Punk Rock Girl

Been a while, but now I'm back! Been very busy. Our company is moving up in the world!

Well, I have a work-related dump story. A few of us were working late one night, and almost everyone else in the building was gone. The only people still working besides us were stock people in the basement/loading dock area. Well, one of the guys was telling me that there's a toilet in the boiler room in the basement that is totally out in the open. He said once when he was down there picking up some packages he caught a glimpse of one of the workers on the toilet, for everyone to see.

I said, I'd shit on it, I don't care. He said he's buy me lunch everyday for a week if I went downstairs and took a dump on that toilet. It was about time for my evening crap anyway, so I said sure, no problem!

The four of us took the frieght elevator down to the boiler room. I was the only woman, as is usually my situation. We snuck into the area where the toilet was, and he pointed it out to me. I figured that the toilet would have been in the corner, partially hidden by boxes or a burner or something. But, just like he said, it was against the wall, right in the middle, with absolutely nothing hiding it from anyone who walked past within the vicinity.

I said, "Lunch for a week, right?" He said, "Right!"

I walked to the toilet, and they all stood just where they could see me, but were hidden from anyone else working )unless they came from the direction of the elevator). I wiped the seat off with some TP, which sat on a small wodden table next to the toilet. There was a magazine rack on the other side of it. If it weren't for the surroundings, you'd think it was in someone's bathroom.

I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees, and did the same with my thong. I sat my bare bottom on the chilly seat. I nervously looked around, not so much worried about being seen on the shitter, but how I would explain why I had come all the way down there to shit!

Anyway, I finally relaxed and dumped a load in the water below. I let out a few silent farts, but the splashing was loud. I peed and wiped my ass while still seated. I flushed the toilet and pulled my thong and pants back up. Then I joined my buddies. The guy who bet me to do it gave me a high five. "You are one fearless girl, you know that?" I said, "Yeah!" We went back upstairs.

I guess taking a shit out in the open where just about anyone could see you gives you a similar rush to having sex or being naked in public. It's the possibility of being caught, or getting in trouble.

One of these days, I'll take a trip down there during business hours and use that toilet while six or seven guys hustle around me. They can't fire me for that, can they?



SeXy gIrL
Hey everyone!!!!!!

Ash -
I love all your stories. Your last one with a live performance lol was really good. Thank you for taking all my surveys and please continue posting here. You know, I was wondering how old you are? I'm 16 and I wanna see if you're near the same age as me. Also, I really want to hear your outdoor poop story that you've been saying you will post sometime. Thanks and keep up the great posts.

Before I went to school today, I sat on the toilet and peed for almost a minute. I felt a slight urge to poop, so I got comfortable and pushed. I ended up pushing out a piece about 8" inches long. It was fat and it took me only 1 wipe until I was done. Thanks everyone......bye......

Thoughts on pooping
I have some weird issues about pooping. I have trouble believing that women poop. I know they have to, but whenever I see a really beautiful woman, I think to myself, "there's no way she goes into the bathroom every day, sits on the toilet for 5-10 minutes, farts loudly, poops, wipes herself, and leaves a smell in the bathroom after she has a bowel movement. It's not just pooping, either. I also have trouble believing women fart while they're sitting on the toilet pooping. I think part of the issue is that it seems like whenever a woman uses a bathroom, it's always a quick in-and-out, like it's just for a quick pee. Don't women ever have to sit on the toilet for a few extra minutes and let their bowels empty? When they poop, does it all come out at once, or do they sometimes have to sit and relax to let it come out in "waves?"
Part of what worries me is that I am unwilling to have a bowel movement when I'm with women, out of embarrassment of their hearing my farts when I poop, or just knowing that I'm pooping. I don't know what I'm going to do when I marry someone someday and have to poop when we live together in a house or apartment!
Does anyone have any comments for me?

Anyone here ever take Nexium (the upgraded version on Prilosec)? I started taking it for indigestion and it works like an overnight laxative. I hardly ever pooped when I first got up, but that has all changed now. Anyone else with a similar experience?

The picture and recent posts concerning squat type toilets found in France reminds me of my experiences in Eastern Europe -- particularly The Ukraine. I like to swim for exercise wherever I can find a pool. In several pools I visited, you changed into a bathing suit in a locker area. You are then required to take a shower -- you turn your bathing suit and basket of street clothes into a matron who sits between the men's and women's shower area. In the Ukraine I encountered squat type toilets without doors -- in some cases without doors or partitions adjacent to the shower areas. Although I do not speak the language, the matron was insisting that people preparing to use the pool attempt to use the squaters. The toilets consisted of aboout a dozen foot pads with a whole in the floor lined up -- no separation, no privacy. Just 10 or 12 guys on their haunches waiting for nature to take its course. Has anyone else encountered this?

A pee story. About the time I was 15 I began to notice that no matter how much water, soda, etc. I drank I seldom had to pee. I began a pattern that I have now. I would go at 7 a.m., then never at school, and the next time about 4 p. m., then at 11 or 12 at night before bed. Each time I pissed between 800 ml and a liter. Recently this got me into trouble. When I was 16 I began to be pee shy in public restrooms. So sometimes when I was out with friends or stayed after school for an activity, I had to postpone my 4 p. m. pee. When I went to college last year, I requested a room in a new dorm, three guys and a private bathroom attached. I could go all right there but not in most other campus restrooms. Last week we all had bad colds with terrible coughs.One of my roomates bought some cough syrup. We all used it. It made me sleepy. I was reading a book for class one evening lying on my bed. I fell asleep. The next thing I knew my really full bladder woke me up about 5 a. m. I ha dn't peed in 13 hours. I went to the bathroom. My two roomates were fast asleep. I stood at the toilet but I couldn't go even though I was bursting. Was it my pee shyness? So I went back to bed and woke up about 2 hours later. I went again into the bathroom and still couldn't go. I was scared and embarrassed. One of my roomates was waking up. I asked him if he had ever found he just couldn't pee. He said yesterday. He read the label on the cough syrup. It said don't use it if you have any kidney or urinary retention problems. He said drink a lot of water. It will hydrate your system. So I did and finally 2 hours later (after a hold of 17 hours I went, first in dribbles and then in a stop and start stream. It took about 5 minutes. Boy was I relieved. I must have had about 2 liters in me. Hereafter I will read the labels on any over the counter drugs.

branden. If your girlfriend's problem hasn't resolved itself naturally I think she should go and see a doctor without delay. Normally constipation is something which resolves itself naturally but as the problem's been ongoing for a fortnight I think seeing the doctor would be wise.

Movie Dude. There are films which feature calls of nature being answered. It's a question of being alert and keeping your eyes open. Last year I think it was they showed a film version of Kingsley Amis's novel "Take a Girl Like You" and there was one scene where two young ladies (in their early twenties) held a conversation whilst taking it in turns to pee in the bathroom of a country house. As the scene was supposedly set during a Sunday lunchtime in the 1950's I think in reality they'd be more likely to be in need of #2 than #1 but I suppose portraying them having a motion each would have been one step too far - at least for mainstream UK TV.

CC. Liked your post about doing a motion whilst on the phone. That's certainly something different!

Audrey. Liked your latest post about the morning poo you and some of your colleagues had at work. It sounds to me as though they were more likely to be suffering from a bug or the result of eating something which upset them than a night of having too much to drink though.

Sheila. Hi! Thanks for your reply. Have you had a good poo lately?

I've been rather constipated this week but managed to have a good poo about half an hour ago so am feeling much better!

Best wishes


CHRISTI--------- i like ur post about the toilets when u said"will u get sucked in?" i actually have a woman friend who was on a plane who is WAYYY over weight. i have seen her shit and her ass sticks out over the top of the toilet by atleast 7 inches on each side. so her fatt rolled legs and ass like stuck way over top of the whole toilet. wells he was dropping her load and it kept filling up and filling up so she decided it may take a few flushes to get it all down so she flushed it as she was sitting there and her ass got sucked down into it and she got stuck! it took 4 crew members to pull her out!! she said she was so EMBARRASED. she said "here i am a fat ass, pants and panties below my knees letting out a stinky stink shit and i get stuck in it, I WAS THE PLUG!!!" she said when they pulled her out she landed flat on her face with her pants down and exposed herself to the whole plane. and if u were wondering she did go back in and finish her shit!

A comment on Christi's experiences with toilets on boats and in Costa Rica:

I think because of the vacuum action on the flushing, users are advised not to be seated on the toilet when flushing because you could be "locked" down on the seat which forms a seal with the vacuum. I think for that reason on aircraft toilets they advise you not to use them during turbulence conditions.

As for landside toilets in many Latin American or European countries, their plumbing may be old, and cannot take debris such as toilet paper, which could clog the works. Hence the wastepaper basket at the side. That should be a hint to use it.

Joe B.
Hi Christi,

I enjoyed your post about your cruise. I too have enjoyed huge poops while cruising. But more often than not, I can't have a natuaral bm when traveling. Because of the amounts we tend to eat on cruises, a bm becomes essential pretty quickly. To take care of this I always pack my enema bag. I love enemas and I'm always looking for an excuse anyway. I always look forward to a good poop whether natural or induced by enema or suppository. Did you get a chance to look in the doctor's office while you were on the cruise? They always have several cases of fleet enemas in stock.

To unnamed poster: about being on a trip, i liked your story.

To Christi: liked your story..i been on a cruise but i don't remember experencing what you experenced.

To Ash: Loved your long was it since you last pooped?

To Ian: Thanks for replying

To Josh: I loved your story..seems like you too are open..have you seen him shit?

To Traveling Guy: liked your story

To CC: Loved your story...about pooping your self

To ALL the girls:

1)which type of underwear do you find that you tend to get more skid marks?


Any theories why??

2)Which do you prefer to wear if caught in a desperate situation

a) pantyhose(tights) and why?
b)Stockings and why?
c)anything else? why?

3)Does anyone ever poke a finger up their asshole to see how close they are to pooping?

4)Has anyone ever worn pantyhose (tights) without panties and then had an accident? did the pantyhose keep it all in or did it leak down the legs??

5)Has anyone ever pushed a piece of soap up their ass to help them poop, if so how long was the piece??

Thanks for your time in answering my survey, its only short so please respond! Thanks XXX

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Richardthe guy.
This is my first post to you, but I've been reading some of your mails since my friend introduced me to the site. I'm fifteen, still at grammer school, but I love listening to or watching girls on the toilet. I don't think this is odd in any way, but society apparently frowns upon it. I've often spied on my mum when she goes to the toilet. She used to take me with her into the toilet until I was about six, when this delight suddenly stopped. I have so many incidents to relate if anyone is interested. My girl friend lets me come with her to the toilet, I became her friend when she caught me spyuing on her when she was having a dump in the girls toilets at school. Rather than screaming blue murder she asked me to get her some paper from one of the stalls because she had gone into one without any paper. One of the best times with my mum was when I came home from school early and she was in the bathroom pooping and also needed paper. I went down to the kitched and got s ome and dashed back to the bathroom. I was disappointed when I went into the bathroom cos mum had her dress covering her knees, but I could see part of her bare bum where her dress was hitched up behind her. She took the paper and I went outside but I did not shut the door fully and stayed outside listeniing. It was lovely to her her straining and then dumping. She was on the pan for almost half an hour and seemed to me to be dumpng an awful lot, she also wiped her bum lots of times before I heard her pulling up her clothes and flushing the toilet, something she did twice. I went to the kitchen before she came out and when she came to the kitchen I blurted out, I love you mum. She looked surprised for a few seconds then gave a big grin and cuddled me to her, she kissed me and said, I love you too, honey. I wonder if there are any boys out there who feel the same way about the delights of listening and spying on the girls.

Hi, everyone,
Boy am I missing Greg, what's worse he telephoned me today to say it would be another four/five days before he'd be finished in Dublin. Still it's not all bad news and I've got two incidents to relate to you.
Earlier this week I was driving from Cardiff to Exeter along the M5 motorway and I needed a pee badly. The next services was about twenty miles away and I had a stark choice, pee in my panties or stop on the hard shoulder somewhere. It had to be the hard shoulder, I pulled over and got out of the car, there was a drop to the field beyond and I scooted down the bank. I eased my tight-fitting blue skirt up over my hips and, crouching down, slipped my panties down over my arse. Squatting right down I started to pee. God what a relief it was as the pee spurted from me, easing the ache in my bladder, all the while I could hear the traffic speeding past just a few feet away from me. I had left my bag in the car so I had no paper to wipe my vagina lips, no problem I took my hankie from my coat pocket and wiped myself dry with that. Then it was up with my panties, down with my skirt, and back to the car. It was most exhilarating peeing in the open and I might try having ! a good shit in the open soon.

Second this week I met up with Ruth in the Ladies Room back at the office. I was repairing my make-up when she walked in. She smiled at me and went into the end cubicle, there was nobody else in the toilets, and she didn't shut the door but spoke to me as she lifted the skirts of her dress.
"I've been thinking that maybe we could go for a coffee sometime," she said as she slid her panties down and sat on the toilet.
My heart missed a beat or two. I put my lipstick in my shoulder-bag and walked over to the cubicle. "I'd really love that, Ruth," I said, standing in the doorway watching her peeing. "Look, Greg's still in Dublin, why don't you come to my place for an evening of music, a chat and a few drinks?"
"That sounds fine," she said.
She finished peeing and I expected her to get up off the toilet, but she sat still and I realised she was going to shit. My heart rate increased and I had a strange feeling in my gut, not unpleasant though. "What about this Sunday?" I suggested.
"Yeah . . . , uh . . ."she pushed to shit. "That'll be . . . fine."
I stopped talking as she strained harder, gripping the edge of the pan. I could see her lifting off the pan as she pushed, leaning forward and over I was able to see a large turd coming slowly out of her arsehole. It was followed by a series of smaller turds, she was bending right over to push really hard. I moved inside the cubicle and could see both arse cheeks and another hard turd pushing out. I watched her shitting and straining for almost ten minutes before she straightened and reached for the paper. It took only a couple of wipes, she'd been so hard bound. When she stood up and started to pull up her panties she was red in the face with effort.
"I think you ought to take a laxative or plenty of fruit, Ruth" I suggested.
"Yes," Ruth agreed, as she smoothed down her skirt, "I've been really corked up for a couple of days. "Thanks for staying with me," she said, suddenly kissing me on the lips, "I really appreciated you being here."
"It's a pleasure," I said. "Don't forget Sunday then."
"I won't, I promise," she said, giving me another peck on the lips.
Well with Greg away you can guess how I'm looking forward to her visit. I wonder how she'll take to my double toilet? Bye for now. (Sheila, South Wales).

I was once on a long trip with some friends of mine (3 boys, 2 girls). Then the other girl, melissa said she really had to pee. We asked if she could hold it for a little longer. About 15 min later, she screamed that she really had to go pee. So we stopped in the woods to let her pee. I had to go too but I thought I could hold it. Once she started peeing., I really had to pee too, so I went behind a bush. One of the men said he had to go too. The other men said that they didnt need to. About 1 hour later, they really had to go pee, but they tried to hold it. About 20 min later we heard this faint pissing noise. The guys were in silent agony. John had to go t the bathroom, but didnt want to look like a wuss in front of us. Then the other guy, Mike starts screaming that he has to go to the bathroom, but we were on the highway. I saw him let a few sqirts out and saw how desperate he was, so I told him to piss in a corner of the Jeef. I heard him pissing for about a full 2 mi! n.

Traveling Guy
branden - Your girl friend is a minor, so she should check first with her parents or guardian, but I think she needs to see a doctor right away if she is in pain. Two weeks is a long time to be constipated.

Shy College Girl - I'm guessing you'd like to be more opem about taking a dump when you're with your b/f. Am I right? If so, try starting by just excusing yourself and going to the bathroom for a crap when you need to, same as you would if you had to pee. No need to say why. When you feel comfortable doing that, you can start to tell him why you need to go. He'll handle it. Taking a dump is natural for everyone; holding it for several days until you're alone isn't.

Lisa - What happened in that parking lot may be exciting to you, but I'd be careful about going back there. From the way that lurker related to you as a total stranger, and the things he said, it seems this guy could be a bit unbalanced. Maybe he's harmless, maybe not. Either way, I'd keep my distance.

Sorry if I sound like Advice Central today, but I wanted to respond.

Eric in Chicago
Branden: your girlfriend needs to talk to (and probably make an appointment with) her doctor just to make sure nothing serious is causing her constipation. Her doctor can also recommend what she needs to do to get relief. She may need some sort of stool-softening enema, since if she hasn't pooped in two weeks her poop may be too hard to get out without pain (or anal tearing, which while not dangerous is painful and is likely to result in another episode of constipation since it makes you want to resist the urge to poop). In the meantime, she should keep her fluid intake up.

Movie Dude

I think there's a very real shortage of scenes in movies of people on the toilet. I'm not talking about DUMB AND DUMBER-esque slapstick "shitting-your-brains-out" scenes. I mean, just a man or woman coming home from after work, and relaxing on the crapper for a few moments, enjoying the silence and serenity of their own little private nook. Do we not all take dumps? Is not then a toilet scene in a movie simply reflecting yet another aspect of human life, like the "dinner table" scene or the "at the office" scene? When you see someone on the toilet in a movie it is almost always the lead up to either a joke, or something occurring that is incovnient at that moment (phone ringing, someone breaking in). People never just shit because they have to shit!

I work for a video company, so movies are my business. I've rarely seen a toilet scene in a movie which was incidental. THe only one that immediately omes to mind is in LEAVING LAS VEGAS, when Elizabeth Shue sits on the toilet and pees while continuing her conversation with Nicolas Cage. Of course, this is meant to signify that, for her, there are no longer boundaries between her and him, they might as well be married. BUt, aside from that, it is a matter-fo-fact scene that could have just as easily been her sitting on the bed with him.

What's so embarrassing about it that it can only be reflected in movies to make a point or to shock. And what's so shocking about seeing someone on the toilet? Are we shocked when we see someone in the shower, haing sex or eating? Nope. Why thn are we surprised to see someone taking a dump? If anything, it should ease tension and make us feel closer to the character, and relate better. "Hey, she has to shit, too!"

There have been plenty of shit jokes and pranks in movies on TV with such movies as NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE and AMERICAN PIE, and such shows as JACK ASS and THE MAN SHOW. When will Hollywood be able to deal with this subject in a more mature, non-outrageous way?

Eric in Chicago
Branden: your girlfriend needs to talk to (and probably make an appointment with) her doctor just to make sure nothing serious is causing her constipation. Her doctor can also recommend what she needs to do to get relief. She may need some sort of stool-softening enema, since if she hasn't pooped in two weeks her poop may be too hard to get out without pain (or anal tearing, which while not dangerous is painful and is likely to result in another episode of constipation since it makes you want to resist the urge to poop). In the meantime, she should keep her fluid intake up.

Hi everyone!

I just came back from a 10-day cruise of the Panama Canal. It was a lot of fun. I noticed a few bathroom-related things that I wanted to share:

1) The toilets on cruise ships are really weird. They have this massive vacuum in them, and there is actually a sign over the toilet that says not to flush the toilet while seated. I wonder why? Has anyone ever flushed a cruise ship toilet while sitting? Are they afraid you'll get sucked in? I didn't have the nerve to try it, because I remembered that Ally McBeal episode where Ally got stuck in the bowl and had to be rescued. But it didn't seem like you could really get stuck. Seriously, if anyone knows why they have this warning, please explain.

2) They also have a funny sign on the toilet that literally says throw only toilet paper in the toilet. That makes it sound like you can't shit in them! I guess what they mean is that other than shit and piss, the only other thing that is supposed to go in the toilet is toilet paper. They don't want you throwing tampons or garbage or anything else in the toilet because it says the vacuum system can be damaged. The funniest part is they have this big warning that says if you throw anything else ih the toilet and damage the system, they can trace it back and figure out which cabin it came from. I had this vision of the toilet police coming around to your cabin and arresting you for throwing foreign matter in the toilet.

3) Has anyone else experienced this on a cruise? I took a shit every day in the morning, and my poops were much bigger and thicker than normal. I guess that's because you eat much more on a cruise than you normally would. One day I took a gigantic shit that was bigger than anything I had ever done. And it felt so good! I actually started looking forward to my morning poop!

4) The showers were great because they had removable shower heads that you could hold in your hand and spray directly on any body part you want. I turned the water on high and held the shower head right on my butt, and it was just like using a bidet. When I took a shit in the morning, I never bothered to wipe because I knew that when I got in the shower, I could rinse my butt off using the shower head stream and it would get perfectly clean. I have never used a bidet (we don't have them in the US), but I imagined this is what it would feel like.

5) We went on a shore excursion in Costa Rica, and the toilets at the place we stopped in Costa Rica had signs I had never seen before. It actually said NOT to throw toilet paper in the toilet. Apparently the water pressure is very low, and if you throw toilet paper in the toilet it won't go down. They had garbabe cans next to the toilets where you were supposed to put your used toilet paper. Of course the Americans all ignored this and put toilet paper in the toilet and clogged them all up. Do people in Costa Rica actually put their used tp in the garbage?

All in all, it was a great cruise, and like I said, I never made poops that were as big and thick as what I made on this cruise. Has anyone else experienced this on a cruise??

To sexy girl:
Please continue to tell us about the times you pee each day. Do you ever go without a pee at school and wait until you get home? Perhaps you should try this and let us know how you get on!

It's good to hear about girls deliberately holding their pee. Any other girls have any good 'holding' experiences recently?

Hi everybody. That was a nice picture on the top on monday- a typical french squatter. As you know I often have to drive for my job to France. Most of the squatters are looking like this one. I was not surprised that the woman doesn`t look much embarrassed. At the rest-areas the most stalls have no possibilities to lock them. So it is normal, that you are caught by someone, or that you see such pictures. But you donít only see the woman in this normal position. Itís normal that you can see their streams or turds / piles. You have to present you wide open to the direction of the door. So if somebody opens the door, she could see your stream coming out your pussy, or the turds emerging you assÖAnd thatís what you also see! The first times it was a little embarrassing, but after that it was normal. French woman are so cool with their bodily functions. Many of them donít take this correct position. Many squat in front of this bowl, because they donít want to stand on this steps! . But in this position the steps get messy, thatís why the next squats in front, and so on, and so onÖ At the most oft his bowls the flush is out of order, so they stink and look ugly, because the turds are sliding in them or lying there open. Thatís why I often catch woman not using the bowl. I remember a situation some weeks ago, as I stopped for a dump early in the morning. There were 6 stalls, and I decided to search a free one from the left. In the first stall a girl in her 20th squatted in front of the steps. Her streams hits with a big arch the floor. She didnít react in any kind that I saw this. In the second an older woman was pushing out a turd in the position you have seen on top. In the third were two girls about 15, one squats over a big pile on the floor, and the second stood facing the wall , bending backwards and let out strong gusher to the wall. In the fourth was a mother with her little son. He washes the wall with his pee while his mother was leaning at t! he opposite wall with her pants down pushing out a real monster. Another one already lays on the floor in a big puddle. She only smiled as she remarks, that she was caught messing the stall. The fifths was empty, but somebody must had a diarrhoea-attack there, there was no place to squat without touching it. The last one was occupied by a mother who was holding her daughter. The bowl was dirty, so she was holding her pointing the wall. As I opened the door she continues letting out a thin turd and peeing simultaneous. They also didnít care getting caught. I was lucky that the peeing woman had finished, so I could use this stall. I entered it and pulled my skirt up and my pants down. I bent over and start pushing out my turds. I looked to the direction of the back-wall because that was the only position not standing in the puddle. That means, that my turds also fall on the floor. The bowl was so messy that I really was not able to look in itÖpuuuuah. I did a real monster-pile! , and as I was peiing for finishing my business a little girl looked inside my stall and giggled. She closed the door and seconds later I heard a strong psssssssh outside. I wiped, and as I left my stall I saw this girl going out while pulling down her skirt, she looked back and smiled at me. Than I saw that she had made a big puddle in front of my stall.
The most embarrassing situation for me was a dump, as I had entered a stall and started wide open. The door had problems to stand closed. In this moment I heard a crowd of girls coming in from a bus, and one opened my door. I couldnít longer wait as she closed the door and let out my turds. But the door went open alone. I saw the long rows in front of the stalls and I was dumping in full view . Some giggled, but most didnít care. I had no other chance than bringing my business to an end in complete public. After the first few moments I also didnít care and did a comfortable unhurried dump. As I washed my hands, I saw one of the girls also squatting with the open door over my pile pushing out her businessÖ
The craziest was a situation was at a morning, as I was on my way to the toilet-hut as a pregnant woman running besides me. As I entered some seconds later this woman came back to the direction of the sinks. She hat pulled up her skirt and was going with legs spread. With the one hand she was pushing her crotch beside, so I had a full view to her pussie. She stood in front of a sink bending forward and started vomiting in it. One hand was holding her pants, and the other was holding her skirt up. She spread her legs more and moaned between her vomiting-attacks. I first saw a strong pee-stream and seconds later I saw her pushing out some fat long turd. As I looked into the direction of the stalls, I saw that she had opened every door, all were occupied, but she didnít close them. And so I saw three pooping woman. All had finished soon. And so I entered one stall but let the door open because it stinks to much. So I could see this pregnant woman. She was still standing at ! the sink, but didnít vomit any more. She made loud sounds of moaning and pushing. And after a short time she continued her dump without any hurry . Turd after turd came out breaked by strong piss gushers. And even as I washed my hands at the near sink she pushed out a last turd and started wiping. She grinned at me, pulled down her skirt and went outÖ.
He girls - Iím waiting for your stories !!!!!! more later

TO SHY COLLEGE GIRL: I am the same way. I am a 20/m and wont shit at my girlfriends house. I can remember waiting days to go. I have always been like that. He he he we would be a cool couple....cya

I have gain so much weight in the past two yeasrs and now find it impossable to reach my ass hole to wipe it after I poop. I would like to know what type methods other people use that have the same problem.

Curious Dude
BILL: Glad to rekindle your fond memories of pooping while wet. There's definatly something about that that makes it feel good.

GaryUSA, I would suggest wearing diapers or protective underware if you r having bm's in your sleep. A pull-up diaper might be a good choice so u can finish the rest of you "accident" in the toilet if you wake up in time.

Raging Urophile
In this 2nd post, I will discuss some of my highly emotional feelings and experiences regarding female body functions. I welcome any comments.
I first realized that I had an intense interest in watching girls pee when I was a four year old in Kindergarten. Whenever one of the little girls would ask the teacher to use the restroom, I would immediately raise my hand to also use the restroom. My motives were quite devious, however. I am surprised that I never got caught and that the teacher never suspected anything. Instead of using the boy,s room, I would put my cheek on the floor and peek under the one inch crevace seperating the girl's restroom door and the floor. I enjoyed seeing the girls' ankles and feet hanging down from the tiolet. I wanted to see much more of course, but I had to take what I could get.
Strangely enough, my urophilia remained dormant for another 15 years until I turned 20.I rarely thought about girls peeing. The only exception was my beautiful 5th grade teacher who was 28 years old. I used to wonder how often she used the bathroom. Otherwise, there was no hint of urophilia. I remember in 3rd grade one day, the boy's bathroom was flooded. The boys were then allowed to use the girls room as a result. Many of us were amused at being in the bathroom with the opposite sex. But I do not recall being excited in any way while I was in there.
When I was 19, I had a job as a busboy that required me to clean the women's restroom. It was amusing, but not exciting.
Then, for reasons I could not then explain, I became a raging urophile seemingly overnight. My desire to see a woman pee was such a desperate one that I sought out therapy. My counselor traced my urophilia coming out of dormancy to one event in July of 1978 when I was 20. I was at a work party with a girl I had an intense interest in. I was hoping for a relationship with her that never materialized. At any rate, before we left she gave me a big hug. As she was hugging me, she said she really needed to go to the bathroom. She let me go, hugged me again, and said she had better get going before she had an accident. Hence, my urophilia was dormant no more.
On the conscious level there are a few reasons why I am a urophile. The first reason is curiosity. I desperately began to wonder what a female urine flow looked like. Was it a stream? Was it a gush? Was it a spray? Was it a splatter? What was its trajectory? Did it come out in an arc or was it more straight downward? What was its velocity? What was its circumferance? How long did the average female pee flow last? What was the average volume excreted? I learned after viewing a couple hundred video clips that , unlike men, there is no standard female urine flow. Each urine flow is as unique as each set of fingerprints. This is why I never get tired of seeing it. The answers, therefore, to many of the above questions are anything and everything. I never had imagined the degree of complexity and diversity of female urodynamics. As a child, I simply thought that girls peed from their anuses and that the vulva was strictly used as a birth canal.
The second reason I am consciously a urophile is the intimacy factor. To draw an analogy with sex; part of sexual arousal stems from the concept of allowing someone to invade your privacy. It is a sign of openess, deep friendship and trust between two people. But AHHA! Using the restroom is an activity that is SO private , we usually do it alone. Therefore, if someone allows you to observe them relieving themselves, isn't this conceptually even more intimate than sex? Isn't it a sign of even greater trust and willingness to be open? My answer is a resounding YES! The third reason I am a urophile is the innate desire in all of us to be a little naughty. As I stated in my first post, mainstream culture sets up barriers that prevent us from seeing the opposite sex relieve oneself. First you would have to go in the wrong restroom, then you would have to go into the women's stall. Even if you got this far, you would then need to look between her legs where the action is. ! The fact that these barriers are so difficult to penetrate, and because society regards viewing these activities as innapropriate. it just makes it even more naughty, hence, the more you want to see it.
In closing this post, I want to compare the psychological impact of the intimacy factor with voyeurism. Hypothetically, I could view the exact same video of a women relieving herself, but the degree of excitment would depend on how the scene was prefaced. If I was told That this is a scene of a women peeing in front of a male friend, acquaintance, or stranger intentionally, and she does not care that he is watching, it would far more arousing than if I was told this is a video of a man spying on an unsuspecting bladder drainer. Same video, but different degrees of excitment.
In my next post, I will discuss some incidents that caused sweating and heart palpitations, problems concentrating in my college Physiology classes, and two amusing trips to prostitutes.

Adrian: Thanks for your nice words. Yes, I think Beryl and Pam must have picked up a bug. Beryl, normally so energetic and active has been quite ill, wan and pale, and she was off work for two days. Pam wasn't quite so bad, she didn't lose any time.

Cara, to answer your questions.
1. Which type of underwear do you find that you tend to get more skid marks. (Thong, I can only think it's tight to the arsehole).

2. Which do you prefer to wear if caught in a desperate situation. (Pantyhose and briefs. When I've been caught short it's not quite so messy, even if I have diarrhoea it's held in quite well).

3. Yes. I sometimes squat right down and try to loosen the poop by fingering my arsehole when I'm constipated or hard bound).

4. No, I've never pushed soap up my arse. I have taken a liquid enema of soap and water, andthat has loosened me right up.

I went to the Ladies late in the afternoon yesterday, just before finishing my shift. I saw the young man who had spied on me lurking about and asked him if he was alright. He told me he was following up my suggestion that late on was the best time to sneak into the Ladies. I told him there was no time like the present and to follow me. As I suspected all the stalls were empty save one, I took his arm, chiding him for looking so apprehensive and walked over to a middle stall. I told him to bolt the door and as he did so I unzipped my jeans and pushed them and my panties down to my knees and sat on the toilet. He stared at me, open mouthed. I chided him again, saying,
"What's the matter, you saw me like this a couple of days ago, why are you so scared now?"
He started to stutter an answer but I hushed him up.
"Shhh . . ." I murmured. I was peeing by this time and then I strained and shit, dropping three or four turds into the pan. I knew he was looking intently at me, but now I had to concentrate on my poop. I widened my thighs, bent my head down, looking between my thighs and pushed really hard, sending another shower of turds plop, plopping into the pan, I smelt quite a bit because I'd been holding myself since dinner.
"Rip me off some paper, please," I asked, knowing that he would see more of my arse as he did so.
I looked up and took the paper from him giving him a smile. I couldn't help notice the bulge in his trousers, he was quite excited, truth to tell so was I. I stood up and reached behind to wipe my arse, it was so erotic to see his excitement as I wiped myself three more times. After I had pulled up my panties and jeans and flushed the toilet, I kissed him on the lips. "You can come to the lav with me anytine," I murmured. I opened the stall door to check and seeing the room empty ushered him out before washing my hands. I'm looking forward to more toilet experiences with my new toyboy, after all if I can't get my partner to do these things then maybe it's time I changed my partner. Comments welcomed, please. Bye for now.

Twice Shy
Head games, played at sea

I have my own collection of anecdotes relating to cruise ships and the taking of turdulent dumps thereon. They do indeed warn about dropping things like tampons and paper towels down the john, only the signs I have seen said that up to 50 crappers might share the same part of the plumbing, meaning you'd have a lot of upset folks. Of course, the good part about a cruise ship is that they have public facilities, too, as you'll find near the theatre, casino and lounge areas. When I've felt truly massive dumps approach, I've often used these alternatives to the stateroom can, for I would not want a roommate or cabin steward to share in the stench. Indeed, I've often feared such immense droppings that I'd be afraid to flush, and in a public john, it's easy to disown one's own.

So let's see--when we made our port call in Aruba after 2 days at sea on my very first cruise, we were riding in a tour bus through their rather dry outback area. It seems these small islands need to be resource-conscious, so they make their bottled water from the sea and fertilize their crops with--you guessed it--the processed waste that is offloaded from cruise ships. It must be that one can safely use human poo on agricultural crops, given the proper methods of treatment and composting; we've all heard of the wonders of Milorganite, that gift of Milwaukee, WI to horticulturalists nationwide.

The 2nd cruise I took was on one of those Voyager-class, 142,000-ton ships, from Royal Caribbean. After I'd spent some days at sea, reflecting over the matter of taking dumps in a closed system, it occurred to me that the problems they must face with 4000 - 5000 souls in a single container must resemble the situation with those large pig farms. Of constant concern is what to do with all the manure, which must be managed in large containers called lagoons. The crew of the Voyager, though, is dealing with the septic result of human beings. I then suspected that this part of the ship's service must be in close contact with the galley and buffet people, so that the mix that is offered to customers will have favorable results, once it hits the holding tanks.

I have to wonder, now that I think of it, if they operate separate "black" and "grey" waste-water systems on a cruise ship. Certainly, when one pees or drops a fudge-load in the toilet, there is but one place to put it. But if the sinks and showers drain to another place, you must still have all the folks peeing in the shower and washing down their smeared-up bung-holes into it. I guess what they need is something like I read about as a kid, in a Ray Bradbury or Robert Heinlein story about deep space colonies: a "converter", whereby one's turds are made into energy equivalent, for the benefit of all.

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