I am a 16 year old petite brunette girl with braces. A couple of girlfriends and I stubled onto this sight and I wanted to make a post. Last summer my family went to the beach for vacation. I accompanied my mother, father, and little sister Ellen who was five at the time. After my family had breakfast one morning at a pancake house, I took my sister for a walk along the beach. We walked several miles down the beach until we reached a section of the beach that had rocks which trapped small pockets of water. My sister was engrossed in this place because the pools of water contained seashells and small fish. I was having a good time as well but as we we looking around the rocks and pools of water I had to go poop. I told my sister we needed to head back because I had to use the bathroom. She said, "you can just pee in the ocean-- that is what I do." I told her we needed to go back anyway since we had been gone for a while. She pleaded to stay for five more minutes. ! I agreed. However, I had to go poop really bad. I sat on rock for a while and I could feel my poop pushing out against the rock. Finally, I told my sister we really need to go now. As long as we were walking I was fine, but my little sister kept stopping and looking at things along the beach. Each time we stopped my poop would start poking out of my butt. I kept trying to hurry my sister along. My sister saw a crab along the beach and picked up a stick and started playing with the crab. I bent over trying to keep myself from pooping but I had to go super bad. I could not keep my anus shut and my poop began sliding out. I had a yellow two piece bathing suite on at the time. As my poop came out, it pulled my bathing suit down and I had to pull it back up. I finally got my sister moving again. The poop really weighed down my bathing suite. It was a single, solid large poop. As I was walking back my bathing suite kept coming down and I had to keep pulling it back up! .. Each time I did I compressed the poop a little and it worked its way to the sides of my bathing suite. Small pieces of poop were falling onto the beach. My sister didn't seem to notice but the part of the beach we were walking towards was more crowded with people. I didn't want anyone to see me with a bathing suite full of poop. I had an idea. I went into the ocean and pulled my bathing suite down. I used the water to wash away my poop. This worked wonderfully until an unexpected big wave came. The wave knocked my bathing suite out of my hand. To my dismay I could not find it again. The ocean had swallowed it! I couldnt walk back down the beach bottomless!! Finally, another idea popped into my head. I told my sister, who was playing in the shallow water nearby, to go back down the beach and bring me the orange towel we passed a little while ago. She said the towel didn't belong to us, but I told her I was just going to borrow it. The owners of the towel must! have been walking along the beach as well because they were not around it. When my sister returned I took the towel and quickly stood up and wrapped the towel around me. My sister saw me and exclaimed, "Hey, you are naked!!" A jogger went by and he was staring our direction so I guess he must have seen me naked too. I told my sister I had lost my bathing suite bottoms and we had to get back to the hotel fast. The wind was really blowing and I had to fight hard to keep from exposing myself but we made it back successfully. Of course my sister blurted out how I had lost my bathing suite to my parents. They made me wear a one piece bathing suite from then on. The funny thing is no one knew I had an accident on the beach that morning just that I had lost my lower half of my bathing suite in the ocean. I still have the orange towel we took that day.

I saw a posting here recently about butt wiping, and it was the first time I had heard of someone else wiping the same way I do. I always thought I was the only person who did it this way. Here is what i do:

I wipe with 8 squares of toilet paper. That's all I need. I take the eight squares and fold them in half. Then I fold them in half again. Then I wipe four times using the exact same spot of paper. Then I fold the paper in half and wipe four more times using the same spot of paper. Then I fold the paper in half again and wipe four more times. By this time the paper is scrunched down pretty good but I usually can fold it in half one more time and wipe four more times. By then my butt is invariable clean. I wipe a total of sixteen times with just the eight squares and it works fine. Does anyone else do it this way?

Jo~Bear, your just like me, I like doing the exact thing and still I am not into it in a sexual way, at all. I guess it's just something we can't explain.

TV Fan
Celebrity Mole keeps getting better. First we have the female model Frederique telling a story on one episode about how she accidentally farted in school. Now this week, commedienne Kathy Griffin joked at the dinner table about being so scared that she was sitting in her own diarrhea. I haven't been watching all the other "reality" shows that are on the air lately. Have there been any other recent poop or fart references by women on those shows?

At wetguy's suggestion I'll post one of my best stories, it's in elementary school 4th grade.

Ok so one day I'm at school, it's after lunch and I really had to pee bad. Now I never liked going at school bathrooms, in fact I always held both all day - usually not a problem and I didn't have to go bad when I got home. Well this day for some reason my kidneys were going full on, even though I didn't do anything different. I normally don't drink more than a glass of water a day in addition to meals, so I don't know what was going on this day.

So anyway I had to pee pretty bad, I of course held it for another 1/2 hour. By then I was really going to have to go, I wouldn't be able to hold it until I got home. So I finally asked the teacher, she said "no you can't go now, you sould have gone at lunchtime" Well I didn't have to go at lunchtime, thanks a lot. 15 minutes later I asked again, aanother NO. 15 minutes later I told here it was really an emergency. She finally let me go, I got up, ran out the door, and some bully tripped me in the hall and ran off. I of course went straight down and gushed everywhere (for a few minutes too). I was never able to tell anyone who did it, I didn't see who it was.

So the next few days my friends were all laughing at me. I finally decided to give them a piece of my mind, I walked up to them (they giggled) and said "well if you think it's funny, for your information I was going for over 2 minutes and I don't think you can even hold that much, if you think you can then go ahead and try". They of course didn't want to look like wimps, the next day they drank extra (I made sure) at lunch. When the class started most of them ran to the bathroom, one wet her pants because she was too shy to tell the teacher. None even *THOUGHT* that they had come close to my capacity... that was the end of it and nobody ever teased me again.

One reason I was thinking that my bladder is big is that like I said I always held it until I really had to go in elem. school. This must have continually stretched my bladder, so every day it had a slightly higher capacity. To maintain this, even at home were the bathroom is available all the time, I hold till I'm really full and also at least once a week drink loads of water and hold for as long as possible without getting into severe pain (soreness/throbbing is OK). It works, even since elementary I've been able to hold more. I remember I used to only be able to go for 30 seconds when I was busting, now I pee much harder for several minutes. When others have been to my house and I come out saying "AHHH", they say they thought I was running the water in the bathtub for a few minutes not peeing - LOL.

Ok now a diff story. For a few days last week I was totally plugged up, not having a poo at all. In these situations I never do anything, it sorts itself out. I hadn't gone for 5 days, I normally go once every other day or once a day. The 6th day I felt something huge sliding inside when I woke up, then after a while I had to go. I held it like I do with pee, until I was going to burst, this stretched out my capacity there too. So I sat down, spread my legs as wide as I could as always, bent forwards and pushed. There was a PFFT fart, then this huge piece started stretching me. I kept pushing, it got wider and wider... it was about 2.5" wide when it started flowing out. This piece went on for about 10" before it fell off, I then pushed out more the same size. It again broke off but this time at 12". Now normally I let out a single 2"x14" piece and am done, not this time. I started on a 2 incher, it was soft, kept pushing... it curved around as it was hitting the water an! d was still coming... it finally broke off at 16"! Then I was done, wow what a load! I didn't wipe, usually I don't need to unless it's wet - the way I sit opens me up so I rarely am dirty down there. I can also feel when I stand up if there's anything still there, this time there wasn't. I just pulled up my pants and flushed, the big one hit the bottom and stuck... the water went up.. then the big piece shifted and everything else broke and went down with it. Lucky I didn't clog it LOL.

i wore one of my cousins pullups to school today. i tried one on when i got up in the morning, i didnt go to the bathroom. i pulled on my sweatpants over them and i couldnt tell i was wearing them so i went to school. i figured i would just pee them when i couldnt hold it anymore. i was in class and i really had to go. i was trying not to look i had to go but it hurts sometimes. the class got over and i got up and went to my locker. i peed a river into the pullup. i couldnt stop it. i just stood in front of my locker acting like i was looking for something. when i got done going i headed to class again. i sat down and the pullup squished. i looked down at my sweats and they were wet around my legs. the thing leaked. i didnt know what to do so i just focused on my work. the next break i got up and felt the pullup sagging down. the sweats were too wet but they were real tight on me and i went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and i could see the outline of the pullup! through my pants. they were so full of pee. i needed to take it off and throw it away but the stalls dont have doors and there were kids in there. i just went to the next class. it was gym class and i had to change into gym shorts. i waited till everyone was gone but one kid was still there. he had his back to me so i pulled off the sweatpants real fast and put on my gym shorts. i dint have time to take off the pull up the other kid would have seen it. we went to gym. my shorts were sorta loose so i dont think you could see the pullup. they were so heavy on me im not used to that. they kept sagging down and pulling my pants down. i had to keep pulling them up. the string in my shorts was broke so i couldnt tie them. we had to do laps across the gym and i started running. my shorts pulled down to my knees when i cought them. noone seemed to notice. the teacher kept looking at me cause i kept pulling my shorts up. a little later class got over and the teacher walked ov! er to me as the other kids ran to the locker room. he said are you wearing a diaper. i said sorta, its a pullup. he said it looks wet and sagging. i said i know i need to change it. he said i could use jis office to change. i pulled it off and changed into regular clothes again. my sweats were still wet. i wasnt thinking and threw the pullup in the coaches trash can. when i walked out he said are you forgetting something and help up the wet pullup. i grabbed it and hid it under my gym shorts. i thrrew it in the trash in the locker room when noone was looking. one kid asked why my pants were wet there. it wasnt the normal spot if i had peed them. they were wet lower around the legs. i just said i laid them in water when i changed. well that day was kinda fun, i will try it again. by

i put on another pullup today when i got up. i really had to pee but i didnt go. i went and watched cartoons. i was holding myself while i watched. then my mom came in and i had to let go and the pee gushed into the pullup. i could hear it going fffff. my mom didnt hear it. i looked down and there was no wet spots. it held it all this time. i left it on. later mom came in and said we are going to the store. i put on my coat and we went to the car. the pullup sagged big time, it was hard to walk. my cousin wasnt wearing one today. we went to the big walmart and i ran to the games section with my cousin. i hadnt gone poop yet and i was needing to go, i kept farting. i pplayed playstation for a while then mom came and said lets go. we went to the check outs and i really had to poop. i was trying to hold it without putting my hands on my but. then it came out real fast. it felt mushy. i just pushed it all out in my pullup. i felt my but and it was bulging big time. i turned ar! ound behind me and there was a lady and her kid. he looked like he was my age. he saw me poop. cause he looked at me funny. he didnt say anything though. i started stinking. mom didnt notice yet. we started to leave when i said i have to go to the bathroom. she told me to hold it, cause we were going home. we got in the car and it filled up with smell real fast. mom looked in the mirror and asked if i had an accident. i said no. then she asked my cousin and he said yes. i looked at him and he had peed his pants. he didnt poop though. but mom just asked if he had an accisnet she didnt know what kind. she said to clean him up when we get home. i said ok.
we went in and upstairs. i didnt know it but poop was running down my legs and on the carpet as we ran upstairs. i got in the bathroom and noticed poop all over my shoes. my cousin said gross you did poop. i said so you peed. and he shut up. i cleaned him first then told him to get out. then i changed my pullup and cleaned up. mom found the poop on the stairs and i heard my cousin crying. she spanked him. i felt bad cause i did it not him. i went out and told her that i did have an accident and it was my poop all over. she said oh, and grabbed me and spanked me too. she said dont ever do that to me agian or you wont go anywhere with me. well i dont think i will wear pull;ups for a while. gotta go by

Several people have asked this so I figured I'd post real quick to answer it. I'm 15, Brooke is 9 and our younger brother Brandon is 4.

Cindy (Minnesota)
I am new to this forum and will introduce myself by way of a customary physical description. I am a twenty-five year old female police officer; Caucasion, tall and slender, with straight dark blonde hair. I bear a striking facial resemblance to actress Rebecca DeMornay I am told (blush, blush). Well, moving on....
The other evening I went to a bar/restaurant in the course of duty only to find that the trouble had subsided. The place was almost empty, as it was past closing time. Before leaving I decided to go to the ladies room. The restroom was surprisingly small. There were only two stalls; one of them was out of order and the other was in use. I stood before the mirror and waited for my occupant to finish urinating. At length, an attractive young woman came out of the stall. We exchanged smiles and she took her place in front of the mirror and I in the stall where she'd been. The faint odor of her bottom rose from the toilet bowl. Mentally, I said to the toilet bowl "Get ready for another white, smelly bottom in your face" as I disengaged my utility belt. I pulled my blue trousers and panties down to my kness and positioned my butt on the bowl. The other girl called to me, "Those stalls sure are cramped, aren't they?" I answered with a strained fart and "Yes, t! hey certainly are."
Soon the other girl left and I sat with strained purpose for close to fifteen minutes. I thought I must have cement in my bowels. The nose of my hard turd emerged from my rectum and finally broke off into the water. Then the bathroom door opened and I heard a male voice. "We're about to close, Ms." I blushed and said "Just give me a few more minutes, please." The door closed. Not five minutes later the man came back. "We have to close, ma'm." I replied "Sir, I'm constipated. I'm actually in the middle of a shit. I'm making real effort. Just another minute or two?" The door closed again. Couldn't the guy empathize a little?
I lit a cigarette. I hoped that this would assist my stubborn bowels. I was making progress, wasn't I? I kept on pushing. If you guessed that I'd not heard the last of the man, you guessed right. He bolted in and said sternly "Ma'm, I'm sorry but we simply have to close." I answered smugly "I understand, sir." Just then another piece of my turd broke off and ploinked into the water. I continued, "Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your sympathy and patience (ploink, ploink). I'll remember you in my prayers." The odor of my shit quickly spread through the room. "Oh, I'm sorry" he said sincerely. "Do forgive me, ma'm." "No problem" I said as I coyly exhaled the smoke from my cigarette. I jerked free some toilet tissue. I scrubbed my bottom a couple of times with the same piece of rough toilet paper and pulled up my undies and trousers. The man was still in the room.
When I appeared from the stall the man (a red faced burly looking fellow) gave me a stunned, apologetic look. He apparently hadn't known I was a police officer. We swapped pleasantries and I left.

today i was driving around the city of Queensbury and i had a slight urge to shit. but after an hour i really had to go so i went into k mart and i pulled down my pants and boxers and it all really came out. After that i let a huge fart just as somebody ran in and sat on the other stall and let an enormous fart and said something. Then i kn ew him it was my tech teacher. So we talked and i got hard dick and it was huge i really had to and he had major diarreah. But i was on there for atleast 3 hours. it was fun.

Curious Dude
I do believe that people do need some amount of privacy regaurding bodily functions, but here is my arguement in support of co-ed restrooms.

Come on folks, mark the tally
Let's all join up and rally
Join the Unisex Revolution
Co-ed stalls, that's my solution!

Poop watchers, unite!

In the new movie "Talk to Her", there is a scene where a receptionist tells someone on the phone, "I've just taken an elephant-sized dump."

Are there any other current movies where a woman either talks about pooping or is shown pooping?

Twice Shy
Concerning volume--

I've had to take those 24-hour urine tests in the past, only they'd never give me a big enough container, so I need to ask for a 2nd. It must be because I like coffee and cola, which increase one's throughput.
The last time I did it, the instructions said specifically NOT to urinate directly into the wide mouth of the collection bottle (an aperture maybe 80 mm across), so I used the supplied specimen cup and kept a log of times and amounts passed. I wish I still had that info; I'd share it here. I'm thinking that on those previous occasions, I was handing them over 4 liters of pee for the study, though I don't know if they wanted me to mix the 2 bottles together as if they'd been one big one.

I need to go to the john now, actually enough, and take a piss. If I had a container, I suppose I'd measure it, since now I'm curious. A doctor once said that the kidneys clear 2 cc/min on average, which means a daily production of 2.88 liters. The suggested "eight glasses of water a day", however, is not even 2 liters. Sometimes I can really get some concentrated brew produced, as if my body knows it won't have ready relief and the tubules are more conservative in their action. At times like these, I can often smell things ingested through the gut in my urine. This is typically from spicy food, only antibiotics such as penicillin and amoxicillin also do it. Other times, as in hot weather hiking in the mountains, I think perspiration and respiration must be carrying off what I drink. It can become a vicious cycle, only it sounds inherently "good" to pump fluid through one's membranes, dermal and alveolar, in that way.

Well, off to the gallery of 3 urinals and 3 stalls that is our john. I typically stand in the leftmost position if it's empty and I have my pick, so a 2nd user can stand 2 positions away. Our urinals have divider walls between them. I tend not to wash my hands unless some of the more gentlemanly of my co-workers is also there. I'm usually in too much of a rush.

Infantry SPC

congrats on moving into your new place. How bad did the dump you took smell? Can't wait to read another story by you.

I've been staying at my girlfriend's sorority house this weekend. I feel very different about taking a shit here. I understand how some girls are around guys now. I've shit twice since I came to visit, and both times I've gone undercover, and have tried to be very discret. yesterday, I waited till it was my turn to take a shower, and today I went while nobody was awake. As for the girls, its their house, so they're open about going. my girl's bigger sister took a shit this morning. she didn't take a long time but she lit matches and sprayed after she went. there were no skidmarks, and it didn't smell really bad. my girl has gone twice but and one of her other sisters went as soon as we got here from picking me up. her other I have yet to catch in the act. Another party tonight, and I'll hopefully have another story to tell, that is if my girfriend lets me out of the bedroom.

I think i got a touch of that bug thats going around...i felt so good yesterday and for dinner last night i had some soup and chicken(not cause i was sick) then i watched tv and i went to bed around 10:30 around 2am i woke up cause i felt a burning senstation in my throat, something tried coming up and it made my throat hurt a bit, then i get up and i felt so nauseaed. I didn't wanna throw up so i pooped, thought it would help if i poop. I pooped some soft strands. I then flushed and went back to sleep, i was like im not gonna throw up im gonna try and go back to sleep maybe i'd feel better. I woke up at 3am thirsty so i got some juice and got back in to bed. 10- 15 min later i felt the need to poop and so i went it it was diahreaha..but not pure liquid. I had plans today but im cancling, gotta rest cause i go to work tomorrow, well gonna run bye

This happened when I was 9 yers old.
That morning i felt the need to take a dump, but it was too late and I can't go to the bathroom.
At school I started to feel very uncomfortable and I became very desperate when, after a moment of pain, I lost the control for a second and some hot and liquid poop fell in my underwears, I realized that i had diarrhea. At that time I hated school bathrooms and that morning I didn't go there to take a dump. Fortunaly my parent's were at home, because when I was returning home 3-4 other spurts escaped and created on my pants a little brown stain. I became a lot more desperate when I realized that I had to pee really bad. I was 500 metres from my house when a 5 second spurt of pee soaked the front of my pants and some diarrhea escaped whit it.
When I entered in my home, I went in my room and left my schoolbag on the bed and checked my pants: they had a small brown spot and another spot sokad with pee.
Then I started the trip to the bathroom; I was very very desperate and I moved some steps to the bathroom whit a hand holding my pee and the other hand holding the diarrhea. But in the middle of the trip to the bathroom I felt a huge cramp and some pee and poop escaped in my pants, soaking them. I istantaneously regained the control and started to sweat and walking. In front of the bathroom's door I totally lost the control and a stream of diarrhea and another of pee soaked totally my pants, creating a brown puddle on the floor. I cried a long and, after that, I changed my pants and underwear. Some minutes later I felt a huge cramp and ran to the bathroom; I went in it but while I was unzipping my jeans, some poop escaped and soaked a little my new pants.
At that time I always sat on the toilet before to unzip the pants and lower the underwear: this because some years before I saw my mother sat on the toilet whit his pants and let out a stream of pee ( I didn't know that she was too desperate to lower her pants).
But when I was on the toilet and was unzipping the pants, my bowels decided to empty and let out a 30-seconds river of diarrhea through my pants. That was a terrible experience and for the following days I learned how to use the school toilets and I never soaked my pants for about five years.
I like stories like this and if something happened to someone, I will read his story.

To Emma & Brooke: I liked your story..did you get in trouble for peeing your self?

To Michelle: I liked your story..thats cool your open about dumping at school with another girl.

To Lyon: Thats cool you peed that much.

To troylet: I've shit in the sink before, but only to watch my self go in the mirror.

To Alicia: I loved your story..thats cool you and your friend are open like that...No 1 has heard from Kim and Scott in a long time, wish they'd come back.

To Punk Rock Girl: Enjoyed your story..hope your feeling better.

To Dana: Enjoyed your story.

To yellow stream: I liked your stories..wanna hear more.

To Breanna: Thats good you moved..enjoyed your story, sounds like you had a nice dump..well im a 21 y.o guy only about 5"4 and i have brown hair.

To the "HOLD IT" man: That sounds like a cool experience you had on the phone.

To Jo~Bear: I liked your story..i think its normal.

To FART LOVER: alright i see what your

To shy pooper: I liked your story...yesterday at work i kinda had to poop but i held on cause the bathrooms are freezing.

To I.P.Daily: Loved your story

To Jill_DL: I loved your story about the accident in the pull up

To Robert: Loved your story about you and your cousin.

To unnamed poster who asked about i've never needed a nap after pooping.

To Mia: I liked your story about your date.

To Heidi: Loved your story.

I ment to post this before, but latly on the travel channel it seems like they are showing more of thos top 10 toilets, a diffrenent kind. I saw part of top 10 toilets in Las vegas and part of top 10 restaurant toilets..any one see this?

Last easter, my wife's parents and her sister came for sunday lunch.
During the meal her 11 year old sister went upstairs to the toilet.
Her sister is 5ft 8" & about 170lb with large breasts. About a minute or so later there was a loud thud followed by a long barrage of plops, then spalts as she was oviously having a bm.Everyone pretended not to hear,and carried on conversation until we all heard this explosive loud fart sound from upstairs.We then heard the flush of the toilet.
Her sister came back down stairs sat back at the table and gave me a cheeky smile.After the meal I went upstairs for a pee, and was overcome by a strong poo smell. As I lifted the lid I saw a log 9"" long and so thick it did not fit in the large hole on the bowl.The bowl was completly blocked.
I had to break it up with my pool cue to get rid of it.
I still find it hard to this day to think that came from such a young girls body.

AJ :o)
I think that these teachers/coaches/etc. who won't let their charges go to the bathroom ought to have a taste of their own medicine!!!

Uncle Don's kindergarten teacher did something like this.

If you didn't go to the bathroom during the times she saw to be appropriate to go to the bathroom, she just plain wouldn't let you--and would then humiliate you when you did.

For example, one little girl was changed like a baby in front of the whole class and then made to stand in a corner wearing only a diaper.

Well, she was no match for Uncle Don!!!

He asked if he could go, and she refused. He told her that he really did need to go, and she STILL refused.

After unsuccessfully trying to hold it in, he finally had no choice but to let it all go in his pants!!! I mean, he FILLED his pants, and it didn't smell like roses, either.

The teacher didn't want to deal with this, so she just yelled at him and told him to walk home.

Uncle Don walked home, and his mom asked him why he had messed his pants. He told her that the teacher wouldn't let him go, so she cleaned him up then took him back to school--where she very loudly gave the teacher a piece of her mind.

As Uncle Don is almost 30 years my senior, I, naturally, wasn't there, but I think his mom further threatened the teacher that, if he ever did this again, she was going to insist that the teacher would help to clean him up--and not in a humilliating way, either!

Needless to say, kids who had to use the bathroom after that were permitted to.

Now, when I went to school, I had a much nicer teacher (first-grade), but she was faced with the problem of what to do about kids getting up in the middle of class to use the rest room so much that she had to keep interrupting her teaching to tell them that they could be excused.

And I think that some of them weren't even going to the bathroom--just going in there to socialize.

So she set up some sort of compromise.

She told us that we could go during one of our four recesses or during other designated breaks. However, anyone asking to be excused to use the rest room after not visiting the rest room during recess would have to stay in during the following recess.

During the last recess, I felt as if I could poop, but I really didn't have to that badly and decided that I would rather be swinging out on the playground.

I thought I could hold it until I got home, but I found that it was getting to be more difficult to.

Keep in mind that I wouldn't be refused a bathroom break--but that it would simply cost me my morning recess the following day.

Of course, I didn't want to miss ANY recess if I could help it, so I decided to hold it. Then, I decided that I could discreetly poop my panties and nobody would notice.

This took place during a time when we were all sitting in a circle listening to the teacher read us a story.

I sat there listening to the story, and nobody was the wiser.

There was an odor at one point, but there were always kids passing gas in the class at various times, so I just pretended not to be involved in either doing this or even noticing that it had been done.

Then, I got home and said, "Mommy, I think I eliminated in my pants."

(Note: The teacher who had been Uncle Don's kindergarten teacher became my nursery school teacher, and she taught me that the proper words for the functions were "elimination" and "void"--quaint, little terms that I no longer use)

and she asked me why, and I just told her that I didn't make it to the toilet in time, because I didn't want her to be mad at the teacher!

Anyway, not a lot exciting passing out of my body--just the usual stuff--though I have had corn showing a few times when I decided to check and see what was going on!

More stuff later! Good to be back! AJ :o)

Survey questions:

1. Have you ever made a fountain in the tub? Nope, haven't done that (female)

2. Have you ever peed in a sink?? Once, it was pretty funny, because I also had crazy diarrhea at the same time. There was a bit of alcohol involved, and it had to do with a prank to get back at someone.

3. do you read while in the toilet? Whenever I need to.

4. Do you sing while on the toilet? Not really.

5. If you are female do you sit on the toilet with your legs open or closed? and Why? It depends. If I'm leaning forward while squeezing out something huge, I'll open my legs and put my elbows on my knees, then push.

MICHELLE: You have very artistic vocabulary, especially for a high-school freshman. Keep the stories coming!

JO-BEAR: It's alright to enjoy watching poop coming out. Some people like it, others don't. It depends on the person. Oh, are you male or female? Not that it has any pertinence to your question.

HELEN: An exhibitionist like me would have loved something like that to happen! Any other things happen to you during college? Lots of things have happened to me.

I remembered that I was going to tell you guys about Anna, my babysitter, but I never did. The story by Anthea reminded me of it, so I'm going to post the first story now.

Anna was a friend of the family, and I always remember when she was at the house, she was always really gassy. She'd always be cutting ripe farts, and she was one of those leaners, who go onto one cheek and let go a flapper. So it was always a fascination to see what that led to. My babysitter was also quite uninhibited, as I soon found out.

Once, Anna and I were playing some card game, when she said, "One second," leaning over on her right haunch and letting go a mighty brownhole gust. "I need to use the bathroom, I'll be right back."

As she disappeared down the hall, I waited for a while, then got bored and decided to look for Anna to see if she was done yet. When I got to the bathroom, the door was cracked a bit. I peered in through the opening, getting an eyeful of her leaning forward all the way. I went outside, going to the window and looking in by opening it a little. I could see her crack about halfway down. Presently, her butt opened and started to deposit a large brown turd in the toilet. It crackled loudly, and she sighed. And the smell must have been overwhelming; I can still remember how rank it smelled from outside the window! After this large one, she farted and started letting out soft poop, which went schloop, schlup, spbrupl, schrupl. I went back to the room just as she was wiping. Then, I sat and picked up my cards, and Anna was none the wiser.

That's all for now! More coming soon!


fart lover
my last post was suppose to say, i liked your story dana. so, i liked your story dana, the one about farting in your room instead of in your family tv room.

i dont realy have any stories
but y'alls are funny

About 58 years ago I sat my bare behind down flat on the smooth damp concrete where the driveway met the garage door and squeezed a little round turd out. It was very erotic, the resistance of the turd meeting the concrete and the dampness and texture of the driveway against my cheeks and legs. I was three or four years old then. I have never outgrown the desire to figure out erotic ways to take a crap. Since erotic is kind of taboo on this site, I'll let it go at that, but all those exciting nerves seem to be congregated right close to the butt, you know.

The prof
A startling fact!

No matter how much you chew it, you always Poo sweetcorn out in whole kernals. Sweetcorn Poo is one of the greatest mysteries in life. When we chew corn, the outer coating slips off the inner kernal. This outer yellow coating is almost entirely cellulose, and is indigestible. It passes through the gut untouched, and emerges looking like a whole kernal, although it is mostly just the outer skin. The inside of the kernal is starchy and digestible, and that is the part that we succeed in chewing up. So now you know!

Felix’s Poo log

Date and Time: 24.01 at 10h30
Place: School
Quantity: 8 x 2 inch pieces, about 10 smaller pieces
Texture: Mushy and loose
Colour: Dark brown
Farts: A long wet one to start – Loud, A few short soft ones in the middle
Smell: Real smelly. Would linger for about 10 minutes.
Skid marks: Quite a few because it was loose and mushy
Satisfaction factor: I prefer bigger more solid dumps, so this rates a 6/10
Hey ~ just dropped a log in a glass. I've also logged out in the sea with people swimming all around, sitting with my bum hanging over the branch of a tree, in a forest, on a road (in the middle on the solid white line), in a sandpit, in my mum's flower bed, on the green on a golf course. Bet none of you have shitted in as many places as me. The challenge is where to drop a huge turd next - any suggestions?

Saturday, January 25, 2003

TESS - No! my boyfriend did not see of hear me go outdoors, but I did once go in front of him and it sent him wild.
One morning he was in the bath and I was all ready to leave for work. Having eaten a very large meal the night before, I was now bursting for a poo and I knew that I could not hold it in for long. I told him that I needed to go and he said that if I was that desperate I would have to go in front of him.
He was turned on by the fact that I was dressed all in black (business suit, pantyhose and high heels), now he wanted to watch me do a poo.
Then I had a massive urge to go so I went in to the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet, I felt slightly embarrased about pooping in front of him but another massive urge was the deciding factor.
I lifted my skirt up above my waist, pulled my pantyhose and pants down to my knees and sat on the toilet, I sat there for a few seconds until the next massive urge came and I just let it happen.
Several lumps of poo came out in quick succession and splashed into the toilet, my boyfriend was looking at me with his tongue hanging out.
Then I did a couple more more lumps which splashed and made my bottom wet, he did'nt seem to mind the bad smell. Then I did a spurt of sloppy poo and a loud wet bubbly fart.
He pleaded with me to phone in sick so that we could spend the day having nookie, but I had to go to work that day. I spurted out some more sloppy poo which produced another bubbly fart and a large soft lump also came out, I sat there for another minute and decided that I had finished.
I stood up and wiped my bottom clean, he said it may be a good idea if he was to wash my botty for me before I pulled my pants up. I flushed the toilet and waddled over to him in the bath with my pantyhose and pants around my knees, I sat on the rim of the bath with my bottom over the water. He washed my botty thoroughly with a flanel and dried me with a towel, I stood up and pulled up my pants and pantyhose and pulled my skirt down straight. I washed my hands, kissed him goodbye and left for work.
How about you Tess, have you ever pooped in front of a bloke ?

hi all!!!!!

That've been a long time since i post my last story.
This time i just want to ask you guys:
-Why steak make the feces hard and dark?
-Why my feces always stinky (silly question ha?)
-Why i am very gassy when taking a dump (silly too...)
-Why i always produce so much thick and disgusting mucus when i have diarrhea?
-How to control my hard sound fart like braaappppp!!! in a public toilet?
-Why rubbing my ???? make the feces easier to come out?
-Why we always turn on when seeing our opposite sex taking a dump?
-Are you spiting your mucusy spittle first b4 wiping your ass like me?
-Why vegetable make your feces even more stinky?
That's all my fully heart question!! I hope you guys or galz like to hear and answer my Q as fast as posible! C'mon, i need your opinion!!
See yaa,

Agnes the Meat Lover galz!!!

I have a question for all reading this forum???

Has anyone ever got a good enema from their parents as a kid or teenager and was the enema given with a combination hot water bottle enema bag or a open top enema bag..?? Did the enema hurt, cause cramps did it clean you out completely? Did you ever cry while getting the enema? Did your parents force you to take 3 or 4 quarts??? If it caused you a lot of cramps, please inform all of us as how you feel about enemas?? WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW...Well thats it for now, see you soon stay well and take care!!!

I have not posted for a long time but continue to read the posts each day. I discovered this site when there were only about 100 pages on it. Several recent posts hit home so thought I would write. To JW my family was always very private about bathroom stuff but at some point my brother and I began to share the bathroom when we had to dump. A lot of the time it would be after school when we got home and both had to go. I had been listening at the door when he would go in to take a dump and one day he was having a super hard time going. When he came out I asked him why it took so long and was he having a hard time? He said that he was having hard time and that kind of opened the door for us to talk about it and share the bathroom. I told him that I was constipated too and asked him if he wanted to keep me company. We dumped together until our early 20's. I don't think he ever had the same interest in this that I do but he never declined the invitation when I asked hi! m to keep me company.

Marc, would love to hear some stories about you and your twin brother!

To the unnamed poster regarding taking a nap after a constipated dump. I had a lot of constipation problems like yours when I was your age. A lot of times I would be really tired after taking a really hard dump. When I was about 14 I started sneaking suppositories out of my grandparents bathroom to help my constipation. When I was 16 I found an old bulb syringe and taught myself how to take an enema. Who taught you about enemas? Have you ever tried suppositories? There is an early post by Fernando, a teen with bad constipation. He tells about taking a really hard dump after several days of not going, and after he finally finished he went in for a nap.

I still have problems with constipation and usually use a couple of glycerine suppositories to help me go. I have also been using an enema more than I used to. Brent C. are you still here? I have not used a ducolax suppository for years but thining of trying them again because it takes the glycerine ones so long to work. I still have to strain and grunt a lot even with suppositories. Just the way I am. I eat a healthy diet and exercise but am still constipated.

I like the posts from the guys who like me suffer from constipation. Carlos are you still here? Hello to Drew, Daniel UK, Craig, Jacob G, Brad. Zip like your posts alot. Used to be a lot more doorless stall out here on the west coast ten years ago. I like using a doorless stall. Reminds me of the school days when we had no doors on the stalls. I miss the days when I could drop my pants and shorts and have a dump while my friends were standing at the stall talking. Would love to hear from some of the guys who, like me, used to post a lot but don't anymore.

Traveling Guy
I know the moderator doesn't like us to comment on the masthead pic, but the young lady in her nightie sitting on the pot in front of an open window reminds me of a pooping experience. Not long after I'd moved from one city to another, I went back for an overnight visit. After an evening out with old friends, I found myself in front of a locked door and with no key at the house of a friend who invited me to spend the night. He hadn't come home yet. It was late and I was very tired, so I went to the house where I used to live, a place subdivided into apartments, and knocked on the door of my former neighbor, Tammy. She invited me to crash on her living room couch.

Next morning, I heard Tammy in the adjoning room taking a shower, flushing the toilet, and the sounds of breakfast being fixed. I'd been in her place before, but only as far as the living room. Tammy said 'yes' to my request for a shower. She gave me a towel and led me through her bedroom to the bath. It was a huge one, probably converted from some other type of room, and it had a large, double-hung window, like the one in the masthead pic. Tammy had a only a very thin cafe curtain in the window. I guess she didn't care, because there was a school across the street amd maybe she didn't use the bath much when class was in session. Also, I found the bathroom door fully open and behind an opened closet door which swung from the opposite direction. This seemed like a semi-permanent arrangement, so I let t be. I figured Tammy wouldn't come in while I was using the bath, and I was right, almost.

After my shower, I could no longer delay what I'd put off since the previous afternoon and evening - taking what I knew would be a monster dump. As I plopped my bum on the pot, I wondered how Tammy couldn't be bothered by so little privacy, but that couldn't stop me now. I dropped one of those logs that coils around in the bowl, followed by some smaller kin. My stink was really strong, but the sense of emptiness was terrific. Then I started to pull off some TP and, OMG! There was only a little bit left, hardly enough for the job.

Now at that time, I wasn't as open about being seen on the potty by others as I would later become, so I looked for some tp alternatives. Nothing, no was to dodge the bullet. Only one thing to do: call Tammy to the rescue. She came quickly and saw my predicament, apologizing for her poor hospitality. Just as quickly, she came back with a full roll, but she had to cross from the door, on the far side of the room from me, all the way over to the potty, by the window. I could see her catching some furtive glances of my butt, trying to fight a little smile. Then she quite openly wrinkled her nose, mocking the smell, and couldn't hide a smirk. She left me to the task at hand. As others have reported here, I got a little rush from being seen on the pot by my old neighbor, and I think she did, too.

At breakfast she repeated her apology but said not to worry, she'd seen a few guys on the can before. I told her it was okay - more than I admitted.

BTW - I accidentally posted anonymously the other day about some fellow employees, with comments to PV and ~* CANDI *~. Sorry.

After dinner pooper
I took my wife out for a meal on her birthday, I had taken her shopping that day and bought her a black flower patterned dress and a pair of black knee length high heeled boots. She had been constipated for two days and decided to wear the dress as it was loose around her waist and the boots because it was a cold night.
When we sat down at our table she said that she felt like she wanted to poop but could'nt. After our main course she said that she was going to go and sit on the toilet and try to go, she came back after five minutes and said that she only managed a couple of farts and was really blocked up solid.
When we were ready to go home she said that she felt that she really wanted to go, I told her to go and sit on the toilet and try again.
She went into the toilet and went into a cubicle, out of curiosity I crept in and went into the cubicle next to her. By now she was sitting on the toilet, I heard her strain and she farted. She groaned a couple of times as she continued to push.
I could see under the cubicle partition that she had moved her feet back and was resting on the toes of her boots and was leaning forward, she strained really hard and sounded like she was going to cry. She wimpered as she strained again, then she said "Oh God" and really gave a big push, there was a "kaapppllluuussshhh" as a massive turd came out of her and splashed into the toilet, a couple of seconds later she strained again and there was a "kaapppllluuuttt" as a second big turd dropped out of her botty, she almost cried with relief.
Her boots were resting back on their soles and heels again as there was the sound of "plop" "plop" "plop" "plop" as she dropped smaller turds into the toilet. Then she did a wet fart and dropped a load of sloppy poo out of her bum, she sat there for another five minutes before doing a combined wet fart and dropping more sloppy poo. She then stood up and started to wipe her bum, it was really smelly in there.
I crept out of the toilet and she came out a minute later, she said that she had managed to go and had done quite a lot, I pretended that I did'nt know. She said that she had left her load in the toilet as it would not flush away and suggested that we leave before someone found it. At least she went home a happy girlie having had the biggest shit of her life.

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