Hey!!!! ok heres the scoop my friend Noah...well, he's my neighbor.

Tuesday night, my parents and his parents went to a restaurant called Panevinos. I was home alone really bored, so I called noah. I wanted to see what he was up to. He was on instant messanger, but he sed he would come over.

About 10 minutes later, he arrived. we watched a movie and then went into my room. we listened to missy elliot, which he hates lol. he sed he was gonna leave but i sed i had a surprise for him.

i asked him if he wanted to watch me hav a GIGANTIC CRAP! he sed sure. so, we walked into my green bathroom upstairs. i closed the door, and even though we arent boyfriend and girlfriend, i gav him a kiss hehe! i then lowered my blue jeans and my light orange underwear to my ankles. i sat my bare bottom on the cold toilet seat. we talked for awhile, when all of a sudden, i started peeing. and i mean PEEING!! it gushed out into the toilet water for about 31 seconds. it had a nicehiss to it too. he sed, "Wow alicia, you must of really had to go!" i sed, "You betcha!" hehe. not long after my pee dribled, then stopped, i put my legs together and started to grunt girlishly. i stood up a little so noah could see my brown turd come out. after about 5" inches, it just stopped and hung there. however, about 2 minutes later, i moaned really hard and it slid out of me. when i was done, i got up and me n noah looked in the bowl. there were 3 poops. the first one was b! rown and 7" inches long. the other two wer softer and one was 6" inches long, and the other was 3"inches! i yanked off a piece of toilet paper, and dug it into my little asshole. 2 wipes n it was over.

thats it for now
xoxo luv yas ~~~aleesh~~~~

hey here's an interesting fact i learned in my sunday school class today... when someone else is in the bathroom 90% of people wash there hands, but when no one is in the bathroom 20% of people wash there hands. interesting the affect people have on one another.

Uncle Allen
Hello everyone. I had a very strange experience in a apublic restroom yesterday that I wanted to share with this forum. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and if there is any way I should have handled this. Here's the story: The night before I had gone out with some friends to Outback Steak House (a chain restaurant) and had a dinner that turned out to be kind of spicy with a fried onoin appetizer. Well, the next day (yesterday) I was out shopping for some Valentine's Day things when my stomach started to rumble from the dinner I had eaten no doubt. Well I had to get to the men's room and take a stall and heve some pretty uncomfortable almost diarrhea like poop. I was in the first of two stalls- the other was unoccupied. I was in the middle of waves of poop (I'm sure most people here can understand that term) and was sort of clenching my stomach with both arms and rocking a bit on the toilet as my stomach was cramped pretty bad. Juat the I ! lok up and see that some old guy is standing right in front of my stall and staring at me through the crack in the stall door. He was there for like a minute straight and I was feeling very uncomfortable so I shot him a heck of a look back through the stall door and then he stepped away for about 5 seconds and then came right back and then said "You wouldn't happen to have a nickel on you, would you?" I said no in a voice that hinted you are making me pretty mad now so get away. After a few more seconds of staring at me through the stall crack, he went into the other stall where he just stood there and did nothing. I becoam very uncomfortable now and quickly wiped and hurried out of the men's room. I know that in reality nothing bad happened but it really did not feel right to me. Something about that was so very wrong feeling. I felt as if this guy was going to do something and I really felt awful that he was staring at me. I kept praying that someone elase would wa! lk inot the men's room. I even thought about telling this guy off. What do you guys think I should have done? Was I right to feel wierd about this or am I just being paranoid?

Wetguy, I am right handed and carry on my left so when I wet I wet on my left. I think right handed guys carry on their left and left handed guys carry on their right because it is easy to access the big guy that way.

I am a 9th grader and I have an 8th grade sister named Susan. Like my sister, I usually take a dump once a day, and both of us have taken control of our nutritional needs in positive ways.

On a recent day, my whole family was at a big store when I suddenly got the urge to take a dump. I told this to my sister and she said that she also had to do it. So I went to my mother and said, "Susan and I need to take a dump." She approved it, telling us to return to the same department when we are done. So we went to the bathroom, and incidentally, this particular one had only 2 stalls, both empty and in good condition. So Susan and I each took one stall, locked up, pulled down our pants, and sat down. Seconds later, I ejected a big log. Three more logs followed, but they were smalled than the first one. As for Susan, I heard her eject a big log for two seconds in the beginning, and two smaller logs eventually followed. Ten minutes later, when we were both done wiping and flushing, we left the bathroom. By this time, the bathroom stunk so much that the next person who entered proclaimed, "Yikes! These two girls must have pooped big time!" We simply ignored those wor! ds and continued back.

Hello, my name is Roberto, and this is my first post here. Some time ago I suffered from constipation. A friend of mine who had the same problem suggested me squatting on top of the bowl, so that my turds would slid out of my rectum more easily. It really helped to solve my problem. Since them I always take this position when shitting, and even wipe my arse squatting too.

Am I the only one to shit like this? I would like to know if any of you squats when taking a dump too, or if you know about someone who does.

Happy poops to all of you!

Michael M
With a few posts I written lately I thought Id add one more for fun.
When I was young about 10 or so my mom and I visited my grandmas for a few months in the winter time. In fact I even attended a one room schoolhouse there (thats good for a few good toilet stories).
But aside from that it was a farm with an outhouse about 30 yards up a little hill from the house. Also they did have an indoor toilet, but was real careful using it because it was a septic tank system and well and they didnt want to foul it up and have to clean it too often. So we used the outhouse, a two seater when we hadda poop or pee. But for me and my aunts (I had several my age) we would just go and pee wherever we were around the farm, int the barn,in the field out of sight of course. It was fun watching my girl aunts drop their painties and see the pee squirting out on the ground. Also I had a cousin too a year younger than I and he would also pull out his (well endowed) tool and just let loose whenever he hadda go and the girls would watch and want to hold his weener.
This part though is the fun part. One evening my grandma made supper on the wood stove, cooking some noodles and cheese and other stuff. I didnt like the smell of it and didnt eat it, I had oatmeal instead. So here is my 2 young aunts one 10, one 8 and three older adult ones, my mom and grandma and granddad, one uncle all went to bed that night. It was cold too, with snow and around 20 degrees out.
About 4 AM I am partially awake and hear some noise like someone going down and up the steps (to second floor where we all the bedrooms were). After a bit the noise increased as it seemed like people were going and coming. Soon though I had an urge to shit, dunno why, really odd for that time at night. I got up and tiptoed down the steps and into the batroom indoors. I took a long farty poop and wiped and started upstairs. I met my mon coming down for the same thing in a hurry. Soon I heard one of the girls rush outside to the outhouse. Then another and then my grandma. It seemed everyone in the house was rushing to the toilet in and outside. For about 2 hours then at night you hear the clunking up and down the wooden steps and people going outside and a few downstairs to the toilet or outhouse. You can guess what it was, the noodles and cheese was bad and gave everyone cept me the shits. I think the oatmeal itself made me had to shit, it wasnt the runs. Finally all! was quiet until late morning when everyone was up, talking and laughing about having the runs in the middle of the night. It was sooo funny.
Yep it was an experience when we left on our trip to the farm. We left home one day at 9 AM on a bus to the city. From there a train ride to the small Pennsylvania town and then a car ride to the farm. The trip was about 8 hours in all from home Halfways there already I had to pee bad but held it, wearing just dress pwnts and underpants, a heavy coat and hat. I held on and held my pee it was like a lump in my lower belly I was holding until we got to the farm. My mom never had to go once or she never showed it and I was too shy to ask for a toilet on a train.
We got there and finally I peed like for 3 or 4 minutes straight. Funny how you can hold it sometimes like that. One other trip I had was almost the same, I might write that later on.
Also I got some interesting Army poop and pee and latrine stories I can write. Yep, the shits can hit anywhere anytime no matter who you are or where you are.
Hope ya aint all bored.. till later.

one of highlights of a trip to new york city, is taking a dump in the new yorker hotel. its the cleanest john in the city.

Howdy folks. It's me, The Lazy Texan. 19/m and from Houston. I was at the local bowling alley tonight after work talking to a police officer friend of mine who was working security there. I had to take a leak, so I went into the mens' room, which was being renovated. It reminded me of the 'military toilets' that I've seen mentioned on here. Seven johns lined up in a row with no dividers in between and I didn't notice any toilet paper either. No urinals. Usually, when I pee in public I use a urinal instead of a toilet because I feel more comfortable doing that, up until recently, I never pissed into any toilet standing up. Now I do that in public if there's no urinal available. I always sit on the toilet when I pee inside at home. If I would've had to shit I would've gone in the woods adjacent the parking lot and use wiping material that I keep in my truck. This restroom was the most disgusting I've seen in awhile, but at the same time, I had to laugh b/c it remin! ded me of what making a 'sitting head call' in boot camp must be like. Also Luke, you're stories are cool and you remind me of another police officer friend of mine named Luke. Once he and I were talking and he remarked that he had to go to the station because he was about to 'make chinese rice in his drawers'. I thought that was funny. More cops and bathroom stories needed on here. lol.

When I've heard that sound, my fright was approaching to my mind and asking myself, "What I am doing in the ladies room?".More plop sounds from her session heard then he immediately sighed with a sweet voice.At that time, I felt being magnetized with the woman on the next cubicle but being alert at the same time (knowing that she is almost done), I rapidly clean myself with water (TP is not my way of washing my butt) and scrammed outside the ladies room. Phew I wish it would happen to me again. Hope you like my story. Bye!

Your "poo logs" are great - keep them coming!

Emily of NYC:Sorry that the food gave you the runs, at least it got you a big story...hey if you have AIM or anything maybe we could talk about stuff like this.(I usually hate waiting for the next day or so before this place updates)

Friday in school, there was this horrible odor in the hallways. I was like "Not another gas bomb" BUt there was this guy *kinda big* having a major farting attack. As far as I can tell, he ran to the bathroom. He mustve ate something terrible that day.

To Tina: Welcome...i liked your story..Sometimes when i work i end up holding too but if i gotta go bad i just go to the bathroom.

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story...since your on a diet have you noticed if your poop has been softer? I thought maybe since u been eating fruits and ???? more.

To Joe B: Sounds like a nice dump!

To wetguy: You know i don't really know which leg the pee runs down when you pee your pants...never really noticed that..of course i've only done it several times. I liked your story too. I liked your story about your friend having to pee too

To Luke: Thats cool your g/f let you watch her poop...has she seen you poop before?

To unnamed poster: about going on the trip to canada..liked your story.

To Emily of NYC: I liked your story..that reminds me of the time last year i went to a bat mitzvha for a cousin and we ate. I had hor'dervs and a salad and i was in line(it was a buffet dinner) to get my dinner and my stomach started feeling funny. I got out of line and went to the bathroom and i ended up having diahreaha. I think i heard a few other people got sick too.

To O.D.Pooper: Thats cool about what you did to the sweatpants.

To Scott: Liked your story...i never got an enema by parents.

To Keith: I liked your story.

To Caroline: Thats horrible what they did to the boys room..hope no boys had to poop.

To I like to shit in public (womendumper): Liked your story about shitting in the movies.

To GaryUSA: I've sorta had that happen to me..its like i gotta fart and i can't tell if its shit or a fart.

To Brian (Cleveland, OH): Thats cool what the colored sports drinks do to your turds.

To unnamed poster: about farfield in ad..never seen that but it sounds cool.

To Courtney: Liked your story..sounds like you had a good dump.

To Traveling Guy: Liked your story.

To Justin: Loved your story about the park experience!

To mountain man: I liked your story about your g/f letting you watch her poop.

To Barefooter: Liked your story about your finacee watching you on the toilet

To Michael M: Liked your story

To unnmaed poster: liked your story about pooping at the mall.

To Chris: Liked your story from school.

To Nate in AZ: Liked your story..i too had hernia surgery a few months ago..doing better now.

To Zip: Liked your story.

I watched Americas funniest videos the other night and there was a segment about kids falling a sleep on toilets..any one see that?

I had a nice dump yesterday after work. I had been holding all day and then the urge went away and came back when i got home. I went to the bathroom and pooped and i had 2 logs about 6" each and i had softer stuff on top i flushed and the toilet got stopped up..i wiped like 10x
gotta run bye

Office poopers
I work for an insurance company and recently I had an interesting experience, I was working at my computer terminal when I had to go and do a poopie. The ladies toilet accross the corridor from our office has four cubicles, the one at the end was occupied and I could see the high heels under the door which belonged to a girl called Elaine.
I went in the cubicle next to her, hitched up my skirt, pulled down my tights and panties and sat on the toilet. Almost immediately I started to poop which splashed into the toilet, Elaine was finding it a bit more difficult as she appeared to be constipated. I could hear her pushing and there was a "kappllooppp" as she passed a large turd which made a loud splash.
Then the sound of high heels came clicking into the toilet and went into the cubicle next to me, she adjusted her clothes and sat on the toilet. I leaned down and saw that those heels belonged to Karen, she must have been bursting to go because she started to do a sloppy poop which made a splattering noise with a couple of wet sounding farts.
Then I did a couple of soft poops which splashed into the toilet, then Elaine pushed again and passed another large turd which made a loud splash. Then Karen had an anal explosion which must have coated most of the toilet bowl.
Then I heard the sound of high heels come almost running into the toilet and go into the first cubicle and slam the door shut, but she retched and started being sick. She really gushed her stomich contents into the toilet.
Then I pooped some more, then Elaine dropped another turd, then Karen had another sloppy spurt and wet fart, then the girl at the end vomited a load more into the toilet and did a loud belch.
Then we all seemed to be wiping our bottoms at the same time, I pulled up my panties and tights and pulled my skirt down and as I flushed my droppings away the others all seemed to be flushing as well. I came out of the cubicle, then Karen came out followed by Elaine. We all looked to see who it was being sick, it was a girl called Angela who emerged watery eyed and looking very pale.
When we all went back into the office one of the guys asked where we had all been, Karen said that we had all been having a shit together.
He looked pretty dumbfounded but it was a good experience.

wanted to frame it
The other day when i was leaving work it felt like i needed to poo, i wanted to get home so i wouldn't have to hurry when pooping, i hate to hurry when pooping. So when i got home i could hardly hold it in, i sat down on the pot, and immediately several farts came out, then with a lot of pushing i felt something come out, it felt only like about 2"
i got up and it was a nice turd yellowish-green in color 14" long i wanted to frame it for all to see, but how long would a turd last out in the open air, maybe in an airtight frame it might last a while.


I have read some postings here and have questions.
Maybe I can get answers here.
This is my question.

Every morning I get to see my brother as we share a
bathroom and grew up together but we seldom played
with other kids and did not get to see how they looked.
He is 14, tall for his age.

He has always had this problem peeing I think because
his thing has two holes at the end so one stream goes
sorta up the other down. If he pees in the toilet a pool is
always on the floor after unless he sits and pushes it
down in.
So in the morning when we get up he always pees in the

When he was smaller it was not so noticable but now it
is getting longer the bendy shape is more than it was and
it sorta points sideways not down. When we hike in the
country and he pees it goes sideways, one goes up one
This is hard for him as I can pee straight out and also
standing in the toilet with two fingers.

When I am in the bathroom in the morning and he comes
in it is still up and then the bend is even worse like it
goes round nearly a whole right angle.

When it is up you can see behind the bulgy bit it looks
rough with sorta scars and things. It looks like he was in
some sorta accident but the rest of him is ok and we
were never in any wreck or anything that I know about.

Then last week I was over at a new friendís place, they
are new here and they are not shy people at all. We
swam in their pool skindip and then later her brother
came home and he came in too. After we dried off and he
peed into the bushes so I got to see that it went straight
out in one stream. From the side his thing curves over
his jules and hangs neatly down and from the front it is
perfectly straight. It is smooth all the way with no nicks or
scars or rough bits and not even a bulgy part at the end.

So my question is this. Why does my brother look like
this and pee two streams?

Please answer

To Michael M - Liked your story about the 14-year-old kid pissing his pants in the store.

To Mike - I am male (17 years old) and always close the door when I pee. I guess it's just habit. Another thing I ususally like to do is flush the toilet while I'm peeing to drown out the sound of it hitting the water.

I sure wish that we could have more peeing stories on this board as it seems to be at least 75/25 in favor of crapping ones. Both go in the toilet, so if that's going to be the name of the board, I hope we can try to balance it out a little better.

I dont have any stories now, maybe next time.


hey.. i only know 1 movie where a young teen is taking a crap. Its called not another teen movie.. All you here is her farting but it sounds fake and you alsohear her crap 2... thats all i know..


I know this is supposed to not be addressed in this forum, but everyone else seems to do it and get away with it, so I figured I would give it a shot, and the worst that could happen: told not to do it again. :)

I'm a late-20's gay dude, who likes hearing attractive guys letting rip on the toilet. It's cool hearing them let out a lot of dry "shakers". If there's any other guys on here, under 45, (atractive of course), who fart a lot in the restroom and are open about it, and like other guys to hear them, post a message on here. I will do my best to check back, and find the dang thing! LOL Maybe we can talk about it, and whatever else.

happy grunting pooping :)

Annie and Robby
Hi Friends!
It is cold down here!! First off we want to wish dear KENDAL the happiest of birthdays on the 12th. You will finally be a teenager!! We wish we could be there to celebrate with you, Andrew, Ellen, and Eleanor! Lot of Lovexxxx and hugs from Annie, Robby, Sari, and Meghan!
Robby and I were talking and I wanted to tell a story from the past. My husband,children, and I were on holiday in the Lake District and were out for a walkabout. We had a picnic with us and had finished eating when Ellie needed to use the toilet. Well, there was none. I took the girls to a spot with high grass. Ellie looked around and pulled down her knickers. She squatted and started to push out a rather large log. The other girls were looking on with disgust. I told them to either join or leave. All of us squatted and were pooping and weeing to beat the band. As we were pushing out the poo I spotted some lads up on a hill. They were pointing and laughing. Well, I told the girls just to ignore them. Ellie was finished first and helped past around the tissue. We wiped and went back to the camp. My sons and husband found this to be funny. They said that after we left the spot, the lads came down and inspected the pile. This struck me funny. We had a jolly time!
WELCOME TO: Tina and all of the other new posters!
RIZZO: It is wonderful to hear from you again. That was a smashing story you told. Hope your wife is tip top! Take care! Love from Annie and Robby
Hi and Hugs to: Ina, Steve and Louise, Amy, Caroline, Katrina, Breanna, Tim and Sarah-where are you?, Todd and Diana, Damsel, PV-talk to us!!, Bryian-love your stories, Emily(NYC), Ephermal, Adrian, Courtney and Amber, Punk Rock Girl, Anon, Natasha, LindaGS, and the other fine posters here!


Sunday, February 09, 2003

Just did number twos in the filthiest public loo on earth.

Correction worst.

No paper ,no doors ,no seats tap handles missing.

Sticky floor

However a most satisfying solid turd slid out with a nice loud plop as it came in to land.

Wiped with newspaper, flushed (no one else seems too in this loo) and only got eyed up and down by one weirdo.

hands up all who think toilet seat holes are to small

Hey, this is Matt. I am 14 years old, and I live in MD. I visit this site often, but never really say anything. Ever since I was in Elementary school, I have been interested in girls on the toilet, especially pooping. I have not yet found out why, but obviously, I am not the only one. I really had the cramps today. I had a friend over yesterday, and we ate a lot of junk food. Every 10 minutes I have to go spurt some more liquid out.

Emily of NYC:

Wow, that must have been horrible. I'm also Jewish, and I already had my Bar Mitzvah. I think a couple people got sick at the reception, but not nearly that catastrophic. I'd like to hear more of your stories. Also, when was the last time you posted? I haven't been on the site for about a half a year, actually. What was the approximate dates?

I'm a 18 years old girl, this is my first post here. Here's an experience i had just then.

I usually have a bm every day but until today i haven't had one for several days. Ealier today while at work i felt a pretty big urge down my stomach, but for work reasons i can't be gone for long, so i decided to hold till later. I had to wait for someone to come and take over (i work in an IC). But the urge was getting stronger. After a while it was too painful for me to hold much longer so i went to the ladies room.

What followed was the hardest toilet experience i've ever had. I sat on the toilet and began pushing, but it didn't even feel like anything was comming out. The urge actually got even stronger while i was on the toilet. For the next 5 minutes i pushed hard, grunted loud in effort, but still nothing came out. Realizing that i've left work for so long, i gave up and went back to work with a my belly aching badly.

After a while my working time was over and i went straight back to ladies room. Again with pain I pushed and grunted long and hard, finally after what it seemed to be a loooooong time, a large thick log began to come out, as I push it out i felt my butthole stretched to absolute limit, I had to push so hard i sweated all over (there was air conditioning on). several minutes later the log dropped, and suprisingly, that was all there was, i felt so much better instantly. After done shitting i looked into the toilet and saw a long whole piece about 25cm and 5 cm thick. That gotta be the biggest load i've ever had, no wonder it caused such pain.

That's all for now guys

Punk Rock Girl
Hey all!

I've gone on a bit of a diet recently, and have been eating more fruits and vegetables, salads, grains, and less meat and junk food. Although I miss drinking Coke and eating greasy burgers (though, I've allowed myself one "bad" thing a week), I actually feel pretty good! I was growing a little bit too pudgy in my belly.

So, my BMs have been really big and solid as of late. I've only had diarrhea once, after eating a Reuben at our favorite diner (it was worth it, though, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm).

Today, my morning dump was quite a sight to behold! I got to work, and went straight for the toilet. I had felt the need to take a dump since getting on my train. By the time I got through the bathroom door, I was "prairie-dogging it", as they say (i.e. the load was poking out of my asshole by the time I got my pants down). Luckily, I was wearing regular underpants.

I sat my bare ass on the crapper and unclenched. A massive load slowly (and a bit painfully) creeped out of my ass, touching the water before it was all the way out. Finally, the end slipped out. I peed, then stood up to wipe my ass. I glanced in the pot and was quite impressed to see a good two foot coiled up log. Wow! I wiped my ass, which was unnecessary, and pulled up my pants. I flushed, and the load I had dropped managed to squeeze down the pipe, which I was a little surprised by.

There's no better feeling than the sensation of being several pounds lighter after dropping a load! I feel so clean and refreshed!



Joe B.
I havent been constipated lately, but on Monday and Tuesday, I took maximum dosage of metamucial wafers just for fun. Tuesday I just had a normal poop, but by Wednesday after lunch I could feel a huge load building down there, which I held till the urge beacme critical.

Normally, when I do this I just relax when I get to the toilet and just let one huge turd fly out of me. Usually they are about 2 inches thick and 24 to 30 inches long. Although pooping one this huge feels so great, its over in just a few seconds.

Yesterday, I decided I'd enjoy dispensing my product slowly. I sat down on the toilet and cautiously let myself open up. As soop as poop started comming out I pinched it off, and proceeded to poop and pinch over 30 times. Wow! this felt so good. Usually I only have enough supply to pinch off 3 or 4 times. My pooping session lasted about 10 minutes and was fantastic. There were more than 30 sort of ball shaped poops in the toilet a little over an inch thich and an inch or two long. Wish I'd had a camera.

I feel another load building up in me now.

Tawny D: Bridget was right. Your story is awesome and I've copied it and read it several times. Few posts here are so well written and provide such excellent detail! I have to say though that I'm really envious of you. None of my boyfriends has been that cool about letting me watch them taking a dump. The best I could get was to "accidentally" walk in on them while they're on the can but then I have to get out real quickly. Your boyfriend sounds real cute although my preference is for military guys with real firm bodies and a cocky attitude. I'm curious whether that guy of yours ever shows signs of "excitement" while you're with him when he's on the can or does he just concentrate on pushing out those big turds?
ILuvCrapping: Yeah I love having a guy with me while I'm pushing out my turds. It's a wonderfully intimate experience. I guess I was lucky. Brad was my second boyfriend. He was an easygoing guy and accompanied me to the bathroom because I asked him to. I don't think he was into watching chicks take a dump but he got turned on by seeing me naked. I'd like to see my boyfriends dumping but most don't seem comfortable with that. I mostly date marines and other military dudes in San Diego. It's interesting that they're comfortable taking a shit with other guys around but not with a chick around even though we've been intimate. You sure sound like my kind of guy.

Question: When you pee your pants, which leg does the pee usually run down? Men, women, boys and girls can answer.

I'm 17/m and am standing in a pair of green courderoys that I just totally pissed. I went from constant squirming to not having to go at all. It's all in these pants. Anyway, I have a pee stain all the way down my left leg, and I mean all the way down - it's soaked. I also have a stain 3/4 of the way down my right pant leg, in addition to a huge wet spot around my crotch.

Just thought I'd pose this question while I'm still in this now-uncomfortable, but enjoyable, position of having just pissed my pants.


Something funny happened today, i'd liked to have burst out laughing about it. The boss called a staff meeting so we weren't in the usall room cause it was being used by another dept. so we went in this other room right near the bathrooms. The boss started the meeting and someone opened the bathroom door and went in and used the toilet and flushed right as the boss is talking so i get this smirk on my face and i gotta hold my breath from laughging at it. it was kinda well gotta run bye

In college the other day, my girlfriend let me watch her take a dump. It was the biggest turnon! She farted like 7 times and let loose of 4 medium size logs. She grunted and pushed some small ones. Farted again kinda loud and wiped and finished. Then, I took a dump. Mine was kinda similar to hers but I farted alot more. I'm a cute guy. 6'1, blond spiked hair.

Hi. This is my first time posting here and i have a story to share with u all.

My family makes a trip accross Canada in the summer time each year. My mom and i always wear diapers (we have week bladders) but my sister who is 15 (i am 13) said that her bladder is strong enough to make it (we only stop every 3 or 4 hours while driving to our destination). (My dad never wear a diaper becuase he can hold his pee for hours)

Anyways, just after leaving Toronto, my sister said she had to go. My dad said that he wanted to keep driving (we had only been on the road for 1 hour)and that she said at the beggining that she could make it without a diaper.

About 30 minutes later, i was her squrming in her seat. You could c that she was not going to last much longer. All of a sudden her squrming stopped and a wet spot started getting bigger and bigger on her jeans. I also thought i smelled poop. And sure nough, she had a bm on herself as well. At our next rest stop, my mom bought her a new pair of jeans and a diaper. She never complained about wearing it for the rest of the trip. (She used the diapers on several occasions (by accident) aswell as me and my mom)

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