Lucki Sportz Fanatic
I’m back with another post. I have one more story about our vacation to Miami last summer. One of the days when we were there, I forget which day, Amy and I were laying on the beach, relaxing, and watching a nice sunset. We had walked pretty far away from our hotel, and if you looked left to right, all you saw was sand and ocean. However, behind us was this little motor boat with four buckets inside. The buckets were filled with seaweed and dark green, dusty water. It was disgusting. After laying on the beach for about two hours, we decided that we would start to head back to our hotel. After we were both up and standing, we saw these two teenage girls approach us. They looked to be about 15 years old. One of them was wearing a red bikini, and the other was wearing a light blue with orange flower one. They both looked like they had to pee pretty badly. The girl in the light blue bikini said to her friend, “Here, we’ll go in these buckets. Hurry up.” They both s! curried over to the small raft-like motor boat, reached inside and grabbed the buckets, then carried them into the ocean. At the same time, they both emptied their buckets that were filled with that intoxicated seaweed crap. Once both buckets were semi-cleaner, they carried them back to the gold-speckled sand and dropped them about three feet apart. Both of the girls pulled down their bottom part of their bikini and stepped out of it. After they were a little more comfortable, they both squatted over the bucket. You couldn’t see anything, but you could hear their pee splattering harshly into the sides of the buckets. “Sorry about this,” one of them told me and Amy. “We just had to pee so so badly and going in the ocean is just gross,” the other girl stated. “Don’t worry about it,” Amy replied. We waited there for about 2 minutes, then finally headed off. Those two girls were still peeing after we left. Once Amy and I got almost out of sight, I glanced back and saw! both girls standing in the ocean, evacuating their fresh pee from the bucket. I then got really excited, and ran up to Amy, picked her up over my shoulders, and carried her off. The sunset was amazing to watch too!!!!!

To Kayla -
I just wanna tell you that I like both of your stories where you pooped in your panties!! It must feel really good when your poop slides out into your panties right? Well I gotta go get ready for dinner tonight, Amy’s coming and I promised her that I would try and cook her a delicious meal. That means trouble lol, bye.

Just a few responses-To CARMALITA-Sorry about the mis-spelling of your name-My oversight-sometimes i have a hard enough time typing cause i'm really not too good at it!Enjoyed your outdoor poop with all the ladies together! Good stuff-wish i could run into you guys some morning!i just love those big 2 footers you do!Imagine you and I doing a buddy poop when we both have to really go-It would be like 4 feet of poop on the ground when we were done!Good stuff senorita!
TO JB - interesting survey questions-hope all the ladies here answer it-good questions!
TO BRYIAN-I always bring toilet paper and wet wipes with me when I poop in the woods-I have to have a clean butt after my woods poop-First,i use the wet wipes as I push out my anus and wipe with them.Then I finish up with the toilet tissue and I'm clean and ready to go!!
TO KING OF THE THRONE-I myself hate porta-pottys cause they are generally pretty dirty-I'd much rather go in the woods!
The weather here in the N.E has been terrible for the last week,so not much to report on the woods poop watch-feel like i'm living in seattle,wash or london,england-This weather SUCKS! Did a few poops at the gym and at home.Been eating a lot of watermelon and my dumps have been fast and very soft and I'm done pretty fast-boy watermelon really makes me go!I just do a small pre-poop fart and out everything comes and it feels great too and then i end it with a few wet farts,but it's been a messy wipe-lot of cleanup cause the Bm's are soft-Can't wait for the nice weather-IF WE EVER GET ANY!Good stuff all-BYE

Kayla - That was a great story of you pooping in your bikini bottoms. Sounds like it was a huge log! I was wondering also about your dad having to unclog the toilet when you plugged it with the rest of your log. Does he have to do this often? How does he feel about it? I have a daughter who is 18 - how old are you? My daughter does huge logs and plugs the toilet and I have to take care of it for her sometimes.


Well, starting tomorrow I'll be away for a while. Will post any interesting stories that happen. Think I posted a note about going away for a bit this weekend, but not sure if it ever showed up on the "big board."

To Malita: Great posts! Been enjoying many of them but haven't gotten to say much. You and Nu and friends keep them logs rollin' down the hills and the pee rivers flowing! OK!?

To Amanda: Which story of mine did you like? That latest beach one? That was pretty neat. However, the girlfriend is suing me for trademark/copyright infringement...LOL. Luckily in our court of law, the defendant and the plaintiff get the same punishment, so it works out ok in the end. Would love to hear about some of the images in your head sometime. Sometimes descriptive images from what you think the scene looked like might make for an interesting post. I'm still proud of that Alyssa and Corissa peeing post you did a couple of weeks ago. That would have been a riot had she dropped a turd on the sidewalk. Then the three of you would have to load up on sodas and run back outside and try to piss the turd stains off the sidewalk...LOL. Hmmm, a picnic table is back there in the backyard. Well, maybe one day the three of you can go panty-less and wear skirts (maybe your cheerleading skirts), you can sit at the table, eat a big lunch, then have a nice group piss ! underneath the table. Just spread and go. LOL. I was reading another board last night where people were talking about gardens (namely herbs) and urinating in them. From reading those posts, it seems like it's ok so long as you go in the soil and not directly on the things that are trying to grow. Maybe it's worth a shot (or a squirt). A swing set would have been REALLY interesting to hear a pee story about/from. It's too bad it got taken down! Maybe if ya'll have some tomboy still in ya, ya'll can climb the tree and perch up on a branch.

I hope to have some new stories posted sometime around June 10th. Long vacation of sorts and am taking the girlfriend. Sand dunes, here we come!

Happy goings all-

An odd PS- got to thinking the other night about up north in the winter and how folks go ice fishing in the middle of big lakes. Anyone ever try a wee on the frozen lake? Not in a pail or a diaper or anything, just on the ice (and hoping and praying it wasn't going to melt)...LOL. Just a thought.

I'm a long-time reader, amazed finally to find others who share my interest. Description: white male, 60, American. When I was in college, 40 years ago, I used to have very large movements, and sometimes I'd leave them in the men's room for someone else to see. To my surprise, once in a while I'd find that someone else's large dump had been left there before I arrived. One day another young man came out just as I was going in; he got a guilty look and hurried away. Sure enough--a single large turd was in the toilet.
Now I usually poop twice a day (occasionally more)--once as soon as I get up, then again after breakfast. Often I leave the first one so I can go on top of it and see what my total output is. Since I eat shredded wheat or something similar each morning, I usually have nice smooth movements of fair size. For years I had troubles with itchy anus which would sometimes last for hours. I discovered that if I put Noxzema or similar cream (just a little dab) on the last piece of toilet paper, I could clean my bottom much better--it felt cool and nice, and never itched afterwards.
Yesterday was Memorial Day, and we had a nice holiday, including a lovely supper--I cooked steaks on the grill, and my wife cooked three ears of corn. Delicious! The corn was quite noticeable in this morning's movement. I understand that what we see in a corn b.m. is the outer husks of the kernels, and that we have actually digested the inner part that has the food value.

Here is my answers to JB:

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...) I am 42

2)How often do you poop? Every day (normally once, occassionally twice)

3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter) About 5 inches/1-1,5 inches

4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...) “Medium” would be right term, I think.

5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above? Logs and chunks

6)How long does it usually take you to poop? About 5 minutes

7)What are the places like to take a dump? I like use public restrooms, I dump almost daily at work.

8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop? It is not big problem for me if she/he is person who I know well (for example my hubby), but generally I love to hear others pooping/peeing and let them hear me.

9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo? Not much

10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out? It varies, usually 2-3 longer logs (4-7 inches) or then one longer and several smaller pieces but rarely just one log.

11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo? No, not very long.

12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient? If the first urge is not very strong I hold it and wait until pressure comes stronger.

13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps? I can’t mention any certain food, I have never watched it so in detail.

To Lucki Sportz Fanatic - Loved your story. I'm 18/m and like you, have no real interest in watching a girl take a dump, though I wouldn't deny an offer. I'd much rather see a girl desperate to pee and maybe pee her pants. I think I've been interested in it ever since I saw a pretty girl in 3rd grade literally hopping from foot to foot in desperation while waiting in line to be dismissed from music class. She was too shy to ask to go, and she wound up totally wetting herself and really stained the carpet. Anyway, I'd love to see a girlfriend have a wetting accident.

Kayla - Liked your story. How old are you? I don't think that I'd be brave enough to do what you did! Your parents never knew?

To Trekkie - Well, I can usually wait pretty long from when i first feel the urge to pee until I'm at the absolute desperation stage. Perhaps the 1/3 full thing is right, i don't know.

To desperate to poop - I'm curious as to what the "poo-poo dance" really is, since we all know (probably first-hand!) what the pee dance is.


I am 18/m, and here are my replies to KING OF THE THRONE'S survey:

1.Do you use porta portties

2. IF so just piss? Shit? or both
-to piss

3.Do you go on the seat directly or do you ad tp
-NA, don't need to sit to pee you sit or stand
-stand, naturally

5.After you finish do you look down /admire
-no, i'm usually grossed out

6.Do you lock the door
-yes, if i remember

7.Do you prefer handicapped
-no you have a friend watch out
-no, if i have a friend with me, he waits outside i guess. you have a friend inside(moral support
-no (do you know how small the things are?)

10.When given the choice what would you do

A)use the portapotty

B)GO on yourself

C)Go out in the open

D)go in a secluded spot

-This depends, I guess. If I had to pee, I would likely just go in the portapotty rather than hold it and risk peeing my pants. There's NO WAY on this earth that I'd EVER take a crap in a portapotty. It just would not happen. I would hold it. If I really had to go and was not near a bathroom, I'd consider going in the woods, though I'd be pretty scared to do that, too. If I were alone, I wouldn't even rule out crapping my pants and then just changing. That may sound dumb, but I cannot stand the thought of crapping in a portapotty.

What does everyone else think of this?


I'm 18 and male, and last night I had a dream about being desperate to pee while changing my clothes for baseball practice (don't ask me why). I was running late and wanted to wait to pee until after I changed. However, I couldn't stay still long enough, and it ended with me flopping on my bed holding myself. Well, I woke up, and guess what? I was totally desperate to piss in real life. I had to grab my dick to prevent a total flood, but I couldn't prevent two squirts from escaping into my pj's before enjoying a long piss in the bathroom. I couldn't believe it because it was the first time in a long time that this happened to me.


Raging Uriphile:

Thats a good point about women being less sensitive to pain in that area. It's a matter of fact, the whole adominal region on a woman, including the pelvic bone is designed to be more flexible in order to accomidate the growing fetus, so that is a very logical point.

Eric in Chicago:

No offense intended here, but since I have never seen a man put out 2000 militers, I would have to see that to believe it. ALL of the men I know, WITHOUT EXCEPTION are desperately holding on to their cocks to keep from wetting themselvs ar around 850 militers.


Nobody ever said that there aren't men who can out hold women. I don't think Eric in Chi was lieing about his ability. I was saying that I would like to actualy see it before I woould totaly and completely believe it, because of my own personal experience. I, and many of those I hang out with do kegal exercises, but you are correct when you say that most people don't bother. It is the general contention by many on this board that women have stronger bladder control IN GENERAL then men to. The reason that I sited, are the facts that women have a much harder time finding a place to pee, are in occupations that don't allow too many oportunities to take a bathroom braek, and as Raging Uraphile pointed out, are less sensative to pain in that region, and are more flexible. A man can whip out his 'thing' and let fly in any unsuspecting clump of trees, isolated area or urinal. Woman have to remove their panties and be completely exposed, unless they use a FUD, and are gen! eraly more 'grossed out' by poorly maintained toilet facilities. We tend to have stronger bladders by simple virtue of the fact that life in general does not give us alot of options when it comes to going to the bathroom, so our bladders are naturaly exercised and made bigger and stronger.


Andy of Kingston
In response to the question regarding Japanese toilets, on a recent trip to Tokyo, I had my first experience, I'd been having a busy vacation sightseeing and enjoying the Japanese food, and a huge turd had been growing for a couple of days, I found the nearest public toilet, the one's I found were spotlessly clean but very strange looking, I entered the cubicle, in desperate need to unload to see a trough facing from right to left, a picture on the wall explained how to drop a turd into the trough, which I followed. I squatted over the trough while peaceful music was piped into the cubicle. As soon as I had finished the toilet had lazer sensors on it so that when standing the toilet flushes automatically.
A good satifying dump and didn't even need to touch the seat

To Lucki Sportz Fanatic: Loved your story..sounds like you got a cool seen her on the toilet any more?

To Carmalita: I enjoyed your story

To unnamed poster: who asked about if they purposly wait to pee in the back yard...i used to do that but not too much any more cause theres not alot of privacy, i would if there were more woods

To unnamed poster: liked your story about your first time peeing outside

To DNA: I enjoyed your story..that reminds me a few days last week i was like that where i had to keep running to the bathroom..i hate that,don't you?

To Kayla: Loved your story about pooping your self at the cabin

To christy: Liked your story

To JB: Do you have any stories? i would like to hear them if you do

To shy dumper: Thanks for liking my story

To Anonymous: Liked your story

To IndianaMAN: I'd like to hear how your dumps are after being constipated..i had the shits last week and it was soft, now i haven't been in 3 days. Oh and how long have you been you constipated?

To jim: Loved your story..sounds like that day sucked you should try and controll your bathroom habits better.

To King of the Throne: Liked your story..were you alone in the bathroom?1. Not too often 2. Both if i had to 3. most of the time go on seat but i some times add tp. 4. Sit 5.Yes 6. Yes if theres a lock 7. No 8. No 9. No 10. Maybe go out in the open..only done this once.

To Amber: Sounds like a nice dump you had
To Hate it: That reminds me when i used to stay with my grandmother she would ask me if i pooped..i know that is embarrissing

To desperate to poop: I enjoyed your story

There was another part in that dvd i forgot to mention the other day..It was sol Goode and the guys parents asked him if he sat down to pee..hes like no.

I had a very interesting dump recently: The other day, I woke up late and had to hurry to a meeting and couldn’t do my morning buisness. During the meeting I felt an urge for the loo, but had to postpone it till later. I finally had time for a private sitting in the afternoon, but my load refused to come out on demand. I got home, had a big salad and curryrice and applepie afterwards. Then we had to hurry for a parent’s meeting in our little girl’s future school. As soon as we started in the car, I wished I had taken ten more minutes for the toilet- but too late. We got there, met the other parents, had a few meet and greets and were shown the classroom. Then the teacher started an seemingly endless talk about the school, which let into an even longer open discussion. I could only follow with half of my attention. The other half in me could think of nothing else but: " I got to shit!!!" Finally I got cramps and I decided to get up and find a toilet. It was a bit embarrass! ing to disrupt the meeting, cause a few had to get up to let me out...still better that crapping my pants. As soon as I got out I desperately looked for a loo. I mean getting up was bad enough, but asking for the toilet seemed somehow too much in front of everybody. Also I somehow asumed, toilets would be easy to find. – Well I finally found the boy’s toilet and entered relieved. Well, when I got in, I realized it was the boy’s toilet...meaning toilets for little boys. They were like kids furniture...small and low. I went out and looked for a grown up toilet, but no luck. Soon my urge took over and I decided that I had to relieve myself there...What was to follow, I can only describe from my point of view, what it felt like. I can only guess that what it looked like, must have come close to a comedy scene...I went into a little stall and pulled my pants down. I sat/ squatted on the little toilet - ears by my knees, careful not to sit fully down to not damage the toilet. It! felt like squatting over a bucket. I felt very uncomfortable and ridicilous, but I had urgent buisness to take care of. One had on the rim of the loo for stabelisation, the other trying to squeeze my penis in the tight space between the front of the seat and myself, I tried to relax. I could tell, I really had to go, as inspite of all inconvenience, I soon managed to start shitting. The feeling of the continious smooth, but firm rope of poo, that crackled with big urge out of my bum, was great and even let me forget about the pain in my knees. I somehow managed to take a break for an interim piss, leaning backwards and then continued to dump. It felt great! I had to poop a lot and my knees were in quite some stress. As soon as I finished I tried to get up, having to pull on the door handle, cause my legs got stiff. As I said: slapstick comedy...I looked in the toilet and saw a big pile, which looked enormous in the little loo! I whiped very relieved and had a final piss. To! cut a long story shorter: It took about four flushes and a twick from the yard to get rid of the big pile...Anyway, thoroughly relieved I went back to the meeting, where I was greeting by my worried wife, wh oasked if I was alright. I just replied to tell her later...When I did in the car, she was laughing a I thought I share this, lol.

Robbie, Annie, Rizzo and all otherfriends: Please, check out page 1119-it’s so difficult to get trough. Congratulation on the Phd, Annie! Sarah is super busy with hers, so I am helping where I can. Love Tim and Sarah

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

answer to bryian and his question, yeah i act like a girl and do in fact wipe just to see what It'd really be like and what it looks like. I am sort of mad at myself now that I messed up with that girl whom I met online and did not get to see her piss . in fact we never really got together before I screwed that one up after I did not believe her story about the sick grandmother. oh well. anyway tonight I did about the same thing . I was at this place watching my friend nathaniel perform jazz with his ensemble at this place called one station plaza in peekskill NY . they have two restrooms there , both one person and unisex and the toilets are those older type from the 1950's or maybe the 40's even; the ones which are round and completely filled with water all the way from the back to under the rim . they used to have one like the in florida at this convienence store out in center hill, too which when traveling through town or on a bicycle ride I would ask to use and many! times this one pretty country girl would say " sho thing sir it's back through that door to the left" [ in florida, even if some store does not have a public restroom, they have to allow anyone who asks to use the one in the back of the store]and i would imagine her sitting on the toilet and tinkling loudly into the bowl water from her vulva and wonder if her piss made foam or not. anyway, back to this one in peekskill , well it was round in front and sort of deep and completely filled with water to under the front of the toilet rim and when women sit down to urinate," pee shy" or not, they have no choice but to TINKLE into the water loudly. anyway, i had to pee twice and both times after closing and locking the door, I sat down like a girl. the first time I did not have to pee all that bad, and so I sat down and began to pee and made this sort of deep sounding piddling tinkle sound as my urine hit the toilet didn't make really any foam except a few small bubbles! but turned the water bright yellow. later on I had to pee again, about an hour and one half after drinking this 12 oz bottle of spanish soda and also another 20 oz bottle of diet dr pepper and the same bottle refilled with water, right before leaving at the end I used the restroom again as i had to pee real badly. anyway I went in, closed and locked the door , unfastened my jeans and pulled them down, and next my undies and sat down on the seat, peeing like a girl. my pee came out in this long, gushing stream and kept up for like about one minute and I could hear my urine tinkling loudly into the toilet water hitting right about in the middle and then, it slowed down to a trickle but kept on steadily tinkling into the water for about another 20-30 secs. then it stopped, only to start again off and on in a few slow dribbling tinkles lasting about maybe 5-10 secs each four times for about a total time of maybe 25 secs. then one last push and that tinkle lasted about 20 s ecs as it splashed into the toilet water toward the front of the bowl and I was finished. I probally had peed for about 2 minutes and 15 seconds total time, then like a girl, I wiped with a wad of paper, dropped it in and got up to pull up jeans and undies, button them and re do my belt. I looked into the toilet water and all I saw was a full bowl of bright yellow urine mixed with the water and some urine scum[ salt?] , but no foam at all this time. then I flushed the toilet,washed up, unlocked the door and walked out.

Hi fellow toileteers!

I have just returned from the country where you find “platform” toilets. These have been described here before, but just as a reminder, or for those who have never come across them, I will give a short description and some personal experience.
The toilet bowl with seat and closed lid looks just the same as any other. Raise the lid, however, and you will see a deep hole with water at the bottom right at the front. The rest of the bowl inside is raised like a platform to form a shallow bowl (to accommodate the riser or S-bend underneath) with a very thin puddle of water on top, which is barely six inches below your butt when seated. Flushing the toilet will result in a torrent of water washing across this platform at speed from back to front and carrying everything away with it down the hole. Skid marks can only be avoided by placing a sheet (or leaf) or two of toilet paper on the “platform” to catch your turds – talk about shitting on sheets. The jobbies land on the paper, but as the water there is only a quarter of an inch deep, they remain exposed and steam off their aroma, if you may call it as such. Lift your bottom, and the concentrated stink is released into the immediate neighbourhood. If you flush the ! toilet while seated in order to contain the potent gases, the rush of cold water will hit your production, and because of the inertia of the mass thereof, will be deflected up against your nether parts and make you jump anyway. The only andvantage I see in those toilets is, that you can study your output at leasure. Just in case you had swallowed something valuable.
This reminds me of the woman I know, who accidentally swallowed a dental bridge. Although she ate plenty of potatoes and even sauerkraut to get the lost item through her digestive tract quickly, it took eleven days of shitting exclusively into a white bucket (for contrast) and subsequently panning her turds, for her to find what she had lost!
Peeing into a toilet as described above is best done seated. The rebound from the platform from a standing pee will produce a cloud of tiny drops of urine which will settle everywhere, from your knees to your feet to the inside of the lifted seat and lid, and to the areas on each side up to about three feet away. If you try to aim your stream right down the hole at the very front, you will find this tricky. The first spurt is bound to miss the target only to wet your pants or shoes before the aim can be corrected.
As you can see from the above, I am not too fond of platform toilets.

Robby and Annie, hi, I am looking forward to hearing about your exploits this side of the Atlantic! Hugs to you both!

Carmalita, dear, no you have not missed anything, I was just away for a while. Besos, Rizzo

Cecile, yes, peeing from the boat is fun. And useful, too. Especially when hauling the anchor from a muddy bottom. The plough-share anchor then comes up covered in mud. As this is done after a breakfast with plenty of tea or coffee, by the time the anchor settles on the bow roller, the bladder is full and ready. To stand right up in the bows of the boat and to pee off the mud from the anchor’s flukes is one of the pleasures of boating in places no-one else goes to. You must understand that I wouldn’t do that in a full anchorage in plain daylight!

Ok, that's all for today folks! Happy reliefs for everyone of you! Rizzo

Raging Urophile
WENDY- I can identify with the family privacy you experienced growing up. My family was, and still is, much the same way. My parents are in their early seventies and have been married for 50 years. My Dad , even to this day, will not walk in on my Mother when she is doing her business. Occasionally, my Dad would be ready to enter the bathroom and my Mom would yell " I'm on the pot." This meant of course, that he was not to enter.
My sister and I shared a bathroom as teenagers, and with only one exception, she always insisted I leave when she had to pee.
I certainly have no interest in seeing any of my family members on the toilet, but I grew up thinking that this unusual degree of privacy was the norm. It probably was partly responsible for the reasons I described for my urophilia back on pgs. 1096 and 1098.
I did not learn about the "birds and the bees" until I was eleven, and until that time, I thought the only difference between boys and girls was their methods of "going potty" I also grew up with the assumption that watching girls use the bathroom was something naughty and forbidden. This is reinforced by our culture with gender seperate restrooms. I also grew up with the assumption that the ONLY reason boys were not to see little girls naked was because we were not supposed to see the place where little girls "went potty". This notion of mine was reinforced when I was about eight or nine years old. I remember asking " Mom, why do we cover up THAT part of the body?" Not unexpectedly, she replied "that is because that is where people go potty from."
Using my childhood logic, I deduced the following. "If the only difference between boys and girls is what is between their legs, and the only function of that part of the body was to "go potty, then, the ONLY difference between boys and girls was their method of going potty. Is it any wonder then, that as young as four years old, this was the main preoccupation of mine regarding girls (pg. 1096)?
I believe one reason my urophilia was dormant for awhile was due to my new fascination with "the birds and the bees" that temporarily took precedence. By as I mentioned previously, it resurfaced big time at age 20.
One question that I would still like to have answered is "How modest is the average person with regards to bathroom privacy?" I suspect that most posters on this board are at one extreme, and my family is at the other extreme. I actually have no idea what is the norm.

Teddy Bear
Hi everyone, i'm back again after a short hiatus. Glad to see the old familiar faces, & welcome aboard to you "newbies".

To moderators: Did you get my messages on the courtesy phone? Please advise.

To Amanda & Alyssa: Thanx for the feedback. You sound like you enjoyed the experience almost as much as i did. I really loved that lady for many reasons & probably still do, altho i'm in a nice relationship now. I just can't forget the wonderful times we had together. I will post the camping story a little later, plus one more i can recall. xoxo T.B.

To Amber: I'll share further stories of Lisa later today & in future posts. We were together in '96 & '97, & lived in eastern Washington in a log cabin I was 39 y/o when we first started & she was 35. Unfortunately, alcohol ruined a beautiful relationship.

To Carmalita: Hola Panchita! Glad your still around. Don't ever leave us, por favor. Wow! you did it again amiga! Excellent account of you & the gang doing your usual monster poops. I especally enjoyed your outdoor pooping escapades. Those fishermen were soooo lucky to have been at the right place at the right time. I wish I could have been in that boat with them. You can bet i wouldn't have paid any attention to my fishing even if i had a big one on the hook, seeing all you gals skinny dipping & answering the calls of nature so unashamedly. Besos a ti!

TO JB: I feel the same as you, I just love to see the gals taking big, monsterous dumps. There is nothing disgusting about it so long as we don't infringe on the rights of their privacy if they so choose. Yeah, its amazing how so many of these gals like Carmalita & Nu can average twice as much poop as me & other guys. Maybe its because, like their bladders, their colons can expand further because of a wider pelvic bone, before they get the sensation to relieve themselves. I'm sure you'll eventually find a gal who will let you keep her company in the bathroom. Just take it slow & easy like I did with Lisa, & be sweet to her.

To Mazrael X: What a disgusting thing to do with that phone receiver. Keep it up, bucko, & you'll soon be a guest of the city at crossbar hotel. We can do without sickos like you.

Well gotta go for now. Be back later to post the camping story.

Peace & love. KYBO. Teddy Bear

Lucki Sportz Fanatic
Since this is my first time posting here, and I can guarantee that it won’t be my last, I feel that I should describe myself. I’m 22 years old, brown spikey hair, and I am a huge fan of sports. Football, hockey, and baseball mainly. My girfriend is also 22, brunette, and she weighs around 120 lbs. She likes swimming and likes to dance. We’ve been together since last summer, and she used to be a little shy about pooping and peeing, but now she has gotten over it, well for the most part she has. I still never saw her wipe her butt. I have many stories, and I’m gonna start with the one where Amy (my girlfriend) came into my life.

To South of Indy Dude:
Our girlfriends seem alike. We seem kinda similiar, and I have some pointers for you. You don’t have to listen to them if you don’t wanna, but I’ll try to help you a little. First off, you’re off to a good start. Just take it step by step, and don’t rush her. I didn’t and one day she just surprised me, which I’ll tell you that story later because I have many others. I’m interested in hearing about things that have happened to you. Yeah, that’s gonna be really cool once you’ve got more stories about your girlfriend. Do you have any stories about other girls? I don’t really have a fetish for girls pooping. I mean it would be nice to see them going, but I’m not gonna beg to see one. I’m curious to see how your’s developed. Okay here is my first story to this site.....

In February 2002 , I was at a restaurant when this gorgeous waitress came over to me. The minute I saw her, I literally was head over heels about her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her all through dinner, so after I got the check, I asked her if she wanted to go for a drink later. In a cheerful voice, she said she would love to.

A few months later in August, we planned to take a vacation together in Miami. I had not seen her on the toilet ever, and I wasn’t thinking much of the idea then either. On the second day of our trip, we took the elevator down to the lobby of our hotel, and went to the pool. She looked so sexy in her purple, dark blue, light blue, and light purple bikini. We had lunch near the pool, and an exquisite dinner afterwards. While we were waiting for the check at dinner, she said that she had to go to the bathroom pretty bad. I’m surprised that she didn’t go up to the by herself, instead she waited with me. Once I received the check and paid for dinner, we went back up to the hotel room. After we settled in, she walked into the bathroom, closeing the door, but not locking it. Meanwhile, I flipped the T.V on, and laid back on the bed. I was in the middle of watching Seinfeld, when I heard Amy start to pee. Just then, my mind faded totally off the T.V and to Amy. I re! ally wanted to see her on the toilet, not doing anything, just sitting there, so I asked her if I could floss my teeth in the bathroom because I had some rib meat caught between my eye teeth. I really did actually. “I guess,” she replied, after I asked her. Well, there she was. She looked so pretty, her panties at her ankles, legs together and her light brown hair hanging over her shoulders. By now she had stopped peeing, and she was just sitting watching me floss. Once I finished up, I asked her if she was done. There was a moment of silence, and then she said something I thought I would never hear before. “No not yet. I have to do something else. It’s just that, well no one ever watched me poop before and I feel funny about going in front of a guy.” I told her that she could do anything in front of me because I wouldn’t laugh or get grossed out by it. She bit her lip and then adjusted herself on the seat. I knew that she was feeling awkward pooping with me in ! there, so I just left. It’s not really a big deal to me, I just don’t wanna force her to do anything ya know? She came out about 5 minutes later, and said that she was glad she was able to go. She did say she was sorry, but I didn’t really care. Later that night, we watched this cool movie on USA and cuddled together in the warm bed. I'm gonna go now....Amy called!!!!

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