This is a story that happened to me when I was 14 and on a winter camp out near Hot Springs, Arkansas. We spent the afternoon setting up camp, collecting fire wood and getting comfortable. That night it snowed and the cold winds blew all night. The next morning I stuck my head out the tent and the groung was covered with a beautiful white carpet of snow. Really beautiful. The trees were howling from the wind, and going out to start a fire was unthinkable. Then I saw a girl getting out of her tent carrying her tolet paper, I had to follow her. On my way out I grabed a small shovel, thing I might want to collect the evidence. The noise from the wind kept her from detecting me, and I followed her for about 100 feet, where she droped her pants and panties and squated down to thak mer AM BM. Just as the turd was falling out of her ass, I slipped the shovel under her and caught the trophy, never even touching the snow. Upon finishing, she stood up, turned and looked at her prize o! nly to see nothing. She was the first person to ever utter the famous words, "Hey, no shit".

Billy and Kevin
This is kevin. A couple of nights ago, I went to my frind Jimmy's house for his brithday sleepover. He has sister who is like 14, a 3 brothers who are 10, 7 and 2. His little brothers (the Ben 7 and Bob 2 year old ones) were about to take a bath. Ben has seizures, so someone has to be with him when he is taking a bath. Just before they were supposed to take their baths, I had to go poop. Their mom asked Mike to watch Ben and then Jenifer was supposed to give Bob his bath. Mike went in to start the water. I went in after him. I said I need to poop. Mike said, me first. He said stay by the tub while ben gets in. I said ok. Bob and Ben both came in. Ben said he had to go before he took a bath. So he peed in toilet and hopped in the tub. Mike sat down. Bob had to poop, so he sat on the little potty. Jenifer came in and said she would be there in a few minutes. Mike said he would a couple more minutes. Usually he takes about 5 minutes. His little brother was done pooping. He got up and let Mike wipe him and got into the tub. 2 minutes later, Mike was done and wiped himself. He made one big log and about 8 little logs. I sat down while Mike watched Ben. While I was pooping, Jenifer came in. She said excuse me. I said it is ok. Ben said come here Jenifer. She ok, but I have to pee first. I said, I will be a couple of minutes. She said, no problem. I will just pee int he little potty. I said fine. She just pulled her jeans down and her panties. She pulled her panties done enough so she could do her business, but so I couldn't see anything. She finished peeing and said give me a couple of sheets of paper. I was having one of those poops where a bunch tiny turds come out. I dropping like a turd a second. I reached over to her and she said, oops, hang on. I was ok. Then she kind of got up a few inches and squatted. Then Ben said, look, a poopie! I could see a long turd hanging under her. Mike could too and said, I see you had corn at Becky's last night. ! She pulled her panties down more and said, I see what you mean. I was done pooping. I was reaching for some toilet paper and she said can you hand me some paper. I handed her about 8 sheets and got some for myself. I wiped once, and got some more and handed it to her. I wiped myself again and was done. She was done too. I got up and was about to flush the toilet. She asked me to empty the potty. I said ok. I got the bowl out and emptied it into the toilet. She made a huge poop, full of corn. When I flushed the toilet, it was full of skid marks.

The next mornign, after breakfast, I had to poop again. Bob was pooping on his little potty. Jenifer said come in. She was sitting on the toilet with her panties around her ankles. They had huge streak marks in them. She wiped her front and got up. I said, ok if I go? She said sure. I sat down and pushed out on long log in about 10 seconds and peed. She looked at my underwear and said, boy you kept your underwear cleanign than mine. I said, I try. My mom yells at me if they don't stay clean.

i was just wondering if any one was ever pooping and was walked in on by a group of people.because i was at a party and i was pooping and 3 minutes later the door opens and im sitting there on the pot and all these guys are staring and laughing.i was wondering if ne1 can share this experince with me if its happened to them

Hi everyone, it’s Thursday, and it was a very damp and rainy day today. I’ve got some replies to do, so let me start.
Ashley -
Hey, that sounds like a really nice poop you took in school. I love the feeling when you’ve just pooped a huge amount, and feel like a new person afterwards. That feeling really strikes me hard hehe. Was there anyone else in the girls room, or just you? If there was, what were they doing? I’m just wondering about those last two questions. Last question, do you poop in school often or only when you can’t possibly hold it in anymore? I personally hate pooping at school, because the girls at our school are really bitchy and are mean about it. Our bathrooms are really nice and clean though, and I just pee in them. One time however, I did try a poop, but ended up holding it in until I arrived at home. Luckily, my panties didn’t have any marks on them. xoxo

Miss Belinda -
I just wanna say that I really enjoy reading your stories. Each one always helps me get a picture of you going in my head. From my visions, you look really sweet sitting, pushing, and grunting. I just wanted to tell you that, and I hope to hear more of your wonderful stories. They all deserve Academy Awards!!! I liked the story about your nephew the most by the way! xoxo

Beach Nut -
Hey, thanks for the response. It’s cool that you’ve seen your girlfriend poop outside before. Okay, I’m 14 years old and a cheerleader. My sister is 13 years old, and she’s about 100 lbs. Lastly, Corissa is also 14. She has brown hair to about the center of her back, and she is about 5’6”. She is also a cheerleader, and we’re on the same squad. I’ve been friends with her for about 8 years, and we’re *~BFF~* (best friends forever). If you have any more stories about your girlfriend peeing, it would be cool if you shared them, thanks! I have another pee story, and it’s just for you Beach Nut!

This story is from about a month ago, at the end of March. The weather was fairly nice, so me and Alyssa walked over to Corissa’s house. Her house isn’t too far from where we live. Anyway, once we arrived there, her mother said that she had some shopping to do. She told the 3 of us that she’ll leave us alone, but we have to be exceptionally good and can’t get in any trouble. We agreed to those boundaries, and waved to her as she raced off in her Lexus. Corissa then shut the door and we walked up to her room. About 20 minutes later, I had to pee pretty badly. Corissa told me to hold it until she had to go, but the urge was really bad. I ended up going to the bathroom and peeing in there. Well, later on, Corissa and Alyssa both said they had to pee. We decided that we would go outside, and they would each pee in a different places, rather then the toilet. Since I didn’t have to pee, they told me I could pick where they peed. Once we were in her backyard, I look! ed to my right and saw a plastic cup. The cup was up against the brick wall on the side of her house. I told Alyssa that she had to pee in that cup. Alyssa stampeded over to me, grabbed the cup, and began undoing the buttons on her navy blue jeans. Once she had the buttons done, she pulled her light blue panties down, and squatted over the blue cup. I was standing in front of her, and after a few seconds I saw a stream of pee shoot out of her front part. It was really splattering into that cup loudly. While she was peeing, she looked up at me and Corissa and smiled. She then looked back down at her pee. She ended up peeing for about 1 minute and 45 seconds, when she finally stopped. The cup was just about full. She stood up, and walked over to the woods, cup in her hand. She emptied the cup in the woods, then brought the cup back to us. “That feels so much better,” she said to us. “Yeah, I’ll bet,” was my reply. For Corissas “dare”, I told her to stand up peei! ng onto the cement sidewalk in her backyard. Since there were no houses there, she agreed without any hesitation. She was wearing blue jeans, with a pink shirt, and her hair was tied up in the back. She slowly slipped her shoes off, followed by her jeans, then her panties. After her panties reached her ankles, she slipped them off, along with her jeans and shoes. She nonchalantly spread her legs a tiny bit, and started peeing forcefully. I could tell that she really had to go badly. She peed for about 40 seconds, really hard, then all of a sudden stopped. She bent over and pushed really hard. I think she was trying to poop, but she had no luck. When her mom arrived back from the mall, she asked why there was a huge puddle in her backyard. Corissa told her that we were playing with the hoses and fighting. Her mom just gave a weird look to us, then started putting the groceries away. The 3 of us were laughing silently to ourselves in the background. I have alot o! f more stories about the 3 of us, and hopefully I’ll get to share most of them with everyone here. Later everyone!!!!

This is my first time posting here. ive got a little story that could have turned out bad. i started work and everything was fine. hooked up my truck to the trailer and away we went. so on the road about 150km from were i started, my gut started acting wierd, thinking i would be ok. ya right. it got to the point that i had to stop the truck on the side of the highway in the middle of nowere.and mess through the truck to find something to wipe with. oh ok old mcdonald napkins,ten of them. i gess this will do. jumped out and went went into the bush. finaly getting my pants down not sure if i was gunna mess my uniform. (ya it's the first time i went in the bush) and not liking it ither cause the flys were having a feast.. i must have droped a gallon of soft and liquid stuff. squating there for a good 10 mins hoping it ends soon. it was not the most comfortable position to be in. finaly time to wipe, i used all the napkins i had, but it was just enough. pulling up my! pants and glad to be done. lets just say my legs hurt after that. i jumped back in the truck thinking i'll be itching for a week from the flys. and back on the road i went... byeeeeee.

to poop person:
1) When you poop, what is the usual color of your poop:

Light brown
Dark Brown**************that colour
Some other color (specify)

2) Regardless of what your normal poop color is, what is the strangest or weirdest color your poop ever got (maybe because you were sick or had eaten some food that changed the color). bright purple one time when i ate this certain candy

3) Are you male or female

beach babe
Hii peoplz i am18 and this happen when i waz 16 i know ur dying for a story so here goes

k well i was on the beach wit my frendz and i really had to dump
the cramps were killin me! well u see i said to my frend ii am going to the toilet so u go off first k u see and she said k so i went to the toilet and all the toilets were taken!!! I REALLY HD TO DUMP!!! it was coming out !!!! i pushed and it huffed and it was coming out so i removed my pants and stood upright and pushed rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ughughughugh..................but i didn't spread my legs so it was cogging up around my ass and never fell so once i fiished i put my pants bak on and the crap stayed there i was soooooooooooo embarresed so i had to wlk round all day wit crap in my pants

to cara
I often get skidmarks aswell, usually very visible ones when i am wearing a thong, but also when i am wearing my normal white panties. like you when i wear pantiehose the skidmarks are sometimes so bad that i get marks in them too.

i once pooped myself in public, i was out for the evening and wanted to fart badly, so i did but i pooped myself aswell, it was very runny, and i had to spend the next few hours walkking around with my panties very very dirty.

Jane (& Gary)

A couple of quick stories. The first was from the recent Take Your Daughters and Sons To Work day. Many kids were at work in our office building. In the afternoon I went into the ladies room to poop. I saw a couple of ten year old girls at the sink washing their hands and talking. I went into a stall, pulled down my pants and white panties and sat. Apparently I had a lot of gas buildup and let go a fart that started off as soft high-pitched and got progressively louder and more booming. The girls started giggling. I pushed out a couple pieces of poop, then felt more gas. I didn't want to make any more noise, so I tried to slowly let it go. I managed to let go some gas silently for a few seconds, but I unexpectely felt a cramp and let go a quick loud burst, a couple pieces of poop and a very embarrassing booming fart. The girls giggled again as they dried their hands and exited. I pushed out one more loud fart before I was finished.

This one just happened last Friday, which for some reason is a day I have major pooping sessions. I had a very small morning poop and didn't feel right all day. A couple hours after lunch, I had an urge to poop and went to the ladies room for a major session. I went into a stall, pulled down my black pants and white panties and sat. Immediately I pushed out a massive 15-second wave of soft but solid poop. I flushed the toilet while seated, pushed out another massive wave of soft poop and flushed again. I pushed out a continuous series of soft-serve poop that broke apart as it hit the water. The bowl filled with poop and I flushed the toilet while seated, but I continued to push out poop in soft-serve ice cream mode. I filled the toilet and flushed while seated once more before I was done. After wiping and flushing a final time, I noticed I left behind a skidmark at the bottom of the bowl. I felt much better after that.

Just wanted to say that reading this site helps me move my bowels!

Does anyone like to purposely leave their shit in the public toilet (no flushing) to leave it for others to see? Please share your stories!

shy dumper
Hey everyone, hope you are doing good. i wanted to post a funny story that happened to me 2 years ago. I bought a used motorcycle, a Kawasaki Ninja. i was out riding and showing it off a bit to my friends, Not nothing extreme just a 600. I went to my friends house about 20 miles away from home, what a great ride. the funny part starts here, as I left my friends house on the bike I knew something was going to happen. I started on the highway at 65 + and my stomach started to hurt. No big deal right, WRONG I felt a big poop coming fast. I made it halfway home and things turned for the worse, I had to take a bad crap NOW. I started to go faster, passing cars on a small 2 lane road. I thought I could just go fast and make it, it was so close. I made it home, but my stomach, told me It's now or in your Jeans. I stopped the bike outside, and let it fall into the grass, I did not care at this point, I had to use the bathroom bad. I ran into the house (still had my hemet and riding ! jacket on), I hit the toilet fast. AS soon as I sat on the seat 4 big yellow brown logs flew out of my with a long wet fart. i felt more coming so I just sat back and relaxed as more soft loose shit flew out. After 20 minutes on the crapper I felt better, I wiped and flushed 2x to get it all down. I then walked outside, picked up the bike, it was ok. I Thought wow this was a close one. Sometimes your body gets ahead of you, oh well at least i did not shit my pants. Bye

Hey guys,

Well after a week or so revovering from mono, i can actually do stuff again.

Duchess- I actually went to school today. No, my friends/classmates/school was very symphathetic, since i was actually sick.

Althea- Yea., i just hope i never do it again, because i dont like being much less being taking to the ER in a helicopter. It was interesting.

Everyone in the U.S.A: On May 15/16 there will be a Total Poop Eclipse and it will be visible to the US and parts of Canda. If you would like some more info. Let me know

Well, it late/

Im out,

I am a 17-year-old boy. You have to excuse my bad English because I am from Sweden. I have looked into this forum many times, but have not had anything too post until now. Well I go to what we call a “activity” house near my school where we can play pool and just hang out. It has a unisex bathroom, just to stalls. I guess the girls don’t pee there before they really have to. The walls are a bit high so if you drop down your underwear the person in the next stall can see it. Well, this night there was a really cute girl there. I found out she was the sister of someone I know, well that is not really the point. I had to take a leak so I went upstairs in the bathroom. There she was waiting for a stall, one became free and she went in. I could hear her unbuttoning and her jeans just hit the floor. I went in to the other stall and then I saw her underwear now hitting her jeans. She wore a pink g-string. I did my business, but I was a bit curious so I sat on the toilet to. I c! ouldn’t help imaginating her sitting on the toilet. Wanted too hear her pee, don’t know what came over me. It was a hissing sound so I guess she peed. Then suddenly I heard her whisper something to herself. It was something like: “Oooo, not here, not now, I got to wait until I get home”. 3 seconds later she started to poop. It was like plop, plop, blop. Then she was quiet. Then she whispered like: “Oh, no, I am going to shit myself out”. And she got the shits really bad, she lost all control and just pooped loose runny poop. It really started to stink up the bathroom. I went out but hold an eye at the bathroom door, went she came out she talked to some of the girls and went strait home. It was quit and experience, but I felt a little sorry for her.

Afterwards I wondered generally, it must be quit kinky to be a girl and have to go too the bathroom and poop and afterwards wear a g-string?
Well that was all.

Boy 17

I got a little story for you. I was working yesterday and a new co-woker that had been out sick for a good month or so came back. All i heard was he was having stomach problems. Im like hummm...i wonder if it effect his pooping. Hes in his 20's. Every one asked what was a matter when he came back and he said he was having "bowel" problems. He said he had irritble bowel syndrom. What is that all about does any one know?
After that i had to train him in another area later on that day. When i got there i showed him where things were and showed him where the bathroom was. We get started working and a bit later we wern't busy and hes like you think i got time to use the bathroom. Im like sure, go ahead. I had to go out there and open the door for him cause it locks. I had to continue on for a bit or else we'd be back late to our supervisor. He was gone a good 5-10 minutes. I think he was pooping. Im wondering if that had to do with his irritble bowel?

It was a really nice morning on this past wednesday,so I got dressed and got my bike out and headed out to the woods.As soon as I started biking,i started to get that full feeling in my gut and after about 20 mins i started to get those cramps and my rectum started to fill up with the previous day's intake and I knew i had to find a spot to unload soon,so i started looking for a good spot and I came upon this spot where someone dumped a bunch of old tables and stuff,so i got an idea and got a chair that had a hole in the middle and it was one of those chairs that sat low to the ground,so I got undressed and sat in the chair and waited for a strong urge and as i was sitting there,iglanced around at all the tsuff that was dumped there and saw one of those full length door mirrors laying on the ground,so i got up off the chair and got the mirror and placed it behind the chair facing up so I could see my butt.So i sat back cown on the chair and now I really had to go,so I rela! xed my anus and I started to pee for a bit and I looked in the nirror and saw my anus start to dome out as I passed some hissing gas and felt a cramp coming on,so I didn't push and just let the turd start to come out on it's own and it came out slowly and as it came out i was letting out some gas too and it felt great as the turd grew and grew and it started to touch the ground and it was still coming out my domed I stopped it and just let it hang there for a bit-I have good anal control and I can hold it there for awhile and I looked in the mirror and saw this foot long turd hanging out my hairless anus like a long tail.It was smooth and shiny and but butt hole looked like an anthill as it was reallty domed out from this poop.After about 5 mins of this,( it felt great just letting this hang there!) i felt another cramp and the turd started to move out on it's own-i didn't have to push at all and it started to wrap around itself on the ground like a Italian sfausage ! and then i sped up and my anus exploded with a lot of soft stuf at the end and 2 wet farts as I grunted in relief.I looked at my creation and saw 1 really long turd-about 15 inches and it was partailly covered with some pudding poop-I had some curry beef the nite before and that stuff really make me go good!Then I sat there with my anus still domed and pushed out some soft( Like what JANE does)stuff that snaked out my anus with a lot of farting along with it as it then covered most of my load on the ground.Then I farted and now I knew I was almost done as I pushed out some long strings of mucus and then got out my wet-wipes and pushed out my anus as I wiped myself clean.Then I peed a good amount as a puddle of water grew in front of me.It was a good morning load and a good pee too.Then I got relieved in another way and then got dressed and headed back.It was a nice woods dump and boy did it feel great letting that stuff out!All i needed to make it perfect was a pretty lady p! oo-buddy!I had fun anyway!Lets' hear some woods poop stories from you guys( esp the ladies!)BYE

I was born with Cerebral Palsy which led to many interesting bathroom experiences growing up. Because of my CP I currently alternate between forearm crutches and a wheelchair. Prior to second grade I used a walker that I pulled behind me, and I didn't have a wheelchair yet.

I would like to tell my stories in the order that they happened, but I have a hard time remembering them in any specific order so bare with me if I jump around in age/timeframe.

One of my earliest wetting memories is from Kindergarten when I was around 6 years old. I was in a "stander" (a contraption that handicapped kids are strapped into that gives them no choice other than to stand. Kind of cruel when ya think about it.), I don't even think I ever felt like had to go. It was like all of a sudden my teacher was hopping mad and there was a big golden puddle on the floor under me.

Another memory, same year. I don't remember many details but I remember that we were painting and I was desperate to pee. For some reason I didn't tell anyone that I had to go and eventually I wet myself.

Being handicapped I spent a lot of time in classes specifically for handicapped kids. In my time in those classes I saw a lot of desperation and accidents and I'm pretty sure that's where my interest in this subject got started.

In my elementary school the class for handicapped kids had it's own bathroom built in to it. One day a girl named Casey who also had CP (although much more severe compared to mine) had to go to the bathroom. She told one of the people who's job it was to assist with such matters that she needed to go. Because Casey could not speak well the lady didn't understand her. I could tell Casey needed to go quite badly at this point. She tried twice more to get her message across but was unsuccessful. She started to try again but didn't get the chance before she lost control and peed on herself. The aide (old witch.) chewed her out for a good five minutes and then made her sit in her wet clothes for a 30 minute time out "so she could think about what she had done."

I also think that part of my interest in desperation/wetting may come from my many hospital stays.

Fairly recent story but one of my best. When I was 13 I had a pump inserted just under the skin in my belly that delivered muscle relaxers to me to lower my high muscle tone. They also inserted a catheter in my back which carries the meds from the pump to my spine. One day during my hospital stay my mom had to run an errand so the neighbor girl that I had a crush on who was a little younger than me came to keep me company. About 20 minutes into her visit I felt like I needed to pee. Eventually I knew I had to say something or risk wetting myself in front of my crush. I quietly told her what I needed to do. I blushed which made her giggle. She got the urinal and put it in position. It took ages to get started but eventually I was able o empty my bladder, I was really surprised when she sat the used urinal aside and put the bedpan on the bed.

"What are you dong?"
"You had to pee in front of me so I figure this is only fair."

She positioned the bedpan so that she would be facing me. She pulled her pants down to her ankles (So I could get a goof view, maybe?), climbed on the bed and squatted over the bedpan. Soon I heard the sound of her pee hitting the plastic bedpan. The sound changed as the bedpan filled. When she was finished she reached for several Kleenex's and handed them to me.

"What's this for?"
"You wanna help me wipe?"

I was in heaven as I dabbed a few stray drips of urine fron her privates.


That's all for now guys. I need to get to bed.



Mazrael X
Groove on this...I talked my friend Jeff into shitting into a gallon size Ziplock bag. Boy, he filled it up end to end with a perfect poop, the diameter of a baseball bat. Sooooooo, we took this sealed goody with us on a drive to try to find a funny thing to do with it. At first we just drove around, waiting until the other would look away, and open the bag slightly in their direction. Phew! Potent! Anyway, after awhile the stink just wouldn't go away, so we had to figure out something fast. Thinking quickly, I told Jeff to find a pay phone. We pulled up to the one at the QuickieMart. I grabbed the receiver, opened the Ziplock bag, dipped the telephone deeply into the warm and stinking offal, and slammed the whole mess onto the cradle. Ha ha ha ha ha. I wonder who found it? The next day there was a new receiver installed. Bummer. Anyway....

the "HOLD IT" man
Hey Mickey, nice to hear from you again. That was a great story about Jill. Pee girl, I also read your story. I posted about two days ago, but for some reason my post never got there.

Anyway, I had an interesting Water Sports experience over the Easter weekend.

As I stated in earlier posts, I am into motorcycling. I am also into holding contests. Well during Easter, I had some time off from work, so I thought I would take my scooter out for a ride. There is a 'biker' bar that I like to go to, and even though I am not a drinker, I do enjoy the atmosphere and the food that is served.

I walked into this bar room, and there were the usual arguments about which is the best motorcycle. I never partake of those arguments because I like all of them. I ride a Honda Valkyrie. Anyway, getting back to the subject, there were several people that I knew, and I mentioned the possibility of taking a road trip, and when I did, one guy made a comment to the effect "If my 'ole lady' could last 5 miles without a rest room, I would go on more bike trips, too." The immediatly retorted, and as the argument grew, and as the beer flowed, the women finaly decided to 'challenge' the guys to a 'holdint' contest. I, of course, took part in it, but I drank diet Pepsie instead of beer.

I was experienced in this sort of a thing so I volunteered to be the 'referee.' Everyone made one last trip to the bathroom so we all started out with equaly emptied bladders. Then each one of us would drink two 12 oz cans of beer (diet soda for me) every hour. Alcahol has a tendency to numb the nervous system, so I ended up being the very first to give in. We did not take measurments or timings, but we did keep the doors to both the restrooms opened so we could hear and see what was going on.

Anyway, given the fact that these people were not normaly into water sports, this contest only lasted for about 4 hours, but as happened so many times before, the women did much better, showing about twice as much ability as the men. About an hour and a half into the contest, the guy who made the "5 miles" comment ran into the rest room holding on to his cock. About two hours into the contest, three other guys just couldn't hold it any more, and they all ran into the rest room. At one point there were two guys peeing in the same urinal. Finaly, about 3 hours, give or take, into the contest, one of the woman finaly went into the rest room, several followed her in, but none of them seemed very desperate. The hissing commenced, and that bar room fell silent as the women, one by one, let out huge torrents of piss that put all the men to shame.

The winner of the contest, the one who held out the longest, was the wife of the guy who made that comment. Wanting to prove a poing, she drank a small glass of water with each can of beer, and when she finaly let go, it was as though somebody turned on a faucet. I didn't see very much, but the long hard hissing had everyone in that bar awe struck.

Another quick two question quiz !

When having a shit on a toilet you haven't been on before, do you adjust your position on the seat by moving backwards or forwardsin order to improve the sound quality of the plop?

Do you raise yourself off the seat to increase the dropping distance, and hence get a louder plop?

My answers are YES to both questions

TV Guide
Where is everyone today? I have been checking this page for 3 days and no posts have been sent. Please, whoever is reading this, post a story, especially for any of you girls out there. Anyways, I haven't seen many toilet scenes in many TV shows, but I have one from King Of The Hill:

Dale buys a porta-potty, and Hank is desperate to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, Peggy and Luann are using the other two bathrooms, so Hank has to pay Dale five dollars to use his porta-potty. Hank does his business, but when he is about to wipe, the porta-potty walls fall down and his beer drinking buddies (Dale, Bill, Boomhauer) see him half-naked on the seat. They laugh while Dale says, "He's a squatter!"

Anyways, I hope to see more toilet scenes on The Simpsons, South Park, King Of The Hill, and Beavis and Butt-head. Whoever is reading this, please post a story.

Traveling Guy&Punk Rock Girl: I hate wet toilet seats. Here in NY, the car cleaners on the LIRR and MNCRR have been keeping the railcar toilets clean, if not immaculate. I like to have a bowel movement on NJT, when I travel to Philly. That is early on weekend mornings.

The poop lover & Jay: I have not had diarreah in a long time. I used to have it from grammar school through college.

Today I treated myself to the cinema. I went in to the women's room to urinate. It was very simple. As I walked toward the stall, I unzipped my jeans, got into the stall, lowered my white panties and blue jeans to my ankles and urninated for 90 seconds. I have huge bladder capacity. However, next to me was a woman, young, of unknown age. I heard a slight moan and three plops. I had finished, wiped and flushed and was washing my hands. She rolled off paper,wiped and flushed and came out. We went our separate ways.

Three's Company: I've had roomates from time to time. We were open with ourselves. See my earlier posts. Once and a while, I have a girl over for a night. So, we get to share a bed and bathroom.

Uncle Allen
Hi all Long time no post. I had an interesting experience I thought you would all like to hear about. I was in a public restroom on a toilet in a stall when what I believe was a younger teenage boy came in(I am making this assumption based on the sound of his voice- this will make more sense as I tiel lthe story) Weel, when I first sat on the toilet to g noone was in the bathroom and I had a semi diarrhea poop not full blown watery rush but loose urgent bowels none the less. When this ended, I felt some stomach cramps till and felt I needed to go more pretty bad but I was suddenly a bit constipated. That's when somoeone else took the other stall. He sat down and I heard a tiny bit of poop start to dorp and then the toilet flushed. He must have flushed the toilet 7 times while seated immediately taking away his pop as it came out. So I just kept mindind to my business I may have been grunting or pushing hard but I thought I was quiet. I did let a few sounds of ga! s and poop out as I was able to relieve myself a bit but still not done. The other stall finished up in ahurry and left to wash his hands. As he got near thr door to the bathroom he called out "good luck buddy!" I was kind of surprised by this It is rare or nonexistent for someone to talk to me when I am in a public stall. and this kid said this basically with tthe door open as he was on his way out for all to hear. It was kind of wierd and I did not respond so he thanfully left. I like to feel comfotable using a public restroom stall to pooop because I ahve some stomach problems and oftenm need to go right away, but I like to be left completely alone.

Traveling Guy
Good news for those who like both a round toilet seat, but also the ass-snugging comfort of those modern, elongated seats found in some public restrooms. I used a semi-public, unisex toilet the other day at train station in a small town. The toilet and seat were round, but the seat has a nice contoured shape, and it slopes down in the back. You might be able to get one for home installation, if you don't mind that there's no lid. This one was made by Church toilet seats.

i cant believe it, my best friend wears pullups. i was playing with him at my house and he kept grabbing himself in the front, it looked like he had to pee, then he just kept holding the front of his pants and dancing around, then he stopped and never held it again, there was no pee. later he spent the night and he was in my bathroom, he left the door open cause he thought i was downstairs and i saw him pull his shorts down, he had on the pullup, it had stars on the front so it was wet, i walked in and said dude what are you doing, he jumped lie 50 feet and started to cry, i said dont cry man i wear them sometimes too, i ran to my cousins drawer and pulled out one to show him. he felt better and said cool. i put one on to make him feel better and we went to sleep, in the morning mom came to get us up and found us in them, she yelled at me and my friend cause she thought they were my cousins. he started to cry again, then i told mom that he wears them and i did to make him ! feel better, she said oh ok sorry. his was soaked and saggy, im glad he had it on or there wuld be a mess in my bed, then i smelled poop, i looked at his but and it was bulgy, he waldled in the bathroom and pulled it off, his but was smeared with poop. i dont think he knows how to lean up cause he just put another one on. he didnt even clean his but. i left mine on cause i didnt use it yet. we got dressed and played nintendo, he stunk real bad like poop. i didnt pee yet so i went in my pullup while we were playing, the pullup was my cousins so it was a little small and i was sitting on the floor when i peed and it leeked out both sides and my legs got wet, i had on jeans. my friend wanted to go play in the yard so i went with him, i figured it would just dry out. we went out and played for a long time, i think my friend peed once while we were out there then he squated down behind a tree for a minute, i think he pooped. i looked at his but again and it was sticking out. i ra! n up behind him and smacked his but, i felt a squish, he yelled at me and said stop. we went in and he really smelled like poop so i asked if he needed a shower. he took one, well gotta go, by

To CARA: Skidmarks usually happen because of irregularities in the shape of the interior of your anus. There may be ridges or "pockets" inside, just above where the toilet paper can reach. I started having this problem after an operation for an anal fissure. That's almost another story! They had given me an epidural, so I was awake the entire time of the procedure. I kept hearing "Snip, Snip" back there so I asked the doc what they were doing. He said, "Making you a bigger asshole!" I'm not sure, 30 years later, exactly how he meant that. I hope he meant "making FOR YOU...." Anyway, ever since then I have had this problem, which is what you may need to do. Poop gets stuck in some rough spots inside my anus even though I wipe as good as I can. Then after a couple of hours, BAM! (as Emeril puts it) skidmarks as it turns to liquid and leaks out. I went to my doctor about it, and he suggested that I put some soap and water, or even just water on my fingers and reach up inside an! d clean it out, then re-wipe it. This is no problem at home, where my tub is right near the toilet and I can just get some water and soap there. But when I'm away, I either have to make sure the toilet has flushed thoroughly then scoop some water from the bowl to clean my anus with. Of course, if you got lots of mony, you can buy yourself one of those toilets with a built in butt washer. Much more sanitary, and you don't have to spend an hour washing your hands afterwards. No kidding about the butt washer. I saw one at my plumbing supply showroom the other day. They sell for around $ 350. not counting the tank and installation. Real popular in Japan. Anyway, one other thing you can do is fold up some toilet paper and make a "pad" out of it just big enough to fit inside your butt, like a Tucks medicated pad. That causes the residue to go back up inside your rectum instead of draining into your pants and skidmarking them. Hope my suggestions have helped. Luv Jim

Movie Fan
I just saw the movie "Tart". This has one of the best female poop scenes I have ever seen in a movie! A young woman in a red dress is mad at her friends in the other room at a hotel, so she poops into an ice bucket while talking to another woman. What is great about this scene is that the woman talks while she does it and you can clearly hear a grunt in her voice as she is shitting. You can also hear the crackling sound of the poop coming out as she grunts. When she finishes, she wipes with tp, puts the cover on the bucket and then tosses the tp into the garbage. She then goes into the other room and hands the ice bucket to her friends and says something like "thanks for inviting me". When she leaves, the friends open the bucket and one girl says "oh, I think I'm going to be sick" and another girl says "she left a great big poo in there!". Awesome scene!

Today I had a fairly amazing experience. Today I was down at the local shopping mall, Sears to be exact, when I got the serious need to take a dump. I went upstairs to where the restrooms were, and on the way there I remembered something about this restroom. I thought that I had heard rumors that this place had been the subject of police scrutiny due to homosexual activity. Well, I wasn't looking for that, but I was looking for a place to take a dump. Sure enough, when I entered the restroom there were three urinals beside the door and then three toilet stalls, no doors, across from the line of sinks and mirrors. There is just something about having to go out in the open like that with no vestige of privacy. As an added benefit, there was a man at the sinks and another already taking a crap in the middle stall. As I directed myself into the first stall, I couldn't help but glancing to the middle stall to see who was in there. It was a man in his thirties, medium build with v! ery curly hair. He looked up a bit but I entered my stall before we could exchange glances. I turned around at the toilet, dropped my pants and realized that he could see me in the mirrors across from the stalls. Well, I sat down, pants at my ankles, legs spread a bit, upright and a bit forward (my usual position) hands on my knees. I caught my neighbor looking up at the mirror a time or two, before he finally began to wipe. Interestingly, he bent down to wipe, I mean his head disappeared from the mirror. He got up, walked to the sinks, washed his hands, went to the wall across from the door and dried them. Then he walked to the door. I straightened up a bit, b/c he was gone, so I thought. Suddenly, he turned back around and reentered his stall to pick something up. This time as he re-exited the stall he looked right at me, eye contact, and nodded his head as if to say "hey". That was the best part of it all. Well, just as this was happening I was squeezing out my last turd ! which made itself known as we were exchanging pleasentries. I'll be returning to this restroom again.

Pee girl
I've just started in first year at university this year (in March)
I'm amazed at the bladders of some of the other girls there! Most of our lectures go for two hours and after that a lot of them will make straight for the toilets, where they let out the longest loudest streams I have ever heard. I've always considered that I have quite high bladder capacity, but even when I am almost ready to burst I can't compete with these other girls. Their wees will hiss loudly out of them for a minute or more!
its a turn on to me to think that they must be oh so desperate when they finaly let go of these mega-wees.
It's got me thinking of my own bladder. Do you think that if I practised holding in my own wee till I thought I was about to burst quite oftenthat I would be able to do the thick

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