I took the JB survey a few days ago cause I felt other girls might want to know about me and my big poops. But I have a sister, Liz, she has difficult bowel movements also. To tell it like it is... growing up, we both hated going to the toilet. I think its beacuse we always had a hard time and it hurt!! We went for days holding poop in fearing how it would hurt coming out. Well, it seems we still have not changed our ways.
The reason I am open about these things is because my sister Liz and I, when we were little... and on into our 20's, always did everything together... including being in the bathroom on the toilet or putting on makeup and such. We are both slender and shapely with dark auburn hair. I am 34 now and my sister Liz is 36, but slightly smaller than I... but she does bigger poops than me! Sometimes when combing my hair, getting ready to go out, my sister is on the toilet trying to poop. To describe it, first she would lifts her butt off the seat, reaches around with her hands to spread her little butt cheeks as wide as she can and sits back down. I think this is to get her opened up a little in advance. Then she takes a deep silent breath, closes her eyes, bends over slightly with her hands together and bears down hard, trying not to be so noticeable. Her face turns bright red as she pushes hard... several seconds of trying to force it out.... then a short silent sound.. Oh! h..aa, a gasp and repeat.. sometimes up to 10 or 15 minutes. I can easily watch all this as I am putting on powder and glancing at her in the mirror. It takes her quite struggle to get it started.
She always does these really super big poops... some look to be the diameter of a soda can! I always try to see what she produced and one time I saw a huge poop laying in the toilet sideways in the toilet. It was about 10" long, soda can diameter straight log, but a bit bigger on one end with big bumpy knobs. A huge one! She said "Had a real hard time with this one! It hurt bad! Its always that first big part that gets stuck in my butt". Liz's butt would always be sore after the ordeal and she would always use her finger and put some kind of soothing cream on and in her hole.
As for myself, I have not gone poop since taking the survey. I dread I might have to go by tomorrow. But I won't go at work anymore, even if I have to, because the first time I did, I clogged it good, and someone complained to the manager about the huge plug in the toilet. If that happens, I will just have to wait til I get home.

To Steve S. - Loved that story. By the way, how old was the guy that squited in his pants. Was he embarrased or was it no big deal??? Sometimes I get dressed before peeing and I always have to piss wicked bad. It also happened once when I was at the mall with my dad. For background, I am currently 18 and male, though I plan to remain male for a long time!

It happened 3 years ago, so I was 15 at the time. I was picking out some new pants for school, and was wearing a pair of baggy tan cargo pants at the time. We had just arrived and I immediately had to pee real bad because I didn't go before leaving home. However, I didn't know where the bathroom was and didn't want to tell my dad yet because he would be angry that I didn't go before leaving. I had to be in constant motion while looking through the various racks and shelves, and I also sneaked some squeezes of my dick when no one was looking. Nothing helped, and I was soon real desperate. I decided to go try on some pants, where I would be alone and would have the chance to really to a pee dance and squeeze in private while trying the pants on.

I did so, and then took my pants off, so now I was just in my boxers. Then I started putting the other pair on (some tan dockers), all the while needing to keep one hand buried in my crotch. Once I got the new pants on, I got a huge wave of desperation. I had to piss soooooooo bad at that point that I was on the floor squeezing myself. It was the worst that I'd had to piss in my life up until then. I couldn't even stay still long enough to see how the pants looked. The main goal became not peeing in these pants and then having to go out and explain to everyone that I did so at 15 years old. It would have been humiliating. So I dragged myself out of those pants and put mine back on, pee-dancing the whole time. I was still doing my dance when I emerged, and I knew that I was going to either going to pee in the bathroom or in my pants within 5 minutes.

I was forced to ask a pretty hot girl about 3 years older than me where the bathroom was while still shifting from foot to foot. That was embarrasing in itself. I told my dad and hurried to the bathroom, but I started losing squirts on the way. When I got to the bathroom, I started whizzing in my pants for about 2 seconds before gaining control again. I then unzipped and enjoyed the most relaxing piss of my life. I had about a golf ball size wet spot on the front of my pants, which I could only half-cover with my shirt. The rest was there for all to see during the rest of my shopping.

Just recounting it makes me remember how incredibly badly I had to pee, especially in that dressing room. If there is one thing I learned, it was that it's very difficult to get pants on and off with crossed legs and one hand on my crotch!


To Kaitlin - Cool story. I would never have wanted to crap there either. By the way, I am 18 and male.

To Janet - That's a pretty tough situation. Depending on who I was handcuffed to, I might have just gone in my pants and make the other person do the same.

To Jessica - Awesome story about babysitting. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom at all when babysitting or at the park???

To pee gurl - Sometimes late at night if I have to pee real bad, I'll just hold it until I start pissing my pants because I don't want to make noise going to the bathroom. I'll usually just squirt for a few minutes and then I don't have to go so bad anymore.


Amy: Thanks a bunch for your reply! Are you involved with anyone right now, and if so, does your present boyfriend watch you and vice versa? By the way, the friend is female, but she's one of those really nice, extremely open-minded girls, so I'm pretty sure that the worst that could happen is that she'd not want to talk about the subject. She jokes around a lot about taking dumps and such, so that would give me an out if it didn't go too well. Anyway, one good turn deserves another, and as I just got back from the bathroom...

During the past few days, I've been eating a bunch of different foods that I hadn't eaten before, due in large part to being in a different part of the country. On top of this, I hadn't had much time to go to the bathroom, as my schedule was pretty busy. So, that meant that once I got home, I had to take a big dump. (And just for you, Amy, I'll try to be descriptive about it.)

I pulled my pants down to my knees and sat, allowing myself to relax. I knew this was going to be big, as I had _that_ feeling inside of me. And it was. I exhaled slowly as a large sticky chunk made its way from my back regions, plopping loudly in the water. Two others like this eased out of my intestines, and I smiled in relief as each of them landed on the first, making a sort of wet slapping-squish sound. There wasn't much gas involved, and no urinating, just pure crapping. I stood before wiping to look at what I'd produced, and I was greeted by the sight of a large, trisected pile, dark tannish, with little seeds or something that hadn't been digested. I was slightly afraid, because although it had eased out rather easily, the dump had been fairly solid, and was threatening to clog the toilet. Worse, that bathroom that I was using was not equipped with the best of plungers; in fact, the plunger was too small to even be called that. Crossing my fingers, I sat back dow! n and cleaned up, using the toilet paper pad technique, which worked rather well. Then, dropping the paper in, I pulled up and flushed.

Barely anything happened. The pile sort of gurgled out of sight, but the water level barely changed from its full position, and the toilet paper merely floated in the water. Frowning slightly (but inside feeling kinda proud, as I've never clogged the toilet like that before), I set to work unclogging the toilet, and with a couple of test flushes, it was good as new.

Hope that's satisfactory. And if anyone didn't like it, sorry for wasting your time.

Amy and the Lucki sportz fanatic
To Teddy Bear -
I was thinking the same thing about those girls. Maybe they didnít want to stand there in the ocean and do it, so they went on the beach where waves werenít crashing into them. I donít know though. Oh well, what can you do. Anyway, can you believe the Devils lost? Grrrrrr, well theyíll still win lol donít worry. Now onto your award winning post. You are so lucky that you got to see her take a poop in the woods. I love the details that you use in your stories about Lisa. I enjoy reading all the stories about her. She must have looked so cute squatting there right? And you got to see her poop the next day right? Jeez dude, you really lucked out. If so, can you provide any detail on the poop that she did the next day? Thanks. Last question: Did you ever see her poop outside in the woods again? Thanks alot man!

Guess whoís here everyone? Amy is!!!! Sheís gonna take this survey right now because I gotta run to the hardware store...............Hey itís Amy right now. I didnít realize that people talk open about peeing and pooping. Oh well. Iím gonna give my answers to this survey if thatís okay......

1. What age group are you from? Iím 22
2. How often do you poop? I usually poop every other day, sometimes once a day for a few weeks straight
3. What is the average size of your poops? 5-10Ē inches long
4. What texture are your poops usually? Usually firm, but sometimes theyíll be on the softer side
5. Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, snakes, or a combination? Logs (pieces)
6. How long does it usually take you to poop? 3-6 minutes
7. What are the places where you like to take a dump? My house, my boyfriends house (Lucki Sports Fanatic), and if I have to, outside
8. Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop? Yes I am
9. Do you have to push alot to let out your poop? Not really
10. When you take a dump, about how many poops do you let out? I usually do one big piece and a smaller piece beside it. When my poop is softer, Iíll do about 6 pieces that are each about 3Ē inches long.
11. Does it take very long for you to take a poop? Nope. Sometimes it will even take me less than a minute.
12. Do you voluntarily take a poop at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient? I go when the urge gets bad enough to go
13. What foods make you take the biggest dumps? Hamburgers, hotdogs, and vegetables

a couple days ago i was at my boyfriends house and our friend was there too... well ahmed went out to get pop from the store (my boyfriend) and scott is my good friend and wve always messed around playing jokes on eachother... but earlier we ate i had a browny but scott switched it with a laxative... i had to go to the bathroom and we were downstairs but i was watching a show with probly 2 mins left then scott said hed be right back and then he locked the door... then all of a sudden a major wave hit me. i thought that ahmed would be home soon but it wasnt soon enough. i held it in with my hands then it all came out... mostly liquid. i was wearing panties (nice ones) with these white pants that are tight at the knee it flowed right through my panties and down my legs completely filling my pants. the smell was horrible then i just started to cry. i didnt sit down but i stepped on a toy then my ankle gave and i fell right on my butt so some poop came right out of my pants on! to ahmeds nice carpet.. when ahmed came home i found out that it was him AND scott that did this and had got it on camera ahmed was dumped instantly then he mouthed me off and kicked me out of his house with my completely soiled pants and it was 100% brown on the back end of me i got laughed at all the way home (almost 20 blocks) then i went to the bathroom and cleaned up... i hate ahmed now

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...) 16-25
2)How often do you poop? Every other day usually.

3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter)
probably about 10 - 12in long and 3in in diameter

4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...) solid usually.

5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above? logs

6)How long does it usually take you to poop? less than a minute

7)What are the places like to take a dump? I only feel comfortable going in my own bathroom really, but i can go in bathrooms in other residential homes. i don't use the bathroom to poop in public.

8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop? no

9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo? Not at all. As soon as i sit down it slides right out. sometimes i'm not even fully seated before it starts coming.

10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out? Usually 1 very large one

11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo? no

12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient? I hold it if I'm not at home. If I'm home I go when I first feel the need.

13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps? chinese food, and picnic food.

I heard something on the radio this morning that a class of school children got rewarded or something for taking tests and they had a Fear Factor party or something and did crazy things. I heard where this kid(or children) had to smell dirty diapers and try and guess what the baby had eatten. Did any one here this?

Traveling Guy
Like Kaitlin, I also went out on Saturday night. Some friends and I went to a local club to hear a jazz trio. The jazz was really cool, all three hours of it. At one pont, I excused myself to take a pee. The jazz room is located downstairs, adjacent to a bar, in the basement of this restaurant. The men's room down there has just one toilet and a wash sink. There's no urinal, though, which suprised me for a bar. There were beautiful, orange, Italian wall tiles, though, and it was spotlessly clean. When I stood in front of the toilet and looked down, there at the bottom of the bowl was a set of keys that someone had dropped. What to do? If I peed and then flushed, it might mess up the plumbing. If I took a leak and just left it, that would be gross for whoever had to fish out the keys - and I'm not a nice enough guy to do that favor for a stranger. It didn't take me a second to think of another solution.

The women's room next door was a mirror image of the men's. I lifted the seat, took a good, long, relieving leak, wiped off the bowl rim, and put the seat back down. (Just being thoughtful to womankind!) I'd had some gas all that afternoon and evening, so I cut a long, BRAAAAAAP! of a fart that echoed off the tiles and smelled kind of rank, and then I washed up. There was no one nearby when I had gone in, but when I opened the door to leave, two young women were in line. They gave me a surprised look and I quickly smiled, looked innocent, and said, "Sorry, but somebody dropped their keys into the guy's toilet and I couldn't use it." They just laughed and gave me a "no big deal" shrug. (I'm not sure that the first gal still thought that, though, when she stepped inside and smelled what I'd done to the air quality.) Meanwhile, I glanced left and saw two guys standing outside the men's room, talking to a third guy inside through the open door. They were discussing ! what to do about the dropped keys. LOL! I told a waitress about their predicament.

In a trailer for the movie "Identity," starring John Cusack, there's a really rapid shot looking down on an actress sitting on the can and screaming. When I looked at it again in freeze frame, it seemed as if her slacks were still all the way up, or else they were down so slightly that you couldn't tell, due to her shirttail. You definitely couldn't see any exposed groin area. Does anybody know how that shot is in the feature itself? Or did it even make the cut?

Newbies and long-timers alike - nice stories, all. Keep it up!

To Crazy 1. 22 2. down to ankles 3. i lean to the side to wipe

To King of the Throne: Good luck..hope you poop soon

To elink: Liked your story

I was online yesterday when it started to storm so i got offline and ate dinner, i had been having an urge to poop all day. I ate my dinner and then i pooped in the middle of a thunder storm. I had to 7 inch logs and then some softer strands...i wiped alot. Has any one here ever taken a shit during a storm? And have you heard of any one being struck by lightning during a storm while on the toilet?

Concerned Dad
Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. The other night my 16 year old son called me into the bathroom and said that he was really constipated. I asked him if he had been able to get anything out and he said that he'd managed to push a little out but it always went back in when he stopped straining. I had him push some more while I massaged his abdomen. That didn't seem to help. Then I had him push some more while I helped him elevate his feet because that's something I've been trying. I have been pretty constipated myself for the last couple of days. Don't get me wrong,I like a good big healthy dump but I don't want to have to push and strain like crazy everytime. That didn't help too much either. From my vantage point I could see if he was making progress. He would strain and the tip of his turd would come out but when he would run out of breath and grunt it would go right back in. He was really having a hard time of it. Finally I had him get o! ff the toilet and squat in front of the tub. I figured this would have to be the easiest position for him. It took a little while. The turds were pretty big and hard and it took a lot heavy breathing, grunting, and encouragement from me but he was finally able to get everything out. It turns out that he has been having trouble moving his bowels for the past couple of days. This was just the first time he wasn't able to do it on his own. Is there anything that I can do for him?

Dan B.
To my fellow movie fans, I wanted to report two bathroom-related scenes in a movie I just saw. The movie is called "Secretary." It's fairly new, just came out on DVD. It's a strange but very sexy film (although not for the youngin's). Anyway the first scene I wanted to mention takes place in the office ladies room. Maggie Gyllenhaal goes into a stall and starts fantasizing about her boss, and we get a quick shot of another woman sitting in the adjacent stall, who looks up in surprise to hear what is going on next door. She has a book in her lap and a pen, and seems to be poring over it, as if she took her work to the pot with her. It seems likely she is pooping. You can barely see the toilet and the shot is just above her knees, so it's not terribly revealing but you can get the general idea.

The second scene, in this same movie, is when Maggie Gyllenhaal's character pees on herself after she's been sitting in this one position for over a day (I won't go into WHY she hasn't moved). You hear the trickling sound of pee and the camera pans down to the leg of the chair and you see yellow liquid dripping off it. Oh, and she's wearing a wedding dress when this happens!

Hope you enjoy!

good morning.all-some responses
TO TEDDY BEAR-Cool story with you and the lady on the camping trip-that sounded like a great poop she did for you! lucky guys!
TO JAY-I wear briefs-i hate boxers-as far as the pooping in the pants -I had 1 accident when I was in catholic school( i was about 9) and the nun didn't let me go and I pooped in my pants and it was not pleasent at all-I myself am not into messing my pants-doesn't feel good to me at all!,but to each his own!
TO CARMALITA-Yes senorita,I just love those bike jaunts out into the woods to poop and I love those stories of you and Nu pooping-I'm very attracted to oriental women,probably cause i've never been with one!I'd love to have a woods poo with you and NU!
Speaking of poos,i had a good woods poop the other day(one of the few nice days we've had around here!)I biked out and let the urge get good and strong and after about 45 mins of biking,i really had to unload and as i'm looking for a spot i come across a pretty big pile that someone had just left.It was right by this big log and it was pretty impressive-it was this 1 long snake colied over itself and it was partially covered with a bunch of soft stuff and 2 kleenex tissues next to the load-I couldn't help but wonder if it was a pretty lady who did this cause there was a small puddle of pee just in front of the poop-Figures,i would just miss this performance!Anyway,i decided to do my deed there as well and got undressed and went over and squatted above the pile and let out a long hissing fart and let out a long rope of excrement that came out pretty fast-i've been eating a lot of watermelon and it really makes me go alot,but it comes out fast and pretty soft.Then I looked! down and saw my poop partially covering the 1st poop and it was a pretty long one(12-14 inches),but soft and i could see a lot of watermelon seeds in the poop( I eat seedless watermelon and the pits are small and while and easy to see in the poop)I stood up for a bit and as i was looking at the pile i had to go more,as i got a big cramp, so i decided to just bend over slightly and spred my cheeks and i farted again and let out a bunch of pudding poop with a lot of farts that felt great!This load just splattered over the log.It came out with a lot of force!Then I pushed out some squgglies and some mucus and pushed out my anus and wiped-It was a messy one,too-had to use 2 wet wipes instead of one and used 3 tissues instead of 2(Wish I had CARMALITA to help me claen up!)-it was a good morning dump that was a bit messy,but felt great cause i really had to go bad and I enjoyed pooing on this pile that hopefully a pretty woman had done!Then got dressed and biked 15 miles before t! he sky started to cloud up for ....yup--MORE RAIN! Anyway-good stories all-hey JANE haven 't heard from you in awhile-i always enjoy your stories!!It's a nice morning today-maybe i'll go out to do my morning load in the woods again!! BYE

D dawg
Ok guys heres a story you probably want to read if you are obsessed with peeing. Ok my sister, she has allways had a huge bladder, but i never understood the true capacity until the other day:
It was early on saturday morning that I woke up to go to a dentist appointmet. about 6 am, got there at 7. Anyways, my sister is allways up late on the computer so she wakes up late mornings to early afternoons sometimes. Well i went got done with my appointment and rushed home so i could do the traditional "sit in my room with the door cracked, and wait to hear her door open" technique. I have used that technique for quite some time now. anywho, i sat there in my room with the volume on lowest it could go on my TV. News was on, but nothing really important. Of course not as important as that sound of her door opening. So i sat there 10 am, 10 30, 11am, 11 30, and then at about 11 45, i heard the door open. But it wasnt my sister, it was her friend that stayed the night. As i opened my door to see the glow of the light under the bathroom door i noticed that there were alot of crumpled up soda cans in her room. To me that was a good sign, because it was obvi! ous that they both had to pee pretty badly. Anyways, i turned my TV off and waited in the quiet hallway to listen for the first sound of pee hitting the water. From my previous obsevations, this friend of my sister never really had long morning pees, but the curiosity drew me in. So finally after about 10 seconds of her actually sitting on the toilet, i heard a tinkle. It started out really slowly, and then progressed into a nice steady stream. after about 30 seconds or so, it started to demise, and after another 10, it had died down to about a drip, so her total pee time was about 50 seconds. "not bad" i thought. So with the sound of the toilet flushing drowning out me opening the door, i walked back into my room and stood guard once again. It couldnt have been another 30 seconds, and i heard my sisters door open again. It was the bladder queen herself this time dark blonde hair, 5 4 105 lbs, (i cant comment on her figure, because she is my sister)...i was getting e! xcited. So when i heard the bathroom door shut, i opened my door and once agian was greeted by the yellow glow of light under the bathroom door. When i listend closly this, i heard a frantic undoing of the draw strings on her pajama bottoms, then a plop down on the seat. excpecting to hear a torrential stream, i was suprised when all i heard was a light tinkle at first. Then it progressed into a steady stream once again...going and going, about a minute had passed and she was still going strong...and another minute, so at about 2 minutes and 15 seconds it slowed down almost to a trickle, but before it reached that flow rate i heard it slowly climb back up in power and go to a full steady stream, i thought, i couldnt belvie what i was hearing. This stream went on for about another 1 minute and then it stopped for a whole 14 seconds and then once again came back to a trickle, a very light trickle that literally lasted on and off for about another five minutes ! or so. Now the flow for that last 5 minutes wasnt strong whatsoever, but it was definatley a stream. When she emerged from the bathroom she went into her room and rested while i lay there in complete bliss, wondering how in the world she could pull that off. Now i have never heard of someone else accomplishing that feat so if you have, let me know in a post please
Thanx -Daniel-

I needed to pee so bad today that i tried the mens, WHich was locked. My boy friend was with my we were bike riding we went out to the section were there r dirt jumps so i could pee in the bushes. there were like 1000 guys.

To Evonne: Wow, I'm impressed, especially with your ability to hold your poos in for so long. The chocolate milk shake delaying your poos was really surprising. Thanks for the great responses

To Althea: I really like the fact that you're really comfortable with pooping in all those different places. It's also neat to hear that you don't have poos nearly as wide as the other girls who responded to my survey. And you also lucked out in having to push the least. That's awesome. Thanks for your input.

To Alfreeda: Hey, I can relate to you pretty well! I'm a one-a-day person too. My poos are also closer to your average, only not quite as wide. What is it about about past that makes people have bigger poos? That's pretty inriguing. Thanks again for the responses.

I think I'll finally tell a story about one of my biggest record poops ever. It happened in August 2 years ago. I had just got my wisdom teeth out and had to take some medication that had constipation as a side effect. So I ended up going 6 and a half days without pooping and I started getting worried becuase I was eating vegetable soup and stuff that I thought would push my food through me. Then finally relief came by surprise when I had some KFC spicy strips with mashed potatoes and macaroni w/ cheese. About 5 minutes after dinner, my stomach was rumbling and I felt the biggest urge to go poo. So I went to the bathroom and an 8-10 inch log about 2 inches thick came out. I wiped, came out of the bathroom, when suddenly, 30 seconds later, I got another major urge, and pooped out a mushy foot-long log. I wiped and flushed again, but before I could leave the bathroom, I got one final urge and this time it was one very mushy 8 inch log followed by an explosion of diahrrea. ! I must have been crapping my guts out for 5 minutes before I was finished.
I felt so good after it was all over. I must have been at least 10 pounds lighter after all that! I've never had to poop so much in such a short time except that one time. I have had a few days where I pooped twice (once in the morning, once in the evening usually).

Since I gave a survey asking you girls questions about your poop habits, I decided to return the favor and tell you a little about mine.

I'm currently 19 years old. I usually poop once a day (usually in the morning. It usually takes me about 2-5 minutes to let everything out. Normally, I poop out 8-10 inch logs about 1-1 1/2 inches in diameter. They are usually firm and easy to push out.
As far as feeling comfortable with a girl seeing me poop, I would prefer it to be someone I like and/or know pretty well.
I normally poop at home and go whenever it is convenient.
Vegetables, fruits, and eating large amounts of other foods make my poos bigger.

For those of you girls who give vivid descriptions of your poos, the places you poop, and the circumstances under which you go I'm really fascinated by it and love to imagine myself there as it happens.

By the way, I did have a few brief questions for all of you who wish to respond:

1) Which female celebrities and/or well known figures would you be most interested in watching take a dump?

2)Where would you like to see this celebrity take a dump at?

3)Under what circumstance would you want them to poop ? (ex: voluntary poo at first urge, desperate outdoor poop, listening in ladies room, etc...)

Well, keep up the good work girls!And keep the poo stories and survey responses coming.

Yours truly,


I had a really cool sighting yesterday. It was in one of the few doorless stalls that I sometimes write about. I was taking a dump in the stall facing the door. This tall guy comes in and takes the stall next to the door, the one facing mine. He was about 30, maybe 6ft, 2in tall, wearing jeans and a blue sweatshirt. He sported a military-style flattop haircut. He was a little better than average looking, with blonde-brown hair.

He put down his backpack, wiped the seat and turned to face me. He had his head down the entire time, so I was able to watch him pretty easily. He undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and let them flop open. He hooked his thumbs on the sides of his pants and underwear and pulled them down to knee level as he sat down. He rested his elbows on his knees and let his hands dangle down. He didn't make any noise while dumping. I did hear him piss a little, skaking the pee off when he was done. He never really looked up, and I could see his white Calvin Klein briefs stretched between his knees. He sat and dumped for a few minutes, and we both started to wipe at the same time. It was cool that we both wiped from the front. There was another guy in the restroom at the time, who had parked his bike between us while taking a leak, and he was grabbing his bike while we were cleaning up. I only mention this because I didn't know about wiping from the front until I walked in on someo! ne who was doing it. Maybe we were enlightening this guy.

Well, the guy taking a dump wiped 3 times, and since his clothes were at his knees, I didn't actually see him moving his "junk" to one side while wiping. I only saw two hands go down there, one with paper, coming back without the paper. I crap with everything down at my ankles, so I'm pretty visible. He pulled up his briefs and pants all at once, Buttoned, buckled, flushed, and washed up. I saw him about 15 minutes later, walking down the street, and I thought "I know something about that stranger that most people walking past him don't. He craps with is clothes at his knees, he wipes from the front, and he's wearing white CK briefs right now." Anyhow, just thought I'd share my sighting.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Raging Urophile

JOHN Q.PUBLIC- Thanks for the input. It just goes to show how two people can have the same interest whose origins came about due to exact opposite reasons. I consider yourself and Teddy Bear to be the luckiest posters on this board.
I could probably give you a run for your money for the smallest and/or most sensitive bladder on this board. On an earlier page, I described my experiences in my "Comparative Animal Physiology" course in college. We had to drink unbearable amounts of water for our lab experiment; and then pee it out and record our volume. We were supposed to wait 20 minutes to pee, but I was desperate. I therefore cheated and peed after about 16-17 minutes. I released only 250 ml. It will not surprise you that the winner was a rather petite older woman who peed out over 500ml.
I also find it interesting that there seem to be twice as many folks on this board who are more interested in dumping than peeing. In this regard, I do not believe this board is representative of the general population. I actually think an interest in peeing is more common. The word "stool" in the web address probably attracts a disproportionate number of dumping fanciers.
I admit that even though I would certainly enjoy seeing a gorgeous woman drop a load in front of me, peeing is No.1 on my list(no pun intended). One reason I prefer peeing is because of the contrast in the methods of peeing between the genders. One would never confuse a man and woman peeing. The great contrast between us makes it highly enjoyable and interesting. Female urodynamics are fascinating.
Conversely, our methods of dumping are virtually identical. This is gross to think about, but you could see a close up video clip of a log sliding through a man's buttocks while thinking it is a woman.Just recently, I was about to download a clip from what looked like a promising "thumbnail". Just before I clicked to begin the download, I saw the words "male shit". Had this title not been there, I would have enjoyed watching this, never knowing I was watching a man. YUCK!

Donnie C.
MUSIC DUDE: Your observations on songs aren't just peeing...for example, a line in the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is "The girl with kaleidoscope eyes." From a distance that can sound like "The girl with COLITIS goes by!"

JENNYKIWI: If you're a fan of running I'm sure you've heard of Grete Waitz. She is the German marathon runner who had an attack of diarrhea during a race. Waitz never broke stride...she just let it out in her pants. And she WON the race! All of this was seen on live TV. Don't beleive me? You can easily look it up in a Usenet search.

Peeing is the only physical experience where acute pain passes to complete relief with no ill effect whatsoever. I have posted a couple of extreme examples of my own.
But the most satisfying bodily funtion of my life was a shit. It happened when I was 17 and in hospital with a bladder problem. They called it an investigation but a horrible invasion would be closer. For a start it involved a catheter. This (as not too many of you know I hope!) is a device which is screwed into the urethra and from then on you pee automatically. I hated it. You're not in pain but it is permanently uncomfortable and humiliating. It is attached to a bag in which your pee collects (quite interesting for about two minutes). Anyway, after the surgeon had made his point (!) I was left for two three days with the catheter in. Too terrified to try and push out a turd in case the whole contraption was expelled. I hadn't had a bm for five days and they had been giving me mild laxatives. On this morning Helga my nurse who was so sweet to said I must try. She reminded me a bit of my beloved babysitter when I was little, Anna of whom I have posted. She was! strong and Nordic. She brought in a commode and I asked her to stay with me. I held her hand and pressed just a teeny bit. Suddenly 'phlosh', an explosion behind me and a huge mound dropped. You know that gloopy sand you get on the seashore when a wave goes out. That was the texture. I was crying from relief, not sobbing but with tears streaming down my cheeks. We waited a bit but it had all come at once. I asked for tp, but Helga brushed my hand aside. I bent forward and she began to wipe. Quite hard with her fingers digging into my hole. I have wondered whether that is how she wiped herself, but she must have cleaned up after hundreds of bms and worked out that was the best way. Then she lifted me up (I am small and light) and put me on the bed still attached to the device. 'Oh Helga. I do love you," I said but as I've said it to my Mom when she kissed me goodnight or to Annie. Not romantic but thanks for being there and being such a comfort. Helga started t! o kiss me on the hair and eyes and stroked my hand. I lay there a bit scared. You don't feel much of anything with that thing in you. I said 'I'm sorry, Helga,' and she stopped and went red. She covered the commode and took it away. From then on she came to see me only when she had to. She wasn't cold, more a bit shy.
Pity because she was really lovely. But I still think about the bm, the relief and satisfaction. Certainly one of the best sensations of my life!
love and kisses to you all. Anthea

Do your poohs smell?
When do you pooh?
Do you read when pooing?
What do you look like?

Annie and Robby
Hi Friends!
I am writing this on my daughter's computer in Manchester,UK. Robby and I are getting the boat ready to sail in a few days. My daughter Ellie told me this story but is too embarrased to write it herself. Well, I will have a go! Ellie and her sister were at a night club in London about a week ago. They, and their mates were dancing when Ellie had to shit fast! She was wearing a short dress so she flew to the first loo door and ran to the nearest stall. She ripped down her knickers and sat down. The poo exploded from her bum. The farts(trumps) trumpeted over the loud music. She bore down and a huge, long, piece dropped(Cullompted) into the bowl. There was a long silence in the loo. Here is the payoff. Ellie suddenly realized in her hast she had run into the gents. Males were crowded around the stall listening in awe at her performance. She quietly took some toilet paper and wiped herself. She stood up and excited the stall. The males still stared and she quickly washed up ! and got out of there. When she returned to the main lounge the whole place exploded in applause. She was so red she hid under the table, poor thing. Of course Robby thought this was a scream and told me that I HAD to tell it. We never will let Ellie know,hehehe!
TIM AND SARAH: Our dear friends!! How happy it is to see you both back with us. Robby and I have missed you SOOO much. We are sorry to hear about Sarah's accident. Our congrats on her PhD study. Thank you for your congrats. It was a long road! Tim, how are YOU and your health? Are your poos regular again? How are Josie and Loewie? Take care and stay with us!! Lots of Love and hugs from Annie and Robby
RIZZO: Hi dear friend! Yes, we will try to have some stories to tell. That platform toidy sounds absolutely dreadful1!!! Also, that poor woman that lost her teeth!! Robby is still laughing at that one. He has a sick sense of humor,LOL! I am still practing for the WSPC! We, like you, miss our youngest member! You and your wife take care!! Lots of Hugs from Annie and Robby
CARMALITA: HOLA AMIGA! Nu and Joanne keep you busy. We loved that story about you shittng in full view of the fisherman. That has happened to me, too! Love and hugs from Annie and Robby
PV: Hi Honey! I took note that the winter is slowly returning to Aussieland! Keep watering your garden. You can get your ass cooled off a little. I am weeing in the shower to keep my WSPC membership. The girls are, too. Megs and Sarah will be writing here soon. They are just extemely busy!! Take care and love from Annie and Robby
RJOGGERII and WIFE(sorry): It is great to see you both back. That was a good story! Your parents would be proud. Please stay with us!! Love from Annie and Robby.
WE MISS OUR ABSENT FRIENDS!!! You know who you are! Kendal, Ina, Steve, Louise, etc!!!
HI TO: Jane and Gary(how are you?),Bryian(you are one of the best posters on here)!, Adrian, Kaitlin, Kayla, Katrina, Ephermal(where are you, dear?), Upstate Dave, Laura Beth, Gopweller and all of the wonderful posters here!
We know this post is long! Sorry!


Hi, everyone,

I have had some personal problems of late and I haven't been able to write or to read the recent posts. Yesterday I decided to try to put my problems to one side and to read some of the posts, therapy to take my mind off my troubles.

Carmalita: I so love to read your posts and now that you answered a
some questions about your age etc., I can visualise you
much better, I am surprised that you don't seem to take
too long over a shit. I expect you have had a few long
ones, please tell us about them.

I pissed myself at work recently. I suppose I must have had a cold in my stomach because suddenly my bladder started to ache and before I could get to the Ladies I pissed myself. By the time I reached the Ladies I was wet through, it was running down my thighs and over my stockings onto my shoes. Vera was in the Ladies at the time washing her hands and she kindly gave me a hand to clean myself up.

That's it for now,

all my love and best wishes, Sheila (South Wales).

Twice Shy
Well, I think it was once again a case of "something I ate", that led to the high-volume diarrhea I chugged forth from my bunghole over last night and into this morning. I found myself waking with a shit-load on hand, and I am fortunate to have awakened, rather than crapping my drawers. I am 41, I am getting old. Well, I'd hustle down to the #3 john, since I hadn't supplied T.P. to ##1 or 2, and dang it, if it didn't feel like my anus was acting the part of a urinary meatus. It was like spraying a garden hose, of filthy crud, though. I must have been up 3 times in the night, until finally I saw the light of day outside the window. Gonna crap all night, gonna crap all day, bet my money on some rotten chow, dropped out the old bomb bay. We must be talking food poisoning of some kind, if only because that particular food, by its constitution and nature, was particularly poisonous to my peristaltic channel. Comin' through, night train of alimentary muddy waters. How 'bo! ut that, for a case of...the browns?

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...)
-> I'm 31.

2)How often do you poop?
-> Once a day... Usually between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.

3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter)
-> Unlike some people here, I don't usually drop big logs... A good poop for me was ~4" or 5" long x 1 1/2" in diameter.

4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...)
-> Now-a-days... Just rock-solid stuff.

5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above? Logs and chunks!
-> Because of a medication I take, I tend to produce a lot of 'marbles instead of one big turd.

6)How long does it usually take you to poop?
-> From the time I sit down to when I leave the cubicle - between 5 and 10 minutes.

7)What are the places like to take a dump?
-> Wherever I can find a toilet... Or in the woods on a camping trip.

8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop?
-> Hard to say... I've never been in a position where I've had someone watching me when I was pooping.
If you mean hypothetically... I think I would enjoy the company of a lady watching me take a dump.

9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo?
-> The medication I take tends to make me consitpated so I usually have to make some sort of effort. (As long as I can feel that it's going to be a big one, I enjoy the effort.)

10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out?
-> Hard to say... Because of the constipation, anything from 1 to dozens of 'marbles'.

11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo?
-> No longer than the average person...

12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient?
-> I usually go at that first urge.

13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps?
-> Vegitables and especialy cerials.

I reply to your additional Survey:

Overall, how much do you enjoy or dislike pooping?
I enjoy it very much, especially farting - if someone else can hear, and the sensation of a large hard turd inching its way out of my anus, followed by a large splash.

What is/are your favorite type of turds to push out (if any)?
Large diameter hard ones that require a lot of effort to pass, and then fail to flush.

Do you ever buddy-dump (take a poop with someone else in the bathroom)?
Yes my boyfriend loves to hear me fart then and watch my anus strain and stretch to try and pass a big one. It really turns him on and gives him an instant hard.

Do you ever like to watch or listen to other guys or girls taking a dump?
I seldom have the chance to watch or listen to guys taking a dump, but lots of chances at the office loos to her other women. I love to hear them fart and grunt in adjoining cubicles, and sometimes I see the results if the flush fails to take the turds away. I sometimes then add my poop on top of their poop as well.

Do you like to do anything while taking a dump? (reading, talk on phone, etc...)
Sometimes read a magazine.

What are your favorite foods?
Traditional British roasts with masses of vegetables followed by comfort puddings (e.g. spotted-dick and custard)

Are there any particular foods you like to eat because they "produce" a certain type of poop?

How comfortable are you pooping in a public restroom? Outdoors?
Office loos are clean and very OK. Public loos can be dirty and for only when I really have to go. Outdoor pooping is great Ė I have done this with female friends as well as with the boyfriend.

How interested are you in watching another girl or guy take a dump?
Very !

Eric in Chi:

When you sleep, the bladder, like all other muscles in the body, become more relaxed, which makes them more flexible. There fore it is normal for somebody to be able to hold a greater capacity, because the urge is not as strong. The bladder is in more or less a 'sleeping' condition, and it needs time to 'wake up.' Believe it or not, very strong bladders are harder to 'wake up' then very weak ones. Because of their more diminuative capacities, they don't get very relaxed, and usualy a person with a weak bladder has to get up to pee. A person with a strong bladder, on the other hand, will usualy not have an urge at all, or a very weak urg and will sleep through it. That's why some people don't pee right away when they get up in the morning, and that's why most normal people usualy do pee their most in the morning. I wake up at 5 every morning for work, and around 7 on my days off, and I never usualy pee until around noon. When I do, it's quite a gusher, and if I d! rink alot of liquids before I go to sleep, it can be real flood.

John Q:

Your parents are smart. Eliminating your bodily wastes is a very important bodily function to good health and to your very life. You can DIE if your kidneys fail, and you could DIE if for some reason you can't relieve your bowels. Alot of people who come into the hospital have blockages in their bowls, and in extreme cases, surgery was required to remove the blockages. Usualy, very strong laxitives, stool softeners, supositories and enemas will be suficient.

Holdit Man:

Alot of guys tell me similar stories about where they work. One road construction guy who I knew was incharge of the portable out-houses that are used on various jobs. Ordering the cleaning out or replacement of the porta-poties is part of his job, and he has said that he has to reorder or empty the men's toilet twice or more as often as he has to empty or replace the women's. Now in this particular case, there were about 23 guys working on the road crew, and only two women who were holding up the STOP/SLOW signs and directing traffic, but he did also state that while he and most of his men will usualy make 3 trips to the toilet on average, he sees one of the women making one trip at the very end of the shift, and the other woman who has only used it when she becomes absolutely desperate. As raging uraphile pointed out, there is no way to know for sure whether or not they were wearing diapers, but as a woman, I can comfirm that most likely, they were not. I think ! that your attractivbe 40-year old woman was not wearing a diaper, either and some day if you listen hard enogh, you will be in for a treat.


Hi everyone,

Last week when working at the library I had to fetch a couple of books from the kids section. While doing so I came across a childrens book called 'Everyone Poo's'. I flicked through it and it showed drawings animals and people doing poo with text like 'even animals do poo'. I thought it was quite amusing.

The same day I was finishing up and went to the toilet for a wee. I took a quick peek in the unisex public toilet and noticed a small ball of poo and some paper. This answered my question as to whether people poo or just wee, I guess someone had to go, of course I think it was a woman!

It seems I poo almost every time I go there now (two/three days a week), I've become a bit more relaxed about it now, it's only poo, I think my female colleagues poo there occasionally too.

Recently I was talking to my brothers girlfriend and also another friend who are pregnant. Somehow the topic got onto toilet matters and one of them mentioned she 'has to pee every 5 minutes'. I can vouch for that when she's stayed over for the night with my brother, she's basically going to the loo quite often. I said to them that they must have 'more to get out' referring to poo and wee and they agreed although they didn't specifically mention poo.


Teddy Bear
Heeeyyy! Back again, just finished an awesome Mexican dinner, guess my poor asshole's gonna pay the price tomorrow. Oh well I guess one has to pay the piper. Its soooo sensitive from past hemmoroid surgeries.

To Carmalita: Hola otra vez, Chiquita. Hey I forgot to mention the way you handled that spammer. It really cracked me up how you told them you wanted this huge tattooed cock! I bet that blew their minds. I also get spammed all the time, next time I see one for boob enlargement I think I'll call the 800 no. & tell them I want a sex change & to look like Dolly Parton so could you help me get her most famous endowments. I wonder how they'll handle that??? Besos, T.B.

I might as well tell y'all about Vicki. She was 9 years my senior, half Latina, half German, tall, 5'10", my height, 150#, well proportioned, long dark hair, & a knockout! I met her at a night club when I was stationed in San Diego in the early 80's I had been divorced about 6 months & was desperately in search of female companionship. I'd tried a few women before but they turned out to be gold diggers, just wanting a quick Tiajuana marriage & that Navy allotment check, just like Lynnette in "An Officer & a Gentleman", for those of you whose seen the movie. However she wasn't the marrying type, having been thru 2 failed marriages herself, which suitd me just fine. She had just broken up with an abusive b/f, as I've said before I despise those type of jerks. Anyway we danced & drank (a few too many, maybe) & returned to her pad which she shared with her 16 y/o son. She asked me to accompany her to the bathroom cause she had to go bad. She peed for! a long time while we talked. This further reinforced my belief that women have larger bladder capacities. I thought she might also poop because she sat there for a few minutes after she'd finished peeing, still talking to me. She finally tore off a few sheets of tp & wiped her pussy. We spent the rest of the night & the next 2 days lost in lust more than love which was fine with me cause I was not ready for another serious relationship yet & I knew this affair would end in 4 months when my ship would be sailing to the far east for 9 months.

I finally got to see her poop a few weeks later. We were returning from Oceanside having been visiting friends. We both had had a few drinks, but she was quite a bit more looped than me. It was about midnight, we were about half way home when she said she had to go to the bathroom badly. Thinking she just needed to pee, I offered to pull over to the side of the road, but she said she wanted a gas station or rest area because she needed to poop and to drive faster cause she was having a hard time holding it. I put the pedal to the metal & a couple of miles down the road I saw a mom & pop gas station with a restroom in a back building The station was closed but I pulled in anyway cause she was moaning in agony telling me she was about to poop her pants. I told her if the restroom was locked to go behind the building & I would find some tissue for her to wipe with. Luckily the door was unlocked, she was staggering so I helped her in, turned the light on, & ! shut the door. She immediately ran to the toilet, hiked up her red mini skirt, pulled her white lace panties to her knees, sat down on the seat, held my hand & released an explosion of poop, followed by 5 or 6 more individual plops. She breathed a sigh of relief, saying "Ahhh, that feels so much better, I didn't think I was gonna make it." By then the smell was getting pretty intense, but by no means offensive. She appologized for the smell, asked me to put my arm around her & rub her ???? while she finished up. She then peed for about 2 minutes & then sat motionless, all the time clinging to me me tightly. She told me she felt so embarassed but I told her not to worry cause I loved her. I continued rubbing her ????, kissing her a few times. She noticed how excited I was getting, she felt my member & said "Uh, oh, we need to take care of that when we get home." "You bet, baby" I said. When she was finally done a few minutes later, she started to wipe, but! was having a hard time because of her condition. Her butt was pretty messy, so I offered to help her. She said I've never had a guy wipe my ass before, so I felt very privileged. God her butt was lovely & I was doing something I had never done before, wiping a woman's butt. I helped her pull her panties up, noticed that the whole surface of the water was covered with dark brown turds, none of them very long, but there was at least a dozen of them. I flushed the toilet, most of them went down, but a few remained floating, along with some brown stained tp. We didn't want to wait for the tank to fill up so we left them floating in the bowl, got back in the car & finally arrived home 30 min. later. I need not say how the rest of the night was spent.

She always loved to be hugged, she said I felt like a big teddy bear when she held me, she called me her teddy bear, so I decided to use the name for my CB handle when CB's were in vogue, & its stuck with me ever since. I now use it as a password, user name like for this forum & sometimes a nickname , altho I usually go by "Bob".

Well, guess I"ll sign off for now, be back tomorrow.
Peace & love KYBO Teddy Bear.

Hello all! Last week and a couple of girl friends of mine from college accompanied me to a nightclub on Saturday night. While I was sitting talking to them at a table, I had to go to the restroom from the back end (if you know what I mean). The place was packed and I didn't want to take a dump in front of a bunch of women in the ladies room. So I sat there holding it and holding it hoping the urge would pass. A cute guy asked me to dance and I didn't want to turn him down so I said, "yes." I thought moving around a bit would help me not have to go to the restroom so much and take my mind off of having to take a bowel movement. I was wrong. The song turned out to be a slow song so I wasn't moving aroud a lot. He held me close and I put my head on his shoulder, but then I started getting real strong urges to use the restroom. I was almost on the verge of having an accident because my load was right at the tip of my anus and kept trying to come out. I kept sucking it in! and tightening my butt muscles in the process. I was panting and holding my breath as I struggled not to take a dump in my panties. I think the guy sensed something was wrong but he didn't say anything. When the dance was over, I excused myself and headed for the ladies room. As I feared, it was packed. I chickened out and returned to my table. But as I sat in my chair a new wave of urgency set in. I really had to take a dump very badly. I sat in my chair really struggling to keep from dropping a load in my panties. One of my girlfriends picked up that something was the matter and asked me what was wrong. I leaned over and said I need to really use the restroom. She said, "Oh, I'll go with you." This helped, but I still had to wait in line for a toilet to open up. I almost had an accident waiting in line because my turd kept creaping out my tired anus. I had to go so bad, but I managed to keep pulling it back in. Finally, a toilet opened up and I rushed in, pull! ed my skirt and panties down and a big, long turd shot out of my butt. I was done in a couple of minutes. I felt so relieved and didn't care that I might have stunk the place up. After all it was a restroom, wasn't it. Maybe next time I won't be so reluctant to use the restroom around others. Better in the pot than in your panties anyway. Bye all!

Sentinel Chicken

Great story of your accident at the museum. Have you had any other wetting or pooping accidents?


To: Mrs. Pinelli: Do you have your own bathroom at home? Do you share itwith family and/or neighbors? I've never heard anybody say what you said. Have a nice day. PS How old are you?

has anyone used a japanese toilet

buzzkill- If you were having an emergence and had two choices go in the port-o-potties or in your pants, what would you have done?

Hey I watched a movie called two weeks notice where Sandra Bullock was talking about her lunch barking to get out and that if she didn't get to a toilet soon she was going to shit her pants. Well her boss picked her up and ran her over to an RV where she ran in a shit her guts out. I am sure she probably stunk the place up.

Does anyone know of anyother movies where there are people on the toliet?

Anyway I was on an airplane yesterday going to Los Angles about 30min into the flight a girl about 17 one row up from me one the other side of the plain got up and walked back to the bathroom. She was pretty hot she had a nice ass. I looked at my watch and it was 1:05... then I was watching tv and forgot that she went to the bathroom till I seen her walk back by carring a magazine she got from somewhere. I looked at my watch and it was 1:27. I knew for sure she had taken a shit. I had to piss so I walked back there and went into the bathroom she was in. Whoooo that was a mistake, it stunk so bad I was gaging. She had covered the seat with tp because 1/2 of it was still on the seat. There was some serious poop stuck on the sides of the toilet. It must have came out of her with great force. Anyway I pissed and walked out when I went and sat back down she turned around and tapped me on the leg and said she was sorry about the smell she didnt have any perfume.

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