Emily of NYC
i have not posted for so long, I'm really sorry, been really busy with schoolwork and preparing for my bat mitzvah, but i have taken amazing dumps lately, as always, and I'm always here to chat about them with the gang from toiletstool. I have so many great stories to tell you, but I think I'll talk about the one that happened last Saturday night. I was at my friend Becky's boyfriend's bar mitzvah, which was a blast of course. I was having fun, dancing with all of the other cute boys there. (Everyone wants to dance with me, who wouldn't want to dance with an attractive 13 year old girl. PS-All the boys like me because I have very big breasts for my age. There was something wrong with the food there, and almost everyone, including me, was deathly ill and got diarrhea. I seemed to get an attack of it before most people did. I rushed to the girls bathroom on the 1st floor-the party was in a 3 floor mansion, so there were bathrooms on every floor, the 1st floor was the d! ance floor, the 2nd floor had a room where people hung out and chatted, and the 3rd floor had the food on it. Both stalls were free at first, and I ran into the nearest stall to the door, expecting a quick visit to the bathroom, and then to rush right back out onto the dance floor. I sat on the toilet,and the moment I relaxed my bowels slightly a torrent of diarrhea poured into the toilet. I was constantly farting and spraying diarrhea into the bowl. It stunk like a sewer. Every two minutes a nasty wave of diarrhea would shoot out into the bowl. I was really lucky to get there first, because almost all the other girls and boys had the same food, therefore the same problem. Everyone was yelling at me to speed up, but I really couldn't get out as I was constantly pooping more and more diarrhea into the bowl. Soon two girls began to share the same stall, as they sat on it together and both pooped at the same time torrents of liquidy diarrhea. Every bathroom on every fl! oor was being used, and as it was a very big party, and almost everyone ate the food, everyone was fighting for a bathroom- I bet boys and girls had to use the opposite sex's bathroom at least once, maybe even a boy and a girl shared the same stall. Anyhow, I was done spraying diarrhea, but I felt now a long log was needing to come out. So after I thought I had finished spraying diarrhea, I remained on the toilet. My poor friend Charlotte who I had to share the toilet with actually threw up on the floor of the stall. That really stunk the place up. personally I have never vomited in my life-my stomach just doesn't do that. So finally without much struggling I pushed a very long log-about a foot and a half long out, and that was it for then. I wiped a countless amount of times, and then left, as I saw the other unfortunate boys and girls who were desperate to take a dump. Luckily, my beautiful red skirt was spotless, but because everyone else was taking dumps, there w! as no one to dance with. The party was not a success. Talk about party poopers!

P.S.-It snowed today in NYC. No school! Hooray!

All my hugs and kisses

I said I'd be back Monday but I apparently lied.
All I really have to say is that I have a temporary new favorite way to shit. It's only temporary, though. I have a pair of baggy sweatpants that i cut the seam out of from the crotch all the way up the back. When I have them on, nothing can be seen unless I lean forward or squat down so my sack falls out. Anyway, I figured out that if the pants are pulled up far enough, I can shit standing up wherever I'm at. (Great for you fellow exhibitionists.) So far I just walk around the yard practicing the most discreet shit I can, then I'll move to the public. It's kind of fun to let rip as I'm walking down the driveway for the mail in broad daylight.
More later probably,

Dave, you are wrong. I am a guy and I always poop first and then pee. In fact, if I pee first, it becomes a lot harder to poop. As to why peeing almost always accompanies pooping, the answer is simple. Humans almost always have some pee in them. Whenever you poop, you are relaxing all your sphincter muscles and when the poop comes out, it is perfectly natural that you will also release whatever pee is in you.

Hi 'yall. I've just been catching up on some recent posts. 'Yall may remember a couple of my posts from around p. 950, or so. I'm another one of those guys with a female shit-fetish. While I love all aspects of the process, sound effects (particularly of exertion) are the crowned jewel. There have been some damned fine posts around here lately - on that subject and others. Anyhoo, on to a few individually addressed remarks and a general survey for the ladies.
NATASHA: Wish I could have been your bf in the tub, or at least a fly on the wall. Great story! What were the dimensions of your crap? Was there any smell? What did your pushing sound like (see survey below)?
AMY: Keep looking for guys that want to see you poop; there are more of us out there than you probably think. I admire the courage that you've already shown - taking the risk to go after what you want. Were you nervous the first time you asked a guy to accompany you, or did it just come naturally? You seem unusually secure about your interests for a woman so young.
Don't worry, I'm sureu'll find a guy that's into this - you have the right attitude and assertiveness. In fact, it may even be the case that previous guys u approached about this wanted to comply, but weren't yet mature enough to deal with a desire that they felt wasn't "normal".
ANON GIRL: I hope you are feeling better after your bout of constipation. This sounded painful and I empathize. You say this isn't normal? Have there been in changes in your diet, stress, daily routine, medication, etc. - that might account for this deviation? What are your BMs usually like? I must admit, while my sympathy is genuine, I got a real buzz from your description. What did the exertion sound like (see survey)? What were the dimensions (girth as well as length)? Smell? Could you give a brief description of yourself?
When you shit, do you make sounds of exertion: a)always b)often c)rarely d)never?
Is there anything other than a large or hard load that causes you to strain - if so, what?
What is your biggest turd, length and width?
What is the typical size and consistency of your BMSs?
Please select a for often, b for sometimes, c for rarely, and d for never for the following noises that you make:
1)closed mouthed whispering (though not necessarily quiet) push.
2)vocal push, also write characters to describe: ex: URUNNNHHH!
3)quiet sigh indicating change of breathing
5)moan (describe with characters)
7) others I forgot to mention, please describe
Do you try to muffle the sound of your grunts when others may hear?
Have you ever been unsuccessful in this?
What is the approximate average volume of your grunts, relative to a conversational voice?
8)What is your age and brief physical description?
Thanks so much! There are several more of you that I want to address about recent posts, but will have to wait, so this isn't too long. Also coming next - Anon Girl: a further discussion over your embarassment of grunting.

I am in my junior year in college and I have a question for the guys visiting this site? Did you ever get enema from your Mom as a teenager and how did you respond when you were told you were going to get one? I got plenty of them as I was always constipated and was just wondering was I the only guy who had to bare it all in front of Mom for the enema treatment. I was always in the knee-chest position on the bathroom floor wearing nothing but my T-shirt when I had an enema given. How were you positioned when you were given an enema?

Curious Scott

I must admit this is the first time i have posted a story on here.first of all i have lots of problems with pooping because i have ibs which makes realy hard to keep anything in.I used to watch my wife poop which i found a increadable turn on but the last 4 or 5 years she will not let me anyways we used to work together and when she had to poop we would go in the bathroom and i would put somthing like a ice cream bcket lid under her and i would watch her poop while she crouched down.What started this off is was while we were dating i used to go blueberry picking with her and this one time she had used this shallow outhouse and she there was a poop in there that was at least a inch and a have thick and at least 2 feet long and i said to her wow sombody realy had to poop and she said it was her and she said i did not realy have to go that bad well she after that she would not flush when she went when i was with her i fell in love with much quicker becuase it was a increadable ! turn on. I wish i could still have a lady to watch her poop because my wife of 22 years will not even leave her poo in the toilet anymore. I have hard time holding a poop for more than 15 minutes if there is a girl i could watch it would be increadable well i e realy enjoy reading about the beautifull young girls who write there stories on here thankyou i love you.

Thanks to everyone for responding to my post a few days ago. Especially John Q Public, you're a nice guy. I agree, there sgould always be toilet paper in any bathroom or outhouse at camp. If you take a dump and there's nothing to wipe with, what are you gonna do? In grammar school for a while, they took all the toilet paper out of the boys rooms, because the boys were making balls out of it and throwing it on the ceilings. That muct have been really nasty. What if you had diarhea in the morning, then had to spend all day with poop mushed in your butt! The girls had paper, though.

I have some more bathroom stories I'll tell another time, I have to go now. Just wanted to sy hi!

I like to shit in public (womendumper)
Well One day I was at the movies with some friends and When we go there they all headed for the bathroom which I did not have to go yet ....So I sat there and wondered if I needed to do some turds before I went and
watched the film ......So I had one a mini skirt with no underwear and as I sat there and was watching the movie ......I sitting in between my 2 friends and I felt the turd start pooking out bad so i leaned over and did not care if she saw it or not it was coming and no stopping I fart 2times loudly ..... and she said something stinks I said yes I farted 2 times and It keep pieceing out and it was coming where u could actually see the dark brown turd and it was 2 inch from the cheek and 2 in the butt itself felt slimmy and felt great coming out I was not watching the movie no more I was concentration on my turd in my butt so my leaned over and tried to lean on my shoulder and she liked to hit my turd because it was almost in the air and i said u better move back before u get my turd on you and she said what she looked down it was still inching out like 6 in out of my ass it was doing it with out me pushing there is so much that needs to come out so I got up and start cre! eping out of the theater with it hanging in my ass so I got up there where they take the tickets and I said can I leave and come back to the movies and they guy said unless it is an emergency and no one was standing there I turned and pull my mini skirt what was not up i finished pulling it up and he said what is that It is a brown hard turd that came out on it is own I need to go put it where it belongs unless u want to take it to the toilet for me and when u come back I will have a lot here where u stand coming out he said yes mama u can go and finish up your turds and come back quickly and I said yes sir and thanks bye now the womendummper continued later on

Has anyone had this problem or had this happen to them? I don't know what it is but sometimes thinking I have to fart it winds up as liquid poop. I normally sleep naked, and when I get up I head for the john and do my duty. This morning I got up and did my usual pee and then went back to lay on the bed watching the early news as the cobwebs cleared. Soon as I get up by bowels seem to go into action manuvering the last dinner's contents toward my anus. This morning was no exception. I feel the gurgling and movemant in my bowels along with some gas. I usually fart once or twice before I feel the turds pushing against my bum hole wanting to escape. Its a good thing I was cautious as it didn't seem to feel the same as a usual fart. Instead of gas it was liquid followed by some gas. I almost crapped on the floor. I rushed to the bathroom and proceeded to squirt and fart the liquid poo.
Every once in a while this happens. My next poo will be normal. I wonder if it is something I eat that my body doesn't like and speeds it through my system and out my poop hole as liquid. I guess I will have to keep track of what I eat to find out. I know that anything with corn in it, or a corn product will work on me in this way. Lots of times it happens in the morning, but it can be wuite embarrasing if it strikes during the day when you are out of range of a toilet. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Brian (Cleveland, OH)
I like to drink sports drinks. This one time after a quart of blue sports drink, I heaved a havana that was blue. Talk about weird. I've been trying to duplicate the feat by trying different color sports drinks. I'm looking foward to pinching an orange loaf. The purple pooper would be cool too. Bye for now

Does anyome remember a Fairfield Inn commercial a few years back? A man was traveling and was having a really urgent call of nature. It started out with him driving and he was mumbling "bathroom". He then let out a "yess!" and pulled into a gas station I think. He got out and made it to the door, and a kid appeared out of no where and beat him to it. The kid went in and locked the door but only fooled around, playin with his hands like guns. The man remained outside and was holding himself, hopping around, shaking and whining. It ended with the kid taking a final gun shot toward the door and showed the guy outside with his eyes rolled back into his head and shaking. This guy did a really good job at having to go. I almost felt sorry for him.

Hi again everyone, it's me Courtney (15 year old from Texas)!!! Sorry I have been so long in writing my second post. I have been really busy with school, I play basketball am a cheerleader and just really busy! I finally found time to make my second posting. Hello to everyone out there again.

JW - I remember your question about Amber (my little sister). You wondered why she takes so long to poop, if she is constipated or not. Me and her are alot alike, we both take long times to poop, I guess it was the way we were trained. She is not normally constipated that I know of, she just takes her time. She does take some big dumps though, probably easier to let it come out on its own instead of pushing a bunch.

I have had many good poops since my first post a few weeks ago. I normally poop everyday, almost always after school at home. I did have to go at school a few times though.

I do have a good poop experience to share with everyone! I took a very long and satisfying dump today when I got home from school. I REALLY needed to go bad and could tell this was going to be huge dump. I share a bathroom with Amber at home. Our toilet is the elongated kind, which I really like, they just seem more comfortable. I remembered that Amber had pooped this morning before we left for school. I asked her if she needed to go anyway before I went in, because I was planning on being a while and did not want to quit before I was done. She said no, so I closed the door to the bathroom.

I had already changed clothes since getting home, I was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. I lowered my sweats and panties to my ankles and sat down, my skinny butt sank deep into the toilet. I usually poop with my legs open so I can lean forward, resting my elbows on my knees. I soon farted a few times and could feel my poop start to move. I could tell it was kinda big because it pushed hard against my butthole. I leaned back and looked down between my legs. I could see the reflection of my butt crack in the water. Very slowly my poop came out, I could also see its reflection as it came out. It took several seconds to come out, but soon dropped into the water. It was about 8 or 9 inches long and an inch or so wide. I soon felt some more coming out. I was really stinking the bathroom up today. I pooped out several smaller pieces, about 3 inches long, firm but soft. Just when I thought I was done, I farted some more and could feel and hear my butt crackle open! to let some more poop out. It took me about 25 minutes to finish. I ended up with the one big turd and about 10 or 12 smaller pieces. I flushed first then wiped. I was kinda messy, it took about 7 wipes to get clean. Even with my second flush, I left alot of skids. Amber had to pee about 15 minutes after I finished and she complained about my smell! Oh well, if a girl's gotta go, a girl's gotta go! Take care everyone!!!!!

Traveling Guy
Here's a laugh for everyone. I had yesterday off and decided to do some stuff around home. Not long after breakfast, I enjoyed a really good dump, one of those one-piecers that slink around the bowl. But I recently got over a bad cold and decided it was a nice moment for a cleanout, despite the good BM, so I soon broke out the enema gear. I filled the 2-quart rubber bottle all the way, letting the warm water run over a bar of soap, adding a pinch of salt, and then I got on all fours and inserted the long nozzle up my rectum. The water flowed in quickly and easily, probably because of the dump I'd taken earlier. I stayed flat on the bathroom floor for about five minutes, panting a little whenever I felt the urge to expel, so that I could retain the enema a bit longer and get the max benefit.

Then it was time to let go. I sat on the toilet and relaxed. After a short while, there came a small stream of water with very little solid material in it. That one was followed by another after about a minute. Just as I was anticipating the main event, when there came a loud knock on the door. "Who in hell could that be?" I thought, "and of all the moments!" Then the door opened downstairs, and I was spooked.

"It's Bob, and I brought along the repairman to fix your refrigerator." I remembered that we entrusted a key to our handyman. I also remembered that I'd asked him to come over and check out the fridge, and I was wishing for all the world that he had picked another time, any other time but now. I thought about dressing quickly and going downstairs, but then the good possibility of letting loose in mid-conversation crossed my mind and decided not to risk that. Well, neither was I about to tell Bob and an anonymous repair guy what I was in the middle of, so I yelled, "I'm taking a shower." It was only a white lie. I was sure I'd need a shower after what was about to take place.

"No problem," Bob shouted up. "We'll be out in the kitchen."

The two went beyond earshot and directly underneath me now, but I didn't care about flushing the toilet. I stayed firmly planted and relaxed on the can and waited another minute or so. Then there came all at once that good sensation of fullness accompanied by a crampy feeling. I retained it for a few seconds, but there was no more holding back as a wave of persistalsis swept down through my gut like a lightening bolt. All at once the cramp disappeared and a torrent of water spurt out, mixed with chunky solids. WHOOOOSH! FLOOP, FLOOP, fl, fl, fl, FLOOP, WHOOSH, FLOOP!! And did it ever feel good coming out! I waited for a while for more, but that was it.

As I showered and for a while afterwards, I had that strange but satisfied feeling of being fully emptied. I dressed and went downstairs to find that Bob and the repairman had done their work and gone. Despite the interruption, I got my good cleanout.

sunshineboy: Hey dude, I enjoyed your story about lining up to use a stall with those other dudes. I've always liked waiting in line to crap with other guys. Most guys seem cool about it but some feel a bit uncomfortable and cover for it by telling poop jokes. Your post reminded me of an experience I had recently at a park restroom. I had to take a shit. The restroom is kind of small. It has one large stall for handicapped use with a urinal in front of it on the other wall. The stall is doorless. When I got there, a teen guy was sitting on the crapper. The restroom is real small so I just waited in front of the stall. I heard this dude's logs dropping into the pot but he was constipated and making slow progress. Then a Latino teen came into the restroom. He looked into the stall and said: "Oh shit" when he saw that the stall was occupied. He asked me if I was in line for the stall and I said yes. He told me that he had to take a shit real bad and asked if he co! uld go ahead of me. I agreed to this. He then asked the other dude if he was almost done. The guy pinched of his last turd and then started wiping. As soon as he stood up the Latino dude was in the stall pulling down his pants. As soon as his butt hit the seat, I heard sounds like a machine gun firing. He obviously had to go real bad. He smiled at me and said he was feeling a whole lot better. He thanked me for letting him go ahead of me. I guess he did not know that he was doing me the favor!

Does anybody know why some poop floats and why some poop sink.

Potty Pooper
When I was a boy, I occasionally got sick in a way that made me need to stay laying down.
It was something where if I sat up, or stood, I'd turn white-faced, suddenly go all cold,
and feel... I dunno, maybe dizzy, although the room didn't spin or anything like that...
and I'd get kind of the cold sweats. The effects would go away immediately if I layed
back down again, though.

This strange affliction came very occasinally, but would last the whole day when it did.
It stopped happening when I got older, though it occasionally came back for shorter
stretches, say for a breif part of one day and then go away again, but I haven't really
experienced it since I was maybe in my 20s or so. Knock wood.

I never did find out what it was, though.

Anyway, one time when I was perhaps 10 or 12, I was at home sick with this thing, and had
been staying in bed the whole time, staying nice and warm under the covers, operating under
the theory that that would help me get over whatever it was better. Well, at one point in
the day, I realised that I had to go to the bathroom. I waited, and waited, hoping maybe
the need would go away or something, perhaps hoping that the need would wait for a better
time... say, tomorrow.

Well, the need finally got to the point where I just had to deal with it.

So, I went into the main bathroom... right across the hall from my bedroom, as it happens.
Our particular bathroom had the toilet shoehorned between the sink vanity and the bathtub,
and it happens that we'd installed one of those sets of sliding glass doors on it (this was
a shower-tub). Well, the doors all sat into metal tracks that ran the length of the tub
edge, and the tracks formed several thin rail-like... uhm... well... edges.

Suffice it to say it was NOT comfortable to place bare skin against those rail-things, such
as if one were to try to sit down on the tub edge, or rest one's legs across them.

I stood there, trying to figure out some way I would *lay* across the toilet seat instead
of having to sit there upright, but there simply wasn't enough room between the toilet and
the vanity to spread out in, and I couldn't lay my back down on the edge of the tub, with
my legs up against the vanity, because those rail-things along the tub felt like knife-edges
against my back.

So anyway, I sat down on the toilet, already feeling dizzy... for want of a different word,
and started doing my business, resting my head on the vanity, and feeling dizzier and more
miserable, wishing there was some way I could have answered nature's call while staying in

(Actually, as it happens, there was a bed-pan in the closet at one end of the hall, but I
either didn't know about it at this point, or had long since forgotten about it, or even
that there was any such thing as a bed-pan.)

As soon as I felt like the first load had come out, though, I got up off the toilet, took
off my pajamas and laid down on the floor, letting the dizziness go away and waiting until
I felt the next load ready to come out. Then I got back up onto the toilet, resting my head
again on the vanity, let the next load out, and then immediately got back down on the floor
until the next load was ready. I did the whole BM that way, then wiped, washed hands, put
my PJs back on and went back to bed.

For some time after that, I kept wondering what other ways I could have done my busineess on
that occasion. I eventually came up with several.

The first one I thought up involved creating a largish "mat" of toilet paper, or paper towels,
on the floor and then lying sideways on one side of it, with my behind towards most of it, and
simply let the poop come out and pile up on it. Or I could have lay front-down across it, with
my legs spread outward, so the poop would come out between them and onto the paper on the
floor. I could have gotten two packs of toilet paper (had there been any packs there) or
two or more rolls of toilet paper, then lay down on over the paper "mat," holding myself up
by placing the packs (or rolls) of toilet paper under my thighs and under my back, so there
was a gap between my behind and the paper covering the floor. Or I could have laid down in
the bathtub and done my business, which would have been fairly easy to clean up after. In
fact, I could just as well have crammed my underpants with toilet paper, several layers all
the way around them, and then gotten back into bed... except then I'd have had a lot more
wiping to do afterwards.

Oh well, the situation never came about again, anyway...

To dave - All I can say is that both functions are controlled by the same muscle, so when one happens, the other does too if needed.

To interestedinaccidents - What a name! I am 17/m (for some reason I like getting my age in every post) and I wet my pants on purpose every now and then, usually at home. In fact, i really hafta pee as i type this and I'm starting to let out a squirt every now and then. I'm sure I'll have a wet butt when I stand up. Please tell some of your stories!

To Bryian - To tell you the truth, I didnt like it very much. The clean-up took awhile, and I dont think the mimimal satisfaction was worth it. I much prefer peeing my pants, which is why I have no problem doing that now!

To Nop - Cool stories. Three years ago when I was 14 and a freshman in high school, I had a friend named Simon whom I also thought never had to pee. I had all but one of my classes with him, and he never went to the bathroom during or after school. When I would mention that I had to go to the bathroom, he would act almost like he didnt know what that meant. Well, finally, I went to his house for the day to work on some project. Before going to his house, we stopped at a cafe and had something to eat and drink. Also, we each had a soda at his house. I was sure today would be the day, and I turned out to be right. Naturally, I was the first to have to pee, so I got that out of the way. As we kept working, Simon got more and more fidgety and was clearly trying to hide or delay his need to pee. He would get into postions that put pressure on his crotch and dick. I wasn't going to say anything, I just watched and waited. Finally, Simon got into such an awkward position that h! is legs were pressed tightly together and his butt was sticking straight up into the air off the back of the chair. He saw me take notice and at this point admitted he really had to go to the bathroom. So he ran and went, and that left me to wonder if he had begun to wet his pants before finally giving in. So thats my story about someone seemingly not needing to pee.

Well, I've pissed my pants pretty good and am very wet right now...time to clean up and go to bed.


mountain man
Im 21 years old and my girlfriend and I have been together
for over 3 years. I have always been excited about cute girls and
pooping and peeing and farting. I have just always had a fascination
with it. Probably about 6 months after we started dating, she found out
I thought farting was fun. She farts all the time for me, but she is really small and she doesn't make much noise. Just like "thhhh", which is fine, but it would definitely be cool if she could make noise. Porbably 1 year ago, she let me watch her poop after telling her for a long time that I thought it would be interesting. It was awesome. She sat on the tiolet and let it slide out and she sat more towards the front, so I could see it come out in the back, and it was amazing. I had a huge boner. I saw it a few more times after that, and when we came to college, I get to participate in her taking a dump at least once a week. SHe lives in the dorm and I have an apartment, and so it's a lot easier for us to do it more. Last fall was the first time that I suggested she actually poop on something, not in the tiolet, and so I got a grocery bag and she laid on her back and peed a little and then pushed probably about 7 inches or so of soft brown turd. It was amazing. Then pr! obably about a month ago, I convinced her to pee and poop in the bathtub and she did it. I was able to see the pee come out and then that poop was a long hard one. anyway, I love this thing.

Great picture on the header. Panties rolled down to the knees is so sexy. I guy at work yesterday cut a fart that was the worst smelling thing I have every come across. The smell lingered for 30 minutes. The secretary out front on the other side of a door and 30 feet away could smell it. I don't know what he had to eat but Iraq could have used that gas as a biological weapon. Later,

Short story about the first time my fiancee caught me doing my business. We had been dating for about 3.5 years when my then girlfriend and I began to start living together off and on. We went on a few vacations together, once she opened the door on me when I was taking a crap, but immediately closed it. Well, about a month later I noticed that her interest in my habits had increased. While she was over at my place one day I really had to go, so I snuck off to drop the load. About five minutes later I see the door handle turn, and she popped in. She said with a huge smile on her face "what are you doing in here?" Well, I looked up at her and said "whats it look like?" She was quite amused and hung around to make sure I finished up properly. I was quite aroused by the fact that I was being watched by someone of the opposite sex, but more importantly, an aspect in my relationship that I had always wanted was opening up. Next time she had to go, she didn't bother closing the do! or, and requested that I never do that either. Needless to say, I was completely astounded to learn that the woman I am going to spend the rest of my life with gets a kick out of going in front of me and watching me do the same.

Michael M
I have to laugh as I read posts about the TocoBell, and other fast food joints. I managed a store for a number of years for aeveral large companiefs over time and saw my share of pee accidents and pooping and almost everything.
I had one saleman in the store a good employee, a quite funny sometimees. He would be working and come lunchtime he would run down to the local BurgerKing for a Whopper or something. He would come back to the store and eat his sandwich and go back on the floor to work. About an hour later he would announce, oh I got to shit! Its them ex-lax burgers from down there, they make you shit in an hour or so.
Sure enough if he said he needed a shit she would just go and buy one and an hour or more later he would have to crap all the time.
Even today I will hit a fast food joint and have one of those and its not long until I got to hit the crapper for a big shit.
I really do understand those writers that mention some Mexican food and be on a trip or somewhere and have to shit right away. I guess it really stirs things up, I sorta avoid those.
There was always something going on every day. A week wouldnt pass were a customer would ask to use the bathroom. We didnt have a public one but we let them use our employee one. Sometimes they made a real mess.
This one day this young lad and dad comes in and are looking at some car radios and portable stereo. I noticed the boy about 14 grabbing at his croth now and then as dad did the talking. Then all of a sudden the boy said, "I gotta go to the bathroom" to his dad as we stood there. The dad looked at me and said "do you have one we can use?" I said, "yes, just a second, let me see if its occupied or not?. I walked back to the toilet and saw that this one female worker was in there probably taking a pee. I came back and told the boy sure, "someones in there for a minute, but you can use it". With that they boy let go of his crotch and a minute later a dark stain ran down leg as he totally peed in his jeans. Oh well, the dad chewed him out for waiting so long, bought the radio and they left.
Interesting times when you deal with the public all the time.
I can post a few more if the other posters here want to read them.

TO: Katrina

Thank you for the information you have given to my survey. Honestly speaking, I've no idea of such having a dry dump.


Yesterday, I went into a mall before my classes on the morning because I've the urge of taking a dump (because I'm constipated for the past days).I went into the fifth floor of the mall to find a male's room because its to crowded already on the lower floors of the mall and I'm shy to use public toilets. I found this restroom at that floor not thinking if who's gender is it for (my butt at that time wants to let it out). I entered the middle stall and pulled my slocks down and sat down. As I was in the middle of my session, a person entered the stall next to me. I looked down next to it at the gap because of curiosity and to my amazement, it was a lady Coed,(she wears a blue long skirt as her school uniform).She begin pull her undies down and begun to squatt on top of the bowl. After that I realized that i've entered a wrong restroom so I went back to my own business. I heard her pee splashes on the bowl followed by a fart. Although I'm done of my BM, I stayed there(I do! nt know why). I heard her grunt and then her first poop plopped into the toilet. (I have to cut here because I have classes. The continuation on my next post).Bye

I'm a first time poster here, but here's a story.

When I was in 5th grade, one day, i had to poop at school, but I didn't like to go at school, so i figured i would wait until I got home. Well by the time school let out, i really had to go. My house wasn't far from my school so i thought i could make it. I had gotten to my house but I still had to go around my house to get a key to get in, so i got the key and halfway around my house i couldn't hold it anymore and started pooping my pants. It felt weird.

Another story was when I was in 1st grade. I had to poop really bad in class and I asked the teacher if i could go, but she told me I couldn't, so I sat there and pooped my pants. She finally called me over to her desk and asked me if I had an accident, and I said yes. and I went home from school early that day.

Well those are my stories from now.

If any girls have any stories about pooping their pants, please send them to me,

Nate in AZ
Just wanted to tell about a particularly different BM I had this morning. On Monday I had hernia surgery and was told the medication I was taking might be constipating; well that was the case, as since Monday I've only dumped once until this morning, when I felt an incredibly large turd move down into my rectum. Apparently I'd been storing it up waiting until it just got too big to retain any longer. So I sat down and tried to push, but my abdominal muscles must be out of shape as I couldn't get it past my ring. I sat there wondering just how I was going to get this monster out, and tried relaxing my butt muscles and spreading my cheeks to allow for easier passage. Finally after ten minutes I felt the first portion pushing my butt open, and then I sat back and took some deep breaths, and S L O W L Y this massive creation opened up my butt and slid out without further pain. I can't recall another time when I felt more satisfied after having moved my bowels. Definit! ely the relief was overwhelming.

How many of you have found underwear, dirty or otherwise, at places such as leisure centers or other public changing areas? Possibly at someone's home or maybe your own home, left by a member of your family in a place you wouldn't normally expect to find them? Did you (or would you) inspect them? If this is a subject that others are interested in, I have a few tales to tell, like finding a pair of girls panties (age 10-11) with a dark brown crusty mark about 4" x 2". Not sure whether it was a bad skidmark or the remains of a pooping accident, but they seem to have been dropped rather than discarded intentionally. I left them draped over a garbage can at the end of the cubicles, with just a slight bit of the accident visible - can you imagine the owner coming along and claiming them?? I'd very much like to hear of similar stories.

To all females when you do wipe from the front or from the when you pee?
To all males do you always close the when you pee?
To all males and females have you ever pooped in the shower when you was
taking a shower?

Yesterday afternoon I really had to take a dump so I pulled over at the park and went into one of the restrooms. It has 2 stalls facing the door, and about 5 urinals. Of course the stalls have no doors. I don't think any of the stalls in this park have doors on them. One guy was at a urinal, and another was in the stall, taking a leak. I walked into the other stall and saw that the seat had piss all over it and was kinda gross. I decided to try the ol' hover and drop method of dumping. I wiped the seat anyway, in case my rear accidentally touched it, I don't want to get wet. I pulled my jeans down to my calves, and my black briefs down to my thighs. I find this is the best location for my clothes while I'm hovering. I squat over the toilet spread my cheeks with my hands, and start dropping the turds. It's kinda funny how they plopped very loudly into the water. It was very obvious that I was taking a crap. Both guys in there left pretty quickly. Another guy comes in and I ca! n see by his shadow (since I'm looking down), that he walkes past me to enter the other stall. I'm still plopping 'em in, and I see that he stops just before he enters his stall, and is probably about 2 feet away from me, watching for a couple of seconds. He goes into his stall and takes a leak. Just about then I start to clean up. I'm still looking down and I see his shadow outside the stall again. He came out of his stall to zip up. I'm wiping and since I always check the paper between wipes, I know he see's the dirty paper. I look up as I'm pulling up my underwear, and I see that he's actually a good looking guy, just dressed a little frumpy. He looks at me a second, before he exits the restroom . I wash up and leave, too.

It was a pretty cool sighting that I gave, and it seems like he didn't mind seeing it.

I used to feel weird about using these types of park restrooms, because there are always cops busting guys doing "inappropriate" things in them. I figure since I'm only in there for a few minutes, not soliciting anything, and actually taking a crap, I'm using them for their for their intended purpose. If I give or get a sighting out of it, so much the better!

I have been so encouraged by the number of people who have incorporated "toilet time" into loving relationships. This is something I have dreamed about. But am terrified of rebuff. In the school where I am a teacher there are three stalls in the women's staff toilet my department uses. Etiquette suggests that if one is occupied and it is possible one should leave a "space" in between. On the whole I do that against all my desires as I love the intimacy of pooping right next door to someone else. When I joined the school a few years ago there was talk in the staff-room of another teacher. "Have you noticed," she always sits in the next stall. It's so gross." Haven't a clue what her motive was! But I didn't want that label. There is a teacher I am quite drawn to who lives some way from school and so does her morning poop at a reasonably set time. I try to hold my own shit and get into the middle toilet first. But only occasionally. Silly how shy one can be,

More later

love you


To Traveling Guy: I enjoyed your story.

To Zip: I enjoyed hearing about your dream..toilet dreams are always weird..i always have them too.

To KT: That sounds like some cool experiences you had in 1 day...enjoyed hearing about it.

To the "HOLD IT" man: Glad im not the only 1 who has heard of "fudged". I loved your story..that was kinda funny about the guy pooping out the

To unnamed poster: about your sister pooping her pants..loved your story.

To Nop: I loved your story about your friends holding there thats along time.

To Twice Shy: liked your story.

To Jared: Loved your story about mallory...sounds like she had a massive dump. bet you enjoyed watching..does she know about this site?

To Punk Rock Girl: enjoyed your story..did your parents or any one else find out you accidently messed your self that time?

To nitecruz: Enjoyed your camping story.

To Barefooter: Loved your story..sounds like you had a huge dump in the locker room...would love to hear your other stories.

To Doug: Loved your story..about your brother swallowling a penny..i've always had fantisys about this.

To ILuvCrapping: Yeah the log was huge atleast 12" but possibly 13 or 14" and that time i hadn't liked pooped in 3 days. Liked hearing about the log you saw. liked hearing that you never pooped at camp..what about school, did you poop when you were in school?

To Tawny D.: Thats cool you talked you b/f in to you watching him

To Dee: Liked your story about your friend watching you

To Felix: sounds like some nice poo's you had..thats cool you do a log.

To coyote: liked your story about peeing in the

To Katrina: Liked the camp story about the boy changing the signs.

Not much supposed to be at work right about now..but not going its snowing here..get a extra day off. gotta run bye

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