Hi all! Thanks for all the compliments on my last story. Nothing exciting to tell right now though. Kaye:I fart anywhere from 5 to 10+ times a day. I'm just really gassy. Dreamer: I love being watched on the toilet. I haven't had the opportunity to poop in front of anyone but I have peed in front of several guys and girls. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist so it's plenty of fun to me. 2) If I encounter a public toilet with dirt on it I usually just bend over it and relieve myself. I've mentioned before that I have not pooped in public restrooms in years but when I have to take a leak I'll hover above the toilet if it's dirty. 3)I always pee before my first poop and sometimes I pee a little afterwards. Well that's all for now. I promise I'll have a story when I write again. Bye!

Kaye: I once read somewhere that the average person farts 14 times in a day. That puts us all above your scale!

Hey, I was just wondering why when you have a bowel movement you automatically have to pee also. I asked a few friends and I found that girls pee after they poop and guys pee before...Is there a reason for this or is it just a coincidence?

I forgot to post about this
last night i watched the simpsons and there was a sceene where Marge was driving and the kids said eww, maggie fudged her diaper. They pulled into the quicky mart to change her. Did any one see this?

And has any one ever heard the term Fudged meaning pooped pooed shit etc??

My ex-girlfriend Jean was a girl that I could never forget.She would try and do almost anything I asked her to.When she found out that watching her poop was a big turn on for me,well just about every time she had to go she would tell me.I would either go with her to the toilet, or she would go and tell me all the details.When she stayed at my appartment we would lay in bed in the mornings and she would let out some loud farts.I knew I was going to be in for a big treat after breakfast.There are lots of stories about Jean.Here's one.Jean had a lot of gas this one morning and she was farting her brains out.Normally when Jean farted,her farts hardly ever smelled,well they sure did this time.She told me she had to poop real bad and wanted to know if I wanted to come.She said I'm warning you it might be runny.She sat on the toilet and blasted a loud fart, poop,another fart and more poop.It continued for about this.The bathroom smelled so bad.She said I warned you. !

Got Guts
John Q Public: Damn man, I hope that football guy has the worst life ever right now. What a f???ed up thing to do. Highschoolers are so mean, hehe, then again, I was a mean one too, but still! Sheesh.
As it turns out, I called my "friend" and she was not in fact mad, or so she said, but gave no explination as to why she even started arguing in the first place. I didn't ask, oh well. The fact that she has a car in this city and is willing to drive me places is keeping me from saying to hell with her all together, but such is the inner city life.

Speaking of Inner city, I saw the sickest puddle of diarreah outside of the supermarket the other night, I pitty the poor person that took THAT shit in full view.

Hi everybody!

Last summer I was at girls scout camp. We were at a lake and were swimming. It was across the other side of the lake from our camp, so we didn't have showers or anything. I heard some of the girls complaining that there wasn't any toilet paper in the outhouses, but I forgot about it. Later, right before we were going to hike back around the lake to the camp, I really had to poop. I went into an outhouse, which must have been used by guys sometime because the little urinal-like thing was all splattered with pee. Luckily the seat was clean. I could see a lot of poop floating in the blue stuff. Yuck.

So, I pulled down my shorts and my bikini bottoms (which I was wearing as my underwear till we got backl to camp) and sat down on the seat. I peed for a while, then pooped a lot. I could hear it plop into the gross glop underneath my butt. So, the last little bit was really stuborn, and I had to push. Then my butt clenched up and it squashed the poop between my butt cheeks. I was like, oh great, now I have to wipe forever. I reached for TP, and about two seconds before I touched the emopty roll, I remembered the other girls complaining about there was no TP. I said "Oh NO" out loud.

I wiggled my butt, trying to get the poop that was smooshed all over my anus to fall off, but it was too sticky. One of the counselers knocked on the outhouse door and said hurry up, we're going. I said, I'm stuck with no TP! There wasn't anything to wipe my butt with, no one had tissues or anything. By now there were like five or six people (one of the counselers is a guy) yelling at me to hurry up. One of the girls said I could wipe my poopy butt later.

I finally stood up, and there was a really gross, squishy feeling between my buns. It was nasty, but I pulled my bikini bottoms up, which were still wet from swimming, and pulled up my shorts. I stepped out and everyone laughed when they saw hoe I was walking funny because of the poop on my butt. The one guy, who's my favorite counseler, told everyone to leave me alone.

It took almost two hours to walk back to camp. By the time we got there, my butt was all sticky, and gooey and itchy, from the poop getting smeared around. We had to stand in line for roll call. The girl standing next to me said, "You stink!" I said, "Shut up! I have poop stuck on my butt!" I was almost crying it was so uncomftorble and embarrassing. Finally, after roll call, we were told to hit the showers and then dinner in an hour. I ran to my cabin and got my soap and shampoo and towels and ran to the showers to try to get there first.

The toilets in the showers have no doors, but they have little stalls. I went in and pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet in one of them. My bikini bottoms were all covered in poop. Just the seat, though. I quickly wiped mybutt, and had to wipe it like eight times. It wasn't just between my cheeks, but was on my buns too. I then flushed and went in the showers. Luckily, I was still alone. I took off my clothes and held my bikini bottoms under the water and scrubbed them with soap and water until they were clean. Then I took a shower and washed my hair.

By the time I was washing my hair, the other girls came in. My one friend came over to me and turned the shower next to me on and started washing. She asked if I finally got to wipe my butt. I said yes, thank god! By dinner time, I thought it was funny, but I got teased about it for the rest of the week! Girls would hand me a roll of TP before we went hiking and stuff like that.

It was pretty gross, but funny.

TAWNY D: That was a cool story about your boyfriend letting you watch while he took a shit. The best part was where he stood up when you asked and let you see his logs. How old is he? Is he a cute dude? I sure hope that the "encouragement" and reward you gave him will allow you to see him dump many more times. One challenge will be for you to see whether eventually he will allow you to watch him actually pinch off his logs. Please let us know about any future episodes where you have the opportunity to watch him on the can!

Traveling Guy
We've all read posts here that begin, "I was at the shopping mall..." Well, that's where I was Saturday when I felt the need to pee. To reach the restrooms there, you leave the shopping court and go down a very long corridor, and then turn and go a short distance along a second hallway. After using the urinal and while I was washing my hands, I chatted with a young father who was using the pull-down table to diaper his daughter of about 20 months. It was cute how she was so alert and taking in everything around her, asking her dad questions about the surroundings. After gingerly disposing of her poopy diaper, he ofered that this was their third and probably last child, and how much he and his wife enjoys parenting.

As I headed along that long corridor back to the shoppping area, two giggly girls, both about 14 or 15 years old, came heading toward me. One ran ahead of her friend and quickly passed me. The other, lagging behind walking, called out to her friend, "Hurry up, Melissa!"

I couldn't fight a big smile and as the second girl approached, I asked, "Do you think she'll make it?"

The friend giggled and shrugged. "I hope so."

Then as the second girl was also about to pass me, I planted a quizzical look on my face and held up first one, then two fingers as I pointed over my shoulder with my thumb to the now unseen friend.

The second girl laughed as she passed me and called back, without looking, "Both, I think."

Having already pushed the limits of gentlemanliness, I uttered a sympathetic, "Ohh" and continued on my way. We'll never know the outcome of that close-call story... unless someone should post it here.

Don’t get diarea
Large local shopping mall
Main loo seven stalls couldn’t go
Near thrift store same mall crapped big time
Food court looked at dirty seats and left
Near mower shop peed

Big chain store same mall sat, read ??? notes on door
Local train station crapped watery
Next train station looked filthy held it in
Local Library peed
McDonalds crapped
Local Plaza peed
Main St food court farted

Local mall peed twice once in cube, later trough. Later same day shit and piss in cube (stood pulled up briefs and jeans, zipped) then unzipped peed then flushed.

*Local train station has long American style bowls and seats.

John Q Public: Sorry to hear about your experience you had on your trip. That kid was wrong to just leave you like that. And the teacher was wrong to say it was your fault. Who can control being sick. Believe me if that ever happened to me I wouldn't of let it end there, I would've talked to the principle personally about it and have told my parents (i guess you did tell your parents right?). IMO, teachers who are like that are poor leaders, you can't help being sick. So anyway.

Nothing much new going on with my bowel habbits. There have been a couple of dumps that were extremely long in length (we're talking a foot or longer) but thin in diameter (about an 1"). And ofcourse they were soft. These are my favorite kinds of dumps. I did have the stomach virus a couple of weeks ago though. I came close to throwing up a couple of times, but I resist the temptation so much that it just gives up and a few minutes later it'll attempt to come out the other end. So I had some diahreah sessions, very gross if you ask me. But by that night my fever broke and I was eating light foods for a day. Well thats all for now. Bye


i woke up this morning and browesed on the computer till my cousin got up. he woke up and got out of bed. he was wearing his pj's, the kind that zip up and it is an all in one suit kind. with feet. he stood up for a second then grabbed himselft and started jumping up and down. i said what are you doing and he turned around and he was peeing all over the place, it was going through his hands and soaking his pj's. he said he really had to go. i grabbed his arm and pulled him to the bathrrom. he was dripping the whole way there. i changed him and cleaned him up. this job is starting to suck, having to clean him upevery time. i guess i know how my mom fels when i go in my pants. my cousin always hugs me and says thanks before he runs off. he calls me big brother sometimes. i guess he likes me like a brother. i call him little brother to. the other day we were riding bikes and he said he had to poop and i said ok we can go over by that tree so we pulled over and walked behind! the tree. i told him to go and he said he already did. i looked at his but and it was big. i told him to pull down his pants and just dump it out. he said he didnt know how. so i helped. we got back on our bikes and rode home. i had to clean him up again. well i gotta go, by

Eric in Chicago
John Q: I suspect that teacher was more cowardly than anything else. She probably figured there's this football player whose daddy can afford to buy him a Trans Am, and there's this other ordinary kid whose daddy's job isn't powerful enough to let him take off whenever he wants to. She probably did a quick mental calculation as to whose daddy would be the most likely to storm his way into the principal's office squealing like a stuck pig about all the taxes he has to pay and calling for the teacher's head. The rich and powerful get sucked up to.

Social status is the quality that makes it OK for you to fart in other people's cars but not OK for them to fart in your car.


1) When you dry yourself off after taking a bath or shower, does anyone hear rub the towel over their butt hole to dry it, or do you just let your hole "air" dry?

** Always towel dry.

2) If you rub the towel over your butt hole to dry it, how far into the hole do you go?

** about the same as you do

3) After you are done drying your hole, do you ever sniff the towel to see if there is any lingering "butt" smell?

** I used to, but not anymore. I know how to clean my asshole to where I dont have to worry about it smelling.

4) If you sniff the towel, how often do you smell something poopy?

** Read the above answer for this one. LOL


I personally fart about 20 times a day or more!! What about yourself?



Cool site. I find taking dumps and farting and pissing to be interesting topics, and doing a Google search on them led me here. Cool pic, too. That girl looks kind of confused as to what she's just dropped in the bowl.

So, I was wondering if anyone here has ever shit their pants after already being seated on the toilet. Happened to me once at a party. I was...ahem...chemically altered at the time, but I went in the bathroom, disregarding the couple making out in the tub. A girl I liked followed me in, and kept talking to me as I stumbled toward the toilet. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees and sat on the john. I squeezed out a massive log along with a couple of loud farts, and THEN the girl asked me, aren't you gonna pull down your underwear. "Huh?" I looked down and sure enough, I hadn't pulled down my Hanes.

There I sat. The door was open, the girl I had the hots for was standing next to me, a couple was making out in the bathtub, and I had a load in my shorts. "Oh, Man!" I said. I tried to wriggle my underpants down and dump the load in the toilet, but it was too mashed againt my ass to do a decent job. Finally, I asked my audience if I could be alone for a moment. To my amazement, they all listened and left, why they even closed the door behind them. I kicked off my sneakers and carefully pulled off my jeans. Then, I VERY carefully peeled my shit-filled briefs off and stepped out of them. I stood there, naked from the waist down, with a big smear of shit on my ass, and let the bulk of the load plop into the water.

I threw my makeshift diaper in the trash and went to wipe my ass. One wipe, and I realized it was going to be like wiping the icing off a chocolate layer cake. I took off my shirt and socks and hopped in the shower. I scrubbed between my ass cheeks for several minutes before I was satisfied that I was clean as a whistle. I hopped out, dried off and put on my clothes, minus underpants.

I headed back out and reacquainted myself with said girl. I apologized for my bowel mishap, but she laughed it off and said it happens to the best of us. Really?

Amazing, too, how shitting your pants will sober you right up!

Has anyone had a similar experience?

12 or more definitely - more like 112 actually!

full panties
Just got home from Wall Mart. I took a laxitave last night. I started filling my panties with gentile overnight relief this morning as I was leaving the checkout stand. I stopped walking leaned on my cart and filled them 3 or 4 more times by the time I got to the car. I had a huge wet buldge in my jeans. It was too late to care. I didn't get into my car right away, just stood there or walked around trying to think how I was going to get into the car. Slowley. It did smush in my panties, up my back and around my crotch but stayed in the panties! When I got home, 45 min, I really had a wet spot in my jeans. Spreading my legs, lifting my butt and shitting in my pants 2 more times on the way home probably didn't help. What a mess!

i have recently become engaged 2 my boyfriend and i feel very comfortable around him no matter what i am doing. last night paul was having a bath when i entered 2 enjoy my evening poo. we have a rather cramped bathroom and the toilet practically touches the side of the bath. 'hi hun' i said lifting my skirt and pulling my purple thong 2 mid thigh and rested my rather ample rear on the toilet seat. i am however quite tall with a relatively slim waist. i have a great metabolism and so eat quite alot and as a result i have very substantial bowel movements. paul's head was merely inches away from my bum but he was unfazed with his eyes closed. ' you're going 2 spoil silence here arent you'. 'sorry hun but i cant hold it any longer'. 'thats ok just try not 2 stink up the bathroom 2 much'. brrrrfffft, some gas escaped as i begun 2 pee. i tinkled 4 about 15 seconds and then began 2 strain a little. i sit on the loo in an upright position with my arms rested across my waist , kne! es together with feet either side of the toilet on tip-toes. i only lean forward a bit when i pass a poo out. as my first big poo emerged it broke up as it relentlessly passed mmmphhhh plip plop ploop plup plop plop ....... then finally a very solid kaplunk, splashing my bum .

Popper the dirty diaper man
I was on my way home from Albany and I fell asleep in the car and when I woke up I had pooped my underwear.I could not understand the reason why I had pooped and I was only 15 years old.My gandparents smelt it and so when I got home I went to the doctors and they said that I have a loss of bowel control.So I really had gotten nervous and the doctors had suggested for me to start wearing diapers and I was scared at first in public until I found out through the years that no one ever noticed me wearing them. One day I was walking in wallmart and I could not keep control and I walked outside of the store toward my van and I was only half way and I couldn't hold it anymore and I pooped until the diaper was bulging and bulging until it was noticed by a bunch of gigling teen girls and I ran to my vehicle and went to my girlfriends parents house and my girlfriend had helped me change and weigh that 12 pound sack of shit.I am now 23 and single and still wear those diapers and over p! oop them.


Got Guts
I thought of another story:
When I was about 7 and my brother was about 2, we still took baths together. One time, while playing in the tub, I had my back turned to my bro, idly playing with some water toy I had at the time, when he screams bloody murder. I whipped my head around, expecting the worst, and WHAT do I see, but a massive turd floating my way. With cat-like reflexes, I was up out of the water and out of the tub. My brother way still screaming, only now he was saying actual words. "It's a BUG! It's a BUG!" He yells. The kid thought his own turd was a bug. At that point, I just started laughing, and my mom came in to see what all the screeching was about. I give her props for cleaning out the bathtub after that.

Shultzy poop
1) Do you loved being watched deliberately by a man during your toilet sessions?Yes!!whenever i gotta go for a dump, i bring my boyfriend with me.

2) If you've encountered a public toilet with dirt on the lid of the bowl(probably shit or footmarks)in the middle of your sudden urge, which do you prefer:
a. squatt above the toilet bowl
b. bend your butt just above the lid****I prefer that.
c. wait till my turn on the next stall

3) If youre pooping, tell the portion of your session you usually pee:
a. Before the first poop
b. In the middle of my BM
c. A or B*********************that's me!!
d. Not at all

Reading and trying to catch up on posts, I have repeatedly come across contributions from people who have suffered problems, or, more accurately put, an accelerated digestion after having enjoyed Mexican food. That recalled to my mind an episode from my seafaring days.
The ship where my duties were in the engine room, was lying in a Mexican port on the Pacific coast. I had gone ashore one morning with my pal Pete. Luchtime saw us in a part of the town no tourist would venture into, except for three others of our crew. The restaurant, which had been indicated to us by a fat policeman we had asked, was our goal. On stepping inside the landlord took one look at us and called back into the kitchen for someone who could speak English,. A young girl appeared, but all she could say was “hello” and the f-word with a questioning lilt in her voice. To her astonishment we could make ourselves understood when asking what she could recommend from the menu. It was excotic to our taste. I remember beans and chillies and minced meat and salads and all kinds of other goodies. To go with the beans I ordered bean-o (vino) and freshly pressed lemon juice. The three comrades at the other table wanted exactly the same, as they did not understand a word of ! Spanish. Except for the vino. “I’m not drinking that stuff, such horrible red plonk. Not only does it pucker up your mouth, but everything else all the way down to your ass, too! I’ll have a couple of beers!" cried one of them, who was of Bavarian origin and answered to the nickname of ‘Bellows’. Not only because he had a powerful voice, but also because he suffered from – no, it is better said, he reveled in flatulence. He was the top farter of the whole ships complement!
Now our ships doctor had warned us about eating in ‘sleazy’ restaurants, eating salad and anything that does not need to be peeled or is not bottled or thoroughly cooked. But my argument was that a fat policeman cannot be wrong when it comes to eating.
Lunch was great. We returned to our ship for our duties. Mine was from midnight until the early hours, which is why I did not witness directly what happened to Bellows and his two friends, whose duties had been before midnight.
I saw Bellows in the morning when I came from breakfast. He looked pale, hollow-cheeked and had shadows under his eyes. “What’s wrong?” I asked, “You look like a sleepwalking corpse”. He replied that everything was wrong. It must have been that ???? Mexican food; and that rasped ice laced with some drops of flavouring from obscure fly-blown bottles we had bought from a street vendor. According to the ship’s doctor, an absolute no-no! Possibly a dose of instant dysintery? He had spent the whole night on the can, shitting his guts out. And how was I doing? I said that I felt great. Not a twinge. And Pete was feeling good too, although we had all eaten exactly the same, including the rasped ice. - If I want to talk to his pals, I should look for them in the head, as they, too, were spending their time crapping, and hadn’t finished yet.
I did. The story went like this. After finishing duty at midnight the three of them retired to their cabin. It was then that Bellows, lying in his bunk, announced the blast-off of the biggest monster fart and grandiose super-trump in the ships history! It had been gurgling around in his belly for a while, and he had held it in for this great moment! And then he pressed his lips together and pushed. His bum roared – and then the roar developed into a splattering sound, followed by a lengthy Bavarian oath. He wrote it down for me, and I’ll see if I can put it together. I think I have forgotten some bits, but here it is: “Himmiherrgottsakrakruzituerckenscheissglumpvareggtsihoabmeihosnvuigschissn!” The essence of this is, roughly translated: “Damn, I’ve crapped my pants!” Try to pronounce it, and most of you will sound like the diarrhoea explosion this was all about.
I came to the conclusion that it must have been that glass of dark red wine, or, to be more accurate, the tannin therein which discouraged any harmful bugs. Bellows did not agree “Beer has never done any harm to me,” he said. But it did not prevent harm either.

OK fellow Toileteers, this is long enough.
I would like to add my special hugs for Kendal, Robby -my post to you didn't make it-, Annie, Sarah S. and Meghan, for deart Tim and Sarah, and PV, Austin, Plunging Plop Guy and all the great posters here.

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