Hi! I have a very embarrassing story, though it's pretty funny now. When I was thirteen, I went trick-or-treating on Halloween. I was dressed up as an "evil bunny", kind of like the Living Dead Doll. So, I was wearing this one-piece footie pajamas, with a backflap and everything, with a hood with ears on it. I had blood splattered all over me and coming out of my mouth, and I was carrying an Easter basket with a skull in it. It was really cool!

Anyway, I wasn't feeling too well at the beginning of the evening, but I wasn't going to skip trick-or-treating just because of a little stomach ache. My parents and my brother had all been sick with a virus, but I hadn't. Going out was not a good idea!

I was about halfway through the neighborhood with my friends when I started to really feel queasy and crampy. I decided maybe I should head home. One of my friends said she'd walk with me and we headed back to my house. After just a few minutes, I felt like I was going to throw up, but worse, I suddenly and desperately had to shit. I had that intense bursting feeling in my butt that told me there was diarrhea that was going to come out whether I liked it or not!

Suddenly, I felt vomit coming on, and I handed my friend my basket and sack of candy, stumbled over to the side of the road and puked my brains out. Have you ever been puking and had to shit at the same time? It's tough to not spew from both ends, but somehow, I managed to clench my butt cheeks tight enough, and not shit myself. As soon as I was done puking, however, my ass buckled just slightly, and one little squirt of diarrhea came out. I quickly tore open the backflap, yanked my underpants out of the way and squatted. The floodgates opened and I sprayed diarrhea all over someone's front yard. My friend turned around, I guess to give me privacy, but she was probably pretty grossed out too.

After putting on a display of loud farting and crapping, I felt it was safe to head the rest of the way home. I pulled my underpants back up, but I had ripped the buttons off the backflap and had to hold it up with my hand the rest of the way home. I dragged myself in the house, and my parents saw how sick I was, and gave me an "I told you so" look. For whatever reason, my friend saw fit to tell them I had puked and shit all over someone's yard. Great!

So I went upstairs, got out of my costume and went in the bathroom. Luckily, I no longer felt nauseous, but I wound up shitting for several more minutes, in the toilet this time. I can't imagine how, but despite squirting a little diarrhea before getting them out of the way, not to mention not being able to wipe my ass after a nasty case of the shits, my underpants were clean as a whistle. Go figure!

It wasn't the nicest Halloween I ever had, especially since by the following week, word of my puking and shitting display had gotten around school (grrrrr). I was able to laugh it off, though, and I think people thought I was a real sport because of it. I guess the moral of the story is, backflaps are underrated, because mine came in quite handy. Had I had to unbutton and unzip my pants, I might not have made it in time. I haven't had a load of shit in my panties since I was four or five, and am in no hurry to anytime soon!

I've got other stories to tell. So until then, bye-bye!

Miss Belinda.
Hello everyone, I've been keeping up with this forum but have had very few posts until now. I am a 39 Year old Seventh grade math teacher. I'm 5'4" at about 120 lbs. with longish, curly brown hair and mother of three, I spoke about my kids, neices and nephews in my last post.
This morning I went through my usual routine of taking a shower, applying make up, getting dressed and using the commode (with my newspaper and coffee of course) because I always try to get that out of the way before I leave for school. I've had a few incidents where I had to poo poo in the girls bathroom and It's hard to do with an audience of about six of Your "favorite" students trying to converse with You. Anyway, I made my way back from the kitchen with my coffee and newspaper and into the bathroom. I set my coffee and newspaper down on the edge of the bathtub, pulled my pantyhose down and sat on the toilet. It had been about two days since my last poo and I had eaten a load of cheese cake the same night. I picked the newspaper up and leaned forward and I usually do, first letting out a stream of very relaxing pee, I really didn't find too much interesting in the paper so I dropped it to the side of the commode and leaned forward with my hands clasped together and! arms resting on the top of my thighs as I always sit. I let out two gassy toots as my poo poo started coming out. I knew from the feeling that it was gonna be a big one, I don't know why but cheese cake always has the tendency to make for a very large and long turd. I strained a bit and it started to move slowly but would stop as I quit applying pressure. It felt so good as inch by inch it made it's way downward. I stopped and let it hang for a moment as I sat up and peered between my legs at the long, light brown turd. It looked like I had grown a tail. Usually at this point my poos often break off halfway out but this one hung in there. I leaned forward again and pushed a bit more and slowly it came out tapering to a point and fell into the commode with a "FALOOOOP". I peed a bit more and one final little smooth turd "plooped" into the water and came to a rest beside the big one. I wiped four times and laid the used toilet paper beside the commode so I could get a good lo! ok at what I had done. As I stood up and looked into the commode I was amazed to see my 15" long creation with the little "plooper" laying beside it. I flushed and it got caught sideways and broke. The second flush carried it on down leaving my poopoo marks all over the bottom of the bowl. I hadn't realized the smell I had left behind either, but as my oldest daughter made her way in she quickly let me know how bad I really stunk it up. LOL.

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Last week I had a lovely experience that I would like to tell you. I drove with my car back home on the motorway when I felt the need for a pee. I stopped at the next parking lot and saw one other car standing there with a couple of mid fifty in it. They left their car and I could see that the woman - a little bit ????er in a blue skirt - was handicapped by a broken arm. Her husband had a roll of tp in his hands and they went into a bushy area close to the parking lot. As I was curious what they wanted to do I left quickly my car and went in the same direction they went. Just when I passed the first row of bushes I could see them.The woman was standing with her back to me and a little bending forward with the tp-roll in one hand. Her husband was standing besides her and pulled her skirt up, her pantyhose and her pants down. Behind the row of bushes where I stood I could clearly see her naked white ass and her bushy cunt. I unzipped my trousers, took my penis out and started to pee while watching them. The man looked around when his wife was ready for her go and saw me. But as he saw me peeing he did not react and gave no hint to his wife. The woman meanwhile had started peeing too. The man squatted sidely behind her to have a better view on her gusher but in that way that I still had a full view on his peeing woman. After she had finished peeing a moment happened nothing. The man moved his face closer to the waman´s cheeks. With his right hand he stroke his wife´s inner left thigh. Then the woman started to poop and from near he watched as the turd moved out of his wife´s ass. While the first 6-8 in of her poop were quite firm the rest became more and more muddy. And although it was still a big load of muddy shit that left the woman´s ass the man kept close. I was astonished how much this woman could shit. She had already finished pooping when her husband still stared on the big pile she had made. "don´t you want to wipe me?" she asked him sl ightly angry. "of cours! Of course! he replied. She gave him the tp and he had to wipe her clean with 6 double sheets of tp as the poop had covered most of her inner cheeks. Whe he felt that she was clean he wiped her cunt with another double sheet dry. I was so fascinated that I was watching them with my outhanging penis although I had already finshed peeing. Of course I felt aroused by the scene. Then the man started to dress his wife again. Whe he had pulled up her pantyhose he looked into my direction as if he wanted to give me a sign to dissapear now. I closed my zipper and went back to my car. But I waited there until they came. I stood in front of my car when they came back. "Everything is O.K.?" the man asked me and winked with one eye. "More than that!" I answered, sat into my car and left. I really love to remember that day!

TV Guide
More South Park stuff:

In "Chickenlover", when Cartman is a police officer, he pulls over Mr. Marsh and tells him to get out of the car. Mr. Marsh realizes it's Cartman, the fat kid who plugs up the toilet at his house.

In "Cancelled", when Kyle is about to press the button in Cartman's butt that operates the anal probe he got in "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe", Cartman rips some farts out. After Cartman is clean of them, Kyle presses the button and this giant satellite probe emerges out of Cartman's butt.


In "30 Minutes Over Tokyo", Homer finds an electronic toilet that says, "Hello. I am honored to accept your waste.", it has fountains, and it has a camera that is connected to the TV so that guests can watch someone take a crap. Right before Homer does his business, the family freaks out and changes the channel.

I had a fairly interesting experience this afternoon at the north georgia outlets. I pulled into the place around 1 or so and did some shopping. By around 2 or so lunch was catching up to me (I had a wendys value meal and dr. pepper) and I thought I better be headed to the toilet because I already farted once while walking down the sidewalk. I headed towards the food court restroom because they're usually fairly clean and I can always find an available stall. I noticed three or four really huge tour busses in the back of the parking lot near the food court and I didnt' really think anything of it until I got into the food court and saw many many people (aprox. high school age) standing in line for food. I was thinking WOW, but I shuffled into the bathroom and the first stall and put my stuff down on the floor and shut the door behind me. (I was wearing regular type jeans and a t-shirt with a light coat over the top of the shirt as it was windy.) I'm a fairly medium to fat sized 22 year old girl and I'm about 5'4" tall with dark shorter hair and brown eyes. The seat was clean so I just pulled down my pants and decided to sit right on the seat. About the time I exposed my ass to the seat several girls (presumably from off the bus) came thru the door and started talking and shuffling about the bathroom, several of them starting running the sinks and putting on make up at the mirror, my stall was right across from the sinks and I could see many of them thru the large spaces in the door and partition, and the partition and the wall. My soft thys spred out over the seat as I scooted my ass back to better center the hole under my annus, I could feel the smooth surface at the back of the seat supporting the back part of my ass. It was rather comfortable. I felt the first abrupt fart reverberate thru the toilet, it sounded like someone punched thru heavy canvas with a big hammer. A couple of the girls looked at me thru the spaces in the par tition. One of them went into the stall besided me and peed and then went out. After a minute I farted again, this one was softer. The poop inside me started to move. My ass gave another sputter, then out slid a short snake sized greesy poop followed by another fart. The second poop that came out was very greesy but solid. Most of it fell to the toilet with a splut, the third poop was very greesy and squeezed out of my annus but mostly smooshed into my butt crack. I wiggled my ass around for a minute or so but it wouldn't dislodge. I went to wipe my ass but found no paper. Unfortunately I had no choice but to pull my panties and pants up and leave the stall. There were still alot of girls in the bathroom and many of the nearby stalls were occupied with peeing girls so I just went on out of the bathroom. I shopped a little more but the poop smashed between my ass cheeks was a unplesent sensation so I decided to cut it short and head on home so I could clean it up. ! I hope to post more again.


JW - Hi! Glad you enjoyed my post. I'm actually quite the ticked off Nat tonight because yesterday morning I was writing a post (I write them in MS Word and then copy/paste), and it was already over a page in length when word froze up. I'll do my best to answer every question as fully as I did yesterday, so here goes...

First of all, like you I have struggled with constipation since I was very young. Of course, my dislike of public toilets may have contributed to the constipation, as well as causing more than a few accidents when I held it too long trying to get home to my own toilet. As for relief methods I think my parents have used them all on me at one time or another. Everything from this clear tasteless liquid with the consistency of thick honey that i was supposed to drink, to enemas. Like you, I never liked suppositories, and more often than not ended up pooping out the suppository remnants but nothing else. I also have had similar experiences when it comes to operations. The painkillers they give me always caused me problems with constipation. May I ask, if you fon't mind how well did your parents react to our constipation? Was it like "Oh my poor baby." or "It's not healthy to go a length of time without going." or something entirely different? My parents were of the "A person! should 'go' everyday." type which lead to some struggles, and while I understand that they were trying to help they actually ended up making things worse. I didn't like pooping at school, and I began to not like pooping at home because of the following...

"Did you poop?"
"Why not?"

I always had good answers for that but never had the guts (or was dumb enough) to say any of them ;-) . Fortunately those struggles ended when two things happen. Eventually I became old enoug to stay home alone, and I would wait for my parents to leave the house and then head for the bathroom to try and poop. But what ultimately solved the pooping struggle was that as part of my fourteenth birthday gifts my parents added a completely handicapped accessable bathroom (toilet, sink, shower/tub, intercom to call for help) onto my bedroom so that anytime I needed to poop I could lock both my bedroom and bathroom door and do my thing without any parental interference unless I asked for help.

Also, in response to your latest post. I know it's not good to hold it for extreme ammounts of times. My mom even told me once "I'd rather you have an accident than hold it for hours."

Someone asked me if my mom ever found out about my marathon hold it, yes she did. Ever since that day any time I go on field trips, or long road trips, or just extended outings I wear Goodnites (for peeing only).


One day when I was 13 my dad was driving me to school and after about 5 minutes I got nausiated all of a sudden and before I could react I threw up, in my dad's new car no less. I don't get carsick so I knew it wasn't that. My dad decided to take me home. He helped me get changed into my pajamas and tucked me into bed and then he went to work, he told me before he left that he would come home on his lunchbreak at 11:00 AM and check on me. About five minutes after he left I dozed off and didn't wake up until about 10 AM. The first thing that I noticed was that I needed to poop. I tried to get up when I felt a really sharp pain in my neck. It didn't take me long to realize that I had a stiff neck, and the pain was preventing me from getting up. After a couple more failed attempts to get up I reached for the cordless phone and called my mom.

"Mom, I'm got a stiff neck and can't get out of bed."
"I'm sorry honey."
"That's not why i called."
"Well why did you call?"
"I have a stiff neck, I can't get out of bed, and I have to poop."
"Well it usually takes you about a long time to poop, right? So I want you to start trying to poop as soon as you hang up. You probably won't be able to go before your dad gets home, but if are are able to go and you go in your pants no big deal, it can be cleaned up."
"Umm...Ok, but what if I need to pee? Do I just pee in my pants or hold it?"
"Go ahead and do whatever you need to do."

I told my mom goodbye and hung up the phone and began following my mom's instructions. At first I just held my breath while holding onto the side of the bed for leverage. Sometimes that works but not very often. So I lifted my butt up off the bed and started pushing. I started feeling some movement, and that's when I realized what i was doing. It felt really weird to be trying to poop in my pants, even weirder knowing that I had my mom's approval. I continued pushing on and off for several minutes and was just beginning to make some progress when I started feeling that familiar tingle in my bladder. I pulled my blankets away so that they didn't get wet and then relaxed. It was sort of interesting watching the wet spot spread on my light purple PJs. When I was finished wetting I continued pushing. After about 30 minutes it seemed like it was on the edge of coming out so I tensed up every muscle in my body. The poop started coming out really slowly and it took about 10 min! utes total for the first one to come out. It was followed by a smaller poop, and then my worst nightmare happened. Wave after wave of sticky, mushy, liquid poop that felt like oatmeal against my skin started gushing into my pants. By the time it stopped so much had come out that it was leaking out of the legbands of my underwear and getting all over my legs.

When my dad got home he wrapped me up in a towel and carried me into the bathroom. He laid me in the bathtub and then took off my PJs and my ruined underwear. Turns out that I had the flu and spent 3 more days throwing up and wetting/pooping Goodnites.


I need to get to bed but I'll write more soon



My sister has had to wear disposable diapers for the past several months due to an operation (and will for life probably) which is great for me and my fascination with this sort of thing. I felt bad for her, but really wanted to see a woman pee and poop her diapers for real, even if it was my sister. My sister is attractive, slender and 23, but since the operation has been kind of depressed about everything. I thought inviting her up to my apartment for the weekend would be perfect as I'd probably get to witness all sorts of cool stuff. Laura (sister) arrived early saturday wearing an above the knee jean skirt, black sheer pantyhose, and black blouse. By glancing at her butt you'd never know she had a diaper on, but then I thought the pantyhose might hide it a little. Once we moved her bags in she said, embarrassed, "Ok, what do you want me to do with these when I'm done with them?" and held up a fresh adult disposable diaper. Oh, it doesn't matter, just put them in t he garbage in the bathroom..I said. "OK, the messy ones I'll put in the garage"...she said and went in my bathroom. A couple minutes later she came out and I suggested we have some lemonade after her drive. She fixed it while I excused myself to use the restroom. Laura's used disposable was neatly taped into a ball and stuffed in the garbage. It felt warm and heavy. I put it back in the garbage determined to make her wet and poop as many diapers as possible during her stay. After the lemonade we were talking and I noticed her uncross her legs and sit quietly on the chair for a minute. "Lemonade went right thru me!" she said as she got up to change again. Only a half an hour and two wet diapers
Later that night we went out to eat. It was a nice place so Laura wore a short red dress and the sheerest tan hose I'd ever seen and I dressed up too. I was hoping she'd poop, and after dinner she did! We had arrived home and were standing in the kitchen when suddenly there was a squishy crackling noise from Laura's direction and she turned red as she filled her diaper with poop! She grabed a box of wipes and a fresh diaper from her bag, and headed in the bathroom. She asked for a plastic bag to put the diaper in, and I carried everything to the dumpster. She had filled it good. The next morning she came out to the kitchen in nothing but her diaper underneath her hose, and nightshirt. After our oatmeal we were watching tV and she messed that diaper right in front of me, but this time it was messy and some poop got out the leg gatherers and onto her pantyhose, so when she changed she wadded up the hose in her messy diaper and had me take them both out to the dumps! ter!

Todd Mn
AMBER- Hey I loved your story about you coming home the other day and taking a huge dump. When I was in school, now I am in college, I knew that guys would come home and go to the bathroom there, because we would never go in school. I can't count on how many days I would come home and grab a magazine and go into the bathroom, and I still do. Not that I am shocked but I thought females went whenever. But that is awesome that you waited untill you got home. I have a couple of questions for you and you don't have to answer if you don't want to. Do you read while on the toilet? If so please give examples. Do you fart while you poop? Thanks Amber, hopefully you'll post again and have a safe day, I am supposed to say that because I am a firefighter and training to be a police officer.
Love Todd!

I was playing a computer game today and i had to pee. I was really into the game and didn't want to stop. I started to pee my pants. My mom was at the store with my sister so she didn't find out. I put my dirty pants and underwear in the trash

Hi. When I was in high school, junior year, the school decided to remodel the boys bathrooms. Great! In their infinite wisdom they decided to renovate them all at the same time. Renovating basically just meant cleaning the walls and putting new stalls in. The old stalls had no doors, and the new stalls they put in didn't either, but that didn't bother me.

What bothered me was the week and a half that there were no stalls at all! Apparently, the company tore out the old stalls, then discovered that the new stalls were the wrong size and had to be replaced. By the time they realized this, the old stalls had been hauled away. So for seven or eight school days, EVERY boys room in the school (there were four) had three toilets in a row, completely in the open, like in an army barracks.

Another problem, which led to my own unfortunate experience with the open-air shitters, was that the TP was on a roll in the stall. Well, with no stall, there was no TP. A couple times I saw TP on the sink, but more often than not, it got stolen or soaked in water and ruined.

Usually, I took a shit once a day while at school, during second period break. I never had a problem shitting while the bathroom was full of guys, as long as there was a little bit of privacy, which evenb a doorless stall supplies. But there was no privacy at all for anyone unfortunate enough to have bowel troubles for those seven days!

So, around 9:30 one morning, my bowels start to creak and push and churn. I knew there was no way I'd be able to hold it until the end of the day. The bell rang, and I high tailed it to the closest boys room, my cheeks clenched to keep my prarie-dogging load from escaping.

I entered the bathroom, and, not surprisingly, half a dozen guys were peeing, combing their hair, doing what guys do. I really, really had to go, I was literally about to shit my pants. Two guys were peeing into the toilets, which left the middle one the only one that was both free and unsoiled by poorly aimed piss.

I swallowed my pride and approached the toilet. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and, in one swift, flawless motion, pushed my pants and boxers down as I sat my ass on the toilet. I immediately got looks which I now find ridiculous, but at the time found mortifying. The guys looked at me like I was crazy, like I was about to perform surgery on myself or something. One guy I was buddies with said, "Wow, you must really need to shit." I said, "Oh, yeah."

So, I relaxed and let nature take its course. A nice, firm log slowly forced its way out. In mid movement, I suddenly became aware of the lack of toilet paper. I relaxed, as this dump felt nice and solid. I could do without wiping, which would probably prove to be unecessary even if I had the hardware to do it. The impressive log continued its descent, then gently broke and plopped into the water. At that point, a mega-ton fart and a long, loud squirt of semi-soft diarrhea sprayed out of my ass. Well, there goes my "no need to wipe" scenario. I quickly looked around, attempting to ignore the disgusted faces reacting to my outburst of gas and watery feces. I surmised that there was not a thing to wipe with, not even a scrap of notebook paper. Damn those hand dryers. How do they help in a situation like this?

At least I was done, and could get up and pull up my pants, albeit with sticky liquid shit residue coating my anus. I bit the bullet, and pulled my boxers and jeans up to their socially acceptable position. I flushed my nasty gallon of feces (of every possible degree of consistency) down the crapper and washed my hands.

I spent the entire day with that sticky, itchy shit between my cheeks, popping into whatever boys room I passed in the hopes that I could score an ass-wipe of some sort. It being a cardinal sin to bring the subject of bowel functions up with a high school girl, I dared not ask one of my female friends to aid me in my sicky-ass dilemma.

By the time I got home (a twenty-minute bus ride, and ten minute walk later) I felt as though I had spoiled mayonnaise mixed with itching powder smeared all over my asshole. I went straight to the upstairs bathroom and took a shower. My asshole was raw and sore for the rest of the night, and still uncomfortable in the morning.

I learned my lesson, though, and had a pocket pack of kleenex with me at all other times that week. And yes, I did need to shit on those public display toilets several times before our shiny new stalls were installed. Overall, I'd say it was a more interesting experience than an unpleasant one. People in France have been shitting in front of one another for decades. Why are we in this country so self-conscious about it?


teddy bear
hi fellow poopmates, iwant to do a quick one question survey. the question is: which hand do you usually wipe your ass with? right or left?( i know some middle eastern countries always use their left) please respond later, teddy bear

hi, me again, this is my 3rd post, but still no postings for this week. i would surely love some feedback especially from you lovely ladies i've mentioned. your pooping stories are just awesome! i've been slowly working my way up to the most recent posts, when i came to 1095 i was just totally awed by ash's vivid description of her pooping session. i'll address you later, sweetie. i just love this site. i go on it whenever possible. i'm a 45y/o wm, live in Wa state, 5'9" 170#. would you like to hear some of my pooping experinces, either my own or others i've had the pleasure to watch? let me know. as i've mentioned before, i'm very into watching women, especially attractive ones having a bm. What a turn on! i'm usually very private about doing my own bm, but would gladly reciprocate for a willing partner. i would probably be embarassed a the start, but some gentle coaxing would bring me out of my shell, i think. well, talk to you later luv teddy bear.

To Amber – glad you liked my story – still can’t believe I wrote it all down on my laptop as it happened. And yes I will try and remember to put the dates of my stories.

Also here are my answers to your survey:

1. Do you wipe after you pee?
Yes – I hate damp panties.

2. What color is your pee?
If I haven’t been drinking enough it can be dark yellow. If I drink a lot it’s clear like water.

3. How long does it normally take you to pee?
Varies – but usually only 10 or 15 secs, but I have gone for much longer.

4. Have you ever peed in the shower?
Yes – but only because I was in an unbelievable hurry and I didn’t want to sit on the toilet.

5. What times of the day do you usually pee?
Always soon after I get up and before I go to bed. Then several times in the day

6. Do you pee while you poop?
Usually – yes – and almost always I finish peeing before my poo starts coming out.

7. Please name 3 interesting places where you have peed?
In the park, on the sidewalk – when I was real young and in my panties when I had an accident.

To Claudia – I’m real interested to know, have you ever pooped I your pants deliberately in the mall and then found it’s a real mushy one and it starts leaking out of you panties. That must be awful walking in the mall with it all coming down your legs. I was lucky, my poo was nice and firm when I had my accident – but even that scared me in case it came right out and fell on the ground in front of people.

To RVD – Thanks so much, I’m glad you liked my post.

To Dream Clown – Thanks, you made my day when you said it felt like they were there with me.

To Cinch – OMG, I though I was bad, often going 3 days, sometimes even as much as 4 days between poops. But 2 weeks. I think if I waited that long for a poo, I would go see my doctor.

Love Ash

Ian & Natalia
Natalia has INSISTED that I put her name in all my future postings as she is as an avid reader as myself. And reading about the 'Ukranian' experiences of one of the sites posters made her put finger to keyboard. So I'll leave the rest of this posting in her capable hands. Just to explain though, Natalia (my partner) is 23, an American citizen, but originally from the Ukraine. I'm British, so I probably take a different perspective on her old pooping habits than she did....

The story about Russian poo
Part 1

I used to love taking the shit in my Grandma’s outhouse on a beautiful spring day. I could squat in there with the door opened and enjoy the sight of trees, the smell of flowers and vegetables while completely relaxing my anus and letting my turds fall freely down the shit-hole. Nothing beats the feeling of a freely falling turd. The turd has to fall as far as 3-4 meters, impressive, compared to the miserable distance it can go in a proper toilet bowl. Sometimes we didn’t have the toilet paper, and then the Grandma had to put one of her gardening or health books in there. I used to sit squatting for as long as my legs would hold me and read. After I finished reading the page I would wrinkle it till it became soft, and then I would wipe my ass with it. Fashion magazines were quite uncomfortable for my bottom, because they are glossy and don’t easily absorb. Still, I read quite a bit in those days. When the shit-hole under the outhouse became full, the piss and sh! it would splash all over my ass, especially if my turd was heavy and fell with a ‘bang’. There were several ways to avoid it: I could throw the newspaper down the hole and then try to shit real fast before that newspaper soaked through. I could also try to shit smaller portions (that is smaller turds), or I could move my ass away as fast as possible the moment the turd had separated from my anus. Of course, all this sounds incredibly barbaric for the most Western people, but there was a certain charm and a feeling of adventure while performing such an ordinary function as taking a dump. No two dumps were ever alike. What was even better than going to the outhouse, was going to the outhouse in the dark in the middle of the winter. Not only did I have to guess my steps and run the risk of falling through the shit-hole, but I also had to bare my bottom in a –20C temperature!
Still, I’d do it again anytime.

Natalia & Ian (Or Ian & Natalia!!)

Jane (and Gary)
Hi. It's been ages since I last posted, but life is really busy for us these days. I have time for one quick story. Yesterday in the afternoon after lunch I had a sudden stomach ache and urge to poop. I was in the middle of a conference call and had to stop it midway and headed to the ladies room. To my complete surprise and dismay, I found all of the stalls full and a line forming, due to a tour group visiting another office. I had to go to another floor, but luckily I found that ladies room with an available stall.

After I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my white panties, I sat and immediately began to push out what felt like a long continuous rope of soft but solid poop that broke apart as it fell into the water. It went on for a good minute before there was a break in the action. I started to pee a strong stream, but it splashed back because there was so much poop. A strong poop smell was emerging. I flushed the toilet while seated. I was still in soft serve ice cream mode, pushing out another long continuous series of soft poop. After another minute I almost displaced the water again. I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out solid but soft poop with no sign of stopping. My stomach continued to ache. As soon as I filled the toilet again and flushed, I felt a strong cramp and let go an incredibly nasty 15-second wave of soft but still solid poop. I flushed the toilet while seated, but the cramp persisted as I pushed out another nasty wave of soft po! op and flushed the toilet again. I was practically in tears by this time. The stomach cramp subsided. I still had a lot of residual soft poop to push out. I sat for a couple more minutes moving my bowels as my poop session was winding down. I flushed while seated once more before I started wiping. I flushed a final time and saw a couple of skidmarks at the bottom of the bowl, plus an unusually strong lingering smell. I felt much better after that. It had been a long time since I pooped so much.

Traveling Guy
Sheila - I'd never heard the term "Swedish double" before, but from your post, I gather it's a bathroom with twin loos. Is that right? Wow! What possibilities, just as you described. Sort of the modern-day version of the old two-seater outhouse.

I was watching a movie last night, and there were these people swimming in a pool(i was flipping channels..i came to it) and all a sudden there was something in the pool that looked like a turd, im not sure if it was. then the had to disinfect the pool. I think the movie was called caddyshack...can some one tell me if it was a turd or not?

BlackChaos (formerly Dream Clown)
I changed the handle so that I wouldn't get mixed up with Dreamer.

To all the females here: Your stories are amazing. I almost don't feel like I'm missing anything when I read them, like I'm getting in on the action even though I've never seen it truly happen. Well, not at the time it was happening.

Now, specifics.

To Emily of NYC: I have to admit that I would have done the same thing Adam did, by which I mean that I would have jumped into the water as well. Looks like you gave him a good show. Hope everything works out (or comes out) well!

To Amber: most girls do this? It would be cool to study the camaraderie of females as they dump. Are you the same Amber as the one with the red heart panties?

To Miss Belinda: Your description of how you look on the toilet is cool. I think it would be the best way to look on the toilet, with everything so that it barely seems like you're actually using it. By that, I mean pants at mid/upper thigh, shirt down at normal height, so that everything is just out of the way.

To John D: You just described my dreams! However, I'd want it to be more Roman style, with just a long bench with holes, so I could sit between them and help them out if necessary. I'd also replace LaToya Jackson with Anastacia, but that's just my preference.

To Pooping Women: Once again, the thing with a girl taking a clandestine dump. That's always nice to think about.

To Sheila: Once again, you wowed me! And when you two wiped each other, it was the cherry on top of the sundae. Make sure to post about Ruth too when you two meet up again! I agree with your vulnerability theory, however I think specifically if a girl is on the toilet with eight inches of a 4-inch-wide turd handing out, she's more vulnerable than if she's just pissing, because it's easier to speed the latter along.

Ash's post on 1095 is without a doubt the best ever!

'Nuff said. BTW, I'll post about the experience I had this weekend later, because this post is getting long.

Question? Why do your feet fall asleep when you sit a long time on the toilet, but not when you sit a long time in a chair. You think they would make toilet seats shaped like chairs with holes, so this problem wouldn't happen. I sat on the throne last night for 45 minutes, I didn't have to go real bad or anything but sometimes its nice to just sit there and think about life. My foot fell asleep but I was too lazy to get up big mistake, I couldn't hardly walk for the next 30 minutes.

P.S Nice picture today with the chick with the baseball club and the footlonger, or what the English say "Jobbie" she produced, shes sexy, and I bet that shit smells bad too, it just looks like one of those ones that would smell bad. I'm going to look at this picture again, maybe print it out and leave it somewhere for someone to see. Bye.

Oh yeah, has anyone ever seen that man show cartoon guy, well theres one where he falls asleep on the toilet, I think thats funny.

Jason the poop lover.
It's been a while since I posted.
A few weeks ago at school, I had to doodoo real bad. I had diarrhea. My stomach was hurting. I had to rush to the bathroom because it was coming out. When I got to the bathroom, I put toilet paper on the stool because public stools are nasty, but as I did, some came out. I had a class right after that, so I hoped no one smelled it. I don't think anyone did.
When I did sit down to doodoo, It came out immediately. I pushesd a few times. It rushed out of my butt. The other two stools were then occupied . The people in those stools doodooed. I hate public bathrooms because of that.
Does anyone know if Jessica and Stef still post?

one time i had 2 HUGE poppy sead bagles. the naxt time i pooped the poop was spotted with POPPY sead. has that happened to any one?

if you have had an accedened at school please tell the story

Linda D.
This my first time writing to the forum. I am seventeen and I am in my first year as a student nurse. Nursing at my end of the ladder consists very much of seeing to the creature comforts of the patients, bedpans etc. This incident happened just a week ago on the late shift. I had to excort a lady patient to the toilet, she'd had an op on her leg and needed assistance getting to and from the bathroom. When we got there I told her to ring when she had finished and I would escort her back to bed. She asked me to stay with her cos she was a little shaky. She was wearing a shortie nightie and briefs. I stood her in front of the toilet and pulled her briefs down then gently helped her sit on the seat. I thought she just wanted a pee but when she finished peeing she made no move to get up saying she had a ???? ache and thought she wanted to poop. Just then Sister came into the room and asked what I was doing away from the ward. I told her and she looked at the patient ! then told me to stay with her but that I should lock the door for privacy. I bolted the door and turned back to the patient, she had pushed her briefs right down to her ankles and had bunched her nightie high up around her waist and was grunting and straining hard. "I wanna go so bad," she muttered to me, "I haven't been in three days." I moved up to her and bent over, putting an arm around her shoulders urging and coaxing her to strain. I reached down and put my hand on her stomach, I could feel her stomach muscles moving as she strained. I massaged her lower stomach for ages as she pushed a huge, fat turd from her bum. She was sweating with the effort and at last with a huge sigh of relief the turd plopped into the toilet. Then it was easier and she pooped another six large logs into the toilet. The stench was horrible but that's what nursing means and I was just glad to have helped this patient in her moment of need. I had to help her stand when she wiped her bum! , cos of her bad leg. She wiped three times, and we both looked into the toilet amazed at the size of the turds filling the pan. It took four flushed to clear them away. I had a rest day the next day and when I came back on duty she had been discharged but she left me a thank you letter and ten dollars to get myself something. It was a lovely gesture, and I'll never forget this kind lady.

My ex-wife had an accident one time and that's how I got into this fetish.

She was caught speeding (over one hundred in a 70 zone on an interstate). I was the passenger. A state trooper pulled he over and asked her to step from the car. She walked back ot the rear of the car and was promptly arrested. The shock and scare of this caused her to pee her pants and then, as she was being led to the police unit, she shit her pants.

It was absolutley awful and she was crying hysterically. The state trooper tried to be sympathetic but was grossed out.

Her jeans and tennied were soaked.

I went to bail her out and she had been given a shower and allowed to hose down her clothes and they dried thm for her. But she cried on the way to our hotel (we were on vacation). Evidently, she was teased at the jail.

I had the best sex I ever had with her that night, for some reason.

First thing, Kellie you sound like the absolute perfect female as far as things go. Thats really independant and right of you to take a stand about your shit.

I had a really weird and interesting experience over Spring Break, so I'll tell you all about it. I went to the Bahamas with my friends over Spring Break and us all being around 18 years old and the drinking age down there being 18, we drank quite a bit more often down there than we would've back home. We never got sloppy or anything, but usually were feelin pretty good. Anyways, one of the days down there I was with the girl that I am dating, Laura(from a story a while back). Laura and I were walking on the beach and she ran in and told me to c'mon. So I went in and we were just messin around. Well I got stung by a jellyfish on the leg while in there and ran out of the water really fast and just got up to the beach and sat down. I toughed it out and acted like it wasn't a big deal, but it hurt quite a bit. Well the story comes when Laura came running up and found out what happened and then she said she remembered one of her friends telling her that you were supp! osed to pee on a jellyfish sting, sooooo..... She told me that I should pee on my leg. I kinda gave her the dumbass look and asked how many looks I would get if the people on the beach saw me stand up, take out my dick and pee on my own leg. So Laura decided that we could go closer to the water and she would try to squat over my leg and pee on it. Now I wasn't in any position to refuse help if it works, but still thats a bit odd. Sooo, we went down to the water and Laura squated over my leg and let loose. She wasnt a very good aim but kept peeing forever, I commented something like "Hey, if its gonna work, thats enough" to which she grimaced and said she couldn't just stop, deal with it :D. So to make a long story short my leg felt better. I dont know if it was the pee or just a mind thing, but it was kind of a weird kinda turn on too. We got a little playful later, but I feel pretty lucky to be with someone who doesn't let societal expecations stop her from being he! rself while staying feminine as well. I have quite a few more Spring Break stories and will try to get on to share them. Later

A number of the surveys we are asked to fill in - the answers I rarely think about, but after reading a recent survey I have checked what I do:

1. Do you ever pee or poop naked? Rarely poop naked, but always pee before stepping into shower
2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop? I give myself as much freedom as possible to fidget and move my rectum muscles.
3. Where are your panties when you sit? Round my ankles (assuming that the floor is clean)
4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop? No
6. Do you lean forward when you poop? I invariably sit upright
7. Are your hands on your knees? No, clasped together. Unless I have to pee. I prefer to pee separately if possible. I don't like my bottom splashed with urine when I plop.

I assume that a female composed this survey, as the word 'panties' isn't used by males, not in the UK in my experience.

Question 2: Whether I sit with my legs apart depends on the size of the cubicle. Some are so narrow that you have no option; I stayed in a youth hostel (now modernised) in Yorkshire once where not only were the cubicles narrow, but also there was so little space between the toilet and the door that I had to pull my trousers down with the door partly open. (A lot of youth hostels are old schools, and they retained the school's type of facilities, though now are modernised.)

Has anybody ever sat on a toilet with a mirror on the door? I never realised how comical I looked.

Josh- I know what you mean about shitting bringin people closer together. I had a cousin come over to our house for a few days. While he was here he stayed in my room. We've never really been all that close. We don't see each other that much anyway. Now I had been pretty backed up for a few days before he got here. I tried to go a few times. I would sit on the toilet and grunt and strain till I was red in the face but nothing would come out. Anyway, the first night he was here I felt the urge to go. I told him that I had to take a dump and went into the bathroom. Since I have my own bathroom and I'm not too shy anyway I left the door open. Even though I felt like I had to go I still was having to strain pretty hard to get them moving. I guess Drew, my cousin, noticed because he came in and asked if I was alright. I said yeah and that I had been pretty plugged up for a few days and was just starting to go then. Instead of leaving he came right in and sat on the edge of the tub. We had a pretty good talk about all sorts of stuff. I pushed out 4 or 5 pretty big, thick turds grunting all the way. He even saw some come out since I was leaning back and had my legs spread pretty wide and he said dude that was a big one a few times. It was pretty cool sitting there next to another dude taking a dump. I couldn't see myself do it with a girl though. As you can imagine we were pretty comfortable with each other after that.

ing situation had me so enraged that I actually threw a tantrum in my room, danced around screaming in emotional anguish, and spit out a big wad at the refrigerator to release some steam.
Keep in mind that this upsetting event took place back in 1978. There were no VCR's,no DVD's, no internet, and no e-mail ordering.The only outlets for any form of adult entertainment were either adult movie houses or adult book stores in sleezy areas. Any interest in women relieving themselves was far more taboo than it is today. I felt all alone on my own island, assuming hardly a soul in the world shared my "extreme" fetish.
One night in 1978, I ventured into an adult bookstore. I looked into the glass cabinet and could not believe my eyes. There was a 35mm film entitled something like " Eue de Tiolette" that depicted a peeing scene on the cover. With my heart racing and my brow sweating, I purchased this film and was going to show it in the guest house I stayed in, after my folks went to sleep. I was aghast to learn, however that there was no projector bulb. I had remembered that I had loaned it to some friends of mine. The next day I asked for it back. They said it burned out some time ago. As Charlie Brown would say AAAUUGH! I did view the film at another friends house on a poor quality projector, but I was eager to study it in private at home. Finally, a week or two later, I finally found a bulb that would work in my old projector. The worse was yet to come. I was about to make a HUGE mistake.
In this week and half time , waiting to find the right bulb, I foolishly showed this film's cover to the same friend of mind who had borrowed the original light bulb. This same "friend", many years earlier, had snuck into my drawers when I was not around and had used a razor blade to cut out the photos in my Playboy magazines. I had never confronted him with this since I could not prove it, but I was quite certain he was guilty. Even though this was six years earlier, I should have known better.
Finally, in my excitedly anticipatory state of mind, I came home from the store with the precious bulb. I opened up the drawer to show the film, and,you guessed it.IT WAS GONE! The worse, however, was yet to come.
A short time later when I was visiting this "friends" house, I searched for my precious film in his room. Sure enough, there it was. I was relieved. That night, with raging anticipation, I FINALLY began to watch this film. But OH NO! All the pee scenes had been edited out. My "friends" older brother and his best friend were amateur filmmakers. They were very proficient at editing techniques. So not only did they steal my film, THEY CUT OUT ALL THE PEEING SCENES.This is when I went into my tirade described above. Not only was I denied the only precious pee film I had ever found, but It was hard to accept how improbable this all had been. What are the odds that my film would be stolen, and what are the odds that ONLY all the pee scenes would be cut out by my friends.
In retrospect, these friends would make off the cuff remarks that made it clear they were turned off by peeing. To go to such extremes to edit my film , they must be raging anti-urophiles.
This was still not the worse of it, however. Almost immediately after discovering the film had been violated, I continued my search for pee oriented material. But I was to be denied. I was told by an employee of the adult store that I had bought the film at, in addition to employees of other stores, that any material depicting urination had become illegal and had been banned from all stores. The only film I found could not be replaced. Once again AAAAAUUUGH! For the next 21 years, I would make some sporadic efforts to find such material. As recently as 1997, I had heard that it was still illegal. Then in 1999, I was fortunate to find an advertisement trailer from a movie that I had rented. The trailer was pee oriented. I couln't believe it! Was my 21 year wait finally over? Yes it was! I finally got a computer in 2001 and realized I was not a freak after all. Its nice to read such wonderful stories from all you wonderful folks out there who share my interest.
More amusing and frustrating stories to follow soon.

Another Pee Fan
Raging Urophile: Your posts are the most insightful that I've ever read on this board. I completely agree with all of the reasons that you gave for having an interest in peeing, and I'm really looking forward to reading about the experiences that you've had in pursuit of some gratification.

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