Manhattan Girl
I don't think I've yet told the story of the time I crapped my pants at the Ice Capades. I was nine. I really, really, really, really had to take a shit, but I kept holding it because I didn't want to miss the show, and I didn't want anyone else to miss anything to take me to the bathroom. Finally, I simply couldn't hold it any more. I remember clutching the chair in front of me and gritting my teeth as I felt a big solid load push its way between my cheeks and into my underpants. It wasn't diarrhea at all, it was really big and really firm. By the time it was done, I felt like I had a softball in my underpants! It wasn't stinky, because no one seemed to notice. I spent the entire show (almost two hours), either standing, or sitting on the edge of the seat so my butt was suspended. That mound of poop was squished against my butt the whole time! I finally had my Mom take me to the restroom after the show. I emptied my underpants out in the toilet. I stuffed my pan! ties full of paper so I wouldn't get more smeared, then we went out to dinner! I spent another couple of hours with shitty panties!

That was a bad night. But the show was cool.

Movie Fan
To Todd MN, in answer to your questions about "Blind Date Uncensored"...

1) The girl is already sitting on the toilet at the start of the interview. You can't really see much because of the camera angle. In fact, until she starts farting, you don't realize she is on the toilet. After she starts farting and giggling, she starts squirming around and you can see the handle of the toilet behind her. I didn't see the TV commercial, but I imagine what you saw in the TV commercial is all you can really see in the full clip.

2) The scene probably takes place in her apartment or home, but that's not really clarified. By the way, the camera is not actually shooting her directly, but appears to be taking a picture of her reflection in a long mirror on the door. I'm guessing she did it that way for privacy, as though she didn't want the camera person actually in the room with her. I'm also thinking she originally thought she was just going to pee, and that she didn't know she was going to fart and have a poop urge.

3) I downloaded my copy off a well-known internet file sharing service. The total size is about 408 meg.

4) I would definitely rate it a 30 on a scale of 1 to 10. What makes the clip so great is that it is real. This isn't a girl doing fake farts in a movie -- it is a real human being who clearly has to poop. When she looks at the camera and says in desperation "I really have to go poo", you know it's real. The first time I saw it and heard her say she had to "go poo" I had a very, shall we say, physical response. Without going into detail, I will just say that I was lucky I was alone when I saw it and had some napkins handy.

5) On the copy I downloaded, the scene begins at 31 minutes 48 seconds into the show and ends at 32 minutes 29 seconds.

You mentioned "Blue Crush". I have not seen that movie, but I heard there was a scene showing a girl on the toilet. Can you describe that scene? Is it a pee or poop scene or can't you tell? Are there any sounds, such as grunting, etc. There are lots and lots of girl pee scenes in movies, but probably less than a dozen decent poop scenes, and probably fewer female fart scenes.

One time i went to my friends house for the whole week. and one the forth day i had to take a shit really bad but i hate going shit at other peoples house i only shit at my house. well her parents left my friend and i to watch the little ones and right when they pulled out of the driveway i ran into the bathroom and took a huge dump after the dump came out my stomech started to hurt me real bad so i sat there for anouther5 minutes and by five minutes i had diarea shooting out of my butt. than i felt like i was going to puke so i knelt down but i didn't puke so i just sat there.after a while i felt much better but than diarea came again. ater that i was fine intil i got home.

tell me more really good stories!

Hello everyone!! I just go back from my vacation. It was really fun! Since my friend went with me, and her parents, I think it was the funnest vacation I ever had. It was just truly awesome!!

Jay -
1. I'm 18 years old.
2. Female
3. Have you ever pooped your pants? Nope
4. Have you ever peed in your pants? Yes, I was in the woods and I had to go really really bad, and I just let it come out.
5. Have you ever pooped your pants at school? Nope
6. Have you ever peed your pants at school? Almost once, but no
7. Have you ever peed in the shower? Yes. Usually if I have to go I just take my clothes off and sit on the toilet naked. Once, though, I thought I could wait but I ended up bending over and peeing in the shower.
8. Have you ever pooped in the shower? No
11. Where is the weirdest place you have pooped? In the woods I think.
12. Where is the weirdest place you have peed? In a Dunkin Donuts cup

Cassandra -
Hey, omg, that was a really long time you had to hold your poop in! That sucks that you had to suffer lol but at least you finally pooped. Can I have some details on your finishing poop? Was it long, or thick, or both? And what was the color? Thanks alot. Hope you have more stories to share with us later, xoxo...

Jen -
Sometimes I get skidmarks. If I have like some really soft and bubbly farts, then they might leave a little brown blob in my panties. My sister Amy, whenever I'm washing her laundry, sometimes I see some skidmarks in her panties hahaha. After I poop, I try and do the best wiping job I can do, to prevent the marks. Bye.....

How big was the turd Cassandra?

Black Chaos
Chaotic Rant: Standing While Urinating

I've noticed this a lot in the old posts, and I see it's come up again in a more recent post, and as well as this, I've had a discussion recently on this subject, so I thought I'd bring it fully out into open forum. What is the subject, you ask? The answer is a simple one: standing while urinating.

Personally, I've heard so many things, and there are many different directions I could take this in, because, in my opinion, there are so many annoying things that people say on the subject. However, I'm going to take this in the male/female comparison with respect to social status. For the record, I don't believe that the two are related.

Honestly, I think it's annoying when girls say that urinals make guys feel more controlling, or like it's something that males feel gives them more power. I don't think that this has anything to do with power. Obviously, anyone can open up a biology textbook or medical book and see the differences. It seems like it'd be easaier for women to sit while urinating, and at, er, "certain times" it's much easier for men to stand. Now, I could be incorrect on this, and so I trust the girls on here will tell me so. And anyone else, feel free to add input, or take the rant in a different direction.

Anyway, that's mostly all I have to say about that, but I have some replies:

To Anthea: Perhaps in that case, there were many incidents which prompted the placard to be placed. It is not necessarily saying that men have a monopoly on mischief; rather, it says that the men who were patrons of this particular bathroom may have been causing trouble from time to time.

To Teddy Bear: You are so lucky. Maybe one day I'll get a girl who'll let me in while she's on the throne.

To Cassy: Wow, close call. How big exactly was the poop you did? Have you ever had to go outside?

To Emily of NYC: I think that's rather lame that your teacher rebuked you for "disrupting the class," when you were doing something as natural as breathing. It's another thing, however, if you had done it on purpose, but it seems from the gist of the post that it was by chance.

To Office Gusher: That's why I should be a male nurse. If you have any more enema stories, don't hold back on us!

To Andrew: Ugh, so many people seeing what I want to see...where do all of you find girls like this?

To Kat: You're not weird. On this site, there are examples in back posts about guys who'd go into the bathroom after a girl was done on the pot to catch any skids or smells. Some are better than others, and even though I'm not really into all that, I can understand where you're coming from.

To Movie Fan: BDU Farting Girl's name is Tara, I think. I have no idea which episode it is, but I am pretty sure of the name. I didn't know she was actually on the toilet though, I just thought she was in the bathroom. I do know that she was farting through some of the date, and the clip was partially shown. The end part where she says that she has to "go poo" isn't shown, though.

Anyway, gotta spilt, but I'll be back.


Punk Rock Girl

Beautiful weekend here in NYC. My boyfriend and some of my friends decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a hike. We drove out to Jersey and went to a state park there. It was gorgeous, a little chilly, but nice and sunny too. A light jacket, sweatshirt, boots and jeans was my outfit.

Well, we walked for a couple of hours, and I started to feel the pressure building in my bowels. I was ready, and had some biodegradable TP in my bag. When the urge really hit me, I simply announced, "I have to take a dump". A couple of the guys had to pee, none of them had to shit. So, I went a few yards off the trail behing a fallen tree. It offered me almost no cover, just a little camouflage. A couple of my guy friends couldn't resist sneaking a few glances, but that was fine with me.

I uzipped my jeans and pulled them and my underpants down to my knees, then squatted so my ass was just a few inches off the ground. It only took one push and a nice load forced its way out, dropping to the ground with a few more pushes. It was followed by another couple of chunks, then a nice long pee. Once I was empty, I took some TP and wiped my ass, which was really pretty clean. I stood, giving the boys a little glimpse of my buns, and pulled up my pants.

I walked back over and sighed. "Ah, I feel ten pounds lighter!" We kept walking for another couple of hours, then headed back to the city. Twas a nice outdoor dump, though my legs and bottom did get a little chill!



help here
i need some advice. After i go pee all the time a lot of pee seems to leak out of my penis. I am 14 years old by the way. it can get annoying because sometimes it shows through my pants. i put a wash cloth between me penis and my pants now to soak uo the pee that leaks out. I was wondering if any of you have any advice. please help

Bob the Lurker
Hey Movie Fan,

I noticed on page 1103 that you were asking for info about a film called 'See the Sea'. I think the film you are talking about was made by Francois Sorzon in 1997 in France. The plot looks like it could easily include a female urination scene - one woman sets up a camp in the house of another. Have you had any response to know if I'm talking about the right film and what the alleged scene is?
Also, I read in a review of Sukorov's recent film 'Russian Ark' that Catherine the Great has to 'rush off to have a piss' (the reviewer's words). Does anyone know if we see anything of her pissing?


I only asked because I once knew this guy who did shits the width of coke cans and they were about 8 inches long. Once a group of us went over to his place and he disappeared for about 15 mins. Then I saw him coming out the bathroom. I also needed to go so I went in and to my amazement there was this shit the size above. It wouldn't even fit in the hole so I had to wait 3 hours before I could go in another toilet when I left. I think he mainly relieved himself in school because they had toilets that could cope with his torpedos better and he was always disappearing in recess and wouldn't say where he went.


At my grandparents' house, there is a perfect view into the neighbors' bathroom from one of the spare bedrooms. I was watching my grandparents' house while they were on vacation when I discovered this. It was starting to get dark out, and as I entered the unlit bedroom, my eyes were immediately drawn to the light on in the neighbors' house about 20 feet away. The two houses are on a hill, my grandparents' home being the higher of the two houses, so I could see right down into the neighbors' bathroom. On this particular evening I saw the rebellious, but very pretty daughter, Audrey enter the bathroom. She yelled something to someone else in the house and slammed the door behind her, seemingly in a bad mood. It was early summer and the windows of both houses were opened. I could hear her like she was in the same house. I thought for sure she'd pull the curtains closed before she took care of any business, but to my surprise and delight, she left them open! The lid of ! the pink toilet clanked open against the porcelain tank. She unzipped her dangerously low-cut jeans and pulled them down along with her light blue g-string panties. She stood there for a few seconds, let out a rather loud fart and then sat down. There I sat in the dark bedroom peeking from behind the blue gingham curtains as Audrey sat on the toilet, unaware that anyone was watching her. After I heard her pee splashing into the water I figured the show was over, but it seemed as though lovely Audrey had more yet to take care of. She sat there for about two minutes twisting strands of her perfectly highlighted hair around her fingers. She heaved a huge frustrated sigh, wiped and got up off of the toilet. She didn't pull her pants up and I could see her perfect little tan ass in plain clear view! She must go to the tanning bed, I thought to myself. I could not believe this! She walked over to a closet in the bathroom and took out a small white jar. She unscrewed the! top and took out something that looked like a small white stick of chalk. She sat back down on the toilet when I quickly realized that chalk-like object was a suppository!! She sat there for a few more minutes looking at the suppository that she was rolling between her two fingers, as if though she wasn't sure she was actually going to need it. Upon her final decision she leaned forward and carefully inserted it. Because of all of the mirrors in their bathroom I had a perfect view of everything. She held it there with her finger for a few seconds to make sure it was going to stay. She winced and sucked in her breath and began rocking back and forth some more. It was about five minutes after this that she stood up again. By the pained look on her face, I could tell that she wasn't having any luck. "This f???ing hurts!" she muttered under her breath. She stood there over the toilet and gave a big push. Nothing. She sat down again and leaned all the way forward wit! h her arms folded on the edge of the bathtub, which was directly in front of the toilet. I could see her hole and I could tell when she was pushing. This seemed to be the most comfortable position for her, so there she sat like that, grunting and pushing. It wasn't long before the tip of an enormous poop began to emerge, with the melting suppository stuck right into the end of it. She would give a great big push, but then as soon as she let up it would suck back in. This must have been so frustrating for her. She was determined though. More pushing and there it was again. About two inches of this huge poop was sticking out of her anus. She grabbed the seat of the toilet and pushed with all of her might. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" she quietly cried as the girth got bigger and bigger. It was a very thick poop and it looked solid as a rock. Very slowly she pushed out her enormous poop, stopping to catch her breath every so often. "Damn it!!" she cursed under her breath. Af! ter about 4 inches was sticking out from her behind, she madly grabbed a bunch of tissues, almost in tears and reached down between her legs. She heaved a sigh of relief as she wrapped the tissue around the fat poop and pulled it out from her anus. I heard it plop into the toilet. She sat there for a few more minutes, wiped away some tears and yelled to someone in her house, "Tell him Iíll call him back!!" She tenderly wiped her anus and then got up from the toilet pulled up her jeans, and flushed. She looked into the toilet and shook her head as if even she couldn't believe it. I never would have dreamed that such a petite, pretty young girl were capable of pooping such a huge thing. She walked over to the sink, washed her hands and put on some lip-gloss before turning out the light and leaving the bathroom. I sat there from behind the curtain, still in awe at what I had just witnessed. When I visit the grandparents I will check to see if anyone is visiting the nei! ghbor bathroom, but Iíve never been so lucky as I was that night.

This is my first time posting. To the person who called the police when those people went in your backyard, you did the right thing! Where I live we have a city ordinance that you can not go to the bathroom in any public places and someone's property. They would have been arrested! I When I was in 8th grade, I had to go #2 in school, this girl saw me and she wanted to watch me go the next day but she di not. She was harassing me. When I was little I used to say "do doots" for #2. When my mom was alive we used to have an "open bathroom policy". I do not like anybody watching me going to the bathroom. That is it for now. Maybe I'll post again.

Punk Rock Girl

Beautiful weekend here in NYC. My boyfriend and some of my friends decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a hike. We drove out to Jersey and went to a state park there. It was gorgeous, a little chilly, but nice and sunny too. A light jacket, sweatshirt, boots and jeans was my outfit.

Well, we walked for a couple of hours, and I started to feel the pressure building in my bowels. I was ready, and had some biodegradable TP in my bag. When the urge really hit me, I simply announced, "I have to take a dump". A couple of the guys had to pee, none of them had to shit. So, I went a few yards off the trail behing a fallen tree. It offered me almost no cover, just a little camouflage. A couple of my guy friends couldn't resist sneaking a few glances, but that was fine with me.

I uzipped my jeans and pulled them and my underpants down to my knees, then squatted so my ass was just a few inches off the ground. It only took one push and a nice load forced its way out, dropping to the ground with a few more pushes. It was followed by another couple of chunks, then a nice long pee. Once I was empty, I took some TP and wiped my ass, which was really pretty clean. I stood, giving the boys a little glimpse of my buns, and pulled up my pants.

I walked back over and sighed. "Ah, I feel ten pounds lighter!" We kept walking for another couple of hours, then headed back to the city. Twas a nice outdoor dump, though my legs and bottom did get a little chill!



Manhattan Girl
Emily of NYC: I am about ten years your senior. I've lived in or around New York all my life. I'm from Long Island, lived in Jersey for a few years, then Philadelphia, now I'm back in NY. Wouldn't trade it for anything!!!

I was in the Village over the weekend with some friends and we were shopping. I really had to take a crap, so I started looking for a place where they allow people to come in off the street and use the bathroom. We were walking past a little construction site which had a porta-potty, so I decided to use it. My friends tried to talk me out of it, saying do I want to sit on a seat after some big hairy guy had his bare ass on there taking a shit, there's probably pee all over the seat, etc., etc. I asked one of the guys working if I could use it, he said yeah.

It was remarkably clean! No piss on the seats, no overflow, no graffiti, plenaty of paper, even some of that hand sanitizer. For a porta-potty used by a bunch of guys, it was beautiful. I pulled down my peants and underwear and sat on the seat, which was all warm from the sun coming through the skylight. Mmmmm! I crapped for a minute, then peed, then wiped. I stood and pulled up my pants, and rubbed sanitizer on my hands.

My friends and I continued on and I yelled thanks to the construction guy. Porta-potties are okay as long as they're not gross.


Easter Poops.

I must say that after a day of eating well, I really pooped last night and again tonight. Last night after eating a ham dinner I pooped this really big piece. It was about 3 inches wide and 8 inches long. It came out hard at first, then creamy and smooth towards the end and I had to wipe alot. This morning before work I pooped a little but it was only a few soft pieces and small at that. Tonight I did (2) 5 inch poops. I like looking into the toilet after I pooped and see what it looks like. Sometimes I even have thoughts about pooping on top of someone that I don't like, but I am too shy and embarresed to do that.


The pissing playgirl
Hello everyone, I'm a new poster. I've been reading the post for sometime now, and decided to give it a try. I feel your excitement Wetguy, I have the same feelings about wetting my pants. I'm an 18 year old, 5ft 8inches tall female. Dark hair and dark eyes. 130 pounds. I love to pee in my panties. One day last week, I went shopping with my friends in the mall. They were trying on hip hugging jeans, and asked me to join them. Well, they're not aware of my wet fetish nor would I ever reveal it to them. But, I walked into the fitting room with a pair of hip hugging jeans and tried them on. The jeans fit nice, and they looked nice on, but I felt I had to take a pee. I didn't want to go inside the jeans, because I would probably get arrested. But I had the urge to go in the dressing room, just to try something new. As I took the jeans off, I let a little urine out into my panties. I wore cotton panties. It felt as if I pissed a lot, from the heavy wet spot in the middle of my cr! otch. I took the jeans and hung them back on the rack. My friend asked me how did the jeans fit, I told her it fit ok, but I'm just not ready to buy any pants just now. As we walked around the mall, I really had to piss bad by this time, but I still wanted to do it in public. I just want to see if I could get away with it. As my friends and I walked, we decided to leave the mall. When we were out of the mall and walking to our individual cars, I let go some more piss, fully soaking the crotch of my panties. Oh, by the way, I was wearing a skirt. Some pee dribbled down my legs. I brushed my legs together while I walked, wiping away the piss on my legs. I parked on the top of the mall's parking platform, just a bit away from my friends. As we said our goodbyes, I stood between my car and another car and let it rip. I leaned over on the hood of my car and pissed my panties. Oh what a warm good feeling it was. My legs were soaked as well as my panties. I even let out a loud groa! ning fart as well. That was my amazing day at the mall. The pissing playgirl.

Hey, you guys. Happy Easter and Passover. I am lucky to be in the land of the living. I ate .25 lbs. of swiss cheese with a salad. I was constipated last night and today. Gallons of various teas loosened some stool matter. It was pure hell today. I drank senna pod tea. I felt the urge, but it was painful. Finally, around 6PM the urge grew so great that I resorted to the methods of some of our posters. I poked my finger into my rectum and felt a hard piece and got it out of the way. Then my passage opened and a pair of 12" logs and loose chunks rushed out. I was thankful. Then, I took a bath and scrubbed my finger good with disinfectant, soap and baking soda. I made diet-jello to soothe my stomach. I will have that for breakfast in the morning. Never will I be greedy.

Miss Belinda.
My little nephew walked in on me the last Friday while I was on the commode. He and My youngest daughter were in the back yard having a blast with water pistols and little did I know they were coming into the bathroom to reload. I had felt the urge for my daily poop and made my way to the bathroom. I didn't lock the door, I just felt there was no need to since everyone was basically out of the house. I backed up to the commode and lifted my skirt and eased my pantyhose down and sat on the commode in my usual fashion, leaning forward, hands clasped together. First, as always I peed a heavy stream followed by a few gassy toots that I always let right before my poo poo starts coming out. I knew it was gonna be a long one so I propped my chin upon my fist and pushed a little. The turd started easing out, with some hissing and crackling, I was lost in this good feeling. My daydream was interrupted by the patter of bare feet running down the hall right into the bathroom he came.! I didn't get mad since everything was covered up, I never reveal anything while on the commode. "WHOOPS, I'm sorry aunt Belinda, I just wanted to fill my gun up". My poo poo was still crackling it's way out and I couldn't answer in a proper voice since it was strained by the turd exiting. He asked me if I was doing a number one or number two, and before I answered him the turd broke off with a "FLOOOOOOP" into the water. He grinned real big and said "that sounded like a big one". And of course I was stinking the entire bathroom up but this did'nt seem to bother him. I was in a subtle way trying to get him out of the bathroom but he wasn't listening. I said, "you need to go find lou ann, she's probably looking for you", but he remained right in front of me. It was getting a bit annoying and I was feeling quite vulnerable. This was a rare sight, me leaned all forward on the commode with a kid standing in front of me asking questions about my poo poo. He turned and walked towa! rd the door and exited only to return because he forgot to fill his gun up. I went ahead about my buisness and pushed out the remaining turd followed by three or four smaller pieces. He could hear them coming out as they went "FLOOP, Ploop, Ploop, Plip," into the water and he was grinning the whole time. I told him that I was gonna wipe and he needed to leave and so he did. I wiped about three times, pulled my pantyhose back up and adjusted my skirt, I think he was waiting on me to get up so he could view my creation, so back into the bathroom he came. He came to the sink like he was filling his water gun up again and he was peering over into the toilet at my poo poo. I flushed it and the light brown poo swirled around leaving their marks on the bowl. I stood beside him and washed my hands and told him that I was suprised I didn't stink him out of there, he told me he was used to it since his mother allowed him in the bathroom while she poopooed. Seems to me that he is getti! ng an early interest in women's bathroom habits.

Has anyone ever had poop between your butt cheeks, and it just stayed wedged inside?

one time my mom pulled down my panties and made me poop and then she took my tempeature in my bottom

CARMALITA- Wow, the modeling shots of Nu sitting on the toilet sound very hot! I'd love to see them...

TEDDY BEAR- Loved your description of watching your ex girlfriend poop while you were in the shower. Everything from how she was sitting on the toilet to the detailed description of her turds was really exciting! I hope you can share some more experiences soon...

I have a question to all the poop enthusiasts of this forum... In your opinion, what is your idea of the ultimate turd(s) in terms of the size, shape, length and color? Also, are you satisfied with seeing just one or several at once and how many would the pile consist of?

Personally, I prefer a turd to be lengthy, thick and slightly curved. I also like it to consist of varying textures, starting off with knobbly, compacted fragments and becoming gradually smoother and lighter in color... Sometimes, a single big turd is better than a pile made up of numerous, smaller pieces...

A turd can hold so many intricate details, it's just a fascinating specimen to look at!

Well, I hope everyone had a great easter. I did not partake of much in the way of water sport because of it being Easter and all, but I do have an interesting little 'ditty' to tell you all.

I drove up to my old college last Saturday for a reunion of some old friends. No, this was not a college reunion, it was just a get-together with some old friends of mine.

About two or three months ago, I posted about a class trip that I was on when I was in college where I put out a guys camp fire with my piss. I'm sure you can find it in the old posts, but I don't remember the page number.

Anyway, I went to this reunion, and this guy, who I described as "morbidly obease" was there, only I didn't recognise him, because he had lost almost every pound he had on the last time I saw him. He did look familiar, but I couldn't place who he was until I finaly walked up to him, and he told me who he was and reminded me about the time I put his fire out and brought him down a notch.

He seemed like a realy nice guy that day, very quiet, and even a bit shy. I felt a little sorry for him. He told me that he was married and had two children. We spoke for about a few minutes more, then we both moved to say 'hi' to some other people. He was for the most part, very quiet, sayed around for about ah hour or so, then left. I couldn't help but to feel a little sorry for him, but I wonder if what I did had something to do with the improvements he made to himself.

alex: Quit. Police are watching restrooms and setting up men.

Cassandra: One day is enough.

Emily of NYC: I went through school in NYC. I was had good reguarity in high school. See my history on this forum.

Here is a surveay for men and woman
Section 1
1) How old are you? 43
2) Are you male or female female
Section 2
3) Have you ever pooped your pants? when I was 3.
4) Have you ever pissed your pants? yes.
5) Have you ever pooped your pants at school? no.
6) Have you ever pissed your pants at school? in kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 7th grade.

7) Have you ever pissed in the shower? yes.
8) Have you ever pooped in the shower? yes
9) If you answered yes to 5 tell the story.
10) If you answered Yes to 6 tell the story. see my earlier posts.
Section 3
11) Where is the wiredest place you have pooped? no where.
12) Where is the wiredest place you have pissed? no where.
THANK YOU (SRY if spelling errors if any)

Monk key
Yo, took a really good crap. but i think i tore my asshole. it's bleeding and it hurts like hell!!! Should I go to the doctor?!

Tuesday, April 23, 2003

Here is Jay's survey

1) How old are you?
17 years old

2) Are you male or female

3) Have you ever pooped your pants?


4) Have you ever pissed your pants?

5) Have you ever pooped your pants at school?

6) Have you ever pissed your pants at school?

7) Have you ever pissed in the shower?

8) Have you ever pooped in the shower?
Well, sort of. I was standing in the shower and pooped my pants.

9) If you answered yes to 5 tell the story.

10) If you answered Yes to 6 tell the story.

11) Where is the wiredest place you have pooped?
When I was 11 or 12 I pooped in the woods behind my backyard. I was playing whiffle ball and didnt feel like going inside.

12) Where is the wiredest place you have pissed?
Actually about 3 weeks ago, I pissed a little on the floor of an auto body shop. I had to go, not too bad, but my friend dared me to piss a little on the floor because no one had come into our waiting area for a long time. So i went to the designated spot, unzipped, and started pissing. All of a sudden, my friend around the corner acted as if someone was coming in the door, so I immediately zipped up, causing me to wet my boxers a little. When I was done, there was a relatively big puddle on the floor. It was definitely weird.


Hi, everyone,
I haven't been able to write for a week or so because Greg and I took our motorhome and after picking my daughter Jill from Warwick University we went for a few days holiday touring in the Lake District. We had a gorgeous time, it was great for the three of us to be together, we don't get that much nowadays with Jill at U and Greg's work taking him away so much.

It was back to work today and big problems for me. I couldn't shit as usual in the morning. I wanted to but couldn't get anything out. On the drive into the office my stomach ached all the time and when I got there I went straight to the Ladies Room. It was early and all the cubicles were vacant. I went into the first and took down my panties and sat on the pan and had a pee. Looking down between my thighs into the pan I groaned, I had started my period, now I knew why I couldn't shit. I reached to my sides and gripped the sides of the pan as I pushed and strained, I could feel a turd of shit trying to come out of my arse. Oh, how I strained, my shoes scraped on the tiled floor as I lifted my feet until I was sitting forward on the toes of my feet pushing for all I was worth. It was no good, it wouldn't come out. Exhausted, I relaxed and hear a small plop as part of the turd broke off and plopped into the pan. I took some paper and spread it on the floor and ge! tting off the pan and pushing my panties right down to my ankles, I pushed my skirt high around my waist then, squatting right down as low as I could, pressing one hand into my stomach, just above my groin area, I strained as hard as I could. God, how badly I hurt, but at last I felt another turd coming out of my arse, I pushed and pushed. Slowly, oh so slowly the turd emerged then suddenly it moved faster until it fell with a dull thud onto the paper. My legs ached badly now and I had to sit back on the pan. I looed at the turd and it was huge, about eight inches in length and perhaps two inches thick, very dark brown and smelly. I squatted down and started to push again as another turd started to come out of my arse. I groaned out loud as this one took ages to emerge, crackling and sliding out so slowly, but at last another massive turd joined the first. I still felt I wanted to go more but I didn't have the strength left in my body to strain any more. I picked up ! the paper from the floor and dropped it and the turds of shit into the pan, then I wiped my arse. My arse was virtually clean and it took only two wipes, then I got a tampax from my shoulder-bag and inserted it before wiping my vagina lips. Pulling up my panties and smoothing down my skirt I flushed the toilet, it took three flushes to clear it. After washing my hands I wearily walked down the corridor to my office. I had a full days work before me and I already felt exhausted. Vera and Ruth were already in the office and I was so glad to hear their cheery helloes. I knew I would be going (trying) to go again before the day was out, plus having to contend with my period, and the presence of my two close friends made me feel better, I knew one or even both of them would come with me when I had to go again.

Finally I wrote some time ago to ask if any girls out there had similar problems when there periods were due or coming on and what they did to overcome them. I've tried everything, enemas, drinking hot/warm water, you name it I've tried it. I've had this problem from my teenage years and it really is at times unbearable, so please if there are any girls who struggle with this every month, write and tell me how you cope.

I'll be writing again real soon, until then, God bless all forum writers, girls and boys, I love you all. (Sheila (South Wales).

Another story from Tara which came from her friend Emma (the one who had to look after the boy with his arms in casts) was about the school she was at at one time. One term the builders were busy at the school and the main girls toilet block was in the way of where they wanted to put up a new building extension. When the block was closed for knocking down, the girls had to use another toilet at the other end of the school. It was a long walk and soon girls who were caught short took a short cut into the boys block which was next to their old toilets. At first this only happened during class when there were no boys in their toilet block but then both girls and boys dared their friends to use the boys room at break. Most of the girls still walked to the girls toilet but the girls who took the dare went into the boys room and used the stalls but there was a lotta giggling because they had to walk past the urinals even if they couldnt see much with the boys facing the wall. ! One day one of the boys dared a girl to use the urinal and she said she would but he would have to stand next to her and pee and she wanted to see. Other kids waited to see what would happen and they cheered when she pulled up her dress, pulled down her panties and bent over with her back to the wall. Im ready to go she told the boy but he had a problem with her next to him with her pants down and all the others watching but she would not start until he unzipped and got his thing out but it was so hard that he couldnt start when she started a big gusher backwards into the urinal. Everyone was laughing and by the time the girl finished and pulled up her panties with the others cheering he was still struggling and only manged a thin stream high up on the back of the urinal. He couldnt get much out and he had more trouble trying to get back in his pants. The funniest part was that he couldnt see anything of her because she bent over with her back to the wall but she could see e! verything.

After that there were no more dares for a bit and then one day a boy said someone told him there was a website saying that girls could easily go frontwards into a urinal. The kids thought this sounded like a tall story but one girl tried google that night and she was able to find the website. It told how girls could easily go frontwards but it said they should practice in the shower when they did not have clothes on and only after they had learned how to aim with their fingers was it a good idea to try with clothes on. Three of them tried in the shower at home and after a week or so they were quite good at it but they all had quite a lotta hair and their hair got wet if they did it even without turning the shower on so one girl tried shaving and then it worked much better. Emma already knew how to go like this after the business with Jamie that I wrote about in the previous post but she didnít say anything because she wasnít going to go in front of everybody.

The next week there was a new dare, this time from the girls. Which boy was going to stand next to a girl and pee with her frontwards into the urinal without getting hard and not being able to do it? One boy said he could do it so the boy got ready and the girl lifted her dress and pulled her panties to the side and they both peed together with everyone cheering. The kids wanted to know how he could do it and not get hard and he said his cousin always peed like that and they always did it together outside in the garden when she visited since they were small. So he was used to doing it with a girl next to him. He didnt know how she learned to do it like that but her mother died when she was quite young and she always went with her dad and brothers so she probably tried to copy them. There were more dares at Emma's school if anyone is inetersted.

Some of the Scottish youth hostels are in very remote and wild areas, and they were modernised much later than the English ones. At least two of them there is a long walk to get there, and it is sensible to stay there for a few days, away from it all. In one of them there was a chemical toilet inside a hut, perhaps a bit low to sit on for a guy of average height like me. The walls were covered in graffiti, nothing which could be called obscene, but a lot were very witty. A good way to sit and pass the time while I was passing other things. A notice from the hostel warden read 'Will men please urinate elsewhere?' * in several languages, so you found somewhere to stand and unzip away from the hostel where no women could see you - not very easy sometimes. But for the other operation where men are in the same position as women, both sexes had to use the same hut. This didn't appeal to me very much: when men and boys went in, the women knew exactly what we were going to do! . There could be quite a unisex queue, especially after breakfast, before starting on a mountain climb. Some of us males waited until the women had finished before we joined the queue (apart from those who were desperate.

But on another visit to that hostel, there were hardly any girls, and the boys were quite open with each other about what they had to do, and there was quite a bit of humour. Several contributors on this site have remarked that 'dumping' is a great leveller, and a way of reducing inhibitions between people. If there was a queue of lads, sometimes they would tease the occupant inside, knocking on the door with comments such as 'It's taking you a long while to do it'; 'Do you want me to hold your hand while you squeeze?'; 'Shall I come and wipe your bum?' Sometimes the replies from inside were unrepeatable!

The weather in that region could be very changeable, and one guy who had been there often, said that he knew what the weather for the day would be like from the temperature of his bared bottom as he sat with his trousers down in the coldest part in the hostel at the coldest
time of the day. I could back up that experience - one morning I sat there almost shivering - later there was snow on the fells. On another day when I felt quite warm, it was a fine sunny day.

There was a gap above the door and you could see the mountains several miles away while you sat letting nature take its course. In those mountains I could see something else, too - an eagle. Am I the only person who has seen a golden eagle when my jeans were round my ankles?
(No, it didn't come and peck away at tempting parts of my anatomy to feed its chick.)

Another of these primitive hostels did have a separate chemical loo for men and one for women, which was less embarrassing. There were a lot more men than women, so there was the inevitable queue for lads in the mornings. Inside was a notice 'Please pee on the grass'. The hut was a lot smaller at this hostel and less sound-proof, and you could hear every noise. The toilet paper was fixed to a holder on the side of the hut, and when you heard the roll being pulled, you knew it was a good sign. The guy inside would soon be out.

At the other extreme from the other one I described, this toilet was quite high, easy for most of us to sit on, but not very secure if you like to fidget about, as I do. . One teenage boy who was quite small, on a hostelling trip with his mum, was in our dorm, and was nervous about tipping it up when he tried to get on. He asked me to go in and lift him on. I then came outside and held the door shut for him, and then when he had finished, I went in and helped him to get off. He thanked me and said he didn't like talking about toilets to his mother. I told him of the other unisex toilet and that his mother would have known when he went. He said he wouldn't have liked that. But he liked going to remote and wild areas, and accepted that primitive conditions were all part of it.

These primitive conditions made it difficult to have all the 3 sh's each morning - a shower, a shit and a shave. The first one was impossible (we made arrangements to wash in the altogether in the stream some distance away, with other guys standing around us); the second one you had no option but to have; the third one - I took a battery shaver. But it was all part of the holiday. (In Scotland of course, you could just go and stand outside 'starkers' in the many natural showers there are.)

* This rule must have been broken many times - men can't always avoid doing number ones while doing number twos

Hello everybody! I don't think this name has been used before but will change it if it has. Reading some old posts I notice there have been quite a few other Australian guys here. Any of you still around!!! I thought it was about time I gave up my lurker status and joined in to what is a really magnificent forum.
I am a 30 year old bi guy living in the state of Victoria ( bottom right hand corner of Australia ) for those of you a little more geographically challenged. Love seeing and hearing other guys dumping.

Just goes to show, sometimes we are in the right place at the right time. I have two stories to relate. I'll send the more recent one in my next post as it only just happened over the Easter weekend This one happened about 5 years ago. On the beach I saw a guy squat in the dunes.

Well, you know how it is when there are no facilities around, murphy's law, pretty soon after arriving at the beach I had a major case of the shits ( too much greasy food I guess ) . I walked up into the dunes amongst some bushes which acted like a screen and dropped my briefs to my ankles. A torrent of shit exited from my hole somewhat the consistency and colour of chicken curry. It felt an enormous relief to get that load out. I wiped myself with a wad of tissue I had brought with me and was about to pull up my briefs and kick some sand in the hole when I spied a mid 20's guy with bottle blonde hair not more than probably 10 feet away from me. He obviously could not see me squatting behind the bush. The guy was nicely muscled, probably a body builder, but a nice body, not too overdone. He had a really nice ass, firm legs, broad back and shoulders, a classic V-build.
Well, quite quickly, he held his dick and pissed into the sand. This lasted about half a minute. Next thing I know he is pulling down his speedos and squatting allowing me a perfect side on view. I could see his face tensing as he tried to grunt out his turds. He must have really been constipated as it took him a while to get them out. Eventually I could hear the loud crackling noise and a huge, {and I mean huge!!!} turd slowly started exiting his anus. He moaned quite loudly as it started to poke out. It was so thick and kept coming in one long continuous snake. It touched the ground and broke off around the 11 inch mark. Another came out followed by another before he had to waddle forward a little to prevent the huge pile touching his ass. He let out an audible groan and then a wave of looser shit pretty much identical to my own mess.

He must have been really straining because he was now covered in sweat which beaded and glistened on his bulging muscles in the sunlight. He looked absolutely amazing. The whole experience must have caught him somewhat unawares as he had brought nothing to wipe with. In desperation he waddled over to a couple of tussocks of grass that were poking up out of the sand.
Now beach grass is pretty tough stuff and very hard to pull out, some of it is like trying to pull out handfulls of nylon fishing line, this was not this guy's day. He muttered "Shit!!!" He only managed a small handful to wipe his butt and after making the most of the grass he tossed it aside and pulled up his speedos and headed back to the beach.
I had a look at his production and was amazed at the output, three fat light brown, slightly knobbly turds with a pile of looser crap the diameter of a frisbee about a foot away.

I have heard that some bodybuilders tend to have a lot of trouble with constipation and diarrhoea, some constantly switching from one to another according to the medication. I think this guy had probably taken something after "being plugged up" for quite a few days. What do you guys think? A valid hypothesis??????
I'll never forget this experience, I only wish it could have been a buddy dump.
Keep those great posts coming, I have read quite a few and are slowly getting through them, I think I am about halfway through so bear with me. Hope you liked this post and I will post again soon.

Regards to all.

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