Hi everyone!!! I'm Helena. Ive been visiting this site for a while and finally summoned the courage to write something myself.
About myself, Im 22 years old, from Germany, medium length blonde hair, slim with small breasts. Unlike some of the other people who post here, I think pooping is something you do on your own or with people you feel really close with. If I am with strangers, at parties for instance, I dont feel comfortable about pooping, and usually try to postpone it until I get home. Also, I feel a bit awkward about letting boyfriends hear me poop. But there is one person I have no hangups about pooping with, and that is my sister. She is not just my sister, but also my best friend and a person I care so much for. We study in different cities now and I miss her so much! I dont mind her coming in when Im on the toilet, and she doesn't mind me. You know, some of the best conversations we've had, have been while one of us was sitting on the toilet. In my experience it is much easier to open up, maybe because you're already so exposed anyway. (And my sister takes SO long to empty herself, ! unlike me, she's often a bit constipated.) Does any of you have a similar experience? Ill come back to my sister in future mails, but in this mail I would like to tell you about my first real pooping experience with anyone other than my sister.

I was 18 then, and in my first year at university. It was just after lunch and since I hadn't had chance to relieve myself that morning (Im always late for the bus!) I really had to go. Now just as I had placed my butt on the seat, I heard the door open and somebody entered the stall next to me. She seemed to be in a hurry. Like I said above, Im not that comfortable about pooping with strangers, so usually I would have waited until this other girl had left. But I really had a big load pushing inside of me, and I was already late for the lecture, so I figured I didn't have time to wait. Anyway, this university is quite big, so you feel kinda anonymous.

I didn't really have to push at all, just to relax, and a big, rather soft turd slid out of my little ass. It didn't really make a lot of noise, because it was so long, but it sure smelled. I felt embarassed because I was certain that the girl next to me could smell it to. I didnt have anything else inside me though. Just as I started to wipe, I heard a small fart from next door, followed by a quite loud plop.Unlike me, she must have strained a little as she pushed out her shit, because she made an audible sigh. (Sounded a bit like my sister actually) I didn't really smell anything, but that was probably because the atmosphere was so full of my own poop!

As I washed my hands, looking into the mirrir, I could see the girl come out of the stall. I got a big surprise when I realised it was Sonja from my English-class. I had briefly said hello to her a couple of times, but we didn't really know each other at all. I had noticed her though, because she is such a beautiful slim brunette. I wish I could look like that! (though no one has complained about my looks either, so I guess I should be happy enough!!) We were both a bit embarrassed, both expecting the girl next stall (can I say that??) to be a complete stranger. I just wanted to say something, so I asked her stupidly, "the lecture is on at 1.30 right?" (That was already at least ten minutes ago) "Er... yeah, I think so," she replied, looking a bit bewildered. I waited for her to wash her hands, and we finally came to the lecture, where we discreetly sat down on two seats on the front benches. It was funny, as soon as we started talking to each other, we almost immediatel! y hit it off together. I felt so at ease talking to her. I wonder if the way we met might have something to do with that, it was like we had nothing to hide from each other. Later, I discovered how much we had in common, and what a fantastic person she is. So you could say that this pooping experience was the start of a wonderful friendship! (And although it was the first time we pooped together, it was not the last.)

Hope you liked my story, everybody! I would love to share more of my pooping experiences with you, if you want me to!! Also, girls out there with experiences similar to mine, just send in a post. I never though I would actually muster the guts to submit anything, but now I have... Take care everyone.

No Updates surprised!
Any way got a story..i had this dream last night that i went out to eat to this restaurant for breakfast and i remember going back to the bathrooms and it was a big mens room and i remember seeing a urinal where it looked like once a toilet and stall used to be, you could tell on the floor where the stall was. Then i remember walking all the way back and there were some showers and i thought i saw my uncle in there...It was weird. Then i woke up. I know every once in a while i dream about all these toilets in the open. I think that part was gonna come but my alarm woke me up at 5am for work.
Any way i haven't pooped in 2 days. Im sure it will be huge cause i've eatten alot in 2-3 days..gotta run bye

Hey Bryian!-- Im glad you liked my story. I always like yours too. You are kewl dude! To answer you, yepper there were others in all the movies except "I Spy" (wonder why? lol!). It was that stadeum seating where each row of seats are up one level. I was up in the last row. For my "Harry Potter" dump the other peeps were down about 5 rows at least, but when I took the piss with my pants and briefs around my ankles there were like two young couples and an older couple only about 3 levels down. That one felt the best because it was so radical!

I forget if I said but so you all know, especially the ladies I am 17, six foot one with just below shoulders blond hair and brown eyes. I live in Philadelphia USA. I wiegh 195 and am slim but not cut or anything.

Last night My bud Jace and me went to this under 21 club that can be sorta lame sometimes. The cool thing is that the restrooms arent marked tho you can kind of tell which is which by watching where the dudes and chicks go. I was bustin for a crap so was my boy and we went into the door where the ladies were going lol! There was no stalls but 5 or 6 bowls lined up against the wall. Jace dropped trou just around his thighs but I took mine doooown baby! The girlz were kewl with it, and I farted twice and this log crackled its way out of my hole felt a foot wide! This blonde chick came over I thought she was gonna do a piss or hopefully shit, but she just layed her hand on my leg. It felt so electric I cant dascibe it even tho she wasnt doing anything except touching my leg. But she was telling me how sexy she thought this was. I was having trouble dumping more logs now because if you have ever been in a situuation like this you know how tight your hole will get, but ! some other things happened and Jace had fun too if you know what I mean. It was a very sweet night in Philly!

how do i increase my poop size? i find it embarassing that everyone can take a long one and i can only produce turds that take less than a minute to squeeze out! help me! anyone, please!

One time I was using the bathroom and this old lady walked into the bathroom. I think she was blind because she walked up to me and started undoing her dress. (It was a big handicap bathroom) She went to sit down and I knew she was blind then! I walked off and acted like it never happened!

Hi. I just wanted you to know that I had to pee really bad while at college today. Almost didnt make it to the bathroom, but when i did it felt good.
I am male, 39

Just a couple quick replies for now:

To Bryian - Glad you liked my story. In answer to your question, it was pretty firm.

To John Q Public - Liked your story about the trip. I am currently a senior in high school.


I was taking a shit today and was thinking about this forum while doing so. I had a bit of gas but nothing major. My roomate came in and sat down on the bowl next to me. He asked me if the Chinese food we ate gave him cramps too. I said not really. I was just taking a normal shit. He laughed because he didn't think the way I was letting the wind out of my bunghole was normal. I said, "Smell it for yourself." He said "Smell this" and farted for like 9 seconds. Between the both of us, it really stunk. I said, "What is this? A farting fest?"

Fart Lover:

Anal supositories are usualy mainly made up of glycerin, and very often that will make you shit and fart in a wierd way. Glycerine is usualy used to help constipated people shit, but recently it has been used to help with the absorption of other medications when ingestion by mouth is not possible. It's also easier for the patient to administer to his or her self then a hyperdermic neadle.

Hold It Man:

That's an interesting story, but be careful. You are right. Your bladder was fatigued by the first hold, and should be given a day or two before you attempt another hold. I also think you might want to cut back to ont bottle of water, because the two-hour drive should also help your kidneys to work. A 900 militre pee will sound close to the 1050.


1) Do you loved being watched deliberately by a man during your toilet sessions?

ANSWER: I love to see the look on men's faces when I pee in front of them. I also like to pee with them, and I enjoy seeing their expressions when my stream comes out bigger, harder and faster, and lasts for a longer time.

2) If you've encountered a public toilet with dirt on the lid of the bowl(probably shit or footmarks)in the middle of your sudden urge, which do you prefer:
a. squatt above the toilet bowl
b. bend your butt just above the lid
c. wait till my turn on the next stall

ANSWER: I would be enclined to go with C on this question, but very often I will just look for another washroom or until I get home. If I'm realy desperate, which happens on rare ocassions when I have to crap, or I've been holding too long, I will do answer A.

3) If youre pooping, tell the portion of your session you usually pee:
a. Before the first poop
b. In the middle of my BM
c. A or B
d. Not at all

ANSWER: Usualy when I take a dump, I end up squeezing out pee righe before and during. I have never taken a "dry" shit before, and I believe such to be physicaly impossible because of the situation with both the anal and urinary sphincter muscles receiving simultanious messages to open. When I bear down to crap, the added pressure on my bladder also squeezes out pee.

The other day I was doing some concreting outside, was kneeling down when I felt this urge to poop. Unfortunately I was at the stage with job that I could not leave. I was wearing tight black bicycle shorts becuase they allow freedom of movement. I remembered I had not been for 2 days, so I imagined it was going to be a biggy and hard. If I leave it for a few days my turds are usually pretty hard & take a bit of pushing to set free into the bowl. Sometimes I only need one or two wipes. As the concreting progressed so did my urgency increase, I started to do loud smelly farts, now that is not a good sign with me. These farts exit of their own freewill, and is a sign that poop is very eminent. My cheeks were spread wide by kneeling so I did not really have alot of control, in fact hardly any. As I stretched out to trowel some concrete near a pipe I lost my fight. A big turd rolled out into my shorts followed by another three, one final push & I had fully shit my pants.! It settled right under my balls, I must have had a very visible lump because a few minutes later when I finished and stood up my turds felt like a grapefriut in my shorts. I then went to the toilet and emptied my shorts & showered .

Another recent bathroom related thing on tv I forgot to mention was on an Australian sketch comedy show called 'Flidside'. The sketch starts with a woman in running gear (tights etc), walking at great speed. You think, ok she's power walking. She then turns into a driveway and goes into a house. You see her go into a room then hear her do a wee (you hear a nice stream with some moaning of relief). The toilet flushes and she comes out and exits the house. A couple doing some gardening look on as this stranger walks past them out of their house. The woman says "Sorry, I really had to go" and walks off casually. I found this and incredible turn on as the woman is quite attractive.

John Q Public: Sorry to hear about your experience you had on your trip. That kid was wrong to just leave you like that. And the teacher was wrong to say it was your fault. Who can control being sick. Believe me if that ever happened to me I wouldn't of let it end there, I would've talked to the principle personally about it and have told my parents (i guess you did tell your parents right?). IMO, teachers who are like that are poor leaders, you can't help being sick. So anyway.

Nothing much new going on with my bowel habbits. There have been a couple of dumps that were extremely long in length (we're talking a foot or longer) but thin in diameter (about an 1"). And ofcourse they were soft. These are my favorite kinds of dumps. I did have the stomach virus a couple of weeks ago though. I came close to throwing up a couple of times, but I resist the temptation so much that it just gives up and a few minutes later it'll attempt to come out the other end. So I had some diahreah sessions, very gross if you ask me. But by that night my fever broke and I was eating light foods for a day. Well thats all for now. Bye


My ex-girlfriend Jean was a girl that I could never forget.She would try and do almost anything I asked her to.When she found out that watching her poop was a big turn on for me,well just about every time she had to go she would tell me.I would either go with her to the toilet, or she would go and tell me all the details.When she stayed at my appartment we would lay in bed in the mornings and she would let out some loud farts.I knew I was going to be in for a big treat after breakfast.There are lots of stories about Jean.Here's one.Jean had a lot of gas this one morning and she was farting her brains out.Normally when Jean farted,her farts hardly ever smelled,well they sure did this time.She told me she had to poop real bad and wanted to know if I wanted to come.She said I'm warning you it might be runny.She sat on the toilet and blasted a loud fart, poop,another fart and more poop.It continued for about this.The bathroom smelled so bad.She said I warned you. !

Hi, my name is Jaqueline, I'm from France, sorry for my english! But I have to say, that this forum is very fascinating for me. I'm 29 years old and since the age of 14 I find everything about pooping very exciting. I don't know why, but it's often a turn on for me. I like pooping outdoor, especially in the woods, but also in a public restroom. You have to know, that in France the toilets are different in a view aspects. We have a lot of restrooms where the toilets are only holes. You can't sit on them, you have to squat. The other difference is, that there are some unisex-toilets. It's very fascinating to use them. I like it, when I have the chance to listen to other persons there doing a long and good poop. And I like it, when they listen to my pooping sounds. Are there any other persons with the same "fetish"?

anonymous movie guy
Well I have a great story. I got my first real close encounter with a girl peeing. It was Saturday night and I was bowling with some friends and I saw some girls going down a corridor by some lockers together to the bathroom. I thought there were two bathrooms down there but as I walked in there and turned the corner, I was in the GIRLS bathroom! There was no door so I walked in and I didn't know it was the girls bathroom! I saw two occupied stalls and I didn't know It was the ladies room. I found out when I heard a girl talking to her friend through the stall then she moaned and leaned foward and let out a strong piss stream. I could see her through the crack in the stall and I had a huge boner! She never knew I was in there. I left as her stream was tapering off and joined my friends. I told one of my friends what happened and he thought it was funny. Later everybody!

Just a couple quick replies for now:

To Bryian - Glad you liked my story. In answer to your question, it was pretty firm.

To John Q Public - Liked your story about the trip. I am currently a senior in high school.


What is you least favorite kind of poo?
1) Burning Diarrhea
2) Constipation (i.e. working hard for tiny pebble)
3) Explosive Diarrhea
4) Sticky Sludge (messy / eternal wipeage)
5) The Eternal Wipe
6) Chunky / Nutty
7) Other, Please Specify

Felix’s Poo log

Date and Time: 3.02 at 7h45
Place: School
Quantity: Lots of loose mushy pieces – filled the bowl full.
Texture: Mushy and very loose
Colour: Dark greyish brown
Farts: Very few.
Smell: Rancid. Would linger for about 15 minutes.
Skid marks: Lots
Satisfaction factor: Smell and mess made this a satisfactory 7/10

Monday, February 03, 2003

Yesterday, I was on my way home from work when I had to take a crap. The train station I was at had a toilet with four stalls, but they were all in use. There was already one person waiting. I stood behind him. While we were waiting, another guy came in - about my age (early 20s) and joined the line. He was tall and quite good looking. And a final guy came in, who wasn't good looking.

Anyway, finally one of the stalls vacated, and the first guy went in. We could clearly hear him fart and take his dump, which might normally have been interesting to me but I was starting to get a bit restless, and also a bit embarassed about the whole lining-up scenario.

The guy who went in last was the first to come out, and so I went in. Took my coat off, hung it up on the hook, wiped the seat down (though it was clean), It a real relief to start pooing straight away. About 2 minutes later, I heard the door to my right open and the tall guy must have gone in. He immediately let out an enormous fart, and I remember thinking that it was possible that he had done a bit of poo in his pants because he can't have had time to take his jeans down.

Anyway, the thought of this guy in the stall next to me was making me quite horny but I also knew there was probably still a line of people waiting for the stalls, so I finished up and left. As I washed my hands, the tall guy flushed his toilet and was just coming towards the sink as I left. I slowed down my pace as I left, and waited for him to come out. He smiled at me in a kind of ironic, disbelieving way and I laughed and said, "I thought that line was never going to end."

"Me too," he said. Must be the weather making people desperate! (It's been very cold in the place I live).

"I have to say, very much longer and I'd have been in a state," I laughed. He looked at me and then smiled and said, "I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I was very close to disaster zone."

"It's never actually happened to me" (I lied) "but I thought today was going to be the day."

"I did it when I was about 16 and it stunk up the whole school, I tell you! Never again".

I wish we could have spoken more but we had to go in opposite directions.

Kaye. I'm not sure how many times a day I fart to be honest. It varies, depending on what I've had to eat and how much. Baked beans make me very windy as I'm sure they do many people. On average, I'd say that I let off 9-12 times a day though. What about you?

Wifey at the dentist. I'm sorry to hear about your wife being unwell. My suspicion is that the meal she had the night before disagreed with her nerves probably compounded the problem. It's possible that her nausea was partly due to the after effects of the general anaesthetic though. It must have been a comlpicated extraction though because most extractions only require a local anaesthetic. In fact I insist on it if I'm having a tooth out. Unless it was a wisdom tooth which required removal in hospital I wouldn't contemplate having a general anaesthetic.

Robby and Annie. Hi! Glad to hear you are both keeping regular. Has Annie had any good big motions just lately?

Steve and Louise. Long time no post. Had any adventures just lately?

Katrina. I would concur with much of your advice to Anon. Holding up to a point is okay but trying to hold a wee back for too long can cause damage, including continence problems. That's one of the reasons I'd rather you went for a wee sooner rather than later when the need arises although I realise your job means that's easier said than done. I certainly wouldn't advise holding for too long once the 'I've gotta go to the loo' feeling kicks in.

Best wishes to all,

tonight again , I tried to see what it would be like to pee if I was a girl , in this unisex restroom at this one 12 step meeting which is held at this church in westport. right before I walked toward the restroom to the left, this awesome pretty woman was just finished using that very same one ; but I did not get there in time to hear her pee. she was real tall and wearing this just above the knee skirt and I would have loved to see her lift that skirt up , drop her undies, and see her sit down and pee . I bet she would have been loud and had peed for a long time . anyway, so I went in and as usual , locked the door, and sat down like she would have. at first, my pee sort of spritzed a bit toward the front when first starting to pee and hit the front of the porcelain bowl. then , as i continued to pee, my pee made this dribbling tinkle sound as the stream came out straight down and into the toilet water in a continuous steady stream for about at least one minute , then ! it tapered off to a slow dribble, stopped, and began again for like 15 seconds, before one more sprinkle, and I was finished. faking like a girl, I wiped, then got up and as i slowly pulled up my pants ; I looked into the toilet bowl and the water was yellow with about half a bowl full of soft white foam covering the water in two V-shaped streaks. the foam took stayed for about another minute and did not fade away all that much , and when I flushed, much of that foam was still left. I wonder if the tall woman with the skirt before me made foam as her urine tinkled from her urinary opening into the toilet water ? that would have been cool to at least hear her go .

Anon Girl
Normally my dumps are small, easy and I make no noise but in the course of two weeks I had the constipation dumps from hell!

During dump #1 I felt tremendous pressure on my butthole and when I started pushing it opened me up VERY wide. Quickly, the turd became really stuck with only 3 inches out. After five minutes of straining and sweating I let out a loud moan from my efforts and the sensation of my quivering hole stretched opened, which was embarrassing even though I was home alone. Finally, with tears running down my cheeks, face grimacing, I gave a massive push and it dropped out of me. I yelped when the widest part passed out of me. When I got up and looked I was horrified to see a lumpy fat turd several inches long with a large lump on one side, probably the bump that made it get stuck in me. I may have bled but couldn't tell because I had some stains on the TP.

Big turd #2 took 20 minutes of straining and crying as it broke off in fat balls as it came out. But these balls were dry, fat and very difficult to pass. Again, it took all my effort to push accompanied by tears of pain, effort and frustration. I was truly scared it wouldn't be able to fit out of me. Several times I made loud noises, and even though I was alone it was embarrassing. At one point I even shined a flashlight and mirror on my hole, which was mostly blocked by my pubic hair. All I could see was part of my ring stretched with the tip of a turd shifting around. When I strained I could see my ring clamp down but the turd wouldn't budge.

Is anybody else embarrassed to make noises when they take a big dump?

TAWNY D: That was a cool story about your boyfriend letting you watch while he took a shit. The best part was where he stood up when you asked and let you see his logs. How old is he? Is he a cute dude? I sure hope that the "encouragement" and reward you gave him will allow you to see him dump many more times. One challenge will be for you to see whether eventually he will allow you to watch him actually pinch off his logs. Please let us know about any future episodes where you have the opportunity to watch him on the can!

Punk Rock Girl
Dreamer's Survey

1) Do you loved being watched deliberately by a man during your toilet sessions? I like being watched by my boyfriend; I do not mind being seen by other guys.

2) If you've encountered a public toilet with dirt on the lid of the bowl(probably shit or footmarks)in the middle of your sudden urge, which do you prefer: a. squat above the toilet bowl

3) If youre pooping, tell the portion of your session you usually pee:
Actually, I usually pee AFTER I poop.


Towel Girl's Survey

1) When you dry yourself off after taking a bath or shower, does anyone here rub the towel over their butt hole to dry it, or do you just let your hole "air" dry? I dry my asshole.

2) If you rub the towel over your butt hole to dry it, how far into the hole do you go? Just the outside.

3) After you are done drying your hole, do you ever sniff the towel to see if there is any lingering "butt" smell? Never sniffed the towel afterwards, but I am very, very thourough when cleaning my rectal area.

4) If you sniff the towel, how often do you smell something poopy? See above.



The prof
About 3/4 of your average poo is made of water. Of course, this is
highly variable - the water content of diarrhea is much higher, and the
amount of water in poo that has been retained (voluntarily or otherwise)
is lower. Water is absorbed out of the poo as it passes through the
intestine, so the longer a poo resides inside before emerging, the drier
it will be.

Of the remaining portion of the poo, about 1/3 is composed of dead
bacteria. These microcorpses come from the intestinal microorganisms that assist us in the digestion of our food. Another 1/3 of the poo is made of stuff that we find indigestible, like cellulose,
for instance. This indigestible material is called "fiber," and is
useful in getting the poo to move along through the intestine, perhaps because it provides traction. The remaining portion of the Poo is a mixture of fats such as cholesterol, inorganic salts like phosphates, live bacteria, dead cells and mucus from the lining of the intestine, and protein.

After my shower I put cream on my arsehole every day and it makes you shit so clean. I never need to wipe. Never get a sore bum either. Try it.

Friday, January 31, 2003

TOWEL GIRL - some answers for you:
1) Yes I use the towel
2) I just gently rub the outside, never going inside
3) No, there's no need because I use a technique which pretty much guarantees no remaining poop or smell. After soaping really well round my hole, I always finish off by squatting and directing the shower jet upwards onto my butt. It's a powerful jet and gets me really clean, and it feels nice. I also do this whenever I poop if there's a suitable shower in the bathroom I'm in, and there normally is since I am very regular and usually do my BM first thing in the morning before my shower. Very convenient :-). The alternative if I'm in a bathroom without a shower is to wet TP from the tap (faucet) and clean myself that way. In a WC, I flush the toilet and wet the TP from the clean water flowing into the toilet. Works for me !
4) Never

Peeter xxx

How many times a day do you fart? 1x 3x 5x 7x 9x 12x more?

O.D. Pooper
I've been trying for a week to get a post actually posted. First and foremost, Alexa, I,m behind you. If shit were the only bacteria floating in today's steams and rivers, I would be an extremely happy man. However, it is 2003 now and clean water supplies are a thing of the past. Otherwise, we wouldn't have filters.

Now an introduction. I am a 26 yr old man with a 17 yr interest in relieving myself. It took me 8 months to begin posting on this site, and now, after a month of hiatus, nothing I send is being posted anymore. So, this is a new attempt to try to force myself into your merry crowd once more under a new name.

I only have one story today for reintroduction purposes. Actually, it is not a story of me relieving myself, but rather a story about being unable to. I was out in the woods just walking and chatting with my girl on the phone and waiting for her to hang upso I could take a dump. By the time our conversation finished, I had to go bad. Unfortunately, some dude fell onto the trail behind me, so I had to keep walking. Every time I stopped to let him by, he would stop. Finally, I came across a creek (and thought of Alexa's story) and decided to stop and wait . As I was waiting, the guy came up behind me, pointed at my pecker and asked if he could take care of it. I freaked and reacted to do something just short of kill the dude, then left the park, never getting to take my morning dump. I later found out that the park is a homosexual hangout and I should never have been in that spot to start with. (I eventually went at home about 2 hrs later.)

Has any body else had a preventative method put into effect like that? Pardon the pun, but it sucked.

Well, I guess that's it for today. I'll be back Monday.

TO: All girls

Answer my Questions

1) Do you loved being watched deliberately by a man during your toilet sessions?

2) If you've encountered a public toilet with dirt on the lid of the bowl(probably shit or footmarks)in the middle of your sudden urge, which do you prefer:
a. squatt above the toilet bowl
b. bend your butt just above the lid
c. wait till my turn on the next stall

3) If youre pooping, tell the portion of your session you usually pee:
a. Before the first poop
b. In the middle of my BM
c. A or B
d. Not at all

Thank You!

I really have to crap so I'll make this short.

Yesterday I went to a party and had to take a dump (almost as bad as I have to know). I thought I could hold it (Big mistake) after 20 min. I saw a line for the restrooms. I got in it because this was the only restrooms I had seen since I went to the party. After 20 min I was almost at the door when I decied I couldn't wait any longer. So I Yelled out I really have to shit could you let me through. I moved up to the front of the line after that. But the girls already in the stalls must have been taking a crap too, because Ten min. passed and they were still in there. And I just couldn't wait any longer so I pulled down wy pants and panties and stared to poop on the floor. It was really soft and I never thought it would come out but after 30 min. it was over and I went into a stall to wip. After I was done wipping there was 10 - 20 girls looking at my shit it mustt have been 10 feet long and 16 inches in diamter. With 30 or so identical pecies. It was the biggest shit of ! my entire life.

Hello everyone! What is it about those rectum medications that causes your butthole to feel funny when you fart or take a sh*t? This past weekend, I was sick with a migrain headache. I had throbbing to stabbing pain in the temple part of my head, along with temporary blindness in one part of my eye sight. I couldn't keep anything on my stomach, and that's where the rectum medicine had to take care of that. so I could eat to take the medication for the ache in my head. This candle wax looking stuff that I had to push up into my rectum, caused me to fart and poop the freakiest looking and sounding sh*t. I really didn't care, I was becoming well. But boy, what an experience it was! Well, happy poopee everyone!

The Dude
Katrina- I agree, it's definitely a health hazard to defecate in a stream. I am a big out-doors person, and so I've done a lot of research on environmental issues, both that affect us individually and as a people. In terms of shitting in a park, I suggest you dig a hole rather than leave it on the ground. If oyou happen to shit where another animal lives, it will most likely not return due to the odor. you should always dig a hole at least a foot deep! Go enjoy the outdoors everyone!


Alexis, I have to agree with various others. Shitting in a stream is unhealthy because people drink out of that stream, and you are exposing them to all sorts of deseases. Poop is 60% bacteria by volume, so when you crap in the water like that, you are creating a health risk. I usualy dig a hole, or just shit on the ground when I have to crap in the 'out-doors.' When you leave it on the ground, it's actualy a good thing. It makes the ground more fertile as it decomposes, but when you shit in water it desolves. The same composition process occurs, but the risk to anyone drinking that water is increased.

Anon, it sounds to me like you are well endowed, but you could be damaging yourself by allowing yourself to become so desperate as often as you do. If the pressure builds up too much, it can back up into your kidneys and cause real damage. I do hold my pee alot, and have done contests as I mentioned in other posts, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do that. When you are feeling physical pain or spasms, that is your body telling you that your limit has been reached, and to exceed that limit is dangerous. Your unconsious or involuntary brain took over in this case, and caused you to have a wetting accident in front of your girlfriend. It could be much worse, AND believe it or not, if you just hold recklessly until you piss yourself all the time, you can actualy weaken the bladder, kidneys and sphincter muscles. You are not giving them ample time to recover from the last hole, and the various tissues become fatigued. That could ultimately lead to total i! ncontenence.

Purple Pooper
MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) a buddy said in his unit they use to call them "Meals Ready to Excrete". They are designed to have little fiber bulk and most people don't need to poop for days while eating MRE's. I could see an advantage I guess on the battlefield.

PP boy

Anyone collect tokens for pay toilets? Got any interesting ones?

PP Boy

WHY DO TOILET BOWLS HAVE WATER IN THEM? you can always ask jeeves[ copyright]right? . anyway, now I know why toilet bowls usually have water in the bowl. I found something about italian toilets and being different than american models, they have hardly any water in the bowl part of them. and the person, who was on a vacation said that the bad part about this is that when you shit in this type of toilet, it stinks up the whole bathroom because there is no water to quench the smell of the solid turds . as a result, the whole entire bathroom tends to stink real bad and even if you light a match, it is still stinky. and all this time I thought the reason was so that women could hear themselves peeing, as my then girlfriend once said while peeing out in the woods, " I can't hear myself urinating, unlike when I use the toilet at home and hear myself tinkling."

Towel Girl
Here is another quick survey for everyone.

I have read with interest the many posts here about how people wipe their butts. (By the way, I'm one of those who only uses around 8 or 9 squares of paper). But I have a couple of related questions I'd like to ask everyone.

1) When you dry yourself off after taking a bath or shower, does anyone hear rub the towel over their butt hole to dry it, or do you just let your hole "air" dry?

2) If you rub the towel over your butt hole to dry it, how far into the hole do you go?

3) After you are done drying your hole, do you ever sniff the towel to see if there is any lingering "butt" smell?

4) If you sniff the towel, how often do you smell something poopy?

Here are my answers:

1) Yes, I do dry my butt hole with the towel.

2) I usually dry the surface of the hole, and then go in about an eight of an inch.

3) Yes, I ALWAYS sniff the towel afterward.

4) Usually (almost always), I just smell soap when I sniff the towel. Sometimes if I didn't clean too good in the shower "down there", I will get that funny poop-soap smell you get when you get poop on your fingers and you can't quite get rid of the smell by washing. If I smell anything remotely poopy, I will put some soap on it and re-clean it.

T V Fan
Hey Historian,

On that Surreal Life episode, was the girl with the toilet paper by any chance Jerry Manthey? She was on Survivor 2, which was filmed in the Australian Outback. Once in an interview or chat session, she mentioned getting scared one night while in the Outback when she had to leave their shelter to go out to take a crap. She didn't actually say she was taking a crap, just that she was responding to "nature's call". But she mentioned bringing her latrine shovel with her, so I figure it had to be number two. The thought of Jerry pooping is pretty amazing!

On that same season of Survivor, there was another girl who was friends with Jerry named Amber. Amber said in an interview on Howard Stern that she only pooped twice in the 30 or so days she was out there (only Stern would asjkthat). Can you imagine only pooping twice in 30 days. Amber is also famous for exposing her butt in the hallways of CBS prior to an interview on the morning show. I've seen a tape of her "mooning" incident (its on the internet somewhere), and I can tell you her butt was clean!

Hello Everyone!!!! I'm new to this site but have been readng the posts this morning and decided I'd like to join and share my experiences.

Last week at work while using the loo I heard this loud and I do mean loud fart coming from the stall accross the way...the stalls are such that the handicapped one is in the left corner and 2 stalls next to each other on the right corner. I could see this woman had her legs spread really wide by how her feet were positioned...(I was using the handcapped stall...since I like to spread out especially when having my period :o) Then she let go again of another loud...BRRRRRRRRRRRRUNT...I heard the famous crackling sound and then a few plops. She was moaning and sighing......I was taking my sweet time and listening to the show......just then another woman walked in and takes the stall next to hers...she just had to pee.

After about 10 minutes I had to get back to the office since lunchtime was over....the woman was still in there plopping away and changed feet positions a few times.

I hope to have more lunchtimes like this.........Ta for Now...Sydney

I had a nice dump last night...i was online and around 9:30 the urge hit so i got off around 10-10:30 for bed and so i could go poop, i went to the bathroom i started pushing. I had to push alot then i heard several plops. I stood up and i saw this nice 13 + log sticking out of the water. It was dark brown with some corn in it. I only wiped like 6 times. Thats how hard it was. Wish i'd have more like that. Well gotta run time for work bye

Traveling Guy
This from a German friend: in the Hartz Mountains of north central Germany, there's a tale about a milk maid who pooped gold coins. My friend doesn't remember the whole story, just that part. (Keep in mind that this is the same area where the Grimm Brothers collected their fairy tales, where witches come from, legend says, and where Faust made his mountain-top pact with the devil, according to German lit. Seems those Hartz folks have long been into wild stories.)

But wait, there's more. Legend has inspired art. In the city center of Gosslar, commercial hub of the Hartz, my friend says, there's a large, bas-relief sculpture on the side of a building located on the pedestrian zone. It depicts the storied maid from behind, with her skirt hiked up and her bronze botty exposed, and below her, three gold coins that have just fallen from her bum. And what kind of business occupies that building? Why, a bank, of course! LOL! Nothing like encouraging customers to make regular deposits. I can imagine the signs in the restrooms: "Tellers must wash hands before leaving work."

A while ago I went for a 60 mile bicycle ride and was a bit tired after the hike.

The next morning I was a bit hung over (from fatigue.) In the late afternoon I was again biking. While bicycling I let a wet fart and had to come home to survey the damage (a large brown spot in the under pants.)

About once or twice a year I let a wet fart.

I wonder if exerise over a long period of time helps clean out one's bowels. Exercise seems to clean me out.

TODD: I read your post about enjoying watching girls pooping. I'm a 23-year-old girl with a good body and long blonde hair. I've always enjoyed pooping while a guy watched but most did not seem to want to do this. My second boyfriend, Brad, was, however, real cool about it. When we spent the night together, I would ask him to come keep me company in the bathroom while I pooped. I'd sit on the toilet naked and he would sit on the edge of the bathtub next to me. He would always look at my logs after I was done and watch me wiping. It would make us both real horny. Unfortunately, I've had some other boyfriends who thought seeing me dump was gross. Others have walked in while I dumped but showed no particular interest. I sure wish I could find a boyfriend like you who would appreciate seeing a cute gal on the toilet. I've always enjoyed guys in uniform and most of my boyfriends here (in San Diego) have been in marine bootcamp, but a police officer sounds real cool. S! ince I usually dump alone, I read while on the toilet usually something like People mag or those teen mags with attractive guys in them. Take care, Amy

Hello everybody! I finally have a few stories to tell about my bathroom

Recently I was at a friends birthday party we were all getting a bit tipsy when my friends said to you want to go into the bathroom and smoke somthing I agreed we then invited the birthday girl as well. Imediattly when geting into the bathroom the birthday chick pulls down her pants and just plops her ass on the toilet and just lets go with a stream of piss. It starteled me breifly but they acted like what ever she then wiped and pull up her pants and continued to sit on the toilet while we did the things that was meant to be done in the first place. That image of her sitting on the toilet I will never forget. On my free time if you know what I mean I somtimes think about it.
Another story was at my school and I had to take a dump so I headed to my faviriot toilet at the library and took a rather soft shit. When I was done and about to wipe somebody else came in and took the stall next to me he sounded kind of urgent becasue as soon as he sat down a wave a soft shit came rushing out his ass he then sat for a minute and I heard a few more plops it was also begining to stink in the bathroom so I wiped and flushed. I have a feeling he never knew I was there untill I flushed. Well that it for now. maybe next time I post here I will have seen a girl take a big dump. Yeah right only in my dreams

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