Oh my god, I had the worst accident!

I was recently just at a competition in eastern Canada. well, tryouts for a world class competition, but yea, anyway.

So obviously I was real nervous. Normally I dont eat fast food because I'm on a diet, but at this particular place we were at, there wasnt really any other place, and we had to eat, as me and everyone with me was starving! But, this food purely did not go well with me, AT ALL!! ahhh.

So yea, that was the night before we went to try out. It was already pretty late when we ate, because it took us forever to get to our hotel from the airport. So we woke up pretty early and my ???? was a bit upset, but I merly thought it was just my nervousness. I was wrong. We got there, and we all got changed, and I couldnt really leave in the middle, since I could be called anytime and this was really important. About 30 mins into the tryouts, I knew that I really had to take a shit, and it was going to be bad. My nervousness, combined with fast food, was not going to be pretty. But I couldnt leave tho!! ahhh!!! So I'm sitting there, waiting to be called, hoping that I wont shit my panties. Every minute that went by seemed like eternity, as I was so so desperate to go, and clenching my butt cheeks together as hard as I could. I started squirming around a lot, and people were asking me what was wrong. I simply said that I really had to go to the bathrom, and everyone ! said that I should go. My friend Amy said she would come with me, and just then, my coach comes by and says that I'll be up pretty soon and to come with him. Walking was really had because I had to shit so bad, and I know knew that this was not going to be solid. I told me coach I had to use the mathroom, but he said that after my category registrations I could go. Well, that ended up taking longer than expected, and my ???? cramped up really bad. Everyone must have known that I was about to crap myself. My coach saw my desperation and told me that I could go. I started running, but after a few seconds I knew that was a really bad idea when I farted and a glob of juicy diarhea fell into the bottom of my panties. I just stoped there and froze. I was atleast 2 mins from the girls room, and what was worse was that I was wearing white pants. Thankfully they werent tight. I walked carefully to the bathroom, and when got into the hall, I tried to go faster. I just doubled over i! n pain, held my stomache and squatted down at the same time. Then it happened. I couldn't control my ass muscles, and then boom, sqirt brrpspltsplatsplouchehhphatplatbrrptttppp I completley soiled myself. My pants were ruined, and my panties were completley filled to the brim. From there it didn't matter if I ran or not, so I made it to the bathroom as fast as I could. I dont think anyone saw me, and if they did, they never said anything. I ran into a stall and ended up crapping even more, this time it was purely liquid, and it ran all down my legs and onto the floor. I took off my pants carefully, and my panties were just a mess. They were supposed to be white cotton, with purple butterflys on them, but now they were brown stained with shit smeared all over them. I was mortified, I've never, ever, crapped myself since I was little, and this proved to be the worst of disasters. My ass was full of crap, and it all ran forward all around my vagina. Cleaning up was so bad, beca! use every few seconds, I would feel the need to shit more, so I had to sit on the toilet, squishing all the poop on my bum, and then letting out more into the bowl. It made a funny sound since my ass was already covered in poop. It was like "brrrrrrsplitpupupupitpitpit, plop plop phffftleeep". Finally, after 45 minutes, I was all cleaned up, and halfway through, some people came to check up on me. Needless to say, everyone found out what happened, but everyone felt so bad for me, and my coach helped my as much as he could. I got new pants, and borrowed a friends spare pair of panties. I still competed and ended up getting second place!! But holy crap, was I ever embaressed!! this day was partially the worst day of my life, but also a good day because regardless of what happened, I was still able to compete and win second! Yay for Jackie! wooo!

Just thougth I'd share my story. I've been close to crapping myself once, but ended up going in some guys backyard. This was by far my worst accident, and probably the biggest shit of my life! Nervousness, plus fast food, and then embaressment, doesnt go well with a small 17 year old girl!! Peace out!

Saw a movie over the weekend called "Drive, She Said." In it, the alluring Moira Kelly is taken hostage by a bank robber. As they are traveling in his car, she tells him she needs to use the bathroom. In the next scene, she is shown from the waist up squatting in the ditch and she asks her captor to turn around. He tell her he will if she sings so that he'll know she hasn't run off. "Don't worry," she says, "I pee loudly." He then turns around and we see a full shot of her. The full shot only lasts about a second and it's from a distance, but the whole scene is pretty cute and it's wonderful to see Moira Kelly squatting at the side of the road.

More when I find it.


Let em start off by saying Im 13 female and I have a 6year old sister. Accidents are common in my house as my my mom, samantha(my sister) and I all have weak bladders and sometimes bowels. As a example my mom and I were at the local mall(sam was at a friends house and my dad was working) for soem summer clothes for me. Now my mom usually poops after dinner everynight. We had dinner at the foodcourt. Afterwards we went into a slothing store. While looking at the racks in the back I hear a "pphhfft" sound and look at my mom "I'm sorry I just am gassy tonight" We continue shopping everyone in a while hereing that sound(she wasn't kidding when she said gassy :-) ) . Then as we were walking to the exit I hear it again only longer. "Oh no" "What?" I ask. "Umm that last one wasn't a gas, Oh well. my panties are already dirty" She then got a look of concentration on her face. A small lump expands to a mound in the back of her pants(purple leggins). Then as we get to the car sh! e squats as pees too. NOw as this is not a rarity we carry towels in the car(we also have extra clothing but my mom said she would clean up at home). After about 10 minutes after leaving I also feel pressure 'down there' so I ask permission(normally my parents don't mind but they like us to ask permission beforehand unless its a real accident) sit on a towl and pee my panties. THey were semi dry by the time I got home so I kept them on which was good because while doing my homework due today I peed them again and pooped them.

Now this is not a rarity in my house but I was wondering...How many of you have seen your mother or babysitter or teacher pee/poo them selves? How common a occurance is it? Was it public or private? How did they and you react?

Seem surveys have become the vogue.... They're fun, so some more of my answers -
Dreamer's survey of us poopers out here:

1) When using a public restroom, which do you prefer?

a) being alone in that room.
If its a public toilet, I prefer not to be alone... that can be creepy and quite scary.
b) have the restroom be crowded.

Yes i prefer this - its also fun to listen to all the sound effects - the smells can be quite gross however.

2)How many times do you pee while pooping? Once - usually a long stream after pooing.

Coyote's questions for us about peeing in the toilet bowl.

About the same amount as you get on the head of a small beer, or sometimes a big beer depending on how full my bladder is - the fuller, the more forcefully I wee, the more bubbbles there are.

Loadlogger: Hey, man. While I appreciate your empathy for my unfortunate doorless stall incident, I can't say I agree with you on your stand on male community shitting. I think your aversion to it is a little extreme. I don't agree that men/boys taking a dump next to one another is akin to men/boys raping one another. I have taken many dumps in bathrooms with no doors on the stalls, and a few times in barracks-like bathrooms where there were no stalls at all (e.g. summer camp). And I can't say I was attacked exactly, I was harrassed and humiliated, but they didn't beat me up. I think guys (and girls) should be comfortable enough with their bodies and its functions to not be so self-conscious about having to pee and shit in front of one another. We live in one of the only countries in the world where this is even an issue. While I prefer some privacy when moving my bowels, I don't really have much of a problem going in front of people, even in light of my unfortunate! experience. Please understand that I'm not saying that you are "wrong", but in my personal opinion, I think your viewpoint is a tad extreme.

Note: I noticed that you singled our "male coummunity shitting." What are your feelings on female community shitting?


Long time reader, first time posting, though. I suppose I've had my share of toilet misadventures just like most of us. Only one of them though, I think deserves to be in the annals of all-time doozies (or is it DOOKIES)!

Once when I was fifteen, I had stayed out way past my curfer (2A.M.). I hoped to God my parents were asleep, and that I could sneak inside. I was sure I'd get a hiding, but preferred it wait until morning if possible. Well, I had needed to both pee and shit for a couple of hours, but had been holding it. By the time my date dropped me off, both my bladder and my bowels were about to burst! Well, he dropped me off a few houses down from mine so I could sneak in, and I kissed him goodnight and he drove off. I ran to my house with my hand pressed firmly against my backside and my legs clamped together. I crept to my back door, and went to get the spare key from under the mat. But it wasn't there!

I searched frantically for it, but couldn't find it. I was in real pain now, buckled over about to have a serious accident if I didn't get to a bathroom immediately. I thought for a moment about running into the bushes and relieving my torture there, when I heard a voice behind me say, "Looking for this?". I screamed, and whirled around. It was my Dad, holding the key in his hand. He caught me! But that wasn't the worst part. Not by a long shot.

The second that he spoke, I completely lost control and peed and shit my pants. About a gallon of piss rushed out of my bladder and down my legs, and I dumped a ten pound load of crap in my panties. I just stood there, totally humiliated, and determined not to cry. I said, "Well, I just pissed and shit my pants. If you want to give me a lecture, can it wait until the morning?" He said yes and let me inside. I waddled through the kitchen, up the stairs and into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I'm sure I left a trail of pee the whole way, but if so, it had been cleaned up by morning. I peeled off my shit and piss filled jeans and underpants and ran them under the hot water in the shower, and threw them in the hamper, then took a shower. It was all pretty disgusting, washing how ever much shit I had squashed all over my butt, thighs and between my cheeks.

I went to bed and only got a couple hours sleep. In the morning, I went downstairs and sat down for breakfast with my brother and sister, who obviously knew I was in trouble. Judging from their silence, though, I assumed they didn't know about my accident. My Dad came in, got himself some coffee and asked me to come in the other room with him. We sat on the couch. He said, "Look. I was very disappointed and even more pissed off at you last night. I'm not so much angry that you didn't ome home until well after midnight, but that you didn't call and let us know you were okay. Mom was worried sick. You've never stayed out that late before." I just sat quietly, on the verge of tears. "But, in light of your unfortunate evacuation last night..." (I don't know why, but the way he said that made me laugh) "...Mom and I are going to let it slide this time. I think what happened was punishment enough." I said thanks, and we had a nice father/daughter hug, then had br! eakfast.

So, shitting my pants after coming home late was a bonding experience between my father and me. Go figure! Well, hope you enjoyed my story. Maybe I'll post some more. Later!

last night I was at the new york writer's center in sleepy hollow , NY and went in to pee on one of the two unisex restrooms. I picked the one to the left and appearently one of the women just finished urinating into the toilet bowl and forgot to flush. it is one of those water saver models with a shallow type bowl , but has water in the bowl that pretty much fills the entire bowl all the way from just about the back all the way to about 4 inches from the front rim and is elongated and has one of those very comfortable seats that is contoured to the shape of your butt. anyway , after closing and locking the door, I looked over and saw an unflushed toilet bowl with the seat down, which meant obviously a woman had used it last, as I could see this small piece of slightly yellowish toilet paper sticking to the front of the dry porcelain and half in the water. the water was sort of a mostly clear, but lightly yellowish color and there was about maybe 4-5 small patches of white! bubbly urine foam scattered on the toilet water's surface, two toward the front and the rest in the middle on both the left and right sides. the patches were about say 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter and about 3 streaks stretched across the water. I had to wonder which woman has pissed in the toilet bowl and try to imagine what it would look like to see her urine stream empty from her vulva and come out of her urinary opening [ meatus?] and obviously TINKLE into the fresh clean toilet bowl water and could imagine seeing her pee make foam as it hit the toilet water and made a nice soft pretty little tinkling sound, or was it a loud tinkling sound?, or maybe a spray ?. how wide was her urine stream ? maybe 1/8 or as much as 1/4 of an inch wide IT TURNED ME ON SO MUCH THAT I ALMOST WROTE A POEM ABOUT IT ! WHAT SHOULD I CALL IT IF I DO WRITE ONE ? HOW ABOUT " THE AUTHORS SIGNATURE TINKLE" lol

No updates today...i got another story...
Yesterday i worked and i ate lunch around 12:30 and i don't get off till like 6:30. 4 hours after eatting lunch(while i was busy working) I suddenly felt like i had to poop. I was gonna hold till i was done. Then like 15 minutes later i felt really uncomfortable and i ran to the bathroom. It was kinda soft. Then I came back and did more and i felt like i had to go more so i ran to the bathroom again. Then before i leave i had a little break and i pooped more. It was all kinda soft. During the 1 time i saw corn in it and im like humm i don't remember eating corn. Then i realized i ate some the other day. This has been a tough week, i started out kinda constipated now i kinda had the runs. I woke up farting this morning and im like i can't push any more, and i sat on the toilet and i pushed out some soft floaters. well gonna go now

Andy A
To:Katy K and Andrew K
I would like to know what page your pooping prty story is on because i would like to see it. My cousin and i do those things sometimes.

This is my first post here so I should describe myself.. 5'7", 124 lbs, fair muscle tone, fairly long legs, long red and copper hair, green eyes and a tanned complexion (unless i'm sick).

1. Do you ever pee or poop naked?
I always pee naked first thing in the morning and last thing at night because I sleep in the nude. The only other time I pee or poop naked is before I have a bath or shower.

2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop?
If the poop is normal, my legs are together. If it's diarrhea, my legs are as far apart as they can get so my butt is loose and there isn't too much pressure.

3. Where are your panties when you sit?
I pull them down around my ankles with my pants.
4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop?
No. I usually have my hands on the top of my legs. If I'm sick or my stomach hurts I hold my stomach or my hips.
5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina?
First I wipe my vagina, then I wipe my butt from the bottom up.
6. Do you lean forward when you poop?
If it's hard to get out, I lean forward. If not, I sit up straight.
7. Are your hands on your knees?
When I lean forward, yes.
OK, now I have a story. This one's fairly new, happened a couple weeks ago. I was with a few friends and we were in a park having lunch. The outhouses are still closed, seeing as all the snow hasn't melted yet where I live. We ate and drank and filled ourselves up. Soon my friend Ashley and I had to pee. We went together further into the park behind some trees. No one was around. Ashley pulled down her pants and panties and took them off. She then squatted on a patch of grass and snow and peed. The constant stream of yellow liquid trickled onto the ground, melting the snow and leaving a yellow hole. After she was done, she pulled up her pants and underpants and walked away. I then took off my pants and panties. Pee had already trickled a little bit, but i squatted and most of it streamed onto the ground. It was quite a pleasurable experience.

XoXo Ariana XoXo

Dream Clown
To John Q Public: Wow! I would have given an arm and a leg to be in your position. That must have been awesome. However, in reply to your restroom study, I have to say that there might be a few problems with it. It depends on eating habits, as well as personal bathroom habits. Also, the men could be (and probably are, from my experience) more ready to go to the bathroom than women, since most of the girls I've come in contact with will wait until they are COMPLETELY alone and at home to go to the bathroom, even just to take a piss. Therefore, the men might not have waited until it was absolutely necessary to go, whereas on average girls are more likely to when the question of public bathrooms arises. However, from what I have heard on this site, most female people here have huge dumps, but again, that's just a single population. A lot of girls here could just be really proud of their dumps/pees that they take, thus making it seem as if girls have more capacity than men.

To Kellie: I've always been interested in this subject too. It's always been weird, about how my guy friends would be like, "Yeah, that thing I just dumped was the size of Cuba," whereas all the girls I hang out with will go through pain to conceal the fact that they take dumps too. One of my friends even went three days without going #2 while we were in Washington because she didn't want people to think that, horror of all horrors, she actually craps! I have one friend who is open about that stuff, and makes jokes about it too. Once I was talking about how I could barely walk, and she replied, "I know how you feel. My feet are asleep right now, but that's probably because I was sitting for so long...over a hole!" I thought it was pretty funny. Anyway, if girls are always talking about how we're all equal (which we are) then they might as well face the music that the same thing comes out of our butts!

To Hot Baby: Oooh, that didn't sound too good of a day. You have to be careful of those bubbling farts, especially if you're wearing a thong! It's probably worse having to clean crap off a thong, especially since it's not only thinner, but also right in your crack. I would have loved to see all that crap come out of you, though.

To Audrey: I saw your post and had to say something. It's good to know that some people are a bit more good-natured about people who listen in on bathroom sessions. And there was not really any harm done, since it excited you.

To Sheila of South Wales: Glad to see someone can have camaraderie when on the toilet! And wiping each other would be the icing on the cake!

Just a whole lot of responses, but once I get a good story, I'll post it.

Massive Poop
Hey, guys. I was constipated for about a week, and finally I took a dump. I gave myself an enema, and man, it felt like I had a cantalope up my ass. I sat on the toilet and my butt exploded with turds. I also farted a bunch of times.

C.E. TO BRIAN: That movie is called ''the big hit''

Curious Dude
You are right about being wet and taking a shit afterward.
I used to be on the swim team in middle and high school. One summer, when I was practicing outdoors on a cool morning I remember getting goose bumps after getting out of the pool after 10 fast laps. The girl of my dreams (Linda Hamilton - no not the same one who's a movie star now) was the girl I had a crush on. I remember getting out of the pool and having to stand on the starting block and with those brief swimsuits and the excitement of my love interest stairing at me and my special tool at attention (how embarrassing!) I also had three days worth of poop stuck in me that I finally felt had to come out. I remember after the last set of laps I thought I might loose it in the pool. I got out of the pool when we took a break and walked fast to the boys room with wet sopping feet. I remember how the water felt when it was dripping off me. I plopped down on the toilet seat with my wet body and had a real hard time trying to poop. Then I heard someone coming in. T! he chlorine smell was real strong and when I looked up at who opened the door it was Linda! She said she was sorry and wanted to use the boys room because the girls had a line. I had a two foot log stuck at that moment and was in total shock. I could not move and seeing her there again I covered myself (again a total embarresment). She left - she was a crush I will never forget. I'll also never forget the joy of having that shit that day - even though it took a full 15 minutes to get that first two foot log out of me. It was the whole experience of that day that stuck in my mind that whole summer and I forgot about it until Curious Dude mentioned it.

Monday, March 24, 2003

I'm a guy (26) and have a really weak bladder. I can never wait for very long once the urge hits and I've nearly pissed my pants on several occassions. On a long drive, I'm often forced to make an emergency pee stop along the side of the road, regardless of how many people are around to see me. I just gotta go!!! This leads me to my most embarrassing moment. One day, some friends (a couple of buddies and 3 female friends) and I were driving back from a baseball game in a city about 80 miles away and I had to pee. I decided to try to hold on for awhile, hoping we would come to a fast food place and I could "suggest" stopping for something to eat, and then use the restroom there. After a few minutes, I was really getting uncomfortable and I knew I wouldn't be able to wait much longer. Luckily, I was in the front passenger seat and the girls were sitting in the back and couldn't see what was going on because I didn't want them to know how bad I had to piss. The budd! y who was driving saw me fidgeting and asked if I was okay (he knows of my problem) and I said very quietly so I wouldn't be overheard, "I gotta go to the BATHROOM!" He said he would stop at the first suitable spot he came to and kept watching for a place with a lot of trees and bushes. Ordinarily, we wouldn't have been so fussy about where we stopped but it was a different situation with the girls in the car. The radio was on and they were paying more attention to that instead of our conversation in the front. After a few minutes, I was really getting desperate and knew I wouldn't be able to hold it so I said, "Stop here! Now!!" As he started to pull over, one of the girls asked what we were stopping for and he just said, "Emergency!" I opened the door and as I was getting out of the car, one of them noticed me squeezing my penis and said with a knowing grin, "What's the matter? Do you have to go wee wee?" I was so embarrassed by her remark but I had to go so bad ! at this point that I just HAD to relieve myself. There was nothing around that I could hide behind and no matter where I stood, they would see me so I had no choice but to piss in full view of them. I unzipped, whipped it out and pissed a real gusher! The girls had never seen my penis before but they sure got a good look at it THAT day! As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, while I was pissing, the same girl who made the earlier remark said to the others, "Look! He's going wee wee!!! It's gushing out like a firehose!" I felt like I was putting on a show while they all sat in the car watched me piss I was so humiliated that I didn't even want to get back in the car. One of my buddies said her remark was rude and uncalled for but she said she was just having some harmless fun. I agree with my buddy but what do you all think?

Aussie TV does it again...

An add for a new surface disifectant for mopping floors: A little boy in a diaper comes wandering into a pristine white kitchen and happyily tips over a garbage bin, then squats next to it. He doesn't actually do anything, but when his mom comes looking for what caused the noise she first looks into the open bathroom of the house. There, a little girl in full school uniform is sitting on the toilet, and looks up at her mom! You don't see anything, she's fully clothed and seen from the side, but the implication is obvious, and the first time in over a year that any inference of female toileting has appeared.


Jobbie Interview
Last week I went for a job interview which was for a position as a personel secretary to a company Managing Director. I went dressed to kill in a black two piece business suit, ivory blouse, black stockings and black knee length boots with 3 inch heels.
As I made my way to the interview I felt the first rumblings of an impending shit. When I arrived I made myself known to the receptionist who told me to take a seat, as I sat down I was thinking that I should really be sitting on the toilet getting rid of the offending jobbie.
Then I was called in, the interview lasted about forty minutes, during which time my bowels went to hell and back trying not to explode. I had to keep shifting positions in the chair as I was rapidly becoming desperate.
When the interview finished I asked the receptionist where the ladies toilet was, she said that she was going herself and would show me.
The toilet had two cubicles of which one was occupied, she offered to let me use the vacant cubicle first but I suggested that she go first as I was going to have an enormous clearout. She went into the vacant cubicle and almost immeadiately a woman came out of the other cubicle. I went in and locked the door, I hitched my skirt up above my waist and pulled my panties down to just above my boots. I sat on the toilet and as my bowels could not hold any more in I just let it go, there was a huge avalanche of soft turds and sloppy shit to the sound of a huge gurgling fart. Did I sigh with relief, the stuff just kept coming out of me as my bottom resembled Niagara Falls, then another loud gurgling fart. The receptionist who was in the next cubicle said "My God, you were desperate". I sat there for a couple of minutes before another load gushed out of me along with a couple of bubbly farts.
I sat there for about another ten minutes as smaller spurts came out, having sat on the toilet for about a total of twenty minutes I tore off some toilet paper and stood up. The toilet bowl was completely pebble dashed with shit, I wiped by bottom clean and pulled my panties back up and pulled my skirt down. I flushed the toilet but there were some floating bits still there, I flushed it a second time and it all cleared.
As I was leaving the building I bumped into the receptionist who commented that I must now be two stone lighter. I honestly think that was the biggest shit that I have ever had in a public toilet.

Hello, friends,

Audrey: I really loved your experience in the Ladies at work when you discovered the young man in the adjoining cubicle. You don't say whether it excited you or turned you on. Did you follow up, face the man out later? I think you and the other girls should protest about having to hold yourself till your breaks, that sounds so cruel and inhuman in these enlightened times. Don't be envious of Greg and I, be positive, loosen up, let your partner know when you are going to the lavatory, leave the door open, tell him about your b/m's, you never know where it might lead to. Keep writing about you and the girls at work, it sounds like a brill place to work.

Adrian: Thanks for your kind thoughts and good wishes, loved your experiences, keep them coming.

That's all for now, best wishes to all, (Sheila, South Wales).

If you want to go downtown and protest fine. If you want to support the war fine. However, this is OUR slice of the United States of America, come good times, bad, war, famine, excess pestilence and fire ants: we are going to keep the topic to peeing and pooping. You pay the cable bill to have CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and ESPN have special coverage whenever the wind blows. Do like a bunch of people today are doing and pee in the sink or sumthin.

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