Emily of NYC
Hi guys, I have a really great story to tell you. I also would like to say that I am sorry for not posting for a while - I have to study for Final Exams. I never told you that I am a ballet dancer, and that I was rehearsing for a concert with the other girls on Saturday, when suddenly I really needed to take a dump badly. It would have disrupted the dance to ask in the middle of performing, so I waited for about 3 minutes (which seemed like 30) for the dance to end. When it finally did, I asked the instructor, an old woman named Ms. Metcalfe if I could go to the bathroom, she angrily refused me permission at first, but I begged enough for her to finally let me. When I got there I was horrified. All of the musicians from the other part of the school (they're in college) were there, and doing their own businesses. When I came in there were no free stalls, and some of the girls were even taking showers there. Luckily everyone didn't seem to be taking their time much, an! d a stall quickly opened. I raced in, and started pouring my guts out. A torrent of semi-liquid poop unleashed itself into the toilet, and apparently it really stunk, as one of the rude musicians asked me, "Dancer, what did you have for breakfast?" I refused to answer. I actually have been somewhat constipated, which is rare for me, as I haven't been taking satisfying big dumps lately. My stomach really hurt also. Most of the poop for a while was very liquidy diarrhea, which came in torrents, on and off for about 10 minutes. Then I had to push out some extremely thick logs. Usually my logs or more long rather than thick. The first one was about a foot long, and then two more were about 10 by 3 inches. Apparently I had been gone so long that another girl was sent to see if I was all right. I told her that there was really no problem, and that I just had a bad case of diarrhea. The toilet was so full it was almost overflowing. It stunk like a sewer. This required! a countless amount of wipes. I actually did not risk flushing the toilet, with the fear of a flood. I just left, feeling somewhat better. I had to go again during that rehearsal, but I rained it in, and waited till I got home.

Brody - I'm glad to know that you're another basketball fan. I was the starting small forward on my 8th grade girls basketball team this year. Do you watch Pro Basketball? I just wish the Knicks were a bit better. I am a season-ticket holder for the liberty.

Manhattan Girl- Thanks for adding to your Ice capade story. Only once have I gone in my pants- it was while taking an English exam where I didn't want to waste the precious time. Check on an earlier page for this story- around page 1010.

I love you all! - Em

Pee lover
I was having a fun time on top of a hill with some friends yesterday. WE were just fooling around and decided to roll down the hill. Susanane and I decided to roll down the hill. However, Lina seemed slightly nervous and didn't want to roll down the hill. So instead, she walked to the bottom and decided to watch us roll down and be the judge of who gets down first. Susanne started before me and rolled down the hill. I was still rolling and heard laughter, so I got up and started running. Just then I slid into some mucky water at full speed, realizing that the laughter was coming because Susanne had rolled into the water as well. We were both covered in mud and laughing so hard, when suddenly I saw something coming down Lina's leg. Suddenly, through spurts of laughter, Lina says, "I'm peeing in my pants!!" I look at her and sure enough slowly, but surely, pee is dripping down her shorts.

Re: On TV
I just rewatched the a tape I had of the show Endurance mentioned by "On TV". The girl on the yellow team was wearing shorts that were normally darker in the center and lighter on the legs. It was a faded out style. They were that color even before they lifted the baskets off the guys' heads. Sorry if I burst your bubble...

A little bit more from me, then it's time for bed. I posted a response to Amanda a bit ago and wanted to give some background on my main interests in terms of going to bathroom. I of course like to tell some of my stories, but what I like to watch personally or read about most is girls peeing in places other than toilets. I believe my interest started in 7th grade when I was riding the bus home one day. Some girls were sitting up front a bit and one of the more attractive ones must have had to pee or something, for she started talking about peeing. She talked about leaving her key one day and having to stay outside till her parents got home and she had to pee behind a shed in her yard. She later related a time where she peed in the kitchen sink, but my eavesdropping didn't pick up why she had done it in the sink. But my interest was started then and I wondered what it would be like to watch a girl going in an odd place like that. And thus, that has been my main bathr oom interest for all these years. Didn't get to actually watch a girlfriend pee till I was in high school, but it was quite fun to see when it finally happened. Never was excessively interested in girls shitting, but I'll watch it from the front of course if a girl will let me (my current girlfriend does let me). As for my personal goings, I've always liked going outdoors since before I can remember. If it's more convenient or I just feel like it, I'll go outside. Well, that's all.

Happy goings everyone!

The poop lover.
to Jay: I had plenty of accidents at school. The most recent was when I had diarrhea at college. My stomach was hurting, and I rushed to the bathroom. It was going to come out, so I had to rush quickly. I got to the toilet, got toilet paper to put on the seat, and as I put it on the seat, doodoo came out my butt. It got into my undies. I pulled my pants and undies down, quickly sat down, and it immediately came out. it was watery. I had to push some to get the rest out.

I was the doodoo kid in kindergarten and the pee kid in the first grade.

I'm sorry to hear that you are so sick. I hope you feel a lot better very soon. I completely empathize with you about getting sick in school. I had a very traumatic experience myself in jr high when I suddenly became ill during school. I will share the story with you if you want me to. Take care and get lots of rest.


your name (optiona jen
to cara no i alwasy wear panties because i alwasys get skid markes
have you ever been caught with skid markes in your panties
i have a few times once by my mum i was getting changed and my mum came
in as i was takeing my padding out of my bra and saw my dity panties

trunt &jay I was in 1st grade, teacher made me stay in from recess and I needed to poop real bad. I didn't like the school bathrooms anyway,so I kept holding it until lunch. A few minutes before lunch break, a huge log started pushing my hole open and I just wiggled in my seat until everyone lined up for lunch. Pretending not to have finished copying the lessons off the blackboard,I stayed behind while my poop kept slowly coming out. It was too late to go to the bathroom after they all left, so I got on my knees in my chair and let it go. Later, one of the 6th graders came to get me for lunch and I told him I thought I needed to use the bathroom. I started peeing as we walked to the bathroom, but he was filling his pants as we walked.

An odd thing happened today. I had to stay late in school today to make up some missing work, and I passed by the girls room on the way to the mens room when I saw a girl standing with a guy. The guy stopped another girl in the hall and said "Hey, take Lauren to the bathroom. She's just a little girl and needs help learning to go #1." The odd thing is the girl (Lauren) is 17 or 18 years old, and the others involved had to be around the same age. Unfortunatly I was distracted and it didn't dawn on me until a few minutes later what I had heard, and by that time they had already gone somewhere else.

Anyway, thought ya'll would find that interesting.


In a way, I feel like an idiot. Many of you may recall a story I posted a couple of weeks ago about going for a walk to take a dump in the woods. I stated that it was lightly raining earlier in the day and the leaves were wet (and that I took my dump with just my socks on). Well, of course the socks got wet and so now I've got a bad cold. So no more dumps in the woods when it's raining unless it's a real emergency!

School's out here as of today!!! Thursday and the whole weekend looks like a perfect day for the beach, sunny and HOT (85+, and this is just May!!!). So me and the girlfriend might trek on over there for the day or the weekend and camp out! Maybe she'll be up for a buddy dump or two in the dunes :-) Will give a full report if things come to fruition.

Happy goings all!

Traveling Guy
Punk Rock Girl - I'm sorry you had to put up with a pee-stained seat on the train. You, too, Liz, in that public toilet. Guys, let's encourage our buddies to get in the habit of lifting the seat for a pee, and let's follow our own good advice. I've had the same dried or wet pee problem in porta-potties and on trains when I needed to sit for a dump, and it's disgusting. Which reminds me of that famous sign in the unisex loos of the former British Railways passenger cars. Notice how it's punctuated, then decide for yourself what it means: "Gentlemen lift the seat."

Troubled J - My advice to you seems to have fallen through the cracks, but it doesn't matter. It was along the lines of what others have said. What a great group of supportive, umderstanding people we have here.

At work today, our staff was using another building temporarily and I was out in the hall, needing a pee and looking for the men's john. It happened that my female boss and another female administrator were standing there, so I asked them where it was. The administrator said, "Right next to that water fountain." With that, my quick-witted boss said, "But not the fountain itself!" LOL!! I almost peed on the carpet.

Hi, ive been lurking in this site for quite some time and its amazing how many people are interested in the whole pooping and peeing subject. i especialy love the accident stories so if you have any please post, id love to hear them. i personaly have a lot of stories (only 2 about me)if anyone would like to hear them. i have quite a few about work and one specially when the whole crew got sick with some spoiled food if youd like to read about it id be more than happy to tell. till later .

this the first time i would like to share one of my stories about peeing. I've been having fantasies about women peeing for a long, long time, and i have quite a few stories to share that happened to me. The first thing that actually sort of woke me up to myself being an peeing-fetishist happened when i was 21.

I was working for the swiss railways at that time and was working on a little train station not far from Zürich. The station actually had public toilets at one time, but when i was working there the toilets had been closed because of vandalism. So it happened quite often that we would get enquiries on the counter (mostly from women, but sometimes from men also) if they could use the toilets. Normally our answer would be that there were restaurants across the street and that people should go there for using the toilet. Now on a saturday evening, i was just about to close the counter (i was the last one working there, as on saturdays afternoon everything was handled alone) when i saw a young, black women come up the stairs into the main hall, pressing her hand between her legs and looking around desperately. She walked out into the hall and looked around, seeing the door at the end of the hall that was still marked with "Aborte" wich is an old swiss word for toilets. She w! alked over quite fast to the door and found it closed, looking around even more desperate, and looking at me finally, across the hall. I smiled at her, even while i was placing the Closed Sign on the counter, and she came over. The whole 15 meters that she walked through the hall she had one hand pressed against her pants, wich was a light blue jeans. Her also light blue top left her navel free, and i saw that her ???? stood out quite a bit.

She came up to the counter and asked me in english, with a bit of accent, where the toilets were. When i told her that we actually don't have public toilets she just looked at me in shock and told me that she really needed to pee very desperate, and that she would wet her pants any moment, and if we might not have a toilet somewhere that she could use, please.

Since i saw that she was really in need, and since i was closing the counter anyway i told her she could use our toilets, that i would open the door for her. So we went toward the toilets together when she suddenly kept standing and doubled over, letting out a little sound. "oh god.." i heard her say, and then there was suddenly a wet spot between her legs, growing bigger quite fast. I just stood there, looking at her, how the wetness quickly travelled down her legs and then it ran on the ground. She let out a really huge pee, and she seemed to be really distressed by it happening right in front of me. She started to stammer all kind of things, that she's ashamed, and sorry, and so on, but i just stepped up to her, put an arm around her, and told her that it's all right. Since she was so distraught i asked her if she was living in Zürich, and what she wanted to do.

Finally i was telling her that if she wanted i would bring her home in my car, so that she doesn't need to get publicy humiliated. She accepted it with thanks, and i brought her home in my car.

It was a good afternoon, and we became quite good friends afterwards... but that's another story...

Poop Person, to answer your questions:

My poop colour is normally light brown. But there have been exceptions.

1) When I eat things containing eggs, such as in cakes, my poop becomes runnier, and, in proportion to the amount of eggs in the food, eventually bright orange diarrhea accompanied by horrible cramps. Needles to say that I never ever eat eggs in their pure form, not only are they revoltingly musty/bitter to my taste, but the results have proven to be disastrous.

Once my poop became pale, alsmost straw coloured, and my pee less and less in quantity and as dark as tea: that was when I had picked up hepatitis. That was no fun at all. Even six months later, and after my blood tests showed that I was OK again, the first beer tasted like I imagine paint thinners would. It just shows that you cannot argue about taste.

Then there is the effect of different vegetables, which can colour the poop. Such as beetroot. It ends up in dark brown-red poop.

2) Weirdest colour: see above.

3) I am male.

Michael M, coffee has the same effect on me too. I have found that it is worst on those days, when I had had alcoholic beverages the evening before. Even two glasses of wine will make me thirsty, so I have water to go with it and don’t pee much afterwards. But the coffee with the following breakfast will leave me pissing all the next morning! And worse, when the bladder fills quickly, the urge kicks in with a vengeance even before the bladder is full to capacity! When, on other days, it fills slowly, by the time I feel it is about time and convenient for a good piss, let’s say, after lunch, the urge is far less although the quantity of pee seems far more. Strange!

Chris, I hope you get well soon. When I have had severe stomach upsets in the past, I, too, have passed out. On one such occasion the bathroom floor seemed to tilt up and hit me on the forehead with a resounding bang. I felt no pain, except for a dull ache in my belly. Later, apendicitis was diagnosed. So, take care, get yourself checked!

Anthea, dear, how about carrying some wet wipes in your purse? There should be a brand that will not release little bits when you wipe and may even clear out the debris of previous wipes. You could use them just for that ‘last wipe’. It might work.

Robby, dear, a quick hello to you! I saw Cosi fan Tutte. During the interval the lines of women waiting for a toilet stall reached all the way out of the ladies room and another fifty feet outside. They parctically blocked the way to the mens room. I had to weave my way between all those women waiting for relief. One of them, a tall leggy blonde with her hair bobbed and in a short tight black dress and high heels, who had just joined the end of the line, suddenly lifted one knee and crossed her thighs for a second, and then strode off in the direction of the elevator leading to the subterranean parking lot. Sorry, the story ends here. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

That’s ehough for today. Bye to all, and, if you are still there, my stubbly hug for you, dear Kendal.

Linda D
I had to go to the toilet yesterday and as I left the ward a sister caught up with me and I thought "uh, uh, what have I done wrong now?" But instead of a telling off she smiled at me and asked me how I was getting on with the job. It was the sister who told me to lock the door and continue to help the patient I was in the toilet with see (1099). She's about forty I guess with darkish, brown hair, and quite shapely, and by far the most friendly of all the ward sisters. When we reached the staff toilets all four stalls were empty. I was ahead and went into the first one nearest the door, I thought she'd go into one away from me, but she went into the next one. As I took my panties down I could hear her doing the same. We both started to pee together and as I pee'd I pushed out a long, turd of poop, that was alreaqdy half out of my bum as I was heading for the toilet. Then, as I strained another three or four turds slid out of me, I strained again but couldn't get anyt! hing away, I knew I still had more to come but decided to relax a bit. It was so quiet in the next stall I thought the sister only needed to pee, but then I heard her straining, grunting actually, her shoes scraped on the tiles floor as she grunted harder, then she farted, it was long and loud and wet sounding, then a few seconds silence before she shit with the loudest explosion I think I've ever heard. Her poop went splatt, almost like a gun going off, then a torrent of poop splashed into the pan.
"Oh, dear God, I needed that!" she exclaimed.
"You sound as if you've been holding that in, Sister," I called.
"Yea, I overslept this morning and didn't have time to go." Her voice was breathless, I guess from the straining.
I wanted to poop again then and with hardly any straining pushed out another pile of turds, a lot softer than the earlier ones, as I did so the Sister pooped again, another huge explosion. By this time we were both stinking up the toilets good and proper. I was done and I tore some paper from the roll and stood to wipe my bum, I needed to wipe my bum four times and finally my I wiped from the front to the back once, whilst I was doing this the Sister pooped again a third time, not as violent as before, and she was also peeing again as she pooped. As I was pulling up my panties I heard her mutter: "Oh, damn, there's not enough paper!" I was smoothing down my skirt when she spoke to me.
"Linda, can you fetch me some paper?"
"Yes," I answered as I flushed the toilet, I needed to flush a second time, then pulling a large wad of paper from the roll I went and tapped on the Sisters stall. She slid back the bolt and opened wide the door, to do this she had had to get off the pan and I could see that she was holding up her skirt with one hand, her panties were pushed right down to her ankles, then she was sitting down on the pan again. I handed the paper out to her but she motioned me to come in with her. When I stood hesitantly in the stall door she looked at me and siad:
"Come on, you can wait for me can't you?"
"Yes, Sister," I replied. I then went right into the stall and bolted the door.
"Hell, I desperately wanted to go," she said to me.
"It sounded like it, Sister," I answered.
For a second or so she looked at me in the stern way that nursing Sisiters look at junior nurses, then her face broke into a wide smile and I started to smile too. Like I said she was always the most friendly of the Sisters on the ward, but now it seemed to break the ice. She told me to call her by her first name, Angela, when we were not on the ward. It took her another ten minutes or so to finish her poop, she had another two or three explosions of poop and a small stream of pee before she reached for the paper and started to wipe her bum. She stood up and turned sideways and I could see her hand wiping between the cheeks of her bum, her very pretty bum I might say. Then she asked for the paper I was holding and wiped herself four more times, she had a very messy bum, before she was satisfied, then she wiped herself twice from the front. As she pulled up her panties I looked into the pan. It was full of loose, dark-yellow poop, and all down the back and sides of ! the pan, a massive poop. She had to flush three times before it was gone and even then there were some smears around the pan. We were washing our hands when the outer door opened and a Sister, one of the formidable ones came in. I'm sure she was about to tear me off a strip for something when she saw Angela beside me and stopped short. She went toward the stall Angela had used muttering what a smell and wrinkling her nose.
Angela laughed and said, "Well, Nora, when you got to go, you got to go, and Linda and I both wanted to go badly. Okay?"
There was no reply and Angela and I, smiling to ourselves left the toilets and went back to the ward.


I guess I should fill you in on what happened on my birthday. The four
of us, my sister-in-law Doris, my best friend Linda, my daughter Julia
and myself went out to a local restauant for dinner. It was not a
fancy place so we all wore our jeans. The dinner was uneventful until
we were finishing off our desserts. Doris said that she had been
holding her poop all day waiting for this evening but she couldn't hold
it much longer. Then she said that when she stood up to leave she was
going to poop her pants. She stood up and turned her back to us and
promptly filled her panties with a big load. The bulge was quite
noticeable to the rest of us. Jullia said aunt Doris you sure did a
big load. I am usually the first one to go in their pants but Doris
beat me to it this time.

We planned to go back to Doris's house for the evening, her husband
agreed to be out of the house all evening for us. Linda wanted to go
to the drug store just down the street from the restaurant so we
decided to walk. At the drug store I felt the need to pee so I told
the girls I was going to let out a little which I did, it left me with
a wet crotch and wet about 8 inches down each leg and a wet bum.
When we got to the checkout, Julia said loud enough for everyone to
hear, including the checkout lady, mom you peed your pants. All I said
was when you got to go you got to go. The sales lady just smiled.

I got a couple of stares on the walk back to the car from some young
people. When we got back to the car I said girls I have to finish my
pee, so I stood by the car with them watching and totally soaked my
jeans and made a pool on the pavement. It really felt great. When we
got in the car and Doris sat in her poop she said hummmm that's good.

As soon as we got to Doris's house Julia said its my turn and that she
needed to poop and pee. With us standing on the patio watching her,
Julia started to poop her panties and then started to pee at the same
time. Here was my daughter standing in front of me doing what I had
been doing for years. When she finished she was all smiles and said
how was that. Linda said like mother like daughter and we all laughed.
I said I can't be outdone by my daughter so I then pooped my pants too.

Julia and I then sat down together and I asked her how it felt to be
sitting in her poop? She said it was incredible and then wiggled her
bum around on the chair.

Linda was the only one who had not pooped or peed but that changed about
20 minutes later when she announced it was her turn and she peed her
pants first and then pooped a few minutes later. By the end of the
evening we had all peeped our pants several times and Doris and I pooped
again. All of our jeans were brown from the poop seeping through
especially when we peed.

Julia and I drove home about 11:00 p.m. Julia said I never thought I
would say this but I love pooping and peeing my pants. Then she asked
if it was ok to do it whenever she wanted. I said yes you certainly
can. She said she was going to tell her two best friends about what she
had done and I gave her permission to tell about the birthday dinner and
what we did after. Soon her friends would know that not only Julia
poops and pees her pants, but her mother does as well.

How do I feel about it? Well, mother and daughter now have another
thing that they can do together.

Before Julia got cleaned up for bed she peed a little more in her pants
and said she could go to bed like that. I said no way, pooping and
peeing will be in your pants only. She gave me an hug and said that
this was the best day of her life.

Hi, all of you. I've been spending the last couple of weeks reading many of the posts in here. Are some very good stories :D I'll have to post some of my 'accidents' in here soon ;)

Anyway, I'm a 32 year old woman from New Zealand who just LOVES sitting in the cubicles of shopping malls, etc and listening to the sounds of the other women doing their thing. Often, I've found myself wanting to look over the cubicle tops, but...

Well, is all for now. 3:35am here, and my bed is finally calling.

Hi, everyone, love to all,

Audrey: Thanks for your kind words regarding my periods. No remedy to the pain I get, but believe me your kind thoughts help me a lot. I really loved your story of a shit you had with your ex. boy friend when you were in London. I can't wait to show it to Greg when he comes back from Manchester.
I have two experiences to tell you about regarding good and bad shits. The good one was a few years ago when I was washing up the dishes after breakfast. Greg was drying and suddenly I had to dash to the bathroom. I remember the shit exploding from my arse just as I got my panties down. Greg had followed me to bathroom and sat, fully clothed, on the twin toilet beside me. I was sitting hunched over my hands on my knees as three or four times my bowels exploded, bursting and splattering shit into the toilet. I felt Greg's hand pressing down on mine. I looked across at him at gave him a smile. Then he sttod up and unbuckling his trousers, pulled them and his jockey shorts down and sat beside me. He pee'd for a bit then I heard him shit, not loose like me, he pushed a bunch of turds plopping into the pan. We both sat together and enjoyed having really good shits. When we were finished we both felt really great, we'd shit panfulls, mine was dark brown and splashed all down the back of the pan as well as piled up in the bowl, Greg had shit about nine or ten long thick turds. Wiping our arses was easy for Greg and messy for me and as we wiped each other it was Greg who had to use lots of paper to get me clean. It was a feeling for both of us. Greg was wearing small tight-fitting jockey-shorts and trousers. I had only panties and a dress on because I hadn't dressed for the day.
My worst shit was also some time ago, but was unforgetable to me. I was at a party for solicitors in Bristol, an evening bash. I was wearing a gorgeous, dark-blue evening dress, new panties and pantyhose. I went to the Ladies Room because I had a belly-ache. Four of the six cubicles were engaged, I went into a cubicle and as I lifted the skirts of my dress I could hear the sounds of shitting coming from the cubicles on either side of me. I remember wondering why women seemed to shit more when they're out at parties, then quickly forget why as I sat and felt the wettest, loosest shit come out of my arse. I realised I was having a dose of diarrhoea of the worst kind. My stomach ached so bad I didn't have the energy to move on the pan but I must have groaned loudly because the woman on the left tapped the partition and asked if I was alright. I told her I was ill. When she was finished she tapped my cubicle door and I let her in. It was the recorder of Bristol Crown Court a woman I had often crossed swords with in court. She couldn't have been nicer, staying with me for the hour or so that I sat shitting. She even arranged for a taxi to get me back to the station, I hadn't driven from Cardiff. It was an experience that I'll never forget. I felt absolutely exhausted and washed out after it.

Well that's it for now, all my love and best wishes to all, Sheila (South Wales).

Raging Urophile

I have an amusing young childhood memory that some of you my age might be able to relate to.
As everyone knows,my main interest is female peeing, but I believe that nearly all young children age 5 and under are somewhat fascinated with taking a dump. I was no exception. There was one particular song that I recall from the early 60's that brought out the copraphile in me when I was a toddler. When I sometimes heard this song, I would squat down on the bedroom carpet and pretend I was taking a crap. I would also sing along with the main chorus while I was squatting. The song was by David Seville and "Alvin and the Chipmunks." I believe it was called something like " The Witchdoctor Song". The main chorus went "Ooh Eeeh Ooh Ahh Ahh ping pang walla walla wing bang, ooh eeeh ooh ahh ahh ping pang palla walla bing bang. I cannot believe that I was the only kid who thought about taking a crap when hearing this song. I still have the vinyl album which I have not played in 40 years.
Also, I am still surprised at the lack of interest in my survey on Pg. 1100. Maybe If I take my own survey, others will follow suit.
1. what percent of women would be willing to pee freely in front of husbands or boyfriends? 98%
2. What percent would pee freely in front of male aquaintances? 75%
3 What percent would pee freely in front of male strangers? 50%
The same question with shitting? 75%, 50%, and 25% respectively.
These fugures might seem high, but based on what I have read on this forum, I feel as though I greatly overestimated female modesty.
If one were to ask how many women would actually suggest or volunteer to engage in these activities, the percentages would be much lower, but if the male asks sincerly, and/or the woman is in an uninhibited state of mind, I believe my percentages are accurate. I have just been unusually timid and unlucky along these lines, and have therefore been denied access to this beautifully erotic and rapidly copious, forceful expulsion of glistening golden female metabolic by- products.

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