Hola mis amigos,
MODERATOR: I feel so sad and bad about having those wierdo posts come in. Some of us like this subject matter and I am happy that you welcome us. I really am sorry that you get plagued with such an onslaught of creepmail. I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you do and how you maintain the integrity.

PV: Hola mi amor! I do feel a bit better. Me and Jake are getting along better now that we're apart. We never really fought, we were just not there for each other due to our constant opposing issues with each other. Thanks for commenting though, that was really special of you--but then again, you're a special person. Wow! a 15 incher huh? Nice! My redheaded honey was working on her big business! Some nice ropey monsters too. I would love to have been there (so what else is new?)

RIZZO: Rizzo have I missed something new from you? I looked all over, but couldn't find anything! Anyway, hugs and kisses to you!

ADRIAN: Thanks for wishing me well in my new place. Yeah, Jo felt better after her log jam. I felt better after mine too.

BUZZY: Maybe I'll have to come up and visit you! Those NE woods sound pretty hot with guys like you runnin' loose! Just think of me and I'll be there with you in spirit at least. I wouldn't mind crouching down there next to you and having a pushin' party! BTW hon, the traditional spelling of my name is Carmelita like you spell it, which means "little Carmen" after my mother. But mi popi spells it with an A Carmalita for a very special reason. No big deal, just thought I'd share that with you. Los smoochos!

ROBBY AND ANNIE: Hola sweethearts back at you!! I always love to hear from you and the gang. Sorry about Annie's accident, though I've recently been there!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

I was taking a really big shit yesterday and had just dropped a nice turd when I heard Nu calling me. I sat on the toilet, taking my leisurely time, she's out there calling to me, quite impatiently too, "Maliiiiitaaaaa, what are you doing in there?" Just then I opened the door, and she got a big whiff of what I was doing in there! It wasn't horrible though, just a nice, ripe poop smell. I'd crapped another fat one when she commented on hearing it. Two nice sized logs came out of my ass with no effort at all, but then, a little constipation set in. I had more poop, but it was kinda lodged inside of me. Nu stood by the door looking down at me, drinking some tea as I pooped. Then she goes "Yuuuuuuuckkk, that one smells like the beans you made last night." Soon, some sticky poos squeezed out and plopped into the toilet with mucho effort and grunting. Nu then pulled her sweatshirt up over her nose and mouth because it was beginning to get ripe. Then she went into the kitchen! and was doing something. I grabbed a YM magazine and flipped through it when I finally felt another big fat log working its way out. Nu comes back, sees me leaning forward with my elbows on my knees staring at the magazine and says "Are you still taking a dump? What the hell did you eat, anyway?" A fat turd started crackling and making embarassing popping noises and Nu covered her mouth and began laughing. It was a huge one too. My toilet looked like it had a big brown turd pie floating in it. That last one was potent too. That's it for now I guess.


I thought Id join the party and tell a tale about me and the accident I had in 7th grade.

I was late getting up for school and rushed around to get together and make the bus. I threw down some orange juice, and some coffee, took a pee and ran to the bus stop, just making it.
We got to school on time and went to our home room first. We then dispersed to classes in diffent rooms. First one was Boring History, first thing, then the bell rings and we got 5 min to get to Math right after.

This one real cold morning I didnt visit the girls room between classes and went to math directly. Oh it was soooo boring also, and the teacher a Mr. Moore was like a real dictator in the class and school, didnt beleive on letting anyone out to get a drink or bathroom break.

As time moved on slowly, it was cold in the room. I felt a need to go pee now all that coffee and orange juice clashing and my bladder is bothering me now.
I thought I could hold on though, but it got worse and worse and I had to cross my legs and hold them tight to keep from needing to go pee.
It didnt help much as I got more and more urges to pee I was shivering so I actually went to pressing in on my crotch. I thought Id ask then to be excused. I put up my and and waved it, annoying Mr. Moore. I asked to go and hs prommptly said , no, you are old enough to wait and go during the class changes. So I thought maybe I could hold on anyhow, but the urge got worse as I filled up. That day I was wearing black cordroy jeans, blue sweater top, white socks, and Nikes. Underneath I had on some new white panties worn for the first time.
Then it happened with no warning, I felt a litle spurt into my panties that I shut off quickly. I got another spasm and another longer spurt escaped into my panties, I could feel the warm pee soak in.
My GOD! Here I am going on 14 and cant hold my pee and Im wetting my pants.
As I sat there squirming around my friend next to me, Barbs asked what was wrong, like I think she knew. Well, I told her and she said to just walk out and go. I didnt think that would be a good idea to have the wrath of this teacher down on me. Also I felt if I did get up Id lose it and piss on the floor big time.
So I sat there holding on and a few more squirts let go, and soon my crotch was warm and wet, pee had soaked up my butt and my panties were soaked. So far I hadnt lost it altogether though. I sat there then for the rest of the class time squirting pee into my jeans and panties. So far nothing dripped on the floor so I was glad of that.
Finally the bell rang for us to go to the next class, PE and I jumped up and made a beeline to the bothroom. I dropped my jeans and panties and surveyed the damage. I tossed the panties into the trash, and put paper towels in my jeans. I finished peeing now for about 3 minutes now.

Off to PE class we went, and there I put on our gym shorts and sox. For the remainder of the morning I wore those to the next class too.
I put my wet jeans in my gym bag to take home.. The only good thing was they were black and didnt show my accident although my friend knew what happened.
When I got home that noon for lunch, I told my mom what happened.
She called the principals office and made a complaint that kids should be able to hit the bathroom if need be.
To make a long story shorter, the teacher got into an arugument with a sutdent one day over of all things, religion. The kid went home told his folks and they complained and met with the school board over it, as religion was not to be discussed in classrooms like "one over the other" and specifics about ones own religion.
That along with other complaints caused the school board to discharge the teacher that summer and he didnt come back in the fall.
At least I learned my lesson not to fill up on a lot of coffee and stuff and not visit the restooms and pee.
I have to relate my other story another time about my pooping accident though that was my fault as I hated to use the school toilets for that.

Has anyone seen that new show on MTV where about 20 hot girls live together and are trying to get a contract to be a professional surfboarder? The girls are very sexy and athletic and in the first episode one commented about their being 20 girls and only 2 bathrooms! I am going to watch this show faithfully in hopes of a toilet scence. I know it's a long shot! Anyway I love to dream about these girls on the toilet. Imagine one sitting on the toilet stinking up the bathroom while the others are at the sink. So hot.

I woke up this morning and i farted 2 times. I got on here and then i knew i had to poop. I stopped what i was doing to go poop. I felt a log push out and then chunky stuff on top. It was soft. Then a bit later i had to poop again. This time it was diahreaha and it was pure liquid. I peed out of my butt 2 times.(pooped 3 times this morning all together). I don't know what i ate. I was almost tempted to call out of work but i didn't cause i knew it would stop soon and it did, i haven't had diahreah since,..thats good cause i have plans tomorrow

Chris-I know that it seems like I'm always finding doorless stalls, but alas.... 'tis not so. In fact, it seems like there are fewer than before. Most of my stories are from the same couple of restrooms. I know of 2, now. I used to see more doorless stalls when I traveled around the state for my work. Alot of driving, and alot of peeing/pooping. Likely places to find doorless stalls: Older department stores, parks (but be careful), beaches, older buildings in universities and colleges, older and trashy looking fast-food restaurants, some gas stations, and highway rest stops. All of these places carry some risk because there are people out there looking for more than just seeing or being seen pooping. And of course there is law enforcement that likes to check out those folks, too. I always make sure that I always have to legitimately use the toilet, and I don't linger around.

Came back from the fair and no good sightings to report. Too bad!

To Anthea: Liked your story
To Perfect Merde: I've had that feeling before..especialy with farting
To DNA: Hey welcome back...I loved your story
To Nathan P: I enjoyed your story
To unnamed poster: who went to europe...I enjoyed your story
To PV: Sounds like you had some nice dumps
To Robby and Annie: saying hi back
To Zip: Loved your story
I started to read todays posts and i started having an urge to poop. I only got part way down and i hit submit..then i had to go poop. I know i had a log or to and soft stuff, but i had to go so bad it all balled up in the center of the bowl. I wiped a ton then i came back and finished reading.Ahh...i feel much better now
Last night i had a dream or something, i was somewhere and i had to pee(i woke up having to pee) and in this dream me and some others were up some high place and we were gonna pee on the people below, the same thing with pooping

the "HOLD IT" man
Emily of N.Y.C. That was very ignorant of them. When you have to go, you have to go. I got yelled at for doing that myself once. I was one my way to Minisota on my motorcycle, and I realy had to take a crap. It was diareah is a matter of fact, and I spotted a construction area up ahead where there were several Porta-Potties set up. I went in and used one, and when I came out, a typical burly construction guy started getting in my face, cussing and swearing at me and telling me that those toilets were for the workmen only.

That angered me alot, so I was a bit abrubpt with him as I explained that I had a bit of an emergency, and that if I haden't stopped, I would have crapped my pants. We exchanged a few insults, he made a few threats, but didn't have the gumption to carry them out, then I got back on my bike and went down the road.

Adiren, I agree, there are allways exceptions to everything, but in general, my personal experience has been that women generaly have far superior bladder control to men. As I stated before, after 10 years of holding contests, I still can't even come close to my Cousen Katie, or to most of the women I know boty inside and outside the water sports fetish.

Katrina, I was in some pain when I did that 1000 militers. I was probably risking damage. The usual amount I can put out without pain and risk of kidney damage is around 900 give or take. I have been doing Kegal exercises on your advice, and it has helped, but I need to be more diligent about it.

To Emily Of NYC

The worker was absolutely in the right for telling you to scram. You seem young, so I'd bet you're ignorant of matters such as liability insurance, which for a large construction project is enourmous. If you were by chance hurt while using those port-a-potties, the construction contractors and the building owners would be in a seriously unfavorable financial position. They were probably wrong for not having a sign posted earlier, but when you think "he's not my teacher or my parent" therefore he can't tell me where I can go, you are 100% wrong.

Ok, what i was wondering, is that most of you i have read about in the last months that i have visited this site. I have heard many stories about women who pee for exceptionally long times (i.e. 6 minutes) what i want to know is, is that possible, or do you think that people just type that to spicen up the site a little bit? I have had a thing about hearing women pee, but never about a women shitting. funny huh? Anywayz, im new to this post board, so could someone help me with a little feedback about that question in my first sentence!!! thanx!

Hi i never was on her well any way i went camping with my gf she
had diareaha for 2 days we went camping she diddnt want to go cause she
shit every 2mins!it was hell gettin there finaly we did we set up camp
and later that night she was drinking sprite and i picked it up and dr
ank it guess wat i got it too it is so bad and i never get diareaha
any way she still has it so do i its been 2 for me 4 for her i fell so bad she still has it nuthing works eather


write here, greg


I don't think your family should have laughed at you for drinking all that prune juice. But you all seem to be fine by it, so that is that.

Good thing you made it to the toilets.

Poor Emily, being chewed out by some fascist construction boss
for using the site porta-potty in an emergency. I do feel for you, sweetheart, but it must have been quite a thrill to go where all those construction workers had been. Anyway with three foot-long logs you struck a blow (?) for our sex and showed that Annika is not the only female to compete with men on equal terms.

My really agonising experiences involve peeing and there are three or four episodes I will never forget as long as I live. By chance one concerned a porta-potty in NYC. I was at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade two years ago. You have to get there when it's still dark and cold as charity, then sit for two hours before the first float appears. By then I was squirming. I stuck it out for 30 minutes and then bolted across the road. Porta-potties had been installed a couple of blocks away and I ran like a scalded cat. By then they had been padlocked closed with one exception. I saw a man going in, ran over and beat on the door. He came out as soon as he could. And, oh my God.

Everyone on the planet has been in an agonising situation. Why are some people so horrible and unsympathetic. Like drivers who honks at you when you're trying to find an address in a strange town.

One last experience: a few years ago I spent the summer in Spain. One Sunday morning in Barcelona I had to pee and it got worse and worse. I found a big, swanky hotel and dashed to the Ladies Restroom. I could hardly keep it in. It was closed for cleaning and a large female cleaner was outside. I made for the men's room next door, but she stopped me, shaking a finger. I took out some money and offered her about a buck. No go. I stuffed some more bills in her hand and pushed her aside. The men's cubicles were like small boxes, completely enclosed. I raised the seat, pulled down my clothes and fired away. After about five seconds I paused, shifted my aim to the left and gushed the rest all over the floor (had to be a bit nimble to miss my shoes!). Then, so there could be no misunderstanding, I wiped myself twice and left the tp in the puddle. I left in excellent spirits. It's called getting your money's worth!

love you all, and you, Em. Anthea

Poop Gal
Hey guys and gals :

I like to stand upright for my dumps but i hate it when ur crap accumilates on ur arse it is really annoying once i went is public and it really stank

ROBBIE & ANNIE -- Hi there, great to bein touch. Hope you have an eventful holidayand come back with great stories.

PERFECT MERDE -- when your poop burns, I think it's because your pH balance has become skewed, and you're crapping either acidic or caustic. Anybody got any other thoughts on this? I remember when I was a child I had protracted bowel problems, and "hot" motions were the norm for a long time -- my mom used to put ointment on my anus for me every day.

MEGAN -- this is incredible -- all your answers are the same ones I'd have given! It's like looking in a mirror (short burst of X-Files music...) GRIN

MISS MAY -- your childhood poop parties behind the shed were invaluable bonding experiences, and in a way I can visualize girls and women in the stone age developing a sense of commuity or sisterhood the same way. Indeed, perhaps in places like India where pooping outdoors is still quite commonplace, such things are indeed a normal part of growing up. I have ever buddy-dumped with anyone in my whole life, and I find myself thinking it's a rare experience, for whose loss I'm the poorer.

EMILY -- ridiculous is the word, though you can bet those same workers would have been hootin' and hollerin' with glee if you'd hadto dump in plain sight, or something equally mortifying... It reminds me of something I meant to post here ages ago -- we have a construction site next door, three small houses on one block, and they put two tin-sheet outhouses on the block for the workers. The doors stand wide ope and face my house, so we have a fine view of the chemical-loos. One day I saw a guy using one, just for a piss, but the door was wide open!

Cheers all,


christi b. - The game demo I mentioned is called 'Restaurant Empire'. I got it off a computer mag CD.

PV - Your dump sounded similar to mine today. In the morning I got up and I knew I had to poo so I went to the toilet. I could only manage one small hard piece but had the feeling inside that that wasn't all. Probably about an hour later at work I felt the need to go again so I sneaked off to the toilet. This time there was much more and it was softer, plopping into the toilet. It felt good to get rid of but later on in the morning I got the full feeling and ducked off once again to the toilet. This time the poo was more soft but there wasn't as much.

I was watching a new episode of 'The Sketch Show' (a British comedy show). One sketch was set in a bathroom with a young sitting on the toilet (just sitting with pants on) playing with a pooh bear toy. Her father is brushing his teeth when the girl asks "Daddy, where does pooh come from?". So the father explains how when you eat food it gets digested and so on then "it comes out of your bottom and that's poo". The daughter, with a puzzled look, asks "What about Tigger then?" hehehehe :)

Eric in Chicago
Katrina: My (male) bladder can hold two liters (2000 ml) though only overnight if I was drinking the previous night. But I can easily hold 1 liter without experiencing much urgency.

Double Sevens: When I smoked (quit two years ago as of the end of August), I actually found that a smoke would make the urge to shit go away temporarily most of the time. The funny thing about nicotine is that it can have nearly opposite biological effects depending on how rapidly you absorb it; it can act as a stimulant or as a sedative depending on how fast you smoke. So it probably has variable effects on the bowels as well. There may also be a conditioned response going on.

Emily of NYC: Contractors at construction sites kind of have to be rather picky about not letting "outsiders" use their toilet facilities because they're legally responsible for any injuries that might occur on the site.

All: A couple days ago I mentioned the two kinds of dietary fiber. I decided to take 50 grams a day of fiber from psyllium husks for a couple days to see how much shit I'd have to make. The answer was A LOT! I took 5 big dumps in 24 hours, two of which were *enormous*; one of them was the biggest shit I can ever remember taking (I did it in a pair of shorts and my underwear was *full*). My shit wasn't runny (soluble fiber turns into a soft but solid goop) and I didn't get bad cramps, but when I had to go, I really had to. I didn't take the fiber all at once (about 12 grams every 3 hours); remember that if you want to try it, you need to take it with plenty of water.

For all you foam fans, I have a great story for you that just happened yesterday after I got off work. It was Midnight, and I hadn't peed since I got up that morning at 5:00 am. making my total hold time for yesterday 19 hours. I am fighting a little cold, so I have been pushing the orange juice and grape fruit juice a little which kept up the acidity. I had a fruit coctail for breakfast, and a huge garden salid for lunch. I didn't bother with dinner because it got too busy.

Anyway, I got a phone call about 5 minutes before I left from a friend of mine who had a family emergency, and she needed me to come over to keep an eye on her baby while she was gone. Figuring that she was in a hurry, I rushed out after work, and headed right over to her house. We exchanged greetings for about 5 minutes, then she left. The baby was asleep.

I realy had to pee badly at this point, so I walked into her bathroom, removed my panties, and I noticed that the water level in her toilet was very low. I sat myself down, leaned forward, and hissed out a huge torrent of very areomatic piss that hit directly into that little bit of water. It felt sooooo good to finaly let that out. I didn't keep track of how long it was, but it was so long that I didn't know when it was going to stop. I just kept hissing, hissing and hissing for what seemed like for ever before I finaly finished. It also came out quite harder then it usualy did. So hard, in fact, that it stung a little as it came out.

When I was finished, the smell of fresh pee permiated the bathroom and hung in the air for about 20 minutes after I flushed the toilet. As for the amount of pee, again, I didn't measure it, but it brought the water level in that toilet up to about what a normal toilet would be. Floating on top of the yellow pool that I spewed into that toilet was a thick pile of foam, which had a summet at the midle, and a creater where my stream made contace. there was a dark amber spot in the foam where some of my pee got trapped. I blew somd of the foam out of the way to reveal dark yellow, almost amber colered water.

Finaly, I flushed. It took three flushes just to break up that head of foam.

Pee Girl, have you ever made alot of foam?


Raging Urophile
JOHN Q PUBLIC- My detailed response to your comments about the design of my sister's bathroom did not make the board. It probably contained some elements that that the moderator is shying away from.
I basically said that I was aware of the bias that I have when I call her bathroom design "deplorable". It certainly is great for those that value toilet privacy. But many folks on this board, including myself, do not want this privacy forced on them. It makes it more difficult to get a feel for the degree of toilet openness that any potential new girlfriends or aquaintances might have when the privacy factor is automatically built in due to the tiolet being tucked away from the rest of the bathroom.

Troubled J
Sexy Girl: No, she's not faking this medical problem. She's needed surgery for it and I've seen her scars. Sex isn't impossible, but would probably be hindered. The real concern would be the worry about an unplanned pregnancy, it could even be life-threatening. She's a wonderful girl, and yes, I've seen her naked. We've even slept together and snuggled, just not sex because of those concerns.

As for the problems, of course I'm referring to the legal issues. That's a huge magnet for all sorts of legal trouble, and it's not a can of worms I'd care to open. I'd also say, it's important to be careful about the kinds of people you try to date over the Internet. This isn't a dating site, and I'm really on the offtopic limb here, but it's very important to consider that there are bad people out there, say, if you found someone interested on some other board that had no restrictions on personal information.

But coming back to topic, I could ask some questions that I am kind of curious about. I've never seen a 16 year old girl poop, and I doubt I will unless a 16-year-old girl I know and trust invites me to see that. How big is it when you poop? Is it solid or mushy or wet? How often do you make them? Have you plugged up the toilet, and if so was it because of your poop alone, too much TP, or something else?

Troubled J

Hey,all-well now the weather here in the N.E.will be perfectly crappo for the next 4-5 days,so looks like i'll be pooping indoors or at the gym (which has always been kinda fun),but yesterday a.m. i went out for a morning bike ride and after some OJ at 7-11,my insides were churning and my rectum was starting to fill up and it felt like a good one was coming on,so i went deep into the woods and found a nice spot with this huge log with this big hole in the middle,so i decided to squat over the hole and do my deed,so,i got undressed and went over and squatted over the hole and let out 2 tight pre-poop farts and felt my anus start to open and i then let out a soft hissing fart and this long--- rope of excrement started out my butt and i looked between my legs and saw it growing and growing and start to curl around in the hole in the log and then I decided to hold it for a bit so i let the poop tail hang out my butt for a bit as i looked down-this was a really long ,smooth turd ! that shined in the morning sun,but after a bout 30 seconds i felt another cramp and had to let the rest of this monster out,so it started to move out my domed anus with a small hissing fart and then it picked up speed and flopped into the hole as i let out a wet fart it was followed by another turd that came out pretty fast and got really soft and then my anus exploded with a lot of pudding and soft ice-cream poop that went outside the hole in the log as i grunted in relief cause i had a pretty strong cramp that came on suddenly as i tried to hold the long poop that hing out my butt.Well that cramp really brought on a bunch of poop that just about exploded out my butt,but felt great.Then I squatted down on the ground cause i made quite a mess over this log and I then pushed out some squgglies and 2 wet farts as i peed a good amount at the same time .Had a lot of gas this morning-don't know why,but gassy dumps feel the best to me cause when you finally let it out,it feels so ! relieving-they just feel great!Then I pushed out my anus a few more times just to make sure i was done and I felt so empty and it felt super( my anus was tingling!) as I looked at the big pile of poop that was in the hole in the log.I really did a good load today-too bad i didn't have a pretty poop partner to appreciate it!Sometimes a big glass of OJ (it acts like coffee for my system)really make me go and it sure did today!Then I had some fun and got dressed and went out and did 20 miles on my bike.It was a beautiful day,too bad it will be the last one for awhile around here!Hope you all have a nice memorial day holiday and lets hear some good holiday woods poop stories from you all! BYE

The most humiliating experience of my life happened when I was thirteen at summer camp. Something I ate at dinner made me really really sick, and I had a terrible bout of diarrhea. The problem is, when it hit me, I was sitting around the campfire with a bunch of other boys and girls. BOYS! No no no! This can't be happening! But it was, and I was in deep shit--literally! In a matter of seconds, my bowels were bursting fiercely, and I knew I was about five seconds from shitting my pants.

What could I do? I jumped up, managed to stumble a few feet away, then tore at my belt and zipper and yanked my jeans and underpants down to my knees. I squatted, and pissed out of my asshole for I don't know how long. I got really lightheaded and almost passed out. I remember hearing the other kids yelling "Eeewwww!" and "Oh God!" Anyway, after I shit all over the ground in full view of two dozen fellow campers, I fell forward on my knees and put face in my hands. A couple of the counselers had come over and were doing what they could to block me from everyone else. When I was "done, they helped me up and pull up my pants. One of them took me to the hospital, where I spent the night shitting my guts out and puking.

Turned out some other kids had gotten sick from the food at dinner as well, but not as badly as me. Most just puked it back up or had diarrhea, but I was in bad shape! Anyway, I was allowed to leave the next morning, and my mother wanted me to come home, but I didn't want to. I went back to camp. I was fully expecting to be teased relentlessly, but instead, almost everyone asked me over and over if I was okay. I said I still felt weak, but much better. One girl told me she definitely would have preferred shitting her pants to doing what I did. To each their own, I guess!

Anyone else here have a similar experince? I've been reading a lot of the posts and it's a funny, cool and true site. I figured I should post sonner or later, and that's my best story. I'll post again sometime. Bye for now!

the "HOLD IT" man
Double Sevens, I use to smoke, and I smoked on the toilet all the time and it made no noticable difference at all. I noticed that my bathroom habbits got slightly better when I quit smoking.

Enyone have any good diareaha accidents???????

To Emily of NYC: Liked your story..i think that was ridiculous too..thats not right what that construction worker said to you
To MissMay: Loved your story..thats cool what you girls did when you were children
To Nealy: I loved your story
To Dan: I'd love to hear your camping stories

last pee was at 6 PM. 6:30 PM was dydrated and stopped at this store in milford CT and bought two 1- liter bottles of gatorade, then drove all the way up to vernon CT to this meeting, drinking one quickly and the other along the way. anyway, I got there at about 7:45 PM and had to pee. I went into the unisex restroom , the first single occupancy bathroom on the left , locked the door, and sat down like a woman to see what it would feel like to urinate like a girl. anyway, the seat was allready down, so I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, and next, my undies too. I sat down on the toilet seat[ penis tucked straight down between my legs in front to simulate what it would feel like to urinate from a vulva/vagina] and aimed my urine stream straight down into the toilet bowl water. the toilet bowl is filled with water all the way up to about 2" from the front of the rim and so a woman's urine stream would probally hit the bowl about 6" back from the front of the toilet s! eat. I began to urinate a steady average urine stream into the toilet bowl water and you could hear this semi-loud tinkling noise as i urinated into the water like a woman. I watched the clear water in front of the bowl ripple as swirls of yellow urine began to turn the water a yellowish color as my urine mixed with the clear water and began to make foamy bubbles on the water's surface, and I could hear the tinkle sound get softer as urine foam built up in the toilet bowl water. I urinated a steady average 1/4 inch wide stream of bright yellow urine for about a minute almost,then tapering off to a slow tinkle for about 15 secs. , finally ending with a gentle rippling drip,drip, dribble till my urine completely finished. total urinating time was about 50 secs steady, 15 secs. slow tinkle,then 20 secs of slow drips. about half way through, I could smell the distinct scent of sweet,strong yellow urine and when completely finished, the entire toilet bowl water's surface was co! vered with about 1/4 inch think of urine foam and big pussy bubbles which stayed intact for about a minute. after I finished urinating untill I pulled up my undies, pants, buttoned them and finally , flushed the toilet which was still full of foamy urine covering the entire water's surface with a wad of toilet paper in the middle. when I flushed, you could see the yellow urine and foam, and paper swirl down the drain and when the bowl refilled with clean water-a little patch of foam was left in the middle of the fresh water about 1/4 round ! this is the first time using this toilet that I completely filled the toilet bowl with thick foam covering the entire surface of the water.

Just ran across a toilet scene in the movie "Scream Bloody Murder." It's a low budget horror film with roughly the quality of a cheap porno. It's about a bunch of girls from a boarding school whose van breaks down and they have to spend the night in a junk yard. Finally, one girl tells the teacher that she needs to pee, and the teacher insists that they all go together for safety. In the next scene there is a different girl sitting on the toilet in a doorless stall with everyone else looking in on her. Although it's not clear whether she is trying to pee or poop, she does say "I can't go like this." One of the other girls says "I figured you were used to having other people look at you when your panties were around your ankles." There is a little more dialogue, but nothing else explicit.

Dana: The only current movie I can think of that has a poop reference or a poop situation is "Two Weeks Notice."

Do most people have a routine that they go through before they sit down to take a poop (especially in public bathrooms)? Mine is this:1. I pull my underwear and pants down to my ankles so I check the floor to make sure it is not covered with piss. 2. I check the seat to see if it is sprayed with piss or has poop stains on the top (as long as the seat is reasonably clean I sit on it). 3. I give the toilet a flush so I have fresh water in case it splashes on my butt. 4. I make sure there is toilet paper. 5. I am finally ready to sit down and take a big poop!
I only sit on the seat in unisex toilets because men's room toilets are usually covered with piss and at the Dunkin' Donuts that I go to, the girls working there keep the seat pretty clean because they use the same toilet to pee and poop.

Carin. I had a bad dose of the runs back in 1997 and the problem lasted, on and off, for several weeks. It was my first experience of IBS - and Imodium. I have to disagree with you about bladder size/capacity though. All the women I know have stronger bladders than I've got and can last for longer without going to the loo. Women can I think often outhold men. You have only to think of Katrina's efforts!

PV. Liked your post. Glad to hear you're managing some big motions.

Perfect Merde. It's probably a temporary bowel problem that you've got. They can, I know from experience, be uncomfortable. If it doesn't settle down in a week or two though I'd go to your doctor for a check up.

Anthea. It sounds as though you had a very interesting experience in that hotel. I bet you're glad you needed a poo at that time. There are some things simply not worth missing for the world.

Annie & Robby. Hi. Congratulations to Annie on her Ph.D! I bet she's been working hard for it. Hope you're both keeping "regular" and managing to maintain a great tradition.

I'm continuing to enjoy the book I told you about. Last night I was reading a chapter all about medieval sanitation and privvies. It would seem that arrangements for dealing with human waste in those days were often far from ideal, particularly in the towns with people often easing the call of nature when and where they thought fit. Those who lived in castles and monastries fared best though, having 'garderobes' or hole in the wall privvies which emptied into moats or rivers.

Best wishes


To Carin- it has been my lifelong experience as folks such as Katrina and Hold It Man will tesitfy that women indeed have bigger bladders.

It has always amazed me since childhood how much and how long some women can go. I may have related the story about one of my first experiences when I was about 10. I have an older cousin who was 20 or so at the time. She and I were out, and due to not wanting to leave my outside alone, she took me along into a small public restroom with an open toilet. Without hesitation, she pulled her pants and panties down, squatted and released a wide, hissing stream that went on for at least a minute. I was in a postition to be able to watch everything fairly close, and was fascinated at the power and force of the stream, not to mention the sight of a woman's full bush and open slit as she pushed and made all kinds of neat noise from down there. It was also a thrill to see her wipe, etc. I had grown up with 2 sisters, and always shared bathroom experiences with them , but had never really seen a full grown woman pee like this!

Other readers here know about my wife Jill's prowess and ability- as I said, it has ALWAYS been my experience that women can out pee us guys anyday! I have a pretty good bladder myself, but I can always count on my wife and sisters to wash me away in their floods! Mick

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all:
Miss May I enjoyed your post. I agree there is a bonding when you get together with friends and share your experiances. In my younger years I lived in small country towns and all us kids knew each other very well and we all hung around with each other so there were many times we shared experiences just as you described.
I have a story that a friends mom told me about that is om the funny side. This family was into hunting. They all went deer hunting together many times. On one such trip the mother was out hunting but had gotten cold so went back to the car to warm up and had several cups of coffee. She also had a smoke and then started back into the woods. On the way back to her spot she had to pee from the coffee she had drank.
She stopped and pulled down her jeans and squated down. She said she was going like a race hoarse when she heard some noise to her right and here is a buck comming right towards her! She had her shot gun across her legs and lifted it up while she was still peeing and took aim and shot the buck dead with one shot. She finished peeing pulled up her jeans and waited for the others to come and see what she had shot. She told everyone how she got the dear and everyone else got a good laugh out of her story. Upstate Dave

onenut (yep thats me) yea right
well, hi my name is bobby im 33 yrs old im medium built and have a great cutes ass i do says myself. so yesterday was a unusually dipicle day that i experience i went too my favorite places too do my loads at a parks and its near where my neightbor work at so i pulled over and went in the public restroom and went into the mensroom too take care of my business. they have 4 stall & 3 urinalsso i took the sec stall i lock the door and pulled my tight blue jeans and my color breifs down too my ankle? so i started too pee out loud after i got done i got confrety on the seat and started too poop all the suddently it stop coming out and with out anying causes. this guy and his son came in and took the next stall right by mine. so hes unrolled sum paper and put it on the seat for his son and then he pulled his shorts down and his undies he told his dad that he got a song for him and hes says sure sing it too me ,so i got very interesting of him singing and he sang.
it goes like this i love u (plop) u love me (plop were the happies that freind could be (plop)WITh a great big huge from me and too u (plop) wont u u says u love me too.i was started too giggles and almost pissed all over myself & fell off the seat ,so his dad ask him if he was done and the boy says yea so he whip then he flushed they went over and wash there hands and left so i got up since i couldnt stopp giggle and whip and flush so i was so red that i heard his son singinf on the toilet at least i got sum thrills of it so i went next too the stall and see what he done he didnt leave a smell or no skidmark either so i wash my hands and left i didnt say anything too my neightbor about it or my parents so thanks for hearing this story ill got sum more too come. thanks
bobby have a great pooping day yall

In response to Carin, Detrol is for overactive bladder. It's got nothing to do with the physical size of a normal, healthy bladder. Though I've never seen for myself, every time the subject comes up here, healthy-bladdered woman are always reported to have out-held and out-peed healthy-bladdered men. Ironic that women seem to get things like overactive bladder a lot more often than we do.

Uncle Allen
Hi everyone. I wanted to share a story. I don't know if I ever mentioned this or not, but I am a third grade teacher. Well, this week we are taking spring tests that are mandeated by the state. So anway, I have a wonderful woman in my room helping me proctor the test this week. I really like her, but that is not for this forum. so , anyway between sections of the test this morning, we took a bathroom break. I walked the boys to the bos room on one side of the bottom floor of the school while my helper took the girls to the girls roomo on the other side. As usual, when the boys finished we walked tot he other side where the girls room was and waited for the girls to finish so we coud walk back as a whole class. When we got back today, we were standing outside of the girls room at least 20 or 25 feet away. I was hit with te worst poop smell I have ever been hit with in my life. It realy was horrible. I though that the toilets in the girls room must have backed up a! nd spilled all over the floor. No joke. I asked what happened and my friend saw the look on my face. She said one of the first group of 3 girls who went in produced that smell. she said it got really bad a min before that first group got out. There was no back up, just a kid that took a real severe poop. She said that someone must have been holding it for a really lomg time. I agreed. Then I got annoyed, because our principal refuses to the teachers allow their students to go to the bathroom alone or during lessons. Students can only go as a whole class under teacher supervision. So, some poopr girl had to hold a very urgent poop- most likely bad diarrhea form the smell of it- and then had to go in front of her class and adults. I felt so bad for the poor thing. Surprisingly, none of the kids seemed to be bothering her and noone mentioned it at all. Still the kids should be able to go to the bathroom if they need to and when they need to. I never denied a kid t! he toilet even though I'm sure that some would only pretend to need to go. I didn't want to make one true desparate kid have to suffer. Once I was yelled at by the principal and told I could not let them go- I stopped and now make them go only with the class, but I hate doing it that way. Ok, I'm done now as I think I'm rambling and venting now rather than telling a story. Thanks for reading! take care and happy toilet experiences to all!

Most days Tara bikes home with Janie who lives near her but last week her bike had a puncture so they both walked which means they take a short cut through a field quite a long way from the road. She told me that along the way they stopped under a big tree to rest a bit in the shade as it was a hot day and then Janie wanted to climb up the tree so they climbed a bit then they heard voices and laughing behind the bushes at one side and some kids came by fooling with a ball. They were wearing swimming things and shirts and one guy came nearer to the tree saying he had to go pee.

The others had to go too Tara said because next they were laughing about something someone said and then they all lined up in a row, getting their things out but not actually starting. The kids never saw Tara or Janie who kept very quiet lying along branches in the tree. The one at the far end was down on the ground looking in a bag and pulled out a ruler. Tara thought it looked like they were going to have a competition about who peed furthest and that is what happened next. When they got going it was one at a time and from the same place under the tree so they could compare how far, and they took turns measuring with the ruler. Every time they put a stone to mark where the guy had reached and they also used a watch for timing how long each guy went. Tara said she and Janie could see everything though some pulled only a little out at the side of their swimming things and 2 kids hands hid what there was. There was a bit of an argument afterwards with one kid complaining ! that “Tony” always won but then they decided number 5 was the winner for distance and number 2 for longest time but before they put their toys away someone had another idea and this time it was to measure their things. Janie and Tara kept very quiet so they were not discovered but they could see everything through the leaves and branches. Number 5 did the measuring and it was exciting for Tara and Janie but more for Janie who does not have a brother because they made their things hard so they would be longest and this time number 4 who was really long won. There was more laughing and joking and then another contest when Tara said she and Janie could not believe their eyes. Tara said they used more stones to mark the furthest places and this time the winner was number 1 who finished first. Tara said she and Janie wondered why number 5 did all the measuring and only took part in the peeing round and then they realised number 5 was a girl! Her hair was pulled back under a baseb! all cap that she wore backwards and if you didnt look real hard at her shirt which only stuck out a little you would never know.
When the kids were finished they ran off, playing with the ball and Tara said she and Janie climbed down from the tree, they could not believe what they had seen. When they were sure that the kids were really gone, Janie said she thought she could beat the furthest length the guys had shot, so she stood where they had been under the tree and hiked up her skirt and pulled her pants to one side and aimed with her fingers and pressed up on her clit to make the pee go straight out. She did pretty well Tara said but didnt have much because she went about an hour earlier. Tara said Janie was so turned on by what they had seen that pressing her clit when she peed made her org twice. Tara said she didnt try as she didnt have her travelling mate with her and she has problems going pee standing without it because her clit is long and gets in the way. They still had a long way to go but it was such an exciting walk Tara said and they didnt mind.

Troubled J
Sexy Girl: No, she's not faking this medical problem. She's needed surgery for it and I've seen her scars. Sex isn't impossible, but would probably be hindered. The real concern would be the worry about an unplanned pregnancy, it could even be life-threatening. She's a wonderful girl, and yes, I've seen her naked. We've even slept together and snuggled, just not sex because of those concerns.

As for the problems, of course I'm referring to the legal issues. That's a huge magnet for all sorts of legal trouble, and it's not a can of worms I'd care to open. I'd also say, it's important to be careful about the kinds of people you try to date over the Internet. This isn't a dating site, and I'm really on the offtopic limb here, but it's very important to consider that there are bad people out there, say, if you found someone interested on some other board that had no restrictions on personal information.

But coming back to topic, I could ask some questions that I am kind of curious about. I've never seen a 16 year old girl poop, and I doubt I will unless a 16-year-old girl I know and trust invites me to see that. How big is it when you poop? Is it solid or mushy or wet? How often do you make them? Have you plugged up the toilet, and if so was it because of your poop alone, too much TP, or something else?

Troubled J

I came across this site completely by accident whilst 'surfing' for things that interest me. I am fifty-three years old, unmarried, I live in Chingford, not far from London, England. What amazes me is the 'openness' apparently, which most women seem to have about the most private bodily functions. Let me say, that it is an 'openness' that I welcome. I have very vague recollections of my childhood, what I do remember clearly was my parents reactions to these 'body functions.' I left home when I was nineteen and up to that time I had never seen my mother or father going to the toilet. It was only very rarely that I saw my mother in the bathroom. What happened there, outside of bathing, was certainly never mentioned, it was taboo. In my working life, I worked for a firm of estate agents, I certainly never experienced hearing, let alone seeing, anyone on the toilet. It was only in my late twenties when I discovered what joy there can be when one is open about the most n! atural of functions. I met a most loving woman, before anyone rants on, yes I am a lesbian, but that has no bearing on my reaction to bodily functions. My lover gently and, over a long period of time, introduced me to a way of life that I never knew existed. I am writing to ask if there are any women, or men, who were brought up in the same way as I, to regard bodily functions as private and never to be discussed or witnessed. If there are I would dearly like to know how they eventually overcame the problem.

Raging Urophile
JOHN Q PUBLIC- My detailed response to your comments about the design of my sister's bathroom did not make the board. It probably contained some elements that that the moderator is shying away from.
I basically said that I was aware of the bias that I have when I call her bathroom design "deplorable". It certainly is great for those that value toilet privacy. But many folks on this board, including myself, do not want this privacy forced on them. It makes it more difficult to get a feel for the degree of toilet openness that any potential new girlfriends or aquaintances might have when the privacy factor is automatically built in due to the tiolet being tucked away from the rest of the bathroom.

Friday, May 24, 2003

Hi, This is Carin again. In December 2000 I had diarrea off and on for the whole month. It stopped on January 9th 2001. I don't believe that women have bigger bladders than men do. We would not have Detrol.

Goodbye for now,

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