Melodie from Louisiana
Good morning, everyone. I thought that it was about time that I posted on this forum. I am lucky in the fact that my body knows that whenever I draw my 9 PM bath, I am also given the urge to take a shit. There's nothing I hate worse than having to shit AFTER I take my bath. Therefore, I am able to get all of the pertinent areas really clean (asshole, pussy, underarms, etc.) While I'm in the tub, I soap up my
anal area really good and insert my middle finger go get it really clean (since I just shit). I then rinse, and reinsert two fingers to
rinse really well. This makes for my next-morning farts to be really clean and I don't have to worry about fart-residue in my panties. I am really prone to fart long and loud when I wake up. I'll post more about my dookie dumps (size, color, smell, etc.) later.



What kind of operation did your sister have were she cannot control her bowels or urine?

Beach nut:
I didn't pay attention to how much snow had melted I was too busy being all mortified, and the time when I went in my back yard was in my pants and so after that I got the hose and started playing with it so when someone got home I wouldn't have to explain wet pants I could be like I was hot so I decided to play with the hose. and the door off the Balcony was locked.

I remember when I was a kid I use to pee on the driveway I'd always get yelled at for that.

A month a go I was watching "Charmed" my fav show and I had to pee really bad so instead of missing the show I went in my pants then the wetness started botheing me so I took them and my panties of and put a blanket over my lap and watched the rest of the show.

Does anyone have any interesting peeing stories?

the pooper
I just came back from Mexico and I had a weird poop experience there. We were on a missions trip so we did not have flushing toliets. Only an out house. I am extremely scared of outhouses, so I held my poop in for the first 7 days. On the eighth day I woke up that morning nto feeling too good. But what should I expect, I hadn't taken a crap for 7 days. I was having horrible cramps.... almost debilitating, but I was still convinced that I could hold it for the next three days. I made it until that night. Me and my boyfriend were looking at the stars and I felt that familiar cramped feeling. I doubled over in pain and tried to push it back. Several times that day the head had already come out a little, but each time, I had been able to push it back in. My friend asked what was wrong, and I just told him that I had cramps and I would be ok. I pushed it back in as far as it would go, regained my composure and sat back up. I was a little worried though, because I could s! till feel my ass hole standing wide open. It began to go back in, when my stomach suddenly betrayed me. I got a cramp, and because the turd was sitting there in my wide open ass hole, it just started coming out. I could not stop it. Luckly for me I thought, it was rock hard, so when it got down to the chair it stop. I could still feel the pressure pushing. I knew that I would have to get up, but I thought that since I had let a little out, I could pinch it off and hold the rest until I got to the outhouse. I was wrong. My hole was stretch to the max, and I had no muscle control whatsoever. My this time my bf figured out that I just wasn't having cramps. So I finally confessed that I had to take a dump really really bad. He immediately said he would help me to the outhouse, cause I was in obvious pain from the enormous waves of cramps. As soon as I stood up, the first turd that I though I could control came rushing out. It felt like it was about 15 inches long and! it was so hard that it was sticking straight out and stretching my pants. Even after that came out, I got hit with another sudden wave of cramps and nausea (no doubt due to the abuse of my digestive system) and I doubled over in a squat. The turd I had already let touched the ground, and 7 days worth of poop came pouring out of my butt. I finally just gave up the struggle and my bf helped me pull down my pants. I let four other hugh solid turds that were about 16,16, 15, and 12 inches respectively and then a pile about 8 inches in diameter and 5 inches high of soft loose poop. THen to top it off I hersy squirted out of my butt for about 3 minutes straight. I was so embarassed and I was crying uncontrolably cause i thought my bf would be totally disgusted. All he said though was "I knew you had to poop sometime" Then he helped me get cleaned up and take a shower and we cuddled. He told me yesterday that it makes him feel better that I am not 110% perfect.

Michael M
In response to the post by JW and taking a crap in the hospital, I have this little story for you all.
I had been in the hospital a few time for several ailmemts. One timeI was in bed for a day and this old nurse came around and put on a rubber glove and greased up my butt and stuck her finger way up there. It was so unexpected and I was surprised I didnt say anything but mumbled ok. She wanted to know if I had shit the last day or so and was feeling for impacted stool. LIke, give me a break, I was in only one day and didnt have to shit yet. I was really pissed off at her too, she was just a nasty old maid that followed some old time rules and didnt care what you thought.
But this other time I was admitted I was put in a Intensive care unit, in order to have an IV put in my vein. They would do it only in the ICU. Duuno why but here you are stuck, you cant get up to go pee and you cant get up to take a crap. You lay flat on your back and watch tv and let the IV flow. You hope to get out of there asap.
So here I got to pee, so I asked for the urinal. Laying on ones back and peeing into this bottle with the crooked neck was always a problem. You got it started ok and peed but when you take the bottle away you find you still got more in the plumbing and it leaks out into your underpants.So by the end of the day you got underpants that was stained with pee and you got that feeling you peed your pants with your crotch and all your package being smelly and wet. I finally learned to take some paper towels and stuffed them into my pants and when I was done let them soak up the left over to speak...It was more though cause you were laying down and gravity wasnt working too well.

But the kicker, the payoff, the one that really pissed me off.
After the second day I had to take a crap, it was building, laying in bed or not. So it was building up and finally I buzzed the nurse desk and a nurse showed up, I asked if I can take a crap.
"Just a minute", she said and came back with the famous bedpan.
I knew I was going to have a problem laying there on my back and trying to shit in this pan and as the same time if I peed to get it in there too. So she leaves me the pan, closes the curtains and leaves.
Get this scene- I go and sit on the bedpan and of course its on the bed. Im over 6 ft tall and sitting on the pan upright. My head is about 2 feet from the ceiling. I had the feeling I might fall off or tip over any second. I got off that dammed thing and buzzed the nurse. She came back and I said I want a bedside commode. Period. Reply was, we only have ONE on this floor and I dont know which room its in. I said, FIND IT, and Im not crappin on top of the bed on the pan. Or, I guess I should call my doctor and ask him.(I had my cell phone with me and did use it if I wanted to) Oh HORRORS, calling my doctor? She rushed out and in 5 min came back with a bedside toilet chair. Ok so now she leaves and I get on and go and make a big shit making a stinky pile reminding one of cowshit. She came back and emptied it and then left it in the room for me.
I was stuck in there for 4 days in misery. I had to shit again and found I was pugged up bad. She left me alone again one afternoon on the toilet chair and I couldnt shit. Ive had a problem at times so I came prepared. I carried in my bag a little blue enema syringe one fills with water, about a pint or so. I moved the hospital bed dragging it IV tubes and all and reached my travel bag. then stretched over to the sink and filled it up. Stuck it up my butt, fired in the water,got on the pot and finally left loose a long stinky crap of hospital food. The nurse came back before I was done and sort of suspected what was going on seeing the syringe on the sink. She got something and left, I got my stuff back together and jumped in bed again.
Finally I was discharged from the joint. Whew, I dont need to go back again for a long long time So I thought Id pass this little experience along as now it seems so funny, but not at the time.
I also mention that if you have a problem with food, service or needing something, just call your doctor or have someone call for you and you will have the problem resolved. In fact, Ive had the nurses actually call for me with regards to pain pills or foods. I always carry a cell phone too. The superband high frequency of a cell phone (800-1000 mgh) is way above any tlelemtry they use in hospitals. The did permit me to use it once they knew that I knew about that.

Hey ya'll-
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, life's been throwin curve balls. As of now, I almost always shittin in my trash can. I can no longer stand the dorm toilets at any time of the day. The thing that sucks is that I can only go certain days of the week, so I end up holding it for two to 3 days. Hey, there's only a few more weeks and then I'll be home. It feels good knowing that in a few weeks I'll probably never shit in a trash can ever again.

I walked into the restroom with the doorless stalls yesterday and I could hear the sounds of some squishy farts coming from the stall that doesn't face the door. I waled over to the stall facing that one and wiped the seat, dropped my shorts and briefs, and sat down. I had a nice easy dump. I now saw the guy on the can in front of me. He looked to be about 20-22, with spiky blondish-brown hair, goatee, and that pinkish-red color some people have on their cheeks. Good-looking guy. He had a soccer team shirt on, and khaki shorts with an elastic waistband. His underwear was inside the shorts and couldn't be seen. The shorts were all the way down to the floor, though. He looked uncomfortable to have to shit in an open stall, especially since someone was shitting right across from him! He grabbed some paper and leaned way forward to wipe. As he leaned back, I saw some pubic hair and part of his dick as he shook the pee off the end of it. He only wiped twice, then pulled up his sh orts and went to the sink to wash up. He had that funny "damn, I had to shit in public" look on his face.

Manhattan Girl
Emily of NYC: I'm 5'3", strawberry blonde hair, I usually wear glasses, usually dress on the conservative side (i.e. not punk, not goth, just "normal"). I'm pretty thin, but not Laura Flynn Boyle thin, I've got thighs, hips, tits and buns. How about you?

I had possibly the single most satisfying dump of my entire life over the weekend. My boyfriend (answering your question, Em) was over and we were watching movie. We are going to see HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES this coming weekend, so he wanted me to see the moves that Rob Zi=ombie said inspired him to make it (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE). I really liked CHAINSAW and LAST HOUSE, but thought I SPIT was pretty nasty.

Anyway, in between two of the movies, I really had to crap. So I excused myself and went into his bathroom. If I'm peeing, I usually will leave the door open, but when I crap, I close it. So, I pulled my jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet. I peed, then, with a little effort, I pushed out this log that was about fifteen inches long and three inches wide. It felt like I had a huge polish sausage up my ass and I was finally able to crap it out. It was a single solid piece. It took a couple of wipes, then I was done. I flushed it down, washed my hands. I felt like skipping back to the living room, I felt so light and refreshed!!!

My delight didn't last as I watched a woman get raped, sodomized and beaten, then hang, castrate and mutilate her attackers in I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. Yeachhh. I mean, it was intense and effective, but just way too nasty for my tastes.

Talk later!!! Kisses!

teddy bear
hi, me again, still waiting to see if my first 2 postings will ever show up, oh well maybe mabe not. i would like to start giving some feedback and relatate some similar experiences of my own.

to vanessa: your post #1065 of your painful experience really moved me, almost to tears. i could feel your pain as you described that very unfortunate freak accident. i admire your courage and wisdom to to seek medical help asap. the idea of using a tampon to staunch the blood flow may have well stopped you from bleeding to death. most of us are somewhat embarrassed when medical people a probing and poging around our rectal & genital area, i know i am too, but our will to survive is much stronger i hope toy have fully recovered. i, myself had a painful experience in the woods in my younger days, but not quite as painfull.i was fishing in a stream, i'm an avid fisherman, when nature called, iran about 50 yd from the stream so as not to pollute it, found a fallen tree banch that was about 1 ft off the ground, dug a "cat hole" in the ground, pulled down my pants, sat on the branch (i prefer this method rather than squatting) & started to dump when i felt this sharp ! pain on my butt cheeks and noticed i had sat riht next to a nest of yellow jackets! i pulled up my pants partway, headed toward the stream as fast as my legs would carry me, about 3" of a turd hanging out my buuthole with the wasps in full pusuit behind me, & jumped into the stream. lucky the water was deep enough to submerge me, i poked my head up & noticed that the bees had left. i had to get to my car which was about 500' away quickly because i was allergic to stinge and my emergency kit was in the car. i was getting light headed & my breathing wsa getting difficult, but i made it in time, injectd myself withthe anti-allergin & headed for the nearest hospital about 30 mi. away and was able to get the proper medical attention. from now on i always "look before i leap", and i kwon you always will too, vanessa. you probably have about 100 times the chance of getting struck by lightning than of landing your butt hole directly on that stick. take care. kybo. ! luv, teddy bear.

To Emily of NYC: Liked your story...thanks for replying, i see about adam.

To Amber: Loved your story of you and your sister pooping this the first time you've seen each other on the toilet?

To Richard: Loved your camping story.

To Alfreda: Liked your story..did any one see poop on you or smell it on you when you got out of the water?

To Jason: Loved your story...sounds like you guys were very open

To Got Guts: Liked your story..have fun shitting your pants

To Matt from MD: Sounds like some nice hard dumps you've had

To Penny: Loved your experience with that guy coming in

Did any one happen to catch those new shows on fox last night(Suday)? I watched Oliver Beene at 8:30 and Oliver was with his friend looking at a po**n Mag. and his friend has a dog and the dog pooped on the floor and i think his mom stepped in it when she came home...any one see this? I think there might be more bathroom sceenes in the future.
Then at 9:30 i watched the pitts, its kinda stupid but the daughter talked her parents into letting her get a car and she got a car and the car talked when the parents found out they thought she was on drugs and they said something about giving her a pee test to find out.
those sceenes were funny..thats it gotta go bye

To Eric in Chicago:

I said I lived near the beach basically. I don't live right on it. I go for walks in my neighborhood, and this was talking about my shit and piss up on the hill. I wear swim trunks whenever I go walking. Anyhoo, after I finished shitting and wiping, I pulled my shorts up and then whipped my dick out for the finale piss. I only piss in my shorts when I'm in the ocean or something. Never had any accidents piss-wise since I was little. Had two minor diarrhea accidents where only a little bit came out and I held the rest in. But no, I don't pee in my shorts when I'm walking. Glad you enjoyed the baseball practice post...that was one bad time! But it was fun.

To Bryian:

About anyone seeing me in the neighborhood, I made sure I went far enough into the woods so as I could not be seen. A couple of cars passed by as I was doing my thing, but the hill I was on top of was like 8 feet above the road, plus there were bushes and stuff on top of that, so it's a fairly private place unless a dump truck or a schoolbus passes by...LOL. If you're standing, you can been seen from the street intersection nearby and even the golf course about a quarter mile away, but I don't stand to shit.

To Penny:

Great beach shit/piss story. What did you wipe with?

To Emily of NYC:

You're the one who had that dump in the ocean in front of that guy with the diarrhea. I couldn't recall your handle on here when I made my intitial posting.

Happy goings everyone!

Today, while I was at Home Depot collecting some building items, I felt the need to take a dump. This Home Depot is really enormous. Getting to the restroom is equivalent I think to about two city blocks. Anyway, I started in that direction. In the same aisle just ahead of me, I noticed a young dude. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. He was talking loudly to a buddy on a mobile phone. I couldn’t help overhearing his conversation. It was mainly about this chick he’d met and he was telling his buddy that he hoped to get laid that night. Anyway, as we got near the restroom I heard him say to his buddy: “Hey dude, I’ve gotta take a shit. Call me back in about 3 minutes.” We entered the restroom together and occupied adjacent stalls. He was a really noisy shitter. I heard a few farts and then some turds crackling out and hitting the water in the pan like machine gun fire. While he was still expelling his logs, I heard the phone ring in the next stall. He just con! tinued the conversation apparently with the same buddy he was talking to a few moments ago. It was funny to hear him pause in mid-sentence as he expelled each turd. His conversation with his buddy was also interspersed with grunting sounds. After a while, I heard him tell his buddy that he had to wipe his ass and to just hold on a moment. I heard the TP being torn and used for wiping. As soon as he was done wiping, he resumed the conversation with his buddy. We came out of the stalls at about the same time. He was still busy talking on the phone as we both washed our hands at the sinks. Has anyone here ever heard this type of conversation while someone was taking a shit?

BeachNut, hey here are my answers to your survey. It was really interesting. By the way, I'm blond, slim, have nice boobs and love hot guys of my own age (23).
1. Do you pee outside? Under what circumstances?
Yes, when I'm at a remote beach or hiking in the mountains with a boyfriend.
2. How do you feel about you or others peeing outside?
I think it's really cool! I love watching my boyfriends pee outdoors.
3. Is it easy for you to start peeing outside? Ever have second thoughts?
It's really easy and I've never had second thoughts about it.
4. What are some of the places you've peed outside?
On the beach, along hiking trails, in the woods and along the side of the road during road trips.
5. For girls, when there was no TP, did you wipe with something else or drip dry?
I've usually used a bit of Kleenex. If I don't have Kleenex I just drip dry.
6. On long road trips along roads with few bathrooms, how long are you to willing wait to "find a gas station" until you pull over and piss in the ditch/woods?
I wait about 10-15 minutes at the max.
7. Do you shit outside? Under what circumstances?
On the beach, along hiking trails, in the woods and even along the side of the road during road trips.
8. How do you feel about you or others shitting outside?
I think it's a cool thing to do.
9. Is it easy for you to start shitting outside? Ever have second thoughts?
It's real easy and I have had second thoughts. I was at the beach with my boyfriend and had to take a shit in the dunes. He was not far away. Anyway, while I was shitting some teenaged boys just stumbled on me. Instead of just going on their way, they gave me a hard time and called their buddies "to come see a chick taking a shit here." After that, I always make my boyfriend come with me if I shit outdoors.
10. What are some of the places you've shitted outside?
On the beach, along hiking trails, in the woods and even along the side of the road during road trips.
11. When there is no TP, do you wipe with anything interesting (besides leaves)?
I just use Kleenex. I've used my panties once and sometimes a boyfriend gave me his underwear or a sock to wipe with.
12. On long road trips along roads with few bathrooms, how long are you to willing wait to "find a gas station" until you pull over and shit in the ditch/woods?
About 30-45 minutes unless I have to shit really bad.
13. Do you ever get slightly turned on when pissing or shitting outside?
Not unless a guy is with me. Then it can be a real big turn on for me and hopefully for him too!
14. Have you ever allowed anyone to watch or listen to you when you go outside?
Yeah. Most of my boyfriends have been willing to accompany me so no one harasses me while I pee or shit.
15. On the beach or at a lake or river, if there are no nearby bathrooms, are you more inclined to go in the water (piss or shit) or in the dunes/woods (piss or shit)?
I prefer to piss or shit in the dunes
16. Have you ever pissed or shitted outside completely in the nude?
I've been at nude beaches. When I had to piss or shit I then did them in the nude.
17. When camping, on the beach, or wherever, do you put on shoes or sandals or go barefoot when you need to piss or shit?
Uusually I go barefoot unless the terrain is rough.
18. Do you normally dig holes when you go outside and then cover them when you're done. Or do you just go wherever and leave as soon as you're done?
No I just do it and leave it. Digging holes is too much hassle.
Love, Amy.

today in school i really had to poop so i waited till class let out then i ran to the bathroom, it was the kind that has no doors. no one was in there so i went in one of the stalls and you know how you start to go before you get your pants down. well i started to push while i was undoing my pants then two 8th graders walked in, i stopped and pretended like i was done, i didnt want them to see me naked. i flushed the toilet and went to the sink, my poop was still coming out, it started filling my pants while i petended to wash my hands. i washed for a long time pretending to fix my hair and look at my face then one of the 8th graders left and the other one walked over to the sink by me. he looked at me funny then looked at my but, he said oooh you pooed your pants didnt you. i lied and said no way and he ran out. i quickly went to the stall and dumped out my poop. my undies were still sticky but i had no time. i wiped and left to go to class. when shool was over the whole ! 8th grade class knew i pooped my pants. they called me poopy pants when i walked by them. i said shut up no i didnt. oh well i tried to hide it.
i started playing baseball and the first day of tryouts some new kids were trying out, one kid was like 9 and he kept grabbing his crotch so i watched him, he sat on the bench with his hand in his crotch, so i sat right next to him, he kept saying stuff like comon peepee heads and he would rock back and forth on the bench then he stood up and started jumping, i said dude are you ok. he went to the water coolers and pretended to get some water and i saw his jeans getting wet. he stood there for like a minute peeing. he came back and sat down and i said dude you peed your pants. he said he spilled water on them, i said you lie, i saw you peeing. then the coach said it was his turn to bat. al the kids were talking ssaying that kid peed himself, he struck out and the coach came to him and said sorry son you didnt make the team. he started crying. i felt sorry for him. but i made the team, im playing third cool. well gotta go, bye


So how do your pantyhose keep the bulge from getting too big, u must wear some real tight pantyhose?? can you recommend me a brand as i have the same trouble? i can never find a brand tight enough to keep the poop in if i have an accident?? especially if i am wearing a thong.


Hi so u wanna poop your pants, ok, well here are my tips, try and wear some tight panties, no thongs as that will be messy. tight panties will keep most of it in, even if it is a big poop. If u can wear pantyhose the better, that will definatly keep the poop in nicely. dont buy a new pair just an old pair of panties and pantyhose will do, make sure they are cheap, and then spread a legs apart and start pushing! sure feels good, tell me how it goes girlfriend!


Not only will the thong outside the pantyhose give u less skid marks, but also wearing pantyhose and thong that way will prevent the thong riding up high between your crack giving u and uncomfortabl wedgie (as we girls have all experienced0 but also it prevents the bad habit of pantyhose to sag between the legs, by keep the pantyhose crotch where it is!! great huh!!!!!??

Anthea. It sounds as though you had a messy time of it to say the least - and gave a new meaning to the term peanut butter sandwich!

Eric in Chicago. To answer your question I've never got 'tanked up' before adjourning to bed in order to deliberately have a wet night. On the contrary, I make a point of going for #1 immediately before adjourning to bed. Sometimes I have to get up in the night and go to the loo. Like a lot of boys I wet the bed at least occasionally until I was about 8 (over 30 years ago) but fortunately have so far managed to avoid night-time accidents since. What about you?

Sheila. I enjoyed your account of the poo you and Ruth took at the double toilet in your house. It sounds to me as though the vegetable curry certainly helped matters along and ended up with both of you doing big panfuls. Wow it must have been an explosive situation! I'm sorry to hear that Ruth was ill afterwards though and I hope she's soon much better. Different things work for different people but I've found that Imodium to be quite good for stopping a bad case of the runs and your chemist should be able to advise you on that. From time to time I get a bout of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) so I know what having the runs badly is like.

I had a good solid poo after tea today (Monday) unlike the runny one I did yesterday and am feeling better for it.

Best wishes to all.


Traveling Guy
Sheila - Sorry to belabor the topic, but you say in your answer that you and Greg "had 'one' of these beauties installed" back home. I'm intrigued. Is this "Swedish double" one toilet fixture with two seats, or what? I guess I misunderstood that it was two crappers placed side-by-side. Please describe it. I'm a big fan of exotic sanitary fixtures.

Got Guts - I agree that squat toilets, like the ones you used in Korea, take some getting used to if you're accustomed to the chair-type. I learned the hard way to roll up my pants legs so I wouldn't get them wet, and just how far to lower my waist to keep it out of harm's way. But I actually got to like squatters after a while. Once I got past the balance thing and learned how to relax, I liked the way my poop dropped with so little effort. Some say that in squatting cultures, people have far fewer colon and rectal problems and diseases. Others say squatters are more sanitary that a seat potty, at least the squatters that flush. What is not sanitary is throwing TP in a waste basket. I'm totally with you on that.

What an interesting contrast between your two stories, Richard and Penny. Both of you took a dump with a member of the opposite sex. For one of you, it leads to a special bond with a friend. For the other, it's a chance thing with a stranger. But both of you are left with something you won't soon forget.

Monday, April 07, 2003

Okay another survey:

1) Do they have doors on the toilets in nudist places, and if so why?
2) If you went into a public toilet, and there were no cubicles, but just a row of toilets standing in a line would you use one (a) to wee (b) to poo? And why or why not?
3) As in question 2 but they were all occupied, would you (a) Leave the public toilet
(b) Wait until someone finished and then use that toilet, but look away from those sitting there while you waited (c) Wait, but watch those using the toilets while you waited, and smile if they caught your eye (d) Wait, watch and chat to those using the toilets (e) None of the above – please explane? In all of these why do you chosse the answer?
4) Do you think toilets like this would be a good idea? Why?
5) Do you think toilets like this, but a joint toilet for males and females would be a good idea? Why?

Ok – my answers to the above

1) I don’t know, but I would imagine that they don’t – there would seem to be no reason.
2) I would use it to wee and poo.
3) I would wait and chat to those using the toilets. They would all know I needed to poo or wee, and they would be doing the same, so there would e no reason to be embarrassed – it would make the wait less of a bore.
4) I think they would be a good idea. I think people would be far more friendly, as everyone is there for the same reason, and its very difficult to pretend to have aires and graces when you are having a poo – you have to be yourself, and friendly while laying logs!!
5) Not sure, sounds like fun, but everyone would have to have respect for each other – it wouldn’t work if you got some guys hanging around there just to see the girls, or try and make out with them rather than having a poo themselves 1) What percent of women in the western world do you believe pee freely in front of their boyfriends? 80%
2)What percent pee freely in front of male friends or acquaintances? 5%
3)What percent pee freely in front of male strangers? 2%
4) - 30%,5) 0-1%,and 6)0 0.1%; same questions, only shitting.

TO SHEILA (south Wales)

Yeah i have heard of pretty polly pantyhose, you call them tights in the UK dont you? yeah ive had many accidents in my pantyhose during the years, i live in NY and when the weather gets cold the pantyhose come out and i normally wear quite thick ones to keep the cold out, but in the summer i like to wear pantyhose too, but thats when i get the most accidents (must be the weather) the thing is tho the thinner pantyhose (which i wear during the summer months dont tend to keep the poop in so the poop runs down my legs (much to my embaraassment!) and a thong is definatly the wrong thing to wear if u have an accident cos it doesnt keep anything in, have you got any tips on what to wear in the summer with panyhose if u ever have an accident???
when you do get to the toilet in time, where do u normally pull your pantyhose down to, across you thighs? past your knees or down to your ankles??? Have u ever worn pantyhose without panties/thong???

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