Tuesday, January 13, 1998

I had one of the best experiences this morning. I was laying next to my girl friend. She had on a t-shirt and undies. We were just laying in bed watching TV when she suddenly got up, grabbed a newsweek and headed to the bathroom. I took this rare opportunity to try and get a good look of her in the bathroom sitting on the toilet. She has a very nice butt and she is very sexy seated on the throne. She had to poop , no question about it. She moved forward as she grunted and pushed and I could see her and hear her as she pooped. I could hear her little jobbis hitting the water as she contracted from expelling them...I couldn't see her completely as I could only see part of her from the bedroom into the bathroom. Her panties were just to her knees and she curled her toes inward as she sat there and pooped. Finanly it all ended with a sudden change in positions as you could hear the toilet roll being accessed and she began to wipe front to back and then back to front (or so ! it seemed). She didn't know I was watching her as intently as I was. She's probably only aware of me. If she knew that I wanted to sit on the edge of the bath tub and watch her and talk to her in the process, she probably wouldn't submit. Oh well, it was fun the way, since I can't leave my e-mail address on the forum for others, I wonder why? I would like the option of sharing e-mail with friends from here, but if I submit a story with my e-mail address, It won't get posted. Do any others have any feelings on this? Thanx. Vinnie

Somebody asked what it feels like when I need the loo. Firstly, I am very regular, and I know more or less when I will need to have a dump, so I suppose I am subconsciously expecting it. It almost always starts by feeling that I need a pee, and this is followed by a sort of pressure lower in my stomach. Usually I have to pass wind, which I imagine is the sign that a poo is moving towards the "exit". As long as I can get rid of the gas (not always easy!), I can control the need to actually go to the loo for quite some time. The only problem I find in this is that the longer I leave it, the more solid and lumpy the poos get to be. Most of the time my poos are quite thick but smooth and easy to pass. When they get lumpy, it becomes a bit more difficult. When I actually get to do it, the usual sequence is: pee first, then there is always a fart before the first poo starts arriving. There may be other farts in between poos, and there is often some more pee at the end.
I hope that answers the question
I have been meaning to tell about the dump I had on Christmas day. We were at my parents' house, and I had loads and loads to eat. During the afternoon, I went to the downstairs loo (it was the nearest) - I should have gone to the one in our bedroom (my parents have loads of bathrooms). I had a huge dump, and it wouldn't flush. I went off to find my husband who is quite good at dealing with these problems discretely, but I had hardly left the loo when I noticed my brother-in-law (my sister's husband) go in. I think he dealt with the "problem" but he gave me some weird looks afterwards!

To: Aussie Guy
Re: 'clean' dumps
Dumps are a whole lot cleaner if you take Metamucil. Mine are hardly ever messy if I take two teaspoons of Metamucil. The next dump is always aerated and not wet. They do smell a little more; maybe it's the stale undigested meat it cleans out along the way. Who knows. Anyway, it like you don't even need toilet paper.

I was going away with the Army for summer camp. We had been very busy loading the trucks for the 6-hour ride and I had been ignoring the gurglings in my gut. We had just received new permanant press fatigues recently. The guys around me were complaining that the new uniforms don't allow air to enter them like the old ones, so your sweat can't get out either and your drenched in fluid. These new uniforms had to be bunched at the top of your boots also. I usually don't eat army food ,but since we wouldn't be eating for 6 hours I ate something before we left. There were 14 of us guys in the truck and it was hot. The new uniforms didn't show any wetness on the outside although we were all swimming in sweat inside them. After about an hour we stopped to let guys piss beside the trucks, but I didn't need to go. We got back in the trucks and after about a half hour I started to get stomach cramps. They were really bad. It was dark inside the truck so no-one could see the anguish or pain in my face. I knew it was the food I ate. I knew my farts would be ripe and loud, but it was better than dumping in my pants. I asked if I could sit by the back opening using the excuse I needed the fresh air. Little did the others know they would be soon begging for fresh air. Now I was sitting over the wheels of the truck and I could make as much noise as I needed to. As I suspected my farts were pungent and even though fresh air was coming in the opening, I was creating greater amounts of foul air and it was circulating around the inside of the truck. Soon everyone was making jokes and saying "Something died inside!" Only I knew how serious the situation was coming as each fart passes my quivering lips. Finally I realized I couldn't hold back the surging tide any longer. My gut renching cramps were almost causing me to pass out. I raised myself off the seat during my next cramp and felt the shit slide out into my boxers. I don't usually wear boxers,except under my uniform, but this much shit would not have been able to fit into my jockeys. Of cource my piss was flowing at the same time, but all I cared about was relief. When I was finished and felt exhausted, I lowered myself down into the thick mushy pile of shit that filled my seat to overflowing and went under my balls and part way down my thighs. I looked down to see the damage and was amazed that there was only a small wet spot in my crotch. At the top of my boots where the uniform was bunched up, I could feel puddles of piss on both my legs and that were wet , but not soaked. The piss was being slowly drained from the puddles into my boots. The smell was real bad at first,but it soon subsided. Somebody said "guys check your shorts, I think someone must have skid marks for sure!" Soon the jokes stopped. When we finally did stop I went into some bushes and removed my boots and poured the piss out. I removed my boxers and tried to wipe myself with them. I found I needed to piss into them some more to remove some of the shit that had started cake on me. After I was dressed I looked at my unifrom and I had a little spot in my crotch and the bottom of my pants were wet, but unnoticable. The guys said I should have shook my cock some more, so I wouldn't have dripped and they thought I'd sweat so much it ran down my legs and wet the bottom of my pants. I on the other hand learned that moere than sweat could be held in the new uniforms. I have split pees often. Ive been told it is due to a deviated septum.

FRED: I can answer only one of your questions, friend. It is illegal for a man to enter a women's restroom at any time. According to a bill passed by the house around 4 or 5 years ago, a woman can walk into any mens restroom whenever she desires, as long as she has to go to the toilet. If a gent (or gents) are for instance, using a urinal, and their penis' are exposed, the woman has the right to charge them with sexual lewdness, if she sees the penis' and is offended. This happened here in Ohio. In a courthouse, actually in Findlay, Ohio. I have more details if you want them. Al

Did you also remove the stall partitions in the JCPenny's ladies rooms or would the women be too up in arms to allow this executive move to be done.
Bonnie would you describe the sensations you feel when Bonnie feels the urge to pee and when Bonnie feels the urge to have a bowel movement?

My God, that new picture looks dead on my cousin.

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted for a while- I just returned from a vacation to see family up in Nova Scotia (Canada), where I've been since just after Christmas. I have a couple of stories involving two of my cousins, both of whom are sisters, and one about myself. I woke up on New Years morning and was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. The door was half open when the younger sister, age 5, knocked on the door and asked me if she could come in to use the bathroom. I told her sure and started to leave. "You can stay in here, Alex," she replied. "OK," I replied. I continued brushing (I hate morning breath!) when I heard her tinkle and then grunt a couple of turds out of her butt. She was off the toilet within a minute just as I finished rinsing my mouth. I didn't have to go (unusual for me), so I resisted the temptation to see what she did, although I did catch a glance at her wiping her little bum as I stepped out of the bathroom and shut the door. A couple of days later, my 16 year cousin and I were out sightseeing in a nearby beach/park when we both had the urge. We took adjacent stalls; I only had to pee, so I finished up and washed in a couple of minutes, but my cousin was still in the stall, grunting, so I went outside to wait. About 15 minutes, she came out and apologized to me for taking so "long." I told her no problem and casually asked her if she felt better. She told me she was very constipated and was not able to go, but she still felt like she had to. As we got back into the car, I asked her to let me know if she wanted me to pull over (if she had the urge)- it was at least a 90 minute drive back to the house. A half-hour into the ride, she told me "Sorry, Alex, I think I really have to go now!" I told her no problem and that I would pull over at the next site. This was a coastal highway with numerous parks, most of which had public bathrooms. I pulled over about 5 minutes later and had to pee (again), so we went in together. As I was peeing, I suggested the method of pressing into her abdomen while pushing out (a method I haven't yet had to use). A minute or so later, she said "Wow, thanks Alex, this (meaning Jodi/Steph's "method") worked!" I wiped my vagina, flushed, and left. She plopped some more "hard" turds as I washed my hands. I told her I'd be outside. She came out about 5 minutes later and told me she felt much better. I told her of the best feelings (for me) is the feeling of relief after taking a good shit; she giggled and told me that's how she felt (at that moment). Finally, my story. The same (older) cousin and I were hanging out at the house on the night before I left (to go back to the US) when I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I went in and took a pretty normal pee/shit and then came out about 10 minutes later. "Feeling relieved, Alex?," she joked after I came out. We then exchanged some pretty lame bathroom jokes before talking about other things, mainly guys :-). Happy New Year to all. Love, Alex :)

New Guy
That is the funniest picture. If someone were to take a picture of me I don't think I'd be smiling.
I think that's a dead president in her hand...

Sunday, January 11, 1998

i just love this site . Keep posting!!! Taking a dump is one of the things I look forward to after a hard days work

You are exactly right, I wish more people would talk about dumping outside. I used to do this regularly however due to there being little suitable areas where I now live I find it difficult to say the least.
Keep posting, tell me about some of your experiences.

pooping girl
I was at work yesterday whaen I needed to go to the toilet for a nice poop. Got to the ladies room lifted my skirt and pulled my underpants and pantyhose down and sat on the toilet. I tinkled and grunted a little as a little gas and my jobbies started out, was a rather unentventful ordinary trip to the toilet when another lady came running into the stall next to mine talking to herself saying "hurry hurry" as her clothes came down and she sat. She started grunting and her jobbies splashed into the toilet then she passed alot of gas and strained some more as another big load dropped from her fanny. I peeked under the stall and saw her pants and underpants around her ankles and she was on her toes as she strained. I was finished my toilet and wiped my vagina and fanny flushed and went out to wash my hands as the lady next to me grunted another load out as I was leaving the ladies toilet.

Tammy! Yiu are not alone... I ***love*** outdoor pooping!

Along time ago I was in my 6 period class and i had to go really bad. I was a Sophmore then and I had a big lunch with my girlfriend. Well I had to go really bad and naturally could not hold it any linger. So I asked the teacher if I clould get a pass to go. She said "Yes, be back soon". So I left and wen't down the long hauls to take a piss. As I was going to walk to the bathroom I saw my girlfriend was there. So I asked her. "What are you doing out of class". She told me, "Kenny I am taking a piss and and fixing my monthly problem." I alwese wondered then what the girls bathrooms looked like. So I asked her if she would show me. She told me no problem. So she took me into the girls room. To my suprise it was not as weard as I thought. I then told her, "I need to take a piss." So she pointed me to one of the stalls. I wen't in and took my piss and at the same time like a man missing the tioleta little and spraying everywere. I then told her, "uh oh, Kelly I acsadently pissed everywere." With my surprise she said all well the next girl will think there is someone at this school that is female that can aim even sitting down. I then took her to see the guy's room. She told me that the ladys room is alot nicer and I agreed. She also deficated in one of the guy's stalls. After we kissed and I told her thanks for showing me the bathroom's and she told me how us men are lucky that we can stand up and fire. So we kissed and I wen't back to class so did she. Later that day she told me that she was shocked by how many dead pubes were on the toilet seats of the guy's room. I also told her that it was weard pissing next to a tampon machine. Then we both laughed amd knew that girls and boys bathroom time is quite different.

I really enjoy shitting outdoor and will do so when the wether permits and I have time. I usually head for the woods, find a spot and drop my lode from a half squatting position. Once finished I clean my arse with one tissue, pull up my trowsers (I am another proud Anglo Saxon) then pee. Going ouside is very natural, up until a century ago most people went outside, it is a great pleasure and far more environmentally freindly that the WC.
My wife does not share my interest in these matters. Unlike me she does not find going to the toilet arousing will not do it in front of me apart from occasions out walking when she is desperate. Has anyone succeded in re-educating thier partners to the delights of this freedom? I have discussed the matter with her but she is not interested and finds the subject embarressing.
This is a great site I really enjoy the girls contributions, keep them coming in.

it `was the middle of the night. I woake to find a small wet spot appearing on my underwear . I quickly got up and felt the pee start to come out again. I walked to the bathroom but as I got half way there I habbend.I had to pee so hard a stream went right throw my underwear by the time I got to the bathroom my white underwear was yellow I cleaned my self back up a went to bed

Welcome to this sight. I will ask you the questions I ask the girls and women who like to poop. What time of the day do you usually poop and please describe the sensations you feel when you have the urge to pee and poop?

To Doug: I am the guy that works at JC Penneys, that removed all the doors recently. Well I of course would prefer having doors on the stalls during a BM, but what choice do we have. I don't think all stores have resorted to this. Supossedly we had a problem with loitering. Anyhow you get used to it. It's really not that bad. I keep my head down, kinda, trousers up, kinda, and bring some reading material, and a cig with me. If its a real nasty poop, i flush while it's coming out. I find most people kinda ignore you. except management, always wants you to finish up and get back on the sales floor. Oh well.

This summer I went with my angling club for a fishing trip. We all had our families with us and stayed in hired caravans at a camping site. One of the vans had a problem with the drains backing up, and the upshot was that two other vans had to use our toilet/shower. I was listening to some music one evening when there was a knock at the door, and the teenage daughter of one of my travelling companions stepped in, asking if she could use the loo. "No!" I joked.
"Aw, come on" she pouted, "I'll let you watch."
I made the usual 'ugh, no thanks' noises, but I wondered why she should think that I would be interested. It seemed to be almost instinctive. I can't help but wonder what she would have done if I'd decided to take her up on her 'offer'

A couple of questions:
1. What movies (ie. ones you could probably get at a video store) contain scenes of women on the toilet (not pornos)?
2. Is it actually illegal for one to use the bathroom of the opposite sex?

Saturday, January 10, 1998

I have stumbled across this site. And boy do I love it. I didn't think there were other people like me out there. I do enjoy something that I see lacking on the site though, I enjoy taking a dump outside. I live in a rather wooded area. During the summer when I feel the need, I take some tissue and go out back to the woods. I'll try and find a nice spot. preferably a place where I can see the lit up windows of some houses. I'll then drop my pants, and undies and squat and go. It feels great to go in public(sort of). I'm trying to get up the nerve to go in a crowded area. I just love talking about this sort of stuff. I wish my boyfriend was into it, but he HATES it I like to piss him off by going into an elevator at the mall and pass a good fart, and blame it on him. No one ever blames us girls. Later all.......By the way, while writning this, I farted twice. I think I'm gonna go poop now. Unfortunatly, I have to use the toilet It's to cold cold to drop trou.

Hello everyone!!!! I am glad to see that my recent post has had an impact, as well as a lot of positive feedback from many of you fellow posters here. To Vinnie, it is true that nudity while sitting on the toilet is more arousing and I do hope to hear some more of your comments in future postings or perhaps during a one on one chat. As I expected, many women here seem to agree with the concept of displaying pictures of guys on the toilet, especially since there seems to be so many pictures of women which abound in the other shitting sites. Finally, thank you Moira, for telling me about your beginnings with George as well as the discovery and development of your common interest. To answer your question, I am of Canadian heritage and I doubt that my fascination with pooping has anything to do with my nationality, since we, too, are a very conservative and private country, where such taboo issues are never discussed. Honestly, I really don't know how I became so turned on ! by people shitting, I guess it is nothing more than personal choice and preference. On that note, I hope to be entertained by many more of your stories very soon. Best wishes to everyone---Bridget

Z-man: If someone in a matharon (whether that be running or cycling - whatever) needs to pee, they do it in there pants. If they need to poop, it's somewhat more embarressing but in the pants it goes again. Or if there is no one else in sight they sometimes pull their pants halfway down and do it 'on the run'.

Joe B.
After the really great poops I wrote about earlier this week, I decided to try to have some more. So Monday I started eating 2 Metamucal waffers 3 times a day. I didnt poop at all tuesday. By this morning (Wednesday) I had quite a lot of the stuff in me. I got up this morning looking forward to a really good dump. All I did was 2 four inchers about 3/4" thick. :-( Later this morning, I got a really strong urge, and hoping this would be a great poop, I headed to the tiolet. Getting started fealt pretty good and I was hopeful, but it wasnt that good. I pooped about a foot. It was medium size, light and dark brown and not all that satisfying. The real poop was harder and darker than the metamucial poop. Well Im still eating the wafers, still hoping for another great poop. more later.

8 years ago I was in Little Rock, Arkansas. While at the Lions World Services For The Blind I overheard a young man and his friend talking about their trip to the bathroom.
Antoine took a shit and left the bathroom before Greg. Greg asked Antoine sarcastically "What took you so long?" Antoine replied "Why sit on the pot when your are not shitting." I wonder, on the average, what the percentage of a person's dump is droped within a minute, or possibly 30 seconds, after the warning fart? I would guess it to be about 75%.

This also came to mind. Today I checked the JC Penny's men;s reatroom while passing through. There was a stall and two urinals. Between the two urinals there also was a privacy board. A while back someone mentioned that JC took the privacy pertitions off the men's toilets. Not in all JC Penny's stores is that true. Who would ever want to work there if that were true. Men and women want privacy the most when they are having a bowel movement. We smell bad, we strain with a slightly red face, when having a BM.

a mother
Visiting this page has reminded me of something I'd forgotten about raising two boys. And that is dirty underwear. No matter how many times you remind them, they never remember to pick it up and put it in the laundry. Until of course, they run out of clean underwear because none has made it to the laundry for weeks. At this point, the only answer is turn it inside out and wear it again. When they were younger, they had a tendency if I wasn't watching to wear their underwear almost a week. Which led to it being pretty dirty by the time they surrendered it to the wash. But boys don't seem to care about these things. One time I thought they had gone back to their diaper habits as their underwear got positively unbelievably dirty. Only to find out years later that they and their friends were having a contest to see whose underwear could get the dirtiest!! No matter how many pairs I bought them, their underwear slowly disappeared over several months. Some of it reappeared under their beds and stuck in the back of their closet and stuffed in clothes drawers dirty. No amount of lecturing and warning made any difference for very long. Some got left at camp, some got left at school and in various lockers and every few months a new supply would be needed. Sometimes underwear appeared from nowhere in the laundry, presumably from friends whose underwear losing habits paralleled my sons. If I asked them whose it was they just shrugged, I honestly don't think they paid any attention to such an unimportant subject. Some of these old memories have surfaced now because they are raising sons of their own and their wives are going through the lost underwear, dirty underwear, and strange underwear in the laundry phenomenon again. They tell me that the boys underwear is always twice as dirty as the girls and although I have no way of knowing, I suspect they are right. At their worst, I contemplated putting them back in diapers - or better yet, letting them wash their own underwear - but always relented since boys will be boys....

To Moira & George Well I guess I am one of those "tight-arsed" Anglo Saxons that you speak of! My "jobbies" are usually no more than half an inch in thickness, and I am amazed and somewhat jealous of your reports of regular monster turds. My wife seems to manage more than two inches wide on occasions, and indeed today I saw a particularly large one that had been left in a public toilet (made me think of you!). There was paper in the pan still dry so it looked as though the donor had left it on purpose without flushing for us less able mortals to admire and envy!

For Lynn: I enjoyed your most rescent story and agree the better/cleaner the restroom the easier it is to have a good BM. Your stories are quite descriptive and most enjoyable. Please keep them coming. The following is a recent experience:
I am a morning person also, and recently when traveling my morning routine was distrupted to catch an early morning flight. Well during the flight the urge came, but I try to avoid an in-flight BM if possible. The urge wasn't too strong yet and the flight being approximately an hour, I decided to wait. Well by the time we landed at Atlanta I needed to go. I made my way to the nearest restroom, and had to wait a moment for a stall to become free, it was rather busy. Fortunately it was one in the middle which I prefer. I quickly unbuckled my pants and dropped them with my white briefs to about three inches below my knees. I had to pee rather badly also and that was first, long about a minute. Then a brief pause followed by a rather large and loud fart with a burst of BM about four BMs splashing and another healthy fart. Whew, what a relief. I sat for a moment and relaxed. The stall next door was occupied by a gentleman reading a newspaper as I could hear a rustling of paper. Well I listened as I often do in these instances. Well he was farting and dropping several BMs also and I was getting a bit aroused (I prefer listening to women's BMs, but in the absence, use your imagination). I leaned back against the wall and could see his reflection on the chrome piping. When he finished he stood up and wiped several times from the top down. Well by this time I had farted a couple more times and dropped a couple more BMs. I wiped four times, but remained seated, except to move forward a bit, from the top down. I flushed and was off to catch my next flight.

I'm glad to see that Coprolgist likes to pee in the wash basin instead of the toilet. I'm one of those men who also likes to pee in the basin; glad to see i'm not the only one who enjoys this. Have a great new year everyone, and keep the posts coming, especially those that relate to peeing outdoors behind trees or bushes or at the side of the road.

This morning I had a multiple dump. Thought I was done so I started wiping. When I was done wiping I realized I had to fart so I let it rip. And I heard the plop plop in the water. Well, I guess I wasn't as done as I thought I was! I love when I go twice in one sitting!!!!!!

Thursday, January 08, 1998

I am not a runner, but I do try to walk 3-4 miles a day. I have a friend who walks with me on weekends and we have to plan our walk to include pit stops.
I've watched many a marathon on TV, but often wondered, what happens when one of them has to go? Do the organizers have porta potties along the way and what happens when he or she can't make it to one?

Hi again!
Just got back from a successful dump. I almost always dump before I pee, I heard you girls pee first, am I right? Keep on posting you girls, I find your dumping habits very interesting! Have a nice day!

I was in the hospital for six days due to a severe respiratory virus. Just got out yesterday. I didn't crap for several days while in there plus I required a catheter. I still feel like %$!?*@!, so I'll catch up later. Happy new year to all.

Hi guys, and Happy New Year! Happy Camper, thanks for your New Year's wishes, to me and everyone else; I love my boyfriend, Tom, dearly- I'm not ready to find somebody else; just wish he wasn't so bashful about using the toilet. Aussie Guy, I sometimes take "clean" dumps- I figure it makes up for the 10-12 wipes I often do after eating my beloved Middle Eastern/Indian meals :) Bridget, I agree with you (and my friend, Alex, who expressed the same sentiments a couple of weeks back) that there should be equal time for pictures of MALES on the toilet! Later all. Peace, Steph

To Bridgette, I agree with you 100%. I enjoy nudity whenever I poop. I like looking aat Playboy or whatever. It adds a great deal of pleasure to the moment. Also, I wish I had a girlfriend who would take part in these kinds of experiences with me. Maybe we can talk some time! Thanx Vinnie

Delighted that Bridget likes the postings from George and I so much. Im interested if Bridget is Irish or of Irish extraction as we are both Scots and I wonder if Celts are more open minded about defecation than the stiff upper lipped and, dare I say, tight arsed Anglo Saxons?? Any comments from readers would be of interest.
Perhaps Bridget and others might like to know how George and I met up and found we had an interest in common. We are both from Glasgow and met at university in our late teens when we shared a house together. As you know from our previous postings we both often pass really big jobbies which stick in the toilet pan. Both of us noticed these logs which someone other than ourselves had dropped. I also noticed that if I was doing a motion and George was in the house at the time he would be hanging about in the hallway outside the toilet obviously listening to the "Kerplonks!" when I was doing it, and that he would go into the toilet as soon as I had come out. One day when we were alone and I was needing a jobbie I asked him if he wanted to come in and watch me telling him that I would be delighted if he did. He came in and watched and we were both turned on. We discussed our childhood and found that we had much in common in this department, my mother being almost as open about nat! ural functions as his aunt Helen, (although my dad was very prudish about such things). My brother and I often watched each other perform during our childhood and teens. We have a couple of friends who are likewise open minded and we often accompany them to the toilet and vice versa. Like George however I like to choose who watches me, although neither of us are bothered if anyone hears us perform or sees the turd we have passed, indeed we get a buzz if someone does!
All the very best to Bridget and also to Pooping Girl, Vinnie, Donny , and Lynn.

The current picture is great but I liked the last one even better because it looked like a "real" person if you know what I mean. Would it be possible to give any background on the pix especially ones that seem real life and not posed like the current one.
All we know is what's there. I guess the stories died long ago. We are working on fixing that editing process though.

Wednesday, January 07, 1998

I really love this site's new look. Especially the weekly pictures. Alas, those of you responsible for this site insist that no visible nudity can be displayed and honestly I do not see why such an issue is banned. While we all agree that going to the bathroom is natural, let's not forget that nudity is also a natural part of life. After all, it is because of our anatomy that we are able to produce our bodily functions and evacuations. I cannot see the harm nudity can bring to this site since it is not presented distatefully and obscenely like some other sites which display shitting pictures. Also, this gallery would be much more enjoyable if it included pictures of guys sitting on the toilet as I am sure many of the female posters here would agree on. I love this site, and am not trying to complain or offer negative criticism but merely voicing my opinion. Finally to George and Moira, I love each and every one of your stories as they are very detailed and descriptive and also highly arousing. It's great that you can shit in front of each other so easily and make it a shared activity. I just wish I had a boyfriend who would be willing to take part in such experiences with me. Once again, I love this site and look forward to reading everyone's future posts. Keep up the good work in both your story writing and in your shit making!!!!

Good point; Never looked at it that way. We definately need to fix that. Time for some more applied philosophy...

I've read a couple of comments on here about JC Penney's having taken the doors off of its shitter stalls. Has this been made a nationwide company policy? If so, I'll have to go to the nearest Penney's (45 mins away) to check it out...

I am a DJ at a rather large popular nightclub. The mens bathroom has 10 open stalls, 10 urinals, and 8 sinks. On any given night, it is so loud in the club, that no body can hear what you are doing on the toilet. Between the various smoking in the bathroom, loud music and rather dimly lit facilities. I have no problem dropping my jeans to the floor, and dropping a massive load with guys standing or walking past me. None of the bartenders find it to be a problem, nor does the clubs owner, man can he stink up the room! Only problem is trying to read, cause it is kinda dim in there. On the other hand, the womans restroom is well lit, with lockabe doors on every stall, and ventilaton fans running constantly. So again, the question one more time, what are they doing in the ladies room that warrents privacy? Isn't it the same stuff coming out of us? Same food is served to men and women. What's the difference? Sporting New Year to all of you.

Joe B.
Last week I didn't poop for several days. For the first couple of days, I was constipated. Then, when I felt like I might be able to go, I held it in another day in anticipation of a really good enema. Finally, last Wednesday I took a 2 quart soapy enema. I pooped for 15 or 20 minutes after that. It felt so good. Then I took two more enemas and pooped more. It felt so good being totally cleaned out. I didn't poop again till Friday. I only did a few small ones then. Saturday, I had the best BM, I've had in a long time. It was over two feet long and more than an inch thick. The feeling of letting that out was as good as an orgasm to me. I felt great all day after than BM. I didn't poop at all Sunday, but this morning I had a BM almost as big and almost as good as the one Saturday. Normally, I poop only once a day, usually as soon as I get up in the mornings. But today, to my surprise, I just had to go again a few minutes ago. This one was about 18 inches long and an inch thick. I don't know when I've ever had two good BM's in one day like this before. I feel unbelievably great now.

Ever had one of those days? Well I ate mexican food for lunch and by the middle of the afternoon was farting up a storm with some good long reverberating farts. At one point I could feel a good one building up and decided to give it that extra full throttle jet blast. Well I jet blasted a 2 inch log into my shorts and couldn't believe it!! I had to creep out of work to the men's room to clean up and now have crap stains all over my butt and underwear for the rest of the day. Guess I got a little too enthusiastic about pushing out some killer farts.

I thought I had seen it all at the daycare where I work but today a 3yr old showed us a new one. His parents are transitioning him from pull-ups to regular boys underwear but sometimes he gets the procedure confused. Today he pulled down his pants and let go his pee into his pull-ups. When he had finished, he pulled his pants back up over the soaked pull-ups and went on his way. Oh well .........

Road - Runner
I enjoy this site and admire the candour with which people diplay in discussing their shitting and pissing habits. I am a regular attender at road races and have particular difficult in what I call "orchestrating a shit". I spend the morning of a race perched on the toilet, straining to do a shit and usually manage only a tiny one. Invariably, five miles into the run, the pressure comes on and I have to head for the bushes, drop my running shorts and knickers and perform in semi - public i.e. minimum cover. This causes me great personal embarrassment - having passing runners see me with my bum exposed and being caught in a private moment. My question to the forum is whether or not there is a method whereby one can organise the body to shit withoud having to wait for nature to take its course. I would be very wary of using laxatives as this would lead to uncontrolled shitting.
I'd welcome comment and advice.

Haven't posted before, but remember an earlier post from someone who didn't wash their bum in the shower for many years and had lots of skidmarks in their underwear to show for it. A friend was reading that post and said the same went for him too. Sometimes he doesn't wipe his bum either. I know because we have stalls without doors in our school and he will get up after taking a dump and pull his shorts up straight away and always has the heaviest stains of any of our group. He used to get a lot of teasing about it but as he doesn't mind the stains and others sometimes have heavy ones too, it has sort of died out. When we were younger, we used to make fun of "going in your pants" but as we've gotten older, it just doesn't seem to matter much to us any longer if you have stains in your underwear or not. I wonder where this concern comes from - any ideas ?

Monday, January 05, 1998

To answer Coprologist, the reasons I do NOT like urinals or using them are as follows:-
1 By their very nature they are dirty and smelly. Most do not get flushed out frequently enough giving that horrible rank smell of stale urine which most Men's toilets have. The open trough type usually have a pool of stale piss around them and I certainly dont want my shoes and clothing smelling of that. Also if using even the enclosed individual urinal splash back of urine can occur again soaking the garments.
2 While I have no problems with performing either of my excretory functions in front of friends, for example my two girl cousins and my aunt when I was a kid, or my girlfriend Moira nowadays or a couple of other like minded people, I DO have difficulty doing so before total strangers. The doorless stalls mentioned by several US readers of this site would be out of the question for me except in an emergency. I like to make the choice of who watches me pee or do a motion!
3 I prefer to sit to pee, its more comfortable and avoids the chance of doing a jobbie in my panties as can sometimes happen if I stood to pee and finds that I was also needing to do motion at the same time. This embarrasing accident has happened to a number of male friends of mine especially if they have been drinking a lot of beer beforehand. I also like to dry myself with toilet paper after urination.
I hope this satisfies Coprologist's curiosity. I certanly wouldnt have a urinal in my house but each to his or her own!

Well, just got home from 2 weeks vacation. It was fun ! Well, I had a decent dump yesterday. We were at McD's in central Missouri on our way back to Colorado and I had to take a dump. It was a hard dump to where it did not float and it was hard to "expel". One thing that was a plus, it was clean. ---
I'll tell more dump stories later.

TO HAPPY CAMPER Many thanks for the New Year wishes. (Actually I already have a PhD, but not alas, in anything to do with shitting, but I do have a professional interest as as I am a professional biologist). I agree with you about the picture at the top of this page. And I wonder why it is fuzzy round about the pretty Japanese girl's pubic area. Why can't we be allowed to see something coming out?

nothing was there to see in any of the originals. (look at the position of the girl's knees)
We need to add this to the note on the gallery but haven't gotten to it; all photos are black and white and contain no nudity. No nudity=no age restrictions, crackpot parent groups, age verification etc. No other items are removed from the photos. This is intended to be an art gallery not a "prono flick".

Jami- How often do complete strangers pull you over and spank you?

The hero of Moliere's Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme was amazed when he realized that all his life he had been talking prose. Similarly I realized today that I am a serial shitter. Day after day, and I can't resist it, I find myself inescapably drawn to that haven of smelly peace, the toilet. This morning for instance, the minute I got out of bed, I was irresistibly led there by some force inside me. I sat down on the the throne and a voice inside me told me to push. So after a couple of grunts, it started. As the turds fell into the water, I counted the splashes. There were 23 of them. Then there was a blast of gas and another three turds were forcibly blown out of my poop chute. There was a short interval during which time the piss started to emerge from my cock and run into the water. Then the second movement began (adagio instead of presto). A further 32 turds this time, again with some violence, were blown out into the water. (I had flushed the first lot away to minimize the stink). Wiping took about five lots of TP. It felt wonderful afterwards. And the nice thing is: tomorrow it will happen AGAIN!. And the day after....

I peed in a wash basin when I was home alone for several daya. The smell of stale urine was in the basin because I did not pull out the plug; a little urine settled on the bottom part of the plug. When the plug was taken out, no problem.
I am curious, when is your birthday? From reading your posts and calling turds jobbies, I wonder if your sign is Pisces?

I've been reading the post here and finally decided it was time to tell of one of my experiences.
Firstly, you should understand that I have to take medicine everyday that sometimes causes bowel movements and severe gas. I never know when I'm going to need to make a trip to the restroom. I had one of these occassions in a small Chinese restaurant the other night. I was having dinner with a friend and got that unmistakable feeling of needing to take a dump. I asked a waiter to show me the restroom and I was in shock at not only how small the room was but it was also smack dab in the center of the restaurant. I considered taking my dump, but changed my mind because I thought if it was too gaseous the whole restaurant would smell it and I would embarass my friend (I personally would have been proud of such a dump). So I decided to hold it until I got home. After dinner my stomach started to cramp up. The pressure was building. I turned bright red and broke out in a sweat I had to poop so bad. My friend asked me if I was feeling sick and I lied and said yes. I knew I would never make it home on the subway so I excused myself from my friend and jumped in a cab. Well, I didn't think I would make it so I told the cab driver I was sick and needed to vomit. I told him to pull into an alley so I could get out and be sick. He found an alley very quickly (wanted to keep his cab clean I'm sure). I jumped out of the cab, pulled down my jeans and then my jockey's, and let out the biggest fart in my entire life. The log that came out was massive and quite the relief. The cab driver was in such shock that he drove away - without me even paying the fare!

Sunday, January 04, 1998

pooping girl
George; No my mom was of German descent, and i really dont know where, she picked up the term jobbies, just was that term for me when I go to the toilet.

Have you tried to walk 2 or more miles each day or better yet started jogging? I wonder if the above mentioned activity would make it easier to have a bowel movement? Like I have said before, of the petty things in life none is worse than needing to go to the bathroom badly.

For some reason for about the past week or so I've been having suprisingly 'clean' poops. By that I mean that they are the perfect texture, come out ever so easily (not too easily mind you!) and then I go to wipe, look at the tp, and it's totally clean! So I wipe again, thinking I must've missed something, but after looking again, it's still clean. So I pull my pants up, flush, and walk out of the bathroom with a satisfied look on my face... I'm waiting for someone to ask me why I have that look on my face when I come out of the bathroom, but so far all I've got are strange stares, as if they are thinking 'gee, what's he been up to in there!'. Anyhow, all I hope is that these clean poops keep up - would be perfect for that situation when you do a major dump, only to discover there is no tp leftI wonder what is causing these 'clean' poops... I doubt it's diet related becuase I haven't changed my diet. Maybe it's because I'm on holidays and am more relaxed. Any ideas?

Whenever I take my 3 year old daughter out in public, she always embarrasses me!!! I'll be wearing a nice skirt, and then my daughter and I will cross the street. As we're crossing the street, my daughter will walk behind me and pull up my skirt. It's so embarassing, because she always exposes my panties! My daughter just thinks that she's using my skirt as an umbrella, to proect her from the rain. But she doesn't realize that as she's lifting up my skirt, she's exposing my panties! Everyone around me giggles, especially if my panties are dirty! One day, I had an accident, and I pooped my panties. When my daughter lifted my skirt, everyone saw that I had an accident, and everyone started yelling at me, and said "shame on you, Miss!!! You went poop in your underwear!" It was so embarrassing! Needless to say, I have a lot of accidents in my panties while wearing short skirts and dresses. It's embarrassing, because the bulge of crap in my panties always droops below the hemline of my skirt. One day, an old woman even pulled me over and spanked me - it was to her embarrassment though; when she spanked me, the crap inside my panties splattered all over her hand!

I see that George does not like peeing in a urinal, but prefers the stall. Why? Urinals are a great invention, and they ought to be installed in houses. At home, since there is no urinal, I nearly always pee in the wash-basin. It is easier, less messy, no rim or seat to drip on, and uses less water to flush away. I know many men pee in washbasins, but not many admit to doing so.
Jill Still doing your number 2 in train toilets and flushing them on to the track in the station? Shame on you!

Saturday, January 03, 1998

one night i had to go really bad but i decided to hold it until i got home...bad mistake,my stomache started cramping 15 minutes before i got home. my little a**hole was going through spasms, it was very painful. when i got home i ran in the house and tripped then my a** just let go and shit filled my sheer panties in mere seconds. i got them down to my knees ,then the show started. shit rushed from my a** violently making a huge mess. it lasted about 1 full hour

In school a student lives a regimented life. They go to class, a few minutes later they have to go to another class. The children have friends to talk to during lunch period. While all of this activity goes on, the urges to use the bathroom are suppressed. People tend to go to the bathroom when they are in a relaxed state. Perhaps this is the reason the bathroom is called the restroom.
Please describe the sensations you feel when you have the urge to pee and poop.
I pray that you will find the solution to your difficulty in having a BM.

I've been catching up with the past posts and to add to the kids dumping after school issue... In school I always took a dump after school when I got home. when I was younger I always had a complex about my shitting. I would be embarassed if anyone knew I was crapping so always held it. Even into my teens I as embarassed by it. I am much better now, except around my mom and dad for some reason. I will hold it until I take a shower and then go, or just go in a public place. When I wa in middle school I used to get home at the same time everyday, watch a little TV, have a snack then after the snack go take a big dump, then take a shower and then start dinner for my mom and dad. In high school I would get home about 4pm after traffic and hanging around ith my friends and drop a big teenager load into my bathroom toilet. I guess the urge started after lunch and not wanting to miss classes or make it obvious that I was taking a dump I would hold it until after schhool. Up until my senior year in high our bathrooms didn't have doors on the stalls. If anyone had to crap they would use the stall next to the wall so noone could see in. Finally, my senior year they installed new stalls in the bathrooms. I would stay after school for projects and stuff or meeetings so on occasion when the urge waas too great, I would go and take a dump. Just my two cents worth... By the way, todays dump at work was worthless!!! 2 little nuggets. Maybe I'll dump after dinner tonight. I hate this.
See you all later... Keith

one time in high school, i was in the boys bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and my friend Steve was sitting next stall over, we were talking, minding our own business, while doing it, and some trouble makers came in, and started smoking, and making fun of me and Steve. "Look at the two guys shitting, p.u. aaah!, gag, then they all laughed and started flicking ashes at us. They made a lot of noise, so much that a female teacher came in to see what the problem was. We were so humiliated, I could not face her anymore. That was 10 years ago, but I will only use stall if there is a door on it to this day!

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