Punk Rock Girl

Just a quick story. I took a HUGE dump at a friend's apartment on Saturday night. We were having a girls night out. I really, really had to go for a few hours while we were out dancing, but the place was so crowded, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it back to my friends on the floor if I went in the club restroom. Around 1AM, we took the train back to her place. I told the other girls if they had to pee to hurry up and go, because I was going to drop a massive load. They all went, then I went.

I pulled my black leather skirt up, and pulled my black thong down past my fishnet stockings to my black leather boots (just to give you boys an image!). I sat on the toilet and let out this blast of a fart, which was followed by six or seven logs of semi soft shit. Lots of loud farting, splashing and groaning from me! I peed, then wiped my ass three times. I flushed, sprayed some air freshener and pulled my thong up, my skift down and joined my friends for a drink.

My one friend, whose apartment we were in, said, wow that sounded nasty! I said it was, don't go in there for a little while! One of the other girls said, how can you two talk about your bowel movements like that? It's not very lady-like. I said, well, I'm no lady. I can shit bigger, louder and grosser then a truck driver! They all went eewwwww!!! And I laughed. Twas a dump worthy of remembering!



Has anyone ever pooped their pants in school? If so I Would like to hear the story

To Joey - Loved the play-by-play of your accident. When I'm at my computer, I usually just piss my pants rather than getting up and going to the bathroom. Of course, i try to hold it first, but usually fail. By the way, I'm 17/m.

More replies to come....


SeXy gIrL
Hey everyone!!!

Stephen -
1. Has any girl taken a urine test, and shit at the same time? WHEN I WAS LITTLE, I HAD TO GIVE A TEST. I ALSO HAD TO POOP. AS A JOKE, I ASKED MY MOM IF I COULD POOP IN THERE LOL, BUT SHE SAID NO.
2. Has any girl ever given a urine sample, and farted at the same time? NOPE
3. Has any girl given a stool sample? NOPE

Renthal -
1. How long does it take you to poop? I'D SAY ABOUT 5-15 MIN.
2. Do you partake in any activity while pooping? NOPE NOT REALLY
3. On average, how many times do you wipe? 3 OR 4 TIMES
4. Do you poop in public, if so, do you cover the seat? I DON'T POOP IN PUBLIC OFTEN, AND I WOULD COVER THE SEAT I GUESS
5. What was the longest dump you have ever taken? LENGTH - ABOUT 15" inches or so.......TIME - MAYBE 30 MIN OR SO
6. Do you ever leave skidmarks of floaties? SOMETIMES
7. Have you ever plugged a toilet? NOT THAT I CAN REMEMBER

Allie -
Hey...loved your story! I've peed through my panties on the toilet a few times too. By the way, I'm 16 so we aren't that far apart lol. Well, I hope to hear more from you and everyone else!!!!!!

Hey everyone...I have another survey, and I just love hearing all of your responses...

1. Do you pee before, during, or after you poop?
2. Do you read while pooping?
3. What is the color of your poop?
4. Are your poops long or thick, or both?
5. Do your poops smell bad?
6. Have you ever pooped outside, if so, can you please tell the story of when you did????

Thanks all...I just pooped 3 pieces. I pulled my pants n purple underwear to my ankles, and sat on the toilet. Immedietly I started peeing a nice pee, and before I was done, a piece came out. Two more came, and some last pee dribbles, and I was done. I sat for about 20 minutes playing with my hair and the whatnot. Wiped 2 times, and I was outta there. Today I've peed 3 times so far lol if anyone cares!!!!

I am new to this site, I really enjoy reading the posts. The questions and polls are also really interesting.
I am a sixteen year old female from the states. I am 5'8 and have brown hair and green eyes. My family is very open about our bodily functions and we often see each other doing it. I will later tell some stories about accidents and occurences.

Have to tell you about something that happened at our school soccer match Monday night. I had been suffering from an upset ???? most of the day and about 20 minutes into the game I started to get that full feeling in my rear. Coach gave me a sub break and I set off for the bathrooms. This school had no stall doors, unlike ours, so I was surprised when I saw a woman, about my mom’s age sitting on one of the toilets. As I passed her I couldn’t help but look. She was leaning slightly forward with her arms resting across the tops of her legs and she gave me a kind of nervous embarrassed little smile. The stall next to hers seemed the cleanest, so in I went, pulled down my shorts and sat down. To my surprise, nothing happened except I peed a little. Then, as I was sitting there, waiting quietly, I heard a soft moan from the next stall. There was a faint shuffling followed a little later by a much louder sound like when you have been holding your breath as long as you can an! d then let it out all at once. But by now I could feel that my poo was on its way and with a long loose wet gassy phutting sound which must have lasted for at least 10 or 15 seconds, a big load of mushy wet poo splattered into the bowl. I decided to wait for a while just to make sure I was really empty, and as I sat there another long moan, much louder than before came from the next stall. I figured I wasn’t going to do any more poo so I wiped, pulled up my shorts, flushed and took what was barely one step to the washbasins. As I washed my hands I looked in the mirror and had a perfect view of the other person. Only now she was leaning all the way forward, almost with her chest on her legs and her hands were holding her butt, which was almost off the seat. I finished washing my hands and turned around looking for the waste bin for my paper towels. I was now looking straight at her and she looked up at me. Her face was now red, obviously from the exertion, her mouth wa! s open slightly and her strained expression told me she must be having a really really difficult time. I think she tried to smile but another cramp must have caught her since her face suddenly became all drawn and she moaned loudly again. I gave her a tiny smile, threw my towels in the basket and hurried back to the game. I’ve thought about her quite a bit since and have to admit I find it actually erotic seeing her strained expression and the look in her eyes as she saw me staring at her.

To Ross:
1) How often do you bathe or shower? twice a day.
2) Do you normally take a crap before you bathe or shower? yes, always poop before I go into the shower. I never wipe, however, because the first thing i do in the shower is wash my vagina and bum. I rather have clean water on my bottom than toilet paper. THe water is alot softer on your bum and genitals and when you use toilet paper i feel it always pulls on the pubic hair.
3) What country are you from? USA

Once when I was in high school, I had to take a dump and there was never any toilet paper in the boys room at this end of the school, so I used the girls room. There was no one in there when I went in, and I took my time. Several girls came in and tinkled. One girl really had to go and the others hardly had to go at all. When I finally came out of the stall several girls saw me and looked surprised. It was fun.

Anybody here ever had an "accident" on purpose? I remember I used to do that a lot when I was younger. Sometimes I had “accidents” because I was bored and it was something to do, and sometimes it was convenience (like if I was watching TV and didn’t want to miss my show). Occasionally I still do that, but only when I know nobody else will find out. But when I was younger sometimes it would be because I was mad at my parents (they wouldn’t let me do something or something) and I would get mad and just have an “accident.” When I was really young I would even have accidents in public, but once I started school I would only do it at home or other times when other people weren’t around.

Usually I did that when I was with a babysitter too. I didn't like being left with a babysitter, so I was naughty and tryed to make things more difficult for them, which meant often having an "accident" so they would have to clean me up. This started probably when I was around 6 years old. I think the first time it was out of convenience (I was too busy playing and didn’t want to stop or something like that), but while the babysitter was cleaning me up she kept complaining that she couldn't believe a kid this old would still have accidents and she hated that she had to clean it up, which gave me the idea that maybe if I did that whenever a babysitter came over, then they wouldn't want to come over and my parents would never leave me with a babysitter again. (It made sense when I was 6 years old.) So after that almost every time I would have an "accident." I rarely ever had wetting "accidents" because I hated the feeling of being wet, but I didn't really mind messin! g accidents. So usually what I would do is pee in the toilet right after the babysitter got there so I wouldn't have to worry about that, and after I left the bathroom I would wait a few minutes and then mess myself and wait until the babysitter noticed.

After doing this a few times, my parents realized that these incidents were probably not accidents, and I would get in trouble if they came home to find out that I had messed myself again. But I kept doing it, and this went on for about two years until my parents found a babysitter that could deal with me. My parents had already told her that I would probably mess myself, so when I went in to have my usual pee, she followed me in. This was a little unusual, but I’d used the toilet with other people in the bathroom before, so I got over it. So when I finished with my pee and was about to get up, the babysitter told me to sit back down, and I did. She told me that she knew that I was planning to have an accident, so she told me that I was to stay on the toilet until I pooped. She sat down on the edge of the tub and started reading a book. I didn’t have anything to read or do but sit there, so it got boring really quickly, and I complained that I was bored. She told! me that if I pooped, that I could leave. I couldn’t stand much more of that, so I decided that I would poop just enough so that I could leave, but I would still have to poop, so I could have my “accident” later. So I pooped a little bit and after she checked to make sure, she let me leave. So I went into the living room and started watching TV, thinking that I’d won. I waited a few minutes and then I pushed out the rest of the poop, and then because I was mad at her I made it even harder to clean up by wiggling around on the seat to squish it up. Then I waited for her to come in. I was expecting one of two things, either she would clean me up, or she would ignore it. Either way was fine with me, I could deal with being dirty for a while. Well, she came in the room and she was mad at me for tricking her, so she took me back into the bathroom. Good, I thought, she was going to clean me up, which was something she didn’t want to do. When we got to the bathroom, she p! ulled the wipes out of the bathroom cabinet, handed them to me, and told me to clean myself up. I was old enough and perfectly able to clean myself up, but this wasn’t what I wanted, because it was a punishment for me and not for her. So I told her I wouldn’t do it. So she told me, that’s fine, but you’re not leaving this bathroom until you do so. She got out her book and sat on the edge of the tub. I was so mad, this wasn’t the way it was supposed to work, so I just stood there and refused to clean up. Well, after standing up for so long I got tired so I sat down on the floor, but again, it got way too boring and after what was probably an hour I finally gave up and cleaned myself up. I was really mad at the babysitter.

When my parents finally came home she told my parents what went on and they were glad it worked, so the next time they needed a babysitter, they invited her back. The babysitter told me that she hoped I had learned a lesson from last time, so she wasn’t going to make me try to poop, but I knew if I had an accident what would happen. This made me think about it. I certainly didn’t want to have to sit in the bathroom for an hour or more if I had an accident, but I was really mad at her so eventually I decided that I would put a couple books in the bathroom so that I could read too and that way she would eventually clean me up. (It made sense at the time.) So I put a few books in the bathroom on top of the toilet tank and then while I was still in the bathroom, I messed myself and then walked out and went back to playing. A few minutes later the babysitter noticed the smell, and she took me to the bathroom and pulled off my jeans to check, and it was pretty obvious th! at I’d had an accident. So she told me that I wouldn’t leave the bathroom again until I cleaned up, and I said that’s fine and I sat down on the toilet (although my underwear were still on) and picked up one of the books and started reading. She told me no books, and took them all away. Well, now I was really mad but I knew I wouldn’t be able to outwait her, so I tried a last resort, I peed through my dirty underwear while I was sitting there, hoping that she would change her mind. She didn’t. So now I was sitting here and I was uncomfortable because I was wet, so after 5 minutes of that I gave up and cleaned myself up. After that whenever my parents had a babysitter they called her, and although I kept trying, eventually I gave up. That pretty much cured me of having accidents out of anger, and it also made it where I didn’t let anyone find out that I had “accidents”. (I still sometimes had them like I said above but I cleaned up after myself, my parents probably kn! ew because they did the laundry, but they never said anything to me about it after that).

So has anybody else ever done anything like this when they were younger? Does anybody still have “accidents” when they’re bored or just don’t want to take the time to go to the toilet?

Darlene – I have not seen as many accidents as you, but I remember back in 2nd grade I used to sit next to a girl called Pauline. All I remember was hearing a splashing noise and looking down to see a huge puddle appearing under Pauline’s desk. I just stared at her because I had never seen anyone wet themselves before and she just stared at me, her face all flushed, as all her pee came out.
Sheila – I loved your story, that was sooo sweet of Ruth to ask you to come in with her. Do you think you will go together sometimes now just to keep each other company. My g/f and me had a similar thing and like you it brought us closer together – with “other” things as well. I get constipated sometimes and it’s so nice to have Sue (my g/f) there to hold my hand, or rub my ???? or just hug me while I’m trying hard to go.

All for now – love Ash

One time i was sitting in the car after some constipation and i felt the laxitive kick in. Well i heald it for a while and then i felt pee comming on. Well i have never been able to hold pee so i did it right there and then. Now, i wear diapers because this happens alot and well, that pee was a TON and it leaked on my pants and evrywhere, i was going to the mall. Well as i relaxed for the pee, the poop came too and it was a desaster, then i realised i had been consentrating too much on my bottom and not enough on the road. "Scheech" i stoped at the stoplight and peed more! gosh it leaked so much. EMAIL ME!

I have 2 questions for everyone:
1. Have you ever had permission to poop/pee in your panties(See first) or anywhere else you're normally not spose to(floor, on a seat, in bed etc)(see second and third)?

2. Have you ever started to poop/pee in the toilet then had to finish in your panties(see fourth story and fifth) or someowhere else?

From above you can see I also have some stories. I will order and number them to coralate to above.

1. Last summer me a my family took a road trip from my home in NY state down to virgina then west to ohio then back. Normally this wouldn't be that hard except my did is very wierd and tried to do the whole trip without going on a single highway. He acturally succeed(kinda said that he took time to plan the whole trip like that). Anyway durring this 3 week expidition I had 3 incidents where I was giving permission to poop/pee where I normally can't. The first was while driving I was desperate to poop. I kept telling my dad to pull over so I could go to the bathroom(had to pee and poop). Finally my mom just said "go in your panties we'll clean you up when we get to the hotel"(It was 3PM and we were planning to get there around 5-6 PM). I did what she said. First I felt a small trinkle go in to my panties. It increased quite fast to a powerful river which I opened my legs and acturally sprade the back of my mom's seat. After I was done peein I oushed a solid load into m! y panties. It was about 3 turds first was 1 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches long the other two was abou 1 inch wide and 4 inches long.

2. The second incident was about 8 days later again while driving. I was wearing a short skirt(about 4 inches below crotch when standing). Again I asked repeatedly to stop and finally my mom asked if I had to pee or poop. This time I only had to poop and told her so. She then asked if I was wearing panties( In my family we often go 'commando' as the guys would say) which I said no to(The whole day the only people who would see me were my parents and if they caught a glimpse of my pussy who cares). She told me to squat in the back seat on the floor. She then took her floor pad and passed it back to me. She said to poop on that. I did. This was more of a pudding pooping instead of a solid logs. It was a rather large movement though.

3. The second incident was acturally the next day. We were driving along and my mom and me both needed a the toilet. My dad found a gas station which had bathrooms and pulled in. Me and my mom were both desperate to go or else we would of never stopped as the gas station looked rather dirty. It only got worse in the bathroom. It 3 stalls. The first the seat was pissed on, the second it 'rhea was sprayed all over the back of the seat, finally the third had used tampon on the seat and piss all over the seta too. I looked at my mom, who was as disgusted as I was. She said "Know what this place is already disgusting. Lets just go where its clean, I'll go in the sink and you go on the floor ok?" I agreed. My mom who wasn't wearing panties raised her sundresss and sat down. I lowered my jeans and panties and went on the floor. It was a very bonding moment as we were both very vanuable.

4. This may sound wierd but this is acturally what caused my to come here. I also have two stories for this. This just happened last week. I was constipated for about 3 days(very rare for me but it does happen). On the Fourth day I sat on the toilet pushing for about 20 minutes. I had just started to feel something poke out. when I heard my mom knock on the door, "Honey come down to the living room" "Mom, I'll be down in a sec, Im pooping." "Just pull up your panties(which again i wasn't wearing) and pants(I was wearing tight black leggins). If you want you can poop in them downstairs" I followed her orders and pulled up my pants. I went downstairs. It wasn't anything major just talking about vacation this summer but my dad had to leave for work soon(he works a rotating schedule and was on 3:30 to 11 this day). While talking I pushed my load into my leggins. After my dad left my mom helped me clean up.

5.This one isn't acturally me, it was my mom. She also sorta offered to do it. We were at the mall and I had to pee and she had to poop. I finished quickly and was waiting by the sinks. All of the stalls were filled and mine was taken quickly after I left. Later while talking to my she said at this point shed had 3 inches outside her butt of her poop and felt the first trinkle of pee(she normally does one big log). A desperate teenager(13-14) came running in and started crying when she saw all stalles were filled. My mom asked what was the matter and she said that she thinks shes gonna have a accident. Mom then asked if she had started yet and she responded no. My mom then said hold on and pulled up her pants(had to be a challlenge with 3 inch tail) and left the stall. While walking out you could see a larging dark spot which amazed the girl. My mom said "This isn't my first accident and won't be my last. Go ahead and stay clean." While walking towards a clothing store m! y mom finished peeing(accidents sorta common so she has no embarresment, I'll have more stories of her on a later date). Then while looking at things her expression on her face was obvisouly pooping herself. All in all I thought it wes very nice togive up her stall and optionally go in her pants so a teenager didn't have to.

Now think up stories and resonded to my questions. I await your answeres.


Emily of NYC
Hi guys, it's nice to be back again posting. I've got a great story to talk about. It was my birthday last Saturday, by the way. I am officially 14 years old. Anyhow, today during my science class this morning, I felt the urge to take a really big dump. I kindly asked Mr. Wood for permission, but he did not let me. I was really afraid that I would dump my panties, and decided to risk the laughter of my peers to ask, "I really have to go badly, and I might mess up the classroom if you don't." Mr. Wood then consented. OF course, all of the boys and even a few girls laughed at me, but I just laughed it off. I ran at top speed to the girls' bathroom, but to my horror all 3 stalls were taken, and the bathroom stunk, because one girl was having a severe case of diarrhea, it seemed. I could hardly wait, and it seemed that I could not control it any more, when my history teacher Mrs. Brooks walked out of one of the stalls. I was horrified to let my favorite teacher see me! squirming there like a hamster in the cage, but she just waved at me and didn't say a word, thankfully. I sat on the toilet as quickly as possible, lifted up my skirt, and pulled down my panties. A foot-long log rapidly shot out and landed in the toilet, with almost no effort. When I don't have to push at all for a really long log to come out, it means I really had to go badly. Just sitting on the toilet with no squeezing whatsoever, another foot long log shot out. The girl who was having explosive diarrhea was still there, and she sounded very sick. I was kind enough to ask her, while I was still dumping, "Are you all right?" It happened to be one of the girls from my history class, named Michele. MIchele answered, "Not really. My parents never let me miss a day of school, even though I was throwing up last night and woke up in the middle of the night twice to have diarrhea." I said to her that I hoped she felt better. She thanked me and said that she already had! been to the nurse, and the nurse gave her Pepto-Bismol.(Our school nurse is an idiot. She gives people Ginger Ale for headaches.) I had dumped two foot long logs already, but I knew there was more left, when I made this extremely loud and smelly fart. I was right, as I squeezed out another really long log, even longer than the others, about 16 inches, sprayed some liquidy poop into the toilet, and wiped about 5 times. I left, said to Michele again that I hoped she felt better, and went back to science class. MY friend Becky who I was sitting next to reminded me that I had been in the bathroom for 7 minutes. I responded, "SOmetimes we all have got to take dumps." She then said, "YOU took a dump in a school bathroom? That takes courage," but Mr. Wood yelled at her and told her to pay attention. I'll tell you about my next great dump, of course, which will hopefully happen tomorrow!

All my hugs and kisses-Em

To whoever suggested putting soap on your asshole before you shit -- I tried it and it works fantastically! I have a liquid soap dispenser in my bathroom. Right before shitting, I gobbed some liquid soap onto my finger. Then I sat down on the toilet and reached under and gently rubbed the liquid soap on my asshole and on the area immediately above and below. Then I let the shit come out. When I wiped, it was unbelievable how much easier it was. It was much better than putting soap or water on the toilet paper, which usually just results in tp shredding up. This method really works great. I am surprised no one else ever mentioned it before!

-How long does it take you to have a bm? 5 to 10 minutes
-Do you partake in any activity while pooping? explain No, I just poop. Occasionaly, I talk on the phone.
-Does it usually smell to where you use the fan or spray air freshner or something. It does smell but I usually don't do anything about it. I used to use air freshner.
-On average how many times do you have to wipe? 3
-Do you poop in public, if so do you cover the seat? I do poop in public if the seat is clean.
-Whats the longest dump you have ever taken? time or length? Besides I don't know.
-Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties? Yes, I leave skid marks pretty often. Rarely floaters, but I have left them before too.
-Have you ever plugged a toilet? Yeah. Sometimes with just a turd & before I wipe.

Traveling Guy
Renthal - Here's your survey:

-How long does it take you to have a bm? 3-4 min., usually.
-Do you partake in any activity while pooping? No, I just enjoy it.
-Does it usually smell to where you use the fan or spray air freshner or something. It doesn't usually smell too much, but at home I always turn on the fan anyway.
-On average how many times do you have to wipe? About 5-7.
-Do you poop in public, if so do you cover the seat? Sure, at work, when traveling, etc.; rarely, but I do wipe it off with tp first.
-Whats the longest dump you have ever taken? Maybe 10-15 min.
-Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties? Both, pretty often.
-Have you ever plugged a toilet? Yeah, as a teenager I did it a lot, and a few times since then, too.

Ross - Here's yours:
1) How often do you bathe or shower? Daily
2) Do you normally take a crap before you bathe or shower? Yes, since I've become a morning dumper.
3) What country are you from? US.

I sort of agree with you about showering habits and bidets, but I think that's changed in many places. I've been a guest in several homes in EU countries recently and the members of those host families showered daily. (And I'm sure they weren't doing it just for my sake, either.)

bigd - There's no bidet where I live now, but there were in the houses where I lived in Latin Am. and Africa. You're so right about getting clean. I wish I had one now, but there's no room in the full bath.

Hey everyone, this is my first post. I just want to say that I love this site!!!!! Okay, I'm a 17 year old girl, brunette, 120 lbs, and around 5'6". I have a really great story from last Saturday, but first I wanna take SeXy gIrL's 2 surveys.....

1. About how many wipes do you do after you poop? 4
2. Have you ever got the toilet paper caught in your butt crack? Yes, and it's annoying lol
3. Have you ever only needed to wipe once? Yes, many times
4. What was the most amount of wipes you ever had to go? 14 maybe
5. Do you wipe after you pee? Sometimes
6. If you were in the woods pooping, and you had nothing to wipe with, what would you use? Hmmm, nothing. I'd just wait until I got home
7. Do you ever wet the paper before wiping? No

1. About how many times do you pee a day? Between 4 and 6
2. Girls, do you pee sitting, standing, or squatting? On the toilet sitting, and outside squatting
3. What color is your pee? A light yellowish color
4. What times of the day do you usually pee? When I wake up, before bed, sometime at night, in the afternoon, and sometimes during lunch
5. Have you ever peed your pants in school, and was embarrased? Nope, not that I can remember.

Last Saturday, my friend Laura had 4 friends over her house. They were me, Amber, Sara, and Danielle. We were mostly just talking, on the phone lol, hanging out, and eating and drinking. Well, we had each promised each other that we would have a poop contest. We had been holding our bowels in since Thursday. I thought this would be pointless, but it turned out to be fun. Today, the suffering would end though lol. We all needed to go really really really really bad. Well, we put some paper towels and toilet paper in her tub in the bathroom, and was going to poop on that.

Sara (5'6", 130, blonde) was first to go. We walked upstairs into her bathroom, and we all watched her undo her pants. She pulled them and her blue panties down to her ankles, then stepped right out of them. She placed them on the sink. She then walked over to the tub, and squatted. Immedietly, and I mean immedietly, about 4 pieces of poop dropped from her. They were all brown in color, and each about 4" inches long. They each fell on top of each other. After that, she farted, and began to pee a nice clear stream. She peed alot!! Her stream lasted for about a minute. She said that it felt so good. After some last drips of pee, 2 more 5" inch poops came rolling out of her. To get those pieces out, she grunted a little. After she was done, she stood up and we all clapped lol. She then sat on the toilet, and did a MIND BLOWING fart into the toilet. Another huge pee gushed out of her. We could all here it splashing on the sides. Sara then said,
"Damn, that felt good!"
She turned around, and carefully wiped her butt. It took about 5 wipes until she was totally clean.
Then, Amber (5'6", 112 lbs, dirty blonde) said,
"Oh god, I can't wait anymore."
She ripped off her pink pants and purple thong, and squatted over the paper towel. Her hole opened immedietly, and a turd about 14" inches long slid out of her. From the second she squatted, she just kept pushing pieces out. I think about 7 total pieces. It was a huge pile. After about 10 minutes, she was still squatted, when a tiny piece dropped from her. After that, Laura asked her,
"Want the toilet paper?"
She nodded. She wiped 6 times from the back. Then, she got a piece and nicely wiped her vagina. I guess I was next. I had to go pretty bad too. I pulled my black thong to my knees, and for some reason sat on the toilet. I started peeing, and then started pooping. After 2 5" inch pieces dropped, I did a few farts. A sharp cramp then hit me, and I began pooping out a soft pile. 4 soft, squishy, light brown turds dropped from me, and all splished into the toilet. I looked down between my legs, and the water was a mild brown color.
"I'm never waiting a million years to crap," I heard Amber say lol.
"Yeah, me neither," I replied.
I then farted once more, and a few drops of pee splashed out. I was finally done. I tore off pieces of toilet paper, and wiped my nice round butt, I think lol, 5 times. That poop sure felt good!! I got up, pulled my panties up and tied them, and flushed down my dump. It took 2 flushes. I then heard Danielle say,
"Sorry gals, but I went yesterday."
That little wuss couldn't take the pain haha. Oh well, hopefully next time! All Laura did, was have a nice pee into the toilet. She tried pooping, but only farted like twice. She said she was sorry, and that she sure thought she had to go. We all said that it wasn't a big deal. Lol, Amber ended up pooping out 3 more nice sized turds later that afternoon. She's sooo funny with her little pushs and remarks lol.

Have you ever seen the movie S.O.B.? There's a scene where William Holden, Robert Webber and Robert Preston are breaking into a funeral home to steal the body of their buddy, Richard Mulligan, because they think his big flashy funeral is hypocritical.

While they're breaking in, Webber badly has to pee. He's about to go in the bushes, but the other two grab him and pull him inside. While they're inside, Webber pees his pants, and the other two think it's a faucet running. They get the body, and head outside. Webber says that now he has to shit. They tell him to hold it, and he farts loudly.

They get in the car with the body and a police car drives up. Luckily they don't notice the guy is dead, so they keep going. Webber then yells that he shit his pants! It's a very funny scene.

mr cool
hello people, yesterday i was feeling a little full with shit in me. i knew that i was going to have to shit sometime but there was no urge at all. so i left it and got on with some homework, but i felt uncomfortable as my ass felt 'heavy', u know what i mean yeah? so i lubricated my hole with some vaseline hoping that this would bring on an urge, but it didnt. so i decided to sit down on the toilet and push, and out came a firm 4inch log, not much at all really after all that fuss.
That was yesterday, today the same thing is happening!!! i know that ive got shit inside but there is just no urge at all. actually the urge so far has lasted about 10 seconds, very weak as well. i dont know if this is normal or the start of constipation? has anyone ever felt like this? maybe the girls can help me here....i have two options either to try and push again which isnt actually the best of things, or to wait for an urge.

Hi everyone,
Something great happened yesterday, I was at a large sporting event where they have those portable toilet blocks everywhere. I had to wee so I went to the nearest one. The strange thing was that they had a permanent toilet block and then a portable one only for men. There was a line for the womens at the and as I approached the portable mens block three women went into it. I followed them in and took a stall next to a middle aged woman. I heard her wee but there where many other sounds so it was hard to hear. I sat on the toilet and stayed there for a few minutes hoping more women would come in but it didn't happen. When I went out there was a line up of men which is probably why. This is the first time I've had this situation and I must say it's a turn on.

What I don't understand, and I saw this a couple of times, was that they had more mens toilets than womens. One group of blocks had two mens and one womens blocks. I would have thought more womens toilets would be needed.

To DARLENE: I liked your story...did you ever see other kids have accidents? Only time i saw any one have an accident was in Kindergarden. Some boy pooped his white shorts.

To The Crank: Liked your story.

To Allie: Liked hearing about your pooping accident..did your parents give you something to make you poop?

To Renthal: 1. Usally any where from 5-15 minutes 2. No 3.Not usally that bad but sometime smell is bad. 4.7-12 wipes 5.Yes i poop in public..most of the time 6. what do you mean longest in lenth? or time? lenth i'd say 14 inches 7. Yes i have floaters sometime and leave skid marks too. 8.Yes several times i've plugged a toilet..I liked your story too

To mr cool (new): Thats intresting..maybe your pushing too hard

To Ross: 1 I shower every other day 2. No not usally 3.USA

To Merritt: Liked your story

To Peeboy: Welcome..i enjoyed your story

To Ashley: Loved your many days was since you last pooped?

To joey: I really loved your old is your brother? And does he ever have accidents?

To Dora-Ann: Liked your story about your b/f and you pooping..was that the first time you seen him poop before?

To Silke: I enjoyed your story.

To Sara C: Thats cool about that movie..thanks for replying.

To Sheila: Liked your story.

To Adrian: Loved your story.

To Sarah S and Meghan: I liked your story..thats cool you've had dreams like that before.

I went back to work today, after being off a long weekend. When i got there i really had to poop so i went and poop and i had a nice sized log then i wiped and started work and about 25 minutes later i had to poop again this time it was much softer and chunkier..i wiped alot and that was the last time i pooped. I hate when my poop gets like this..well gotta run bye

Twice Shy
Stand-up butt-humor

I was listening to Comedy Central yesterday while working online, having reached the end of the movie "Pulp Fiction" on VHS and simply allowing the VCR to shut off. I think I was watching either Jim Breuer: Hardcore at 2:00 PM or World Comedy Tour at 3:00 PM; it was a whole bunch of decent stand-up comedian acts. Well, the one, a male, goes into this routine about farting, which he explains is always accompanied by a small voice saying "don't crap your pants". This is why there is the "trumpeting sound", for otherwise, you'd indeed have crapped your pants. I believe it was the same fellow or one an act or two away who was describing love and marriage. There is the ideal picture of love, as in the romance novels, and then there is reality. In real life, you're in bed with your wife, you reach to hold her, and then--she farts. At this point, you're begging her to get out of bed and obtain a new pair of panties, and perhaps even wash off. That was quite graphic.

There was some great bathroom humor in that episode, whatever it was. Of course, "Pulp Fiction" has its own quantity of such jokes, such as when we see John Travolta taking both a piss at Uma Thurman's house and a dump when breakfasting with Samuel Jackson. It isn't clear whether it was #1 or #2 when he's at Bruce Willis's place.

Full to capacity
I read a story here about a bloke who pissed his pants at a wedding.

It reminded me of a situation I got into last year.
My capacity for holding it in is very good although I did wet myself at work a few months ago while being showed round a factory. I couldn’t find the toilet and left it too late.

I had a few pints before the service and it always happens that once I go, I need to go more so decided I’d try and make it through the service.

I got through the service and only started really needing to go towards the end of the photographs.

My wife was driving and she noticed I was fidgeting a bit and asked if I was all right. I said I needed the toilet but could make it to the hotel.

As we walked in there was a group of my friends and I somehow got caught up with them and we started talking and moving towards the bar.

Chatting must have taken my mind off my bladder and my desperation seemed to ease.

But as I got to the bar and ordered a pint of lager it came flooding back with a vengeance.

I crossed my legs but as I watched the liquid being poured I started to wet myself. I grabbed myself and shut it off. My underpants absorbed most of it.

I found my wife and handed her a drink. She was in the line waiting to be introduced to the bride and families etc.

I tried to wait but this involved much fidgeting and holding and letting out my wee in longer and longer bursts. My underpants were wet and my left leg was warm. I couldn’t see it but knew my wee must be showing on my navy trousers.

My wife asked what the matter was – and I told her I was so desperate for the toilet I was wetting myself.

She laughed took my drink and I headed to the toilet. I hurried along the corridor to the gents, tugging at my zip. I was moaning with need and then I stopped hobbling, held my penis and weed through my underpants where I stood.

I emptied my bladder causing damage to my underwear, my trousers and the carpet.

I went back to the reception and found my wife who was by now sitting down. I sat down letting the table cloth hide most of my disgrace and asked her for the key to our room (fortunately we were staying at the hotel) cos I needed a change of underwear and trousers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The original Adrian long-time poster that is, not Adrian of the doorless stalls fame! However, it is good to have a namesake here. If you're thinking of posting regularly it might be a good idea though if one of us changed our 'handle' slightly to avoid confusion. Welcome, however.

Ross. What you say about Americans not bothering too much with bidets also applies here in the UK. We Brits tend to bath or shower more or less daily although there are obviosly exceptions. I always take my shower last thing at night as it's more convenient (pun intended) than in the morning but I always go for a good poo either immediately beforehand or earlier in the evening.

Lucy. I occasionally forget to zip up after going to the loo but not often. Generally I remember.

Peeboy. Enjoyed your post. I think it would have been okay to have got out of the car and nipped into the bushes though. Some people would no doubt have realised what you were doing but for all that I think most of them would have understood. When you've gotta go you've gotta go!

Meghan & Sarah. Hi! Enjoyed your latest post. Hope everyone's managing to keep 'regular' if you know what I mean.

Dora-Ann. It sounds as though you and your boyfriend were both in need of a good poo when you went. I'm not surprised though that you outdid him with eight pieces to his seven.

Sheila. Hi & welcome! Thoroughly enjoyed your story about having a runny ???? in the solicitor's office in Cardiff. It sounds as though both you and your colleague had the same ???? bug. Hope to hear more of your stories.

Rich from westchester county (RJoggerII) and wife. Thanks for your kind words. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Best wishes to everyone!



Curious Guy: You asked why men have fantasies about watching beautiful women shit. Maybe it's a little bit Freudian-developmental, and a little bit that it's something we're not allowed to see. But i am quite sure that the main reason is that it's a primal sexual instinct. When a girl shits, her butt and genital areas are naked, the odor stimulates our senses, and we sense her vulnerability. The pure physicality of the act is mysterious and exciting.

If you study anthropology, it makes sense that men watching women shitting, and the reverse of women watching men shitting, are not the same thing. The (hetero)sexual apsect of a woman watching a man shit is much weaker than the reverse. Shitting, especially for young attractive women, is a much more instinctively private act than eating or other activities. Even if i could watch a beautiful girl take a big stinky shit every day, it would always turn me on, with the important caveat that it MUST be a girl i feel attracted to. Hope that answer helps.

Yesterday's load weighed 425 grams - the largest in two months.

Peace LL

Some girl.
I'm a girl and i want to know how to do a poo outside (im twelve by the way).1 time i was walking home late at night and i had to poo really badly, i got home and on the toilet in time, what should i do if next time i don't have enough time?

In our school we had this totally eccentric Irish teacher who would curse at students, shout and roar at every available opportunity and generally act crazy. One day when we were in 2nd year, 13 to 14years old or so a very embarrasing incident took place for one of the lads in the class. Paul was sitting just opposite me near the front of the room and after 10 mins of the 45 minuts class asked to go to the toilet. The teacher siad no and Paul looked dismayed. Another 5 minutes and Paul asked again, this time in a more pleading tone, with a look of desperation on his face. Again came the negative response, and that started it. Paul was of average height and build, wore tight grey trousers like the rest of us at the time, and you could see that he wore briefs also by the line through the trousers. Pauls face reddened as he must have got more and more desperate. He was holding his stomach soon later and was begining to get desperate shouting at the teacher to let him leave to ! go toilet. He even said that he couldnt wait 5 more minutes, and was at the point of tears. another 2 minutes later he said let me go or im getting up to go anyway. At this stage the class were all jeering him and daring him to go in his pants or walk out. The teacher said no, and Paul started to cry and lose his temper, thats it he said, and started to struggle to his feet, holding his stomach and clenching his but cheeks together. The teacher roars where are you think youre going sit down, and moves towards the door to block Paul. At this stage Paul looked like he would collapse and tried to push past the teacher. he was pushed back, and suddenly he starts to cry, and puts his hands down by his arse and a big bulge starts to appear, and he farts. The class roared hysterically as he emptied his bowels into his underpants, and the smell was very strong. The teacher moved aside and he waddled out of the room crying, and came back in the next class about half an hour later and! was jeered then and until he left the school 6 months later. I subsequently got to know him a bit better, and to thsi day, 6 years later he still wears briefs in case he has an accident after that day. And I know of at least one more he has had, anybody interested?

URANUS -- The reason those magazine surveys don't reflect the rear-end fixation so many women enjoy is possibly because the magazine editors write the results themselves, and want to reflect a more conservative viewpoint!

SARA & MEG -- hi girls! That was a hilarious momentin the ladies' room -- my good ness, a transvestite -- he could be arrested for that, you know!

Gonna head for the beach again soon -- stories to tell! I do hope this posts, my last three messages have failed to reach the board, and I'm feeling really cut-off!



Posted this a few days ago, but it didn't seem to appear :-(
I'll try it again.

Bryan: I'm 40 yrs old and from UK.

Myself and Talia my G/F rate our poop. We give it a score of 1-10 depending on many different factors. When I have a bit more time I'll share our criteria with everyone else. We even got our friend, Sarah to do it when she came to stay. We turned it into a competition in the end...more about that later to....

Happy pooping!

Ian & Talia.

Felix (the one who keeps logs)
Renthal's survey

-How long does it take you to have a bm? Usually about 15 minutes, because I like to go slow and enjoy the feeling of pooing
-Do you partake in any activity while pooping? explain - Usually not, I like to concentrate on pooing.
-Does it usually smell to where you use the fan or spray air freshner or something. It usually smells, sometimes very GOOD, and especially then I like to leave it for others to smell!!
-On average how many times do you have to wipe? On average two or three times. Sometimes if its sticky I have to wipe lots and lots.
-Do you poop in public, if so do you cover the seat? I do use public toilets, I don't mind them at all. No I don't cover the seats.
-Whats the longest dump you have ever taken? I had diahorea once and spent about two hours on the toilet, mainly with cramp and farts and a bit of brown liquid squirting out every now and again
-Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties? Yes - skid marks almost always, especially as I poo big quantities in general. Floaters on the odd occasion.
-Have you ever plugged a toilet? No.

Potty Pooper- Yes, I've written several short fiction stories which I've posted in a pooping group... Mine are more traditional and located in present day settings... I've written one about a guy hiring a call girl to take a shit for him, one about a poop video business, another about a woman going to a health resort, where she receives help in curing her constipation and yet another about a female patient submitting a stool sample...

Curious Dude- I would imagine that our curiosity for seeing people on the toilet and being aroused by it stems from the fact that most of us have been raised with the notion that going to the bathroom was private and something to be ashamed of... Like Ross mentioned, sex is also supposed to be a private act done behind closed doors but yet, since it's been so overly outdone in movies, we've become desentisized from watching the act. I would imagine that if people were more open about going to the toilet and it was depicted more often in the media, it wouldn't be as exciting... I agree that overtime, watching pooping videos becomes kind of less thrilling, since most of them are pretty much all the same. I would imagine it's much more appealing when one witnesses the act personally...

Rich in Westchester County- Loved your story about watching your wife Kristine and then wiping her afterwards. She sounds quite attractive, I especially liked the description of the freckles on her butt...

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