma." I replied, "Honey, I don't mind if you listen to me, but Grandma is an old lady and it's harder for her now. She needs her privacy and her dignity."

"but how can I help it when she goes with the door open?"

I mumbled some excuse that Grandma is forgetful and doesn't realize she is so loud, but it got me thinking. Why do parents do this around kids? Do they we are blind and deaf to their bathroom habits?Anyone have any answers/comments?

Once again today I am supposed to meet with a girl that is going to poop in front of me while I watch her, so I will let you know what happens. The other time she cancelled.

Terri L.: I liked your story, but I think this is common for children to do anytime. Once I was at a carnival and a boy about 11 years old used the toilet just before I went into the stall and he left the poop in the bowl and there was a strange chocolate smell there as well. I was a little aggravated, but it happens.

Traveling Guy
STUDENT - Here are three doorless, public women's johns that a past g/f told me about: 1) in a movie theater (and, boy, was she surprised!). 2) at a park in Ohio with a pit latrine. The facility was clean and roomy, though a bit smelly maybe, with three seats beside each other on a bench, separated by partitions that projected a few feet out from the front of the bench but didn't drop down like normal toilet partitions. That meant you could see the user next to you almost up to the knees. But there were no doors at all, so if you took the 2nd or 3rd seat, you walked by anyone who was using the 1st. (The men's was the same, except for having a urinal.) My g/f had to take a dump, so she waited outside for two other users to finish up, then took the seat on the far end, she said. 3) another park latrine in Ohio, but this time, my g/f reported, there were only three, large, ceramic pipes sticking up from the floor with toilet seats atop them and no partitions of any kind.! She only had to pee there. I checked out the men's and, sure enough, it was exactly alike.

You're right - doorless women's facilities are unusual. One reason is that men's rest rooms can be trouble spots and the authorities try to discourage problems by taking the doors off. Women can make trouble, too, but they probebly do so in rest rooms a lot less often than guys.

the HOLD IT man - I can just imagine you peeking at the female trooper and then being written up by her for peeping, or whatever. Better you resisted the temptation, although getting to watch a woman in uniform take an outdoor dump or piss would have to rank high on my list.

Hey, PRG, there you are! I once saw a magazine photo showing a long row of partitionless toilets aboard a sunken troop ship, and I'll bet those waterlogged crappers were cleaner than the one you used in that gas station. I think I posted here sometime back about a gas station unisex I saw with both a can and a urinal but no partition. Clean, too. You and Colin could have made a duet of that.

I pooped twice this morning, as I frequently do--a fairly hard one in a few 4-inch pieces before breakfast, and a softer one with corn in it after breakfast. (No, I'm not fixated on corn, but fresh corn on the cob is in season, and it does have visible results.) A couple of days ago I had a movement that was hard enough to draw a little blood, and that reminded me of an incident many years ago. One day I noticed that my log, which was otherwise quite healthy and normal, had a red streak lengthwise on it, and red was diffusing slowly through the water. When I wiped, there was a little bit of blood on the paper. I had felt nothing abnormal during the movement. That kept up for several days, so--having heard that any bleeding from the bowel is grounds for a doctor visit--I went to the doctor. She asked me first if I could tell where the problem was from inspecting the stool. I said, "Not really; it seems to fall across the bottom of the bowl, and I can't tell which ! side the blood was coming from." She then examined me and told me I had a tiny open crack in my anus, "at about two o'clock." She then dabbed on some ointment, which felt very cooling and smooth. It occurred to me that I could watch myself defecate by using a mirror; if there was blood on the right side, I could see it as the log descended, but if it were on the left, I would see it afterward. The doctor had said it would take a few days for the little place to heal, so I had a chance to watch several b.m.'s and actually see what happened. The log would start normally, then after it got thicker, I could see a tiny red line. As the days passed, the line started later, and finally disappeared. (I did have some ointment to put on my anus after each b.m.) Since then I have had the problem very seldom, but I still watch myself go occasionally. Has anyone out there had interesting episodes involving doctor visits or stool samples?

Lucki Sportz Fanatic
Hello to all. Been quite busy the past few days. Last night (Thursday), I went to my girlfriends house for dinner. Amy made this really scrumptious chicken, and I enjoyed it very much. We rented Die Another Day, and cuddled up on the couch and watched it together. During the movie, she got up once and peed. I didn’t listen or anything, but she was gone for a good 3 minutes. When she came back, she said she was sorry for being gone so long. I have a story to share with you all, so I think I’ll begin.

Last summer, a few weeks after we came home from Miami, we both went up to my sisters place in Georgia. She lives near Savannah. Once we arrived at our destination, we walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. At first there was no answer, so I did it again. No answer again, so I knocked on the door. We must have waited an additional 5 minutes, before my sister finally opened the door. “Why’d you take so long?” I asked. “Sorry, I was in the bathroom,” she replied, undoing the strings on the back of her apron. Amy and I both replied that it was okay. We then went in, and just chilled. For dinner that night, we had hotdogs, hamburgers, and potato salad. It was really really worth the trip. For dessert, we had a cheesecake, which all three of us furiously devoured in one bite. After our meal, we talked for a bit, and then Amy and I took off. We drove for about an hour and a half, when Amy explained to me that she had to go to the bathroom. I asked if she cou! ld wait, and she said she could. About 40 minutes later, we had reached my apartment, and Amy dashed up the stairs. I followed her, and she couldn’t go inside yet because I was carrying the key. When I approached the top, she was already waiting there. I took my time on purpose lol, then unlocked the door. We both went in and she rushed to the bathroom. Before she closed the bathroom door, she asked if I would like to come in with her. I said okay and followed her in. Once we were both cozey, me sitting on the floor, and Amy sitting on the toilet, panties and pants at ankles, and slightly leaning forward, I heard Amy’s first piece began to slide out. This piece must have took no more than 20 seconds, before it splashed into the water. She then began to pee, and while she was peeing, she said, “Oh, I feel another one coming.” With that, another piece began, and I asked her if she could raise her butt a little so I could see it. She did, and I saw a pretty thick pi! ece slowly easing out of her little hole. The sight of seeing that, really gave me a thrill. Amy ended up pushing out 3 pieces, each about 6” inches long. After she rested, she wiped, however I did not see it. She asked me politely to get out, and without any arguement, I obeyed. That was one really sexy show I got!! I love her so much for that and many many more things.

To Melissa -
Great story about your pee at the mall. That was great that you helped a girl who you didn’t know at all, out. She must have really appreciated that, right? I know I would. Also, it’s a good thing that she warned you to move your hand, or else your hand would be soaked! That would be really gross! What would you do if she didn’t warn you that she was about to pee in her pants? I just loved your story a whole lot, and I would like to know if you have any other stories where you, or maybe someone else was desperate to pee? Thanks alot, and keep up the good stories.


My answers to JBs survey questions.

Which female celeb would you be most interested in watching take a dump?
Jane Fonda. I remember her taking a pee in a film where she and her husband take up robbing drug stores etc. She takes a pee with her hubby watching.

Where would you like to see this celeb taking a dump?

In a public loo.

Under what circumstances would you like them to dump?

When she was desperate to go.

I am 18 and male.

To Jen - Sometimes reading pee stories makes me have to pee, though it didn't this time. I guess I just dont have to go.

To Melissa - Cool story! How old was the lady whose zipper got stuck?

To Embaressed - I've wet my pants from laughing too hard a few times also. I don't think any pants-peeing scenario is more embarrasing.

To Bryian - Glad you liked the story! If you mean when I'm holding a crap, then no, I usually don't "squirt" into the back of my pants - just one time in a mall last summer. And one time I've crapped my pants in my room by accident from waiting too long.

To Steve S - Cool. I'd hate to go through all the trouble of holding my piss while getting dressed and then pissing my pants and having to clean up and get dressed all over again. My rule is, if I can't take my hand from my crotch, I better go to the bathroom first!


I am 18 and male, and below are my responses ot D Dawg's survey. I think you said that you are 18 also, which is an interesting coincidence.

1)What is your longest piss of all time?
Probably about a minute. I usually don't piss for too long.

2)Have you ever had a piss that felt like it was about done but it continued for a long while?
Yes, many times!

3)have you ever had a piss that stopped completley, then came back fully?
No, I can't recall this ever happening to me.

4)what is your average peeing time?
Probably 10-15 seconds.

5)When do your longest pees occur? (i.e. morinings, after movies, road trips)
I usually piss a lot in the morning, but I'm pretty good about sitting through movies and road trips. Basically anytime I get myself real desperate, I piss a lot, but not for very long. It's weird.


Sunday, June 08, 2003

Hi Mysterious Man

In answer to your questions:

1.) Could you give a little description of your self? (Height, breast, waist, butt, etc.)
An Executive - working in the City of London. Brunette, 5’ 10” tall, 36” breasts, 32” waist, large pear shaped buttocks, and quite hairy in my nether regions (my boyfriend loves this – I am not allowed to shave).

2.) What is your age? 10 - 30?
48 years old

3.) How often do you go?
Normally once every 4-5 days

4.) Do you enjoy pooping? If so, which part of it?
Yes – everything – farting, straining, passing a large lump etc

5.) Would You, or have you, ever wanted/let someone watch you? How does it make you feel?
My boyfriend, and occasional girlfriends have watched me. It generally gives me a strong womanly urge.

6.) Have you ever taken such a big poop it felt like you were giving birth? How were you acting as it came out
Yes, holding on to my buttocks and pulling them apart whilst leaning right forward on the loo seat. My anus being dilated to its maximum diameter.

7.) Do you have to make a lot of grunting, straining, screaming and pushing to get your poop out?
Grunting and straining, and shifting about on the seat, but not screaming.

8.) How you ever, or have been recently, constipated? If so, how long for?
About 12 days without going is my longest, 7 days without going at least once a month.

9.) Have you ever had an accident in your panties?
Yes, when I was driving and just could not make it home.

10.) Have you ever wanted to sh*t in your panties, just to see how it feel?
No !

11.) What kind(s) of food(s) make you have really big turds, the ones that really hurt?
Never experimented – possibly meat and lots of vegetables.

12.) If it's okay, could you tell me where you live?

13.) If it doesn't bother you, could you give me a brief story of when you were constipated, having an accident or just taking a really, really big dump?
I regard myself as constipated if I have not been for over 5 days, which I have said is at least once a month. I normally pass turds of about 2 inches in diameter. They can increase up to 2.5 inches in diameter when constipated for 7 days or so. They can then be hard, knobbly with compacted boluses having spent some time in my large bowel and then being impacted in my rectum. They take much effort to pass and are usually quite dry so only two wipes are necessary. They often fail to flush and I leave them in the pan at the office – as do others. No one seems to complain.

Hi, everyone.

Mysterious Man, my answers to your survey questions.
1. Brests 38"
Waist 29"
Hips 39" (My friends tell me that I have a lovely bum, just a
little full though).
Hair Brunette
2. I'm 38 years old, my birthday is August 12th.
3. I have a shit at least once a day, often twice, unless I'm
constipated, just before and during my period.
4. I really enjoy having a good shit, every part of it, but especially
when my ???? tells me it's time to go and when I've just got my
panties down and my ???? is churning over, then as my bowels take
over and I shit, gosh it's just like an orgasm.
5. I love to have someone with me when I'm going to the toilet, what-
ever I'm doing, pissing, shitting, being sick, fixing my tampon,
anything. For me, being on the toilet and having someone I love,
or a stranger makes me feel really good, it's brings out the best
in feelings between people.
6. I've had some massive shits. Normally for a really big one I have
my panties right down and I am holding the sides of the seat,
thighs spread wide, head down looking between my thighs.
7. I sigh, gasp, grunt if it's a little hard, take deep breasts as I
push and bear down.
8. I always get constipated when my period is due and for the first
couple of days of it. Even though I am regularly ill when I have
a period, I still enjoy the sensations of shitting etc.
9. Yes, I sometimes shit myself and just a few days ago I pissed my-
self badly while at work, see my last post.
10. I have never wanted to shit my panties to find out how it feels.
11. My diet is something I watch carefully. I eat plenty of salads and
vegetable's. I don't really like junk foods but they are the one's
that make me have big turds when I go.
12. Constipation is not something I like.
Accidents. I have made lots of friends when I have shit myself be-
cause everybody wants to help you. My two best friends, Vera and
Ruth, I met in the Ladies. Vera when she had the shits bad and was
able to help her. Ruth when she and I were having a break-time
shit and I had shit all over the pan and the floor and she helped
me to clean up.
Massive shits as I have said before, there is nothing quite like

I hope I have helped you with your survey.

Adrian: Thanks for your kind thoughts. It's not a physical problem
been troubling me. It's much more painful and personal. My
husband, Greg, has left me. I have to tell someone and you
have always been so kind in your posts. I hope that Greg and
I can get together again, I really love him so much. I really
thought we were the perfect couple. My friends, Vera, Ruth,
and Aisha, and of course, my beloved daughter Jill, have been
the supports that have kept me on an even keel, just. I'm
too full to continue writing now.

I'll write again, real soon, the friends I know that I have within toiletstool have also strengthened me in my pain. Thanks to all, lots of love to everyone.

Sheila (South Wales).


I sat on the toilet the other day. So what? I do every day. This one was in a Yorkshire (UK) transport cafe two days ago. I stopped for an early cooked breakfast - delicious - and then made my way to the men's room for my daily dump.

Door wouldn't shut properly - wood obviously not seasoned properly. The slight aroma indicated that the potential lack of privacy hadn't put off other users. It was kept well, with air freshener, very clean tiles, and a fabulous wooden seat, and plenty of paper.

My bare bum loves the sensation of being pressed next to wood, and rewards me well with a good output.

I lowered myself down, clasped my hands, and then .... I got a shock - when I moved, the toilet lifted up at one side. Obviously needed fixing. I managed to cope by pressing hard on the 2 points of stability - my feet and my bottom. (Hadn't the latter got enough to do? Its job was to shit, not keep me steady into the bargain. But I think it forgave me because I had introduced it to a wooden seat) A child not big enough for his feet to touch the floor, and with less weight than an adult - my own two young sons for instance - would have found it v-e-r-y difficult.

I sat as still as I could, but inevitably when I reached for the paper, the throne* moved again. The paper work took a bit longer than usual. I can't wipe properly standing up, and perhaps I should have squatted down for that. But as the door didn't shut properly, it would have looked weird if someone had burst in, and there would be some explaining to do.

The cafe seemed to be staffed by women; perhaps no man had liked to report the problem to them.

(Or maybe they think that men always stand and never sit!)

* The throne is sometimes used as a euphemism for the toilet in the UK. Nothing to do with the recent coronation anniversary.

TML I liked your story about teaching your boys to pee in the toilet. When they get to adolescence, they may get problems again. Sometimes the two streams don't go in the direction you want.

Are there any stories about learning to do the other toilet operation
which you can share?

Raging Urophile
Computer Game Junkie- Your post is not surprising. Many folks hold onto the erroneous stereotype that men have stronger bladders. It is obvious if you read this board that the opposite is true.
JEN- A number of people, including myself and John Q. Public have small and/or weak bladders. When I was in first grade, I had a really nasty teacher. I knew there was no point even asking her if I could go to the restroom since it was a guarantee she would say no. My bladder gave out as I soaked my pants, as well as the floor. I remember my pee rolling under other kids' desks.
One factor that affects bladder size is the way we were brought up as children. There are basically two types of people. The first type is what I refer to as "precautionary pissers." You and I both fall into this category. We are among the group that does not want to be caught in a situation where we need to pee at an inconvenient time. We therefore pee at every available opportunity. For example, even if only 20 minutes has passed before walking into a movie, I will take a precautionary pee to make sure I am as empty as possible. Although I do not recall, I probably had parents that always reminded me to go before I left the house. My bladder therefore gets very little stretching exercise. Hence it is small.
The other group I will call the "full bladder only" pissers. These are folks that will only go when they have to, even if it might not be convenient for quite awhile. Some of these folks are not even capable of going until the need arises. My best ftiend is in this group. He doesn't understand how a person can pee before they have to. These are the folks that probably had parents that did not emphasize peeing in advance of ones need.
It makes sense that those in the second group would develop stronger bladders since their bladders get more stretching exercises throughout their lifetimes making them stronger and larger.
It might also help explain the "what gender has a stronger bladder?" controversy. Most people on this board will likely agree that there is litle doubt that women can pee in far greater amounts due to their superior bladders. However, at the weak bladder end of the spectrum, women might also predominate for the opposite reason. Both Katrina and I have pointed out in previous posts that one factor that might cause women to have superior bladders is that it is less convenient for them to go at inappropriate times; therefore, they are more likely to hold out longer, and hence, their bladders get more stretching exercise. Conversely, it is also possible that girls are conditioned to become "precautionary pissers" more often than men, because they percieve (although incorrectly)that it is more difficult for them to pee at an inconvenient time. Hence, their bladders might actually get less stretching exercise than the average man.
In short, we know women have the stronger bladders, but they might also have the weaker bladders.

Hi you all!

All this talk about the size of a bladder has made me curious. I have looked at urological sites on the web as well as in books about anatomy to see if I could find some definite information. I did not. Just as diversified as here on the forum, opinions and experiences referring to the average holding capacity or size of the human bladder vary from ‘300ml to 500ml’ to ‘500ml to 1000ml’ to ‘a bladder can hold 1500ml without bursting’.
This is quite confusing. So all of us, be their bladders considered small or large – it is a matter of the point of view – should not worry too much. Enjoy what you have; the most important thing is that you do feel healthy.
I have to admit that peeing is more fascinating for me, maybe because it is more frequent and therefore more probable for someone to be caught short? And then I find the smell of poop rather embarrassing, be it my own or that of others. But then again, the feeling of getting rid of a massive load is just heavenly. So where does that leave me? Right here on this wonderfully entertaining forum!

Tim and Sarah, you have no idea how happy I am to read that you are well, even if your knees got a bit cramped, Tim, from using a child-size toilet. Getting rusty, eh? You definitely need some loosening-up exercises for shitting! LOL! Love to you and Sarah; I wish I could talk to you about things other than relieving oneself. Rizzo

Robby and Annie, that story about Ellie’s embarrassment was a real hoot! The best part was the applause she received returning from the men’s toilets!
Getting your boat ready? See that the toilet works! Those valves sometimes get stuck! I have a very shitty story to tell there; maybe another time. Hugs, I too miss all those you listed, Rizzo.

Bye to all you excellent posters who contribute here,

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