Hi. My name is Matthew. I'm 11 years old, and I have 2 younger brothers. John is 8, and Eric is 6. My mom is always frustrated with our bathroom habits and attitudes towards them. We have our own bathroom in our room. We never flush after peeing, and by the end of the day, if my mom hasn't flushed it, it really reeks. We ususally don't wipe after pooping, and our underwear is pretty stained in the back.
Once me and my 2 brothers were in the car with my mom. We were on the way back from shopping. John suddenly realized he really needed to poop but my mom said we couldn't stop anywhre. she finally, after 5 minutes of whining from him, agreed to let him poop his pants. He grinned at me,farted,and began straining. Pretty soon the whole car stunk. I then had the unpleasant task of cleaning him up at home.
I've got tons more stories to post in the future. See ya...

Jennas Bro
Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I have been reading all of these posts for quite sometime now, and I wanna share a few stories with everyone here. First off, most of my stories will relate to my 17 year old sister, Jenna. I'm a 13 year old boy by the way. Anyway, I often see her on the toilet doing whatever she needs to do, because my room is right near the bathroom. Jenna has is a brunette with blonde highlights. She's about 117 lbs and average in height. The inside of my closet takes you directly to the bathroom. In the back of my closet, there's a small split in the wall. From that, I can see anyone who goes in the bathroom. I think it's great, because my sister is really pretty, and it gives me a chance to see her on the toilet. Anyway, here's my first story.....

9:00 AM
This past Sunday (Easter), my grandparents from upper California were coming down for a nice dinner. After opening all of my presents, I went into my room to get dressed. While I was pulling my shirt over my head, I heard a noise. It sounded like it came from the bathroom, so I went into my closet. And there Jenna was. She was standing by the mirror in her white pants and her red shirt. In the middle of her shirt was a green christmas tree. After about a minute, she went to the door and closed it all the way. She then slowly walked over to the toilet and lifted the seat up. She started to unbutton the first snap of her jeans, then the second, then the third. She placed her hands at the top of her jeans and slid them down to her ankles. After her pants, she slid her green panties down to her ankles too. She then turned around and sat on the toilet. She looked really pretty sitting there, with her chin in the palm of her hands. Her elbows were resting on her ! knees. She gave a slight push, and I heard her start to pee. Her pee started softly, then went really hard and splashed really hard into the water. She peed for about 45 seconds, then tore off a piece of toilet paper. It was a small piece. She bunched it up, then put it by her front. She wiped up and down once, then stood up with the used paper in her hand. She tossed the piece in the toilet, then put the seat down. She flushed, then walked out of the bathroom.

11:30 AM
I was in my room reading a Sports Illustrated magazine I had got a week earlier, when I heard someone go into the bathroom. I got up and went to the closet. And guess what, it was my sister again. She sat on the toilet and just peed. This lasted for about 45 seconds, then she wiped and flushed. Nothing much there.

7:30 PM
Okay guys, here we go. After I helped clean up all the plates that were crusted with pie from dessert, I went to my room and went on the computer. I had just signed onto the internet, when I heard the bathroom door slam, and I mean slam closed. I nearly fell out of my chair lol. I ran over to the closet, crawled over, and saw my sister undoing her pants. After she had her pants and panties at her ankles, she sat on the toilet and did this huge fart. She then went, "UNNRRGGHHH...UNN...UNNGGH", and I could tell she was trying to poop. She was leaning forward, and her hands were tightly grasped on both sides of the toilet. After she pushed like that, she farted again. She sighed loudly, then tiny drops of pee escaped from her. She pushed again, and nothing happened. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she pushed again, "URRNN". She had some success. I heard a "PLOOMP" into the toilet after that push. She sat back on the toilet a little, then she began to pee alo! t more. After she peed for maybe 20 seconds, she grunted again. I heard a piece begin to crackle. The crackling only lasted a few seconds, and was followed by 2 plops. She spread her legs a bit, and took a look underneath her. I wish I could see her poop, but I wasn't just gonna go in there and ask to see it lol. Oh well! After she was through looking at the poop, she reached to her right and got some toilet paper. She bunched it up, then leaned forward and put the paper in back of her. I had a great view of her wiping. After the first piece, she checked it, then threw it into the toilet from the back. She grabbed another piece of toilet paper, and wiped from down to up, from the back. She looked at it again, then noticed it was clean and threw it into the toilet. She stood up, pulling her white pants and green panties up to her waist, buttoned up, then took off her shirt. Now, she was only in her bra. She walked over to the door, locked it, then went to the ! shower. I really didn't want to see anything more, so I went away. A few moments later, I heard the toilet flush. Well, my sister is really cool. I have more stories to share, but I"ll save them for another time. Peace.....

NYC Crapper
Hey Punk Rock Girl....I was lloking back through the posts and I saw that picture too. It was on a bands website from the NY/NJ area. It was one of the most hideous things I have ever seen! I can't imagine what happened the very next time he had to go! Peace everyone.....

Teddy Bear
Hi again, read todat's posts & WOW! you did it again, carmalita
, mia amiga , another monster dump! how can you manage a 20" turd? is it the enchaladas, burritos & tacos you eat? they must be loaded with fiber. i love them too, but whenever i eat them i need a fire extinguisher to put out the fire in my asshole! you sure keep your little butthole working overtime. keep posting & let me know your secret.

to Nu: chao em!(hope my vietnamese is good) great story. glad to hear from you. you are one lucky gal to be witness to carmalita's giant dumps. i hear yours are pretty good, too. i'm wondering about this photo session you had with dan. did you just pose on the toilet or were you actually pooping when he wasshooting? are the videos/pics sold to an outlet or a magazine/video company? is there anyway any of us can get them? dan is one lucky dude.

i'm gonna share an experience i had in vietnam after the fall of saigon. my ship was over there to help evacuate the refugees. i was in a community building helping the people to move out when i saw this beautiful vietnamese girl go out the back door. i was awed by her beauty & watched as she headed toward the toilet shack out back. she was carry a roll of tp & entered the facility. there was a 2' gap from the bottom of the door to the floor. i watched as she lowered ner pants of her native "au dai" dress to her ankles & squat open legged over the trough. i had full view of her genitals & immediately saw a thick turd start to exit her butthole. it slid out at a pretty fast pace , & i estimated it to be at least 12" long. she then started a stream of pee that lasted about 1 min. a few minutes passed & a second wave of poop came, 3 turds of about 6-8". i was trassfixed at wahat i was seeing' to say i wasn't fully excited would be lying. i kept on w! atching & about 3 min later the 3'd wave came; 4 smaller turds in sucession. "how much poop did this woman still have left in her?" i wondered. she finally pooped out a few small residual turds , peed a little more & began wiping. it took her 4 wipes, then she stood up, pulled up her pants, & came out, unaware that i'd been watching her because the door covered the upper half of her body. she came back into the building, we talked for a bit, she had excellent english. i never revrealed my little secret to her. i'm amazed at how people in other countries go about their bathroom business so unashamedly. well, Nu & others, i hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. by the way i was only 18 y/o at the time.

well, catch y'all later

peace & love. kybo. Teddy Bear.
i'm also gonna share an experience

Was a gorgeous day for the beach today. Of course took my girlfriend (21, 5'6", 107 lbs, B/C-cup, long straight brown hair, blue eyes, very hairy bush!) with me. Between us we had about a dozen sodas during the course of the day. Anyway, when we were about to leave, she said she REALLY had to pee first. Of course I had purposely taken her to a place where there are no bathrooms closeby, so this played out well. She has no problem going outdoors, so she and I walked up into the dunes and found a spot. For the curious, I had gone in the ocean about an hour before we left, so I didn't have to go again. Anyway, instead of taking her thong bikini bottom off, she likes to just pull the front to one side of her pussy and go. She squatted with her legs apart so I could watch. I must say that girls have bigger bladders than us guys, for she pissed a HUGE puddle there in the sand, more than I think I've ever seen a girl or guy do before. It took her maybe 2 or 3 minutes to f! inish gushing. I loved watching her every second. The sun was shining toward the front of her and the sight of piss droplets glistening around her pussy and her bush and in the sand below her was just...mmm....wonderful! She dripped dry as she usually does and I just enjoyed the show ;-) The look of relief on her face made it all the more better. She finally got up, pulled the front of her bikini back over her pussy, and we walked back to the car and came home to do some other good things ;-) We might go camping for the weekend, so if anything good happens (that can be posted here), will post when we get back. Happy goings everyone!

Hi everyone:
I haven't written in a long because my life had
gotten borning. But it's not now. I now have a new
girlfriend named Tina and she is so open-minded that
she lets me watch her on the toliet. We are so in love
with each other. I've been reading here everyday and the
stories are great. Will try to post more later.

I dont know the extent of the pee you do into your shorts after taking a pee but If its like the aveerage normal guy you do have some drips left after peeing. Your penis has a tube called a uretha thru which your urine flow thru. After peeing, you have a this tube that still has a lttle bit left in it. So us guys when we are done at the toilet will shake, squeeze, milk it down as to drain out the last few drops. If you are in a hurry and dont do this you can have a few shots squirf out after you tuck your willy away. Sometimes having a long foreskin on your penis will also cause you not to drain all the way.
There may be some other things pretaining to your puberty that can cause this too. An enlarged prostate gland will prevent complete draining of your bladder and once relaxed the spinchter will get the rest of your urine leak out. I cant get into a lot of detail here on this as I would refer you to some info on sexual development and things like wet dreams and other things.
But give the ole shaft a good squeeze and shake and see if that does it. If not well it could be the swollen prostate not allowing you to empty fully.

You probably can find a website about that information as this isnt really a sexual information board.
Lotsa luck.
Michael m.

i was at work 3 day ago and i needed a pee as i went in to the toilet
and the stall have no doors as i pulled down my panties i saw a big brown skid mark in them and then my friend wallked in and she saw my panties and said it dosnt matter ( i liked having dirty panties on i wore them untill to day)anyone else like getting skid markes in there panties

Friday, April 25, 2003

To Carmalita: Saying Hi back....I loved your story too, it sounded really many days was it since you last pooped?

To libby: Thats cool about your poop

To shy dumper: Loved your story, cool old was that kid?

To Cassy: Wow thats along time to hold your poop

To unnamed poster: I sometimes like to watch my self poop in the mirror or on camra

To Nu: Liked your story

To Movie Fan: That sounds like a cool movie

To wetguy: I see about crapping your pants....i don't blame you its messy to clean up. Did you see my story a few pages back where i peed my pants after work?
I liked your story too..did any one see you pee your self?

To Justin: Thats cool about the toilet paper old are you? im 21

To Dave-NY: Liked your story..Did your mom ever tell you if any one had any accidents cause they couldn't use the bathroom?

To andrew: Thats cool about pooping in the girls bathroom, did you get caught? and i saw that commercial for 7up

To Zip: I always like your stories! Thats cool about your buddy who was on the phone and on the can talking to you

To Hermione: Wow thats big and along time to be constipated

To Steve: Sounds like some cool movies...i liked your story too

To Teddy Bear: Thanks for replying...i thought you were younger like school age, cause i saw that post about being on a field trip

Last night i went out to eat right after eating i was really full and i kinda felt gassy, so i went to the bathroom to pee and i farted to relive some pressure, i was in a single mens room 1 toilet(no partions) and a urinal and some guy came in. I wish it would have been a kid, he would have probably been open and started pooping, you know how kids are, they don't care...any way
i left on the way home i was farting a little, when i got home i got on here and i was farting more. Then i got off and got ready for bed i decided i had to poop. I pushed out this dark brown smooth log about 8 inches and then smaller little logs, I don't know how many times i wiped, my roll of tp was about 80% empty and i used all of it up.
During the night i peed alot too, drank alot of coke, was thirsty yesterday.

Thanks for remembering, John Q. Also, as you were saying to Black Chaos, we girls have shorter urethras, which gives us both an advantage and dis advantage with it comes to aiming and pissing in a straight stream. The advantage is that it can open wider and we can put out a thicker stream. The disadvantage, is just as you pointed out. We have to get by the labia, or as you would say, piss flaps in order to project a stream, so I do have to push pretty hard, and seperate my labia with my fingers.

I perfer to squat, as does my girl friend when I pee, because it feels more natural for me. I have a very strong bladder and well developed sphincter muscles, so I have good control and great capacity. My girlfriend comes very close to my abilities, and she also perfers to squat, though one time when we were experimenting with a Female Urinary Device, she stood. I still squated. My boyfriend is not incontenent or anything like that, but he is no wheres near my or Angie's ability when it comes to holding and how far we can project a piss stream.

Need Help, diapers would definately work. Kegal exercises would also help you over come that problem. I would also recomend that you get to the bathroom when you feel the need to pee. Don't try to hold for a long time. You could also use the regular tiolets in the public restroom instead of the urinal, pull your pants down all the way like you are going to shit, and let your bladder empty completely out before you pull your pants back up.

Just my 2 cents worth.


A number of contributors suggest that many American guys are less fastidious than the British about privacy in the toilet. On a several occasions in British Youth Hostels, I have noticed that Americans don't lock the doors, even when sitting down. More than once I have unwittingly burst in.

British lads often don't lock the door when standing where there are only other males, but when sitting they do - assuming there is a lock. And more than once, in youth hostels and elsewhere, I have thought the door was locked, and it wasn't - with inevitable consequences. In one small Yorkshire hostel, now closed, the lock was at the top of the door, and it was a bit of a joke among male hostellers there, because they assumed that there was no lock. If you went to pee, it didn't matter, and you probably didn't notice anyway, but if you wanted to crap, as most of us did in the mornings, you didn't see the lock until you were enthroned, by which time it was too late. A few of us were seen sitting in all our glory!

At another, more modern, Yorkshire hostel, I got out of bed one morning as various other males in the dorm were obviously stirring. I got dressed, and immediately went, according to my normal practice, to have a number 1, before going into the members' kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. Number 2 normally happens for me after breakfast. I had pushed the cubicle door ajar without locking it, unzipped, pointed percy at the porcelain, and started to pee. In the middle of this, I realised that I could probably spend a few useful minutes facing the other way, in a lower position, if you see what I mean. Urination complete, I turned round, down my trousers came and down I sat. Then I realised that I had forgotten to lock the door. It was a long, narrow cubicle, and and it was impossible to lean forward to push my hand on the door. My bowels had already started their work, and I feared that I might not have enough time to get up and lock the door. Which was the les! ser of the two evils - being seen on the pot by someone else, or having to clean up a mess on the floor? Slowly but surely a long brown snake was edging its way out of my bottom. I couldn't guarantee it wouldn't break off if I got up. Soon two other guys walked in, and as they opened the main door to the 'Gents', the door to my cubicle flung wide open, probably caused by a breeze from a window. I insisted on apologising and explaining what had happened. Just at that moment, there was an almighty splash in the water underneath me, followed by several smaller plops. They thought it was hilarious, and one of them said there were worse things in life to worry about than somebody seeing you having a crap. Which was true. Both of them peed and then went into the showers, which I would do after my cup of coffee. When they had gone, I did a provisional wipe, and got up and locked the door. Now one final squeeze to make sure, and then do the paper work in earnest.

I flushed it all away, pulled my trousers up, unlocked the door and washed my hands, before going for my cup of coffee. Then I went for my shower. Despite everything, not a bad beginning to the day.

By the way, on the occasions when I do go before breakfast, I still go afterwards, and try. Better safe than sorry.

Hi you all!
I've been away from base for a while and have sneaked a few moments on a computer, and I'll make sure not to leave any traces, or should I rather say, skid marks in the files?

First of all, it being April the 25th, a Happy Birthday to RENEE! May you have a grea day today!

Well, today my wife and I drove out to the beach near where we are staying. The incoming tide and the waves created by a wind blowing along the beach had formed a step in the sand, thereby exposing beds of sea shells. Looking for shells early in the morning was fun, and there were quite a few people out there also looking for shells. Every wave washed away more sand to expose more pretty shells. It was a bit too rough for swimming although the water was warm, well in the seventies! After a while I said to my wife that breakfast coffee wanted out. Good idea, she needed to pee too. So we deposited our beach sandals, polo shirts, hats, wallet and watches on the sand. Looking at me give my Willie a pinch she volunteered to guard our stuff while I waded into the surf first. I went in until it reached my thighs, the choppy waves washing right up and high enough to hide any wet patches. Aaah! Although the sea was luke warm, ny pee running down my left leg was still just a littl! e bit warmer. It felt really naughty to be peeing there with other people within a few feet of distance. My wife went out next and did the same. All this time we were being watched by a tall good looking blonde woman in her forties. She bent down to whisper something into her partner's ear and smiling at me, she too waded a bit farther in until the surf splashed the front of her black swim suit. She was whooping and laughing, but suddenly stood a rather still with a far-away look in her eyes, then glanced down her front, quickly squatted down and stood up again and came back to the shallows together with my wife. Aha! So she had got the idea, and had a discreet wee too. A voice from the other side of our group called out, "Cathrine, don't go in too far!" Yes, there was a heavily built Venus in a flowery blouse over her swimsuit wetting her lower parts in the surf! Nobody else seemed to be leaving the edge of the shallows apart from those who needed a wee. Well, I'll leave it! for now. See you all later, Rizzo

Hola mis amigos!

BTW, Renee and Patsy say hello. Renee's been way too busy as a mom to ever write anything anymore, but she wanted to say hi.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: Ooooh, that sounded like an excellent dump in the woods! I love pooping outdoors more than anything else. I think it's because it's so unprotected and open and chancy. I love summer because I do a lot of camping and lots of pooing outdoors.
ADRIAN: Thanks for your sweet thoughts. Jake was over last night and we watched a movie. We're still really close.
BRYIAN: Hola sweetie!
BRIDGET: Yes, the pics of Nu are fantastic. Dan shot some nudes of me on the toilet too. He also did lots and lots of portraits of just my face. I was getting exhausted. I don't know why he did so many of those. He said I should think about modeling! That's a feel-good statement and I need one of those right now.
To answer your other question: As far as poo goes, I really love the types of turds that Angie lays. Hers are really solid and dark brown. Mine are almost always like thick hunks of sausage, long and lumpy. Recently, Angie has been the stink queen of all time!

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from school I had to poop soooo bad! I headed for the bathroom, dropped my khakis, lifted my sweatshirt to my waist, then set my brown ass down on the seat for some serious bombing. A slow fart came out of my butt that lasted for quite a few seconds. Nu was lying face down on the bed, her head at the foot of it facing me, and she was drinking white wine. She smiled and said "I love watching you poop." I could tell that she'd had more than one glass of wine, but it was still a nice moment. I began grunting very softly: nhh....nnh....nhh....nhhh....the turd was hard, thick and stubborn. I sort of mindlessly began snapping the elastic of my panties against my thighs, then leaned farther forward and rested my chin in my hands. Some silent farts of air came out as Nu kept sipping and smiling giving me encouragment.
"Anything yet?" she asked.
"Not yet, give it a minute."
After a few more "spfffffff's" of gas, Nu began sniffing and giggling.
"There's something in the air," she said.
All of a sudden, it was moving and I could feel a huge one coming. My eyes were closed and my mouth was open as I worked it out. Nu started giggling again.
"Push on it girl! Poop....poop.....poop...."
I started laughing at that point and lost my concentration.
"Would you shut up?" I said, trying to keep a straight face. Then, it started again.
crrrcckkkllllll ....sprkklllllll......
"I hear a turd," Nu whispered.
"Yeah, and I feel it!"
I bore down hard and pushed. Man it was a long one. I hate the turds that I can't push out in one breath! This one was forcing me to grunt several times and it still wouldn't pinch off.
"Go chica!" Nu said.
Leaning farther forward, my hair fell down and obscured my face. Nu got up and pulled it back behind my ears so she could see my face. Kneeling next to me at the toilet, she began rubbing my back gently while the turd slid out.
"Oaannnnhhhhh!!" I grunted hard as the giant poo hit the water. I grimaced, then grunted slightly as two more smaller plops splatted down on top of it. Nu then reached across my lap, her face gently brushing against mine, and pulled off a long hunk of toilet paper. She stuck her hand down beneath me, then gently urged me up to a standing position.
"Me see, me see!" she said. I didn't mind because Nu is a very gentle and thorough wiper.
"Damn hon," she began, "that's a huge one! Did you eat the entire deli at school?!"
"Just two enchiladas," I replied as she wiped between my cheeks.
In the toilet was an incredibly long and thick turd, sort of yellowish in color, lumpy and kind of broken off at one end. This one had to be about 18-20" long and as thick as my wrist! It truly was a giant! Two smaller turds, about 3-4" long and narrower were floating around it. Nu told me not to flush it, then grabbed her camera and got a capture of it. She then told me to sit back down for a minute and snapped a few shots of me on the toilet with my pants up around my knees. It was a very good and satisfying dump. The smell wasn't too bad, not fun mind you, but not horrible either.

As an ending note, after Nu came home this morning, she started her day off with one of her typical loose and noisy poops. It took about 6 wipes for her afterward too. All my love to everyone! A special hug and kiss to all of my old favorites if you're all still out there.


this morning after I went poop I looked in the bowl and by poop mimiced the shape of an instetine I thought that was kind of cool.

Shaun: Public school toilets have a jet flush. I had a jet flush toilet in my first house where I was born. Then, we moved to a house with tank toilets. In grammar school, some girls had huge bowel movements and would not flush them. In the afternoon, I would have to find an unflushed bowl or would have to flush the bowl.

shy dumper
i've been lurking for a while, but just thought i'de post.
i like to go in public, it feels good to shit when others are doing the same. this happened to me I am a 24 yr. old male, I went to the mall to get a battery for my cordless phone at radio shack. I wwaited for the salesman to help me find the correct battery, while he was searching my stomach started to rumble. He found the battery and I paid for it, the whole time this was going on, I felt some bad cramps. I left the store and went to to find a bathroom FAST. The food court was nearby and so were the bathrooms!! I went to the men's room quick and took the third stall. there are 4 stalls in there the last (4th) was handicapped. I shut the door, pulled down my jeans and boxers, sat down and felt and cramp. I passed some loose poop, and farted a wet fart. Just as I finished the first round, the door opened and some teenage boys came in. I still had to go, but just sat there hoping they would leave soon. I heard one kid say, I really got to go. His friend said, "you got to shit again", he said yeah. He went into the first stall and said "damn no paper. He then went into the second stall (next to me). He pulled down his khacki pants and briefs real fsst and sat down. His butt exploded into the bowl with and lot of loud wet farts and some liquid shit. i let out some more liquid crap too, I could not hold it. His buddy said "hey Jason was that you"?, He said "Yeah I don't fell to good". He then let out a long fart, followed by some more loose crap. His friend started to wash his hands and dry them with paper towels, he then asked Jason "are you ok"? Jason said "no i have the squirts" and then he let out the second load. It was loud, and he was shitting and letting out some wet farts. The smell was strong but not bad, I also shitted some more loose crap. His friend said " I'll meet up with you outside at the games when your done". Jason replied back "It might be awhile". His friend said, "no problem dude take your time" and then left. Nobody else was in the bathroom, I let out some more loose stuff, and Jason did too. After about 15 minutes we were both done, I wiped quick and flushed, then went to the sink. Jason came out of the stall too, and he said "dude I fell much better, sorry about the smell", I said "Hey no problem at least you made it". He laughed and said "yeah it could have been much worse". He then left and I did too.

Teddy Bear
Hi again. its sat 26yh 7:00 pm have a couple of hours of privacy from my s/o, as it is girl's nite out she is going with 3 of her friends to of all things a MALE STRIP CLUB in canada! i dont get it she'd probably dump me if she found out i went on this website becase she thinks that people like us are wirdos & sickos. how hippocritical! i love her very much & she does me, but in her eyes i have to keep high moral standards. our bathroom business is stricktlly private, i've only seen her pee a few times in our relationship, & that was only when i accidently opened the bathroom door or when we were camping & she wasn't completey concealed. i've never seen her poop, but have heard her pooping sounds, & sometimes even seen part of her load when the toilet didn't flush completely. she has no problem with me seeing her naked, we have great sex, but the toilet is a no-no.

to carmalita: hola mi amiga! besos a ti, autra. muchos gracias for your feedback. i'm honored to know i could attend your pooping sessions if it were possible. God that would be totally AWESOME! i think the protein in your diet contributes to the powerful smell, the beans would cause the gas & like the v????s & tortillas would add fiber. i checked my nurrition guide & a lot of mexican foods are high in fiber. like i said before, i love mexican food myself & spicy, but my poor asshole pays the price later. i'm now gonna answer your suvey & elaborate on it.

1. i'm gonna answer this using david letterman,s format of the top ten, working my way up to the #1 famous woman i'd love to see poop
10. Whitney Houston
9. Raquel Welch
8. Madonna
7. Martha Stewart
6. Cindy Crawford
5. Faith Hill
4. J-Lo
3. Natalie (of the dixie chicks)
2. Julia Roberts
1. Pamela Anderson

2. non famous women would be a tie between my ex g/f "lisa" & YOU, mi bella amiga! (altho your pretty famous on this site)

3. to my knowledge i've never been spied upon but probably have

4. yes i often read my lessons especially before an exam or finish eating my breakfast while pooping.

5. i normally pull my pants between my knees & ankles.

6. my smell would be between a nuisance & unpleasant, but not to me.

7. nobody has ever kissed me while pooping but i've kissed my g/f's & ex wife while they were on the pot, usually when i'm leaving or arriving home.

8. as far as for race when it comes to women pooping, i'm an equal opportunity type, have seen caucasian, latina, asian & native american women poop, but never a black lady. maybe someday.

9. my average poop output is usually 1 or maybe 2 8-10 inchers, a 2-3 more in the 4" range & maybe a few midget ones. i'm definetly out of your league, altho i'm pooping much better since i quit drinking. when i was drinkig i was mostly constipated. i did down metamucil from time to time, but that only produced sawdust-like poop, disgusting to see. again, i'm 45 y/o, w/m, brown hair, graying at the temples, green eyes, mustache & goatee, mostly gray, 70" tall, 175#, ruddy complexion, & others say i'm not too bad looking for my age. i dunno? hey amiga, give us a more detailed description of yourself so i can get a nice clear picture of you taking a big poop.
well, mi amiga can you tell me about this photo/video session of you & nu on the pot? i'm dying to know.

well, i guess i'll go now. oh, by the way i'm gonna ask my little 1 question survey again, which is: which hand do you normally wipe your ass with? right or left? talk to y'all later

Peace & love. Kybo. Teddy Bear

I am a 63 year old widdow and like to read on this site since several years. As my daughter is working my son in law, Peter, comes to lunch to me every midday. He is 35 years old and we like each other. It happened last month that I was reading on this site and he came earlier one midday then expected by me. I opened the door for him and forgot to switch of the computer. I am sure he saw this site on my computer and from that day strange things happened. We had lunch together as usual and Peter left shortly after our meal but went to the toilet before leaving. I have my #2 regularly after lunch and went to the toilet that day too. When I looked into the loo I saw a big fat jobbie lying in the bowel. First I thought that Peter had forgotten to flush but while sitting on the loo and thinking about this I wondered that there was no tp in the toilet. At least I was sure that Peter had not flushed intentionally and that he must have seen this site on my computer. But I did not ma! ke any more thoughts on this matter until next midday. Peter came and we had lunch together. After the lunch he went to the toilet. A minute later he called me of I could bring him a roll of tp. I was astonished as I was sure that there had to be a new roll of tp that I had changed in the morning. When I entered the bathroom to give the new tp-roll to Peter I was shocked as Peter had not already done his job but just started to push when I entered. I clearly could hear his outcoming jobbie. When I wanted to give the tp-roll to him he said: "Wait a minute, I have not yet finished!" So I stood totally embaraassed in front of him and waited until he had finished. On his face I saw a cheeky grinning. He took the tp-roll and I left the bathroom. I had to think about this embarrassing situation the whole day. The next day after lunch I was astonished that he did not leave after. I felt my #2 coming, apologized and went to the toilet. Just when I sat on the toilet,I heard Peter kno! cking on the bathroom door and asking if he could wash his hands. Before I could answer he entered and said: " I am so sorry but my hands are glueing so much!" went to the sink and started to wash his hands. I saw him watching me in the mirror above the sink and wanted to wait doing my poop after he had left. But the urge was too strong and I started shitting with a loud fart. The whole time Peter was looking in my face when I was pushing. After the turd had left my bum I still peed. Peter washed his hands very slowly and I hoped that he would leave before I wiped myself clean. But no chance: he had no intention to leave. The tension in me increased more and more and at least I started to wipe my ass while he was present. the next day he even was more direct. When I wanted to go to the bathroom he asked me if he could join me. I asked him why and he told me that he had seen the web page I was reading and that he would be sure that I would like if he would watch me doing my #! 2.First I wanted to refuse but I had to agree that I liked him watching me. When I sat down on the toilet he positioned himself besides me and asked me to move a little bit more forward and to raise my bum more up to give him a better view. I started to push and I heard his contenting comments when the turd came out. That day I had a thick one-piece jobbie. Very slowly it left by its total length. After the turd had come out I peed. When I wanted to wipe my ass he took the tp out of my hand and said: "I shall do that for you!" I agreed. Very carefully he wiped me clean. It is now nearly a month and Peter accompanies me to the toilet as often as he can. There is really no sexual action between him and me, but I donīt know if I am doing right. Of course my daughter has no idea what her mother and her husband are doing. But I like it so much if Peter is watching me. Yesterday he asked me for the first time if I would like to watch him too. I gave no answer to him. But I must co! nfess I am really keen to watch him and I shall do it if he asks me the next time.

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