When I was in elementry school and high school there always seemed to be no absence of accidents in class or in school. I remember once I had to pee so bad in Math class, last class in the morning. This teacher who was about to retire, wore thick coke bottle thick glasses. He couldnt see past the first few rows in the classroom. I sat in the rear, and hadda go so bad. I waved my hand to be excused and he never saw me. My classmates around me said just get up and go. I was in the 7th grade and was really shy and didnt want to get in trouble, so I thought I could hold it. I didnt though, first I had this little trickle of pee wet my panties and then a second and then more and finally just a flood, I peed so hard you could hear it. I made a big puddle under my desk, and I just sat there with my friends staaring at me. One other time in science class I hadda go poop and pee both. I ended up with poop in my panties and then wetting my pants right there. God, it was awful. Somet! imes you cant help it though if you gotta go and you are taking a test or something or the teacher is just plain mean. This one time in math though I just toughed it out. I was wet and yucky and it smelled.
When class was over I just got up and left, my slacks were wet in back mostly and I hurried out of the room I dont know who cleaned up the mess but next day it was gone.
It seemed though every year there was at least one or two accidents in class, and a few in the hall on the way to the restrooms.
Im courious if this was just in my school, or does this happen a lot anymore? Id be real interested to see any posting of accidents,maybe I wont feel so bad.

The Crank
I have been washing my butthole since I knew what pooping was. Toilet paper never really accord to me until I took my first dump in school and there were no place to wash my butt. I had a friend who told me she ONLY uses toilet paper because it was more hygenic, which doesn't really make sense because wasjing is definately cleaner. The thought of wiping and smearing the crap all over your butthole is quite revolting really,unless of course, in times of neccessity, when water is not readily available. Of course, it was quite a turn on, as it has usually been, when she starts describing her crapping habits. And she does crap alot.

Hi everyone. I'm 13 years old, I have long brown hair down to my butt, brown eyes and light brown skin.

Has anyone ever been constipated as a child/teen, and ended up going in your pants?

For the last 3 days I have been constipated. I've tried several times to go but have been unsuccessful. I woke up in the middle of the night tonight (about 30 minutes ago) and my stomach was hurting so bad. I got out of bed and started walking towards the bedroom door. I got to about the middle of my bedroom when a really intense cramp hit me. I instinctively squatted like a toddler trying to poop in her diaper and began pushing. I felt the poop begin moving, and before I knew it the tip was touching the seat of my panties. The more it came out, the harder I pushed. When I was finished I had so much hard, dry poop in my underwear that I had to hold them up to keep the weight of the poop from dragging them down. I carefully went to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and peed through my panties. When I was finished I took my wet panties off and dumped the poop in the toilet. Next I used them to wipe my butt (it was a dry poop so I didn't really need to wipe.) I threw the! m in the hamper and went back to bed.


Hope to write more soon.


Hey I have a servey thing...

-How long does it take you to have a bm?
-Do you partake in any activity while pooping? explain
-Does it usually smell to where you use the fan or spray air freshner or something.
-On average how many times do you have to wipe?
-Do you poop in public, if so do you cover the seat?
-Whats the longest dump you have ever taken?
-Do you ever leave skid marks or floaties?
-Have you ever plugged a toilet?

Anyway not much in the way of stories other then the chick who works at the gas station by me I went in to pay and she wasn't behind the counter. Oh by the way this was like 2 in the morning. Then I seen her come out of the bathroom carring a newspaper. Well I knew what she had been doing. She asked how long I had been standing here I said just a sec and she said oh I didn't here you come in I was trying to get rid of my constipation. I was like ok blah blah and then I went in the bathroom to see if she had left any evidence before I left. Not much other then a smell but not overwelling and some tp in the bottom of the toilet like it was clogged and about a golf ball sized turd floating. When I walked out I said good job on stinking it up. She was like oh that is nothing come paired to what I usuly do and what I am about to do, I didn't finish. I was like kewl... and walked out

mr cool (new)
hello im new here, been reading the posts for a while now, very interesting! ok here my contribution:
sometimes after a large shit i feel that my hole is slightly cut, i donno how to describe it but it hurts to the tuch with tp. its like a stinging feeling, i think its due to the stretching of the ring but im not sure. does anyone have an explanation to this??? it usually becomes ok the next day but its a real pain.

To Bryian: Yes, it's always busy. Lots of times we have to hang around and wait for a seat. Did I mention that "Mrs XXXXXX" always puts fresh flowers and magazines and newspapers on a small table near the stalls. Cute concept from a sweet old couple. BTW, she has walked in while her husband was taking his dump...

To loadlogger:

You ask why we don't have bidets in the United States.

First of all, it would add to the cost of the house if a bidet were installed, and some American bathrooms are probably too small. Most Americans probably don't feel it would be worth the extra cost.

Why don't Americans think it would be worth the extra cost to install a bidet? I think it is because Americans tend to bathe and shower more frequently than people in other countries. Most people I know in the US generally bathe or shower about once a day and never go more than two or three days at most without a bath or shower. Most people take a crap in the morning right before they shower, so they're going to get clean that way. Even if you take a really messy crap later in the day and have trouble getting fully clean, you know you'll be taking a shower the next morning. As a result, most Americans just don't get dirty enough to think that a bidet is worthwhile. In contrast, people in other countries are much less likely to bathe on a daily basis, and many go several days or even a week or more without bathing. As a result, the bidet is much more important.

Let's take a quick survey. Please answer these two questions:

1) How often do you bathe or shower?
2) Do you normally take a crap before you bathe or shower?
3) What country are you from?

One day I was by my locker and this popular girl Jen was handing out flyers for her pool party--i knew that my crush Brett was going to be there. SO, I grabbed one of the flyers and went shopping that afternoon to find the perfect bathing suit.I was like--YAY!, i was going to go to this pool party with the "cool kids." Well, I found a perfect bathing suit, it was a white two-piece. Heh, well it was a very bad choice. I went to the party that weekend and everything was going well. Brett and i were talking a little bit, you know a little conversation, when i had this huge urge to fart. Well, i was like oh, no one will notice. Was i ever wrong. I decided to let loose gradually you know have less bubbles. As i let loose there was this disgusted look on Brett's face...he backed away...and as i looked around everyone was running out of the pool. I had no idea why, i looked down and there was this huge bubbling mass of brown stuff around me. Even i was disgusted. I Ran/swam out of ! the pool. Then, i realized my bathing suit bottom was stained brown at the bottom. Needless to say, i will try to hold in my farts from now on.

HI everyone, I have a short survey for the girls.
1.Has any girl taken a urine test and shit at the same time?
2.Has any girl given a urine sample and farted at the same time?
3.Has any girl given a stool sample?


I live in the United States and I do have a bidet in my upstairs bathroom. It's a Kohler. It sits right next to the toilet. If I ever move, I will absolutely not move where I cannot have a bidet. Once you have one you will never go back to the old way. When I go to dump I get the bidet running so the water temp is comfortably warm. When I finish with the dump, I move over to the bidet and set the sprayer on high. I kinda move fore and aft to allow the sprayer to clean the whole area. It feels good, too! I see the little pieces wash away down the drain. Usually only one wipe with paper to blot off the excess water. I never get poop on my fingers, nor does my ass get rubbed raw after a messy one. Plus it's a paper saver. A roll of TP in my house lasts for months. I very highly recommend one, as I have said before in here.

Just curious. How many of you guys out there have forgotten to zip up your fly after peeing in a public men's room and didn't realize it until later when you got to your car? What happened? Were you at a resturant or shopping mall or someplace where there were a lot of people around? Would you be more embarrassed if someone told you of your predicament since that would make you wonder how many other people saw it OR would you rather they didn't say anything and think nobody noticed it?


I'm a first time poster and I have a story to share. I'm a 32 year old male and one day last summer, a friend and I were taking a car trip when I soon felt the need for a piss. I wasn't anywhere near desperate at the time and I'm usually able to hold it for awhile so it was no big deal to wait til we found a restroom. After a few minutes, my buddy (who was driving) suggested we stop at the next rest area to stretch our legs and asked if it was okay with me. I told him, "Yeah, fine. I need to use the bathroom, anyway." Again, I wasn't desperate at all but I figured that since we were stopping anyway, I might as well take advantage of the opportunity. The nearest rest area was about 20 miles away but, because of a lot of road construction, we had to take several detours that took us out of our way and took twice as long. By now I had to piss pretty bad but I knew we'd be there before long if I could just hang on. We were less than 5 miles away and I was in sheer a! gony! Just then, we came to a railroad crossing and just as we approached it, the gates went down!! I muttered an "Oh, GREAT!!" to my buddy and when he asked me what was the matter, I told him, "I have to go to the bathroom like RIGHT NOW!!" He told me, "Sorry, Bud, but you're just going to have to hang on for a little while longer." The train just went on forever with me squeezing my weiner the whole time and I finally said, "I gotta piss really bad!! I don't know if I can hold it anymore!" He pointed to
a clump of bushes several feet away and said I could take a leak there and nobody would see me but I didn't dare. For one thing, I've never been brave enough to piss outside because I was always afraid of being watched without my being aware of it. Besides, even if I did follow my friend's advice and pee in the bushes, all the other motorists would know what I was doing even though they didn't see everything. I mean, what would you think if you saw an adult male get out of his car, walk over to some bushes and then just stand there facing away from traffic and then get back in his car? I think it would be obvious to everybody that he was taking a piss! By now, there was a wet spot about the size of a golf ball on the front of my jeans and I was lucky there wasn't any more damage than that. We finally got to the rest area and as soon as the car was parked, I raced inside and already had my fly unzipped before I got to the men's room!! Luckily, it wasn't
full but my next problem was getting my willy
out without losing complete control! A small puddle wound up on the floor before I was able to aim properly but I figured it could have been
much worse. I think I must have pissed for more than a just kept gushing and seemed to go on forever! It felt SO GOOD to finally relieve my overflwing, aching bladder!!! I felt about 15 pounds lighter after that!

SeXy Girl's pee survey:
1. Times I pee every day. Depends on how much I drink. But since I have a very large bladder 2 x usually, no more than 3 x.
2. n/a (girls only).
3. color: yellow, usually in the a.m.; after drinking a lot, white.
4. Time of day to pee: 7 or 8 a. m. of when I get up; about 7 or 8 p. m. and if I am up really late 1 or 2 a. m.
5. Never have wet my pants. I really can hold on a very long time: longest about 18 hours. After grade school, I never peed in school.

Stephanie T,

Don't feel so bad about having a poop accident. After-all, we have different ways to prevent this to happen but the question is...if we are ready for it. Just be careful on the foods that you eat.

I hope it'll make you fine.

Dreamer – Yes I’ve found the same if I’m holding in my pee. I can hold it in longer if I walk about. But if I need to hold my poo in and it’s wanting to come out real real bad, I find it’s best to stand still with my legs crossed and squeeze my butt as hard as I can.

You might like to hear what happened to me last night at the mall. Yesterday at school I had been getting a full feeling all day so I knew I would probably have to poo some time. But I either ignored it or just squeezed gently the 2 or 3 times it asked to come out and carried on with what I was doing. Late yesterday I went to the mall with my g/f and I guess it was the walking about that made my poo start asking again if it could come out. We were looking at some skirts in Abercrombie and she noticed I was standing there with my legs crossed and she knows me well enough to know I must be holding a poo in. By now my poo was trying REALLY REALLY hard to come out and I know the effort I was putting into keeping my hole closed was even showing on my face. Eventually I stopped cramping and the pressure eased off a bit and I whispered to my g/f I had to get to the bathroom. We walked ever so slowly and I tried to squeeze at the same time. I could see the restrooms but it seemed like an age to get there and then just before the entrance I started to feel my hole beginning to open, no matter how hard I squeezed. I was terrified, I could feel its nose starting to peek out further and further as I walked and I was sure all my poo was going to start filling my panties. I don’t know how I made it to the stall but I slammed the door shut so hard it made all the other stalls shake. Thank goodness I was wearing a skirt, I didn’t have time to undo buttons or zips. I almost ripped my panties down and just crashed onto the seat. It was the greatest feeling ever to just relax and then feel my hole opening wider and wider as I let my poo have its wish at last. It was nice and firm and came out very very slowly. I could feel it sliding past my ring and I remember feeling so relieved as I examined my panties and found not a single mark on them. And for those of you who like the details. It took about 5 minutes to come out and it came out all i n one piece. It didn’t make any noise at all in the water and when I looked at it afterwards its nose was already into the outlet and its tail was resting against the bowl above the waterline. So I don’t know how long it was but I would guess it was about 2 inches thick. Love to everyone…Ash

after seeing that woman on the thing on top possible pissing , I have to pretend like I am her and piss like a woman sitting down . results are : total piss time : 30 seconds. stream came out kind of fast and steady. color of piss: bright yellow and only a little bit of foam near the edges of the toilet bowl which fizzled quite quickly . anyway, cool , I would love to hear more piss stories from women out there and if they make any foam or not .

1. About how many times do you pee a day? often as i can, usually seven or eight times
2. Girls, do you sit peeing or stand, or squat? At home i always sit, at school I always hover and outside i usually try someting different like standing.
3. What color is your pee? light yellow
4. What times of the day do you usually pee? before, after, during bed, and lunch, supper, and once between all of these.
5. Have you ever peed your pants in school, and was embarrased? Only once lately, in grade eleven. I was extremely embarassed. It was during gym class when i was in my spandex shorts, my pee ran down my legs, and everyone saw before i went into the changeroom.

John D.
Does anyone ever notice if drinking a lot of beer turns your poop darker? I got drunk last night and this afternoon I took a big poop and it was darker than usual.
One other thing. I love black seats but they are not easy to find.

i'm sitting here & i gotta go baaad but my brother is in the bathroom.
My folks are out & he's been in there forever. i'm squeezing my dick i gotta go so bad & i gotta drop a load too. i've tried knocking but he's in the shower & can't hear me. oh man i am so gonna piss myself if he doesn't hurry. i'm 16 & haven't had an accident in a couple years now. if i have one now it won't be my fault. i got my ass cheeks squeezed together & one hand holding my dick hard. i can't wait much longer. i just ran to try the door again but no luck. i just let out a little squirt. i don't think i'm gonna make it. just let out a loud long fart with another squirt. oh god i'm about to loose it. another fart & a turd is poking into my underwear.i think i'll get a bowl from the kitchen to go in. another squirt. i can't move or i'll lose it all. but if i don' comes my turd i can't stop it. still squeezing my dick but i can't hold it anymore. damn this turd is big. i've lost it & am pissing my pants now too. guess i'll have a cl! ean up to do. i am gonna kick my brothers ass when he comes out.

I am a 17-year-old with a boyfriend about the same age. Both of us have good bowel habits (we both take daily dumps), but none of our trips have been more memorable than one that happened last year:

There was a time when we were on vacation in the backcountry. We were having a very good time together when I realized I need to crap. I ignored it for some time but I later came back to haunt me. Ironically, when I told my boyfriend I needed to go, he also said he was reaching the limits on holding his urge. So we set out to find a bathroom, and ironically, we found a bathroom with two toilets inside (w/o anything but space seperating them). So we entered and lock the door. We then decided to make this a contest: whoever makes the first plop can decide where to go for the next time. With this in mind, both of us took one seat, cleaned it, pulled down our pants, and sat. For the first 20 seconds, we talked some random topics. Then, I felt my crap start to stick out, and 3 seconds later, I produced the first plop. He said, "Nice job!" and produced his first plop a second later. By the time we were finished, there were 15 plops combined, and we looked at each other's crap.! I had 8 pieces while he had 7. We both congradulated each other after we wiped and flushed, and we left the bathroom seconds later. This will probably last in our memories forever.

Hi folks. Im happy that I found some time to write something the the past I really was to busy. And I saw a lot of things the last months. I will start with something in January: I was at work, as my boss told me that I urgently had to go again to France. I had to arrive there in the early morning, so I had to drive the whole night. I only got time to get some clothes, and then I must start my journey. I stopped two or three times for a quick pee besides my car, but nothing special happened. At about 7 a.m. I thought I had to stop for a longer time, because I was tired, and I thought I should have a try for a poop, because I wasn’t gone for two days. I found a nice rest-area with a public loo, and because it was raining, I decided to use it, and not go behind the bushes. The ladys was a room with three stalls and some sinks. Nobody was waiting, but all stalls were occupied. I wasn’t in hurry, so I waited . I heard some strange sounds and could smell, that in! minimum two of the woman having their dumps. Than I saw that in every door somebody has drilled two holes. As I stood in front of the left stall I could see the squatting woman with a long turd coming out between her legs. The girl in the middle had finished and came out, and so I entered and closed the door. It was not the kind of toilet I knew from France. There were two steps left and right and something like a bowl in the middle with a border. You had to hover over it while using . It was not easy to hit your target, so the stall looks very dirty, with pee and poo on the floor, and some poo had slided down at the side of the bowl. And the water was out of order, so the turds, tampons and the tp swam in the yellow water. I stood on the steps and pulled up my skirt and pulled my underpants down to my knees. As I tried to hover over this bowl I saw, that there where holes in every wall, even in the one to the gents-side. I could see the men standing at the urinal-rinn and! peeing. At my left side an older woman came in, and peed. I could see, that her stream missed the bowl and went on the floor. Seconds later a big puddle came under the gap into my stall and floods into a corner. On my right side a mother with her daughter came in. She helped her undressing and hold her over the bowl, I started my pee, and also hit the floor behind my bowl. As the little girl heard this, she started her pee .She peed a big arch and hits the wall on the backside. The mother wanted to correct their position and went a step back. But in this moment the girl had an explosive poo and everything landed in front of the bowl. The mother was a little bit angry but let the girl finishing in this position. At the left side a girl about 12 was inside, and has found the hole. She was looking inside my stall with her pants down, watching me trying to push out some turds. It was a little crazy knowing this , but it was only a little girl-who cares! Everytime I had some suc! cess she giggled a bit. The woman on the right side had cleaned her child, and also had pulled her jeans down, and hovered over the back half of the bowl. My first fat turd was finished and fall with a loud splash into the dirty water. I got an “answer” and so I decided for not getting messed, I better also let go the rest on the floor. The girl was giggeling. And her mother, who stood outside asked her, what happened: Do you have problems with your doo-doo? Is the bowl dirty? The girl said: yes, its dirty. The mother whispered: honey do you hear me? Make your doo-doo on the floor, don’t touch the mess. But be careful, that no-one gets an idea that you are doing it. I watched right and saw the turds of the mother going on the floor. Her daughter watches her very interested. Why not? Asked the girl on the left: the woman in the middle also did it, I could see it! In this moment the little girl right said: mama what a big poo you did on the floor, when will be older I also wan! t to make such big ones.
OK –said the woman outside not whispering anymore: I see! But do it, we want to drive again… The girl squatted down and started grunting. I had finished and started wiping, The right side left the stall, and the woman went in. The girl said : mama where are you?- In the right stall, mama has a pee-pee. –she said. Mama, Its very comfortable on the floor , do you also go on it? She said : pssst, yes I do, but don’t talk so loud! I heard some gruntings on the left , and loud splashing on the right as I went out. I had my breakfast in my car and wanted another quick pee before I will start again. So I went in again, the room was deserted, but in the cabin which was left of me I saw a big poo directly behind the door, and in my cabin someone must have made a second one besides the bowl the right one has three piles, so I think the mother has also had her poo. I took the left one and closed the door . I slipped my my pants aside, and peed standing on the floor. While doing it,! I heard the door slamming, and someone get into the middle stall. Then I could hear that she also must use the floor for her poo… I went out and drove away. More next time...

My super-special girl and I were laying down, she was reading Cosmopolitan magazine and I was looking over her shoulder....... We were reading one of their many surveys they have on sex.
As always most of the female respondents in the survey gave a big thumbs down to any mention of Butt play and any associated pleasures that can be had back there.
They even seem to be anti-butt in general!
Well, we were both a little shocked because we are quite fond of playing in our butts non-stop.........
So, my question is, if there are so many woman/girls here who seem to enjoy stretching out their buttholes with big smelly logs and discussing all of these fanny activities then why do the woman/girls who fill out surveys or write letters to magazine editors never mention it?


To SeXy gIrL:
1. 5
5. Yes

To CARA and all ladies:
1. Do you like men to piss through?
a) penis through zipper.
b) underpants down.
2. When sitting on the toliet do you?
a) pull your underpants down far enough to go piss or poop.
b) remove you underpants at home.
3. Do you wear underpants or panties?
a) yes
b) no

Sara C
Sexy Girl - Cool. I'm a sucker for these kinds of things.
1. About how many times do you pee a day? I'd say about 8 times
2. Girls, do you sit peeing or stand, or squat? sitting
3. What color is your pee? pale yellow
4. What times of the day do you usually pee? no set times. I pee when I feel like I need to.
5. Have you ever peed your pants in school, and was embarrased? No

Bryian - the movie was live action. They even show the poop in the toilet (before it came alive) and it looked pretty real to me.

Cara - Survey answers

1)If you are wearing pantyhose during the day and you need to use the toilet do you?

b)pull down pantyhose first then panties

2)When pulling down pantyhose when sitting on the toilet do you pull down to:

b)past your knees

3)Do any of you girls wear panties

b)under, for hygiene purposes.

To Stephanie T: Liked your story.

To Dan: I would like to hear your stories if you have any.

To king of the throne: Loved your story.

To TV Guide: Sounds like some cool south park episodes! I don't usally watch S.P.

To Michael M: That sounds intresting too about putting vasoline up there.

I forgot to mention yesterday, I was watching FX Thursday night at 10-10:30 ish and there was something on there called caught on tape. There was this guy caught on tape putting a video camera in the ladies room(btw i've heard of that happening where i am) Both of them were arested...
Then there was another thing on there and some guy was arested for something i forget what and hes like can i go to the bathroom. They denied him and hes like you f**** denied me to use the bathroom and blah blah blah, so then you see him piss his pants.

Then last night i was dreaming something about going out or something and in my dream a few chunks of poop came out of me. I remember going to clean up and i was gonna hide my clothes then i woke up.

Mr. E³
I have a question that I've been wondering about for some time. Why does it smell different after women crap then after men do? Any answer is nice, since I've been wondering about this for a very long time.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. SeXy gIrL here my replies to your survey.

1. It varies but my daily average is 7 times.

2. Does not apply.

3. First pe in the morning is light yellow. Others are clear.

4. First in the morning after I get up. Then after breakfast after 3 cups of coffee. Most the time a couple of times. Then during the afternoon one time after lunch. Then once during the evening before bed.

5. No

Have any of you women ever peed in your maxi pad before to see how it would feel

To Curious Dude, I think the main reason people are turned on by seeing members of the opposite sex pooping is that it is something we usually don't get to see. We're not turned on by seeing people eat, because that's something we always see. Even watching people have sex is less of a turn-on because every movie you go to has a sex scene in. Seeing another human shit is a very rare occurrence in life for most of us, and it is especially rare to see a member of the opposite sex do it. You do get some exposure to seeing or at least hearing members of your own sex poop, since you use the same public restrooms and locker rooms, etc. That's why you get a slight turn-on by seeing members of your own sex go but a major turn-on seeing members of the opposite sex go.

I feel that if people started pooping more openly and treated it the same way as eating, it would cease to be a turn-on. It's all about getting to see something that you normally don't see. I can tell you that since I started watching videos of girls pooping, it is much less of a turn-on than it used to be. It's still a thrill when I see it in real life, but having watched girls poop in videos, it is just slightly less thrilling now.

Howdy all,
Been a bit quiet on the pee side of things lately, so I'm hoping to encourage those with experiences/stories to delurk for a bit. As some of you may remember, I am a fan of lengthy, gushing deluges, especially those produced by women with exceptional bladder capacities. I mentioned in my last post that the biggest thrill for me, other than actually hearing or witnessing one of these monstrous pees, are the comments made by others in the vicinity of the downpour. Two such anecdotes come to mind, relayed to me by my mother several years ago.
The first came from an experience my mom had in a restroom at a restaurant/bar. My mom is fairly conservative in nature, and so the story she was relating actually had to do with her amusement over a woman’s behavior after obviously consuming more than her fair share of alcohol. There was a line at the restroom apparently, and the inebriated woman was just entering a stall, with my mom being next in line. The woman was very vocal, and was explaining to her friend in the neighboring stall that she was having problems removing her panties so she could pee. She finally figured it out, sat down, and let forth with a torrent of pee that caught my mom’s attention. “It sounded like a tidal wave in there” my mom commented. Having just learned of my own interest, I tried to pry a bit more, inquiring about how long it lasted. “A pretty long time, considering the force…I could never have held that much!” was the reply. How I wish I could have heard this pee!
By far, the best account related to me came at a most unexpected time (don’t they always?) when we were having lunch one afternoon. We were discussing events from a night earlier in the week, when some extended family (including the aunt whom I discussed in my last post) met for dinner at a local restaurant. As we were talking, something triggered her memory, and she (almost excitedly) began the tale of her trip to the restroom. Upon entering the restroom, she heard a woman peeing quite profusely in the end stall nearest the sinks. My mom entered the adjacent stall, removed her undergarments, and proceeded to do her business. The other woman obliviously went on with her incredible pee, with no hint of an end in sight. My mom was more and more amazed with each passing moment…this woman would just not stop peeing. And it wasn’t a dribble, either, as was pointed out to me…it sounded “like a man peeing”, to use her words. I don’t think this was meant as a testimonia! l that men inherently pee louder, stronger, or greater quantities than women (as we all know is not true), but since most men pee standing up, the distance between the stream and the toilet is greater and often produces a louder stream. Perhaps this woman was standing up as well, or (in my mind) was sitting normally and gushing so hard that she was able to produce the fantastic decibels emitting from her stall. At any rate, my mother cleaned, re-dressed, and began to wash her hands at the sink. Only as she was drying her hands did the stream in the background cease. My mom spent longer in the bathroom than she normally would, her curiosity getting the best of her. A short-statured, unimpressive woman in her mid-20s exited the stall, and proceeded to wash her hands. My mom then left the washroom. “She must’ve peed a quart” my mom concluded. “She was going for over two minutes, and who knows how long she had been going before I got there!” Having a small bladder herse! lf, she was clearly amazed at the capacity this woman demonstrated. I was beside myself at this point. If she was peeing that long, at a strong rate, she probably easily surpassed the “quart” barrier. Simply amazing…how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall that evening.
I know how my mom felt about this woman’s peeing ability, but I wonder, as always, what the peeing woman thought. Was this a normal occurrence? Did she have to go badly, or was it an average pee? Has she been in crowded situations where she had to pee desperately, and amazed other women because she simply could not stop going? Are her family members the same way, or is she the lone person still emptying her bladder after a seemingly eternity? I guess I’ll never know, but as always, I would love to hear similar tales from our bladder-endowed group. Take care,

Traveling Guy
Curious Dude - Here's a shot at your question. (And this is just my view.) I guess the Freudian explanation you gave of getting fixated in the anal stage is as convenient as any. I don't know anything about the history of this, but remember that the issue of being seen by others varies a lot by culture. (Watching others, though, is a different matter.) The way a culture thinks of bodily functions is the key to all this, I think.

Many, maybe most, of us who visit this board live in places where just talking publicly about bodily functions is taboo, nevermind watching them. If it weren't for that attitude, which has been opening up a bit lately, there would be a lot fewer posts here. To us, being seen, invited or uninvited, is still a big deal.

In some other cultures, taking a dump or a pee is just a part of everyday life, like eating or sleeping. In some of these, women and men use the same location (using toilets in some places, out in the open in others). In other places, men and women go their separate ways, but in groups. The point is that in some of these places, going for a crap or a piss is a social activity, a place to say 'hi' to your neighbor or to catch up on village gossip. I've lived in some of these places, and there's something else to remember about them.

In these places, people aren't curious about bodily functions the way many of us are here. There, it's all out the open, so it's no big deal to be seen by others. But - the taboo in those places is to focus in on another person doing his or her business. Maybe that's where elimination crosses the line into voyeurism and even sexuality in those cultures, and that gets into a whole new set of customs and taboos.

I guess if someone's watching you take a dump or pee and you invited that person to watch, it's about intimacy. But if you're uninvited, well, that's something else. That's why I like this board. We invite each other in to watch, virtually, at least.

Dan - Going outside is great, but I hope you're doing it away from towns or cities, and following good camping practices. Sure, our ancestors went in the wild, but there are a lot more of us now and we have to look out for each others' health. Human feces can cause a lot of problems if they contaminate food or water sources. Maybe we should discuss "safe elimination" here? Warmest greetings to all!!

This is my first visit to the forum. I found this site only recently but at last I have found a group of fellow believers in the sanctity of the toilet. I'm 38 years old, brunette. I work for a large firm of solicitors in Cardiff. I'd like to tell you of an experience I had just a few days ago. I'm very regular with my bm's, but this day although I felt the need to go, every time I went to the bathroom nothing happened. However on my way to work my stomach began to really churn over and by the time I reached the underground car park I knew I was in for a massive b/m. I had to keep squeezing my bum cheeks tightly together as I took the lift to the third floor, trying desperately to stop dumping in my panties. Somehow I struggled down the corridor to the ladies. I farted two or three times as I went and they were wet ones. There were four stalls in the ladies all empty. I went into the end one pulling at my skirt as I went. I had to slide my panties down before I c! ould bolt the door and even then I started to dump before I was properly sitting on the pan. I shit all over the back of the pan and on the floor then, as I squatted over the pan, I was not able to sit because of the mess, the outer door opened and one of my colleagues, Ruth, dashed in. She must have seen me but she too was desperate and she dashed into the stall next to mine. I heard her pulling down the zipper on her slacks, then the rustling of clothes on skin as she pulled her panties down. She gasped audibly, "Oh, dear God," and I heard her send an explosive load of shit into the pan.
"Are you okay Ruth," I asked.
"I got the runs bad," she answered.
We didn't speak for the next ten minutes as we matched each other in dumping. I think she had diarrhoea worse than mine, because I felt my bowels had emptied and I reached for the toilet paper to wipe my bum.
"You finished on the toilet, Sheila?" Ruth asked me.
"Yeah," I answered as I wiped my bum a second time.
"Come in with me, will you?" Ruth asked.
"Sure," I replied, "but I've got to clean up the toilet first, I went all over the seat."
"Oh, please come in with me, I'll help you clean up afterwards."
I wiped myself another three times and then pulled up my panties and flushed the toilet. I had to flush a second time but the toilet was clean, no skid marks, I'd been too loose to leave any. Then I went into the next stall. Ruth had her panties and slacks right down around her ankles and she was sitting with her arms across her stomach. She looked up as I came in and gave a wan smile. I stayed with her for another quarter of an hour as she had another four rushes of diarrhoea, then she gave a deep sigh.
"All through?" I asked.
"Yeah, at last," she said.
I watched as she wiped herself. She wiped at least six times before she stood up. I could see the pan full of yellowy shit, almost like clear varnish. She took two flushes the same as I before the pan was cleared. Then she pulled up her panties and slacks and together we went back into the stall I had used and helped me to clean up the mess I had made on the floor and around the back of the toilet. Up to this point in time I had never been a particularly good friend of Ruth's but this experience brought us closer together both in work and in other things.
Well that's it for now, but I'll be writing some more of my experiences later.
Sheila (South Wales)

I used to be embarrassed about using toilet stalls without doors in public restrooms. I went to a music camp in high school and was totally freaked out to discover that the restroom had four crappers in a row without even stalls let alone doors. I refused to use it at first and would sneak off to another restroom in a main building to take a dump. One day, however, I had to take a big dump in a hurry. The restroom was deserted so I decided to take my chance and use one of those open crappers. As soon as I sat down on the pot this trumpet player walked in naked and started to shave at a sink in front of the crappers. He was a tall, muscular and friendly dude. My first turd was already part way out my bunghole. So I'm in mid-crap and can't do anything about it without looking like a fool. This dude could see me in the mirror while shaving and kept talking to me while I crapped. I cut a few farts and I guess he could hear my logs dropping into the water in the bowl. After h! e was done shaving he walked over and pissed in the toilet two down from me. I got kind of excited. Since then, however, I’ve always enjoyed taking a shit in doorless stalls in public restrooms when other dudes are around. I also love to be in a crowded airport bathroom making dookie while I can hear others dropping their turds and farting. Does this make me weird or anything? I’d appreciate some feedback on this topic.

Potty Pooper
Cute poem. I wonder how many other bits like that one there are out there.

You mentioned something about weighing one's poopoo, where the weight turned out to be less what than one
would expect. That brings to mind the Beetle Bailey comic strip from the March 2nd Sunday funnies. That
is, a week ago. Now, remember, Beetle is a fairly chubby guy. Anyway, in the comic strip, Beetle is in
the base bathroom, in his underwear, scraping stuff (??) off his arms (??), then shaving, then picking his
teeth, then snipping his nose-hairs. then clipping his fingernails, then sitting on the toilet (you can see
his bare feet under the toilet stall), and then in the last frame, you see him walking (past the shower as
it happens) towards the scales, with a big smile on his face, and saying "*Now* then!" :-D

You said something about having written a bunch of poop-fiction stories. I've actually written a bunch of
them over the years myself. Lots of short-short stories. Mostly present-day stuff, but some science fiction
and fantasy ones, too. Primarily it's stuff about kids engaging in poop-play, or about kids trying to avoid
having "accidents" under unusual situations... say, in zero-g in the middle of a simulated space battle.

And, as an example of poop-play... in one of the stories, two kids out in the woods devised a kind of
inverted-T swing hanging over a shallow pit they had dug, with a string forming a boundary-line across
the middle of the pit. The two boys would wait until they both really had to go, and then would sit
naked on the swing, facing away from each other, place their feet out firmly against a barrier to press
against, and then go into a kind of push-of-war, trying to make as much poop as possible (his own, or that
of the other boy) land on the *other* boy's side of the boundary-line!

I wonder if there's a website that collects this kind of stuff, while keeping it as clean as this site keeps
our anecdotes. If not, maybe someone should start one...

Has anyone else here written poop-fiction?

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi Y'all!
We finally get back to this! Both of us have been mucho busy. Here is a kind of weird, hilarious, story.
We were shopping in the Galleria in west Houston and both of us had to go to the toidy. Well, we headed into the stalls, jerked our jeans down and got set to do some heavy business. Megs started farting to beat the band. She grunted and a big plop Cullompted into the bowl. I heard her sigh. I started pushing with all of my might. I guess I sounded like a moose. A large log started exciting my bum. I pushed and pushed. It finally hit the bowl. I think people could hear it from outside. We both sat back and chatted for a spell. In walked some high heels and the heels went into another stall. We heard the person grunt and moan. It had to be either a woman with a bass voice or a guy. We kept still. The moaning went on and the bathroom started really smelling. This person grunted and shit started dropping like howizers. It was really loud. I started to wipe and I guess Megs did the same. We exited the stalls and were washing our hands when she came out. It was a guy in drag. ! He nodded and said "hi". Meg couldn't stand it. She had to leave fast to not laugh in the guy's face. We roared about it all evening and called Dad and Annie to tell them. It was priceless.
BRYIAN: Hey guy! Both of us have had dreams like that. One time Meg woke soaked with pee. Wish that one of our workman would use the loo!!
Take care, Sarah and Meg.
STEPHANIE T: That is a bad experience. You are fortunate to have friends like these. Take care, Sarah and Meg
CARMALITA: Hola, Baby!! We are sorry that you and Jake are separating but we understand. That story about the guy is a howler! Robby(Dad) has made that mistake before. Nu must have filled that toilet! We are glad you are going on with your schooling and career! Lots of Love and a hug from Sarah and Meg.
PV: Hey gal! You guys and gals in Aussieland must have a real liking for body functions. Those commercials and shows must be riveting. Hope ou are on the beach. Take care! Love from Sarah and Meg
JANE AND GARY: Hi friend! Glad you are doing ok. Gary as well. We enjoyed the last experience you had in the toilet! Keep it up! Love from Sarah and Meg
EPHERMAL: Hi sweetheart! Glad you are "regular". Good luck in school! Love from Sarah and Meg
Hi to: Bridget, Katina, Ashley, Punk Rock Girl, Cara, Sarah C, Adrian-hi guy!, Heather, and all of the other posters here!


Rich in Westchester County NY (RJOGGERII)
I want to send a hearty THANK YOU! to all of the folks that welcomed me (and my wife Kristina) to the sight. I now understand why my parents got close with a number of people out here; it’s the open and friendly attitude that most of the posters have. I just want to reply to a few folks, then I have a short story.

Robbie and Annie – You guys meant a lot to my folks, and I thank you for replying to my initial post. You have some of the best and funniest stories on this website. I hope you keep on providing everyone here with more of the same.

Adrian – Looking back through many pages (YES), I noticed that you were one of the first to welcome my parents. Thanks for extending the same to me, and yes, Kristina and I will try to get out here from time to time.

Jane and Gary – Jane, I know from word of mouth, and by looking over past pages on this site, that you were another person that my folks really liked. Your toilet adventures are something else, and yes, I hope that we here from you often.

Carmalita – Hi Carmalita, thanks for saying hello, and I must admit that your last two posts were terrific!
After reading many of your posts, I can see why my parents got really attached to you and your friends. You girls out west meant a great deal to my folks. Sorry to hear about you and Jake splitting.

Just have time for a shorty.

A few months after my parents’ accident, Kris and I and our 2 girls put our house in Connecticut on the market and moved back into my parents’ house; yes, the one with the twin toilets in the master bath. I have some past stories about that, since I was about 17 when that construction occurred.

Anyway, Friday the 7th was frigid, typical of this winter. I skipped a morning run, and used a NordicTrac instead. I took a rather large dump in the basement toilet before working out. Like my parents, I also pass rather large amounts of crap, and my wife does the same. It must be the amount of fiber, and the fact that we are both very active. After working out, I went upstairs to shower. Our girls had gone off to school, and Friday Kris and I usually work from home. As I was toweling off from my shower, my old lady came into the head, and dropped her robe on the floor, exposing her nude self. Kristine is about 5’4”, 115 pounds, and she is well put together, especially her ass. It is very curvy, and still very firm. My wife is quite fair skinned, with medium brown hair, some freckles fore and aft (face and fanny), and deep blue eyes. At age 36, she looks years younger.

I watched as she lifted up one of the toilet seat covers and the seat. Next, she stood on the rim and squatted, parting her cheeks and exposing her pink underside. A strong pee stream emerged from her female plumbing and splashed into the water below. As the last drop of pee dribbled down, my wife started bearing down, as her pink anus widened, pushed outward and allowed the tip of a light brown turd to emerge. It stopped after about an inch, then with a soft grunt, Kris pushed out a rope that was about 15” long and over 2” around. She emitted a sigh of relief as the poop hit the water, and her butthole closed.

“Finished?” I asked. “Almost, Ungghh”, my wife replied, as her hole protruded to let out a 4 incher, which was followed by 3 more. Then she asked me to wipe her butt. This is something she initiated with me when we were dating, and believe me, wiping your favorite lady’s ass never gets old. I pulled off several lengths of TP, and proceeded to cleanse my wife’s soiled asshole. Three wipes finished it, then we inspected the mess in the bowl, flushed and cleaned up.

Sometime Kris and I will write about the time we used the “twins” when we were dating and my parents were away.

Bye for now.

RJOGGERII and WIFE (Rich and Kristina)

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