TO MISHKA: I agree with you, I like to hear accident stories too, so if anyone has one, please share. And I'd love to hear your's, Mishka. Now, I know there are people reading this and thinking 'She wouldn't like hearing about them if she had one,' well the truth is I haven't had one. I've had three. Two while I was ninteen and one a year ago when I was 21, all of them were due to loose bowels. And I don't mind telling the stories, so I think I have the right to enjoy accident stories.
The first one happened early my freshman year in college after I got diarrhea from some Chinese food I ate. I was attending a private college and had a free ride there, the only exception was room and board. I did some figuring and found that it would be only slightly more expensive for me to rent a studio apartment and since with my own apartment I would have more room, my own bathroom and more peace, thats what I decided to do.
The apartment was nice, one small living/bedroom a small kitchen a large closet and a small bathroom complete with toilet and shower. There was a dresser for my clothes, but I had to furnish it aside from that. ANYWAY, about a month and a half into the first semister, I managed to scrounge up enough money to eat out. I stopped at a new Chinese joint and got sweet and sour pork and bought some coke at a local wal-mart to wash it all down with. I had finished my meal and watched a little TV before heading to the computer to work on a little homework. I was wearing only my undergarments (another advantage of living in an apartment ^^) which consisted of a white bra and white satin panties with pink floral designs printed all over them. Cute, huh?
Well, that didn't last long.
Without any warning my bowels emptied. I didn't get a cramp, a feeling of dizziness, gurgling or any signs. I just started pooping. You can imagine my suprise when one minute I'm writing a paper on affirmative action and the next I'm spilling hot liquidy feces into my panties. Needless to say I was shocked, but not really crushed. I accepted my mess with a shrug and threw the panties in a pot of boiling water to try to wash the stain out. I took a shower, checked my panties, they were ruined though and I had to can them.
By the time I was dressed there was a storm raging in my stomach. I felt to sick to work on my paper, so I laid down (I dragged my blanket and pillow off the bed and slept right next to the bathroom door. I didn't mind having an accident, but didn't want it to happen again.) I ran to the toilet several times in the next three hours. I honestly think it was the worst case of diarrhea I've had to date. I'll go into more detail later, if anyone wants me to.

micro major makes macro mess
I found this website in an effort to see if others have suffered from similar embarrassing experiences. Chris has. I'm a senior in college (first semester senior) in microbiology. I was double majoring, but I'm not anymore.....I started having panic attacks. These panic attacks lead to vomitting and diahrea (often together). I was in my Genetics professor's office when one of the many awful events of this semester happened. He was trying to help me understand some last minute questions before the exam that evening. At one point, my anxiety made my stomach and intestines simultaneously empty. In a choked voice I lunged to his office trash can. Each time I vomited, I filled my panties with more runny diahrea. Worse yet, he knew I was messing myself!!! I wanted to die of embarrasment!!! That's not the only incident from this semester from hell.

Punk Rock Girl

BLACK CHAOS: You're right. I know for a fact that many paranoid women do squat above the seat and have aim as bad as any guy on his worst day. I myself (as I've posted here in the past) once crapped all over the back of a toilet seat in a porta-potty because I was too grossed out to actually sit on the seat. I guess I shouldn't talk. But the stereotype of the "bad-aiming-peeing-man" is far from a female-only generality! My boyfriend complains that at work his male co-workers' suddenly become five year olds when peeing in a toilet--i.e. they never lift the seat, piss all over it, then don't clean up their mess or flush the toilet. Guys have to sit too, he says. He's right!

Anyway, I guess everyone is guilty of peeing (or shitting) all over the seat, both male and female. Next time, I'll double check my asides and make sure they're not laying blame on a certain group!

On a lighter note:

I took a HUGE, very nice dump last night, while my boyfriend sat on the edge of the tub and talked to me. It took some work, and I grunted and groaned a few times while speaking. Finally, a long, thick, solid load pushed its way out and plopped loudly in the water. I wiped my ass and flushed, washed my hands, then he and aI had some fun with each other's privates!

Hello to Carmalita, Bryian, Manhattan Girl, Emily of NYC, Althea, Traveling Guy, and everyone else!


Hey everyone here! Well, today (Monday May 12th), I took a really really nice poop. Around 6:00 P.M, about 2 hours ago, I felt a really strong urge to take a crap. I rushed into our bathroom, and dropped my black pants and purple panties right down to my ankles. As soon as I plopped my butt on the toilet, the first piece splashed into the bowl. It was about 5Ē inches long. Directly after that, another piece dropped into the toilet. I still felt like I had to go a bit more. The next piece slowly inched its way out. It must have took about 10 minutes, before that piece splashed into the toilet, wetting my little petite butt. That piece was about 7Ē inches long and pretty thick too. I then stopped going and relaxed. I waited for about 3 minutes, before my last piece began moving. This piece was a little on the soft side, and slid out of me, leaving me with a nice empty feeling. This last piece was 3Ē inches long. I then wiped my butt 8 times. Wow, thatís alot of! wipes for me!! Alyssa just took a poop about 20 minutes ago. I was talking to my friends on AOL, and I heard her pushing. I got up and walked towards the bathroom. Low and behold, she was sitting on the toilet pooping. Let me do a reply now....

Oh my god! I can relate to your question so much. This past Thanksgiving, my cousins and my aunt and uncle came over to our house for a scrumptious turkey dinner. They have two children, which are my cousins. Their names are Brett (8 years old) and Chrissy (15 years old). Anyway, we were all in the living room playing UNO, when I got up and told them I had to go to the bathroom. Apparently Brett was in the other room getting appetizers, and he didnít know I was in the bathroom. Well, I was sitting on the toilet, trying to poop, when the door opened a crack. I didnít say anything at first, but then as I began to wipe about 3 minutes later, Alyssa and Brett were in the doorway. I screamed, ďWtf?Ē to Alyssa. She was just laughing hysterically. Well eventually, they left, and I finished wiping. Once I came back to the living room, Brett completely surprised me by throwing a carrott at me. What a little brat he is, but heís so cute! I never really got revenge on! Alyssa, but the thought has always crossed my mind. Now, I have a pee story to share.

This story was from the beginning of July of last summer. Anyway, I was sitting around at home, really bored, with nothing to do. Alyssa was somewhere, I donít know where she was. Well, at about 1:00 P.M, my friend Corissa called me. After we hung up the phone, I slipped my sandals and necklace on, and headed out the door. We were planning to meet at the jumps. The jumps is a place near my house where people go dirtbiking and stuff like that. Corissa had told me that her brother and his two friends were going there with their dirtbikes. Her brother is 18. Once I arrived at the jumps, I was nearly run over by her brother lol who was riding his Yamaha dirtbike. After I brushed my face off from the dirt, I hurriedly ran across the path and met up with Corissa. Today, I was wearing black panties, blue denim jeans, and a white tang top that read ďspoiledĒ in dark, menacing letters. We started talking for a bit, and she told me that one of her brothers friends coul! dnít make it. I didnít really care. We continued talking and watching the dirtbikers for another 30 minutes. All of a sudden, Adam (her brother) and his friend raced off to a different trail. Me and Corissa ran after them. Once we realized that we couldnít catch up with them, we started back. I had not peed since I woke up, and it was 2:30 P.M. I had to go unbelievably bad!! I told Corissa this, and she said that she could probably use a break too. So, we stepped off the trail and went deeper into the woods. Once we found a nice spot, covered by plenty of shade, we both took our sandals off. We were both wearing black panties. Once our panties were at our ankles, I squatted first and immedietly peed furiously. She was more casual and took her time before squatting. I just continued peeing and peeing and peeing. I seemed unstoppable. Seriously, I probably peed for about 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Although, it seemed like I was peeing for an eternity. Once I f! inally stopped, I grabbed a tissue from my purse and dabbed my front. I looked at the tissue and just left it on the ground. I then stood back up and asked when Corissa was gonna go. ďIím gonna try something, Amanda. Once I have to go really really really bad, then Iíll go. I wanna hold it and see how much I can go,Ē she replied back to me. I have to hurry it up, because Alyssa has to type some report, so Iíll type fast. Corissa ended up peeing 40 minutes later. She didnít pee as long as I did, but she still peed for a while. Her light yellow stream lasted for about 2 minutes. I gotta go now, sorry! Alyssa says HaPpY MoThErS DaY to all the mothers who post here, and same for me. Bye.....

When I was ten, I was tricked into drinking a laxative by my sister when she poured it into my juice. I thought the juice tasted funny, but drank it anyway. She and I were going to our grandmother's house. Her friend lived near my Grandma, but she was mad because she knew my Grandma would make her hang out with me. I was happy to play by myself, but my Grandma wanted to spend the day with us together. My sister figured if I was sick, then I'd have to stay with my Grandma, and she could go play with her friends. She was stupid enough to tell her friends about her plan, too.

Anyway, so we were outside playing, and started to not feel very well. All of a sudden, my guts cramped and I buckled over. It hurt a lot! I fell on my knees and howled. I couldn't hold it in, and diarrhea came rushing out, filling my underpants, and running down my legs. My sister obviously was planning on me making it to the bathroom, because she was pretty shocked. She ran in and got my Grandma and said I was sick. By now, my cramps had gone away, but now I had diarrhea in my pants. I got up, and stumbled into the bathroom. I got in the bathtub and got undressed and washed myself off. I rinsed my pants and underwear in the shower and threw them in the hamper. I didn't have any clean clothes with me, but my Grandma usually had some.

I got dressed in some clothes she had, and said I didn't feel up to going anywhere, could we just stay home. My Grandma said sure. After a little while, anothert cramp hit me, but I made it to the bathroom this time, and shit my brains out in the toilet. I was shitting like crazy every hour or so, all day!

A few days later, a couple of my sisters friends were laughing about how her little brother had shit his pants because she gave him a laxative, but were overheard by one of their mothers. She called my mother, and my sister got in big trouble.

A few months later--I got my revenge! I'll post that later!!!


Michael M.
Ah reading all those stories from the time we were about 5 and 6 years old and about pooping and peeing, I can recall some things we did as kids.
I can recall when I was about 10 or so going into our garages and on a rainy day just poking thru old stuff and papers and what all that was of interest to me. Usually I would start to feel the need to poop growing being alone and relaxed for some reason. I would have to pee first and would just find a corner and unbutton my fly and pee there. But in a litle bit I felt the need to poop growing. I would stand there looking at some old auto parts or other stuff and feel it growing and the turd wanting out. Soon the head of the turtle would try to poke out, I was in danger of poopin in my pants. I would think of going to the bathroom but wondered what whould happed if I waited awhile. Then I would get this big cramp and the poop was on its way. I would drop my pants and undepants find an old newspaper and squat and let it come out and drop on the paper. A few times I laid out a nice solid log that didnt smell or anything, just a torpedeo shaped turd. Once I turned aro! und and actually picked it up hand held it like a long peice of wood it was so solid. I would then go outside and bury it. My butt was shut and clean and so there were no skid marks.

Once or twice my one friend about a year or so younger than I would be playing cowboys or something and we hadda pee. So we just whipped out our little weeners and squirted and sprayed all over in a corner.
Then one time my friend had to poop too, and I did for him what I did, got some newspaper and let him squat and poop on it, a solid log just like mine.
Yes those days were so innocent and fun, we would compare our butts and what we had.

Sometimes after school a friend would come to my house to play, I had a train set out in my room and we would spend an hour or so before dinner playing. This one friend was playing with the train and mentioned to me he had to pee. My mom or sister was in the bathroom and I said wait a minute they will be out. When they were done they went downstairs and then I was called me for dinner. I said, ok, Im comming, and went to eat. I forgot about my friend. In a little while I head him coming down the stairs and going out the door, "cya, gotta go home, later". I was sort of puzzled why he left. After dinner I went to my room and found a huge puddle on the floor where he had peed in his pants. I really felt sorry for him and I had forgotten he needed to pee. He was too shy to ask again I guess or he tried t hold it but it just let go on him. I dont know, didnt ask and never brought up the subject.

I Had other friends over that seemed to need to poop after school all the time.
Another time we were playing army in the back yard and this one boy same age as me were pretending to be shooting our rifles laying on the ground. I saw he kept going to his crotch and grabbing but didnt think anything of it. Then he went and lay on his stomach on the ground and pretended to be shooting his rifle. He got up and I saw he had wet his pants. I never could figure why some of my friends never asked to use the bathroom and had accidents. Yep, those were the days, long gone and really great.
Anyone got some stories from when they were young playing with friends and pooping and having fun?

Emily of NYC
Bryian-Yes, I cannot stand having diarrhea in public. It is so humiliating, especially because it smells much more than regular poop.

This morning I woke up feeling not very well. My stomach really hurt, and I got the terrible feeling of feeling like you have to poop a lot, but really not having to at all. So I did something I had never done before in my life - I took a laxative. I never am constipated, I have pooped every day of my life since my earliest memory. I didn't feel any strong urge to go, actually, until about 10:00 this morning, in my French class. Mr. Carpenter would only let me go to the bathroom if I asked in French, which I did, but to my horror the bathroom on the 8th grade floor was closed- one of the toilets overflowed. I went upstairs to the 7th grade floor and went in to the bathroom there. A lot of seventh grade girls were there (cutting class maybe?) and teasing each other's hair, and because I usually am not on the 7th grade floor, one of the girls asked me, "Emily, what are you doing here?" I didn't answer, and just raced into the bathroom and pulled my skirt up. Torre! nts of liquid poop poured out of me, as a result of taking the laxative. The flood would not stop for about one whole minute, as one of the girls asked me "are you pooping?" I impatiently told them to go away. Finally after what seemed like a while, the poop stopped, but to my dismay, there was no toilet paper. I flushed the toilet, went into another stall, grabbed some toilet paper, and wiped myself. I ended up pooping twice later that day, once at about 2:00, and once in the evening at home. That is the first and last time I take a laxative - It wreaks havoc on my bowels!

Punk Rock Girl- What is your boyfriend's name? Are you also a New Yorker?

Manhattan Girl- Write some more for us, my fellow Emily!

All my hugs and kisses - Em

Hey everyone, long time no post. I'll write a quick reply

To Poop at the Shops -
Hey I think that that was soo cute that ur daughter waz asking you about your poop n all. Although you might feel angry at them, they're just curious. Please, if u have anymore good stories, share them with us. I'm sure it'll be as good as ur first story. I used to ask my mom about her poops. Sometimes she would tell me, and other times she would just say...."go play outside". She poops pretty big too! And when she pushes, man does she ever push. It sounds like a stampede lol. Whenever she has to poop too, she's always in the bathroom for like 45 minutes. Damn she does some big craps.

OMG, I had diarrhea all day yesterday!!! It really sucked!!

Hi everyone. I've been readiing posts here since I discovered this site a few months ago. I was suprised to find that other people, besides myself, are not disgusted by pooping. And like me, some are in fact, turned on by it. I haven't always loved the act of pooping, and the thought of others pooping, but I have had multiple accidents in my life, and they have shown me that something as socially unacceptable as messing one's self, is actually quite exciting. I am a 21 year old college student in Minnesota. I am white,5'7" tall, 140lbs., with shouler length brown hair and brown eyes to match. I have a very big chest (38G) that I am extremely self concious of. The first time pooping really thrilled me was in my senior year of highschool. I was shopping with two friends at the mall the day after Thanksgiving. There were so many people shopping that day that I can't imagine why we even bothered shopping. After a couple hours of shopping that day, Thanksgiving caught up with me ! and I had to poop. My friends followed me to the nearest bathroom. As it came into view, the line was going like 50 feet out the door. I wasn't desperate and so I waited in line. My friends stood with me and chatted until about 15 later when I could beginto feel my stomach rumbling. I felt a sharp pain, an slowly let go a silent fart. The smell of my gas caught the attention of every one around me, and as my stomach continued rumbling, I realized that I really had to go poop! NOW! I quietly admitted to my friends that I was responsible for the fart that was making all the women around us sick. I left the line and walked quickly towards another restroom. But obviously, every other bathroom was filled. I went to three different bathrooms, and by the last one, I could feel a turd poking out of my butt. Finally, I couldn't walk anymore. My friends suggested that I sit down and try and pull it back in. We looked around and every bench or chair in sight was taken. I was suddenly h! opeless. There was no chance I would ever make it to our car, which was probably like half a mile away, not even in the mall parking lot. I stood in the middle of the mall clenching my butt cheeks together. I couldn't even walk anymore, the urge had gotten so powerful. I had no choice. I waddled, slowly, over to a wall and stood with my back to it. With my friends on either side of me, I let go. To my suprise, nothing happened. I was way too uncomfortable from anything to happen. I could feel the tip of a thick poop nearly out of me as I looked around. Neither of my friends looked at me because they were embarrassed. I looked around and took in my surroundings. There were literally thousands of people around me and I was going to poop in front of all of them. Suddenly I was so excited. And at that second I had become relaxed enough that my poop moved. Slowly, a huge, solid turd came out of me. I felt so vulnerable but so turned on at the same time. As my panties filled with ! poop, the noise and smell it created became evident to people around me. I enjoyed it almost the entire time, but this was a really big crap and it kept going. My jeans held a visable load, and I smelled bad. In the last 30 seconds or so, it was obvious to everyone around me where the smell was coming from. People were commenting and many were beginning to point in my direction. I then realized that it's not every day you see a girl with enourmous breasts shitting herself. My friends couldn't take it and left my side towards out car. Without delay I followed. My huge dump was still coming out as I had to jog to follow them. But as my "bounce" caught more attention than anything, I stopped. I walked alone all the way to the car. And as I did I loved was suprised that I loved the feeling of huge dump pressing against me. It was so exciting. And since that day, there's nothing I love more that the rush I get from pooping where I'm not supposed to. In the three years since then ! I have had other experiances on purpose. I'm sorry about the length of this story, but if any one thought it was enertaining let me know. You'll probably really like my other ones.

To Troubled J: I read your post about your problem and thought that I would offer my two cents worth. I can see that you're a romantic. What you seem to want to do is to find a girl who appeals to you and then convert her into someone who will poop for your pleasure without having ordinary sex (since you say that you and your current girlfriend don't have much sex). I can tell you now that this is "The Impossible Dream," as in that great song. Even girls who are into pooping as a fetish usually still want some normal sex. So my suggestion is that you try to find a girl on the Internet who's mainly into pooping as a fetish. As someone said, she should be living near you. Then the two of you can poop for each other without any long and complicated discussions and just have a great time. Who knows -- you might even end up together. I know I've not been very clear, but my point is that you're approaching your problem the wrong way around. If you try to convert a girl! without the fetish, she's going to dump you really quickly because she'll think you're a freak. I enjoy poop and I don't think you're a freak, but most other folks will think that. The idea of paying a professional to poop for you is also a good one if you can't find an interested amateur on the Internet.

Mazrael X: That was cruel, wicked and unsanitary. How would have liked to pick up that receiver to make a phone call.

Amanda and Ashley: I hated to have bowel movements in school. I worked on the A-V squad. So, I had keys to the school and I would take an unused restroom. Gym toilet was not so bad. An senior girl helped me lower my inhibitions by her using the girls gym toilet. She had a bowel movement without fail, daily. See my earlier posts.

Carmalita: Sorry about your accident.

Chris: You must have been really sick to be med-evaced. Are you in a rural community? Would have a simple ambulance sufficed?

17-year-old boy from Sweden: I like you Europeans. You people are so enlightened.

Hay, I am a first timmer on postin so here it goes. I am White, 23, have a girlfriend Tara, and i weigh 156 lbs. and have blonde hair. So this is my story. My girlfriend and I went out to eat at Casa's an Italian restarunt. We both shared a salad and spagetti { I can get an upset stomach sometimes easily}. We stayed for a while then went home, and half way there tara said,"I gotta go now." I thought she men't pee so i said we'll be home in a miniute. When we got home I took a shower and Tara started to poop it started with a huge fart I laughed and continued to take a shower. And Just as a second gush of poo came out she relaxed and just then I farted really loud it was loud then a huge Log came right out of my ass . Tara laughed and moved over and i jumped on the toilet { Toilet is next to shower} and sat kinda sideways and crapped my heart out. Tara and I were there for 2 hours crapping it was great . When we got off guess what? no toilet paper!!! so we hurried off to the store and got toilet paper cuz we crapped a lot! but we had to crap again so tara and I just crapped and crapped our pants. When we compaired sizes and I got Horny so we always do that now. That was my story for today tell me if you like it I got Tons more.

Hello everyone! Long time no post as the security on my pc wont let of post. I am trying the WAP as MODERATOR suggested.
a few weeks ago HELP HERE asked about drips in underwear. My tip is not to let any clothing touch the underside of your remis when seeing as this restricts the flow. The pee dribbles out once the restriction is removed!

Hello all,

I posted part of the story of the weekend last night, but it doesn't look like it got added to the batch for some reason. I saved the text so I'll repost it (maybe a tamer version) after this.

To Beach Gal: Are you going camping with a boyfriend on the beach or with a group of girls? Probably the most private place would be to walk into the surf just above your waist and go in your bikini/shorts without removing them. It's less obvious that way. If you're on a beach without condos all across the way, you might enjoy peeing in the dunes. Just find a nice private spot, either take your bottom off or if it's a thong just pull it to one side of your pussy, then piss your heart out. My girlfriend also likes to get close to the water line, lay on her stomach, go in her suit and let the incoming waves "flush" everything and clean her. Since you say you're camping, you might have to take a dump, too. The best place is the dunes probably or right near the water line (night-time for best privacy). If you're really adventurous and talented, try dumping in the ocean. Just some thoughts. And most importantly, don't forget to post your stories here when you get b! ack! :)

To Amanda: Thanks for your response to my response...LOL. Ah, a bunch of cheerleaders. All of you sound hot! Wish I could watch some of those pee escapades the three of you do <grin> To stories of my girlfriend peeing/pooping, well, it's up to the moderators to post what I write about her, so it's frustrating sometimes...we spent the weekend on a semi-secluded island that we canoed to and I related a duo poop in the woods story as well as a pee story. Will try to repost tonight in hopes that it will show up. Wow, another pee story JUST FOR ME? Wow, I feel special. That sucks that you didn't get to pee outside with them, but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go I guess. Who decided there would be an outside piss break? How big was that cup that Alyssa pissed in? Corissa's dare from you sounded like the better of the two. Did she do any aiming at all? Was she accurrate? Did she have to wash off her legs afterward due to splatter? Wow, that would have been am azing had she taken a shit there, too, but I'm sure her mother wouldn't have bought the playing with hose story had she seen shit on the sidewalk, too. What else of interest is there in her back yard where you girls could piss? I hope to hear more outdoor stories from you (and others) soon!

Will try to tame down my post from last night and repost it soon. Happy goings all!

Purple pooper
Thank you Julie for your story about sneaking off with that girls poop. I was having a downer monday until I read that and laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

I also guess your going to claim the title of "Turdburgler" after witnessing the first utterance of the phrase "No shit"...

now I know why girls call their labia their " hissy lips" :) sunday night I had to urinate really bad and stopped at this gas station which had one, single occupancy unisex restroom. and so i got the key from the girl working there[ a very cute hispanic girl about maybe 18 ] walked around the side to the door, unlocked it and walked in , locking the door. the toilet bowl was one of those " water saver" types ,oval- round and deep, with the bowl water toward the back at the bottom. I pulled down my jeans and undies, sat down on the seat and began to urinate this fast, thick and wide stream of urine and could hear it hissing loudly as it hit the porcelain about three inches back from the front of the toilet seat. I must've urinated for like at least 1 min and 30 secs steady and with three fast wide gushers coming out. then it began to taper off to a slower dribble and I could hear my urine tinkle in the water for about 10-15 secs. two more squirts toward the front again, the! second tapered off and trickled into the water a bit. I wiped like a girl would and then looked to see what was in the water and there was just the piece of toilet paper and the water filled with lightly yellow urine, but no foam at all.

Forgot to respond to Cecile's message. Check some of my earlier posts for some stories from me. I posted a lengthy list of places I've gone about a week or two ago. I haven't been posting very long, maybe just a month or so. Would love to hear some of your stories. I think I mentioned this before, but I hurt my leg really bad in DC one time and had to lay up in bed for nearly a week as it was too much to walk. There was a sink in the dorm room we were staying in and that was my bathroom, for piss and shit (whew, that was hard to get down there without the room mate finding out...LOL).

Happy goings all!

i got really bad diarrhea from this chinese place i ate at once. it was light yellow with brown chunks in it. it hurt so bad to come out. i stayed glued to the toilet all day and half the night, pouring this stuff out of my ass. it smelled terrible. i threw up once. my ass hole was so inflamed after the first 3 hours. after that it just got numb. i went to the drugstore to get some whatever to stop the diarrhea, but while i was in line i felt my tense ass hole loosen and i had to run to their bathroom. thats when i threw up too, all over the wall.

-Bryian irritble bowel syndrom means that you can't control your bowl movements that well.

-DJ Crapper I would have gotten so turend on by watching Andrea taking a dump. Did you see her on the toilet again when you were going out with her?

You were taken to the ER in a helicopter chris, I think that that whould have been awsome under different times.

Carmalita. I'm sorry to hear you found your accident distressing but accidents happen and they're part of life. You might not have another one for 20 or 30 years. Granted they're not particularly pleasant at the time, particularly if unexpected but I wouldn't worry too much. My guess is that moving furniture etc plus the excitement of moving house may have stimulated muscles which ordinarily wouldn't get stimulated to quite such an extent and it brought on the need rather rapidly. Hope you get on well in your new home.

Troubled J. I hope you find a way of resolving the elimination issue with your girlfriend. My advice would be to be gentle and not force the issue. Whatever her wishes are, if you love her, you will respect them.

Yesterday the Sunday Sport excelled itself, running an article about the peeing habits of Posh Spice. Apparently when she was with the band she often used to pee in a cup - as did other members of the band. This was because often in places where they were performing, the stage was a long way from the loos and it wasn't possible to go to the toilet and be on stage in time for the performance.

Best wishes to everyone


Crapper Man
Hi guys. I'm new here and this is my first time posting. Anyway I have some stories for all of you. The one I want to post right now goes back to when I was 13. I had just gotten into the school bus and at the time I had felt the urge to take a dump. The bad part was that the ride was 30 min. long so I would have to hold it in. About halfway through the ride itgot really bad and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it in much longer. When we got at the school, I could hardly keep it in. I rushed nto the bathroom pulled down my pants and boxers and let it go. It gave more reilief than possible. The funn part was I forgot to flsh so the next person in there probably screamed at the sight.

Hey Carmalita, sorry you had a "mishap" shall we say, but hey, the plus side is now you know you shouldn't hold it anymore, unless of course it's pleasurable, which I doubt but in which case I'd say go for it babe! LOL


Pee Girl:

That is absolutely correct. Some girls pee faster then others. You may be able to put out a certain amount of piss in less time then it would take some one else.

The best way to know how much your bladder can hold would be to measure your out put by using a measuring jug, or a chemists flask. Militres are the best, and most efficient way to figure how well endowed your are. What you do is devide the number of militers by the number of seconds it took you to let it all out, and that will give you your pee rate. Mine tends to range. My best hold time was 48 hours, and my greatest ammount was 2500 militers. My greatest pee rate measured at about 16.68 militers per second when I did the 2500 militers. One time I pushed so hard that my pee stream actualy stung my pee hole, and I managed to put out 1500 militers of pee in one minute and 20 seconds, which only increased my pee rate to 18.75.

As for making your bladder and sphincter stronger, the answer to your question is yes, but that should not be done too often because the constand stretching of the bladder can cause weakening of the tissue. Kegal exercises are the best way. Try increasing your hold times gradualy. Don't let it get to the "pain" threshold. Just do Kegal exercises, and wait the same ammount of time every day until the muscles strengthen and your urge is not as prominant. When that happens, then increas your hold time ( or ammount )

Any good woman's health web site can help you with Kegal exercises. There are even Kegal weights you can lift.

When you are at home, and don't have to go out any where, there is a great way you can strengthen and increase your bladder size. This involves drinking liquids. Orange juice and cranberry juice are the best because they clean out your whole system. Normaly, I would suggest that you drink about 250 militres (8 ounces) of each, but since you have indicated to me that you are well endowed already, I would suggest that you drink 500 militres of orang juice for the acidity, and 500 militres of cranberry juice for the other health benifits to yor kidneys. Wait until you have to pee badly enough that you are uncomfortable, but NOT desperate to the point of bing in pain or doubled over. When it gets to the point that you are thinking about taking a pee, the urge is very strong, and you can't concentrait on the tv show you are watching or the homework asignment you are doing, then let loose into the measuring flask. Keep track of the number of seconds it takes you to voi! d completely, then devide the number of militers by the number of seconds.

Do this every night, in addition to the Kegal exercises, and you will notice a difference in a month.

Let me know how it all comes out (pardon the pun).


Troubled J: I guess I was the one who mentioned the 99.99% number and I think it's darn near close to being correct. Also, I think most folks would never think of "romance" and "shit" at the same time or mention the two in the same breath. I think that the guy who suggested that you hire hookers to help you out was spot on. That's the best thing you can try. Just to help you out, I'll give you an example. A whole lot of girls are not a lot into sex. When they marry, however, they have intercourse because that's what they're taught that they should do and most want kids anyway. The husbands also like getting oral sex, but conventional chicks don't like doing it so the husbands sneak around picking up hookers or girls at the office to satisfy their desires. I think your best plan is to look for a conventional girl to marry and have kids with and just leave the pooping thing for hookers who will be happy to oblige in return for good solid cash! Unlike most girls, they ! won't pass judgment on you. Actually, for them it will be easy money just to take a shit while you watch.

to sara,

yeah that must have felt really dirty to poop into you rpanties, ive had times like to, but i always wear pantyhose and most of it normally gets trapped in them, have you ever pooped into your pantyhose?? id love to hear about it. i normally wear black pantyhose so the poop stains dont show too much, what colour to do normally wear??

My roomate in college and I went double dating the other night with two girls. We're in the car when all of a sudden--WOW! I had to take a dump or it would be on the seat. Luckily, we got there and I went to the bathroom as soon as we found a table. Of course, he had to go pee. I told him as we went I had to take a dump or I would explode. I sat down without even putting toilet paper down. I farted a monster! He said, "Damn Luke, sounds like an elephant." I told him I felt like I was shitting an elephant. These hot dog loafs were coming out in big 9" logs and there were like 3 of them. God damn, I felt good after this one. Then I farted again and wiped. Interestingly enough, there was not much misc. shit to wipe. It was just annoying to have to wonder if I would make it in time on a DOUBLE DATE with my GIRLFRIEND! It would have been embarrassing as hell to fart like that in the car. Although, I guess they had to have smelled something along the way.

Infantry SPC
Hello everyone!

Recently while I was on a 20 minute break from my current duty(no pun intended lol) I had a second to watch TV in the lounge. Since it was late-nite TV Jay Leno was on. He had Rebecca Romaine-Stamos as his first guest to talk about X-men 2. She mentioned that she and her husband where doing some type of dietary cleasing, and that john was getting his Colon cleansed at a clinic while she was on the show. Jay found it all very funny as did the audience, but the interview became even better when she began to talk about filming X-men 2...
Rebecca explained that the costume for the character she plays (mystique)is primarly paint and bikini type prostetics. Rebecca began to tell a funny story about her stunt double, which she then admitted that she had wished it had happend to her. Her stunt double, a very talented gymnast which also must wear the same type of costume entered their trailor and announced that she had to fart...Rebecca being cool with it told her to let it loose. When her double farted, the rubber prostetics expanded like a balloon near her butt! Her double had to force the gas bubble up to the nearest exit (which was by her neck)where the stench of what the supermodel claimed to be a very rotten fart over came the two of them... I lauged my ass off hearing this, while trying hard to imagine the event. I would have loved to smell that fart! I laughed so hard I almost farted myself!

Barefoot-Another sighting in one of those restrooms with doorless stalls and mirrors in front of them was in the Montgomery Wards. There was this good-looking red-head, wearing slacks and a long-sleeved collared shirt with a tie that came in and took the stall next to mine. Slacks are usually so slippery that they almost always have to fall all the way to the floor. This guy dropped them down and pulled his underwear down to just above his ankles. I was finished dumping and got up to wash my hands. I was able to see him sitting there, with his head down, hands clasped with is elbows resting on his bare knees. His bright white briefs were suspended like a bridge between the black socks on his legs. His tie dangled in front of him, almost reaching the seat. I could see his freckled legs tensing a bit as he unloaded. I could hear a slight crackle, too. I left because I didn't want him to get uncomfortable with me washing my hands for a long time. I saw him a little bit later. I! think he was the optomotrist at the store. Nice sighting!

Peegirl, I am curious about the college girls who have such long and forceful pees after a 2 hour lecture. Do you think that they have been holding on much longer than that and for the second time (assuming a morning piss)that day they are emptying their really full bladders?

Yes, you can enlarge your bladder. Do it slowly. Wait an hour or so after you first feel the urge. Don't let your desperation go on and on to the point of pain.

Randy B>
Hey, just kindof stumbled onto this site and I am very excited about the stories especially from the girls. I like watching them piss and shit. It excites me very much. I also like watching me do the same. I am 24, caucasian, well built and have big turds when I shit. I'll keep posting in the future.

I see people complaining about skidmarks. What I do is after my shower put some bidy cream on your annus and in it. You will shit clean and wipe easy without getting a sore bum. while shitting relax. Do not nip it of and dirty your annus. Let it all drop out nice and relaxed. For those that have large crackling movements, the lube is there and it just pops out. No mess no fuss!!

I havent posted for awhile but reading about all the girls that hated to use school bathrooms, I can say I was one of them.

Seventh grade was totally different from elementry school as we changed classes, had break of about 6 minutes to get to the next room and you were mixed in with a range of older students up to 12th grade who you had to look up to.
But the girls rooms at each end of the halls were always filled with the girls before classes and sometimes even smokey (at the time).
Sometimes they were a mess because they didnt get cleaned the night before, as the lady janitor was an older lady that was sick often.

I didnt like using them and wouldnt ask to go during class or on the breaks but would hold my pee until lunch time, or after noon classes were over. I can recall only a few times I had to really go pee and poop one time as a real emergency and I sort of hovered over the seat as the usually were wet and and there was unflushed toilet paper still in the bowl.
On day in math class last class in the morning I ran into trouble.
Disaster I should say. I hadnt pooped the day before and all morning I had a lot of gas and tried not to pass it in class, and at the same time I had a build up of a lot of pee that was getting annoying and I felt I needed to go to the girls room.
I put up my hand to ask to be excused and the teacher, a man, said no, we are having a test in a minute and no one leaves until its over. I had this feeling that any minute I was going to burst. I was starting to sweat at the test papers were handed out. I sat there and held my crotch as not to be noticable thru my skirt and with the other hand I started writing the math test.
With half the test done I felt an urge and then a little wet spurt into my panties I couldnt stop. I really felt nothing up to that point as I was like numb sitting and holding on. Soon I had this warm feeling run up my butt and then a little stream drip on the floor. I was peeing in my pants, me, a 13 yo that hadnt wet my pants since I was 5 years old.
It was just a slow steady leak and a small little drip on the floor making a puddle under my seat. I had flipped up my skirt and sat directly on my panties on my seat as not to wet my skirt.
The only saving thing for me was I sat in the back of the class last row and last seat. Only other person near me was this red head boy aslo 13 in our class and Im sure he noticed my pee puddle at my feet but said nothing, glancing now and then in my direction. Musta been a turn on I think now for him to watch me pee my panties.
Finally the test was over, we handed up our papers and after a few comments bout homework the bell rang and we went to lunch.
I lived close to school and went home every day, took about 5 minutes walk to my house. I dashed out the door and went home and changed panties and socks. After lunch we reported to our home room again before the next class as they took attendance.
I never did hear about my pee puddle or who saw it or sat there after that.
But I learned after a time to go and use the school toilets between classes with the other girls. One day I had this cramp to poop and this time I asked to go and promptly left the room making the girls room and pulling down my pants in a stall just in time as several long logs dropped into the bowl.
All I can say is for those who wont use the school restrooms, well get over it if you can. I always carried some folded paper towel and tissue just in case to clean the seats and didnt worry anymore about it.
I just wonder how many of us out there wet our pants because we would not use the school restrooms?

the "HOLD IT" man
Hi Pee Girl. I realy like reading your stories, and I can relate to wyat you are saying. I have been enthusiastic about holding and water sports for a long time (I don't mean swimming or water skiing, either) and I realy enjoy seeing a woman take a long hard piss. I, myself, FINALY managed to make 1000 militers, but I almost wet my pants in the process.

The way I did it was instead of drinking megga amounts of liquids, I just let nature take it's course. When I got up, I didn't use the bathroom, and I only drank what I normaly drink on the week end. No cofee and no soda. Anyway, when I got up, I had to go but it was not a realy strong urge so I decided to see how good I could hold out. I helt and held until I was just starting to feel a little pain, then I let loose. I was so uncomfortable that I forgot to time myself, but it seemed to take a long time. I would gues a minute. Anyway it came out (pardon the pun) to exactly one liter or 1000 militers on the nose.

That's nothing to realy brag about, however, because I have been in many a water sports contest, and have seen women put out alot more, and in some cases, twice that. My cousen typicaly can piss 1500 militers, and when she realy tries, she can break 2000. I have been into this sort of thing since I was a young boy, and in EVERY contest I entered, the women allways seem to do better then the men. At a club I frequent, they have holding and peeing contests, and the women routinly out wait us, piss faster then us, piss harder then us, put out greater amounts of pee then we do, and just generaly have better bladder control. There was a discussion on this board once as to whether or not women have stronger bladders then men, and I have to agree that they very likely do.

I may have posted this before, so I will keep it brief. In my work place, the lights in the rest rooms turn on automaticaly when some one enters, and shuts off automaticly when they leave. The whole system is wired into a computer, and a data base is kept as to how many times the lights are on so the company can keep track of the electric costs. As it turns out, I have access to that data base, and here is what happened. We have 4 women and 2 guys in my office. My boss and I together each made between 3 and 4 trips to the bathroom. I usualy only make 3 trips, but one is usualy a bm. Anyway my boss likes his cofee so he makes 4 trips. The total for the week in question was about 21 trips to the men's room. The women, on the other hand, almost never seem to use the rest room. One wrather pretty older woman of about 42 drinks as much cofee as the boss, and has been seen using the rest room once or twice in a typical week. The other three don't drink as much, bu! t they are also, maybe 2 trips to the bathroom or one trip depending on the amounts they drink. Again, for the week in question, the women's rest room recorded a total of 15 trips. Now there is a janitor who cleans both of those rest rooms every day, so 5 trips had to be subtracted from each room, which came out to 16 trips made to the mens room by 2 men, and 10 trips to the women's room made by 4 women.

I can't help but to think that women have larger bladders and stronger sphincter muscles then men based on that.

Mazrael X
I'm Back! This story is more along the lines of this fine fine website.I was still in high skool and on the varsity cross country team. I hadn't been feeling well lately, and my 'shitting' schedule was all off. Well, as luck would have it, about an hour before practice 'the dam finally broke loose'. What the hell had I been eating? Anyway, I decided to use the varsity locker roon toilet, one of those commodes they put right in the middle of the room(ok, so it was East Jackson, need I say more?). I sat on the throne and let go the single most largest fecal offering of my existence. Bear in mind I was about 5'6" and 130 lbs at the time. I seem to recall that it required much effort to 'pass', many facial contortions and prize-winning grunts. I think at one point I had to grab the sides of the toilet for extra 'push power'. Oh my. Eventually, exhausted but thankful, I arose to see the fruit of my arduous labor. Wow! Recall my physical size before you continue reading. Floating ! ominously in the filthy ass basket was the biggest 'stoolie' I had ever seen. It was the size of three (3) Chunky soup cans end to end. I could tell that there was no way that 'dad' was going down the toilet hole. So I of course left it there for the varsity Football team to discover... Man! Were they ever bent. You could smell it from the gym, it was so palpable. Lucky for me my brother was a Marine who visited home often, or I think my face and head would have become rather intimate with my discarded prize. Anyway, I'll post more soon. I think I have to shit...


I liked your skidmark story!!!! you are my kind of girl.

hi there everyone.i was just wondering if there are any women out there into farting. please send me a note.

Barefoot-I used to dump in a restroom just like the one you described, a few years back. Actually 2 restrooms were like that, one was in a JC Penny and the other in a Montgomery Wards. I thought it was cool how the mirrors on the walls let you could see the other guys on the toilets. I remember seeing a guy, probably mid-late 20's, with longish blonde hair, sitting on the toilet with his briefs and jeans all the way to the floor. He had an intense look on his face, was sitting up very straight, and was holding onto his dick, taking a very loud leak. He looked like he was in his very own world. I remember him because he stood up to wipe, knowing that we could all see him very easily. He didn't seem to care, though. He pulled up his briefs, adjusted himself, and then his jeans.

Hi all,

Long time away from the board -- I spent some time over the last two or three nights reading the last five pages or so to get back into the local scene. It's great to catch up on some friends, like Malita and Nu (love you both!), Rizzo, PRG and others.

I have another marvelous beach peeing story to post (BeachNut and Beach Gal should both enjoy it) but for tonight I just want to say I've had some marvelous dumps lately, including a 15-incher a few weeks back, and eleven-inchers quite regularly. I've used a few urinals lately too, at college and such (what can I say, it's become a grrl's habit!) and really enjoyed the blast of a good pee.

Oh, Big Brother III is on here in Aus, and the add for tonight's show had a half-second shot of what seemed to be one of the male housemates pissing in a flowerbed...

I'll post my beach saga very soon,



i got food poisoning from a dodgy egg salad yesterday. it started in the early a.m. around 3:00. i was woke up feeling grotty, knowing the hershey squirts were coming. i ran to the bathroom with my hand clamped over my quivvering bottom. i EXPLODED once on the toilet. a loud fart RIPPED through the air. the diarrhea came out in a thin stream that burned horribly. i wiped and looked in. the jon was completely full of black watery poo, garnished with processed egg slices. it coated the sides of the toilet and, apparently when i had exploded, it had shot out of the sides of the toilet and onto the surrounding wall. still feeling grotty though. gotta go!

Beach Girl - the best place to pee on the beach is the sea - its fun, and no one will ever know - smile and look them in the eye and wee and wee - its fun, I always do it.

Cecile - some places I've pee'd, in a sink like you have for the same reasons, in the sea, in swimming pools, outdoors in the wild... that's especially fun, especially if its a really big wee, and the smell of fresh wee on the ground is special.

1. What color is your pee? Varies between very light yellow to dark yellow... usually lighter.
2. How long does it take for you to pee? From entering to leaving toilet probably about 4 minutes. Actually peeing, about 90 seconds.
3. How often do you pee? 4-5 times a day
4. Does your pee always hit the toilet water when you pee? Yes.
5. How often do you have to pee? 4-5 times a day
6. What does it sound like when you pee? Its pretty loud.
7. How wide is your pee stream? Quite wide, seems to sort of twist in a thick stream into the water.
8. Do you pee in a steady stream all at once? Usually one steady stream, followed by two or three short streams at the end.
9. When you pee, does it come out in a spray ever? Sometimes.
10. Do you make pee foam in the toilet? If so, how much foam? Yes, quite a lot.
11. Do you pee outside? Where and how hard is it to pee when you do? See above - no its easy and fun.

To Kristin: Loved your story..was this the first time you saw each other poop before?
To Althea: Enjoyed your story
To Carmalita: Enjoyed your story
To new guy: Loved your story...would love to hear more
To J: I'd like to hear your story..please
To DJ Crapper: Loved your story..sounds like a cool experience
To Julie: Liked your story
To Billy and Kevin: Loved your story
To kelli: That sounded like a cool experience..were you embaressed?
To Amanda: I really loved your story..sounds like a cool experience
To TruckerDan: Liked your story
To beach babe; Loved your story
To Jane (& Gary): Liked your story
To unnamed poster: i sometimes leave my shit for others to see if its a good dump
To shy dumper: Loved your story..what caused your shit to be yellow? cool
To Chris: Whats that about a total poop eclipse? please explain
To Boy 17: Loved your experience
To Buzzy: Loved your story..did any one see you?
To Ryan: Loved your story..did any one catch that girl peeing while you were in the hospital?
To Mazrael X: Liked your story about putting the poop on the
To Stan: No to both of them
To Uncle Allen: Liked your story..did you ever see the kid when you finished?
To jim: Loved your story
To Movie Fan: Sounds like a cool movie
To Barefoot: Loved your story..sounds like a cool experience
To Jake and Brian: Loved your story..did you check the stall out?
To coyote: liked your story
To Raging Urophile: liked your story
To Poop at the shops: Liked your story
Yesterday it was mothers day and boy did i over eat..i had a big breakfast then i had a big dinner early and i had dessert. I had to shit after dessert. It was soft and chunky. Then i had to go home soon after that. It was a 45 min drive, i kinda felt like i had to poop on the way home. Luckly i held it all the way home. Later on at home i pooped like one more time.
I worked today and i was feeling that gassy/bloating feeling. The kind you can't tell if you gotta fart or poop

Teddy Bear
Hey, finally got my own computer, so i don't have to worry about my s/o hogging the other computer we shared or her finding out that i go on this website.

to Kristin: you & your b/f are one lucky twosome. imagine breaking the toilet privacy barrier in the same day. it's amazing how us toilet shy people can break the ice by just allowing it to happen, much like skydiving for the first time. i can see a great future for both of you, just remember to be sweet to each other.

to Carmalita: Hola Panchita! wow! what a way to christen your new apt. by pooping all over the floor. i guess you overdid the chili peppers & corn. it happens to the best of us. Besos Teddy Bear.

Raging Urophile
One thing that most of us on this board have in common is a desire to meet people who are not shy about their bathroom activities. With this in mind, my sister's house has what I would describe as the most frustrating bathroom I have ever seen. When walking in, you have the sink on the left and the shower on the right, but NO TOILET. In front of the shower is a seperate thick wooden door that opens up into a small closet-size room that encloses the toilet. This is dreadful! Even if you were with a girl who is usually open about her toilet needs and doesn't care if you watch, she would be tucked away inside a seperate room so you could'nt see anything. The privacy is automatically forced on her. Even an uninhibited girl would probably close the door without thinking.
My sister probably likes this since she is very private about these things. When we shared a bathroom as children and as teens, she would always run me out of the bathroom when she had to pee. I didn't really care since I had no interest in watching my sister; but growing up in a family that has always been very private about using the bathroom probably contributed to my urophilia. My parents have been married for 50 years and my mom still will not use the toilet in front of my dad. That is bizarre indeed.
Occasionally my sister would suggest that I move in with her if I get a job out her way. How could I ever find out about any potential girlfriend's bathroom attitudes with this absurd degree of forced privacy? What a deplorable bathroom design!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Hey everyone. Since this is my first time posting here I'll give a little description of myself. My name is Kristin I'm 21 I'm white and I have long wavy brown hair hazel eyes. I'm 5'5 125lbs and according to guys I have a nice butt. Ok now for my story. The other day I was at work and I had been needing to take a dump all day but it wasn't really a strong urge so I figured I'd just wait until I got home to go. So I got off at 5pm and as I was in my car on the way home my boyfriend called my cell phone and asked me if I would come over to his house so we could spend some time together so I said alright. We were just cuddling on the couch watching a movie and about 40 minutes into the movie I started to feel like I really needed to take a dump. So I told my boyfriend I was gonna go use the bathroom and he said alright and put the movie on pause. I was kinda embarrased about pooping at his house cause I'm shy about pooping but if I didn't I know I would have ended up going in my pants and that'd be worse! So I went into the bathroom and the lock doesnt work right so I couldn't lock to door. I pulled down my tight jeans and black lace thong and sat down on the bowl. I started to pee and let out a little toot. The I leaned foward a little and started to push and grunt softly. I was having a hard time getting out the first log but after about 5 minutes I could feel it start coming out and I could tell it was really big and firm. So just as it starts to peek out my boyfriend knocks on the door and say something but I couldnt understand what he was saying so I asked him what he said and he opens the door and there I was leaning foward with my jeans down to my ankles trying to take a dump and he just started talking to me like it was nothing. He came in and sat on the side of the bath tub. It was kinda uncomfortable for him to be watching me take a dump but then again it was kinda exciting so I let him stay. I couldn't look at him though so I looked down and went back to doing my bussiness. Then I heard the log crackle as it was coming out, I know he had to hear it too, then it let a loud plop as it hit the water and I sighed in relief. Then I still felt like I had more to go so I started pushing and grunting again all this time still talking to my boyfriend and let out 3 more logs, they were smaller and softer then the first one. So I felt empty after that and went to reach for the toliet paper. I stood up to wipe, it was a pretty clean dump I only needed to wipe once but I wiped 3 times anyway. Then my boyfriend asked if he could see what I made so I said alright and he looked into the bowl and said "whoa" then I noticed a buldge in his pants so I guess it was exciting for both of us! Later that night when I was about to leave he said "Hey babe you want me to return that favor for you" And I just giggled and followed him into the bathroom. My boyfriends black but light skinned(people say he looks like Nelly), about 5'10 and has an awesome body with a great 6 pack! So he sat down and it was just so amazing seeing him sitting on the bowl! The look on his face was priceless. He was concentrating really hard and he didn't talk much. Then I started to hear that crackling noise and then I heard about 4 plops one after another. Then he started grunting again...and I started talking to him and it was so sexy how he was straining in his voice. The after about 5 minutes he let out another 5 or 6 plops..they were all one right after the other. So then he told me he was done and as I saw him reach for the toilet paper I asked him if I could "help" him wipe and he smiled and said alright so he stood up and I wiped for him...he has an awesome ass! And as I threw the toilet paper into the bowl I saw his dump and wow I never knew someone could poop so much in one dump! That day was the best day ever and it made us so much closer. I look foward to what's to come!

I got a story from today and it is especially for Amanda (since she wrote one especially for me) as well as other interested parties. It deals with me taking a piss, not my girlfriend, though. Hopefully my other story from this weekend (gf and me) will get posted.

Went over to the beach alone today. It was perfect weather today and all the kids and teenagers are still in school (today's their last day), so it made for a very uncrowded day at the beach. Girlfriend had to work, so went alone. There are no nearby bathrooms and the dunes aren't convenient at this location as there are many trails that lead from the parking lot to the beach and it's easy to get spotted. Wading and swimming are highly discouraged there due to heavy currents and undertows within the sound, so going in the water isn't the best idea either. So what do you do when you have people with their beach chairs facing toward you and you have to piss REALLY BAD?? Well, I thought about what my girlfriend likes to do sometimes so I tried it today. I slowly dug a hole in the sand beside my towel while I was face up. Then the time came to turn over face down and turn my body around around (so as not to face the girls sitting in chairs facing me) so I repositione d the towel a bit (to compensate for the sun moving across the sky plus to get closer to the hole). Finally got in position, then edged over the side of the towel a bit after a few minutes and positioned the top of my swim trunks over the hole. Pulled my dick out with my right hand and positioned it, then moved my hands away so the girls nearby wouldn't know what I was up to. So I did the famous no-hands trick and pissed in the hole for about a minute and a half. It barely felt like I was pissing at all, but I sure was feeling comfortable and relieved as it came out of me. I finally finished, pulled my swim trunks back over my dick, laid there over the hole for a minute or two, then repositioned back onto my towel. I looked in the hole a minute later and couldn't believe my eyes! There were HUGE FOAM BUBBLES of piss in there, and that's really all I could see. No puddle in the hole really, but there was some wet sand in there, but it looked mostly like bubbles like y ou see when you piss in a toilet, only much bigger and much more numerous. I covered up my hole as slowly as I had dug it and that was pretty much it. Nobody seemed to notice what I had been doing, but then again, I was careful not to make it obvious. It sure was fun pissing like that with the very real possibility of being seen by 3 or 4 hot girls on the beach. Can't wait to tell my girlfriend about my day :-) Happy goings all!

Black Chaos
To Nu: You and Carmalita sound hot too. I just love the fact that you guys post here, and looking back on the older posts, it seems you guys have a history on here that's pretty long! You guys are like the Toiletstool celebs! Maybe one day I'll stumble across you, Carmalita, and Joanne in the woods somewhere doing your business all at the same time in one huge pile! I'm sure that watching it, hearing it, even smelling it, despite your assertions about smells you girls produce, would be heavenly.

To Emily of NYC: Sorry that people can be mean, but it's good that you just went anyway, even with the unkind words from the musicians. Being discreet but shameless is a good way to go; none of those girls who were in there can say they've never had a case of the squirts.

To Troubled J: It's tough finding that one girl who'll not mind showing off, and then again there are girls who are dying to. I could go on and on about how up until last Friday, I was in your position, but you can't tell by looking - it's not like some girls have signs on their backs that say, "I LIKE TAKING DUMPS IN FRONT OF PEOPLE" or "DON'T EVEN ASK" or anything like that. For things like this, you either have to be really lucky (like me) or just ask. Ease into it, but don't be annoying and drawn-out about it.

To PRG/Liz/anyone else who says something like this: Urgh...this kinda relates to my rant. Girls don't seem to realize that it's _not_ necessarily men who mess up the seat. Why is it that the ones with any sort of decent aim are blamed for messing up the seat instead of those who usually, except for a special few, shoot blindly while hovering, as is my understanding? It doesn't make sense to blame a guy (a lot of whom lift up the seat, which should also become a female practice as well) when the probability is higher of a girl missing. Sure, sometimes in the morning it's not exactly easy to control, and I have to say that if I'd had to pee after seeing Ashley on the toilet, I'd have not had too good of aim either. So there are two cases when my aim would be lousy. On the flip side, except for girls who go from the front/place TP on the seat/don't mind sitting, there's a whole lot more hovering females who really can't do much to ensure where they go. I'm sorry if this so! unds mean or nasty, or even accusatory; it's just that I've had to "take a lot of crap" (pun, obviously) for stuff I didn't do (not a pun). So maybe anyone who wishes to point fingers (this isn't aimed at the specific people who were named; especially PRG, since I'd never want to do something that might make her not share her awesome dumping stories with us) should look in the mirror for the culprits.

Ugh...that sounds too high-and-mighty...sorry.

I'll be back after a while, but APs are calling.

Black Chaos

Beach Gal
Hi, I am going camping this summer and i was wondering if anyone has ideas on how or where to pee on the beach?

anthea: I like that descripton of "participatory poop." I have been engaging in that with others at work, school, camp, etc. In grammar school, a girl was in the gym bathroom holding a wad of paper in her hands. She was reaching under her shorts and panties, but it was not comfortable for her. She then pulled her blue gym shorts and white cotton briefs partially down. She said, "My ass is itching." Either she did not bathe well or she did not wipe from her last bowel movement. Anyway she was in the doorway of a stall. She scrubbed herself good and threw the used wad in the bowl. I went to an adjoining stall to urinate. It was an old public school. The stalls had no doors. So I pulled down my gym shorts and white cotton panties to my ankles and urinated for 60 seconds. I was holding it in from two previous classes-90 minutes. I reached for some paper and wiped between the front of my legs, pulled up my clothes and flushed. I remember my urine was deep yellow.

The paper in public schools was murder. You could see the wood pulp in the sheets. Many of the girls in high school complained of the toilet paper quality. Some either brought their own or refused to use city issued toilet paper. They urinated only. They would not #2. They knew better.

If I do not wipe good after a bowel movement, the fecal matter will dry and irritate the rectal skin fold split. It is annoying. My mother hated to scrub my underwear if I did not wipe good and leave "skid marks."

I never saw any of my classmates make #2 in their clothes, only urinate.

Zip: When I was in junior high school, I did not like to fart when I had a bowel movement. I tried to be as quiet as possible, even if I was the only one in the bathroom. In public parks, I was not afraid to let loose. See my earlier posts. When I was 6 y/o, I was in a public park with my day camp. I went to the playground restroom. I unzipped my blue camp shorts and let down my white panties to my ankles. I hovered over the bowl. It was so wide and had a black plastic seat. I thought that I was going to fall in. I had to both urinate and release my bowels. I pressed a 15 inch black-brown log. As it hit the water, it broke in three pieces. The stools sounded like boulders being thrown into a lake. Then I urinated straight into the bowl. My legs were apart and my hands were on my knees. Then, I reached for paper and wiped myself under the front good.

Hola mis amigos,

I finally moved into my new place on Wednesday, and what a relief! Dan twisted his ankle carrying my mattress up the stairs poor thang. I don't have a bed, just a mattress, so I laid him down on it and rubbed some deep heat on it and wrapped it tight with a pair of my pantyhose. Renee, Pat and Jake just left about an hour ago. Renee bought me a set of towels for my new place, and Patsy got me a coffemaker. They are both the world's biggest sweeties. Jake gave me $600.00 and a bottle of Cuervo Gold which was truly sweet of him. His new gf Jenny was really pissed off at him and decided to wait in the car. Patsy told me in confidence that she not only doesn't like me, but she hates Mexicans. Patsy also said that Jake isn't as hot on her as I might think! Is there hope?!!!

My first poo in my new apt. Wednesday night was absolutely nightmarish! First of all, I was trying to hold it because I had friends carrying boxes of my things and I wanted to help. Before I knew it, I said to Dan "I'm sorry dude, but I gotta hit the bathroom now!" I ran into the bathroom and wouldn't you know it?!! I took a huge shit in my pants! The turds just came out like crazy, and my panties were bulging at the leg seams. I felt so humiliated, even though I had the door closed and nobody knew what had happened. I put my hand up to my butt and felt a huge and hot load through the cloth. I raised the lid of the toilet, and tried to hover over it to unload my panties and a huge, fat turd just fell out and plopped on the floor. I mean, this thing was fat and disgusting, full of pepper stems and corn from my dinner last night and smelled awful. It looked like a big brown arm lying on the floor stinking! There were no paper towels, so I had to use my brand new Olga panti! es to scoop up the mess (it was the first time I wore 'em too!!!!). My panties were also full of more crap, so as I tried to scoop up my mess, more poo fell out adding to it. RRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Pretty soon my new bathroom was piled up with blackish, horrible smelling turds. All of a sudden, I don't know why it happened, but I just sat down on the floor, naked from the waist down, and started bawling like a baby. Tesa was there and came in to help. I was sooooo mad at myself!!! I'm not 5 years old for crying out loud, but I sure did shit my panties big time. It was a nice 4 lb. dump. I had to throw my brand new panties away because they were hopelessly stained and trashed. F____! Tesa washed my ass with a warm cloth and pampered me until I quit crying.

Nu also christened my toilet about a half hour ago with a horribly sloppy and runny poo. Man, did she ever have the liquid shits! She crapped and squirted both loose and solid chunks for almost 20 minutes. She was so priss with her pants and panties up around her waist. Her shit came out in liquid for about 10 minutes, with her grunting and sighing. I squeezed some fresh lime into the toilet for the smell, then dabbed a bit under her nose--also for the smell so she wouldn't get sick, and rubbed the juice on her legs to comfort her while she was in such agony, shitting out about 10lbs of soft dump. I also dabbed some soft papaya cream into her vagina and little butthole to help her relax. It worked too, because she was smiling. Did her poop ever reek! Peeeewwwwwyy!!! She has the shits so often and I can't figure out why. Her diet is really healthy. Anyway, her black hair was dancing on her shoulders, and her narrow eyes were just slits as she grunted and squirmed. Her lip! s are thick and kissy like mine, and when she grunted, she'd barely make a sound except "Mmmmmhhhhhh!"
I love Nu so much. Poor baby had a bad case of the shits. In the murk of the toilet, she did have one really long and solid chunk of poo though. It sure did smell bad too.

Now, I'm sitting on the toilet with my laptop. I just squeezed off two giant enchilada turds from last night. I feel sooooo good, but I'm glad nobody's here to smell them LOL! Ooooooop! There goes 2 small chunks...mmmmmmmmmmmm....It sure does stink in here. Now I'm farting. I got about 20 litres of gas in my ????. Nu mentioned something about poop groups on the web. Does anybody know anything about them? How can I find them? I'd sure like to talk with others about my interests.
Anyway, enough about that. Besos y abrazos mis amigos! Time to wipe!

P.S.--I sure do miss Jake! I think I'm going to cry again....waaaaaahhhhh!

new guy

Hi everyone....New to this site...but had an interesting happening last week.. I had been having alot of problems having a BM...I'm a college senior and all the exam stress and junk food at taken it toll on my body. I finally admitted to my girlfriend what the problem was...She said she had a similar problem a year ago and her roomate had suggested she use an enema...She said that it solved the problem immediately....
I agreed that I needed help fast with two very important exam in two days...Well she went to the Walgreens and got an enema kit and gave me two 2 quart soapy enemas....You can not believe the poop that I had in me....Couldn't believe how gross it smelled....But did that ever do the job...So anyway a pooping story for all you constipated college duds/gals who a junk fooding yourself to death during exams.....

Beach nut and everybody who is into peeing...

Hi I am a young woman and I am into outdoor peeing. I really like peeing in other places than the toilet and find it interesting to hear about others. When I lived in the halls of residence, I regularily peed in the sink in my room at night cause I did not like it to get dressed and go into the common toilets. I'd like to talk about some peeing adventures. I do find though that there are many stories talking about women here (from guys and girls) and not many about men. I remember some old peeing stories, which were great. So guys, lets here some good places you pissed at....would be fun.
Greetings Cecile

I'm sorry to hear that you are so sick. I hope you feel a lot better very soon. I completely empathize with you about getting sick in school. I had a very traumatic experience myself in jr high when I suddenly became ill during school. I will share the story with you if you want me to. Take care and get lots of rest.


this message was for Chris and somehow got mixed up with someone else's message.

DJ Crapper
Hello Everyone!

Wow. This weekend was the best weekend of my life. I was camping in a patch of land that my uncle owns, and me and a bunch of people from my high school were there (lots of hot chicks too!) So anyways the "outhouse" on the land is very old and is a two seater. (apparently these used to be pretty common) Well anyways, After a huge supper (cooked by yours truly) I had to take a massive dump. I hadn't shat in days and it was high time to unload my cargo. So off to the po I went with toilet paper in hand. I pulled down my pants, sat down and let a huge fart rip. So a minute or two ment by, and I was well into my dump when I heard footsteps and then a knock. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey I'm really sorry but can I come in, I'm really sick and need to go NOW!" It was a girl's voice whom I instantly recognized as Andrea, a freind from school. "sure" I said " the doors open" So in a flash she flew open the door and rushed in. Then she bolted the door and pulled down her! tight jeans and slipped her thong down to her thighs. Then she sat down and literally exploded. "arrgghh" she moaned in agony. I pretended not to be looking at her ass, but it was dark in there and I couldn't help it. "this is kinda wierd" she said between spurts of diarrhea. "I mind" was my reply, trying not to let her know the whole expirience was turning me on. "sorry my food made you so sick" I said, trying to break the awkward silence. "thats okay" she said "hamburgers don't agree with me anyways". So about 5 more minutes went by, and we talked about stuff, and finally she let out one last fart, stood up and wiped her ass in full view of me, pulled up her pants and left. I soon did the same. I ended up dating her for awhile untill she dumped me for some dumbass jock. There is no justice for us musicians!

Hello, everyone.

Shion: I must tell you how much I enjoyed your post about your night on
the runs. I would love to hear more about it and the other two
experiences you mentioned. I sympathise with you when you say
shit yourself without any warning, it's bad enough when your
???? gives you a warning and your not close to a toilet, but
when your shit just runs away from you I know how that feels,
I've had that happen to me a few times, I'll tell you about some
of them if you would like me to. But please tell me about your
other times.

One experience this week was really exciting. I was in the office all day and went to the Ladies just before noon. Vera came with me and as we went down the corridor Ruth joined us. Nearing the door we saw Aisha coming up the corridor from the other direction. The Ladies were empty, all four cubicles vacant. I went into one of the middle cubicles with Vera on my left and Aisha on my right, Ruth went into the end cubicle, farthest away from me. As I pulled my panties down and heard my friends doing the same I thought how incredible it was that we were all going at the same time, I've been when there have been two of us together lots of times, and even three of us sometimes, but never, until today all four of us. Even more incredible, although I didn't realise it for a while, is that we all were there to have a shit. We all strted to pee at the same time and I pushed a little and squeezed out a couple of turds, I knew Vera was going to shit, she was really strainin! g hard. Aisha had stopped peeing and was very still and quiet, I wasn't sure what she was doing, but Ruth from the far cubicle started to shit up a storm, she was really loose, and it was emptying from her almost like water. I squeezed out another three or four turds and as I did so Vera suddenly gave an enormous fart and gasped as she shit with a really loud splatter. Ruth shit again with a long watery splash into the pan. I could hear Aisha grunting softly, I leaned over and tried to see under the partition, I could see her shoes and she was up on her toes the way you do when your really straining. I tapped the partition and asked her:
"Aisha, are you alright?"
"Oh, I wanna go bad, Shiela," she muttered, "but I can't get anything out."
"You will," I encouraged her, "just keep on pushing."
I had finished my shit, not one of my best efforts but still satisfying. As I wiped my arse I could hear Vera and Ruth almost in competition as they really shit their brains out. I flushed the toilet and went out and tapped on Aisha's door. She slid back the bolt and let me in. She'd been wearing a short, mini length leather skirt and she'd taken it right off, her panties were down by her ankles, all she was wearing from the waist down was her self-supporting stockings. I knelt in front of her and took her hands and encouraged her to push, I took one hand and pressed it to her ????, I could feel her ???? muscles moving under her skin as she grunted and pressed as hard as she could. Vera had finished and was wiping her arse and I asked her to come and give Aisha a hand when she was through. When she came in she stood to the side and I asked Aisha to stand up a little, Vera said she could see a large turd, solid, poking out from Aisha's arse. Vera and I got her o! ff the pan and told her to squat down and push really hard and as she did so I got hold of one cheek and Vera the other, together we tried to open her arsehole a little more. As Aisha, red in the face, eyes bulging, strained her hardest, slowly the long turd came away, it must have been almost a foot long, the relief when it finally plopped to the floor was tangible. I got paper and picked it up and dropped ii into the pan, as I did so Aisha sat down again and this time sent another four turds splashing down. Then she started to piss again and sent another dozen or so smaller turds rattling out of her arse. We stayed with her whilst she wiped herself, this didn't take long, she was so hard. After she pulled up her panties and put her skirt back on she looked in amazement at the amount of shit in the pan. The spontaneously she kissed me on the lips and hugged, and did the same to Vera. All this time Ruth had been squirting her loose shit out, we'd been concentrating on! Aisha so long we didn't know she'd finished until she stood in the doorway of the cubicle and asked what she had to do to qualify for such loving care. Then we were all laughing and hugging and kissing each other. Friendships like our are so precious and I wish all the world could be such a loving caring place.

That's all for now, I'll be writing again soon. All my love and best wishes, Shiela (South Wales).

Twice Shy
One order of Bowl Slaw

Good God, but did I ever get hit by the insistent monster of diarrhea today! I am thinking it is something I ate, but then such is the origin of all that we crap. Maybe it was one of those anonymous cases of food poisoning, the kind that comes from a production-oriented, cut-throat industry that is the heart of American capitalist ambition.

But hey, back to the dump...

I came home from work, with the fart-assault that precedes a major troop movement down there, and used the #1 crapper in the bedroom to push a modest load of formed doo. I went to the sofa to watch TV, then got wind (e.g., more farts) of a major concentration of hatefully blown dissociated particulate. My first dropping was a hideous admixture of fecal wannabe clumps, in a rich brown gravy train. I tried flushing the toilet in the #3 crapper, which is downstairs, only it held up in clearing the trap. A bit later, though, I realized I'd have to poo whatever wanted out, so that it would leave me--it was a loose cannon, if you will, when I plopped rump on the fancy wood seat and the end game began. Oh, that poo-ulence, and my how nasty. Since the bowl was not flushing, I raised the water (or is that crap?) level nearly to the rim. No, I don't believe a man can dump such a quantity. As I got up and wiped a grievously-aching bunghole with some of my new supply of Ange! l Soft (a product of the Georgia-Pacific logging concern (that's symbol GP on the NYSE board; 18.81, up 0.45 on 1,148,700), I looked back at the bowl-ful, which consisted of a great quantity of carry-out fiber and chunks, and watched it collapse of its own weight. The log-dam was cleared! The next flush drove the crapper clean.

I'm pretty upset to think I may have gotten a hot dose of pizza from one of my calls to Papa John's (PZZA, Nasdaq) during the work-week. I suppose one encounters chow that simply doesn't agree with him. It's a sort of a Pepto-Bismol moment; a time of indi--gestion. It is frivolous to run one's alimentary train in this way. Food should not be wasted; it should be embodied. Indeed, in any wartime economy, the man in the outhouse crapping away his inheritance would probably be shunned the next time he appeared for meeting. Gluttony, perhaps, would be the charge, or some form of vanity, for such a rapid chug-a-long.

Take your time
With that chow
Doesn't matter
Here and now
Hold it forth
For what it's worth
How long can this keep going on?

(From the G. & I. Gershwin tune, Funny Face)

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