Hey everyone, it's Nu,
Black chaos: you sound hot!
Wow! Carmalita did a dance thing with a group from the Latino commutiyy center where she volunteers. It was like these traditional folk dances from Mexico. Seh was dressed in a native dress which was long and flowing with cap sleeves and a low scooping neckline. It was bright red and yellow with purple and blue embroidery. Her hair hung down in two long braids with a huge white gardenia pinned in back. Secondly, she was barefoot, and wore lots of makeup. She was dancing with some Mexican guy and they were both stunning!!! Carmalita was spinning around, flipping and twirling her dress. What a seniorita! I've never seen her like that--I've never even seen her act like that! Such fire. Now I'll never forget her! Dan took lots of pictures which is good. They were dancing to some type of flamenco music and it way beyond hot! I swear, every guy in the place had his eyes glued to her. She was like a sexy, fiery gypsy! Dancing so fast, and smiling and so dark brown and beautiful! ! One time, her dress flipped a little higher than usual and you could catach a glimpse of her black panties and thigh highs and round butt. Dan said he was waiting for a good "upskirt" shot, and got one. I can't wait to see the pictures when he develops them. Viva Carmalita!

And man did Carmalita ever stink our place up! Peeeeewwwww! What a huge dump she did. So many turds, I don't know how she keeps so much packed into her tight little ????. Whenever she crapped, her face would scrunch up, and she'd grunt, and there woua;ld be this really loud crackling sound like logs on a fire. Her first turd was a gaint one and stuck to the bowl. Later on, Joanne came over and took a pretty mean dump herself. Her and Carmalita were in the bathroom together and I culd hear them giggling over it. Jo had the door closed because she said it would reek. A few minutes later, Malita was in the tub adn I heard her giggling and going "eeeeewwwww, Jooo" Then there was a lot of silence. hmmmm....

The woodland hike was one of the best days of my life! Joanne and Malita made it so wonderful. It didn't take Jo long to get excited about what we were going to do. She pooped out a turd like a pipe and her piss shot straight out. She laid a huge smelly pile of corn turds. I squatted down when it was my turn and when I lowered my pants I knew I had to poop bad. My turds were soft, and yellowy adn came out into abig pile. I grunted really hard because I had lots of gas. I guess one of them was really super long and coiled like soft ice cream. Malita didn't do such a big pile and we were sruprised aboaut that. She had one long turd that was really thick, but that was it. It was still great to see her doing it though, especially in the bushes. It made me remember last summer when her sisters were here visiting and we all went camping with them, and Jake and his brothers who were also visiting. I've seen Jake pooping before and I also saw his brother. Both of them are hung! big time! His brother was taking a dump in the bushes and when he stood up to wipe I peeked over and said "that's a big one," and I wasn't talking abouat his poop either.
Later, ciaoooo!


How are you doing? Are you still in the hospital? I hope your classmates won't be mean to you when you return. If they are, ignore them (I know that is hard to do). You are probably about to graduate anyway.

Take care

Three's Company

I'm a 24 year old female. I'm a grad student and I live in an apartment with two men. Because we all share one bathroom, we decided early on to forego the usual privacy courtesies. Therefore, we pee and crap in front of each other all the time. The only time I get special treatment is during my period, but that's as much for their sake as mine. During that time of the month, I promise not to change my pad in front of them, and they promise to respect my desire for privacy when I must do so. Other than that, we see each other naked or on the toilet just about every day.

It's kind of neat, though, because it makes us closer friends, as it has developed a special bond and trust between us. They both have girlfriends, I have a boyfriend. Luckily for us, our respective partners are cool with our living arrangements, and have even gone so far as to allow themselves to be seen in the shower or on the toilet by us or our partners. We're quite an open-minded bunch.

I heard about this site from someone at school, and felt it would be cool to share my situation with other people who might find it interesting. My parents were a little wary at first, but they met my roommates, and like them both, so now they're cool with it.

The only story I can think of was one night when we got Chinese food from a new place near us. It gave us all diarrhea. We were literally lined up next to the toilet, each of us taking a turn shitting our brains out! It wasn't very funny at the time, but looking back on it I have to laugh. I'm glad our significant others weren't over that night, though--the bathroom smelled to high heaven!!! Not very sexy!

Hope you enjoyed my post. I'm sure you think I have some great stories to tell, but most of the dumps I've taken in front of my roommates have been pretty uneventful, and vice versa. Sorry!

Chris: Get better, Chris. I was sick like that in grammar school and high school. You probably passed out and were taken to the hospital. I was once sick in 7th grade. The doctor visited me on a Saturday night. He asked me if I had vomiting and I said, "No, thank God." When he asked me if I had diarreah I said, "I wished." I have had loose bowel attacks in elementary, high school and college.

Jay: See my earlier posts. I have lots of them.

Don't know if it has been mentioned before, but there is a great scene in the Dutch movie Keetje Tippel, in which a woman is shown pooping in front of her family. They evidently live in a very small one room apartment, and the commode is out in the open where everyone can see. The woman is shown pooping and then wiping with a page from a magazine. It is amazingly explicit. The movie seems to be available on the internet on various services, but make sure you get the "uncut" version with the subtitles. I made a mistake originally and got the dubbed version, and that scene wasn't there. It is sometimes called "Katie Tippel" or "Katie's Passion" or even "Hot Sweat". Whatever the title, just make sure the version you get says "uncut".

Poop Person
Here is a quick and easy two-question survey for everyone to take. It was inspired by the posting from the person who said they had seen a yellow Turd in a public restroom.

1) When you poop, what is the usual color of your poop:

Light brown
Dark Brown
Some other color (specify)

2) Regardless of what your normal poop color is, what is the strangest or weirdest color your poop ever got (maybe because you were sick or had eaten some food that changed the color).

3) Are you male or female

My poop is invariably light brown, but I used to do dark brown poo when I took vitamin pills with Iron in them. Also, I occasionally made a greenish-brown poop when I was sick.

Just wondering what the colors are of other people's poops!

In response to Troubled J:

I understand how you feel, I am 21 and was with a guy whom I thought I wanted to marry, but then realized that I didn't. Me being turned on by poop and pee stuff is just a part of my life, and I ended up cheating on him during our dating because I really wanted to be with someone who liked it too. If pooping and peeing are a huge part of your life you need to find someone who is either willing to except and maybe learn to like it or find someone who does really like it. I'm sure you wouldn't want to hurt this woman.

Pee Girl, That is the most amazing, lovely story I have read in a long, long time. Yes, indeed, there are many, many of us who love to hear stories of women just like you. Please tell us all more.
Best wishes,

To Amanda: Sounds like you been pooping alot..and i loved your story too. thats cool how you saw that girl in the woods
To jenn: Liked your story about your accident
To Troubled J: I enjoyed reading your post..can't help you sorry
To TV Guide: I've seen bevis and butthead do america...i don't remember the donkey part
To On TV: What you saw seems cool..i didn't see that
To loadlogger: That sounds cool..i don't think i've had a 2 lbs dump before
To Pee Girl: Loved your story from that party
To DJ Crapper: Liked your story
To Buzzy: Loved your story about the outdoor dump
I like sundays picture up top

Michael M
This gotta pee story is unuausal as it grew more urgent with minutes.
I was in my car driving to a sales managers meeting in a suit and left home after some coffee and eggs. I left at 8:15, hadda be there by 9 thru heavy traffic on a parkway to a Holiday Inn where it was held.
Oh, about 5 miles down the road I felt a little need to pee, well, no big deal. I had to travel about 26 miles and had a long ways to go, especially thru the traffic to come.
I headed up thru Pittsburg (Pa) up the parkway and the urge to pee got sorta more notiable. Hmm, must be that coffee working, dunno.
I still was about 10 miles away and in heavy traffic now. and I started to get some signals and urges its time to take a good piss.
I thought about a can or cup in the car, nope , nothing, no towels or anything to piss in. Soon I came up on some tunnels about a mile long and I thought I might as well just stop along the roadway and maybe just do a quicky piss.
I pulled over on the berm of the road as traffic zipped by and got out of the car and went to the passenger side and opened the door. I was going to stand behind the opened door and take a quick piss.
Just as I got to the door and started to unzip, a state police car rolled up. The officer came to the car and said, "anything wrong?". Nice of him to want to help, but holding my dik wasnt in my mind.
"ER. nothing I said, checking for noise or tire thats all". Ok, so he left after I got back in the car still needing to piss and pulled out. What rotten luck!
So I Managed to hold on and on a turn off found a gas station where I went and bought $5 of gas and used the restroom that had piss all over the walls and huge turds floating in the crapper. I had to hold my breath while I spread my piss around to mix with that already there.
It was just one of those days where you had to go and piss about every 20 miutes, if you all know what I mean. What a day--

Capri glad you posted. I too love to hear and smell women's farts. If you have any stories post. I would appreciate it. Also if the other ladies would write how the farts sound during their sessions, that would be great too. laTer

Dear Manhattan Girl,

Thanks for your elaborations on your story. I enjoyed reading that you actually forgot about the poop in your pants as you watched the show. I know the feeling. Actually, I have always felt that a big load of poop in the pants is kind of comforting. And I can identify with the sense of danger (of being caught and humiliated) also.
Dear Jenn,
Thanks a lot for your account of pooping your panties at your cousin's birthday party. I also know the feeling of going back to play and pretending that nothing has happened. When I was a little boy about the same age (4 or so), I often, in fact usually, wet my pants while playing. It really made my dad mad. I can still remember feeling the need to go, and not wanting to stop playing, and so just standing and piddling. Usually it wasn't so much that my pants legs would get wet, just a saucer-sized wet spot acros my crotch and between my legs. And then when my dad caught me and yelled at me that I should have come inside to use the toilet, I would even deny that I was wet, which was patently a lie and would really piss him off. But the very next day, or even the same afternoon, I would do the same thing. I don't remember why I eventually stopped, but the meories of those days remain fond.

-- AT

keep em comin carebear!!!!!!!!


to Carmalita: your story about the redhead with the sweet round butt sauntering slowly down the hall towards the bathroom to take a huge stinky dump, was TOO good! I was so wishing that i could have somehow been there.

to Trouble J:

I'm going to try to be as brief as possible here.

1. You have to stop thinking of yourself as a "sicko." (i am assuming you haven't done anything to violate anyone's privacy or threaten their safety). Until you get over that psychological hurdle of accepting your innate interest in girls pooping, it doesn't matter who you're with, you won't be able to deal with the issue effectively.

2. Our society goes to a great deal of trouble to keep the bowel movements of women under the age of about 35 (events which occur an estimated 180 million times per week in the U.S. alone) unmentionable and invisible to the to the general male population. You're certainly not alone in your fascination. Most guys that post here have it to varying degrees, and a huge number of men in general are interested but are either too ashamed to admit it (like my brother), or repress their interest completely. You are ahead of the game in that you have acknowledged your interest.

3. Your own open-ness about this with girls is what's going to win the war for you. There was a young guy who posted here a couple of times who went by "Curious Guy" and he said that he had gotten over his embarrassment and he's now telling all his female friends about his girl-pooping fetish to help himself get rid of the stigma. I myself am a lot more shy than Curious Guy and i don't know if his approach fits you or me, but i really admire his attitude. He's on the front lines so to speak.

4. You're going to need a girlfriend that understands that her taking a shit turns you on. It's your responsibility to let her know this EXPLICIT!LY in a way and at a time that you feel comfortable with. If a woman loves a man she cares about satisfying his secret desires. If time goes by and you realize she's not willing to at least engage you on the subject, you're going to have to let her go. There are men in this world who have been conditioned to consider their girlfriends' shitting as taboo, un-sexy and horrible, and there are women who don't ever admit to their boyfriends that they take shits. These men and women deserve each other as mates. For the rest of us, shitting, and especially GIRLS shitting, is a part of life that makes no sense to repress, because it's a VERY NICE PART.

5. Don't go around feeling sorry for yourself - and that's the last and best piece of free advice that i have for you. Good luck bro.

I didn't weigh today's load but it was about 240-260 g - pretty average. Haven't taken a huge dump in months. :-( Peace LL


Trouble J - just wanted to add after reviewing other's advice to you - I was reluctant to bring up the escort services but Rich makes a good point about that option, if you can afford it.

Amy's advice however, while well-meaning, is off the mark. She's advising you to aim low and be timid - you should always aim high and be proactive. Movies are not enough, you need a girl in your life that you can share this with. Don't be satisfied with anything less than what you really want. Amy's assertion that "99.99%" of girls won't ever take a crap in front of their boyfriends or husbands is a certainly a frightening exaggeration. I'd guess that about a third of all US women (say 30%) occasionally shit with their boyfriends/husbands present, in one situation or another. Still a minority, true, but hardly a needle in a haystack kind of thing.

Another ho hum 235 gram dump today :-(

Carmalita. Thanks for your reply and the latest account of your adventures. You must somehow have a superhuman ability to generate big motions!

Troubled J. There aren't any easy answers to the problem you have I'm afraid. In my experience I've found that a few women are quite coy about going to the loo - largely because that's how they've been brought up. Most on the whole in my experience (maybe I've been lucky) have tended to be fairly good humoured and open about bodily functions if not incredibly frank over such things. As regards your girlfriend, if she's very shy over such things and wants to keep them strictly private you have a duty to respect her wishes and set aside any thought of seeing her going for a motion - if you love her as much as you say you do. Perhaps one day a situation may arise when you could very gently broach the topic but I'd say that caution was the better part of valour. It's not worth offending her needlessly.

Julie. Liked your story.

Sheila. I enjoyed your account of the good big poo you and Greg took last Monday before going to work.


I've found that I like to hear the sound of someone crackling out a turd and letting it splash into the water. In public restrooms, I've started to "hover" above the seat a bit when I drop the turd, to allow for it to be heard better. I'm not particularly fond of farts, though. The best is when I've had some high-bran cereal for breakfast and I've really got to unload. I always make sure I find a public restroom to do my business. Gotta make sure I share with all of you out there!

Troubled J,

A few years back I could have written your post. I felt the same way and had the same problems. I can't think of how many girls I was with where I was so afraid to even show interest in the butts and buttholes because they may think I was weird.
Now, I know I have a 'fetish' that is shared by many people accross the world. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I have gotten more secure in telling girls that I like to see their shit. My sexual focus continues to be on their anus, but I enjoy normal sex as well.
The fact that every girl shits is such an awsome thing, mainly, like you have stated, society forbids us to see or talk about this fact. I believe it is such a contrast - this beautiful, soft, silky girl and now there's a thick brown log emerging from inside of her - to me it's the most erotic thing in the world! I look at it as an extension of your attraction to a girl - if you are so turned on by her that even the waste from her body is erotic she should see this as an expression of your affection. I think girls are more open and comfortable with their bodily functions than we know, especially with other girls. I have been able to enjoy my 'fetish' with a number of girls. So far, while I'm very careful how I bring up the subject, I have never had a girl freak on me and tell me I was a sicko. The worst has been on the order of "There's no way I could do that". The best, well, let's just say I got the 'goods'! One problem I have had is one girlfriend used to do this for ! me all the time and then she stopped - her religous beliefs told her that this was wrong and she couldn't do it anymore. A big bummer for me!
Troubled J, lets face it, you and I and many more are 'ass lovers' who are turned on above and beyond by watching a sweet girl use her anus as nature intended. It's harmless and non violent and a part of our sexual makeup. Just be discreet, work your way up to good moments to broach the subject and go from there.
Good luck and remember to 'treasure the moment'.

Pee Girl:

Welcome to the board!! You are right in that most of the patrons here are into pooping, but there are a few of us that very much enjoy the peeing stories that pop up every now and then. If you have read any of my previous posts, you probably know that I am indeed one of those guys who is enthralled with impressive peeing performances, especially those of the female variety. I would agree with you that many other guys share in this fascination, and would indeed love to hear more of your mega-bladder anecdotes. I am anxiously awaiting your shopping mall story...sounds like a real treat! Also, you mention that "there are some real monster bladders out there". I would love to hear you elaborate a bit more on this. Perhaps there has been an occasion where you were peeing one of your endless deluges, only to hear someone in a neighboring stall keeping up or perhaps even surpassing your peeing time/output. This is definitely conceivable...they say that no matter how goo! d you are at something, there is always someone who is better. I'm sure this could be applied to bladder capacity as well. At any rate, thank you for your terrific account, and please do not be a stranger. Take care,


Wednesday, May 07, 2003

MSN UK tests potty surfing

How far will MSN go to get new subscribers? Apparently to the portable potty at your local summer concert or festival.
MSN UK is creating what Microsoft calls the world's first Internet outhouse, or iLoo, complete with flat-screen plasma display, wireless keyboard and broadband access. MSN UK spokesman Matthew Whittingham described the portable toilet as the first "WWW.C," referring to the term W.C., or water closet.

"This is another demonstration of Microsoft moving into new product areas to expand its revenue base," said IDC analyst Roger Kay.

The iLoo isn't Microsoft's first attempt at a festival-oriented public PC. "We've had the world's first-ever cyber park bench we launched two years ago," Whittingham said. Like iLoo, the park bench served up Internet access.

The portable lavatory is being tested and will debut at festivals around Great Britain this summer. Microsoft plans to build a single prototype MSN iLoo that will travel the festival circuit, and may build more if the response to the pioneering potty warrants it, Whittingham said.

MSN UK is negotiating with toilet paper manufacturers for special rolls with Web addresses, or URLs, printed on them.

"Reading in the loo, or the bog, is a traditional English pastime," said Jeremy Davies, an analyst with U.K.-based market researcher Context. "We've all seen the magazine racks, loo paper with jokes and cartoons on the walls in toilets up and down the land. You've got to hand it to the creative--and uniquely English--minds at Microsoft."

From the outside, the iLoo is little different from other portable toilets. But inside, Microsoft serves up accoutrements that might rival some iLoo users' home PC setups. A Windows XP-powered computer resides under the sink with connection to 6-channel surround audio. A flat-screen plasma display swivels out from the side of the cabin, and a waterproof wireless keyboard can be placed on the lap for comfort.

The iLoo is equipped with 802.11b wireless networking for providing broadband Internet access. The toilet uses vacuum suction to dispose of waste.

"It's a bit of fun, and it allows younger age groups access to our key services, like Hotmail and MSN Messenger in a fun and interactive way," Whittingham said.

As strange as the iLoo might sound, Davies sees something appropriate about the invention. "We have a pretty unique toilet humor in the U.K.," he said.

A portable john with Internet access could, of course, present some problems at crowded summer events.

"It could induce a certain amount of queuing due to excess browsing on the part of users," Kay said.

To address this problem, the iLoo will be outfitted with a plasma display and waterproof keyboard outside the box, so that those waiting in line can check their Hotmail accounts.

Davies also raised concerns about the long lines. "Like my father always said: 'Get in, get it out, get out,'" he said.

Whittingham agreed that people might take longer in the toilet because of the Internet access. "If they take too long--say, hours--we'll probably bang on the door or something," he said.

Security is another issue. Because of the expensive hardware inside, Microsoft plans to post a guard to protect the iLoo.

"If we didn't post a guard, somebody would probably just lift the whole thing up and walk away with it," Whittingham said.

It's uncertain whether the MSN iLoo will do much for winning new subscribers, but the portable toilet certainly presents a unique way of promoting the brand. Worldwide, Microsoft has about 8.7 million MSN subscribers, a 300,000 decline in the first quarter from the fourth quarter.

The iLoo isn't the only new concept PC that Microsoft has under development. At next week's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, the software giant is set to show off "Athens," which is intended to be hub for communications and collaboration.

What's wrong with toilet paper these days? I've been getting excruciating itches up my ass which turn out to be tiny wadded bits of tip lodged in a pore (which in that part of the anatomy are large). It's ok if you take a shower at home after your morning shit. But from time to time I like to have a "participatory" poop if I'm lucky enough to find a neighbor at school or on my way there. I love to do big firm phallic stools which need a token wipe (like this morning). Too often
I've been doing sludgy ones where you tilt and scrub away with six or more bits of tp and you think that's it. Hours later I tend to get an itch which is just uncontrollable. You've got to scratch! When I'm teaching school I try to rub myself up against a chair. It doesn't work but then I'm only 30 minutes or so away from a restroom. Outside it's a different story. Last week I was in the drugstore when I got this desperate itch. I was alone in the aisle so I put my hand up my skirt inside my panties and investigated with my fingernail. Sure enough there was a tiny wadded piece of tp which I extracted and (I'm afraid!) inspected. How could something so small cause so much discomfort. But I was not alone. Kneeling on the floor unnoticed by me was one of those middleaged women who are always angry. She got to her feet and pushed past me, hissing 'you're disgusting'. Well, perhaps I am but I felt a helluva lot better! Anyone else get these itches?
Fewer tp surveys I say, better quality!

Love you all. Anthea

Hello Susan I read your posting in No 1120

I am 68 and suffer from similar constipation and am amused by those who say they are constipated after 2 or 3 days. Mine can get so bad that my husband Eric, god bless him, sometimes has to dig with his fingers into my rectum and rake out the hard pellets from the bulbous impacted mass of faeces, until I can pass the remainder.
He keeps his finger-nail on his right forefinger especially short so he won’t scratch me.
What a gentleman. We have what I call a good marriage !

To: Claudia, very good discriptive story, it certainly made me visualize what was happening. My date with the farting hunk went great! We went out to dinner at Olive Garden. After we finished our meal while sitting at a table in the back, be loosened our pants and let our air biscuits go. We had fun smelling each other's farts. Hey Claudia, do you fart while pooping and pissing your pants? I was reading a post on pooping outdoors. I remember once when I was a kid, I was playing tag with some neighborhood kids. I had to go pee, but didn't want to go in the house just yet. So, I snuck off from the kids and went to an abandon building. There were stairs outside of the building, leading to the basement. It was one of those old N.Y. factory buildings. Anyway, I pulled my pants down and straddled my legs; gathering my pants to keep from pissing on them. As I pissed, I felt a turd pushing my anus. "Uh oh" I thought. Before the piss slowed to a dribble, the 12 inch long thin turd ! slid out; curling just above the piss puddle. I was relieved it slid out, instead of pushing and waiting for it to break off. I remain squatting while my piss dripped from my urethra. Then before I could stand up, I farted a loud blast and another three pieces of chunky browns plopped out. I was done. The kids were wondering where I had gone. I heard feet dragging the pavment, as well as talking. I hurried up and brought my panties and pants up on my butt, fastening them. I ran up the steps and hid behind a parked car. I saw the kids leaning over the railing of the building's steps laughing and making fun of my creation. I was humiliated, but soon got over it. Those kids had a feeling I did it, but never teased me about it. (FART LOVER)

A little bit more from me, then it's time for bed. I posted a response to Amanda a bit ago and wanted to give some background on my main interests in terms of going to bathroom. I of course like to tell some of my stories, but what I like to watch personally or read about most is girls peeing in places other than toilets. I believe my interest started in 7th grade when I was riding the bus home one day. Some girls were sitting up front a bit and one of the more attractive ones must have had to pee or something, for she started talking about peeing. She talked about leaving her key one day and having to stay outside till her parents got home and she had to pee behind a shed in her yard. She later related a time where she peed in the kitchen sink, but my eavesdropping didn't pick up why she had done it in the sink. But my interest was started then and I wondered what it would be like to watch a girl going in an odd place like that. And thus, that has been my main bathr! oom interest for all these years. Didn't get to actually watch a girlfriend pee till I was in high school, but it was quite fun to see when it finally happened. Never was excessively interested in girls shitting, but I'll watch it from the front of course if a girl will let me (my current girlfriend does let me). As for my personal goings, I've always liked going outdoors since before I can remember. If it's more convenient or I just feel like it, I'll go outside. Well, that's all.

Happy goings everyone!

Pee Girl:

Welcome to the board!! You are right in that most of the patrons here are into pooping, but there are a few of us that very much enjoy the peeing stories that pop up every now and then. If you have read any of my previous posts, you probably know that I am indeed one of those guys who is enthralled with impressive peeing performances, especially those of the female variety. I would agree with you that many other guys share in this fascination, and would indeed love to hear more of your mega-bladder anecdotes. I am anxiously awaiting your shopping mall story...sounds like a real treat! Also, you mention that "there are some real monster bladders out there". I would love to hear you elaborate a bit more on this. Perhaps there has been an occasion where you were peeing one of your endless deluges, only to hear someone in a neighboring stall keeping up or perhaps even surpassing your peeing time/output. This is definitely conceivable...they say that no matter how goo! d you are at something, there is always someone who is better. I'm sure this could be applied to bladder capacity as well. At any rate, thank you for your terrific account, and please do not be a stranger. Take care,


last night I had to pee and stopped in this gas station along the road I was driving on in massachusetts . anyway, I walk ito the unisex restroom and see the seat down with the toilet bowl filled with pee and this piece of toilet paper. obviously it was a girl who used this bathroom just before I was in, and so, I saw that piece of toilet paper and that very yellow left over piss with streaks still in the water left over from the foam she probally left after she urinated. I had to wonder what she looked like and tried to imagine seeing her stream of yellow piss coming out from her vagina and tinkling as it was hitting the clear water and mixing with the water and forming foamy bubbles. was it a wide stream ? or narrow and intermittent ?

Hi,fellow poopers-
TO CARMELITA-Sounded like you really had to go-you and I and Nu should go out for a woods poop together-now that would B fun!you and i are alot alike-we both really enjoy pooing!good stuff!
TO TROUBLED J-hey,you just have to wait to find the right person-a lot of people think we are all nutz of disfunctional,but that's just the way we are-hey I don't feel bad about my poop feddish cause i've met quite a few women over the years that I've watched poop or pooped along with-you'll find the right person who will understand your whim,so hang in there buddy!
It's a nice morning here in the N.E. so i'm going out for a morning bike ride and my gut feels full already,but no urge to poop yet,but i can tell it's going to be soon,so i'm off to the wild woods to do my morning deed-hey CARMELITA,JANE and NU-want to join me?great stories,all! BYE

To Pee Girl:

Hi- great story- you remind me of my wife Jill who has been discussed many times on this site. Back 20 some years ago- her bladder was a wonder then, and has only improved now that she is in her mid 40's.

Shortly after we met I had the same kind of opportunity as your classmate to share a bathroom with Jill for the first time. She also was quite the beer guzzler back in those days, and could pee loud and longer than most of her friends.

Our situation was after we left a party. We had her friend Sue along, and were on our way back home. After a long evening of drinking, we all felt the urge to get some pee relief. We spotted a gas station ) before they were convenience store combos) , and rapidly pulled in. It was raining quite hard outside, and all 3 of us needed to pee.

It was about our 3rd date, and modesty aside, we all went into the unisex bathroom together as to not leave anyone out in the rain. We were pretty buzzed as well, so inhibitions were low.

The bathroom had a wall moutn urinal and an open toilet. I immediately started a hard stream into the urinal, and Jill let Sue go first. it was great to watch a girl I had only met about a week beofre pull her jeans and panties down in one swoop, and squat over the toilet. She pissed a real nice stream, and I recall looking right between her legs as her wide stream hissed out, and dripped all over her thick pubic hiar. I caught her staring at my now wide open stream as well as I continued to flood the urinal.

Then it was Jill's turn. In our short dating history, I had no idea what her bladder capacity was. I was about to find out. To this point I had not seen Jill without her panties either. Well, she also backed up to the toilet, pulled her jeans down, and I was amazed at the force and volume that shot out of her. The stream hissed loudly and kept fanning into a 2" wide ferocious torrent as she pushed harder. I thought for sure it would end quickly since the force was tremendous. Was I fooled!

She kept this strong hiss up for over a minute, and then re-assumed a new position, and started all over again. It was over 2 minutes before she finally slowed down , and the remainder of time was spent pushing and letting short bursts of loud "hiss and dribbles" out of her relieved bladder.

i was stunned! I grew up with 2 sisters who could pee pretty good, and still can, but, the thrill of a special someone having a monstrous bladder was excellent! Keep up the great ability! We need more of your stories and experiences with other women you have heard that are bladder queens also- thanks- Mick

Teddy Bear
Hi guys, one of these days i'm gonna relate another experience of Lisa pooping, & i still have some awesome ones, but i feel the need to respond to the posts that capture my interest.

to Troubled J: i am in the same situation with my lady as you are with yours. mine is very prudish about her toilet habits, we have great sex, get naked in front of each other, shower/bathe together, have intimate talks etc. but peeing/pooping is still very private to her as it is with me. i love her very much, & she does me, but i don't let her toilet shyness or my obsession (i hate the word "fetish", to me it implies sexual deviance) come between us. i would just like to find a woman like Carmalita, Nu, PRG, or any of you gals out there who would let me keep her company while she poops. i feel this would not be infidelity, but just sharing a common interest, much like watching a sporting event. i do not care for over exposing the genitals or anything else that would be considered lewd. i have always had this obsession since i was 4 y/o, when my grandmother would let me accompany her to the bathroom. my mother, on the other hand had strict rules on privacy & ins! isted on it with me & my 2 younger sisters when any of us were on the toilet. that didn't stop me from being with or spying on them in the bathroom. i'm 45y/o now & have more control of myself concerning invading a woman's privacy against her will or breaking the law. so, if you love this woman like i love mine, don't let your "fetish" ruin a wonderful relationship. like i told Brody, in time she may be more comfortable with you being with her in the bathroom. and NO! you are NOT a wierdo or a sicko, its just that most people don't understand people like us. a lot of them may have different kinds of hangups that we might think are wierd. my feeling is that we all have the right to pursue whatever interests we have, as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others. you may want to discuss this with a councellor or shrink, but i'm sure they will tell you that you are perfecly normal, but who's "normal"? look at all the people on this website, both m & f, who ! are just like you & me. and we're just the tip of the iceberg! while in the navy a lot of my shipmates were just like me, we would openly discuss our woman pooping exploits, as well as sexual conquests. and i know you gals are the same. right Malita, Nu & Amy? right now the website satisfies my obsession by reading the posts, & seeing the cover girl on the masthead, especially when they look like Lisa. i'd love to get videos & pictures of women pooping, i'm searching all the possible websites to get them. by the way, J, do you mind letting your g/f & other women watch you poop? that would be a way to break the ice with her & make her feel more relaxed.
so, i hope i've made you feel a little more sure of yourself, there's nothing wrong with you. also Alex, take note, this is for you & anyone else with this feeling of insecurity. hope i've been some help.

to Amy: excellent post to Troubled J. i'm glad there's a woman's point of view on this touchy subject. i wouldn't say that 99.99% of the girls like privacy, look at all the gals on this site & the ones i've had the pleasure to watch. maybe 99-98%? the trouble is finding that 1-2%. i feel i've been real lucky, in the 5 long term relationships i've had with women, including my 1 marriage, 3 have been totally open with their toilet activities (my ex-wife was one). however, my most memorable one was with Lisa. she had awesome poops, nice poop aroma, & perfect shaped & numerous turds. her healtfull lifestyle & high fiber diet was the reason. as i said earlier i'll post more of her pooping sessions, when i'm not playing Dr. Phil. let's hear more about you, Amy. do you like or mind guys watching you poop? what's your age, race, ht, wt, & vital stats? you are a very wise lady. keep posting.

well i guess that's all for now. hope this gets posted.

Peace & love to all. KYBO. Teddy Bear.

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