Emily in NYC

Did you ever almost shit your pants and then make it to a toilet just in time? That happened to me yesterday. It was in the evening, and I was coming home from work on the bus. I had to shit before I left work, but decided I'd wait until I got home so I could sit on my own toilet.

But just a few minutes on the bus and I felt shit poking out of my asshole. Clenching my butt cheeks was all I could do to keep from shitting my pants! After another few minutes, it became unbearable. I knew there was a Barnes and Noble coming up, so I figured I'd try to make it there. I jumped off the bus at the stop nearest to it, and ran through the door. I ran up the stairs to the restroom. I had my hand firmly planted against my backside the whole time, so everyone I ran past knew I had to shit!

I burst into the women's room, ran into a stall, yanked my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. A shit out several huge chunks, and farted a lot. I didn't notice if anyone else was in the bathroom but I didn't care at this point. I was just so relieved that I hadn't done what I did in my underpants!

I wiped, flushed and left B&N feeling ten pounds lighter. Close call!!!

What do you think would be a good thing to eat if you what to take a big shit.

Currious George
I did'nt see Joe Millionaire, but, I watched Surrvivor a couple of seasons ago, when a guy was bitten by some kind of poisonous fish, for which the only antidote was human urine. So he had to get some one to pee on his hand where the fish had bitten him. A lovely middle aged woman, named Kathy stepped up pulled down her pants and peeed on the guys hand, in front of eight other contestants( men and women) plus a camera crew and knowing millions of people would see this, knowing her friend could become deathly sick if someone did'nt pee on him. Now that's what I call "PEEING UNDER PRESSURE". Surrvey Time: who thinks they could pee under this kind of pressure?

Mike's Survey
To all men and women
1. How many times have you dropped poop on the bathroom floor instead of the toilet? never
2. Have you ever seen your parents in the bathroom on the toilet pooping and pissing? often as a child
3. To the men have ever used a womens restroom? yes, when there was no sign to tell which was which
4. To the women have you ever used a mens restroom? N/A
5. To men do you flush the urinal after using it? usually, although the ones here at work are automatic
6. To women do you flush the toilet after pissing in it? N/A
7. Have you ever pissed on the floor inthe bathroom? only if my pee stream did not go where I intended it too
8. Do you always wipe? (a after pissing,b drip dry) only when I poop
9. Have you ever left the toilet seat up in a public restroom? If I pee in it, yes.

I was playing truth or dare with a kid i baby sat. He whore diapers at bed. He dared me to wear one of his diapers. So i did. Then he triple doggy dared me to poop in it.

So I Did

Eric in Chicago
About 22 years ago, I stopped at a strip mall to visit one of the stores. There were a couple little kids running around outside the stores. All of a sudden, this boy who looked to be around 3 or 4 pulled down his pants real quick and pissed all over the sidewalk. He looked like he had to go *real* bad. He squirted for about half a minute.

When I was in high school, I had a bunch of friends who had just graduated from eighth grade and whenever we were in a park or playground, they'd just whip it out and take a leak without bothering to go behind the bushes or anything. If I had to go, I'd join them. If we were hanging out in a school playground, one of them would go up to one of the doors and piss on it, another would climb up onto the roof and piss off it, and this one dude who was going into seventh grade would get into one of the "train cars" and squirt out the side. Most of the time I'd just go over to a wall and relieve myself.

The other day I ate some kidney beans and the next day I had half-digested kidney beans in my shit. I was like "wow, cool."

My 13 year daughter wears diapers to bed is that normal?

If you have any stories to enchourage her let me know

Last month, I went hiking with my boyfriend in a very rural area where we usually visit twice every month. However, during that particular visit, some funny things happened.

We were hiking relatively well when I suddenly got a gigantic urge to take a shit. It was so overwhelming that I could not ignore it, but there was no bathroom in sight. So I stopped him and explained my situation:

"What's wrong?" he said.
"I need to crap, and it is very bad." I replied.
"Can you hold it longer?"
"I am this close to having a bowel accident!" I said, holding up two fingers on my right hand.
"Alright, let's find a secret spot."

So we went inwards and found a 3-foot tree stump. I went onto the stump, but by this time, I felt that I could not afford to make one muscle movement, so I asked my boyfriend to pull my pants down for me:

"Can you help me pull down my pants?" I asked.
"Why? Can't you do it yourself?"
"If I did that, it would probably lead to a bowel accident."
"I know you might be tempted to laugh, but please hold back that urge."

So he pulled down my pants, fighting hard to keep from laughing in the process. When it was finally pulled down, I nervouslly started to squat. When I squatted down fully (with my butt hanging out of the stump), nothing had come out yet. However, one second later, shit started rushing out of my butt, and immediately a 2-foot turd fell out. My boyfriend said, "Girl, it sure looks like there was a gigantic urge!" I said, "Yeah, but it's much better now." So I finished doing my business, and he took out some tissues from his pocket for me to wipe, which I did. Then, we started to dig an 8" hole nearby, which took 5 minutes. Then, we transported the turd into the hole with some sticks, and buried it along with the tissues. I pulled up my pants, thanked him, and continued hiking with him. Two weeks later, we checked the same spot, and there were no traces left.

Night Owl

Punk Rock Girl: Have you ever heard of the book "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris? It's basically an autobiography, but there's this one chapter in it that's very similar to your run-in with dysfunctional plumbing.

When he was about 11 he was at his parent's friends house, and in the middle of dinner left to piss. When he got to the lav, there floating in the bowl was an enormous, know. He tried to flush it, but nothing happened. He looked around for a plunger, but couldn't find one. Then he realized that he'd been gone much longer than anyone should take to pee, and that whoever found the monstrosity in the bowl would think *he'd* left it there. So now he was very anxious to get rid of it. Damn, I don't remember what ended up happening. All I remember is that he stood around in there for a long time, trying to think of some way to get rid of the damn thing. He even considered taking it out and dropping it outside the window. But that wouldn't work because when they'd inevitably find it, they'd still think he'd done it. He couldn't go back downstairs and tell the hosts about it, because he'd been gone so long they'd still think it was him who'd done it. He w! as totally trapped. Then it hit him that why was he standing there stressing out about this? Whoever had left it there in the first place apparantly hadn't!

This loses almost all of its humor when I attempt to retell it here, but it's a very funny book. Snatch it up if ya see it.

~JeNnY JoNeS LoOk AlIkE!~
1. How many times have you dropped poop on the bathroom floor instead of the toilet?All the time!!!i do it for pleasure!!
2. Have you ever seen your parents in the bathroom on the toilet pooping and pissing? yeah our family is very open about our bodily functions.
3. To the men have ever used a womens restroom?
4. To the women have you ever used a mens restroom? Yeah one time in a restaurant when the girls bathroom we being cleaned i was desperate!
5. To men do you flush the urinal after using it?
6. To women do you flush the toilet after pissing in it? no not usually.
7. Have you ever pissed on the floor inthe bathroom? yeah a couple times
8. Do you always wipe? (a afterpissing,b drip dry) a
9. Have you ever left the toilet seat up in a public restroom? yeah a lot

I love big poop stories!!

My most powerful dumps always come after several V.O. and Cokes, Iron City Beer works damn good too. Will positively make the water splash your ass cheeks everytime. Better than any colonic treatment!

Katrina (new viewer)
Started viewing this site a little while ago and felt like I should answer the questionnaire a few pages back.

1. Were you ever as a child given permission by anyone to go in your pants? Yes. I was about 4 and our car broke down. I REALLY had to go and my mom said it would be OK if I peed my pants instead of getting so uncomfortable from trying to hold it.

2. Have you ever as a child went in your pants on purpose as part of a game? (Truth or Dare, Hold it Contest, Playing as the baby or small child while playing house house, etc.) Again, as a youngster, maybe 4-5 while playing house as the "baby"

3. Have you ever as a child went in their pants on accident because you didn't want to stop doing whatever you were doing? TV cause me to wet my pants on several occasions. Once in the first grade I was coloring a project and just thought I would wait...I waited too long.

4. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while you were sick? Yes, sick.

5. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while in the hospital? No

6. Have you ever as a child went in your pants out of fear? Yes, once at the movies and probably 3 times on Halloween (displays, rides, etc., once my brohter jumped out from behind a tree in his Halloween costume - Dracula - and scared the daylights...and pee...out of me.)

7. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were locked in a room with no bathroom or locked out of the bathroom? My brother was being mean one day, knowing I had to go badly and he stayed in until I went in my pants.

8. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling in a car? School bus in first grade. Didn't have to go at school but became desperate quickly on the ride. Although it was only a ten minute ride, I couldn't hold it and peed my pants. Luckily I was wearing a dress which I didn't tuck under when I sat down. I was at the back of the bus so I don't think anyone really knew besides me.

9. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling on an airplane? No

10. Have you ever as a child went in your pants rather than use a public toilet? No

11. Have you ever as a child pooped in your bathing suit either by accident or on purpose? When I was about 3, I waited too long while building a sandcastle and pooped in my bathing suit. It was red or burgundy and a one piece, everyone knew.

12. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were physically unable? (Broken leg, physical handicap, etc.) No

13. Have you ever as a child gone in your pants because you were unable to get undessed quickly enough? Yes, in school in kindergarten. I couldn't get my belt off (one of those leftovers from the 70's or 80's where the belt goes through two loops and comes back over between them for friction to hold it.). I couldn't get it off and wet my pants and shorts. My mother came to school and picked me up. I never wore that belt again. She apologized becuase she thought I knew how to use it ande could handle it.
14. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you weren't allowed to go? Yes. I was told to hold it for about 5 minutes in school in the first grade because we were doing something. I also did my pants.

15. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in defiance? (Just to be a pain in the butt.) No, but thought about it.

16. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because there were no toilets available or because the toilet was broken? No

17. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while at the movie theater rather than miss the movie? I started to pee several times. Just a few squirts, my pants weren't really wet enough to see, only feel.

18. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were too tired/lazy to get out of bed? Yes

19. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while on stage performing or any other time while a large crowd was focused on you?
Yes, ballet recital at age five. The crowd really intimidated me and I peed my pink leotard and pants on stage in front of 200 or so people. The only good thing was there were 3 or 4 others also. The ballet teacher gave a "heads up" to parents that this was something that happened somewhat often and suggested bringing a change of clothes "just in case", my mother listened to that advice so my experience was short lived.

20. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in front of your friends during a sleepover or party? Yes, 4th birthday party of a pre-school friend. Again, I wasn't the only one. I was laughing so hard I peed in my pants. Even though I had a dress on everyone saw the pee stream on my legs and waterfall coming from my crotch, the puddle was on linoleum so it was very noticible.

21. Did anyone go in their pants while reading this list because it took them so long to get through all the questions that they couldn't hold it any longer? No

Hey all-
This past weekend I went back to my parents house. My my my, the shitting, aong other things, was so great. I took three or four shits and all of them were wonderful. On some of them, I didn't realize I had that much shit in me.

PRG--Oh, shit, I am so sorry that happened to you. Something similar happened to me when I was 17. I was on vacation with my extended family and I was badly in need of a shit. I was on the toilet for a while and did a courtesy flush becauseI thought I heard someone coming into the hotel room. When I was finished, I wiped and went to flush--no luck. I started to panic for fear someone from the hotel would ahve to come into the room. Was prepared to empty the shit from the toilet into a trash bag and dispose accordingly. Luckily, It didn't come to that. I called the front desk and they said that the water pressure had been temporarily been reduced and said wait ten more minutes. Sure enough, ten minutes later, there was no shit left in the toilet. It was a good end to a bad experience.

Talk to everyone next time.

I am in 9th grade. I got a bad stomach flu today during school. It all started after lunch. I was sitting at my desk when I felt a cramp and a bad diarrhea fart coming out of my butt. I held it in and raised my hand and asked my teacher if I could use the restroom. She said no because we only had a few minutes left in class and I should wait til the bell rings. I wanted to go during class when no one is likely to be in the bathroom. Now I had to go between classes when all the guys are in there. I am private about my bodily functions. Once the bell rang, I left, got my books, and headed straight for the boys' room. It was as I expected. The guys in there were peeing at the urinals or fixing their hair in the mirrors. It was really talkative in there so no one might not hear me pooping. The stalls, as was the whole bathroom, were really dirty. Toilet paper wads were all over the floor.
The toilets were all filled up with poop, pee, and toilet paper. There was writing all over the stalls. Anyway, I took the third stall which was farthest and next to the handicapped one. I closed the door, put my books on the floor, dropped my pants and briefs to my ankles, and sat on the toilet. Just as I sat I let out a huge wave of diarrhea. It was so fast the water came up and splashed parts of my butt. I peed then for about 15 seconds then ripped a couple of gassy farts. I pooped for about 5 more minutes holding some in because I didn't want to be really late to class. I wiped, pulled up my pants and undies, and flushed. I joined the few other boys in there at the mirrors and started fixing my hair. Luckily, no one said anything. I thought I would get weird looks for having diarrhea. When they all left the bell rang and I decided to stay for a few minuted and wash my hands and fix my hair. Just then another kid in my grade ran in. He ran passed me as I n! odded and he ran into the same stall. I could see his undies and jeans dropping under the stall. Right after that I heard a loud loose diarrhea sound in the toilet. I left though shortly after to get to class. I used that bathroom a couple of more times during school but it was during class and no one was in there. I would like to hear other bad restroom stories. Thanks

I haven't posed on a while, so I thougght I owed you guys a few words.... A while ago the urge to pee was building up, as I had not went in 3 hours and have been having coffee all morning. I went into the men's, thinking on the way I could try for a poop also. I entered the first stall and papered the seat. As I sat down, I peed an unusually yellow stream and gave a little push. Yes, there was some poop waiting to exit. I finished peeing, pushed again, and a tiny bit of poop fell out, followed by a 2 inch turd. Not feeling finished, I pushed really hard and out plopped one, two, three, four more little turds. I then began to wipe, discovering a little turd still clinging to my butt. I wiped several times, and then the auto flusher proceeded to flush twice. I wiped once more and got up, causing the auto flusher to go a third round. What a waste of water! The sandpapery toilet paper makes my butt sore! Gotta get back to work. See yall later.

survey about peeing for women- sitting down .

1. when you pee into the toilet bowl, does your pee stream come out A.straight down into the water B. toward the side or C. toward the front of the bowl

2. how wide is your average urine stream?

3. does it come out all at once? or in many squirts?

4. is it a stream? or a spray?

5. does your pee always hit the water?

6. what does it sound like when you pee ?


8. if you make foam, how much do you make ?

Hi Marsha! I well remember you from the daily dump. I read all of your posts over the several years you posted there. Welcome to the
"going to the bathroom page" I hope you'll stay and gave great insight into the female poop!-- JW

My girlfriend usually is a real health fenatic - she runs each day and eats well and doesn't have problems with her poops. But last week she hadn't gone in over three days and she said she felt bloated. We went to the store and bought some fruit juices hoping that would help. We were watching a movie and made some popcorn and she "found" the box of Valentines chocolates she said she lost. We started eating them. I know they say chocolate makes you feel kind of sexy and we were feeling that way. We had each eaten over a dozen each of these bonbons and I took one and wet it in my mouth, told Marsela to life up her t-shirt and pull down her panties. I stuck it slowly into her rectum. She said it felt good. I thought why not see if this would help her. So I took another. And another. We ended up taking the last six or so and wet each one in our mouths and slowly pushed them into her anus. We waited to see what would happen. She started to get really horney and said she hadn't felt this urge to go since last Saturday. But she hurt to strain and so we drank LOTS of water and went to bed. Around 30 minutes before we woke up to leave for classes and work she screamed she really had to go. I helped her into the bathroom because I did't know what to expect and if she would need me. She made me sit down in front of her as she sat on the toilet. She took my head in her hands and practically crushed my skull as she beared down grunting and 1,2,3,4,5,6 plops came out - each chocolate from the night before but a bit guey. Then her anus buldged really wide and a HUGE turd (the biggest I've ever seen) started to poke its way down. She started to breath heavily and it went back up inside her. She then peed, breathed slowly and started to grunt again. This time her whole backend seemed to expand and while she started to shake (I was thinking I'd have to dial 911) she lifted her butt off the toilet eat, crushing my head with her hands and out came a turd that made snapping and popping sounds as it came out - it was easily 2-3 inches in diameter and almost a foot long by the time it hit the water. She then sat down and settled down and proceeded to shit for another 20 minutes some 30 more inches. She took a shower and told me she hadn't felt so good in a long time and that her headache was also gone. We then found a good reason to be late to class and work :-) Anyway, next time she has "problems" I know a homemade remedy!

Hey everyone! I don't have much in the way of pooping for me but from what I herd and smelled my mom had a pretty big one today. My room is right next to the bathroom so sounds travel through the wall pretty good becuase my bed is up against the wall where the toilet is. Well I herd her go in while I was laying there. I then heard a loud far and then a long sigh. Then I herd her grunting and a few farts here and there, well about 10 min had past and I herd her start to wipe. I counted 4 times that she wiped. Then I herd the toilet flush but that was follwed by a really loud fart and a lot of splashing. Well now she turned the fan on so I figured she must not be done... The fan muffles the noises but you can still hear to some extent. Well i herd a lot of grunting and straning and a few more loud farts and then she wiped 3 more times flushed and walked out. Which is when I got up to take my morning dump and take a shower. Well I found she had pulled the door closed! to keep the smell out of the rest of the house I guess. Man did it stink almost enough to gag me. Well I seen she had left some skid marks but other then that I just took an average dump and showered and went on my way... BYE

Upstate Dave
Hello and good morning to all:
I have been keeping up with all the good posts here on this forum. Work has been keeping me so busy but has now slowed up some. I want to first welcome all the new people and I'll answer Mikes question poll.
1. None
2. Yes I saw my mother when I was small pee and poop.
3. Yes
4. Does not apply
5. Yes
6. Does not apply.
7. Yes
8. Does not apply
9. Yes
Last week I had to be inventive. My toilet was leaking around the seal so I called matainence to come fix it. They came and took the toilet out but had the wrong type of seal. So the fellow had to go get one. Well as it happened I needed to take a shit! Well I grabed the floor cleaning bucket and poured some water into it and went into the bedroom and pulled down my jeans and immeadiatly this soft but firm large turd started out of my anus.

Then all the coffee came out so I was pissing hard against the side of the bucket to boot! Meanwhile I'm still shiting. The sped picks up a bit and it is starting to narrow down. Now some air is escaping at the same time. PHHHT! Then it hits the end and there is no sound as it falls from my hole. I can feel a second one start right after the first one droped. Again this was soft but firm. This one needed a little help so I pushed slightly. With the slight push a squirted out some more pee. Then the second piece droped down into the water with a plop type splash. Acouple of farts with the PHHT sound came out and Ipeed a few more squirts and I was done. I took some paper towels that were in the room(forgot to grab tp) and wiped myself with them. I looked in the bucket and the first piece was about 18" and the second one was about 8". Man what a relief after that was done.

It's snowing here in the east again! Snowed last night and now a little break for now till later today when the snow picks up again this time heavy. Any way last night i went outside to shovel snow. I usally don't do alot of shovling or heavy exersize. I was outside for a good 45 minutes doing the drive way. I came inside and got online for an hour or so. Then as i was finishing up i was developing an urge to poop. I got off here and shut it down and it got way stronger. I was still able to hold. Then i went upstairs and turned the tv on and then i went and pooped. I sat and really pushed. I stood up for a minute and i saw a nice sized log in the bowl, it had to be about nine inches then i pooped a little more small pieces and i then noticed that my log went across the bowl about 9" as i already saw, i then i saw even more, it kind curved into the little hole and it broke off. Total size of my log was about 13 or 14 inches i guess. I wiped 10x and flushed. I rented movies y! toilet sceenes so far :(
well gotta run bye

Oh i forgot to ask, i mentioned heavy exersize....and shovling. If you excersize will it make you have to poop? like last night i shoved and then i had to poop. So does exersizing bring on an urge, does any one know? And how many people exersize and get an urge to poop? thanks

1. Have you pooped in your pants while working?
2. Have you ever pissed at work in your pants?
3. Have you forgot to flush after pooping?

Hey PRG -

Twenty or so folks at a party, and only one bathroom? It's your hosts that should have been mortified.

With that many folks at a party, anybody should have at least 2 (I recommend 3) bathrooms available. And to not label the second bathroom, or tell people that it didn't work properly, was stupid.

I hope that the next party at that place, the hosts prepare the house better.

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story about the party.

To Girl from DC: I liked your story about your pooping your panties at school.

To unnamed poster: about taking the longest dump...i bet that felt good.

To wetguy: I liked your stories...when you peed in your friends basement did any one find it?

To Mike: 1. once or twice 2. no 3. yes by accident 4. N/A 5. Yes 6. N/A 7.No 8. after pooping i do 9.yes

To River: I liked your story..did any one see the wet pjs or towel?

To Pooping Women #1: Liked your story..did any one else see you or your turds?

To Renthal: Thats cool about Joe Millionaire..i never watched it before..would like hear your stories.

To JaLe: Liked your story about the party.

To Potty Pooper: I liked your story

To Robby and Annie: saying hi back

To Zip: I loved your story about that stall less toilet.

I pooped last night, i had a slight urge to poop around 8pm. I went and i pooped and i had a 7 inch log then a few smaller chunks on top of that. I wiped like 5 times and flushed.
Thats it gotta run bye

Punk Rock Girl. You weren't to know that the loo in that place wasn't fullly operational or there was a special knack to flushing it and you've nothing to feel embarrassed about. It could just as easily have happened to someone else. I can't understand though why you're shy about other people (including your boyfriend) seeing your BM's. We all have to do them and they're only the natural 'end product' of digestion.

Robby and Annie. It sounds as though you both needed to go quite badly whilst you were out. I particularly liked the idea of Annie doing a big 12-inch jobbie and I wouldn't have minded being there. My guess is she felt good for doing it.

Best wishes


Thursday, February 27, 2003

Hi,I'm Aussierod.A question I'd like to ask the ladies who submit . My ex wife was extremely hairy, that is she has a very hairy bush that starts at her navel. Continues through her pubic area & to her lower back & her pubes hang down about 2 inches. During winter she did not shave her pits either, she had quite hairy pits as well. As a consequence she has a very hairy poop hole, so therefore she found it hard to wipe really clean. She always had skiddies on her knichers. I want to know are there any ladies out there who are hairy & have the same problem . I still poop my pants, if I am doing something & don't want to leave the job I am doing & feel the urge to shit, I some times fill my pants. I do not try to shit myself.........just let nature take over, if it comes out so be it.When I have time I go & empty my jox
in the toilet. Have pooped myself in the car, was going to a shop to pickup a blind that I had ordered. Enroute I farted, squeezed out a boomer, then I tried to squeeze out another & turd shot out of my poophole. Had to go into the shop smelling of shit, I could feel the log in between my cheeks. Wonder if the shop assistant could smell me.

Twice Shy
Not quite clear

I had to drop a fudge-load today at 3:20 PM, so I figured on popping on over to C-Corridor Men's to release this burden while I was waiting for some documents from the high-speed printer. I was wearing high boots today because of the snow, so I could only shuck my Levi denims down to just below the knee. I commenced to crapping, all the time peeing a sizable quantity as well, but after I'd stood to observe the log-structure, which was unremarkable, I noted that my Hanes briefs were soaked through in the seat with pee. These I cut off of my body with my jack-knife, as a trauma specialist might, but I also observed that the whole seat of my Levi's was soaked as well. You see, I had not vectored my urethra sufficiently downward, most likely on account of the closed-knee position I had to use on the crapper. Men can have this problem with peeing: I have typically held Mr. Jerry so that he points clearly into the bowl, only this time his trajectory was more horizontal, ! pouring over the ceramic edge and into my trousers. Thus, I've effectively peed my pants at work, and also do not have any drawers to speak of. I am sitting at my desk on a pile of absorbent, hoping to get rid of some of this before I have to ride home at 6:30 PM. Just another day.

To loadlogger:

Most of the gang from the old Daily Dump in its days of glory and posters with IQs higher than vegetables, are still around, although none that I know of post in this sort of forum any more, and none post under the handles they used then. If you'll remember, much of the posting was non-poopy oriented, or addressed it only as an overlay/metaphor for other things. I found this page partly out of long ago motivated curiousity, partly by accident, and scanned it for familiar names, seeing your post.

Punk Rock Girl
I had a mortifying experience over the weekend.

My boyfriend and I went to a party out on Long Island yesterday at this gorgeous house owned by a friend of his. THere were probably twenty or so people there. Anyway, about two hours into it, I had to take a dump. THere was only one bathroom on the main floor, where the party was, so I figured I'd spare everyone the sounds and smells of my bowels and find another bathroom. I really should have asked first.

I went upstairs, and there was another bathroom up there. I went in, shut the door and walked to the toilet. I noticed that there was very little water in the bowl, but paid it no mind. I pulled up my skirt, and pulled down my underpants and sat. I farted a couple of times and dumped a very large load into the bowl. I peed, then wiped my ass. Then I pulled the handle to flush the toilet. It didn't flush.

I tried again, and it didn't flush. And again, and again. I checked the water, and found it was off. Before I turned it on though, I checked the tank. I found that there was nothing in there but the hose to bring the water in. THere was no plunger and no ball. In other words, there was no possible way to flush the toilet.

I also noticed that this toilet had no lid. Just the seat. There was no way for me to hide my mess. I realized that I had little choice other than to admit what I had done.

I went downstairs and grabbed my boyfriend's friend and took him aside. I said, I'm really, really sorry. I used the toilet upstairs before I realized it didn't flush. He said, "Oh there's a trick to it, I'll take care of it. You enjoy the party."

He went upstairs and I went searching for my boyfriend. I told him what happened, and he of course thought it was funny. Later, when we were leaving, I apologized again to the guy, and he said no problem, it flushed right down after he did his trick. If I prefer my boyffiend not even see my BM's, I certinly don't want a friend o his who I've only met a few times, to see it either.

Next time I'll ask. Or hold it!



Girl from DC

I thought I'd share with you my only embarrassing bathroom story. Although I guess it's not a bathroom story really because I never made it to the bathroom!!!

When I was twelve, I was in class and I really, really had to poop. I was clenching my cheeks and fidgeting and crossing my legs. Finally, I asked the teacher if I could go, and she said no, wait until after class. Well, it was getting painful, and I could feel poop poking out of my anus. I did my best to hold my butt cheeks together, but the poop was slowly forcing its way out. It was a big solid log, too, not diarrhea or anything.

Finally, I just got up and when the teacher told me to sit back down or I'd be in trouble, I told her I was about to poop in my panties. The whole class laughed of course. The teacher told me to hurry up.

I barely got out the door. The poop started sliding out, and I couldn't stop it. With every step it came out more, and I knew that if I clenched my butt cheeks then, it would squash the poop and make an even bigger mess. By the time I had waddled to the girls room, I had a big load in my panties. Luckily it was solid, so it didn't leak.

I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and very very carefully took off my panties. I let the poop drop in the water. My panties were a bit stained, but the poop was dry so it wasn't too bad. But the idea of putting them back on was just too gross, so I stepped out of the stall and threw them in the trash. I spent several minutes wiping my butt. Finally, I lowered my skirt and went to the sink and washed my hands. I jumped up and down in front of the mirror to make sure my bare bottom and pubic area wouldn't be uncovered. I went back to class.

I walked into the classroom. Of course they didn't know I had pooped my panties, but they all knew I was coming back from pooping, thanks to my stupid teacher. I sat down, careful to keep my pantyless butt covered. For the rest of class, the boys in the back of the room kept making farting sounds. I didn't tell anyone about it!!! Not until now anyway. That's the only time I ever shit my pants. Hope it never happens again. At least I was near a bathroom. I walked home and my skirt blew up at least four or five times, but I don't know if anyone saw my buns or anything else. I wore pants for a while after that day!

Bye bye.

when i was 17 i took the longest dump ihave ever done it was almost standing out of the toilet

A couple things pee-related have happened to me so far today...

First, during school, my entire senior class (i am 17 and male) had an assembly to promote participation in the schoolwide spring production. This was just before lunch, and I had to pee pretty bad. Luckily, sitting was making it easier to hold it. However, the teacher selected 13 of us to stand up and hold a letter each to spell out the name of the show. I was sitting in the front row, and naturally i was the 13th to be selected. So i had to get up and hold this piece of paper with a 3 on it, having to pee like crazy. My freind Sean was next to me and he mentioned how hungry he was. I said, "I have to piss bad!" He said, "That sucks, I guess getting up didn't help." I said it didnt. Luckily, i managed to turn and face my entire class without needing to fidget at all - my muscles were able to contain the urge. When done, i sat back down and started lightly scissoring my legs. A few more minutes and the assembly was over. I rushed to the bathroom and peed - no accident th! is time.

Then i just finished playing table-tennis in the basement with my brother, who's 14. At the end, I felt a medium to strong urge to piss. After he left, I decided to pee in the cellar, as I hadnt dont this for some time. I chose a dark, well-covered corner, unzipped, and pissed right on the floor. It caused a pretty big yellow puddle, but I covered it with a chair. It was pretty cool.


To all men and women
1. How many times have you dropped poop on the bathroom floor instead of the toilet?
2. Have you ever seen your parents in the bathroom on the toilet pooping and pissing?
3. To the men have ever used a womens restroom?
4. To the women have you ever used a mens restroom?
5. To men do you flush the urinal after using it?
6. To women do you flush the toilet after pissing in it?
7. Have you ever pissed on the floor inthe bathroom?
8. Do you always wipe? (a afterpissing,b drip dry)
9. Have you ever left the toilet seat up in a public restroom?

Ian - I liked your story about peeing in the shower cubicle. How old are you?

There are other responses that i would normally make but will not this time because i was away for 4 days and was not able to check in here during that time. I did enjoy most of the stories during that period, though!


I went to bed last night and in the middle of the night i was dreaming i was peeing or something in my bathroom and i could see into the kitchen and when i woke up i felt like i had peed a little. I went and peed and my boxers just felt damp, maybe i was just sweaty down there or i let a few squirts out..any guys ever do that?

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, has any one mentioned the movie "Airborne".? Its about this surfer dude Mitch who moves from san diego to cinncinatti for a few months as his parents go on a long buissness trip. Any way and he goes to school and Mitch isn't that popuplar,even though hes good looking. He gets picked on. Any way theres a sceen where hes walking down the hall and goes in to the bathroom and you see him reading a magizine on the toilet. The toilet paper hangs on chains. Then these school bullies come in and put water on the all the rolls of toilet paper. Then the he's all done and hes in the hallway and hes kinda walking funny, like hes got poop stuck to his butt since he didn't wipe. Oh by the way i saw this on the disney channel the other surprised they put stuff like that on disney..wonder if theres any other shows/movies there with bathroom sceens. Well gotta run bye

Traveling Guy
GaryUSA - Just saw your post on p.1078 about wiping with the left hand. This is a Middle Eastern thing (rather than European), very strictly observed. In those countries, squat toilets are common and people clean themselves with water and the fingers, and then wash very thoroughly afterwards. There is normally a small water hose right next to the toilet (or at least a faucet and can), in addition to a nearby wash bowl. It may sound unsanitary to toilet paper users, but please remember that cleanliness is very important to these peoples also. (In that part of the world, people think using TP is unsanitary. It's a big small world.) The main reason for using the left hand is that at family mealtimes, it's common for food to be passed around on a platter with no utensils. After washing up, everyone is seated on cushions and uses the right hand to serve themselves from the platter.

A friend of mine once befriended a Middle Eastern girl and was invited to family dinner when she traveled to visit. My friend was very polite and, unluckily for her, left handed. When the rice was passed to her, she stuck her left hand into it to serve herself, without thinking. The family was aghast. She had broken a major cultural taboo.

Hi! I am 15/f and I love to pee, especially in my pants!
Saturday, I was home alone when I woke up, and would be untill noon, so I decided to stay in my p.j's and surf the net. After a while, I felt the pressure building in my bladder, and so I grabbed a towel, folded it, sat on it, and continued to read. When I reached the point were my bladder was throbbing, I released the pressure and flooded my bottoms and the towel. It felt sooo good! That's all I have for now, but thanks!
Wetguy: I totally agree with you on the point of needing more pee stories. I always look forward to seeing your name because i know that you will have a pee story. Keep it up!
P.S. My wet spots are usually more on the right side.

Of course shit burns. It's just like any other decaying organic compound. The homesteaders used to burn buffalo shit in the areas that had no trees. (Not sure how this made their food taste.) It does have to be dry though. Fresh shit has too high a water content to burn.

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