Hola mis amigos,

Me and Nu woke up this morning with blazing stomachs! A bunch of us went out for Thai food last night with Jake, Renee, Patsy, Jo, and myself after a great day at the river. It was so good, but this morning? Whoooaaa daddy! I pooped first because I had some gnarly shits (which I won't go into). Nu however, is still on the toilet as I'm writing this. My new apartment is set up like this: the bathroom is behind a big closet, and the bedroom looks right into the bathroom if both bedroom and bathroom doors are open. My computer is in my bedroom against the wall next to the door. I'm looking about 5 feet away at her and she's completely naked and grunting her life away. She knows I'm typing about her because she just looked up and winked at me. Her poop smells like spoiled fruit.
....There goes a big one, I could hear it from here! She talked about how long it took me to poop the other day, and now she's making this one a career dump. Two more minutes, and I'm going to have to get her to sign a toilet lease.

Yesterday was so beautiful here! 83 degrees, sun, blue skies. Naturally, we went for a long hike along the woodland next to the river. Me, Nu, Renee and Patsy, and Jo packed up some food and went for the day. I don't know how warm it was there, but it felt really hot. For the first quarter mile, there were tons of guys and girls in the water. We must have hiked for about a mile into the brush when we found a secluded spot near a bend in the river. Nu skinny dipped, freezing her tits off! No matter though, we all enjoyed the show. A couple of fisherman in a boat did too! She had to wade back out slowly because the rocks on the bottom were so slippery and hard to walk on, so she put on a free show for everyone.
(Speaking of Nu, she just pooped another fat one, I could hear it splash).
It was around three when all of us needed the bushes. Renee and Pat went first. Renee really put on a serious grunt concert. I think I'd mentioned a long time ago, that she bears a striking resemblance to Gywneth Paltrow. She has the same square jaws, sparkling eyes, thin lips, and wide smile, and is also honey-blonde. She took a nice dump near a rock pile under some trees where she was kind of obscured. Two turds, one was pretty long, and they were both sort of soft, and extremely smelly with cracks and splits in them. It looked like a nice sized pile though. We could see her squatting, grimacing and grunting, but the shade hid most of the action. However, when she stood up, I noticed that she'd shaved her pussy.

Patsy wandered off farther up a hill, and me and Joanne followed her. Patsy dropped her shorts and panties, wiggled them down to her knees, then squatted down to push out a serious loaf. We heard her grunting until finally, this big, long, fat rope of a turd came shooting out, splatting onto a bunch of pine needles on the ground. I'd say that it was at least a 2-pounder. Patsy's turd looked like a big oval shaped loaf of bread with a tapered tip that curved up! It was cool because Patsy's African-American, dark, and her turd was almost the same color of her skin LOL! She wiped her ass still squatted and poked the toilet paper down into the turd with her finger. Then she laughs and goes "I'm hungry."

(Nu's finally finished, I'm watching her wipe her ass. It wiggles as she digs into it. I love it! Man, did she leave a stink!)

Nu didn't have to poop, but instead stood next to a giant tree and peed standing for about a minute! She gushed big time, leaving a foamy puddle running downhill. Jo unfortunately got the shits, and was too embarrassed to be seen squirting so she went into the bush by herself. It was funny because where she'd pooped, had a million flies and insects were swirling around it and we could all see it from our spot.

After that, Nu coerced me into skinny dipping with her, putting on a strip show for the guys across the river who'd pulled their boat in to shore. I didn't mind because we were too far away for our faces to be recognized. I pulled my shirt off, threw my bra next to it, then lost shorts, panties, and shoes, and waded into the frigid waters while male voices hollered and whistled from a distance. Damn that water was cold!!! Renee and Pat ate more food, and Jo was standing by the river bank watching us. She was so rigid that I could tell that she didn't want to sit because her butt was stinging and burning too bad from her liquid, fiery shits LOL!!!! I was splashing and giggling, and freezing my tits off, and yelled at her "What'sa matter, squirt out a hot fudge sundae?" Then, she waded into the river up to her ass trying to cool it off!

About an hour later, I had to take a savage dump, wandered over to a semi-secluded dune area by the river bank, and found a spot in the sand. Patsy went with me, as did Jo. I pulled my shorts and panties down, squatted and began grunting and pushing hard. Then, Jo goes "Shit! What the f---?" as a huge, fat, long turd like a knobby bicycle tire came pushing out slowly. I had to take breaks from the pushing and breathing as it just hung out of my ass. It took so long to squeeze out and I was really working it. Jo said I looked like I was being tortured or something. Patsy giggled and called out to the others "Baby sister's shittin' cattle over here!" Then she squatted down looking at my butt as it still inched going "Oh yeah...oh yeah, it's coming." Finally, it fell and I felt so relieved. I'd say it was about 18" long, coiled, and broken, looking like two hunks of sausage. I stood up and shot an arc of piss for about 4 feet into some tall grass. The sun felt good on my ba! re butt because that river was cold!!!!

The fisherman across the river seemed so far away, but we could tell what they were doing. So, I know that they could tell that I was taking a shit in the bushes because of my movements. I hope it made their day. Anyway, muchos besos a mis amigos, I love you all a lot.

Hey (Anonymous) -

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who would appreciate some clues as to the name of the MTV "Real World" show. I think I will start watching a bit more frequently.

Hello everyone here at the post! I finally pooped earlier today (Sunday), and it wasnít as big as I expected it to be. Oh well, Iíll have plenty of more opportunities to have a good come back. Now for some replies.
Teddy Bear -
Wow, I missed reading your post. I was skimming through some of yours, and the one on pg 1026 grabbed my attention dearly. I have to say, you were one lucky guy to see your girlfriend take such a big poop. The description of your story made me think that I was actually in the bathroom with you two lol. Man, also wiping for her? You really scored. I canít wait to hear that story from when you two were camping. I bet it will be as good as this one. Sorry I missed you in my last post, but I missed reading your post. Itís a good thing I went back, or else I wouldnít have ever known such a great post existed. Alyssa also read that one and she really liked it. xoxo

Pee Girl -
OMG, that was one huge pee you took. Yeah, youíre right that the mall restrooms are crowded. Theyíre always crowded by us, and thatís why I rarely ever use them. Back to your experience. I know that I could never pee for 6 minutes and more. Your friend also peed a huge amount too. I feel so sorry for both of you that you had to suffer that long. Wow! Was that the most that you ever peed before, or have you peed that much other times? Again, sorry that I didnít reply in my last post, but I must have missed the page you posted on completely. xoxo

Hey. I was just wondering if anyone else here will purpusely wait until they really gotta go and then urinate in the backyard. I don't know why, but I really love urinating on trees. I'm glad I know there are other people like this.

When I was little, I was over at my friend's house and we and another boy were playing outside. I had to pee, and I told my friend. She said can't you go inside, but I said I didn't want to. So she told me I could pee here. I asked if the boy would watch, and she said no. So I pulled do my underwear and stood with my legs far apart and urinated on the pinestraw. That was my first peeing outside expirenece.

Hey all,
Hope you are having a nice long weekend despite the weather most places. Friday night a friend and I hung out watching movies and drinking. The next day I must have shit at least 7 times. In the afternoon I was at my parents house and had to run to the bathroom clenching my cheeks to hold it in. I usually only get like that if I had been drinking the night before.
Has anyone gone to the bathroom in a potty as an adult, not in that adult baby way but in the just a cool place to pee way. I think this would be cool, just because I like peeing in odd areas/places. I have never used a bedpan before, but I assume that the two are similar.
When I was a little girl my parents kept this yellow potty in the car, I remember it it looked more like a yellow plastic cooking pot without handles than a potty, but maybe that is what most look like. My mom would put it on the floor of the car and I would pee in it (I don't recall ever pooping in it). After I had peed my mom would dump it out on the ground behind the car.
One day my grandma and great-grandma took me out somewhere with them. My mother must have given them the potty to put in the car. We were in a parking lot and I said I needed to pee, so i went in the potty. My grandma didn't know what to do with the pee, and I said mommy just dumps it out. For some reason my Grandmother did not like that idea. So the whole way home my potty full of pee sat on the floor of the backseat of the car. I don't remember if any spilled or not. Take care all, I'll rack my brain for more good stories.

Hi everyone! If anyone remembers, I wrote a story a couple of weeks ago about how I discovered my interest in pooping after I had an accident in a mall. Since then I have had quite a few other "accidents" (every time I've pooped myself since then, I've done it on purpose). I like to go into detail on the whole experiance, so forgive me if I ramble.

The next time I actually had a really memorable pooping experience was probably like, 9 months later (after the mall). I was going with my mom and dad to our cabin. The cabin is on a lake and we have a pontoon boat. I remembered from the summer before, a secluded beach on a far part of the lake. Where the sand ends at this beach, there are woods that extend for miles. I gone walking in these woods the year before and I was surprised to see paths leading me on a very beautiful, and private nature hike. I had been picturing the trails in my head, and how much fun I would have walking them alone, and pooping myself.
I had been ďsavingĒ for like 3 days, and I had to poop pretty bad. During the 4 hour car ride it took to get there, I would often have to grit my teeth to keep my dump inside me. But I did fart a couple times though, and my parents didnít appreciate it. Once we finally arrived, I was so excited I could hardly stand it. And once we had unpacked and uncovered the boat, I was ready. But, of course, my parents wanted to go out on the boat too. I told them that I wanted to work on my tan (my parents know I like to hide me chest from them) and I wanted to go out alone. They finally agreed and I jumped in and left the dock.
As I made progress toward the beach, I gave small pushes and teased myself as I pulled back in. When I pulled up to the beach I was all alone. I took off my shorts and was wearing my bikini bottoms underneath. I beached the boat and started off into the woods. I planned to walk as far as I could, push and try to make it back. I really wanted that intense desperation. I walked for almost a half hour, enjoying the scenery, smells, and sounds of nature. Finally I got pretty desperate to crap and I turned around. I pushed really slightly at first and then stopped. I walked slowly and started to become a little light headed as I felt my load moving. Suddenly I got a great rush of ďshame on you!Ē running through my mind and a turd began inching out of me. I tried to hold but there was no fighting. My heart was beating fast and I stood, bending slightly, as a long hard log slowly moved into my pants. It was thick and actually hurt pretty bad. But I was still loving this experie! nce. After a few seconds I looked back and saw my bikini bottoms tenting like three inches off my butt. I spread my legs wider, and the poop came out a little faster. The dump made a soft crackling sound as it filled my pants. I could feel the big load beginning to occupy more and more space behind and underneath me. I finally stopped myself when I thought my bottoms were too heavy to stay around my waist.
I stared walking again, holding by pants up with one hand. I liked the feeling of my huge ďcreationĒ hanging behind me. My heart was still beating fast, but I couldnít wait to do this again in public like the first time. I walked a little further and eventually, dropped the load from my bottoms. I went to the lake and rinsed myself off. I decided to hold in the rest of my dump still inside me, and went back to the cabin.
Later that night I pooped the rest of my ďsupplyĒ our cabin toilet and clogged it like, pretty bad. My dad had to unclog it, and there was a huge turd just sitting in the bowl. That was pretty embarrassing, but I can only laugh about it now.
Bye for now,

Hey guys, sorry I havenít posted throughout the past week. Iíve got really busy with projects for school. Well, today (Saturday May 24th), I decided to post. I havenít had a poop in about 3 days now, so when I do, I bet itís gonna be humongous!
Beach Nut -
Yeah, not to be conceited, but I think that all of us our pretty. That was a pretty cool story you had. While I was reading it, I got some awesome images in my head. Thanks!! First off, Corissa decided that she and Alyssa would pee outside. She said that she had never done these kind of things before, and wanted to try it. I donít blame her. The cup that Alyssa peed in was about the size a really tall MacDonalds cup. I forget what the logo was, but once she finished peeing the cup was just about to overflow. For Corissa, that idea just came to me so I told her. She went over to the middle of the sidewalk in her backyard, and just started peeing. She didnít really aim at all, a pretty good sized puddle just secretly formed beneath her. Yeah, I assume that later in the night she took a shower and got all the extra liquid off her legs. Haha, if she would have pooped, we probably just would have thrown the piece (or pieces) into the woods too. Somehow, we woul! d have to find a way to get all the marks off the walk. Hmm....about her backyard. Thereís a picnic table in her backyard. Her mother has a flower garden, but I donít think that she would appreciate it if we tried to go in her garden lol. Although her garden is really developing this year, unlike last year. They used to have a swing set, but her dad recently took it apart. Thatís all I can really think of for now, sorry. I hope to hear more stories about both you and your girlfriend, and Iím gonna continue with replies. xoxo

Poop Gal -
Thatís pretty interesting on the way you poop. Iím just wondering, but why donít you sit down to poop? The only time I have ever stood to poop, was when I pooped outside (my only time). I never tried going like that in the toilet before. One last question, do you stand every time you have to poop, or only sometimes? Thanks, xoxo. Alyssa hasnít been on the computer all day, and sheís like pulling her hair out lol, so I better go. Later.....

i am 19 and 2 years ago i was on vacation in florida. i was trying hard to poop all weekend but i couldn ' i was on the way home with my 5 friends i thought i was going to let out a fart but it was poop and it filled my pants

I went to this cookout yesterday and there was this boy there about 7 or 8...any way every one ate, i saw him eat too. Then i noticed a bit later he was holding his stomach. Then i saw him get up with his mom, i think he had to poop or something, cause they headed to the bathroom.

Later on I went out and i rented some DVD's. The one was called Cheats and there were a few bathroom sceenes. There was one part where this boy was gonna run away and he told his friends im not going some places cause the kids eat their own shit with a fork and a knife, then there was another part where the kid was sitting on a toilet cheating on a test, i don't think he was pooping. Then later on there was a sceene where the 2 boys got the teachers grade book and they burned it and peed on it(this part was at the beginging and end).
Then i started to watch this other dvd called Sol Goode and there was a part where they were talking about this roomate and they said he has Irritle bowel snydrom and they are like that means he has to shit. then the guy complained that there was piss on the toilet seat. I turned it off at that point to go to bed, i don't know if theres any more bathroom sceenes or not

Hello everyone,

I'm a 19 yr old male. I openly confess that I want to see a cute girl taking a poop. It's so hard when so many think of poop as something forbidden and disgusting, when in actuality, it's just a part of life. Everyone does it, and i certainly don't see anything wrong with just watching a girl take a dump. I'm just glad that there are people like you here on this site who are comfortable with this kind of stuff and are willing to share your feelings and experiences about it.

After looking at some of the girls' posts on this site,I'm completely amazed at how much some girls poop, how big their poos are, and how open some of them are to letting others (especially guys) watch them as they do it. Maybe one day I'll get lucky and find a girl that is similar to you all.

I am quite curious to find out a little about girls in their pooping experiences and habits. If you would be willing to respond to some or all of these questions, that would make me really happy:

1)What age group are you from? (ex. 16-25, 30-40, etc...)

2)How often do you poop?

3)What is the average size of your poops? (length, diameter)

4)What texture are your poops usually? (Mushy, liquidy, firm, rock solid, etc...)

5)Do you usually poop out logs, chunks, "snakes", or combinations of the above?

6)How long does it usually take you to poop?

7)What are the places like to take a dump?

8)Are you comfortable with a guy or girl watching you while you poop?

9)Do you have to push a lot to let out your poo?

10)When you take a dump, about how many poos do you let out?

11)Does it take very long for you to take a poo?

12)Do you voluntarily take a poo at the first urge, or do you hold it, or simply go when convenient?

13)What foods make you take the biggest dumps?

I know this is a chock full of questions, but I'm really just interested in learning more about girls in their "world of poo".

To any girls who wish to answer my survey questions, I greatly appreciate it and send you my thanks.

To CARMALITA: I'm impressed by your posts. How in the world do you and Jo make all those big poos? What do you eat? and just how much?
If you have any interest in my survey, please feel free to fill me in.

Well, until next time. Bye everyone!

shy dumper
TO Byrian: Like your story, had similiar effects. Thanks for posting

Has anyone used a Japanese toilet???????????

Hi, everybody!
I'm back after a rather lenghty absence. I used to use a geographic abbreviation after my name, but since I don't live in that state any more, and I don't notice anothe regular "John" at the forum, maybe the simple name will suffice. My wife and I went through some tough times in the past year, both losing our jobs, and making two moves (one long distance to another state). We were off-line for about six months, and I've been pretty busy for about six months, but I've been reading the forum again recently... always interesting stuff!

I had to say hi to old friends Jane & Gary, and the always incredible Carmalita, who just keeps cranking out the best posts, the same way she keeps cranking out her award-winning turds! I liked the turd pie toilet in the last post... did you take a picture? I want it! I know you like to see guys go, too, Carmalita, but I'm afraid mine have been rather inconsistent lately(probably due to stress). What I think I need is for you to cook me some Mexican food, and after that works its magic, I'll go for you if you go for me! Is it a deal?

Waaay back in the old posts, it was said that men feel the need to go when the bladder's about 1/3 full, while women don't feel it until quite a bit more full. This, when added to things like the longer time women require, their inability to quickly duck behind a tree or something, and our urinals *and* toilets versus their just toilets (That's one thing I've never seen mentioned, even by the women: if all else was equal, the men's room can move 'em out a lot faster than a women's room of the same size.)

I freely admit to not having researched myself (you don't just walk up and ask a girl how long she can go without peeing. Not any of the women I know, anyway.) but, if the 1/3 thing is true, then that, when combined with the other factors, is more than enough to account for the longer ladies' room lines and more accidents/close calls.

christi b.
can any girls tel me some storys about farting around other girls or in there face or something because i think girls farting around other girls is cool and kind of a turn on thanks
love christi

WENDY -- Welcome to the board and to this community. Yes, I was raised in basically the same way as yourself, and to this day have never had the pleasure of human companionship while performing bathrooom necessities... How did I overcome the thoughts and attitudes of a lifetime? At the age of around 37 I discovered, on the internet, that other folks took great pleasure in these things, and they were a welcoming, ice bunch of people! I had quite severe Avoidant Paruresis(bashful bladder) and was looking for help, and from the help Igot, and my introduction to how joyously open folks ca be, my AP has evaporated almost completely and I ow have a very open and liberal attitude to bathroom matters.

MALITA -- A nice graphic dump with Nu looking on -- I could just about smell the eau de Malita! I've had some more miltiple poops, I seem to go about three times in the early part of the day these days, same pattern each time, firm at first, loose later. Thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate them a lot! Hey, I wish you'd been there to see me lauch that 16-incher the other day, even if the incident was over in seconds! It's great to be in touch again -- I missed you and your amazing bathroom exploits!



Mrs. Pinelli
I only use my own bathroom.

nealy funny story loved it

i still have diareaha so dose my g/f

I was using a public toilet yeseterday when a girl came over wanting to shit what should i have done

This happened about 3.5 years ago on the public transit train and on the bus to me. I will tell the story and it is kinda gross though. While at school, I had to take a dump really really badly and I felt that it would be diarrhea so I decided to go home and do it there instead. Well, I took train home and while on the train, I felt the EXTREME need to dump it on the train so so so so so badly, but I managed to hold it in with lots of pain. I remember the diarrhea juices were coming out of my ass and there were some pebble shit coming out of my ass. I FELT THE EXTREME NEED TO TAKE A HUGE MEGA DUMP AND ADDED, IT WAS DIARRHEA! While I got off the train and ready to wait for the bus, it is what really made things difficult. I got on the bus and that was when the shit came outta my ass and it stunk really bad and lots of the shit ended in my crotch area. Luckily, people weren't really staring at me - I just couldn't sit up straight. When I was walking home, people were STARING a! t me because I couldn't even walk properly and man did I smell bad! When I got home and went to the toilet, my crotch smelled EXACTLY like a garbage dumpster with full of trash in the back alley!! All of the shit accumulated in my crotch area and my legs were full of shit juices too!

Hey All-
Sorry I ahven't wirtten in a white--I've been very pre-occupied with other things and haven't been online. It feels great to be back home and having my own shitter. However, shtting hasn't been very great lately, I've been fairly constipated. I took some fiber con tonight, hopefully it will help. Well, later

To Carmalita: Liked your story

To Darlene: I liked your story..that wasn't right that the teacher wouldn't let you use the bathroom

To unnamed poster: about that MTV show...i haven't seen it yet but i did see an AD for it..maybe i'll have to check it out

To greg: Liked your story...i know how diahreaha can be...i had it yesterday but i only had it 2x then it stopped

To Poop Gal: Thats cool you stand up to dump

To CC: Liked your story...sounds like a nice dump and thats so cool what you saw on tv

To Eric in Chicago: Wow..5 big dumps in 24 hr? cool...was it soft/hard? and did you have to wipe alot?

To Katrina: Loved your pee 19 hrs is long to hold your pee

To Buzzy: Loved your story..what did you wipe with? and did any one see you?

To Monica: Liked your story from camp

To coyote: I liked your story...when you pee like a woman do you wipe down there too?

To historian: That sounds like a cool movie

To JD; Liked your story

To Mickey: Loved your story

To Upstate Dave: Enjoyed your story

To onenut (yep thats me) yea right: liked your old was the boy?

To Uncle Allen: Liked your story

After i got offline last night..i turned on the tv and Jackass was on MTV at 11pm. There was a part where i think it was steve-O skiing in a porto pottie
oh btw did you hear steve-o got aressted for swallowing drugs in a thingy? he couldn't wait to get rid of that(in his poop).

John D.
Has anyone ever had an incident where they actually felt the "snake poke its head out of the hole" and go back in? By this I mean did you ever have the urgency to go to the bathroom and was trying to hold it where the end of the poop popped out but retracted back in? Is there a formal name for this? If not, please submit what you think it should be called.

Traveling Guy
The other day, I mentioned that I'm working in a different building now for a few months, during the summer orientation season for incoming students. While I was alone in my office during a quiet time the other day, I began to notice a strange "clunk, clunk, clunk" sound now and again, and then I realized that it was made by the handle of a paper towel dispenser. Then I began to hear the sound of flushing toilets. As it turns out, the back wall of my office is back-to-back with the women's room. No, I can't hear anything else that goes on in there, but that's fine. It's good exercise for the imagination. I can barely even hear the toilets flush through the wall. Just that unsettling "clunk, clunk" sound. But it's interesting to be reminded of my female companions, just like their male co-workers, using the johns before we start our round of morning student interviews. Nobody wants to be squirming or desperate while interviewing someone.

One of my recent interviewees was from a town in the eastern US where a very famous rock concert was held in the 1960s, and again in the 1990s. (I can't mention the town's name straight out, due to confidentiality rules, but, yes, it's that one that C,S,N&Y sang about. Is it anywhere near you, Upstate Dave?) I knew she was way too young to have seen the '60s bash, but I asked her about the one in the '90s. "Oh, it was a mess," she said. "People were throwing trash all around and urinating all over the place." With that opening, I offered that people had recently peed in my back yard, and I briefly recounted the story I told all of you here some time back about the neighbors' party. It wasn't the time to dwell on that topic, of course, so we quickly moved on to the business at hand. But I was pleased that this young woman felt comfortable enough with a total starnger to even say something like that. Maybe she's one of our kindred spirits.

Miss May - I liked reading about your childhood buddy dumping and peeing experience. The poster here who mentioned buddy-dump bonding in places like India was spot on. When I lived in rural Peru and had the opportunity to dump a lot outdoors, where nobody thinks twice about doing that, I would see lots of kids and teenagers, as well as adults, in pairs, threesomes, or more, having a nice chat while they took care of business. They were usually in groups of females or males only, but individuals or groups of the opposite sex were often very close to one another.

Anthea - That experience you described of the two friends in the women's room of a Boston hotel speaks to a wonderful kind of liberated intimacy, doesn't it? The only time I've had that was with a former girlfriend. I've always been rather private about dumping when it comes to male friends, although I'm no longer shy about doing it when I need to, as I once was. BTW, I'll bet the next guy to use that stall in Spain after you would never guess that a woman had done that. LOL!! The cleaning lady should have let you into the women's. Nice shot!

Buzzy, Upstate Dave, Carmalita, and all my other friends here - Sorry I can't post as much as usual these days, but I do "log on" to read and I enjoy your posts - all of you! And, I agree with you, 'Lita: the moderators do a great job at keeping this place something special for those of us who want to talk openly about this topic. Thanks!!

my mom went out the other night and a baby sitter wached me. after mom left she asked if i wanted ice cream and i aid yeah and we went, we were eating the ice cream when i felt like i really had to poop. we were sitting at tables outside cause there was no inside place there and no bathroms. i didnt want to seem like a baby and tell he i had to go so i held it. it hurt so bad i was trying real hard to hold it in. i was sitting on my hand to try and hold it. then the babysitter said lets go and i got up and it all came out real fast. we walked to the car and she went to unlock her door and i tried to ajust my pants so i wouldnt mash the poop. she unocked the doors and i got in the back seat. she got in and i roled down the window so she couldnt smell it. we got hime and she didnt say anyhting. until we got out of the car i tried to wait for her to go to the door and open it but she wanted me to go in front of her. thats when she saw my but and yelled at me. she said you litt! le kid i thought you were potty trained. i was so embarassed. i told her i will clean up and she said no way, i will do it. i said no so many time but she kept saying ill do it. she grabbed my arms and pulled me in the bathrom and i was trying to fight her but she was stonger and she got my pants down and said hold still. then she got my undies off and made me get in the shower. i thought it was over then she started washing my but. i was so embarrased and scared that i accidently started peeing in the shower and she spanked my but when she saw it. i said im sorry it was an accient and she didnt believe me. she thought i was just trying to mkkae her mad. she dried me off and i put on pj's and went to bed. i was so scared that she was gonna tell mom that i couldnt sleep then i finally got to sleep when i woke up having an accidnet, i started to pee my bed a little. i was so tired that i just fell back to sleep. mom woke me up and she always pulls the covers down to get me u! p and she saw my wet pj's and spanked me while i was sleeping. that woke me up quick. well that day sucked. Well gotta go by.

King of the Throne
Yesterday I was at a State park where all they had was outhouses and when i walked into one i saw someone took a huge shit on the seat, so i had to go into the urinal, it was fun but the only reason i did it was because if i went much farther i would have shit my pants. It was a big shit too 4 soft slimy logs about 10in long and really dark. then it was diarhea. since i was sitting in the urinal i pissed all over the floor, bu it didnt look like the first time.

Does anyone have a place to shit in besides the toilet at their house if so i would like to know what, where, and why

Peace, love, and fart and roll

I have a Survey for everyone to fill out

1.Do you use porta portties

2. IF so just piss? Shit? or both

3.Do you go on the seat directly or do you ad tp you sit or stand

5.After you finish do you look down /admire

6.Do you lock the door

7.Do you prefer handicapped you have a friend watch out you have a friend inside(moral support

10.When given the choice what would you do

A)use the portapotty

B)GO on yourself

C)Go out in the open

D)go in a secluded spot

Thanx Kott

To Teddy Bear -
Hey, that was a really good story about your ex. do you hav any more stories about her either peeing or pooping? If you do, could u please share them with else. Also, how old were both of you at the time that story took place? Thanks bye

To Amanda -
Hey, I like your stories alot! each time I read them, I get more and more excited.

Took a really nice poop earlier today. I sat on the toilet and immedietly pushed out 2 6" inch thick pieces of crap. Wiped 2 times, flushed, then I went shopping with my parents. We shopped for my sister becuz her bday is coming up soon. Bye everyone

Raging Urophile

JONAS- It was interesting to read a different perspective on differences in bladder size between men and women. You are the second person on this board who believes that bladder sizes are either equal or that men's are larger. However, there seem to be far more related incidents on this board of folks who have frequently been privy to the bladder power of both genders. The overwhelming consensus is that women can out perform men in all categories.
It is true that when one views anatomical diagrams of both genders, the male bladder appears more rounded and slightly larger. Also, my college textbooks made no mention of any gender differences in this regard. But as I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, one on pg.1100, I don't think that bladder size, initially, is the reason for female superiority. I believe that women are less sensitive to pain in the abdominal region than men are, and can therfore, on average,if they choose to, hold more pee before they become desperate. Over time, their bladders become exercised more as a result, and hence become stronger and larger.
If one compares any average man with any average woman, there might not be a significant difference in male and female urinary output. This is probably why the textbooks do not note any difference. In most cases, there might not be a difference. But when both genders try to hold as long as possible with the goal of increasing their bladder capacity, women nearly always outperform men. I cannot back up the claims of these posters since I personally not had the opportunity to observe a "holding contest"; but every single person on this board who has first hand experiences with comparing men with women, claim that there is no doubt that women are superior.

Hate it
IMy names nickole im 14

i hate it how my parents say that is healthy or sumthing like that to poop every day

i went to the toilet and when i came out my mum goes did ya poop and i say yes or no if i havn't she says ry again i hate it!!!

desperate to poop
I had an interesting experience the other day.

I was in the local shopping centre and walking round John Lewis when I felt a sudden urge to poop. The feeling had been coming for a while but now it was telling me I'd better go before I became desperate. I beckoned to my GF and we headed off

I went upstairs to the dept's bathrooms but they were full and there were 2 waiting. I decided to chance the loo's in the food hall instead. Much to my dismay depsite having more stalls all were taken and there was two in front again. I had no option but to wait as I guessed everywhwere else would be similar. My GF waited with me as she said she could probably go too.

The girl second in the queue seemed in pain. She had her hand over her bum and hunched over from time to time cursing. She was also doing a poo poo dance. Mind you I was starting to feel that way too. I let rip a bit of a mean fart. It was quite obvious several stalls were pooping. One was having a bad case of the squirts and she was audiably moaning. Two others were grunting loadly and one other seemed to be constipated.

After about five minutes the end stall became free and the lady at the front went in. She had been jiggling a bit so must have needed a pee quite bad. She let rip with a big gusher that lasted for quite a few minutes. She wasn't finished though and started to poop. It was afternoon after all and ebveryone had probably been eating a nice lunch! The girl who had been squiring was still moaning and pushing out wave after wave. Finally after another ten minutes a ???? asian lady came out and apologised to the lady waiting but said it would not flush. She had already bolted in and ripped her pants down and was also squirting.

I was now becoming desperate and my GF had also increased her need. As it had been a good ten mins without a free stall there were now four or five behind us. Just then a very attractive lady in her late twenties dashed in and gasped 'OH GOD'. Just then a stall became free and I suggested me and my GF go together. She didn't need a second asking. We both went in. I started to clean the toilet and my GF ripped her pants down and sat on the toilet facing the cistern. I faced the other way and we began having a big old shit. We were next to the one who was squirting and I asked if she was ok and had enough TP. She moaned she felt poorly but had another roll. Myself and my GF shat for a good twnety minutes, both us gushing quite soft loose pooh. I had to change my pad too. The girl the other side had been going for a while too. She was much firmer but was depositing big logs.

When we left we didn't see the girl who was really desperate so she must have gone elsewhere. We left the other girl still squirting and there was quite a line as we came out. Several looked quite desperate.

Happy shitting

Monday, May 27, 2003

There is a theme that has appeared here before and I would like to express the other viewpoint on the different bladder size and strength between genders. Most people i've met and talked to about it think that in the world they live in, men have larger and stronger bladders. This also happens to concur with anatomical representations and data and the design of the bodies, and I've always seen girls and women desperate to go or having wet accidents. Since I was a kid, I always saw and heard about many more accidents of females than males, at the ratio of about three to one, women nearly always had to go more often, and there have always been much longer lines to the women's restroom than the men's. Of course, there are men who urinate more frequently and women who urinate less frequently, but it seems that on average women go more and cannot hold it as long.

Women who can hold it for amazingly long times have been perfecting that skill, like to one woman who posted here about exercising her bladder in the manner of lifting weights--it is an extreme case, and most people don't bother to do it, just as most people don't use that kind of discipline to build up muscles in their arms or chest or whatever, but a few do. I once shared a house with a man who regularly went more than a day without urinating and had actually gone three days on at least one occassion.

So I'm always kind of nonplussed when I read about how "bladder builder" women are the norm, and that women "put out greater amounts of pee then we do, and just generaly have better bladder control," because it contradicts everything I have observed and heard from girlfriends/friends/family and so on of both genders.

Someone wrote about an electronic database that kept track of how often people in his office used the restroom and "One wrather pretty older woman of about 42 drinks as much cofee as the boss, and has been seen using the rest room once or twice in a typical week." I don't mean to offend anyone's sensibilities, but if she really only enters the restroom that infrequently it is likely she is wearing diapers and maybe only going in when she needs to change. Otherwise, she is one of those few human beings who has deliberately made her bladder much, much stronger than average for either gender.

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