Hi my name is Brody. I'm a 20 year old college student (student-athlete). I have read this board a couple of times but never really got a chance to post because I was always busy with basketball and with studies. I am a Division 1 Basketball player which means I am constantly busy, and it usually eats up a lot of my time with conditioning, practice, team meetings, study table sessions, games, working out, and of course scouting and watching film. Basketball season is now over (our team lost early in the NCAA tournament a few weeks back) and now I have a little more free time on my hands. But playing basketball is still a 12 month yearly thing here. I will try to check in from time to time and post every so often.

A little bit about me, I'm 20 years old, sophomore in college, and I major in Marketing. I plan to get into the business world after I get my degree, unless of course I somehow get a chance to play professional basketball somewhere in this country or overseas. I'm a white male, and I stand 6'1". I weigh 190 lbs., very toned, and I'm the starting point guard for our team. For those of you that don't know, the point guard is usually the smallest and one of the thinnest players on the team. I hope to bulk up more here in the off season and get above 200 lbs. in all muscle. I have brown hair and crystal color blue eyes. I'm fairly tan, and I'm tougher than I look. People have told me that I would look good in a boy band, but I know that I could kick their ass if I wanted to. I'm a lot tougher than people think I am. I bench 300 lbs. right now, but you wouldn't be able to believe it if you saw me (unless you saw me naked without a shirt on or anything else).

Anyways, I wanted to post a story that happened this past Friday. A couple of weeks ago, I met a girl that I now have a huge crush on (her name is Kristen). I am single by the way (just got out of a relationship a couple of months ago, it's hard satisfying your girlfriend if you can't spend much time with her being a student-athlete). Anyways, this girl I met is really cute and I really like her a lot. We met a couple of weeks ago at my friend's party. He always throws these killer parties that are popular on campus. His nickname is Stooch. I met her at Stooch's party and she seems like a shy, but sweet and fun-loving gal. I have hung out with her a few times since we've met, but it was always with other friends. This past Friday, for the first time, I got to hang out with her by ourselves. It was last week sometime, like last Wednesday when we were all talking and she said that she had to watch her 9 year old niece for the weekend in her dorm room. Well, Friday c! ame up and we asked her if she wanted to go out with us later that night (we had forgotten by then that she had to watch her niece). That's when she reminded us that she had to watch her 9 year old niece who was due to show up any minute from her parents dropping her off (her parents were going out of town). Kristen asked where we were going, and we told her we were going to Poppers (it's a local hangout on campus). She said that she really wanted to come, but that she was going to be really really bored and alone watching her niece. Here was a good opportunity for me to win some style points with her. I told Kristen that I felt bad for her, and asked her if I could stay with her and we could hang out together and watch a movie or two at her place, just to keep her company. She said, "Yeah, of course, that's very nice of you to keep me company". Well, anyhow, her niece came in that Friday afternoon and I came over to her dorm room (I had never been in her dorm room be! fore). When I got there, I knocked on the door and I was really in the mood to hang out with the new girl I had a crush on. She is such a cutie.

She answered the door and said thanks for coming over. I saw her 9 year old niece sleeping on the couch (her name is Michelle). Kristen told me that we would need to keep it down somewhat to let Michelle sleep. We turned on the TV, and she brought me in some snack food and an ice cold can of soda pop. We watched some TV and then she went into her bedroom. She was gone for a few minutes and then yelled "Shit" somewhat loud but in her cute voice. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that it was her class that she had to go to. She said that she had a class on Friday in the afternoon and she thought she could skip it, but after looking in the syllabus she realized that there was a quiz that day (she thought it was the next week). She thought the quiz was on the following Monday, and told me she hadn't been to that class in like 3 class sessions or so. She then said that she was probably going to have to drop out of it. I then thought I could earn even more styl! e points with her and told her it was no problem to wait in her dorm room for a little over an hour and watch Michelle which she went to take her quiz. She then said, "You don't have to do that", and I said, "Sure I do, it's no problem, I really don't mind. Besides, you need to take that quiz and you can trust me." She told me I was the sweetest guy she knew and decided to run off since her class started in like 25 minutes. She left out the door and I could see Michelle was still sleeping on the couch. I decided I would get on the computer since this wouldn't make as much noise as watching TV. As I logged on, I noticed that she had a folder on there called "personal". Me being the nosy guy that I am I clicked on it, and one of the sub-folders was called "diary". I decided to read some of her recent entries. To my shocking surprise she talked about pictures of me in one entry and how they were saved in the My pictures folder. I clicked on that folder on the desktop ! and noticed that she had 30-40 pictures of me from various games during the season that she saved from the internet. There were even photos of myself in games that I hadn't even seen before, LOL. She titled some of these pictures, "Brody1", "Brody2", etc., and then some of them were titled "Brody-cutie", "Brody-upshorts", "Brody-underwear", etc., as she had even saved a picture of me diving for a loose ball where the camera angle was showing up my shorts revealing my underwear. I thought, wow, she must like me or something. I then looked in her computer desk drawer for the heck of it to nose around and saw a folder. I opened it up, and inside was a poem that she had written about me and there were 10-15 pictures of me that she had printed off the internet. Some were from a preseason practice session where I had my shirt off. I was really shocked at all of this. She really liked me. I thought, WOW! She knew I was a basketball player when she met me and told me she ! was a fan, but I didn't think she was this big of a fan. I thought I would close out everything, but then I read some of her other diary entries because I was really curious now. I looked over at Michelle every couple of minutes or so and she was always asleep each time. I read more of the recent entries in her diary and she mentioned that she was really happy that I was coming over to hang out with her while she was going to watch her niece. She mentioned how turned on she was by me and how she wanted to get to know me better. And then in another entry she wrote that she was hot for me and that she wanted to do anything with me that her body could think of. I was in total shock and my spine was tingling.

I read a couple of more entries and then thought to myself that what I was doing was wrong. I was invading her privacy and I had taken it too far. I really really felt bad and I thought to myself that if she knew she would kill me. But then I told myself that 99.9 percent of guys would have read her diary entries if alone with it, and even the majority of girls would read a guy's diary that they had a crush on if they were alone with it (but guys don't write diaries, at least I don't know of any guys that do. It's totally a girly thing). I proceeded to turn off her computer and put her folder back in her computer drawer the way it was. I looked over again, and Michelle was still sound asleep. I sat back down and decided to watch some more TV. This is when I noticed that I had to take a huge dump for some reason (it just kind of like hit me). I proceeded to go to the bathroom and looked up at the clock on the way. It was already 2:00, and Kristen's class just starte! d. 25 minutes had passed, but it seemed like I was on her computer for at least 30 minutes. I opened the bathroom door and shut it. Her bathroom didn't have a lock (I usually lock when I use somebody else's bathroom that I've never used before for some reason). I pulled my nylon pants and my underwear down passed my knees and I knew that I had to take a shit really bad. I looked over and noticed that Kristen had barely any toilet paper left on the rack. I leaned over and looked in her cabinet thing in front of me and there was no paper in there either. This was the only roll in her bathroom. I thought that I would just go and use the few squares that were left. I knew it was coming on fast and I pushed and a piece of poop fell into the bowl. Then another couple golf ball sized poops landed in the bowl and I was moaning since I knew I was alone (since Michelle was asleep) and I was really going to enjoy this dump. I started to try to poop out my next piece and real! ized it was kind of big. I grunted and a piece cut off and landed with a loud splash into the bowl. That's when I heard a door knock. I thought, "Shit, Michelle is up and she needs to use the bathroom or something", because I knew it was going to be at least 3 or 4 more minutes before I was done. She knocked again and I heard a voice go... "Brody, are you in there", but it wasn't Michelle's voice, it was Kristen's. I thought, what the heck is she doing back, she should be taking her quiz. I felt kind of embarrassed her taking a dump in her bathroom. I replied to her 2nd knock after she asked if I was in there, and I said, "yeah, I'm in here". She then asked if she could come in, and I said, "Well, I'm sort of going to the bathroom right now, I'll be out as soon as I'm finished. I'll be out soon". She then said, "I need to come in now, my book bag is in there. I thought I left it at Emily's because we were doing a group project last night for one of my other classe! s, but I remembered I left it in the bathroom here. I swear it's in there because it's not in my car, at Emily's or anywhere else. I remember having it in there and I have to hurry because the teacher usually passes out our quiz like 5 minutes after class starts, and it's already 5 after. We are allowed to use our book, it's an open book quiz and without it I will fail the quiz." I then looked over and noticed that her bag was diagonally behind me and next to the toilet. She asked me if I could see her bag anywhere in the bathroom (her bathroom was a mess with towels, dirty clothes, rags, etc., everywhere, but her bag was right behind me diagonally. I told her that her bag was in there, and she said "Good I need to come in and get it now". I reminded her again that I was using the bathroom (and I was really embarrassed because I realized that I was stinking it up), and she said that's no problem, that she'll just come in and get it without looking. She then opened th! e door and grabbed her bag (but I could tell she was looking at me out of the corner of her eye the whole way. On the way out she looked back and said thanks. I told her no problem, and that I was sorry for stinking up her bathroom. She then turned around and looked at me yet again and said, "Don't worry, you can't help it your shit stinks. What are you supposed to do, not eat?". I laughed and then realized I wasn't embarrassed anymore. I was somewhat turned on by this. She had a few 1/2 second glances at me, and I was actually liking it. I then asked her if she had anymore toilet paper somewhere, and told her that I had been having the shits and would need more toilet paper. She laughed and then said that she'll go get me more. The door was wide open and she came back in with her hand over her eyes and gave me a fresh roll of toilet paper. I laughed and told her she didn't have to cover her eyes anymore because we were family now. She opened her eyes and smiled! and said that she better get to class. I thought I would give her a nice surprise. I decided to unload the rest of that big chunk of the piece of poop that was half way out my rear. I squeezed and finally let the rest of it out. It made a huge SPLASH into the bowl. Kristen then turned back and said, "Wow, it sounds like you really have to go.". I told her that's not all and groaned and squeezed some more. I pooped a few more pieces out and they all thudded into the bowl as Kristen had her back turned to me looking through her bag. She then said, "Alright, this is getting too hot for me, and turned around and actually asked me if she could watch me finish my dump.". Then her face got red and she said she was very sorry. I said, "No, don't be sorry. I'm actually glad you're keeping me company. Here, come sit on the tub as I finish my dump. I then asked her about her class, and she said that she would just call her teacher and try to make up the quiz instead. Sh! e said it was too late now. Here I was leaning forward finishing my dump. I let out the rest of it and then leaned forward and tore off some toilet paper. I wiped about 7 times overall (my ass needed it), and Kristen asked if she could look in the bowl before I flushed. I laughed and said sure. She said, "Man, that is one massive load". I told her, "Yeah, I usually poop a lot", and she smiled from that, kind of like a turned on smile which I was shocked. She then confessed to me that she had a fetish for seeing hot guys on the toilet taking a dump and this was only like the 3rd time she had been able to watch a guy take a dump. I then said, "Hot guys on the toilet? Why, do you think I'm hot or something". She blushed and said, "Um, um, yeah, I think you're really F___ing hot." Her face was then red after that. I laughed and told her that I thought she was hot too and that I hoped that she could return the favor and let me watch her sometime because that was also ! somewhat of a fetish for me too. She said, "maybe, I'm kind of shy at letting people watch me. I probably will let you sometime, but you'll have to give me time to build of the courage". Man, she is so shy, but so sweet. She did admit that the reason her book bag was in the bathroom was because the night before she was reading some of her notes while she was taking a dump. I thought so, I mean why else would a girl have her books and her notes in the bathroom right next to the toilet. Man I want to see her on the toilet so bad. What can I do? She is really shy. I think it might be awhile. And should I ever tell her that I read her diary? I feel REALLY REALLY bad about that now. Please help, I need your advice. I'll be back on from time to time to check in to see any responses. I need your advice and your help. I really want this girl, but I really want to be truthful and loyal to her. Plus I really want to see her take a fat one on the toilet as well, LOL. I! 'll write back again soon if I can. I should go now, but please help.


Brian B
Hey, this happened to me and my girlfriend the day b4 yesterday. Actually, it happened to her, I just saw it and was there, haha. First off, I'm a wrestler, 5.5, 170lbs, white male. She's 5 foot, about 100lbs, gorgeous, dark hair. It was hot out, so she was in a tank top and these really cute short shorts of hers. She's got great, long good looking legs :). We went to dinner, and she has had stomach problems lately, we don't know why. Anyways, we ate some spicy chinese, not thinking about it. I ate all mine, she ate about half of hers, but I wasn't too suprised, cause she is pretty tiny. Anyway, we went to the movie and watching house of 1000 corpses. It was pretty cool, but we had to leave halfway through cause she said she felt horrible. I didn't mind, just cause I was concerned about her. We started driving to her house, which is a good 30 minute or more drive from the movies. About 10 minutes into it, she said she felt like she was gonna be sick. I pulled over, she go t out and tryed to puke, and I held her hair and comforted her. She didn't puke. She said she majorly had to shit. I was like, uh, alright. I asked her if she wanted me to leave her alone, and she said hell no she's not gonna shit on the side of the road. I said alright, and we got back in the car. About 5 minutes later she started crying cause it hurt so bad. I said whats the matter, and she said she's gotta shit so bad she doesn't know how much longer she can hold it. I said it's alright, if you have an accident, you have an accident. She said she doesn't want to, and cried harder. By this time, there were no more gas stations and if we would've turned back, it would've taken longer than to just go to her house, so she tried to hold it. A little while later she goes omg, I can't do this. Then I heard her fart. Then I smelled it. At the same time I heard it. She just took a big ass f????g dump in her shorts, she wears thongs, and that made it totally worse. She started cr! ying. I made her get out. Just kidding, I love her, I wouldn't do that. She started crying, and I rubbed her ???? while I drove. I said it doesn't matter as long as she felt better. She said it was disgusting. Actually, it was. I could see she was sitting in a puddle of her own crap. We got to her house, and I helped her out of her car. The shit kinda stayed in the butt of her shorts, cause she had a wejie since they were so short, but it eventually ran down her long luscious legs. She was bawling, and I put my arm around her. She said it all went straight through her thong and said it was all over herself. We got inside, her parents weren't home, so I helped her out of her shorts and thong and gave her a bath. We threw both articles of clothing out needless to say. But hey, accidents happen. What are you suppose to do? Nothing. No need getting mad about it. I still love her. I don't regret it at all, I just wished she felt better that night. Oh well. So it goes. She's sti! ll my baby :)

Hello All I have just come arcross this site been here for over a week. And was reading all the messages and I think it's great that people actually talk about this kind of stuff. I thought I was the only one as I couldn't findanywhere that would talk about what happens in the toilet but now I have found this place.
Anyway abit about myself:
My name is Chris and I come from the UK. I am 16 yrs old, 5'8, Brown Eyes, Short Blonde Hair, Go to College and have a job. About my poops they are usually 5-8 inches long and about 1 inch wide and I normally only spend 2-3 mins getting rid of them I read alot of people spend about 10 - 20mins. I simplely don't understand it as when I need to go I go and it doesn't last long anyone got any tips as to make them last longer? Most of my poops are boring but I do have some great stories to share with ya.
Anyway I just want to take Camillita's Survey before I leave.

1. What famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop?
Geri Halliwell
Pamela Anderson
2. What non-famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop?
A Girl I really like in my college
3. Have you ever been spied on while pooping?
Not to my knowlege
4. Have you ever ďkilled two birds with one stoneĒ by doing another thing while pooping to save time?
5. How far do you pull your pants down when you poop? Ankles Normally Knees if in Public restroom but I only tend to go if I can't hold it and it's an emergency.
6. How would you describe your smell?
Not bad but depends sometimes on what I eat.
7. Have you ever seriously kissed anybody while pooping?
No but would love to :)
8. Who is your favorite type of person to see pooping, or would like to see pooping?
It don't matter.
9. Can you describe your average turd?
5-8 inches long and 1 inch wide easy to get out and comes out very quickly.

P.S Sorry if I have posted twice I posted 5 days ago but haven't seen it up there yet.

Survey Fan
The following is an actual survey conducted for an actual tissue

The most popular method of toilet tissue preparation for bathroom occasions is crumpling with the remainder of the market being evenly divided between folding and wrapping.


Fold - 29%
Crumple - 42%
Wrap - 29%

Fold - 32%
Crumple - 38%
Wrap - 30%

The "folders" and the "wrappers" are primarily concerned with making the tissue more absorbent and not getting their hands dirty while the
"crumplers" are primarily concerned with not getting their hands dirty.


Folders - 57%
Wrappers - 43%
Crumplers - 31%

Folders - 45%
Wrappers - 50%
Crumplers - 45%

Folders - 24%
Wrappers - 27%
Crumplers - 13%

Folders - 12%
Wrappers - 16%
Crumplers - 33%

The trends in reason for tissue preparation for urination occasions are
similar to those for bowel movements.


Folders - 49%
Wrappers - 35%
Crumplers - 25%

Folders - 54%
Wrappers - 54%
Crumplers - 54%

Folders - 54%
Wrappers - 54%
Crumplers - 54%

Folders - 11%
Wrappers - 16%
Crumplers - 31%

Base: Female Premium Tissue Users

Total Bowel
Wads Occasions Urination Movement Other
1 65% 81% 19% 50%
2 21% 13% 46% 24%
3 8% 2% 25% 11%
4 3% 1% 6% 2%
5+ 3% 3% 4% 3%
Mean 1.58 1.34 2.33 1.66

Base: Female Premium Tissue Users

Sheets Total Bowel
Per Wad Occasions Urination Movement Other
1-3 11% 10% 3% 21%
4 22% 24% 12% 25%
5 18% 19% 17% 15%
6 19% 19% 21% 15%
7-9 23% 21% 33% 18%
10+ 8% 6% 13% 16%
Mean 5.84 5.70 6.82 5.25

While most consumers use a wad only once, a suprisingly high number use
wads twice, particularly for bowel movement occasions.


1 Time - 74%
2 Times - 22%
3 Times - 3%
4+ Times - 1%

1 Time - 60%
2 Times - 32%
3 Times - 7%
4+ Times - 1%

Most consumers use the wads to wipe, however, a small percent does rub. Those consumers that rub may be looking for slightly different product characteristics such as "better cleansing."


Dab - 10%
Wipe - 77%
Rub - 13%

Dab - 82%
Wipe - 17%
Rub - 1%


As you know by my letters on pages 1097 and 1107 I love to intentionally
poop and pee in my pants. Uusally I do this about twice a week, but this past week was different. Last week I pooped and peed my pants every day. When I got up in the morning I would say I'm not going to do
it today, but before the day was over I would do it. It just feels so great that I could not resist the urge. One day I went shopping with my best friend Linda and while we were eating lunch at a KFC outlet in the mall I told her I needed to poop and I was going to do it in my pants. She knows when I say that, I'm going to do it no matter what she says. I told her I was going up to the counter to buy a cookie and while paying for it I was going to dump a big load in my pants. That was exactly what I did. It was hard so it made quite a bulge in my jeans. Linda said she could see the bulge in my jeans from where she was sitting. I sat down and ate the cookie and then we left.

I did not pee my pants that day until I got home and was cleaning up the dishes after dinner with my oldest daughter. I started to pee my pants in the kitchen, and when my daughter noticed it she said here we go again. I went out on the patio to finish peeing because I didn't want to get any on the kitchen floor.

I also peed my pants at the local park this week too. Some days I go there to read when it is sunny. I just sat on the bench and peed my shorts while I was reading.

Some people my think there is something wrong with me, but I am a perfectly normal person who happens to love pooping and peeing her pants.

If you haven't tried it you should, I bet you would like it too.

I have a birthday coming up on May 7, I will be 39 for the first time, that is the age I intend to stay. My sister-in-law wanted my two daughters to go out with us, but I have agreed to let my oldest (16) to go with us. I haven't told her or my husband yet. I agreed on condition that she would not have to poop or pee her pants if she didn't want to. If you are interested I will let you know what happens.

Hey everyone, sorry I've been gone so long but our computer had to get a new modem and my dad took so long to install it. Anyway.....

Times I peed yesterday, Saturday
1. After I woke up for about 2 and half minutes..WOW!!
2. Before lunch for about 30 seconds
3. Around 3 in the afternoon for about 40 seconds
4. Around 6 for about 12 seconds
5. Before bed for about 15 seconds

Times I pooped, yesterday, Saturday
No luck yesterday. Around 3 though, I did sit for a long time and push and push but I guess no poop in me wanted to come out. Maybe I'll have better luck today. Also yesterday, me and my friend LIndsey took out and she pooped. It wasn't a big poop, it was small. I gotta go now by eevyerone....

Jennas Bro
Thanks for writing all the replys to my story....I really wish I could write more b/c I have more stories, but I probably won't have the internet for a few weeks b/c we're getting a new computer. Sorry, I hope to come back, though. I still thank everyone!!! Peace...

Desperate to poop
been having problems getting things submitteed :(
Bethany(p1057) what a poop! shame on the security guard. It's his job I know but when U gotta poop you gotta poop. Can be awkward sometimes. I rememeber needing a big dump and there was one porta-loo. There were about 5 women waiting outside. I wanted to finish as quickly as possible for them but still took 35mins before I could finish in a state to make it safely home before continuing.

Candy(P1057) awwwwwww your story reminded me of two of my own. I had been travelling into London (Euston I think) and The train was being delayed due to signalling problems. We kept stopping and starting. About 15 mins into the journey I felt a strong urge to poop and a cramp hit me. I went off to find the loo and to my horror it was out of order and locked (so no using it!). I turned to see a girl behind me holding her bum and told her "sorry hun out of order" she whimpered and looked desperate. The train should now have taken 20 mins but ended up taking 40! By now I NEEDED to go. I could see the other girl and she was sweating and looking very very desperate. A few others were noticably shuffling there feet or quietly holding there crotches/penises. When the train arrived there was a big rush of 7 or 8 women to the ladies. I hadn't been there before and found to my horror I needed to get some change out to be let in. Just my luck I couldn't find any. I frantically ! looked in my purse and bag as women dashed past. I didn't want to end up queing! A couple more were also trying to find money including the girl! She was holding her bum and trying to find her money. Luckily I found a 20p and dashed in, I managed to get a free stall and sat down and unlesahed a torrent of soft serve poop. The other girl, I think, suddenly slammed the door next to mine and I could her quickly pulling her zipper down muffling oh god I have to shit sooo bad. She plonked onto the seat and let a horrendous wave of smelly poop out and groaned. I was now into my second serving of soft serve dispension. I finished but did not feel empty. I sat and got my breath back just as the other girl finished her nasty wave! she got her breath back and then went shit "no paper". She shouted anyone got any paper. The janitor replied I'll bring some over. At which point she exploded again. The janitor came and asked if anyoen else needed more paper. I said yes as I had half ! a roll only and someone else did too.
I had now spent 20 mins in the loo but didn't quite feel finished. It was obvious the other girl next me def wasn't. She was groaning and I could hear chunks of poo being evacuated from her. She seemed in a lot of pain. I asked if she was "ok" and she said "her stomach hurt a lot and she couldn't stop shitting!". I said don't worry just get it all out and that I wasn't too well either. I said I would stay with her to make sure she was ok. She said a whimpering thanks as another cramp hit her. I let out another dispensing of soft serve and felt a slight cramp indicating I wasn't as finished as I thought. I caught my breath and the girl said I should go if I wanted as she didn't feel anywhere near finished even after 45 minutes. I said I wasn't finished either and wanted to make sure she was ok. she said thanks. Whilst we were catching our breaths I said "she must have been desperate on the train" to which she replied "Oh god you can't believe how desperate I was and th! at she was horrified to find the toilet out of order" I said having to find money was an inconveince too and she agreed especially as she was ytrying to prevent an accident at the same time. Just then I heard a groan a paaaaaaaaarrrrrrfffffffffft and another wave evacuated from her.

I was finished now and was waiting for my new toilet buddy. It was almost an hour. She was almost finished and wiped for several mintues. She flushed and so did I and was leaving when, Oh nooo not more. She quickly unzipped sat down and a shat more soft serve out. All stalls were taken and one girl was waiting doing a pee dance so I let her go in. I washed my hands and could hear my friend evacuating a big wave.
She finally finished and came out and said thanks for waiting. We went for a drink and became good friends.

Well that became too long so im going save the second story.

Just a quickie? whats the longest anyone's waited to get into a stall?

to all please answer my survey:
1. do you ladies pull your panties pass your knees to (a)piss,(b)poop,(c)do both?
2. do you men pull your undies a side to piss (a) yes,(b)no?
3. do you use broken seats (a)no,(b)yes?
4. do you piss outside (a)yes,(b)no?
5. Have you ever used a outhouse that stunk so bad (a)yes,(b)no?
6. do you ladies drip dry after pissing (a)yes,(b)no?
below are my anwers to my survey
1. n/a
2. a&b somtimes down
3. a
4. a
5. a
6. n/a


JW Answers to your questionnaire

1) How many of you remember being toilet trained for pee or poop? I remember it well

2) Who was responsible for your training? My mother and other female relatives

3) What age were you if you remember it? The earliest most children can remember things clearly is probably aged 3

4) What about it do you remember most? I hated all of it, and don't want to discuss it. They seemed to enjoy supervising it beyond what most boys were supervised. Perhaps they had a fetish about little boys.

5) Have you ever help a sibling with toilet training? Yes, my younger brother, about 5 years my junior. At the age of 7 I thought this was something which males should do together, and that females should be excluded. Perhaps as a reaction to what I had experienced. My mother didn't seem to mind, and took this into account when thinking of the chores I ought to do at home.

6) If so how? I let him watch me, and in the mornings before going to school, I sat him on his potty while I sat on the toilet. When I had wiped myself and done myself up and washed my hands, I saw to him. If he hadn't finished, I had to leave it to my mum, but he got into the habit of finishing before it was time for me to go. Then when he was two, I sat him on the toilet on the child's seat which had once been mine. To begin with, I held his hand while he squeezed. Then we got him a stool to put his feet on to give a bit more pressure. But soon he didn't need it, and sat with his legs dangling. We both had a high fibre diet. Well before he was 3, he could wipe himself cleanly. At first, I gave it a wipe to get the worst bits off. Then I let him do some wiping, giving him a final wipe to check that it was clean. Then later on, I waited outside while he went. At first, when he came out, I had to tuck his shirt in. It helped us to make us close as brothers ! as we grew up, and still are. After breakfast before going to school, one of us would be on the toilet while the other was at the washbasin cleaning teeth, and we would then swap over. Neither of us were smelly. If you go early in the day, and eat proper food, you are less likely to leave a smell.

On peeing, I taught him that as you grow older, sometimes it is difficult to aim properly into the WC without wetting the floor.

Shiela (South Wales)
Hi, everyone, my last post wasn't printed, so I hope this one will be.

Carmalita: Thanks for your kind words, like I said your posts really turn me on. So keep them coming. I'd really like to know what figure you are, breasts, hips, waist, it would help me to visualise you when you are on the pan. Could you also tell me how you feel when you've had a really good shift.

Greg has had to go to wrok in Manchester for a few days and I miss him a lot, but on Wednesday a couple of things happened to me that really cheered me up. In the morning before I went to work I had a really lovely shit, no effort needed, the shit just slipped out of my arse, and afterwards I felt terrific.

I was not in court so it was back to boring casework. Just after the morning break I needed to go to the toilet again. As I made my way to the Ladies Room the outer door opened and Aisha, a shapely, tall, Indian girl in her mid-twenties emerged, she's a typist and does quite a lot of work for me. We spoke briefly, good morning, before I went in to the Ladies. All four cubicles were vacant, but the cistern was still hissing in the end one, the one nearest the door, it had to be the one Aisha had used. As I went into the cubicle there was a strong smell like burnt almonds heavy in the air. I looked into the pan as I lifted my skirt and saw skid marks on the bottom of the bowl and dark streaks of shit down the back of the pan, Aisha must have had a really good shit. I slid my panties down and sat on the seat, it was still warm from Aisha. I pee'd a little then shit with a quick rush sending a string of turds splashing into the pan. Straining another bunch of turds ! splattered into the pan sending water up and wetting my arse, God how I hate that to happen to me. As a third rush of shit spewed out of me the outer door opened and I heard the click-clack of shoes on the tiles as someone came hurrying into the cubicle next to, bending over a little and looking under the partition I recognised the shoes of the person in there as belonging to my friend Ruth. I listened to the rapid rustle of clothes and the unmistakeable slither of silk as she pulled her panties down, then Ruth was peeing noisily. I listened to her straining and then she shit with a huge fart that echoed in the room and she sent a panful of shit splashing into the bowl. I tapped the partition and said:

"Hell, Ruth, that sounded like a real birth."

"Like you wouldn't believe, Sheila," Ruth answered.

After that we talked to each other as we continued our shits. We finished virtually at the same time. After washing our hands we left the room and as we did so Aisha came dashing in again. I said to Ruth that I thought she had a dose of diarrhoea. We went back into the Ladies. Aisha was in the cubicle I had just left and she was shitting again, really lose. We asked if we could help but she said it was alright, she had the trots but she would be okay.

Two questions for the girls and boys:


Rich and Kristina in Westchester County NY (ROGGER II and WIFE)
Life has been too confusing over the last few weeks for us to read posts here, reply to other posters or send a post. Work, our kids and my maternal grand mother have been consuming our time. So I apologize to all of those who replied to our last post and just want to say HI! to everyone.

Kris and I finally did get away last weekend, without the kids, nothing fancy, we just went to my paternal grandma's country house, which is about 2 hours north of here. My dad and his little brother built this house for their mom 12 years ago, and the whole clan gathers here on various occasions during the year.

When my dad and uncle had the place built, they added a nice feature as a surprise: a two seat privy, yeah a modern outhouse, to go along with everything else. This building is probably cleaner than most indoor toilets, with a great ventilation system, and a good supply of sanitary items to keep it clean. Oh, yes, it has 2 seats, without stalls, just the front door for privacy.

Anyway, Kris and I drove up last Friday, went out for dinner, and got to bed early. It was raining Saturday morning, so we skipped our morning run, had a large breakfast, and then, yeah, in the rain, we both made a dash for the privy. We got a little wet on the way out but we didnít care. Once inside, I lowered one seat, sat and pushed out a long, juicy log, that made a nice FLUMPP, as it landed below. While I peed and waited to poop some more, my crazy wife took off all of her clothes, even though it was somewhat cool, then she squatted sideways over the seat to my right. This gave me a great view of her undersides, and as I finished with my load, and started to wipe, Kris let out a low, rumble of a fart, that made me turn away, with a laugh. It smelled pretty bad, and she laughed knowing that I had caught a good whiff. I was done, but I stayed seated, so I could watch Kris. By now, her pink butthole had widened, and something medium brown and crackling was emerging. ! Kris grunted, the poop stopped, then, it started moving and crackling, and after about 12 or 15 inches, it broke, and flopped into the hole. My wifeís hole contracted, domed out and another crackler, emerged, and went down the hole after 6 or so inches. Then, just to be fresh, Kris farted a real juicy one, and we both laughed. I wonít describe what we ate the day before, but it left via the down hole in a smelly fashion. Anyway, I wiped Kris, and we then shined the flashlight down the holes to inspect. I had passed a fairly long light brown load, that had spread out on impact, just one really good sized turd. Kris had passed the 2 stinkers, and they were lying on top of one another, at an angle. With that done, we ran back to the house and cleaned up, got in the shower and, well whatever.

Take care everyone, we hope to be out here more often.

Tim (and Sarah)
ROBBIE AND ANNIE: HI dears! Long time no hear, I know! Not much time and then I was so often not granted access to the site, that I gave up posting. I read here now and then though and was very touched you still think about us, so I give it another try.
Glad you are all fine. Sorry, to hear about Meghanís embarrassing moment in front of her date. It can be awful when you have to shit in an unsuitable situation. I am sure though, if the guy is worth dating sweet Meghan, he will be fine with it. I once went out with a girl when I was about twenty. We had big ice creams in the park and had a stroll around the lake afterwards. Suddenly she felt so sick, she had to dash behind a bush and squat right there. I heard her moan and fart and let out several waves of soft poo, which splattered noisily onto the ground...Having been always interested in the topic and having grown up in an environment, where peeing and pooping in nature was the most natural thing in the world, I was solely concerned about her well being and of course interested (although diarhea attacks usualy arenít as interesting for me). Anyway she cried in embarrassment all the way back, although I assured her several times it did not matter. She never came on an! other dat with me again...Well, maybe it was just my bad Take care and lots of love to you and MEGHAN AND SARAH from Sarah and me...
RIZZO: Hi there. I was also glad to hear you are doing well! Your stories are always great, I just love them! Peeing in the sea is always a nice one. I guess we all know the moment when people stand still for a while, when entering the water to "admire the scenery and enjoy the moment", grin. I have to admit I often like to let go, when there is water surrounding my body. Sarah and me had a great experience on that topic:
We went out to a fair with the kids and had some beers and lemonade and some grilled sausages. Suddenly the weather changed within minutes and everybody was soaked by the rain, as we couldnít find cover soon enough. As we were wet anyway we made our way home quickly rather than finding some shelter. We ran through the rain and it was somehow quite funny. At home we all went into the bath and quickly took the wet cloth off . Sarah let some hot water run for a bath and I rubbed the kids dry with some towels, so they could sit on the loo before getting into the bath. Loewie had a wee first and was quickly put in the warm water. While the bath water ran and Loewie tinkeled along, I could hardly wait for my own turn to let go of the pressure in my bladder. It was Josieís turn on the loo next and after a short wee she started grunting. Sarah looked at her in "shock" and asked if she was making a pile. Josie nodded, telling us the she needed to do her big buisness. Of course we! are fine with that...itís just that our little girl is a notorious half an hour or longer pooper and it seemed my beloved wife had the same urgent need like me. She said in a soft voice to Josie to do her buisness in the time she needed, but Mommy and Daddy quickly had to take a hot shower, so we wouldít catch a cold. She put a big towel around Josie to keep her warm. Josie protested: "Mommy, my turd wants to come out..." Sarah just grinned and gave her a kiss and I twincked her an eye...She looked very cute sitting on the loo, cuddled in her towel with lots of wrinkles on her forehead, some from pushing, some from being amazed about her stupid parents, who didnít seem to realise how much concentration pushing out a good pile can ask from you...(we do though, lol). Well I went under the warm shower, which was great, but all I wanted to do was to take a pee. I looked at Sarah with hesitation, wondering if it was alright to just let go. Sarah was just entering the shower and! closing the door behind her. She smiled and asked if I was alright. Then she whispered that she was really desperate for a pee. She stood with her legs wide apart in a slight horsestance and smiled at me. The smile changed into the most satisfied look of relief as she started peeing. First a small dribble came out of her pussy, which gained in strength and soon developed in a mighty gusher, arching forward and splattering onto the porcelain floor, turning the water surrounding our feet yellow. With tremendous relief I also relaxed. I pointed my penis so my stream was mixing with hers. We both grinned and held hands. It was an unforgetable moment. I weed a bit longer than her and after we both finished we started washing each other...Josie finished her poo and was send to the bath. Itís a good thing you canít see into the shower much. We both thought it was good fun. I am getting too long again, so maybe more later. Take good care and love from Sarah and me.
All the best also to PV, STEVE AND LOUISE (miss you much!), EPHERMAL, DAVID (nice to see you back), ADRIAN and all the regulars

Raging Urophile
I would first like to thank Carmalitta, Teddy Bear, and Bluto for responding to my survey, if any of you get a chance, please respond to my "peeing freely" survey on pg. 1100.
To Brody- There is no doubt in my mind you will soon have the chance to see logs sliding between kristen's buns. Her interest in you sounds so intense that her willingness to reciprocate will overcome her shyness. Just let nature take its course, both figuratively and literally. Make sure you give her a kind reminder of your interest every time you see her. My prediction is that you will not have to wait long. If you ask her sincerely, she will probably let you watch her the next time her need arises in your company. It is a matter of when, not if.
To Fil- After reading many posts on this site and others, there is no doubt in my mind that women have superior bladders to men. I use the word "superior" rather than "larger" because, in my opinion, it is greater bladder strength and lessened sensitivity that is more of a factor than size. Greater size,however might arise as a result of increased strength, as well as due to more stretching over time.
I discussed this a little on pg. 1100, but to reiterate, here are my opinions as to why women can release and hold twice as much pee as men:
First, I believe that women might be genetically programmed to tolerate greater pain and discomfort in the abdominal region than men. This is a biological necessity since women must bear the pain of giving birth. As a result, whereas men might be writhing in pain, women might be simply experiencing varied levels of discomfort when storing an equal volume of pee. As a result, the less sensitive female bladder continous to stretch significantly after the male bladder's sensory receptors have reached their limit. Like any muscle, the female bladder will continue to get stronger the more it is stretched or "used".
Secondly, I would guess that women are more likely to hold on longer until the urge becomes desperate if it is not convenient to go. This would also condition the female bladder to become bigger and stronger.
Third, women on average have larger pelvises and larger abdominal cavities. This could mean more room for bladder expansion.
What amazes me, is that assuming there are no exaggerations, some womens' bladder capacity defies my college textbooks. I took two college physiology courses in 1980. Both textbooks had chapters on the human excretory system. Neither book sited any differences in male and female bladder capacity. I recall one textbook stated that "the human bladder can hold NEARLY a liter, and that once the bladder reaches 800-900ml in volume, that it is ESSENTIAL to urinate. I would like to know how this author would explain Katrina, who claims that her best is 2600ml, as well as other women who pee from 2-5 minutes non-stop and claim to release nearly 2 liters or more at one session. It seems as though the limitations quoted in the book are only accurate for the male of our species.

I was goint through the posts, and I came across a survey which caught my interest, so I thought I would give my answers to it.

1. Who has the larger bladders, women or men?

Women, by far have larger ans stronger bladders then men, and stronger sphincter muscles then men.

2. Can the bladder's size be increased?

In most cases, yes it can, and is often the case why women's bladders are so large.

3. How much does your bladder hold (maximum in liters)?

My maximum piss was about 2500 militres that I measured.

4. What is the longest time you have ever held?

48 hours.

5. After a long holding time, did you find it difficult to start pissing?


6. After starting to pee how long did it take to empty your bladder?

I've peed for as long as 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

7. Do you gush, have a slow stream, or dribble?

I gush and hiss like a fire hose.

8. Did you ever have the experience of not being able to go (know as shy or bashful bladder, stage fright, paruresis [the medical term])?

Nope. I have no qualms what so ever about peeing privately or publicly.

9. Did you ever deliberately not go at school, work, on a date, etc.?

Yes. I am into water sports (holding contests) which, incidently, I NEVER lost to any man.

10.Do you find holding a pleasure or a pain?

Some times it can be very pleasurable, and at other times it can be painful. When it gets painful, I just give it up and go.

11.Did you ever wait so long that you wet your pants?

I haven't wet my pants for as long as I can remember.

12.How many times do you usually pee in a day?

Usualy twice, which is in the morning when I get up, and after I get off work at night.

13.Are you a man or woman? How old are you?

I am a woman, and I am in my 20's, but for the sake of discression, I perfer not to give out my exact age.

To John Q:

That was an interesting story about that girl who walked in on you. I agree, that she made an honest misteak, but it was uncalled for of her to stand there and argue. She should have acknowledged her misteak and left the room.

I made the same misteak on one of the few occasions when I had to go rely bad and could not wait. It happened when I was 14 years old. I was at school, and it was after Cheerleading practice. I drank alot more liquids then I usualy do that day, and by the time cheerleading practice was over, I was holding back an ocean, so I ran into the washroom, got my panties down, and proceeded to hiss out my flood when a group of boys walked in. It was at that moment when I realized that I was in the wrong rest room.

By the way, was the toilet actualy out in the open, or were you in a stall?


Teddy Bear
to Carmalita: hola mi bella amiga otra viz! i will answer your survey one more time.

1. famous women i would love to see pooping. i will use the david letterman format with the top 10 endind with #1 of all time.

10. Whitney Houston
9. Raquel Welch
8. Brittney Spears
7. Carmen Electra
6. Kim Basinger
5. J-Lo
4. Natalie of the Dixie Chicks
3. Faith Hill
2. Julia Roberts
1. Pamela Anderson

2. Non famous woman: it would be a tie between my ex g'f Lisa & TU, mi bella muchacha.

3.i probably have been spied upon, but not to my knowledge.

4. while pooping, i sometimes read my lessons for today or finish my breakfasr if i'm in a hurry.

5. my pants & bikini briefs are usually between my knees & ankles

6. the smell is usually mild to nuciance.

7. not while i've been pooping, but have kissed my g/f or wife while she's on the pot before i leave the house or when i come home.

8. i love to watch all girls & women of all races, however i've never seen a black woman poop. average turd size is usually 1 or 2 6" to 8", with a few smaller ones

10. i'm a 45y/o wm, sandy brown hair, green eyes, mustach & goatee, 70", 175#, hwp with a few "love handles". i live in the pacific n/w of our country. love camping, fishing, travelling, the seattle mariners, & watching attractive women pooping, not necessarily in that order. hope ya got a good picture of me. some say i resemble alex trebeck of jeopardy. by the way Malita, where is this collage with the letter "e" that resembles you. i'd like to get o good mental picture of you, & picture you on the toilet, pooping out those monster turds. lemme know.

well, catch y'all tomorrow. happy pooping. KYBO

Peace & love Teddy Bear

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