Hola mis amigos!

So many great stories! I don't have any classes today, so I can read everything. The weather here is so beautiful today. warm and sunny, and you all know what that means. Me, Nu and Joanne are going for a hike and a big outdoor potty. I'll tell about it when we get back. My ???? is full, and I know I've gotta take a nice, big, fat one. I've been farting all morning so I won't fart in the car.

MEREDITH: Hola Sweetie, long time no speaky! I love your stories too, especially this new one. I love ladies room experiences, it's really cool when you can hear your neighbors grunting and plopping. I'm loving school for that. Lots of chicas pooping!
BRIDGET: Hola sweetie, cómo mueven sus cagadas? I asked you "how are your turds moving?" LOL! It would be nice if you could come to one of our girl parties on Saturday nights. I wish I could send you my picture on the toilet, or one of Nu's. Actually, Jake shot some better pictures of me on the toilet when I was completely nude. Jake is an artist, and actually a damned good photographer. Dan was very lucky for Nu to give him a performance like that. It wasn't impromptu, he'd been working her up to it by practically begging! And he did shoot her portfolio, so she wanted to give him a nice favor in return.
BRODY: Cool story, ultra hot! About the diary thing. Obviously, you shouldn't have read it, but I can understand how people do it, especially being so accessable like that. I never keep anything about me on my computer. You have sensitivity for feeling bad, which is the mark of a good and strong man. It might be best to keep this incident to yourself. Don't even hint at anything that you saw, or read, otherwise she'll put 2 and 2 together and you might lose her. In time, I'm sure she'll show it to you if you two become an item. Good luck, and don't read her diaries anymore!
ADRIAN: I don't really eat that much, so I can't explain it. Even my sisters do huge loads and they're as small as me. I'm just as Nu calls me: "a little poop factory". This is what makes my poop huge and hard, and sometimes super-stinky: Enchiladas, tostadas, flour tacos and Chile Relleno, all which I make myself and it's damned good too! Authentic Mexican, not like the restaurant stuff. This is what makes my poop big and dangerously smelly: Italian food, macaroni and cheese, potatoes, pork, chocolate, ice cream and beer.
MATT FROM MD: Thanks, hon. Yeah, Patsy's doing very well, so is Renee. Thanks for asking about her. She's lost some weight and is looking very hot! As you recall, Patsy's a very dark African-American gal. I've never seen anyone in my life who looks so hot in purple satin panties as Patsy!
TEDDY BEAR: Keep poundin' them spices amigo, and you'll get used to it! Kisses to you.
TRAVELING GUY: Ajá, era ti! Sé que puedes entenderme. Tu cuento del baño era magnífico! Dime más y más mi amor! I too really enjoy those camp bathrooms. Even though their gross and I never use them, it's still fun to listen in over the walls. Guys' conversations are sometimes really cool. They think no one can hear them LOL!
ANNIE AND ROBBY: Saludos y besos (greetings and kisses) mis amigos! I'm glad you two are doing well. I often wonder, and worry about the old posters here who haven't come on for a long time. I wish they'd return, I miss them.
BUZZY: Hola to you too, sweetie! Anymore outdoor biking adventures with you? I still see your face in my mind ever since you told me what you look like. I'll bet your smile could hypnotize the ladies!

Yesterday was an excellent day in the ladies room by the Language and Literature dept. There is this one girl that I like, she's kind of chunky, not fat, but huggable, with long reddish-blonde hair. She has real thick lips and wears lots of heavy black eye-liner (much like us Latinas), and it looks really sexy. She's as white as a cotton ball with lots of freckles too. It seems that she saves her big dumps for school at lunchtime, because the restrooms are usually empty. Well, yesterday was definitely potty-party. First, I saw her heading down the corridoor, her deliciously rounded ass swinging in a pair of jeans. She had a slow walk toward the ladies and I knew she was going to take a nice dump. I followed right behind her, saying "thanks" as she held the door for me. There are 3 stalls in this restroom, so she took the end stall by the wall, and I took the 3rd so I wouldn't appear obvious. She'd been seated for a few seconds with no noise or action. I wondered if she w! as waiting for me to leave. My pants were down to my ankles and I sat on the toilet staring down at my white panties that had a slight tan poop-stain in them that hadn't washed out LOL! I decided to begin, hoping she'd follow. With a hard grunt, I pushed out one of my biggest sausages that splattered into the toilet. (damn it was a big one too!!!!) I put some more voice into it, "Oaannhh--NNNNHHHHH!" and began squirting out some more turds. After a few seconds, I heard faint, soft little grunts, and then a giant barrage of turds! It sounded like a hundred coming out! One after another, I can't explain how wonderful it was. Her turds kept falling and in between them there'd be these soft "mmmmfff's" as she pushed more. My shit filled the bowl, but it didn't smell much worse than a bad fart. But her shit, whoooooaaaa dude, it stunk bad! I had to wash up quick and get out because I didn't want her leaving first, with me taking the blame for that smell! It was still a hot experi! ence, because in the computer lab, I've seen her round butt flattened out on the chair, and I've often fantasized about her. She's my new "main thang!" Oh yeah, my big turd looked like it was about 14" long and as thick as a huge hunk of rope.
Also, last night, I had to take another dump, and Nu came and sat on the floor next to me. Right when I let out some air, she said "lean forward, lean forward" so she could see it come out. She said it was a real long turd like soft, brown ice cream. There was only one, with a tiny piece that followed, but it was a nice one. She wiped me really good after. That's always the best part.
Well, Joanne just arrived, and we're all ready, so it's time for some woodland adventure! Adios amigos,

TV Guide
I just saw "Beavis and Butt-head Do America" this weekend, and it was hella funny! There is this part when Beavis and Butt-head are at the Grand Canyon, they see a donkey pooping. They giggle, and then Butt-head says, "It's coming out of the ass of an ass." Beavis is like, "The poop's coming out of the ass of the ass." Ha, ha, get it. There is also a part when Beavis tells this old lady on the plane that he poops too much. The lady thinks that he is lactose intolerant, which then Beavis tells her that he poops too much and is very tired. He then takes these caffeine pills and these other stimulants, and then he becomes the almighty "Cornholio", who needs "T.P. for his bunghole". Another Cornholio scene takes place when Beavis not only takes the old lady's pills, but also eats sugar cubes and drinks coffee. He does a prank call, and then he romps around in Tom Anderson's trailer. After that, he starts singing about his bunghole while walking around, being unaware th! at the AFT is going to shoot him since Beavis won't tell about where this deadly unit is.

Seen on the NBC network this Saturday. “Discovery Kids – Endurance”, a Survivor type show with and for teens. One male, one female on each team, four teams remaining on this episode. The contest this week started with the girls standing beside upside down barrel halves. When told they all lifted the halves to find their partners buried to the neck in sand, yelling as the buckets were lifted. The camera showed the reaction of the girls on three of the teams. It scared all of them. It did not show Sabrina, from the yellow team. Then the contest got started. Yellow team wasn’t being shown much even though it was far in the lead. However when the camera did show Sabrina from the front you could see a wet area around her crotch. The brief views of her rear showed a large wet patch on her butt. The only explanation would be that when she was startled at finding the screaming head under the bucket, she dropped into a sitting position on the sand while she pissed hersel! f.
Anybody else see this? Did I see what I thought I saw?


All that and I forgot to give you my advice. I wouldn't bring the subject of her diary up, on my own, if I were you. Just don't ever mention it, even hint that you know that she has one. And don't ever peek at it again.

OTOH, if she ever asks, don't deny it. Just don't ever do it again. You might want to sometime mention that you borrowed her computer though. That sort of thing leaves traces, that she might notice, and wonder about.

Be casual. If she likes you like it sounds like, she'll forgive you.

The loadlogger two-pound challenge:

There has been a lot of talk on this board about people taking really enormous shits so i just thought i would lay down the gauntlet for anyone who is interested: Anyone, male or female, who can positively confirm that they have taken a dump that weighs 2 pounds or more will be bestowed with the title of "Esteemed Super-Dumper." I'd offer a cash prize as well but i think it's against the rules of the board. Obviously you have to actually weigh your dump, you can't say, "oh it was so huge there were 8 logs they were all three inches thick and 15 inches long, and i felt ten pounds lighter." I'm just really interested to know if somebody can actually take a shit that big, because i myself (5-10, 170 male) have never come close to the 2-pound mark.

Today i dropped a nice 310 gram (10.8 ounce) load. Peace LL

Pee Girl
Most of the stuff I've read here seems to be about bowel movements but I see a lot of questions posted by fil about peeing and bladders. I'm 19/F and have been intrested in peeing for a long time. I guess it started back when, as a girl, I discovered that I could take these really long huge pees that would amaze my older sister and mom. Unlike his pee-shy posts, I enjoyed the attention my super-pees attracted and the comments from my family. My large bladder was something special. Almost on a subsonscious level I would let it fill and fill for hours until such time I would empty it within earshot of the others. Long before I knew what kegals were, I'd be on the toilet alternately gushing and dribbling, ebbing and flowing for the longest time until every last drop was out of me. This probably sounds so over-the-top but as I got older I began to make some interesting observations. Like a lot of people, especially guys, are into female peeing performance.

There was one time back in high school when a bunch of us were at a party and my girlfriend's older brother bought two cases of beer. Naturally nature took its course by late evening; everybody was nearly breaking down the bathroom door to pee. At around 11pm or so I finally went up to the bathroom with a close girlfiend of mine, and after a short wait went in. Anyway, she went first and no sooner had she started to pee this guy we knew began pounding on the door in a drunken state saying that we should let him or he was going to wet himself. I cracked open the door to see what I can only describe as animated desperation. He was a nice guy that I rememmbered from a couple of classes but not my type. Nevertheless we began to have some fun with him, first telling him that he would have to wait and then asking him how much he would pay to cut in line ahead of me. This chatter continued after my girfrind finished and I started to sit down on the toilet. Then his throbbing ! bladder got the best of him and through the unlocked door he rushed with me on the toilet! A few awkward seconds ensued- I think my girlfriend was more taken aback by this intrusion on female privacy than I was- then my full bladder combined with a major buzz took over and I began peeing a loud stream into the water below. Forty, fifty sixty seconds went by with him standing by the wall almost doubled over. "Would you please hurry up." In my alcoholic haze I was beginning to enjoy the situation. As I said, I was with my closest girlfriend at the time, one who knew my most inimate secrets. Like that I had a prodigious sized bladder. She came back with something like "she's not even started yet." This seemed to make the poor guy even more miserable. I peed some more, then some more.

Suddenly out of nowhere I blurted out that if he really had to pee that bad why not use the sink or bathtub. That freaked out my friend for some reason and she said no way- she left to go back to the party telling us in so many words that the two of us could work out the pee arrangements. With her departure the one-on-one atmosphere became a little more charged; myself, this guy I knew only from Algebra I and my splatter-splatter filling the air. I loved it! For what had to be another full minute he stood there listening to me pee while I studied his reactions out of the corner of my eye. "What are you anyhow, God's gift to pissing? Come on!" I leaned forward on the seat and gave him what I hoped was my best come hither look and replied, "something like that." Then I motioned to the sink and told him he had better use that because I was going to be on that toilet a good deal longer. He was not the least bit pee-shy. Out came what I must admit was a big big surprise to m! e who had always thought the math geeks had teeny-weenies. He poured out the contents of his bladder in to the sink while I peed in plain view a couple feet to his right. "Now doesn't that feel better," I said omitting the fact that what he was urinating with was easily twice the length of any of my previous boyfriends. (And that is not a pornographic description, just a fact.) But the fun part was coming up.

He went like that for roughly forty-five or fifty seconds before his strong stream tapered off to a final couple of bursts and he was left just standing there, this dweeby guy with his big dong hanging out over the sink. The hissing had ceased and amid the erie quiet lapse of conversation there was still the sounds of my pee flowing into the water of the bowel. I don't think I can get too graphic from what I've read on these pages, but suffice to say I think it just blew his mind that a girl who had been peeing that much prior to him, could still be peeing away strongly long after he had finished. And it drove him wild! He and I were sort of the odd couple the last part of my junior year and over the next summer. He absolutely worshipped my bladder and peeing.

Hope you like the story. Several posts I read indicate quite a few people here seem to be into women with unusually large bladders who can pee really long. I'll come up with some stats next time and a fun incident that happened at a shopping mall. Clue- I'm not the only one. There are some real monster bladders out there.

To: Claudia

YES! Please do share your story about this year's birthday celebration. And details please. Describe what you are feeling and thinking as it's happening. And share whether your two best friends recriprocated or not and did they enjoy it? Are they now ready to join our invisible "Panty Poopers Club"?

DJ Crapper
So I was staying at MgGill University in Montreal last summer for the Jazz Fest they have every year. There are no seperate mens and womens bathrooms, just one big one with showers 2 stalls and a urinal. So one night me and my buddy came back from a concert downtown, and I had to take a monster dump. So I went into the stall on the left and began pushing out a monster crackling turd. just then I heard footsteps and heard someone enter the stall next to me. I thought nothing of it untill I realized it was a woman. I had never been so close to a woman doing her business and I listened carefully. First there was a raging torrent of piss that lasted for like 2 minutes. I thought the show was over but then I heard a small grunt and a few "plop" "plop"s followed by a larger grunt and a huge "FALLLLOP!" after that she farted a few times, wiped, flushed and left. Through the crack in the stall door I could she that she was very pretty, maybe mid 20s with black hair an! d a killer body. That was the most memorable part of my trip.

Brody, I envy you on your story with the girl at school. Hope things go well for you two.

A few questions for the "audiance". DOes anyone know about the bathrooms at the hostels in Vermont, New Hampshite, Maine and in Canada; PEI and New Foundland ? How open are the bathrooms ? Looking at doing some traveling there this Summer.

To Brody - Interesting story. I am 17 and will be entering college in the fall. One of my big concerns is having to crap in the dorms. I'm not too open about that sort of thing. Any advice??

To the pissing playgirl - It was definitely fun to piss my pants in that parking lot. I liked your story, too.

To BeachNut - I like both pissing my bathing suit in the water and while just sitting on a chair on the beach. I think the latter is even more fun!

To JD - Liked your story about you and that girl when you were young.

To Eric in Chicago - Liked your stories from the beach. See my reply to BeachNut above.

To italy - Liked your survey responses.


Traveling Guy
Brody - I'm glad you realized it was a no-no to peek at Kristen's diary and files. I think no good could come of telling her about it. That would only hurt her and damage her trust in you. (And you had even told her, "You can trust me." Hey, guy!) Be patient about watching her take a dump. Let her see that you can *really* be trusted. The time will come when she's ready for it. Just think how far along you are in this - she's already seen you dumping! But no more snooping!

JW's survey:

1) How many of you remember being toilet trained for pee or poop? I do, a little bit. Before that, I remember one time going behind a chair to poop in my diapers and saying, "Nobody see me!"

2) Who was responsible for your training? My mom.

3) What age were you if you remember it? Maybe one-and-a-half or two.

4) What about it do you remember most? My mom warning me that you could either push your poop out, or push it inward and harm yourself. Scared the hell out of me then. I think it also left me anal retentive in many non-toilet ways.

5) Have you ever help a sibling iwth toilet training? Maybe. I was still pretty young when they were being trained.

6) If so how? Maybe just a reminder to one of them to "Go pee pee or poopie in the toilet."

To all - Check out Marissa's and Julia's recent posts and you'll see examples of what I'm always saying about cultural differences towards pooping. I'm afraid that in some places we're still a ways from being ready for multi-fixture, uni-sex toilet facilities.

Melanie - Nice going! If more of us were willing to go in the presence of the opposite sex when we really needed to, maybe we'd get past this curiosity thing. I keep hoping! (And I'm not saying I'm above it.)

To unnamed poster: about peeing at school and beeing beat up...i liked your story

To Eric in Chicago: Liked your story...ur right green shit rules, know what else rules, light brown, i like that color too, do you?

To italy: Liked your story

To Teddy Bear: liked your story..i did at first think you were a teeni bopper..after reading that story about the field trip. Im a 21 year old white male..good enough?

To Redneck: Liked your story about your

To CC: Liked your story

To 1116 is blank

Yesterday i was working and i had to go to the class and a co worker was teaching the class and she mentioned something about her 4 y.o son. She said she gets "excited when he goes stinky in the pot" we all started cracking up

The other night on tv i saw on the travel channel top 10 hotel bathrooms..what other bathrooms are the gonna have?lol

gotta run now bye

Morning ,all-took a nice outdoor dump on mon morning.It was a nice warm morning here in the N.E,so i took my bike out and took a ride early in the morning and after awhile all the riding brought on that "i gotta poop" feeling,so i found a nice spot which was hard to do cause the leaves aren't out yet,but i finally found a good spot and by now it was pretty warm and i really had to go,so i got undressed and dug a hole and as i was squatting down,i let out a long fart as i felt my anus start to dome out and as soon as I was squatted my anus opened up with the contents of my morning movement.The 1st part was a really long turd that curled in the hole over must have been 12-14 inches long and felt great as it tickled my prostate and pushed itself out my domed anus.Then I leaned forward and waited for another urge as i looked around and just enjoyed my first woods poop of the season and after about 5 mins,i had to go more so i again squatted and let out a hissing fart ! as a bunch of soft stuff came out pretty quick ending with a wet fart as i moaned slightly in relief cause it felt wonderful.then I pushed out some squgglies and some more farts and then i pushed out my anus a few time and then I knew I was done.I looked in the hole and saw 1 long poop curled over itself and partially covered with the soft stuff.It was a good load and felt great to finally let it out after holding it as I was looking for a private spot.Then I pushed out my anus some more as I wiped it with some wet-naps and then had a little fun and get dressed and headed back.That was a fun poop.I hope I run into a pretty woman this year to buddy poop with-last year was fun as i found a woman whom i had a few moments with(read my old posts)Well,we'll see
Great stories ,all HI to CARMELITA,JANE,PUNK ROCK GIRL-love your stories,ladies!BYE

Saturday, May 04, 2003

I once went on a trip to Central America with my science group in college. We were right there in the jungle, with just a few small towns here and there, most of which had normal bathroom facilities. But there were also a few little outposts where you could buy drinks or food, but not much else. Anyway, the only bathroom facilities at these places were these little outhouse like things. They had a wall in the back, a roof and two posts holding the roof up. The toilet and whoever was sitting on it, was totally visible from the front and both sides. There was also no toilet paper, just a pile of newspapers. A lot of the people on the trip were too self-conscious to use them, so they opted to find a more secluded spot in the woods. But a few people, including me, just went ahead and peed/crapped on the literally public toilet. The local people paid no attention, but the guys in my group couldn't help but practically stare at my sitting on the pot and crapping. One tim! e I said "Don't you guys have any thing better to do than watch me shit?" That got a couple of them to turn away. Big deal. When you shit in a normal bathroom, there's just a door seperating you from everyone. Shitting out in the open is a little weird, but I got used to it. It's not like they could see the shit actually coming out. So they got a glimpse of my bare butt and bush. Everybody's got 'em. The only thing that sucked was the lack of toilet paper. My ass was quite sore and raw by the end of the trip due to wiping with newspaper--or not wiping at all if there wasn't any. Hey, we were in the jungle. Animals don't wipe their asses. I was willing to grin and bear it. Of course, my very first purchase when I got back to the USA was Preparation H! I'd go again, though. The jungle is awesome!

my old post is we were waiting in line and all of a sudden my older sister she has to crap and we went to portopottys and there was a huge line she forget we went to the back of them and she set down. she was wearing tight geans then a crackling sound came out she started pooping her pants they turned brown like mudd jeans

Hi all! A question to the girls: When you pee outdoors during an event (concert, party etc.) and you are in a good hidden place - do you also try to poop ? -> even if you only have a (very) light urge or no urge to do ?
I saw often small pieces of poop at girls´peeing spot. And I mean really small - just the size of 2-3 fingernails. Not worth to name it "turd". Bye, Elink.

To Manhattan Girl: I really enjoyed your icecapade story. I have one of the same questions as others on this board: did anyone find out that you'd crapped your pants? And a couple of new questions:
1) what were you wearing? Pants or a dress/skirt? I know you refered to having a big crap in your panties -- I would think that if you'd been wearing pants it would have been impossible to avoid smushing the crap and making a huge mess. You said you'd either stood or sat on the edge of your seat for the rest of the show -- if you'd had pants on, that strategy wouldn't have worked, right, because just the act of bending at the waist would have put pressure from your pants seat against the poop, flattening it?
2) Do you have any other accident stories to tell (either pee or poop)?
3) did you get any enjoyment out of this accident experience, or do you regard it as negative?
Anyway, fantastic story. Thanks for posting!

-- AT

I had to poop today at school and all the stalls were filled up except one. So I went to that one the girl in the stall next to me was taking a poop because I heard her let out a lound fart. The other girls were taking their time. One of the girls Ashley who is very preppy was taking a huge terd she had been in there for 16 min. All the girls had their jeans to their ankles and all were wearing different color panties. The girl next to me was wearing panties with flowers on them. Ashley had a maxi pad one which she was changing while I was pooping. It only too me 5 min. to poop then I put on a pad so I would get poop stains in my panties. Ashley went to flush after her 16 min. in there and she clogged the toilet. The water started to overflow and everyone ran out because Ashley's terds also were floating on the floor the whole upstairs of the school had to leave.

I would like to hear some stories from girls about times when they peed in their pants by accident.

I am a 45 year old ????er woman. Last week I was on the road with my car and suddenly felt the urgent need for a poop. I stopped at the next parking lot which was a trucker stop. As I could not see anybody I took my roll of tp from the rear and went behind a bush near by. I squatted behind that bush and started to shit. It was a wonderful feeling when the turd had left my ass and I also had to pee a lot. I felt very relieved and cleaned my ass with the tp. When I dressed again and looked back on the turd that I had produced at the same time I looked into the faces of 5 truckers who obviously had watched me shitting from close. "Oh, yeah! That is a really wonderful big load that you have made for us!" was the comment of one of them and the others started laughing. Quickly I left that place!


I am also a skid mark sufferer, i get the worst skid marks possible, especially wen i wear a thong and even when i wear regualr panties the skid marks are always vivible. sometimes when i wear pantyhose the skid marks can get throughto the pantyhose and leave a mark! have u ever wron pantyhose without panties and left skid marks in the pantyhose?

Love the overhead pic of the nude blonde on the toilet. The way she's leaning forward somehow hints that a big one is coming out...LOL!

CARMALITA & NU- Enjoyed reading about your most recent pooping seesions, especially about Carmalita's after-shower dump. Nu, it's also great that you allow the photographer to watch you take a shit. He's awfully lucky to have that opportunity and I bet he enjoys it a lot too. Perhaps he could eventually photograph you while you're actually in the process of shitting, complete with shots of the result in the toilet afterwards...

As for the survey,
1. What famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop? Females: Maura Tierney, Angelina Jolie
Males: Ashton Kutcher, Josh Hartnett
2. What non-famous person would you most like to see taking a big poop? I haven't really given it much thought...
3. Have you ever been spied on while pooping? Not that I know of...
4. Have you ever “killed two birds with one stone” by doing another thing while pooping to save time? Often times I'll read... Hmm, one time I think I clipped my toenails while pooping...
5. How far do you pull your pants down when you poop? Only far enough to expose my butt... The furthest is down around my knees...
6. How would you describe your smell? I find it pretty tolerable but my mother always says it smells pretty bad... LOL!
7. Have you ever seriously kissed anybody while pooping? No, but I wish I could...
8. Who is your favorite type of person to see pooping, or would like to see pooping? It doesn't really matter. I'd be happy to see just about anyone pooping...
9. Can you describe your average turd? They're usually hard and round, not very long but they can be thick at times and I never poop all that much. When I have my period, my turds are usually longer, softer and more numerous...

Hey guys. I have been enjoying good regularity. Before I leave home, I rest my bowels. If not, then at work. Since I had that bad incident of cheese-bound bowels, I have been evacuating usually an eight inch snake. I am always on a detox regimen. I will buy a bottle of bentonite. It contains volcanic ash and it leaches to the instestinal walls and scrubs off impacted, dry fecal matter.

[ I hope this gets posted this time as the last time it never was] the other night I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone when she took the phone and allowed me to listen to her pee in the toilet. she did not really have to go bad but she said she would try anyway. she sat down and I could hear that distinct sound of her tinkling into the toilet water. it took her about maybe only 20 secs to pee and I asked her what I would see if I was there. " you would see my yellow stream coming out of me straight down into the water." when she had finished, I asked what would I see now. and she said , " my dark yellow pee in the toilet bowl water" . what else I asked? " bubbles on top of the water" and when I asked " how much foam bubbles?" she replied " a lot about maybe half the water's surface covered with them at first, but now clinging to the edges of the bowl. I drank a lot of juices and some water before you had called earlier and hadn't peed in a long time so it was rea l bubbly and a deep yellow color." I had asked her when the last time she peed was and she told me before 10 PM and this was like about 3:30 AM and she really did not have to pee that badly yet. she said she can really hold it a long time before she even has to go.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

I have been reading these posts for some months but this is my first attempt at submitting a contribution.

I find it amusing that some of your frequent contributors say they are constipated after not going for about two or three days !

When you reach my age ones bowels can get sluggish, and although I am a big eater, I often do not pass any motions for over a week - sometimes nearly two weeks.

Frequently when I sit on the lavatory, and try and go, I just pass wind. This is normal for me, and I tend to forget how many days ago I last passed something !

When I do manage to empty my large bowel, the motions are large and firm, and often stick in the pan.

I am 72 year-old grandmother; 5 ft. 6 in. in height, large boned, and weigh about 14 stone. I live in London with my 76-year-old husband.

Raging Urophile

Attn. Troubled J.- You are definitely not alone. I can identify 100% with your feelings. Please go back and read my posts on pgs. 1096 and 1098 where I discuss my urophilic origins. I am sure you will be able to relate to what I say. The girl who brought my urophilia out of dormancy( pg 1096) became a good friend, but not a girlfriend. I eventually became comfortable enough to mention my peeing interest to her, although I never had the guts to come out and ask her to pee for me, especially since she had always had boyfriends, while her and I were plutonic friends. I learned over time that she was selective as to who could watch her pee. She would pee in front of some male friends, but not others. I was one of the "not others". She sometimes fed me this bull about how she had "too much respect for me", and that there were other guys that she did not pee in front of. The first time she came to my house, she actually turned on the faucet so I could not hear her pee thr! ough the door. At a later date, she came over desperate for a pee. Knowing my fetish, she said "do you mind" quite tersely before closing the door, since she knew I would try to listen. The greatest evidence of her double standard was at her wedding. We were always sort of like "pals", so her getting married had no effect on our friendship. At any rate , another male friend of hers actually went into the womens' with her to help her take off her wedding dress so she could pee. I imagine he was in the stall with her while she peed. After many years(about 10 to be more exact) of having her as a friend, I decided I was no longer going to continue to be a victim of her selective modesty. I chose instead to terminate my frienship with her.
In my opinion, you should confess your interest to your girlfriend and explain that it is an extremely common desire. Be sincere in telling her that you would like to experience the intimacy of being with her while she relieves herself. My therapist actually told me that it is VERY UNUSUAL for couples not to see each other on the toilet. If she agrees, I would recommend that at first, you do not do anything more intrusive than just watch her on the bowl. Once she feels comfortable with this, you might than ask to look between her legs as she goes. Give it time. If , however, you are convinced by her responses that she is adament against EVER having you with her in these private moments, you will have to decide if your love is strong enough for you to be denied your greatest desire.
For reasons that are far too complex to discuss, I have never had a girlfriend, nor have I ever legitimitely seen a woman pee live. But should I find myself with the opportunity to develop a close relationship, it will become mandatory that she allow me to watch her pee.Otherwise, I would eventually terminate the relationship.

I've just been reading the latest posts and I noticed Sheila (South Wales) saying how she felt 'terrific' after a recent, early morning poop. I can emphasise with her about that, there have been many times when I've felt terrific after a good poop, hard or soft. But there have also been times when I've been so ill (see my post 1098). Thinking about this I have a couple of questions to ask to all females (and males).

1. Describe specifically the times when you felt terrific after a good poop:
a Where were you (home, work, day out etc)?
b Was the poop hard, medium, soft, runny?
c What were you wearing females (trouser suit, dress, skirt,
costume, panties, girdle & suspenders, briefs, pantyhose)?
d What were you wearing males (suit, casual clothes, jeans,
underpants etc)?

2. Describe specifically the times you were ill during and after a poop:
a Where were you (home, work, day out etc)?
b Was the poop hard, medium, soft, runny?
c What were you wearing females (trouser suit, dress, skirt,
costume, panties, girdle & suspenders, briefs, pantyhose?
d What were you wearing males (suit, casual clothes, jeans,
underpants etc)?

I described in post (1098) my worst time when having a poop, so I won't repeat that again. But there have been many best times, one in particular, was a few years ago before I met my partner Chas. I was dating a boy, Peter. I was in my mid-twenties and he was about three years younger than me. We'd gone to London for the day and after doing the usual things, the shops in Oxford Street in the morning and a nice meal at a steakhouse we went to Hyde Park. I remember the day wasn't very warm, quite cloudy and windy. I was wearing a new beige two-piece, bolero jacket and mini skirt, with flesh-coloured pantyhose and white briefs. Mid way through our stroll around the Serpentine I needed to have a poop, it took about five minutes to find a Ladies, it was close to the Rotten Row end of the park and when we found it it was just in time. I ran up the bush-lined path and into the toilets. There were five stalls, all empty. I remember it was very clean in there. I went in! to the nearest stall and quickly hung my shoulder-bag on the hook behind the door. I wanted to take my jacket off but didn' have the time. I hurriedly slid my panthose and briefs down together and sat on the toilet. I pooped almost at once, it was soft and mushy, the sort that leaves the bum messy, but it was such a gorgeous feeling as the poop splashed into the side of the bowl, I hadn't had time to sit properly so my aim was not good. I adjusted my seat and pooped again this time it was right into the bowl and I was peeing a stream too. I'd completely forgotten about Peter as I sat enjoying my poop. I must have been there nearly twenty minutes, just sitting luxuriating in the feeling I was experiencing. I remember two women coming in whilst I was there, both to have a pee. Then, as I was reluctantly coming to the end of my poop I heard footsteps and then Peter's urgent voice inquiring if I was all right. I said yes, I was almost through. He said he was worried th! at I might be ill I'd taken so long. I felt even better when Peter said that, he was so concerned about me, I loved him for his compassion. I remember leaning forward and opening the cubicle door and the wide eyed look he gave me. I smiled and said you've seen me on the toilet before, and he had, quite a few times. I guess this trip to London was special. I told him he'd better come in with me before somebody spotted him in the Ladies. He came in and bolted the door and stood watching me. I remember I sat for another few minutes and pooped one last time, a tiny amount that plopped into the bowl on top of my other poop. When I reached for the paper he watched as a lifted my bum cheek and slid my hand under to wipe myself. I knew I had a messy bum and the paper, when I inspected it was full of soft, dark brown poop. And then Peter took over and as I reached out for more paper he stopped me and told me to stand up facing the toilet and hold my skirt up out of the way.! I did so and remember to this day how he gently wiped my dirty bottom five more times before reaching down to my ankles and pulling up my briefs, then the same with my pantyhose. I had to make some small womanly adjustments to my briefs and pantyhose before they fitted my bottom snugly. I had filled the pan and as I flushed Peter remarked on how much I must have wanted to go. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big kiss to thank him. There was nothing sexual in my kiss and we left the toilet hand in hand. But we did make love later in the evening in Hyde Park before the end of my perfect day and one of the days when I had a good poop and felt terrific before, during, and after it.

Sheila (South Wales). I wish there was something I could tell you about when I have my periods that would help you, but I can't. My periods are not the best of times for me, obviously, but they're not really painful. I get a bloated feeling more than anything, but my poops are normal. I just hope some other poster can come up with something to help you, I feel for you, honestly.

Ash: When are you going to write about another poop. I found your posts uplifting to read, let's have some more of your toilet experiences.

Office gusher
My previous post was about me (a hospital administrator) being given an eninema by a female nurse and watched by a very turned on male nurse. I told him that he could give me the next one.
A week later I had been constipated, although it had now passed with a very streneuous pooping session at work the previous day. I saw the male nurse and told him that I would like an eminema, he said he could do it straight away. I went with him into the same examining room as last time.
I removed my skirt, blouse and panties. Wearing only black stockings, suspenders, bra and black high heeled boots I climbed onto the examining couch and laid on my front. I could tell that he was getting very turned on. He put on a disposable glove, applied some gel onto his finger and inserted it into my rectum. It was really great and I let him know it, after he spent 5 minutes greasing my poopie hole he inserted a plastic tube into me and pumped in a syringeful of solution. He waited a couple of minutes and pumped a second syringeful into me, then he removed the syringe from the tube and clamped the end.
He held the end of the tube in the air while we chatted, suddenly I was getting the feeling that my bottom was going to explode.
I got off the couch and went into the toilet next door with him holding the tube in place. Teetering on my high heels I hovered above the toilet and he pulled out the tube, I sat down and my bowels went into hyperdrive. I did a thunderous gusher into the toilet as wet sloppy poop avalanched out of me as well as a loud bubbly fart.
He was so turned on, he stood in front of me as I did another huge gusher and long bubbly fart. When I stood up to wipe myself I looked down and had never seen a toilet bowl so spattered with poop. Once clean he offered to clean my bottom with surgical wipes. He spent a good five minutes cleaning me. I then put my panties, blouse and skirt back on. I told him that he had a job for life and then went back to my desk feeling really good.

Raging Uraphile:

I am an R.N. and I took similar physiology courses, and my text books says essentialy the same thing. IN NORMAL cases, the AVERAGE person feels an urge to urinate at half a pint, and at 900 militres, the urge to urinate becomes very strong or even involuntary. BUT, there are cases where the human bladder can hold as much as 3 quarts, which is over 2 litres. Diabetics tend to have large bladders because their kidneys are working over time.

You are right about women having a higher tolerance to pain in the lower pelvic region. Muscle tone is better down there, and there is more room for the bladder to expand.

Pee Girl:

I have been in that situation a bunch of times, and as I have stated before, I am into water sports. Since I was 10, I have been into holding, and having contests with both boys and girls, and I NEVER lost to a guy, EVER. My longest hold time is 48 hours, I have yet to meet a man who could even come close. The longest I ever saw a man hold was for a little over 7 hours, and he almost wet his pants racing to the bathroom. The largest amount I ever saw a man put out was about 950 militres, while I and most of the women I know who are into this sort of thing average around 1500 or 1600. It also makes no difference how well 'endowed' the guy is, either. Peeing is one thing that women simply do better then men.

Why don't you try a holding contest with a boy some time. I bet you will have a hard time finding a guy who could beat you.


Teddy Bear
Hey, just got home its 4:00 pm 5-5-03 & have a few minutes.

to Carmalita: hola amiga! Feliz cinco de mayo. well so far haven't had any adverse reations from last night's mexican dinner. i went easy on the spicy stuff, so i'll keep my fingers crossed. i had 2 hemmoroid surgeries while in thw navy, & the poor butthole has been tender & sensitive ever since. also since i've stopped drinking i havent suffered as much. you & nu keep posting your awesome poop stories, love reading them. besos, teddy bear.

to Brody: i keep on reading your awesome post& you've really captured my interest. i responded to you yesterday, but also wanted to mention the part about you reading kristen's diary. the the other, i agree you shouldn't have done it, but on second thought, maybe she secretly wanted you to see it because she was too shy to tell you her true feelings toward you. she made no attempt to protect it with her password on the computer, or lock the drawer. don't reveal the fact that you looked at it right now, maybe a year or so from now. she may well show it to you eventually, just act pleasantly surprised & flattered when or if she does. you've got a good thing going man, i envy you.
i'm a sports nut myself, i followed the ncaa basketball playoffs, glad your team made it that far. what university do you attend? are you on an athletic scholarship? i wish you all the best in the pursuit of your dreams. you're still young & growing, you'll probably grow a few more inches & bulk up to well over 200#. remember michael jordan was only 6'4" & he became the best basketball player of all times, in my estimation. well, getting back to the main topic of pooping, like i said before, amanda will eventually opwn up to you, just give her time. maybe she can leave the door slightly ajar, where you can sneek an occasional peek, or maybe you can find a reason to cme in the bathroom when she's on the pot, like she did with you. you're smart enough to find some ways to accomplish this. good luck, & keep posting.
best regards, Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear
Hey, just got home its 4:00 pm 5-5-03 & have a few minutes.

to Carmalita: hola amiga! Feliz cinco de mayo. well so far haven't had any adverse reations from last night's mexican dinner. i went easy on the spicy stuff, so i'll keep my fingers crossed. i had 2 hemmoroid surgeries while in thw navy, & the poor butthole has been tender & sensitive ever since. also since i've stopped drinking i havent suffered as much. you & nu keep posting your awesome poop stories, love reading them. besos, teddy bear.

to Brody: i keep on reading your awesome post& you've really captured my interest. i responded to you yesterday, but also wanted to mention the part about you reading kristen's diary. the the other, i agree you shouldn't have done it, but on second thought, maybe she secretly wanted you to see it because she was too shy to tell you her true feelings toward you. she made no attempt to protect it with her password on the computer, or lock the drawer. don't reveal the fact that you looked at it right now, maybe a year or so from now. she may well show it to you eventually, just act pleasantly surprised & flattered when or if she does. you've got a good thing going man, i envy you.
i'm a sports nut myself, i followed the ncaa basketball playoffs, glad your team made it that far. what university do you attend? are you on an athletic scholarship? i wish you all the best in the pursuit of your dreams. you're still young & growing, you'll probably grow a few more inches & bulk up to well over 200#. remember michael jordan was only 6'4" & he became the best basketball player of all times, in my estimation. well, getting back to the main topic of pooping, like i said before, amanda will eventually opwn up to you, just give her time. maybe she can leave the door slightly ajar, where you can sneek an occasional peek, or maybe you can find a reason to cme in the bathroom when she's on the pot, like she did with you. you're smart enough to find some ways to accomplish this. good luck, & keep posting.
best regards, Teddy Bear.

to Carmalita: Hola amiga! i see my answer to your survey finnally got posted. it is sun. may 4 and i'm still curious as to the collage where your look alike can be seen. today's masthead cover girl shows a latina girl proudly displaying her dump. is that the one you were referring to? she looks hot! enlighten me. by the way it's my lady's birthday today, we're gonna celebrate at our favorite mexican restaurant tonight i pity my poor asshole tomorrow. i'll let you know how it goes. besas!

to Brody: enjoyed your lenghty post. my ex g/f lisa was kinda like you were, being kinda toilet shy in the beginning, but finally letting me in the bathroom when she was pooping. my story is in post page 1111 pg. 10. like your g/f kristen i'm toilet shy , i like privacy when dumping. as far as suggestions for her opening up to you, since she definately enjoys watching you poop, keep on inviting her in when your on the pot, since you,ve gotten over your shyness & then matter-of factly suggest to her that you would love to be with her, maybe at a passionate moment. tell her it really turns you on. i don't really like the word "watching" someone poop, it may imply staring, ogling, or voyeurism. as for me, i just like keeping the lady company, maybe doing other bathroom activities such as showering, shaving, brushing teeth, etc. and savor the sights, sounds & smell of her pooping. also just leaving the door open or partly open is fine with me. i feel soooo much clo! ser to a woman when she removes that last barrier to her privacy, that being on the toilet. i'm sure she will open up to you in the future. she sounds like one hot chick! good luck, & remember be sweet to her & you'll reap the rewards later. i wasn't sweet to lisa & i wound up losing a wonderful lady. well, talk to y'all later

peace & love kybo. Teddy Bear

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