Party poop
My girlfriend and I were at a party, we had been there about three hours, I had managed to find a chair to sit on and she was sitting on my lap. We had been having a kiss and cuddle when she whispered in my ear that she needed to have a shit.
She went upstairs and about ten minutes later I went up to do a wee, she was standing on the landing with her knees and feet together and her hands on her ????. She said that the toilet had been in use all this time and she was getting desperate, then she said that if she did'nt go very soon she would not be not be able to hold it in.
I took hold of her hand a led her downstairs, I squeezed past people in the kitchen and found a pedal bin liner, then I looked in the cupboard under the stairs and found a toilet roll and a small torch, I put them in the bin liner, grabbed her hand and led her out into the garden.
She was so desperate to shit that she just went with me without any arguement, I shone the torch on the ground as she had to go down a couple of steps in her high heels. We went into the shed and closed the door, there was an electric light in there and I switched it on. As I took out the toilet roll and opened out the bin liner she hitched up her dress and pulled her tights and pants down to her knees. She then pulled the dress up above her bra so that it was well out of the way. She went into a semi-squat position and I held the bin liner under her bottom, she was slightly hesitant but I told her I loved her and to have a nice enjoyable poop.
Soft chunky shit avalanched out of her arsehole into the bin liner and she sighed with relief, more soft chunks came out and she sighed again. She was aware that it was very smelly in there but I said that I still loved her and to carry on and get rid of it all.
More soft chunks came out and it was gradually getting sloppier and she did a wet bubbly fart, each time she stopped she sighed with relief.
She remained in the semi-squat position and I held the bin under her arse for about ten minutes, she kept moving around slightly on her high heels. She kept pushing more shit out of her hole and did bubbly farts. When she was finished she wiped her bottom and put the paper in the bin liner, then she stood up straight, pulled up her pants and tights and pulled her dress down and straightened it.
We came out of the shed and I put the bin liner in the dustbin, then we went back into the house. We actually went back to where we started, me sitting on a chair with her sitting on my lap and having a kiss and cuddle.

Hi HELENA-- Interesting comments about you and your sister I hope you tell us more. I find several things interesting. The fact that your BM's and your sisters are diffeerent. Living in the same household one would expect you'd eat pretty much the same things. Also your common heredity would suggest the same body chemistry. Yet you claim to have an easy time of it on the toilet and your sister seems to struggle. Have you ever had to help your sister in any way? Do you remember anything about her toilet training? Do you think it might have been different form yours in a way that caused the difference in bowel habits? -JW

Saturday, February 08, 2003


I remmeber that rhyme when I was a kid, but in the version I knew it was "roud the corner choc'late's made."



Todays Dumping

Had a dump in a public toilet today for the first time in a while. It was in the toilets at the Mill Department Store, Batley, Yorks, UK. (Anyone else form the area). The toilets were very clean and I chose the cubicle nearest to me. Anyhow, jeans and briefs (grey) were soon down and I was sat on the toilet and prepared to shit. I really needed to go so it wouldn't take much effort. So with my first push the turds started coming out, after a while a fart blasted shit into the water then a few more small turds followed an I was all done. Started wiping in a sitting position (it took loads of paper), then stood to finish wiping (I often do this). To finish off I had a standing pee and then dried the end of my penis with some more TP (any other guys do this - it helps to stop your underwear getting stained!). Couldn't have had such a good dump though as I had to have another about 2 hours later. Again it didn't take much effort - a few pushes and it was done. Wiped in a sit! ting position to start with then stood up to finish. And then another standing pee. With the spring getting closer it brings to mind the possibility of having some outdoor dumps when leaves are on the bushes and you can go without being seen!

Dave, you made me laugh when reading your story. The fascinated girl watching you on the toilet fill your underpants you had forgotten to lower in your chemically altered state! And it sobered you up, did it! Ha, ha! Could such procedure be recommended as a quick way to counter the effects of alcohol?

Vanessa, I read your post about you lowering yourself into the water for a dicreet act of relief, only to find that you had put your bared bottom into a nest of leeches! I sympathize with you. Just to think that if it would have been me, male, and to have discovered my private parts festooned with leeches makes me shudder! What a nightmare!

Kendal, dear, your post had me confused. Did you accidentally select the wrong text before pasting it? Or was it an oblique way of hinting that you had almost been caught sharing the bathroom with, ahem, whomever? Stubbly hugs to you and Ellen and an encouraging slap on the back for Andrew to help him along with his A-levels, Rizzo

Hi PV, dear, intersting ads they showed in Australia together with the tennis. I saw some of the matches on Eurosport, but of course they would not show ads for Aussie toilet paper over here. I haven’t had any midnight wees over the side of the boat lately, the weather having been too inclement for such activities. And anyway, the pee stream would not make the sea sparkle at this time of the year. Further north, in the Baltic it was cold enough to freeze the sea. That’s when peeing over the side might let the pee freeze before it hits the ice floes! I have only heard of that, but seeing is believing. Hugs, Rizzo

Tim and Sarah, what’s up with you these days? How are you Tim? I hope that you are still in the condition for a crap a day to keep the doctor away! Love to both of you from Rizzo

Robby and Annie! You obviously still have bathroom escapades to tell! Great! I repeat for the x-th time that I am very sorry to hear about Robby’s dad having passed away. May my post make it this time. Love to all of you from Rizzo.

Curious Dude
I need some advice. I do not have a girlfriend and I don't want to find someone till I can find the right one. I really want to date a girl who will enjoy pooping with me. This is very rare. Are there any signs that I should look for in a girl that would be a clue to me? When and how is it best to bring up the subject in a relationship? I know as for me there is really no way of telling that I would enjoy such experiences. Realize something people. We have very rare intrests. I am really discouraged and disappointed in society for that. What can I do? This is such a major role in what I look for in a girl. I can turn no where else for help. You wonderful people on this site are the only ones who understand me. I am proud of who I am (although kinda shy about it.) I do not want to change this about myself. Please help encourage me.

To full panties - that story of leaving Wallmart was great. Our equivilant is ASDA and I went there one evening after work to get quite a lot of food. I wanted to poo but was not desperate so began to enjoy the holding. I walked around the aisles dropping long heavy farts and moving on before anyone could put them down to me. I scratched my bum and realised that my briefs were sticky and some of my farts were coming through damp. By the time I got to the checkout I decided I did not care any more and as I began to empty the trolley onto the desk I could feel a turd poking out and pressing on my underpants. Then I lost it and 2 large stiff but oh so sticky turds dropped into my briefs - one dropping between my thighs and the other coiling on top - my last push was moist and spread up towards the waistband. The girl on the checkout smiled and said not to worry because at least one customer a week failed to make it. I walked over the car park feeling so horny and stood ! by the car and wet myself.

To the cement layer - I was once working under my car and it would have been bad news not to complete the job - I tried to hold it but no way and I ended up with briefs full of fortunately firm poo.

In all honesty I do not enjoy dumping in my pants and so when I do it is rare and always through lack of choice. I do like to see other people have accidents which has to the biggest turn on of all time for me though all too rare. More about that another day.


don't care
if you have to crap and the public loo has no doors, paper or seats.So what take some bogroll with you when you travel. its a little uncomfortablle to sit on a seatless bowwl... but im lazy and sqatting to shit is for foreigners.f??k any bastard that looks at u and walks out..they are pants shitters

Hi everyone,
A funny thing happened the other day. I was at a large shopping centre when I felt the need to wee. So I made my way to the nearest toilets, to get to which you walk down a hallway off the main shopping area. There was a nice looking girl in front of me and I saw her go through a door. A moment later she reappeared and kept walking. She had walked into the mens by accident then went into the womens. Of course this set my mind off in all directions, how long was it before she noticed? Did she have a bit of a look around the mens? Was she going to poo or wee?

Felix’s (15 year old male) poo log

Date and Time: 7 Feb at 5h45
Place: Home
Quantity: A long 14 coil of softish poo, broken into one 10 inch coil and a 4 inch piece.
Texture: Smooth, soft, a little wet.
Colour: Light brown
Farts: Scared to fart in bed before, as the poo was right at the entrance, and would have popped out. Not much air at all..
Smell: Good earthy smell
Skid marks: Left some nice marks in the bowl. I tried to flush softly so that at least a piece would stay for my family to see, but it all was wooshed away unfortunately
Comments: Slid out nicely, left my bum hole a little warm (must have had some chili yesterday which I forgot about). I left it in the bowl while I showered to stink up the bathroom a bit.
Satisfaction factor: 7/10

Felix’s (15 year old male) poo log

Date and Time: 5 Feb at 6h20
Place: Home
Quantity: 3 medium thick logs – 4 inches long, 2 inches long, and a very short piece. About 1,5 inches across.
Texture: Smooth and hard
Colour: Dark brown
Farts: No air just poo.
Smell: Almost no smell
Skid marks: Too hard for skid marks
Comments: Shot out hard and fast leaving no wipeage at all. The three logs followed one after another in very fast succession. A quick neat satisfying poo. My mom was in and out of the toilet twice while I was pooing. With no farts and smell she would only have heard the very loud PLOPPING as the poo’s shot out of my bum into the toilet water.
Satisfaction factor: 6/10

Date and Time: 5 Feb at 13h30 – a real bonus two poo’s in one day for the second day!
Place: public toilet at the shopping mall
Quantity: Lots – a coil of about 12 inches of toffee like slop.
Texture: very sticky but about as hard as soft serve.
Colour: Light brown and sloppy
Farts: A big wet fart to start, and lots of wet farts during the dump. I was able to really enjoy the noise and force out the farts loudly as I was in a public toilet.
Smell: A good smell, made worse as I didn’t flush, but left it proudly filling the bowl for the next person to admire.
Skid marks: Don’t know for sure as I didn’t flush, but as it was a lot and was sloppy I am sure they would have been good.
Comments: Because it was sticky lots to wipe, and also left a big brown skid mark on my underpants. My bum hole was a bit sore from all the wiping.
Satisfaction factor: 8/10

Twice Shy
Hmmm...what the?

How's this for strange? I got up at 9:00 AM this Saturday morning, ready to crap, only instead of the expected continuation of the diarrhea that I'd cleared last night from eating another monster-burritos, this fudge was nicely formed, though in the form of log-lets shaped by my constricted butt-crack in the style of the Play-Doh Fun Factory. There was still plenty of spice on board in my tract, probably from getting another of those Papa John's pies last night. The invitation there to "create my own" has more meaning than they think.

But on to the tale that prompted me to post. I had been down at the corner, obtaining content at Blockbuster, all the while knowing I had to drive home and finish this dump in two acts. Again I was the maker of another pile of low-caliber log-lets, these two having the burn factor. This stench was the kind that makes you wish you could have scored a few farts as well--admittedly nasty, but in a funky, "in your face" way. Knowing I had obtained quite the objectionable smearing, distal to the dentate line, I developed a sizable wad of TP and let out a soulful "oo-agh!" as I cleared the bulk of the leavings. But then--why, something had dripped from my urinary meatus. Fine, I'm incontinent. That figures. I looked at the coherent droplets, however, and observed a pearlescence that was strangely out of place. Af first I thought I could have copped another of those rare male UTIs. But no, I've seen this emission before. I must have transmitted some kind of pressure ! pulse, via the well-known anterior rectal access point, to either my prostate or my vesicles, like a male stud-fish being milked at the hatchery. That's never happened before to me. The full implications, of course, are off-topic to this board. I pissed normally after that.

Hey, I was just wondering why when you have a bowel movement you automatically have to pee also. I asked a few friends and I found that girls pee after they poop and guys pee before...Is there a reason for this or is it just a coincidence?

What happens if during a football or baseball game a player make a bowel movement what do they do during the game.

has a center (in a football game) ever farted while the Quarterback had his hands underneath his rear end

hi all
bin readin these 4 a wile an was wonderin do any of u have any accident or intentional wetting / pooping stories, or bedwetting, if so please post them, i will post 1 or 2 of my own wen i see sum new ones ,

back soon


Traveling Guy
Hi, everyone! Welcome, HELENA. Thanks for having the courage to post. See, it wasn't so hard, was it? That was a good story about your friendship with Sonja starting after you had (unknowingly) pooped side-by-side. It's interesting that as you became better friends, it wasn't the last time you pooped together. I think it helped to you to bond. They say that there are only two times in life when every person is the same as every other: at birth, and when we take a dump.

Your story reminds me of a recent experience. My work sometimes takes me to university campuses where I consult with students. I really enjoy young people's openness. On one campus, I had been meeting with a group of two guys and two girls in an empty classroom and in a dining hall. We needed some extra time to finish up, so they invited me to come up to their dorm one morning while many of the residents were in class.

Like many dorms, the floor was mixed, men and women. We gathered in a very small lounge, just an alcove along the long hallway of bedrooms. At a diagonal from us were the separate men's and women's shower and toilet rooms. I noticed that the doors to both were propped wide open and people were using them without worrying about that. The showers and wash sinks were out of view, but the stall doors of the women's toilets were easily visible from where I sat.

Just as we took a little rest break, a girl coming back from class greeted one of the girls in our group. Both of them went into the restroom and took adjacent stalls. While I joked with the rest group, I could hear these two girls having a friendly conversation. I couldn't hear what they were saying, nor did I care to. As the minutes passed, I assumed that both were taking a dump and being pretty social about it. Then came a flush as one girl emerged and went to wash her hands. That was soon followed by another flush as the girl from our group washed up and rejoined us. No fuss, no embarrassment. Maybe their friendship started like yours.

After we finished, I headed to the men's room to take a dump. As I did, a guy came in to use the sink and a girl stopped in the doorway to talk with him. She wasn't more than three meters (12') from me. I wasn't very noisy but it did get a bit smelly. As I washed my hands, they were still standing there talking. As I walked out past them, they greeted me briefly, just as though we were on the street. The whole thing makes me hope that maybe we're headed toward being a lot more open about what's natural in life.

white briefs
To the older guy

I was at school in the 60's and your tales of school ring true to me. WE mostly wore briefs by then - mainly white but some pale blue. I used to change mine twice a week so they used to be quite dirty with poo and pee stains and some stiff stains! You mention tucking shirt tails in underpants - most of us did - I still do and I mostly have brown marks on my shirt!

I learned that rather than make a puddle on the floor when I wet in class I would do short bursts over a long time and always got mum to buy me dark trousers!

Send in some more stories

Last night I had a weird dream. I'm walking through a campground, following a group of about 6 guys, ranging in age from about 18-22 years old, I think. They are about 20 feet ahead of me. I see them enter a restroom, the kind you see in public parks or campgrounds. A brownish plaster building. I walk in after them and see only one guy, at the sink, washing his hands. I look around and see a stall partition and door that's closed. The partition and door are somewhat low so I can look over the top. I look into the stall and see the other 5 guys. The stall is actually a room with 6 toilets set up in a semi-circle. The guys are all sitting on the toilets, taking a dump. They all look similar to each other. Each one is pale, with light brown hair that's sorta stringy. They are all wearing white short-sleeved shirts and light grey shorts. Some guys have stubble on their faces, others are clean-shaven. I notice that 3 of them have their shorts up around their thighs and the other ! 2 have them down at their ankles. Also 3 guys are wearing white boxers with faint patterns, the other 2 have white Jockey briefs. They aren't talking to each other, just looking down or at the wall. One guy looks up as I peer over the wall. I open the door and go the the unoccupied toilet. The guy just keeps looking at me. I pull my briefs and shorts down and sit on the toilet. The guy then looks away.

That's when I woke up. Kinda strange, huh?

I went back to the same park bathroom around noon today. I had to take a crap of course. This time there were 3 guys at the urinal, and an older guy, 50ish, sitting on the toilet. He was a big guy and it looked funny to see his huge white boxers draped over his knees and legs. I quickly went to the other open stall and put down the seat. I decided to "hover and drop" again. This time I pulled my pants and underwear all the way down, squatted over the toilet, and let 'em drop. It wasn't as loud as yesterday's dump. I was doubled over and pulling my cheeks apart again with my hands. My thighs were getting a pretty good workout! The turds were softer and longer, so not much plopping going on. I was done in about a minute. I was looking down, but I could see someone's standing at the sink, washing up. I could tell that he was facing my direction and watching me crap. He was there for quite a while, and only left after someone else came to the sink. That guy was also watching as! I stood and wiped. I also noticed that the guy in the other stall had stood up and I could see his head above the partition. The partition is actually quite low, so he could easily look over the top. Unfortunately, it looked like he was doing something "inappropriate" for a public restroom. I finished wiping and pulled up my white briefs and pants. Then I went to the sink to wash up.

It was cool being seen by so many people as I was crapping, but it was also creepy have that guy in the stall standing up and being "inappropriate" when everyone entering could see us both. I'll probably stay away from that restroom for a little while.

I had a nice dump last night..i mean it was ok but wasn't the best one. I ate dinner and got back online then i started feeling really full and bloated. I was farting a little then the pressure got really intense and i had to get off and poop. I litterly exploded. I pushed out some hard turds it really really was the worst pain i've ever had pooping. Then i had some soft stuff after that. i flushed and wiped and got back online. Then i pooped a little before bed..gotta run bye

Do any females pee in the shower from time to time?

I had a nice dump last night..i mean it was ok but wasn't the best one. I ate dinner and got back online then i started feeling really full and bloated. I was farting a little then the pressure got really intense and i had to get off and poop. I litterly exploded. I pushed out some hard turds it really really was the worst pain i've ever had pooping. Then i had some soft stuff after that. i flushed and wiped and got back online. Then i pooped a little before bed..gotta run bye

Hello Everyone, I have a couple of stories to post finally. This morning on the way to work, I stopped at McDonalds to get some breakfast.I went through the drive thru and placed my order. I pulled up to window #2, there was a female, not bad looking about 20 or so. she was squirming at the cash register. i asked her was she ok. She mouthed to me "Oooh I gotta shit real bad", she took off to the bathroom, and her manager gave me my breakfast and some change eventhough the girl didn t take my money. So after I got to work, during my break, i heard the lady DJ on the radio say that she might burp or fart in a few on air. So after a few commercials, she came back and said I think I m gonna fart.then she said her goes and let out a ripping fart. I was like dayuum, because most women are shy about doing such things. then a few minutes after farting, she said "we ll return to the music, while i go and have my morning shit." I was just imagining this young lady going to take a shit! while the music was playing. she came back about 10 minutes later and announced that she felt better. Then on my second break,there was a fine lady at my job that came into the breakroom with the local paper, she chatted for a few, then announced that she had to go to bathroom, so she went across the hall to the ladies room, and you heard the stall slammed shut, and heard her undoing her jeans and sitting down. she peed and i heard floomp floomp, plop, plop, ploop, then i heard the toilet paper rolling after about 3 or 4 mins.then she wiped and flush. when she came out she announced " now i can work". How lucky can you get to hear 3 women mentioned that they have to shit?

the "HOLD IT" man
Here's a nice disgusting story for the poop lovers out there. This happened last night while I was running an errand in Chicago. I was shopping for a cartridge and some other parts for my turn table. The place where I was looking was an old style strip type of store front, not a mall. There were apartment buildings on the 2nd floor of the building. The neighborhood where this place was not the best place in the world.

I parked my car, and got out and walked to find the place where I was because it's easier for me to find addresses on foot. While I was walking around looking for the Hi Fi dealer to buy my parts, I heard this 'plop' hit the sidewalk, and it started to stink like shit. I turned around and saw another turd hit the ground, and when I looked up, there was some fat jerk hanging his bare ass out the window of his apartment, and he was taking a shit on the sidewalk below. I was fit to be tied.

I know that ppl have to shit where ever and when ever the urge hits them when it's an emergency, but what excuse can this guy have? Even if his toilet isn't working, he could at least crap into a garbabe bag or something and descretely dispose of it instead of crapping on everyone on the side walk. I told the guy at the hi fi place about what happened and he said that the same thing happened to him while he was out walking with his girlfriend. That rrreeeeaaaly takes class to shit out the window indiscriminantly like that! I use to have a bebe gun when I was a kid. I sort of wish I had it with me last night.

Brian, I heard that expression before. We use to refer to poop as "fudge" all the time. In fact, there was a little limrick that some of the girls would recite when I was a kid that went something like this.

They would point to each of their breasts, genital then their rear ends and the limrick would go something like this:

Milk, Milk
Around the corner
Fudge is made.

Regering to the two breasts, genitilia and butt. Boys said it too some times, but it was more common for girls.

To Breanna: Liked hearing that you've peed in front of guys and girls..thats cool..i never have.

To I.P.Daily: Liked your story about your Ex G/F.

To Got Guts: Did you actully see someone poop or do you think it could have possibly been mud or something else?

To Caroline: I loved your camp story.

To Traveling Guy: That sounds like a mall around her...but i doubt its the same mall. Liked your story too

To RyanS: Sounds like you had some nice dumps...other then the diahreaha you had.

To jim: liked your story.

To Dave: Loved your story..i thought that was funny. Were you drinking or something?

To full panties: enjoyed your story.

To natasha: Liked your story about pooping when your b/f was in the tub, have you ever seen him poop?

To Popper the dirty diaper man: Loved your story..that reminds me of the time i was 9 and i was coming home from a weekend trip and i was in the car and i fell asleep and i remember waking up and being at 7-11 and i realized i shit my bathing suit(had it on cause i was at the beach) i asked if there was a bathroom but there wasn't any so i had to wait till i got on and when i got home i shit some more(in the toilet).

To Got Guts: Loved your story...that was funny..speaking of baths i been taking baths latly..does any one like to fart in the tub? i do

To Helena: Enjoyed your story..sounds like your pretty open about shitting with you sister.

To Incitatis: Thanks for liking my story about the club! We are outside of baltimore.

To booyah: I got some tips 1 try eating more starches 2. try holding your poop longer..that will make them bigger.

To unnamed poster: about the blind lady..thought that was funny.

To Wetguy: That was cool it was do you like it?

To Luke: Liked your story.

To Jaqueline: Enjoyed your story.

To Unnamed poster about being on the job..liked your story, sounds like a nice dump in your pants.

To CC: Sounds like a cool show.

To anonymous movie guy: Liked your story..did you find the mens room? i did that when i was 9 it was tool late cause i was pooping in the ladies room.

To Simpson: My fav kind of poop is #7 Other a nice firm log

To sunshineboy: Liked your story.

To coyote: Loved your story..was the unisex bathroom empty? i was wondering if any one thought you were a girl the way you said you peed?

To Anon Girl: Liked your constipation story..feel better? and did you take any thing for it?

To The prof: Thats intresting..especialy about the cream.

To O.D. Pooper: Liked your story..did you ever poop that day?

My sister had an accident today

It was almost dinner and we were doing our homework. She said "I have to go to the bathroom" I teased her and said "You didn't get your homework done yet, eather hold it or go in your pants" She aparently took this very literally and grunted very hard. Before I said anything she said "Okay now i will finish my homework" My mom came in and said is the toilet clogged. My sister responded "NoI pooped my pants because I have homework" After a long talk I was grounded for 2 weeks.

I am 20 and a male. A lot of kids when they are growing think there are some people who never go to the bathroom. I mean never. Teachers certainly were that way. They would come in at 8 in the morning and still be there at 4 in the afternoon. When we took a break at recess or lunch and went to the bathroom they were always in the hall or on the playground with us. They were different than us. We all had to go at least once or twice and some of us three times well except for my friend Jeb. He never went to the bathroom in school. One time when we were walking home together I remembered that I had skipped my lunchtime pee and had to go pretty bad.(I hadn't gone since 10 a.m. recess. It had been more than 5 hours.)I asked him why he never had to go at all. He said that his dad had a huge pee storage tank and he only goes once a day when he gets up in the morning. Jeb said he only goes twice at 7 in the morning and about 8 at night. He says his aim is to be just like his dad. Bu! t he moved away when we were both 12 so I never found out. I didn't think much about this although I noticed that some days in high school I would forget to go all day. It didn't really bother me. Then in college I met this nice girl. We dated a lot. But one thing has puzzled me. We could be together on the weekend from the middle of the morning, go out for dinner, go to a movie, and get back to college about midnight, and she never made a move to go to the bathroom. That excited me. I told her I noted that. She just laughed. She said she had a brother and 2 sisters and they only peed once or at the most twice a day. "I guess we all have huge bladders." So last Christmas time I invited her to come home with me. We had to drive about 20 hours to get there. She usually flew home but her parents didn't want her to because of the dangers of 9/11. We started out, stopped three times so I could pee and we could get something to eat and sodas to drink in the car. By the time we got! to my parents home she had not visited the rest room once. I took her upstairs. She got to sleep in one of my sister's room. Next door was the bathroom. My room was on the other side of the bathroom. It was now 22 hours since we had left college. I was unpacking when I heard the bathroom door close. I went into my closet. The wall there was right up against the bathroom. I heard water running. Then all was quiet. Then I heard more water running like it was being poured out of a pitcher. It gushed like a waterfall. She was finally peeing. She went on and on pausing on and off a few times. She peed for about 4 1/2 minutes. I got an instant erection. I didn't know why. One mystery had been solved. People who never pee eventually do. But now there was another puzzle. Why was I so aroused by hearing a pee going on and on and on?

Katrina: thank you for the warning. I do get myself into desperate situations every now and again cos I am so lazy about going to the toilet.

I have to date wet myself a half dozen or so times in the past few years. The first time I was horrified even though my girlfriend had constantly warned me it was an accident waiting to happen.

One poster here said it was impossible for a man to be stimulated by holding on ... if that was the case I wouldn’t do it.

I enjoy having a full bladder, though I take Katrina’s point that I could damage myself when I really want to go and try to hold on. And the relief when I do go is pleasurable.

Thanks once again for the warning. I will post a story - a holding contest for money.

I had a nice dump last night..i mean it was ok but wasn't the best one. I ate dinner and got back online then i started feeling really full and bloated. I was farting a little then the pressure got really intense and i had to get off and poop. I litterly exploded. I pushed out some hard turds it really really was the worst pain i've ever had pooping. Then i had some soft stuff after that. i flushed and wiped and got back online. Then i pooped a little before bed..gotta run bye

Curious Dude
AMY: Wow, that is so cool that you like guys to watch you poop! I think we would get along very well. I wish there were a lot of girls like you. But it took you how many tries before you found a guy that liked watching you? This is very important information to me because I am conducting a survey to see how rare this is. If you went through four or five guys before you found a guy that liked watching you, consider yourself very lucky. Something else I was wondering is would you be turned on watching a guy poop? I want to find a girl who would not only enjoy letting me watch her, but would enjoy watching me as well. What are your thoughts on that?

Jaquline: Your English is good actually. I have no problem understanding you. You asked if anyone has the same fetish as you. I know I do. Around this site, I think you will find that most of us do.

To Everyone: Take care, and don't be shy!

Twice Shy
A story of open attitudes, 60 years back

Whenever I go camping, I'll walk to the back of the site, into the brush, and pee as I must. While I don't like to get caught letting old Jeremiah do his work, my father says that kids, especially the boys, had no qualms about any where, any time.

They lived on a small farm, in a large extended family setting, up in America's Dairyland (e.g., Packers fans). The boys would initiate themseves in a rite of passage that leaves its mark--peeing on the electric fence. (Whoa, now you're a man.) When thunderstorms arose, the duty of every full-filled member of the family was to irrigate the ground near the lightning rod post. This was Wartime America, the 1940's, and any electrolytic fluid possessed by the population had its use in the Effort.

There is a story, though, in our oral history that shows best what I'm trying to illustrate. A cousin of my father was playing the holding game, and made some sort of wager concerning his capacity. At least one of my paternal aunts were there. This young man claimed that he could span the distance between a pine tree that is still there today on the dirt road, all the way to the corner, while peeing the whole way. I saw this distance with my own eyes; it was about 1/4 of a country mile, or 440 yards. A kid that can run 100 in 15 seconds would therefore need to pee for perhaps 70 seconds. Sounds like a sucker bet to me. The trail of history goes dry about this rural stunt, only it sounds like he made it. This is what kids did before television and electronic gaming.

So, sure, I'll pee outdoors, any chance I can get. Really, though, it only works in such places as the backcountry of a National Park. Proper trail ettiquette, of course, requires that the person in need be out of sight of the trail. Wet rocks can be dangerous, in the alpine setting.

Hey, lots of new people here, looks like the site is expanding! Sorry I've been out for a while, but you know how the work is. *groan* For those of you that are new, or just don't remember me, I'm the college guy with a "friend" named Mallory who lets me watch her take her daily dumps. Anyway, Mallory and I are in a relationship now(long story, and anyway, not appropriate for the forum), and I obviously still enjoy her poop sessions. She seems to be having more dumps on the whole, going at least twice a day. That's a lot, to me. Does anyone else take a dump more than once a day?

Anyway, most of the stuff that we do goes on at her sister's apartment, since it's a bit safer than outside, like we used to do. She'll sit on the pot, ready to go, and I rub her back to help her along, and her thighs to calm her if need be. Just today, she had a really massive dump that needed quite a bit of coaxing. She passed a lot of gas before going, that smelled very egg-like, but I was ok with it. I guess it's just one of the things that goes with the situation that add the "icing to the cake," in a way. She leaned forward, arching her back, and raising the back of her rotund butt off the seat a little. This displayed her anus, which was just opening up slightly to deliver her load. She made light gasping noises, "Unhh...unhh...unhh" as she pushed, and just then, her anus opened up much faster, very wide, about three and one half inches, to let out a large log, one of those that resembles a bunch of pebbles fused together, like a conglomerate rock. This snaked out! into the bowl slowly, making the familiar crackle noises as it slid out, and accompanied by a hissing noise as her urine splashed against the side of the bowl. She sighed contentedly, her face flushed, and as I looked at the giant beast in the toilet, she saw me preparing to get up, as I erroneously believed she was finished. "Uh-uh," she said, shaking her head. "Not done yet." I reseated myself, pushing lightly on her stomach and rubbing downward. She relaxed visibly, passing more gas before bearing down again, and released a softer load out, much like peanut butter, or slightly melted chocolate. With that, she was done. I wiped her (I consider this to be one of the things everyone HAS to do at least once. If you have a gf/bf and they let you in on their toilet activities, you should wipe them. It might seem weird to some, but it can be very intimate.) and she pulled up, and we both washed up.

Now for some replies:

DAVE: Wow. That must have been a gaffe and a half. Although, the girl seemed to be quite forgiving, and there were "sentience-modifying substances" (my own term) involved. Interesting how she said that it "happens to the best of us." That's usually a general expression, but in this case...? Maybe she's done it before?

BREANNA: Your stories are great too. It's too bad you don't get to post more often.

I.P.DAILY: Great girlfriend. Mallory's usually cool about warning me about hazardous situations (though I usually never listen to these warnings, except for this one time where she let one rip about a centimeter from my face, and it honestly nearly burned off my nose). The only times that she doesn't warn me is when she wants to be mischievous (i.e. she's just had Tex/Mex).

HELENA: Nice bonding experience. I for one would love to hear more. Don't hold back! ^_^

To everyone else, cool posts too. I enjoy reading all these. And to all the newbies, welcome (funny, since I've not posted in so long that it seems as if I'm new)


Punk Rock Girl
DAVE: Yeachh!!! That must have been pretty nasty! I had a similar experience when I was thirteen. I used to take dance lessons when I was a kid, from nine up through fifteen. Anyway, We were at a dance recital for our school. I was wearing a costume, but underneath it I was wearing a full body leotard. Well, I had to take a shit for a couple of hours, but held off until after the show. Whe the show was over, I ran into the girls dressing room where there was a single toilet stall. I quickly pulled up my skirt and pulled down my underpants, sat on the toilet and let it rip. I had totally forgotten that underneath all that, I had a leotard! I filled the seat of my leotard with wet crap. It was quite a mortifying, and gross experience. I waited for nearly an hour, with my shit filled tights clinging to my ass and thighs, for the other girls to finally finish up and leave. When I was alone I got cleaned up and threw the leotards away. Not my favorite childhood me! mory!



Hi Caroline -

Your camp story reminds me of a "camping trip" I went on with some friends in college. It wasn't a well planned one, just spur of the moment.

We didn't remember all the necessities - just the refreshments and camping gear. Of refreshments, we had various freeze dried rations from the local camping goods store, and a few tins of miscellaneous stuff one guy raided his parents pantry. But we did manage to remember the booze and recreational narcotics.

It was early spring in Virginia, still kinda cool at night where we lived, which meant pretty freakin cold in the mountains where we headed. Anyway, we got to the trail well before dark, and hiked a few miles up the mountain before stopping for the night.

We made a usual guys supper, quick and greasy, and after that and a couple hours of the after dinner refreshments, we hit the sleeping bags. Well, that was not it for the night - what with the greasy food and etc, each of us was up several times that night. Not the runs - but pretty close.

Of course I bet you can guess what necessity we managed to not bring. And we were camped up the mountain - and above the tree line. Which meant no leaves - a few pine needles if we were that crazy.Which we weren't. Just a few rocks to scrape off the big chunks that managed to cling to our asses.

Of course, it was pretty damn cold that night too. Which meant none of us spent more than a few seconds more than necessary outside the tent. The shit just sorta froze and stuck to our asses.

Anyway, by morning we were all pretty tired, and not a little dehydrated from all the drinking. We decided to skip the remaining 15 miles of the loop trail, and headed back the way we had come. We passed a couple groups coming up the trail, one guy going up the trail past us remarked that somebody in our group must have "stepped in something".

By that time, it was warming up and we all smelled pretty ripe.

Anyway, we piled everything back in the cars, and found the nearest comfort station, and cleaned up the best possible way. Then stopped at the first hamburger restaurant we could find and finished the job in their restroom. We left a pile of nasty paper towels in the trash can too.

It was warmer by the time I got home, which was a good thing cause my mother made me go in the back yard and hose myself down cause I still smelled. A lot. Then I went inside and took a good hot water shower.

I've been lurking, reading the posts for quite a while, so I thought I might actually add one of my own. I am a 22year old male of about 6 feet in stature and medium build. Also, I am a college student. Last week I hadn't been to the toilet in about 3 days (which is increadibly long for me). So after struggling for about 2 hours to endure French classes and not let go in my pants, I finally got to head to the Phys. Ed. building for my afternoon workout. I just began working out in this facility and coincidentally had never used the restrooms here. Well, I got there, changed up for the workout, and set off to relieve myself. I was immediately surprised by what I found in the lockerroom toilet area, about 5 urinals lined up right next to each other neighboring a row of 3 toilets with partitions but no doors. Well, going in doorless stalls is actually a secret like I have, so I decided to drop 'em and do my business seeing as no one was around. I was sitting there looking out i! nto the room in front of me trying to ease this monster out. Well, ease is not the word, after applying ample rectal pressure it finally began to come out. Still alone, about a foot of dung was hanging out going from my hole to the bowl when the lockerroom door opened. Well nothing to do but sit there with it all hanging out and act natural. Three guys came in and walked past, one of them hover back a bit and was looking straight at me. He finally moved along to the urinal right next to my "stall". As he was walking out of the room, he once again looked back to check my progress. My heart was racing for some reason, like I was entering "fight or flight" mode. Well, I took another five minutes to get it all out and another 3 or 4 people came in. Basically I pushed out about 2.5 feet about 8-9 inches in circumference. Well, the toilet couldn't flush it, so I had to leave my production for the whole world to see. When I came back in to change later it was still there staring at! me. I've been back a few times after that as I seem to always need to dump after class and before my workout. My fiancee and I are very open about habits, so I'll have to tell some co-ed #2 stories later. A bientot.


Many years ago when my brother was a preschooler he swallowed a penny. My mother saw him do it. My mother made my brother go in a potty then she had the inenvyable tash of searching thru his poop. Finally she found the penny. She either showed the penny to the family doctor or described it over the telephone. My mother said the penny was dark (in bowelmovement condition.) My brother probably swallowed it because it was bright and shiny.

Now these days pennies are coated in copper with zinc, cheaper and more easily attacked by stomach acid, in the middle. If the copper place is broken and the penny is swallowed danage by the copper coat could be done to the digestive track, the zinc would be corrided by the stomach acid leaving the sharp copper.

Who cares about little children the government is saving money!!!

Jenny Jones Look Alike
1) When you dry yourself off after taking a bath or shower, does anyone hear rub the towel over their butt hole to dry it, or do you just let your hole "air" dry?

i always towel dry it

2) If you rub the towel over your butt hole to dry it, how far into the hole do you go?

as faar in so i cantouch the poop

3) After you are done drying your hole, do you ever sniff the towel to see if there is any lingering "butt" smell?

Yes always!!I love that smell

4) If you sniff the towel, how often do you smell something poopy?

All the time

ITALY: Did you parents ever find out?

TAWNY D: Great story about watching your boyfriend take a dump. I wish I had a girlfriend who had an interest in watching me shit. I've had a dozen or more over the years, and most would get grossed out if I so much as farted in bed.

MARK: Kewl story about the chick taking a leak right in front of y'all. Someday you'll wish to see a woman drop a log will come true.

AMY: Ditto! (But reverse -- I wish I had a girlfriend who was more into watching men dump, and who would let men watch her dump)

BRYIAN: A 13+ inch log? That's amazing. I saw one like that in the Home Depot men's room once -- sticking straight out of the water. I tried flushing it, but it wouldn't go (I guess that's why it was still there after the guy who made it went away)

SYDNEY: Sounds like a great lunch break. Wish I could have been there!

TV Fan: I can understand only pooping twice in 30 days. It's hard to believe, but there was a point when I was really poo shy, like when I was a kid. I've gotten over it since, but I remember being in summer camp for an entire week and not shitting because I never had enough privacy. Of course now I'm practically the opposite -- I'm always trying to show off my shits.

Tawny D,
Awesome account of watching your boyfriend taking a shit!!! I had to read through it several times... I'm sure it was as much of a turn on for you to witness as it was for me just to simply read it. I especially liked the description of the sound his turds made while exiting his ass as well as how they looked in the toilet afterwards. Perhaps, one day soon you'll get to see his turds inching out of his butt. I hope you will have more opportunities to share with us...

Tawny D.
AMY: As it turns out, you were right. That "encouragement" after that first time has really opened him up to the idea of crapping while I watch. We've spent about four or five nights together since then, and pretty much every time he had to take a dump, he let me come in with him (except for when he had to go at the movie theater over the weekend, and even though I wanted to, I couldn't exactly follow him into the men's room). He doesn't really understand my interest in it, but knows he'll be "rewarded," so he's okay with it. He doesn't even hesitate before wiping anymore. And he always stands up and lets me see the logs before it goes down.

BTW, he's 24 (two years younger than me). I think he's adorable. He's got the kind of build I love, slightly cuddly (but not flabby), with just enough of a "winter layer" that says he likes to drink beer when watching the football game (he's 5'11", #200, can fit in size 34 pants, but prefers 36).

As for watching him pinch off his logs, I don't know that he's ready for that just yet. I'd like to see it happen, but I don't want to scare the guy off and ruin what's already a very good thing. I'll keep everyone posted!

Hi. I'm Dee. I'm 54 years old, have brown hair with a little bit of gray starting to show, and I'm 5'6 and weigh about 200 pounds. About 10 years ago, a younger man who I've been friends with for a long time had mentioned his interest in women pooping to me during one of our long conversations, so I decided one day to give him his chance to see it happen firsthand. I was at work one day when I began to get the urge to poop. I knew he was coming over that night to watch a movie with me on video, so I decided to try to hold the poop until he got there. The urge would come and go, feeling like a lot of pressure on my rectum when my muscles would contract to push the poop down. I usually have solid turds so I was sure I could hold it, but it was fairly uncomfortable. I almost gave up at one point and went to the ladies room and sat on the toilet, but the urge went away temporarily. I got back up and put my mind to holding it, even though I kept shifting back and forth! in my chair for the rest of the afternoon and probably didn't get much work done because I had to concentrate on holding the poop. I got home and got dressed comfortably, getting out of my work clothes and putting on a sweatshirt and some sweatpants. I peed before my friend came over because I didn't want to pee all over the place while I pooped for him. It was hard for me to not poop as I sat on the toilet, but I succeeded in continuing to hold the poop in. As soon as he got there, I met him at the door and told him what I'd done with holding my poop all day, and if he wanted to watch I'd let him. He was totally surprised and excited about the idea. My butt was just about bursting now, I was dancing back and forth to keep my poop from erupting out, so I hurried up. I was almost lightheaded from the audacity of what I was going to do, but I went to the kitchen and got an old tupperware container and put it on the table. I put two stacks of books about 8 inches high ! on the table to kneel on. Quickly I pulled my sweatpants off, then removed my flowery white cotton panties. I jumped up on the table and kneeled on the books, making sure that the plastic container was positioned under my butt properly before I relaxed my poor, overworked sphincter muscle. Immediately, a turd began to poke out, stopping as it emerged about an inch and a half from my butthole. The turd was large, and it stopped because it was too fat to keep sliding out easily. I took a deep breath and pushed, making a little bit of a straining noise under my breath. The turd began to move. It was hard and knobby. When I stopped pushing, it stopped coming out, but about 4 inches were hanging from my butt. I pushed again audibly. I looked at my friend, who was sitting at the table with his eyes bugged out, staring at my butt in action. The turd began to move some more, this time stopping with about six inches hanging out. The poop probably was about 2 and a half in! ches thick. I gave one last herculean push, and the turd moved a few more inches. It was thinner at this point so it kept moving, landing in the tupperware with a solid thud. I felt more poop move into position in my rectum and gave another push. I could hear my butt crackle as a softer turd about an inch and a half thick slid out. This one came out in one motion and flopped into the tupperware. My muscles were still pushing, but there wasn't much poop left. A couple small pieces plopped out, with the last one getting stuck to my butt. I got down off the table and it squished between my cheeks. I looked into the container. The first poop was about 14 inches long, and the second one about 8 inches long. The smell didn't really hit until the second turd came out, but it really stunk. I went upstairs to the bathroom and cleaned my butt, then put my overcoat on and threw the tupperware container with the poop away in the trash can outside. When I got back in I took ! off the coat. I was still naked from the waist down, and my butt was tingling with that good sensation you get after taking a big poop. I sat next to him and we did our best to watch the movie, but with me being half naked it was quite a distraction. Well that's my story. Happy toileting everybody. Dee

Felix’s (15 year old male) poo log

Date and Time: 4 Feb at 6h15
Place: Home
Quantity: Pathetic – 2 small pebbles.
Texture: Firm
Colour: Rich brown
Farts: Lots of loud farts – that’s what made me think I needed to poo.
Smell: Not much – would linger for about a minute
Skid marks: None
Comments: My sister was knocking at the door needing to go, so I stayed as long as I could but only managed two measly little poo’s. Even the smell that I left for her was pathetic.
Satisfaction factor: What a let down – 2/10

Date and Time: 4 Feb at 9h35
Place: School
Quantity: 3 thick logs – 5 inches long x 2 inches across
Texture: Smooth and Firm
Colour: Dark brown
Farts: A single long fart at the start.
Smell: Very little
Skid marks: Some good skid marks
Comments: Slipped out very well and fast leaving not much wipeage. The three logs followed one after another in fast succession. The thickness made it a very satisfying poo.
Satisfaction factor: After this mornings pathetic poo, this more than made up for it – 8/10

Hey, I was just wondering why when you have a bowel movement you automatically have to pee also. I asked a few friends and I found that girls pee after they poop and guys pee before...Is there a reason for this or is it just a coincidence?

well tonight while walking along the vernon , connecticut bike path in the snow I had to pee more than once. but the last time was right before I got to the start/end at route 30 . I was crossing this high bridge across this lake , which was not frozen in that spot under the bridge. I stood by the safety railing, then whipped it out and aimed my penis over one of the slots and began to piss into the water below . it did not really make all that loud of a tinkling noise as I thought it would, but still to hear the pee hit the water from up at least 25 feet above the surface it made sort of a dropping sound like water from a brook. it was cool and it reminded me of the time when my girlfriend and I were still together and I peed from this bridge with her just looking in amazement and the whizz hit the water below and left a stream of bubbles on the water .

Tx Guy
To Jaqueline

I think many people who read and post in the forum are turned on in some way to hear other people pooping. I do and still excited when my gf is in the bathroom pooping, many times I just watch her doing her thing. Do you enjoy only the sounds of it, or actually seeing someone?

John Q Public
Got Guts:

I have to admit that I, too did some pretty mean things to get back at some of those football bullies. In an earlier post, I think it was August when I posted it, I told a story about when I was the "water boy" for all the school athlets, a position which I was compelled to do because my father wanted me to "participate" more, I put laxatives in the drinking water, causing our losingest season of all time. Of course, this guy was never my friend to begin with. If he had been given his way, he probably would have taken one of the cheerleaders along.

Eric in Chicago:

You called it exactly right. This guy was given that car as a reward for making 'varsity' and his father was a major contributor to the athletic department in addition to all his taxes. Sports, especialy Football was the main event at that school, and up until the little "attitude adjustment" I meated out to the athletes, they were doing pretty good. Our basketball team was number 2 in the state, our football team was number 1 and our baseball team was number 1. Our cheerleaders were also highly rated, but I got a real laugh when they were defeated in a cheerleading contest by the school where my sister went. My sister was on the cheerleading squad at her school. We went to different high schools.


As I told Got Guts, I did not let it end there. I did speak to my parents about it, and I also spoke to the principal, but they all knew which side their bread was buttered on. I told all concerned on no uncertain terms that from now on, I am driving my own car to ALL school related events that I am required to attend, which is what I did for the rest of the year. And, of course, there was my laxitive sherades which cost our athletic teams just about every game they played. When the baseball team had away games, they tried to 'buddy' us up again, but I flatly refused to ride with anyone or take anyone along.


It certainly behoovs the people running that camp to keep TP in all the outhouses and bathrooms. In fact, the summer camp that I went to would YELL at you if you didn't report to the councelers that the TP dispensors were empty. I think that's inexcusable, and it is certainly wrong for people to poke fun at you. Everyone gets caught off guard from time to time when it comes to having to take a dump, and any one of those other girls could have easily found themselvs in the very same situation. Outbreaks of diareah are not uncommon in summer camps. The nervousness of some kids being away from home without their parents, the junk food, (for instance, at my camp, we had hot dogs and beans every day for lunch) and the close living with others all contribute to that situation.

John Q, I was going to comment on your trip story sooner, (or maybe I already did) but I forgot about it. As you know, I am a girl, and that often subjects me to certain types of bullies and guys who don't like having their bubbles burst.

I had a similar experience in high school. Don't get me wrong. For the most part, I liked high school and had a great time, but prior to the night of the senior prom, I got into a fight with my boy friend at that time, and I ended up going with one of the guys on the Basketball team. He seemed nice enough, and he was a very hansome African American, and was only an inc shorter then I was. He came on to me like he was very understanding and we ended up going to a movie together. When the senior prom came, he picked me up, was dressed in a Tuxedo, and I in a dress that I had bought special, and when we got there, he totaly ignored me. He danced with several other girls through out the night, and when I got tired of it, I demanded to be taken home. I don't know if it was something that I had eaten, but I realy h ad to take a dump like never before, so we had to stop. While I was in the bathroom, he drove off, leaving me stranded ten miles from home.

My parents were out, so I ended up calling my boy friend who didn't go to the prom. He came to my rescue, even though I had gone to the prom with some one else.

Adrian, like I said before, when it comes to holding, there is a right way and a wrong way. Physical pain is a major sign that damage is being done, as is bladder failure.

Anonomous Movie Guy, I accidently walked into the mens room on three ocassions that I can remember. The first time was when I was about 10. It was at a rest area off of Interstate 40. I simply wasn't paying attention and wondered into the wrong room. I got yelled at by several men who were peeing at the urinals. The 2nd time was about a year later at summer camp. The rest room signs were removable, and some prankster decided to switch the signs around, and I ended up falling for the joke. There were 2 boys peeing at urinals, and one boy taking a dump in a doorless stall. There was a huge maylay when a boy walked into the girls room through the same prank. When I walked out and the councelors found out what happened, the kid who changed the signs was sent home. The 3rd time, was when I was about 14. I was at school, and one of the very few and far between times I was desperate to pee. I had been drinking water, diet pop and gatorage all morning long, and by! the 7th period, I was starting to get very uncomfortable. I managed to hold out until the end of the school day, but by the time that dismissal bell rang, I was in pain, and running to the washroom. I was so undone, that I didn't read the sign very well, and I ran into the boys room, ran into a stall, pulled down my panties and started spewing like nobody's business. Meanwhile, in walked two very cute boys, who couldn't believe their ears. When they found out it was me, they just about had strokes.

I would love to hear about more stories of women peeing in the toilet bowl and describing what their piss looks like. what color is it ? does it make loads of foam or just a little ? do you tinkle loudly? or softly? and does it come out straight down ? or to the side or front a bit ? and do you aim it at all so it will it the water and if you do, why ? and does it always hit the water or not? and lastly, how long do you pee for and is it one steady stream, a spray, or many short streams?

RE.anonymous movie guy . I loved that story of the girls room ! I think I did that once , but soon backed out.which reminds me of the time many years ago while at this outdoor concert at connecticut's old pinecrest country club , back around 1981 I think . it was an all day event with big local bands like twisted sister, eyes, fountainhead and many more rock bands and yes , loads of beer and more beer to drink and get drunk . of course beer as we all know is the best diuretic known to man and yes WOMAN TOO ! LOL I had to piss all day long and this one time the line for the womens room was so long and the chicks were bitching about having to wait like one hour just to simply piss and us guys at least could sneak off around the bushes and whizz in the forest even though some of us due to out upbringing were piss shy in front of girls. anyway, so finally this one time after like 20 mins I get into the guys room to piss and we all STILL HAD TO WAIT IN LINE . menawhile the chi! cks were just coming in and saying " can I go ahead of you and piss in your guys toilets first ? LOL surely we were more than happy to oblige and let them ahead even though the security force was coming in and dragging the girls out saying " you can't use the mens room I'm sorry" . anyway, I had this one cutie chick who I let sneak by and piss in the stall I was waiting for and she was so drunk she did not even bother to close the door , lifted her mini skirt, sat down and pissed into the toilet . it was killer! I mean totally bitchin to see this shit and those big biker security dudes were dragging out these girls and saying " you must use the womens room I'm sorry honey, but I have rules to follow if I want to work here again" . a few of the chicks even tried to piss in the guys urinals as well, if I remember right and some , as the guards were dragging them out pissed all over themselves . what a f?????g blast that was to see .

Wednesay, February 05, 2003

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