We had a guest last night at home and I was able to partly see her and fully listen to her go to the bathroom. It so happens that we are renovating part of our basement, and, to run the plumbing from the bathroom to another room, we had to make a hole on the bathroom wall. She, that is to say, Caroline, a girlfriend of my pregnant wife, aged 36, may not have been aware of this wall. Since the cupboards under the bathroom sink were open, in direct view of thehole, I could have watched anybody on the throne without being spotted, unless of course the throne tenant lowered his or her head low enough to see me... So, I was preparing breakfast upstairs when I heard a door shut downstairs. So, someone was up, and I knew it was Caroline, because her bed was empty. the first thing anybody does upon getting up is to take a wee, so I figure that caroline had locked herself in the bathroom to do precisely that. There was a liquid flowing. My heard started to pound and, watching through the whole, I could distinctively see her feet and her legs. She peed for quite a while. In fact, it was one of the longest female pees I've ever been priviledged to see. SSSSSSS...sssss...SSSSSS, then a tickle...and silence. She then took some toilet paper and I expected the show to be over...sssss...sssss. Then, she wiped herself. I receded discretely. I heard a flush and that was it. She will be back next weekend because we'll go skiing. perhaps then...

Young (BMG's Girlfriend)
My boyfriend found this site and tell me if I read it I would love it. Well, I read some and here's my story: My boyfriend have some fetish about seeing women sitting on the toilet doing their BMs, especially if they fully dressed and their skirt lifted or pants down and undies down to knees/ankles. He had lot picture of them, some are pornos (which I don't quite like) and some are not, like Jenny McCarthy's Candies shoes ad. And several times he always try to take a peek at me when I'm doing my BM, but not when I'm pee. First he won't tell me about his fetish, so I'll try to catch him in action. One day I went to the toilet and didn't locked the door. I can see him trying to take a peek and Gotcha!! I caught him dead. First he was ashamed about what he did and I feel discomfort about it. But he asked me, if i let him watch me doing my BM just for once he would do anything for me as long as he can. I know when he say something, it's for real. Anyway, I also enjoyed watching him taking a pee (He never closed the bathroom door when peeing but keep private about his BM). Finally I let him watch me, when I do my BM. Thanks to him, I have a good BM control now. I spend more time in the toilet, let my dump slowly and smooth, and it feels great. Now I enjoyed taking a BM with him watching me, and chat togather, and since we're both busy on the day, morning chat is a good idea. His favourite position is when I'm siiting on the toilet, fully dressed, with my pants and undies down to knees, slightly leaning forward to let my dump away. It even more arouse him if I wear my hair pony tailed. I don't like using squatting toilet, because I never found any enjoyment of it although some expert says that squatting is the best position when you try to do tour BM. I come from the country where toilet paper is not custom. We use soap and water instead. It's more hygenic and feel cleaner than TPs. We use our let hand to do the cleaning job. Since I'm left handed, my daily cleaning become uncomfort. One day my boy friend went to Japan and he said to me that he have solution. I wonder what. He bought me the toilet seat that full of gizmo and full of push button on the side of it. It has cleaning function, bidet function, dryer function and even come with seat warmer. It's electrically operated. He quickly install it and I have the honor to try it first. After I do my BM, it really perform well. I just touch the button and it did ther job. I feel cleaner and I don't evenb have to use my hand to do the cleaning job. I satandand it's dry! It's the best toilet seat I ever seat in and best of all, it come with soft seat cover!
And here's some romantic story:
Today after my modelling session I have urge to go to the ladies room to have my BM. I quickly ran to the ladies room but damn! the stall was full and the people waiting are crowded. I quickly go to my Legacy and drive home. Luckly the traffic was light so I could get home on time. My boyfiend's Vitara is not home, so he must be still at his garage. I quickly go to the bathroom. To my surprise when I open the bathroom door I found a white rose and an envelope with my name on it placed on the toilet cover. It's typed, so I could't know directly. I open the toilet cover, Ilower my jeans and undies, sit down and take a BM. Then I opened the envelope and began to read. It says : Honey, I know this is the first place you go when you come home, and please do not turn off your cellphone. BMG Suddenly my cellpone ring and there's the voice I know best. "Honey, you must be alone in the toilet taking a BM right know." says him "How could you know?" to my surprise. "I know your schedule well" We chat about ten minutes, suddenly he's in the front of me with his cell phone, then give me a kiss while I'm still sitting. "I know at least you need twenty minutes to take a BM" he said. God! I love him so much!

Saturday, January 17, 1998

Curious Girl
All right, since BMG went and listed movies with women on the toilet, what about movies with guys on the pot for us girls to look at?

Many years ago My brother and I went to a lake in Wisconsin with my Aunt and Uncle's family. The bathroom in the cabin was small and I felt self conscious about shitting in the bathroom so I waited for a time in the day when no one was at the cabin to crap.
Maybe this forum will help to make us less self conscious about going to the bathroom.

This is my first post. I'm 17 in case any of you care. Earlier today, I had some southwestern style bean soup that had peppers in it. Well, about few minutes ago I rushed to the bathroom in which I had a hint it was going to be the runs. I sat down and let out a load of mushy shit. A few minutes later, I was letting out loads in full, liquidy, and runny form. It felt very good shitting it out, but boy, did it BURN! I also remember last year when my older sister got the runs after eating the same soup. Boy, was she so "feminine" about it. She tried as much as she could not to let anybody know and refused to have the soup again. What's so embarrassing about it? I'm sure everyone has the runs at sometime or another. Anyways, since she was making frequent trips to the bathroom, I figured she was having the runs. A couple times, I was in the hallway near the bathroom. All she do is let out one load, therefore making more trips. But the loads were long because she held them for some time. Well, those are my stories for my first post. I'll be back later.

Hey all, I've been checking this site for a while, but I guess I'll finally post up, I love the content and the frank discussion, esp. from the ladies, Keep it Up! Anyways I have a story to share about the first time my girlfriend and I shared a bathroom experience together, It was truly wonderful. She had been living in a different city at the time, and she was visiting me at my apartment. We went out for a few drinks with some of my friends and after we returned home, we were kind of making out in the kitchen when she stopped and told me that she had to use the restroom RIGHT NOW. Then, to my delight, she asked if I wanted to come. I was so nervous, but I readily agreed, Already being excited since just the day before, I had the experience of hearing her fart (loudly) while we were playing around in bed. We both laughed at that one (I was aroused, but this was different). We went to my bathroom, she promptly sat down on the toilet and produced the loudest fart I had ever heard. I have to tell you that even though I was so excited, I don't think I was even breathing, have you ever tried to concentrate so hard on something, yet look totally aloof at the same time? Soon i heard the telltale soft, wet, crinkle that is the sound of defecation. She was starting to get bashful, because she hardly looked at me which was just as well,( if you had seen me at that moment, you would have agreed). Some more farts, some more splashes, and then she was wiping, we were leaving, (The smell was so strong and intoxicating), and we had lovemaking in our relationship.
Well that's that, I have more stories to share, some other time, but before I go, a comment to Rhonda P- I also heard that the movie "Fun With Dick and Jane" was the first media depiction of a woman on the toilet (Jane Fonda), you can even hear her peeing!! Also, there are many literary depictions throughout the years of men (especially) and women being aroused by sharing bathroom play, Lady Chatterly's Lover, Ulysses, and the infamous 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade,to mention a few more respected ones, so fear not poop lovers, we are not alone. Later.

The Dudes
There are several movies in which quys are shown on the toilet. Here are a few that i can remember. Josh Charles and Stephen Baldwin are shown (in full shots) sitting on the toilet in two different scenes in "Threesome." Luke Perry is shown on the throne, and then walking around with his pants down looking for toilet paper, in "American Strays." Mark Walhberg is shown on the toilet in "Basketball Diaries." Some guy is shown sitting on the toilet, grunting and farting in the movie "Spring Break." Finally, the short brown-haired kid was shown on the toilet, talking to his buddy, in the movie "Weird Science." Any others?

The Dudes story: There are several movies in which quys are shown on the toilet. Here are a few that i can remember. Josh Charles and Stephen Baldwin are shown (in full shots) sitting on the toilet in two different scenes in "Threesome." Luke Perry is shown on the throne, and then walking around with his pants down looking for toilet paper, in "American Strays." Mark Walhberg is shown on the toilet in "Basketball Diaries." Some guy is shown sitting on the toilet, grunting and farting in the movie "Spring Break." Finally, the short brown-haired kid was shown on the toilet, talking to his buddy, in the movie "Weird Science." Any others? dork story: I remember reading earlier about the 6 second warning and I too didn't react to. I was enjoying reading the newspaper this morning and drinking my third cup of coffee,when the mail arrived. As I got up I felt the 6 second warning in my ass. I thought I can wait until I get my mail. As I was walking down the stairs to get my mail, I felt the urgent need to expell my deposit. It started to slide out, and once it starts you shouldn't attempt to stop it. Trying to stop it is a wasted effort and results in breaking the logs and making the mess worse. Well needless to say I returned with more than the mail. I had jockeys filled to the brim with a hot load. The damage was done, so I plopped myself down and continued to read the newspaper.

I have just had a really big dump. 3 large logs. I have been holding on for nearly 12 hours as I was not near a toilet. I would like to know how long women can hold on when they are desperate for pee.

Regarding "shitting in the woods" I have often done this both as a child and when necessary as an adult. My work means that I drive around the UK quite a lot and if I need and there isnt a Public Toilet around and Im in open country or woodland then I will do my jobbie behind a bush or wall or whatever.
When I was a teenager about 15 or so I used to skip off school and hide out in the woods nearby as other pupils did for a forbidden smoke . I often did a number two in the woods if I needed. I discovered that one of the girls from our school also did so when I came across a little hollow amongst the bushes where there were a number of really big turds lying around, some quite fresh looking and discarded toilet paper. My curiosity was aroused and one day I waited hidden in the bushes to see who would use this open air toilet. Eventually I heard someone approach and a girl of about 16 who was in the year above mine stopped, hitched up her skirt and pulled down her white panties and squatted. Her pee gushed onto the earth making a dark, damp patch, then I heard her grunt, "OO! OO!" and saw the long fat brown turd slowly slide out from between her ???? buttocks and land on the ground. Finished, she wiped her bum, dropped the paper on the ground, pulled up her panties , adjusted! her skirt and went away again. Once she had safely gone I went over and looked at the fat turd she had dropped. It was about 12 inches long and as thick as a coke bottle and lumpy. When the chance occurred I went back to the same place and actually saw her again do a big motion only about another 3 times , but often saw large fresh turds lying on the ground which she had done, and I left one of mine there on a couple of occasions though if she noticed these strangers stools it didn't stop her dumping there. She left our school that summer and I didn't observe any other such happenings.
On another aspect, today I had a pain in my ???? and thought I had the hated "runs" but when I went to the toilet I farted quite a lot but was pleasently surprised to drop an nice big fat solid jobbie, and yes it stuck in the toilet pan and wouldn't flush away.

To Ryan: how will other guys see turds sliding out of your ass? Unless you are squatting over the seat, in a normal seated position turds will slide downwards into the toilet and would not be visible by anyone else in the men's room. Your private parts would surely cover any gap between your body and the toilet bowl. Someone would have to come right up to you to see anything coming out. Am I mistaken in this assumption?

Rhonda P.
I just saw in the paper today about the toliet seat(up/down) debate. I also read where now there is a night light that tells you when the seat is up or down. Anyone care to comment?
I just saw in a magazine that came to my folks house a toliet seat that you put a drop of frangence in the seat and it would make everything that comes out smell good. I don't know if I would buy it.

To Dirty Dog:
As a neophyte mariner myself - in exactly the same area of the upper Chesapeake - I will indeed take heed! ....Although my interests lie in the other excreatory human fiunction.....Women peeing. Have you got any stories of cruising and laqdies peeing?

New Guy
The best toilet scene that I've seen without nudity that comes to my mind is "When the Party's Over". Sandra Bullock, Rae Dawn Chong and some other girl all take turns using the toilet without flushing in between. In that scene Sandra Bullock plops down on the toilet to pee and looks toward the camera with her jaw dropped in utter relief. It's kind of a wierd thing to see. Unfortunately there was no pooping either real or implied. Do girls really take turns peeing/pooping in front of each other like that without flushing? I've seen them go to the bathroom together when I've been on a double date, but I didn't know what went on in the bathroom.

Yo Dirty Dog! Nino? Izzat you?

To BMG on movies that have people sitting on the throne, there are several others. "My Fellow Americans" when you look at the stall with the door closed and see a pair of James Garner's feet. Another one is "Bad News Bears: In breaking training" where the fat boy has a bucket of KFC between his legs while on the throne. Another one is I can't remember the name but it has a Mexican Woman and a developer from NY City. He sleeps with her and gets her pregnent and then they get married and he be in the bathroom getting ready and she come in and sit on the can. There are several scenes of that. Another one is "Sprng Break" from 1983. A group of the college kids renting a hotel room and there was a scene in the bathroom where one of the boys comes in, drops his bikini underwear and sits on the can. You don't see any wiping or getting up.

Most people who have never had the experience wonder what it would be like to shit in a toilet with no doors on the stalls. Personally, I think I would not mind if I were doing my business in front of total strangers, but to have no doors in the toilets at one's place of work seems dreadful. I have only once ever shat in a toilet without doors. It was years ago, it was in Russia, and no-one came in while I was doing it. But all I had to wipe with was leaves....
I never seem to shit logs. My turds are always soft, and for the last few months extremely soft. It makes for an easy movement and easy wiping, but I find that I need to go twice as often. Since I have mild hemerrhoids, that can sometimes be a problem. Sometimes also it can lead to bloody skidmarks instead of shitty ones in your underpants!

story: New Guy was wondering about different toilet seats. I agree that the newer commercial seats are very good. In our schools we have white plastic, heavily contoured seats with a small opening. They are so comfortable that the kids sit there and read for long periods of time. As custodian I must wipe piss, poop and sweat off of them each afternoon, which I don't mind. I have this type of seat in a bathroom at home, and in another bathroom I have what is called the "Kohler French Curve" seat. This is the best seat I've found- it is a heavily contoured, thick shiny plastic seat. It costs about 60 bucks but it's well worth it in my opinion; people sit a LOT longer than necessary when using my bathroom.

Friday, January 16, 1998

To Doug: Hey buddy, I'm the guy from JC Penney's where they took the doors and hardware off the stalls several weeks ago. First of all, I had nothing to do with this decision, it came from upper management, all of whom use the same men's room when they come to visit. Second, they were not having loitering problems in the women's rest room, so nothing was done in there. As for myself, I keep my trousers up fairly high, but some guys, ecpecially the stock dept, who wear jeans, lower their jeans to the floor. I am not ashamed of my private parts, but why should other guys have to see turds sliding out of my ass? I try to be considerate, and flush if it's really rank, and sometimes I bring in reading material. I don't spend that much time in there, so it's not a major problem for me. And as the store manager says, "if your not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide" Words of wisdom from a man sitting on a toilet bowl!

In the February issue of Vibe, there's a picture of Puffy Combs sitting on the toilet... of course his private bits are covered, but still...

This my first time to post here, so here is my story. The other day I was taking a shower when all of the sudden my 14 year old sister threw open the bathroon door and ran in pulling her pants down. While she was running and pulling down her pants she starting pooping liquid shit all over the bathroom floor. She finnally made it on the toilet then she really exploded her load into the toilet with noisy gas. I could hardly believe my eyes. She just sat there for five minutes with liquid poop running out of her butt. By the time she was done she was so upset she was cying her little eyes out. She was so upset she had pooped all over the bathroom and herself. I put my towel around me and ran over to comfort her, i hugged her and told her evrything would be all right. So for the next 20 minutes or so after I helped her cleaaan up the bathroon and her. Well tahts my story, by the way i am 18.

Redneck's report from Columbus was quite interesting. I have spent a lot of time in Columbus going to meetings and seminars over the years. I used to like to hang out around the bars on north High St. across from the OSU campus. There wer e a couple of bars that had "unisex" restrooms, in that they had no signs on the doors and it was common for there to be cross-sex use. One bar had "cats" on the men's room and "kittens" on the women's room. I guess this implied they were available for either sex as cats and kittens can be either gender. Anyway, I usually used the "kittens" room, as did many other guys and the girls there never seemed to mind. In fact, a couple of times I caught girls peeking through the stall door crack to watch me piss and I was always gald to oblige them. Girls also used to piss in the well lit alleys behind these bars too. Alas, those bars are closed now and the police have totally cracked down on the alley pissings. But, it was fun while it lasted. I also really enjoyed Liz's report from Times Square on New Years Eve. I was there a couple of years ago and watched a drunken guy piss right over one of the police barricades. The cops really chewed him out but didn't arrest him. I didn't see any girls wet their pants though. I certainly can imagine that it occured. My son went there this year and he said they were really strict now about bringing anything in so the crowd was pretty well behaved. Ten years ago when you would go to New York you would see people (mainly men) pissing on the sidewalks, in the parks and all over. Now, the police make arrests for that so it doesn't occur much. I REALLY liked Paige's idea for a theatre in the round. Maybe someone could get that organized somewhere. I bet we could get a very large turnout for something like that. I would like to offer my thoughts on the e-mail question. I think that a safe way could be devised so that those who want to could e-mail each other. I think that would definitely enhance this service. Maybe e-mail could be sent anonymously through the moderator and the recipient could decide if he/she wanted to answer or not. Or, maybe those who are willing to receive e-mail could sign a waiver stating that they are of legal age and acknowledging their willingness to receive e-mail and to accept the consequences thereof. Anyway, I would be all for it. Sometimes we have questions that we would rather not post for everyone and e-mail could be a way to handle that. I do have a question for the readers out there. Has anyone ever been to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany? If so, I would be quite curious as to what provisions they make for toilets and if public pissing by both men and women is allowed or not? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work all.

The email issue has been added to the general faq as paragraph 5.5

New Guy
Does anyone here have a preference about toilet seats themselves? I like the commercial ones you find in fancy hotels, the kind that hug your ass and cradle your butt as you squeeze one out. Usually I rock from left to right to spread my cheeks just the right amount on a regular seat. The commercial seats are designed to spread your cheeks as you sit down. Plus the material used to make the seat isn't just a painted particle board material, rather its some kind of plastic that warms to your body temperature very quickly.
Also is there any preference to which way the door (when there is a door) swings? I like the handicapped stalls cuz the door swings out. But those toilets are too damn high and I end up sitting and I can't get my feet on flat on the floor at the angle I like. Usually I have one foot further away and the other closer in for balance,(not that I have ever fallen off the shitter for lack of balance). Also, regular stalls that have doors that swing in are usually too small. Somewhere between that size and the size of the handicapped stall is the perfect size.

Is anyone else fascinated by the unisex facilities on that new (newish anyway) show on FOX called Ally McBeal? I'd love to work somewhere that had unisex facilities! Btw, Ally McBeal is an excellent show even without that titillating little bit of information.

dirty dog
i used to have a cruising sailboat which i moored on the upper eastern shore. my companion of the weekend and i had done some heavy drinking in rock hall while cracking open and eating crabs. we motored up swan creek to anchor for the night, and after more drinks in the cockpit under the stars, we retired to the dinette berth in the salon. Perhaps due to the beer, or the french fries, i let loose with a monstrous fart that rattled the standing rigging and made the below-decks fug of sex, stale beer, spoiled food, bilge, reefersmoke unbearable. Upon releasing this brown squall, my companion also decided to squeeze one off. Now, it may appear sexist of me to say so, but women are not quite so practiced in the ways of flatulence as are men, perhaps due to cultural strictures. Farting is not considered ladylike, while men are free to blast away, and even to fart for dramatic effect, etc. The short of it is that women are often lacking experience, and may not be able to distinguish between a shot of clear gas waiting in the wings, as it were, and perhaps a mixture of liquid and gas, or even something more solid awaiting it's debut. Coupled with impaired judgement due to intoxicants, it was not too surprising when her counterpoint to my original overture resulted in a soft wet splat upon the cabin sole. I immediately enthused, but her mortification at my gleeful elisions left me somewhat abashed, and the mood of erotic hilarity soon dissipated with the gas. Let this stand as a warning to mariners.

To Fred.
This is several movie that feature women on the toilet and it's not porno so you could find it in the rental: 1. Three for The road, starring Charlie Sheen and feature a girl in the toilet at the beginning of the movie. After she's partying all night, she went to the loo in Charlie's loo. 2. Twenty One, starring Patsy Kensit. It's the best woman on the toilet scene I ever saw. I used to have it but,Damn! the tape was missing. It feature Patsy Kensit sitting on toilet and had a dump while she told about herself at near the end of the movie. She wore orange miniskirt and her undies were down to the ankles. After she took the dump she wipe the vagina and her butt. Then she was her hands and went away. 3. Indicent Proposal, starring Demi Moore, at the beginning of the movie. It's Demi Moore sit on the toilet and she's wearing her bathrobe and socks, but her undies were down to the ankle and talk to her spouse. 4. Even Cowgirl got the blues, the scene where Rain Phoenix told story about catching a chicken. 5. Year of The Gun, starring Sharon Stone, a scene where the woman terrorist borrow her boss' toilet to take a dump. She was in a hurry go to the toilet and pull down her jeans, sit down and take a dump without closing the door and her boss is watching. 6. Rumble in the Bronx (Jackie Chan's movie), a scene where Anita Mui confront Jackie, then she went to the loo, just before their shop destroyed by punks 7. Species, where Sil's take of the spine from a woman. 8. kd lang's music video If I we're you. I've seen all I listed above and I'll keep Inform you if I saw more. Believe me, twenty one is the best pick.

Have you ever had a boy friend comb your hair and scratch your back while you are taking a shit? How often do you need to shit during the day? Please describe the sensations you feel when Paige needs to pee and when Paige needs to poop.

Wednesday, January 14, 1998

I went to this conference in Columbus OH. Part of it was at the Palace Theater and the other part was at the Adams Mark Hotel Downtown. The conference had many college students, a number of high school students and a few college graduates.
I had to take a big crap and happen to be at the exercise room in the hotel. There were a few high school students I was talking with and I mentioned I had to take a shit. I went into the locker and dumped a load. One of the students came in and talked with me while I went. Unfortunately, there weren't any sounds except a turd splashing in the water. After I was done, it really felt good :).
I was at the Palace Theater and had to take a leak. I was in the bathroom and there were 3 stalls. All of them occupied and 2 of the doors were loose, that is, had no locking latch. One fo the doors opened and I happened to see a guy on the shitter. He said, "woops, sorry, didn't mean to show myself like that." I then mentioned to him I had a couple of embarassing moments like that.
With my wife, there is a bathroom connected to my home office and I can get a peak of her on the throne through a crack between the door and door frame. I enjoy the peaking once in a while :).

dirty dog
the plant where i work shut down for a fortnight over the holidays. right before clocking out, i got the urge and made a prodigious deposit, a veritable bowl filler. it was of great thickness and fine of form, with such a clean break that nary a scrap of tissue was needed. i left it at rest in its watery repose and had a nice two week holiday.Upon returning to work, there was a hue and cry as all and sundry attenpted to guess the identity of the perpetrator.

To Jill - your post of Sunday, 11th January: I have always liked your posts, and admired the size of your big "poos". So when you told us you "had a huge dump" on Christmas day it made me curious - what would that mean, if the load you dropped was "huge" compared to the size and volume of your obviously quite monstrous regular BM's? Would you mind telling us more specific details about that outstanding "session" - the number, size, color, and consistency of your turds, the time required, the sounds, the smell, etc.? I'd love to hear all about it!
Good poops to you all, Andre.

Rhonda P.
story: I heard on yesterday's news that on the 12th of January was the first flush of a toliet heard on the show "All In The Family". Will try to let all of you know any other tidbits of info like that if I hear it. Yes, I think there ought to be some way that we could e-mail each other in case we have questions for each other. Especially for us women. Nothing major to report on my dumps or pees except that it's been very loose to mushy since I've been sick over New Year's. Let's have more and more stories friends. Talk to you later.

With all this talk about marathons and stuff i was wondering what race-car drivers (NASCAR) do when they have to go?

Times Square!
Hereıs a story in need of a toilet - or how I wet my pants in front of a hundred thousand people. This embarassing state of affairs started with a not-so-smart idea to go to Times Square in New York City for ball dropping on New Yearıs Eve. My boyfriend and I started partying that afternoon, and about four oıclock we took the train into town. More drinking ensued at a bar. Then we stopped at a liquor store. We knew that the NYPD searches for bottles and cans, so we filled a water bottle with vodka and took the subway to Times Square.
There, we go through a line of cops and get herded into a cubicle surrounded by saw horses. The cops tell us that once weıre in, we canıt leave! Itıs a cold night, bitter-- with a wind. After about an hour of waiting, I start thinking about having to pee. Another hour goes by, now I have to go...and soon. So I ask a female officer if I can duck out and come right back. No way. But by now its about 10:30, so I think I can hang on. Mistake. Then I drank some of the vodka, bigger mistake! By 11:00, my bladder is bursting. Iım dancing on one foot and prancing on the other. Iım holding myself- and thinking if I can squat down and maybe nobody will notice, or just go in my pants and bring in the new year in wet jeans. Bob doesnıt notice any of this, but then heıs pretty drunk. But these two girls next to us do, and they ask me if Iım all right. I tell them Iım just bursting to pee and Iım about to wet my pants. They say ³who cares, lots of people do it here² and then one tells me th! at they come every year and, get this, they wear adult diapers! Now I think this is the funniest thing Iıve heard all night. I start laughing, and forget about how bad I have to go. The pain and urge vanish into a warm soaking feeling that spreads between my legs. About now I realize that I donıt have to worry about losing control, cause its already been lost! My jeans are wet right through- but luckily I have on along coat so nobody can see. And boy, do I feel much better. What a relief, and now I can enjoy the rest of the wild scene. By the time I got home, I was pretty much dry- but my shoes were ruined. So, some free advice on panty-accident avoidance: Avoid Times Square if you plan to drink alot on New Yearıs Eve, or do like those girls do and wear a diaper!

As I have no experience in these matters, I would be interested to know if a guy who is taking a dump in an open stall would normally have his pants down to his ankles or just down as far as his knees. What have others observed or have done themselves when confronted with an open stall?

Just a couple of notes from the public domain. First, I noticed, much to my glee, that during VH-1's "Pop-Up Video" yesterday, two interesting factoids relating to the Spice Girls appeared during the video "2 become 1." First, under the subject of bad habits, one of the girls said hers was "always leaving the bathroom door open," and the another said "using the men's room!" Pretty cool! And in this morning's Wall Street Journal, at the top of section B, there's an article on the marketing of toilet paper...which reminds me, there were some great coupons in the Sunday paper and I ran out and stocked up on some more of those Cottonelle flushable wet wipes...the quickest way to a very clean tushie...'specially when you have one of those messy ones where ya have to pitch way forward and to one side to wipe completely...and it's all over the "sidewalls" of your bottom crack and you really need to "sit into it" for a genuinely clean sweep and no skid marks in the panties. Ooooh, such an embarrassing problem for a girl...except, of course, when you're in this forum and then it's OK! One day I'd like to convene in a theatre in the round setting with all the contributors (and lurkers) to this group...and have complete restroom facilities installed on the revolving stage with clear all glass toilets and plexiglass partitions for stalls...then...order several dozen pizzas and just wait and see what happens as members of the audience gradually migrate to this very special unisex facility to do their jobbies in full view of everyone---and in this configuration, there won't be a bad seat in the house...including on the stage! *** Finally, though it's tempting to want to interact personally with members of this forum by getting e-mail addresses...I can't agree more strongly with the moderator on this issue...unfortuately, there's no way...unless you include your preferences in an AOL profile, for example, that you should be able to use this setting for interactive communication for the two very good reasons stated. Long may this special place, if you'll excuse me, it's time for my post- coffee shit...though if you wanna come sit on the edge of the bathtub and continue this conversation, you're welcome to follow me...but I'll be several steps ahead of you...

I was able to go out side today. It was around 6:00. It gets pretty dark here around then. I went out side and looked to find a good spot. I found one near a large rock. I could see a few windows accross the lake all lit up. I then undid my jeans, and pulled them down to my knees. Then I pulled down my panties, white cotton bikinis with tiny black poka-dots on them. I farted once or twice, and pushed untill it came out. About 4 to 5 long cigar shaped like poop. I farted again, and pooped one more time. For Doug, the feeling I get is usually pressure, like I have to fart. But usually, I wait untill I feel it to the point of it coming out. That way you don't have to push as hard. I usually don't grunt. I try to wait untill it almost falls out. Ask your doctor, it's a good way to prevent hemmorroids. So Then I wiped with some tissue I brought, and I pulled up my poka-dotted undies, I know you guys want to know that. And pulled up my jeans, and went back home. I was so glad to see that you all had the same fun I do. I thought I was the only one. I know you guys wanna know, I still have on my poka-dotted panties, and I'm now wearing long underwear,and a sweat shirt. I didn't fart this time while writing this, maybe next time. Later

story: I had a most interesting experience last week. I had gone to visit a female friend and stayed over with her for the night. Donna is very ????, even more than myself, and looks like a smaller version of the late Mamma Cass Elliott of the Mamas and the Papas. In the morning I was in the bathroom for a shower when Donna came in to use the toilet. Like myself and George she isn't prudish about such matters with friends though I dont think she would do it in front of a man even a close friend. She hitched up her night-dress and pulled her extra large pair of pale blue cotton panties down to her knees and sat on the toilet pan. Her pee tinkled long and loud and seemed to go on for ages then she took a deep breath and farted and started to push down going "OO! OO!" The smell of a healthy solid motion filled the bathroom as she continued to go "OO!" then she stopped and gave a long sigh saying "that's better! Ive been needing that for a couple of days", wiped her bum, pul! led the flush and went out. There had been no "kerplonk!" or any sound so I guessed she had done a really big one. I looked down the toilet pan and wow!, her jobbie had all come out as a single long fat sausage shaped turd I estimate about 16 inches long and 2 and half inches thick at its fattest, half of it was sticking up out of the water. It was smooth and firm and toffee brown in colour. It was still there hours later when I went home although we had both used the toilet to pee and had flushed it two or three times on each use. When I told George on my return home he was very thrilled and asked me to invite Donna to stay with us soon and hopes she will repeat the performance in our toilet.

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