Michael M.
A few years ago my brother who was in the school marching band went to an away football game in a city about 75 miles from the school or home. They were playing at halftime during a playoff game in late fall. It was very cold and about 40 students were on the schoolbus as they headed out.
The trip would take about an hour and half with a break stop along the way on the turnpike. They stopped at Howard Johnsons along the way for a pee break and stretch.
They played at half time and after the game loaded up to go home. It was about 11PM at night now.
As they traveled along, the weather report was snow on the way and beginning about 12PM or so. So the driver stepped it up and wanted to make it home before the storm broke.
All the students had been drinking some cokes and had some burgers before leaving and it wasnt long until many had to hit the restroom.But the driver was in a rush he missed and passed up the one stop along the way. My brother and his friend sat in their seats as did many other girls and guys holding on their pee which got worse as they traveled along.
Brother "Dan, said to his buddy, if we dont stop soom Im goona piss my pants or something". His friend next to him was pinching and holding on for dear life commenting like "Its goona come out soon, we gotta do something".
A few band members asked the driver to find a stop and he responded that we had to make it home ASAP. The teacher on the bus also replied, you have to just wait until we get home.
Dan reported a lot of complaining from the students especially the girls. The girl in the seat in front of him turned around and just said, "oh, I gotta peeee sooooo bad"!.
The boys had their coke cups and thought up a plan, to take their jackets and hold them up in front of one other and take out their willy and pee in the cups. You could hear the loud splashing of their water as they filled the cups, first my brother and then his buddy. The girl in front turned around almost in tears and wined, "I cant wait". Probably the hissing souund and the water in the cups made it worse.
They set the cups on the floor and sat back for the remainder of the ride home about an hour yet.
AS they got close to the home school they both had to pee again, but the cups were full so they went just and held on. There was a general grumble and talk among the band memebers as they got home.Finall the bus pulled into the driveway circle at the back of the school.
I was there to pick up my brother and take him home. The bus pulled up. stopped , opened the doors and the students filed out. I noticed all the girls had been crying some were in tears as they got off the bus. I noticed a number had wet their pants, and several boys had wet pants as they rushed off the bus to the school band locker room . My brother jumped off almost the last one with his buddy and as I said hi, he just rushed off from the bus towards some hedges along the driveway in the dark. It was not snowing but I could see him standing in the hedge legs apart and you knew he was peeing a storm. His buddy was right behind him and took up a spot peeing also.
After he got in the car and we headed home, he said that almost everyone wet their pants on the bus, especially the girls. In fact the girl sitting in front of him had a big accident. He almost wet his pants as he got off the bus and couldnt wait to get to the band room bathroom and ran to the bushes as did his friend.
So then the following monday after the weekend a meeting was held with the principal and teachers and parents about the whole thing.
The bus driver was suspeneded and the teacher was also repramandaded about not stopping for a pee break no matter how bad the weather, 5 minutes would have helped.
After that mass pants wetting the buses made a pee break on every trip after that when on an away game, or anywhere for that matter. But it took a mass pants wetting to get this to happen.


Do you wear payhose?? Have you ever pooped into your pantyhose?? If so was it messy? Do u wear Pantyhose under your jeans?


Have you ever thought about wearing your thong over your pantyhose, that way u r less likely to get any skid marks?? what do u think? the pantyhose that you were wearing were they thick (high denier) or thin,how did they manage to keep th epoop in? im always managing to poop my pantyhose give me advice as to the best pantyhose to wear if i am ever caught short.

Rachel. Good post. It sounds as though your boyfriend really was desperate for a motion. I assume he hadn't been to the loo before setting out. Glad it all had a 'happy ending' though.

Sheila. Hi! I too love to read your posts which are always enjoyable and a pleasure. Thanks for your latest one about Vera's visit. It sounds as though you both needed a good session on the loo. Some time ago there were some posts here about 'buddy dumping' where two good friends or partners would each go for a motion in turn but not flush in between if you know what I mean. If you and Vera had done that (although I know you didn't) it would almost certainly have resulted in one enormous panful! Hope you were able to pull in a good motion when Ruth visited too. You must eat quite a lot to produce what you do.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had an enormous semi-liquid poo about 8.15am and it felt great as I'd been rather constipated just lately. Since then I've had a couple of smaller but more solid motions. Recently I decided to cut back on some junk foods and eat more dried fruit but, contrary to my expectations, it's made me rather constipated and windy into the bargain.

Best wishes to all


This Is my first post.
It is amazing what you learn when you work for one company for a long time. Here is what I have heard and learned about my female co workers pertaining to them and their BM:

Christy: When I get constipated and I can't have a bowel movement, I get a head ache.

Renee: I'm always constipated.

Sharon: I'll go but I'm not going to eat any thing beause I'm constipated.

Alice: When I've got a stack of magazines in my hand and I tell my boyfriend " I'm going to the study hall", he knows I am goig BM".

Kristen: I always have to strain when I need to have a bowel movement.

Jennifer: I have to go every single day and I always do it at work.

Tracy: I have to go pass.

Katherine: I guess I'm lazy because when I need to sit, I always use the bathroom right by my room.

About Melonie & Shelie from Sharon: It may be a while, Mel & Shell are tring to poop.

Just a few co-worker phrases.

To Emily of NYC: Loved your story, i thought it was really hot! Do you think your b/f Adam has an intrest in watching you poop?

To branden: Thats good your g/f has finally pooped!

To Amber: 1. No im a guy 2. yellow 3. 30 seconds 4. yes 5. morning night and inbetween. 6. sometimes 7. Outside, in a bottle....Loved your story too.

To Shelby: Enjoyed your story.

To Amber: Loved your story...sounds like a nice after school dump you had.

To Dreamer: Liked your story how exams makes you sick

To Rachel: Loved your story about your b/f having to poop

To Sara C: I never heard of that person..sounds cool about pooping on corn

To TV Guide: That sounds like some cool movies with bathroom sceenes

To Trocse: Liked your story about you and your friend.

To Sinch: Good luck with your constipation

To John D.: That sounds cool about having a group in the

To Luke: Loved your story about pooping in

To Pooping Women: Enjoyed your story

To Bill: Liked your story

I pooped the other day before bed and then i went to bed and i got up in the morning and i felt kinda gassy and i had an urge slightly. It was the kind you can't tell if you gotta fart or poop. I didn't wanna have to poop at work so i held it till like 9pm last night. I had a nice 8 inch log light brown and i guess i wiped 6 times..well gotta go bye

Okay another survey:

1) Do they have doors on the toilets in nudist places, and if so why?
2) If you went into a public toilet, and there were no cubicles, but just a row of toilets standing in a line would you use one (a) to wee (b) to poo? And why or why not?
3) As in question 2 but they were all occupied, would you (a) Leave the public toilet
(b) Wait until someone finished and then use that toilet, but look away from those sitting there while you waited (c) Wait, but watch those using the toilets while you waited, and smile if they caught your eye (d) Wait, watch and chat to those using the toilets (e) None of the above – please explane? In all of these why do you chosse the answer?
4) Do you think toilets like this would be a good idea? Why?
5) Do you think toilets like this, but a joint toilet for males and females would be a good idea? Why?

Ok – my answers to the above

1) I don’t know, but I would imagine that they don’t – there would seem to be no reason.
2) I would use it to wee and poo.
3) I would wait and chat to those using the toilets. They would all know I needed to poo or wee, and they would be doing the same, so there would e no reason to be embarrassed – it would make the wait less of a bore.
4) I think they would be a good idea. I think people would be far more friendly, as everyone is there for the same reason, and its very difficult to pretend to have aires and graces when you are having a poo – you have to be yourself, and friendly while laying logs!!
5) Not sure, sounds like fun, but everyone would have to have respect for each other – it wouldn’t work if you got some guys hanging around there just to see the girls, or try and make out with them rather than having a poo themselves

Im a 24 year old female and have been known to have the occasional accident after ive drunk too much but the last week i had the most embarrasing experience of my life, im into fitness in a big way so each night after work i grab the dog and go for a jog while the dog (border collie)runs behind me trying to keep up.Anyway for reason i hadnt had a poop this day and half way into my jog my stomach started churning and i had a desperate urge, i tried to forget about it and slowed to a walk in the hope that my make the pain go away, but it only got worse i was not near any loos and wasnt about to poop on the side of the road in view of everyone, by this time i had tears in my eyes and i knew i couldnt hold on so i stopped bent down and pretended i was adjusting the dogs lead while i filled my pants with a massive load, i could feel the bulge and the smell was foul, i was crying freely by now wondering how i was going to get home, luckily it was stating to get dark so i hurried ! as best i could back home with a squishy mess in my shorts, some kids rode past and looked at me funny when they smelt me but probably thought i stepped in dog poo. Ive never been so embaressed in all my life changing was a messy job.
Hope im not the only one this has happened too.

Travelling guy asked me if I had tried the game where people have to go in bottles but nobody is allowed to touch the bottle with any part of the body. He said “each player can position their bottle any way they like; and they can stand, squat, etc, any way they want, but - no touching the bottle with any part of the body”. He didnt say you could not touch any part of the body with the hands so evidently hands can be used which sounds a bit unfair for girls as the boys can point their things at the bottle quite close by and get the pee in whereas girls would have to sorta guess where they had to try to aim. So is there another rule about hands off any part of the body? I dont think that would work as girls would probably spray a bit if they couldnt use fingers and could a boy could keep a steady stream if he couldnt hold on? In any case, how could anyone squat over a bottle, surely it would be too high, and if they could how could a girl be sure she was aiming right? It woul! d also make a big difference depending how wide the openeing in the bottle was.

Who is the winner anyway - the one that gets the most in the bottle, or the one that gets nothing outside the bottle and what about drips at the end? If anybody else has played this game, how did they do it and what sort of bottles did they use? Perhaps it doesnt matter if you dont get the first bit in, then at least you have the chance to change your aim.

Please explain

To Amber: here are my answers from your survey
1. No I drip dry
2. Yellow
3. 2 Minutes
4. Yes
5. Morning,Afternoon,Evening,Night
6. Yes and No
7. Work,Stadium,Firehouse

Hey everyone. Been reading some great stories from both girls and guys my age. I've got a question that hopefully someone knowledgable here can answer:

I seem to suffer from the build up of gas during the day. What normally happens is it builds up during the day at school (I wouldn't be caught dead farting in the classroom or where ever at school unless I'm on the toilet). When I get home I go to my room and let out a humongous long lasting fart (from all the gas that build up during the day). But its not painful every day but every say 40 seconds I'll get the urge to fart until I can finally expell my gas.

But, there are some occasional times when it builds up so much that it becomes painful and very uncomfortable (I get quite a bloated feeling). Well today happened to be one of those days. I woke up and ate breakfast (Banana Nut Crunch) and 40 minutes later left for school (7:50AM). Well all morning long I could feel gas building up and by third hour I really had to let out this gas and take a crap as well (hadn't gone in a couple of days). Well after third hour is my lunch so I ate first then at 11:15AM I went to the bathroom and took a stall. I pulled my jeans and breifs down to my ankles and sat down. Then I pushed a little and let out a loooong fart (just a pffff sound but it was all the gas that build up). I had a hard time with this turd but after a minute of grunting some I pushed it out and it plopped into the toilet, then some hard pelet turds plopped into the toilet. I pushed a few more times to make sure I got everyone out and then wiped. Since it was a drier d! ump I didn't have to wipe more than once. I pulled my pants and underwear up and exited the stall heading for the sinks. I went back into the lunch room and talked to my friends for a few more minutes but I could already feel more gas building up again but I felt less bloated. Well by the end of fourth hour (12:15PM) I was ready to burst because I was in pain from the gas that built up in that 1 hour. So fifth, six, and seventh hour came and the pain only got more intense. I would get a strong urge to fart, but would hold back, and you could feel and hear my gas going back up. It was a painful feeling and the sound was like hearing a fart from inside you. Well school was over and I got in the car and went home. I let most of the gas out of myself and then I almost pooped in them too cuz I had to poop a bit again. Well I got home and could feel a wet feeling between my butt cheeks. So I went and sat on the toilet and let out a little turd and some brown liquid stuff (not sure! what it was but I just called it butt juice for now). And in the process I farted alot more too. Well I wiped 3 or 4 times cuz I had that butt juice all over my cheeks. I flushed and felt a whole ton better since I let all my gas out. But even now I'm still farting as I type.

Does anyone else here have this problem? Is this unhealthy for me or could it cause a problem in my body in the future? Does anyone know what I can do to prevent this from happening again? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Well thats all for now, bye everyone, and happy pooping.

hey amber, your pee survey sounds killer. okay here are my answers you wipe after you pee? well being male , only when I sit like a woman do I wipe. which I do at home and sometimes in unisex bathrooms.
2. what color is your pee? usually yellow , sometimes dark yellow

3.what is the time of your pee? depends on how badly I have to pee and if I stand[ in the mens room] at a urinal or imitate a woman and sit to pee [ which I will do at home and when I use the bathroom at a women friend's house as it is much cleaner] STAND AT URINAL: about 35 seconds to 1 min and 30 secs. SITTING: usually about 30-55 secs, but sometimes as long as 1 min and 30 secs to over 2 mins.
4. do you pee in the shower? yeah at times, and sometimes in the condo gym showers as well when showering, the water washes it down anyway.
5. times of day? varies and depends on when and how much I drink and what I drink also. you pee when you poop? yes usually

7. three interesting places that I've peed? good one amber.
7a. on a dirt road while riding a bicycle, and also in the middle of the weschester county, new york, north county bikeway on the reservior bridge at night.

7b. in front of my now former girlfriend while walking on the vernon, connecticut rail trail bikeway, off the high bridge into the lake. [ she got a kick out of the high pitched tinkling noise too]

7c. just tonight[ 4-2-03] in the single occupancy womens room toilet at my unitarian church, sitting down like a girl to see how it feels being female. [ my pee made a light but deep tinkling noise and just a little bit of foam as the stream hit the water and it took about 50 seconds total. ]


questions for amber and any other women who would like to answer

1. what color is your pee?

2. how long does it take for you to pee?

3. how often do you pee?

4. does your pee always hit the toilet water when you pee? why? why not?

5. how often do you have to pee?

6. what does it sound like when you pee?

7. how wide is your pee stream?

8. do you pee in a steady stream all at once? or in many off and on streams?

9. when you pee, does it come out in a spray ever? when?

10. do you make pee foam in the toilet? if so, how much foam?

11. do you pee outside? where and how hard is it to pee when you do?

I think i had a peeing dream not to long ago but i don't remember it...
any way
Last night i did have a pooping dream and i did remember that. I remember i was away and it was dinner time and i went to eat and a little bit later i got up to go pee, i had to find the bathroom and it was outside the dinning room. I opened the door and i walked in and i saw all these kids pooping. I think there were 3 kids pooping in the urinal and like maybe 1 or 2 in a stall. I took the end urinal and i was gonna pee, i saw that one boys poop in the urinal, thats why i took that urinal. I think there were people at the sink and i was gonna wait till every one left the bathroom and look at all the poop closer, then i woke up.
thats it...gotta go bye

DREAMER -- yes, girls do pee standing, and more girls learn how every day. It's fun, it's a bit daring and unusual still, but for many it's become entirely natural, and very satisfying.

More Aussie TV: A new commercial in support of breastfeeding mothers shows a businessma taking his lunch, in a toilet stall. he's sitting there, forking Italian out of a plastic container, a can of soda propped on top of the paper dispenser. The slogan comes up: "You wouldn't eat in here. So why make babies eat in here?"


1. Do you wipe after you pee? ALWAYS
2. What color is your pee? FROM CLEAR TO BEER!
3. How long does it normally take you to pee? 30 SECONDS OR MORE
4. Have you ever peed in the shower? ALWAYS
5. What times of the day do you usually pee? ANY TIME, AT LEAST 7 PISSES
6. Do you pee while you poop? OFTEN
7. Please name 3 interesting places where you have peed? GARDEN, BEACH, AND MANY DIFFERENT MALE URINALS

Cheers all,


About Amber's survey, here is my answers:

1. Do you wipe after you pee?
I dont (cause I'm a male).
2. What color is your pee?
A little yellow.
3. How long does it normally take you to pee?
Usually just 20 seconds but it varies depending on the load of my
4. Have you ever peed in the shower?
5. What times of the day do you usually pee?
Usually every morning.
6. Do you pee while you poop?
Of course!
7. Please name 3 interesting places where you have peed?
Beside our neighbors fence.

Hanggang sa muli(So long)

Hi, everyone,

Amber, my answers to your survey.

1. Do you wipe after a pee? (Always).
2. What colour is your pee? (Orangy/green. It is slightly darker in
the morning, and more cloudy).
3. How long does it normally take to pee? (Not more than three minutes
the longest time is in the morning, first
4. Have you ever peed in the shower? (Yes, frequently).
5. What time of the day do you usually pee? (First thing in the morning,
mid-day, teatime, last thing at night).
6. Do you pee while you poop? (Yes. See an earlier post for a more
7. Three interesting places where I have peed. (In a ditch beside the
motorway, in a pop bottle in my car, it
was difficult and messy, in the gents at
my local (with Greg).

Dream Clown: To be with and help somebody when they're on the lavatory
is the ultimate for me, besides being helped myself. It's
also a wonderway to make true friends.

Adrian: Thanks again for your kind thoughts. Yes, Ruth was very
constipated and that's not funny. As I said in an earlier
post I get terribly constipated when I have my period and
the combination of that and a painful period is the worst
times I experience.

Ash: What a terrific post (1095). Your narrative of a shit
really got to me. I'll relate my next shit to you and all

Well it's time to get off to work. I'll write again soon. All my love and best wishes to everyone, (Sheila, South Wales).

Hi there,
Well my "date" with Ruth came off at last. And what a day it was. We finished work at mid-day and decided to do some shopping. I wanted to buy a new outfit for Greg's homecoming, so we went to James Howells, the largest and most expensive department store in Cardiff. To cut a long story short I gave my credit card a bashing buying a lovely,burgundy coloured, woollen two piece suit, and some real slazzy undies. Ruth bought a very pretty, light blue, three-quarter length dress. We repaired for lunch to the cafe on the third floor and half-way through the lunch I could feel my stomach starting to ache. I really wanted to get home so that Ruth and I could sample the delights of my Swedish double toilet, but starting in on the sweet, strawberries and ice-cream, I knew I couldn't possibly hold myself long enough. I whispered to Ruth across the table that I had to go to the toilet, Ruth said she needed to go to. We finished our lunch and made for the Ladies Room, just! outside the cafe. There are only three cubicles and one of them, on the end was occupied. No problem, Ruth headed for the middle one and I went toward the end one. Just then the door burst open and I heard someone gasp,
"Oh, no!.
I turned, it was the waitress who had served at our table, and she looked really desperate. Her eyes were filled with pain and she was holding a hand to her stomach. I gestured to Ruth, "I'll go in with you Ruth," this left the other end cubicle for the waitress.
"Oh, thank you," she gasped, dashing straight into it.
I went into the middle cubicle with Ruth and as she bolted the door I said to her,
"D'you mind if I go first?"
Ruth gave me a smile, "That bad?"
"Fraid so," I said.
"Be my guest, only don't make me wait too long, my ????'s playing up as well."
As I pulled up my skirt the waitress had shit with a loud, long squirt of diarrhoetic shit, she really coated the pan with that first burst. The woman in the other end cubicle meanwhile was grunting and groaning and trying to go. I slid my panties down and squatted over the pan. I started to pee, a noisy rushing stream splashing into the pan, I leant over my hands gripping the sides of the toilet.
"ohhhhhhh . . ." I gasped as my bowels opened with a rush, I could feel the soft, loose, hot shit bursting from my arsehole and splattering into the pan. It was incredible, I heard the waitress groaning and shitting again and in the other cubicle the woman there at last shit, she was shitting out long, heavy sounding turds, sending them plop, plopping into the pan, with obvious relief.
"Sheila," Ruth said, "please hurry up or I'll shit myself."
"Oh, I got a real pan full to do," I muttered, "I can't move."
"Please!" Ruth begged, drawing up her skirt around her waist.
I did the only thing I could do, I moved around on the pan until I was facing the wall and gestured to Ruth to sit on the other side of the pan. Ruth quickly thrust her panties down and I felt her back touching mine as we sat back to back on the pan.
"Aaargghhh. . ..oh . ..oh. ." Ruth groaned as she shit. I joined her with anothernburst of loose shit.
The room began to fill with the smell of shit. But it was not unpleasant.
The woman who was hard bound began to wipe and just about the same time I felt my bowels were empty, I stood up, leaving all the pan for Ruth who was still gasping and shitting. Then the waitress began to wipe and we actually left the cubicles about the same time. The waitress thanked me for letting her go first and the woman who had been hard bound, a rather pretty woman in her mid thirties turned to me as she washed her hands and said how much better she felt after going. Shortly after Ruth started to wipe and then joined us at the wash-basins. As we went to leave a woman came in, halted at the door, then muttered that someone seemed to have died in here. We all laughed as we went our way.
Well I've taken up a lot of time, so I'll tell you about another shit Ruth and I had at my home later that day when I next write. So bye for now and love and best wishes to all. (Sheila, South Wales).

I've been away for a few days staying with my best friend Trudi and her husband. We go back to mid-teens. She's so sweet but a bit prim and I was so buttoned up we never even alluded to pooping and peeing. Periods, yes, and near misses, but never bodily functions. I must have been to the ladies restroom with her 100 times but the doors were closed and it was as if it wasn't happening. In fact she had to go when we were by the ocean and I walked over the slope and looked out to sea! I get so contipated when I'm away and I told her (slightly embarrassed). Thought she'd give me some medicine. But she said 'have you tried this' and she sat on a chair with her legs on either side and drummed her feet up and down as if she was marching - left, right, left, right, left right. 'Sit on the john,' she said and do that about 20 times. Off I went and did just that and in 20 seconds I passed an enormous turd, the sort that makes one's passage glow. "Did it work?" she asked. "Did! it, I've just done something the size of a banana,shyly but what the hell. "I'm so glad," she said , held my hand and kissed me on the cheek. We were on a new plane. It was lovely.
That night we went to dinner in a restaurant. She and I went to the toilet together and while peeing I let off an enormous fart. "Everything seems to be working," she said. She wouldn't have said that before and I am closer to her than ever.

It's my birthday tomorrow and a group of us are going out to dinner. When they told me where they were taking me I really cheered up. The partitions in the ladies room are as small as they get! (Good food too!)

Now I must read your messages. Love you all, you give me confidence.


Hi everyone, I haven’t been around much, and after most of my posts did not make it anymore, I sort of gave it a break. Now I hope to be back more often.
Some comments that just come to my mind:
Bill, what a prank! I loved your description of the preparations!! I guess those guys who had their coffee laced with female pee and not noticing anything will be wondering what you and your co-worker have to grin about! As urine is sterile, no harm will have been done, as long as the victims remain uninformed.
Sheila, not only did I like your story of sensibly getting out of the car for that much needed relief, but also your encounter with Ruth was exciting, and your buddy dump with Vera I found quite touching, romantic, in fact. To sum it up, I have come to look out for your posts!
Silke, I have not yet come across such disgusting toilets in France as you described. But then, I almost always travel along the motorways where you need to pay toll. The toilets –yes, the squat-type ones -I have come across were impeccably clean. Except one time close to the Belgian border and beyond the French toll gate. Inside the toilet shack I was confronted with a wall-to-wall puddle of ammonia-reeking pee. Worse than a horse stable. I didn’t even look into the cubicles, because I did not want to step into the pee and soak my shoes. So I stood in the doorway, took out my willie and aimed in the general direction of the urinal, not reaching it, and only adding to the depth of the big puddle. I suggest you keep a pair of those green rubber clogs suitable for gardening in your car. Wearing them you could negotiate dirty toilets with up to one-inch deep pee-puddles!
Kellie, your date was not the right boy for you if he doesn’t get over the schock. He must have had his head in the clouds to see you as some sort of angelic trophy girl. And then you brought him crashing down back to earth by saying that you had had a good shit! A feminine beauty on the outside, down to earth inside…….to someone like me girls like you were irresistible. I am happily married to one of them.
Kendal, dear, just in case you happen to look in, I hope that you are all ok and continuing to enjoy each others company on the loo. I send you my love with a stubbly hug, Rizzo

I have recently had the opposite to constipation: mild diarrhea, several defecations per day. That’s what it said under ‘ side effects’ in the leaflet of the antibiotic I had to take. How true! 43 slushy mega-shits in 8 days. And no relief! Just a continuous bloated feeling, always afraid to fart, never venturing far from a toilet, and a very sore hole which needed loads of soothing cream. Funnily enough my violent discharges hardly smelled at all, and, although of semi-liquid consistency, hardly dirtied my ass! One wipe and then the bidet , were enough. Without the bidet, two wipes were enough! Strange!
I am ok again. Back to the usual daily smelly after-breakfast dump which comes out without pressing in less than 10 seconds.

Peace to all, Rizzo

I had a nasty accident at work yesterday. Just after I started to work I felt the need to poop. Fortunately it was the afternoon shift and I was kept busy at the checkout but with over an hour and a half to go to my break it got more and more agonising. My stomach ached so badly. I tried all ways to sit at the desk, bent forward as much as I could, holding my stomach, and finally standing, squeezing my bum cheeks tightly together. A couple of customers noticed my discomfort even telling me to get to the toilet before I hurt myself. Anyway my break finally came and I immediately made a beeline for the Ladies. Moving made my discomfort worse and before I got to the Ladies I pooped in my panties. In the corridor leading to the Ladies I stopped and just stood with my hands pressed to my stomach hoping the pain would go away. It didn't and eventually I moved slowly into the Ladies. I went into the nearest stall and bolted the door. Someone was in the next stall to me an! d she was having a poop but I just wasn't interested. I unzipped my jeans and slid them down to my knees and, backing onto the toilet, pulled my panties and panty-hose down and sat on the pan. The poop just ran away from me, splattering into the pan.
"Christ, you got it bad," the girl in the next stall called to me.
"Yeah," I muttered as my stomach turned over and over.
"Oh," Beryl, the girl in the next stall (I recognised her voice) muttered as she pooped again.
I reached down and looked at my panties, they were full of wet, slimy, dark-yellow poop. Somehow, whilst still pooping, I managed to get my jeans off my feet, then I got my panty-hose and panties off. My panties I dropped in the sanitary towel bin, my panty-hose were smeared as well. I heard Beryl ripping paper and asked her.
"Beryl, you finished on the toilet.
"Yes," she answered as she wiped her bum.
"Can you help me, please?"
It took Beryl almost five minutes to finish wiping and putting her clothes on and when she tapped my stall door I leaned forward slid back the bolt. "Can you get me a pair of panties from the store?" (This was not as strange a request as it might seem, our supermarket sells clothes).
"Sure," she said, "I'll be as quick as I can."
"I won't be going anywhere," I smiled wanly. It was the nearest I got to a joke the way I was feeling.
When she went I just bent over, hands across my stomach, as another gut-wrenching dose of poop splattered from me. I reached to the side and flushed the pan it was so full of poop, and it smelt terrible. I've never felt so ill in a long time, I almost passed out, I felt so weak. Beryl came back after about three minutes and stepped into the stall with me and bolted the door.
"Hadn't you better get back, the breaks almost finished," I said.
"Balls to that, you helped me when I was ill, I'll stay with you.
"Thanks," I reached my hand up and gripped Beryl's hand, "thanks."
It took me another twenty minutes before I even felt like getting off the pan, when I did Beryl made me lean on the cistern whilst she wiped my bum. I was pretty messy and it took her six or seven wiped before she said I was clean. Then she handed me new white panties and new panty-hose. She even helped me on with the clean underwear. Then she came with me and reported to the supervisor that I was ill and she was helping me home. I had found in Beryl a true and real friend.

questions for amber and any other women who would like to answer

1. what color is your pee?

2. how long does it take for you to pee?

3. how often do you pee?

4. does your pee always hit the toilet water when you pee? why? why not?

5. how often do you have to pee?

6. what does it sound like when you pee?

7. how wide is your pee stream?

8. do you pee in a steady stream all at once? or in many off and on streams?

9. when you pee, does it come out in a spray ever? when?

10. do you make pee foam in the toilet? if so, how much foam?

11. do you pee outside? where and how hard is it to pee when you do?

Raging Urophile
I really enjoyed a recent post by Audrey. To have such an uninhibited friend who would invite you into the stall so you could enjoy watching her do her business would be a dream come true. Audrey is fantastic!
I had forgotten to mention in my last post the 4th reason why I am a urophile( first three reasons on pg. 1096). To draw an analogy, psychologists are aware that some men are aroused by seeing women in military or police uniforms that are stereotypically masculine.This is because the female form draws our attention in these uniforms since we are not used to seeing it. This contrast is arousing. In much the same way we that we interpret these uniforms as primarily masculine, we also perceive a pee stream as masculine. After all, when we are waiting in line at public urinals, we only see other mens'pee streams, not womens'. We therefore consider a pee stream as masculine. Until recently, these attitudes had been reinforced in the media. As a case in point, there were some scenes in the 1980's British comedy "Benny Hill", where carloads of beautiful women would giggle as they saw Benny's pee stream emerging behind a tree. "Don't these beautiful women ever have to p! ee?", I would ask myself. Until about 15 years ago, the answer was no. Therefore, the contrast of a "masculine' stream being released from a women is highly arousing, accentuated by the fact that it is usually hidden from our view and regarded as taboo.
I would now like to describe a powerful event that represents my lifelong and personal battle with my urophilia. On July 4,1979,when I was 21, I went with a group of friends up to some mountains overlooking the Rose Bowl to watch the fireworks show. We arrived early when there were few people and lots of daylight. Suddenly, an attractive young woman began walking towards some bushes that were about 30 yards away. My heart started to race as I knew what she was up to. I was stuck in a difficult position. Should I follow her and risk being deemed a sick pervert, and possibly be ostrasized by my friends, not to mention possibly being reported or arrested; or do I stand pat. I decided to compromise. I let a couple minutes pass to make my intentions less obvious, then I began heading towards the bushes. As I turned around the bush, the woman had apparently just stood up. She was beginning to walk while still buttoning her pants. She smiled at me as she went by. My frust! ration and anxiousness were too intense for words to describe. I was an emotional mess,symbolically kicking myself for not leaving towards the bush a little sooner.Needless to say, the last thing on my mind were the fireworks.As the crowd grew heavy and the sky darker, I concentrated on inconspicuosly trying to catch unsuspecting women in the act. I finally spotted a couple girls going around a mountain path for obvious reasons. I decided to follow at what I thought was a safe distance. Unfortunately, they knew what I was up to. One of them uttered " can't we girls pee in peace." I made an unconvincing innocent comment as the girls continued on their way. They stood around the corner from me about 40 yards away. They just stood there, making no effort to pee. They must have been waiting for me to leave. In my frustration, I headed back after waiting around awhile.
When I got home, one can only imagine my frustration. I was DESPERATE to see a girl pee, and my efforts were thwarted.This turned out to be a significant night for me; however. As I went to bed, I thought intently and excitedly about what I almost saw behind that bush. I began to fantasize about having walked toward that bush just two minutes sooner, and what I would have seen. Then, something happened that had never happened before when I was awake. For the very first time, I had "pleasured myself". This was the first of many such "pleasures" regarding this fantasy.
In my next post I will describe a couple more odd experiences in my efforts to satisfy my urophilia.

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