Hi. I found this site when I was looking around on the internet for sites where people talked about going to the bathroom. Looks like I hit the jackpot!

I'm female, in my mid twenties, blonde hair, cute butt, decent bod, babyish face. I really don't have much in the way of stories. I just wanted to discuss this weird stigma people have about girls going to the bathroom, specifically, shitting.

I've always been very girly. Growing up, I wore pink dresses, knee socks, lots of cheezy jewelry and every haircut imaginable! I'm not so girly now, but I'm still very feminine in my style and how I behave. I'm liberated, but as the song goes, "I enjoy being a girl!"

But my bathroom habits have NEVER been an issue for me. If I have to shit, I shit, no matter where I am or who I'm with. I'll go in a public bathroom (if it isn't tooooooooogross), at someone's house who I don't know, with other people in the bathroom with me, it doesn't matter. Whatever mental thing happens in most people's brains to make them embarrassed about their bowel functions just never happened to me.

Once in high school while on a first date, I went to the bathroom, and was taking a shit, so I was gone for a long time. When I came back, my date asked if I was okay. I said, very matter of factly, "Yeah, just had to take a shit." He was totally grossed out by it. I got annoyed and said, hey, if I was one of your buddies, you would have laughed at that. He said, but you're a girl. I said, so? He said, you're not supposed to talk about that. That pretty much killed our date. We didn't go out again!

I just didn't (and still don't) get it. I mean, I ate a burger with him. Where does he think the food goes? It just disappears? It automatically becaomes nutrients and energy and there's nothing left over? That's ridiculous. I mean, it's just shit! How can a person be embarrassed about something that every living thing on the planet does everyday?!

I laugh at any joke about shitting, farting, peeing, belching, etc. Because it's funny! I mean, a fart is funny! If a boy farts, everyone laughs. If a girl farts, everyone sort of gasps. Isn't that stupid, and unfair. Are girls supposed to risk having stomach aches and cramps just because it's "innappropriate" for them to fart in front of people, or shit anywhere but in their own bathroom when no one is around? What a terrible burden our society has put on females to be "perfect" and "ladylike." Screw that.

I may be a girl, but I'm no lady! I'll fart and shit whenever or wherever I want to. And if that means in my pants, so be it!

Our coach made us drink a lot of water to get hydrated for the game hte next day - I mean a lot as in 2 liters. My friend already had 2 pee. About 40 min later we were driving home from practice. Me and my friend had 2 pee so bad we were about 2 cry - and also my other friend who was driving but not as much. Eventually we decided we'd pull over because we couldn't wait nemore - by the way she was driving really really fast. We were like standing up doing everything we could to kee our pee inside of our bodies. Right before we turned in this stupid cop car pulled us over. The driver girl was so scared she peed in her pants right then bu he said that was somewhat normal - others have done that before. We were all pale and probably looked scared just because we were trying so hard not to pee. The officer wouldn't let us out of the vehicle - I guess he didn't undrestand. Finally my one friend just started to pee. Disgusted he literally pushed her out of the curve a nd told her to sit on the curve. When he wouldn't let me go pee I asked him if he had a bottle I could pee into. When he asked my friend for her liscnecse I leaned into the back of the car to get it and somehow I must have stopped holding it the way I was because I sent pee flying alll over the place. Horrified, he also shoved me onto the pavement, convinced we were all drunk. He ended up taking us to a police station and even though he figured out htat we weren't drunk, we had to call our coach to come pick us up. Now we only consume large amount of water if we're near a toilet.

MMr. wizzawewee stand next to the olive oil it is the same colorr so the color will look like it.

To Sexy Girl Ė can never resist your surveys Ė so here goes.

1. Do you ever pee or poop naked?
Sometimes if Iím about to step into the shower

2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop?
If Iím sitting up kinda straight, like when I pee, I just fold my arms in my lap and I keep my knees together. But if Iím having a difficult poo, I lean all the way forward and my legs are open quite wide.

3. Where are your panties when you sit?
Just above my knees

4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop?
No I usually grab my waist or sometimes my cheeks

5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina?
Wipe from my vagina backwards.

6. Do you lean forward when you poop?
Yes because it makes it easier to come out and my butt doesnít get so messy.

7. Are your hands on your knees?
No, on my waist or my butt cheeks.

To Amy Ė Was that the first time you pooped in your panties, and will you do it again?

To Mindy Ė Iíve pooped outdoors and I promise I will post it.

To Bryian Ė You are just like me. I can have the urge all day too, but I like holding it in because the feeling of relief when I finally let it come out is so much better. You said you had to push it out the first time. Did you have to push the second time or did it just come out all by itself. I hate pushing; it feels so much better if it comes out all on its own..

Love to all - Ash


a quick comment on the Sex in the City (and other TV show) bathroom scenes:

notice that it is acceptable to show or discuss on TV

a) a girl taking a piss
b) a guy taking a piss
c) a guy taking a shit

but it is not acceptable to show or discuss

d) a girl taking a shit.

With all the reality stuff on TV now it is however getting harder to enforce the girl-shitting taboo and we may start to see it in the next few years.

My pet peeve: Male community shitting. I have always been disgusted by this behavior. I find it to be a strain of the same type of instinct that causes hetero men to rape or have sex with other hetero men. I never in my life have taken a shit in a bathroom with doorless stalls or allowed another male to be privy to my dumping. Totally unacceptable. I think it was Jeff who recently told the disturbing story of how he was attacked by several boys while taking a dump - this is exactly what i am talking about. I dumped only every third day in college so that i could reduce the time i spent in men's shared bathrooms.

yesterday's load weighed 325 g - not bad at all. Peace LL

hey everyone im new here. I was just woundering if your families are open about there dumps. has anyone ever dumped in front of there mom before or seen there mom dump. Anyway just woundering if anyone likes to hold in there dumps for as long as you can? I just feelt the urge to go but i am going to see how long i can wait. well love everyones post. espesially the girls.

Hollywood Guy
About the faces on toilet paper, I would use the one that has all three faces on it (Bin Laden, Hussein, and Bush). After all, the three of them are very evil and dangerous.

To SeXy gIrL Here are my answers to your latest survey
1. Yes when I have to shower
2. Spread Apart
3. Below my knees
4. No
5. N/A
6. Yes
7. No

Hot baby
A week ago I kinda had accident, well not really I could have held it in but it feels a lot better when you do it in your pants. So it didnít bother me in fact it felt good you should try it some time. It started when I was at school. I had to poop but I donít like the bathrooms at school or any public place, I try and avoid them. I thought Iíd just hold it in till I got home I was at least 5 minutes away from home, besides it I like pooping my pants it feels good so an accident wouldnít bother me. I felt bloated and couldnít walk very well, even though I was just 3 min away from home I didnít care. I was wearing tight black pants so nobody would know I pooped myself. So as I walked towards home it all came out slowly, with each step more poop came out. It felt soft just how I like it, so it was gunna take a bit to clean up but I knew nobody would be home till at least 8 so I safe good. I must have walked & pooped my pants for a good 3 min straight. It just kept flo! wing out, I felt really good afterwards. The poop was all stuck to my but the pants held the poop in, so nothing fell out as I was walking. When I arrived at the door I pulled out my keys but the fell on the floor, silly me and when I went down for them the poop in my pants got all smushed up. When got inside I didnít bother cleaning myself right away. I went to the fridge and pulled out some Toacos from last night and warmed them up, they didnít take too long. I ate about 4 and I was really thirsty because I didnít drink anything the whole day. All there was to drink was milk so I had a few glasses. I decided to go get myself cleaned up, so I headed to the bathroom. I didnít want to take off my pants because I knew the poop would fall onto the floor so I just took off my socks because they were my favorite, their soo cute. I went to turn the knob for the tub and when I bent over to turn it I made a big fart. I wasnít trying to it just came out, it sounded funny because of ! all the poop in my pants. LOL it was like brbgbgrbgrbg. It must have been the toacoís and the milk. I got in the tub with my pants and relaxed, it was still 4 soo I had like 4 more hours. I ???? started to feel weird so I just lay down in the tub and called my friend on my cell phone that was in my pocket. I told my friend I was in the tub. Anyways she told me a joke and it was hilarious and I couldnít control myself I farted and my friend said, ďdid you just fart?Ē they she started laughing! I felt like I was gunna shit my pants again. So I told my friend Iíd call her back. I put the phone down and quickly took off my pants which were still fine with only I tiny bit of poop, but my panties were a mess . I couldnít throw them onto the floor so I tossed them in the sink, but I missed I got shit all over the wall OMG It was soo funny, I was In the tub and the sink was about 2 meters man I suck at basketball. My ???? was gurgling and dint feel to go. I didnít want to make a b! igger mess in the tub because most the poop was already stuck to my bum because it was soo soft and gooey cause it was smushed up. But I couldnít make it up and to the toilet. I just sunk my head onto my pants cause they were nice and comfy. They I relaxed and my but felt like a torpedo it started to build up pressure and my ass exploded. My but was resting on the bottom of the tub it make another funny sound Brbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbrb. I was lying back and shiting for a nice long 5 min, it felt soo good ahhhhhh. I watched in amazement ass the tub magically turned from clear to brown. I ended up taking another bath then I went to go lie on the couch and watch TV. I was watching TV and I had to fart it felt dangerous because I was just wearing a T-shirt and thong. A took the chance and ended up pooping myself and making a mess of the couch and my thong. I had to change again OMG what a day. Thank god nobody got home till 10. Opps forgot to clean the shit off the wall and throw my! panties away. I got in trouble because they knew I was the only child. O well Ceya Later.

Rose Ann
I remember the first week in Jr. High, 7th grade we were all about 13 or so. The teachers were more strict than in grade school about going to the bathroom cause as one said, we were old enough to not make a lot of trips and could really wait the 55 minutes between classes.
Ok and so you didnt want to look stupid having to raise your hand to leave the room. My girlfriend and I sat toether side by side and would whisper quietly and carry on with no trouble.
Ah, until this one hot day we had lunch and we both downed some big cokes from the machine in the lunchrrom. In fact we both drank 2 20oz bottles rather quickly.
After lunch we had this math class run by a teacher that had a real macho problem, acted like he wanted to be the principal, in charge and all that and forbid anyhone leaving the room. In fact his attitude and ego finally got him fired at the end of the year, but thats a different story.
About halfways thru my friend Bettty and I looked at oneanother and our eyes met. and we moughed, "I gotta pee pretty soo bad". I mouthed , "me too, real soon". We sat there and it was getting pretty bad as our bladders were filling up and we both had an urge to go-Now.
Finally Betty put up her hand on the chanch the teacher, Mr. Moore, would say yet, we could go to the girls room. Betty is waving one hand and had her other hand stuffed between her squeezed legs.
Surprise! The master King of our class said yes, you can go. Betty jumped up and ran out the door. I felt better about this now as the man shows some compassion.
Betty came back, I noticed a real little wet spot on her crotch of her jeans but no real damage. She like nodded her head like saying, ok, I make it, barely.

Now I put up my hand to be excused as I really hadda go now bad. Mr. Moore looked at me and said, "yes, Rose?" I said, "Mr, Moore, please may I be excused for the girls room?" He frowned, and looked and said, "No, we are not starting a new policy of letting the class leave the room, and I think you all want to get a drink because its so hot, and I dont want my class roaming the hall and waterfountain."
It was a crushing blow as I felt my pee right at the edge wanting out regardless if I wanted to or not.
I squirmed and shifted my feet and stretched and sat different ways on my seat, but I could feel a little leaking into my panties.
I was wearing dark blue cords that day, a bit warm for jeans.
I felt squirting into my panties and with only 10 minutes to go in class my bladder was screaming and wanted to let go. I felt a small continous tiny leak wetting my jeans. Betty looked at me seated across the row. She knew I was in trouble. But theres nothing she could co. She whispered, just walk out, leave, go. Dont sit there and piss your pants.
I couldnt,no way, Id be a laughing stock of the class and the teacher was the kind to give you detention and who knows what else,like writing something on the blackboard 500 times.
So the bell rings and we get up and leave the rooml My butt is soaked with pee and I headed for the girls room. I got in there and took off my jeans and panties. I wiped up the best I could and tossed my panties in the trash. I lined my cords with paper towels to soak up the wetness and went to the next class. I really got away with it that day alhough I had to sit thru 2 more classes in damp jeans..

Going back to the beginning of the story I memtioned the teacher being fired. It was on spring day before end of school that this one boy had questioned something about "infinity" in numbers and how far they could go. It lead to the boy and the teacher into a debate about God of all things, it seemed the teacher Mr. Moore was somewhat of a Sunday school teacher at his church, and the boy being of a different faith disagreed about the explaination of "infinity" and God being brought into the subject. The argument got sort of heavy, and finally Mr. Moore said, no more, thats it, and shut off the discussion. Then the boy asked if he could go to the boys room, and Mr. Moore said no.
Well, the boy squirmed and held on until end of class. Finally he dashed to the restroom.
But he went home and told his parents about the argument and being denied use of the restroom nearly peeing his pants.
His father then contacted the principal and complained and then went one step farther,to the school board. It seemed that discussion of religion in class was not premitted at any level for any reason. And being denied the use of a restroom was like revenge for a part of the argument.
Thus the board met that summer and fired the teacher. No one missed him at all, it was at least one class where if you hadda go you them had chance as he was replaced by a new young grad student right out of college that related to the young people in classs.
Oh yes, he went on to become a college professor in math a few years later.
We learend our lesson though not to guzzled all that water and coke as we knew what might happens.

As I type this, I've been home from work for an hour. About 15 minutes before I left, while I was closing up shop, my business partner came in with a date. She looked about 45 or so (my partner's 50, I'm 27), but pretty good looking: wavy blonde hair in a loose ponytail, curvy figure, sparkling blue eyes. We have a little lounge in the back where we both occasional entertain. They were both a little tipsy (but not too drunk), and I could tell they were eager for me to leave when they started helping me clean up. I was in a back area near the restrooms, my partner was straightening the front of the shop. His date walked back to where I was and said "Oh, there's the ladies room." Since she left the door wide open, I expected her to just wash her hands, or something. Much to my surprise, she headed over to the toilet, dropped her jeans, and sat down. At first, she didn't look in my direction at all, but I kept walking around the doorway, pretending to be busy, while I watched h! er sit there peeing. Eventually, she started to smile at me impishly, before she began to take a noisy dump. She farted quite a bit, and lots of fast-falling poop splashed loudly in the bowl beneath her. Although her knees were clasped together, her legs and curvy hips were fully exposed. A shock of brown bush was visible between her pale thighs. By the time she reached for the toilet paper, I was simply standing there watching. She smiled at me as she wiped her thick pubic hair and ample bottom, making no effort to cover anything. After she finished, flushed, and walked past me, my head was swimming. When I walked out of the shop, she warmly wished me a good evening as she and my partner sat drinking beers. What a cool lady!

Last night around 11pm i was flipping channels and i came across TBS and there was a movie on, im not sure what it was called any way i think this guy kidnapped this ladie and had her hands tied up and she said she had to use the bathroom to pee and she needed help. She was wearing a skirt and you see the guy pull her panties down then shes sitting on the toilet, don't hear any thing then the guy pulls them up for her. Any one see this or know what its called?

Have you ever got a spanking that you never forgot? I am 56 years old and I remember one incident from my childhood years, It was in first grade. I was wearing a set of fairly loose jeans with overall straps and boxer shorts underneath. I decided that I wasn't going to school that day, so I just walked around the neighborhood. I made two omissions: The first was that I was going to have to shit sometime that morning. I did every morning, usually around recess time. I went to the little grocery store (that was the second mistake) where we shop at and asked to use the bathroom. Mr. Stanley told me in no uncertain terms that he does not have a public restroom. I walked up the hill to my aunt's house hoping to use her toilet but she was at work and the door was locked. The urge was now getting greater and greater. I unzipped my fly and pissed in her driveway, but nowhere to go #2. I was now past desperate and I just couldn't stop it. A large mass of soft poo with a nicely formed! turtle head had slid out into my pants. As I continued to walk around the block, the soft part just spread across my butt checks and the turtle slid down my pants leg and landed on the side walk in front of the grocery store leaving skid marks along my leg as it made it's journey to my ankles and eventually out to the sidewalk. I was now across from Stanley's place, just 1/2 block from home. I continued the walk on home trying to conjure up a lie that would be believable. When I walked in, I told my parents that the teacher wouldn't let me use the bathroom so I went in my pants cause I couldn't hold it and got sent home. That story might have worked had Mr. Stanley not called them to tell them that I had skipped school. (Remember- Mistake #2) My mom cleaned me up and then my dad got out her hairbrush and let me have a good one on my rear. It was a couple of days before I could sit comfortably again. But I learned that day that it wasn't nice to skip school, especially if yo! u're going to have to shit in your pantrs!

Traveling Guy
Ephermal - Ah, there's nothing like being in a place with exotic toilet facilities. I've seen concrete outhouse seats, but never the kind of pseudo-toilet you describe. That ashtray-looking thing on the front end sounds like a device to keep pee from squirting out the front, yes? At any rate, I can't blame you for heading for the woods, even if you had access to flushers.

As for throwing used toilet paper in the trash, that comes from a time when people in some places used newspaper or such things for wiping. Because the material didn't dissolve, it would get stuck in the toilet trap or pipes, so people took to throwing it into the waste can instead. But today's tp that disintegrates in water can go right into the toilet, and it should, to avoid the contamination and disease that can come from contact with human feces. Sometimes, though, a change of habits [and thinking!] comes slowly to us all.

About the constipated girl who took a dump after after she had a smoke: nicotine is known to stimulate bowel motility. I don't know exactly how it works, but two minutes sounds pretty fast-acting. Maybe it was because she had been off cigarettes for two weeks; or maybe it was partly psychological, from a smoke-and-dump habit she used to have. BTW - I am not promoting the use of cigarettes for regularity. For those who like to smoke, enjoy it, but I think fruit and fiber are a better way to go.

Oh, that look of bliss on the face of today's damsel in relief!

Curious Dude
SeXy gIrL: Sounds like you had a good dump before taking a shower. Next time, poop after you take a shower. For some reason it feels really good. I don't really know why. Sorry I didn't post for a while. I was on spring break on a ski trip. You see, I had a first hand experience on vacation about getting out of the water and pooping. My parents and I stayed at a really nice hotel on top of the mountain. In the evening after a hard day of skiing, I ate dinner and went down to the hotel's spa. The water was so warm and all the soreness in my muscles went away. Anyway, after that, I really felt like I had to take a dump and was really in the mood too. Down by the spa, there was a private bathroom (I hate taking a dump in my room when I'm on vacation because I'm really shy about it and my parents are usually in the room.) I went in and closed the door. The toilet seat seemed very comfortable and emediatly I started pushing a little and pooping out like two or three! long, thin turds. I was like so relaxed. That was one of my best dumps ever. Someone let me know about their experiences with pooping after getting out of the water. Later people. Peace out!

One time, when I was 6, I crapped myself in school.
All that happened in the first year of school and I didn't know if the teacher let us go to the toilets.
I always held the pee or poop until I was at home, and then I ran to the bathroom.
That day in the first hour I felt the need to poop and decided to hold it; in the following hours a lot of cramps started to hit me and I was so desperate!
I could hold the poop for three hours, but then the cramps was so strong that I was in tears; when a big one hit me, I relaxed for a second and all the poop began to fall in my underwears.
I froze and tried to stop it but couldn't and all the poop exploded in the pants, filling them: there was now a noticable bulge and a brown stain.
I tried to hide it but some poop wetter than the other fell on the floor and its smell followed it.
When one of my schoolfriends saw it, said:"Hey! He crapped his pants! Ha,ha,ha!".
I didn't know if I had to cry or broke his legs.
Suddenly all the boys saw all that and told it to the teacher, who called my parents and asked why I didn't went to the toilets.
What a strange day!

Ben In Iowa
Hi to the few who still remember me.

Have a story for you. Today my girlfriend and I were hanging out at the mall when my girlfriend informs me she has been holding her pee and poop since 6 o'clock in the morning and this was about noon and she needed the restroom now. Well we went to find a restroom but when we did find one they were closed for cleaning. Well bye now she is close to tears so we leave the mall at a very slow pace and head back toward my house. Halfway there she stops and starts crying and I look down and see her totally soaking her faded blue jeans and then I heard a crackling noise and I knew she had pooed herself. So I gave her my jacket to tie around her waist to hide it a little. When we got back to my place she cleaned up and I gave her some of my clothes to wear. Then she kissed me and said thanks for helping her.

More Later

Alyssa (Sexy Girl)- Loved your description of when you pooped in the nude... There's nothing better than the sight of a naked person sitting on the toilet!

SeXy giRl- I thought I would answer your survey,
1. Do you ever pee or poop naked? Only if I'm about to take a shower beforehand or if I just stepped out of the shower.
2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop? They're usually kept together.
3. Where are your panties when you sit? I only bring them down to around my knees.
4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop? No, usually I'll keep them on my lap.
5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina? I wipe it from the back... I'll wipe my butt first then I'll go underneath to wipe my vagina.
6. Do you lean forward when you poop? Sometimes I lean forward or when I'm having trouble pooping, I'll lean back and spread my legs out in front of me... I find it helps to pass hard turds...
7. Are your hands on your knees? Not on my knees exactly but more on my lap or across my stomach... Sometimes, my hands will be cupping my face as well...

Sheila- Thanks for answering my survey. I enjoyed reading your responses... You have a double toilet? Cool! I really like the concept and the idea of shitting side by side with someone you love... Wish they had some over here...

I had 2 pee so bad in 8th grade. I asked my teacher but she said I didn't look desperate enough. We were practicing in small groups outside but there was a gate separating me from the bathrooms. I couldn't sit still at all and kept moving around trying to hol in my pee. I asked the teacher in the class before but the bathrooms were all occupied with drama people. Eventually she told everybody to come inside. When I htought everybody was in, I went out the back door and squatted and peed down the stairs. A lot of people could have seen me but I didn't care cuz I had 2 pee so bad.

This other time I was in English and I had 2 pee so bad but I didn't want 2 leave the class cuz I was taking a test. At the end of the period our teacher collected the tests but I wasn't even half way done. I tried to hold onto it and felt this awful desperation. I must have temporarily forgot about my need to pee because I temporaroly had no control. I t all flooded out for about five seconds, then came out in little series all the way to the bathroom.

John Q Public
I was going to say something regarding Forb;s surbey, but I forgot. I know that it was aimed at women only, but I have an interesting tid bit to add.

I am a guy, yet I do believe that girls do have bigger bladders and stronger sphincter muscles. That debate has reared it's head on this forum on previous occasions, and to support my beliefes, I have only my personal experience with family and friends. In my family, my sister and girl cousen hold the longest pee times and hold times. All of my guy friend who are married or have girl friends on all ocassions that I have observed went to the bathroom to pee an average of 3 or 4 times for every 1 time their wives or girl friends went for a pee.

It is a well documented and well known fact that children who have bet wetting problems are mostly boys, and that girls, in general, are toilet trained at earlier ages then boys are.

Here is the latest tidbit to support my opinion. This happened at my work place. Our top management are the type who like to stretch a dollar until the pic of George Washington starts to scream. They decided that the rest room lights should be off when not in use, so they installed an automatic sensing device that turns the lights on when some one goes in to the washroom, and shuts off when they leave.

Both the women's and men's room are basicaly a toilet and a sink. Anyway, this system is also tied into a data base and an entry is made every time that light turns on. That data base is on the main server where I work, so I couldn't resist taking a 'look-see' at it.

Keep in mind, that there are only two men, and 7 women at my work place. Over a one-week period, there were over 30 visits to the men's room recorded, but only 9 trips to the women's room. Now the night janitor goes into both of those rooms to clean them every night, so we must subtract 5 visits from each, making a grand total for the mens room, 25 visits, and the women's room 4 visits. Again, 2 men, 25 visits. 7 women, 4 visits. I, because of my condition, accounted for the largest number of those rest room visits, but my male coworker and boss is seen walking into the men's room twice a day, usualy. Some times its 3 visits, but only on rare ocassions. That means that he makes about 10 a week, and I make up for the other 15. Even if I was as well endowed as my boss, it would still be men 20 and women 4.

I also notice that the women drink no less liquids then we do. There is a cofee pot, which they frequent every bit as much as we do, some of them bring in bottled water with their lunches, yet I rarely see then running to the washroom. On the few ocassions I did see one of the women go into the women's room, she showed little or no signs of discomfort. The doors and walls are too thick, and the office is too noisy to hear anything, but it is obvious what is going on.

My cousen, who is a nurse has told similar stories regarding male coworkers. The males, on average, make more trips to the rest room then the females do.

Based on the above, I would have to say that girls and women must have bigger bladders and stronger sphincter muscles then men. Keeping in mind, of course, that my bladder is smaller and weaker then the average person, male of female. My bladder, in a highly distended state, can barely hold almost but not quite 500 militres. And I mean that is major desperation on the verge of a wetting accident distended.

Hi Forbes. Here are my answers to your survey. I hope you like what you read.

1. Do you like to watch guys pee?

Yes. I love it especialy when some 'macho' guy thinks he can out pee a woman, then after I watch him pee, I love the humiliated look he gets when I beat him by miles.

2. Do you ever pee standing up?

Yes, all the time, and I am quite good. I can project my stream far, too. I've also put alot of men to shame.

3. How far can you pee?!

Ag a guess, 15 feet.

4. What is the most volume you have ever peed?

3 litres.

5. Do you like to hold your pee and why?

Yes, because it stimulates my &*&^% and I love to see the defeated and humiliated look on the faces of the men who I compete against in pissing contests.

6. How many times do you normally pee each day?

Normaly I go twice a day.

7. Do you think girls have bigger bladders than guys?

Undoubtedly YES! I have been in many a pissing contest and here is what my experience has been. The girls, on average, have much longer wait times, much longer pee times, wider, thicker and further projecting pee streams, and volumes in excess of 1 militre. The men typicaly showed little ability to wait, alot of desperation, weak and thin pee streams, average volumes of under 700 militres, and wait and pee time averages between one third to one half of what the women can do.

8. Do you like to listen to other grls peeing?

Yes. In fact, I love to listen to both guys and girls pee, and make comparisons. I also like to watch both guys and girls pee and compare the streams of piss and the color.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

It was cool weather again at Tara and Dales so no swimming. We watched videos and drank a lotta coke even tho it wasnt so hot in the house. Lets see who can pee the most Tara said so we took three coke bottles to the bathroom. Tara fetched her travelling mate out of the closet and the T mate firm also supplies a bendy plastic tube that fits onto the mate for using in cars when you cannot stand up but need to pee without getting out and want to go in a bottle. Only funny thing is that the tube is bright yellow which looks kinda strange. She had a spare one for me but I am still not used to it and I didnt want to get things wet so I took off everything except my top and stood in their bath. When Tara had fitted up her T mate, she hiked up her shorts leg and put the mate thing in. Then she ran the bendy tube into the bottle - neat! We each used a big coke bottle so we could see who did the most and Tara won. Actually Dale went first because if he watched us he said junior migh! t perk up and be too big to fit the bottle. We giggled, he is very funny.

I used my bottle by pulling the works open and fitting the top between the inners and outers if you see what I mean. I had to guess the right place for height but got it right and nearly all the pee went in. We emptied the bottles and watched a sorta documentary video about freaks. They showed circuses with bearded ladies and midget people only a few feet high. There was an ermafrosomething which was half lady and half man, unbelievable if you didnt actually get to see it. There were some awesomely tall people, very very thin people and enormously fat people and even Siamese twins. The one lot were like two complete people joined somewhere, the others had only two legs altogether but two heads and chests. Then there was this guy with two things, that was real cool. He could get a rise on one side while the other side stayed down. They didnt show him going which i would like to have seen. Could a guy like this make it come out of each separately I asked Dale or would they!

TO Ashley (or should I say Ash):

Wonder why you have to change you name here?

TO poopers out there:

Answer this:

1) When using a public restroom, which do you prefer?

a) being alone in that room
b) have the restroom be crowded

2)How many times do you pee while pooping?


My answers to SeXy gIrLís survey II:
1. Do you ever pee or poop naked? Yes, when I am going to take a shower.
2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop? When my poop is soft and comes out easily I may keep legs together, otherwise more or less apart.
3. Where are your panties when you sit? Mostly on my knees.
4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop? No.
5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina? From back.
6. Do you lean forward when you poop? Yes, usually.
7. Are your hands on your knees? Yes, on my knees or thighs.

Hello, this is the first time I have written to the forum, but I have been a reader since discovering the site while surfing the net. I'm thirty-four, blonde haired and attractive, at least my partner says so. I am a bit nervous but there is so much I want to say I'll simply burst if I don't write. I work as a check-out girl at a large supermarket in Chippenham, I love buddy dumps and there have been, and always will be lots of chances to go together where I work. I love to have a b/m with another girl, but I also like to pee with another girl, I think that is just as exciting as a dump.

At work, inless you are ill you have to wait for your break to go the loo. About a week ago I needed to go real bad just after I got to work. I had to wait almost an hour for my break by which time I could feel a lump of poop coming from my bum. I got to the restroom and went into the first vacant stall, there are ten of them in the girls room, and several were occupied. I had occupied stalls on either side and as I dropped my panties and sat down I heard the girl on my right pushing and grunting, I bent over and under the partition I could see her feet and her jeans pushed right down. I pushed out a large, smelly log, it splashed into the pan with enough force to push the water up and wet my bum, something I hate. My break is only fifteen minutes and I knew that I'd be going right up to then, no cup of tea for me. I groaned as I strained and pushed out another two large logs. I heard the girl next to me sigh as she suddenly coated the pan with a splatter of loos! e stuff. There was no sound at all coming from the stall on my left. I bent low, right over, and I could see no feet. Curious and slightly alarmed I sat up and leaned right back, the partitions are about three inches from the end of the wall and you can see who's in the stall. I looked wide eyed, it was one of the male warehouse boys, about twenty or so. How he got into the girls room beats me, specially during the break times when it is crowded. Yet it excited me and I went back to my poop, grunting louder and groaning under my breath that it was so hard. The girl on the right was busy wiping herself, I forget how many times she wiped, but it was a lot, she really must have had a messy bum. I too had finished and it didn't take me long to wipe as my poop was quite firm. Flushing the toilet I joined the girl from the right hand stall at the wash-basin. As we washed our hands I asked her if she felt better and as we spoke I nodded in the direction of the stall to my! left. Finally I went over and tapped the door and said 'I hope you enjoyed it.' Then laughing I left with my companion and went back to work.

Tell me if you liked my experience.

Sheila (South Wales) I simply love your posts, particularly the one where you describe the morning dump with your hubby. I feel so envious, my partner won't let me near him when he's on the toilet and he won't come near me when I'm there. We have a great love life but the toilet is taboo for some reason.

i've read some of the hold-it story here and it seems that girls have superior bladder control ability over the boys, and i wonder if that could mean that girls can push pee out more forcefully than the boys.

i was a girl of 21, and when i was small i was once 'fascinated' by the boys' ability to aim their pee and shoot out far away, while i could only squat and pee, since the fact is that girls pee more forcefully, it is possible that i could aim my pee forward and even out-distance the boys, putting there to shame?

hope for replies.

last summer me and my boy friend went to kings island and spent the day in the water park where i drank alot of expensive pop 2.50 for a pop we decided to leve and go home around seven we had just got back on the express way and got stoped in road construction where some one had wrecked and i had to pee. i had just peed about an hour ago in the lazy river but i drank a can of pop in the car. there was nothing to pee in so since my boy friends car had tinted windows i climbed in to the back seat and raised myself up off the seat and pulled the crotch of my bathing suit to the side and peed all over the seat to make it worse before we got home i climbed into the back seat and peed two more times before we got home. the next day when we opened the car door the pee smell about knocked you down. we hung air frenshner's in it. but it still smelles some even now on warm days.

Mr. WhiZZaWeeWee
I was just in the grocery store and saw the wet floor signs in a holder at the beginning of each isle. How funny would it be to just stand there and wet the floor, then pull down the sign and put i over the puddle? You would have to do it matter of factly to be funny but it would be fun to see people's reaction to this.

Today I had a great dump.While I was doing my taxes.I noticed a slight presure building at my rectum.I thought when was the last time I had a bowel movement.I couldn't remember exactly.It was probably sometime during the middle of last week.During that time I've been eating a lot of junk food and bran cereal.Some diet.The presure subsided and I continued watching TV and doing my taxes.It soon became apparent that I wouldn't be able to hold it in any longer cause the feeling came back with a vegance.With my hand on my stomach I quickly walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.As soon as I sat I pushed my bowels free in one quick thrust while leaning over cluching my waist and pushing my hands from the sides downward towards the center and bottom of my abdomin.It came out so fast it didn't feel like much.When I checked my work,I was like WOW!.It was shocking and a little scary.All that out of my body?My log was a medium brown color,semi firm in consistancy and a whopping 1! 4in long and 2in wide.It was what some call a beacher.It was very stinky.I could smell a hint of bran comming from that log.I wiped three times.Surprisingly there wasn't much to clean.I flushed and it all went down without a hint of trying to back up which is unusual.Usually some of my logs with girth and length would fold and lodge itself in the hole.That would mean a date with Mr.Plunger.

Drew. Liked your post where you mentioned your favourite public toilet in York. Probably I've not been looking all that hard but on my visits to that august city, my observation has been that public loos appear to be few and far between. In fact I don't know of any in the immediate vicinity of the Minster. It could be that I've just not been looking very thoroughly though.

Robby & Annie. Hi! I'm sorry to hear that Annie's constipated at the moment. It can't be very pleasant for her, although I suspect it's got little or nothing to do with smoking. My advice would be figs, prunes and plenty of fresh fruit and veg. I hope she's soon back to normal. Let me know when liberation comes!

Sheila (Cardiff). Sorry to hear you and your husband aren't well. From what you say it sounds as though you've both had the same ???? bug. Get well soon.

Best wishes to everyone!


Hi everyone, this is my first time here, i dont know how i discovered this site, but its pretty cool and funny. i have stories to share with all of you. well ill tell my first accident story:
when i was in high school, me and my friends used to go skating with this group of dudes...the dudes were kind of mean...eventually me and my friends stopped talking with them, and they hated us. well one day during 3rd peroiod 3 of the guys from the group follow me as im about to use the bathroom...i instantly knew they were going to beat me up (they were the mean type that u just always know) and i started to feel scared ..i ran into a stall and was ready to take a crap then as im shutting the dude yanks the door out of my hand and pushes me to the wall and him and his friends start calling me names and punching me. i started to feel the need to crap even worse and i was getting really scared and crying...they saw i was crying then they stopped and started laughing then one dude was like "look at the baby, i bet hes about to shit in his pants" then right there i crapped my pants really really bad and they just ran off. it sucked! i was wearing a pair of lea! ther pants that i borrowed from my friend and i had a huge load in my boxers. i didnt know what to do, and lucky my best friend walks in and sees me and me and him just ran out of school and went i ran home crap came out of my pants legs....and it turned into a really funny joke and me and my friend still laugh about it alot! LOL
well i hope my story is cool enough for all of u, thanks , greg

Forbes's survey

1. Do you like to watch guys pee?
Depends on the guy - if its the RIGHT guy - YES, not the RIGHT guy - NO NO NO NO NO!

2. Do you ever pee standing up?
Seldom - sometimes I hover just above the seat (dirty toilets), sometimes I squat.

3. How far can you pee?!
*lol* - quite far

4. What is the most volume you have ever peed?
Not sure - gues on the odd occassion when I'm really BURSTING it would fill a large beer mug.

5. Do you like to hold your pee and why?
Don't do it on purpose, but sometimes just end up doing it because of circumstances, and then peeing is just the BEST thing

6. How many times do you normally pee each day?
I guess four or five times.

7. Do you think girls have bigger bladders than guys?
No I don't think so.

8. Do you like to listen to other grls peeing?
Yes. I have a theory about thje different whooshing noises girls make, and like to test my theory.

Toilet Paper Survey

If you had to choose a toilet paper with one of these faces on
which one would it be?

1) George W. Bush - DEFINITELY NOT - I wouldn't want to put that icky pasty face anywhere near my beautiful little bum.

2) Saddam Hussein - DEFINITELY NOT - I wouldn't want to put that sleazy face anywhere near my pretty little bum.

3) Bin Ladden - NO WAY - the guy scares me, so nowhere near my delicate posterior.

4) Somebody you can't stand - DEFINITELY NOT, preferably someone I find sexy and cool, let them help me to clean up my sexy little bum.

questions for women about peeing in the toilet bowl.


about pee scenes with women in the movies, yes there is that one scene in "blue crush" where that chick pisses , but you can't hear any tinkle sound, just see her sit on the toilet in the hotel restroom . and in "girl interrupted " I could not find it at all , even in the video version. I know they even cut out the swearwords in the made for TV version .

Curious Dude
SeXy gIrL: Here's my answers to your survey...

1. Occasionally I pee or poop naked after taking a shower. If I go before showering, I usaully leave my clothes on.
2. My legs are usually spread apart a little when I poop.
3. My underwear is uasually about half way between my knees and my ankles.
4. No, I never poop with both hands on the toilet seat.
5. n/a
6. I usually lean forward just a little when I'm crapping. It isn't really neccessary actually because I like never have to push hard at all. I've actually never been constipated in my life. Is that normal at all? I know it's pretty cool.
7. No, I do not have my hands on my knees while pooping. I usually have one hand holding my penis and one hand kinda resting on my thigh.

PS: I hope this helps. xoxo

Hi, there,
Anthea: Many thanks for your experiences. I loved your airport story. Clearly you feel the same way as I do. Let's have more events from your life please.

Adrian: Thanks for your kind thoughts and comments. Yesy I have seen and witnessed many accidents in court, most however with the police and staff, I'll relate some of them as the time goes by. I don't know whether we in South Wales have bigger b/m's than anybody else, I do know we have some pretty big ones though.

Sporty: Thanks for your answers to my period problems. I don't take any laxatives because they do the most awful things to my system. Do you mean hot or cold water. I drink copious amounts of cold water, but it doesn't help my constipation at that time.

Alyssa (Sexy Girl): What a really beautiful name. I'm so glad you revealed it, now my answers to your questions.
1. I do sometimes poop in the nude, mainly at home with Greg, it often turns us right on.
2. I always sit with my thighs apart, it helps when I am straining.
3. My panties are generally stretched across my lower thighs.
4. I sometimes have both hands on the sides of the toilet when I shit, especially if I'm constipated.
5. I always wipe away from the vagina.
6. I always sit forward and leaning forward when I shit, I more upright when I pee.
7. Same answer as four. Sometimes my hands are on my knees.

Alyssa, your sweet name has me conjuring up visions of you having a massive shit, why not tell me how you go by answering your own questions for me.

Greg and I had a huge b/m today. Greg is off to Dublin for his company, he'll be away for a week and I'm going to miss him badly. Anyway when I awoke I scurried to the bathroom for a pee, then went downstairs to prepare Greg's breakfast. Earlier than normal my stomach started to churn over so it was back upstairs. I sat on the pan and almost at once pushed out a large turd followed by a few smaller ones. Suddenly Greg appeared in the doorway. I had only a shortie nightie on and he could see my open thighs and everything else on full view. He came over, dropped his pyjama trousers, and sat on the other pan of our Swedish toilet. He started to pee, then strained and shit with a huge explosion. Together we sat shitting together, splashing and plopping our turds into the pan. Finally I had an explosion of very soft shit followed by a huge fart. When I was finished I made to wipe my arse but Greg took the paper and wiped me clean, even as he continued to shit. The! n, when he was through I wiped him clean. Together we checked into the pans, they were both full of shit, the sight turned us both on and after we had flushed, it was back to the bed. I'll leave you to imagine what took place for the next our or so. Suffice to say Greg just caught his plane to Dublin, and I was late for work Well, for the rest of the week with Jill away at university I'm all alone, still perhaps I can invite Ruth over for a chat and a cup of tea, maybe the Swedish toilet will turn her on. Who knows?
I'll say goodbye for now, write again soon, love Sheila (South Wales).

To donna: Liked your story about peeing in your b/f car

To FYI: Liked your story, sounds like a nice dump you had

To Amy: I liked your story.

To Ash (formerly Ashley): I've never used a doorless stall..none around here.

To Alyssa (Sexy girl): Sounds like a nice dump you had.

To Greg: Loved your old were you then and what grade were you in? Was that a big soild poop or was it wet?

To Fernando: liked your story...she might be turned on

To Anthony K.: liked your story

To Mindy: Wow thats a long time to hold your poop it made for a good one

To unnamed poster: re toilet paper...I'd take Bin Laden toilet paper cause he needs to pay for what he did..LOL

To Peeboy: Loved hearing about your pee accident.

To SeXy gIrL: 1. No, but i remember pooping naked when i was younger 2. Kept together. 3.I wear boxers, they are about half way down. 4. No 5. N/A 6. Sometimes. 7. No
Liked your story too.

To Robby and Annie: Saying Hi back

To AUSSIEROD: liked your story

To marcuslycus: That sounds like an intresting way to poop

To Adrian: Thats cool about sex in the city..i don't watch that.

I've been pooping alot latly..I mentioned i pooped 2x that one day then the next morning i pooped again. It was kinda soft.
One of these days im gonna try that soap trick if i remember.
gotta go bye

ANNIE & ROBBIE -- Glad you enjoyed the gag -- I just knew I had to post it here as soon as I saw it! Yup, I always wee standing at the beach now, I find some way to do it -- it's half the fun of going! Hey, Annie, take a whiz! Just cause the girls are away doesn't mean you can't have some fun! I'd do one with you if I was there!

ASH -- I'm glad that joke got such a belly-laugh at school -- yes, it is a good one!

ANNOYMOUS -- GW Bush, for sure...

CARMALITA -- Now that my posts seem to be getting through again, I'd like to say that I tried writing two or three times to say how sorry I am you and Jake have broken up, but that under the circumstances it's probably for the best. I think about you all often.

EPHERMAL -- congrats on your holiday -- I look forward to more stories!

Okay, to keep this thing on-topic, here's something I've noticed: many gals say it takes them a long time to go, ten minutes to deliver a ten-incher, and that's interesting, as when I have one of my foot-long torpedoes to launch it's usually out of the launch-tube in five seconds or so! Often what happens is I get the urge but I'm busy, so I'll do what I need to do for a while before the urge gets really strong, then I go and the main mass will come down like an express train! It's the last piece that takes the pushing, and even then it's fairly quick.

Cheers all (and where the heck are Steve, Louise, Damsel and Donna these days??? I miss you all!!!)


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