Pooping Women #1
Well one day I was walking in a public park and decided to sit down on a bench and know that i did not have any panties on so the board where my crack was missing and well i sat there for a while and i thought i would raise my skirt up so behind so if i sat there and need to poop I could so i would not decide to poop and have poop on my clothes so I sat there for a few hours and it was really nice and sunny and not cold so I felt the urge coming and I really need to do a few If I could get started with people coming by it is hard to grunt and them not know what i am doing ..... So i sat there and pushed lightly and keep pushing and pushing for like 10 minutes til i felt it pinch out my butt and at that time I need to be very much to let it out and It would not come out So I continued to squeeze but trying harded to get it on out i knew then it was hard solid.... so i squeezed for the last time and It came out an inch and I sat there it slide out to be 10 inches hanging out o! f my butt and It would not drop so i held my stomach and wanted to open my crack but i was out in public so i did not want to show my ass .... so I continued I was sitting there and some security officer walked up to me and we started talking he said nice day mam I said oh yes it is and it was hanging down where u could actually see it but it was dark brown like the bench so it was hard to see what it was it but I Loudly farted 3 times with him standing I said excuse me I am gassy like a baby horse ..... And he excuse me I need to continue what i was doing concentrating on the turd in my ass ..... so I was trying to get it out and He walked by about the time it was looseing from my hole and
he was standing when the turd hit the ground he said mam there is something that fail to the ground underneath your seat and while he was standing there I pushed out another turd about 6 inches and then a small one and he said what are u doing I said I am busy sir and he said doing what I said I am process of doing a turd he said u are what so I had my skirt and showed my ass to a few other I had a turd pooked out about 2 inches out my butt and While i was bent over It kept coming out about to be 8 inches and I told him excuse me i need to finish since I done started it is hard to shit and talk to someone and grunt at the same time he said mam next time do that at home I said I do when I need to anywhere I can ..... So he left and I was still hurting bad and need to continue to shit bad and So I sat there for about an hour and had a major pile and my last few grunts it was like water and diarrehea stuff and i really felt good so i had some baby wipes in my car so i wiped! with them and left them for the world to see I like to shit in public

Wow. I just ran an Altavista search and found this forum. I don't know why i never found it before. Six or seven years ago i was a regular poster and lurker at the Daily Dump on the Bianca site, but that location was long ago taken over and destroyed by disturbing, hard-core scat and humiliation posters. I could never find where all those bright, sincere folks from the Dump had disappeared to. I see that you have over a thousand pages of posts and i will have to take some time reviewing them.

I'm a het male and like a lot of other of the het males that probably come here, my favorite thing is to read the girls' stories about their pooping experiences. But i'm also just interested in how healthy people's bodies work. Pooping doesn't have to be mystical. I think people in the general culture are afraid that de-mystifying pooping will somehow take away their secret enjoyment of it. But i'm sure that it won't!

Hey Everyone! I am new here I have been reading posts for about a week now... I am 17 and a male. Anyway I dunno if any of you watchd JOE MILLIONAIRE but there we at least 2 bathroom related parts. Once Zora and Evan were in the woods and they both had to pee so they did. Another time was Heidi who got kick off in the beginning tonight on the recap reunion thing it showd Heidi and she was talking about how it felt like something was growing inside of her or whatever, then she came out and said that well now the whole world knows that I am having trouble pooping. I was wondering if anyone else heard this or knew anything more about it... I have a few good stories to tell just not much time right now so I will post later... Maybe I will try to come up with a survery. BYE

REGINA: How hard did you have to push to get that turd out?

Last Sunday one of my friends had birtday parties. Of course I was there too. She turned 40 so they were quite big parties. After being there about an hour and having coffee and cakes I felt signs of activity in my bowels. At first the need of poop was not urgent but it grew more and more pressing so finally I really must go. I headed for hall where the toilet was. But the door was locked and I heard deep grunting. There was a group of ladies talking in the kitchen and I joined in because from the kitchen there was a perfect view to watch when toilet vacated. After a while door opened and household’s 13 year old daugher came out. When the first suitable moment came I slipped to the toilet. There was quite a strong odor of poop. I lift up the lid of seat and I saw wide brown stripe at the bottom of bowl. Girl must had a massive pooping session, I tought as I took my skirt up. I sat down on the pan and almost immediately my butt hole opened and head of turd emerged out. Poop w! as soft and I did not need to push a lot. I just leaned forward a little, grunted once slightly and let it come out. The log broke off. As it plopped into water next turd was alredy sliding out. It was much bigger than first one. It made loud splash and sprinkled some water on my buttocks. I took a breathe, the most acute urge was over. But I knew that there was some more. I kept on sitting and managed push out 4 smaller turds. Before I wiped I took a look at my turds. Last four turds were small, only about 2 inches per piece, first turd was about 4 inches long and second one, which watered my arse was about 7 inches long.

TO JIM - Liked your story from Home Depot. You keep saying that you're too big to be having accidents, so I'd sure like to know how old you are so that i can attach that when i read your stories. It's just something that i like to know when reading. I'm 17/m. Thanks...


the "HOLD IT" man
Bluto, I remember the show itself, but I don't remember that particular episode. I would pay to see it, however. The one that stands out in my mind was the Valet Parking attendant who peed in people's gas tanks and was caught on security camera.

There was another episode where a land lord entered the apartment of a woman who was renting from him and urinated in her left over Chinese take out that she had in her refrigerator. She suspected him, so she hid a video cam in the room and caught him red handed. Did you happen to see any of those.

Potty Pooper
One Saturday in early 1995, I was with a group of four or five people who hod driven down to a city in
central Florida for a seminar. We stopped for lunch at a Dennys that was inside a hotel complex.

Here is how the place was laid out:

        -           Bathrooms
        -              |            |__________
        __________   __|__   _______|__________
        -                                     -
        =____________________   ______________=
        -                   |   |             -
        -                   |   |             -
        -  Dennys                     Arcade  -
        -                             Games   -
        -                   |                 -
        -                 1 |                 -
        -        2          |   |             -
        ____________________|   |______________

On the above map, we were sitting in a booth approximately where I've placed a 1, and I was facing towards
the left-hand side as it appears on the map. We were at right-angles with a row of booths running there
along the bottom of the map.

There was a boy and his mother sitting maybe two or three booths down that row, about where it says 2 above.
He was seated facing away from me. Evidently they were just finishing up lunch. He slid out of the booth
and started in our direction, heading pretty much towards the front of the Dennys.

It was a boy of perhaps seven or eight. He was wearing tight blue-jeans. As he walked along, he seemed to
be idly tugging with his thumb and index finger on a spot on the front of his jeans where there was a small
place that sorta poked out a tiny bit, more or less like he was repositioning his dinky to a more comfortable
spot or something.

He got maybe two or three steps down the aisle, and then stopped in his tracks... He took a quick glance
across the room, in front of him and then to his left, as if he didn't see what he was looking for. At
that point, he took his hand away from his jeans... and there was a small dark spot there, about the size
of a penny. At that point, maybe he moved backwards a step or two towards the booth, I'm not sure. His
mother then joined him there, though, came up behind him actually. In fact, she was standing so *close*
behind him that it was like they were a single unit, with his back up against her front, both facing and
looking in the same direction he'd been going. She bent down, quickly and quietly said something to him,
or him to her, and then she seemed to reach down over him, right about as a waitress walked towards them.

At that point, several things happened all at once. The boy, rather suddenly, and in very rapid succession,
unsnapped and unzipped his pants, and quickly thrust one hand down inside his underpants to hold himself.
The waitress, seeing this, instantly snapped her eyes closed. The boy's mother turned to her and asked,
"Where's the bathroom?"

The waitress turned and pointed. "Out the door and take a left."

With his hand still in his pants, the boy and his mother walked, without hurry, as a single unit, past the
checkout and out the door into the hall. I rather get the impression she was holding his pants up for him
as they went, and in fact had been doing so before he unsnapped his pants... that is, from that moment when
she reached down over him.

Evidently he must have discovered, on a previous occasion, that when he started to pee his blue-jeans, he
couldn't hold himself through them. He must have tried to, found that it didn't work, and realised he had
*no* *choice* but to unsnap and unzip. I figure at that point he probably held himself, from *inside* his
underpants... and then his pants fell down. WHOOPS!!

After that, he must have pre-arranged this walk-behind-me-and-hold-my-pants-up thing with his mother, in
case the situation ever came up again. Probably wouldn't have been necessary if he'd held himself from
OUTside his underpants!

Think about it. To hold yourself from INside your underpants, you have to use *both* hands, one to pull
open the underpants, and the other to thrust down into them. You don't have a *third* hand to hold up
your pants! (Not a problem if you're wearing suspenders, of course, but who wears suspenders with tight
blue-jeans? :-) Doing it this way does have ONE advantage, though. When you get to the urinal, you
don't have to let go of your dinky in order to get your underpants out of the way. :-D

A young lady that was there with me, after seeing the above event, mentioned how the waitress had suddenly
closed her eyes at the sight (which was something I *hadn't* noticed myself, actually), and then the young
lady commented, about the whole thing, "Oh, that was just SO cuuuute...!"


Hi all,

I just caught a segment this evening on the talk show "Rove Live" here in Australia, a word with Sir David Attenborough via satellite from the UK. He speaks without abashment and told a story of one time he was in India...

The story was appropos of rats... He is not often beset with "Dehli belly" but this time it hit him. He had gone back and forth to the hotel loo a couple of times and this particular time, he described with graphic detail having sat down (mimed his position) and expelled his bowels "with the force of a fire hose" and a moment later "from between my thighs appeared a rat." A very wet one, apparently!

Then he told a story of having been perched in a cave on top of a pyramid of bat droppings, and trying to speak through the stench...

It's all adventure in the life of a naturalist!



PS: Malita -- glad to see you back, I've been away and n=just had a chance to come back for a read.

PPS: here's something: have you ever punched a hole in a carton of applejuice and squeezed it into a glass? The stream is a perfect simulation of a pee stream, shape, colour, froth, noise, the works!

Twice Shy
The day's offering

Being at the office a bit later today, and not having crapped since Saturday, it is little wonder that I'd probably have to unload somewhere down the line before long. I went to the Mexican place again for take-out, and this seemed to kick my autonomic nervous system back into gear, for almost immediately after finishing, I got the signal like the one at the airport, when your luggage is about to come down the chute.
This was at about 17:50. B-corridor Men's had one fellow standing at the urinal but no crappers in play, so I took my place in #1, where there is the crack in the wall for the convenience of passers-by. Being on the tubby side (it is about 3-1/2 inches (85 mm) normally from my bunghole to fresh air), I used the technique of spreading my ass-cheeks before committing them to the seat, for the purpose of minimizing clean-up and maximizing rate of passage. This dump turned out to be a crackler, and of some duration, all of which time I also had a steady stream of urine, on account of the uniformly-relaxed sphincter. I am reminded of the image from chemistry class of opening the ground-glass stop-cock on a buret, allowing reagent to dump on its own accord into the accumulating experimental mixture. Upon inspection, I saw a coil of about 3 turns around the bowl-bottom, comprising maybe 5 or 6 7" long x 7/8" diameter (18 cm x 20 mm) logs, all suitably formed. The wipe wa! s a nice clean one, perhaps from my attention to path clearance, but mostly from the character of this particular crap, which was more solid than a lot of the diarrhea-like crud I've found on the orifice in days past. Well, it's time to drive home now. Day is done, and so is the doo.

Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
REGINA: Loved the story! For us the enjoyment of pooing in front of each other is as fun as other activities.
CARMALITA: HOLA SWEETIE!! Welcome back!! You are still the dumping, smelly, senora!! We still love the stories. Hope you can stay with us more. Love and Hugs!! Robby and Annie
RJOGGERII: Hi there! We have fond memories of your parents. They had so many wonderful adventures. We are so glad you are on here. Welcome! We hope that you and your wife will enjoy the forum. Do you or your wife take a dump while on a jog? Take care, Robby and Annie
IAN: Hi there! Enjoyed the story! We have camped in Wales. We will tell you a little story later. Take and Welcome, Robby and Annie
EPHERMAL: Hi sweetheart, glad to see you here again. Your poos are getting good and regular. We are glad. Sari and Meghan will write soon. both are Houston now. Meghan can wipe herself now so she can take a dump in private again. Take care and Love from Robby and Annie

Annie and I had to drop our knickers on a bike ride yesterday morning. We looked for a secluded spot and Annie was desperate. She pushed out a whopper of a log. It must have been 12". I just released some big balls and a short log or two! Two people spotted us and probably reported us to the authorities. No one has been to our door yet. We have to go!

We miss and Love: INA-were are you?, KENDAL, ANDREW, ELLEN, and ELEANOR-hope you come back!, STEVE and LOUISE, DAMSEL, PV, JANE AND GARY, TODD AND DIANA, TIM and SARAH, LINDAGS, RIZZO!
HI TO: Bryian, Adrian, Punk Rock Girl, Alexa, Anthea, Billy and Kevin and all of the rest of the wonderful posters here!


Tuesday, February 25, 2003

To Regina: Loved your story about your b/f watching you poop..have you seen him poop before?

To TheNewGuy: I loved your story about your g/f letting you watch her poop..has she seen you poop...i don't know the answer to that but there are things on the net of that nature if you search hard enough.

To Billy & Kevin: Loved your stories from around

To Ian: I loved your story about camping..would like to hear more stories from you.

To STREAKS: I liked your story...humm that situation is odd i think..I some times get nervous and have to shit but its not because of a girl. That was funny about lighting up the

To Bluto: I think i may have seen that show..sounds familar? was it on TLC Or Fox?

To Eric in Chicago: I see about eating beets...but i had it kinda soft and loose, is that normal after eating beets? Thats funny about your HS

To Luke: Sounds like a cool experience you had...was your poop soft? i hate chinese food give me the shits and makes it soft sometimes too.

To coyote: Liked reading your survey resluts..some of them were intresting.

To Full to capacity: Liked your story about wetting your self.

Here are my answers to Mike's survey. I am 17 and male.

1. Have you ever spyed on a person on a toilet pooping or pissing?
When i see other kids in school that I have wanted to see pissing head into the bathroom, i follow them. I guess this could be called spying.

2. Do you always flush after pissing?
Yes, I do.

3. Do you always make sure your poop goes down the drain?
Yes, I tend to do this.

4. Have you ever seen a toliet in the ground?
Nope, never been in such a place.

5. Have you ever left your seat men and women pissed with it still up?
Not sure I understand this question.

6. Do you like to use public restrooms at schools?
I never use public restrooms to crap, but if i have to piss, i have no problem pissing in a school bathroom.

7. Ldies have you ever used a mens urinal to piss in?
I am not a lady.

8. Do you leave foam after pissing?
No, i dont think so.

9. Men have you ever use a ladies restroom?
Once when i was 12 and at a hockey game. I was about to pee my pants and the women's bathroom was the first one i came upon

10. Ladies have you ever used a mens restroom?
I am still not a lady.


I was leaving a restroom with a doorless stall and saw this guy come in past me and go towards the stall. He had that "damn, no door" look on his face. Yes, I can tell that look on a guys face. They look at where the door should be, then they look at the other stalls, checking if there are any doors on them, then they look around to see if anyone is in the restroom with them. All with a very concerned look on his face.

Anyway, he's probably 20 years old, looks Mexican, kinda short, with a shaved head and a goatee. Good-looking guy, though. He lifts up the back of his jacket, pulls his pants down a little in the back, and grabbs some toilet paper. While still standing, he bends over at the waist and starts wiping his butt. I guess he may have had an extra squishy fart or just a little poo that leaked out. I left before he finished, but it was still a cool sighting. Beats having a squishy butt!

Potty Pooper
Hmmmm... My map seems to have come out double-spaced. Looks wierd. I wonder if the moderator might be able
to fix it. (Please, pretty-please...)

Eric in Chicago (on page 173, circa Monday, February 10. 2003) said:

"Potty Pooper: feeling faint or "buzzed" when standing or sitting usually means that your blood pressure is too low.
Sometimes that can be caused by not drinking enough fluids. Sometimes it can be due to a problem with the
autonomic nervous system; it may be that you had such a problem that you eventually grew out of."

Sounds interesting, do you know more about this autonomous nervous system thingy? Or could you point me in the
right direction as to where I might learn more about it?

Bryan (on page 1074) said:

"Liked your story... where did you guys pee at?"

I assume you're talking about the time when I designated a "latrine" behind a row of plants and the trunk of a
big tree, and then lost track of it. Well, I imagine we simply peed wherever we wanted. :-D

(I don't specifically remember having to pee while I was there, though, nor do I remember seeing any of the other
boys unzipping and cutting loose...)

hot pantyhose girl (around page 1076):

[All yeses to childhood-poop questionaire]

Uhhhhh... I kinda got the impression you were supposed to *tell* *the* *story* behind each of those Yeses! :-D

(For what it's worth, my answers were all either "No" or "Not that I recall" to that questionaire.)

Great Teacher Umikun (a coupla pages back) asked if we'd ever took the seat up and sat on or IN the toilet bowl.
Well, a few tens of pages back, I posted about how I used to deliberatly sit my butt down IN the toilet bowl, with
my behind sitting firmly on the *bottom* of the bowl, to take a crap. I might have been 8 or 10 at the time. It
always left a big smear on the bottom of the bowl.

curious george asked if poop burns:

Yeah, I'd heard the same stories about Native Americans using cow patties in their campfires. Not sure I'd
wanna EAT something that was cooked over a cow-poop fire, though! Mind you, I suspect there's probably more
plant-husk in their poop, though, which might help it burn too.

Somebody else asked about chamber-pots. I've never used one, or even seen one, except a vintage one I saw in a
museum once, and another at an antique store. In that case, though, it was the wooden-box thingy with a lift-off
round wooden lid. I suspect you're talking about something of more recent vintage and that's more pot-shaped.

I HAVE seen the adult-size potty-chairs though. They make these for old folks, so in the middle of the night
they don't have to head all the way to the bathroom if they gotta go. It was made out of lengths of a kind of
metal tubing that was bent around to form the legs, the arms, and the back, and it had a big removable plastic
tub attached under the seat.

I've also seen a *wheeled* adult-size potty chair. It had the same kind of bent-metal-tube stuff as the other
ones, but had a convassy sort of back-rest, and had oversized casters on the bottom, sort of like the little
front wheels on some wheelchairs. The one I saw (in a pharmacy/medical-supply type store) didn't have the plastic
tub attacked (tho it clearly could have one), and I was told it was used sometimes *like* a wheelchair to transport
the person around to the bathroom, and that you could actually roll them right up ONTO the toilet on it (back them
right into place) since the seat part of the potty-chair was slightly higher up than the toilet seat.

Here in the states is a soap company whos pitch is "Hey, you're not as clean as you think!" The first commercial
of theirs that I remember is of a towel hanging outside a sauna room. Some guy walks by, all sweaty, and wipes
under his underarms and stuff, hangs the towel back up and walks away. Immediately another guy walks out of the
sauca, picks up the same towel and wraps it around his face to dry it off, acting exhilarated by his time in the
sauna. Then you hear the voice-over speaking the above line.

Well, their most recent commercial takes place at a public pool. There's a little boy, perhaps five, wearing
water-wings and floating upright in the middle of the pool. In a listen-to-me-I-wanna-tell-ya-something voice,
rather than a where-are-you-I-can't-see-you voice, he's saying, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" At the same time, a
man goes to the diving board and then dives off into the pool. They go to an under-water shot of him passing
underneath the little boy, who happens to have his legs brought up level in front of him and his lower legs
downward, almost like he's sitting. They cut to a shot from the side of the pool, and the man then pops his
head up at the edge and rests his arms on the poolside, looking exhilerated by his little swim.... BUT! Just
as his head bursts up out of the water, we hear the little kid say, "I don't gotta go *potty* anymore, Mommy!"

And then, of course, comes the voice-over. "Hey, you're not as clean as you think!"

On a different note, I just picked up a neat little 3D fridge magnet. It's shaped like a toilet, and when
you lift the lid all the way up (making it press the little button that's shaped like the little flush-lever),
it makes a toilet-flush sound. It also has a tiny plastic "book" open and placed pages-down on top of the
water-closet. The title of the book, oddly enough, seems to be GONE WITH THE WIND, though it doesn't seem
nearly thick enough! The toilet is all-white, except for the seat and lid, which are black, the "lever,"
which is painted metal-grey, and the book, which is sort of a dark red. In the bowl, there's a little
disk-shaped bluish rubberised clear-plastic thingy simulating the water that's supposed to be in the bowl.
The toilet is 2.5" (6.5 cm) tall, 1.5" (4 cm) across, and 2.25" (6 cm) from its back to the front of the
bowl. It's made by some company called Acme International, LLC, out of Maplewood, NJ.

They make a bunch of other fridge magnets, including a Panic Button (makes "ah-ooo-ga! ah-ooo-gah!" sounds),
a computer-mouse magnet ("You've got mail!") and a chained-up box with an eyeball peeking out ("Excuse me!
Excuse me! COULD YOU LET ME OUTTA HERE?!?!?????"), all of which I picked up at the same time.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for these things! :-)

(But I went there specifically for the toilet-shaped magnet.)

This was from a large specialty store that sells items for the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. They also had a
nice set of framed shadow-boxes with 3D miniature bathrooms made out of wood set up inside. Each was a slender
rectangular thing that had three different "stories" to it. Each "floor" had the toilet, bathtub, and sink
in different places in the "room." The pieces were all painted the appropriate color. From closer scrutiny of
them, though, they struck me as cheap looking, like they were slapped together and painted only roughly, not
something that was meant to be looked at too closely. I think there may have been smaller shadow-boxes with
just a single bathroom in each, but I didn't pay it that much attention.

This actually reminds me of a framed picture I saw at the bathroom-accessories section at Sears once, back in
the 1970s, when I was maybe 7 or 8. It had cartoony pictures of the old-style pull-chain toilets, the ones with
the water-closet way up at the ceiling. They were arrayed maybe three or four across and several rows tall, with
them all set facing towards you, and sitting on all of them there were these cute, cartoony, naked little kids,
some of them just sitting there, some of them reaching up and pulling the chain, and some of them reaching up
*about* to pull the chain, and all looking quite happy with themselves. I wish I could find that picture today,
I'd buy it like a shot!

A boyhood friend of mine had another piece of framed bathroom art in his bathroom. It was a shadow-box, but a
different kind than the one described two paragraphs up. His had a sorta cartoony picture of a toilet, seen
from the front, which had then been printed multiple times and then someone had made paper cut-outs of the
toilet itself, set it up so it was extended maybe a half-centimeter out from the background, then made another
cut-out of just the front part of the toilet and extended it out another half-centimeter from the first one.

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