Hola mis amigos,

JANE & GARY: I missed you! Hey, I couldn't hang out too long in the restroom when my classmate was in there, because it would seem kind of strange. She was in for a big one, and I'd have had to hang out for about 5, or 10 minutes. Some things are just too obvious, so I decided to just cherish what few seconds I could.
RJOGGER II: I loved your parents and was devastated by their passing as I know you were. Though I never met your father, to me, he was a very exciting man, one whom I'd love to have met. I still think about him often because older men are also very exciting to me. Plus he was very sweet and sort of adopted me and Renee adn the rest of us girls.

Okay, I guess it's time for me to tell you all what's up: Me and Jake have separated.We both had some issues to deal with and we weren't getting it done together. He's a wonderful man and I love him, but for now, we are apart. He has moved into a 2-bdrm apartment for the time being. Renee's a bit upset by all of this, just as I am. I'm going through some pretty significant changes right now.

Joanne came over today and had a fantastic dump!! She really dropped some elephant turds! When she was pooping I hardly knew she was doing it except for the sounds and smells. She passed lots of gas when she shit, but her face never changed. It just looked calm. I never knew she was pushing out such huge bombs because she seemed so calm. This is what happened:
Jo kept dropping hints that she had to go to the bathroom, almost looking at me hoping I'd ask to come in with her. So, after a few seconds, I poked my head in the door (which was left ajar by the way).
I said "What'cha doing in here?"
She replied "Takin' a shit," and when I closed the door behind me, I could tell she was telling the truth! As soon as I'd entered she looked up at me, smiled, then her face contorted a little as she pushed lots of gas and plops. It was a fantastic dump. As she started crackling another fattie, she just stared at me and smiled. Her eyes looked electric! Moist and piercing. That's the only way I can describe it. Her turd seemed to take quite a few seconds to squeeze out and it made the usual noises. As I smelled poop, I commented on the sounds.
"Sounds squishy," I said.
Jo just sort bit softly on her lower lip, smiled and replied with a grunt: "I's a big one."
Then she said, "Push on my ???? and make it pinch off."
I just smiled and answered: "I think I'd better let you push on your own ????."
"Oh, Carmalita,..." she pouted, but eventually worked hard and pinched.
Anyway, it was a beautiful turd (as turds go). Very, very long and coiled. I'd say it was about as big as one of mine, but longer and intact! A bunch of smaller chunks were trapped below it.

Later, after releasing a silent-but-deadly fart in the kitchen, Nu ordered me to the bathroom to take a shit, so it was my turn. Pulling down my jeans and purple thong to my knees, I sat on the toilet and reached for a magazine. I guess I don't have to tell you all how bad this one smelled. It was one of my worst ones yet. I'd been staring at the floor before dropping some of my biggest and worst turds ever. Just my pre-dump fart was bad enough. Joanne came in, and to my surprise, instead of grabbing her nose and running out, she stood next to me and rubbed my back very softly. She then reached over and began massaging my neck. Before I could say anything, she just whispered "C'mon Carmalita, go poo-poo." I was so relaxed and feeling so good that I let the magazine fall to the floor, leaned my head forward, and grunted as the poop started pushing out of me, slow at first, then fast, with big, fat log chunks thundering into the bowl with hard splashes.
"Ooooh, go girl!" she said, and kept massaging. It stunk sooooo bad! Jo just stood over me massaging, and whispering for me to poop more, so I did. I had to work overtime to push out my last log, but it was a monster. I really don't know what got into me, but I kept crapping and crapping until I felt nothing else left. I felt so relieved, but embarrassed too.
In the toilet, were three turds, one about 18" long and as fat as my arm. That was the one that took forever to come out while she rubbed my back. Another was about 10" and narrower, and the third was about the size of a can of soup. (That one really hurt!)
We looked at my turds for a few minutes, then I sat down to pee for about a minute. You could hear the pee literally splattering off the big long turd that circled the bowl! It was a good dump. Joanne went outside for a cigarette and told me how much she appreciated fresh air!

My love to everyone, especially Punk Rock Girl, Robbie and Annie & Sarah Y Meghan, Ina (hi hon!), Adrian, and everyone else I'm forgetting!

Emma & Brooke's 20 questions!

1. Were you ever as a child given permission by anyone to go in your pants? nope.

2. Have you ever as a child went in your pants on purpose as part of a game? (Truth or Dare, Hold it Contest, Playing as the baby or small child while playing house house, etc.) nope.

3. Have you ever as a child went in their pants on accident because you didn't want to stop doing whatever you were doing? yes was getting dark out and i knew if i went inside i wouldnn't be allowed out again and i ended up having an accident.

4. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while you were sick? yes, once when i had the flu i just couldn't get up and had an accident in bed.

5. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while in the hospital? nope.

6. Have you ever as a child went in your pants out of fear? yes once my father was yelling at me for breaking something and i went in my pants. he did stop yelling though.

7. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were locked in a room with no bathroom or locked out of the bathroom? this actually happened a couple of times....when i was younger we only had one bathroom and i can remember a few times where my father was in there forever and i had accidents.

8. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling in a car? it was a close call a few times but no.

9. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling on an airplane? nope.

10. Have you ever as a child went in your pants rather than use a public toilet? its a long story so im not going to get into the details but yes.

11. Have you ever as a child pooped in your bathing suit either by accident or on purpose? no.

12. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were physically unable? (Broken leg, physical handicap, etc.) no.

13. Have you ever as a child gone in your pants because you were unable to get undessed quickly enough? no.

14. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you weren't allowed to go? no, but one of my friends did in school once.

15. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in defiance? (Just to be a pain in the butt.) nope.

16. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because there were no toilets available or because the toilet was broken? see #7.

17. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while at the movie theater rather than miss the movie? nope.

18. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were too tired/lazy to get out of bed? once kind of. this was actually not too long ago i had gone to a party and had a few too many drinks. when i woke up after going home to bed i realised i was going in my pants, although very slowly cause i was trying not to. i continued to pee myself slowly as i debated the pros and cons of getting up. i did eventually get up though before too much damage was done.

19. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while on stage performing or any other time while a large crowd was focused on you? no.

20. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in front of your friends during a sleepover or party? no but one of my friends did.

21. Did anyone go in their pants while reading this list because it took them so long to get through all the questions that they couldn't hold it any longer? ;-)LOL no.

Emily in NYC
I have to chare with you all an incident which just happened a few moments ago.

I was helping some of the guys in the office move a table. When I picked it up, I farted loudly. Everyone froze, I guess the guys were all expecting me to be mortified. Instead, I just said, "Well, puts that myth to bed!" They all laughed and we finished moving the table. Afterwards, while we were getting coffee, one of the guys said that it takes a special kind of girl to fart in front of a group of guys and laugh it off. I guess I'm special.

Actually, I was embarrassed, but I knew it would be worse if I had shown that!

hey everyone...i havent posted for like 2 weeks, but i hav a story.

Last night, me and my friend Amanda went to see "10 things on how to loose a guy" or sometin. it was a funny movie. afterwards, Amanda came back to my house and called her mom to see if she could sleep over. her mom sed it was okay. so she slept over. at about 9:45 pm, she went to the bathroom. at first i thought nothing of it, but then i realized that she had lost her shoe lol. so i went, knocked on the door, and told her n she sed she'll be rite out. before i went back to my room, i heard a very loud plop. i figured she was pooping. i jus stood there amazed, playing with my hair for 2 more minutes. i then heard her begin to pee forcefully. her pee was splashing hard into the water. i imagined that it was bubbling. after another 3 minutes, i heard her tear off some toilet paper, so i went back to my room. wen she came back, she told me to look in the toilet. I WAS IN SHOCK! my friend Amanda had poop 2 huge pieces of crap. both were 6" inches long, and I! was rite, her pee was bubbling. then, rite in front of me, she pulled down her green underwear, and did a few drops of pee in the toilet standing. so all in all, that was an interesting experience

i hav a ques!!!! Has anyone ever peed or pooped in a litter box lol??
i guess i'll go now..xoxo bye everyone

Hi Marsha! I well remember you from the daily dump. I read all of your posts over the several years you posted there. Welcome to the
"going to the bathroom page" I hope you'll stay and gave great insight into the female poop!-- JW

Hey, everyone. This is Matt, I've posted here a couple of times before. I've decided that I'd actually describe myself this time, as I forgot to before, lol. I am about 6', I have a cru cut w/ brown hair, I'm 2/3 british/ irish, 1/4 russian, 1/16 cherokee, and about 1/64 chinese, I'm mostly jewish, I am a freshman in high school in the DC area. how's that for a detailed explanation that's ok enough to post on the internet? Not much going on today, except that I have a cochlear (inner ear) virus and I can't hear very well. Also, the doctor put me on pills that make me pee a lot, and I can't have a lotta salt, so my pee is pretty clear, which I'm not that used to unless I'm camping. I dunno how not eating salt, tomatoes, or caffiene (things that affect the amount of liquid in my ear) is gonna affect my bowels, but for now, I think I'm noticing that my higher vegetable diet makes it soft and stinky. My crap is usually pretty variable whether it stinks or not, what color it i! s, the size of it, even though I always go every day. That's why I'm not sure if my new diet affects my bowels or not. I actually kinda feel like I gotta go now, but I type pretty fast, so I can wait 'till I'm done posting. I can give you all my total relults for my virus bathroom habits after I am healed.

EMILY IN NYC: Hey, I used to have a girlfriend right about your age in your who had her bat mitzvah last June. Interesting. Hey, when was your first post? I'd like to read more of your post. I'm not sure how many Jewish girls post here (of course not to discriminate, but I haven't seen many).

MIDDLE/ HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS IN THE DC AREA: I haven't really spoken to any girls in my area that were interested in bathroom habits. If there are any out there in I'd love to talk to you on IM if that's ok. could you respond to this message please? I'm not sure if posting my E-mail address is allowed, but it's worth a try. My E-mail and IM is: .


1. who takes the longest to poop (a men,b women)?
2. who takes the longest to piss (a men,b women)?
3. have you ever used a unisex restroom (used by men and women)?
4. do you use 10 or more sheets to wipe after pooping?
5. have ever used a urinal for the women?
6. to the women where do you put your sanitary napkins when pissing or pooping?
7. the men do you flush after pissing and pooping athe same time?

I've noticed each time that I have to shit really bad its always in a store. It never happens at work or during classes. Like last night, I walked into Best Buy and didn't need to shit at all. I started looking at the DVDs and could feel a log moving down my backside. All of a sudden it was pressing really hard down on my inner anus. I was going to leave but I got all pissed off that I was letting my shit stop me from picking up a DVD quick. So anyway I end up not buying anything but as i am leaving the store I though I was going to lose it in my pants. Once I was sitting down in the car it wasn't bad. When I got up I booked it up the stairs, threw down my jacket and backpack and ran into the bathroom. ALL I pooped out was abotu 4 inches of poop, thats it! Who knew sucha a tiny poo would need to come out so bad.

A quick story from my youth:

My grandfather was taking me with him to go to his friend's farm. He pulled over at one point and got of his truck and went to the side of the road, I figured he had to pee. But as he got to the bushes he realized there was a fence, and he would have no coverage from the busy road. SO he got back in the truck and we continued on, by this time I had to take a pee too pretty bad, and when we got to the farm my grandfather went into the bathroom first. He was taking forever, then he finally came out with something in his hand, but i didn't pay attention because I had to pee really bad. When we got back in his truck I saw him throw some thing into the truck's bed. LAter on when we returned back to my grandparent's hosue I saw him throw a shitty pair of white boxers into the outside trashcan. They were totally stained with shit, and I realized that my grandfather had shit his pants en route to the farm.

My husband helped me poop
My husband and I both work in the same office, last week I went three days without a poop. On the third day I was feeling quite bloated and I took some laxitives before going to bed that night, I was hoping that I would have a good clearout before going to work the next morning but it did not happen.
I was sitting at my desk in the office wishing that I could have a massive poop, but I had no pooping sensations whatsoever. I was actually feeling quite run down by now. Then my husband gestured to me to follow him out of the office. We went to a storage room on the floor above, we went inside and he locked the door. He took a packet of supositories out of his pocket and asked me if I wanted to give then a go, I said "Oh God, yes please".
As he took a couple out of the packet I unzipped and removed my skirt, good job I was wearing stockings as I was able to remove my panties too.
I hoped nobody could hear us in there as my stilletos made quite a loud noise on the wooden floor. He told me to bend over and he would put them in for me. I stood legs apart, bending forward with my hands on my knees and I felt him insert the suppository in my anal passage, then he pushed it as far up as he could. Then he inserted a second suppository and pushed that one up as far as he could. I then put my panties and skirt back on and we went back to the office.
At lunchtime every one else had gone out except us when I started to get a slight urge to do a poop, I went and sat on the toilet but nothing really happened. My husband looked in the toilet and could see that only one cubicle was occupied and could see my stilletos under the door. I unlocked the door and he came in and locked it again, my skirt was pulled up above my waist and my panties were around my knees. He pulled my blouse out of my skirt and unbuttoned it, then he started massageing my stomich and rubbing my back. After a while a strong urge came on, I held it back and a couple more urges came on, each one stronger than the last one.
As a really strong urge came on I pushed hard and a huge poopie started to come out of my anal passage, I felt it gradually inch its way out and it made a loud splash in the toilet. Oh God it felt so good I almost cried. My husband whispered "Good girl" into my ear and carried on rubbing my stomich and back, I had another strong urge and another large poopie inched its way out and splashed into the toilet.
Suddenly I had what felt like a stomich cramp and a load of soft poop dropped out and made multiple splashes in the toilet. It was smelling quite horrible in there but he gave me a cuddle, then I let a load of mushey poop spurt out and a loud wet sounding fart followed.
I then stood up and started wiping my bottom, he saw what I had offloaded into the toilet and was quite impressed. As I adjusted my clothes he went out and I followed a few minutes later having had to flush the toilet three times.
Later that afternoon I had to very quickly rush from my desk into the toilet and I only just managed to get my bottom onto the seat before having an eruption of diahorea which came out in a big spurt accompanied by several wet bubbly farts. I think my pooping problem was solved.

Anthony K.
I went to Japan a couple of months back and I have a lot of interesting
stories to tell.

First - In Japan, they still had their traditional squat-type toilets.
The partitions though, have little gaps so its hard to see the
neighbouring stall.

One day I went to the train station restrooms where the partitions have
a gap a little bigger than usual. There were a two Jap. style toilets
facing, 2 Jap toilets and one western style toilet. I took the Western
style one. I took of my jeans then my blue boxers then I sat. I was
really needing to take a dump then. I peed for a while then I pushed a
log out. I let out a sigh then 4 long logs came which took about 5
minutes apart. It was a rush hour then so a lot of people where taking
a shit (mostly business men and students). I looked to the opposite
stall through the gap and I saw a person walk in. He was wearing a
business suit from the looks of it. He closed the door then aligned
himself to the toilet. He then pulled his pants down to his knees and
squatted. I was in full view of his ass and his you know what! He
let out about ten small logs and 2 big logs. Then he peed a yellow
stream. It was too noisy in the stall to hear sounds. THen I looked to
the stall next to him, it was similar situation only that the person
wore jeans and sneakers. Then the wiping. He grabbed some toilet paper
and wiped. It seemed like the toilet paper disappear when he was wiping
then suddenly it landed on the toilet when it was done. He did this
three times. He then got up and flushed.

Potty Pooper
Hmmmm... For some reason, my most recent post got inserted into the PREVIOUS page, somewhere BELOW my previous
post! Wild! Go back to 1081, scroll down maybe 2/3rds of the way, and there it is!

Anyway, I've got another commercial to describe. This time it's a radio commercial, though. I only caught the
tail end of it, however. It seems to be one of the type that uses everyday family situations as a metaphor for
business decisions, or for decisions about college education. Anyway, the commercial (I gather) has a dad in
the midst of a telephone conversation, or some other such thing, and his young daughter is desperately trying
to get his attention, but he keeps putting her off so he can focus on the current conversation. Finally, he
ends the call and asks her, "Now, what was it that you wanted?" to which she says, "I had to go to the bathroom."
(The ad promoted handing off your business tasks to people from a temp agency, or something of the sort. You
know... secretarial work, and the like.)

Steve: Lots of fiber and protein. My grandmother used to say, "Eat big, shit big."

Eric in Chicago: Your friend could have been electrocuted if his urine stream had contacted the 600VDC third rail.

William: I had many bad experiences in high school. See my earlier posts.

I have lurked here for the longest but never posted. I also used to post at Biancas smut shack, and unfortunately it got overwhelemed with spammers and hackers. Thank godness for this forum!
My shits are boring as hel, usually just one big turd that i push out real hard, usually knobby and real gassy.
I will tell yall about my ex roommate. He shit all the time. In the mornings he would get up about 6 am, get a glass of lemonade, adn go sit on the toilet. We shared a bedroom, and were really open, so he never closed the door. Anyway, he would sit there and shit out water. It was like he pissed out of his butt. I never saw him have a normal shit, it was always wet and runny and real gassy. He would get home from work and do it again. He always had big skid marks. He told me that everytime he felt like he was going to fart, some wet stuff would usually come out. He also said his boss used to get on him for being in the crapper so much.

Hey... I went to this Monster Truck thing lastnight and there were a group of pretty good looking chicks sitting in front of me and my couple friends. The show was going on and one of the chicks maybe the hottest one stud up and asked her friends to move so she could get out. One of them asked where are you going? She was like to the bathroom. And the other chick said well I will go with you and she said I have to poop I haven't been able to since 2 days ago, so I might be a while in a quite voice. Well she left and came back a good 20 min later. Well she was gone one of the chicks commented on she must really have had to go. Well when she came back one of her friends asked her if she felt better and she said much, it was a massive shit. It filled the toilet half full and stunk the bathroom up so bad some lady commented on it and said you gota shit you gota shit but atleast spray some perfume so we don't all puke. I was like wow, she must have really stunk it up. S! he then told her frineds that it sucked becuase there wasn't much tp so she had to switch stalls to finish wiping and some little girl walked into the stall after she switched and screamed mommy that girl took a huge doo doo. Anyway she said she wiped like 8 times total. I wish I could have heard, saw, or smelled what she did I bet it was tubular. Anyway I don't have any stories about me to tell yet but I will.... bye

Handy Andy
I've just been reading a great story about Jennifer Lopez on her recent visit to the UK to promote her new film Made in Manhatten. She apparently makes loads of requests and requirements for her comfort including extra soft toilet paper to wipe her nice shapely butt. Apparently she was recently at a function and needed to take a shit, following her performance she was unhappy with the softness of the toilet paper so phoned one of her helpers on her mobile from the cubicle to bring her something softer. What a sight that would have been delivering it to her sat of the toilet waiting to wipe. Now that would be a picture to display on the home page of this sight.

To Breanna: Loved your story..sounds like a nice dump you had

I mentioned the other day being on here having to poop, after i got off i went and pooped. I had a soft log about 7" i guess really wiped alot. I was kinda feeling bloated yesterday am..well gotta run bye

Wet and worried
Hello everyone. First I want to say that today's masthead picture is great. (3/1/03) Now I want to share a problem I had. The other night, I was sound asleep and had a strange dream. I dreamt that I took the longest pee of my entire life. I dreamt that I just kept going for a long time and released a huge volume of pee. Well that was strange, but the worst part was that when I woke up in the morning, I had peed in my sleep and it was all over. I swear that The amount I had peed during the night was more than I have ever peed in my life. All of the clothes I wore to bed were completell soaked. The mattress had a wet spot that had a diameter of at least 4 feet and it was totally soaking almost all the way through the mattress. Sheets and pillows were ruined alike. I am a 27 year old man and this happened to me one other time a few years ago and it worried me then, but I decided to see if it happened again before I took any action. I don't know why I did not wake ! up and I wonder if there is something major wrong with me medically. I wonder if it is necessary to see a doctor about this, or just forget it and see if it happens again. i slept through the night last night without incident, but I had some bad diarhea this morning. propably because I am so worried.

Saturday I visited with my new friend at her pool. At the
deep end there is a high diving board about 6 feet high.
My friend’s brother peed into the garden from the top but
there are big trees around so nobody in the next house
can see. He aimed so that it made like a big arch and
went into a garden can with a loud noise. We laughed, it
was so funny! I was ready to try, climbed up, spread and
went another foot beyond the can. My friend couldnt
believe it. She said she couldnt go only using hands. You
mean you never do it standing, always sit on the ground
outside, I asked her. I use a travelling mate she said. My
clit thing gets in the way so the stream goes down. The
travelling mate lifts it up and holds it out of the way. I
never heard of travelling mates so she took me inside
and got out this little tube thing. Then when she climbed
the diving board she fitted it in and went but it didnt go as
far as mine. It went sorta forward and down. When I
showed her how I did it, later about an hour after we
drank coke she climbed up again and tried like me but it
went everywhere and down her legs and on the steps.
Maybe it will come right and only needs practice I told
her. I have been doing it standing almost all my life so
aiming etc is like automatic or natural. My aunt showed
me how when I was small. We were going to the mall
and she said never sit on dirty seats, always lift the seat
and stand. I was too small to pee into the pot but she
lifted me and later when I was bigger I could do it
standing by myself. The travelling mate is a cool idea.
How many others on this site have them?

Hey all-
Mike's Survey
To all men and women
1. How many times have you dropped poop on the bathroom floor instead of the toilet? NOT SINCE CHILDHOOD
2. Have you ever seen your parents in the bathroom on the toilet pooping and pissing? OH YEAH, MOSTLY WHEN I WAS A KID, HOWEVER, I CAUGHT MY DAD ONCE SHITTING LAST YEAR.
4. To the women have you ever used a mens restroom? N/A
5. To men do you flush the urinal after using it? VERY RARELY
6. To women do you flush the toilet after pissing in it? N/A
7. Have you ever pissed on the floor inthe bathroom? ON ACCIDENT.
8. Do you always wipe? (a after pissing,b drip dry) YEAH, I WIPE MY DICK AFTER PISSING--NO.
9. Have you ever left the toilet seat up in a public restroom? NOT THAT I RECALL.

mr. e³
This is my first time posting, but I've read many stories from this site, and I like it. I'm a 14-year-old guy from Kansas.

This may sound weird, but oh well, here I go.

Late last year, I was in my parent's bedroom when I had the urge to pee bad. I went to the bathroom and decided that, for some strange reason, I didn't want to go in the toilet. So, I took off all of my clothes and layed down on the bathroom floor, from where I let myself loose. It felt really good, and I just layed there in the little puddle for a while. A few days later when I was home alone, I repeated the procedure, except this time laying on my back. It felt better this way, and I've been peeing on the bathroom floor a number of different ways since. A few weeks ago, I started pooping on the floor, also. It felt good. Then, about the same time I started pooping on the floor, I filled the sink up with warm water and sat in it. It was one of the best feelings ever. I got a disposable cup and poured water over myself and it was great. Then, when I had dried myself off and let the water go down the sink, I stood on the sink (it has a cabinent under it) and bent over and! just went right there... it felt good.

My room's on the second story of my house, and I really had to pee at night, and my dad was in the bathroom, so I opened my window and took a leak out it. It felt almost as good as going on the floor, but now I keep empty Dr Pepper bottles up there and near my computer which is in the basement. Anyways, I had to pee real bad again and my dad was in the bathroom again, so I opened the bottle and went in it. Also, while I'm on the computer and have to pee really bad, I just keep doing whatever I was doing while I open the bottle and take a leak in it. Of course, someimtes it make s a really strange sound, like a fart.

After peeing into the bottle in the middle of the night, I realized I could pee in the dark. I went into the bathroom and closed the door, but didn't turn on the light. The bathroom was pitch black because it wasn't near any windows, and I got all my pee in the pot.

One of my friends named Dean once had to pee outside really bad. My other friends said hey, look at that! so I turned around and they ran around a corner. Then I went around the corner to see Dean taking a leak in a window well. It was funny.

That reminds me of another Dean story. I was at his house and I really had to go (and back then I never peed outside) so I asked if I could use his bathroom. He said sure, and I went in and tried to go standing up (which was relativly new to me) and it ended up all over the back of the seat.

Once, in elementry school, I really had to take a load off, so I went to the bathroom and sat in my usual stall. Only one of the stalls has a door, and I didn't ever use it. So, I'm setting on the doorless stall and, off in the distance, I hear the PA system saying something. I didn't think about it again until the bathroom suddenly became full of people for a tornado drill. I was embarrased, but I still used the stall without a door.

Another time, at the Jr. High School I attend, I was standing up at a urinal when I decided I was gonna miss on purpose. I aimed over to the left and into a stall and let myself loose.It was great.

Anyway, that's all the stories that I can remember. If you by any chance want to talk to me, my account is . I like it when people talk to me.

AUSSIEROD I went horseriding the other weekend. On the way back we had to cross from an island to the mainland at low tide. We were in the saddle for about 5 hours, just before we left the island a few of us stopped for a toilet stop in the bushes. This one particular girl who I had fancied over the weekend, I noticed did not go. She was latino in appearance, 5'2" petite with long black hair, smallish but firm bust & wore tight beige jodphurs. As we were crossing the low tide area toward the end of the trip I happened to be behind her. As her bum rose out of the saddle when she trotted her horse I noticed a dark brown stain in the crack of her bum. I wondered if she had shit herself while riding, due to circumstances she arrived back before me and was gone before I could have a good look. I knew a girl once who pissed her herself while riding, but never one who had shit themselves, must awfully uncomfortable and squishy especially if it is a big shit. Has anyone eve! r been in that predicament, I'd like to know.

I was talking to a buddy of mine and I told him how I always keep my cell phone except when I'm in the bathroom. I didn't want to be dumping and talking on the phone at the same time. Alot of times I'm in a public restroom and I can hear guys talking while they are on the can. I don't want the person I'm talking to hearing the sounds of flushing going on. You can't control when someone else flushes. My buddy asked me if I've ever answered the phone in my apt while on the can. He thought that it would be a funny visual, someone waddling across the floor with his pants around his ankles. He said that he's done it before and that he talks on the phone while dumping sometimes. He's a pretty funny guy and I'm glad he's pretty open about these types of discussions. He's a good-looking guy as well, and I wouldn't mind seeing him drop a load as well!

Do any of you remember the movie "Basic Instinct" in which the Michael Douglas character tries to demonstrate he is not psychotic with the words 'I don't look in the toilet when I flush'. I remember being enraged at the time though I had no one to confide in. Taking a healthy interest in one's bm and cleaning up the bowl for the next person is psychotic while furtively leaving the scene of this disgusting act is not. Excuse me! I've never felt the same about Michael Douglas since.


Sunday, March 03, 2003

John D.
When I see a woman who I consider attractive, I try to picture what she looks like sitting on the toilet taking a big poop

Hi from Aus,

Australian TV: A car add, for a new BMW (no, it doesn't feature BMs!) shows a succession of people having to stop their new car en route. A stylishly dressed young woman, allowing her Afghan Hound to get out to do it's business... The add finishes with a man getting out and going around to the roadside verge, staggering and struggling with his zip -- then taking a comedic fall down an embankment before he can pee...

Seen on a huge billboard in Melbourne -- Leyton Hewitt signing autographs for his fans. Yes, you guessed it, he's autographing toilet rolls!

ANNIE & ROBBIE -- hi there, miss you and the girls!

RJOGGERII -- welcome indeed. I still remember the cold shocky feeling when I read of your parents' loss: they were good friends here, and their company was sorely missed.

STEVE & LOUISE & DAMSEL & DONNA -- where are you all??? I miss you a lot!

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed I was defaecating in my bedroom! I was passing the most enormous motion, it was dry and difficult, not very smelly, and made a great load on the floor. I have no idea why I was doing it in my room, as my next job was to wrap it all in tissues and dispose of it with the minimum embarressment. Wierd!

Cheers all,


Girl from DC: Kids can be cruel. It is their nature. I discourage that among my schoolchildren. I now teach. I do not deny any child the use of a toilet. I know many of my female clasmates had to make #2 at school and I found them in the girls toilet almost everyday. So, I know they were in dire straits.

John D.
When I see a woman who I consider attractive, I try to picture what she looks like sitting on the toilet taking a big poop

Hey yall. Sorry I haven't been posting but I'm working on a website and it's taking up most of my free time. I just had to tell about my last dump though-it was awesome. I just started my cycle Tuesday and I bloat a little right before and during my period....and I cramp too. All three combined usually make for some pretty nice poop sessions. Anywho Tuesday night my belly started to hurt a little and I kept farting so I knew I'd have to go sit on my toilet soon. After about an hour of passing some rank gas I finally got up and went to the bathroom. I pulled down my dark blue Gap jeans and my baby blue thong and sat down. I peed for about 15 seconds and then there was a pause....and then the poop started slowly coming out. I could tell it was a relatively big piece because my asshole was strecthing and I could also hear it crackling really loud as it slid out. It seemed like it took forever to actually get out all the way. After I got to the end of it though it didn't drop ri ght away-it just hung there for a good 5 seconds and then schloped into the toilet. I pushed out one more tiny piece (really soft too) and I was finished. I had to wipe at least 3 or 4 times and the smell was funny-it was almost sweet but you could tell it was a poop stench. When I stood up I looked into the toilet and saw a long piece of light brown looked like it had cracks in it and it was about 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. I couldn't tell which end actually came out of my ass first though-it was tapered at both ends. Pretty interesting. The second poop was just a tiny ball but really soft-it was sitting on top of the bigger poop. I felt much better afterwards. Since I am working online now hopefully i'll have more time to post my stories. I really like Alexa's and Annie and Robbie's. Take care everyone. Breanna

Friday, February 28, 2003

Jane (& Gary)
I've been very busy with work, and I'm also trying out some online classes, so I haven't been able to post and barely enough time to even skim through the posts. There are so many new posters.

RJogger II: Hi and welcome! Your parents (RJogger and Kathy) were very nice people, and they made many friends here. They were great contributers to this forum. We were very sad when we lost them.

Carmalita: Hola! Great to see you posting again. That was a cool story of you pooping with a laptop and giving us the play-by-play. Your story about your classmate pooping was also funny. Too bad you didn't stick around for the entire pooping session.

Robby & Annie: Hi! I miss you guys, too. I also miss Meghan and Sarah. I'm glad to hear Meghan continues to heal.

I haven't had too much to post about poopwise. My poops have been very regular and small to medium loads since the new year. I didn't make a New Year's resolution to poop less, but that's what I've been doing. I was doing hard poops during the holidays, but it returned to normal shortly after New Years. I've had very few large or massive pooping sessions.

To Wetguy: I see about wetting your pants while sleeping.

To Emily in NYC: I liked your that was a close call.

To Steve: Try eating starches and lots of meat if you want a big shit.

To Currious George: Thats cool about survivor..i don't watch that show.

To Michaela: Thats cool about the dare..hope the parents don't find out.

To Eric in Chicago: I liked your stories

To Inés: I liked your story about hiking and having to poop.

To Night Owl: That sounds like a cool book.

To IndianaMAN: Sounds like some nice dumps you had at home...i liked your story too about the hotel.

To William: I Liked your you feel better?

To FED POOP: Sounds like a nice dump.

To Don: Liked your story about your g/f

To Renthal: Liked your story.

To Mike: 1. Yes, i was at work but it was break time. 2. No 3. No

I kinda have to poop now, luckly the urge has held so i can get threw with this. I think its gonna be gassy and soft, cause i ate egg salad last night...been farting a little gotta run

Jane (& Gary)
I've been very busy with work, and I'm also trying out some online classes, so I haven't been able to post and barely enough time to even skim through the posts. There are so many new posters.

RJogger II: Hi and welcome! Your parents (RJogger and Kathy) were very nice people, and they made many friends here. They were great contributers to this forum. We were very sad when we lost them.

Carmalita: Hola! Great to see you posting again. That was a cool story of you pooping with a laptop and giving us the play-by-play. Your story about your classmate pooping was also funny. Too bad you didn't stick around for the entire pooping session.

Robby & Annie: Hi! I miss you guys, too. I also miss Meghan and Sarah. I'm glad to hear Meghan continues to heal.

I haven't had too much to post about poopwise. My poops have been very regular and small to medium loads since the new year. I didn't make a New Year's resolution to poop less, but that's what I've been doing. I was doing hard poops during the holidays, but it returned to normal shortly after New Years. I've had very few large or massive pooping sessions.

To Bryian - Once in awhile, I wake up about to pee my pants. I usually manage to hold on for about 5 seconds and then i leak a little. I dont usually wake up having already had an accident.

To River - Thanks for the compliment. As you've probably seen before, I'm 17/m and enjoy peeing my pants too - would like to see more stories. I frequently wet my pants when sitting at my desk, especially at night. It's just so much easier than getting up and going to the bathroom.

To Renthal - Looking forward to any stories you have, especially pee ones!

To Potty Pooper - Cool story about the kid in Denny's starting to pee in his pants. I think i would have risked wetting my pants more rather than actually unzipping and grabbing myself!!


To wetguy: Oh i see about the basement.

To SeXy gIrL: Welcome..I liked your story.

To shit girl: Liked your story..did you ever shit?

To Keli: Liked your story..its probably green from the icing.

To RP: Im from Us..y?

To Punk Rock Girl: LOL about falling asleep on the toilet.

To Jay: I liked your

To Courtney: I see about strenious work and having to poop.

To Emily in NYC: Liked your story about farting.

To *Aleesh*: Liked your story.

To Matt: Liked your story.

To DNA: Liked your story...i've had that happen while looking at things in a store.

To My husband helped me poop: Enjoyed your story.

To Anthony K.: Liked your story.

To Potty Pooper: Thats intresting about the ad

To Eric: Loved your story about your roomate.

To Renthal: Liked the story about what your heard.

To Wet and worried: Liked your story...i don't know if its normal, it might be

To Roberta: Enjoyed your story

To mr. e³: Loved your stories

I was online last night, i had come home from work and i had been farting alot. Then later on an urge hit me and i went to the bathroom and i sat for 15 minutes atleast..I really had to poop and it was very soft. been soft latly...well gotta go..time for work bye

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