I am a 16-year-old, medium-build girl with a 17-year-old boyfreind, also medium build. Like my boyfriend, I usually take a crap once a day or so. Today, however, we had a unique experience.

I was playing around with my boyfriend today when I realized I had to crap very bad. I told him, "Want to see me have a massive crap?" and surely enough, he agreed. So I got out a piece of paper towel, laid it on the floor, pulled down my pants, and squatted over the paper towel. Seconds later, a 9" turd forced its way out of my butt, propmting ym boyfriend to say, "Girl, you must have had to go very bad!" I sad, "Indeed, but it's better now." Shortly after, I told him to get toilet paper, and I wiped and pulled up my pants. Then, I lifted the edges of the towel, went into my backyard, dug a 7" hole, dumped the crap into the hole, and covered it with the soil. Several days later, I checked that spot, and nothing remained but soil.

Bill: This one's for you. Good for you. Kids do not not hold back. If you have to go at school, GO! I never had that experience until 7th grade. Then, one day I had to go and I left the classroom. It was scary but it was good. See one of my earlier posts.

AT: Sorry about your misfortune on the BART. Here in New York, some stations have public toilets. I would only use one as a last resort. I've had to a few times. In Wash. DC Metro, toilets are closed to the public. They are for employees, only. In an employee's discretion, he may allow a passenger, maybe with small child in an emergency.

Punk Rock Girl: Since I have cut out take out food and junk food from my diet, I do not have those experiences. I was 20 and my parents were away. So, I had the house to my self. I ate some leftover Chinese food from the day before. I went out on an errand and as I walked up to my house, I felt a violent urge in my bowels. I rushed up the steps and got the door opened. I sped to the bathroom, lifted my short jean skirt, let down my light blue panties to my ankles and released my bowels. It was like a fire hydrant at greater alarm fire. Brown chunks and water rained out my stomach. The cramps were murder. I wiggled my ankles for the cramps. Finally, after a short while, I squeezed out a watery fart. I did not have such an experience since elementary school.

Billy & Kevin
It's Kev this time, since Billy was away for the second part of the story. We went to our cabin for christmas. On Christmas eve, mom let us stay up until 11:00. I think she hoped we would not get up early like we did last year. At 10:30, she told us to get ready for bed, so we would be asleep before santa comes. (We don't believe in him, but our little brothers do. She tolds us we won't get any presents if we do anything to ruin this for them.) Our little brothers were taking a bath. We went and Tom, one of my older brothers, was sitting on the toilet. He said he was having one of those poops that take a while. I was having warning shot farts for about an hour, but i knew I could hold out until the morning. I told billy, and he said he felt a turd coming and would make a biggie in the morning too. So we brushed out teeth and went out to watch tv before going to bed. At 11:00 we peed and went to sleep. About 5:30 we woke. Our little brothers were already awake. My cousin Bill! y was still asleep. Our grandparents gave our radio controlled cars, so we were playing with them, racing them the hallway. We weren't allowed to leave our room until 6:00. While we were playing, I said, I can't wait until we can leave our rooms because I have a major load to drop. Billy said he did too. About 5 to six, we started ramming the cars against our parents room. We only did it about 5 times. At six, they came out and see we can go now. Our little brothers were ready. They ran into the bathroom. My older brothers went in next. Tom said he had to poop again and he was next. I said to Billy, I will race you downstairs. Last oen has to use the potty. He said ok. We grabbed our cars and ran downstairs. I won. I sat on the toilet and he sat on the little potty. I dropped my first log and was working on my second. Cousin billy came in and said he really needed a poop. He said it was already starting to come out. I finished the log and got up. He dropped about 6 logs in ! about 20 seconds. While he was pooping, my grandpa came in. He said, what are you doing. We were running our cars while we were in the bathroom. I told him that. He said, why are you standing there half naked? I said, oh you mean that. Billy had to poop real bad, so I got up and let him go. I still have to pee and wipe. When Billy was almost done, I squatted, got some toilet paper and wiped and thew the paper in toilet behind him. When we all peed in the toilet inlcuding grandpa. (Billy tried to hurry up so I can finish, and my brother did not pee on the little potty, it would overflow.) Then my brother emptied the pottie and flushed. We washed our hands and flushed.

I didn't have to poop for about two days after that. We went back home for the day (we stayed at the cabin until after new years). Cousin Billy and I went into the hsoptial to play with one of our friends who was in. My brother went to another friend's house for a party. Around lunch time, it was time for me to poop. Usually, when we play with kids in the hosptial, we use the nurse's bathroom. But, with kids we know well, we sometimes use theirs. I said to Joey, the kid we were playing with, I have to poop. He siad, let's play a joke on the nurses. He said, he will have to poop after lunch and they always want to see his poop. So, you poop, adn then I poop, and it will be a really big poop. I said ok. The only thing was that I had to wipe myself someplace else (too much tp was a given away). We peed (joey had to pee into abottle) and flushed. Then I pooped out one huge log, abotu 18 in and about 5 logs about 6 in. I stopped at the bathroom by the caf and wiped my butt. A! fter lunch, we were talking in the caf, when Joey said we'd better get back, or the nurse would see the poop in his underwear. I said, ok, let's go. So we emptied oru trays and went back to the room. billy said he had to go too. Joey said he poop in the toilet then he would poop. SO billy pooped out about 10 6 in logs. Finally joey went. He pooped out 2 huge logs, as big as mine, then about 12 6in logs. He pooped out about as much as the two of us did (and ours was a lot bigger than usual - i did poop for two days). While joey and billy were pooping, we were playing with his playstation (the tv was next to the tv, so we could play and poo at the same time). While joey was pooping, the nurse came in and said what are you doing? Joey said playing games. He finshed about 5 mintues before. The game ended and he wiped. When he got up, the nurse said you must feel about 10 pounds lighter. It was a lot of crap He said he did. The nurse flushed the toilet and we findished playing.

when it was time to take our baths, billy and i both ahd to poop again. Billy went in first. He sat down. I siad to him, I htink you forgot to do something. He said, what? Wipe yourself at the hospital. He looked at his underwear and there was a huge streak in ti. He just cleaned his underwear in the shower and threw it in the laundry with the towels.

To Chris (female): Cute story! Did you never pee yourself since then? From what I read, there are quite a number of girls who wet themselves on their way home after a date or party etc. Did that never happen to you?

Rich in Westchester County (RJoggerII). Hi. Thanks for posting. As you probably well know RJogger & Kathy were regular and well loved posters whose contributions were certainly enjoyed by me and no doubt many others too. Their passing was a great sadness. However, I'm glad that you now feel able to keep up the family tradition and look forward to more of your posts.

STREAKS. Sorry to hear about your problem. I suspect that nerves may well have a lot to do with it. However, I think it would be wise to discuss it with your doctor, just to rule out a physical cause. You may well have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or a stress/anxiety driven need to poo when you go out which needs investigating. I hope matters soon improve for you and the lady you're dating is understanding about your difficulties. Let us know how you get on.

ANTHEA: I think I know where you're coming from. Whenever I do a thick and soft log in the dorm bathroom late at night, I'll sometimes bring my cheeks together and squish it through them, just to get the feeling. I like it sometimes, it's hard to explain. But I never thought it was dirty or anything; I just thought that it was a nice feeling. It sure took a lot of time to clean afterward, though.

PRG: I'm like you in the respect that I will also not mind paying the price for certain foods. I'm not big on deli sandwiches, but I am quite a fan of cheesecake. However, I'm also either mildly lactose intolerant, or it's just dairy-induced bowel quickening (not quite as dangerous to deal with, since you wouldn't get as dehydrated), but after cheesecake, no one wants to be in the bathroom when I come running, ripping down my pants and undies and schlup-schlup-schluping into the bowl. It's sometimes fun to see how many people I can stink out, or to have smell-wars with other girls in the bathroom! Once, however, some girl got kinda sick from the fumes I was making in there, so I warn people before I'm going to "blast off."

CARMALITA: Hey there! Hope you and the rest have more good adventures, especially with your newest member! Be back when you can.

That's all for now, I guess. Nothing much to report...I'm probably going to have some huge movement tomorrow, due to the fact that I haven't had one yet since Friday.


Hi, sorry for asking the same question twice. I guess I must have missed the response the first time. (Thankyou Eric from Chicago and others.)

For currious George: I don't know if shit burns and most people would have no desire to find out as it would really stink badly. Why don't you take a dump outside and try to light it. Let us know what color the flames are and how it smells. I have only been reading this forum for a couple weeks but have to say it is odd to hear of so many people taking a dump without peeing. A few do but many just post the log came out but no mention of peeing. I didn't think you could shit without peeing during the process..

I love this site. It is SOOO funny!! Anyway, here's a little story that might amuse a few people out there. Last summer, I was camping in the UK in Wales with some friends. The camp site that we were staying on had a quite nice shower-block that was operated by a kind of 'swipe card system. One block for the women, one for the men. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went to take a shower in the guy's one, but it was totally out of, me being me, I decided to go see if anyone was using the ladies one and, if not, I'd just have a quick shower in there. So, in I go. No one in there...great. Fed my pre-pay card into the closest machine to thev shower cubicle I was in...then goes into this large shower cubicle, hung up my clothes (after taking them off, obviously!)The shower was operated by means of a pull-cord switch. Basically when you are ready, you pull the cord, the shower then operates for a given amount of time.
It was then that I really needed to pee. I had a choice. Put my clothes back on and use the stall in there, or just let it go where I was and wash it down with the water when I turned it on. Not much choice really. I pissed a gallon of really smelly bright yellow pee that really showed up on this white cubicle floor. Much relieved, I pulled the cord. Nothing happened. Tried it again. Still nothing. To my horror it was then that I realised that I must have chrged up the wrong shower cubicle. I was standing in a puddle of piss, with no means to rid myself of the evidence. What to do? There was still no one in there, so, as quickly as I could I gathered up my clothes, cracked the door open to make sure the block was still empty, then darted into the other cubicle. This one worked. It was while I was in the middle of my shower, when a woman came in and, yes, you've guessed it, decided to use the cubicle next to me. She shrieked her protest very loudly at what she found in th! ere. I just kept a very guilty silence.


Last night i got online and it was almost dinner time, i wasn't too hungry cause i had to poop..I ended up pooping before dinner thought it would make me hungry..i had 2 logs that were light brown..any one else have this problem?

Hello all. It has been a long time since I have posted. A really long time (2 Years or more). Now I am having a problem and I thought I would turn to old friends for some advice. In general I consider myself a "normal dumper". Nothing to exciting to report usually. But now there is this girl. The most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. Even my friends tell me the same thing. I am very attracted to her as she is to me. I love to spend time with her at clubs and out in public. But, when we get alone anywhere, the problems start. I get extreme cramps followed by horrific explosions of crap. Even if I go #2 before going out, it still always have to poop when she gets close to me. And heaven help me if I eat anything when I'm with her. I won't even make 10 minutes before I have to excuse myself. I think it's all because of being nervious. I have butterflys in my colon. I have even tried taking anti-diherria meds hours before going good. And if this isn't bad enough! , I get gas too. Sure a good case of gas is fun, but there is a time and place for that, and in the middle of a kiss is not it.
I know that she knows that I have a problem. I thought talking to her about things would help me feel better. Nope. Didn't help at all. I still poop. Last week it was so bad that I actually had to use the womens room at a night club because the mens had urinals only. Could I be suffering from anxiety? Could all of these problems be from nerves? Is there some medication I can take that would make this go away? Does this happen to any of you ever or am I wierd? I don't want to be craping every time we go out. What if we get a little intimate later. We all know that you can't get fully clean after a case of the trots unless you shower. I actually passed up a back seat opportunity last week because I knew I had just craped and was afraid of not being totally clean. Someone please help me. This is no way to live.

A note to curious george. This does not work. Some friends and I tried to "Light a log" a few years ago at a camp fire. It didn't seem to burn anymore than a banana would. It just smokes and bubbles. It will however do a fine job of keeping the mosquitos away. :)

Hello to all. I'm behind in many things, and this is one of them. I'll have fun catching up though.

Drew P: your story was one of the best stories I've read. Maybe I can reciprocate and give you a good story. It's on page 926

Patricia: that was a good story. were you truly disgusted when you
called your bro in law a perv?

Punk Rock Girl: geez, I was looking around for my first post and it took so long that I found your first post on pg 816. That's coo you been on this site up until this point. If you were to pee in front of me(average day), would it be a more like tinkling or a strong piss?

I remember a show that would be shown on tv a while back called busted on the job, and it would show people doing outrageous things at their respective places of work, via a hidden camera. Two scenes that stood out in my mind were; a man that peed in the coffee dispenser that was used to serve others coffee, and my favorite, a woman that peed on the chair of her boss. She was allegedly mad at her boss for whatever reason and decided to get revenge the only way she knew how. The camera showed her alone in a room, maybe the boss' office and she got down to business, turning the cushion of the one person chair, raising her skirt up to reveal her panties, pulling it down, and sitting down (she sat down in a way that you couldn't see her private). She sat there for around 8-10 seconds and got up. No sounds or stream were shown but with a little imagination this scene can be very erotic. That's why I liked it. Anyone see this show before?

Eric in Chicago
Bryian: Most people will get red, maroon, or even purple shit if they eat enough beets. I've done it a few times. One of these days I've got to eat a ton of corn and beets so I'll plop my junior high school team colors (maroon and yellow). I've already shit my high school colors (blue); I can't think of how I'd get my college colors (dark blueish purple and yellow).

While nearly everyone gets colored shit after eating enough beets, some people get pinkish or reddish piss but others don't. I think it's genetically determined. I'm one of those who does.

Barefooter: I can sort of understand why college students might masturbate in the stalls; they're probably living with a bunch of roommates and don't have too many private places where they can do it. Deliberately calling attention to it is tacky, though, and there's absolutely no excuse for the voyeurism you've encountered.

IndianaMAN: your explanation for what happens when the urge to shit goes away is correct. You get the urge when shit moves into your rectum from the terminal part of the colon (whose name I can't remember). If you ignore the urge long enough, a little bit of reverse peristalsis moves the shit back into the colon, and the urge goes away.

Zip: Some guys may just not like the idea of any part of their clothing other than their shoes touching the ground/floor. It may be a concern about cleanliness, possibly in a ritual sense.

PRG: Classic illustration of people eating something they know will give them the shits is kids pigging out on unripe green apples.

Curious George: Shit wouldn't burn well because it's something like 75% water. Dried shit would burn and there are some places where dried cow manure is used as fuel. There can be flammable gasses (methane and hydrogen) in the colon, but they're so light that none of them would remain in shit.

I took a shit in the bathroom at my dorm about 6:30 this morning. I had chinese food last night. I was farting all night. I woke up this morning and long chunky hot dogs and farted alot. A guy actually came into the stall next to me and didn't say anything. Then all of a sudden he said, "Close your nose, Luke. A big one is coming." I asked who it is and discovered it was my ex-roomate. He recognized my slippers. LOL The ones with the dog nose on the front. We laguhed during the shit. It was cool.

I don't think I have ever wiped my bottom standing, unless outside when having to squat in an uncomfortable position, eg on the slope of a hill. For me the most efficient cleaning is when I remain sitting on the toilet, with my hole open as far as possible. Could someone please say why it's better to wipe standing?

On the toilet with the seat up? Sometimes no option! No seats in Naples McDonalds about 3 years ago. Fortunately there was enough paper to cover the area where my bare posterior would SIT, and BE WIPED (by me)afterwards. A bit cold, though.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

answers to mike 42's survey

okay dude , I am male but have this fetish for women pissing . so here goes .

1. yes one time as a teenager I looked through this outside window into the girl's room at this local church building just before this young people's AA meeting and saw this hot looking chick sitting and pissing , at least the sillouette of her body through the thin curtains. another time was when I spyed through this window at my house to see if I could see my girlfriend pissing but really could not. 3. this time at this young people's AA meeting while waiting to piss in the unisex restroom and I could see her shadow sitting and hear her pee LOUDLY TINKLING in the toilet bowl . my last girlfriend was the first woman ever that actually allowed me to see her piss in the toilet bowl and I still wonder why she didn't make any foam at all no matter how long she held her piss.

2. flush ? yes usually except for the times I sit and pee like a girl at home and then, leave the pee to see if the foam stays long or not. I remember this woman I knew in florida who was a "dead head" and at her parties she'd post this sign over the house toilet in the bathroom . it said IF IT'S YELLOW? LET IT MELLOW ! IF IT'S BROWN? THEN FLUSH IT DOWN ! being a dead head hippie and living on five acres of land with a well and septic tank in rural eastern seminole county , florida , she was concerned with the local water shortage problems caused by overdevelopment and water wasted on farming practices like frost protection in winter.

3. oh yes < in fact when I crap , I usually flush more than once and as many as three or more times to get rid of it all. I hate when people leave their left over turds after one " efficiency flush"

4. no, then again, I have never been to japan or other countries where they have toilets in the floor , only the US and canada
5. not sure mike42, do you mean like when the last person[ often a guy !] pisses on the toilet seat and leaves the piss for all to sit in . yes I do lift the seat but with paper or my foot in that case . I do love when I use the unisex restroom and a girl has just finished pissing and she leaves those little yellow " tinkle droplets" on the front of the toilet seat. this reminds me of this time when this cute looking blond chick of 21 asked where the "womens room" was at this church where this 12 step meeting was at.[ there was only one and it was unisex] I happily showed her as I too , had to pee , and let her go ahead of me so I could see if I could hear her urinate into the toilet bowl . I could hear her urine tinkle for about one full minute then , a few spritzes and she flushed . when I went in I could see little yellow drops of urine on the white toilet seat and had to imagine watching her urine come out of her vulva into the toilet water and wondered if she made ! foam or not .

6. yes I do , but to this day I still get piss shy at mens room urinals , especially when there is NO partition between them. I can still hear those voices in my head from the guys back in high school saying , " hey, what are you looking at fag boy ! you queer MF "

7. no, I'm a guy. but many times I have sat down to pee in a unisex restroom like those single toilet types at many gas stations and also most unitarian churches [ where they believe equal rights and feminism means GENDER EQUITY and often have two restrooms both guy/girl and guy/girl instead of the traditional men/women idea ] . I love to see what it is like to pee like a girl and to see if women make foam like guys usually do and to hear how it sounds. you could tell I have never been married LOL

8. FOAM ? usually but that depends on how often I have to pee. I have been told by this girl online that the reason men make foam is that they stand up and their piss travels further and hits the water harder than girls do. I have always been curious if WOMEN FOAM AFTER THEY SIT AND PISS? AND IF THEY DO, HOW MUCH FOAM? this is why I often sit down in a unisex restroom or at home to pee , and my former girlfriend NEVER LEFT ANY FOAM when she would piss into the toilet water each time I watched her " go to the ladies room" as she would say.

9. being male, yes, I have used the womens room more than a few times, but only when it is like one stall each restroom and the mens room is occupied. the only other time was when I worked as a janitor a few times and this one time I used to work at the "disney rest area" on I-4 in orlando, florida and my colleague was MUTE [ deaf and could not speak] . he told me to always clean the womens rooms[ there were two restrooms each on both the mens side and womens side, the mens had like four toilets and 6 urinals each; the womens had about 12 toilets each side] he could not hear the women "make noise" and could NOT yell to see if any were in there and so he always did the mens rooms and I did the womens. I used to sit down and piss like a woman on the side that I had closed and was cleaning , in the womens room just to see how it feels to be a girl. and also, I used to see the urine with that piece of toilet paper when the last girl forgot to flush and could often hear the w! omen tinkle when they would urinate in the open room on the other side of the wall from the open top . this rest area on interstate 4 between exits 28 and 29 was a very well known hangout and pick up place for male gays and one time this " born again" christian woman whom I used to work with till she asked to have her shift changed after I refused to be homophobic like her . anyway, she substituted for that mute guy one night when he was sick and yelled at me " who said you should be allowed to clean the womens rooms ? you should be doing the mens because you're a man and you need to chase those faggots out and call the state police on them. this is a family rest area and fathers should be able to bring their little boys in to pee without some queer looking at their private parts" needless to say I told her off and called her a bigot.

10. N/A but if I was a woman and wanted equal rights , then I would stop bitching about the toilet seat being up all the time . I used to know this woman who would always pick up the seat in the unisex bathroom at this meeting I went to and often wondered why . then I figured out so that lazy guys [and hovering girls too???] dont piss on the seat which I thought was so cool.

survey: WOMEN ONLY
1. what does it sound like when you urinate?

2. when you sit down and piss, does your pee always hit the water? why? or why not? wide is your average stream and does it come out in one straight stream like a guy? or does it spray in all directions? you piss in one steady stream? or many short sprinkles?

5.does your piss stream come out? A. straight down into the toilet water? or B. to the side or the front? or, C. to the back of the bowl?


7. what does it look like when you pee hits the water? and do you ever watch yourself peeing?

8. what color does the toilet water look like after your finished peeing? A. yellow without foam? B.yellow with foam? C. clear with foam? D. just clear without any foam?

Rich in Westchester County NY (RJOGGER II)
I have been surfing this very interesting site for some time, and while I donít have the time now to post about toilet episodes, two posts caught my interest and I just wanted to reply.

currious george Ė I donít know if shit burns (maybe it does), but your second question is intriguing.
My wife of 15 years has large boobs, her best girlfriend, who is the same age, does not. I have observed both of them crapping, and there is little difference in their output: they both produce large dumps. Both are very active athletically, and eat large amounts of fiber. I think that might be the key, as my own experience has shown that consuming large amounts of fiber and liquids produces voluminous bowel movements. But then again, my wife is a brunette, her girlfriend is a redhead. So maybe large breasted brunettes and small breasted redheads both produce large poops (LOL). I am only kidding of course.

Bridget Ė Your observation about constipation and irregularity is quite true. A gastroenterologist friend that I run with pretty much stated the same. Some people just donít go every day, while others have a very difficult time on the toilet.

I have to run, some time soon I will post again.
As for the name, RJOGGER II, I am the oldest son of Rich and Kathy, who used to post here. More on that later.

Full to capacity
As an occasional visitor to the site I thought I would post something that happened to me at work a few months ago.
I was with a group of businessmen being shown round a new factory. Lunch was in the boardroom and then a tour of some new print works.
Even before I had a few glasses of wine I needed the toilet - awash with coffee from the morning. I thought I knew where I'd seen the gents and set off to find them. I'd seen others coming and going so reckoned if they could find them so could I.
I wandered up and down corridors and floors without any joy and knowing we were setting off for the afternoon session soon I headed back to the boardroom, with the intention of asking where the toilets where.
As I got back the others were coming out and the boss who was showing us round said: ďAll right? We're just setting offĒ and preceeded talking to me while we walked.
I hadn't weed for more than six hours and by this time I needed to wee badly but was too embarrassed to say I hadn't been able to find the loo and needed to go. I thought talking and looking at new equipment would take my mind off it anyway.
On the way to the press room I kept my eye open for the gents, thinking I'd be able to nip back and go but had no luck. Another half hour had passed and my need for a wee was getting desperate.
I stood at the back cos I'm tall anyway but so no-one would notice my, by now, obvious discomfort. I was shifting from foot to foot and squeezing my penis and crossing my legs. A colleague who noticed my constant shifting turned and asked what was wrong.
I told him I needed the toilet and he said he too wished he'd gone before we left.
Knowing I wasn't the only one with a full-to-bursting bladder was of some comfort . Ten minutes later we moved on and I was finding it hard to walk and was squeezing myself more often.
My colleague asked me how I was doing and I said oh okay and I can wait. In reality I was already wetting myself.
We had stopped again and it was just too much for me. I had started wetting myself in hot spurts that were getting longer and longer in their duration as I failed in my attempts to shut it off. My underpants were cotton and absorbed the first few spurts but it wasn't long before I knew it was showing on my crotch. I had a light grey suit on. I was weeing uncontrollably as I ducked behind some machinery as the others moved away and stood there for tow minutes and finished my wee. I looked at the damage: crotch, both legs of my trousers and a huge puddle.
I was mortified and knew I couldn't rejoin my colleagues. I went outside and waited in the car park. The colleague who had asked how I was doing was giving me a lift home. It was another two hours before he showed up and asked what had happened to me. I told him I hadn't made it to the toilet in time. He undid his jacket to show me the stain on his crotch where he had wet himself while trying to get his fly undone. Made me feel a little bit better.

To Carmalita: Liked hearing about dumping on a paper plate..sounds like some nice dumps you've had.

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story.

To Bill: Liked your story of your first time to poop in school.

To PooPn'Pee: Thats an intresting thought about being obese.

To jim: Liked your story..i wonder if any one found your poop on the floor? your right, your too big to be having accidents...try and post some stories about you making it on the toilet please.

To Brian (Cleveland, OH): Cool poem.

To Baby: Liked your story about peeing on the bathroom door..LOL

To Adrian: Thats intresting what you saw on tv.

To AT: Liked your accident story.

To Anthea: Liked your story about your pooping habits when you were a kid.

I knew yesterday i had forgten a story to post on!
I work at this hospital, im like a janitor etc. Any way i had over heard a paitent say something to a nurse one morning, this paitent about 25-30 had just finished eating breakfast, don't think he had eatten to much. He says to the nurse, i gotta have BM. The nurse refuses to send him back to the bathrooms. Then he mentioned something about shitting on the floor. He never did that, or else i'd be cleaning it up.
Any way i went to bed last night, turned on the tv and there was this movie on Oxygen network, called "A Home of Our Own". I've seen this movie before, and i know there was a toilet sceene in it so i watched it again. Theres a part where this boy about 7 or 8 is seen running outside towards the outhouse with toilet paper in his hands. He knocks on the door and his mom is in there and she says busy. And the mom is like can't you hold it. Hes like no. So he goes in and they are both shitting next to each other and the mom then says, you know i used to wipe that butt of yours when you were a baby. I love this sceene.
Has any one seen this before?
Any way gotta run bye

Carmalita. Enjoyed your latest post. Glad to see you've made a comeback after what seems like a long absence.

currious george. I'd like to think that ladies who were well endowed up top were capable of big motions down below but I suspect there's no relation between breast size the bowel movements the ladies have. It's a bit like conjecture that guys who are 'well hung' have stronger bladders and wee more heavily when they eventually go than other guys. In reality the likelihood is that size has nothing to do with it.

I forgot to mention it my last post but there was a lovely piece on the front page of last Wednesday's London Times, with the heading 'Marines caught short by lack of loo rolls.' As you might guess, British troops in Kuwait have been sent out with inadequate supplies of loo rolls (amongst other things) and they've had to borrow some from the Americans. At least it raised a chuckle if nothing else in these tense days!

In today's Sunday Sport there was a delightful photo. One of their stunnas had been dumped by her boyfriend. By way of revenge she handed a photo of him sat on the loo to the newspaper and they duly printed it. Poor fellow.

On Friday my Aunt Anne came to visit and as always it was great to see her. At teatime though she declined a second cup of tea, teasing me that she'd have to 'stop off' somewhere on the way home if she had any more - knowing no doubt that that was really rather something I'd like to hear. After tea my uncle announced that he was going to 'pay a visit' somewhere before the journey home and she teased him with 'we all know where that is.' What a wonderful sense of humour!

Best wishes to everyone


the "HOLD IT" man
15 MINUTES??? Baby peed for 15 minutes non stop?? That has to be a worlds record!

Rich in Westchester County NY (RJOGGER II)
I have been surfing this very interesting site for some time, and while I donít have the time now to post about toilet episodes, two posts caught my interest and I just wanted to reply.

currious george Ė I donít know if shit burns (maybe it does), but your second question is intriguing.
My wife of 15 years has large boobs, her best girlfriend, who is the same age, does not. I have observed both of them crapping, and there is little difference in their output: they both produce large dumps. Both are very active athletically, and eat large amounts of fiber. I think that might be the key, as my own experience has shown that consuming large amounts of fiber and liquids produces voluminous bowel movements. But then again, my wife is a brunette, her girlfriend is a redhead. So maybe large breasted brunettes and small breasted redheads both produce large poops (LOL). I am only kidding of course.

Bridget Ė Your observation about constipation and irregularity is quite true. A gastroenterologist friend that I run with pretty much stated the same. Some people just donít go every day, while others have a very difficult time on the toilet.

I have to run, some time soon I will post again.
As for the name, RJOGGER II, I am the oldest son of Rich and Kathy, who used to post here. More on that later.

Hola mis amigos!
JARED: I'm afraid I can only come visit once in a while. Cool, I'd love it if you could watch me, because that means you'd have to return the favor and bare your buns while I watched!
PUNK ROCK GIRL: Hi girl! What's up? I've been trying to read some older posts, great surveys. I should try to come up with a survey on my own. Maybe I will. Take care, love ya!
BRIDGET: I think you'd have fun if you came outdoors with me and Nu to poop!We'd help you get over that shyness!

Yesterday I took a dump on a paper plate in front of Nu and Joanne. Jo put it on the scale for laughs and it weighed almost 4 lbs! Today I decided to bring my laptop in and take a big one while I write to you all. Ahhhhh...I'm peeing a nice, gushy stream. It really feels cool to be typing this while I'm peeing. It's still coming out, big gushes. This is a long piss.
Last drips!....I just finished working out this early a.m., and I'm all sweaty and gucky. I have early morning classes (wahhhhh). Before I jump in the shower, I need to take a big, fat dump that I'm going to share with you all.
Seconds are passing...Okay, I can feel one.
Hold on while I's coming...a big one..
A big chunk of brown rope just sunk to the bottom of the toilet.
That one felt good, nice and soft, not like yesterday's dump that rock hard. Nu just came in and is laughing at me because I'm sitting here sweaty and naked with my laptop. She says hello to everyone by the way.
There's more, but it's going to take awhile to come out I think.
Yesterday, Nu was on the toilet singing to herself while she took a dump. It was funny because there'd be these huge strains during some of the song. Let's see...what else? Oh yeah, at school, I was in the bathroom when I recognized a girl from one of my classes, a cute ???? redhead. Man did she ever take a shit!!! She was wearing jeans and a long sleeve green sweater, and her hair is really long and straight. I think she's a doll, and it was really cool because she didn't even pause, just went right into the stall and sat down on the pot.
Hold on a we go....

Oh!...those were huge ones! I just dropped two huge turds that broke in half and splashed my butt. Man they stink. I was eating enchiladas and cabbage last night. Be thankful you're not here to smell 'em!

Anyway, this girl in the bathroom started grunting and pushing, and I was fooling with my hair, casually stealing glances in the mirror at her feet below the stall door. Her toes were pointed inward as she grunted hard and about 5, or 6 heavy plops came crashing into the toilet as she moaned. I left because she was stinking the place up bad.

Oh yeah, some softies are coming.....splat-splat-splat! Ok, Carmalita's through pooping this morning. Pewwww, it's a bad one too. I don't have to look at them. I can tell they're huge by the way I had to push. More pee.........nice dribbles.....
Ahhhhhhh. Time for a shower now. This was a really nice dump, especially since I could be with you all.
OKay, I've just wiped. There's a huge mound of crap in the toilet, and one really long and fat turd coiled around the bottom. Woooo-hoooo!

I love you all soooooo much.

P/S.---Lita be stinking today!!!!!!!

currious george
Is it true shit burns? I am told shit emits an extraneous gas and when lit it will burn just like a charcol log. is there any truth to the saying big tits mean big shits? i am told women with larger breasts have larger movements than women who have smaller breasts???
Inquiring minds want to know!

Punk Rock Girl
Does anyone here ever eat something they know is going to give them the shits? I do. Soft serve ice cream, turkey gravy, onion rings, and pretty much anything fried. I have cut down my eating of such things, but every once in a while I treat myself, and wind up paying the consequences a few hours later.

Yesterday for lunch I made a very big mistake. I hadn't had anything bad in a while, so I got a Reuben from the deli next door. It was decadent and delicious.

About two hours later, I was on the toilet with explosive diarrhea. I mean EXPLOSIVE. I yanked my pants and thong down, sat my bare ass on the crapper and...


Oh, God. It was horrible. I sat there for about twenty minutes after the intial blast with liquid shit oozing out my ass. When, finally, I felt it was safe to get up, I wiped my ass (a laborious and unpleasant job) and carefully inserted my thong back between my butt cheeks, which were very raw and sore after all they'd been through. I managed to stink up the whole bathroom. Amazingly, no one came in.

The million dollar question is: was it worth it?

Hell yeah! I'll shit my brains out for a good deli sandwich anytime!!!



I was in 6th grade. I had never pooped in school before, and wasn't about to have my first. My stomach had been grumbling all morning, and I knew I was going to have a big load of runny poop, and when it came there would be nothing I could do about it. I sat in my chair working on homework while the teacher was out of the room. My bowels began to tighten, and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I decided that it was time to take my first poop in school. I left the room with nobody knowing it. I went into the bathroom thankful that nobody was in there. I went into the first stall, and looked at the toilet. It was not very clean, so I did not want to sit on the seat. Just about to have an accident in my pants as few wet farts slipped out, I knew there was no time to put paper on the seat, so I decided that I would just squat over the seat. I dropped my shorts to mid theigh level, and pointed my butt at the toilet. I felt a great relief as the load of runny ! poop shot out of me. It must have sprayed constantly for a good 20 seconds. I quickly whipped myself not wanting to be in there any longer in the event of somebody coming and knowing that I had been pooping. I turned about to see what I had left and saw that I had had much more pressure than I had imigined, and I had painted the seat of the toilet. I pulled up my pants and ran back to the classroom. I was sitting there for about 5 mintues, when another teacher came to the room and asked if anyone had been to the bathroom in the past half hour...thankfully she has said no because she didn't know i left. I ended up having another runny dump at lunch time, and again I was lucky enough to have the bathroom to myself. That time I just sat on the seat not wanting to make another mess. That memory will stick with me forever.

Hello folks, I'm new here. Well I'm new because this is my first post. I've been a lurker for over a year now and I enjoy the stories tremendously (only the female stories).

I became interested in poop ever since 9th grade. My girlfriend at that time had to poop during a camping trip and she had let me watch. She was really skinny and I was amazed at the long, thick turd she pooped out. I was sitting beside her as she squatted. She first peed for about a minute and then a few bassy farts were emitted. The turd came out quickly and a few mushy poopy droplets fell on top of the thick snake. She wiped and dropped the toilet paper near the turd and we held hands as we walked back to the campsite. A few hours later, some kids found the turd and they told everyone that they found someone's poop. My GF and I both secretly laughed because they would never guess it was her turd.

I have a serious question for the moderator's and everyone else at this forum. I've read the rules and I agree with the commandments the rules set forth. I only want to know why can't the moderator create a yahoo group so willing members can post pictures of their poops to go along with their stories. I'm not talking about sexual or fetish type pictures, but pictures that only show the poop in the toilet bowl. It will be a great addition to the stories and everyone knows pictures add a great amount to a written story.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed what I'd written and I really hope I can get a serious answer from a moderator or a long time member.

Thanks everyone.

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