Yesterday, I took my daughters to shop for new dresses at Potomac Mills. Both are blessed with small bladders, so I made sure they had tinkled before we left the house (a 45-minute drive.) As we approached Arlington, I heard the obvious: Hannah, age four, and Audrey, age five, had to pee. As they gave me the wonderful news, the traffic on the Beltway slowed to a halt. Rush hour means no closed shoulders on that highway, and exits are somewhat scarce. What do you do?

Since I don't usually take the kids on long trips, I had not planned for this. Hannah was in a car seat and wearing overalls - her sister couldn't get her seatbelt undone, and I couldn't stop the van. She had begun to whimper and grab herself, and Audrey was getting there. I had some beach paraphenalia (including a bucket) in the back, but I really didn't want Audrey to climb back there. However, the traffic was now gridlocked, and things were a bit dicey. I told her to go get the bucket.

In the meantime, Hannah began to pee herself. Audrey valiantly worked to get the restraint undone, and succeeded. Hannah got most of it in the bucket (through her overalls.) Audrey couldn't hold it that long, and peed herself too. She began to cry, but I only laughed.

That day they got some very expensive dresses and a toy each. I find that even when your kids may seem to be pulling at your every nerve, you can still teach them the value of selflessness and thoughtfulness. Don't EVER punish your children for trying to help!

Once I went hiking with some female and male friends. I didnt want to have to pee or poop out in the woods so I wore a roomy pair of panties with two super-size maxipads. I was wearing a pair of baggy jeans so noone noticed. We got about 3 miles before I peed in them - not a drop showing! At about three o'clock, I had gone about three times more without anyone noticing but they were beginning to get heavy and wet. I also had to go poopie! We took a break about 15 min later, and I said I was going to get some water. I made my way down the steep hill towards a creek. the view between the trail and creek was hidden by trees, so no one could see what I was going to do. I dropped my jeans and panties and dumped the soaked pads in the water. I walked around for a few minutes naked waist-down to dry myself off. My stomach cramped again, so I squatted down to make poopie. A voice behind me said , "Getting water, eh!" I was so embarassed - it was my brother's girlfriend Da! nielle; dhe saw me pushing turds into the stream. Guess what? She pulled down her pants and made "water" and pooped too! It was like nothing to us; we had been friends since childhood and often saw each other going potty. I told her about my try with the maxi pads and we both giggled about the whold thing. We had no TP so we washed ourselves in the water - so cold! I got myself put back together and me and Dannii headed back to the trail. Today we laugh about it and how I never showed up on the hikes with panties again ;-)

Has anyone else had someone see you go potty outdoors? Did they forget it, laugh at you, tell everyone, what? Word to my girlfriends Dannii, Liz, and Claire - 4 ever y'all!

Has anyone ever peed or made doo doo on the floor at home like in a bedroom, closet or basement?
Please tell about it.

Emma & Brooke
Bryian - Nope, but the boys who tied me up did.



A few months ago I had to babysit Brooke and Brandon. We got bored hanging around the house so I ook them to the park. It was really cold so I bundled them up before we went. Brandon wore diapers a the time so the bathroom for him wasn't an issue, but when I was helping Brooke get dressed I didn't even think about her needing to go. After we'd been at the park about half an hour Brooke came and told me she needed to go #1. I got Brandon's stroller and I led her to the public bathrooms and she went in one of the two available stalls. I heard her mess with her clothes for a few minutes when suddenly she stopped.

"Hey Em?"
"Small problem."
"What is it?"
"I need to pee kinda bad, but i can't get all of these clothes off."

She unlocked the stall door and I went inside to see if I could help her. It took me about 5 minutes to get the first layer, which was these really thick pants lined with cotton, next was a pair of sweat pants, followed by some long underwear, and finally her winter pajamas. Problem is, for some stupid reason I'll never know these pajamas have a zipper and about halfway down the zipper got caught on her panties. I looked up at her and she had an expression of total panic on her face. I told her it would be okay and began pulling on the zipper. Brooke began to get really frantic and complained about needing to pee. So I started pulling harder.

"Em, hurry up! I'm gonna pee my pants."

When she said that I yanked on the zipper as hard as I could, causing us both to lose our balance. I caught myself by putting my hand on the wall, but Brooke ended up flat on her butt. As soon as I had recovered enough to realize what was happening I heard a loud, forceful hissing sound. I looked down at Brooke and her pajama pants were a darker shade of pink and the part of her panties that were visible had a yellow coloring to it abd was slightly transparent. I comforted her and assured her it wasn't her fault. I pulled the rest of her clothes back up but because her pajamas were part way down she couldn't walk very well. I told her to get in Brandon's carseat, when she did that I sat him on her lap. When we got home the back of Brandon's clothes were wet from sitting on Emma's wet lap. I took Emma into the bathroom and once again began working on her zipper, I finally had to get the scissors out and pretty much ruin both her pajamas and her underwear.



Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and my stomach was really cramped. I went in the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. It wasn't long before another cramp hit and a combination of watery poop and semi-soft chunka flowed out of me. I went through 2 or 3 more waves of that. I waited about 5 minutes and decided that I was done. I went back to bed. I woke up again about 8 AM with more cramps. I got out of bed again and headed for the bathroom. As soon as I got to the bathroom the cramp got really bad. I barely got my underwear down before the waterfall started again. I went through this process 2 more times during the day, but it hasn't happened in a while so hopefully it's over now.



Em and Brooke.

To Heather - That was a great story! I'm 17/m and lucky because I'm usually pretty good about being able to hold in crap even if I'm desperate. Everyone has their limits though. I would hate to have that happen to me on the beach!! I'm usually not as good at holding in pee. Would love to hear more stories, particularly peeing if you have any.

To leaky - Liked your story!

To Bryian - In reference to your question about the Top 10 bathrooms show, I did see one version of it, and it must have been on the Trevel Channel. I definitely thought some of them were interesting.

Yesterday at a hockey game I passed by the men's bathroom and saw that there was a line stretching out into the concourse. I noticed a guy of about 20 years old who was clearly needing to pee pretty bad because he had his legs tightly crossed and was doing a discret bounce from foot to foot. I didnt have to go to the bathroom, so I couldnt stand there and watch without seeming obvious. I'd sure like to know how it turned out though. If I were to guess, he probably made it due to the relative shortness of the line and the fact that he didnt look totally desperate. But you never know!


I was hiking up talcott mountain near avon , connecticut [ usa] in the cold the other day and I could see where other hikers took a piss on the trail. I was trying to figure out if those yellow spots where the piss had melted the snow in a neat little single hole in the frozen snow were left by girls or guys ; as it seems that all you could see was this one piss spot right in the middle of the trail. I imagined some girl just dropping her jeans in the snow and " dotting the I's" as some chick comedian had said many years ago. " I envy guys who can write their names in the snow, all we girls can do is dot the I's and cross the T's LOL " and she had squatted down with her jeans on of course, on the stage and demonstrated how a chick pisses in the snow! I took my penis and tried to draw a diagram of the vulva in the snow as a joke thinking some chick would pass that way and get a kick out of it!

To Hannah & Dana: Liked hearing about your dare you did.

To Alyson: Did you miss the rest of the movie? hope you feel better..i didn't feel good the other day.

To unnamed poster: about being a truck driver..liked your story.

To Heather: Loved your story..i wonder if any one found your bathing suit or your poop.

To TV Fan: Thats cool about celebrety mole.

To leaky: I loved your pee stories and poop stories too.

To jim: I liked your stories.

To Cindy (Minnesota): Enjoyed your story

To adam: Loved your story.

To JJ: That sounds like a cool movie

To italy: Liked your story.

To billy : Liked your story.

To Alexa: Enjoyed your story.

To Charlie: Enjoyed your story

To The prof: Liked your story about pooping corn

To Jenny: Loved your story about pooping in front of your b/f

To Thom: Liked your story

Hey it's me and Im back again! with my second story. Sorry for the wait in my return. Here's the story.

One day I was was driving my little car on this gravel road going through the woods on the way to a friends cabin. Unfortunetaly I had ate something earlier and had terrible diarrhea. The really runny kind. And while I was driving I had this terrible urge to pour out some more shit. I squirmed around my seat a little as my bowels kept tightening and loosening. Then I thought I felt a little squirt. I couldn't keep my anus from opening.I couldnt hold it anymore and I didnt want to go in my new jeans. So I pulled over to the side of the road and parked the car. When I got out I immediately ran into the woods where no one could see me. I was in such a rush. As I ran I was unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my jeans. When I got far enough from the road I pulled down my pants and squatted really fast. And unhappily I squatted at the rong spot at the wrong time. Cuz when I squatted I didnt know that my butthole was directly over a stick in the ground that was about a foot tall! and an inch in diameter from a small broken tree or something. And since my anus was open for shit to come out it went straight up my asshole. I squatted really fast too. Like half the stick stick now was inside my rectum. It hurt like a hell. And since the side of the stick was really rough it was stuck in my ass. And was gonna be really hard to get it out. I started to cry a little it hurt so bad. So a tried to pull my ass off it but it didnt come out and just hurt some more. I tried a second time this time and tried to get up and pull it out really hard and got it out. It hurt so bad I think i ripped my rectum. Then blood was running out of my butthole. I minute later more blood was pouring out and running down both my legs. My ass was a bloody mess and there was blood on the stick too. It was like I was having a period out of the wrong hole only alot more blood. I started to cry. And still I had to shit and then I started squirting out diarrhea. Which made my anus burn ! BIG TIME! So I was shitting and squirting out blood and diarrhea at the same time. It was horrid. And after going diarrhea I was still bleeding and it was worse. I didnt know how to stop it so then I took a tampon that was in my pocket and stuffed it into my asshole hoping it will slow down the bleeding. My legs and ass were quivering so bad from the pain it was really hard to walk back to my car. In fact I almost collapsed a couple times. It hurt really bad too when I sat down in my car putting more pressure on my asshole. So instead of going to my friends cabin I went to the hospital. I told and explained to the doctors what happened. So they ended up doing an operation on my rectum and anus. And I was embarrased when they had to inspect it and everything by using little flash lights to shine up inside my butthole. And it hurt too when they kept sticking their fingers and medicines up it and moved thing inside my ass around. But in the end I pulled through. The End.
Tell me what you all think.

Infantry SPC

I liked your story, I know a few female police officers, but none as young as you. Is it normal for you to be constipated? Lately I've been asking alot of ladies I know about it. I've been getting the response, its something on the to do list when they have to work. so on a day off, I guess taking a shit isn't important. So, for you, (and all the other ladies here) is taking a shit on a work day part of your preparation for work?

Well, I'm back at college. I went to the bathroom to pee. But, the stench was horrible. What happened during this time!?!? Usually, it is not bad because most people wouldn't stay at college on vacation. This morning, I went in to take a shit and just let it rip! It was great! 2 8 footers and I felt so good. Then, a guy sat down next to me and asked me who I am. I told him and said, "Nice not to see yah." I explained it was a toilet joke. He was farting at the same time too....kinda funny.

Hey Brooke & Emma, Who was it that peed her pants when the
zipper would not come down?

Currious George
Is there any truth to the saying; "Big tits mean big shits" In other words, Do large breasted women have larger bowel movements than smaller breasted women?

Hi everyone. I was having a comption with my friend to see who could holf their poop the longest. Well, we both heald it for a few days and declare the match a draw, so we went into the bathroom and tryed to tryy and releave ourselves. My friend was able to have his bm but mine wouldn't come. So, i took a laxative. I then decided i would go to the mal. All of a sudden, i had to go realy bad. I searched for a bathroom but didn't make it. I had a MASSIVE accident in my pants.

when i always have to pee/poop or both,i always have trouble making it to the toilet so i have very frequent accidents in my pants

Thom -
Happy to read that you are still one of the avid readers here! I, too, I have not posted for a long time but continue to read the posts each day. I just have not had anything interesting to post. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and hope to read more of them in the future!

I will be off to Tahiti, Australia, and New Zealand for a 9-week vacation and maybe I will discover something of note to post while I am "down under". I want to be sure to observe the direction that water rotates while going down the drain, as I know that it rotates in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere. Anyone know if that is true of toilets, or is the direction that the water exits determined by the design of the toilet?


I am a boy scout leader of a pack and me and someoher parents dressed in our uniforms were on a outing with about 30 boys on a trip to a minor league baseball game one evening. It had rained a good bit but the game was son, so we all boarded a bus for the park, it was about an hours ride.
I was sitting behind the driver in the front and chatting a bit About halfways there I felt the need to pee that was getting stronger and stronger. I was crossing my legs and holding on though. I held a jacket on my lap to cover my holding on.
Then two boys about 12, one a bit chubby and other sorta short came up to the front of the bus and asked me if there was a place we could go and use a bathroom. The chubby boy was holding his crotch and you couls see clearly his penis in his hand. The other boy was squriming a bit standing there. I said I didnt think so, having to pee badly myself and knowing we had about another 20 min or more to the park. I mentioned to the driver and he said there was nothing anywhere on the road to the park and noplace to stop.
So the boys went back to their seat and I continued to hold on. Again the chubby kid came back up and asked how long it would be, as this time I noticed aa wet patch on his scout pants. Oh, I dont know, soon I hope. With that my bladder was aching so hard and I was holding on for dear life, I felt a little warmth spread in my crotch. I noticed chubby had a little spot too on his pants that didnt help me any as I knew that my bladder was failin me. About 10 minutes later we pulled up at the ball yard parking lot and the bus stopped. I clearly had a wet spot on my pants where I had peed myself a little..The doors of the bus opened and I took a couple fast steps off the bus, and just then slipped on the last step and landed on the blacktop of the parking lot. It had rained there too and there was a small puddle on the ground that soaked my butt before I got up.
I brushed off my pants and noticed I was wet a great deal more and stood back and the boys got off the bus. The two boys sitting together, chubby and the short kid both had wet spots on their pants where they had an accident, It was very obivious. My self I was lucky to have missed a step and covered up my misfortune. No one made any comments and we went into the park hit the toilets and got seats. Again it rained during the game and I dont think some of the boys cared much as there might have been a few more wet jeans.
After the game we went back home on the bus making sure we all hit the bathrooms first. After that trip from that time on, we also made sure the bus could make a pit stop going anywhere that was like up to an hours ride.The other scout leaders were all for it too, and it helped out having a problem in the future.
Its really odd how sometimes when you get ona bus you have to go pee when you had no need before,
Has any other bus travlers had the same experience like that with a group going someplace?

She arrived at my front door at 1:30 p.m. sat., dressed in black pants and tan sweater. After some small talk and exchange of currency, we whent down to my lower level living room/recroom where the firplace was lite and the lights turned down low. She said, I need to go, so let me go and give you the message afterwords. I asked her if she had taken any laxatives before coming and she said no, only a glass of prune juice after breakfast. we walked into my bathroom where the candles were lite and the light on dim to set a more relaxing mood for her. She stipped down naked and sat on the toilet with me sitting on the edge of the bathtub messaging her ????. All the sudden a series of wet farts wistled from her but hole followed by runny diareah. SHHfffPHPHHHH, wosh, splash and another loud gassy fart. EEEWW, yuk, it really stinks she said. I said, with a wiff, oh baby, don't be embarrassed, I'm enjoying every minute of it. She blushed as she squirted out some more wet stuff ! and I continued to rub her soft tan skin. I said, you Brazilian babes really know how to do ip up, and she said, auh how do you know. I said , oh, ha, just a lucky guess. After sitting for about 15 more minutes, she stood up to wipe her slightly sore hole with her own towel, what class. Now Coco use to use my good hand towels when she came, that's another story. I have to admitt, Lana was a nice find, every bit as good a shitter as CoCo and at $150 an hour, she gave great service and a terrific message to boot. Upon leaving, she appologized for taking a runny dump and said that she would try to have firmer larger dumps for me in the future. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope she stays here for a while.

leaky Yea sometimes actually usually i dont wipe either. a few times ive been dirty and just not wiped. hAVE U EVER DONE THAT. hOW OFTEN DO U NOT WIPE UR POOP?

THOM: Hey Thom, great to see you posting again. I remember your posts from way back. I also have not posted here for a long time, but I thought I had to answer your post for old times sake! When I was about 11 and 12, I used to hang out with a cousin of my age. He was a real athletic guy. He used to eat a lot and dump a lot. Because of this, I was often with him when he had to take a dump. At first, he would just shut the bathroom door at home or shut the stall door in a public restroom while I waited outside. Then on one occasion, I had to take a dump while we were hanging out and I persuaded him to keep me company. He was a bit reluctant but being an easy-going dude, he eventually came into the bathroom with me. It was real cool having him talking to me while I pinched off my logs. Eventually, I talked him into allowing me to be with him whenever he dumped. He was always a bit reluctant but usually gave in to my requests. He wasn't interested in dumping but ki! nd of humored me. He was sometimes a bit constipated and it was cool to watch him straining and grunting while pushing out his turds.
Like Zip and you, I enjoy taking a dump in doorless stalls. There aren't many around any more but I know of a few and use them whenever I can get there. They always remind me of my school days. Then I used to droup trou during break and my buddies would stand at the doorless stall entrance kidding around with me while I pinched a loaf and I did the same for them. Parks are good places to find doorless stalls in restrooms so I can take a dump there during baseball and soccer games and also get to see other guys on the pot. There is not much going on in the winter but there's a lot going on in the summer. Zip I enjoy your posts a lot and I hope you and Thom and I can start up reporting our experiences here again. Take care, Justin

The Crank
To Infantry SPC:

Hi...i'm was from the infantry in my country's military too. I remember it was always those times when i was out field when I would crap real huge turds, the kind that keeps coming and never seem to end, all the while maintaining it's firmness.

Does that happen to you too? Also, I find that the military rations always increases poop sizes. You think so too?

HI GUys,

I just watched "Two weeks notice". There is a scene where after a tennis match, Sandra Bullock will be having a Hot Dog,Fries, Sodas and some cookies offered by a lil gal. After that, she will be travelling with Hugh Grant in her Volvo. Suddenly she will be having a reaction of uncomfortable stomach. She will be squirming and HUgh Grant will be asking what was wrong & she will be explaining what she ate and all..HUgh says that they will be at the city in 20 minutes time but they were wrong as the traffic was really bad. She said that she even can't wait for about 20 seconds. Then Hugh noticed that there will be a caravan in front of them. So, he will drag Sandra although she refuses to go in a caravan as it will be unclean. She will enter into the caravan & pull down the window curtain once she noticed that there is a couple of guys in a lorry noticing her activity. Then she will be puling more TP & place on the toilet seat & then the camera will be shift! ed to the conversation between HUgh & the family in the caravan. There will be only noises of her moaning & farting & she will be saying that its killing.....

I think u guys would have enjoyed my synopsis on the toilet scene of "Two weeks notice"...... :p

Hi all,

I saw that tennis add again, this time with the sound on. It turns out the lady in the crowd who has TP in her shopping bag is Leyton Hewitt's Mom! Oh, and the tournament finished today -- Leyton did a follow-up add as a farewell from Sorbent, in which he's standing on the seat and leaning over the top of the door to say bye from the Australian Open!


Uggghh! I'm constipated right now. I felt like I needed to go today. It felt like a large load. When I tried going, though, I couldn't get anything to come out. I sat on the toilet for 10 minuted and then I gave up. Haven't had to go since then. I hope this gets better tomorrow.

Susan - The most desperate I've ever gotten was about a week ago when I had the flu. Even then I managed to hold it until I got to a toilet.

Curious Dude - I wouldn't have a problem with that. Never seen what the big deal is.

MEAt-LoVeR-galz - OK

-Why steak make the feces hard and dark? There isn't a lot of fiber in meat which is what makes them larger but easier to pass.

-Why my feces always stinky (silly question ha?) Meat makes them smell worse.

-Why i am very gassy when taking a dump (silly too...) Everyone pasees gas.

-Why i always produce so much thick and disgusting mucus when i have diarrhea? This...I don't know.

-How to control my hard sound fart like braaappppp!!! in a public toilet? I never really cared enough about that.

-Why rubbing my ???? make the feces easier to come out? I gues it just kind of pushes the turds out.

-Why we always turn on when seeing our opposite sex taking a dump? I don't that much myself but that just might have something to do with my sexual preference (I'm gay)

-Are you spiting your mucusy spittle first b4 wiping your ass like me? Uh, no.

-Why vegetable make your feces even more stinky? I've never noticed this myself. Quite the opposite.

Cindy (Minnesota). Interesting post about going for a poo whilst visiting a nightclub in the course of police duty. You must have been very constipated indeed, perhaps more so than you realised. My guess though is that from an urgency point of view you'd probably have been alright if you'd waited until you got back to the station or, if it was near the end of your shift, home. No doubt the fact that someone was pressurising you to hurry up and finish so that the premises could be closed for the night didn't help much. Good story though.

Jenny. Your boyfriend was certainly lucky to see you take that massive early morning poo. My guess is that he'd never seen anything like it before.

Alexa. Liked your story about Anna's dump. You said that she was very gassy as a matter of course. I wonder what she had to eat as her diet would almost certainly have a bearing on things as would the regularity of her visits to the loo which I suspect weren't as frequent as they might have been.

To the unnamed poster who said that it took them 45 minutes to have a motion and asked if they were sick. From what you say I don't think it's possible to comment one way or another. You'd have to give far more information out for anyone to really advise you. Taking a long time on the loo isn't in itself a symptom of illness but if there are other factors related to it which concern you it might be. Best policy if in doubt is to go and discuss it with your doctor.

Katrina. Hi! Like you I think it's important to safeguard the dignity of people who are obliged to wear diapers as a result of necessity or, for that matter, wear them from choice. I don't do it - or have to - but I respect the position of people who do and I think you're entirely right to say what you have.

Best wishes


Sunday, January 26, 2003

What is the most desperate anyone has gotten without having a accident(pee or/and poop)? Has anyone ever started going in their panties but finished in a toilet/on ground/in sink/ wherever??

Hey Thom. I'm still around, but haven't posted in a long while. Like you I am still plagued by constipation, despite lots of exercise, water and a proper amount of fiber. My doctors have run tests and found that I have a very slow colon. I still use dulcolax suppositories. I can rarely poop without one. The glycerin suppositories are just not effective enough. Even with the dulcolax, I have to strain and grunt for a long time to get the hard cannonball poops out. I use the suppositories about twice a week. On some occasions things have been so bad that I have resorted to an enema. A friend helped as I find the process a bit cumbersome. I use the type where you fill a hot water bottle with warm water and hook up a hose attachment to it. I take all of the water. Sometimes that is not enough to stimulate my colon and a little more has to be given. The enema is an ordeal, but eventually cleans me out. What kind are you using? How much fluid do you use? How often? I try not to us! e it very often -- only as a last resort. But I have to admit it makes me feel a lot better. I miss seeing the postings of all of the guys you mentioned like Carlos and Fernando. If you guys are still aound, let us know how you are doing.

I was at the store friday and had to ake a dump. i followed some kids into the bathroom and one said he's going agin the older one said now he has to poop. then saturday i went to the store and went into pee afterwards i went to see in the toilet some one left a about a 6 inch turd. also there was and his young son taking a dumb both of them did.
1.any guys ever take a dump with thier dad?
2. any guys ever take a dump while on a date?
please tell stories on these questions. happy toileting to all.

Hannah & Dana
Hannah and I went to the park today on a dare. We decided to dare oursevleves to poop (and pee if u have to) outside. We did it. I finally found a nice place (took us forever) and leaned on a shrub and out came a few plops. We r gonna get in a habit of it now. It is really fun to do (try it).

I went to See Darkness Falls with a guy from my class tonite and shortly after the movie started i began feeling sick. I went to the bathroom and threw up. I told my guy I threw up and wanted to go home. A soon as I got home I had really bad diarrhea for about a half an hour. Then I threw up and had diarrhea at the same time for about another 15 minutes.

Well I might as well add to this nonsence. For three years I was a recycling truck driver. There were many days that my work load would not allow me enough time to go to a toilet somewhere. The first compartment of the body of my truck was all paper and the back compartment was all glass and plastics. There were many times when I lifted the bins, and climbed ontop of the truck. I would jump down into the paper and clear a spot with my work boots. I would find a cardboard box or a good sturdy paper bag and stradle it to relieve my bowels. Imagine the looks on faces of the poor guys and gals who worked at the recycling plant and had to sort through this stuf on a big conveyer belt.I guess thats the way things go. oh well.

I am i sick???'casue it usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour just to go for a poop.HElp!

Just Another Guy
leaky- I love your stories. You really are a young woman with what seems
to be a genetically huge bladder that you are further developing. Do keep us abreast of your adventures and the reactions of others to your
very lengthy deluges. I'm wondering what comments and responses you get
at school since you take so very much longer than anyone else to pee, and have you ever peed so long others didn't really believe you could go
that long? Anyway, it's nice to read posts from someone who knows the
prestige and status from having a bladder gigantia.

At leaky's age I was torn with mixed emotions about bladder size, my own, but particularly with regard to the opposite sex. Then I met Tanya,
the older (17) babalicious blonde sister of my nerd classmate who I swear had a fabled bladder off the charts. A swimmsuit model type that
could out-pee anyone. At night I often fantasized how her girlfriends at
school reacted when they went into a restroom with her. Certainly nobody could come close to her in shear duration and quantity. And as I
have said in previous posts, after many months of friendship with Hal she and I had started to develop a little "pee bond" between us, a little wink-wink kind of thing whenever one of us went into the bathroom. It's doubtful she knew I was in awe and worshiped her in an
adolescent way since I was so smooth in concealing my emotions. Right.
Over the past weeks I thought about what Tanya story was my favorite, and I've concluded the "Six Flags Magic Mountain Pee" rates right up
there among my most fond memories as it was tantamount to a mutual unisex restroom experience. Well sorta.

Growing up in the wilds of coastal Orange Co. California, all of us had
visited Disneyland at least 137 times by high school and had looked far beyond for additional thrills and spills. Magic Mountain, for those reading this in Alice Springs in the Austrailian Outback, is an amusement park with way higher coasters at a fraction of Disney's price. One day Hal called me and asked if I wanted to go with him. As
an afterthought, he said Tanya was driving there with two of her girl-
friends and there was room enough in their family truckster, a full sized stallion of a car called an Oldsmobile 98 for himself and one friend. In a flash I replied yes.

For the next 24 hrs. all I could think of was Tanya and the infinate possibilties. In a lapse in judgement, I had started to guzzle water in anticipation of an as yet unformulated fantasy peeing adventure with
Tanya, not taking into account the exquisite agony that can be placed on the bladder by the G forces generated by a thrill ride. For myself, the 80 mile ride there and the interminable hours holding
my bladder while Hal sought out rides with G loads even a crack fighter pilot would be hard pressed to endure should have qualified me for a medal. Tanya and friends I subsequently found out, had wasted most of the cost of admission by hitting on guys rather than having the manly courage to go on the super scary fast rides.

But now, in the late afternoon, it was time to drive back home. We all piled into the Oldsmobile for the long trip back, myself barely able to conceal the dissapointment of not being able to vicariously see the end result of Tanya going in and out of a park restroom with her two girlfriends. Crawling along in traffic I didn't know how I was going to make it. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth when from the front seat I heard, " this freeway is going really slow. Does anybody mind if we get off. Does anybody else have to go to the bathroom?" It was Tanya.
To my utter surprise and delight, her two friends almost over-reacted.

"Oh no, Tanya. Why didn't you go those times in the park with us."
"Yes, now we have to get off the freeway and find someplace so you can
take one of your...your endless pees!"
"I sooo agree. Ever heard her? Talk about an endless fire hydrant. My
GAWD Tanya."
Her two girlfriends were talking about her peeing ability. This was more than I could ever have hoped for.
"Cut it out guys, you're making me blush. I can't help it."
From the middle seat I quickly cut-in, "Tanya, I have to go too."
To my left buddy Hal added, "That does it. We'll never get home now."
One of Tanya's girlfriends started to laugh and inquired as to why?
"Is he the same way?"
"Shut-up Hal," I ordered.
"In the gym, he's pissing at the urinals while everybody is changing into their gym clothes. Everyone's done changing and heading out onto
the field while he's still standing there pissing away. He even got in
trouble with coach for being late once." Giddy laughter.
"Shut-up Hal."
Clearly two girls were enjoying the topic, and wouldn't drop the subject
even when we reached an off ramp. I could see in the rear view mirror
reflection that Tanya had a smug little smile on her face.
"Oh for real," said one?
"When this one fires up one starts to wonder if she is EVER going to
finish. Tanya, is you're brother the same way as you are?"
"No thank you. I pee normal," Hal replied somewhat proudly.

We turned into the parking lot of a ubiquitous McDonald's, across the street from a pretty little park where we could all see a concrete path leading to a small redwood painted restroom.
"Why don't you all get some food while Hal and I go over to use the park restroom."
"Nooo Tanya. You mean you're going to take one of THOSE pees?"
I followed Tanya like an obedient lap dog. One with a maxed-out bladder.
"Bye. Sorry if you all can't handle Niagara Falls." With a wave of her hand she ended with, "we'll be back....whenever."

What made this adventure so special started with the walk up to the restroom, me this tall lanky awkward high school freshman and the ultimate beach babe.
"Forget about them," Tanya said. "They'll be all right. Do you have to
go bad."
"Uh yeah. I didn't want to say anything. Why," I puzzled.
"Oh, no reason. I just wanted to know how much company I was going to
have,that's all." She nudged me. For me sexual electricity was in the
air and I didn't know how to respond. We walked silently up the path.
Half way up to the restroom Tanya turned to me and matter-of-fact asked, "do you get kidded a lot by the guys at school?"
"About what?" As if I didn't know what she was talking about.
"Just now I heard what Hal said about you and excuse me, but I have
heard what you're like when you are visiting at our house..."
"Tanya, what about you! Look at all they said about you!" She gave
herself a little victory gesture. Nearing the restroom she again turned to me and said, " You want to hear something that's funny and ironic. I never, never take one of my really big pees at school. Not ever. If I
did I would be sooo late. I was thinking about that all the time they
were carrying-on. If you two had any idea."

When we reached the restroom, I turned right and she turned left.
"See you Tanya, and I guess..."
"They who finish first just has to wait for the other."
"Hey, Tanya."
"I really have to go." She opened her mouth in mock laughter.
""Well, we'll have to see about that. I feel a real big one coming on.
Bye." She disappeared around the redwood partion.

When I went in I could have used the urinal, but thanks to the thin
wooden partition separating the men's and women's sides I could clearly
hear Tanya go into a stall. I in turn went into the single stall on my side and directly opposite her, scant feet away with lumber a few inches thick doing nothng to mask the sounds of rustling garments. I
stood there with my hanging penis out, unable to start me stream. But
then from the other side of the wall I heard the now familiar sounds of
her stream, starting slowly at first then building to a steady flow. Ten or so seconds later I replied in kind, aiming for the center of the
water. There were on opposite sides, so near and yet so far, our urine streams rising and falling in symathetic response to each other. A
minute, minute and a half, two minutes passed when I let out an involuntary sigh; my bladder so full, was emptying. Tanya heard me and from the other side of the wall called out,"I second that opinion. Can you hear what I just said. Hello."
Like you were next to me.
"Hi Tanya." Fifteen more seconds of mutual peeing ensued before mine
stream faltered momentarily but quickly built back up. She heard the
slight falter and through the wall said,"That's better. I was starting to worry that you were drying up on me already." What could I say to her but, "no, I gotta go today."
"MMM. I guess that means you're in for the long haul like me."
Her stream echoed through the grainy redwood. We were actually talking to each other while we were peeing!!
Three minutes into "our" pee I heard her stream stop suddenly and just as suddenly resume.
"Don't worry. It's just a false alarm. I tend to stop and start a lot when I'm taking one of my long pees." The best looking blond at school was talking about her most intimate of bodily functions.
At around four minutes my stream petered out to a dribble while the
ebb and flow continued on the other side.
"How are you over there," she inquired?
"Starting to finish I think. I think I have a little bit left." Same dumb answer I gave the nurse four years later. I dribbled and pushed until my dropplets were nearly inaudible. Then I just stood there listening. A legitmate five minutes, then six minutes came and went.
Tanya's smoothly flowing stream had stopped, being substituted by a
tinkle-tinkle splatter for about seven seconds followed by a longer pause then a tinkle-tinkle. At last I spoke up.
"I think I'm done now. Should I wait outside?" No brain surgeon potential here. I repeated.
"Are you almost done yet?" Back came the most revealing reply my dumb adolescent mind could handle.
"I...I don't know. Sometimes at the end just does this for the longest time. At times I think I'm done...but I'm not. There's more. So I just sit and sit and dribble and dribble..." WOW is this great!
Note: This is just what leaky said she did in her post. Her total fifteen minutes are believable.

Tanya came out and we walked silently back to our group. That day was the single most rewarding day of my short life visa vi women.

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