To Bryian: I hadn't had a bowel movement in 5 days. This is about my limit, although I hardly ever hold it in that long. I guess I am anal retentive because I have held my poop off and on since I was a girl in gradeschool. The first time was in first grade. I asked the teacher if I could go and she told me no. So I went back and sat down at my desk. I kept figiting back and forth and thought for sure I was going to poop in my pants as my poop tried to force its way out. But after a while my poop went back inside of me and I didn't have to go anymore. This is how I found out I could hold in my poop. I have had a few accidents but I can usually always hold it in. When I was younger I considered it a challenge to hold in my poop when I really had to go bad. Oddly enough I actually felt good when I had to use the bathroom and was holding it in. I also felt relieved when my poop gave up and went back inside of me.

To Adrian: I have a pretty bad Phobia about using public restrooms or going number 2 around anyone. I like the privacy of my own bathroom and usually I wait until I can use it. Sometimes I have used public or friends bathrooms as a last resort mainly because sometimes my ???? starts to hurt because of gas pressure. As I was growing up at home, I shared a room with my sister. Whenever I took a bowl movement in our bathroom my sister always complained about how bad I stank the place up.
For a girl I do emit a really bad odor when I poop in the bathroom. I am afraid of offending anyone or subjecting them to a really stinky aroma. Also my turds are really big sometimes and I am afraid that the toilet won't be able to handle them. Sometimes my toilet becomes backed up at my apartment, and I am afraid to put someone elses toilet out of commission. That would be too embarrassing! For me it is just easier to hold it in when I am out in public or visiting someone. I've never considered myself constipated because I usually have to go poop every day but I choose to hold it in away from my personal bathroom.

To help here: When you are done peeing, push down on your bladder using your stomach muscles and then shake your dick. You can try wringing it out, pinch your dick at the base and wring toward the end like you are jerking off, then shake it again. After I put mine away a few drops always seem to leak out and I wear briefs that have a thick fabric in the front. I also steal my girlfriends panty liners and they work.

I knew i saw something intresting on tv last night!
I turned the tv on around 11pm and i was flipping around, i came to E! And Howard Stern was on. There was some guy there and he pulled his pants down and he had on an adult diaper. Any one see this? do you know if he had poop in it? I came across that in the middle

Anyone like to watch themselves pooping in the mirror oron a camera?

Hi everybody,
Great stories from everybody! cool stuff. i know I don't write here very often, but i love reading in here. Me and Carmalita just got back hiking today near the falls and it was great. Carmalita took a giant dump outside. She did 12 turds in a row! Seriously, I counted thtem! It was a really good shit for her. I know she felt better afterwards. Seeing her got me so excited about it all that I actually dropped my pants and pooped next to a big rock by the falls. My turd pile was nto as big as Carmalita's though. She had one super fat log in her pile that was so long it coiled. It was kind of hanging out of her butt and she had to wiggle around to break it off. Then a bunch more turds came out of her, kind of slow and one atfater another. She was hot! Anyway, it was a huge pile! My turd was soft and runny, bu it was a logn one.
The photogarahper Dan visited yesterday. He watched me take a shit in our bathroom. I had some pretty big turds too. He said he's just dying to see Carmalita on the can! I dont' blame him for that, I told him it's workth the wait.

Oh well, nothing mcuh else to report. Me and Angie arent' making videos anymore. I'm trying to talk Malita into doing one with me. I've almost got her convinced! We were so close to it Sunday night. I'm going to try and talk her into it tonight. I even have the camera set up. Jake came over and visited. He's got a new girlfrend named Jenny, but he and Malita are cool with each other so I'm happy too.
THat's it i guess! Peace.

Miss Belinda: When I was a little girl and a teenager, boys would walk in on me while I was sitting on the toilet. See my earlier posts.
Manhattan Girl: Ice Capades or not, I would have gone to the toilet.

Jane (& Gary)

Carmalita: Hola right back! It's nice to see you posting again. Sorry things didn't work out between you and Jake, but it looks like things are even better between you two and everyone is happy.

Hello also to Robby & Annie (and missing Meghan & Sarah) and to Rizzo and Althea. Missing long-lost friends Jeff A, Buzzy, Ephermal, Kim & Scott, Diane NY, Alana, and many others.

The other night after work I was at the mall with my best friends Carrie and Sara. We get together at least once a month and act like (and sometimes even dress like) mallrats. After eating at a food court, it was bathroom time, so we went to Nordstroms and went to their ladies room. We took adjacent stalls, shut the doors and pulled up our skirts and pulled down our panties almost in unison. We all had to poop and pee. We started to wipe, also in unison. We got up, dressed, flushed and came out, also in unison. We washed our hands using adjacent sinks, dried our hands, and came out of the ladies room. All of this with precise unison.

Movie Fan
To Bob the Lurker,

I did finally see the movie "See the Sea". The movie is about a bored young housewife who is vacationing alone with her young child while she waits for her husband to come back from a business trip. She allows a female camper to set up her tent in the backyard. Early on, she tells the girl camper that she can use the bathroom if she wants.

The bathroom scene involves the female camper using the toilet to take a shit. You don't really see much at first. As she is sitting on the toilet, you can only see the bottom of her legs and feet. There is no grunting or sound effects, but you hear her wiping. She doesn't flush. There is nothing to indicate she took a crap until the next scene, which is pretty weird. The camera shows the contents of the bowl, and there is indeed some very real-looking shit and used toilet paper. She then takes the housewife's tooth brush and wipes the brush on the shit. She first touches the brush to the turd, then she wipes the brush on some shit stains on the toilet. Then she replaces the brush in the holder. Later the housewife comes in and brushes her teeth and seems to make a face like she is tasting something weird. Then the housewife goes to use the toilet. She lifts up the lid and is immediately disgusted by the poop she sees. She flushes, and then starts to pull ! down her pants to use the toilet, but the camera cuts away before we see anything.

All in all, it is an interesting but odd scene. The most interesrting part is that the poop in the toilet actually looks very real.

To The pissing playgirl -

Loved your story from the mall. That was so hot! I'm 17 and male, and it reminded me of a story from when I was at the mall, which I have posted here before (so if you've already seen it, you can just scroll down - this is your warning!)

This happened last August on the day before my family left on vacation, so I was wearing a pair of baggy black athletic pants and a t-shirt since I wouldnt be bringing them. I was picking up a couple of last-minute things at the mall, and it was getting pretty late in the day. I kind of had to pee while walking around, but nothing desperate so I just ignored it. Eventually, it went away. So I checked out and walked to my car, and by this time I really, really had to pee bad! It was actually pretty ridiculous how fast the urge came back and grew. I was very far away from a bathroom and 45 minutes from my house, so while I considered my options I just stood there and crossed my legs in desperation. I decided that I didnt feel like walking back to the bathroom, and I also decided that I didnt want to wet myself in the car on the way back. So, that left one option. I looked around, then just did a sort of half-squat and totally flooded my pants with piss. I just kept whizzin! g away right there in the parking lot until i was done. When I was done pissing my pants, you could still only barely make out the large wet spot due to my pants being black and having a cotton layer inside. But the piss did flood out of my pants and create a puddle on the ground. Then I just got in my car and drove off, and the pants dried somewhat on the way home. I felt SO relieved 'cause I was totally bursting, and it felt awesome to piss my pants in a public place.

To Bryian - I usually dont crap my pants, but I had already pissed them and before I knew it I was about to crap them, so I just decided to go ahead with it. I really dont like it though.

To Martin - I would probably piss in the urinal if I had to go bad enough, even if there were girls right there. If I could hold it though, I'd probably try to wait.


Hi Tyler, thanks for the question. I see you're a college dude. Yeah, you have to be a bit careful speaking to a stranger taking a shit in the next stall. They might get the wrong idea! If, however, you're genuinely in distress because you didn't check for toilet paper, most folks will understand. This applies especially to young dudes like at College. Most have been in that tight situation and will sympathize. So on the few occasions at college when I was in too much of a hurry to dump and didn't first check for TP, I would ask the guy in the next stall to pass me some. What I do is say something like "Oh shit, no toilet paper" as if I'm speaking to myself. So they're not surprised by what comes next. Then I knock on the partition and say: "Hey dude, I'm out of toilet paper here. Could I get some off you?" Most guys in my experience have just laughed and said: "Sure, no problem, dude!" They then pass some under the partition to you. Some guys have even said: ! "Hey dude, let me know if you need more" and if I need more TP I just ask again. Sometimes, I've been at the sink washing my hands when the other dude comes out of his stall. I usually just say: "Hey dude, thanks a bunch. You saved my f***ing life." We then have a good laugh and it's like bonding because all young dudes have had the experience of a dirty, sticky butt and not knowing how to get it clean! Try it next time. You'll be pleasantly surprized. It's easier, however, if you have time to make sure the stall has TP before you park your butt on the seat!

Traveling Guy
Last night I shopped at the local mall. After leaving the store, I had the urge for a pee. (Shouldn't drink coffee in the late afternoon!). I walked down the long corridor off the mall and turned into the next hall where the restrooms are. All at once, I was greeted by a "Closed" sign wedged in the top of the door and by a security cop, who asked politely if I had to use the restroom. (Duh!) "Can he go in there?" he said to someone now behind me. I turned around to see another security officer. Then the first cop peeked in quickly and told me that the cleaning lady was still inside. I thought he was going to ask her to step out for a second, but he didn't. I was also about to say, "That's OK. I don't mind if she's in there, too," but that kind of remark could get you into trouble, even as a joke. The two cops kindly told me where I could find some handicapped johns elsewhere in the mall (separate, one-toilet only types) and they walked behind me out to the shoppi! ng court. It made me wonder if the cleaning lady really was in there, or if there was some kind of trouble going on.

Then some guy in civilian clothes, who wasn't even nearby when the cops gave me directions, followed me through the mall and down the other hall to the handicaps. I first noticed him when he got ahead of me a couple of times and stopped to do some window shopping, and then kept following me, even down the hallway. I said, "If you're headed for the restroom, you can go first. I'll wait out in the mall." He looked surprised, but that's what I did, until he came out. Maybe my imagination got the best of me, but it was all kind of freaky.

Carin - Thanks for your input on the backyard pee-ers. BTW, it's all good with the neighbors now. As I suspected, they were clueless about their guests' behavior.

Bridget - I judge a turd by how good it feels coming out. For that, I find that at least 12" long and 1.5 to 2 in. thick is good, but the longer the better, if it comes out without coaxing. Semi-firm is best for me. Turds that keep a curve in the bowl also seem to be the best. Color and texture don't matter much, but my best ones seem to be medium brown and just plain smooth. I prefer just one big jobbie, but I sometimes have several smaller pieces of, say, 3 to 6 in. long.

Black Chaos - Re "Chaotic Rant: Standing While Urinating": You're right, this topic isn't new here. I think each woman and girl should choose for herself what position she wants to pee in, and in which circumstances. There's a whole lot of culture and history bound up in this subject. As to social status, sure, guys make lots of stupid, macho remarks to other guys, such as the putdown, "And do you pee sitting down like a girl, too?" I don't know about urinals making guys feel more empowered, but I think some women see their convenience and wonder why it's denied to them. Female urinals do exist and it's strange to me that they haven't caught on. Are they not well designed? Or don't male architects think to install them in women's rooms? As to the new movement in northern Europe of taking urinals out of unisex toilet rooms in the name of greater equality, that's stupid, too, IMHO.

some guy awhile ago said that the longest hes gone with out crappin is 5 days well i crap ever sat morning is that bad? and once at camp i went 2 weeks with out crappin cus the crapper was desusting i was proclamed god and well aceped the title but i gotta ask is goin a week with out crapping bad?

Back from anonymity to post something interesting for some of you. My mom is the nurse at a local high school, and she had a story today when she came home from work. Apparently a water main burst near the school, and turned all the water brown, and flooded a nearby street. When someone realized what happened, the school was immediately alerted, and all the bathrooms were promptly shut down to avoid anyone using the water. What they failed to consider was all the people who might actually need to use a bathroom, and my mom, with a bathroom in her office, was getting begged by alot of people to use her bathroom. Unfortunately for them, her bathroom was locked off too, so I'd imagine that there were a whole bunch of desperate people in the school. One of course was a lady my mom works with, who danced around a whole bunch before thinking of trying the gym bathrooms, locked too of course, but my mom never found out if she made it or not. Anyway, for all you desperation f! ans out there, I thought you might enjoy that.


To Manhattan Girl: Liked your story..did any one find out you shit your self? Liked your story about using the porto potty too..did you see the shit in it from the guys? or was it clean?

To discochick: Loved your story.

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked hearing about your outdoor dump, did the guys see your turds?

To Shaun: Thats cool about the guy that did shits the width of a coke can, that must have hurt him coming out.

To Crystal: Loved your old was that girl you watched poop?

To Karen: Sounds like a nice dump you had

To The pissing playgirl: Liked your story about peeing your self at the mall

To Althea: Sounds like a nice dump!

To Miss Belinda.: Loved your old is your nephew? you should have accidently forgoten to flush so he could have seen it

To Bridget: The Idea of an ultimate turd is a big one atleast 8 inches up to 14, thick too and hard to push out. I like it to be light brown and dark brown..maybe green too.

To wetguy: Liked your story of that

Crystal - wow that was an amazing story. I'm speechless

Who are you that said "Quit. Police are watching restrooms and setting up men."? First of all I quit a while ago, and second of all, isn't that a little ironic. setting up men to patrol women's restrooms?

Adrian - Thanks for responding. I totally agree that the interest is OK but the behavior needs to be appropriate. Although, I see from someone else that there is going to have to be a fine line set for "appropriate" (see next paragraph)

Teddy Bear - Um, OK I was following you for much of the way, Yes its OK to have the fetish, no I'm not alone, no don't break laws (oh and yes, I would love to start a TA, it would be hard, but for the best in the end). But the way you said there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing (done) is questionable. I have gone from the extremes of sneaking in and trying (unsuccessful) to spy in the bathroom, to simply listening near the door in my house (non related) and everything in between, and though charges were never brought upon, I was told that even the listening could be an invasion of privacy in court. Further more, I know that it upset people when they found out, and they have that right. So if I'm reading your post wrong I'm sorry, but if not, I just want you to know I did some bad things and I'm not proud of them (being in AA I'm sure that's not a new line for you. I am currently in a therapeutic day school). The last point is what you said about your sister. Now, I'm! not judging you, but some people would think that adds to the... abnormality of it. I personally would never be interested in this with my family. although I don't have any siblings near in age, all are much younger, I could not imagine doing that to my sister. I might be wrong, its possible that if I had a sister close in age I would, I just don't see it. Again, I'm not judging, I have seen others post about family and toilets and it seems to be a varying topic. I for one am personally VERY shy about the topic with them and REFUSE to speak about it in family therapy. And I have never considered being seen / seeing any family on the toilet (I have heard from some people with other fetishes that, in fact, they are more turned off / disgusted with the thought of their family members engaging in that fetish, just to give you an idea where I'm coming from)

OK, that was a little long, sorry, sometimes I get carried away. I just wanted to end with some news: I have a GF! My first one too. I don't know how she stands on the whole toilet issue, but when I told her I used to go in the girls bathroom she was cool with it (the way I told her showed much remorse / embracement). She told me, yesterday for some reason that she is "slow" as in not willing to be active right away. I told her that was perfectly OK, but I was wondering about bringing up the subject of my fetish. I don't care if she's not into it or anything (although that would be a major plus) but I just want to get it out of the way so that I'm not just one day "oh by the way..." and gross her out. What does anyone think, is it too soon to tell her? How should I say it?

yes i did poop in the girls bathroom after i saw them in there.***QUESTION FOR ALL WOMEN***
-------when you wear a skirt short or long, when u pee or poop do u pull it up around ur waist or take it down? please answert i have been dieing to know.. thanx oh yea and to all TV FANS--
There is a comercial for 7 up where he is saying u have to get ppl to watch your comercial so u see him carryin a tv into some ones house and then up the stairs and then opens a door to see a fat man in a t shirt on the toilet.. you see him from the waist up. then later u see him holding the toilet paper and pulling it away...teasing the man.

Bryian-Glad you liked my story.

Justin-I "peeked" in on my roomate's bathroom activities about 3 times by looking through a gap along the side of the door. It had been replaced previously with an ill-fitting door that left a gap between the door and the jamb. As long as there was no light in the hallway, you couldn't see anyone outside.

Fernando-That was a cool story about the stall on the island. I found a stall with high partitions like that on Maui. There was a good-looking guy who went in and to my surprise he dropped his shorts and briefs all the way to his ankles. I could see most of his thighs as he sat on the can. It was a side view, though.

At my gym, I went in to use the stall and chose the larger handicapped one, next to the wall. I was surprised to see this guy with his workout pants and underwear pulled down about mid-thigh, wiping with his right hand. He looked surprised to see me walk in on him. It was strange that he didn't lock the door.

I was talking to a buddy of mine on the phone and I told him that I am always doing something while on the phone. He said that I didn't want to know what he was doing. He said that he was sitting on the toilet, because he really just couldn't wait any longer. I didn't hear any sounds from him, but I did hear when he flushed the toilet and washed his hands. He also made another poo reference later in the conversation. I wonder if he has a similar interest in this subject matter. Hmmm...

To Manhattan Girl: Liked your story..did any one find out you shit your self? Liked your story about using the porto potty too..did you see the shit in it from the guys? or was it clean?

To discochick: Loved your story.

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked hearing about your outdoor dump, did the guys see your turds?

To Shaun: Thats cool about the guy that did shits the width of a coke can, that must have hurt him coming out.

To Crystal: Loved your old was that girl you watched poop?

To Karen: Sounds like a nice dump you had

To The pissing playgirl: Liked your story about peeing your self at the mall

To Althea: Sounds like a nice dump!

To Miss Belinda.: Loved your old is your nephew? you should have accidently forgoten to flush so he could have seen it

To Bridget: The Idea of an ultimate turd is a big one atleast 8 inches up to 14, thick too and hard to push out. I like it to be light brown and dark brown..maybe green too.

To wetguy: Liked your story of that

I continue to be amazed at the quoted diameters of the turds supposedly seen or passed by some contributors to these columns.

I am a lady of 48 who gets constipated frequently i. e. pass no motions for at least 5 days, sometimes not for a week.

After being constipated for over 5 days I usually pass a turd of 2 inches thick (diameter). This requires some effort particularly if hard and dry.

The largest turd I have ever passed was about 2.5 inches in diameter i.e. beer-can thickness, after about 9 days of constipation and impaction in the rectum. This was painful and took considerable effort to pass after several attempts and then only when a finger-full of lubricant was added.

When I read about 3 and even 4 inches thick turds I just do not believe it.

What do you all think ?

Can anyone genuinely say they have passed turds over 2.5 inches thick ?

Comments from other ladies particularly welcomed.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

To Jay here are my answers to your survey
1. How old are you? 43
2. Are you male or female? Male
3. Have you ever pooped in your pants? Yes
4. Have you ever pissed in your pants? Yes
5. Have you ever pooped in your pants at school? Yes
6. Have you ever pissed in your pants at school? Yes
7. Have you ever pooped in the shower? Yes
8. Have you ever pissed in the shower? Yes
9. My story to answerto #5 is? Once I had diareaha so bad that I could'nt make it to the bathroom
10. My story to answer to #6 is? I could'nt make make during till the class break
11. Whats the weirdest place you ever pooped? In a outhouse
12. Whats the weirdest place you ever pissed? In th woods

Greetings from sunny old UK everbody!

I have been reading the postings on here for a number of months now and thought it was time to time to post to the board.

I have always been fasinated with what women do in the bathroom.

There were two films which I remember vividly where women have been shown to be in the action of pooing or peeing.

The first was when a girl met this blind man. A few minutes after entering the house the girl goes into the bathroom. A few minutes pass, which is why I presume she is doing a poo, and during the whole of this time she is chatting away to this man.
The man obviously not knowing where she is walks into the bathroom as she had left the door open. I remember the film showing a quick glimpse of the girl sitting on the toilet.

Any ideas what this film is?

The second film I remember was about two women on a camping holiday. There is a bear on the loose in the forest but the two women are not aware of this.
One of the women obviously need to use the 'great outdoor toilet' and tell her friend that she must go whilst at the same time picking up a toilet roll and walking over to the a secluded location. I did not see the rest of this clip as I was on the way out of the house at the time.

Can anybody tell what happens next if you remember the name of the film?

On the subject of chemical toilets I would like to tell you about a story of a female friend of mine when we were both about 13 which was about 25 years ago.

It was a summer Saturday afternoon and we were both with our parents at this club we used to go to every week.
However this club was in the middle of nowhere. The ladies toilet there was a chemical toilet enclosed in a brick building. The girl was talking to her parents and obviously in the need to go for a poo. However the thought of using this toilet put her off from going. I think it ws was the thought of leaving her business behind in the toilet without the ability to flush it away so the the next users could see it which made it very difficult for her to go.
Eventually after some kind words from her parents see relented and went to use the facility.
I remember later on the evening creeping into the toilet to see what see had left. However it difficult to tell as there were a number of pieces of poo floating in the chemical liquid and I remember thinking to myself 'I wonder which ones she had done?

Hope to post some new posting soon.


Teddy Bear
Heeeey mod's i finally found my 3 missing posts when i came across 1112, so everything's cool & i can now fast forward to new experiences & feedbacks. i still need to know how to save my posts, just in case.

to bryian: i'm 45 y/o, retired (retarded) navy veteran, love my country, love y'all, & love to watch you gals poop. sorry guys you dont turn me on in the poop dept., i saw enough of it on board ship.

to carmalita: hola mi amiga! glad you liked my story.would you mind having me for an audience during one of your major poops? i'd sure love to attend. how is it such a petite gal like you can produce so much poop? it's amazing! i guess you gals have bigger colon capacity as well as bladder capacity. truly awesome.

well i'm gonna post now before i lose it. my computer is so f****d
up, or is it me?

later, Teddy Bear.

To Tyler: Liked your story

To Adrian: Oh..thanks for replying

To coyote: Thats cool about that girl you met, she seems open

John Q Public
Black Chaos:

The reason why girls make such a fuss about standing up to urinate, is because their physiology makes doing such very difficult. First of all, they have to be able to adjust their 'piss flaps' so they can aim their streams without getting it all over the place and down their legs. Second of all, in order to project a stream in a certain direction, they have to exert alot of pressure, again because of the clit and piss flaps being in the way. At a guess, I would say that a woman would have to push twice as hard as a man in order to pee standing up. My sister and gf definately have the pressure, but they never realy got into standing. They do a great job of aiming from a squating position, though. Men have it easy when it comes to aiming.


I do remember reading that post about the guy who's camp fire you put out with your pee. I was quite impressed. I posted a similar story about my cousen, and sister around the same time. My gf did the same thing while we were on a camp out. It was hot a huge fire, but she did get it completely out with piss to spare. When she got finished, there was not one smouldering ember anywhere to be seen.

Pissing Playgirl and Help Here:

I have suffered from urinary incontenence most of my life. I realize that pissing Playgirl likes to wet her panties. I have no problem with that. Help Here sounds like he may have a weak sphincter muscle. I don't know how you feel about diapers, but I have worn them most of my life. I wear them every time I go out to the movies, on long road trips, or on any ocasion where I might not be able to get to a toilet or a convenient spot to take a leak. When I get to a certain point, I either have to let loose right now, or wet my pants. Disposables are readily available, but there is the embarassment of having to buy them at the drug store, and the risk that some one who you don't want to know your secrets may see you. I would advise that you order them on line if that's possible. Cloth diapers, which is my preference, are also available on line, and cost less in the long run because you can wash them and reuse them. They are also more inconspicous then you may think! . I've been at my job for a long time, and nobody even suspects that I wear diapers and have a bladder control problem. In fact, I am wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants right now because I am the only one in the office today, and I may not get a bathroom break until I go to lunch. If, or more likely when, I do wet myself, nobody will ever know it.

Hola mis amigos!

TRAVELING GUY: Thanks for the hello! We're all doing fine and I hope you are too mi querida.

AUSSIEROD: Hola sweetie! I have to say that I've been asked some interesting questions before, but yours is the most unique! I love it!! I have a fairly thick bush, but I'm not hairy up to my navel. I'm also not very hairy in other places. It's strange because I am Morena (which is very dark skinned) but I don't have any wiping problems. My butt's as smooth as a plum, so are my sisters'. My mother Carmen is lighter skinned, but my dad is dark. Thanks for asking about me.

TEDDY BEAR: Excellent story about your gf and the oak toilet seat! I felt like I was there. I just love it when someone is pooping and you can smell it and all of a sudden you hear a plop and it's so hot. It's all very familiar to me. Thanks for the message in Spanish, it's very romantic! I'm guessing that you wanted to say "bienvenidos otra vez" (welcome once again?) oh yeah, I forgot, I wanted to do your survey.

1. do you like someone with you when pooping? Most of the time. Sometimes I like privacy.
2. do you like to be with someone when they're pooping? Sometimes. It depends on how bad it is LOL! I love to be with my friend Nu when she poops because it dosen't smell very bad usually. you like to read when pooping? what kind of reading material? I usually don't read, just skim things.
4. on average how much do you poop? please indicatte size & # of turds. does it usually stink? to what degree? On the average, I poop twice a day. The first one is in the morning, and it's usually quite big. I do about 3-4 turds that are huge. An average turd for me is about 10-14" and really, really fat. Sometimes they hurt coming out because they're so big. Yes, mine usually stink pretty bad!
5. how long do you normally take to poop? About 2-3 minutes depending. Diarhea days take much longer.
please indicate your age, race, ht, wt, & measurements. I'm 25, female, Mexicana, 5'1" 100 lbs.

That's all for now! I'll write more later.

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