Emily of NYC
Hi guys, haven't posted for a while because I was on vacation from school! Too bad those great days of being in Palm Beach are over. Wait till next spring break. I did have one extremely embarassing experience in front of my pseudo-boyfriend,who was also staying at the same resort as luck would have it, who just really likes me, but I haven't gone out with him yet. By the way, his name's Adam. I was walking along the beach with him, just talking about normal kid stuff. He was always reminding me of how beautiful I was, which was sort of annoying after a while, and looking at my breasts, which I really couldn't stand. I got him to stop by playing it cool and saying, "Look at my face. These don't talk." Suddenly while walking on the beach, I get the strong urge to take a dump. I didn't want to tell him why I wanted us to walk faster, but I asked him to. He asked why, and I told him it was getting dark, which was ridiculous; it was only 3:00, and in Florida, it only ge! ts dark at about 6:30. I thought I was going to make it back to my hotel, or to the beach club restaurant, which had a bathroom, in time, but I was sorely mistaken. I knew I couldn't hold it anymore, and I was in trouble, but I got an ingenious idea - Go in the ocean! I know this was a cruel-hearted thing to do to the animals there, to deposit human waste in the water, but it was better than being humiliated by my parents, sister and two brothers that I was a 14 year old girl going in her bathing suit. No one besides us were on the beach. I rush into the water and pull my bathing suit down, (I wear a 2 part bathing suit, which is good in this situation,) shouting "Adam, don't come in here!" He asked me why not to. I told him because of the undertow and that it was too cold. He didn't listen to me. I didn't want him to know what I was doing. I just had to relax my sphincter a bit and a really long log started slowly coming out. I wanted this to end quickly, so Adam w! ouldn't know what I was doing, but it hurts my anal muscles to push too much. Adam asked me, "Em, what are you doing?" I didn't answer. Adam, to my chagrin, then pounced into the water. It was my fault that I was standing still and I was bending over; it made me ten times more obvious. He raced right up behind me, a few feet away, put his goggles on, and put his head in the water to watch every instant. I bet he couldn't believe his eyes to see the girl of his dreams taking a huge dump right in front of him. He tried not to laugh. I already had a huge log on the ocean floor, about 20" long, I guess, and I pushed out another one about 8 inches. Then I had a sudden bout of diarrhea, which to my disgust, floated to the surface, making a smelly brown blob in the ocean that Adam quickly stepped away from. I finished up with pushing out a foot long log. The three logs lay on the ocean floor right next to each other in three orderly rows. I let the ocean water wash my b! ottom, and I jumped out of the water. I knew Adam was watching me, so I said to him, "Don't tell anyone about this. This is our secret. You know I didn't want to do this." He consented, and said that we would be friends always, and he would never tell.

All my hugs and kisses - Em
P.S. Manhattan Girl- Come back! I want someone to share my name and city with! I loved your stories!

hey my g/f finaly took a dump on saterday she came over and she she said she felt a little urge to go so we went to the bathroom and she pulled her scurt and her thong down and lend foward and started pushing after 10 min she got 4 in of it out she grunted alot and she took a nother 20 to get more off it out it got bigger and bigger as it came out she was in soooooooooooo much pain she was almost crying 10 min later she was done she got up and i saw a 4 in wide and 14 in long turd in the toilet it was lumpy and hard .she pulled up her scurt and we left

Hello!!!! I have a little survey......I hope most of you consider taking it......

1. Do you wipe after you pee?
2. What color is your pee?
3. How long does it normally take you to pee?
4. Have you ever peed in the shower?
5. What times of the day do you usually pee?
6. Do you pee while you poop?
7. Please name 3 interesting places where you have peed?

Here's my story.....Last year, me and my friend Chelsea went camping along with our dads. We were both 17 at the time. During the car ride up to our place, her dad told us that there was no bathroom, so we would have to use the woods. We both made an agreement that when we have to go, both of us would go together. Once, we got up there, we both had to pee, so we went off. We found some bushes and both pulled our pants and panties down, and squatted. We both peed huge puddles. I think mine was louder lol.

The next day, when I woke up I had to poop. I told her I had to poop, and she wanted me to hold it until she got the urge. My urge wasn't too strong, so I figured I'd hold it. Well that night, after a nice fish dinner, she told me she had to go. We told our dads that we were going off to explore, and they said ok. They were playing poker. We set off for the same spot we had peed at yesterday. Once we were there, we both pulled our pants and black panties (we each had black) to our ankles, and squatted. I began peeing, while she began grunting softly. My pee was pretty long, and by the time I was done, I could see a long piece of poop coming out of my friend. After that, I began pushing harder and harder. First I farted a few times, then my first piece began coming. I looked under her, and her piece was already touching the ground. I continued pushing, and both are pieces fell at the same time. She said she was done, but I knew I wasn't. She stayed squatted! , while I pushed again. I could feel a second piece up there. I pushed really hard, and the piece came out. Both our piles barely smelled at all. I was looking at her, and a tiny piece dropped from her butt. We both giggled a bit. My piece finally dropped, and we both stood up. Quickly though, I squatted again, and about 4 mushy, soft pieces fell out of my ass. Her long piece was about 12" inches long, and dark brown. I had pooped quite a pile, and my first piece was 5" inches long. I wiped my butt about 5 times and she wiped hers 2 times. Once we were done, we went back to camp and ate smores. I ended up pooping 1 more piece during the night. Bye!!!!!!!

hey Christi: When you shit on the cruise ship what was the toilet like? Do they have water inside them that the turd falls into or was it dry?

I would also like to hear more about that big shit you took on the ship Christi.

Hi I'm Claudia,

I have been reading stories here for awhile, but this is the first
time I have posted. I can identify with Amy who pooped her pants
intentionally. I do that quite often especially when I am out for a
walk or in the mall shopping. It is so convenient to just go in your
panties and just keep doing whatever you are doing. I sometimes pee in
my panties too. I have peed my pants in some stores and the salesclerk
have noticed my wet jean I will ask where the washrooms are and say
that I had an accident. I will also pee and poop my panties if I am on
a long drive. Why do I do it? I like how it feels, the idea of a grown
woman walking around with poop and pee in her panties is very exciting.
I am married and my husband knows what I do and he doesn't mind. He
especially likes it when I pee in my jeans.

This is a true story that happened to me some years ago my parents and sister went away for the weekend and i stayed home i was in my 20s. Anyway i went out with a lady freind on the saturday night we went to a local pub where a band played stayed till late and drank too much. I always hate peeing in the toilets at pubs never any privacy so i decided to wait untill i got home about 10 min walk, so we set off and i was busting but hit the night air and was busting even more, i walked my freind home but didnt want to pee in her house for fear of wakink up her housemates so we said good night and no sooner had iset off that i started peeing my jeans, i just kept walking under the cover of night feeling the pee streaming down both legs and into my shoes, by the time i reached home i was completely soaked but it kinda felt nice.........

Hello everyone, I am new posting here, and I would like to describe myself. I'm 18, brown hair, and 120 lbs. I'm average in height, and I want to do this one survey from a while ago.

1. Do you ever pee or poop naked? Sometimes, when I'm about to take a shower
2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop? Mostly kept together, and when I pee they're kept together
3. Where are your panties when you sit? My panties along with my pants are at my ankles
4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop? Sometimes, if I'm a little constipated
5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina? Always from the back, and after I pee from the front
6. Do you lean forward when you poop?
7. Are your hands on your knees?
No, my hands sometimes are on my butt cheeks.....I don't know why I do that lol

To Ash - I love your stories, especially your last one. If this isn't too hard, would you mind putting the day next to each time you post your poop story? I think that would be neat. I know you do that sometimes but hopefully you'll do it every time. Thanks!!

To Sexy girl - Hey you're prolly the queen on details haha. I also like your posts. Yes, I hope that you wouldn't mind if I did the same thing you do about telling everyone the times you pee. I want to try that, and if you want me to stop, just simply tell me.

Times I peed yesterday, Friday
1. When I woke up for about 30 seconds
2. When I came home from school for about 15 seconds
3. Right before dinner for about 15 seconds
4. Right before bed for about 9 seconds

Times I pooped, yesterday, Friday
1. When I came home from school.

During the day at school, the feeling to poop had been coming and going. At lunch it was strong, but then like 10 minutes later it died away. While I was walking home from school, it came on strong. After I got home, no one was home, so I put my bookbag down, and made my way to the bathroom. I walked in and shut the door behind me. I looked in the mirror, then walked over towards the toilet. I unbuttoned my blue jeans, and pulled them down to my ankles. Next, I pulled my white with red heart panties down to my ankles also. I took my shirt off, and was only in my bra. I lifted the seat of our toilet up, and sat on the seat. No sooner than about a minute, I began peeing. After the last dribbles, I began to push. Immedietly, a piece began coming out of my ass. I heard some loud crackling sounds too. After maybe 10 seconds, that piece dropped into the toilet with a splash. I pushed again, and farted. Also, another piece began to make its way out. This one to! ok some more effort, and a few more drops of pee came out. When I was done, I stood up and looked into the toilet. I saw 2 pieces. The first one was about 6" inches long, and the second piece was 4" inches long. Both were medium in color. I turned around, and sat back on the toilet to wipe. I took a piece and wiped behind my butt. After, I checked it, but there were still some brown marks. I took another piece and wiped again. After a total of 3 wipes, I was done. I flushed while sitting, then got up. I adjusted my clothing and heard the phone ring, so I left. I was on the phone with my friend Lindsey for an hour after that. I'll post more soon......

John Q Public
Hi Folks. It looks like my job is never going to let up on me, sorry about the long delay. I read Lisa's post, and realy enjoyed reading it. I crapped and peed in Nature on numerous occasions.

I can't piss a gusher the way you described, but I see what you mean about being out in nature. I have allways had a very weak bladder, so I am allways looking for a place to pee when I am on the road or out in nature. If I am going to be in a place where that is not possible, I wear a diaper. I am going to see "The Core" tonight, and I don't want to miss any part of that movie, so I will have to wear a diaper.

Natilie, 14 hours is very impressive, especialy since you were only 11 or 12 at the time. You remind me of my sister. I could never hold that long in my dreams. By the way, Topeaka is in Kansas (Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe) I use to be a major Rail Road buff, and I knew that because that raliroad was founded in Topeaka Kansas. I also drove through there, once. I realy enjoyed your story. I use to avoid school trips because I was afraid people would find out about my diapers. Many already knew about it, and I did go on a few field trips, but it was not a whole lot of fun for me.

I remember a similar situation happening to my sister when she was about 8. Her class went on a Field Trip to a Musium. It was about a two hour bus ride, and they were there all day. She will use public washrooms if she realy needs to, but for the most part, she tryes to stay away from them. My sister has a huge bladder and very strong sphincter muscles, so she seemingly doesn't even feel an urge to pee until she has about a quart in her bladder. Anyway, it was about 9:00 Friday night. I was soaking in the bath tub when she burse into the bathroom, yanked down her panties so hard that they ripped, sat on the toilet, leaned forward and gushed out a hard, hissing, enormous pee stream that sounded as though she was going to take off like a rocket just on the force of her piss stream. It would SSSSSSSSSSSSSS, and would eb and blow to the rythem of her breathing for what had to be at least two minutes. The look of relief on her face was that of someone who had narily! escaped disaster. The sound of her hissing actualy caused my bladder so spazz out in the bath tub. I let out a little 4 second tinkle under the water.

When she finished, she forgot to flush as she frequently does. There was a head of foam in that toilet that looked like we flushed our toilet with dish washing soap. I had another urge to pee again, so I got out of the tub, and just barely in time to reliese my stream. It was another spastic little tinkle, which didn't even penatrate my sister's foam head.

A similar thing happened which I told about in another post. My sister, gf and I got home from the movies. I ran to the bathroom, holding my cock desperately, did my business. My gf ran in to the bathroom, feeling very infomfortable, pissed like Niagra Falls, flushed and got out. My sister casualy (she is alot better endowed now) with out any sign of desperation, sits on the toilet, leans foward, and hisses like a fire hose for over 2 minutes, again leaving a 3 inch thick head of foam in the toilet. Again, I had another desperate urge to pee when she finished. I held out my cock whild my sister and gf laughed at my desperation, and let out a 10 second, weak tinkle that got lost in the foam.

Cruicial exams make us students sick

At the peak of our final examinations last week, the pressure of that situation made my bowels in such a mess. As that week approaches, my average trip in the toilet was increased from 2 to 7 trips per day and my load were softer than normal. Because of that experience, I felt being dried up but fortunately, I've managed to finish my examinations prior to our two month vacation. Well, I hope that I could cope to this kind of situation next time.

Do girls sometimes pee as we do (standing)? Share your thoughts about it.

Peace to all!

My boyfriend Jed, 6'0, 180, blond hair (21) and I were traveling in his car on a trip to Maine from Ct. Two hours into the trip, he blurts out "If I don't pull over, I'm going to shit in my pants and I know you don't want to sniff it. He pulls over to the woods. Squats down over a ditch and lets out the longest crap I ever saw. He also farted really loud and scratched his asscrack. Then, he looked over and smiled. "This is a Kodak moment, isn't it." I said it's a shitty moment with a joke intended. A squirrel almost came near his butthole too. So, I actually saw my boyfriend's butthole. But, it wasn't as nice with the shit coming out. Interestingly enough, he wiped himself with a tissue and got nothing much on it. I was shocked!
I went next. It was not quite as big an ordeal as his doody. However, I felt much better and he enjoyed watching me take a dump. I also farted. We decided we don't mind hearing each other fart also. So, we fart freely now whenever we are together. By the way, we like to watch each other take a dump in the bathroom.

Ash's post on 1095 is without a doubt the best ever!

Miss Belinda.
How many of You have ever been really embarrased about being walked in on while on the commode. To me it really doesn't bother me if it is someone I know fairly well. I have three children ranging from ages 8 to 16 and let me tell You privacy is a hard commodity to come by, so getting walked in on by family members is commonplace around my house. I usually like to take my time and read while I poo poo, but even though we have two bathrooms there is always something needed in the one I'm sitting in. If I lock the door they will wait outside the door until I'm done to get what they are after. I have neices and nephews that do the same thing if they are staying with us and their timing is always perfect, just as they walk in or start apologizing for doing so either my poo poo will drop into the commode or it will be stinking in there so they know just exactly what I'm doing. I always have been a stinker, I had the oppurtunity to help my youngest daughter with her math homewor! k once while I was using the commode. I remember looking at her and seeing her shirt pulled over her nose...LOL. But that is the thing about it, Noone asked them to come in there, so if they complain You can always tell them, "hey, It was stinking before You barged in here too". I've gotten to the point where I'm comfortable if someone I know sees me, I never reveal my body, there is nothing to be seen because I keep my pants pulled high upon my thighs or if I'm wearing a dress I do the same thing with my pantyhose with my dress or skirt covering everything else.

To Thoughts on Pooping: How old are You? The one thing You have to remember is that we all do it either male or female. Ugly women, beautiful women, short, fat, tall, skinny.........we all have our own little bathroom quirks and one thing is for certain, we all stink it up from time to time. My husband is present with me during my morning poopoo almost 90% of the time and it is just something You get used to. He sees me on the commode, hears my poopoo fall into the water and even sees my poopoo. I remember I used to get real nervous while we were dating and I had to use the commode when we were in the same house. I would always get busy spraying air freshener and made sure I used the brush to get all of my skid marks off the bottom of the bowl, things I don't think a thing about now.

Sara C
Hi, it's been a little while since I've posted. I don't know, I've just been real tired and kind of constipated latley.

I got some more poop on celebrities. Any of you know Shirley Manson from Garbage? She said that she once pooped on her ex-boyfriend's cornflakes because he was a real asshole. She even described how she did it. She held the bowl behind her and squated and the it was solid and stayed together. "I don't do ugly poos," she said.

Punk Rock Girl - That was real cool what you did in your last story. I say go for it. You'll be officially badass then.

To antonio...

Regarding your overweight friend who got stuck to the airplane toilet -- it seems to me that all she'd have to do would be to fart a couple of
times, and it would have added enough extra air to the bowl to equalize
the pressure and she could have gotten unstuck

Hi Natalie,

I just wanted to comment on your latest post. I can understand not wanting to us public rest rooms, they can be gross and when struggling with constipation. due to our Cerebral Palsy, it makes things doubly uncomfortable. I'm sure you heard it a 1000 times but you really are doing yourself a dis-service by holding both pee and poop for so long. Later, if you marry and start to think about having kids its going to make things more complicated. If you think you have problems with constipation now...wait till you're pregnant! One of the effects holding bowel movements for a long time is to stretch out the sides of the rectum, and your poop gets bigger and bigger as time goes by. When you get to be pregnant and things get even worse you'll be doing a LOT of straining to go. Believe me its not good for the baby. I know of one woman with CP who had 3 misscarriages and all came after a long struggle on the toilet for a bowel movement. Bottom line...try to go when to NE! ED to not when its convienet.-- JW

To Natalie: Liked your stories from school.

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story about work and that toilet being out in the open..was that the first time you used a toilet in the open
To SeXy gIrL: Sounds like a nice dump you had
To Thoughts on pooping: I liked your thoughts..thats intresting
To Unnamed poster about squat type toilets...liked your story
To fil: liked your pee
To antonio: Thats funny about your friend
To Richardthe guy: I liked your story

TV Guide
Austin Powers fans:

In Goldmember, there is a scene in which Fat Bastard has to take a crap after his sumo match. You can see his shadow on the toilet right through the paper walls, and he is singing "On Top Of Spaghetti". After his dump, he looks at his logs and says, "I didn't eat any corn!" There is a reference when he also leaves a "rosebud" in his diaper, and he also rips a big one and brags about the smell.

In The Spy Who Shagged Me, Fat Bastard has a detector up his butt so that Felicity Shagwell and Austin could track him down. Wrong choice, since Fat Bastard took a crap, and the detector is in the pile. When Austin helps himself with some coffee, he doesn't know that the Fat Bastard stool sample is next to it, and he pours that into the coffee. He tastes it and says, "It tastes a bit nutty."

The first Austin Powers has a scene when Austin and this Texas guy wearing white (resembles the Big Rich Texan on the Simpsons) are both taking a crap. While Austin is on the pot, the lucky charms guy attacks him, but Austin drowns him in the toilet. The white texan thinks that Austin is having a problem with his bowels, since Austin is also making grunting noises while fighting the lucky charms guy. He asks Austin when they both get out of the stalls, "What did you eat last night?"

Hello all, I've been reading now for a long time and well i thought that I'd finally post a message for all to read. This one goes back a while and well is probably a good one to start with. I was away in my parents shack down south and I had a friend staying with me at the time. We had been out all day and I was starting to feel the need to pee. I could see that he was also starting to squirm a little. At this stage in time we really didn't know each other too well so it seemed that it was a little uncomfortable. Any way all day we had been daring each other to different things but there was nothing of any major interest. So now I was starting to feel like I was going to have an accident I said to him "I really gotta whiz soon!" he turned to me and said " Yeah I do too" so i thought that this was cool so I dared him to pee outside! He said he would but only If i did, SO I decided to make it a little more interesting I ventured towards the door and he was giving a strange lo! ok, I called him out and said I'm gonna go now. He asid "HERE!" "yup" i replied so I told him that he had to go as well. I began to pee and he was still a little apprehensive and I said I would stop if he didn't so he did, the best part about this was we were 12feet above the ground peeing off of the fron balcony in broad daylight watching the cars go by only a couple of streets away. Once I was done he still was going but he all of a sudden tried to put it away but it was still going and he couldnt stop. He did get it put away but I could see the massive wet patch growing in has pants, just the a couple walkedc past on the street below gazing in our direction. DID they see what we were doing, I guess I'll never know! This was probably the moment that began a few different episodes in my time and now I have many stories to tell. Next time i shall share a good poop story.

By the way do all females poop with their legs closed together or apart?

Til next time


Dream Clown
To Richard the Guy: I've wanted to listen in on girl's poop sessions for a while now. I've just never gotten the chance.

To Christi: Not only can you get stuck inside, but on some cruises, and especially planes, something much worse will happen. On the site, there is a description of someone who got the lower half of their intestines pulled out. Sorry, it's disgusting, but it happens if you aren't careful and don't follow directions.

To Punk Rock Girl: That's quite amazing! You're so fantastic. I love hearing about your exploits, not only because they're of a (presumably) hot person taking a dump, but also because it gives me hope that there are girls out there who like putting themselves on display while having a #2.

To Silke: I should go to France, I guess! That way, people would be less uptight.

To Sheila: I enjoyed hearing about how you stayed with Ruth. It's nice to help people when they're in need.

To Ash: I have to say I liked your real-time post the most. It was almost as if I was in there with you. Very hot!

That's all for now. Where are all of you girls who don't mind taking dumps in front of guys? No one in my town is like this!

Hey, this is a first time post, if the name is taken by someone else I'm sorry, haven't seen it used yet.

I've lurked for quite awhile, although it's been an off and on thing, and by quite awhile, I imagine I mean years, although my concept of time is horrid.

Anyhow, I've been having some problems with constipation lately, and I haven't seen any stories yet with anywhere near as extreme a problems as I've had.

Constipation for 3 or so days, ha I wish, I've twice now gone 4 entire weeks, maybe even a little more without being able to have a bowel movement, and several smaller episodes that have all been relatively easily solved.

I think with the end of the first I managed to stretch myself out enough that it isn't nearly as painful anymore, however it doesn't show any signs of letting up.

Milk of Magnesia solved the first 4 week ordeal, of course with a hard packed ???? it was more painful to hold it in then the stretching involved, with every movement in my stomach it felt like something trying to force my kidneys out...

However the second time I went 4 weeks, MOM had no effect, I used it quite a lot too, all for nothing. It finally got righted with a sodium enema, the sensation was similar to forcing my stomach out through my anus, but hey no complaints here now that it's over.

Unfortunatley now I'm in about 2 weeks almost again, which for me is a walk in the park, but none the less alarming since the last movement ended with the sodium enema. *sigh* It's getting old, which is a shame I used to enjoy the act immensely, and now it's a constant battle.

Oh well, perhaps some other time.

John D.
I would like to be in a large barracks-style bathroom (open toilets with no stalls or partitions) and have a group discussion with the following celebrities while they are taking a poop: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, LaToya Jackson, and Jessica Alba. I would be asking them questions and they would answer me in between grunts and plops.

I went into a Border's bookstore the other day with cramps after eating chinese food and ice cream for lunch. (This was preceded by pancakes for breakfast). I headed for the bathroom which was nice and clean. Man, did I stink up the joint! I farted about 30 seconds and piched 3 huge soft loafs. A dude came into the stall next to me and was talking to himself or something. Under his breath I heard "smells like garbage in here." I just kept farting!

Pooping Women
I was at the park and I was with some friends that were walking around the lake we were going to eat a picnic lunch and were out blanket was there was a hole in the ground there was nothing in the hole so but I was putting my butthole over it when I sat and if i need to dump it would be there I was sitting indian still over the hole and i lenghty skirt on so my crack was covered and my private was to ..... I was sitting there chatting and I was drinking a soda and I was sitting there with my skirt on the right way and I said I could dump in the hole so I sat there a few and try to get comfortable to poopoo and a few friends went walking around my friend said why did u sit over that hole for I said I am going to use in the few minutes she said what do u mean I said I will tell u in the few minutes and u can see what i am doing So I am stopped talking and she heard me fart like 3 to 4 times briefly non stop she said ok I said no I am trying to do something she said like what .! .... I said I will tell u later on when some of them get up and walk around so 3 more friends went walking around the Lake and I said uhhhhhhhhhh and uhhhhhhhh she said are u ok I said since everyone left for a little something smell like shit and I am trying to do that she said poop I said Yeah I am trying to poopoo badly and I think it is coming out uhhhhhhhh outtttt and psfff fartsound and I said if someone sits beside me they will smell poop to .... I let her look at my crack she saw it peeking out of my butt crack and she said it looked pretty she said I said it is poop and it is not pretty and I said u need to move so it dont get on u it is not done I pushed it out to about 5 inches hanging out my butt and need to pushing uhhhhhh and it came out 2 more inches and it was solid round and hard and I pushed it was solid black and smelled bad to ..... and got done to stop and finish later before my friends would come back bye now let u know more on it later pooping at the l! ake

Infantry SPC
I think todays pic (saturday) looks somewhat like the actress of CBS show King Of Queens. Does anyone else agree? I would love to see her poop. or even better have them speak in a scene about her having to poop and it smelling very bad

to Thoughts on Pooping,
I agree with you. It's hard to imagine such beautiful ladies having to sit on a toilet for a short time, farting loudly or quietly, dirtying the toiletwater with large brown turds, filling the air with a potent smell of poop; which to some of us smells ever so sweet, and frequently leaving behind long brown markings, which accompany the strong smell of their poop. its almost like a fantasy (for some) sometimes when I'm out and about, I look at women and try to imagine when the last time they pooped was, its very hard to do...

I am home in the united states, but have been given an assignment in the homeland security operation(Noble Eagle). Please DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WAR. I CANNOT TELL YOU ANYTHING. I come here to talk about what facinates me about women pooping and the adventures I have or would like to have with it, not about world issues...

Happy pooping to all the ladies out there...

Thoughts on pooping: I take it that you are a guy. I have moved my bowels in the presence of a man as well as a woman. I have been intimate with both. I am bi-sexual. I have had husband/wife acts for houseguests. The wife and husband would shower in the morning. I heard the wife passing gas while moving her bowels as her husband was taking a shower or shaving. See my previous posts and that of others. That is the joy of intimacy.

Sheila: I'll bet you are looking forward to it. Enjoy!

Potty Pooper
Someone here mentioned cruise-ship toilets, and the warning not to flush one while sitting on it. Well, not only can one become STUCK if he flushes while seated, I've heard of cases where it *pulled* *people's* *intestines* *out*!!! And the worst part of that is, if your intestines DO get pulled out, they CANNOT be reinserted!

Natalie: that was a great pee story. How did you manage to hold your pee for 14 hours? Do you have other stories of long holds? Have you ever measured a massive pee? Did you ever pee in school or did you hold it everyday? Did anyone catch on that you didn't go all day on that trip? Or other times? Did your mother ever catch on?

i like to know why pee is phomy when we wake up in the morning?

I seem to notice this more one day last week.

In the office where I used to work there were about 12 people altogether. Among them were two middle aged guys that nobody could stand.

We all took it in turns to make the coffee for everyone a couple of times a day.

The coffee was made in a small kitchen/restroom area in the basement which was near two toilet cubicles, one male and one female.

On day I went dowstairs for a pee and one of the women was making the coffees. I stared talking to her and she was in a real bad mood about the two guys. She said that she'd like to pee in their coffee and let them drink it. I said that she ought if she wanted but how would I know she'd done it and not just talked about it.

Okay, she said, watch this.

She took two of the just made coffees into the ladies toilet, put them on a shelf at the side and left the door open with me looking at her from outside. Then she lifted her skirt and pulled her pantyhose and pants down to her knees and just stood facing me! I could see her pubic hair and everything - what a turn on!

Then she picked up the first coffee, opened her legs and held the beaker just below her crotch. Then she peed about a spoonful of pee into the cofee and stopped. What bladder control! Then she did exactly thre same with the second. Then she sat down on the toilet seat and finished her pee, wiped and pulled her clothes up again.

I was speechless and my cock had gone rock hard so I fastened my jacket to cover up the bulge in my trousers!

I then volunteered to carry the coffees up to the office and handed them round making sure the two guys got the ones intended for them. I hung around for a while just chatting to make sure they drunk them. In due course each did without any knowledge that they'd just been peed in!

Punk Rock Girl. Liked your post about the dump you took in that store room toilet at work. Based on what you've said previously I didn't imagine you being quite so open about taking a poo in the presence of other people. Then again, I suppose the offer of lunch for a week was irresistible!

Thoughts on Pooping. Women can and do fart and poo just as much as men. I discovered that a long time ago - read my old posts. At the end of the day we all have to go irrespective of age, gender, social class or status. It's a comforting thought to know that everyone from the Queen downwards has to go. Although they tend to pass largish motions on the whole, women tend to fart less than men though. This is partly because they usually eat less and therefore produce less intestinal gas and partly because there is a cultural difference in that it's less acceptable for them to fart as a 'dare' than men. In my experience, when they fart it usually means they need to go to the toilet.

Sheila. Thanks for your latest post which I enjoyed. I think you did the right thing in pulling in at the hard shoulder on your way to Exeter and getting out of the car to pee. The alternative would probably have been okay if you'd been on the way home though! Also, I liked the bit about Ruth's poo at work. It sounds as though she was very constipated indeed. Hope the weekend goes well and look forward to hearing more about it.

Best regards

Jobbie Interview. First time I've read about someone needing a motion at a job interview I think although I suspect it's a more common occurence than many of us think. What was the outcome (of the interview) by the way?

Traveling Guy
Thoughts on Pooping - I used to feel a lot like you do, so I can sympathize. I knew that girls had to poop and fart, but I was in denial about it and didn't want to accept it, I guess. Who knows why? You don't need me to convince you that girls have bodily functions, just like guys do. You can read all about that for yourself here, straight from the femmes themselves.

I could really identify, though, with the part in your post about being embarrassed to have a BM when you're around women, and not knowing what you'll do some day when you're married. All these feelings changed for me when I started going with a girl who was very open about pooping and peeing. I don't mean she dwelled on it, just that when it was time for her or for me to go to the toilet, she just took it as part of everyday life, like having lunch or dinner. That really helped me get past my anxiety.

Later, I married a woman with the same attitude, so going when I had to was no big deal. Maybe you'll have the same good luck. In the meantime, just tell yourself that it's all 100% natural, that these women you're with do, indeed, take a poop and and have to fart. And they know that you do it, too, so just go ahead when you have to. They'll understand. They visit the toilet, too. Good luck!

Punk Rock Girl - I once ate at a lunch counter place in the Caribbean where the facilities were out back, in a sort of outhouse/shed attached to the restaurant. It had a single, unisex flush toilet and sink. There must have been a high school nearby, because a lot of kids were hanging around, eating and socializing. When I went out back to use the john, I noticed that the owners were remodeling and had left the old toilet outside the shed. Not only that, though. A girl was firmly planted on it, pants and jeans down, doing her business. I don't know who was more startled, she or me, but I immediately apologized and went back inside to wait. How she could have mistaken a disconnected, open air potty for the real thing is beyond me, but there she was. So when you go back down to the boiler room for a dump, let us know those guys' reactions. I hope they'll be cooler and less startled than I was.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Hi again everyone. Once again I don't have much time. I'm going to tell a longer story this time but I might have to stop midway and continue later.


When I was in 5th grade (about 11-12 years old for those of you outside of America.) my class took a trip to the state capitol building in Topeka (a brand new golden potty goes to whoever can correctly guess what state I live in. LOL)
As I mentioned before I do not like pulic toilets. I went to the bathroom and peed before my mom took me to school where the bus was picking us up.
It was a 3 hour trip to the capitol building Since most of the kids (myself included) brought drinks on the bus with them, there was a mad dash for the bathrooms; and the only thing i hate more than public bathrooms is crowded public bathrooms. So even though I needed to go I decided to hold it. All day any time I even considered breaking down and going to the bathroom everyone else had the same idea.
At the end of our trip I got on the bus at 5:00 PM having not used the bathroom since around 6:30 AM and needless to say I was getting kind of uncomfortable. Somehow I survived the 3 hour bus trip back to school without an accident, and my mom was at my school waiting for me.
As soon as we got in the car she started asking me about the trip, and I did my best to answer her questions while consentrating on my very full and still filling (or so it seemed) bladder. Eventually my mom discovered my discomfort and asked me what the problem was.

"I just need to use the bathroom, it's no big deal."
"Well, do you want me to stop somewhere?"
"No, I'm okay."
"You're sure?"

That was a lie and I knew it. The truth was I was near peeing on myself and probably flooding the whole state! But at the time all I could think of was having to use a public toilet.
Sure enough a few minutes later while we were stopped at a stop light mt bladder which was numb now from holding it for so long gave up the fight. At first it was just a few dribbles that leaked into the crotch of my panties. Soon it was like my bladder exploded or someone popped a water balloon under my skirt. It wasn't a long forceful jet like I expected. In a span of about 2 seconds I went from dribbling in my panties to completly empty, and soaked. I let out a surprised gasp and my mom looked over at me, and down at the puddle on my lap and on the seat.

"Oh Nat, I thought you said you could hold it."
"I thought I could but it got really really bad so fast that I didn't get a chance to say anything."

Lie #2 but I didn't think my mom would appreciate "I don't like public bathrooms so I held it in for 14 hours and then used your carseat as a toilet."

When I got home my mom helped me out of my wet clothes and into a nice hot shower. Don't ya just love moms? You pee all over their carseat and they still treat you like a princess, or prince in the case of boys.
I wish that was the end of this story but it's not. Later that night (or really early the next morning) I woke up with a really intense urge to pee. I guess my bladder was punishing me for abusing it because as soon as I made a move to get out of bed I began peeing full force. I didn't even bother to move any further, because I knew if I got up I would just end up peeing on the carpet so I just laid back and waited for my bladder to completly empty before calling my mom to help me clean up.


Ooops, it's after midnight. That took longer than I planned. Hope ya'll enjoyed it anyway.



Hello everyone,

Cara : answering your survey.

1. Which type of underwear do you find that you tend to get more
skid marks?

Thong. Because the movement of my arse cheeks causes a
smearing along the thin gusset.

2. Which do you prefer to wear in a desperate situation?

Panties. I always pray that when I'm caught short that I am
wearing panties, they'll hold some of the shit in but
with a thong/G-string it always runs down my thighs.

3. Yes. I sometimes finger my arsehole when I'm finding it hard
to get anything out.

4. Never. But I did have diarrhoea once and shit my panties, got
to a toilet and got rid of my panties, then shit again in my
pantyhose before I got home. But the pantyhose did a good job
of holding my shit in.

5. No. I always use a warm water enema.

Adrian: I love to read your posts. You are a sensitive and kind person. Yes, I had a good shit last night with my friend Vera. We spent the day at Barry Island, a local resort near Cardiff. We ate all the wrong junk foods and lots of ice-cream, and when we got back to my home we were both needing to get to the bathroom. As you know it's a Swedish double so Vera and I got our panties down together. Vera shit first with a loud, wet sounding splatter into the pan.
"Oh, Sheila," she sighed, looking at me, "I really needed that. I wanted to fart in the car, gosh I'm glad I didn't."
I had started to pee as she spoke to me and I could feel the build up in my lower stomach. I pushed and felt the shit, warm and smelly (no doubt because of the junk food) gushing out of me into the pan. Well we spent the next twenty minutes or so having mammoth b/ms, we held hands as we always do when we are going together before Vera made a move for the toilet paper.
"Let me do that for you," I said.
"Be my guest," Vera smiled.
Vera got off the pan and turned her arse to me, holding her dress high up at her waist. Gently I wiped her. It took five lots of paper before she was clean. All the time my guts were churning and it was not before I had suffered another three gut wrenching loads of shit spewing from me that I was ready to wipe. Naturally Vera wiped me, and again it took four/five lots of paper. I pulled up my panties and together we examined our efforts. Both pans were full of shit and dirty paper, but my shit was more yellowy than Vera's. I wonder why that was. After we had flushed the toilets and that needed three flushes for each one, we embraced each other and I pressed my lips to Vera's telling her how much I loved her and thanking her for being with me. Vera kissed me back saying much the same thing. Afterwards we sat and watched a film on the television, from time to time we kissed because we were so grateful for each others company and friendship. We both think a girl ! is never more vulnerable than when she's going to the lav. and love and companionship at that time is so precious.

Audrey: When are we going to have some more experiences from you, I love to read your posts.

Well that's it for now. Greg should be home from Dublin soon, I can't wait. All my love and best wishes (Sheila, South Wales). Hello everyone,

Cara, in answer to your questions.

1. Which type of underwear do you find that you tend to get more skid marks?
b) panties. I suppose because I rarely wear anything else and if

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