Terri L.
For like a month now someone at school was taking dumps and laveing the toilet unflushed. Mostly they'd be in the girls' room by the cafeteria, but a few times it was in the one by the guidance office. This was happening like 2 or 3 times a week for like 4 or 5 weeks. The principal was getting really, really mad and was making announcements that whever was doing it had better stop because they were going to get caught. She kept saying that this was really immature behavior and that she expected more from girls in middle school.

Well, today they caught the girl who was doing it. She has detention for the rest of the school year and she has to write 1,000 times. "It is very immature to leave my bowel movements in the toilet and therefore I must learn to flush the toilet after I use it." Thats a pretty hefty sentence to have to write 1,000 times and I bet its going to take her a long time to finish it. She also can't use the girls' room at school anymore. When she has to go, she has to report to the nurse and see the bathroom in her office where the nurse can watch her.

It was kind of funny to think where "the bomber" was going to strike next and to hear everyone at school talking about it. But its really disgusting to leave the toilet unflushed after you use it and girls our age shouldn't be doing it.

Infantry SPC
Hello One and All,

Evonne- you should try and post what happend minute for minute during your enormous bm. If the moderator approves then it won't be too disgusting for any whom post and read here. I'm definitely curious about what you recorded in such an event.

The "hold it" man- The Movie you are refering to is called "Hollow Man" staring Kevin Bacon. I've also seen Panic room. The scene seemed very weak to me, although it was at the begining of all the action(hehe).

Katrina- I posted a story a while back (i think in the 670's) about soldiers using porta johns at a specific Army fort in the south, you might wanna check it out. Every time I drive by a female road worker or construction worker, I wonder if they act like the men. I mean farting freely (I used to work construction when I was 17)waiting till they got on the job to take their morning shit in the porta john. Most of them I see makes me only imagine when each last took a huge smelly dump.

Does anyone ever put a person (like co-workers or new friends) on a high social pedestal untill they fart or shit around you on the job? I noticed I have done that with some soldiers I worked with, and even my roommate in college! What I don't understand is why I do that...

Untill Nextime,

the "HOLD IT" man
That was a great story, Jef. I remember a similar situation with a police woman while I was on my way to a vacation in L.A. As usual, I was on my bike. This was way, way back in 1986, before the "Mother Road " (Route 66) was decomissioned. I was about 60 miles or so east of Barstow Cali when I realy had to take a crap. The problem was that it was a desert for all intent purposes, and the land was very flat, so there were no clumps of trees or bushes where I could hide myself. I drove on, with my guts feeling like they were going to burst. Finaly, I saw an abandoned gas station, so I pullse in. The place was locked up, and I didn't want to break in so I went behind that gas station to do my 'business.' I realy had to crap, and it came out softer then normal, but not runny enough to be diareah. I didn't pee very much because of the heat. It was the middle of July. It fealt realy good. I was allfinished when I reealized that I didn't have anything to whipe myself w! ith. I had a few paper napkins that I kept in my side saddle bag for emergencies, so I pulled up my pants to get the napkins.

While I was walking back to my machine to get the napkins, I heard a car pull up. It was a California Highway Patrol car. A wrather attractive, 30-something woman stepped out. She had short dark hair, and was very well built. She was fidgeting around anxiously as she asked me: "Do you have any toilet paper I can use?" I opened my saddle bag and handed her some of the peper napkins I was going to use to wipe my ass with. She quickly ran behind that station. "Phew! You must have saved that one for a year!" she exclaimed. I heard the rustling of cloths, then that familiar SSSSSSSSSSSSS and splash as her piss stream hit the ground. I did not dare try to take a peak. "I was in pretty bad trouble" I answered. "Don't worry about it, guy. It happens to every one. When you gotta go, you gotta go." That hard hissing went on so long, it could have rivaled my cousen Katie. It would start to die out, then it would well up to a strong hiss again. We actualy conversed! back and fourth about where we were from, she liked my bike, she asked me where I was headed, and it was a regular conversation, all the while, she would piss continualy. My curiosity got the better of me. I finaly said "I bet you feel 20 pounds lighter." She confirmed with enthusiasm. "A quart of orange juice, and grape fruit juice combined with two Vitimin C pills has a tendency to do that to you."

Finaly, after what seemed like an eternity, she was finished. She cam back to her car. I slowly started to suit up to get back on the road. I pretended to recheck all the bungie chords that was holding my luggage to the passenger seat of my bike, waiting for her to leave. She said "You have a good trip." then she got in her car and left. When she was out of sight, I just had to check her 'work.' I went back there. The ground was very dry, so there was only a wet spot on the ground, but the foam was still there in a hube pile. The smell jung in the still desert air very strong, and the pile of crap that I left there was almost completely gone.

I'm a new poster, but a long time lurker to this forum. First I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm male, 5'11, brown hair and eyes and I'm 28 years old. I'm married and we have 3 children, 2 boys ages 9 and 4, and a girl age 6. I have some peeing stories about my kids that I hope you will enjoy

Neither me or my wife have had any experiences with regards to going to the bathroom that are worth mentioning on this forum. However our kids, specifically our two boys had many amusing stories come from their early toileting adventures. It's actually a topic that I don't see too much of on this forum....Toilet Training. all 3 of our kids learned how to use the toilet at quite an early age, about 2 years old. My wife and I decided that I would handle most of the toilet training for the boys, and she would take our daughter. Our little daughter was an absolute angel when it came to going to the bathroom, and we never had a problem with her. However, the boys were another story. When our oldest son was around 2, my wife and me decided that I should start to teach him how to pee standing up. He had mastered using his little potty on his own when he needed to go a few months earlier, so my wife and me decided it was time to take him to the next step. So the next ti! me he came up to me and went "Daddy, I have to go pee" I asked him "Ok son, would you like to try peeing standing like daddy does?" He said that he did so I took him into the bathroom and lifted the lid to his potty. I showed him how to aim and then kind of stood back and let him try it. He moved up to the potty and started to pee, but instead of aiming for the potty, he aimed for the floor and started peeing in circles around the potty. What exactly was going through his mind, I'll never know. He finished peeing and stood there with an extremely proud look on his face and said "I peed standing up" I called to my wife to bring in the mop and I explained to him that he was supposed to aim for the potty, not around it. He said "Oh, Ok" and went on his way. The next time he had to go, he dragged me into the bathroom and told me he wanted to pee standing up again, and I told him to go for it. He lifted the lid, pulled down his pants, and started to aim….to the side of! the potty. It looked like he was about to start making circles around it again. I managed to stop him before he started and I told him that his pee was supposed to go in the potty and not on the floor. He adjusted his aim and started to pee, and this time he got most of it in the potty, a very good amount for a 2 year old boy who was only peeing standing for the second time. The next few times he had to pee he continued to get better and better at getting it into the potty and he eventually was able to get it all into the potty. He was a very proud little boy because of what he had accomplished. However, this led to another little episode which was rather funny, but annoying at the time. I was sitting in the living room when he came up to me and told me that he needed to pee. Even though we both knew he was quite capable of peeing standing up on his own now, either my wife and I would go into the bathroom with him just to make sure that everything went well, but we ! would stay off to the side and let him do his thing. So I followed him into the bathroom, expecting that he would go to his potty, pee, and that would be the end of it………..I was wrong. The little guy had figured that since he could now pee standing up all by himself in the potty, he could do it in the big toilet too. Our toilet is pretty high up, and since a 2 year old boy isn’t normally too tall, they would have difficulty getting their equipment over the side of the toilet. This is exactly what happened with my son. I followed him to the bathroom and stood by the door and watched as he walked right by his potty to the normal toilet. He said to me “I’m going to try peeing standing in the big toilet” as he lifted the seat up. Before I could realize what was happening, he had his equipment out and was peeing. But since he was only 2, and not that tall……he didn’t get much in the toilet. His stream actually arced a bit and some got in the toilet because he was aiming u! pwards, but most of it wound up on the walls, and puddling on the floor around his bare feet. Seeing that I couldn’t stop what had already been started, I went to go and get a pair of shoes on and get the mop while my little guy finished peeing all over the bathroom. When I got back to the bathroom he was crying and standing in a huge puddle of his own pee. I picked him up and put him in the bathtub so he could wash down his feet while I mopped up. I then told him that he should stick to the potty or pee into the big toilet sitting down until he was big enough to be able to pee standing in the big toilet. He reluctantly agreed and continued to use his potty to pee, for a couple of years. Finally when he was about 4, he had reached a height where he was able to get it into the big toilet. By this time my wife and I had abandoned going into the bathroom with him everytime he had to go because he had gone a couple of years without having any major troubles. We were bot! h in the kitchen talking and playing with our daughter when all of a sudden we heard him call out to us: “Mommy, Daddy……come in here quick.” We rushed to the bathroom, not sure what he wanted us for, and when we got there we saw him peeing into the big toilet while standing. He looked at us with a proud look on his face and said “look, I can pee standing just like daddy now” We both congratulated him and then let him finish.

Since this post is getting awful long, I’ll stop here for now. These are the horror stories of trying to train my older son to pee standing up. My younger son has a set of stories of his own, but I will save those for another post. I hope you all liked my story and I’ll post another one in the coming days.


computer game junkie
Here's a little fact to add to your male/female bladder capacity discussion: in The Sims, the females have to pee more often than the males. If you watch, you'll see that the female Bladder gauge turns red faster. My girl Sim wets her pants a lot (you can hear the pee come out and a puddle forms on the floor).
So obviously the programmers thought males have higher urinary capacity.

To: Bryan the lifeguard. Those doorless stalls may be ok for you guys, but there is NO WAY I would poop in front of other females. Do you 'peek" at each others "you-know-whats"?

D dawg's survey.
1. Longest piss: at the end of a 7 hour drive with
a college buddy who wouldn't stop. I just held on and finally pissed for 3 + minutes.
2 & 3. One time after a hernia operation, I tried to piss after 8 hours because the nurse told me to go. She was going to catheterize me but I said no. She then gave me a pill to relax. After awhile I went to the bathroom. And I started to piss, then stopped, then started to gush, stopped again and finally finished. It took about 5 minutes first to start, then to piss on and off for about 3 minutes.
4. In the morning I piss for about a minute. In late afternoon about 1/2 a minute. In the evening about the same. I only go 3 times a day.

When readin about all the people who have huge bladders and can hold for such a long time i was amazed. I personaly have a very weak bladder and have had many accidents. It's my first time posting but I have been reading for a very long time. Anyways this accident happened to me about a week ago. I have one teacher in schol who totaly disagrees with leting anyone out of the class. Even if ur up there holding ur crotch, doing a pee dance or have even started wetting yuorself he won't let u out. Since I have a very smal bladder I have been going to the bathroom before each of his classes. Well this time I was really in a rush and i was thinking to myself that I could feel absolutley no need to go, not even the smalest one so i decided that since i was already runing late i'd skip my bathroom visit before his class for today. Bad mistake! The classes at my schol last 50 mins. No sooner had i walked into class i felt the need to pee. It wasn't a very great urge but it was stil t! here. I tried to ingore it but about 20 min into the course i had to go pretty bad now. I knew there was no use in asking the teacher to be excused so i just crosed my legs and wished for the best. About 15 min later which means 35 min into the course 15 min left to go i was really desperate. I was squirming in my chair and a few minutes later i had my hand thightly grasped to my crotch. You know when u feel that feeling building up on you and u can practiclly feel every drop of water come in ur bladder well that's exactly how i felt. I loked up at the clock and saw that i had 10 min left I kept teling myself I could make it but deep down i wasn't sure i could. My friend sitting next to me asked me if i was ok because i had been squirming around so much and i told her i really needed to pee. She knows that i have a very smal bladder so she told m i should just walk out. I told her i didn't want any trouble but the real reason y i didn't get up was because i thought i would p! robablly loose it if i got up. Oh god now i have to go pee again, badly, i'll hurry this up. So neways finally the ten minutes passed and i was able to hold it all though a few squirts came out. The bel rang but the teacher told us to sit down he wasn't done. I couldn't beleive this we only have 10 min between classes and if i wanted to make it to my next class and go to the bathrom i had to leave now. He kept us for 2 min explaining the home work and then let us out. I was walking out the class on my way to the bathroom and then without any warning it came gushing out. I pressed my hand to my crotch but since my pants were very thin it was coming through my pants and gushing out betwen my fingers. I ran to the bathrom but the damage was done. Every one had seen and my bladder was now completley empty but it had not emptied in the right place! I had no choice but to go to my next class with my pants soaking and to make it even worse whe i got to class my teacher put a news p! aper on my seat. Since that day I've been teased A LOT!

Now before I leave i just have a few questions.
How many people when reading my story or any other story got the urge to pee. It happens to me al the time!
I know lots of you have very small bladders just like mine. Have u ever had any thing similar to what happened to me happen to you.
Sometimes I go to the bathroom and a few seonds later i have to go again really bad. ANd i really mean like 1 min later. Then when i go to the bathroom nothing comes out and after that i squirt a little in my pants. Does this happen to anyone else.
last i would just like to say that I'm fasinated with peeing so if any of you have peeing stories: accidents, holding contest, peeing on urself on purpose... really nething concerning peeing don't be shy and post it i REALLY enjoy them. Now i'd tell u guys an other story but it'll have to be for an other time because am about to explode rite now.
Good pee's to everyone

Punk Rock Girl
Hi there.

Well, I can honestly say I have done it. Yup, I sure have done it. I have found the most disgusting, filthy, repulsive restroom in the world. Colin and I decided to take a few days off and visit my aunt in Pittsburgh (I'm on my aunts computer right now). Well, bright and early yesterday morning, we headed out, lovely day to travel, rain rain rain.

Anyway, a little while after breakfast (pancakes and sausage at Perkins) I felt my usual morning dump coming on, and asked Colin if we could make a pit stop soon. We needed to fill up. Colin, always the frugal one, got off the next exit, somewhere around Allentown, and pulled into a very seedy looking gas station. By now, a load was poking out of my asshole, so I hurried to the office and got the key.

I walked to the side of the building, smiled at Colin as he pumped the gas, and opened the door to the restroom. I'm shocked it didn't stink to high heaven, because it looked like a dumpster had exploded inside. There was garbage, piss, cigarette butts, mud (shit?), graffiti, and what looked like very old puke all over everything. It was quite something to behold.

I could see the toilet seat was covered with grease, dried piss, dirt and other kinds of muck. It looked like it had never been cleaned. I surmised that it was used mostly by guys who just had to piss, as I couldn't imagine anyone in their right mind would sit on that. Unfortunately, I was about to dump a load in my pants if I didn't do just that.

I rolled off a lot of toilet paper and covered every inch of the seat with it. I was really getting desperate, and cramps were starting to creep through my bowels. Finally, when I was sure my bare ass and legs would not touch anything nasty, I unzipped my jeans, and pulled my pants and underpants down to my knees and sat. I long, thick, juicy log slowly forced its way out. It finally plopped into the water with a little wet fart, and I peed. It was such a relief, I temporarily forgot about the cesspool I was sitting in. Then I remembered, oh yeah, I really don't want to be in here.

I stood, wiped my ass, and flushed the toilet, half expecting a geyser of the last fifty patrons' piss, shit and puke to erupt out of it. To my amazement, it flushed right down and the bowl filled back up with crystal clear water.

I gingerly removed my makeshift seat cover and threw it on top of the heap that was overflowing out of the garbage can. I was also amazed that there was soap in the dispenser AND that the hand dryer worked. I finshed up and walked out, a different person.

Of course, I made quick use of the hand sanitizer we were wise enough to buy. If you have to stop and take a shit, or you're one of us who sits to pee, avoid gas station shitters like the plague. Because you just might get the plague if your bare ass touches anything.



Once my brother was on a date and he peed in his pants. Has anyone else done this?

To Amber: Sounds like a nice dump you had...i've had some good ones too
To Evonne: Loved your story...sounds like a nice big dump you had
To Sonny: Enjoyed your story
To Michaela: Loved your story...did you go back and check his poop out? would like to hear more stories
To Amy: enjoyed your story about your b/f and how you all are open..must be very cool
To South of Indy Dude: Thats cool about your g/f...liked your story from scouts...did you ever see any one poop in the lanterns?
To T.S. Michigan: Sounds like a cool movie
To Bryan: That sounds cool...did you see any one else poop there?
To the "HOLD IT" man: Sounds like cool movie sceenes etc
To Jeff: Loved your story..sounds like a cool experence
To Buzzy: Loved your story
To Steve S: Liked your story about your buddy
To Gloria: Liked your story
I saw this surfing dvd yesterday i think it was called Blue Crush and there was a sceen with these girls talking about an old teacher that used to have pee spots on his pants
then there was a part where this one girl was seen on a hotel not sure if she was doing any thing but it was cool

Bryian-Glad you liked the story. All three stalls in this restroom are doorless, and one actually faces the other two so it's can make for pretty good sightings. I'm a a bit of an exhibitionist so I usually take the stall that everyone coming into the restroom looks right into as soon as they come in. I didn't check his toilet after he left, but he flushed, so I figure there was no more than skidmarks, if anything.

I used a park restroom a couple of days ago. This is one of the other few doorless stalls I've encountered. Its kinda creepy, so I don't use it often. There were 5 guys at the urinals, and the stalls were empty. The stall walls are short, no more than 5 ft high. One stall had piss all over the seat, so I took the other one. I wiped down the seat, turned around and pulled down my pants and underwear. I really had to let loose, so I hovered a bit above the seat and dropped my load. This helps to enhance the sound of dumping. While crapping, the guys left the urinals and washed their hands at the sink, right in front of the stall. I didn't look up, but I could see their feet and the direction they were facing. They all looked over to see the guy in the stall crapping. One guy actually stood next to the adjacent stall and was watching me for a little while. He entered the stall and then came back out and watched as I was wiping. I wipe from the front, so I was probably givin! g him quite a show. He went back into the stall, and then I pulled up my briefs and pants, and walked to the sink to wash up. I looked up at him and saw he was an older Asian guy, with salt-and-pepper hair. He didn't bug me much, so I didn't mind him watching me crap.

music dude
LOL, yes, now that I think about it - CCR's Bad Moon Rising _does_ say "there's a bathroom on the right"!!!

I've been laughing my butt off all day, a local Austrailan-like restaraunt advertised some desserts on the radio. One was called "Chocolate Thunder from Down Under" (try it with an Aussie accent). LOL sounds like diahorea (sp)!

I was at the mall waiting to go pee. But I having a great bladder was not in any urge. The women in front of me thoguh was. she was holding her crotch firmly and her legs were crossed thightly she really had to go. I asked her if she'd been holding for a long time and she told me about 4hrs. I thought that was nothing but everybody has different bladders. Finally when she was first in line she started getting really desperate. Two stalls right next to each other emptied at the same time. so we both went in . I sat down and din't start peeing just yet. It was no emergency after all. I waited for the women next door to start peeing but she didn't. I could see her shift from foot to foot and actually jump a little sometimes so I knew she definitly still ahd to go. After 5 mins of sitting on the toilet waiting I decided to do my buisness I started to let my pee out and when the women next door heard me i heard a moan. I finished up and got out of my stall and I think it was abo! ut time because a young teen ran in holding her crotch. I giggled a little to myself and started washing my hands. I was just about to leave when i heard "Hold on, wait, please." I turned a round and saw the lady who had been in front of me in the line open the door of her stall. She was holding her crotch and looked really desperate. I walked up to her and asked her y she hadn't gone yet. She told me that her zipper was stuck and that she couldn't get her pants down. She was almost crying. I asked her if i could try her zipper and she told me she was too shy to do this in front of other people so we both went into her stall. i started playing with her zipper and about 5 min later she said quickly "Move your hand" not to sure what she was talking abut I backed off and then I understood Her pants were darkening and she was crying! I comforted her and told her not to worry. We left the bathroom together and she came over to my house to use my bathroom to get cleaned up. We the! n stayed really good friends!

I was at the mall with my friend the other day and I told her I had to go to the bathroom. I told her I had to pee and she agreed that she did too. We were on the way to the bathroom and she said something really funny that craked me up and that was just to much! I let some of it out but stopped myself. I had a dark spot on my jean skirt a little bigger than the side of the cd. I had to wait in one of the stalls in my blue thong while she blow dryed my skirt with the thing u use to blow dry ur hands! I was so humiliated!!!

Today me and a friend were talking to a girl named melissa about what EXACTLY she does when she gets home and she said she turned on the computer and i said then u go to the bathroom rite? and she smiled and said yes i go pee pee.... laughed and then said she goes tinkel... to explain what melissa looks like she is about 5 1 nice nice nice curves blondish brown hair a soccer player and kind of an "oh my god no way girl" but really cool and pretty. she then said she pulls her pants to her thighs and leans forward and puts i hand on her chin...she also mentioned pooping and gave us her grunting face.. it was the coolest thing in the world i do also get my girlfriend to tell me things about the bathroom and acidentlly one time walked in on her peeing when we had jsut started dating but she really laughed...

D dawg's survey.
1. Longest piss: at the end of a 7 hour drive with
a college buddy who wouldn't stop. I just held on and finally pissed for 3 + minutes.
2 & 3. One time after a hernia operation, I tried to piss after 8 hours because the nurse told me to go. She was going to catheterize me but I said no. She then gave me a pill to relax. After awhile I went to the bathroom. And I started to piss, then stopped, then started to gush, stopped again and finally finished. It took about 5 minutes first to start, then to piss on and off for about 3 minutes.
4. In the morning I piss for about a minute. In late afternoon about 1/2 a minute. In the evening about the same. I only go 3 times a day.

D dawg
To: brian: Im am 18 and she is 15

To: Amber: Yeah, she is pretty big bladdered.

To: All: Keep the long pee stories coming!!!


Evonne-- I think all things having to do with hard bowel movements are interresting...please tell us the whole stroy you recorded on the lap-top while you pooped. It isn't everyday one records a blow-by-blow struggle with a stubborn poop!
Michaela-- You Wrote:
>It reminded me of having a suppository-holding contest with my ex that >i mentioned, and of having my gastroenterologist put his fingers up my >firm butt and helping me to push out some impacted poop. If you guys >wan! na hear about that, let me know.

Oh YES!! please tell us the details especially dealing with the impacted poop-- JW

I haven't posted in a while, just thought I would share a female poop movies scene, mabye you guys have heard about it, but the movie is called "Held up" and that guy (Jamie Fox) and his wife are driving through the desert when his wife gets diarreah, so they drive around trying to find place, 1st they go to a porta potty at a baseball game but it's out of order so they go to a gas station. That's about it though, Jamie does make a joke saying he sees "something peaking out."That's all, bye

Evonne-- Sorry about the second post but I just read your first message on another page. I was wondering if you and your sister are old enough to have gottne enemas as a child like I did? If not what, if anything did yyour Mom do about your poop problem.--JW

I've going to post again, why is it that no one has a problem making doorless men's stalls but yet there are never doorless women's stalls. What do men not need privacy or something, are we less primitive to not have the privelege of a door in front of our stalls? Just wondering.

Traveling Guy
"the 'HOLD IT' man" - Hey, there's actually a word for misunderstood song lyrics, like your example of "There's a bathroom on the right" from Creedence Clearwater Revival. The word is "mongreen." I learned this from some people who were joking on the radio about mongreen examples. One of them always misunderstood the Beatles lyrics as: "JoJo lived alone in Tucson, Arizona // Passed some California gas..."

Michaela - Welcome! Oh, yeah, the secret joy of seeing the other 50% taking a dump whilst out in nature. Yes, too bad you didn't have to dump then. You could have joined him. That's actually happened to me a few times when I was camping, or out in some remote area. The women involved, though total strangers, didn't seem to mind at all that I joined them in their duties, at a discrete distance, of course. In fact, they were quite understanding. Hmmm - I know a Michaela who almost fits your description, except that she's a bit taller than you and has no freckles - I think. She's a cool person, not smarmy 'n all, but just as adventurous as you. I've never discussed bathroom habits with her, but I remember that she was over at our place a few years back and had to use the john several times within a short span before dinner. I wasn't sure which bodily function it was for, though each visit was just long enough to have been a loose bowels problem, maybe. After the ! third time, she said, "I don't know what's going on with my body!" I never asked.

South of Indy Dude - Nice progress with your girl friend. Easy does it.

Where's Punk Rock Girl these days? Any of you New Yorkers know?

Eric in Chicago
All: The technical term for a misheard song lyric is a "mondegreen" (which comes from a traditional ballad with the line "and they laid him on the green" which at least one person heard as "and the lady Mondegreen"). A web search on the term will bring up several sites that catalog mondegreens; both "the girl with colitis" and "there's a bathroom on the right" are very well-known ones (the most famous being "'scuse me while I kiss this guy"). I don't remember too many toilet-related ones, though a certain adult-contemporary classic managed to get translated into "I'll never make you fart"!

South of Indy Dude: "Scout camp constipation" is a recognized condition. From what I've read, some scoutmasters prevent it by making sure the food is really high in fiber so the kids will have to make too much shit to hold it in.

I loved your account of you passing your big one. I know how you feel !
I live in London and am intrigued as to the diameter of a soda can.
Would you tell me what this is in inches please ?
Hope your "butt" is less sore now !
Try lubricating it with Vaseline or KY prior to passing.
Bye for now

Hello once again!

To BRYIAN: I'm glad you liked my story. I didn't take a laxative with my medication. If I had, it probably would've helped a whole lot with my constipation problem. But I was so out of it while one the medication that I'd hate to have seen myself taking a laxative too.

To CLAUDIA CANNED: Nice responses to my survey. It sounds like you make some pretty good poos. I also think it's great that you and your husband are comfortable watching each other pooping. Thanks for your responses!

To EVONNE: Wow, it sounds like you had a really serious poo to get out. I wish I could have been there to see it. I'll bet you felt a ton better after that one finally came out.

To CARMALITA: You have a shortage on guys to watch you poop eh? Too bad I'm not there with you. I'd be honored to watch a girl like you taking your awesome, enormous dumps. (Gotta love that Mexican and Italian food;) Keep those wonderful dumps and stories coming!

Well, keep up the good work girls! I hope to hear about more of your wonderful poos in the future. Until next time.

Yours Truly,


Thursday, June 05, 2003

Hi i was wondering if anyone had been caught with
skid marked panties
i have a few times i will tell later

Does anyone know what happened to Emma & Brooke?

Question 1-I wear briefs about 99% of the time. A couple of years ago, it was boxers about 99% of the time.

Question 2-I pooped in my shorts once, when I was sick and had the runs. I thought I could let out a little fart, but some liquidy stuff came out as well. Not alot, but enough to make me have to change the sheets. I don't particularly like feeling poo squished in my butt cheeks!

Question 1-I'm 25

Question 2-When I dump, I drop everything down to my ankles.

Question 3-When I wipe, I like to do it all. I mostly wipe from the front, so I actually lean back a little bit, and spread my knees apart. I also sometimes lean to the side and wipe, as well as stand.

Hey everyone.....I took a wicked dump last nite. Three long pieces fell out of my ass, and into the toilet. It felt soo good, the soft turds sliding past my rear!!

D-Dawg -
Hey that was a really awesome story about your sister and her friend. I have a question....hav you ever seen your sister poop before? I"m just wondering. Your sister must have really had a long pee in her. The longest I've ever peed in the morning before, is probably around 4 minutes or so. That's really long for me!! Well gotta go, if you have any more stories, I'd love to hear them. luv yas xoxoxo......amber.

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