Emily of NYC
Hi guys, I thought I would like to tell you a story that happened a rather long time ago; this is not a current event. Last year, I went with my whole family on Martin Luther King day to go see a Knicks game. (They ended up losing this one by 43 points to the Hornets) During halftime, I desperately needed to go for a dump. I told my parents I had to go to the bathroom and they let me. I was horrified when I saw a line that had about 100 people in it. When I first saw the line, I asked one woman what they were queueing up for. They told me that it was the bathroom line. I could not simply believe it. I waited on it, thankfully without going in my panties for all of halftime, but when the third quarter was about to begin, a lot of people left so they wouldn't miss the game. Personally I didn't want to see the Knicks get crushed, and needed badly to go for a dump, so I stayed on the line. WHen I got to the front of the line, I went into a stall that was finally open. ! The bathroom was absolutely filthy. Someone had thrown a Sprewell jersey into the toilet, and the seat was covered with poop, but I didn't mind. Using my shoe, I got the jersey out of the water, and managed to sit on a part of the toilet not covered with poop. When I simply relaxed my bowels a very small amount, tons of diarrhea came shooting out for about 1 whole minute, uncontrollably. I then, without much effort, squeezed out an extremely long log, about 15 inches. Then I shot out more diarrhea, and another log around a foot long. To my horror, there was absolutely no toilet paper there, so I was unable to wipe myself, but I managed not to get poop on my panties. The place was so ramshackle that even a flusher was missing! I just told the next person in the line, which wasn't so long, "It's not so nice in there, the flusher is missing, so just wait for the next one," like a little lady.

P.S. Bryian- Adam is certainly NOT my boyfriend. He just desperately loves me and wants me to be his girlfriend. He has asked me 14 times already to go out with him, and he still hasn't given up. I'm not so sure he's that interested in watching me poop, I think it was just the bare shock of seeing the girl of his dreams take a dump.

Punk Rock Girl- You are a brave woman. Not on my wildest dreams would I take a dump in front of a group of guys.

Manhattan Girl- It's nice to see you again. Can you fully describe yourself (I mean, give a visual description, hair, eyes, etc.) Do you have a boyfriend?

All my love - Em

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Boy we are right back into winter here in upstate New York! Looks like spring is still yet to come. I'm glad to see some new people on the forum here. Hello you to you and a hello to all the regulars too. Lot of good posts the last two days.

Jessica your post was a good one. Over my lifetime I've known many girls that varied in thier time that it took them to pee. Some could hold it forever and others had to go every hour it seemed. There was one girl in high school that I dated for 3 yrs that could really hold her pee for a long time like the girl Amber in your post. There was one time we had beenout all day at a park and she had not gone at all. We took a walk on some of the trails before we were going to leave and then she said she had to pee so we went into the brush off the trail. she pulled down her jeans and panties and squated.

She started right off with a very narrow hard stream that splashed all over when it hit the ground. She had the loudest hissing sound of any girl that I had known up to that time! The color was slightly golden yellow and she was luck in that the ground sloped downward so she was creating quite a river from underneath her where she was squating. She was not pushing either and continued hissing away with the same steady force. I asked her if this was normal for her and she told me most of the time except when she had to poop. Then her pees were much shorter in length. She was well past the 4 minute mark when her stream died down some and hissed less. Then a few spurting shots and she was done. I got treated many more times to her peeing performances untill we broke up in our senior year of high school. Upstate Dave

Hey everyone.......

Libby -
I remember sometimes where my sister got locked out of the house and had to pee. Lol, I was actually the one who locked her out hahahaha. She just ended up holding her pee until I unlocked the door. Then she went to the toilet and peed. OMG one time she took my favorite magazine and peed on it. I was soo mad after that but now I'm over it. I loved your stories!!!!

Ash -
Hey thanks for taking my survey, I always like hearing your answers. You're still I think the coolest poster here!!!

Times I peed yesterday, Saturday
1. When I woke up for about 40 seconds
2. After lunch at 1 for about 20 seconds
3. After dinner for about 6 seconds
4. Before bed for about 8 seconds

Times I pooped yesterday, Saturday
1. Before bed

Yesterday I sat around bored all day. I don't think I've ever mentioned my sisters name before. Her name is Amy, and she's 12. Anyway, we were both in our room listening to music at around 10:30, when she said she had to go to the bathroom. I actually had a slight urge to poop, so I said that I would go with her. She said ok. We walked to the bathroom upstairs, and went inside. Our parents were out with some friends, so we didn't even bother locking the door. She said that she would go first. She pulled her pink pajama pants to her ankles and her gray panties down, and sat on the toilet. She put her legs together, and began peeing a nice stream. I could hear it splashing into the water. This went on for maybe 20 seconds, before she began pushing. After she pushed for a while, she farted and then a piece began coming. She stood up so I could see it come out. I didn't really care that I saw it but oh well. Inch by inch, it came out. Finally, it plooped into! the toilet, and she sat back down. She pushed again, but only a fart escaped her. Her piece was about 7" inches long, light brown, and hard. She only needed to wipe once. After she got up and flushed it was my turn. I pulled my black panties to my ankles, and sat down. I peed then a piece began coming out. It felt nice sliding past my hole. I pushed and after about a half minute, the piece fell into the toilet. I still felt more up there, so I pushed some more and farted. Some tiny drops of pee fell too. This next piece was about the same size, and crackled. It also fell with a splash. I took a break, then began pooping more. After I was completely done, I stood up and we looked into the bowl. There were 3 medium brown pieces floating in the water. The first two were about 6" inches long, and the second one was 2" inches long. There was hardly a smell. My sister handed me some toilet paper, and i wiped by bottom 3 times. After I threw the last piece of to! ilet paper into the toilet, I pulled up my panties and flushed. I hafta admit though, I hope we get some more experiences like this sometime soon. I think she enjoyed it too. Bye.....

Punk Rock Girl. Thanks for your reply.

Sheila. I enjoyed your last post enormously about the big buddy dump you took with Ruth at the restuarant. Do you find that puddings tend to have a laxative effect? I've found they tend to give a 'final push' in terms of making me want to go when I've already got distended bowels due to a largish meal. Anyhow, it sounds as though you both needed to go really badly. I'd love to hear about the time Ruth went round to the house though sometime. My guess is that you've had a good poo or two since then.

Audrey. Liked your latest post but I'm sorry you didn't maker it to the loo on time. It was good of your friend to help you out though in your difficulty. I think you prabably had an upset stomach due to a bug or something you'd eaten.

Linda D. Have you had any experiences involving nurses needing to go to the loo?

I had a really runny poo after tea today (Sunday) and it was practically liquid. I think a combination of cake plus raisins I'd eaten eatlier acted as the trigger. Getting out of my system felt good though.

Best wishes


Ash - great post! How big was the girl in the other's stalls turds?

Libby - great post, too! Peeing in the snow is highly under-rated! Was this a big gush and how much of the snow did it melt? Your third story is interesting. Did you not have time to climb the balcony or did you just decide it wasn't worth it? Where at did you go in your yard? How much? What did you wipe your pussy with? I personally would love to hear more details! Anyone else?

Poopsy - also a nice post. What did you wipe with behind the barn when the well inside was dry? To your peeing in the bushes story, how on earth did you almost lose your balance? Were you squatting or in some weird position like leaning back on all fours or something? I must admit, girls who really have to pee really do make some noise, espcially in dried leaves and on hard sand. But it's nothing to be really self-conscious about.

No new stories from me at the moment. May have more to relate later. I've got to go!!!

Some years ago my ex partner christine and her friend carol and i went camping,we had already discussed privacy and decided where to have a makeshift loo.I dug a 3ft hole behind some bushes and bridged it with 2 planks of wood,we agreed not to intrude on each other`s privacy,but it did`nt turn out like that,about 6.30am the next morning i felt the urge for a poo,i got dressed and went to the makeshift toilet and plonked myself down,i was just about to push my turds out when carol appeared "sorry richard "she said "but i need to go right now" i told her to squat down and join me and not to be shy,my turd started to come out my ass,carol smiled and winced as she had her poo right next to me,we talked and had a good laugh,and we both did a bit more before returning to our tents,even to this day we still smile about it,it was a great experience.

I had a really funny thing happen to me when I was about 17 and I was at the beach. I was sitting in the water and the water was shallow like up to my stomach (while sitting). About 25 feet away I saw a young girl, maybe about 6 years old and she apparently just pooped into the water because she was pulling up her bathing suit and then running away back towards the beach. All of a sudden I started seeing small stools floating in the water and some actually smeared my arms with poop a little, and I thought this was gross. Then all of a sudden a huge wave came out of no where and I looked at the wave in awe with my mouth open being surprised. Well this was a bad idea because when the wave went away I realized that I had a mouthful of the 6 year old childs poop! I was able to spit out most of it but also ended up swallowing some of it. There was a sour taste in my mouth as well as a smell that smells like when you drive passed a sewage treatment plant. To make matters worse the poop that actually went into my mouth wasnt the small hard stools that were floating by earlier, they were soft and creamy poops. I was amazed that the whole thing happened, but luckily I didnt get sick from this incident. This was years ago and I still remember it vividly.

Hi Ashley, it looks like we have seen something similar.... I often heard the mother/daughter teams in rest areas. I wrote a story some days ago. But this was not the only one, and such things don’t only happen in France. I heard something some days ago at a german rest-area-toilet. It was about 6 a.m. in a toilet hut of a highway. I had to poop and it was raining, so I entered the hut. There were one sink and two stalls in it. The stalls had wooden walls with a gap of 30 cm to the floor. In front of the stalls was a drain. And there were some holes in the wall. Both stalls were occupied, and it stunk like hell in there. The floor was dirty, there layed paper towels and tissues everywhere. The woman in the first stall had entered short time before, and I heard her pulling down her zipper. I have risked an eye through one of the holes, and so I saw her looking into the bowl with a disgusted face. She pulled down her pants and squatted on the floor. I took a step back and coul! d see her nacked bum hovering over the floor. Then a hard stream started with a loud hissing. Seconds later a pee-river flooded under the gap into the drain in front of my feet. It smells, like she had had a lot of coffee….In the second stall an older woman was hovering over the bowl and pushed out her dump. They have both finished nearly the same time, so I could think about the stall I would choose. The stinky, or the one with a puddle. I took the one with the puddle. I closed the door, and than I saw why this woman had squatted on the floor. The bowl was stuck with tp and sanitary pads. It was a yellow lake inside in which you can see swimming turds and everything. I also decided to go on the floor, because I don’t wanna get splashed by this mess while hovering. I pulled up my skirt and pushed down my pants. I found a comfortable position for a longer squat, and get down besides the bowl. My pee started asap, and a big arch hits the floor in front of me, and I could see i! t flooding into the drain. Then I heard a discussion between a girl, a boy and their mother. The boy went inside the gents, and the girls came to my side. Should I really do it? The little girl asked, What will happen, if anybody will see it? Do you wanna get ill? the mother said , she opened the door of the stinky stall and pointed on the dirty bowl. Many do it, so don’t be shy.
She shouted loud to the gents side: Maik? Yes mom.. was the answer. Are you doing what I told you? Yes mom, the seat is really dirty… and here is no one else, its no problem.. OK, she said, tell me when you have finished, I will come for wiping. The girl was dancing around the bowl . Come on it’s the same as if you squat behind a bush. I will go out and stand guard. OK I will try the girl said. The mother went out, and closed the door. The girl squatted down, and I could hear a loud grunting and pushing and a loud pee. I saw her little bum pushing out some long turds and a pee stream. From my ass along turd hang down and emerged very silent. In that moment the father came in. Where are the children? he asked. They need to poopoo! she said. In that dirty stalls?….. he said upset. Calm down, the mother said, I told them to go on the floor. Ufffffz, that’s better! he said. The boy shouted that he had finished. The father said that he will wipe and went into the gents. He we! nt into the stall and wiped the boy. What are we doing with the pile? the boy asked. Nothing, we will leave it there. Come on, we will go to the car. Wait , the mother said, Ines must have also finished soon. Take her with you, I also have to go. Why haven’t you had a quick pee in the drain now? He asked grinning. I won’t shit in the drain she said! She laughed. I could see the feet of the man standing beside the drain. Than I heard a zipper and shortly after that, I saw an pee-arch hitting the floor next to it. The girl went out and stood in front of her peeing father. Finished? He asked, come on, your mother also has to go- it will stink here in some minutes ! hihihi.. Yes, you shit parfume! She giggled: I heard her going into the stall, slamming the door. And I saw her through a hole pulling up her skirt and pushing down her pants. As she squats down her massive ass appeared under the gap, only centimeters away from me. She farted loud and I could see her anus growing, a! nd a fat turd came out. She moaned loud and farted again. She was so near, that I could feel the air of the farts. I was lucky, that they don’t stink to hard. Do you go also on the floor? the girl asked. Of course, you wanna have a look? She unlocked the door, and the girl looked inside and saw her mother with a turd hanging out of her ass, and one on the floor. Ok ? asked the mother and closed the door and locked it again. Ooooh, uggggh, she moaned, go with pa to the uugggh caaar, I will come pffffrrrrrt (farting) when I have finished pssssssssssssch. Be careful with your feet, my piss floods under the gap! ( but before it floods through my stall!) I squat complete in this river….It was a crazy situation. I only squat an arm-length away of a pooping stranger. Seeing all, hearing all and smelling even her pee…..
She pushed out some additional turds in the following 10 minutes and peed 2 or 3 times more. Than she wiped and went out leaving this monster where it was dumped. She pulled up her pants and corrected her skirt in front of the stalls. I wanted to show her, that she had been watched, and started a strong pee, that hits the floor in front of her feet. Poor woman, she said, you better have had a gas-mask…..And went out. I wanted to finish now, and started pushing and grunting. After my shit I went to the sink washing my hands. Two girls came in and entered the stalls. Someone went on the floor here she said, as she thoughts I must already have leaved. Lets piss the floor two . Then I heard two hissing sounds and a big puddle flooding towards the drain. Then I left silently a drove away..

Cody, Thomas and Josh,

I was really interested to read how you guys found that taking a dump with other guys around could lead to better relationships. This brought back memories of my years in college. When I first moved to a town where my college was located I had really bad accommodation. I then saw an advertisement on the bulletin board from a guy who was trying to recruit three other college dudes to rent a small house with him. I called him and at the end of that month four of us moved in. It was one of those turn-of-the century Victorian houses with two bedrooms, a bathroom, tiny living room and a tiny kitchen. At first, we guys were kind of distant from each other. We just went our own ways even though we were two to a bedroom. Our first classes of the day seemed to occur at about the same time each morning. Like all guys, we slept until the last moment and then there was a rush for the bathroom. At first, if you got there you just shut the door while you shat, showered and s! haved. It soon became evident, however, that this just wouldn’t work. The first guy got to his class on time; the others were late. There was also the problem of “entertaining” chicks and needing some private bedroom time for that and for jacking off if no chicks were available. So Brad, the dude who started the rental, called Mike, Zack and me together for a meeting. We had a real frank discussion one evening. We agreed that the bathroom door would remain open in the mornings so we could double or triple up showering, shitting and shaving. We also agreed that when any dude needed privacy he would hang a coat hanger on the doorknob of the bedroom door.
Well, this system solved all our problems. In the mornings, one dude would be taking a shit, one would be in the shower and one would be at the sink shaving and often the fourth would be waiting to take a dump. It meant having to get used to each other’s smells. At first, there was a bit of embarrassment, but after a while we would just talk about all subjects while in the bathroom together. Eventually, there were jokes about the farts and plopping sounds and a waiting dude would good-naturedly hurry up a buddy on the pot. It worked OK except when a dude was constipated. Then the straining and grunting led to a lot of joking and I guess I wasn’t always in the mood for that when trying to squeeze out a big, hard log. Mike would always remind a constipated guy to try some Ex-Lax. Eventually, we kept some in the medicine cabinet and we all started to take it. That helped make our bathroom sharing even more efficient. Also, the coat hanger system worked real well.! We did have to modify it a bit though since sometimes a guy just took too long and kept other guys out of their beds. So we limited the time to a maximum of one hour of privacy in each bedroom. I have to tell you that we four guys all live in different places now but we remain in contact by e-mail and we have reunions whenever possible. I think that being open about taking a shit in front of each other broke down all the barriers and led to real good friendships.

Here's a survey for everyone. Would really like some responses from the female population. Guys, too. We're all really one here. LOL.

1. Do you pee outside? Under what circumstances?

2. How do you feel about you or others peeing outside?

3. Is it easy for you to start peeing outside? Ever have second thoughts?

4. What are some of the places you've peed outside?

5. For girls, when there was no TP, did you wipe with something else or drip dry?

6. On long road trips along roads with few bathrooms, how long are you to willing wait to "find a gas station" until you pull over and piss in the ditch/woods?

7. Do you shit outside? Under what circumstances?

8. How do you feel about you or others shitting outside?

9. Is it easy for you to start shitting outside? Ever have second thoughts?

10. What are some of the places you've shitted outside?

11. When there is no TP, do you wipe with anything interesting (besides leaves)?

12. On long road trips along roads with few bathrooms, how long are you to willing wait to "find a gas station" until you pull over and shit in the ditch/woods?

13. Do you ever get slightly turned on when pissing or shitting outside?

14. Have you ever allowed anyone to watch or listen to you when you go outside?

15. On the beach or at a lake or river, if there are no nearby bathrooms, are you more inclined to go in the water (piss or shit) or in the dunes/woods (piss or shit)?

16. Have you ever pissed or shitted outside completely in the nude?

17. When camping, on the beach, or wherever, do you put on shoes or sandals or go barefoot when you need to piss or shit?

18. Do you normally dig holes when you go outside and then cover them when you're done. Or do you just go wherever and leave as soon as you're done?


My answers:

1. Yes, often. Anytime I really feel like it.

2. It's an act of nature. Give back what nature gives to you.

3. Very easy. Why have second thoughts? If you need to go, just go!

4. normal places like bushes/trees, backs of sheds/barns/houses, side of road, garages, treehouses, rivers, lakes, ocean, dunes; really just about everywhere imaginable.

5. N/A

6. I wait till I have to go real good. Don't want to stop every three miles for every little small urge...LOL.

7. Yes, often. Mostly emergencies, but also when I just feel like shitting in the woods for the hell of it, I'll go for a walk and find a place.

8. It's also an act of nature, so give back what nature gives to you. I don't particularly favor shitting in someone's yard, though. But if they have big dogs that shit in your yard, then you shitting in their yard is fine...if neighbors approach you a day or so later, tell them it had to be the dog.

9. As on the toilet, it takes me a bit to get going unless it's an emergency, but no, I never have any second thoughts.

10. Sames places as pissing above, but mostly when camping. I don't usually go in the water, though.

11. Green leaves usually do the trick for me. If there aren't any leaves, grass or hay sometimes work. I normally wear t-shirts underneath my normal shirts, so if none of the other stuff is available, I'll take the shirt off, tear it in bits, and use that.
12. When I need to go pretty good, I'll pull over. I usually bypass gas stations for it's generally cleaner and safer to hit the side of the road.

13. Pissing outside used to turn me on, and it was hard as hell to piss with a hard-on!!! Shitting does little for me in that department, though.

14. I've let girlfriends who were interested in watching watch me. Some normal friends when younger, but we all did the same things at the same time, so we really didn't watch each other.

15. I usually piss in the water at the beach (brings some great warmth for a short while), but when I need to shit, it's the sand dunes or right near the water ("intertidal flush") for me. Haven't mastered shitting in the ocean yet, but have tried it. If I'm in the woods, any thicket with plenty of leaves is fine. I don't piss in rivers usually. Any tree, bush, or log works fine.

16. Oh yeah! Mostly at night, especially on the beach. It's the perfect let-loose feeling in my opinion.

17. I like to wear at least sandals when I'm outside. It's easy to get piss or shit on your feet (from others who came before or while you're going and the puddles/piles spread), and I don't like that very much. Still gotta do it cleanly, especially if you have someone special with you. On the beach, I usually go barefoot, for you can wash any messes off in the ocean.

18. I do both. It depends on how I feel and my need for urgency. I usually go on top of leaves or sand, sometimes covering my poo with a layer of leaves or sand to keep flies away just in case I need to visit the same place again :) On the beach, I usually dig a hole since it's easy to dig there. With a hole dug, you can rest your ass on the warm sand without worrying about getting poo all over your ass. It's a great feeling!

Got Guts
Hey my fellow pooper scoopers, it's been a while. I've been in Korea for a bit. I don't know if any of you have ever seen the toilet situation in Korea, but my God. How these poor people aren't all dead from some shit-ridden illness is beyond me. I never had the joy of shitting in one, gladly, but it's basically this trough-like hole in the floor that you have to squat over. Now me being the type of chick to wear huge baggy jeans, this becomes difficult. I pride myself on having not pissed all over my legs during this process. The worst part, however, is that after you wipe, you don't throw the used toilet paper down the toilet. Oh no, my friends, what do you do with your soiled paper afterwards? You throw it in the waste basket right beside you, which, I might add, is open to the air. So yes, the stench of everyone elses shit and piss is right next to your nose when you squat down. Why don't these people have American toilets? How sanitary can it BE to throw your fecal-smea red toilet paper away instead of flushing it down the toilet (These troughs DO flush, by the way)? Yuck, man.
In other news, I've been reading this message board for quite some time, months before I started to post, actually. After reading many of your posts, I've realized I'm lacking something from most of you. I have never, that I can remember anyway, in my 23 years on this planet, crapped my own pants. So, I've decided to go on a self-appointed mission, to be completed tonight, if possible: I've decided hey, what the hell, I'll try crapping my own pants, just to see what all the fuss is about. Besides, it'll make a decent story for this message board, right?
With that in mind, does anyone have any tips on it? Not that most of you have planned this sort of thing, but I mean hey, I'd like the cleanup to be easy and quick. I lve in a house with 18 unrelated people, so getting away with this without anyone knowing will be hard. But I'm willing to try.
Anyway, we'll see how it turns out.

Eric in Chicago
BeachNut: cool about pissing and shitting at baseball practice. When you were talking about walking on the beach, you said you pulled your shorts back up and pissed. Did you go in your shorts?

Everyone (especially guys): did you ever drink a bunch of water before going to bed to see if you could make yourself wet your bed (assuming you weren't a wetter)? I tried it a couple times in my teens but I just woke up and had to piss real bad.

To Ashley: Enjoyed your story from the rest stop

To jessica: Liked your story

To Amber: Liked your story about pooping while your sister was in the shower.

To Libby: Enjoyed your pee stories

To Donny: Thats cool you sit on the school toilets in your free time :)

To sk8ergrl: Liked your story

To Brian K.: Thanks for explaining about caddy shack, i've never seen that movie, but i came acrossed it the other day and i thought it looked like a turd, i didn't see how it got in there.

To BeachNut: Loved all your stories! And i loved your story about while walking in the neighbor hood..did any one see you then?

Jessica, sounds as if Amber could put up quite a bladder match against "Tanya", the teenage goddess spoken of in Just Another Guy's outstanding stories. The amounts that some women are able to expel in one go are simply baffling. Your post touches on questions which have fascinated me for quite some time. Amber was obviously quite known for her amazing outputs, as commented by her peers outside of the bathroom stall. The "impish laughter" that she made both times her bladder capabilities were commented on suggests that she was probably quite proud of her very lengthy torrents...perhaps just a tad embarrassed, but definitely aware that others were able to identify her just from the never-ending splashing emitting from her cubicle. With a bladder as prodigious as this, she probably would not have had much trouble waiting until she arrived at her home after school to spend an eternity relieving it; however, perhaps she enjoys going (and going, and going) at school b! ecause of the attention it draws her. I wonder at what age she first realized that she was peeing for far longer than her peers, and what kinds of feelings this ignited in her. On the flip side, I wonder if any of her peers have felt the same unknown feelings that you felt at first hearing her go...a mixture of confusion that a bladder could still be filled even after several minutes of emptying, and a feeling of awe which cannot totally be described. At any rate, thank you so much for sharing this terrific anecdote. Please share more when you have a chance. I would love to read more about this extraordinary bladdered teen's performances, and also about any comments you might have overheard about her incessant pees. With the unique position you hold at the school, you might have run across young ladies with other interesting bladder characteristics, such as a particularly forceful stream, or maybe another student who seems to pee far longer than normal. These tales wo! uld be interesting to read as well. Take care,


Matt from MD
Hey everyone, today was pretty busy. I had my 1st baseball practice of the season, got a new basketball hoop, and a new paintball gun! I've been having harder poops lately, prolly from the steaks and burgers and stuff i've been eating.

Emily of NYC: Great story! Do you have any more about embarrasing moments like that with other people?

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Stopped to fill up on my way to lunch yesterday and needed to poo. Filling-station restrooms are not my faves. This one was pretty small with two booths. To get everything in they had used what seemed to be children's toilets. There were no seats so I squatted and started to pee. No tinkle so I moved myself backwards and started to hit the water. Then I began to shit...and shit..shit. My thighs began to ache and I sat down on the porcelain. When I got up to wipe, I turned round to inspect and to my dismay my first loads had landed on, not in, the toilet and I had sat in a pile of peanut-butter! Five minutes and ten sheets of tp later I seemed to be clean, though I did wonder whether any smell would linger at lunch. As I have posted, at the age of 13 I was thrilled at the feel of my poo. That's one thing I've grown out of!

love you all Anthea

Went for a run on the beach this morning. was not long before the old pressure build up signalled that i find a shot to take a shit. I went up into the bush on a small sand dune and quickly dropped my bikini bottom to my knees and bent over. A short pee started and as the log started to come the pee stopped. I held my breath as this rough nobb;y thing started pushing out of my ass. At last it got the thick bit out and with a rush the rest came out in one long sausage followed by a wet fart and a little wet shit. As i breathed a sigh of relief and started to pee again as the breeze blew around my naked bum. Just then the bush rustles and a man bursts in to the little clearing pulling his speedo down as he comes in. He looks at me with horror and announces that he is about to shit himself. I lust stare in shock as noone has ever seen me shit like this before. He just bends over and proceeds to evacuate a pile of semi liquid shit that would have made a horse blush. He just sat there pushing wave after wave out. Then he gets up without wiping pulls up the speedo and leaves. i wipe with some leaves and go back to the beach to find him in the shallows washing his ass in the water. what a start to the day.

Travelling Guy. Greg and I went on holiday to Sweden some years ago and, aminly in the country area, double toilets are the norm. When we moved to our home just outside Cardiff we had one of these beauties installed, we wouldn't be without one now.

Rizzo: Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you got over your diarrhoea. I know all about that bloated feeling you had, it's ghastly, I shit myself in the court at Cardiff once about a year ago, I was afraid to fart just like you, but alas I couldn't control myself. Keep your posts coming, it's through writing about the bad times as well as the good that strengthens us, both boys and girls.

Cara: Thanks for your advice about wearing a thong outside my panty-hose. I'll certainly give it a try. I always wear 'Pretty Polly' pantyhose, they're very popular here, have you heard of them in the US?

Linda D. What a wonderful story of your helping that lady. You sound a real credit to the nursing profession. I hope if I ever have to go into hospital I get a nurse as thoughtful and kind as you.

Black Chaos: Nice to know you share my feelings about going to the toilet together. I wrote in an earlier post about my regular constipation when I get my period. It really is a wretched time for me but fortunately I've got Greg to help me, what a real husband and friend he is to me, (I love him so very much) and at work there's always my friend Vera, and now Ruth to be there for me, and I for them.

Audrey: Sorry to read how bad your were with diarrhoea at work, but how lucky to have Beryl there to help you through, tell us more about that lady, and tell us how the peeper at work is getting on. I bet he was thrilled to watch you having a shit, please don't leave us in suspense, tell us how he's getting on.

I said I'd tell you about Ruth and I after our shit in James Howells. Well we did some more shopping at the regular Sunday car-boot sale in Cardiff. Then it was home with me. I served a vegetable curry and some special Taunton cider for our supper. After we watched some television and then played scrabble. It was around nine in the evening when Ruth wanted the toilet and naturally I went with her. The look on her face when she saw my 'double' was priceless. When we got our panties down and sat on the loo I realised that the vegetable curry after our loose shit in the afternoon wasn't really wise. Ruth started to pee nice and easy then suddenly gasped and shit violently. I reached across and put an arm around her shoulder as she shuddered and shit again and again. I was alright, I'm used to my vegetable diets, but Ruth is not. Anyway she was really ill and I helped her when she had finished and we went to bed together, she really wasn't well enough to go home. ! Well it's time I went now, but I'll be in touch real soon. Best wishes to all posters, all my love, Sheila (South Wales).

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