On my last post I described my sister Liz and the struggle she has everytime she has to poop.. but at that time I had not gone since I took the jb survey and left the story hanging so I have to finish my 'tell all' story.
Its now 4 days+ since my last big one. This morning I got up and got ready for work but just before I left I decided to pop into the bathroom and check to see if anything was ready to come out. I knew if there was, I would not have time but at least I would have an idea what to expect when I got back after work. So I pulled down my skirt and panties and sat down on the toilet. I tinkled a little and slowly pushed.. trying to feel what was back there in my hole. It felt full but nothing moved. So forget it.. I went on to work.
The morning was typical.. paper work and stuff.. and I had forgotten all about my later-coming toilet duty. By lunch I was famished went out to the local deli for a big cheese sandwich and applesause. When I got back to work I sat there for a while cleaning up odds and ends... when I slowly felt a cramp in my intestines along with some pressure. I ignored it but it came back a few minutes later. I figured I better go to the ladies room and check it out.
The ladies room was busy but I found a stall and went in and sat down. It was the dirty old smelly toilet.. I hate this one.. But it was all I could get so I better make a quick check and get out.
I grabbed some toilet paper putting several layers on my finger and leaning forward, arched my back and reached around back to my butt. I usually do this when I want to see how big and hard it is, and sometimes when I have to help it come out. So when I felt my butt.. my hole was already open a little and I could easily get the dry paper in there to feel it.... and it was there alright.. rock hard and really big. I knew it was going to be an ordeal later when I got back to the apartment.
So rather that try to make a scene right there and plug the toilet, I just pushed the turd back into my butt a little more with the toilet paper so my hole would close.. cause I had to get back to work.. they don't like people to be late.
I felt really full the rest of the day, like I had a big pipe in my butt. At 5 I was out of there. Arriving back at my apartment I grabbed my laptop computer and headed for the bathroom. I had to face the inevitable and I was going to record everything I did.. minute by minute. But it really got involved.. a lot of typing as I recorded each thing I did.. pretty gross at times, I am not sure anyone wants to hear it.
So to make a long story short... It was one of my biggest, hardest, poops. When I got it out far enough, I had to use tp to pull on it. Eventually I just broke it off. My sister Liz would be proud. I nearly matched her, almost the diameter of a soda can! about 10" long, straight as a log. It hurt a lot coming out and took about 20 minutes of very serious straining... I do a lot of moaning, groaning and panting during these ordeals and generally make a lot of noise. Thats why I need to do this at home... not at work! If I did this at work I am sure the guys would all be listening around the water cooler... its near the ladies room!
My butt is real sore now... I'll put some of Liz's cream on it to make it feel better. ... I just looked at it with a mirror... its puffy, big and red. Well.. thats the way it always is after having such hard time.

Yamaha- do you know the name of the movie with Sandra Bullock in it?, and all girls i love to hear ur poop stories, it reminds me of the time at the packer game.

when my gf and I were in line to poop and i had to go so bad. I couldnt hold it anymore....hang on......oooh i just farted.....anyways i went to the side of the port a jon and pulled down my pants and panties and squated and pooped right there, it felt soooooo good. Talk to yall soon.

To concerned Dad: Make sure he keeps you informed on a daily basis how his bowels are doing and isn't shy of telling you when he's constipated. Get some glycerine suppositories for the next time he is really constipated and can't get the load out. A suppository pushed well up into his rectum should make his bowel wall start to produce slime within 30 mins and the accumulated load will then be able to slip out easily. You could also try him on gentle doses of senna laxative for short periods, but make sure that he doesn't't have too much so as to make him over loose. Give him just enough at bedtime so that he produces a soft log easily in the morning. Then gradually tail off the dose. You'll need to keep charge of the medicines so that you can supervize fully what's happening. DO post a report as to how he's doing.

Hey there bathroom readers! I've been reading this site off and on for a year now, and the large store of back posts provide a lot of reading, too. I'm a 5'9" auburn-haired woman with a trim, fit, figure and olive skin. I'm Irish and Italian, so my features are interesting. I also have freckles across the bridge of my nose and cheeks, and my shoulders, back, and bum, too. I love to take nature hikes through all the woods near my apartment. A lot of people my age (early 20's) jog or walk or bike through the area, so I've been able to indulge my guilty pleasure - watching guys defecate. It started with one of my ex-boyfriends, who was an older med student and asked me to poop for him once, then i watched him, and that did it for me. Some of the best things in life are free, i guess.
So, the other day, i was doing a nice hike before work and i passed maybe twenty people doing their various activities. Three of the bikers were hogging the road, but i kept my mouth shut because i was treated to quite a show. I had stopped at one point to take a swig of my Nalgene bottle and stepped off the main trail into the brush. I heard movement and shuffling to my left, so i took a cautious step over and saw a young guy dismounting his bike. He had a white t-shirt and tight, dark grey pants on, which he, to my great surprise, lowered before he squatted down with his back to me. His cute, tight little butt spread as he leaned forward onto a thick branch protruding from the ground to his left. I stood stock-still, excited and nervous, as his hairless (i wonder if he waxes?), pink asshole pooched out from between his cheeks, and i heard him grunt. The puckered muscle sudddenly bloomed and a dark-brown tip of a turd emerged. He pushed visibly and it accelerated dow! n and out until it finally shot out of his butt and he groaned again, leaning farther forward. He rocked himself a bit and i could see his anus pushing out and sucking itself back in. He looked like he was straining, and i wished i had to go, too. He sat back on his heels and got out a kleenex. I thought he was done and was disappointed, but then he smeared his finger with something and reached around to his butt. I felt my jaw drop as he probed his own ass and finally pushed his wet finger up inside. he seemed to swirl it around a few times, and the hole bulged as his muscles pushed against the foreign object. After a few seconds, he popped his finger back out of his bum and wiped it as he bore down again, giving little 'nyuhhh....nyuhhh' noises under his breath. It reminded me of having a suppository-holding contest with my ex that i mentioned, and of having my gastroenterologist put his fingers up my firm butt and helping me to push out some impacted poop. If you guys wan! na hear about that, let me know.
But back to the hot biker - his domed bumhole now looked really wet and glistening, but soon it was blocked out by the gloppy feces which pumped out of his butt. His movement had turned really sloppy, but that was okay. The poor guy groaned with each squirt of viscous poop, and it sprayed out onto the leaves and moss with noisy farts. There were a few *bliiiipppp* farts and then some bubbly noise, and his anus would spit. I couldn't smell it, but then, that's not why i watch. At last, after a 'nyuuh....*blap!*', what seemed like the last plug of more solid poop squeezed out from between his red bumcheeks and he raised his ass up to wipe it again. I heard people talking and so i took off quietly, but it was fun while it lasted. i thought later that the biker was probably somebody like Buzzy. I luv u, Buzzy! Your stories are great!
My own butthole is dark around the rim (skin tone, not dirty), smooth and hairless, and pink when it pushes out. I like diarreah stories, too, and induced bowel movements. Write back, cool peeps!

Voltaire: Thanks for that great story! Any girl would be lucky to get to watch a guy shit so big that he clogs the toilet! Yes, my boyfriend sometimes is in the bathroom when I take a shit. He's not actually watching me, but he might be showering or shaving and I just walk in, sit down on the pot and let loose. He doesn't seem to mind a bit. I sometimes walk into the bathroom to get something while he's taking a shit. We live together and only have one bathroom so we've learned that it has to be shared so that we're not late for work or for movies etc. He doesn't get off on it like I do and he doesn't really know that I enjoy it - it's just looked on and treated as a matter of convenience for us both. Yes, just keep joking with that chick about shit topics and she may show more interest eventually than you expected! I guess that you enjoyed that dump big time. What is the toilet paper pad technique? Too bad that you didn't have a chick with you while you shat. Wo! uldn't that be cool!

Claudia Canned
Hey all, here are my survey questions

1. What age group are you from? I'm 41
2. How often do you poop? Usually once a day, sometimes twice if I'm really full, if I exercise a lot or eat something especially spicy.
3. What is the average size and texture of your poop? It's normally soft but not mushy and normally a collection of anything up to ten or twelve 4 or five inch 'logs'
4. Do you usually poop out logs, chunkc, snakes, or a combination? Usually it's small snakey logs (see above), but it can harden up to nubby chunks if I don't go regularly
5. How long does it usually take you to poop? The actual process usually takes no more than a couple of minutes - sometimes I like to sit awhile and enjoy it though.
6. What are the places you like to dump? My house - I have three different toilets to choose from or at the office where they have a really modern/sexy ladiesroom.
7. Are you comfortable with having a girl or guy watch you poop? No problems with my husband or really close girlfriends providing it doesnt smell too gross! I don't like colleagues at work knowing that I'm 'doing it'.Strangely enough, I have no problems with total strangers knowing that I'm pooping.
8. Do you have to push a lot to get your poop out? Usually no, it just kinda slithers out but if I don't go for a while I might have to strain/push it out a bit
9. Do you voluntarily take a poop at first urge, or do you hold it? I LOVE to hold it. If I have the opportunity I'll hold it as long as I can and let the anticipation build. If I'm rushing to work though, I'll just go and empty myself out as quickly as possible.
10. What foods make you do the biggest dumps? Any fast food, steak and pork roasts, red wine, Starbucks coffee, fish, ???? (esp. corn).
11. Have you ever had a BM while dressed? Yes, at first on accident, but sometimes I do it now deliberately
12. Where have you gone to the toilet (other than in a bathroom)? I've gone a lot out of doors, in the sea, in cars and on a bus once.
13. Do you like to see others poop? Yes, I love to see my husband do it and I've seen a few other guys and girlfriends doing it.
14. Which celebrities would you most like to see poop? From the guys, I think I'd like to watch Brad Pitt maybe and girls probably Ashley Judd - they are both sooo cute I can't imagine them on the can!

Yamaha- do you know the name of the movie with Sandra Bullock in it?, and all girls i love to hear ur poop stories, it reminds me of the time at the packer game.

when my gf and I were in line to poop and i had to go so bad. I couldnt hold it anymore....hang on......oooh i just farted.....anyways i went to the side of the port a jon and pulled down my pants and panties and squated and pooped right there, it felt soooooo good. Talk to yall soon.

South of Indy Dude
Small update on my girlfriend. She is no longer afraid at all to pee around me. She won't let me come into the restroom while she does it just yet, but that will come soon enough. She watched me while I peed. I should have asked her to aim for me, though I'm not sure how she would have reacted. Probably not the way I would want her to. She is also getting to the point where she isn't afraid to say she has to fart. The weird thing is, she won't fart around me. We were in her car, and she kept complaining about cramping because she had to fart. I kept telling her to just "let it fly" and she wouldn't. Finally, when she got out of the car she said "Oh, I just farted, by the way." (I probably had a big silly grin on my face after she said that...)

I keep mentioning, though not forcing, that she should let me watch her have a bowel movement. I think It would really bring us closer together. Simply for the reason that it is something she is afraid to do around me, and I think if she could overcome that fear, it would be one less thing for her to hide from me, so to speak. She keeps saying that one of these days she will, she's just not sure when.

On a different subject.. I wanted to mention what is probably the stupidest stunt I ever pulled in my life. I was only in Boy Scouts for one year. (I did all the years of cub scouts, but thats a different subject.) That summer, though, we went to a one week summer camp. Unfortunatly, there was absolutely no plumbing. Just latrines... and I could NOT bring myself to use them. I went to bed each night nearly crying I had to have a BM so bad. The end of the week could not have come soon enough. When I got home, I was sooooooo constipated. It took me probably 30-45 minutes just to get the passages unblocked. Once I got things moving, though, I had diarreah. The floodgates had opened... I guess you could say. Just a suggestion for everyone. NEVER hold your BMs for a week. It's downright painful, and you wont' like it when you finally DO have the movement.

I can relate to the problem your son has, I guess we all have it sometimes.
One thing he can do is to try and drink some prune juice or apple juice for a few days, modertly and that should fix him up.
If he has more trouble in the future you can get to the drug store and buy some suppositories (little glycerene bullets) and jam a few up the butt followed by a finger tip of vasoline to lube up the recturm.
This works well in about 15-20 min most all the time. If this wont work then the only thing left is a small enema. You can get a syringe thats used for an enema that takes about 6 oxz oz of water. Squirt that up the butt and that will cause all that hard stuff to break up and have a huge poop. I like this as its easy to do, fast and you dont get cramps and have to hold it.

I do this when Im jammed up, and the enema when I got the bad cramps and shits from something I ate. I get the bowl all cleaned out and in minutes the cramps are gone and some foul stuff is gone.
Try that and see what happens. Also I didnt mention some fruit and fruit juices work well too. Not taking a dump when you need to causes that problem most of the time, so watch when he goes, you might find he wont take the time to crap like he should.
I hope this helps. I can bet there will be more messages with the same ideas posted here with the same info.
Good luck
Michael M.

T.S. Michigan
(Movies on Cable) Their is a French Film "See The Sea" (English Subtitles) on The Sundance Channel Shown twice a month by the way! Their are two bathroom scenes in the Movie, where one Woman is on the toilet moving Her bowels, (You can only see Her feet, and panties, at Her ankles in the scene with a roll of t.p. near by where She rreaches down to get to wipe Herself) The other scene in the movie shows another Woman whom walks up to the same toilet as the previous Woman moved Her bowels in lifts up the toilet seat cover only to discover the toilet has not been flushed. ( The camera shows two turds in the bowl) The Woman proclaims disgust upon seeing this, flushes the toilet, then proceeds to lift Her nightgown and lower Her panties, then sits down to urinate which You can barely here in this scene.

I started training as a lifeguard at a city pool last week. I was really surprised when I noticed that none of the stalls for men / boys have doors on them, including the lifeguards locker room. Once I used the doorless stall the first time, I was cool. Now, we all try to 'blow fart tunes" when a bunch of us are dumping together. Also, we all make the 'armpit over our noses" when we walk in front of another buddy dumping. It's cool....

Mysterious Man
I've been reading this boards for quite a while, and I truly love all the stories the girls have about pooping. I have a small quiz for some of you girls out there. Here goes:

1.) Could you give a little description of your self? (Height, breast, waist, butt, etc.) :)

2.) What is you age? 10 - 30?

3.) How often do you go?

4.) Do you enjoy pooping? If so, which part of it?

5.) Would You, or have you, ever wanted/let someone watch you? How does it make you feel?

6.) Have you ever taken such a big poop it felt like you were giving birth? How were you acting as it came out?

7.) Do you have to make a lot of grunting, straining, screaming and pushing to get your poop out?

8.) How you ever, or have been recently, constipated? If so, how long for?

9.) Have you ever had an accident in your panties?

10.) Have you ever wanted to sh*t in your panties, just to see how it feel?

11.) What kind(s) of food(s) make you have really big turds, the ones that really hurt?

12.) If it's okay, could you tell me where you live?

13.) If it doesn't bother you, could you give me a brief story of when you were constipated, having an accident or just taking a really, really big dump?

If you want, you can email your stories.

P.S: To Carmalita,

I love your poop stories, and even read your answers on that little quiz, since you mentioned how much you love to poop, why not have some macarooni with cheese along with a couple buritios. (Pardon my spelling, never was very good with spanish :).)

Until next time, my fellows....

the "HOLD IT" man
Speaking of music & toilet habbits, the one that allways threw me for a loop was a song by Creadance Clearwater Revival titled "Ther's a Bad Moon on the Rise." When I would listen to that song, even on the finest stereo equipement, it allways sounds like they are singing "There's a Bathroom on the Right."

Speaking of bathroom scenes on tv or in the movies, I have come across four scenes. The first two are from the tv series "Xena the Warior Princess." In the first scene, Gabrielle is pissed (pardon the pun) because Xena ruined their only frying pan in a fight by bouncing it off the 'bad guy's head. Later in the movie, Xena had to relieve herselt (no specifics were given as to whether it was a #1 or a #2) and she used part of one of Gabriell's scrolls as toilet paper.

The next Xena scene takes place in another ep. You see Xena get up from a device that looks alot like a toilet, and she flushes it as she stands up. Again, no specifics were given as to what she did, but she did coment on how she 'hated' that thing. I forgot what name it was called back then.

The third scene was in a movie staring Jody Foster titles "Panic Room." In this scene, Jody Foster sits on the toilet and you can hear a weak sounding tinkling of water for a few seconds. Then there was a remake of the "Invisable Man" not too long ago where the doctor who developed the invisability drug experimented on himself. The experiment backfired, and he goes crazy. As the plot thickens, there is this one scene where this African American woman had to go to the bathroom. She walks in to the washroom with a pair of infrared glasses so she can see if the deranged invisable man is in there watching, then she comments "It's not even safe to take a piss around here any more" then she sits down to do her business. You hear the hissing (not very strong sounding) begin, then it cuts right to the next scene. I don't remember what the real title of that movie was.

Eric in Chi:

When you sleep, the bladder, like all other muscles in the body, become more relaxed, which makes them more flexible. There fore it is normal for somebody to be able to hold a greater capacity, because the urge is not as strong. The bladder is in more or less a 'sleeping' condition, and it needs time to 'wake up.' Believe it or not, very strong bladders are harder to 'wake up' then very weak ones. Because of their more diminuative capacities, they don't get very relaxed, and usualy a person with a weak bladder has to get up to pee. A person with a strong bladder, on the other hand, will usualy not have an urge at all, or a very weak urg and will sleep through it. That's why some people don't pee right away when they get up in the morning, and that's why most normal people usualy do pee their most in the morning. I wake up at 5 every morning for work, and around 7 on my days off, and I never usualy pee until around noon. When I do, it's quite a gusher, and if I d! rink alot of liquids before I go to sleep, it can be real flood.

John Q:

Your parents are smart. Eliminating your bodily wastes is a very important bodily function to good health and to your very life. You can DIE if your kidneys fail, and you could DIE if for some reason you can't relieve your bowels. Alot of people who come into the hospital have blockages in their bowls, and in extreme cases, surgery was required to remove the blockages. Usualy, very strong laxitives, stool softeners, supositories and enemas will be suficient.

Holdit Man:

Alot of guys tell me similar stories about where they work. One road construction guy who I knew was incharge of the portable out-houses that are used on various jobs. Ordering the cleaning out or replacement of the porta-poties is part of his job, and he has said that he has to reorder or empty the men's toilet twice or more as often as he has to empty or replace the women's. Now in this particular case, there were about 23 guys working on the road crew, and only two women who were holding up the STOP/SLOW signs and directing traffic, but he did also state that while he and most of his men will usualy make 3 trips to the toilet on average, he sees one of the women making one trip at the very end of the shift, and the other woman who has only used it when she becomes absolutely desperate. As raging uraphile pointed out, there is no way to know for sure whether or not they were wearing diapers, but as a woman, I can comfirm that most likely, they were not. I think ! that your attractivbe 40-year old woman was not wearing a diaper, either and some day if you listen hard enogh, you will be in for a treat.


Great site! I remember an event that happened when I was about 15 in England and it still is as vivid as ever. I was walking along a river bank and it was a hot day so I decided to relax under a shady tree on the slope of the bank. The river was fairly narrow and the opposite bank wasn't too far. There was a country road running along the opposite bank and a railway overpass just to the right going over the river. As I was relaxing I heard a car coming down the road opposite the river and it was slowing down. I saw it was a police car. As it came out from under the overpass it stopped and a policwoman got out. I figured they were looking for someone and I thought I'd watch hiden from view. The policewoman walked down the river bank under the overpass and was looking around - I hope she didn't see me spying and think I was the crook! Then to my surprise she lifted her skirt and pulled down her tights!! I saw "everything!" Then she squatted and peed a torrent! Wow! This was an! unexpected show! To my astonishment, as she was peeing she started to poop...a HUGE poop at that! My heart was beating SO fast...I couldn't believe I was watching this and not be seen! She finished up, wiped with a tissue and made her way back to the car. Once tha car had gone I walked over the overpass to the opposite side then went under to the spot the policewoman had been. And there it giant coil of a turd as big as my wrist. Boy did it smell! As it was summer, the flies were already on it. Fantastic! That is a sight I will never forget!

Traveling Guy
Yamaha - So what's the rest of the story about the girl who took a dump on the plane? If she tapped you on the leg and apologized for the stink she made in the lav, there has to a "rest of the story." She could be one of our "fellow travelers." Do tell, please!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

D dawg
This survey is open to anyone who wants to take it:

1)What is your longest piss of all time?
2)Have you ever had a piss that felt like it was about done but it continued for a long while?
3)have you ever had a piss that stopped completley, then came back fully?
4)what is your average peeing time?
5)When do your longest pees occur? (i.e. morinings, after movies, road trips)

thanx -daniel-

John Q Public
Raging Uraphile, 250 militers has me on the verge of wetting myself, but for some reason it takes about 40 minutes before I get that much pee in my bladder. When it starts to fill, though, don't block the restroom door. I don't know about you, but I have a history of incontenence as a child and adolescent. I still can not sit through an entire movie without a diaper.

Not too long ago, I had an accident while out on my walk, so you and I may be in pretty much the same class.

I agree. I have been pretty lucky. I am also not suprised that the person who put our the most in your Physiology class was a woman. Now you take someone like my sister, girlfriend or cousen. They would not even know there was any liquid in their bladders at all at 250 militers. At 500 militers they are at the "should I pee now or wait until..." stage.

Kaitlin. Enjoyed your post. I think it would have been wiser to have swallowed your pride though and used the loos at that place earlier than you did because you only narrowly avoided a major accident by the sound of it.

Concerned Dad. It sounds to me as though your son was very constipated indeed. The best thing you can do to help prevent the problem recurring is encourage him to eat plenty of fresh and dried fruit as well as veg - and keep his fluid intake up too. Bad diet is often a major factor in constipation and it's worth making a few changes to see if it brings about an improvement. It might be worth checking with your family GP if the problem persists though.

Anthea. Liked your story about your experience in hospital. I had an operation a few years ago and was very constipated for several days after coming home as well. My guess is that the anaesthetic plays a part although Katrina, being a nurse, would know more about that. It sounds to me though as though that nurse Helga meant well but she got the 'wrong end of the stick' and unfortunately crossed what I would regard as a professional boundary.

Annie & Robbie. Hi! Enjoyed your latest post. It sounds as though Ellie really brought the roof down in that club! Hope you're both keeping regular.

Sheila. I'd been wondering where you'd gone. Sorry to hear about your problems and I hope they're soon resolved. You must have needed to wee really badly when you wet at work but being under the weather probably exacerbated your need.

I had some raisins at lunchtime and they were quite enjoyable at the time. However I found myself having to go for a very urgent and rather liquid poo at work around 4.30 this afternoon as a result. Luckily I just got to the loo in time!

Best wishes


To Michelle: Enjoyed your story..that wasn't right what that woman told you

To Claudia Canned: Loved your story

To Carmalita: Liked your many of you gals had the shits?

To Kendra: Loved your story..i've always been nevous about having to poop like a time like that at the dentist or while getting a hair cut.

To Infantry SPC: Liked your story about your g/f thats cool how shes opening up to you.

To Evonne: Liked your story..sounds like your sister has some big poops thats cool

To wetguy: Loved your story about you squirting in your pants..hey have you ever squirted the back of your pants say when your pushing really hard to poop? i have....and oh i saw a movie on dvd with a girl peeing..i'll post more about that at the end.

To Voltaire: Liked your story...sounds like a nice dump you had and how big was it? and what did you eat that had seeds in it?

To Amy and the Lucki sportz fanatic: long has lucki sports fantic told you about his intrests and how long have you known about this site? And do you have any stories?

To denise: Liked your story..someone once told me about putting a laxitive in a brownie..i wouldn't do it

To Traveling Guy: Liked your would have been funny if someone pooped on top of them..that reminds me once i lost my earing(im a guy btw) i couldn't find it and i looked where i last put it. it wasn't there...i remember having blew my nose on some toilet paper and i sat it on my night table and i threw it in the toilet but i hadn't flushed, i went back and my earing ended up in the toilet. It got mixed in with the toilet paper.

To Concerned Dad: Liked your could give him a laxitive or ennemal or even suppository might work the best, try that. Good luck

To Dan B: Sounds like a cool dvd

To Buzzy: Liked your story..sounds like a nice outdoor dump! do you think maybe someone was lurking around since you said there was already a pile of poop?

To D dawg: Loved your story about listing to your sis and her friend pee..sounds like your sis peed the old is she and you?

To unnamed poster who had to pee in the bushes cause the bathroom was locked, i liked your story

To JB: Liked your story..i've taken that medication before that makes you constipated...i had to take a laxitive with it..did you?

To Zip: Loved your story...did you check out his stall? see any thing?
and did your stall have a door? theres this store around here and they took off the handicapped stall door..i used it last week but the bathroom was empty and after i flushed and was dressed guys came in.

To anthea: Liked your story

To CC: Liked your story..i've seen that book before. I thought i saw a potty training dvd recently..but im not sure

I posted a little bit ago to Wet guy about a movie(DVD)i saw. The movie was called The slaughter Rule. It was basicly about football and all and he meets this girl and they were making love and the girl got up and went into the bathroom and lifted her dress up and she was peeing. there was no sounds but i knew she was peeing cause the boy said do you have to pee with the door open. It was something like that
well gotta go, sorry for such along post today

It was a beautiful day here in the N.E.on tues morning and i decided to go out to the woods on my bike to do my morning unloading,so at around 8 am i headed out and as I was biking and taking in the morning air,I could feel the fullness in my ???? and the start of some mild cramps and I thought i should start to look for a good spot to do my business.I found a good spot and started to undress as the urge was now getting pretty strong and it felt like it was going to be a good one,so i went into my backpack and got out my mirror.I found this old chair that had the center missing and decided to use that to poo on and I placed the mirror where i could see well as i squatted down on this small chair and looked in the mirror as i could see my anus was ready to open up as i let out 2 long farts i saw it start to dome out and I decided to stop pushing after i let out my pre-poop gas and i could see the 1st part of my poop start to emerge and it came out slowly,but steadily as it! grew and grew.I've been eating a lot of watermelon and as i watched my poop come out i could see a lot of the white seeds from the watermelon in my poop.The poop was pretty soft and very smooth as it glistened in the morning air and then as it started to curl on the ground,I decided to hold it there for a bit and checked out the view with this long turd tail hanging out my very domed anus-I really enjoy the mirror thing-some of you guys should try this!Then as i'm admiring the view,I feel some more cramps and I felt like i couldn't hold it anymore as the turd started to move,i let out some gas that came out as the turd sped up and landed on the groung and it was followed right away by another turd that was lighter in color than the 1st one and it come out fast and then my anus exploded with a lot of soft ice cream stuff as I grunted in relief as I could feel the pressure in my guy start to subside.Then i looked in the mirror and I could see my anus was still pushed out an! d domed,so i waited to do some more as my stomach made a few gurgling sounds and then i felt my rectum start to fill up again and I looked in the mirror as i let out the end of my morning bowel movement with a lot of loose stuff with watermelon seeds and some lettuce which ended with 2 wet farts as i could see my anus was now closed and I felt done,but i then had to pee,so i leaned foreward and started to pee like a racehorse.As i get to the end of my peeing,i farted again and let out this long string of mucus that streched to the ground from the chair, so i let it hang there as i finished up my peeing and then tried to push this string of mucus out,but it wouldn't drop out,so i had to wipe it off with some wet wipes as i pushed out my anus to wipe it and clean up.then as i got dressed, looked at my pile-it was a bunch of poop from the long 15 inch smooth turd to all the soft stuff with a lot of watermelon seeds-it was a nice load as i finished up relieving myself and got d! ressed and i felt great as i biked for about 20 miles and felt inspired!.It was one of those production dumps that i enjoy once in awhile-Hey CARMALITA,you should have been there for this one!You and I should do the mirror thing in the woods together sometime!-i think you would enjoy the view!!Hope all is well with all of you!Let's hear some outdoor poop stories from the ladies!! BYE

I had another good dump last night. I was online around 10pm and the urge started brewing a little. Maybe it hit me cause i was talking about poop with my buddies and i hadn't pooped in 3 days. 10:45 came and the pressure got really intense and strong so around 11pm i got off here and went to poop then i went to bed. I walked up to my bathroom and i felt the log head poking out. I get my blue addidas shorts and boxers down to my ankles and i started pushing. i really had to push. I felt the log drop in the bowl. I still felt full..i pushed more and only a little more came out. Then i stood up and looked at my creation i had a big turd it had to be atleast 14 inches and it kinda looked like a bow or like this & curved around like that. I admired my load for a few minutes, then i went to wipe and im like, i gotta flush that..big mistake, the toilet got backed up so i hurried up and finished wiping(wiped a good was stickey) and ran to the other bathroom to get the p! lunger. I used it and it all went down then i went to bed.
i hope you all like my storie..this is like my 3rd best dump this spring...maybe its the weather...cause im finding my self having to poop usally ever 3 days and they been big ones too

Oh btw..i saw another dvd yesterday it was called Sally and there was this mental man and he was seen peeing outside. thats it now
well i gotta run bye

Person that is here
Am I normal? I sometimes want to whiz on the carpet? What's ^ with that?????????????????

Steve S

To Wetguy

My buddy is 20 years old and I new he had to go real bad while he was getting dressed because he was complaining the whole time. I don't think he was embarrased because we're really good friends and he new the spot would dry before we got to the gym. He did say that if he had waited any longer that he would have really wet his pants. What a bitch to try to hold it back just to loose it all in front of the toilet. One of these days he probably will because he's the kind of guy that waits to the last minute.

I am new to this board, and am very glad to find a place to tell you about my experiences. I am very shy and only like to go to the toilet at home. I have an awful brother who always leaves the toilet in a huge mess. He often doesn't flush, and seems to be able to poo much more than anyone else. I often find the bowl full up with huge stinky poos. If I ask him to flush he just laughs at me, and I can bet the next time he goes he will leave the bowl even fuller. He and I have to share a toilet, so its hell for me. There is no key in the door (our parents feel that doors shouldn't be locked) so he bursts in on me at every opportunity. I have even tried going in the middle of the night, but if he hears me he will come wandering in, pretending that he has to go immidiately - its really embarrassing.

It's been a few years since my last accident, but I finally had another really embarrassing one today. The last accident I had, I was wearing a short skirt and went diarreah in my pantyhose, which ran all over my legs inside my pantyhose and was really embarrassing as I walked to the restroom. Today, I was also wearing a short skirt, but was wearing panties instead of pantyhose, but it was still really embarrassing. I had diarreah and was at the mall. There was a line outside of the ladies room, so I stood there and struggled to hold it in. But there was a slight moment when I let my guard down and momentarily didn't squeeze as hard as I should have to hold it in. A big swarm of diarreah literally splashed out and filled my panties. My panties weren't even big enough to contain the diarreah, and the diarreah overflowed in my panties and dripped down onto my legs, socks, shoes and floor. I was so embarrassed, that I just stood there and felt my face turn red. It was ! pretty loud in the mall, so fortunately the people in front of me didn't hear it or realize that I had an accident. I became so hopeful that nobody saw what happened and that they were all busy doing something else to notice. But then I turned around, and the woman directly behind had seen what I did, and she was giving me an angry look. I didn't know what to say, and the woman looked down at my legs and said "oh shame on you, look at what you did, young lady!"

Recently I had to leave home very early to go to an East Yorkshire (UK) town. Of the 3 daily "sh"'s I have each morning, I was only able to have a shower and a shave, the third one (turd one?) was not dictated by my mind.

When I got to my destination, I felt the urge. I don't like to ask to use the toilet at a place I am visiting in connection with my work if I can help it - only for a pee and a quick wash and freshen up - and found a Public Men's. There were several urinals and a sitting room. If possible, I prefer to do the 2 operations separately, and so I used the urinal first. I then went inside the cubicle, and found, not unusually, no lock on the door. That didn't bother me too much, but what DID was the fact that the seat was cracked rather badly. There was a danger of it pinching the flesh of my bottom, and the possibility of a blood blister, when there might be germs within the crack (although I can say that the toilet had recently been cleaned). I didn't think it would be over-hygienic to sit on the toilet with the seat up, and so, as there was plenty of paper, I wrapped several layers round the crack.

In a lot of public toilets in the UK managed by councils, the paper (if there is any)is often the old fashioned sort, often a brand called San Izal, with an anti-germ treatment, the sort which we used at school for tracing maps. That is less porous than the tissue which is more popular today, but probably better for covering up cracks. The sort in this public toilet was the more modern tissue.

I was dressed in my best suit, and there was no hook on the door. So I folded my jacket neatly over my brief case, making sure it didn't touch the floor. Likewise, I was careful with my trouser bottoms, lifting them up my legs, before undoing belt, clip and zip, and lowering myself down, left cheek (not on my face) ensuring that it didn't disturb the paper wrapped round the crack. I Had anybody burst in on me - which they didn't - they would have seen me, looking immaculate, clean, pressed white shirt, carefully tied tie, polished black shoes. And so I began one of the most enjoyable and relaxing functions of any day. The evacuation over, I used quite a lot of the paper - my productions are fairly soft. Half standing so that my trousers didn't touch the floor, I pulled them up, fastened up, flushed all away, and put my jacket back on. I had a hand-towel in my brief case, and some soap, and washed my hands and left.
To Crazy (Post 1132) Answers to your questionnaire

1) How old are you? 34

2) When you dump, are your trousers round ur ankles,shins,knees or thighs? Round my ankles (unless the floor isn't very clean in a public toilet). The further away my trousers are from their normal position, the more I enjoy it, and the more freedom it gives to my muscles. I have taught my own boys to be 'anklers', by watching me. It is a unique, daily, important activity. You may as well enjoy it if you can.

3) When you wipe, do you stand up, or lean to one side? I fidget a lot, to wipe thoroughly from all angles. If I stand up, I can't get the paper far enough inside my bottom. I LOVE wiping.

Does anyone know what happened to Emma & Brooke?

Michelle: I am sorry for your misfortune. I am blessed that it has not happened to me. I've come close, though.

Kendra and Sentinal Chick: I was a kid in elementary school. See my earlier posts about the dentist. I used to be nervous when I went to the dentist. So I would have to go to the toilet prematurely.

Carmalita: What a story. I've had those close calls, but I sat on the seat. In college, I was taking summer tennis lessons. I had to make #2 badly and lessons were an hour off. I changed into my navy tennis shorts and navy tennis briefs and headed for the locker toilets. I loosened my clothes in the stall and sat on the bowl. I evacuated three large dark-brown pieces. They were thick in diameter and 6 inches. It was a fast movement. Then, another 2 more baked potato sized pieces evacuated with a fart and then I urinated. A Puerto-Rican girl, Veronica who was taking ballet lessons walked in and said someone is making a ca-ca grande. She took the stall across and lowered her grey wool tights and white panties to her ankles and released a soft creamy bowel movement, with dribbly farts. This did not stop. She released another creamy movement. It was continuous. I called for her and she recognized my voice. She said, she should have known that was me, because I was known in t! he girls athletic dept for my bowel habits. This girl, Veronica was no different. I started to wipe my undersides.
I flushed and came out to wash my hands. I asked the ballerina if she was alright. She said yes and that she had a giant omelette for breakfast with everything in it. Then she said, "one more" and then I heard a long sputtering fart. She took a lot of paper to wipe. She sat, then stood on her tip-toes and bent her knees outward. When she came out of the stall she did not flush. She washed her hand and adjusted her pantyhose and underear waistbands. I peeked into the stall. There was a yellow rope of soft doo-doo on the inner front wall of the toilet bowl.

I just heard Joey Reynolds on WOR Radio say, "4 out of 5 people suffer from diarreah. Does that mean that only one enjoys it?"

To Kaitlin - Cool story. I would never have wanted to crap there either. By the way, I am 18 and male.

To Janet - That's a pretty tough situation. Depending on who I was handcuffed to, I might have just gone in my pants and make the other person do the same.

To Jessica - Awesome story about babysitting. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom at all when babysitting or at the park???

To pee gurl - Sometimes late at night if I have to pee real bad, I'll just hold it until I start pissing my pants because I don't want to make noise going to the bathroom. I'll usually just squirt for a few minutes and then I don't have to go so bad anymore.


Claudia Canned
There was a post a while back from a girl who was worried about going on a camping trip with her boyfriend and what the toilet arangements would be. It made me think back to my first hike with an ex boyfriend some while ago. We hadn't been dating long and I really wanted to make a good impression, I got new hiking boots and a couple of pairs of pretty sexy shorts to wear on the trail but I was also pretty ignorant about the whole camping thing, thinking that there would at least be some kind of shower/toilet facilities where we camped for the night. First night after we cooked dinner on the fire, my boyfriend said he had to "use the restroom" and vanished into the night in the middle of nowhere! Anyway, a few moments later I heard him make several rapid-fire farts and a low groan and I realised he was going in the bushes just a few feet away in the darkness! This totally freaked me out becuase I also wanted to go (hiking is a lot of exercise for this city gal!), but there wa! s no way I was going like that. On the second day, I felt my stomach get fuller and I had really bad gas. I usually go everyday at home, so I was certainly due to let it all out. Eventually I told my boyfriend about the cuase of my discomfort and by breakfast on the last day, when I could hold it no more, I did it a few feet off the trail. I was crying I was so embarrassed! I wanted him there to make sure I didn't sit on pioson ivy or get attacked by any insects/animals, but it was so humiliating having him watch me with my shorts and panties off, straining to get the by now huge turds out. By the time I finnished, of course, I felt a lot better and my boyfriend was very sweet and said he could tell I REALLY need to go badly! I love the out of doors now, and especially the freedom of squatting down and doing what comes naturally, but if you're heading into the wilderness this summer with your honey, you might want to check on the toilet arangements first!

To Kaitlin - Cool story. I would never have wanted to crap there either. By the way, I am 18 and male.

To Janet - That's a pretty tough situation. Depending on who I was handcuffed to, I might have just gone in my pants and make the other person do the same.

To Jessica - Awesome story about babysitting. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom at all when babysitting or at the park???

To pee gurl - Sometimes late at night if I have to pee real bad, I'll just hold it until I start pissing my pants because I don't want to make noise going to the bathroom. I'll usually just squirt for a few minutes and then I don't have to go so bad anymore.


Hola mis amigos,

BUZZY: Oh, how I wish I could go with you on a woodland bike ride. I think you're a sweet devil, and would be a lot of fun to hang with. I wish you could come with us girls, you'd be very welcome.

TRAVELING GUY: I've changed my mind hon. Come looking for me in two minutes instead! Besos y abrazos mi amor.

TEDDY BEAR: I too know those tributaries off the Snake River well. I've also caught Rainbows and some wide-mouth Bass further up the canyon. I used to use powerbait, but in the Snake, I found that using flies work better. I also use pasta! I'll get a hit everytime with spaghetti. Lisa's poop sounds absolutely delightful and hot!! I know that feeling of a turd just hanging there, then gradually tapering off. Those are the hard, thick and sticky ones. I like 'em when you can hear 'em hit the ground! "Carmalita camp coilers!" I also know the area real well and can see it in my mind, so this was a wonderful story for me to read! Thanks for telling it.

JB: I'm flattered that you like my big poops, but I think many women do large poos. I think it might be how our bodies are put together. Women's bodies are more centered, especially in our hips. Yes, I absolutely love to poop in front of "company". Especially men. I'm not around that many men these days, so it would be really nice to take a nice steamy-creamy in front of a guy who really wants to be with me while I'm doing it. Yes, I do hope you find a girl who will share your interests. We're out there!

FM MATT: I don't always have big poops, just most of the time. The "pie was a massive dump indeed and took several wipes. Often, my friend Nu is at my place, or I'm at hers. We take turns wiping each other quite often. For that big dump of mine, I can't remember, but I think it took the usual wiping. Me and Nu both usually wipe about 6 times apiece. I use lots of paper, and go through rolls fast.

DEEP CLOUD NINE: Thank you sweetie. I rarely ever tell pee stories because it seems that few people want to hear those. Pee stories are exciting too--and they don't stink! Hmmm, specimen stories. Well, I have them, but they don't seem too exciting. The pee episodes that I really love are the ones where I've been holding it for a long, long time and it comes out like crazy. I'll tell you what really gets me when it comes to peeing, are guys!!!! I love watching guys piss! I love seeing their dicks, and the pee coming out. I know I probably sound wierd, but it's true. You know how many women have said that "size dosen't matter"? Well, that's absolutely true as far as sex goes, but when it comes to peeing, I love to see men with big penises whizzing! I love to see men with ANY size penis whizzing! It really gets to me. I love how a guy can just whip it out and spray. I guess I just love the male aparatus!

ERIC IN CHICAGO: Thanks for the tip hon! Anyway I can irritate spammers is fine with me.

Today was a crazy day at school. Just before my next class, it hit me hard and I knew I had to shit bad. I was feeling so good just before it happened too. I had my hair curled and hanging down long, with big gold hoop earrings wearing a black button up skirt, black strap slides and a purple sleeveless top. I felt like I was feeling and looking good, and then, from under my skirt, I could feel a turd pushing the fabric of my undies. Walking quickly, with my legs almost together, I'm sure I must've seemed obvious. Plus, trying to move fast in those clunky slides was awkward and noisy. I found that if I took deep breaths I could hold the poo in a few seconds longer. As I climbed the stairs near the library, I could feel it coming. I was so freaked because I just knew I was going to crap my panties with an enormous Carmalita turd. Little by little, the thing was testing my cotton panties. When I finally got to the women's room, I ran in, grabbed a stall, ripped my panties d! own and before I could get squatted, a big turd started squeezing out like crazy! Part of it hit the seat, and part of it fell on the floor. It was like a huge 4-pounder that shot out of me like a missile. I hovered over the seat, moaning and grunting as a barrage of poop came squeezing and dripping out of my tight little buttcheeks. The smell? Disgusting! During a let up of poop, I pulled off about 3 yards of toilet paper and scooped the turd chunk off the seat so I could sit. Then, while seated, I scooped the other big chunk up off the floor. There's nothing worse than the smell of fresh shit that didn't make it to the water. Finally, I was on the toilet, grunting, stinking, and squeezing out more poop when finally I felt the relief of having loosened my bowels. About a gallon of hot piss started flooding out after all that, and as I peed and farted leftover gas, (I sound disgusting, I know) I realized a horrible dilemma: there was no more toilet paper on the roll. With my! fingers, I pulled my inner thighs back far enough to see how much poop was in the toilet. Damn, it was filled, some of it floated above the water. The only good thing was that the toilet didn't clog, and after three flushes, that mound of gnarly poo went down. After that, I snuck out of the stall, grabbed about 3 more yards of TP from the next stall, then finished wiping my ass. From there, I grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser and used toilet water to clean up the floor and seat in my stall. I also washed my butt and the backs of my thighs to remove any possible poop smear. Talk about a miserable, huge dump.
I went home after that, feeling sick. I was still sick when I got home, and still have some ???? problems right now. No more pooping though. I dropped a ton of it at school! Nu's over here to keep me company tonight, so I guess I'm going to go to bed now. She arrived just after I got home with a bad case of loose shit that smelled like rotten eggs. She crapped for almost 15 minutes. I think we got ahold of some bad Ranch dressing at a restaurant last night. Still, what a horrid poop day. I can't believe how close I came to shitting my panties at school--worse yet, with one of my turds!!
Oh well, 'snuff for now!

To Sentinal Chick:

Glad you liked my story. I have had other accidents. My bowel movements are unpredicatable. I have to go whenever and wherever which gets me into trouble sometimes. One time I had a dentist appointment and I was waiting in the lobby when I had the urge to take a dump. I sat reading a magazine and tried to ignore it but the urge kept getting stronger. I got up and went to the women's restroom but it was locked. It was only a one toilet restroom and someone else must have been in there. I went back and sat down and resumed reading my magazine. A new set of urgency hit me as I really had to take a dump bad. My poop was pressing hard to come out. If I wasn't sitting in my seat with my anus blocked, I am sure I would have had an accident. I kept watching the door of the women's restroom hoping the lady inside would hurry up.
Just then the dental hygeinist called my name to come back. I stood up and tried to force my poop back up inside of me the best I could. The hygeinist showed me to my chair and said the dentist would be in in a minute. As I sat there I really needed to use the restroom. My turd would start coming out of my anus and I would have to force it back in by clenching my buns tight while raising slightly out of my chair. By the way a dentist's chair offers little resistance in which to hold back a poop. The dentist finally came in and examined my teeth. I was breathing kind of hard and irregular and I was figiting to keep from letting my poop out. I think he thought I was just nervous because he said, "nothing to be nervous about; you don't have any cavities." He proceeded to clean my teeth and in the middle of my cleaning I really had to go bad. I tried to tell him, but when you have toothpaste and salavia built up in your mouth, you can't talk very well. Finally, he w! as done. He went to get my chart and said he would be right back. I had to go really really bad by this time. I had my buns clenched tight but this time my turd kept emerging from my anus. As I struggled to get down from my chair, my pants filled with poop. I raced to the restroom and forturnately it was vacant. I had a big wad of poop in my panties which I emptied into the toilet. I had some wet wipes in my purse which I used to clean my butt. I threw my panties away and washed up and then went back into the dentistal patient's room. It kind of still smelled like someone had farted in the room. The dentist stuck his head in the door and said, "there you are, you're done." I don't think he or anyone else realized that I had crapped my pants in his office. It's embarrassing just to tell this story. I hope I haven't offended anyone.

hello, im male and new here so havent bothered with a name yet! this is quite interesting. the thought of girls shitting does turn me on a lot and its facinating how more people are joining this site. i would just like to explain about my shits. lately i have had mainly floating soft turds, i never used to have these before and im wondering what it may be? could any one help here please? ok thats its for NOW.
'the unknown poster'

Infantry SPC
hello all,

Well I just turned 21 last saturday, and I had a great day. I got home from duty(no pun intended) early on the 31st(my b'day) to find my girlfriend curled up in my bed as a surprise... I went to sleep with her (saving all the fun for later)and when we woke up in the late morning(around 10 am ET)she picked out her clothes from her gym bag, and headed for the bathroom. I made a few phone calls to my friends about when we were going to meet up, when I noticed that I had been on the phone for 15 minutes before the toilet had flushed, and she had been in the bathroom for about 20. I heard the shower run and about 5 min after that she came out almost completely dressed. It was my turn to shower so I took what I needed ( a towel) and headed in. There was a very faint poop smell mixed in with the floral scent of erbal essence shampoo, and the seductively powerful aroma of victoria's secret perfume. there were no skidmarks in the toilet bowl, which made me think that it wasn! 't a very large or messy dump she took. But later when we got to a diner for a late breakfast, she decided to answer a question that I asked her when I told her about my interest in women pooping. The question was: If you poop everyday, what time do you have to poop? When she answered the first time, she said "anytime I gotta go." but yesterday while we were waiting for our omelettes to come, she said "Baby, I was just noticing that lately I have to shit right before I take shower." I just smiled at what she had to say because the next words ot of her mouth were " I seem to have to shit alot more around you..." At that point I was starting to laugh, when she held my hands and said that she just wanted me to know that.
Later after some shopping we came back to my place and were laying on my bed when I noticed a poop smell emerge in my room. I looked at her, and she looked at me and at the same time we said "Did you fart?" Since nither of us could claim responsibility for fart we just giggled and sat around playing XBOX. Right before I prepared to post this, I got off the phone with her. She said she just got out the shower...

Carmalita- I wish I could have heard the ripping fart Nu let loose. Do you find that going running makes you want to poop more? for me it has never really been that way(since the army makes us run alot) I find that I can't poop if I go for a long run.

well, gotta go. time to work out...

To Kaitlin: Liked your story...were there doors on the stalls?

To unnamed poster: about pooping your pants..liked your story

To Bob: Loved your story about your child hood friend

To Laura Beth: Welcome...sounds like you have some big dumps!

To Yamaha: I've heard about that movie and i liked your story

To Janet: Liked your story

To Embarassed: I enjoyed your story

To man of science: All starches

To Alfreeda: Sounds like a nice dump you had

To Amber: Sounds like a nice dump you had on friday

To ryan: Liked your story..sounds like you were really sick

To Jessica: Loved your story

To pee gurl: Liked your story

To Christine: Loved your accident old are you?

To Steve S: Liked your story

To Jay 1. Boxers 2. yes...i was at work and i had very bad diahreaha and i couldn't get to the toilet in time

To John dingler: Liked your story

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