Teddy Bear
Hey Amanda, Alyssa, Amber & the rest of my fellow toileteers I'm gonna relate my camping experience back in '96 with Lisa, but first I want to respond to Lucki Sportz Fanatic's post today.

To LSF: Wow! what an awesome experience you & Amy had when you saw those teeny boppers pee into the buckets. Usually at that age they are very private about their toilet affairs except around their own peers. The only thing that doesn't make sense is why, if they think that peeing in the ocean is so gross, did they empty the buckets, then pee in them & then empty them back into the ocean? They went to all that trouble when they were about to pee their pants & wound up dumping their pee in the water. DUHHH! Unless they wanted to put on a show for you, it make about as much sense as driving from Atlanta to Miami via Los Angeles. Oh well at least it got you both "in the mood". Keep posting those awesome stories, they take me back to my younger years. Well I'm gonna post this now cause I keep getting knocked offline & I lose everything. Back in a few, altho this may appear after my next post. T.B.

Teddy Bear
Hey I'm back, altho this may appear first. Here's the camping story of the summer of '96.

It was late Aug. & hot in the Spokane valley so we decided to spend the weekend in the mountains near the Idaho border on one of the tributaries of the Snake River. It was in a very secluded area, off the beaten path, & virtually unknown to no one. I had camped there before but this was the 1st time for Lisa. It was about 15o cooler there & of course, no toilet facilities except the great outdoors. I looked forward to the outing with great anticipation.

We arrived late Fri. afternoon, set up camp, & I tried my luck at fishing while she caught a few z's cause she'd been up since 5 am that morning. I managed to catch 2 nice size rainbows which we cooked for dinner along with some rice & sliced tomatoes. Mmmm Mmmm good! We established our our toilet area (peeing) about 100' from the river & pooping would be done even further inland. This was a very pristine area, we drew our drinking water from the river, & didn't want to pollute it & also made sure all the used tp & other garbage was bagged & carried out. She peed twice that evening, unashamedly in full view. I had to duck behind a tree because of my shyness. That night was very passionate in our double wide sleeping bag.

The next morning I awoke early, dressed, stared the coffee, had my morning pee which was more than my usual output & set out to catch breakfast. I got 2 nice 12 inchers (fish, that is)& headed back just as she was emerging from the tent, wearing just her panties. She header back to the pee area, dropped her panties to her ankles, squatted down & let out a gusher of pee that lasted for over a minute. Wow! she must have outpeed me by 2 to 1 in volume. We cooked up a delicious breakfast of trout, eggs & grits. After eating & while we were cleaning up the dishes & campsite I could hear (& smell) her softly farting which I knew from past experience were pre-poop farts. Sure enough, a few minutes later she said she had to poop & would I accompany her further back into the woods becuase she wanted me to keep a lookout for snakes & other critters while she was in a vulnerable position. I gladly agreed with great anticipation & excitement.! She grabbed the roll of tp & a bag & we headed back into the woods about 200' from the campsite. When she found a suitable spot, she lowered her denim cutoffs & pink bikini panties to her ankles, leaned forward & assumed a half sqatting position & started a pee stream which was directed backwards. In the meantime I shifted my position to where I was behind her in some bushes, where i could get a good view of her rear. I could see her little butthole, lookng like a pink rosebud about to bloom. Sure enough it started to pucker & the head of a thick log started to ease out thru her ring. It hung there for a few seconds & I could hear her softly grunting to encourage it along. It started sliding out faster & tapering off as it made its descent to the ground. It was about 12" long & made a neat coil as it hit the ground. Almost immediately, 3 more turds of 6" & softer landed on the 1st log. Her ring was still pulsating in & out & t! rying to push out the remainder of her poop. It finally came a minute later, 3 small, soft turds. She had made quite a nice pile of solid to semi-solid milk-chocolate brown poop. She asked me if I was still around & I said "yeah babe, I'm back here keeping a lookout for for all those creepy-crawlies". Yeah, right! She then grabbed the tp, wiped herself 3 times, put the used tp in the bag pulled up her panties & cuoffs & we headed back to camp & because of what went on in the woods we spent the rest of the morning in the sleeping bag doing you know what. The rest of the day was spent fishing & hiking, we caught 4 more 12 to 16" rainbows, had another awesome dinner & spent that night like the previous one, only better. Next day (Sun.) we left in the afternoon, she had one more poop just before we broke camp; the same scenario except her poop wasn't quite as big as the previous day. Still, very exciting to me. We went back there in late Sept. & got t! o see her poop again in the same spot. Wow! major turn-on! Ah, those fond memories of yesteryear. Forever out of sight but always in my mind. I have a few more I'll share later. Hope you enjoyed.

Peace & love KYBO Teddy Bear

I'd love to see men on the toilet, to all men:
1) How old are you?
2) When you dump, are your trousers round ur ankles,shins,knees or thighs?
3) When you wipe, do you stand up, or lean to one side?


I have been training hard for a marathon for the last few months, the training is going well but the effects it has on my digestive system is stunning. Whether on the treadmill in the gym or road running, its very rare that I don't get a very urgent urge to poo. This isn't a problem in the gym as I can make a hasty exit to the toilets, have a great shit and then resume running. Out on the road it has been slightly harder to manage, because when I have to go I really have to go. The majority of times I manage to be lucky and find a public toilet, however last week was different.
It was the plan for a longer run to test out my fitness, so I set out from work to run along by the River Thames, I had nothing with me apart from a drink bottle, after about 15 minutes, I started feeling a large poo wanting to get out, I started to panic as I had nothing to wipe with, I carried on running a picked a piece of newspaper up as I went. When I was sure there was no-one near I dived behind some bushes. I pulled my lycra shorts down and squatted, a huge poo slowly emerged and slid out of my toned fit arse and flopped onto the floor, I could feel that there was far more to follow and it felt so good just squatting there and shitting my brains out, two more good sized poo's added to the pile below but still more had to come, the squatting must have been so good for me because it had completly cleared me out where shitting on a normal Western toilet doesn't always have the same effect. I pushed out a couple more little balls before wiping with the newspaper. I st! ood up and admired my pile, pulled my shorts back up and continued running. I hope the marathon lays on adequate toilets otherwise I might be in trouble.

Does exercise have the same effect on other peoples digestive systems, do you feel the need to shit after about 10 mins of hard exercise?

Also I would love to hear of anyone else who has been caught short while out running, waliking, trekking and has had to quickly dive behind a bush and fertilise the vegetation?

Traveling Guy
Tim - Great story about your taking a dump in the little boys' room potty. I wonder if the only adult facilities in that school are for staff, and thus tucked inside offices, etc.? Anyway, I know you'll discretely try to find the full-sized porcelains for future visits. Wouldn't want to get stuck in one of those tiny ones, eh? LOL!!

That reminds me of a tourist restaurant/cafe that caters to hikers and sightseers in the Hartz Mountains of north-central Germany. On the ground floor, next to the adult loos, there are two small rooms, each with a child-sized toilet inside and a door with a one-way mirror. Moms, dads, siblings, aunties, uncles, and sometimes even sympathetic onlookers can stand outside and watch while the wee ones do their business. It's really cute, and no one there gets upset about privacy issues.

'Malita - I'm definitely going to slip you into my interview roster, even though I already know what you'll ask for. I'd be glad to send you down the hall, and then tell you what a show for the ears you put on when you return. And yes, I'd come looking after 15 minutes!

Hey,all-well today,Finally---it's a really nice morning with the sun out and it's going to be warm,so I'm going for a bike ride.Ive been up for about an hour and i'm starting to feel that fullness of my impending morning dump,so i'm off and if it's a good one,i'll tell you all about it.Been having alot of watermelon and eating good so maybe it will be a good one,but who know!-Hey CARMALITA,want to meet me this morning for a buddy poop!LOL(i wish)
So everyone have a good week and i'm off to the wild BTW-I like all the responses to JB's survey! BYE

Eric in Chicago
Katrina: To clarify, I can only manage a 2000ml piss if it's when I first wake up, and even then only if I was drinking the night before. When awake, I usually get serious urgency at about 1000ml and can't hold it. If I drink a gallon of water (my record is 6 and a half minutes to chug it), I wind up having to piss about 4 times, more-or-less once an hour, though I can piss a lot more frequently if I don't wait until the urge is bad (one time I drank a gallon and tried to see if I could squirt every ten minutes. I could).

Carmalita: When calling a spammer's toll-free number, it's best to do it from a pay phone because it costs them extra; the pay-phone operator is entitled to about a 35-cent surcharge that gets added to the spammer's bill. I think there's been at least one day when I've gotten a spam claiming to make my dick bigger, and a spam claiming to make my boobs bigger, both from the same spammer. I didn't know that there were that many hermaphrodites around <grin>.

Oldpoop: glad to see that the fascination with pooping corn doesn't decline with age. You're right that what's coming out is just empty shells. A common feature of county fairs is corn-eating contests, and I suspect that the participants engage in secondary contests afterwards.

King of the Throne
hEy everone
ive been having some difficulties taking a dump a.k.a. i havent been, and id like toknow what kinds of foods would help get the train out of the station thanks


Thanks to all the girls who have responded to my survey thus far. I really appreciate it. I'm amazed at a lot of the results. I had no idea girls pooped so much, and such big turds. I'd love to see a cute girl taking those types of dumps. Maybe some day, I'll find one that would be willing to let me see her "in the act".
Keep up the good work girls!

To CARMALITA: Wow, all those foods cause you monster sized dumps? Hmmm, I wonder if this is true with most other girls too...
For someone petite and says they don't eat a lot, you sure make a lot of poo! You're one of the greatest poo-makers I've ever heard of. I'm glad to hear you enjoy taking a dump in front of others. If only there were more girls like you, Jo, Jasmine, and JaLe (just to name a few) who are comfortable with guys watching them poop. Well, I salute you and your fellow poopers and hope that I can find a girl with a similar interest in it.

I had a couple more questions for those girls who are interested in answering them:

Overall, how much do you enjoy or dislike pooping?

What is/are your favorite type of turds to push out (if any)?

Do you ever buddy-dump (take a poop with someone else in the bathroom)?

Do you ever like to watch or listen to other guys or girls taking a dump?

Do you like to do anything while taking a dump? (reading, talk on phone, etc...)

What are your favorite foods?

Are there any particular foods you like to eat because they "produce" a certain type of poop?

How comfortable are you pooping in a public restroom? Outdoors?

How interested are you in watching another girl or guy take a dump?

Thanks again to those who chose to respond to my survey questions. Happy pooping!

Yours truly,


To those who would like to answer the original survey questions, here they are:

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...)

2)How often do you poop?

3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter)

4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...)

5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above?

6)How long does it usually take you to poop?

7)What are the places like to take a dump?

8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop?

9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo?

10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out?

11)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient?

12)What foods make you take the biggest dumps?

I went out to dinner last night...i went to use the bathroom..oh btw this was a new restuarant. I ordered then i kinda had to pee so i walked in the mens room i think there was 1 or 2 urinals and 1 stall..I took the stall to pee cause i like to check it out. I think some guy came in there and vandelized the bathroom there was no toilet paper on the roll...a good thing no one had to poop and i noticed there was a huge wad in the toilet(maybe the whole roll?) So i peed on top of it...i noticed it was an automatic toilet. And something was screwed up about it. So i fulled w/ the sensor and i hit the manual button...trying to flush it. I hit it twice and it was over flowing a little. I had to go tell some one. Either some one vandelized or someone had taken a huge dump.

Saturday, May 31, 2003


I liked your story of using a small children's toilet when in school. Something to enjoy in retrospect, but embarrassing at the time. I don't think I ever sat on one at my infant school, having made sure to 'go' at home. But I did stay once in an old school in London which was a make-shift youth hostel for the Summer holidays, where the loos must have been designed for 4 year olds. There wasn't much privacy, either, and we all looked very comical.

Cubicle Company

I am not very interested in the bodily functions of the opposite sex, though I am fascinated by men pooping.

It's a thrill when I am sitting in a cubicle and somebody walks into the next one, and you can see the bottom of the toilet next door. He might have come in for a pee, but if the toes of his shoes, not his heels, are at the front, that means you are about to hear things which will excite you. He may wipe the seat, but hopefully screw the paper up so that it doesn't spoil the plopping noises you hope you are about to hear. Then you may hear him take his jacket off and hang it up. Then the sound of his belt buckle being undone. Then his button or clip at the top of his trousers. Then he undoes his zip. Then if he is an ankler, his concertina-ed trouseers can be seen around his shoes, and his belt also, and perhaps his knickers.

Now flesh is pressed on seat. He might push his thing inside for a pee first. Peeing sitting down is often fairly silent for males. Then the real action begins. Don't bend over to look. He might be doing the same, and your eyes might meet, and it might be somebody you know. Or a policeman. It is a pretty peverted thing to do anyway.

If he starts talking, don't reply. Some talk to themselves. One guy in an adjacent cubicle once I heard say 'See what I can do'. I didn't answer. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or not and I didn't answer. Then he grunted, farted, grunted again, and plopped. 'That was nice', he said. There were a few more splashes. Then he said, obviously to me, 'Aren't you doing anything?' I did reply, 'I think I've finished', and reached for the paper and wiped my bum, and left as quickly as I could..

hi all! who can explain to me when pee starts to foam ? four weeks ago I saw a girl peeing outdoors. after she left I saw that she had produced a spot in size of a CD with much foam on the ground (and I donīt mean some bubbles - I really mean foam) the foam was even 2-3 minutes visible !! I also saw my girlfriend more then 30 times peeing outdoors. She has very hard stream and pees a large quantity - but it was only once foamy. so the pressure is not the (only) reason !!

Hello, I'm Italy. girlfriends or friends. The few people who teel us some accidents, describe only their accidents.I'd like to read some accidents happened to their girlfriends or friends.

JB : Your survey.

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...) I'm 48.

2)How often do you poop? Once every 4-5 days.

3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter) About 6-8 inches long and 2-2.5 inches thick.

4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...) firm to rock solid

5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above? Logs, sometimes with loud farts.

6)How long does it usually take you to poop? Up to 30 minutes.

7)What are the places like to take a dump? Ladies rooms preferably or at home

8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop? Yes if I know and like them

9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo? Yes they require much effort, particularly the first one if large hard and dry and full of knobbly boluses.

10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out? Usually 2 or 3.

11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo? Up to 30 minutes.

12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient? Hold it in and go when I want to. The initial urge often passes.

13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps? Nothing especially

ment me by the fact I have to wait while they don't have to wait at all.Then when I finally do get to go the tiolet is all clogged up and dirty and I have to go around begging for tiolet paper.I also picture another girl who goes ahead of me and purposely clogs the tiolet and makes me wait and then makes me lose my place in line.After I finally do get to the tiolet it takes me a long time to get my clothes out ! of the way and have to undress completely.Then I try to pee but then start to poop and end up going for a long time while others try to peek at me through the stalls which provide little privacy.And there is a person in stalls on both sides of me.

I also like to fantasize that I'm a girl and forced to use the men's room but there is only one stall and someone is taking a poop just to make me wait.At the same time other men are using the urinals driving me nuts cause I have to go so bad and can hear them going.Then when I do get to go the tiolet is dirty and lots of others come in giving me no privacy making it hard for me to go.Then when I'm about to go I'm forced to leave the men's room and wait on a long line in the ladies room again and keep losing my place in line each time I try to leave and use the men's room.

Also I like to picture myself as a girl going outdoors or trying to hold it in while outdoors while others can just easily go in the bushes or something.Then when I leave the woods I'm forced to use an outhouse or porta potty that is dirty and it's communal so I have to go while others watch.I hope that didn't freak anyone out.I realize that's pretty weird but I was just wondering if anyone else had fantasies like that in any aspect(about gender inequality of bathrooms,others going while you have to wait or being desperate to go and keep encountering such problems etc.)or have actually been in such a situation?

2.I've heard that lines to the women's bathroom can sometimes be 20 minutes or longer while men have no lines.I've read that women take on average 2-3 times as long to go and have only 1/3 as many places to pee as men(because of urinals).Women generally have to wait 6 times as long as men as a result.That seems pretty unfair.Can any women here confirm this or have experienced problems like this?I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts on this.

3.What's the longest line you've ever had to wait in line to use the bathroom?(I've never had to wait more than a minute or two and that is only a few times in my life)

4.How long do you have to wait in line on average,if at all?(I'd like to do a comparison between male and female.Men seem to have a huge advantage)

5.How many women here squat or hover over the seat to go to the bathroom?(I've heard it's like 60% according to several websites)

6.Have you ever wet yourself because someone tickled you?

7.How many here would use a unisex restroom(with stalls etc.)?Also do you think it'd lessen bathroom lines?

8.Have any women here used a female urinal or would if they had the chance?

9.Women-Did you ever sit down to pee but then had to poop?Also if you have to poop and pee but just want to pee quick and not poop can you usually pee and hold in your poop while your sitting to pee or would it be too hard to push out the pee while holding in your poop?How often does this happen to you?

10.Women-What happens if there is a long line in the women's bathroom and one woman takes a long time to poop while there are alot of other women waiting in line just to pee?Do you just sit there and wait politely in agony while she hogs the bathroom or do you make her get up after awhile?I feel this may be why there's long lines for women.In a men's room if someone's pooping and holding up the line those who just need to pee can use the urinals without having to wait for the other guy to finish pooping.

11.Have you ever been on a line to the bathroom and someone who has finished just sits there and torments you because they know you have to go?

12.Has anyone ever purposely caused you to lose your place in line at the bathroom?

13.Would you sit on a tiolet to pee or poo even if it wouldn't flush and other people had pooped in it?

14.Men-When I was little before I learned about the birds and bees and I wondered why girls had to sit to pee.I didn't know women had vaginas.I was told they had nothing there(meaning a penis)so I assumed that meant nothing at all.For that reason I used to think women peed out their butts lol.I also thought women had a baby through them!LOL.I know that sounds stupid but I did believe that.Did anyone else use to believe that or am I the only weird one here?

15.Have you ever been spied on in a public bathroom?

16.When your sitting on the tiolet has anyone ever taken advantage of the situation knowing you can't get up to stop them from doing whatever?

17.If you really have to pee does hearing other people going make you more desperate to go?How about hearing/seeing running water,lakes,people drinking,faucet dripping,hearing a tiolet flush etc. or can you just block it out and hold it in without problem?

Hola mis amigos,

JOHN: Weeelll, hola hon! Sorry amigo, no picture of the pie! It's funny, but that one was a HUGE dump! 'Smelled pretty awesome too, something that I know you like. One of my biggest ever and it felt sooooo good. It was kind of like my 3-flusher I had a few weeks ago. I don't like to think of you under stress, but I know many of us are these days. Yes, I will fix you one of my specialties! It's a beans and rice dish on a fried tortilla with chicken and a special homemade salsa verde that is absolutely heaven! It's my mom's recipe. She's a fantastic cook, definitely restaurant quality, and she taught me! I'm not talking about this "Americanized Mexican food" either, I'm talking the authentic stuff! Also, my taquitos are awesome! I'll serve you up a good man-sized plate, and then we'll wait for the fun baby!

PV: Hi hon, I've missed you too. I'm sorry you missed Nu's pee that she did outdoors against the tree. It was a tremendous pouring! She did it standing too because there were lots of bushes and she was afraid of bugs. Her first squirt was like a fountain!

JB: I'll answer your question and then your survey. I don't really eat that much, I only weigh 100 lbs. You mentioned Jo, but my other friends can push out some monsters too! I believe that there are many, many women out there who can do huge ones.
1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...) I'm 25.
2)How often do you poop? Usually twice a day.
3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter) I'm not sure how to measure those. I guess about 14-18" and very thick.
4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...) usually solid
5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above? Logs n' chunks honey!
6)How long does it usually take you to poop? 2-3 minutes.
7)What are the places like to take a dump? Outdoors and ladies rooms
8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop? Oooooo-yahhh! Lovit!
9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo? Yeah, usually, because they're kind of sticky.
10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out? Usually 2, 1 big one, 1 smaller. Late afternoon, or evening poops are much bigger, 3-4 turds.
11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo? No-unless I've got turd restraining orders against me.
12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient? It depends if I'm alone or not.
13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps? Macaroni and cheese will give me turds big enough to have their own birth certificates! Italian food usually does it for me, and of course, the food of my people, enchiladas, beans, and my special chili relleno which all give me hard, solid ones.

TRAVELING GUY: Thanks, yes, the moderators do a wonderful job. I can only imagine how irritating it must be. In a similar sense, there's a guy on the bus who just constantly stares at me and I hate it. He finally tried to hit on me and I replied "No speak English." (works everytime!)That's personal spam. I get spammed everyday with Viagara, or penis enlargement ads, (like I need them). I actually responded to a penis enlargement ad, one that had a toll free number, calling and explaining that I was a woman, and wanted to grow a huge penis and have it tattooed with "pull to start" on it, and could they help? Then I complained about the spam and got disconnected. Hmmm, what a surprise. So, spamming, junk mail, and garbage posts I guess are really out of control. Great story about the office thang! I'd sure give you something to listen to! I could even be one of your interviewees and say "I'm sorry, but I have to take a rather large, poop. If I'm not back in 15 minutes, com! e and get me!" Does that work? LOL!

LUCKI SPORTZ FANATIC: Keep us posted with Amy! She sounds hot. Good story of her in the bathroom. I could just picture it. If she likes having you in there, then give her a big kiss the next time she poops, I'll bet she'll go nuts!

My sister Luisa got in yesterday! Yaaayyy! I'll tell more later, gotta run amigos!


Metamucil Man
Carmalita: I enjoyed the story of "Patsy's" huge dump. Please post more accounts of Patsy taking a huge dookie.

Cyber Fiber

Hey, I'm gonna have to agree with JB, I think that a cute girl taking a dump especially is an awesome sight. I myself would prefer seeing that to seeing a girl pee. I've been into this for a while, and while I've never posted here, I've been reading the posts for quite some time, at least two and a half years. And after reading the posts today, like the ones from Kayla and Carmalita, I can say that at least if I don't actually get to see the act, I can read vividly about it and experience it vicariously. I told a friend about this and she says that it's not weird, and that she wouldn't mind seeing the reverse (a guy taking a dump), so I know from both that and the massive amount of people who have come and gone here that I'm not strange (I hope). I want to broach the subject with one of my closer friends, but I'm kinda scared to push the person away. Any suggestions?

Black Chaos
To Carmalita: Loved your post, had to admit that I got kind of lightheaded after reading about all you girls dropping your loads in nature, as well as your other doings! I also had another reaction, but we won't go there, since the moderator was saying earlier about how the trash level is rising. Anyway, loved it! (said that already)

To Mrs. Pinelli: Why exactly do you only go in your own house?

To Desperate to Poop: Wow, your story painted quite a picture! Two lovelies sitting there plopping out the logs! Keep them coming!

Sorry I have nothing really of interest today...maybe tomorrow. I'll be off the computer for a while, so maybe something will come up while I'm gone.

I read where someone wanted accident stories. In seventh grade my class went to the museum for a field trip. When we arrived we had a bathroom break and I peed. I kind of felt the urge to poop but I felt like I could wait until later when I got home from school. So I quickly got off the toilet and went to our first exhibit. It was a recital of string instruments. As I was sitting on the floor listening to the music, I genuinely had to go poop. I sat on my foot to keep the turd inside of me, but it kept pushing hard to come out. When the recital ended our class moved on to the next exhibit. I asked our teacher if I could use the restroom, but he told me no because we just had a bathroom break. I did not tell him that this time I had to go number 2. As our class moved from room to room looking at art exhibits, I had to keep forcing my poop back up inside of me. This wasn't easy because the head of my turd would start to emerge whenever I was stationary. I would tight! en my buns and pull it back inside of me and try to keep my anal ring shut. I had to keep moving around and whenever possible I would crouch down and sit on my foot to block my anus. I even leaned against some display cases when the tour guide was talking. Our class watched a film next in the auditorium. I had to go poop bad the whole time but managed to hold it by sitting on my foot to keep the turd from emerging in my pants. After the film I again asked the teacher if I could use the restroom. He said we would be having a break soon and I would have to wait. Our class proceeded outside the museum for a nature hike. I really had to go bad at this point. Our guide kept stopping and pointing out trees, plants, and animals. Each time we stopped my poop would start emerging from my anus. I kept tightening my buns and rocking back and force to pull my poop back inside of me. As I sat on an outside bench listening to the guide talk, I could really feel a big turd push ing hard against the bench wanting to come out. As I got up to follow the group, our group suddenly stopped and our guide pointed out a sap sucking woodpecker. Even though I clenched my butt cheek together I had to go so bad that my poop emerged a little too far I couldn't pull it back in. As our group started walking again my poop was coming out in my pants. It just kept coming and at this point I thought I had already had an accident I may as well let the rest out. Fortunately, it was of fairly hard consistency and I was wearing tight fitting jeans. My poop just balled up in my panties. I'm pretty sure I had a bulge showing in the back of my pants. I was also putting off an aroma of someone that just pooped. Luckily, I was outside and the smell wasn't overwhelming. As our group proceeded back to the museum I kind of lagged behind hoping no one would notice. We finally had a restroom break when we got back to the museum. Amazingly, I didn't have a real hard time cl! eaning myself up. I had a huge ball of poop in my panties but the turd was hard enough that it didn't leave much poop stuck to my buns. I wiped up and put my jeans back on without my panties. When no one was looking I threw my dirty panties into the trash can. I came out of the restroom like nothing had happened and no one ever said anything about the incident.

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...) I am 15.

2)How often do you poop? Usually once every three days.

3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter) Iím embarrassedÖ. About 2 to 2,5 inches by about 10 to 12 inches.

4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...) Rock Solid.

5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above? Logs.

6)How long does it usually take you to poop? Its quite a battle, about 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

7)What are the places like to take a dump? Only at home.

8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop? No.

9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo? YesÖ lots and lots.

10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out? Usually one long one.

11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo? Yes.

12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient? I usually hold it until it is convenient. Sometimes when I hold it the urge passes.

13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps? No particular food.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all:
Traveling Guy you were not that far from me. I live about 60mi north of Woodstock. I was there for the original festival. I posted a story here about it way back in the posts. Carmalita another great post. Love your outdoor adventures!
Speaking of traveling I used to travel alot looking for property for a friend of mine for a summer camp up inthe Aderondacks here in New York back in the mid 1970s. On one such trip I stoped at a local swimming spot ine area near where my friend and I used to spend our summer together. I stoped to take a break from driving and wanted to eat lunch.
This area was a creek that flowed overa series of rock ledges creating pools and small waterfalls. The locals would swim here during the summer. I sat down on one of the flat rocks and had lunch while cooling my feet off in the water. Then someone said hello Dave and next thing I know I'm being huged to death. I looked around and here is Terri a girls sister that I used to go out with a few years before. I asked her how she was and she said fine. Her sister had married and was living out of town now. Terri was going to college and was home for the summer.
I asked if she was hungry and would have some lunch with me. She said yes and asked if she could have something to drink too.(3mi walk to this spot) I said help yourself. She did and we chated while we ate. Well we spent about an hour and she decided to take a swim in one of the deeper pools. I decieded to join her. The water felt great. We spent about 1/2 hr swimming and got out. We both dried off. I told her I'll be right back I have to pee. I was going to cross over into a brushy spot but Terri told me not there becuase it had grown over with poison ivy.
Your going to have to go down to the next ledge. Here I'll show you with a grin on her face. There was atrail that went down to the next ledge and she led the way. There was bushes and small pines here so you were out of sight from the above ledge and the road. She asked me do you remember when we used to go with each other when we were younger? I tod her that I had not forgoten. Well with that she unzipped my jean cutoffs and Watched as I peed a hard stream down over the ledge and it splashed onto the rocks below. She remarked boy you really had to go! I told her that I had not gone since earlier in the morning.
I was still going and Terri stood next to me and pulled her blue bikini bottom to the side and started to pee a hard stream down on the rocks below also. Her stream was arcing out father then mine and was hissing so loud that it was covering the splashing of our pee on the rocks below. I started to slack off as far as my stream went. I did a couple of shooting spurts and finished. Terri was still hissing away and reached over and gave me a couple of good shakes. I told her she really had to go to. She said that she had drank a bottle of ice tea on the walk up plus the bottle of soda she had with lunch with me was the reason for the long pee. Well she slowed down and with a couple of pushes and short hissing spurts she was done. She turned to me and said more later!
Well we went back up to the other spot and laid down for a bit to catch some sun. We chated some also. We both fell asleep for awhile and then woke up and had some more to eat and drink. I'll end it here for now.

I had the biggest and best dump last night for the first time in a long time. I felt as i was gonna have to poop last night since it was going on 2-3 days since i last pooped. I ate lunch out(mexican) then i had a big steak dinner with corn(no corn in my time probably). Then i had some work to do and i felt muscles pulling in my stomach...maybe that was the effect of my urge growing. I finished and i had some ice cream. Then i got back on here and a soon as i got on here i had a full blown urge. I was talking to my poop buddys and im like im not sure how long i can hold. This was about 10pm. then around 10:30 i told them i gotta go poop. The pressure was intese. I walked up the steps to my bathroom, i could feel the head of the log sticking out i pulled my boxers down(i was already for bed) and it started coming out. Then i started pushing. I stood up and i saw this monster of a log, it had to be a good 12-13 inches and it curved around like a big S. Then the end ! was soft. I sat for about 5 minutes, then i wiped alot and flushed. I still kinda felt full, and when i was wiping i got a little bit of poop on my white tee shirt. Then i got back on the computer for a bit then i got off for the night, then i was kinda feeling another urge to poop so i went and pooped more, this time it was chunky...i think that may have been the mexican coming out even thought it wasn't that spicy..thats it for now

Hi JB, here are some answers to your survey. If you have other questions just ask!

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...)
2)How often do you poop?
usually once per day, sometimes twice
3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter)
5-6" in length, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide
4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...)
5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above?
usually logs with some chunks and occasional snakes
6)How long does it usually take you to poop?
about 3-5 minutes
7)What are the places like to take a dump?
home, work and outdoors
8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop?
yes, but I prefer doing it with a guy watching
9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo?
yes with a lot of grunting and groaning
10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out?
3-4 logs usually
11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo?
about 3-5 minutes
12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient?
I poop at the first urge
13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps?
I know this is a chock full of questions, but I'm really just interested in learning more about girls in their "world of poo".

I'm a guy who loves to poop his pants and I'm delighted to see some pants pooping stories show up here! I've been doing it for many years and I never get tired of that feeling of having my huge load pressed against my butt.

Kayla - I love your stories! Please share more of your experiences. I certainly know that feeling of waiting until you really have to go, knowing it's going to be a big one.

Claudia - That's so great that you have a few people who know about and share in your pants pooping fun! I've never had that. Please tell us more.

Carmalita - Wish I could have seen your poo pie! I really liked the pants pooping story you related. Do you have any more you'd be willing to share? Frankly, I'm amazed that your pants can hold one of your dumps and the bulge must have looked awesome!

I was just sitting on the toilet at work, and taking a shit. There was a copy of Celebrity Skin on the table next to the toilet, so I flipped through it. There's this great pic of Drew Barrymore's bare ass. So, as I'm dropping a load in the toilet, it occurs to me that once a day or so, she pushes a log out from between those cute little buns of hers. It just struck me as odd. This girl's beautiful bottom is the source of such sexiness, but also functions as a poop chute! Weird!

I know it's stupid, it's just something I can't seem to get past. I know girls shit, but I just can't picture a big brown load dropping from between those squeezable cheeks.

your name Whizzer

have any men or women had this problem. I do no go every day and this morning I had the urge and went to the bathroom and had a terrible time with a dump. at first all that would come out was small lumps, I kept pushing and finally got it all out and it was very hard and lumpy and I only needed one sheet of TP to wipe!!

After that a little semen came out and then I peed for about a minute. Should I try a stool softener, I don't believe in laxatives.


Lucki Sportz Fanatic
To Teddy Bear -
Yeah, I donít think I can go a full day without watching any sports. For baseball, I like the Arizona Diamondbacks. Football, I like the St.Louis Rams and the Green Bay Packers. Basketball, I like all of the California teams. Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter are my favorite athletes for basketball. Lastly, for hockey, I like the New Jersey Devils. Hopefully the Devils will win the Stanley Cup this season, right? How about your favorite teams? Now on for the subject that we write at this forum for. Amy has never seen me pooping before. Iíve peed in front of her many times, but never pooped. I would be willing to let her watch me sometime. Yeah, if I do get to wipe her I will most likely take my time and wipe her as best as anyone could do. Thanks alot for the advice, and I will remember the tips. Thanks!

Well tonight Iím really tired, and I donít feel like telling you another story. Sorry, but I will next time. Just a quick little note, though. When I cooked that meal for Amy a few nights ago, it actually went pretty good. After we had finished cleaning up, she went to the bathroom and peed. She even left the door open, and it was a very loud pee. Au revoir.

1.Do you use porta portties

yes (pee only)

2. IF so just piss? Shit? or both


3.Do you go on the seat directly or do you ad tp

Use urnal (i am a guy) you sit or stand


5.After you finish do you look down /admire

Not usually

6.Do you lock the door


7.Do you prefer handicapped

never been in one you have a friend watch out

if possible you have a friend inside(moral support


10.When given the choice what would you do

A)use the portapotty

B)GO on yourself

C)Go out in the open

D)go in a secluded spot

I would try to use thr porta-poty, if not ither go on myself or go in a secluded spot. i cant pee or poop infront of other people

Kat & Lori
Hey, this is Kat, I posted here a while back about my friends and such, and Lori's here too.

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...)
K: 16-25
L: 16-25

2)How often do you poop?
K: Once or twice a day
L: Once every three days to three times a day (regularity dependent)

3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter)
K: 2" thick, 8-9" long
L: 3" thick, 10-12" long

4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...)
K: Thick, mushy and chunky
L: Long and firm

5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above?
K: Combinations of the above
L: Snakes or Logs (what's the difference?)

6)How long does it usually take you to poop?
K: Usually I'm in and out, everything just sort of slides out quickly.
L: Ten to fifteen minutes

7)What are the places like to take a dump?
K: Toilet or outside
L: Toilet

8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop?
K and L: We watch each other all the time!

9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo?
K and L: Depends on circumstance

10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out?
K: Not too easy to count, since they're softer. I guess about four or five blobs.
L: Two or three logs. (I clog Kat's toilet sometimes too ^_^)

11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo?
See 6.

12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient?
K: When convenient, or if I feel the urge while my friends are around.
L: Hold it until it's so big that it feels so good coming out.

13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps?
K: Protein stuff and carbohydrates
L: Same here, except I just eat more, and hold it longer, which really contributes more to the dumps.

This is Lori, Kat had to go for a sec, and I took one of the best dumps today at Kat's while she watched. It was my average, two logs, ten inches each, and they just inched out slowly, the way I like it. They were the knobby kind, and these knobs were so pronounced that I could pretty much count them on the way out. I was loving it, until I was done and had to contend with the toilet. Luckily, everything somehow went down, but it looked grim at first.

This is Kat again, looks like Lori posted about her crap at my house today. It was cool watching her, biting her lip and closing her eyes. She looked all relaxed, and was breathing slowly and deeply. It's easy to tell why guys like her, and anyone who likes seeing girls dump would be blown away by how she looks on the toilet. Anyway, gotta go, see you later!


Eric in Chicago
Bryian: My shit was soft but firm and not sticky at all so I barely had to wipe.

John D., in Rat Race, the little girl had to go to the bathroom but the parents weren't going to stop. She yells, "But Dad, I'm prairie-doggin'!" The dad doesn't get it at first, and either the mom or one of the other kids says, "You know, when a prairie dog sticks its head in and out of a hole?" That was hilarious.

Teddy Bear
to Lucki Sportz Fanatic: Hey, welcome aboard, dude! I'm a sports nut myself, love the Mariners. What are your favorite teams?
Wow! that must have been an awesome experience you had with Amy in your hotel room. I'm glad you didn't force the issue her because of her toilet shyness. She will overcome her shyness in due time, I'm sure of that. You are one real considerate guy by leaving her alone when you did. That was just how it was with my ex- g/f Lisa when I first got to be with her while she was on the pot. See post 1111 (pg 10). I was in the shower most of the time she was pooping, altho I was able to get an occasional peek thru the shower curtain. After a month or so I was not only able to see her wiping her butt, but I actually got to wipe her myself on a few occasions when she was in the mood. (Post page 1126) I know she will eventually be comfortable with you keeping her company when she's on the toilet, cause you've already broken the ice. This will be a very intimate time for both of you, just don't get too out of hand. Would you be willing to let her watch you? Maybe she gets turned o! n by watching you. You may even want to offer to wipe her, but don't press the issue if she doesn't want you to. If she does allow you to, remember to do it gently. The anus is an erogenous zone so she might get reallt tuned on like Lisa did. Good luck, buddy, you got a good thing going. Keep posting those awesome stories. Later, T.B.

Sexy girl
Troubled J: Thanks for keeping in touch. To answer your questions: My logs are usually anything from 6-10 inches long and about 2 inches wide. My poop is usually pretty solid. I poop once in the morning and once every evening like clockwork. My folks are vegetarians. I get to eat meat but I also eat their v????e dishes and that makes me poop a lot. Yeah, I often clog the toilet. It kinda sucks when that happens at home and when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere. I think the clogging is mainly caused by my big turds, but I use a lot of paper to wipe and I guess that's partly responsible. Hey let me know how things work out for you. Also, I'm real glad to answer any other questions! Hugs, Sexy girl

the "HOLD IT" man
Jonas, you might be right. At the work place, it is very hard to realy hear the 'flood' in the restroom, and I do n't have X-Ray vision, so if she is wearing diapers, I would never know it. I have only my personal experience to go by. The point is that there were more women in the office then men, yet men account for almost twice as many bathroom visits as the women. Besides that, on quite days, I have heard some pretty amazing hissing in the lady's room, but that is a rare ocassion. I don't have any reason to believe that the woman in question is wearing diapers, however.

Trekie, that does make sense. Men can do their 'business' faster then women if all they have to do is take a leak. Women's room lines are long probably because of the longer time it takes to do their business, combined with the fact that they are holding back more pressure. The "one third" rule is pretty accurate for me. I measured my out put when I started feeling my urge once, and it came out to a little under 300 militers. My cousen, Katie did the same thing, and her out put was around 550.

Katrina, I love foam stories. Katie can realy put out some foam when she eats certain v?????s. I have seen other women in various peeing contests also put out heads of foam that had me thinking they may have snuck some laundry detergent or something into the container. One time when I was a kid, we all decided to pee in a drain in the basement of the house I was living in with my parents. I went first, a buddy of mine went second. Niether one of us put out a whole lot of foam, and it was not a very huge or strong piss. Then Katie, who had been holding most of that day, took a turn peeing down that drain, and the foam backed up onto the floor in a mound that had to be 2 inches thick.

King oF the Throne
Hey everyone

I really enjoy the outdoor shit stories keep em coming

Lucki Sportz Fanatic: Cool story looking forward to future posts

To no named: That experience sounds fun do you have any more stories like that

To DNA:Haha 7times you mustve gotten wasted By the way i think all potties do look like that. Your mom mustve been weird just dumpin some piss out on the highway

Kayla:That sounds like a massive poop, i havent gone for 2 days and i cant wait to see what happens

As i told Kayla no poop to report about since sunday oh well ill have an interesting storie when i let loose.

Peace, LOve, and farting rules


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