Hi my name is nikki and I was wondering if anyone has tried this. Well it just so happens that on this friday night i'm bored. So since I had to Tinkle pretty bad I decided to go in a ziplock bag. My tinle took up 1/3 of the bag. Thats not really that much. I've been trying to hold it longer and longer but I end up failing. Any suggestions? Please respond soon.

Yesterday (Friday) I had an accident. It wasn't really an accident because I probably could have prevented it, but it really didn't concern me that much. What happened was after school I could tell that I had to poop, but I decided against going in the school bathrooms because I could probably hold it long enough for the walk home, but even if I couldn't an accident didn't bother me that much. So I started walking home, and about 10 minutes from home it started getting uncomfortable. I definitely could have held it for 10 more minutes, but I was wearing a skirt which went down to my knees so if I messed myself it probably wouldn't show, as long as nobody looked up it or anything. So I decided to go ahead and go now and I would clean myself up when I got home, so I paused for a moment and relaxed. Well, it all plopped out at once, and it turned out that there was more than I expected, in fact, it was really soft too and it felt like it would take a while to clean up. I t was really making my underwear sag. Oh well, too late to worry about it now. I was just glad that I didn't have to sit down, because if I did it would definitely squish and make a bigger mess than it already was. So anyway, I kept going home and let myself in, neither of my parents would be home from work for 2 and a half more hours so I had the house to myself. So I headed upstairs to my bathroom and took of my shoes and socks and skirt, and I looked in the bathroom was amazed at how much had actually come out to make a mess of me, and even more amazed that it had all stayed in my panties, except for a little bit around the legs that had leaked out. The next challenge was how I would get it off without "spilling" though, as it was soft enough that I knew some would come out. So I got some paper towels from the bathroom cabnet and put them on the floor and stood on them while I peeled my underwear off and left them sitting on the paper towels. I didn't even believe there could be that much poop, it was just a glob of poop probably the size of both of my fists put together sitting there and I'm even more amazed that it hadn't leaked any more than it did. It also smelled different than usual, and it was a slightly lighter color. I went and sat down on the toilet and peed, then I cleaned myself up with toilet paper, which took quite a lot. Finally I was cleaned up, so I went back into my room and got a new pair of panties on, then I came back into my bathroom and put my skirt and socks and shoes back on. Now there was the matter of cleaning up the dirty underwear I'd left on the floor. I took it and tried dumping it in the toilet, and most of it fell in but a lot of it still stuck, which I wiped off with toilet paper until it was at least cleaned off although it still had a huge stain on it. I tried rinsing it off under the bathtub faucet as best I could, then I went ahead and went downstairs and put it in the washing machine and af! ter it was done washing put it in the dryer. After it was done (about 30 minutes before my parents got home, as usual) I got them out, they were clean but they had a TERRIBLE stain on them, bad enough that you could see it all the way on the outside of the underwear. I'll have to be sure not to wear that pair on days that I have gym class. So I guess it wasn't really an accident because I could have either gone at school or waited 10 more minutes to get home, but as long as nobody I know finds out about it, it'll be okay, it doesn't bother me.

Traci DeJ
Anyone had group pee/poop experiences? My most memorable event was at a batchelorette party. We (about 8 of my girlfriends), had hired this huge limo for a pub crawl/clubbing night out. Around 11pm we all begged the driver to stop as we needed to go. We found an alley and four or five of us trooped out and squatted in a circle. Most of us were in party clothes, so it was easy to just pull our skirts and dresses up as we squatted. Two girls were in pants and they had to pull them way down low with thier panties to avoid wetting themselves. We really had a wild night that night in lots of ways, but the thing we all remember was just letting go in the open air like that. Anyone have any other group pee/poop experiences? Do guys do this too?

Hi everyone, I was surfing the net one day and I found this site. I think it is cool that there are sites like this. Something happened to me just the other day that I thought I would tell you guys about.
I was just sitting in spanish class one day when the urge to poop hit me hard. So I clenched my buttcheeks together and asked if I could use the restroom. I practically had to sprint down the hall, and I bearly made it before I pooped my pants.

FOR GIRLS ONLY!!!! When you are desperate to pee what methods do you use to hold it in?

Ash (formerly Ashley)
To Bill Liked your story about Joey and I know how he must have felt. A few weeks ago I had a ???? upset real bad. . Since I normally go 2 or 3 days between pooping its usually a real biggy and real firm. So this time I was surprised that my poo was so hard, I had expected it to be all wet. Anyway it came out, then just like Joey it was like a plug had been pulled because all this soft mushy stuff just started coming out real fast. And yes it came in waves with the last one being pure diarrhea it came out like I was peeing out of my butt. At least I was able to do mine sitting on the toilet at home.

To Dreamer Glad you liked my story. Ive never seen a squat toilet I think you mean the sort thats just like a hole in the ground. I suppose it would be like going outdoors.

To PV Your story was a scream; I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. I took it to school and it was a riot.

To Megan Ive had that too, its so embarrassing not being able to pee. The nurse told me to turn the faucet on in the bathroom because the sound of running water seems to make you want to go. I wonder if anyone else has heard of that?

To Bryian No this wasnt my first doorless stall; quite a few schools have them. I was just surprised that anyone was there. I felt so sorry for her. She didnt say a word, she just looked up at me and she looked like she was in agony. When I left, I walked all the way down this long school corridor and I remember looking back when I got to the main door but there was no sign of her. So I guess she was still there trying hard to do her poo.

Love to all - Ash

Alyssa (Sexy girl)
Hey everyone! I am the one the only sexy girl lol. My real name is Alyssa for anyone who cares.

Earlier tonight, I was on the toilet, nude, and pooping. I was naked because I was gonna take a shower, and felt an urge to poop. First, I peed for about a minute and a half. After some last dribbles, I started pushing. Slowly, a turd emerged from my butt crack. I had to do lots of grunting for some reason this time. After about 10 minutes, the piece finally fell. I would guess it was about 10" inches long. A long one for Sexy girl lol!! After that piece, I farted and was done. I stood up, and looked into the bowl. A medium brown piece was floating in the clear toilet water. 1 wipe and I flushed, and went into the shower. That shower felt sooo incredibly good!!! Thanks everyone, bye!!!

wee -in- public chic
Hey, to all the women on here:

1.) Have you ever been in a situation where you had no potty around and you did a wee into your maxi pad? Yes, by accident, this happened to me once. See below for more details.

2.) If so, how did it work? Did your maxi pad absorb your wee? Did your panties end up getting wet at all? Yes and no, see below.

3.) If so, what color/design of panties where you wearing at the time?
Well, I don't remember exactly, but I know at the time all my panties were cotton and most where white.
4.) If no, would you ever do a wee into your maxi pad if the situation came up?

5.) What kind of maxi pads do you use? Be specific. Give the brand (always, stayfree, kotex, etc.) and style (regular, super, with wings, without wings, overnight, etc.). Always thin ultra regular with wings.

When the incident happened i was in highschool. i was on the bus home and had to go potty really really badly. we finally got to my stop and i got up to get ready to get off. the bus hadn't fully stopped though and the driver hit the brakes kinda hard and i almost fell. well, as i grabbed the seat to steady myself i felt a powerfull stream shooting out of me. for a split second i was completely unable to stop it but i quickly got control and stopped. i got off the bus in a hurry! as i was walking home i remember looking down and checking my jeans but they were okay. nuthing like that had ever happened to me before! i walked the 2 blocks to my house, ditched my stuff and went into the bathroom when i got a strange idea. i don't really know what i was thinking but i decided to stand there and go, so i just released control of my bladder. at first i couldn't go, and i had to squeeze real hard to get so much as a trickle. once i got that started though i had no p! roblems going except after about maybe 10 seconds i realised my pants were getting very wet! i quickly sat down on the toilet and continued to potty in my pants. it felt really good; i can't explain why but i distinctly remember getting very aroused while doing this. after i finished i had to stay sitting there for a while because my pants were still dripping into the toilet. when that finally stopped i had to wipe off the seat and the floor around the toilet and then i took a shower. i also ran my pants under the shower so they wouldn't smell. then i put on fresh clothes and took a nap.

1. Do you have the sort of pains I've described just before, and/or during your period? yeah
2. Do you have any remedies to off set the discomfort? water
3. Do you get constipated just before, and/or during your period? yeah, and then once my period comes, im going to the bathroom a lot
4. Do you have any remedies to cure the constipation? either a laxitive or just eating fiber
This next question is not connected to the first two but it is something I have had some trouble with over the years.
5. What kind of sanitary protection do you use? A. either tampax, kotex or ob
a. Tampons (what make etc.,)?
b. Panty pads?
c. Sanitary towels?

FOR GIRLS ONLY!!!!!! Have you ever been tickled so much you peed your pants? If so explaine the situation.


Ive posted about cleaning ladies in the past and a couple of days ago I had a weird experience. I went to the mens to take a dump and to my surprise, inside there was a cleaning lady just outside of the stalls while a guy was in a stall. The cleaning lady was talking to a cleaning guy who was being trained (I could see he was new at that job). At first I hesitated about going but anyway, I entered a stall, covered the seat with T.P. and finally I said who cares and so, I droped my pants and let loose. It was cool hearing a female voice just outside of the stall and to know someone of the opposite sex could see and hear and even smell what you were doing! I guy also entered the stall next to mine and at first I could see he was also hesitating about going there cause he did not start to shit right away but was like just standing inside the stall but finally he also started to shit. I really enjoyed the experience and to be honest was turned on. I wonder what does the c! leaning lady think while she is inside the mens room while there are guys shitting. Is she turned on by the situation? What do you think?

Anthony K.
Hello. My friend slept over last night. We decided to walk for exercise the following morning. We jogged for a while and then we walked the rest of the way. Half way through, I felt the urge to take a huge dump. I thought I would show my friend how to be a shameless shitter. So when we reached the park, I told my friend I had to take a dump. We both went in. Inside, their were showers, benches, two toilets and a urinal trough. I went inside the toilet while my friend went to the urinals. I pulled my pants down and sat but held it in to show my friend there's nothing to be ashamed of when taking a shit. I saw him come close and he stared at the gap between the door and the floor. He was surprised because it was very high and you would be able to see a man's d**k if you looked. Right then, I let loose amy shit. It was very loud. It was like this:
FART FART, 7 plops(very quickly)fart fart and about a dozen mor plops and one big turd. My friend just stood outside my stall. I told him, you can wait outside if you want. SO he left. After he lef, I shit out one long turd and then I wiped four times. When we walked back home, he told me he was going to try to be less shameful when shitting.

I haven't posted for almost a year, but still read the site daily. Thanks to the couple of you who mentioned me in recent weeks. Plunging Plop Guy, where are you? Always enjoyed your posts. I took a dump in your favourite public toilet in York when I was over last summer. Anyway here'a a recent story. Went in to the university library bathroom for a dump and one stall was already occupied. As I was getting my pants down, the guy next door let off a tremendous fart. I then sat down and farted myself. The other guy then really let loose and started laughing hysterically. I said to him that it was a windy night in here and he laughed. I asked him what he had for lunch and he replied Chinese food from the caf. I said to him that it often goes straight through you and he said it sure does! He then continued farting, laughing and apologizing. I told him not to worry about it and that this was the place to do it. He said "better than doing it outside" and again broke into hysterics! . He continued farting and saying sorry and I told him that we all do it. He then wiped and finished up. As he was leaving I said to him "I hope you're all finished!" and he laughed and again said sorry.

We need more outdoor poop stories lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryian -
We held our poop in for 4 days each....I know pretty stupid lol oh well.

HI, this is for wee-in-public chik's survey.

1.) Have you ever been in a situation where you had no potty around and you did a wee into your maxi pad? Yes. I was outside riding my bike and I had the sudden urge to go pee. I was on a road at the time that had no tree's, no bushes, and no houses and there were a lot of cars on the road going up north for holiday. I finally couldn't fight the urge to go pee any longer so I stood up on the pedals of my bike and peed my pad.

2.) If so, how did it work? Did your maxi pad absorb your wee? Did your panties end up getting wet at all? The pad absorbed most of my pee. My panties and pants got a little wet from over flowing a bit.

3.) If so, what color/design of panties where you wearing at the time? High-cut, blue.

4.) If no, would you ever do a wee into your maxi pad if the situation came up? N/A

5.) What kind of maxi pads do you use? Be specific. Give the brand (always, stayfree, kotex, etc.) and style (regular, super, with wings, without wings, overnight, etc.).I use kotex and stayfree. I was wearing stayfree super with wings at the time.

If you had to choose a toilet paper with one of these faces on
which one would it be?

1) George W. Bush

2) Saddam Hussein

3) Bin Ladden

4) Somebody you can't stand

I would use George W. Bush, because I can't stand him.



Since my buddy (Mike) and I take frequent roadtrips together, we are often caught in desperate situations. Another such incident took place when we traveled across 2 state to visit a mutual friend we hadn't seen in awhile. We stopped at a fast food place for something to eat and, since it was a hot, humid day, we each downed a king size coke. We should have known better but at the time, we just didn't think. Just the same, we figured we should make a trip to the men's room before we got back on the road, even though neither of us really had to go. Unfortunately, it's impossible to try to pee when you don't have to so we both tucked our willies back in, zipped up and left. We weren't on the road any more than 20 minutes when Mike (he was driving) mentioned he could use a wee. I said, "Yeah, me too. Guess we'll have to be on the lookout for a bathroom someplace." We kept our eyes open for a fast food place, a gas station...anyplace with a public restroom but there was n't anything for MILES! We were driving through a rural area with acres of farm land and no trees or bushes to give us any privacy then later, we came to a residential area but there were too many people around to take a leak. By this time, we had been holding it for over an hour and felt like we were about to burst! Mike kept pulling at his weiner with one hand while keeping his other hand on the wheel and said, "Man, I gotta piss!!" I fidgeted around in my seat, gave my willy and hard squeeze and said, "You and me both!" After a few more miles, Mike suddenly started pulling over to the side of the highway and said, "I'm gonna have to go. I can't hold it another second!" I pointed out to him that there were no trees around and that somebody would be sure to see him and his comment was, "At this point, I don't even CARE! I gotta piss like a broken firehose!" He got out of the car and, wihout even turning away from the four lanes of traffic, unzipped, whipped it out and started pissing! As I sat in the car, I was becoming even more desperate as I watched his pee gush out. When he finished and got back in the car, he asked me if I wanted to go but I told him no, that there were to many people around. I told him we were bound to come to a restroom soon and squeezed my willy to try to ease the pressure. Mike said to me, "It looks like you're not going to be able to make it. You'd better go right here now or, believe me, you'll be sorry!" I knew he was right but I was just too embarrassed to risk being seen by all the passing matter how bad I had to go!! I told Mike, "I don't want any women watch me take a leak!! I'll wait!!!" Five minutes back on the road, I knew I was in BIG trouble and that I should have gone when I had the chance. I suddenly knew I wouldn't be able to hold it and yelled at Mike to "Stop the car.....quick!!! I'm gonna piss my pants!!!" There was nothing to use for cover but this was no time to be mod est! I stood there next to the car (didn't take the time to walk even a few steps away from it) and tugged at my zipper. I had barely gotten my fly undone when it happened.......I lost complete control and totally wet my pants!!! I had no time at all to get my weiner out....the dam just literally burst! So, there I was with my zipper down, pissing my pants and powerless to stop it. I COMPLETELY emptied my bladder and, believe me, it was overflowing! My jeans were completely soaked through, or I should say, sopping wet!! I was totally embarrassed! Not because I wasn't able to hold it, but because (even though I had other clothes with me), there was no place nearby where I could change. I couldn't very well appear on our friend's doorstep like that without him wondering what happened. Besides, my jeans were too wet for me to get back in the car anyway. Mike said he would cover me while I took off my wet clothes and that I could wrap myself up in a blanket he had in th e trunk. We soon came to a Burger King and luckily, it was the time of day when there weren't many people inside. I grabbed some a pair of jeans from my bag and somehow, with the blanket wrapped around me, managed to sneak in the men's room and put them on. I wanted to get out of there before anybody else came in so I really didn't take the time to be as careful a I should have.....which brings me to Lucy's question. As I was walking back to the car, I noticed some people looking kinda funny at me but I didn't pay any attention. Later, when we were at our fiend's house, his sister started staring at me as well and said to her brother, "Tell your friend to zip his pants up!!" That's when I looked down and saw that my fly was wide open and probably had been since I put them on almost an hour before! That wasn't the WORST part! I hadn't bothered to put any underwear on and with my fly gaping wide open......well, let's just say she saw plenty!! So much for modesty!! H er brother looked almost as embarrassed as I felt and told me to "Hurry and zip it up!!" That HAD to be the most humiliating experience in my life! Would like to hear other embarrassing moments concerning guys and unzipped flies!


Interesting experience you described on p. 1088 about the camp situation. Incidentally, I am a musician also, and also like you, I used to avoid doorless and/or dividerless toilets until high school when I started wrestling and playing soccer and all of the physical activity accelerated the process. Of course, back then a lack of privacy in the restroom especially as pertains to athletic facilities was business as usual for males, although in these politically-correct times this is less likely to happen.

About feeling strange, I do not find anything strange about it. If you go back starting on p. 971, you can see from some of my "team turding" stories that the other teammates and I actually think it is strangely entertaining. It is actually a twisted sort of "male bonding" thing and after reading some of these stories, you shall no doubt conclude we are all normal, heterosexual men (not that there is anything especially wrong with those who are not), however, it is just the spectacular of the "boys-will-be-boys" sort of thing. For further evidence of this, read through some of the previous 1089 pages and you shall conclude that this is not uncommon, and that many others who contribute here are on the same frequency.


SeXy gIrL
Hello everyone!!! Guess what.....I have another survey haha!!! Please everyone take it.

1. Do you ever pee or poop naked?
2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop?
3. Where are your panties when you sit?
4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop?
5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina?
6. Do you lean forward when you poop?
7. Are your hands on your knees?

Yesterday on Saturday, I was at home. I was expecting a call from Amanda, when I got the sudden urge to poop! I shut the t.v off, and walked to our bathroom. My dad was outside at the time. I thought I would try something new. I closed the door, and pulled my pants and pink thong to my ankles. After that, I slipped out of them. I lifted the toilet seat up, and squatted over the bowl. The butt stuck out, as a turd started to come. Pee started flowing at the same time. That particular pee was light yellow, lol for anyone who likes details. About 3 minutes later my poop fell with a plop. Quickly after, 3 more soft pieces schlupped out and into the toilet. I then sat my butt on the seat, and pushed out 1 last piece. This piece was followed by 2 farts. I sat there for another 5 minutes, and farted twice more. After 4 wipes, I was done. I threw the last piece into the toilet and flushed. I washed my hands, and went back to watching t.v. Bye everyone!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Hi, I'm 15 and I"m kinda new to this site but oh well. This is a story about me when I about 12 years old.

I was home alone almost all of the time untill 6 pm. And because of that, I would always get bored after doing my homework and tv wasn't just keeping me occupied. So, them I started a little game. Everyday, I would make sure I wouldn't go to the bathroom at school. So, whenever I got home and after I called my mom, I would go into the dinning room and take a piss and/or a shit in the chairs (they were wooden). This started becoming a rutine for me. A lot of times my piss/shit would fall on the floor but it didn't really matter because we had lanolium in the dinning room.

One day, when I was working on a project with my partner, Erika. She really had to take a shit and piss but the downstairs bathroom door was jammed shut and she couldn't go upstairs because the upstairs was blocked off because it had just been repainted amd the feums were still lerking around. I also really needed to take a shit and a piss but I didn't tell her. She asked me what she should do and I just shrugged my shoulders, even I did have an idea for her but I didn't tell.

Erika squirmed while we worked and then she said, "Laura, I can't hold it in any longer! I swear I'll shit and piss right on this chair!" I just smirked and said, "Do it then. Shit and piss on the chair. If you like, piss and shit on the floor." Erika looked at me stunned but I could tell she was turned on by the thought of it. I was too because I wanted to do the same thing right in front of her and it made me very excited. We also both knew that the other was bi-courious because we would talk about everything to each other.

Right then and there, I pulled off my shorts and panties. I pushed my chair out of the way and squated in front of Erika. As I faced Erika, I smiled and started pushing a massive shit out of my ass. Erika shrugged in a what-the-hey way and rempved her pants and panties and did the same on the foor in front of her chair. I could hear her small grunts of pushing her crap out and then I herd "plop!" I looked between Erika's legs and saw a 15" long, 4" wide, solid crap on the floor. I finally finished my series of 4" long, 4" wide craps. Then, somehow, we both started pissing in unison.

Once all done, we cleaned up the mess, put all the crap we did into a plastic bag, put our clothes back on, and walked down the street to a dumpster and threw the crap in there.

That was a very memerable experiace fore me. We haven't done that again but I hope we will again soon. it was very fun. Anyways, I gotta go. I'll post more later.

One time my friend, Lili was sitting in class and he asked our old teacher to go to the bathroom, 20 minuties before class was over. She said no and to told him he could wait 20 minuites. SHe came back and passed me when he was walking back and said that he couldnt wait 20 minuites and he had #1 and 2 and she was gonna have an accident. I felt bad for him but conitinued my work. SHe was wearing tight jeans with a thong i found out later. Well she waited like 2 minuites and went up to ask again. Again the answer was no, and she looked desperate. It was like another 5 minuites and the squirming begain. The teacher saw but didnt do anything. After a minuite, she stood up to ask again, and well that was not a good idea, she let the pee loose. she immidiatly grabbed herself and heald to tryed to hold it but only grabbed more attention to herself. Evryone started laughing but i just sat there in aw. Then she started crying and i could tell that my best friend knew that ! the number two was comming. Well she was still peeing so she couldnt move. I watched it come out, and it seamed so soft and then the laughing and crying got harder from both. She was so embarresed. While this was happening, i was paying no attention to myself and just realized that i had just peed too! We both went to the nurse and i realised that how they dealt with it was they made you wear an attents adult diaper for the rest of the day and gym shorts. We were both put on the floor as the nurses cleaned us up. We both watched eachother and i could tell hers was much worse than mine, since she had tons of soft poo ontop of her pee. We got teased for the rest of the day and it happened to her the next day too. Then she was put in diapers for 1 year. I started wearing them too. AAAAAAAH that feals good (i just peed) well, gtg and change myself. Email if you have simalar or other stories.


Renthal's survey

-How long does it take you to have a bm? 60-90 seconds.

-Do you partake in any activity while pooping? Never

-Does it usually smell to where you use the fan or spray air freshner or something? It rarely smells that bad but if it does, that's just the way it goes.

-On average how many times do you have to wipe? I wash, so normally zero. If i'm in public 2-3.

-Do you poop in public, if so do you cover the seat? I rarely do it, but on those occasions i don't cover it.

-Whats the longest dump you have ever taken? 38 inches.

-Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties? about 20 percent of the time.

-Have you ever plugged a toilet? not in the last 10 years, since i switched to daily bm's. However when i was in college, i only dumped every third day, and i often left enormous toilet-plugging turds in the dormitory bathrooms and left without flushing. I was quite mischievous about it, and there were a couple of bathrooms in nearby buildings that i targeted. One RA even put up a large sign on the bathroom door that said, "Beware - Monster Shits!!" I suppose it was a form of exhibitionism on my part. If i knew i was going to plug up a toilet, i always tried to make it one where i could "dump and run." I even would run off and do the wiping in a different bathroom, to save time and reduce the chances of getting caught. Anyway i've grown out of that behavior.

Ross's survey:

How do you shower? every day, except sometimes not on Sunday.

Do you dump immediately before going in the shower? Almost never - i shower in the afternoon before i go to work (3-11 shift), and i dump in late morning about an hour after waking up.

What country? USA

Somebody said that once you have used a bidet you never go back to TP, and i definitely agree with that.

I am a 14-year-old (9th grade) girl of Russian descent, and I have very good habits with my bodily functions. Last February, I spent a week at my house with my cousin, Anatoliy. During that time, I was off from school and my parents were on a business trip. Two interesting stories happened during this time:

There was one day when I was working on a mini-construction project with Anatoliy when he told me he needed to use the bathroom. I approved of it, and he went. At this time, I decided to work on an English paper while he was away, and I did. Oddly enough, by the time I finished the English paper, he had not come out. So I decided to find him and ask what happened. Along the way, I encountered him and he told me that he had just taken a loose dump. I checked the bathroom and it really stinked! So I turned on the air ventilator and waited. By this time, I really had to pee. So when the air cleared, I went in and did my business. By the time I was finished, he was waiting outside the bathroom. We then went back to our work.

About 96 hours later, we were playing a game against each other on different computers when he suddenly left and I felt an urge to crap. I stopped the game and walked towards the bathroom. It was locked. By this time, the urge had become very bad. I heard him pee and flush. So when he opened the door, he was kind of surprised that I was waiting there. I told him I can't hold it longer and went in. Just then, a cramp struck me and I knew time was running out. So I put down the seat, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. Almost immediately, I let out a big fart and a log came rushing out of my butt, prompting the following exchange of words:

"Jesus!" he said, "It sounds like you're taking a dump."
"You're right. I *am* having a crap. In fact, if I had waited longer, I would have crapped my panties!" I replied.
"Can I stay?"
"Sure. I can even let you watch me as I crap."

So we started to talk some randomness and other stuff. It turns out that I crapped a lot, and I lifted myself up several times to let him see. After I wiped and flushed, he thanked me and we headed back.

I just got back from a trip to Central America. It was incredible. There, the place I was staying (a dorm specifically for American students who come to visit) was the only place in the community with indoor plumbing. The families all had lantrines built in cinder-block outhouses (very earthquake and volcano prone area) with a concrete pseudo-toilet. Kinda the shape of an elongated toilet but the front was cut off and had like a thing that looked like an ashtray but wasn't at the front. They don't have toilet paper so we carried our own (when we weren't in our compound). I even saw one that instead of the cinder-block raised outhouse, there were just black plastic garbage bags surrounding the concrete "toilet." Let me just say, I much preferred to "pop-a-squat" (stories about that later) in the woods. Oh, also the toilet paper had to go into the garbage can rather than the toilet.

It is really hot there, so I was drinking about 5 L of water a day. We had a joke saying that "if my pee were any clearer, it would be invisible." I literally was peeing at least once an hour. I even woke up in the night to stumble out. Not fun.

Even less fun, my bowels were kind of intimidated by the whole travel/different food (although natural, high fiber, little junk food and drinking lots of water...)/pretty open toilets (they had huge windows at the top, plus there always seemed to be a wait). So, basically I was able to force the little bunny pebbles out almost every day but never to a point where I felt comfortable. Anyway, I got home Sunday night and between Sunday night and early Tuesday afternoon, I took 4 huge shits in the dorm. I felt sooooooo much better after that. I haven't really gone since then (it's Thursday late morning), but I don't feel like I did then.

Anyway, another girl said she was really constipated. She had just quit smoking a few weeks ago and decided to have a cigarette. Not even two minutes after, she said she was ready to go and was in and out in like a minute. Did that really work? And why? If she was that constipated, how would the cigarette have her go that quickly and in that short time in there?

More stories from the trip later. Please give me some comments.

Hi there. I'm a regular reader of this site but have not posted before. I'm a 31 year old male and would like to hear some answers from all you ladies out there about peeing:

1. Do you like to watch guys pee?

2. Do you ever pee standing up?

3. How far can you pee?!

4. What is the most volume you have ever peed?

5. Do you like to hold your pee and why?

6. How many times do you normally pee each day?

7. Do you think girls have bigger bladders than guys?

8. Do you like to listen to other grls peeing?

Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
We just have time for some replies.
EPHERMAL: Hi dear! That was some adventure you had in Central America. With all of the water you drank we are surprised you didn't stop at every bush and tree,LOL! The water should have loosened your bowels. We don't understand it! The question of the cigarette. Annie still smokes and she still gets constipated. Her bathroom trips are usually long. We really don't think the cigarette makes any difference. Well, take care and we hope you are still running everyday. Lovexx from Robby and Annie
PV: Hi gal!! LOAO!!! That was a fuuuuuuny joke!!! Annie is still sitting here roaring! Annie-hey, did you wee on the beach when you went. I haven't done a standup wee in a long while. Our others girls have left us!! Take care and stay with us!! Lovexx from Annie and Robby
RJOGGERII: Hi! Thank you for your kind words. We thought the world of your parents. Now, you have to carry on the tradition. We loved the first story. Keep it up!! Lovexx from Robby and Annie
LAURA: Welcome! When you gotta go! That has happened to me(Annie). It seems rather revolting at the start but I know why you will want to do it again. Take care! Love from Annie and Robby
CHELSEA: That sudden poo is the worst kind, isn't it! Take care! Love from Annie and Robby
CARMALITA: Hey Amiga! We are sorry to hear about you and Jake. It is good that you are still good friends. GEE! That was a biiiiiiiiiggg dump you did! WHEW! Loved it!! Take care!! Much Lovexxx from Robby and Annie
HI TO: Jane and Gary, Bryian, Adrian, Upstate Dave-good to hear from you!, Nikki, Renthal, TraciDeJ, Fanyta, Ash, Roberta, Cara, Brigette, and all of the other great posters here!


Hi there its AUSSIEROD again with a question for the ladies who enjoy this site. I posted this query before but obviously did not get printed. My ex wife who I shall call Ruby, is a very hirsuit lady. By that I mean her pubic hair sttarted at her navel then down to her crutch area where it was very dense & long , then through to the small of her back. During winter she did not shave her pits, consequently her pits were very hairy till spring, when she had her spring clean as she called it. My query is because she was so hairy she had problems wiping clean after a poop. I could always tell the days when she had a soft poop. her knickers were encrusted with dry poop. Ruby tried several methods such as wiping with dampened tp, holding her cheeks wide open & hovering. She even went to the trouble of getting me to shave around her hole & vagina, but the itch factor swung in with a vengeance. Walking through a shopping mall was not the ideal place to be scratching h! er hole , so she just went back to her hairy self. We are stil good friends & see each other often so are there any ladies who could help Ruby out & have similar problems.

ACCIDENT STORY;Ruby & I had been shopping at a large shopping centre one Saturday morning. It was summer & she was wearing a tank top with a pair of bike shorts & runners. I think she liked to show off her really good figure & I don't blame her, if you've got it flaunt it. The only problem was because she was so hairy her mound bulged out quite a bit, but who cares? As we made it to the car she asked me to hurry home, she was busting to shit, normally she pees standing but the toilets were filthy & didn't want to sit. As we were putting the shopping in the car I had a quick look at her shorts (pale blue) no stains yet, they fitted her very well , the seam going into the crack of her bum , very rarely did she wear underwear. As we departed the car park I could hear her stomach rumble as she let out a few loud smelly farts. The traffic was bad , typical Saturday morning chaos. no way could I hurry.As we got nearer home, she announced that she could fee! l the turtles head & she was having difficulty not shitting her shorts in the car..............she said she was in dire desperation & if she farted again she would surely fill her shorts. Ruby raised herself off the seat slightly so she could squeeze her cheeks together, then grabbed a newspaper lying on the backseat &put this under her bum. Just in case she said. Almost a mile from home asked how she was holding, Ruby said it is gonna be a massive shit, must have been what we had for dinner last night, she turned to me & said " I really don't think I can hold it, the turtle wants out!!!!" As we approached our driveway I heard her stomach rumble again, stopping the car Ruby flung the door open, put one leg out, then said "oh no, too late". She let out a massive fart followed by a crackling sound, with her bum off the seat I watched as she filled her bike shorts with a massive shit, the size of a grapefriut. she got out of the car & sqeezed more out, then! had a piss. I helped her clean up I reckon she had nearly 18 inches of solid poop in her bike shorts.

Twice Shy
Here's a pee story for you--

Being still a single man, I get to do something like the Homer Simpson routine when I'm at home; e.g., walking around the house in my skivvies. I like to wear nylon outfitter-style shorts, like the Patagonia Baggies or the pair I currently have on, from Columbia Sportswear.

Well, the sad part about these shorts is that they are manufactured without a fly opening, which means I have the choice of shucking said shorts down to take a piss or pull the fabric aside and pee through the leg-hole, this second option being what I do. It can be tough, though, getting Mr. Jerry to a point where he can do his business, seing that I must grab him and yank him around a corner. I just did this now, and ended up catching a part of the stream on the opposite leg of the shorts. When you're working your wiener like that, you're also applying a counteracting lateral pressure upon the urethra, meaning it's more of a challenge to void. Also, it is well said: no matter how much / you shake and dance / the last drop always falls in your pants. In this case, we're talking about the part of the stream-end that wouldn't accept the constrained position.

It occurred to me that there could be a sizable population of ladies who would use this technique with their own pee-structure down there. I know there is a contingent that views stand-up peeing as a sign of liberation. In this case, I guess the hand would be stretching open the labia, so as to obtain a free stream-path.

Clothing is such a bother to deal with, especially when you like to sit around drinking soda and beer in the evenings. I need to do laundry soon.

Hey. Does any girls have some outdoor pee/poo stories?? I just LOVE girls who pee and poo outdoor. For the most in the wood behind bushes, stones, threes and you name it with their pants on their knees squatting down. But also outside restaurants on the street, alleys and you name it again. I have not seen so many girls doing that and thats bad. I hope to see more of it in my life. Anyway. I want so many girl as possible to write down their story when they have poo or pee or both #1 and #2. So many girls ass possible and as many experience as possible. Hope to good results.


To Sheila of South Wales: loved your story because I feel as you do and as I've mentioned here before I always choose a cubicle next to an occupied one when I go the a public rest-room. There's something so natural and pleasant about a "shared" bm or wee (or both). I was in the ladies at the airport last week. Not the best place because of the loudspeaker and flushing. But it was early in the morning and no one was there except me and my neighbor. She had dashed in clearly desperate and let loose a huge gush. Towards the end she gave an enormous fart, about three separate notes. I don't know what got into me. I bent forward so that my head was between my knees and blew a pretty good imitation of her fart. Then we wiped up and went to adjoining sinks to wash our hands. "Wow, that's better", I said. She looked a bit startled and she flushed. I pressed on and we ended up having coffee together. I don't think it was just me. There was a charged atmosphere which came fro! m a shared intimacy. I really like that.

More soon. Love you all.


To Traci DeJ: Liked your story.

To nikki: Sounds intresting what you did.

To Chelsea: Liked your story.

To Laura: Loved your story..did your parents ever find out you peeed and pooped in the dinning room w/ a friend?

To Riley: Liked your story.

To loadlogger: i got a ? you said in college you didn't poop that much was that because you didn't like to have to shit there with others around or was that normal that you went every 2-3 days. I usally go every 2-3 days.

To Fanyta: Liked your story about your cousin

To Darlene: Liked your stories.

To Bill: I loved your story...did you ever go back and look at his turds?

To Traveling Guy: Sounds like a nice dump you had

To STUDENT: Liked your stories about your dreams.....good luck

To PV: Thats cute!

To Roberta: Liked your story about the race.

To Ash (Formerly Ashley): Liked your story about being at the airport...i last night i pooped and a few hours later i had to poop again.

To Busen: Enjoyed your story.

To mike: To answer your survey..1 i pull my pants 1/2 way down to shit..2. i pee threw the zipper if i have one

To Dream Clown: Liked your story.

To Megan: Liked your story.

To Felix: Like your poop log.

I mentioned i had to poop yesterday, i had an urge all day and i held it. I thought maybe after dinner it would get really strong but it never did so around 7:30 i decided i was gonna poop then. I sat and pushed out some hard logs not that big. I wiped like 3 times and flushed. Then around 10 i got on here again and by 11pm i had to poop again and i had been farting alot all night. This time it was much softer and i wiped 10 times.
gotta go bye


With all the surveys on the board, it's difficult to compare the results. Should we have another page with surveys and the results?

As for a poop story: I pooped while upside-down! Has anyone else here tried this? This is what happened: I was naked, laying on the floor of the bathroom, and put my feet up on the sink. This propelled my private area up into the air, with my penis aimed at my face (my real reason for doing this). So I pushed, but instead of a shower, I started pooping and it felt great! It came out, slid a little ways down my back, and plopped onto the ground. The pile was big afterwards, and cleanup was messy...

I have also found that pooping while laying flat on my back, with my feet on the bathtub feels great too. Must just be the position...

Did anyone see "Sex and the City" on Channel 4 on Wednesday evening? There were no fewer than four bathroom scenes:
One where Miranda's boyfriend went in and had a wee whilst she was brushing her teeth.
Another while Miranda was sitting on the loo, taking a wee and reading. Another when her boyfriend decided to take a rather squiffy early morning dump - this resulted in him being 'dumped' rather unceremoniously himself.
Finally, one where Carrie was in the ladies loo talking to another women who was sat on the loo weeing.

Anniversary Poop. I enjoyed your story and it sounds as though you were well ready for a good clear out! What better way than to celebrate your anniversary than a good breakfast time poo?

Sheila. Thanks for your latest post about your experiences in Cardiff. It sounds to me as though hearing other women doing what they needed to do helped you and them clear out more efficiently than would otherwise have been the case. Also, in your experience have there been any instances of defendants having wetting or pooing accidents in court?
Also do you find that people in South Wales tend to drop big loads when they go for a motion?

Best wishes


Hi, there,
I'm still feeling a bit grotty, but it's Saturday and no work, plus Greg (my darling husband) is home to comfort and cosset me. We've been reading some of the past forum letters and I must answer some of them.
Bridget's survey (1079)
1. I much prefer to watch women, other than Greg.
2. I've had lots of opportunities to watch someone poop, it was natural in my home, my Mum and Dad always taught me the naturalness of going to the toilet.
3. I prefer the person to be wearing clothes, I think it's much more interesting.
4. At home I sit on the edge of the bath, at the office or public toilets I normally stand, unless I have to assist the person I'm with.
5. No.
6. Yes. Greg and I like to go camping and we frequently go in the woods etc.
7. Yes. I'' speak softly, words of encouragement. Sometimes I'll help by massaging the ???? area.
8. Yes, answered in question 7.
9. Yes, often. With Greg we always do something to savour the moment.
10. Yes. I love to shit together with someone. At home I have a Swedish double toilet and Greg and I always go together, I go a lot with my daughter, Jill.
11. The straining, sounds, seeing the turds energe, the intimacy, all give me a great thrill.
12. Yes. Greg and I wipe each other. I've also had my bum wiped by my special friend at work, Vera, and I've wiped her bum. I have hopes of Ruth too.
13. Yes. I'll leave you to work out what it is.

Office Poopers (1072). Greg found this one. I've copied it out. I'm calling these girls the Three Musketresses, after Dumas' Three Musketeers. I can't wait for a follow up to their escapades.

Anthea (1075). What a story. I'm a very impulsive woman and I would have followed the kissing woman out of the toilet and kissed her back, thanking her and hoping for a follow up.

I'll be telling you of some of my stories in my next letter. Until then, all you forumites, all my love and best wishes, hope you keep pooping nice and easy, (Sheila, South Wales).

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