Yes there were quite a few pants wettings in school. It seemed the teachers were more strict about using the toilets during class. I think it was the principal, an old maid teacher about 60 or so when I was there that set down the rules for the elementry school.
In the first grade, I sat by this one boy who just put his head down on his desk and pee dripped on the floor making a big lake. Teacher didnt like it, but a week later same time in the morning Craig peed his pants again. On the other side of the room, Charlotte got up to read from her textbook, read, stammered a bit, stopped, spread her legs and pissed a bucket, she musta had on rubber pants that just blew when they got full. She did this twice also, and I rmember the splashing of her pee and then her standing there as the teacher got mad and took her out of the room. Steam rose from her pee puddle in the cool room in winter.
Next year, this one boy Andrew was reading in front of the class, stopped, grabbed his crotch and started to wet his pants in front of the class. He got sent home. A week later, reading again in front of the class, he barfed, threw up on his books, himself and splashed the kid in the front row. Also one other boy crapped his pants, the whole place stunk, hadda open windows..
Third grade a nice teacher would let you go to the bathroom if you needed to go. This boy sat several rows over and put his head down, and pee ran off his seat. Again, a week later, same thing!
I remember so clear the teachers going with all the boys and girls to the bathrooms and standing there and made sure everyone peed during recess. I for one never had t pee, weird, but never needed to.
This cute girl sitting on an ourside row from me peed her pants too one day making a big puddle.
On up to the next year and here is this popular girl who we all admired and was smart, Evelyn sat and peed her panties in her seat. Spread her legs apart sitting and it just gushed out onthe floor.
I think in most cases it was just a thing of putting it off and waiting and not really thinking how bad they had to go until too late.
So as we went thru our school years, more accounts I could write about.
This one boy in jr. highschool liked to sneak farts out in class, until one day it wasnt a fart but a wet runny crap. It cured him of the habit.
Well thats it for today, if you want more. let me know.
If you all got some stories out there write them.
The real serious accidents happened after the 6 th grade thru the 12th.
Will write of those another time.

wee -in- public chic
Hey, to all the women on here:

Just a little survey I'm asking all the females here to respond to. BTW, I'm a 21 y.o. female in IL. I thought up this survey b/c I recently had a situation like this. Please take it! Thanx!

1.) Have you ever been in a situation where you had no potty around and you did a wee into your maxi pad?

2.) If so, how did it work? Did your maxi pad absorb your wee? Did your panties end up getting wet at all?

3.) If so, what color/design of panties where you wearing at the time?

4.) If no, would you ever do a wee into your maxi pad if the situation came up?

5.) What kind of maxi pads do you use? Be specific. Give the brand (always, stayfree, kotex, etc.) and style (regular, super, with wings, without wings, overnight, etc.).

as for myself:
1.) Yes, I was out in public and had been drinking a ton of water that day. The urge came over me while shopping, but none of the stores at the plazza had a public ladies room. I knew I couldint hold it 'till I got home.

2.) It worked quite well, although my panties did get a little wet cause my maxi pad got really soaked and it overflowed a bit.

3.)I was wearing hi-cut panties with a pink and blue floral print


5.) I use always super maxi pads w/ wings.

-Thank you for your responses!

I was at the store and went into the restroom (2 single rooms side by side) to pee. After I finished, I heard someone with women's shoes walking briskly towards the restrooms. The door slammed, and I heard her clothes rustling quite audibly through the wall. Then I heard her seat herself loudly on the toilet, and she immediately flushed it. I could faintly hear her passing gas, and she started rolling off toilet paper twice. I heard some soft gas being passed again, and she tore off two more sheets of toilet paper before flushing. Meanwhile, I'd finished and left the restroom. I saw her when she came out, a very attractive brunette with a relieved look on her face. A few minutes later I returned to the restroom, but the one I used earlier was occupied, so I went in the one she used. I saw a faint skid mark on the bowl. I now understand her look.

JODY -Have you ever poped into your pantyhose? tell me about it, id love to know.

Sara C
SeXy gIrL -

1. Do you pee before, during, or after you poop? Before, usually
2. Do you read while pooping? No
3. What is the color of your poop? Brown
4. Are your poops long or thick, or both? More long than thick
5. Do your poops smell bad? Not too bad but all shit stinks
6. Have you ever pooped outside, if so, can you please tell the story of when you did? My dad is really into outdoor things so I used to go camping a lot. We'd often go to places where there were no outhouses or any indoor toilets of anykind, so yeah, I remember having to poop behind a bush lots of times. It's not a big deal really. I like the sound it makes when it hits the ground.

first post on this site but some of the posts are very interesting.but i jush had a massive dump.but when i get some more interesting stories ill post until then bye

I never had any interest in people having a poo until a few years ago.

After I was divorced, I got a new lady-friend who had a son, Joe, aged about 17 I suppose. One time she came down with a bad cold and didn't want to go out. I volunteered to take their dog for a walk and Joe came with me. We walked for several miles into the countryside. After a while, I could sense that Joe was feeling uncomfortable - he kept clutching at his stomach. I asked if he was ok and he said he was but he obviously wasn't. Further on, the same again and this time he admitted that he was in need of a dump. However, we were miles from home or any other toilet. I said there was nobody around so why not just do it. He said he didn't want to do - he was embarrassed.

Soon, we came to a fairly high stone wall at the edge of the path which ran for about 50 yards or so. I told him to go behind the wall so I couldn't see him and in fact I'd carry on walking with the dog and he could catch us up when he'd finished.

He did this and I walked on. At the end of the wall section, the wall did a 90 degree turn further into the sparse woodland that it surrounded. I stopped at the corner and saw that a couple of stones were missing from the middle and I could see through back along the length of the wall but on the inside of it. I looked through to see Joe still walking towards me but on the other side of the wall - he must have thought that he would get as far from the opening as possible in case anyone else came by. So there we were, a couple of yards apart with me watching him through the wall.

He turned away from facing me then dropped his jeans and pants. Because there was quite a bit of scub and bushes, he couldn't get right down so he stood again and took his pants right off, threw them to one side, then bent over with his legs apart - I had a good view of his bare ass. Nothing happened for a few seconds then I could clearly see his anus swelling as a large brown point emerged. He must have been real constipated 'cos it took ages to come. Then it dropped with a swish into the grass. That must have unplugged his over-full bowel cos then it really came out - there must have been feet of sloppy turds poured out - it just kept coming and coming - another rest, then some more. This went on for several minutes. When he'd done he wiped with some Kleenex he'd got from his pocket, put his pants back on and began to walk away from my vantage point towards the opening again.

I continued walking on with the dog and soon Joe caught us up again. I asked if he felt better and he nodded. I never said anything about it to him - little did he know that I'd watched him have the shit of his life from a couple of feet away!

Upstae Dave
Good morning all. Here are my replies to Allie's survey;

1. It all depends how full my bladder is when I have to poop. So the best I can give is that it can happen before during and after I poop.

2.I do not read.

3.Light to medium brown.

4.Most times only a light smell.

5.I have pooped many times outside. See stories in past posts.

Traveling Guy
Here's a crazy thought I've been having lately. What do the rest of you think? I noticed that my logs are usually about the same width as the base of my nose, at the spot where the nostrils flare out. I'm not offering this as a scientific breakthrough, mind you, just for fun. Sometimes when I look at people now, I notice the width of their noses and wonder if their logs are about that wide. See - I told you it was crazy. lol!

This morning I took an 'automatic' dump: one 18" log that snaked around in the bowl and another about 5" long, no pushing required. I hadn't had such a good one a while. Wow, it felt great! Strangely, though, there was no farting nor any smell at all. Very curious.

PRG - Much as some people want to kill it, that expression "You go, girl!" will never die as long as you're here. Way to let it rip!

If we gave prizes here for most enjoyable post, I'd vote for Mindy's poop party as yesterday's best. Have a great weekend, all!


Like your story. At least you have managed to hold it,especially in a public place like that. Thanks for sharing you own thoughts about holding your urge. Lastly, I want to ask you if in you place, do you have squatt toilets? If yes, how do you deal with it?


Hi, I'm back. I haven't posted in a couple of months. The last time I posted was around the holidays and I talked about the girl I just met and we started dating. Well she is my girlfriend now and I still haven't seen her fart or poop, although she has peed a couple of times but I never watched. She is not in to bodily functions at all and probably would break up with me in a second if I asked if I could watch her go to the bathroom. But I like this because it keeps me wondering does she ever fart or poop, I know that she does but it is still fun to wonder.

Anyways since I haven't posted in a while. I will tell who ever is new who i am. I am a 21 year old college student in the midwest. And my major is pharmacy and I run track and field.

Recently something has been wrong with my knee and it hurts so bad that I can hardly walk. So coach told me to take some time off, I going to the doctors office tommorow. It sucks because I am in the best shape of my life. To anyone who knows anything about track. I ran the 1500 in 14:30 and the 3000 in 8:22. I never been in better shape in my life.
Anyways since I have been taking time off I have been taking a lot of naps in the day. Monday I had three dreams that were related to bathroom experiences.

1) I was at a party and this heavy set black girl started talking to me, I started talking to back to her and somehow we ended up in the restroom. All of a sudden she pulled her pants down with me in the room and sat on the toilet like she didn't mind. She didn't pee but just farted a couple of times, so I knew she was pooping. I almost left and then decided to talk to her, but she seemed mad so I left.
2) Now I have no interest in guys shitting but my second dream was that Ozzy Ozbourne took a huge crap on the sidewalk. Weird. I don't know why he was in my dream.
3) My last dream was that I was in a bathroom with three other really attractive girls and it was a really small bathroom and crowded. All of a sudden one decides to pee, and then each take turns. I try to act like nothings wrong, one girl caught me really peeking and started to laugh. Then while one girl was peeing I said "so the weathers pretty cold outside huh" and they all started laughing.

Hi all,

I was just sent this -- hilarious!

A little boy and girl are playing in a sandbox. The little boy has to go to take a pee and he was told by his mother to always be polite and don't talk about private matters in public. At first he holds it in for a little while because he does not know what to say to the little girl to excuse himself. Then he remembers what his Mom had said at the restaurant to excuse herself from the table. So he turns to the little girl and says "Will you excuse me I have to go powder my nose". And saying that he leaps out of the sandbox and runs to the washroom. When he comes back the little girl looks up at him and asks "Did you powder your nose?" "Yes" said the little boy stepping back into the sandbox. "Well then" says the little girl, "You'd better close you purse because your lipstick is hanging out."


Q: Why does a fizzle smell worse than a fart?

A: Because a fizzle has to go through the shit; the fart goes around it.

Today at work i was assigned to clean the restrooms...any way i started and i did the mens room it was empty as usall. Then i got a mop and my female co-worker came up there and asked did i do the womens yet, i said i hadn't started. Shes like i'll do it cause she'd be in there any way. So i finished the mens room. Any way to the point of this, i think she had to poop cause she did it for me...probably meaning not for me to wait around as she might be a while. It was an intresting thing that was in my head.

Over at my new friends again. This time it wasnt warm so we had cokes and looked at videos and didnt swim. We drank a lott of coke and when Dale said he had to go to the bathroom, Tara said she must too. I said Id go when they were finished but Tara said No what the hell, come, We’ll have a race. I didnt know what she meant but I went along also. In the bathroom Tara said nobody to start until everyone is ready. She got her travelling mate out of the closet and she had a spare one for me but we thought this wouldnt be safe because I had never used one and I didnt want to get things wet. Tara hiked up her shorts leg and fitted the travelling mate in and I also lifted my shorts leg and spread with fingers. Dale pulled up his shorts leg also and made us giggle, he said he was having trouble untangling Dale junior. Then he was ready and Tara said “Now”. So we started all together. It was like a 3-way jacuzzi foaming in the bowl. Tara finished first and took out her travelling ma! te which is neat really and she says she has no drip problem after using it. She washed it in the sink. Dale finished and stowed junior away but he struggled getting it back in. He said junior was being difficult. We thought it very funny. I was last finishing and we all washed our hands. Then we went back to the videos but that is another story if anyone is interested.

I borrowed a travelling mate from Tara but this thing takes a lotta getting used to. She said to try it in the shower and this was a good idea because I would have messed the floor if I had tried it straight in. I guess there are advantages like you can use it through the fly in jeans although I can do it throught the fly without a travelling mate if the bottom of the zipper is low enough and I go very carefully.

Hi Great forum.
Interesting story that happened the other day. My insurance agent who has done my work for about 10 years came to see me re: updattes etc. As I normally do when she gets here I offer her coffee and go off and make it. She always says to me she is just nipping into my bathroom off the office. She is normally finished by the time I get back. I get back with the coffee and notice the door is slightly ajar. I assume she is finished and has gone to the car for something. I sit down and start reading as I wait. Sudeenly the silence is ripped by a real buzzer from the loo. She is still busy. Sounds like not just a wee but the whole nine yards. Needless to say I sit quietly cos she has not her me. I hear the creak of the seat as she leans forward and a few little plops as a few balls are expelled. A sigh and then a large splash as she drops a monster. Then there is silence for a moment followed by a long wet fart and some liquid shit splattering the bowl. A little tinkle and the! n the paper work followed. Much wiping. I hear the snap of panties and stockings and as the loo flushes i rush out only to reenter as she emerges and sits down with her briefcase. I walk in and sit down thinking that this lovely woman who is sitting in front of me with a suit on has just been parked on the john with her undies around her ankles I think farting and crapping up a storm!! I will now prebouil the water for coffee.

Ash (Formerly Ashley)
To Sexy Girl – I like your surveys; I think there are real cute so I’m taking this one.

1. Do you pee before, during, or after you poop?
I usually pee as soon as I sit down. So if my poo starts coming out straightaway I pee and poo at the same time. But usually I have to wait a while for my poo to start coming out.

2. Do you read while pooping?
No, I just daydream mostly

3. What is the color of your poop?
Varies a bit from light watery brown if I have the runs to quite dark brown. Sometimes the color changes a bit in the same poop.

4. Are your poops long or thick, or both?
Normally very long and quite thick. Probably because I usually go 2 or 3 days between pooping

5. Do your poops smell bad?
Not usually.

6. Have you ever pooped outside, if so, can you please tell the story of when you did????
Yes – I promise I will post my story soon

To Amy – Yes I get very close to having accidents. Mostly because I often hold my poo in until I’m sure it will come out. I hate feeling I need to poo and then sit and wait and nothing happens. And sometimes I’m just too busy, like in class at school, I hold it until later. A few times I’ve got to the bathrooms during break and I can feel I’m already starting to open before I sit down. I’ve even had its nose starting to peek out before I get there.

To Jody - Yes I have started a poo and had to stop it. We were in Atlanta airport last summer and I had to poo so I went to the ladies room. I had been sitting for about 5 minutes and my poo was slowly coming out when I heard my mom come in calling my name. I answered and she came to my door and said “Come on sweetie they’ve called our seats, hurry up we have to go!” I tried to whisper “Mom…I can’t…I’m in the middle”. But she insisted and she sounded real serious. I waited a little longer and luckily the log that had been hanging dropped into the toilet. I could feel my next log starting to come but I squeezed and squeezed as hard as I could, even though I had cramps that were trying to push it out. I managed to keep it in and the cramps died away. I wiped and saw I had done a poo about 4 inches long. I managed to hold the rest of my poo in until we got to Tampa and I finished at my uncle’s house as soon as we got there.

To Emily of NYC – I felt so sorry for you. I’m lucky; if I get a ???? upset my mom lets me stay home. She insists I catch up with all the schoolwork though. And our teachers are great; they never give us any hassle if we need to be excused.

To Ashley - This is going to get confusing – there are 2 Ashleys here. I’ll change to Ash, that’s my nickname anyway. And this “Ash” has never tried putting soap on her rear.

To Bryian – I usually go 2 or 3 days between my poops and I guess you already know I hold them in. Also I’ve occasionally had the same experience as you. I do a poo and then just half an hour or an hour later, to my surprise I get the urge to go again. And usually I do a big poo both times. I’ve often wondered why it didn’t all want to come out at the same time.


I was at a café the other day, and surprisingly I was seated at the closest table to the restroom. It was a singel-unisex one. I sat there whith a nice cup of cappuccino and a newspaper for about forty minutes or so. About ten people used that toilet during this time, most of them just for a quick wee.

When I was about to leave a 10-12 y/o girl came whith fast steps to the toiletdoor, and her mother was a few steps behind. The girl opened the door and the mother asked: -shall I come whith you? The girl said:-it´s up to you! ..and then they both went in. I stayed to wait them out of course.
They where in there for 7 minutes and two giggeling girls, in their early teens, lined up to wait for their turn.
When the door opens, the mother looked realy embaressed when she realises that someone are about to enter. She starts to apologise for not having anything to spray whith, for not having a match to light etc, etc. The teens just giggled in surprise and went in together anyway. When the mother and daughter past my table on their way out I heard the girl ask in a worried voice: -Mom, it´s not forbidden to take a shit if you want, is it ? and she answered:(tensed)-No, but it´s no fun for those who have to go in after..

The teens came out after one minute and both took a deep breath, like if they´d been out of oxygen for while. When they had giggled away I just had to make a visit, to sniff how bad it was...and, it wasn´t "that" bad, just normal poopsmell in my opinion, and one tiny little skidmark was still there.

What is it whith you mothers, learning your children to be ashamed of sutch natural things. My mother was like that to, and maybe thats why I am turned on by this subject as a grown up?

If anyone else have a story about "stinking up bathrooms" and how to deal whith it when somebody walks in and smell "it", please whrite.


To Renthal:
Have you ever left a toilet stopped up more than 1 hour?
To all: Here is my survey:
1. Do you pull your pants all the ways down when you have to poop?
2. Men do piss through your zipper or pull yourpants down?

coyote : last night again I tried to see what it would feel like being a woman and pissing. I sat down like a girl and peed into the toilet and it was the first piss of the afternoon. anyway, it came out very yellow and covered about half the toilet water with foam. it sort of faded quickly and then I flushed and could watch the foamgo down the drain. I would still like to hear more stories about women peeing how long they pee, and mostly, do you make foam or not.

Curious Dude
Thanks so much to everyone for your responses to my question about why watching girls poop turns us on. I got so many responses. I especially liked load logger's post because I think there is more to it than just that it's not something we get to see every day. I don't care how many times I will get to see girls poop, it will never get old. Especially in reall life experiences. I am 20 now and I have been facinated since I was 5 years old and it only seems to be getting even more arousing. Right now, I'm in the process of searching for a pooping partner. I have told many guys about my facination to get used to telling people. Now, it's time I tell the girls. I'm hoping that a girl will like know a friend into this stuff and hook me up with her. I can't wait! Well LOADLOGGER, I wish it weren't so that girls find it less attractive watching a guy than the reverse, but you are probably right. We will see though. I would feel really bummed if a girl doesn't get as e! xcited watching me as I do watching her. Do know this however... In my observations girls tend to be very aroused by being seen by guys. The attraction is just kind of a differant perspective. This condition most of us here have is very rare. Whoever I end up with, I actually pray that she will feel the same way I do about pooping. Thanks again to everyone! Take care!

Dream Clown
To Mindy: Whoa! We need more people like you and your friends! Although, there probably are more, I just can't find them!

To PRG: Nice image! Fishnets and everything! But the other girls' opinions were kind of disheartening, especially for someone who hasn't seen someone go.

Speaking of females who don't think that females actually use the bathroom, I was walking down the hall at school, and this kid was talking to a teacher, and she was saying how she was waiting for the bathroom. He asked her, "what, is it like one at a time or something?" meaning he thought it was probably one of those on-toilet rooms. She sort of stuttered a bit and said, "well, we...we don't...well, you know, it's just..." and just trailed off, then said, "Well, I'll see you later," and went back to her classroom, and after the guy left, she went back to the bathroom! Can you believe that? It's weird what some people will put themselves through. My friend, who I wanted to see doing her business, is much more open. She's one of those sporty people who's all buff and everything, but still feminine. We were talking at our lunch period, and she was eating chili and salad at the same time, basically, and I asked her if it was a good combo. She said, "Oh, it's all going the s! ame place, and it's going to be mixed together when it clogs my toilet anyway." I was pleasantly surprised. Do any of you think that she'd be someone into stuff like what's sometimes described here?

Dream Clown

1. About how many times do you pee a day? 4-5

2. Girls, do you sit peeing or stand, or squat?

3. What color is your pee? light yellow

4. What times of the day do you usually pee? breakfast, lunch, dinner, 10:00 pm, and in the middle of the night (i still wet the bed)

5. Have you ever peed your pants in school, and was embarrased? Yes. Last week I was writing a test and i felt the urge to pee and have a bm. The urge was getting stronger and stronger so I asked the teacher. The teacher said no. Seven or eight minutes later, I felt someting warm running down my leg and I realized i had just had a pee accident. I felt a bit better but my urge to bm was intensifying. 5 minutes later i lost control of my bowels and went in my pants. The teacher smelled somting and came over and told me to go phone home. I was so embarrased. Now my mom makes me wear pull-up diapers 24/7 incase i have another accident.

Friday, March 14, 2003

To Stephen:
Your question about giving a urine sample brings up a good story. My very first time to the gynecoligist, when I was about fifteen with my mom was a good pee experience. In the gyno's office he told me to get nude and put on the robe behind a little wall. So i did and got back to him, he now asked me to give him a urine sample, I said ok and took the bottle to the toilet in his office. I squatted over it holding the bottle under my vagina. I couldnt pee though. It wouldnt come out. I only needed to pee slightly, but I coulnt make myself even dribble. I went back to the gyno and told him I couldnt go. He said it was alright and we could try again later. We went on with the whole procedure and at the end he asked me again to try to pee for him. I again took the bottle and went into the bathroom, this time I took of the robe and hung it on the coat hanger, I this time squatted in front of the toilet with the bottle under my vagina. I thought that I would need to push hard s! o I did, I gave an awesome push, it worked. I peed a thick stream, and at the same time pooped a big log on the floor! My bum was still open from the gyno's fingers and the log came shooting out without even trying. Anyway, my pee was really coming, the bottle was full and overflowing, pee and poop was on the floor and it was still coming out. I quickly jumped up and lunged onto the toilet and peed the rest in there. By this time my mom knocked and asked if i could pee yet. I told her I was done and she asked what was taking so long. I told her I was cleaning up my mess. She offered to help but i said I could handle it. I picked up the log with some toilet paper and wiped up all the pee, after wiping my bum and vagina I flushed the toilet and went out of the bathroom. i handed the bottle over to the Gyno and put my clothes back on. On the way home, my mom and i laughed about waht happened

The original that is.

Punk Rock Girl. Enjoyed the story about the massive dump you took on Saturday night. No wonder your mates were rather grossed out though. I'm sure they were unused to such frankness about bodily functions.

full to capacity. I enjoyed your story about wetting at that wedding. My guess is that wetting incidents at or after weddings are more common than many people think. After all, the proceedings tend to go on for longer than often expected and many churches still don't have loos either.

Best wishes


Twice Shy
My return to subservience

Yesterday afternoon I chowed another of those infamous burritos, with the medium corn-chile salsa and liberal dosings of the hot red chile salsa, so I figured I'd be tossing the equivalent of another lit cherry bomb into the already-active reaction chamber whose full resonance occurs as the colon erupts in whatever way it will. When I was driving in along the traffic-choked freeway, the charge lay dormant, only it seemed to "know" that I had finally arrived at the office at 9:45 AM. We are probably talking about some complicated neurological interconnection here, whereby one's sensory cues pass through a "black box" and are transformed into what is essentially an autonomic detonation. Causation can be implied, but not explicitly demonstrated.

Well, I felt the terrible storm developing at my butt-hole, as I realized I had to hit the crapper. I looked into B-corridor, only it appeared that the sole choice there was stall #2, with a partner on each side. No thanks. I then hauled my arse over to C-corridor, where my preferred position was available, only a hideous stench remained, along with skid-marks on the the #1 bowl-bottom. Well, I'm not Michael Jackson or Howard Hughes, so the communal germ pool is low on my list of fears at a moment like this. I plopped down, with the concurrent spooking of whoever was finishing up in #2 to the right. The intial plug that had been allowed to reach maturity felt like a goodly log, only there was little time between this and the horrid slurry of variously-lumped material ran free, just pouring in as if someone had taken a kink out of a garden hose. The final product was a hazy brownish-dark orange cloud, with corn floaters. Then came the wipe, which required three or! four iterations of the industrial-quality T.P. I could well have used a bidet in this situation, I assure you. Maybe someone can invent a portable bidet with a back-carried reservoir, like those hydration systems soldiers use. Maybe the same tank could feed each appliance, with suitable check valves. I walked out with the feeling that someone had pounded a mortar-encrusted star drill up my hole, and didn't have the common courtesy to pull it out. It was a feeling as if I'd been left open, and in the case where the final chapter has yet to be written on such a dump, I'm always fearful of a reprise of what had been previously presented, only in my drawers when I've returned to the office. Well, the scene is clearing now. I am duly roasted, down below.

Felix’s poo log

Date and Time: 12 March at 6h15
Place: Home
Quantity: A HUGE poo – Lots of soft serve pieces, must have weighed about 1,5 kgs .
Texture: Wet, but held together in shiny brown logs.
Colour: Dark brown
Farts: Hardly any, I think there was no room for gas, only poo.
Smell: Really BAD, BAD, BAD. Lingered for ever afterwards – made my day
Skid marks: Lots of skid marks, because it was a really big load, that filled every inch of the bowl before I flushed
Comments: It took a while to drop the whole load, and my sister needed to shower, so she came in half way through – made sure that I lingered longer so she could really enjoy the smell
Satisfaction factor: 10/10

Anniversary Poop
My husband took me to a show in London for our wedding anniversary, we stayed overnight in a hotel near the theatre. We parked our car in a car park underneath the hotel and just about had time to check in before having to leave for the theatre. When we got back to the hotel I went to get my overnight bag from the car and realised that I had left it at home. Although the hotel provide towels and toiletries I had to wear the same clothes the next day. Going down to breakfast wearing a black dress, stockings and high heels made me feel slightly overdressed.
As I was tucking into a full English breakfast I could feel my rectum filling up with poop, I finished eating and I realised that I would not be able to make it back up to the room. I told my husband that I was going to go for a poop in a toilet on the ground floor.
As I got up and left the restaraunt people looked towards my direction and I felt that they knew where I was going. As I walked down the corridor I had to fight against this massive brownie trying to force its way out of my back passage. I was squeezing my buttocks together very tightly which caused me to wobble on my high heels.
I went into the ladies toilet, locked myself in a cubicle, hitched up my dress, pulled my panties down to my knees and sat on the toilet.
As I was having a continuous urge to go I began pushing immeadiately, I realised that I was actually quite constipated as my rectum was getting stretched over a turd that felt like it was about four inches wide.
I pushed quite hard and did a loud hollow fart which echoed in the toilet, the turd was starting to emerge from my rectum as I pushed and went "Mmmmph" "Mmmmmmmpphhh". It was out about six inches when I heard a womans high heels come clicking into the toilet and enter the cubicle next to me. She adjusted her clothes and almost immeadiately she began plopping and splashing into the toilet. I gave one almighty push and went "Mmmmppphhh" "Mmmmmmmmmppphhhh" and my rock hard turd slowly slid out and made a loud SPLLUUUNNNNKKKKKK into the toilet.
God, was it smelly, A couple of smaller pieces followed it out and splashed into the toilet.
The woman next to me wiped her bottom, flushed the toilet and left the cubicle. I began wiping and flushed the toilet, as I looked down my turd was still there. I pulled my panties back up and pulled my dress down. I flushed the toilet again, this time it flushed away.
I went back to my husband in the restaurant and had a cup of coffee and later we checked out of the hotel and headed home.

i've never posted here... um where to start.

i find holding until i wet myself highly enjoyable, but only just recently crapped in my panties. i've only pooped my pants once a long time ago, that runny hard to hold type. i mean my pants were completely choked with pooh and i had to walk home like that. talk about embarrassing...

a few nights ago i did the regular 3 bottles of water and 2 hour hold. i planned on waiting until i was VERY near peeing my pants before heading out for a long walk. i couldn't sit still, holding myself and hopping from foot to foot, trying desperately to save every drop for the walk. i had to pooh too, but didn't want to use the bathroom because i would pee along with it and not get to wet. i shrugged it off and kept holding. my bowls cramped up tighter the harder i tried to control my bladder and i soon felt pooh peeking out of my bumhole. i gasped, tightening my cheeks weeing a bit into my jeans. i felt i couldn't possibly hold both for much longer and decided to finally go for the walk. i got up to walk out the door, but when i stood up i began peeing, a faint hiss steadily growing louder in my pants, poop poking out of me again. i let go and pee flooded out of my pants onto the carpet crapping a little bit more. when i (finally!) completely emptied my bladder i took! off my jeans and went into the bathroom. i looked in the mirror at the bum of my panties.. a little bulge stuck out. i just stood there crapping my panties in the mirror, a little trickle of pee rewarming my wet crotch.

i liked it... but not enough to crap in public. i'll gladly pee in public or intentionally release little spurts into my panties at work, movie theatre, and (my favorite) when i go clubbing. drinking until i can't hold it then standing in that long line until i have an accident, people staring and some laughing makes me hot. *shrug* dunno why. anyway needed to share that with someone and may panty pooh again in a little while ;)

To jim: Loved your story..thats good your mom made up for being upset with you. It wasn't your fault the bus broke down and you had to pee and couldn't hold it.

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story about having to poop at your friends apartment.

To SeXy gIrL: Liked your for your survey....
1. I try and pee before i poop 2. No 3. Brown 4.Long and thick sometimes 5. doesn't smell too bad 6. Yes, i've pooped out side. I was alone that time and i drove to this park and i pooped in the woods it wasn't that big and i did bring TP to wipe with.

To Megan: Welcome....would enjoy hearing some stories from you

To Ashley: Loved your story..was this your first time to use a doorless stall?

To Donny: Liked your story about using the girls

To Amy: Loved your story...i've had accidents on purpose but not in a while.

To Carrie: Enjoyed your story.

To Jody: Liked your old are you?

To Emily of NYC: Loved your story about having to poop during class.

To Ashley: Thats cool that soap trick works.

To Mindy: Liked your many days did you and your friends hold your poop?

To JD: Sounds like a cool movie

To mr cool: Liked your story..i know what you mean.

To CC: Liked your story.

To Twice Shy: Thats cool what you saw on tv

To Full to capacity: Liked your story.

To Some girl: You could poop in the woods

To Keith: Loved your story about your classmate having to poop his pants.

To Ian: Thats cool you and your g/f rate your poops I had this slight urge this morning at work...i think it was gas cause then the urge went away

To Renthal:
1. 5 mins /2. Read dirty mags or nothing /3. Open the window on warm days /4. 5 times /5. Yes /6. 15 mins at the max /7. No /8. Yes
To Ross:
1. Everyday except saturdays unless its during the summer or else have to someplace on sunday moring
2. No
3. United States of America (USA)

Hi there,
I just had to say to Althea yes the girls I know here in Wales do have some adventurous times in the toilet, bully for us. I'll tell you about some as the days go by.
Sexy Girl.
Do I pee before, during or after pooping? I nearly always start to pee first and then I'm peeing and pooping at the same time.
Do I read while pooping? Sometimes, but mostly I like to have someone with me when I'm going, or I love to listen to someone having a poop.
What is the colour of my poop? Normally lightish brown.
Are my poops long or thick or both? Again, on average they're soft turds, about three to fourinches in length and about an inch thick.
Do my poops smell? I smell most when my period is due, other than that I'm not heavy in that way, again, except if I'm ill with diarrhoea.
Have you ever pooped outside? Yes. I've had to on quite a few occasions and I'll relate some of those times in a later letter.

I'll finish by relating this incident that happened to me when I was in the magistrates court in Cardiff. My work takes me there frequently but I rarely have to use the toilets there. On Monday of this week just after my coffee break I wanted a pee badly. So I went along to the ladies. There were five cubicles and two of them were engaged. I went into a cubicle beside one of the occupied ones and as I lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down I could hear the woman straining hard, she seemed to me to be constipated. I sat on the pan and started to pee and all the time she was pushing and grunting and suddenly, as I peed, without any effort I shit, two turds slipped into the pan. It was incredible, I hadn't had the slightest inkling that I was going to shit. My shit plopping into the pan seemed to trigger the womed next door to me for she suddenly farted loudly and shit with a loud gasp, the turds plop, plop, into the pan in an endless flurring. I heard the othe! r woman in the farthest cubicle flushing and quickly leaving the toilets. I had finished and I wiped my bum, just two sheets of paper were needed. I flushed and went to the wash-basin to wash my hands, the other woman took three or four sheets of paper to wipe herself. Then she flushed and came out. She was a woman about thirty I'd guess, I'd seen her in the courts before, she was some kind of a clerk in the justices department. I asked if she felt better as we washed our hands and she said yes, much better. She said that hearing me going had somehow stimulated her. It confirmed all my thoughts about going to the toilet and having someone either in with you or having someone to listen to. Some comments on this please. Well I've got to rush right now, but I'll write again soon Sheila (South Wales).

Hi, there,
This is just a quickie today. I might sound great from my greeting, but actually I'm feeling pretty grotty, it's the familiar, to me, wrong time of the month. I've got the usual strength sapping dull, ache in my groin area, that always precedes my period. Again, as usual, I'm constipated. This morning I spent over thiry minutes on the lavatory, wanting a b/m and failing, I find straining too hard makes me really ill. I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask any lady forum regulars about.
1. Do you have the sort of pains I've described just before, and/or during your period?
2. Do you have any remedies to off set the discomfort?
3. Do you get constipated just before, and/or during your period?
4. Do you have any remedies to cure the constipation?
This next question is not connected to the first two but it is something I have had some trouble with over the years.
5. What kind of sanitary protection do you use?
a. Tampons (what make etc.,)?
b. Panty pads?
c. Sanitary towels?
I would be grateful for any help from regular forum members.
Well I'm off back to the bathroom now. I'm hoping that this time I can have a b/m to ease the way I'm feeling. Wish me luck. I'll be in touch real soon, bye, (Sheila (South Wales).

Has anyone tried putting on a pair of pants then doing a nice long poo? Is great fun particuarly if you then run around a bit and sit on things because you wipe it all over you.

Me and a friend who is a girl where once off on a cicle ride and half way we both realy needed a visit to the toilet but is there one in the middle of a forest? So she sugested that we both took off our trousers and did it in our underwhere. Then I had the brilliand idea to leave our trousers on. We did and it was great.

We carried on the cicle for a bit then we got off and she took off her whit nickers underneather was a sticky brown mess, it was great! Then I did it as well. We both laughed and wipped it off eachother

DARLENE: I had that happen to me in 7th grade. I was new in a school and did not know I could leave the room w/o asking. I only urinated in my panties. Plus, it happened to me in kindergarten while I was playing and in day camp. It happens to the best of us, both boys and girls.

Allie: If that were me, I would have gotten myself to the bathroom, but I guess you were in dire straits. I know it could be frightening.

servey thing...

-How long does it take you to have a bm? used to be 30-45 minutes, now it is under 10 minutes.
-Do you partake in any activity while pooping? explain none. I used to read or masturbate.
-Does it usually smell to where you use the fan or spray air freshner or something. very rarely
-On average how many times do you have to wipe? 3-6x's
-Do you poop in public, if so do you cover the seat? sometimes if I am in doubt
-Whats the longest dump you have ever taken? 16 inches in terms of time that is another story.
-Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties? sometimes skid marks, rarely floaties
-Have you ever plugged a toilet? when I was 8 y/o at my uncle's house.

Merritt: You learned your lesson.

HI everyone, I have a short survey for the girls.
1.Has any girl taken a urine test and shit at the same time? yes. I gave urine sample at a doctor one afternoon after school. I was in 8th grade. I took the jar in the toilet closet. I sat on the bowl with the jar between my legs. I felt my bowels and I filled the jar with urine. Then, I pushed out two medium sized stools.
2.Has any girl given a urine sample and farted at the same time? yes.
3.Has any girl given a stool sample? yes. I was 6 y/o. They thought I had leukemia. I was not eating well. I had to move my bowels in a mayo jar and my dad took it to a lab. I released a 6 inch piece and let the rest go in the toilet.

Sheila: You girls in the U.K. have some adventurous bowel movements.

I have used bidets in hotels and in fancy gyms. I got a rush from the water spray on my underside.

Lucy: My HS friend used to say, "Summer breeze through my B.V.D.'s."

Ashley: I have been in that situation. I thought that I made in my panties, but I did not. The tip of the stool was sticking out of my rectum, touching my panties, but left no mark. I wiped in one motion.

Adrian: I was in GS camp after a few days, I could lower my inhibitions. See my previous posts. Plus, I attended judo schools and gyms where there were doorless and even toilets without stalls. Here in NYC, we have playground female toilets w/out doors.

Bubba: My cousin, June and I were in a movie. We drank soda all afternoon. We stayed for three performances. I was 8. She was 28. We decided to urinate. She and I were desperate, because we sat through 4 hours w/o going. She let me into the stall with her. June was shuffling her feet as she loosened her belt. She pulled down her blue jeans, navy pantyhose and black panties to above her knees and let loose a fire hydrant of urine for about 2 minutes. She reached for toilet paper and wiped through the front, pulled up her clothes and flushed. Then, I took the throne. I undid my belt and suspenders, unzipped and pulled my shorts and white panties to my ankles and urinated for the same amount of time and then opened my legs and wiped. I flushed and we went back to our seats.

Shy Girl From Indiana
Crystal: That was the best story I've read on here in awhile! I had a poop exactly like that a few weeks ago--lots of grunting and straining and it wouldn't budge. Did your body tremble as you strained? Mine did, plus it caused me to drip sweat. Also, did you bleed any afterward from being stretched?

Uranus: Most women don't want their butt holes played with or stretched out, either by large bm's or other ways. The reason you think that many girls would is that you are reading a site where the topic is poop and pee, therefor you are coming in contact with people who have that interest. I enjoy a large one, but not one so large it hurts, gets really stuck and I have to make embarrassing noises and those faces to get it out.

Sara C
Renthal - this looks good.

-How long does it take you to have a bm? Never really timed myself but usually just a few minutes unless I'm really constipated.

-Do you partake in any activity while pooping? No

-Does it usually smell to where you use the fan or spray air freshner or something. Not really

-On average how many times do you have to wipe? 3

-Do you poop in public, if so do you cover the seat? Yeah, I poo in public but I don't cover the seat.

-Whats the longest dump you have ever taken? Never measured them but I done some that have gone all the way down into the hole and were beachers, you know sticking out of the water.

-Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties? I flush until there's no more crap in the water but A few skidmarks don't matter.

-Have you ever plugged a toilet? Yes. Hate that.

Ross - alright

1) How often do you bathe or shower? Every couple days.

2) Do you normally take a crap before you bathe or shower? No

3) What country are you from? United States

Silke - Please write more. I liked your story a lot.

1. About how many times do you pee a day?
2. Girls, do you sit peeing or stand, or squat?
3. What color is your pee?
usually clear, but sometimes a dark yellow when i first get up.
4. What times of the day do you usually pee?
in the morning when i first get up, and when i go to bed. otherwise, whenever i need to.
5. Have you ever peed your pants in school, and was embarrased?
no, but walking home drom school once. and yes i was embaressed.

That actually happened to me recently. I thought I had to fart but oh no, was much more then that! fortunately for me, i was by myself!

hi im 11 everyone keeps asking, to lucy- i always forget my zipper after i go. the teacher or my mom always has to tell me to zip it up. it doesnt really bother me, other kids forget to so it doesnt matter. i went on a field trip to the science center the other day, my whole class and the bus broke down on the way there. i really had to pee and so did everyone else. the teacher stood up and told us to just go if we had to. the kid next to me just stood up and let it gush in his pants. i just kept holding it. the bus was finally fixed and we had to go back to school since it took so long. we got there and got off the bus, i think 4 kids went in there pants, i ran to the door to go in the school and i ttripped on the step and i started peeing. i got up and tried to hold it, i stopped going but i had a big wet spot. iran to the bathroom and finished in the urinal. i thought i was doing so good to hold it that long like everyone else. only four plus me wet thmselves. everyone el! se laughed at them. i came back to class and the teacher just told me to sit down. at the end of the day i was dried off, you could see a dry circle on my jeans where i was wet. i got home and mom saw it right away, she always looks at my pants when i walk through the door. she grabbed my arm and spanked my but real hard and said get upstairs. i told her i had an accident cause the bus was broke and she said oh, she called school and found out i didnt lie and she said sorry, we got to go to chuckie cheeze with my cousin cause she was sorry. it was cool. good things come out of having accidents. gotta go by.

-How long does it take you to have a bm? 5 to 10 minutes
-Do you partake in any activity while pooping? explain No, I just poop. Occasionaly, I talk on the phone.
-Does it usually smell to where you use the fan or spray air freshner or something. It does smell but I usually don't do anything about it. I used to use air freshner.
-On average how many times do you have to wipe? 3
-Do you poop in public, if so do you cover the seat? I do poop in public if the seat is clean.
-Whats the longest dump you have ever taken? time or length? Besides I don't know.
-Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties? Yes, I leave skid marks pretty often. Rarely floaters, but I have left them before too.
-Have you ever plugged a toilet? Yeah. Sometimes with just a turd & before I wipe.

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