Today my mom and I were in the city. We stopped at a coffeeshop to get a snack. We first both needed to go to the bathroom to pee and wash our hands, so we walked to the ladies door. It was locked, the mens was also, so we waited a minute or so, and then a lady came out of the washroom. My mom walked in and i followed her, we thought it was a double washroom but it was only singles. This was no problem for us so we locked the door behind us. The washroom was really dirty, there was mud on the floor, around the toilet was pee on the floor and on the seat, and paper was also littered all over. My mom said she didnt want to sit on the toilet, so i said we should pee in the wastebasket. It was a nice low one so my mom pulled it to the middle of the room and undid her belt and button, she slid her pants down to her knees and pushed her panties down on top of her pants. She carefully placed herself over the basket, squatted down and started her pee. It was fairly noisy, but once s! he got it going where she wanted, it was not so bad. I didnt want to wait for her to finish, so i decided to pee standing up over the sink. I lifted my knee lenght dress up and got it high enough so it balanced over my shoulders and hung behind me, my stomach and bra was uncovered but it didnt matter for my mom. I pushed my panties down to my knees, which soon fell to my ankles, and stood in front of the sink. I used my fingers to pull up on my vagina, and started my stream. I got it nicely in the middle of the sink. By now, my mom said she quickly was going to push out a log, because she didnt need to hurry for me. My mom peed quite a bit, but i did also. As I was going the pubic hair below my vagina got a bit wet, but nothing drained down my legs. The pee in the sink flowed around and went down the drain without much splash. When I was near done my mom already passed me some toilet paper, and I used it to dry my vagina. I grabbed some more hand towels and made sure everyth! ing was good and dry. i know how uncomfortable it is to sit in a vehicle with wet pubes. When I was done, my mom was done wiping also. As I pulled my panties from the floor I looked at my moms log. It was about seven inches. She covered it up and pushed the can back to the wall in the corner. I rearranged my dress and my mom did up her pants, we washed our hands and we went out of the bathroom. A different lady was already waiting for us. We bought some drinks and went back in the car for a one and a half our car trip.

1. Do you like to watch guys pee? I am a girl, and have seen many boys pee, from my dad to my brother, to strangers. It was kinda interesting but you get used to it and it doesnt matter anymore.

2. Do you ever pee standing up? Yes, it is quite a thrill and i got it to work perfectly/

3. How far can you pee?! about two feet

4. What is the most volume you have ever peed? I can make big puddles but i have never measured.

5. Do you like to hold your pee and why? I usually like to go right away wherever it is.

6. How many times do you normally pee each day? seven or eight

7. Do you think girls have bigger bladders than guys? no, i think guys have bigger bladders

8. Do you like to listen to other grls peeing? Kinda the same as watching guys, it happens fairly often.

To Anonymous – Cool that you mention that seeing other people pee can make you feel you need to pee too. I wonder if that's the same as the nurse who told me to turn on the faucet at the doctors to help give a sample?
To Tim – Our family is kinda open about the toilet. I've seen my mom and my sister do a poo several times and they have been with me when I have pooped. Walked in on my dad once- that was a bit embarrassing. And yes I hold my poo in a lot, sometimes too long and I get real close to some bad accidents sometimes.
To Dreamer – I changed my name because someone else posted as Ashley at the same time. Also to answer your little survey.
1) When using a public restroom, which do you prefer?

a) being alone in that room
b) have the restroom be crowded.
That's a good question – when in public I like it either alone or very crowded. If it's crowded I don't feel so self conscious about making a noise like grunting and straining because the chances are someone else is making a lot of noise too. And if I'm alone it doesn't matter. But if there are only 1 or 2 others there I kinda feel they are listening specially to me.
2)How many times do you pee while pooping?
I pee just about every time I poop and all my pee comes out in one long stream. The first thing I do is pee so I usually finish peeing before my poo even starts to peek out.
Also to everybody - I've got my own little story today
I didn't think I would be posting today but I had a late late poo last night (Wednesday) and this is very very unusual for me. I admit I felt a slight urge during the evening but I figured it was nothing and in any case if I let it come out the next morning it would feel much nicer. Then as I was getting undressed to go to bed, the urge came on again only this it got very insistent. I sat on the toilet and amazingly quickly felt my little hole start to open. At first I thought I was going to do a really long thin one because I could feel it sliding past my ring quite fast. But I also felt my hole opening wider and wider, and the wider it opened the slower my poo came out. After about half a minute it felt like it had stopped coming and I thought "Oh Nooooo !!…It's going to be a hanger" and I'll have to push it out. I hate pushing (think those of you that know me already know that) so I leaned as far forward as I could to try and encourage it to come out on its own.! Well after about another minute I started to feel a very slight movement and then it suddenly got fast and to my complete surprise it fell silently into the water and my ring closed up again. I took a wad of tp and wiped but there was barely a mark on the paper so I didn't bother with a second wipe. I stood up and looked into the bowl expecting to see a long long beacher but instead it was only about 6 inches long and what was so weird was it was pointed all the way from its tip almost to its tail. I think that's the strangest shaped poop I have ever done.
Love to all - Ash

Just noticed that I didn't include my name in my last post. Anyhow it's the one after Ben In Iowa's post... I also noticed that the post about peeing in 8th grade isn't part of mine but somehow it's been added on to it... Oh well...

Kellie- First of all welcome to the forum!! Secondly you brought up some very accurate points about people's disbelief and disgust regarding females and the act of shitting. I don't know why it's such a difficult concept to grasp... After all, we're human, we have to eat and we have the same digestive anatomy that men possess.

About smoking affecting one's pooping habits, there's a girl that I work with who said that her boyfriend had recently stopped smoking and that it was affecting everything from his mood to the way he took a shit... LOL!

Audrey- Welcome to the site... Like you, I also work at checkout at a supermarket and we can only go to the bathroom when we're on break. Anyhow, it doesn't really bother me because the bathroom is located in the storage room and there's only three stalls... Plus the toilets are so grubbby-looking I'll only consider using them if it's an emergency...
It's also unfortunate that your partner is against accompanying one another to the toilet...

SeXy gIrL
Hey everyone!!! I have a story for all of you. It took place today at school with me and a friend.

Just before lunch today, me and my friend Lindsey were by our lockers. We were talking about homework and if we were were gonna go to the mall after school, when she said she had to poop. I actually didn't go this morning, and felt like I could go. I closed my locker, and we headed for the girls room down the hall. Once we got there, there was really noone there, so we took stalls next to each other. I heard her shut the door, and I closed mine. I pulled my black thong to my ankles, and sat on the toilet. I farted once, and began pushing. I could hear Lindsey moaning real loudly. After about 20 seconds of listening to her, I heard a round of soft, mushy poop come out of her. She said that she had a ???? ache, and I said I could tell lol. I continued pushing, and then I peed. While I was peeing, I heard some cracklling from Lindsey, and then a loud plop. That was followed by another round of soft poop. Not diarrhea, but soft. After that we talked. I mana! ged to push out 2 pieces of light brown crap. One was about 6" inches, and the other about 3" inches. I wiped my gooey butt crack 8 times, alot for me, then wiped my front once, and threw the paper into the toilet. I stood up, sneezed lol, and flushed down my load. I heard her wipe about 5 times, then she got up and flushed. We pulled our pants up, and left the stall.

Thanks everyone who took my survey!!! I just like wondering how people pee and poop. By the way, today I peed when I woke up, before school, once during school, after dinner, and right now before bed. I like telling you all the times I pee. And for anyone who's wondering what day I post this, it's Thursday at around 9:00 pm.

this may seem weird but i pee in the sink. one accident there was no toilet so i had to poop in the sink! you should try peeing in the sink.

Hi, haven't posted in a while, nothing to say until today.

This morning I felt like I had to poo, I just ignored it until I was pretty desperate as usual. So I went in the bathroom, sat down and let out the standard 2" x 10" piece in 3 seconds, perfectly normal.

But here's the thing: When the end of it hit the water, it fizzled like a freshly opened soda bottle! I don't mean just a bubble, I mean loads of little ones making a fizzling noise for 5 seconds! After 5 seconds the bubbles stopped, and when I looked in, the end that had fizzled was made of packed balls and 2.5" wide tapering to a 2" smooth section for most of the way, then to a point.

1) Why did this happen (maybe a gas pocket?)

2) Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Jodi H.

Hello,I have been reading some of the stories and thought I would add what happened to me over the weekend. Iam 5'7", 105 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. This last Sunday my husband and I were visiting with his parents that live ninty miles from the city that we reside in. It was his father's birthday and my husband's two brothers and their wifes and children were also present. It had been about two hours after we finished our noon meal, while talking with his mother and the two other wifes, I began to experience a very bad upset stomach. I immediately thought that I was coming down with stomach flu that has been going around the office in which Iam employed. I normaly never get sick. My stomach was cramping and nausea was starting to set in. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I had a severe cramp in my stomach and quickly pulled down my slacks and thong and barely got seated onto the toilet when I let out three waves of diarrhea, I set ther! e for a couple of minutes when I thought I was going to vomit, I quickly grabbed a waste basket and dry heaved a couple of times, while doing so I continued having diarrhea. I continued to sit their feeling horrible, wishing that I was home. After about ten minutes I wiped and pulled my thong and slacks up and washed my hands. I then took a wash cloth and applied cool water to my forehead. After a couple of minutes there was a knock on the bathroom door. I opened it and saw that it was my six year old niece. I told her to go get my husband. I closed the door but did not lock it and quickly pulled down my slacks and thong for another round of diarrhea. While still on the toilet their was a knock on the door, I faintly said come in. My husband came in and I told him that I was really sick and we needed to start for home. He rubbed by back and tried to comfort me. After a few minutes I started to feel a little better, he said that he would get my things. After a quick good bye ! to everyone we started to drive home. We were about three blocks from their house when nausea hit me and I asked my husband to pull over. I barely got the door opened when I vomited three volleys of chunky undigested yellow and brown vomit. I paused for a couple of minutes and then dry heaved twice. I then wiped my mouth with a couple kleenex and told my husband that I thought that we could continue. Now on the interstate, and twenty minutes later, my stomach was still churning, suddenly vomit started to come forth in my throat, my husband observed what was happening and quickly pulled over onto the shoulder. I immediately opened my car door and stepped out and vomited a large amount of liquid and a few chunks. My husband was now beside me holding my hair back and rubbing my back as I dry heaved. I then felt like I was going to have diarrhea again and quickly pulled down my slacks and thong while sheilded by the car door and my husband from passing traffic. After two waves o! f diarrhea I wiped and we contiued home. After we arrived home I didn't vomit anymore, however I did have the diarrhea five more times ever two hours, and a few times on Monday in which I stayed home from work. I don't ever recall being this sick!

Jodi H.

Hi Sexy Girl....thanks for your reply. I will return the compliment now:
1. Do you ever pee or poop naked? Yes, especially before a bath/shower
2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop? Apart
3. Where are your panties when you sit? Panties?!
4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop? sometimes
5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina? N/A
6. Do you lean forward when you poop? If it's a tough one!
7. Are your hands on your knees? Not normally

Thanks to Tess and the ther girl (no name)who also replied. I hope some more take the survey.

Tess: I would like to hear about you're theory on the sound women make when peeing!


Have you ever pooped into pantyhose (tights)???

Lady Stink Strike:

That story was almost unreal. The stage floor broke? That was dangerous, you could actual sue for that.

I have to relate my latest accident to you and ask what you do in these situations. Here goes. I don't know why but I usually get the hershey-squirts just before I have to go to bed. It must have been the Chef you know who that did it. Anyway I started to gurgle after I ate which is a sign that things are being pushed through the system at record speed. I took a Beano hoping that that would stop the gas which I asume is part of the problem. Its like a roller-coaster, once it gets going not even Immodium seems to slow it down. Just before going to bed I squirted out a pretty good amount of liquid poop (smelled too) and decided to go to bed as it was about that time. I felt pretty safe as it wasn't coming in waves and I wsn't uncomfortable. As I lay in bed I could feel the gurgling inside me continue but no urge to go. I read for a while. I'm about a third through the fourth Harry Potter book BTW (I can't wait for the fifth. the're really good) and finally put it down and fe! ll asleep hoping nothing would happen. Well it did. About four thirty I feel this warmness near my buthole. The liquid poop had leaked out a little. I jumped up and headed for the bathroom all the while holding my pooper tightly shut lest I squirt on the floor on the way. Thankfully I made it to the toilet and let go a torrent of smelly liquid poop. I had to clean my self up from the accident and also clean some of the spill I made on the sheets. Fortunately it didn't stain them. I had some more gurgling and made another trip to the loo for one last blast and back to bed and a towell in case of another. Needless to say the bedding is in the wash and everything is back to normal. A couple of minor squirts after getting up, but that was it.
My question is, is it better to put on some old pants in case this happens to keep the bedding from getting soaked or does anyone have a suggestion? It doesn't happen very often but it is a pain when it does. It seems to take it's own good natured time between squirts and I hate to stay up all night waiting for the next wave if you know what I mean. I hate it when that happens.

Traveling Guy
So many good posts I'd like to reply to, but I'll limit it to these:

Lady stink strike - Any chance you could take a play writing course with that same guy and write a play about a teacher who is taken hostage by his students, who won't let him relieve himself? Maybe that would make this inhumane instructor think twice. You did really well in a very tough spot. But showing you the video? This guy is cruel!

Bryian - About the film, did the kidnapping happen in an auto repair shop or maybe a warehouse? Was the victim handcuffed to a water pipe in the john when she told her captors she had to pee? If so, that might be Drew Barrymore, but I can't remember the movie's name.

Kellie - Yes, I'd say you hit the jackpot by finding this site, but so did all of us by finding you. Welcome! You're our kind of gal here. Let's hear from you again.

Roberta - Your post about peeing in Coke bottles reminds me of a game some friends once told me about. The object is to see who can get the most pee in their bottle. Each player can position their bottle any way they like; and they can stand, squat, etc, any way they want, but - no touching the bottle with any part of the body. Ever try it?

Audrey - Welcome to another winner! I like your openness. As for the bloke in the ladies, I find that really creepy if he came to spy, but maybe the men's was unavailable and he was there in desperation. But you went right on with your business and even zapped him with a parting comment. I'm curious: were you a bit excited by his being there?

LOADLOGGER-I know what you mean about T.V shows or movies never showing women shitting, but they are getting a tad better than that. I'm always wondering if there are any special channels that show nothing but that sort of stuff all day. There has to be. For example theres a playboy channel, there should be a poop channel, that shows nothing but poopscenes female poop scenes too.
KELLIE-Sorry that your date left when you said that, but you just have to accept that fact that most people aren't comfortable with that. I would probably have been turned on in that situation but wouldn't say anything about it. Actually I'm into girls farting and pooping but I wouldn't like to have a girlfriend that was open all the time, not that I don't like it but I think I would just grow tired of it. My girlfriend right now is so lady like and never does stuff like that, but I makes my relationship more intersting because I'm constantly trying to catch her. But she's good at hiding her bodily functions.
AUDREY- That guy in the ladies room with you has to have some guts to sneak in when its crowded, or he didn't care about getting fired or ruining his reputation. I use to do that when I was younger, but never in full traffic, untill I got caught by a security guard, that was one of the most scariest times in my life, and I'm still scared to do it. My advice to that guy is order some pooping tapes or something, thats legal at least.

heres a little survey for all u people

1.on average how many times do u wipe after a #2
2.when was the last time u had diahroea
3.has anyone ever wiped u after u been to the toilet

Curious Dude
KELLIE: I really liked your post. I strongly agree with every word you said about how the world feels regaurding females pooping. I think most of you on this site will agree that this "inapropriate" view is really stupid. Also, do know that pooping surly makes you no less perfect than you are. As a matter of fact, it makes you closer to perfect! Don't feel bad about that first date. Sounds like he was a jerk anyway. My reaction would be quite the opposite. It would have tuned me on! Welcome. It's great to have you here!

Years ago I went with two friends on holiday to France.
One of the guys we were with became very constipated - he hadn't had a poo for days. Near the end of the holiday we stayed on a camp-site just south of Paris. My friend found a pharmacist and bought some laxative to take.

Next morning we went to the ablution area. This was sort of triangular in shape, one side being open with a couple of steps up to a tiled floor area, the second had a row of wash basins and the third side had a row of toilet cubicles with those French type stand up platforms with a hole in the center and two places to stand on.Apart from the cubicles, the whole thing was open-air

The place was very busy. I joined the queue for the basins to have a shave but my friend managed to get into a vacant cubicle.

After a few minutes while I was still waiting (and this is true!)a brown ball, about the size of a tennis ball, shot out from the gap under the door of the stall my friend was in and rolled gently across the tiled area towards the basins. Then, much to my amazement, the door opened and my very red-faced friend ran out after it and managed to kick it away onto the nearby grass - what a shot! He should have played for Brazil! Then he ran back into the cubicle and shut the door. Quite a few guys saw this and there was much laughter.

Later he told me that the laxative must have unloosed the really hard turd but when it fell out of him, it missed the hole, hit the curve of the foot pedestal and bounced off under the door! He said that when he got back into the cubical for the second time he had the biggest shit of his whole life - and a much better aim at the hole!

He didn't know what made him run after the thing, it was just instinct. If he'd not bothered hardly anyone would have noticed the brown ball anyway.

To Rose Ann: I'm a 18 year old boy w/brown hair brown eyes, I'm skinny but I'm strong and well built I'm 5'3, I'm short for my age.

Have u ever been tickled so much that u wet your pants? if so explain the situation.

Have u ever wet your pants because u were some where and there were no bathrooms around? if so explain the situation.

Have u ever made someone else pee in their pants? if so who? how?

Have u ever crapped your pants because u were some where with no bathrooms around? if so explain the situation.

Load logger: I was surprised to read your post about how much you disliked taking a shit in a public rest room or other place where other guys are around. I think you equated it with men raping men. I guess you are really lucky that you've always had the option of only shitting at home. I'm a former marine and was involved in the previous gulf war. When we were in Kuwait, we had a series of three-holers where we guys took a shit together. It was just something you had to do. When we were on the move north, we just dug a straddle trench to use as a shitter. In the morning after a quick breakfast, several of us would just straddle the trench and drop our loads into it. It was just a really natural thing and part of the friendship of guys going into battle together. So no harm came to anyone and I can assure you that no one was raped! So give a thought to our troops when you talk about how bad communal shitting is. It goes back to Roman times. Old Roman sites show t! hat these guys all took a shit together just like the modern military does when it's out in the field!

I am a 28 year old male with a very weak bladder and am unable to "hold it" for very long. I'm usually bursting within 5 or 10 minutes after the urge its and because of this, I've been forced to pee outside, no matter what the circumstances. I just have to go! One day I was at a small local department store with a friend (Tom) when the urge hit. We were browsing through some CD's and I told him I had to go to the bathroom and headed for the men's room which was nearby. As I opened the door to walk in, I saw a cleaning lady in there, apparantly finishing up so I figured I'd only have to wait a short time. We sat down in the luncheonette area to wait and when Tom checked a few minutes later, she was still there. I was really getting desperate now and had to hold myself and squeeze very tightly under the table. I told Tom, "I sure wish she'd hurry up! I really gotta piss!!" After only a few seconds, I started to get up from the table and he asked me where I was g! oing. I said, "Outside to find a place to piss! I just can't hold it!" The parking lot was full and there were alot of people around so that wouldn't have been a good spot. I then walked around to the back of the store where I spotted a dumpster and went behind it. I unzipped my fly, took out my wee-wee and had the longest pee of my life! I tried to be as quick and discreet as possible but, unfortunatley, I was caught in the act by a passerby. I was as embarrassed as hell and all I could say was, "Sorry, I couldn't help it. I really had to go!!" Needless to say, I left a huge puddle!!

The Crank
Hey Kellie!
It's ok ur ex bf gets grossed out by the fact that you actually shit like others do. There are guys out there who love a girl like you. Too bad exchanging of info is not allowed on this forum.

You go girl!

I was watching Fox news today. One of their reporters was advancing with this marine division. They had their cam panning an area in Southern Iraq and it was a live transmission. One of our marines must not have known that a camera was pointed in his direction when he pulled his pants down and squatted over something maybe a bucket to take a dump. He had a TP roll in his one hand. I couldn't believe my eyes! As soon as the the Fox news people saw what was going on they moved the camera to the left. What a stange sight it was to see an American marine pulling his pants down in what he thought was a private moment to take a dump and have the world watching. There was an armored vehicle to the left of him and an oil well fire burning in the background. It just goes to show that when you gotta go you gotta go. I wished I had videotaped it.

Friday, March 21, 2003

loadlogger. I don't think it's a case so much of female defecation being a taboo subject as certain sections of the media wanting to perpetuate the myth - and it is a myth - that women don't do #2.

Audrey. Hi! I enjoyed your post about the massive dump you took in the staff loo at the supermarket where you work. It sounds as though you really needed to go. Do you tend to have a regular pattern when it comes to bm's or do you just leave it to chance? Also, how many times do you usually need to have one in a week?

Sheila (South Wales). Thanks for your reply. It sounds as though you and Greg had a good buddy dump. He sounds like one lucky fella. I'm glad to here there's a good tradition of big healthy #2's in your part of the world.

Best wishes


Hello John Q Public,
I am a 40 year old woman and a little ????er, but most men like my body. Usually I wear short skirts although my thighs are a little bit too thick, but I donīt mind. Something similar to what you have seen happened to me last month. I had not done my daily log for three days and was driving with my car on the highway. Suddenly I had the need for an urgent #2.I stopped my car on the next parking lot, which was in front of a bushy area. No other car was to be seen. I must agree that I like to do my logs in the nature. I ran to the second row of bushes, pulled my skirt up and my undies down. With wide spread legs and only a little squatting I started to push. First a strong gusher of pee shot out of my pussy. It was so much pee that under me a little lake of urine was built. Then some loud farts came out of my hole but nothing else. I pushed harder. Nothing! So I stood there bending forward nearly five minutes before I felt that something was moving in my bum. The tip of a! poo entered the hole. With my fingers I touched it to be convinced that I now started to shit. It took all my strength to push it nearly 5 cm out of poop-hole. I touched it with my fingers again and was astonished how hard it was. As the log did not move again I broke the turd with my fingers and threw it on the ground. I pushed again. A new log of the same size appeared and I did the same procedure with my fingers. I repeated the whole for three times when all the poop had at least left my bumhole. The full log would have had a length of min. 15 cm and I was amazed how much I had pushed out. Now I was already squatting on that spot for nearly a quarter of an hour. But I felt much better. I wiped my ass clean with only two tissues as the turds had not left many marks in my hole. From down under he was looking on my naked ass. I did in no way feel embarrassed and only said: "Hey. Did you watch me all the time?" "Hey. Yes, from the beginning I have enjoyed the wondeful show y! ou gave me; although I think you must have suffered a lot it was great to see a lady like you pooping for such a long while." "Oh! You are experienced, arenīt you!" "Yes.But most women push the log out as fast as they can and sometimes they even donīt wipe themselves clean although some of the shit is still hanging between their buttocks. " "So you are a lurker. Donīt the women feel embarrassed when they see you watching them, especially when they poop?" He explained to me that most of the women did not see him; but if they do they hurry to get finished. I asked him how many sightings he would have when he is waiting there. He told me that appr. 10 women during one day were using this parking lot. Most of them came only for peeing, but 2 or 3 are also caoming for a poop. I really felt excited during this discussion with the voyeur. He then told me that 2 women would come regularly on thursday and friday midday to have their poop there and they defintely would know that he w! as watching them. I felt a little bit ashamed as I knew what he would ask me now. And he really did. I answered that I would think it over. Then he asked me if it would bother me if he would take a closer look on my turds. I said no and he kneeled in front of me and watched my poop from close. It was really new and the first time for me that a man has such a great interest in my poop. Perhaps I will drive to that parking lot next week again. I must agree I felt a little bit aroused as I am a flasher but until that day not while pooping. Then I left. Until today I have not told anybody of my experience - even not to my husband.

I liked your story about the gyno visit, but one thing.... did he really put his fingers in your bum? didn't think that was standard procedure and it must've hurt. being a male I'm sure I'll be subject to prostate exams in later life... Also, how big was the urine bottle he gave you and how big was the opening?

Twice Shy
Want hot, waste hot

To the tune of "You're the One that I Want"

When I feel...that sensation / It's time to do...some cre-ation /
Fill the bowl...with defecation / No more constipation.../
You better drop trou / 'Cause the time has come
For the poo to issue forth /
You better drop trou /
Cause you need to crap / Fill the bowl up with that doo /
It's the dump that I want / Poo-oo-oo-oo /
The dump that I want / Poo-oo-oo-oo /
Yes indeed / It's what I need /

My contribution for today centers around the activities of yesterday afternoon and evening. At about 16:00, I went for what was basically dinner at the burrito take-out, getting the steak fajita kind as usual, with hot salsa on the side. I don't know; I might be getting addicted to the concept of truly wrenching bouts of diarrhea, for I loaded on the hot stuff to the limit of what I could stand.

Well, I laid around the den that evening, watching my 16mm CinemaScope print of "Grease". On the commemorative video, they have an interview with Ms. Newton-John about when they shot the scenes at the Rydell Carnival and she comes out as the "Bad Sandy". It seems she had to be sewn in to that black body-suit, and she worried the whole time, "what if I have to pee?" The actress did not have the privilege of drinking during that whole long shoot, which encompasses two musical numbers and lots of dancing. Apparently, Paramount didn't have a big enough budget for that movie to bring in the seamstress to open the crotch of that outfit then sew it back up. Something to think about...

But back to my own tale. I ended finished up the movie at about 1:00 AM and headed off to bed, tucking myself adroitly in. It was about 15 minutes later, as my cat was nicely settled in next to me on the pillow and I'd nearly drifted off, that I was overcome by the now-familiar cramps that signal the unavoidable Need. Wondering what I was in for, I stumbled out of bed and across the hall into the #2 john, since I'd not re-stocked the T.P. in #1, the master suite. I was still half asleep as I let my activities commence. Oh, but the wrenching furor, of that all-too-insistent load! At first I thought it might be a false alarm; I had the decided sensation of constipation. "This must be hard on my hemmorhoids," I said to myself, hoping nothing would rupture down there in my attempts to bear down. Finally, after about 5 minutes on the can, it began, in searing driblets and proto-logs, a slow, determined squirt of essentially solid turd. This stuff was so incredibly ho! t on my anal precincts that I thought it must be red in color. No, it turned out to be green, since I'd also drank a bottle of blue Gatorade Frost that afternoon.

Well, I just sat there, in a delirium, in the middle of the night, as this searing cargo took its time clearing customs at my ano-rectum. I must have spent 10 minutes with my ass open, just moving what I could. I was consumed by the experience of this slithering crap-body, which ended up being only a small heap of distinctly-demarcated solid on the very bottom of the bowl. But what a punch! I went back to bed, with my butt-hole almost to the point of throbbing after what it had gone through--or what had gone through it. I had little trouble going to sleep after that; the main crisis was through.

I suppose this is a sad life, when self induced, critically-severe diarrhea becomes the way to obtain one's jollies on a Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Lady stink strike
I was had i big acident in school a few months ago and people still bring it up. I was in drama class and i neded to take a shit real bady. I tried to tell the teacher it was an emergancy but he didnt care he said finish showing your act to the class then you can go. I knew i woulnt make it so i kept begging him it was no use.i went up for my act and i kept shaking my legs, doing that made everyone giggle and laugh. I was on the stage sitting on a chair, i was supose to be a student listening to the teacher but i wasnt doing a great job cause i kept wiggling around in my chair. My line came eventualy and just as i was going to speak the stage floor broke and my chair fell back. My pants were caught on a nail, so when i fell back my pants tore open a huge hole prety much show off my entire ass to the class. Right after that I started farting rbbbrb bbrbb girgbbbggib i couldn't stop shit was coming realy fast and the poop was realy soft and gooey. The class all droped dead lau! ghing i wasnt crying i was actualy laughing the teacher was laughing also that Ass Hole. I went straight home after that. A few days after that the teacher gave me the video tape of my act because the teacher was recording each group. I wached it and the class had a clear view of my ass and could see right trough my panties because they were almost transparent white. They went from all clear white to brown it made like a circle pattern. I was prety close to the camera so you could kinda see me ass hole and everything if ya know what i mean lol later.


As a matter of fact, you can. It's more common than you might think for girls to be able to direct their pee stream quite well, and be able to pee standing up, aiming way out in front. You need to put a lot of pressure on to start and finish, so you don't dribble down your legs.

But the most important thing is to open your lips properly. Make an upsidedown V with your first and second fingers, use them to spread your lips open. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width, you'll probably need to bend your knees some and I find pushing my hips forward helps too. With all this done, you can launch an amazing stream! I have personally done four feet or more without much difficulty, and other posters here have done seven feet!

You might wat to practice first in the shower or bath, and when you've developed a bit of skill, try your garden after dark -- it's fun! Pretty soon you'll be able to go without getting undressed, and that's when you evolve the kind of freedom society has kept from women for so long.



I am horrified at the number of cases where teachers permission to go to the toilet. It's a form of sadism. When I taught seventh and eighth
grade I always let children go to the john. At the beginning of the year I would say, 'some teachers let you go to the toilet some don't. I do because I know you'll be sensible. It worked though I have to admit my first year I may have been fortunate. Tommy, something of a terror, asked to go and I let him. Five minutes later he had nor returned. I left the children and went to the boys' room. Tommy was at the stall but whatever he was doing it was not weeing not weeing. He went scarlet. 'Do you want me to tell the others what you have been doing,' I asaked. 'Oh please don't.' I had no intention of doing so as secretly I was not that out of sympathy. Bodily funcations are bodily functions! Anyway we went back to the classroom together and I had no trouble after that. I never said a word and I don't know what he said.

My own experience as a child is unforgettable. When I was five, I went to stay with my grandmother who had a house by the ocean while my parents were away and my regular babysitter took a holiday. My grandmother found someone locally to look after me when she had to be out. She was a horrible woman. Every afternoon I had to have a rest for an hour on my bed and she forbade me to go to the john and each time I thought my little bladder would burst. Nerves as much as anything I dare say. One afternoon I could bear it no longer. Itried to pee under bed. This consisted of going as near to the bed as possible and sweeping the pee under the bed with my hand and arm. I was only five! When she came back and found the mess, she spanked me as hard as she could for what seemed like minutes. I'll never forget it.
If I'm screwed up, small wonder!

Have you seen those Japanese contestants in game-shows? They fill thmselves with water and are left outside in the ice and snow. The winner is the person who goes longest without peeing. The agonies they go through. They are adults playing for large rewards (though God knows what they're doing to their kidneys). Children should never be put through that.

love you all


Hollywood Guy
About the faces on toilet paper, I would use the one that has all three faces on it (Bin Laden, Hussein, and Bush). After all, the three of them are very evil and dangerous.

Does anybody else ever feel like they're gonna pee in their pants when they see other people do it? I was babysittying these two boys and I didn't have 2 pee at all. Thy body I babysit peed in his pants though and when I watched his pants get wetter and wetter it took all my forces to stop me from peeing.

John Q Public
Hi Folks. I know, it's been an eternity since I last posted. Life is just too busy any more.

Anyway, I have a great story. Over the last weekend, the weather was nice, so I decided to go to one of the forest perservs for a 'first picnic of the year." I thought I would bring my bicycle along for the ride. My gf could not make it because she had to work. My sister also had to baby sit for a friend of hers so I ended up spending the day alone, but it was no total loss.

I knew that the rest rooms would still be closed for the season, so I wore a diaper like I do at the movies, and made sure that I had at least three changes in the car. Damn good thing I did, too.

Well I was out on one of the bike trails, when I came across three women, who had to be in their very late teens or early 20's. Two of them were squirming around like they realy had to go, and this one girl kept holding her crotch. The one girl who did not seem very desperate asked me where the washrooms were, and I told them where they were, but that they are closed for the season.

I then rode on. I knew this was going to be a good pee show, and I had a hunch as to what they were going to do, so when I was out of site, I doubled back to a place where visitors frequently go to relieve themselvs when the washrooms are not available. I layed my bicycle down and hid in a clump of dormant but thick bushes and watched for the girls, and sure enough they came, dancing, prancing and moaning for all they're worth.

The girl holding her crotch wasted no time at all. She took her shoes off as fast as she could, yanked her jeans and panties off, squated and started to hiss out a wide, flat stream of dark yellow pee, that actualy foamed up on the ground. While she continualy spewed her flood, one of the other girls took off her shoes, pants and panties and did the same thing, only her stream went straight down. She didn't want to get pee on her feet, so she leaned forward,causing her rope thick stream of piss to shoot out right behind her, and on to some dead foliage behind her. It made a hard jetting sound as it hit the dead leaves. The third girl just stood there until the other two finished their business, which went on for a total of 4 minutes. I started to keep time, but I lost track when I tried to time both of them. The ground where those two peed was soaked, and there was a foamy puddle where that one desperate girl peed.

When they finished up, the third girl, most likely the oldest of that group, started taking off her pants. She showed no sign of desperation or anything else. She, like the other two girls, removed her shoes, pants, and panties and very carefuly hung them on a tree limb so they wouldnt get dirty. She then squated directly in front of the bush I was hiding in,facind right towards me, leaned forward and started flooding the imediate area with another long, hissy stream of dark yellow pee. I also heard a few farts, then a huge log eminated from her. "Did anyone bring any tp" she asked. Unfortunately for her, nobody did, so she used her panties to wipe her ass, then tossed them aside.

When they finished, they left one clump of dead foliage completely soaked in pee, two piles of pee foam floating ontop of two large puddles, and a turd that could be misteaken for a piece of a tree limb. It was truely amazing. The sound of all that hissing, like so many times before, caused my little bladder to empty itself in my diaper unvoluntarily.

1. Do you ever pee or poop naked? Always before i take my shower
2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop? Always spread fairly wide
3. Where are your panties when you sit? always at my ankles, so that i can spread my legs further
4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop? Not usually
5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina? my butt i wipe from the back, but my vagina always from the front
6. Do you lean forward when you poop? I always lean forward
7. Are your hands on your knees? my elbows are on my knees.

SeXy gIrL
Hey everyone!!Today's Monday, and the weather here was great.

Forbes -
1. Do you like to watch guys pee? Well I've only seen my dad, but I guess I do
2. Do you ever pee standing up? Whenever I'm in the shower and have to pee, yes, I stand up
3. How far can you pee? I'm not sure, I never tried peeing long distance
4. What is the most volume you have ever peed? I don't know
5. Do you like to hold your pee, and why? Whenever I hold my pee for a long time, I end up peeing sooo sooo much
6. How many times do you normally pee each day? 3-6 times
7. Do you think girls have bigger bladders than guys? Umm, I guess so
8. Do you like to listen to other girls peeing? I guess. I only listen to other girls shitting and peeing in school

Sorry everyone, but I didn't poop today. The times I peed were when I woke up, before school, around 4:00 at home, small dribbles after dinner time, and right now before bed. I thought that might be interesting to say. I love all your stories and hope for more soon.....xoxo!!!

mr whizz a wheewhee, that has actually happened to me. i was in the store with my mom when i was little and we were waiting to check out when i couldnt hold it and i peed a puddle on the floor. i had to say sorry to the manager. then my mom gave me the mop and made me clean it up. everyone was looking, real embarassing.

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