Justin, I liked your post about talking to other dudes while on the crapper. I also do that if a buddy is in the next stall, but I've never spoken with a stranger in the adjacent stall. You mentioned how you have asked a stranger for TP when your stall didn't have any. I've been in that situation before. I usually take a shit each morning between classes at my college. Once I didn't check for TP before I sat down. There was a guy in the next stall crapping, but I was too shy to ask him for TP. So I waited until he was done and until the restroom was empty and quickly moved to the adjacent stall and got cleaned up there. I'd be curious to know how you actually approached asking another dude for TP. Thanks, Tyler

To Cassandra (Cassy): Loved your long was it since you last pooped?

To Emily of NYC: Liked your story about pooping at school

To wetguy: Liked your story about the field trip and i liked your story about peeing and pooping your self..i thought you don't like to poop your self? I peed my pants last week...liked your other story about peeing your self in the tub.

To coyote: Oh ok..just wondering..thanks..theres a unisex bathroom at work with 2 stalls one is mens and the others is ladies

To Bran-O: Liked your story about shitting in the

To CC: Liked your story about the bathrooms at

To Teddy Bear: Enjoyed your old are you?

To Office gusher: Enjoyed your story

To JAY: Answers to your survey.... 1. 21 2. Male 3. yes 4. yes 5. no 6. no 7. Yes 8. Well not really but in the tub i have. 9. n/a 10. n/a 11. woods 12. outside

To anthea: Enjoyed your story

Yesterday i worked, i got up and i had a slight urge to poop. I didn't have time to poop so i held it. At work i ate a big lunch at 12:30. By that time the urge was gone. Then later on it came back, it started growing stronger. I was like come on im ready to go home(thats how bad i had to poop). Then when i got off i pooped when i got home. I pushed and pushed. I had a long and thing 14" log(must have been the biggest one ever). Then smaller logs. I wiped 4x. Then before bed i tried pooping more cause i still felt full. I only pushed a little turds out.
Then i go to bed
I woke up at 7am with mild cramps. i had to poop more. I had a 6" log then soft stuff. I wiped more this time. Then i pooped 1 more time before visiting here and it was soft and chunky

To Cassandra:

Liked your story. But be not affraid of using public toilets when nature call no. 2 alarms you. Its hard to be constipated.

To poopers out there, answer my survey

1) Where is the location of your arms while taking a crap?

a. On your lap
b. On the sides of the toilet rim
c. On the face
d. Other answers (please specify)

2) What about the position of your hands?

a. Holding my underwear
b. On its praying position
c. Holding something (e.g. Reading articles)

That's for now. Hanggang sa muli!

Cassandra (Cassy). Liked your story. However, in future I would strongly advise against holding a motion in for that long. It's not good from a health point of view. At all times 'it's better out than in.' I'm sure your friend wouldn't have minded you using her bathroom, even if you did create something of an aroma. After all, what are friends for?

Alex. I'm pleased to hear that you've learnt to accept yourself - and your interest. Clearly doing things which upset or embarrass other people is wrong and it's important to turn away from such behaviour. However your interest in elimination as such is perfectly harmless so long as you realise that some people might not appreciate it and know where the dividing line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour lies.

Bryian. Apologies for not responding sooner. Yes, in answer to your question the dump I referred to was a big one. I've had some big jobbies since then as well.

Carmalita. I'm glad to hear that you and Jake are managing to sort things out amicably and the divorce is going through without acrimony. Hope things work out better for you in the future. I liked the account of the big dump you described - it sounded as though you needed it!

Punk Rock Girl. Sorry to hear about your bout of the runs. Hope you're feeling better. Glad to hear that the scars are now healing from your accident with the coffee table some time ago.

Sheila. Had a good poo lately?

I was rather constipated on Easter Day itself and windy as well (too much turkey I think) but I managed a good motion yesterday and I think another one is brewing for today.

Best wishes


I have just been catching up on reading posts on this site. I have a few interesting memories of British Youth Hostels.

When I was younger, there were still a number of chemical toilets in hostels in remote areas, though now I think they all have to reach a minimum standard laid down by the European Community.

At one hostel in the north of England, now closed, I arrived one Sunday evening about 7 pm. Unusually for me, I hadn't 'dumped' (as Americans say) that morning in another hostel, and after signing in and making up my bed, I knew that my trousers had been up too long that day. I found the men's toilet outside, which was a large room with a chemical loo in the middle of a large room, with a toilet roll on top of a can which obviously contained the chemical used when the toilet was emptied each morning. Naturally, I assumed that this was the place to sit. In the corner was a closed door, and I assumed that was some sort of cupboard, and I didn't open it. There might have been rats there. There was no lock on the outside door, but it was clearly marked 'Men'. I wiped the seat with some toilet paper, and sat down with my trousers only far enough to expose my bottom. I knew it would be a large production, and as I had gone well over 36 hours, it might be smelly.

Then I heard footsteps outside getting nearer and nearer, and in walked another guy, with whom I had already been chatting inside the hostel. He said 'Just going for a quick wee'. He went towards the door which I had assumed was a cupboard, opened it without closing it, and there was obviously another toilet in there, and I heard a tinkling noise, which seemed to go on for ages - it probably didn't, but I was desperate to start what I had come in for. He emerged doing up his zip, and I assumed that he would go straight out. But he didn't, and came over and started chatting about his day's walking; I joined in, not wanting to sound unsociable, but then felt I couldn't 'hold it in' any longer. I didn't like to tell him to go out, and thought, well, I'm not doing anything wrong or unnatural, and so I started to unload. Still the guy went on talking, not a bit bothered. When I had finished, I waited for him to go, thinking he wouldn't want to see me wiping my bottom. ! I sat there a bit longer, then decided to reach for the paper. Still he stood there, talking and looking, as I sat wiping my bum. Would he look at my private parts when I got off the pot and pulled my trousers up and fastened my zip and belt? Yes he did.

The next morning I considered hovering around to see when he went to the toilet. If he was in a long time I could innocently go in and burst in on him, and see him as he had seen me. But I didn't do that, although I knew exactly when he went.

My bowels were now back to their regular morning pattern, and I knew it would be sensible to go before I went out walking.

So I went in a few minutes after he was back in the hostel, to be confronted with a notice on the toilet I had used - 'Please do not use this toilet'. So I opened the door of what I had thought was a cupboard. In there was a posh boy - obviously public school educated - pulling his trousers up! I said 'Sorry'. He replied 'It's OK', and I went in when he came out. This time I was not disturbed.

I have some interesting experiences of Scottish hostels - for another posting. A post-script to my experience of being watched when I sat on a chemical toilet in an English youth hostel. It is so vivid that I can remember the trousers I was wearing (or should I say, half-wearing) at the time - light blue long corduroys.

Justin, I liked your post about talking to other dudes while on the crapper. I also do that if a buddy is in the next stall, but I've never spoken with a stranger in the adjacent stall. You mentioned how you have asked a stranger for TP when your stall didn't have any. I've been in that situation before. I usually take a shit each morning between classes at my college. Once I didn't check for TP before I sat down. There was a guy in the next stall crapping, but I was too shy to ask him for TP. So I waited until he was done and until the restroom was empty and quickly moved to the adjacent stall and got cleaned up there. I'd be curious to know how you actually approached asking another dude for TP. Thanks, Tyler

okay in response to ashley's pee journal , here is mine . [ and that includes both standing[ outside/ and in men's rooms ] and indulging in my urophile fascinations with female pee styles-sitting down like a girl at home and in one toilet-- unisex restrooms ] .

anyway, pee journal 4-20/21-2003

when I got up-home toilet sitting down like woman .

3PM - took about 1 min total 45 sec. of steady spray-stream hissing a bit while tinkling, then pause, and a few last spurts or pee. color intense golden yellow without any foam at all
5:08 PM - home and sitting peed a steady stream for about 22 secs. ; then one more dribble for 6 secs. color= bright yellow with 2 patches of foam toward the back of the toilet water on left and right about 1" by 3" long

bike ride between 5:30-6:50 PM took one piss about 5:40 standing by pulling it out of my bike shorts[ no fly] on this dirt road and peeing in the sand quickly for about 30 secs. [ fully hydrated before ride with water ] then another piss standing along this other dirt road on the old farm fence for like 45 secs quickly, which came out in this awesome spray stream
7:05 PM- home [ sitting] quick pee about 30 sec. spritzing tinkle sound with first splash toward the front of bowl water. clear but slightly yellowish, no foam at all just a " water piss"
7:15 PM quick pee in shower about 15 secs.

8:47 PM home toilet bowl -sitting again . steady 45 sec pee with this loud tinkling sound and steady stream with one last spurt . no foam except little circles of pee dots like my former girlfriend would make while she urinated her yellow urine into the toilet water, . color clear to slightly yellowish .
[about 9 pm drank two 20 oz coffees, which helps LOL and was talking on the phone with this new girlfriend of mine from 9 PM till 6:18 AM ]
9:48 PM--sitting-home peed steady for 1 min in long tinkle, then like two separate left over splashes 15 sec and 20 sec. color-slightly yellow/mostly clear and no foam.
11:05 PM - 50 secs long pee steady piss for about 35 sec, then two more spritzes in a stream 7 sec and 10 secs. light yellow but no foam .
12:16 PM- sitting home peed for 1min and 12 sec total. most of the pee came out in one long staedy loud tinkle, tapering off to a non stop dribble after 50 secs. yellow pee no foam but some " pee scum" toward the front of water in toilet.
2:40 AM - joked with her and said " I have to use the ladies room, okay LOL which made "evie" giggle LOL :) 1 min and 5 sec pee[ again sitting like a chick] which came out in a steady, loudly tinkling stream, most of which came out in first 40 secs. color: bright yellow with a little foam bubbles clinging to back of toilet bowl floating on the water

4:40 AM - sitting home about 45 secs total, most of which came out in about 30 secs. steady tinkling stream, then stopped. then began to tinkle again slow dribble for like 8 sec. then last spritzy tinkle of 6 secs. deep yellow with just a bit of foam in middle of water 1/3 of bowl

I did not know there were so many OPEN MINDED WOMEN OUT THERE ABOUT PISSING. anyway , I had called this girl whom I met on the net for the first time last night and we talked and talked for like almost 9 hours. good thing I have this long distance company which is 99 cents/min anywhere in the northeast US . anyway , she had asked me what I like sexually and told me that it was okay to be open with her . are you sure you won't freak if I tell you **** ? I asked. no like I said you can feel safe and tell me anything as i really feel this connection with you and it is cool. tell me what please. and so I told her " I have this thing about girls , you know peeing in the restroom and was wondering, well you know . i hope this don't upset you **** " she replied, " what you'd like to watch me pee sometime? sure thing I'm cool with that like I said I am open minded very much so , and giggled . so what next[ thinking she was going to head to the toilet and start to " tinkle " as it wa! s about 4:40 AM and she had not peed since we began to talk at 9PM ! ] " well, first I sit down and spread my legs real wide so you can see my P***Y . then I pee and it comes straight down into the middle in a stream and hits the water and tinkles. " what would I see ? " I asked her . " my pee coming out into the toilet water and then I'd wipe after I am done. " how wide of a stream? " depends usually a regular stream , unless I have to pee real bad , then it comes out real fast and loud tinkles in a real wide stream. " cool, I said , I hope you're not upset about me asking ? " , like I told you , no I reallly feel as if I'm getting closer to you and like I said I'm open minded." and so I hope to actually meet this girl soon as we allready seem to be so much alike and really get along and understand one another. and she lives like 30 miles from me right here In connecticut too .

Hello, I have some questions on toilet etiquette. When I'm clubbing in London, there are often girls dashing into the mens loos because the queues are too long for the ladies. The other day though, the situation was a bit different, because when I enetered the gents, there were two girls queueing for the stalls, but no guys! The layout of the toilets forced them to queue really near the urinals, and I was a bit hesitant about using them while standing right next to them. What would other guys have done in the situation?

Twice Shy
Garbage in, Garbage out...

Oh, but I've cooked up an almighty crappage, in the form of runs, from however it was that I've been eating. As I recall, part of this dump came from some discount Easter candy that I bought over at Rite-Aid and ate at my desk while I was working. It might have been as much as 1/2 pound of chocolate. The poo became progressively more fluid as this cathartic stimulus worked its way down. I've not been able to fart in peace, for indeed, there is a further installment of the brown butt-fountain's discharge at hand. It is like the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, only in the other direction. Artistic, perhaps, is the series of eruptions from my ass-crack, and something to set to music. A virtual Rhapsody in Poo.

I need to get some real chow down in there, and preferably something with binding properties. Pizza, perhaps. One can only be this way for so long.

Teddy Bear
To alex: hey guy dont feel like the lone ranger! there are many, many more people like you , both m & f, who have the same interest, obsession, fetish, call it what you want about watching others on yhe toilet. i'm definitely one of those & thought i was wierd, sick, perverted, but after coming on this website i know i'm in plenty of good company. however like A.A. of which i'm a grateful member, we have to remain anonymous due to those self right.eous hippocrates. maybe we can form T.A. (toilets anonymous). alex, tou are NOT sick or bad, so long as you don't break the law (breaking & entering, tresspassing, video cameras, etc) ther is nothing wrong with what you're doing. if so, most of us on this website should be locked up, including me. keep coming to this site & feel free to post your feelings, experiences, & concerns, you are among friends. I too was askinny little kid when i was your age, shy, & not really accepted by my peers. in fact, my ow! n mother had me institutionalized for spying on my younger sisters when they were in the bathroom. hold your head up & be proud, you'll make it little buddy i wish there was someway we could talk one on one.i know we have a lot in common. take care

ok i'll start answering some surveys.
i'll start with JAY,s

sect. 1

1.i'm 45 y/o. 46 in june
2. i'm a red blooded american male

sect. 2

1. only as a very young child
2. a few times when i was totally shit-faced
3. never
4. never
5. yes, quite often
6. never, its so gross.

sect. 3

1. i guess the wierdest place i pooped was in a neighbor's basement when i was 8 y/o. i had to go so bad & the basement was the closest thing. i was caught & got the whupping of my life from my father.
2. i guess that would be behind an electrical panel when i was in the navy. my stream must have come in contact with a live conductor & i was lit up like a xmas tree! lucky i wasn't electrocuted.

well catch y'all later. keep posting & happy pooping. kybo.

Peace & love, Teddy Bear. still cant get over how sat.'s cover girl looked so much like my "lisa" i even dreamed about her last night. just got home from class, got about 1 hr. before my s/o gets home but i dont want her to see me doing this website. she is such a prude!

to cassandra: liked your post. it seems like you are "toilet shy" like me. i also need complete privacy when both peeing & pooping, i will wait till the house is empty or find a secluded spot if i have to go real bad. i have never had or let anyone be with me when eliminating, i cant pee with anyone around, my spincter just wont open up, and i've always been ashamed of someone with me when pooping. i think it was due to my upbringing. even my g/f's who let me watch them never saw me going to the bathroom. i feel bad & ashamed that i'm like this. well anyway, cassy, it seemed like you ignore the urge several times & your poop dried out real hard, and that's why you had such difficulty passing it. what kind of restroom facilities did they have at the park? i would have found an excuse or some time to relieve myself instead of having to "prairie dog" it. i kind of wondering if you & me could somehow get together would you do it in front of me if i did the ! same for you? iwould sure like to break my toilet shyness. any suggestions from any of you out there?.

to PRG: tell me more about this "unisex" at work. is the entrance door lockable? how many stalls? is ther a crack between the door & the stall frame for people to see in? are there doors on the stalls? do m & f use it at the same time? does anyone mind? how about you? do you leave the door open for all to see? i think with your boiler room escapades you probably would. i wish i could find a restroom like that. also i see you are now looking at your poop, that"s a good idea to check for any abnormalities like blood, color & shape. why dont youlike others to see it? from the way you desribe some of your poops you should be proud to display your wares. i"d like to get your physical discription, i may have missed it from earlier posts. and finally, would you mind me being with you when your pooping? i hope your cousin made it home safe & sound. he is a real hero to all of us. peace, t.b.

to todd MN: yeah i'd love to get a hold of that video myself. i assume its the "blind date uncensored" one with the girl taking a dump can we get these at a regular video store or do you have to go to an adult one? let me & the rest of us know if you find anything out.

to movie fan: hopefully you can also help us out too.

well that's allfolks. talk to you tomoorow. kybo.

peace & love to all, Teddy Bear.

ok you landlubbers, i will try to clear up the meaning of "poop deck" & "head" when it come to nautical terms. i'm a retired 20 yr navy veteran & did find out the origin of both these terms. first, the poop deck is the raised portion of the stern of the old sailing vessels, is still present in some of today's sailboats & yachts. it was was derived from the latin word "puppin" & had nothing to do with a place to defecate. it was a very elaborate place, where the captain & officers would gather when above decks. the term "head" came from "beakhead" which was the area in the bow or "head" of the ship & that's where the sailors would relieve themselves thru holes cut into the deck. the name has stuck eversince. hope that clears things up. see ya later. kybo.

peace & love, Teddy Bear

Raging Urophile
I have found this forum to be highly educational as well as interesting. There are two things that I have learned from reading numerous posts on this board over the last few weeks.
1) Assuming the posters on this board represent an accurate cross section of the population, it seems apparent that females on average can hold and release twice as much pee and twice as much shit as men can at one sitting.I gave some opinions as why this might be the case on pg. 1100, but I would like some scientific explanations as to why women dominate in this area. I also find it interesting that body size has nothing to due with the volume of pee and shit that can be stored and therefore excreted and eliminated respectively.
2) I have also learned that there seems to be no difference in modesty between the sexes. Females are just as willing to pee and shit in front of males as males are in front of females. I also believe modesty has lessened down through the years. As a result, I would not be surprised if in the not too distant future, most public multi-stall restrooms will be unisex.
Back in 1979, I had a older college Sociology professor who appeared to be in his 60's. He thought it was ridiculous that our society has sexually segregated restrooms. He considered it an unecessary expense. He then asked if anyone in class would object to unisex public restrooms. Only one women in a class of about 30 objected. It appears that with modesty falling by the wayside, most of us would not care. The few who do care would probably get used to it within a few weeks. If I grew up in a culture with unisex restrooms, I doubt that I would have ever become the raging urophile I am today.
I also wanted to mention a recent case of gender equality and bodily function humor. The other night I saw a comedy spoof with Leslie Nielson entitled "2001: A Space Travesty." There is a scene where Leslie Nielson is in an elevator while holding an atrractive brunette upside down. His face is between her legs and above her skirt. She then farts in his face. You would never have seen this 20 years ago.
My favorite body function scene in the movies was in the movie "Doc Hollywood" with Michael J. Fox and Julie Warner. Julie suddenly stops the car in a forested area, then she squats and pees in front of Michael. She does this to create an odor to scare away some creatures. She then gets up, moves to another spot, and squates and pees a couple more times. Michael is aghast at why she is doing this. Soon, they both get into the act and pee around the area together. There is no vision of Julie's pee stream,but it is conceptually quite a turn on.
The most graphic pee scene I have seen in a mainstream movie was in "Caligula" with Peter O, Toole and Malcolm McDowell (1979). There is a full frontal scene where a women pees on a corpse. The stream can be scene quite clearly as it originates from the source.
Finally, I would like to mention that most of my newest posts do not appear on the newest page. They are usually on the "most recent old posts" page underneath some older posts. Therefore, my posts, as well as some other "newest posts" are easy to miss if you do not backtrack. My old posts are on pgs. 1095-1100, and 1107-1109.

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