Ashley (not to be confused with Ash)
Hey people. my Names Ashley and I'm 17 years old. Anyway, when I was driving to one of my friends houses that was about 100 miles from where I live. But, of course, I hod to go to the bathroom along the way. So, I stoped at a rest stop and went into the restroom. There were three stalls and all of the stalls were taken. But, just by looking around, the restroom was relitivly dirty. Then, I heard a sound kind of like a thunk. I glanced on the floor underneath the stall on the right and there was a huge, solid piece of crap on the floor. I then saw another one lay right on top of it. I was slightly repoulsed but not really seeing if that stall was really filthy

Someone then came out of the stall in the middle, without flushing. I walked in and when I saw the toilet seat, I thought to myself, I either go on the floor, or hover. I decided to hover first, not wanting to make the person who'd come in after me get grossed out or anything. So, I lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. At first, I tried to push my crap out but had no real luck. I heard the stall on my left side open and close as someone left and then open and close again as someone walked in. Ther person on my right had already left so that stall was now open.

Then I heard, "Hunnie, is the seat dirty?" "Yes mom." Then in a whisper, "Well, then go on the floor. Just don't let the girl next to you find out" "But I need to pee too." "Whatever. Just do your bussiness so we can go." I looked around the floor and the drain was in the middle of the floor in my stall. Si, I just shrugged to myself and squated somewhat infront of the toilet and tried to relax. Since I couldn't shit, I just let my piss go. Soon after I let go, I could start seeing a puddle come under my stall and I could hear the hissing too. Now that my bladder was empty, I started pushing, to see if I could have any success.

Finally, a firm and solid terd came out. I felt so much better. But then, to my suprise, I let out a quiet fart and crap kind of sort of poured out of my ass slowly. I could hear grunting from the girl next to me on my left and a girl on the right of me (they just got there)peeing in the toilet. I was soon done and stood up and whiped my ass and throw the tp into the toilet. I think pulled my panteis back up and my skirt back down. Now, I would've flushed but the water was out of order.

I walked out of the stall and looked at the mother of the girl who was on my left and smiled. I washed my hands and went back out to my car and went on my way.

Now, this incedent would have happened a lot faster than you reading this in real life. But anywho, TTYL. I'll post again soon.

my pooping story is in school i had cramps all day and then i knew i couldnt make it to the bathroom so i went where there a bunch of books are a squatted i got so afraid then the first log started coming out and somebody came and said what are you doing i said craping my pants dont tell anyone and then the second log came and the teacher go to the bathroom so i did but i felt the third log coming so when i got to the toilet i didnt even bother take off my pants i set on the on toilet my pants getting ready to burst because of the bulge

Hey everyone, here are my answers to Coyotes survey...

1. What color is your pee? Mine is a clear color. When I wake up in the morning, it's more yellow
2. How long does it take for you to pee? I pee more when I wake up
3. How often do you pee? 4-5 times a day
4. Does your pee always hit the toilet water when you pee? Yes, it just goes straight down into the water
5. How often do you have to pee? 4-5 times a day
6. What does it sound like when you pee? It sounds like water is coming out of my vagina and bubbling in the toilet
7. How wide is your pee stream? Not too wide
8. Do you pee in a steady stream all at once? When I poop no, and when I just pee yes, usually
9. When you pee, does it come out in a spray ever? Not usually
10. Do you make pee foam in the toilet? If so, how much foam? Only a little foam
11. Do you pee outside? Where and how hard is it to pee when you do? I only pee outside if it's an emergency or if I'm camping. It's not too hard to pee, I just squat and go.

Times I peed yesterday, Friday April 4
1. When I woke up for about 2 minutes....I was full
2. In school around 10:00 for about 10 seconds
3. Around 4:00 for about 12 seconds
4. Before I went to the movies with Liz and Lindsey for about 11 seconds
5. Before bed for about 6 seconds

Times I pooped yesterday, Friday April 4
1. Before I went to the movies

I took a nice, relaxing poop yesterday. For dinner, we had pizza and pepsi. After I chewed the last piece of pizza, I felt the need for a poop. I went to the bathroom, and locked the door behind me. My sister (12) was in the shower, and I didn't think she'd mind if I pooped while she was there. I pulled down my blue jeans and pink underwear to just below my knees, and sat on the toilet. I saw my sister in the shower, and began to pee. My hands were folded in my lap while I peed. After the last dribbles, I heard the shower water turn off, and my sister came out. Haha, she nearly screamed. lololol. She said, "What are you doing?" I said that I was pooping. She just stood there in amazement, and watched me. I began to push, and I heard my first piece begin crackling. My sister was drying off, and still watching me. I gotta admit, I was totally relaxed. Anyway, about a minute later, the first piece fell into the water with a splash. I pooped out 2 more nice ! size pieces after that. After I was done, I stood up. There were 3 pieces, each were about 5" inches long. They were medium brown in color, and very soft and smooth. I ripped some toilet paper off, and dug it into my ass. It took me 4 wipes until I was completely clean. My sister wanted a look, so I let her. Her jaw dropped hahahah. She then sat on the toilet, and peed for about 30 seconds. She wiped herself in the front once, and then I said to her, "Don't tell mom!" haha. Bye everyone......

To Amber: I like to hear about the times you pee each day......please continue. Do you not normally pee at school then?

I have a couple of pee stories I'd like to share

the first one when I was in 8th grade I was in a carpool and forgotten my key that day it was the end of may and in the 90's anyways I was trying to figure out how to get in. And then I remembered, we have this balcony type thing and I remembered that the door was unlocked so I climbed up there went inside and realised I was dehydrated and when I'm dehydrated enough I'll start pissing uncontrollabley so I sat down and it all came gushing out

the second one was I went to visit my cousin and we went to go play in the snow and I all of a sudden started peeing turning the snow yellow

the 3rd one is I was locked out of my house again but this time I peed while still outside.

I'm 15 and spend a lot of time in the school restrooms. They are usually clean, I sit on the toilets and poop, read, play with myself during my free periods.

Traveling Guy
Jessica - Welcome and thanks for your story. Yeah, the restroom duty thing is idiotic, but definitely more interesting than being a cafeteria monitor. I'll admit that I was always a bit skeptical about those "five minute" (or more) pee stories I've read here, but you made me a believer. Apologies to all you long pissers. But it's still hard to imagine a bladder big enough to hold all that urine! I'm glad your hubby got a rise out of the story.

Punk Rock Girl - Well done! The inner exhibitionist in you is really showing now. It takes one to know one. Once, when I lived somewhere else, I locked myself out of my apartment. I badly needed to take a big dump, so first things first. I knocked on a neighbor's door, told her what was up and asked if I could use her bathroom. No problem, she said, and invited me in. I would have been happy with that, but it got better: there was no more TP on the roll. My lucky day! I had left the door unlocked and I called the neighbor to the rescue. She opened it slowly and asked what I needed. When I explained my problem, she said, "Hang on. I'll be right back." She returned with a wry smile on her face and walked over to hand me the fresh roll. "Is this what you need?" she asked coyly. I could see her stealing some quick glances at my bare ass. Like you, I got a little rush from that and I think she did, too. Yeah, it's fun to be a bit naughty sometimes.

hey Christi: When you shit on the cruise ship what was the toilet like? Do they have water inside them that the turd falls into or was it dry?

I would also like to hear more about that big shit you took on the ship Christi.

Hey, I don't know how I found this site, but it was due to a totally innocent search. Anyways, I think it is sooo funny. First I thought it is a fetish site but then I would not write here. Cause pooping and peeing doesn't turn me on. But I do definitely have quite some stories when it comes to this topic. Not even to mention my sister who had her gall bladder removed and ever since suffers extreme diarrhea whenever eating something greasy. And I tell you, she likes greasy stuff. Most of the time it is like this. We sit on the couch watching TV or at a table and suddenly she turns her head towards me in a really abrupt manner and has this "O" shaped mouth on her face and some really big eyes. This is accompanied by an "Oh my god". As long as the path is clear and the only toilet in the house isn't occupied, everything is all right. But if anybody is in her way, she gets really unkind. And if she ran out of toilet paper, she also ran out of luck. Cause it stinks so bad, no on! e will go near the door to take it to her.
I remember another story when I visited her house and the well ran dry. It was dried out for a day or two and we ended up getting behind the barn. I can only speak for myself when it comes to this experience, but it was so gross. Whenever I was done and automatically turned around to see what I gave birth to, I found a pile that looked like coming from a wrestler and not a beautiful mid 30 woman. Not even to mention how much it STANK!!! I was so surprised about the smell that I kept on talking about it all afternoon. We are so spoiled by water closets!!!
There is one more thing I remember when I was with my former boyfriend going for a walk and I had to pee so badly. I went in the bushes and when he heard me peeing he said: Men, that sounds like a giraffe. LOL I almost lost balance.
Our family is also a big ass fart community. But I tell you about that later, if you like. Only this much... My sister and I used to make fart sounds just for fun when we were teenagers. We laid down on a bench, lifted up the legs and let some air in the cootchy (is THAT how you spell it???), then got up really quick and out came these sounds so authentic, just like humongous farts. We almost died laughing. They sound just like when you get it from behind sometimes and air gets trapped. LOL
Hope you enjoyed (My god, what am I doing here???)
Your Poopsy

your name Claudia

To Cara - Yes I wear pantyhose but I always wear panties under them.
I have never pooped in pantyhose with no panties. I wear pantyhose
under my jeans most of the time but not always. Pantyhose keeps the
bulge from getting too big.

To Ash - I have never had a serious problem with poop leaking out of
my panties. Sometimes a small amount will seep outside the elastic,
that is usually when I sit down. I have had the back of my jeans
turn brown when I have sat in my poop for awhile. I was once going
up an escalator in a mall when some young people behind me were
giggling, I turned around and one of them said that the bathrooms were
on the lower floor, and another one said it was too late for that.
When I checked in the mirror the back of my jeans were very brown, much
more than I had expected.
I have two teenage daughters (14 and 16) who are used to seeing their mother pee and poop her pants. When they are having their friends over they make me promise not to do anything in my pants, and I don't.

One Saturday afternoon about 6 months ago I was home with my two daugters and one of them asked "Mom, why do you poop and pee in your
pants"? So I was honest with them and told them that I liked how it
felt to use the toilet in my pants, but that I would not embarrass them
in front of their friends. I then told them that if they wanted to try
it to see what it felt like then they could, but they would have to let
me know when they wanted to do it. They both said maybe but they have
never tried it as faf as I know.

its me again now im gonna tell the real story about my friend

well first my friend had to go to the bathroom when she got in there she pulled off her pants and sat on the toilet. she started farting very loud. then she pooped excactly 100 times when she was pooping she made very loud noises and it stunk the room. then she started pooping and farting again at the same time she peed. then she got up and leaned over the toilet she felt sick and barfed. then she sat back down on the pot and started pooping out diareah. she did this for a long time. then she flushed and wiped and sat back down again and pooped. she also peed at the same time farted and had diareah. she also got up and barfed again. then she sat down pooped about a couple times and then she had a big poo. she pushed so many times (about 12) and it still didnt come out then she peed and farted and the poo came out she leaned over and wiped. then again she sat down and had diareah pooped farted peed and got up and barfed all at the same time. she then wiped and flushed an! d sat her fannie on the pot again. she kept on doing this for about 1 hour! she pooped 100 times peed 40 times barfed 4 times had diareah 80 times and farted about 200 times!

wierd huh?

I was at a store tonight that has two single unisex restrooms. Since my sinsuses were draining, I stayed close to the restrooms. First, I noticed a moderately attractive, middle-aged, heavy set woman walking to the restroom. I could tell by the way she walked that she had to go bad and perhaps suffering from gas. As soon as she went in, I heard her seat herself on the toilet and start peeing. While peeing, I heard her blast a long fart out but couldn't tell whether she had to poop. While she was in there, a young pretty girl came rushing down the hall fast. Now both restrooms were occupied, and she she knocked on the door where the heavy-set woman was. By then I heard her tearing off toilet paper, and she responded to the girl's knock that she'd be out soon. The girl walked away from the restroom but paced the hall. As soon as woman flushed the toilet and left, the pretty girl came rushing back before I could get in the restroom to blow my nose. She asked if th e toilet was free, and I told her to go ahead. Almost immidiately, I heard peeing and loose poop splashing in the toilet. She flushed then left. Meanwhile, I went back to shopping but had to go back to the restroom. As I was about to enter the restroom, I saw an attractive brunette leaving the restroom in a hurry. When I entered the bathroom, she had really stunk it up. I didn't hear what she did though.

SeXy gIrL

Courtney -
Hey nice story. It sounds like you pooped prettty good...hope to hear more from you...

Phil -
Man, aren't you lucky? lol. That's pretty cool that you got to see that.

Amber -
Don't worry hun, it's fine that you put the times of when you pee. I don't really care if you do or not. I also love your posts. You use more detail than I do.


I can connect with what you are saying about how being open about your functions makes for better relations with others. For proof of this, you only need to consider why it is that many athletic facilities (locker rooms) and military facilities in particular have open toilet arrangements: The fact that the concept of teamwork and being on the same level with others is emphasized in each situation cannot be more exemplified in the fact that we all do the same thing. If we can be open about something which we are told for the longest time is so private and not open for discussion, then the teamwork or comraderie element is an automatic thing, just like my high school wrestling and soccer experiences (and my present day soccer experiences if you read my previous stories).

For more elaboration, see the story by TJ several pages previous to this. Been there done that too.


Brian K.
In response to Bryan about the caddyshack scene

I have seen that part you were talking about, and it is funny as hell. Some one dropped a snickers bar in the water, and everyone thinks its a turd, so they drain the entire pool, then you see some guy pick it up and eat it.

I should have another posting showing up from earlier, but anyway, here's another one. Have a few semi-interesting piss stories and one shit story.

When I was really young, I had an accident in a Taco Bell restaurant while we were eating. Peed a gusher in the restaurant at our booth and all over the floor and Mom was really pissed at me. I don't remember it personally, but Mom still does.

I remember in elementary school, we went to a nearby park on some type of field trip and the bathrooms were locked. Some of us guys thought it would be fun to piss down the metal slides a create a puddle at the bottom, so we did! It grossed out a lot of the girls, but it was fun mischief for us five or six guys. And what a puddle us little boys created, too.

I once whizzed in a neighbor's garage because he had made me mad one day. Don't think he ever knew someone had ever pissed a gusher in there, for it reeked of all sorts of things as it was.

Another time at the same park (still in elementary school), the bathrooms were open, but the toilets AND urinals were overflowing, so we did our business on the floor or behind the building. We whizzed all over the place, the floor, the sinks, the stall walls, the door, the building walls, wherever. There were piles of shit all over the floor when we were done with the place. That'll teach those park folks to keep their toilets in working order!

A couple of years ago in the early spring, I went over to the beach to get some sun. I was single at the time, so I went alone. After being out there for several hours and having had several sodas, I had to take a huge piss. Since I never use portapotties or public bathrooms at bath houses on the beach, I went into the ocean to relieve myself. I pissed for about a minute, legs spread apart. When I was just about done and was starting to walk back toward shore again, a chick I digged for a short time in high school came up nearby me and she was pissing, too (she was warming the water up at least). When I asked her what she was doing (it was obvious, but I still had to ask), she said she had gotten in the water to cool off and take a piss, too. She was heading toward me because she thought she knew me, but wasn't sure from the distance. I hadn't even noticed her lying on the beach earlier, but we got together and talked for a while. Later, we did some things in th! e water that night which I will not mention, since I don't want to get this posting deleted for mentioning those things. But it was nice to see her again, even if we did meet up during a piss break. LOL.

During a conference at Georgetown University (Moderators, I live nowhere near there and have only been there once, and that was 5+ years ago), I shared a room with another guy. During the course of the conference, I received an injury that did not allow me to walk around a great deal. My room mate went to the various functions on some occasions as he was part of my conference group, and he relayed any news that I needed to know. Anyway, mainly while he was away, I got urges to piss or shit, so I was obviously in a predicament, not being able to walk for the distance it took to get to the bathroom. Luckily, we had a sink in our room, so for over a week, I pissed and shitted in the sink. Luckily there was TP in the room (paper towels were too rough!), so I used that to wipe, which I then threw in a garbage bag. It was tough getting the shit to go down the sink sometimes, but somehow I managed to break it apart with an extra toothbrush. I always held whatever I had t! o do until he was either gone from the room or well asleep, and he never found out what I was doing, believe it or not.

One time during all-star baseball practice, we were all wearing our uniforms (with those tight, hard to undo baseball pants), and all of a sudden I felt my stomach rumbling. With me, that's always an early warning for diarrhea, so I told the coach I had to visit the bushes. There weren't any open bathrooms anywhere nearby, and it was tough to get out of the field as it was. We had to climb over the fence just to get inside the field, so that was of course an obstacle. I can hold stuff in rather well when I have to, so that was a help on this day. Anyway, I climbed over the fence, ran past the ditch and behind another fence, where there was a row of bushes. Knowing we usually went behind there to whiz, I went as far down the row as I could, and since I had a little more time to spare, I went ahead and whizzed in the bushes, since I didn't want to take my pants completely off when I took my shit. I began to feel some real pressure in my ass while I was whizzing, so ! I sqeezed my ass muscles together hoping for more time. I pissed about a pint or two (we drank lots of water on those hot days!) into the bushes. While pissing, I was rolling my uniform pants down as best I could and finally got them down to about my knees, pulled my boxers down (always boxers for me, even in baseball), and quickly squatted just in time for the horrendous watery rush. I was probably there for 30 minutes farting and squirting, and when I finally didn't feel anymore coming, I looked at my artwork on the ground. It was piled up about an inch and a half high, a medium dark brown, and was spread across about a foot or a foot and a half circle. For cleaning up, I used probably 25 big oak tree leaves. In a nice gesture for future visitors to the bushes, I covered up my shit with a pile of leaves. I returned to practice and didn't have any other diarrhea that day. Did have to whiz in the bushes again, though.

Hope ya'll like some of these stories. I may have a few more, but I'm racking my brain for the less ordinary stories, so it could take some time. I'll try to create some opportunities outdoors soon which I can relate since that is where I most like to go (and read about). I am civilized, though...I use toilets most often. Would love to hear any outdoors (hiking/camping, beach, long road travels) stories that people have, especially from females. Something like partially climbing a tree and shitting from a tree branch ("loads from the sky") might be interesting (in a public park perhaps for extra credit). Anyone?? Happy goings!


Male, 22, eastern NC, near the "intertidal flush." Anybody have any interesting beach stories? I really liked the one where the girl had diarrhea in the water and it floating to the top! Anybody have anything like building a sandcastle and peeing in the moat area to make it seem more real? Anyone build a lookalike toilet in the sand (above-ground) and then take a huge dump in it? Anything interesting like that?

One of my latest dumps was done while on a walk in my neighborhood. Didn't have to go really bad, but wanted to feel less pressure. Went up a hill near the side of the road, picked an open spot among the brush, took my swim trunks completely off (I wear swim trunks when I go walking), squatted and dumped two 6 inch loads and one 3 inch load on top of the leaves. They were hard and they had undigested trail mix nuts on the outer fringes, which made the pieces look more interesting to folks on this type of board <grin>. I pissed a gusher as I was finishing my dump. Wiped with some toilet paper I brought with me. My ass was nasty, though, so I ran out of toilet paper and had to use some leaves. The loads stunk really bad, probably due to spicy flavoring in the nuts I had eaten. Put my shorts back on, pissed some more till I was empty, then ran back down the hill toward the road, and finished my walk.

Take care.

To Natalie- with CP, Sorry Nat, I hate to do that but there appears to be several Natalies on here. Could you give yourself a handle so we can tell you apart? Thanks for answering my post. You asked how my parents reacted to my constipation. Like you, I think they made it worse and not better. My Mother firmly believed in a BM EVERY DAY. I don't think our bodies necessarily need to do that. My Mother would insist that I sit on the toilet every morning after breakfast and "Bear Down". She always used THOSE TWO WORDS "Bear Down", never push, never strain, always "BEAR DOWN" If I didn't go the first day I got Milk of Magnesia, Seciond day I would get it again and on the third day a suppository followed in an hour or so by an enema.

What was your enema ordeal like? Mother always used warm soapy water. The soap was Ivory Snow and I always had to take at least a quart. It's funny, if you read anything about enemas, people always describe being made to hold them for a time...did your Mom do that? Mine never did and I think it might have been easier on me if she had. She's but my on the toilet and insist that I "bear down as hard as I could". She didn't have to encourage bearing down at that point, it was ALL YOU WANTED to do...trouble was the stuff was still big and hard and it was still tough to get out. I'd usually be sweating and exausted by the end of it. Do you ever give youself enemas? I've had to from time to time.

I was fasinated by what you said about getting your own accessable bathroom helped your constipation. My Father did the most for MY constipation when he told my Mother to get out of the bathroom and leave me alone. For the longest time she would insist on sitting with me and demand that I bear down. I hated to have to strain and grunt with my mother watching.

Did they make you use a bedpan in the hospital? They were the worst I think. It always seemed 10 times harder to have a BM on a bedpan than on the toilet...I think they contribute to consitpation while you are in the hostipal.

What was your worst esperience with constipation in the hospital? I actually had a nurse dig it out of me with her fingers once, that had to be my worst.- JW

Regarding pissng times of day. It's pretty regimented for me, I'm a UPS driver. I piss when I get up at 7:30. Again at about 10:40 at a large auto plant after my Next Day Air has been delivered. Then again at about 12:30/1;00 at the local library where I deliver each day. Again at around 4:15 at a factory where I make a has a nice restroom. Then again when I get home, and again before I go to bed around 12:30. So I guess about 6 times minimum. In the winter it is more, because I don't sweat. On hot days I go all day without pissing. On occasion I pee in an empty pop bottle in the back of the UPS truck. If I am in a rural area sometimes I go right out the door.......

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Hey again everyone, I decided to finally post again. I am still 15 and still in Texas! I know many of you have probably forgotten about me since my last post. I looked back and saw that it is on page 1071. Hope everyone is doing good! Not much has changed with me, still love pooping etc! My little sister Amber is now 10, she still takes big dumps. I also have been taking huge poos the last few weeks. I started taking a new vitamin and I think it is making me have big and hard turds. I usually poop at home, almost daily after school. Today (Friday) was an exception. After lunch at school I really began feeling a urge to go. It was that kind of feeling that you had a softball up your butt and really hated what was coming. About 2:00 I really needed to go and knew I couldn't wait until after school. My teacher let me go to the restroom. I went into a regular stall and locked the door. I was wearing a mini-skirt today, so I just reached under and pulled my pantie s (just white) down, letting them fall to my ankles. I sat down and instantly ripped a loud, smelly fart followed by several more. I could hear my butthole crackle open over several minutes. I pushed very hard to get things going, it hurt quite a bit. My straining caused me to pee. Each time I pushed I peed. After about 5 minutes I was wondering what I was going to do. Finally my butt opened up more if that was possible and a huge poop began working out. I thought I was going to split in half! After a few more minutes, it dropped with a very loud splash into the toilet. It was a little larger than a baseball and very solid, wedging itself into the hole at the bottom of the bowl, there was no way it was going to be flushed. I sat a while longer letting my anus recover. I farted a few more times and managed to push out the remaining poop which was 4 small logs, also very hard, about 4 inches each. I felt better, but my butthole is still sore! Take care, Courtney

Hey im new here ive been reading for a while but decided to post today.
Ok i was wondering if anyone has ever accidently pooped in the shower. Its kinda weird but it happend to me often. I never bother using the toilet to pee before i get into the shower and i dont ever that i recall have to poop before i get in but while im in and al relaxed by accident i usually poop, not like a turd or 2 but a pile o well, it dosent really bother me because the water washes it away. i was just wondering if it ever happens to anyone else.


Andy from New York
Hey i have been lurking for a little while but havn't ever posted. So I'm going to tell about a humilating incident that happened to me. I was coming back on the subway. It was late and it took a long time for the train to come. To top that off what should be an hour commute was going to be turned into something close to 2. A few stops in I felt the urge to take a piss but hoped I could hold it since I was on one of those trains that you couldn't go in between cars. I tried holding it but soon the urge was too much. I squazed my dick a little since I didn't want to wet my pants but had nowhere to go, I had to think fast. I didn't want to get off since it would be at least 30 minutes until the next train came. There was a woman on one end of the car but it was totally empty otherwise, i decided I would piss in the corner. As soon as I stood up, I could feel a little bit of piss leaking out so I leaned up against the poll, unzipped and pulled my dick out and let it all out on ! the floor, I made a huge puddle and river on the floor of the train, I must have pissed for at least a minute and a half, I even had to let out a groin sinc the relief was so great. I didn't care at this point, I zipped up and ran into the next car at the next stop.

i am a new poster i am 15 brown hair 5 10 muscular, mostly on the legs and thighs. i remember one time in 2nd grade i was shitting and a whole class of boys came in and saw that some one was pooping.they started looking underneath the stall and throwing stuff at me and slapping my legs and hitting on the door. i remembered i was sooo embarresed. why are people so mean about it?????

TOP (Thoughts on pooping)
I was the Thoughts on Pooping person who posted. I'm a 22 year-old male. Thanks to those of you who responded to my post. Do women have comments for me? Maybe it's something I'll get over at some point. But for now, when I see a beautiful woman, I have trouble believing that she poops. A friend of mine (female) told me that when she poops, she just sits down and everything comes out in one swoop. Is this what it's like for most women? Don't women ever have to sit and wait for it to come out in "waves" with farting in between? Are women ever embarrassed about pooping in public restrooms? If so, what about it embarrasses them? I'm so weird! Maybe someday when I get married I'll be able to poop around my wife and she won't think anything of it.

It seems when I get really excited or enthusiastic about something is when I have the urgency poop to most. I was in the wrecking yards getting some parts for my old vehicle when the urge kept coming and coming...the soft kind...where the urges kept coming faster and faster and your face breaks out in a sweat. I thought I could be a man about it but finally I went to the end of the car lot and found a small chev. cavalier opent he back door and dropped a huge pile of ouuzzz, stunk so bad! I closed the door as all the other doors where closed too and quickly walked away from the scene...then I spotted a guy walking down opening up all the doors looking for interior parts- I can imagine the smell when he opened this particular car's door! hahaha.

Hello, I have another post for everyone here, but first a comment.

Times I peed yesterday, Saturday
1. When I woke up in the morning for about 40 seconds
2. Right after lunch for about 11 seconds
3. Around 4:00 for about 10 seconds
4. Before bed for about 25 seconds

Times I pooped yesterday, Saturday
1. Right after lunch.

I have to go in a hurry because I'm going to the mall with Lindsey. After lunch yesterday, I felt a slight urge to poop. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants and black thong and sat on the toilet. I ended up pooping 2 pieces. Both were dark brown, and both were about 4" inches long. Barely any smell to it. Wiped 1 time, and flushed one time.

Anyone who wants to tell the times they peed, feel free to please?

Ash - I just love your posts. I would like to know the times you peed if it's not too much trouble, along with anyone else who wants to. Thanks soo much bye......

Manhattan Girl
Emily of NYC: Hiya, baby! Been really, really busy lately, no time to mess around on the net. How ya doin'?

Not much to report bladder or bowel-wise. Actually, I had knid of an embarrassing expericne last week. I really had to take a shit, and was out with my girlfriends. We went to a little cafe in the Village. I ordered some coffee and excused myself to the restroom, which, as usual, was basically a closet in the corner of the place. I pulled up my skirt, pulled down my underpants and sat on the toilet. It wasn't diarrhea, but a bunch of chunks and bits that exploded out like gunshots! Each was accompanied by a loud fart. There wasn't really anything I could do to muffle the sound, so I tried not to think about it. So, after a few more farts and plops, I was done. I wiped, flushed, washed and sprayed the air freshener that was miraculously on the sink (I hate having someone walk into the bathroom after I've stunk it up). So, I joined my friends and they all were giggling, and not able to look at me. I figured I had something on my face, or had toilet paper stuck ! to my foot or something. Finally, my one friend said, "We could hear every fart and splash. It was really loud." I swear my face turned red as a tomoto! But luckily I was able to laugh it off. I really was mortified, but had to admit it was funny.

I'll make sure not to take a dump in that place again!

More later! Take it easy, Em!!!

I think march must have been accident month at our school. I wittnesed several accidents and even had a few myself.

Accident Number One

I was walking outside when I saw this girl that was a few years younger than me walking twords the school. All of a sudden her white shorts started to get darker and eventually turn brown. I dont think she reazed that she had done a bm in her pants untill she sat down.

Accident Number Two

My friend and I were talking when all of a sudden she turns white and I notice the back of her shorts turrning brown and the front of them turnning yellow. She said she had to go bad but was too embarrased to ask.

More to come later

Punk Rock Girl

I'm glad everyone liked my story about taking a crap on the boiler room toilet. Here's another! I did it! I went down there during a busy part of the day and took a dump in full view of three guys!!! I waited until I really, really had to go. Then I offered to take some packages down for my co-worker. I went down and asked the shipping manager if there was a toilet I could use, I was desperate. He said, well, there's one in the boiler room, but there's no door or stall or anything. I said, I don't care!

I rushed into the boiler room (and I really did need to go--I don't think I would have made it back upstairs). I went to the toilet, and immediately noticed three guys working around the area. They were a little ways away, but I'm sure they could see me. I said, "I'm really sorry, but I can't hold it!" The one guy said no problem. The other two didn't say anything.

I pulled my jeans and thong down and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and a long think and very solid log slowly pushed its way out and plopped into the water. No farting, no splashing. I peed, then stood to wipe my ass, which wasn't too messy. One wipe did it. The rush of knowing these guys could see me naked from the waist down was quite a thrill! I flushed the toilet and pulled up my thong and pants. I washed my hands in the sink and said thanks to the one guy who had spoken to me. He said anytime! I might just take him up on that!!!

It was a very cool experience. Sometimes I like to be naughty. I don't think I'd do it out in public where I wasn't too familiar with the surroundings, but in my own building I think I'm safe. But you have to be careful, as a lot of macho assholes think a woman showing some skin is just asking to be raped.

Adrian: I have no problem at all with being seen on the toilet, regardless if I'm peeing or crapping. I don't like for people to actually see my crap, though. I don't even really like to see it, though my doctor told me it's a good idea to check your BMs from time to time to make sure everything's okay. Lately, I've been standing up to wipe, so I'm getting used to seeing it. It's just poop. I should be able to deal with it!!!

I hope everyone is well. My cousin is in Iraq with the Army, so I can relate to anyone with friends or family over there. Peace to everyone, even the Iraqi people. I just want everyone to be safe and happy.

PRG :-)

The cover girl with the baseball bat wasted a good bowel movement on the floor. She should have sat on the toilet and been comfortable, just like her fellow cover girl yesterday.

1. Do you wipe after you pee? yes, unless I am in the woods. I stuff toilet paper in my running shorts. Plus, I keep toilet paper in my gym bag in case the city runs short in the public tennis court bathroom.
2. What color is your pee? clear or yellow.
3. How long does it normally take you to pee? It depends the amount in my bladder. It has taken me as much as 180 seconds.
4. Have you ever peed in the shower? Yes.
5. What times of the day do you usually pee? Upon waking up in the morning at 6AM, then before 8AM, then 10AM noon, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 6PM, thru till midnight.
6. Do you pee while you poop? Yes.
7. Please name 3 interesting places where you have peed? What do you call interesting?

Sheila: I knew you would enjoy a private bathroom session with your friend. I shared an open toilet room or stall in gym and in the parks. They are fun. Sometimes I mad new friends. See my earlier posts.

Dreamer: I pee standing up if the seat is dirty or if I am in the woods.

Infantry SPC and thoughts on pooping: Females have bowel movements. Because you are guys, you live in a guy's world. I have been in intimate situations with males since I was a little, so I know.

Miss Belinda: I am 43. My bowel movements are quick and fast. I do not dawdle. The women in my family take a long time. See my earlier posts. I have walked in on my aunts and cousins or they would let me in when I was younger. They could stink up the place good with their large pieces.

JW and Natalie: I roomed with a pregnant cousin. She had terrific bowel movements every morning. Her stools were huge and hit water like boulders.

Punk Rock Girl: I was in the Carribean. I refused to use outhouses. They are just about outlawed.

I went out out on a hen night with some of my friends, they are a really wild bunch and you would not want to know about some of the things they get up to. I should have known something would happen to me when they all wore trousers and I wore a skirt and high heeled boots.
We visited several bars before going on to a nightclub, when we left the club we were all very drunk. Before long I started to feel very sick, we staggered along the street and came to a hotel. There was nobody at the reception desk and we all piled in, I said that I was going to be sick and my friend led me into the ladies toilet and opened a cubicle door for me. I went straight in and vomited into the toilet, I vomited in about four waves and I seemed to sober up after that.
About an hour later I started having urges to have a poop, we were wandering around the hotel and I was really brewing up for a big dump.
We came across the hotel swimming pool which was lit up and one of my friends suggested that I jump in the pool and have a poop in there.
Suddenly they all grabbed hold of me and removed my top, skirt and bra.
Wearing only black pantyhose and high heeled boots they dragged me to the edge of the pool and threw me in. It was about nine foot deep and I went right under, as I surfaced they were all telling me to do a poop in the pool. I swam to the ladder but they would not let me get out, I was in the water for about 10 minutes and most of the time I was treading water and I was getting really desperate to do a poop.
Eventually they let me get out and as I climbed up the ladder I almost pooped myself, I ran to the ladies toilet in just my pantyhose and boots and went into a cubicle pulling down my hose and pants down on the way in. I sat on the toilet and immeadiately released a load of soft lumps followed by sloppy poop which splashed loudly in the toilet. I sat there for a while and passed some more and did a couple of noisey farts, then I had an explosive gusher which sprayed all over the toilet bowl. I then wiped my bottom clean and pulled up my wet pants and hose, as I went out of the toilet my boots were still squelching.
When I got back to the pool all my friends were in the pool fully clothed. I stepped onto the spring board and walked to the end, I had never tried diving off a springboard while wearing high heels before. I jumped up and down a couple of times and did a somersalt before entering the water head first. When we got out I put the rest of my clothes back on and we all went home soaking wet.

Hello everybody. This past saturday I was on the computer when I felt that familiar urge to go. I tried to hold it until I was finished but couldn't. I walked to the bathroom,pulled down my pants and boxers. I sat on the toilet leaning forward and holding my stomach. With one push I was able to push out one 12in turd and one 2in one. When I flushed it all went down but when the bowl filled the water level ended up filled at a higher level than normal. I had to break out the plumbers helper. It took about 5 minute to break it free. Early Monday morning about 3 o'clock I woke up with a lot of gas. All of a sudden when I tried to push out a fart I could feel that my colon filled with poop. This is unusal,I usually have to go about once every 2 to 3 days. When I sat on the toilet more gas escaped. I started dropping some soft chunky stuff. I thought I was finished but my stomach continued to hurt. Soon wave after wave of mush started escaping my ass. After about 15 mins. I st! ood up and looked in the bowl and looked like a huge cow pattie surrounded by water. It had to be a lot because the mound rose above the water level by an inch. The color was yellowish brown like grey poupon. The stinch was awful. It smelled strong like dog poop. I quickly flushed it away.

I was online last night talking...I had kinda been feeling gassy. Then all the sudden i felt like i had to poop, i was on my way to bed any way and i was turning this off,(im like hury up shut down already). I went to the bathroom and on the way there i started feeling really crampy. I sat and pooped out all this soft stuff. Then my stomach really started hurting(glad i was home..or not at work).I think i sat about 30 minutes atleast. I kept getting up hoping that would help me poop more so i could go to bed. My stomach was still hurting so i went to bed, put the tv on and i fell asleep. Next thing i knew it was 4am and i had to poop more. It was liquidy. I wiped alot both times. I think im feeling better now..don't know what i ate.
gotta go bye

Bumped into this website recently and while I am not a poop fan I can definately relate to a few of the pee stories I've read. Raging Urophile's post is perhaps the most poigantly precise description of an interst that is most certainly more widespread than most will admit. Now to make him writhe with even more erotic torture I just have to share this. I'm a second year guidance councilor at a local high school, and like many schools these days there are simply too many students and not enough restroom stalls. This is true even in the better upscale suburban districts where I'm located. The crowded girl's restroom topic was brought up at one meeting and our Mensa candidate Principal's solution was to appoint a "taffic cop" to ease the stall congestion and to ensure the girls were not smoking and/or loitering in the restroom socializing. As low woman on the totem pole I was summarily assigned the job. Fine, I thought. All that college for this. Little did I realize that ! my unglamorous assignment would tap into some very deep subconscious and powerful emotions even I did't know I had.

At the start of lunch I took up my station inside the largest girl's restroom and the source of most of the campus complaints. Well almost immediately I was immersed in a crash course in the wide variation of the urination capability of the 15 to 18 year-old American teenage girl. For an institution built in the 1960's that place had the acoustics of a symphony hall. As I walked along the twin rows of stalls I could hear splashing, gushing, dribbling, steady and halting, with all manner of variation of velocity. For the most part I could manage to direct traffic with some predictability since I found most girls peed between 15 seconds to just over a minute in duration that stall would turnover in two minutes or less. I could then let another
"customer" in and the line outside the restroom was at least managable. However, on Day 2 I discovered that not all young ladies could fit neatly into those parameters. On my second lunch watch I was introduced to a new breed I named the Bladder Girl. That is a girl who does not pee in the normal sense of the word. That was a fresh-faced
sophomore I'll call Amber.

About three-quarters of the way through the lunch period I had been directing taffic in and out successfully enough to the point no girls were in line outside and there were a few empty stalls left. On one of my passes down the line I noticed a steady sound of pee coming from one of the stalls. I thought nothing of it and became temporarily distracted when I went outside to answer a student's question. Returning into the restroom I could see stall doors ajar and an overall
lowering of commotion, and that brought the focus back to this one particular stall and this incessant nonstop peeing sound that kept going on and on. Walking past I took a peek at the sneakers and jeans pulled down- someone must have been really desperate to go I thought.
To allow her privacy and not embarrass her I walked over to the sink area where I met still another student who had a question about a college prerequisite. Well that little conference took a good two minutes or so. Therefor, one can allow me some latitude in my reaction when I passed the stall for the third time in many minutes and was greeted by the sounds of pee, unwavering pee, not missing a beat and the identical white sneakers and blue jeans!

I hesitated in front of the stall and more openly bent down to investigate the source of the sound, and right there is where I myself suffered some embarrassment of my own. Behind me I heard a girl remark to another "it's gotta be Amber. No one else can go like that." "You mean like a never ending faucet?" When they said that I felt myself blushing and I can't explain why. One of the two girls saw my face turn red and rudely called out, "hey Amber, will you shut that thing off? You're putting our faculty into shock." From inside the stall came loud impish laughter and an abrupt cut-off of the flow. "O.K., I'm coming out." The way the pee stream stopped I knew she hadn't really finished her pee to conclusion. Whe she came out she was a light brown-haired girl about 5'8" and not terribly large framed, not what I expected to be the source of such massive quantities of urine.

Nor, I subsequently found out was that at all unusual for her. A week passed by with no Amber and I was almost feeling a little obscene that I was keeping a look out-I again can't explain the emotions I was feeling. But the following Friday near the end of our lunch period the restroom door opened and in she came, giving me a little "Hi again" before entering a stall and closing the door and beginning a reprise of the previous week. To her left and right girls went about their business while Amber just peed right though, on and on. In these
pages one always reads of a "five minute pee." Her performances are so breathtaking she can no doubt pee right past that barrier without batting an eye. The return-to-class horn sounded several minutes into her pee, but (forgive me) I went over and knocked on her stall door and asked if "she needed more time?" Back came an appreciative "oh thank you. I'll try to hurry." I think I said "no need. You're just a big bladdered girl that's all." Same laugh from within the stall. The restroom was empty save for the two of us when se finally emerged from the toilet.

An epilogue from all this happened that Saturday night after my boyfriend and I came back to his place. He was desperate for a pee and I have to admit took the longest, biggest pee I have ever seen him take. Well, when he came out of the bathroom I think he believed that he had set some record and perhaps wanted me to make some kind of remark. Well, I did but not the one he was expecting. I said "you think that was a pee? You know that idiotic restroom patrol I've been assigned? Well there is this one girl you would not believe..." A vile full of Viagra could not have produced a male response like I got from him that evening.

Any medical minds out there? I am diabetic and had a low the other night and had to find something with sugar. I prefer liquids, so I grabbed one of Mom's cappuccino-flavored Slim Fast drinks and drank that down. When I woke up for the day a few hours later, I took my morning piss in the toilet and I swear if it did not have the exact same smell/odor as that cappuccino stuff. I went like 4 times during the course of the morning and afternoon and my piss still smelled like that stuff. I have never had my piss smell like something I drank before. Any ideas on what is/was going on????

Also have a question for all. What liquids make you have to piss a whole lot in a relatively short time? Tea used to make me have to piss a TON within 30 minutes when I was younger, for example. Also would be interested in hearing sure-fire foods (or liquids) that cause quick diarrhea. Not the usual Spanish stuff or hot foods, though. Thoughts?

Got one Boy Scouts-related poo story, as well. Right after I (and some others) graduated from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, our troop went camping nearby. It was rather a bland outing, but there is one choice tidbit worth mentioning. At night, we went walking around the campground, milling about and such. At each campsite in there, there is a grill built into the ground where you can put charcoal and of course cook on. Well, we got to an unoccupied site on the other side of the campground from where we were camping and one of the guys had to take a dump. He started to head into the woods when somebody dared him to go on the grill there. Being one of the more mischievous ones in our group, he took up the dare and removed his shorts and underwear, got up on the grill, and squatted above it. He shitted a whole lot up there. His first piece was at least 10 inches long, and it landed across the bars of the grill and looked like a big thick hotdog. He then shitted an eac! h inch log, but it fell through the grill bars and into the charcoal pit. He probably had four more smaller pieces after that and then he was done. It was absolutely hilarious out there. One guy peed his pants while Jon was shitting on the grill. We thought about grabbing some charcoal or twigs and lighting the grill and roasting Jon's turds, but we decided not to since we had to go back to our campsite. But it was an absolutely hilarious sight.

When I was younger, I found group pee's fun. The first one I remember is like from my 9th birthday. We walked or bicycled around the neighborhood for a while and we eventually came to a field with rolling hills where we played some touch (later tackle) football. It was barren out there, no houses or anything nearby. At one point, nearly all of us had to take a piss. So all of us (like 6 of us) went up a hill and there was a long dead log up there and a bush or two nearby that. Most of us climbed on the log, balanced ourselves, pulled out our dicks, and started pissing. Just to make it more fun, some of us moved our dicks up and down to make our pee spray go up and down in curved lines. We all pissed huge gushers, and I was the last one done...I REALLY had to go! We stayed and played at the field for a while longer, and two of the guys went back up the hill to take a shit before we left to head back home. I wasn't one of them, so I don't know the details of thei! r ordeals...LOL. Sorry.

Another group pee was actually done in a river. I was maybe 10 or 11 around this time. It was a summer camp that for various kids that belong to my old church denomination. It's right on a river which is maybe a mile wide. It is a big camp and there's canoeing, a natural diving pool/lake (where you aren't supposed to pee in, but we did anyway), and other interesting stuff. Anyway, we were walking around near the river portion, girls and guys, and a bunch of us had to pee. And all of a sudden a few of the group leaders got in the water and told us to get in, too, so we could pee. Most of the girls, even the squeamish ones, got in, too (probably because it was less of a hassle than finding a bush and taking off most everything and finding something to wipe with). I was in the water near a girl I had a huge crush on at the time when I peed. It was so erotic, yet I didn't know anything about those sorts of feelings at that age. Anyway, but that water became soooo w! arm and stayed that way for several minutes. It felt really good. We stayed there in the water for a good fifteen minutes. It's funny, but nobody had to take a shit apparently. But that was a great group pee with both sexes!

Well, that's it for today. Hope some of ya'll like these (and others I've posted). Happy goings!

raging urophile
In this post, I am taking a break from my urophilic experiences to do the following opinion survey. Although I have not yet become a benefactor, it seems that over the years, female modesty with regards to bladder and bowel relief has dramatically lessened. I would therefore like some opinions, using percent estimates from readers, to the following related questions:
1) What percent of women in the western world do you believe pee freely in front of their boyfriends?
2)What percent pee freely in front of male friends or acquaintances?
3)What percent pee freely in front of male strangers?
4),5),and 6); same questions, only shitting.
Thank you from Raging Urophile

For the record, I wanted to let those of you who are following my urophilic philosophies and escapades know that my 4th post, for whatever reason, is missing my name and the first six lines or so. It appears towards the bottom of page 1099 and is sandwhiched between Cody's post on top and "Another Pee fans" post at the bottom. It starts in the middle of a sentence. Fortunately the context of the post was not lost. What did get cut out was my reference to a post by Jessica. She was correct in stating that I would "Writhe with torture" when hearing of Amber's five minute pee. Jessica correctly discussed something that I had not yet touched upon, which is the strong correlation between how long a pee flow lasts, total volume, and the degree of arousal. Watching Amber would be any urophiles dream come true.
I also would like to thank "Another Pee Fan" for his kind remarks. I'm sure he can definetely understand the extreme frustration I related in my post on pg. 1099 right above his.
In this post, I would like to discuss some possible explanations as to why women seem to have superior bladder power to men.
The general population seems to believe the stereotype that men have greater bladder power than women. Most people ignorantly believe that men have larger bladders, can hold more pee, can pee longer, in greater volume, and for greater distance than women. They also believe that women are the first to become desperate and can not wait as long to pee.
Based on what I have read on this site and related sites, I am convinced that the opposite is actually true. It is quite possible that if one were to randomly select any man or woman from the general population, that the stereotype would prevail. But when we start comparing the most powerful extremes of both sexes, I do not believe that the best men could beat the best women in any of the above categories. But why are women superior? I would like to contribute some laymen thoughts. I would also like some feedback from medical experts in this area.
First of all, If one was to view diagrams comparing male and female anatomy, we would see that male and female bladders do have different shapes. The male bladder appears more rounded wheras the female bladder seems shaped more like a funnel. But if there is a difference in size, I don't think it is enough to explain female superiority. I think there are other reasons. The bladders actually look like they hold the same volume.
One possible explanation might be that females are genetically programmed to be superior at tolerating intense pain, especially in the abdominal region. This would be because women must be able to endure the intense pain of giving birth. It therefore makes sense that when a man feels he is ready to burst and is writhing in pain, the stronger woman is experiencing extreme discomfort, but not to the degree a man is. She can therfore hold on for more hours as her less sensitive bladder further expands, resulting in a greater output and longer flow.
Another possible explanation could entail the difference in male and female upbringing. It is easier and more socially acceptable for boys to pee at inconvenient times and in inconvenient places than it is girls. Boys,at least until recently, have also been less modest. They can just whip it out and pee. Girls need to undue their pants and squat. It is more of an ordeal. Girls are therefore more likely to hold it as long as is humanly possible. Throughout their lives, the more often girls continue to hold it, the stronger their bladder muscles become. It is also possible the bladder continues to stretch to a greater capacity the more it is challenged. In short, one could say womens's bladders are exersized more throughout their lives, making them bigger and stronger than mens'.
I have heard stories of girls peeing up to five minutes. Desperate men usually say they pee a minute in a half or two minutes. Many women also so they always beat the most confident men in peeing contests, and I believe them.
There is something that baffles me, however. Based on female pee flows I have seen on video, It certainly seems that women have wider urethral openings than men. This is because their average pee streams seem to have a larger circumferance. Therefore, it would seem that women would release more pee per any given time interval than men. One would therefore expect that if a given man and women both excrete identical volumes of pee, the woman should finish sooner. But, nevertheless, women can STILL pee longer than men. Maybe females are far more superior pissers than I had imagined.

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