Hi everyone, I had a wild idea this (Sunday 23rd) morning. I’m going to take my laptop to the bathroom and try and do a live description of me going to the toilet for you all. It’s now 7:15 pm Sunday night and I’ve been feeling fuller and fuller all day and I’ve had to hold it in a few times as well. I can feel I need to do a pee too. I’m in the toilet now and my laptop is on a low step-stool right in front of me. I’m just undoing my belt……now the top button of my jeans. Pulling the zip down…….. and pushing my jeans down below my knees. Pushing my panties down so they are just below my knees. I’m sitting down now…….have to lean forward quite a way to type. I normally sit upright to pee but this is ok. Need to pee quite bad…..relaxing now and letting it come out. Can feel it come out and push past my lips…I’m peeing quite hard. I can hear it splashing loudly into the water….Oooooooo that feels better. Still peeing hard…it's so noisy. Think I’m startin! g to get empty. Yeah…it’s dying…..Squeezing a bit to get the last drops out. Can still feel a few drips falling off my pussy and go plip plip in the water. Looking at the little clock on my PC…It took me exactly 30 seconds to have my pee.

Getting a little more comfortable…pushing my panties a little further down and opening my legs a bit wider I can feel the pressure still in my butt but it’s not quite as bad as it was before I did my pee. Relaxing my butt as much as I can. I can feel its real full just inside but my ring is still tight shut. Just sitting and waiting…daydreaming about things. It’s been almost a minute now…..think I can feel something happening……..Yes I can feel the sensations changing…..I can feel it pushing on the inside of my ring……think it’s going to start coming out. Still leaning over….Yes it’s starting to open my ring…..about a minute and a quarter since I finished peeing. Opening further….can feel the pressure getting stronger now. Oooooo…it’s thick and hard…can feel my butt opening real wide. Can feel it’s coming out…very slowly. Ouch…beginning to hurt a bit… it comes….Oooooooouuuuch!! Still coming …real slow….more coming…still more coming out, I can fe! el it sliding past my hole… It feels nice and smooth, not knobby. Oooo!! just broke and landed with a huge splash….took almost a minute for that log to come out. Can feel I have another one coming. Here it comes…real slow…Ouch. Hurts like the first log…..still coming out…..still coming…still coming. Aghhh…this one broke and landed with a kind of “phuddd” sound. I think it landed on my first log….that one took just over half a minute to come out. Can still feel I have more poo inside. Here's a third one starting to come out…stretching my poor little ring again….Can feel it sliding out ever so slow. Can feel it rubbing my ring as it comes out…feels real nice…… that one fell into the water with another splash ……that took about 20 seconds. But I still need to do some more…..can feel my ring opening again…….Wondering “How much more poo can I have inside me”…… Can definitely tell this one’s a little smaller……coming out just a little faster as w! ell…Ooooooooo Oooooooooo …it dropped with another “phuddd” sound…..that one took about another 15 seconds. Ohhhhhhh… my ring is closing up……Ohhhhhhhh…that feels soooooooooo much better now. I’ll just wait a few seconds to make sure…..Yes…think I’m empty at last….. Ohhhhhhhhhh..relief…feel so much more comfortable now.

I’m standing and looking into the toilet….I can see 4 logs …three of them are about 5 inches long and the fourth is much shorter…about 3 inches. They all look to be about two and half inches thick.

Have to wipe now….tearing off 4 pieces of tp…..folding them into a pad. Putting my hand behind me…bending over and wiping my butt …..Looking at the tp….one more wipe perhaps. Throwing it into the toilet. Taking another 4 sheets and making my pad. Bending over again….hands behind me…and…wipe. Having a look….ok now….throwing it into the toilet. Taking some more tp….opening my legs and pushing my hand down in front…wiping my pussy…throwing the tp into the bowl…..flushing the toilet. Pulling up my panties…pulling up my jeans…doing up the top button….pulling up my zipper…..Looking at my PC clock and it’s taken me just a little bit more than 5 minutes to do my pee and poo. Hope everyone enjoyed being with me.

Love to all - Ash


The film sounds like 'The Maddening' starring Burt Reynolds and Angie Dickenson, Mia Sara. Trimark Pictures made it and it was released by EIV on video format a few years back. It's deleted now, but I have a copy on PAL/VHS.


It's kind of interesting how being open with other guys about pooping can result in better relationships. I work in San Diego. Recently, the main New York office sent another young dude (we're both about 25) to help us complete a project on the West Coast. This guy's name is Brandon. He's a former high school athlete real outgoing and good looking. My boss asked me to show him a good time while he was in town seeing that we're about the same age. Well Brandon kind of got my nerves at first. He put down everything in San Diego as not being as good as in NY. One day, I drove him to one of our other offices. That morning we left kind of early. This threw my bowels a little out of whack, and I did not get to take my usual morning shit. But the appointment went well. We got back to San Diego at about noon. It was getting close to lunch, so Brandon wanted me to suggest a place for us to go eat. I remembered a place even he would like so we headed to his hotel room to fr! eshen up before lunch. When we got there I asked him if he minded if I took a shit. He said: "No problem, dude!" It was the typical chain hotel room -- a sink and mirror across from a closet area, and a shower and toilet in a room beyond the sink. I lost no time tossing my suit coat on one of the beds and sauntered over to the toilet. Down went my pants and boxers to the floor, and I did my usual comfortable thigh spread. I did not close the bathroom door. Brandon hung up his coat right across from me, and I think the fact that the door was open may have taken him by surprise. He moved away, back into the room. But as I started my crap, I talked about the morning appointment. Instead of one big log, I had a series of those nice, firm medium-sized turds. As I squeezed out each log, I would interrupt my sentence with a little grunt of relief. To my surprise, Brandon emerged from the interior of the room and stood in the doorway as the third log splashed into the bowl. I con! tinued to talk to him and launch my torpedoes, and he stood there listening to my banter and laughing and talking. He continued standing there while I wiped my butt. After that, something changed in our business relationship. He became much more friendly and we began to have a great time together out of hours. One night we even picked up a pair of chicks at a bar. I guess by my taking a shit with him watching and just continuing a normal conversation broke the ice. He's back in NYC now and I know that I have a good buddy in the New York office whom I can consult about problems in my work. Anyone else have the experience of shitting bringing folks closer together?

Traveling Guy
Yesterday evening, our friend Tina came to visit. Tina, an attractive woman in her early 30s, went upstairs with my wife to sit at the computer and talk about a project they’re working on. I stayed downstairs in the living room, reading. I could hear them talking upstairs for a while, but, later on, Tina and my wife stepped out into the hall and I started to hear some strange laughter and an even stranger conversation. "I can’t get it either," I heard my wife say, and then she called to me, "Guy, can you come up here, please? Hurry!"

When I got to the top of the steps, I saw both women standing just outside the bathroom. Tina had her belt undone and my wife was fumbling with the zipper on Tina’s jeans. Before I could ask what the heck was going on, my wife explained. "Tina has to pee, but her zipper is stuck. Can you try it?" Well, this wasn’t the time to say "No."

I stepped up to Tina, facing her, and noticed right away that she hadn’t undone her top pants button yet, so I told her to take a breath while I pushed it open with my thumb. "Might as well get that out of the way," I said. Tina laughed embarrassingly. She was amazed, I think, that her good friend’s husband was opening her jeans while his wife looked on. Then I started on the zipper, which was stuck tight and wouldn’t budge.

"Oh, I don’t think I can hold it much longer," said Tina with a desperate laugh. "I’m sorry. This just hit me so fast. Should I just cut my jeans open?" she asked us.

Tina was in a big hurry, but I was confident I could get the zipper open, given a little more time. Besides, this was fun. "Come on," I told her, motioning her into the bathroom and over to the toilet. "At least you’ll be close by when I finally get you undone." After tugging some more, I said, "I can’t get a good pull on the zipper this way. Here, let me move around behind you." With that, I stood behind Tina, with my arms around her waist, so I could pull down on the zipper with more force. The whole situation was getting pretty suspenseful, in a humorous way. My wife was trying to be sympathetic, but she couldn’t hold back her laughter. That got me going and I couldn’t resist having some fun. "Hey, Tina, have you ever been to Niagara Falls? Have you ever seen any of those famous fountains? All that water shooting up in the air?…" Both Tina and my wife pleaded with me to shut up, but they couldn’t stop laughing. I wondered if Tina was going to lose it soo! n, so I told her, "If you can’t hold it any longer, say so and sit down on the john. You may wet your pants, but at least you’ll get most of it in the potty."

Suddenly, the zipper gave way and opened. It was all I could do to get out of Tina’s way before she had her thumbs locked inside the waist of her jeans and panties, jerked them down to her thighs, and planted herself on the potty. "Um, I think my work here is done," I announced, as I headed towards the door. But before I could take half a step, Tina was peeing a torrent, making quite a loud splash as she uttered a big sigh of relief. "And not a moment too soon, either, I guess," I flung over my shoulder as I closed the door. Outside in the hall, my wife and I flashed big smiles at each other and shook our heads with a "Whew, that was close" look on our faces. When she emerged, Tina quietly thanked me and we left it at that. Wow, that’s one I’ll remember for a while.

Natalie-- I found your introduction most interesting. I also have cerebral palsy. Most of us have to struggle with constipation. I did from earily childhood. What do you do for it? Are you poops huge and do you have ot strain alot to get them out? I've often plugged the toilet because my poops are so big. Sometimes they get stuck and my Mom would have to dig them out with her fingers. Have you had enemas? I had my far share, especially when in Hospital being operated on... those were the worst. Often after an operation, when I was still drugged for the pain and from the anesthetic, there was no way I'd go on my own so the nurse would have to give me enemas or suppositories. The enenma always works. but often the suppositories just left me straiing and struggling with no relief...I hate suppositories...give me an enema and let me git it over with.-- Hope you tell us osme stories. -JW

To shy college girl: Loved your story about peeing around the dumpsters at the, you were brave!

To Undecided: Enjoyed your story.

To Bluto: Thanks...i didn't know what that movie was called. Enjoyed your story too.

To branden: Go get a suppository and put it up her butt, it might help her go easier..good luck.

To SeXy gIrL: Liked your story..sounds like a nice dump you had

To Natalie: Welcome..i liked your stories..would love to hear more. Since you have C.P. is it hard for you to tell when you have to poop? can you feel it up you?

To Jackie: I liked your story...i too have craped my pants now that im older.

To historian: Sounds like a cool movie.

To Lexi: Loved your story..i don't think i've seen any grown person pee or poo them selfs, wish i have though.

To Margaritte: Liked your you think you would have been able to hold if your dad didn't frighten you?

To COYOTE: Enjoyed your story.

To Ariana: Liked your story about you and your friend peeing in the

To Massive Poop: Sounds like you were really constipated and you had a nice dump.

To unnmaed poster: Thanks for telling me the name of the movie.

To Bill: Loved your story How many days didn't you shit?

To the guy thats 26: I liked your story..yeah i think that was rude what she said.

To Jobbie Interview: Enjoyed your story..did you get that job?

I've noticed that latly i've been pooping alot like atleast once or twice a day..i don't know what i been eating. Its been soft too.
well gotta go bye

hey my girl friend still hasnt take'n a dump shes in pain so i need to know what to do

To Massive Poop:

Like your story. When you took your enema, how many quarts of soapy water did you take? 3 quarts 4 quarts? Did the enema give you cramps?
I like to know. Like hearing enema stories..


Thanks to every one for answering my questions, are there any girls with more urine test stories? I'dlike to hear more. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

shy college girl
The only story I really have is my 21st birthday. I was at the beach with 2 guys and I was extremely drunk. when it was time to leave I tried to make it to the restrooms but I really had to pee. When we were almost to the parking lot, one of the guys I was with convinced to me to squat behind the dumpster (actually maybe it was in front of it because I was between the dumpster and the water). Having never taken a piss outside before or in front of anyone, I was really nervous but since I was drunk, it was pretty easy. I just pulled the bottom of my bikini down and squatted and pissed right there in the sand while the guys I was with stood in front of me (to block the view from other beachgoers? yeah right! but I was drunk so I guess that was what I thought they were doing). Since I was pretty much out in the open, I did not have anything to wipe with and that made me feel a little uncortable.
Then later, on the way home, one of the guys also had to take a piss, so when we stopped at the bank to use the atm, I saw him pissing in the parking lot behind the car.
That is all the stories I have as I still don't like taking a shit in public. when my boyfriend is here or I am at his place, I hold it till I am alone, which is sometimes hard since we are sometimes together for a couple days or more at a time. I am actually away from him for the first time in 3 straight days (he is at work) and I could not wait for him to leave because I had to go so bad. I am actually on the toilet taking a shit right now, I have a laptop!

Well, for the first time since my childhood I had an accident. It happened last night while talking to my Mum on the phone. I suddenly got an urge to poo which wasn't bad at first but then became more urgent. I was walking back and forth near my lounge room and entrance hall which is tiled. Desperatly trying to hold it all in I just let go, bugger it I thought. The tip felt, and was, rather hard and I thought it was no big deal as I'd do a couple of hard turds, not much mess. I was very mistaken, the tip was hard but what came out after was very soft and messy. It went on the floor and some landed on my pants and then I started to piss.

After standing around finishing my phone call I cleaned up, it wasn't that big a deal, I was more pissed off about missing a tv show. I'm just glad I was home alone at that time!!

Dream Clown. Thanks for your good wishes.

Sheila. Thanks for your remarks. Yes, I was excited by the young man watching me. He wasn't in the Ladies by accident, because I spoke to him a day or so later and asked him how he managed to get into the Ladies without being seen. He told me they were empty for a brief second or so when he was passing and just dashed in. I told him there was no need to fear from me but some of the other girls might report him, I told him the best time to watch was late in the day when most of the girls were wanting to get home. I'll make sure I go just around that time to see if he follows up. I'm going to loosen up at home when my partners around and see what happens. I expect you'll love to have Greg home from Dublin for another double dump and whatever follows, I'll be thinking of you.

Got to work early today and needed to have a poop straight away. Two of the stalls were occupied by girls having a poop. I went into the stall between them and undid my jeans and pushed them down to my ankles followed by my panties. As I sat on the lav, the girl on my left grunted and pushed out a load of poop, she was really loose and as it splattered into the pan I could hear her groaning and sighing like she had a bad belly ache. I don't think she knew I was next to her because she called out, "Oh, Pam, I feel bad." and the girl on my right answered. "Join the club," followed by another dose of loose stuff. Then I started to go. I didn't have the runs like my two companions but I was soft and easy, my poop kinda sliding out of my bum fast, plopping into the pan as I peed. I was finished very quick but I just sat and waited as Pam and the other girl continued to groan and poop for almost fifteen minutes. During this time several other girls came in and starte! d peeing and pooping. I wiped my bottom when I heard Pam start to wipe and pulled up my panties and jeans. As I did so Pam wiped three maybe four more times. I flushed the pan and went across to wash my hands. Pam's stall opened and I recognised her as a girl who worked on the grocery counter, she was tall and willowy with ginger hair. She came over and started to wash her hands beside me then the other girl emerged from her stall. I thought I recognised the voice, it was Beryl, one of my check-out mates. She's a big girl, not fat, just big, almost six foot and blonde. She joined Pam and myself at the wash-basins, I said hello to her and asked her if she felt better. She said, "Oh, Audrey, I got the shits real bad. I think I'll have to go back home, all I've been doing since I got up is shitting." She leant on the edge of the wash-basin, pressing a hand to her stomach, and looked at me, her face pale and wan. "Pam and I went for a few drinks last night and now I'! m paying for it. Ohhh . . ." she groaned and said, "I gotta go again." Pam and I watched her dash back to the stalls, crouching with a hand pressed to her bum. Pam and I dried our hands and went over to the stall. Beryl had her dress hiked up high around her waist and had pushed her panties right down to her ankles. She was bent right over arms pressed tight to her stomach, head almost between her knees, as she pooped again and again in a torrent of watery mush. She raised her head and told me to tell the superviser that she had to go home. Reluctantly I left her and Pam, who also looked ill, and went into work and to tell the superviser about Beryl. That's all for now.

Bridget. Thanks for your kind words.

raging urophile
This is an outstanding site that I just discovered about three nights ago. There are a few things I would like to write about, but I will use this first post to discuss my philosophy as to why some of us, including myself, are so interested in body functions of the opposite sex.
I truly believe that our society, for decades, has been responsible for this fascination and arousal by creating attitudes and policies that are contradictory to our natural human instints. From the time we are barely out of our cribs, we are introduced to the concept of gender seperation with regards to privacy. We learn at a young age that it is perfectly natural and acceptable to share private facilities, such as restrooms, with our own gender, but that it is totally unacceptable to share these activities or facilities with the opposite gender. We take these concepts for granted all our lives and rarely question their validity.
It is my opinion that that this gender seperation is totally unnatural, unhealthy, and is actually in violation of our true human nature and instincts. This forced seperation results in a supression of our natural instints. When one's instints are supressed for many years, it is only natural to assume that without an outlet provided by mainstream culture to satisfy are inborn curiosities and urges, these supressed instints will find a way to be expressed, for better or for worse.
It is instinctively natural for little boys to see little girls "go potty", and vice versa. It SHOULD be a natural and healthy activity that children, especially, should be able to do in front of one another without shame. But, of course, as I stated earlier, our mainstream culture only permits us to engage in this activity with our own gender, thus denying us what is natural. As a result, those of us denied this outlet , if the opportunity arises, will find a way to experience it later in life.
I am highly envious of those of you that have had these great experiences.They have provided great reading. I hope some day I can satisfy my intense desire to see beautiful women drain their bladders and evacuate their bowels.
In my next post, I will describe some personally frustrating and emotional experiences that involve being an unfulfilled urophile.

Once I was on an INCREDILBLY boring feild trip for school, and we were gone for quite a while. When we got back we all had to usee the restroom. Both my best friend and I gave up on waiting and ran straight for the lunch area. My friend's bladder was exploding (litterly) and I was just like, well I already had a stain! We had to squat. And to our surprize we werent alone. Neearly the whole school was there! We didn't have enough time to get behind a bush! We were completely visible!

Bryian: the movie on TBS you're talking about is called "the big hit". It's a funny movie in my opinion, but of course it receives bonus points for having that toilet scene in it.

I went to the dentist on thursday, in between my college classes, to get some fillings put in. After the dentist finished putting them in, she told me I could go and rinse my mouth out. I went to the bathroom down the hall and I didn't bother to lock the door cuz I only meant to rinse and be out. Well after rinsing I got that feeling from my bladder, telling me that while I was in here I might as well empty out some water weight. I lifted the lid, but not the seat, and peed a steady yellow stream for a half minute or so (the seat remained clean as a whistle). I then flushed and was washing my hand, and as the bowl was making the swirling motion, the bathroom door opened up about a third of the way, but quickly closed up. I didn't see who it was but no harm was done, not that I would have said anything either way. I came out shortly after washing my hands and saw the person to be a middle aged blonde haired woman, maybe 38 years of age. She quickly blurted out "I apologize fo! r coming in like that" and despite the novacaine making my mouth feel 10 lbs heavier, I smoothly said "it's okay". I added a little smirk, but I can only imagine what it looked like without my jaw muscles working fully. The woman walked in the bathroom when I was about halfway down the hall back to the dentist's room, alas there really couldn't be any way for me to stay and try to listen or anything, given that people would be looking for me soon to pay the bill.
Of course I imagined what she would look like on the toilet and I silently cursed my luck, or lack thereof. One day I'll strike the jackpot like so many people I've read about on the forum.

hi my name is branden im 16 and my girl friend(5'4 130 lb blond hair brown eyes)is haveing a real big problem she hasnt taken a dump in two weeks im really worried about her shes in some pain and i dont know what to do i love her to death so tell me how i can help ~branden

SeXy gIrL
Hey everyone!!!!!! I just had a huge shit this morning....

When I woke up, I felt my ???? going up and down, and I knew I would have to poop. I went to the bathroom, pulled my shirt up, and sat on the seat. I relaxed for a few minutes, then peed a nice stream. The clear morning pee shot out for about 25 seconds. I gripped both hands on the sides of the toilet, and began pushing. First, a small fart came out. After a few minutes, a piece crackled, and plopped into the toilet. I peed a little more tiny drops, and then farted once more. I pushed again, and felt more up there. Soon, 2 pieces about 5" inches long fell out of my butt, into the toilet. I sat for about 8 more minutes, and pushed out 2 more pieces about 2" inches long. The smell wasn't too bad. I stood up, and looked into the toilet. The biggest piece was about 7" inches long. The rest of the smaller light brown pieces looked kinda soft. I tore off some toilet paper, and wiped from behind. Up and down, about 6 times. I then flushed and had poptarts for ! breakfast.

Sheila -
1. Do you ever pee or poop naked? Whenever I'm about to take a shower
2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop? MOstly kept together
3. Where are your panties when you sit? At my ankles
4. Do you ever put both hands on the sides of the toilet when you poop? Sometimes, when I have to grunt and push hard
5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina? Always from the back
6. Do you lean forward when you poop? Sometimes
7. Are your hands on your knees? My elbows are on my knees, and sometimes my hands are near my chin.

Hope everyone liked!!!! Gotta go for now....

It's been ages since I've posted here... Great seeing (reading) you all again!

Two weeks ago my doctor gave me a mild medication to help me with my blood pressure. Constipation is one it's side effect. The doc told me to expect the constipation so no surprise there... Although I don't like pooping 'golf balls' & 'marbles', that really isn't my problem.
What's got me concerned is that I'm losing weight. Is that normal during bouts of constipation ?

Hi everyone. My name is Natalie and I'm 15 years old. I've got long brown hair, green eyes, and I'm about' 4'8, and I'm really skinny. I actually look closer to 10 than 15. Everyone tells me I'm really pretty. The reason I'm so small is because I was born two months early. As a result of being born premature I have spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. Or in english, LOL... I can't walk because the muscles in my legs are really tense. My CP affects my whole body but mostly my legs. Not only am I unable to walk but I suffer from muscle spasms and, unfortunatly constipation. Actually, let me ammend myself. Saying I am unable to walk is misleading. Until 2nd grade I used a walker. From 2nd grade to the present I have used forearm crutches. I've got tons of stories but I need to get to bed because spring break is officially over tomorrow so today's post will consist of a very short story. I might write a more detailed version of this story another time.


When I was 5 I was sitting on a rug in my kindegarten class working in my reading workbook. At some point I started feeling like I needed to poop, but back then (and even to a point now) I didn't like pooping at school, or in any public place for that matter so I tried to hold it. Eventually my body betrayed me and I ended up pooping in my pants. A few minutes later a girl sitting next to me (she still goes to the same school as me.) asked me if I had pooped. I tried to deny it but was eventually found out by the teacher.


Wish I had more time. I'll write again tomorrow.



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